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So what the hell is this? What could they possibly gather like a megaphone? I just took over with this Chris Brown. I've officially joined the Breakfast Club, say some of the world's most dangerous for show competition. Wake up, wake up, wake up. This is your time to get it off your chest. Are you mad or blessed? We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello. Who's this?


This is Audrey Champ from Orlando, Florida.


Good morning, Audrey. Andre calling from that crazy state of Florida. Yes, this is a tryout. And my young Jersey boys, this is our baby, OK, is the trap. You hear me?


Listen, I'm calling the and I'm on I'm down by then and Harris all the way because I feel like I feel like it's black people. We will have a better chance, especially with a black woman that's on there because I'm a black woman and child. I mean, how could you talk about Florida when I tell you this place is a plantation and do you hear me? It is just me and it is a plantation. I'm a black woman in America.


And I just feel like the way that the put is just all my neck. A convicted felon got in trouble in 1992 and the state of Florida still holds that against me. Steele right now, some day it stays on my record for seventy five years. I don't get the qualified to feel or explain it. So I feel like my voice needs to be heard in the room and I feel like it will be able to be hard to come by later.


I just feel that way and I feel like all the black women who sit around, you know, the black women who sit around and talk about her and the and on the bandwagon about talking about her half of these people who were talking about her, they wouldn't even they would even do what she's doing.


Yeah. Voting for senators for the seat. Yeah. I don't have the mental fortitude to even do what she's doing that that. I'm sorry. I'm with you.


We love you. So we want people to feel passionate about voting, not just like I got to go vote yes.


And that was one thing I did get my gear. I did get my right to vote. You know, they gave me my right to vote. But the felony, it dictates where I can live, where I can, you know, what I can work at. I've been kicking in doors and then I'm a product of molestation. I was molested for like two and a half years of my life.


So I deal with mental health issues because of that.


Because of that right now. Today, Charlamagne Charlamagne, give me some resources. PTSD, I don't take medication. I don't do none of that stuff. I fight my way through. I have been developing my own coping skills just to make it in America as a black woman. And it is so draining when I tell ya it is draining. So I'm down where Biden and Harris man, I'm down and I feel like all other black people should be down with it to settle.


And, you know, although there you go.


Yeah, I think I think Abidin Harris administration has the opportunity to be as transformative as Lyndon B. Johnson was, you know, in particular because of Senator Kamala Harris and, you know, even to issues that she mentioned just now. I love Kamala Harris, his mental health program. You know, last November, you know, I was with Senator Kamala Harris in Goose Creek, South Carolina, when she unveiled her mental health initiative. So, you know, I actually like her because of the policies that I've seen her implementing the policy she wants to implement.


So, yeah, I'm voting for Senator Kamala Harris all day. Well, thank you. Thank you for calling.


Hello, who's this? The more we receive the fallen out of favor, the more silent man these came. And you see that the more money. I just want to my dad just came home as a boy. Thirty years. Wow. So I'm happy about that. I just thought my woman was going that they got today for birthdays. Next month I'm gonna pop the question on her birthday for her championship ring. And I just want to tell you what day it is.


Tell us this. This is a beautiful day. You're beautiful, Mama.


Oh, you already cheated. You already cheated. You just want to be back and give your girl a championship ring and you're already trying to play for another team.


Look at you. Nah, nah, nah. I always recognize other talent, though. Never, never paid for by. That's how I know. I know. Oh that's crazy.


And there's no Charlemagne's you know every as well as the band go for several thousand dollars back. Yeah. What. I knew that. Yes. Yeah. I learned today Park has a very very great potchefstroom as is like just me and my woman talking about a lot of things. But yeah, being what you, me and whatever you mean being in like a ride. Like riding for a long. Time with your budget? Yeah, yeah, I just want to show that you've got a six page piece when he was the man I love.


Yeah, man guys, let's shift those little Beijng gears and let's take a listen to the podcast.


Hello. Who's this?


Good morning. Practice, love. This is the shine. And I just want to say congratulations to myself. I graduated with my MSW from Yeshiva University, from the blogs, and I just want to say I'm blessed in holy phases, blessed black friends that so don't we need work?


We need your work out here. Well, thank you. So congratulations. Thank you for calling, Mama.


Thank you. And B, get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, hit this up. Now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. This is your time to get it off your chest, whether you mad or blessed, but at the same time, we want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello. This is to Ray from Detroit. What I've done. Don't you go making fun of her accent, her child.


Speaking of accents, anybody think for the Detroit accent? Tell me why I just moved here from New York. I'm gay as hell. Crop types who cut everything doing me with my good life. But I live amongst all these Caribbean and Flatbush. So, you know, they stare me down looking like they don't try to kill me. And I have to give them this Detroit attitude because I already know you can't do no hate crimes here because they revoke your immigration car and God only knows what in Jamaica.


You get here to just keep staring while I keep walking. You tell them to pray. And you know, I'm from Flatbush.


Honey, let me tell your people, your people is getting on my nerves. And they they are here. They looking at me all crazy and I can't take it.


Honey, I'm great. What's your name? You gonna put the word out there?


They got to leave you alone and show you some respect or at the very least, follow my Instagram as they try to read, you know, is your fault.


Right. So. Right. You got your buttons out, you got your stomach out. You look all sexy. So that's the reason I'm looking at you.


And they are because all the train is looking at me and I had a few little tray pieces or whatever it was trash. So it was true. I know I was very disappointed to be disappointed if this is trash and then you can do it right.


Sorry, it's nothing I could do.


I would go to the Bronx and get right down to Ray. If you get pregnant, you call us up immediately. All right. We need you up here. I'm sure we'll answer right to Ray Rice pizza. Right? Forget. Hello. Who's this? Hello. Hello, this is Morato. Oh, shoot.


Orango was bad. So that's a very original name. I've never heard that before.


Are you calling from. I'm calling from Angola. Africa, Africa. All right. Africa. Wow. All right. The motherland. What's happening? Get it off your chest. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. God, what's up? King are using Angelo Yanchep. My name is very long distance. Call my Spanish. Yeah, that's the message. But I just want to say that this show is amazing. You guys are doing an incredible job and I listen to your every day my whole podcast and I don't even know if the program was alive.


I just call OK. Yeah, we do it and it's inspiring us all.


What time is it in Africa right now? In Angola.


What time is it. Eleven. Sixteen. OK pm am I am ok. All right. Good to talk to you brother. Hello.


Who this really comedian Saina. Hey. And get you off your chest.


I just want to thank God for this state. That's right. You know. I know. Look, I'm thank God for this day, for this job. I'm so blessed.


I'm having faith that I got my own business, not just of the things that thank that you're not just blessed and highly favored you blessed black and highly favored you.


Absolutely right. And I want to thank God for it.


Thank you, man. Hello. Who's this? Hey, man, this is a reconceiving. How y'all doing. What's up. Let's TV get it off your chest. I wanted to speak about college. I did trade school. I did two years for HSBC and electricity. And I can work anywhere in the United States. I'm twenty three years old and nobody is doing trade no more. Everybody's trying to be doctors and lawyers. So right now, trade school is the best thing you can do.


I agree. After I graduated, my of my teacher came to me, said I should go for another four years and I would be guaranteed to make six figures and I can go anywhere in the United States. Mm. So trade school is popular right now because anybody really doing it and everybody needs H3C. I can just. Yeah.


I mean I met this guy to the day I think when I was in D.C., man he ran up on me like man thank you for always talking about trade school because I went to trade school and I've been gainfully employed for forty plus years. I forgot what he said he did. Hello. This was evidence as as the smoke alarm I brought you. You started your business this weekend, man. I started my business this weekend as the hot dog cart called Bunnett LLC.


I like that. No, congratulations, sir.


You should have came out to the seminar, man. You would have had over a thousand people once to my brother. Oh, yeah, man.


That's what I'm waiting on, man. I got to get to this money, man. Hey, man. Hey, man, I want to thank y'all, man. You saw me, man. How you could be a family guy. Man, I really love that man. And there's a lot of family man out here that look up to that man. Keep going. Keep doing that. Solemn and you just see possession inspired and everything has to lead to love you, you're beautiful and everything, but I would like you to take a look at the collection.


He hiked the Appalachian Trail and he biked the Underground Railroad black electric utilities up. And he just so you know, black people that we can hike into the world, come to an end, but we ain't to know how to do that. So, you know, check them out and you ain't lying to Boko Haram. But thank you, ma'am. I say that all the time.


If it's a nuclear bomb or something with the like what how would people survive if you don't know how to fish, you know, not to hunt. They know how to live off the land. Nothing.


Get it off your chest. 805 five five one one five one. If you need to hit us up now is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. It's topic time. Because the phone call, 800 five eight five one five one to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club.


Talk about it, warning everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now, if he just joined us, we were talking about Lou Williams. Now, of course, he plays for the NBA and he got an excuse to go home, to go to a funeral. But he also went to Magic City to grab his favorite wings because Magic City is his favorite spot to eat at. Let's hear audio of that.


That is my favorite restaurant in the world. So all the time to shut down in Atlanta, the restaurant is still open. You can still go to magic, can get your food.


I don't see the problem.


Young man stops at his favorite restaurant to get some food. Good brother Jack Harlow, who I don't know from a can of paint, did what I consider to be a lost art. And he tried to live with his guy to keep his guy out of trouble. What's the problem here, people? What's the problem?


That is the question. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. When's the last time you had to lie for a friend? Charlamagne does not lie for his friends. If you're in trouble, do not call him because you will be in the doghouse.


Well, yeah, when it comes to trouble with you, with your old lady for sure. You know, and I was telling your story from about seven years ago, maybe seven, eight years ago. And I had had a partner of mine and his baby mom called me one Saturday morning, like six thirty seven in the morning, you know, asking me, was he with me the night before? And I said, absolutely not.


And the reason I said absolutely not is because, number one, I don't know what he was doing the night before, the way she sounded in her voice, like it sounded like he could be doing more than she brother might have robbed a gas station. You might have robbed a liquor store. You might have robbed a bank. You might have did something he had no business doing. And I didn't want no parts of it. I will not be an alibi because the thing about a lie, when you tell one lie, you got to constantly keep telling other lies in order to cover for that first lie.


Now, if you were to hit me up and let me know the situation prior, then maybe it would have been a little different. I probably would have answered the phone all together. But the fact you didn't tell me at all. No, I don't condone that. Plus, black men don't cheat. So, you know, if you getting caught up in situations like that, I'm judging you. I don't want to be involved in your mess.


Don't bring that into my life. I'm over here trying to protect my peace and part of protecting my peace, not having to lie. And if I have to lie, I'm going to lie about something that benefits me, not something that saves you. If I have to lie to save you and I feel like I'm getting in the way or whatever God is, is trying to show, you know, I think that's fair.


You got to hold your people down, you know. Yes.


It was the last time you had a life girlfriend.


You know, I haven't had to do that in a while. I'm trying to remember. But I definitely was the go to person that everybody always said, I'm with Angela. And I used to have to lie all the time, especially in college. I had a house with three of my friends, and every time one of their boyfriends would call it, they didn't answer the phone or they couldn't find them. Everybody would always call me and ask me what was going on, so I became an expert at it.


So Angela is a liar, a liar, expert, liar.


I mean, back in the day with my friends. Yeah, with my girls. And they always would give me a heads up, too. I can't lie for you if you don't tell me what's going on. That's the most.


If you give me and you give me a heads up and you let me know, hey. And it be simple, you know, and I think that's the key, right, is keep it simple. And so my friends would be like, just say I'm with you and then that's it. Yeah. Or you were with me. Or the best lie for me back then was, oh, I think she's sleeping, but I'm asleep too so.


And I won't I'm coming, I'm coming over. When you lie to me like that, I'm not coming back.


That actually did happen with that actually did happen one time. It's a wake up wake.


We're happy to see it now. It's time now for a face time. Right now, I'm a face time right now. I want to see you sleeping. Oh, yeah. That was the call waiting D. You can only do that when there was no iPhones and when the last time you lied for a friend, your wife. Listen and go.


I didn't, I haven't had to lie for a friend.


You lied has been like you right now. You lied about Baze bastard. I haven't, I haven't had a lie for a friend.


I mean my friends are pretty good out there. I mean, other than South D.J. Mono. Let me D.J. Mono D.J. Mono starting today I want to five three to be in L.A. getting mono must be the single one.


Nice thing going with me but I had to add a line of mono a couple a couple of times. But you know what I do? I don't answer the phone when I see a number as seven o'clock in the morning. I do not answer the phone. Text me. Text me first. Let me see what's going on first. Let me feel what's going on and then I might answer.


But besides that, no, I'm not answering that.


Their line for their friends just keep it as simple as possible. Yeah, keep it very simple questions and then you got to go. Well, let's go to the phone lines.


I want to say something real quick. Was there a man, a man that will lie for his friends in regards to their cheating, will lie to you about his cheating? Think about that when you call up this morning.


People with eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Hello, this is the silent. Hey, Tyler, what's going on?


What's going on, man? Man got old man up to talk to me, Tyler. That means you've got to hold the guy down, right, I'm a for my holy shrine to me as long as it did not.


Yes, it has. Yes, sir. Yes, it has. Yes, it has.


You need notice. But your guide. Yes. My homie doesn't call me back to me is a red flag in my house that OK, I'm going on. But I'm certainly not that age where, you know, we all do that. We still make it on women. We got to look out for you guys no matter what. I told you, I'm for you. I agree with you.


Your man's call you you've got to hold them down or you just don't answer the phone. I take you all day. Just don't answer the phone and text your man, your bro.


You could tell me you took all the money. Come on. Mr. Guy told you I'm 40. Oh, I'm forty two.


Five seven years ago I was thirty five. I wasn't in that space where I could just lie because like I said, a man that will lie for his friends in regard to cheating will lie to you about his infidelity. Got him.


He's got he's disappointed in you hate his guts. Thank you, brother. Hello. Who's this. Hey, I'm Ashley.


Ashley was the last one to sound like they're both Ashley. Absolutely.


OK, it's been about five, seven years ago now. Mm hmm. OK, so A and I were out to meet drinks and she with me, an old friend and on the way there, my friend's now ex-husband had called me. Now I don't even know how he got my number to begin with, but he was like, hey, is such a search with you. And I was like, no, it's like what she said she would be.


But then I was like, oh, well, I had to drop off my kids that are so I'm I'll pick her up after. He's like, OK, so we end up meeting at the spot and the dude, he shows up anyway. So apparently he had a tracking device on her anyway.


He never found out that she didn't ride with me because she did ride with somebody.


But I mean, yeah, it was just the beginning. Was you. Exactly. Do you want to be a part of that mess? Think about all of that. One wants to be, you know, trying to protect your peace and you all in that chaos.


I know. Well, I mean, I don't talk to her any more now.


I'm solo because she messe she wants you to lie for her. It's not what friends do. I top time for that missing. Well yeah.


Like you said, she didn't give me a heads up. I had to come up on top so. Yeah. No.


Yeah that's all we ask for is a heads up. If you need me to lie for you, I just need to know what's happening in this lie and what am I saying. That's all.


That's right. Don't just ask me to rap on the spot. I got her. I need to have some reasons for I being a good freestyle.


Well, eight hundred five eight five one two five one. When's the last time you had to lie for a friend? Call us up. Now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Will robots one day be capable of raising human children as their own? I'm Holly Fry. And as the host of the companion podcast to HBO, Max's new show, Raised by Wolves, I'm speaking with leading scientists and historians to answer some of the very real questions posed by this mind blowing sci fi series from Ridley Scott Stream raised by Wolves now on HBO. Max and subscribe and listen to Raised by Wolves, the podcast on the I Heart radio app, HBO, Max Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.


I know this is your third. Coming and jumping into the Breakfast Club top, come on, eight hundred five eight five one 051 morning everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club.


We're asking, when is the last time you had to lie for a friend that this comes from a Lou Williams. He of course is in the NBA bubble. He got an excuse to go to a funeral, but then he went to his favorite restaurant, Magic City, a strip club. So we're asking 805 a five one two five one.


When's the last time you had to lie for a friend? Now, what about Jack Harlow?


Jack Harlow, Jack Harlow? He first had posted a picture of himself with Lou inside of Magic City and hanging out. And then he later on tried to backtrack and say it was an old throwback. He just was missing him, dropping a bottle of Jack Hollow.


Let me tell you something. That is a lost art. You know, that's a lost art.


The last part, I don't condone it, but I salute to the people out there that are still, you know, running interference. But you got to give your people's heads up. You can't just have your boyfriend or girlfriend cold calling people saying if they want me in my life.


And before he lied, he should have checked with Lou Williams because Lou Williams then told the truth. I guess I was there. I was in and out. You know, I had my mask on. I went to go pick up some food. You know, that's my favorite restaurant. So now you look crazy because you told a lie that looked like he was he had the face mask on. That was from the NBA plus.


Plus, in that situation, Lou should have told Jack, you know, Jack, don't post it. I'm going to post up here. You know, I'm saying I'm not supposed to be here like that has to happen as well.


Yeah, well, let's go to the phone lines. Hello. Who's this? Yeah, this anonymous. Oh, boy. Anonymous.


The last time we had the life of a friend, Brother USA yesterday and today. Again, I don't like me and my homeboy laughs for each other so much. We got twenty years together. I can't even take our girls on double date and not like that because they're trying to have them talk about none that we supposedly did together or we went through. We did. So we did that. So one time we did go out to eat together black.


So one of us was at the table the whole time. We both go to the bathroom. Convenience kind of had on talking and talking about something that we supposed to be doing together and we never even did it. So that's my lady.


That is a sure fire sign. Your man is cheating on you if he doesn't want you to know his best friend's girlfriend, if they try to keep you separate and apart because they don't want to link up and discuss things, we're not going. We just talking something. Oh, no.


What are you thinking? How old are you? I'm twenty five. Right. You're not tired of that lifestyle yet.


You're not tired of that messy ass lifestyle yet. Oh no.


I'm at this point. All right. That's a piece right now. And let me tell you something.


If you are somebody's girlfriend and then you go out with his best friend and he got different chicks with him and he's cheating on his girl, best believe it's happening the other way around, too, now.


But yeah, we just don't let them talk me on Facebook. No group text message is not that we can't be go on vacation together. We don't want anyone in the same bathroom and talking. Then I'll let myself go. Yeah. I keep up with my boy and my boy. Do it for me man. But that's my last card will be burned down.


So that's to link up right now. Girl is definitely coming down so definitely getting burned down.


What thing. Just off topic man. Tell them to, to say first. Yeah, we need to change now.


We're not letting in. And nothing you say now you lying. Hello. Who's this.


Hey this is Jim. What's up guys. Hey Jim. What's going on. These king. What's what's going on guys.


Yeah, I live from one of my friends employee. I mean, not employees, but, you know, like co-worker kind of deal. You know, you're friends with them. After time. He has me. I guess he was an addict. He knew you didn't have a car. He needed to run up top and maybe make a move. And he needed me to ask the boss if I could. I didn't have a ride home, tell him I didn't have a ride home, and then take the truck home so he can have it all night to make his runs.


And, you know, I do what I had to do for him, but we had a plan. If he got pulled over or if he got busted or an accident, he had to run, run as fast as he can call me like that so I can report that was stolen like on the spot because I am not taking it more. Let me tell you something.


This no, this sounds like to me, too. Meth addicts lying for each other. OK, yes. I feel you sound like you sound like synchronized mahfuz opioids.


OK, so opioids addict but not no more.


OK, I'm clean. Thank God you're clean now. But at the time. No, no, no. This was, this was about six months ago. I just had to help my dad get on the gurney. He had a seizure. He was bleeding out the mouth. Thank God he's OK. I you know, God works in mysterious ways man, but God bless them. God bless you guys. Thank you for what you do, OK?


God bless you, too. All right. Clean. So what's the moral of the story, guys? The moral of the story is a person that will lie for his friends or her friends in regards to cheating will lie to you about their infidelity. That's all I want to be part of that mess.


Oh, your friends down. And if not, I just don't answer. How about that? Just don't answer. Don't do you guys like Charlamagne? Just don't you say that I'm there for their friends when whenever they need me.


If you need me to lie.


I know you don't. That's a lie. That's a lie. Only regard to cheating because they call you right now and they told you they just robbed a bank and they need you to be an alibi. You're going to be the alibi. They call you and they say, hey. I just killed somebody I need to say I was with you last night, you can say, OK, I got you, you're alive. I tell them you ain't going to die with them either.


And I don't remember. And guess what happens when you do necessary, don't I?


Me, I don't remember being an accessory if I don't answer how Comenius I was sleeping. I keep it like this.


The Breakfast Club. Good morning. It's topic time because the phone call eight hundred five eight five one five one to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club. Talk about it. Morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. So we're asking eight hundred five eight five one 051. Was the last time you were jealous of somebody or something? I stole what you gave me last time you were jealous of somebody.


You know, this is something that when I was first getting started in radio, I really understood and I actually did a whole TED talk about it. And so, you know, just like Charlamagne just said, it is a lot to do with insecurity. And I remember when I first got my first job in radio, a lot of people were saying things about me, oh, she must support somebody to get that job. And it was people I thought I was friends with.


And I had to realize that a lot of times when people have negative things to say about you, it does stem from jealousy, which stems from insecurity, because they're not where they want to be. And they feel like, why is this person getting that opportunity? I'm not. So it is something I've always consciously tried to make sure that if I ever feel like I'm hating in a way or jealous in any way, I check myself, by the way, and it works so well for me for the past few years that I don't even have those thoughts anymore.


But it definitely is something that you have to be conscious and aware of. When you say hateful things about people, usually it means you're not happy with things that are going on with yourself. And the best way to remedy that is just worry about yourself.


What about you, Charlamagne? Well, you know, jealousy is a form of hatred built on insecurity. So if I'm being totally honest, I'm only jealous of men with big penises. I can be honest and say that is one of my triggers, simply because back in the day when my wife was in college, we had broke up for a year. She had an entanglement with a person whose penis she said was huge. It's my fault because when I found out she slept with the guy, I asked her two questions I shouldn't have asked her.


Was he better than me and was he bigger than me? And he was embedded in me.


But when I asked if he was bigger, she said, and I quote, I've never seen anything like that in my life. I almost drove the car off the highway and the both of our futures. Now, what pisses me off is it just really pisses me off because my penis is seven inches, three, four, eight one is warm, pretty Gertha. I'm like size department. I'm sure in the size department, my penis has gotten rave reviews.


So how much bigger than seven and three, four inches with this man's penis? What made the man's penis look like she had on 3D glasses? So because of this situation, I am traumatized and I may always be traumatized. And the reason I know I'm jealous of men with huge penises is because this is the last time I was jealous actually this weekend.


Yeah. There's some girls you just won't hit.


Yeah, I follow comedians some more. And she posted a pic of Will Smith in August. I'll see them in August, had some Speedle and in my mind I immediately started hating on young girls because I did in my mind I said he has told the tissue or something.


He had like a cup on prosthetic penis. I convinced myself in my head that it was fake and he was just doing it for the gram. And if you ask me right now, I have no problem repeating those lies because I am a jealous and envious hater of men would be something I would probably never get over because I would never waste my therapist time talking about something like that.


Now it's not going to work. You'll be OK.


There you go. Those guys are so happy. Oh, seven inches, three, four, eight inches. One is warm like summertime like right now when it's over ninety degrees I'm eight inches of rain. You're getting Garthe. That's a nice that's a good penis.


You don't have to prove anything. But as a woman that's not somebody you can't leave. I know that certain guys you just can't leave alone.


And that's you know, it's like whatever. It's OK. Sure.


You can just leave it. You could just leave eight inches on the table. Yeah. I mean, don't make me believe this marriage is on the table. I don't believe I walk away from that.


But they say at you, just like, all right, are they Facebook friends? You.


No, I'm gonna tell you something I did say last week. It's so funny we having this conversation last week.


Believe me, my homegirl Dolly, my home girl Ashley and my wife and I did see I was drinking to get that girl.


That's how triggered I am by this, that goodness gracious, this randomly we I started talking about that because, you know, they were just having all these conversations about all this and well and big penises and this and that and you can smoke.


He'll probably block that bullet with his penis.


Right. Well, let's let's go to the phone lines. 800 five eight five one two five one. Hello. Hello. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.


Your name is D.J. N.V.. Correct. OK, what the hell are you jealous of, sir?


When the last time you've been jealous. Envy of somebody not really jealous, I don't really get jealous of people, people inspire me like Swiss beats. He's probably one of the biggest people I love having conversations with Swiss, but jealous I'm on the other end.


Yeah, like, who's that? And you were like, whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up. I wasn't jealous, though.


I mean, that's that's funny. That's that's not that's not that's not jealousy. But that's what your wife says. Sometimes she pictures Maxwell instead of you.


She didn't say that, but I don't get jealous. It's all fun and games that you realize what they call a trade Mr. Steal Your Girl. But I think what you said is very important to me when that jealousy and that envy rises up and you like when you see something that somebody else has you like, damn, you can either have one or two ways you feel like you want that. How did that person get that? Are you can say, I know if that person got that, my blessing is on his way.


Yeah, I don't to it unless it's a bigger penis you can't just go yo yo yo.


And I think that's the jealous of no big Maxwell.


I got a big penis so. Charlamagne. I know. But anyway, let's go to the phone line. Hello. Who's this.


Oh hi. My name is Darryl. Hey Darryl.


What's one thing you're jealous of? We found out that Charlamagne is jealous of big penises. So if you have a big penis, he's pretty jealous of you, brother.


OK, ok. OK. Anyway, I got to go right now of this guy at my college. He's dating this girl like. And you know, Fred, it's not a good friend and the guy is toxic and it just it is a lousy toxic. I'm just curious. So he drinks a lot party and this is really notorious on campus for, you know, a bunch of stuff. And I just think that she has a lot of potential and she's this waiting with a guy like, damn well, you sound like a hater.


I'm not going to definitely sound like you, but you're sure. But you're admitting you're jealous. So that's what I. So that's where the hate comes from. I understand that man probably in his frat, he's not doing nothing, his friend that you are not doing in your life. Right.


So stop it. It's probably a straight A's, right? Yeah. Oh, whatever. He's not doing nothing in that fraternity that you are not doing on campus. You just mad that he got that girl, that's all. Hello. Jealous. Well, I don't drink or smoke or do anything. Oh.


So you think you better than him because you don't drink or smoke. Is that what you're using. He's toxic because he drinks and smokes.


My goodness. What's the moral of the story, guys? The moral of the story is jealousy is when you count someone else's blessings instead of your own, when you find yourself jealous of what someone else has, just count your blessings. That's exactly why I know my penis size. All right.


We got more coming up next with a breakfast club, The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody, is T.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, we got a special guest on the line right now. We have Reverend Barber. Welcome, sir. Glad to be back. Glad to be back early in the morning. I got a t shirt on. Right. I see.


What is it? Let me see what is said. I'm trying to I mean, this poor people's campaign fight poverty, not the poor.


That's right. Well, the battle against the poor, especially the poor, black and brown is always waging. I want to ask you, after watching the DNC convention in the RNC convention, what is your takeaways from both DNC convention?


First of all, I'm glad to see the diversity on the ticket. There was some mention about things like living wages, as some mention about issues of dealing with race. And I'm glad to see that there were still some beginning to come to terms with where we are at this moment. You know, one of the things I wish is that some of the things in the platform were more talked about during the convention, you know, in the platform out to talk about ending poverty and ending poverty.


And there's a number of other things inside that platform that I think that Democrats need to be bold about and sharing those and that we have to in this moment. One of the most powerful things I saw at the DNC was when they did the roll call of the delegates, because what it showed was the possibility of this diversity, the possibility of this division coalition, if, in fact, we are bold and brave about several things ending. We're dealing with systemic racism and all of its forms dealing with poverty and all of that.


That's one of the problems that I did have. And I've been pushing on this. We have to have Democrats that are willing to say the word poverty and low. Well, you cannot not see the word if I could use a double negative. We are going to have to be clear about universal health care because in the speech before this, but certainly after this pandemic, and we're going to have to really feel down and talk about this economy. You know, people when they talk about where the money is, the money that we need to redo the country in all of these areas is in the bloated war economy.


And the economy is so tricky because right now is that 800 billion dollars a year. I think McConnell wants another segment, a billion dollars in this act of if we cut it in half the state, that is, in fact more money steel than North Korea, Russia, Iran, Iraq and China come back just 10 percent of that money and put it toward things that worked infrastructure, health care, education, living wages. You could fundamentally shift this society.


Now we get to the the who where do I start? You know, this whole kind of is that my grandma used to call. They got a lad just like, you know, and whatever whatever shortcomings I might be, you know, I'm a Democrat because we all have a right to criticize when I sort of roll out those two white couple and basically say people are coming to get you all the other to be like us. And then the next night, a 17 year old like four days left for AK 47 down the street.


They are 15, 17. Yes. And listen to Tim Scott from South Carolina. They say this president is not racist. And I watch Tim Scott and I say I don't say this lightly, but, you know, it reminded me that every ventriloquist can find a dummy. And I'm wondering what in the world what hand is off his back that he was to say that stuff, knowing that the power that this president is killing South Carolinians before foretold we had 87 million people uninsured, uninsured just in these past months.


We now have 27 million people without insurance. And he said no, he and McConnell have had no interest in making sure people have health care before code. Before code. We had large numbers of people who are unemployed who had left the job market. Now we have 30 million additional people who are unemployed, 40 percent of the jobs that are 40000 now and under are gone. And if you start breaking that down like people, we're not talking about a Great Depression.


We talk about a great destruction. Let me tell you something. Whatever shortcomings you may think about any party right now, this has got to go. We need what's called a psychic break. Right. Because this man basically said. You think I did some of the first four years semiformal, give me unchaining power, right? I mean, he he basically said, I'm going to show you how I can ignore you. I'm going to show you how much more I can take.


I'm going to show you how much more money I can give to my friend. And did that last part of the speech? That was Steven Miller when he walked through and never mentioned black people and never mentioned native people and never mentioned Latinos and never mentioned age and never mentioned poor white folks. That litany that he gave of history when he said we did this, that we conquered and we did this, but we can't get stuck. He was laid out, basically, but his history lesson of white supremacy.


That's right. And he did it in front of the world. That's right. All right. With a few black folk applauding. So we need a break, because what we're dealing with is Donald Trump is something in the category called Negro politics, the politics of life and death. And that's what we're dealing with.


What are your thoughts on Biden and Kamala Harris? What are your thoughts on them now?


I wrote a piece that said, now that we have the base of the ticket is perverse. And I think Reverend Jackson put it like this on my part. He said that the pastor that the face, the character of the ticket. Now we've got to get to the virtue of those excuse me, to the policies of the ticket. And we're clear for a lot of people, 37 million of them who are eligible to vote did not vote. We did a study called Unleashing the Power.


It said that poor and low wealth people, if you could just get them to vote anywhere from one to 19 percent higher. But these are one to make things that higher fundamentally shift the electorate in 16 states. You can change the United States Senate. You could change the presidency. You can change go. Now, if that's true, what I think I'd have said is you cannot have a conversation in this moment based on somebody like talk and not talk about what your policies look like.


For a lot of people. You cannot just say middle class and being against this, being against Trump, because you've got 37 million people out there that did not vote. You're dealing with somebody who only won by 79000 votes in three states and capture the Electoral College. You have two point one million for a lot of people in just those three states that didn't vote. Right. So you've got to at least acknowledge, folks, we are in a moment.


We have to bring everybody to the table. You've got to be willing to say it. And you cannot say poverty and low wealth in the middle of a pandemic. When are we going to say that? And if they call for low wealth, people to the table, are our policies in a way with other folks? It's a route they can take, if not only when, but they can win in such a big way to say we're not going to because again, we've left 100 million people out of vote.


Unmilitary. But this vote last time high.


We got more with Reverend Dr. William Barber when we come back. Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


On any Sunday morning, everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy are the Breakfast Club, was still kicking in with Reverend Dr. William Barber.


Charlamagne, you know, it disturbed me last night that Donald Trump made it seem like the police are the ones facing the danger in this country. He didn't mention Black Lives Matter, not once. And I'm sitting there like, what world is he living in when he said police don't have power and we need to give them their power back so they can do their job?


I'm like, what I what what is that about?


More people job on this thing that is so dangerous rhetoric, man. Dangerous all power. Well, power to do what. And but but again, see if Democrats can't let him play on that field. We can't even Democrats can't even just argue on that fire. You've got to get underneath that language. See, he wants people focused on fear. And law and order, so they will forget the real fear then not having health care, then not having living wages that died, not having sick leave, all of the other racist stuff.


He doesn't want America to look at the poverty. He does want us to talk about that. He wants to shape the conversation. And when you're in a conversation with somebody like that, you cannot fight on their turf. That's where the bad sticker has to be. So bold is so dramatically different. You have to take him on. When he called you a socialist, take him on. And so what do you mean, socialism? So you say I have in health care, just like Congress, people have health care is socialism.


What are you saying? People having living wages just like a living wage. A socialist. Oh, you mean you mean socialism is not is helping the people who need to be lifted up. But you don't think socialism is giving you the cheese, the cheese, the dollars to the greedy, and that they just use that money to buy back their own stocks to the stock market in a way that makes it look like we're doing well on the stock market, but really not.


You have to jam. You know, if I can use a street term, you cannot back up from here. This man is not playing it and the people around him are not playing.


I saw the Democrats see that when they get in, when they when they get in, if they get in, the pantry will be back. And I'm like, man, I don't want to hear that. Why does the money dry up and the resources dry up and we need it.


Right. First of all, people are not going to hear that now when they watch three trillion dollars for corporations at the beginning of cold and a treat and a half a billion, go to Congress and say here, right. And then you turn around and tell people we could find trillions of dollars for corporations, but we can't find in a new administration to change the dollars we need because we've got to be in a worse situation than we are now that we shut down.


We need investment. You invest into the society and then the resources come back. You pay people a living wage and the resources come back. You give you give people what they need. The resources come back. Republicans will always do deficit spending to give tax cuts to the greedy. So we don't need to get caught up and there's no money. They found trillions of dollars for the greedy in the midst. Of course, we still have not provided the health care they need before.


And so what that needs to be saying is, no, the covers are not there. We don't get the feet out of the government that need to be about.


So what is the money actually worth doing? Because they print money, but they just print money to be printing money to be pretty much there is a balance to it.


But what I'm saying is, before we even get to that balance, we got to get the people out of the cupboard. Right. And the reality is we put together a budget in the Poor People's campaign that actually shows if you invest in education, you invest in teachers, you invest in loans, in building the black communities and for local communities. If you invest in living wages, if you invest in health care is actually beneficial for you right now.


If we said we don't pay everybody fifteen dollars an hour in the midst of a standard, we're going to do like reps like Eleanor Roosevelt said, we're going to invest in a basic living wage right now that would put three hundred and six to eight billion dollars back into the economy. So it's not the same way of deficit that you never get that. And the problem is you exactly right. When you print money and give it to the wealthy, it doesn't mean anything because they keep it.


When you print and invest in communities, it deals the whole country. And the problem is the Republicans, it's not just have had no problem doing deficit around war and the war economy and and their own pockets. They always raise the tax issue is that let me step back in history a minute. The whole issue of cutting taxes began after the civil war when the country was being forced to deal with reparations for black people and for the economy and the former slave wars.


And all said, we've got to cut taxes to undermine the ability of the country to keep it from if we start No one just like this history. Lee Atwater in the 1970s and 80s said we can't say the N-word anymore to get elected down south, so we're going to change the language. He said. We're going to use language that sounds economic. So we start talking about tax cuts. But what he was really doing is coming up with a language that was just allowing them to talk racist without sounding racist.


And the fact of the matter is, the poor people's campaign budget actually produces much that is the right thing to do anyway. You heard shots. They said a rising tide lifts all boats, lifts all boats.


Oh, that would be awesome. I hate that rhetoric. I've always hated that rhetoric. And I was like, that's that's the talking point. I can't stand here.


Yes, of course not. You know, it's have a curious relationship with because, you know, he operated on my daughter and did a tremendous job when she was in a basic situation. And she's like, wow, wow, I didn't know that. But she has openly challenged him. She was a newspaper article one time and said, I need to ask Mr. Cosby, does he want his patients to die because I got a preexisting condition that he knows about it.


He's supporting a person that wants to stop preexisting coverage. And, you know, and and I don't know what has happened to him, particularly as somebody who came from welfare and came from other things that he needed a hand up. And now all of a sudden he wants to cut the handle. But remember, Jesse Jackson in 1984 said, Roger, do not lift all boats when some boats are stuck in the mud. At the bottom are even worse.


Black people got holes in a boat and some of us think I know boats at all.


Yes, big, big hope. Their hold has been there for a long, long time. And so, see, so much of my brothers, you exactly right, that if you print the money just for the wealthy, it means correct. And eventually what's going to happen is the whole thing's going to fall apart because he's not invested in the foundation. The foundation is such a poor and lower people and black people. Sixty one percent of us support lower.


That's why I keep saying, Paula, because 61 percent of our people are poor. And look, our people are cold. And that's why it's so critical. We build coalitions with other forms of people, but we always come at it, too. With this race critique. If you do not invest that those resources in things that lift the community, the whole bottom falls apart.


We got more with Reverend Dr. William Barber when we come back. Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Morning, everybody, is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall be the guy we are.


The Breakfast Club was still kicking in with Reverend Dr. William Barber. Charlamagne I think I think it's very important to know. I know you've got to get up early. I think it's very important to note that, you know, things were bad before covid. But America also has to say to itself things were bad before Trump.


Like, I don't I don't I don't you know, we talk about even police brutality. I'm like, we can't act like Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Walter Scott, countless others that was under Obama. Police brutality is a historically American problem. Poverty in the black community is historically American problem. Any Trump.


That's what I mean by this is not a moment even to just run as a Democrat is to run a transformative candidate. If you're got to and say it's time to face these issues because what you have is somebody saying clearly he's not going to face them at all, he's going to be worse. But you can't just be against Trump. You have to be about what kind of America know. Like you said, America has never been America to me. But I swear this oath that America shall be right.


And the reality is, as you said, that the reality is we had police brutality, had the past when we started the politics campaign. What we found out is for 40 years, part of poverty has been written out of public discussion. I must say this on your show, and I want people to hear me. What I'm saying when we see somebody shot on camera and we talk about the police and you just went down the line, I know myself.


I've been involved in in cases where a lot of black men, they didn't get shot by the police, but they got put on death row and we had to find that they weren't even guilty. Have been part of about three or four black men being released from death row who would have been dead. The system had just worked close. So my point is there's a lot of death and police violence is absolutely horrendous. Mean daemonic. I can go all down the line what it is, taking the power of the state in my name and killing somebody innocent.


And I believe until we have a federal law that actually says you can be prosecuted for murder at the federal level, that will prosecute you for murder, not just civil rights, for murder, which you when you use the power of the state, you should be they should know you're not going to get away. If the if the state attorney general doesn't do it, the local prosecutor won't do it. You can get prosecuted federally for murder. And that's a way to do that.


We could figure that out. But while we've been talking here today, 700 people are going to die from poverty and low. And if sixty one percent of black people fall in love with them in, a whole lot of the is going to die today from macro policies, from policy that we'll never see on camera. The point I'm trying to lay out is we as black people in this country for low wealth, people in this country are going to have to force the facing of the macro politics of America.


Police violence is a horrendous part of it. But there's so much also that goes underneath. And that's why I'm arguing that in this season of death around the police department, we can't even let any of the politicians think that if you deal with police violence, even then, that you've dealt with the fullness of racism in this country as you did with the deadliness of racism. And I mean, I've got to tell you, some voter suppression has a death measurement.


I say this on a group. So, I mean, this is voter suppression. These people probably don't care because it really kills me. Said, what are you telling my voters how they kill us? Because this is how when you suppress the vote, you allow people to get elected. The racist voter suppression. Once they get elected, they get the power to block your health care. Denial of health care kills you. They suppress the vote.


You let people get elected. Once they get elected, they block losing weight. They keep people in power. Poverty kills. That's empirical. That's data driven.


Remember, it's always a pleasure talking to you, man. I know you got something coming up. What you got coming up?


Well, on September the 14th, we have voting is power, at least the mass moral Monday. And we're putting together this powerful plan to make sure people know their rights, know how to protect their vote, know how to engage. But before we get there, this coming Monday, one invite all your listeners. Every Monday, we're doing something called Moral Monday, March Omukama. What? We can't be in his office. So we decided to do a speech, extra twist on sitting in and do a call.


Nearly every Monday we shut down all of his phones. All across the country. We bring people from Kentucky to share how bad is with driving at home and saying to people, you need to understand what's going on with McConnell. And in September the 14th power vote, voting is power unleashed on Monday for protection, voter participation. And that's what a round, right?


When I think about prayer in this moment, I want to think about. What Jesus said when he said is, look, fighting the spirit of the Lord is upon me, preach good news to the poor, recovery of sight, to the black, healing to the broken hearted, to set free the captive and to declare the acceptable year of the Lord. Gracious God, there are spirits with the small stuff here that are trying to keep the captives captive, keep the blind blind and shut off the doors to everybody but those who look like them and feel we need the spirit, we need the power that you give us with your divine or the spirit to stand the spirit, to fight the spirit, to speak and live out.


Just sell us or go with us. So let's all go with the spirit of the ancestors that caused them never to give up, even in the face of tell us what the spirit of those that looked at Jim Crow and Jim Crow with their eyes about Jim Crow was alive because they were going to be the ones to bring about, as well as with the spirit of those who could love and at the same time hate injustice, hate brutality, hate oppression.


Fill us with the spirit that gives us hope every morning and fight every day, every minute of our lives. Those still lives with the spirit that causes us to have the kind of foolishness that believe what others say can't be done, will be done, and give us the kind of spirit that gives us the necessary righteous anger and injustice so that we never settle for superficial answers. Give us the spirit that allows us to cry when we feel other's pain, but not just to have empathy about that, but to be emphatic in our join in with our fight to change the reality that cause that tears that they might shout the victory of the spirit.


Give us your strength to resist the spirit of racism and injustice. Give us your spirit and with your spirit, with your power. We will run to troops. We will jump over walls. We will never turn back. We will always go forward together in the name of all that is holding a man and a man and a woman to ask.


Very well, thank you. Bravo. Bravo, Reverend Wright. Rev. Thank you, Bob. We appreciate you. Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Oh, it's time, but don't give the day. I'm a Democrat, so being a little bit of a mixed blessing like adults is pretty hard. On the other day I left the club, which I've been called a lot of my twenty three years. The Donkey of the Day is a new dog here today goes to Robert Yunan.


New Robert is the CEO of Goya Foods. Yes, the CEO of all your beans, rice, seasonings, cooking oils. That Goya. Now my name is Charlamagne got Lynard McKelvy. I am a host of, you know this show, The Breakfast Club. I'm saying this for all of our new listeners, especially those of you in Toronto listening to us on Flo 1935. The Breakfast Club consists of myself in Vienna, Angela Yee. But there are other players in the studio, like our board of deejay drummers.


He is of Latino descent. What are you exactly? Drums. I am Puerto Rican.


Puerto Rico. Hey. Yes. Ramos is heartbroken this morning that I am giving Robert Yunan new donkey every day.


He begged me this morning not to do it. OK, he doesn't want me to bring any attention to this situation. I tried to explain to him that donkey today does not discriminate, but he was almost in tears asking me not to do those duties dramas. I think I know why this is hitting so close to home for you, but I don't want to speculate. Why don't you want me to broadcast the story drama? I first of all, I never said don't broadcast the story, but yes, I am.


I am heartbroken.


OK, well, listen, if you're wondering why boycott Goya and Goya Foods are trending in the United States, it's not because people like dramas love the red kidney beans and the black beans that much. It's because Robert Unan, who said the USA is blessed to have the celebrity in chief, Mr. Dought, 45, Donald J. Trump as a leader, you can't make this kind of stuff up. Let's listen.


We're all truly blessed at the same time to have a leader like President Trump who is a builder. And that's what my grandfather did. He came to this country to build, to grow, to prosper from.


How does that make you feel to hear Robert Unanalyzed, the CEO of Goya, say that America is blessed to have Trump as a leader?


I mean, it's disgusting, obviously. And then also just makes you think about how much Caesar my food from now on. You know, it's a terrible, terrible day.


Wow. Now priorities. Trump set priorities together. I'll be honest, I don't care about his political opinion dramas.


How do you say I don't give a damn in Spanish import that one? BLEDEL Yes. I don't give a whatever the hell James just said what Robert thinks about Donald Trump, but when you are the CEO of the nation's largest Hispanic on food brand, why in the hell would you build a wall around your most loyal consumers by saying that America is blessed to have Donald Trump as a leader talk about not reading a room. Let's go down the line. If some of Trump's greatest Hispanic heritage, OK, he called Latino immigrants criminals, killers and rapists.


He said the Mexican government intentionally sends their criminals to the U.S. He kicked a Latino reporter, Jorge Ramos, out of a press conference, actually told them to go back to Univision. Now, let me tell you something. To be fair, despite his harmful rhetoric, Trump's policies have attracted a certain subset of those in the Latino community. In fact, they're saying he may get up to 25 to 30 percent of the Latino vote in this year's presidential elections.


Not far fetched because in 2016, he got twenty eight percent of the Latino vote. Why would any self respecting Latino vote to reelect Donald Trump? I have no idea.


Drama. Did you vote for Trump? Of course not. I'm just making sure, OK, I don't know how he got elected in the first place. All I know is D.J. Drumrolls has a cabinet full of mango nectar and coconut water, and he has to throw out today, all because even though it's thousands of immigrant immigrant children locked up in cages at the border, Donald Trump still rocks Latino to sleep by doing things like he did yesterday and that signing an executive order that created a new advisory commission tasked with improving Hispanic Americans access to economic and educational opportunities.


Some people are able to overlook the bigotry for legislation like that. They say the Hispanic economy is doing well. Hispanics got jobs. That's what they care about. They are not monolithic. So some of them just simply don't care. But once again, I personally, personally don't care about who they choose to vote for. I don't care about Robert Unan new saying America is blessed to have Trump. I care about the CEO of a company not giving a damn about his bottom line.


Why are you willing to risk the pesos in this way? I remember a time when you didn't know who CEO that these companies were politically affiliated with, because smart businessmen don't want to offend anyone because they know whether you rip the red or the blue, you have that green. Why offend any side when you can get money from both of them? Smart CEOs sell guns to both sides and keep their political affiliations to themselves. We are in an era right now.


It's so easy to divide people. It's so easy for people to pick sides. Why, after all these years of making billions, would you bring all this bad press on yourself, call you? OK, we'll call you Robert Uniondale. You Ng'andu by sitting next to a man who simply isn't good for business. Now, I know you're probably banking on the Latinos that support Trump to still support you, but what about the Latinos like Ramos who have to throw out their GooYa Black Bean burgers?


Those are pretty new dramas. Hasn't even tried them yet. He had a hot date. Tonight. He's going to put some gorgeous black being burgers on the grill. Now you have to throw him out because of you and your poor decision making skills. Where are the Latinos that support you going to get the Adobe, what they call a drop adobo? Adobo.


Where are you going to get your adobo from now? Trump? I mean, listen, I'm not carlotti the last few hours I've been Googling other available products, so I think it would be OK. I'm a little calmer now than I was this morning when I woke up.


OK, the moral of the story is, Robert, you have a PR nightmare right now that you called for no reason. You can handle your business by not spreading your business. And even though it's good for us, the consumers, to know where not to spend our money, I can't stop thinking about how stupid he is to mess up the peso's with some other words for money in Spanish.


Beneteau dinero.


How you messed up. This is the natural.


It's all about the general, how you messed that up by simply not being smart enough to keep your political affiliations to yourself. Shamos How do you say stupid in Spanish Rubio is stupid. Oh please let Robert you Nonu get the sweet sounds of the Hamiltons.


Oh no you are about hogy I'm the. Doggie day. This is just right.


OK, all right, we got more coming up next with a breakfast club, The Breakfast Club.


Relationship advice, any personal advice, just the really facts call up now for Enschede warning, everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Yee, Charlemagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club.


It's time for Ask Ye. Hello, who's this?


This is my poncho. Hey, what's up, bro? What's your question for you.


I'm having a hard time breaking it to my new partner that I had to do gay porn once upon a time in my lifetime.


And I'm not happy about that chapter, but I just wanted to know, Angela, how do I break this to my new partner?


I'm just curious, what was the name of the porn? Yes. Yes, the Google. And about that go.


I'm just joking. I just wanted to know the names is, you know, a bang me twice. I don't know. I just wanted to know names of.


Wow. That's very unoriginal. Hit me twice. It was called Private Society and as their bizarre gay porn edition should have a Two and a Half Men.


Well, what kind of stuff are you doing?


Oh, I did have to script, but as my honcho. Yeah, exactly. And this that Owen honcho was huge.


Let me ask you this. Why did you love it? Okay. Why did you have to do gay porn, though. I'm just curious. Didn't pay more.


Yeah, you got it. You're right on the head. It pays a little bit extra.


So it's right on the head with a good name for a porn, by the way. So I. Are you gay?


Well, I was just a very hard time in my life. So at this some cocaine. How much pills and how much Quaaludes and. OK, you know. Yeah. So now they are inspiring my life, but it was not a joyous moment. Right now it's great. I got a new white girl and you know, I don't have to grab my butt cheeks like my Hartzell anymore.


Well, listen, I feel like you're going to have to have that conversation just like you had it with us, because one thing you do have to do is be honest. Right? And then that person has a right to say, OK, I'm not sure this is you're the person that I want to be with. Or maybe they'll say, you know, we've all gone through things in our past that we're not proud of that have brought us to the point where we are today.


And I can accept you for who you are. But I think it is important for you to let her know. How long have you been together?


I was thinking, but then what if I lose her first and then that that might resort me again, spread my butt cheeks as my heart. You know what, though?


You could either lose her now. I lose her later. Right.


She's probably going break up with you because it's porno born. And so if all you're doing is spreading your butt cheeks as a as a boring porno, bro, that's all you could do.


Well, I mean, you would want to look him up, Betty.


I can email, you know, I'm cool in case he falls on some hard times as well. True.


Charlamagne, that could be a good name for a porno, too, falling on hard times about a man who had this. So to get his way to the top of the kids around you, bro, OK, he's.


But yes, definitely. Please let your girlfriend I don't know if you watch love is blind, but Carlson, who is sexually fluid, he waited until they were engaged to let his fiancee know that he has been with men before. And that is definitely something that you have to be honest about.


Was he able to keep his girl? No, it did not work out. Oh, no. Actually, I'm going to keep this to myself.


I just got married at some point. You know, at some point she will find out, though.


Whatever comes to the dark does come to the right. That's what they say, that I'll miss one. I think I'm going through. That's another good point.


Yeah. I mean, yeah, because it's a gay porn like your own like video. People can eventually see you.


They will you people around you might hold over your head when they see her and be like, you know, I tell you. Have you told her yet. Have you told her yet. That's something that you'll always be thinking about. What if she finds out?


You know, it's just something that can be very stressful or I wore a mask, but maybe they see my tattoo now that something weird with a tattoo might give it away from ask how much did you make?


Sixty nine dollars made about when I'm actually I made about twenty five hundred dollars buddy and and I five things. So just throwing it out there so. OK.


Twenty five hundred dollars. OK, point the way to go. How was it they had the lube you up bro. Wow.


And he sounds like he's considering buying another property and he needs an investment via email for you guys.


You guys. I'm good. Thank you so much for checking in bro. Good luck man. And I would like hold on the line though. Yeah. I'm coming up. I want to I want to bang brose does gay porn because they their name is like so gay porn friendly bang brose you know what I'm saying. For the pros that like to bang each other. Well I might highly recommend the movie guys who like to suck if anybody's home bored.


Now that's too forward. Where are we going this morning. All right. See the. I got everybody just calm down. We can't say these words on air, guys, I don't know if you know, OK, I'm not on I'm at the house. Oh, my goodness. Askey 805 five eight five one two five one.


If you need relationship advice, call you about anything, as you see is really anything, any bad. All right.


We got more coming up next with a breakfast club, The Real World with some real advice. What? Actually, it's. Morning, everybody.


Is T.J. Envy, Angela Yee Charlamagne the God. We are the Breakfast Club. We're in the middle of ask you. Hello, who's this?


To Misty. Yes. Hey, what's your question for you?


OK, so my question was like, what am I supposed to do if, like my boyfriend, she'd sneak in to watch porn? I don't have a problem with him watching it. It's just getting weird that he's sneaking to watch it because he doesn't know whether or not you have a problem with it.


Did you tell him, like, I know you're watching porn is fine.


I mean, we've had the discussion about immediately after Michael, we have a problem with sex or something, but he's like, no, we don't have a problem with sex or anything. And it's like I'm being open minded about stuff, but I don't know why he keeps asking for, like, threesomes and stuff like that or whatever to. Well, yeah.


And you don't want to do a threesome, are you do are you open to it. I'm OK with that. I guess I've never done it so well.


Obviously that's not going to happen any time soon because we are all quarantined and you know, so that's a whole nother story. But first of all, maybe part of the fun for him watching porn is him sneaking to do it, but is not strange or is that normal?


How'd you catch it? I'm just curious. How did you catch him?


OK, we're supposed to have sex or whatever, but then I fell asleep. But then when I woke up, I'm like, OK, maybe I should go back to sleep because you almost finished.


So yeah. Oh, when you when you woke up, you seen him on the computer.


He was sitting there watching porn. He was on his phone and it was on you. That's the weirdest thing to me. Like why he he didn't want to wake you up.


I'm OK with him waking me up though. Hmm.


Well, he didn't know that. Did you tell him next time, wake me up. I'm you know, I'm fine, but I don't know.


I just kind of like got up and went to the bathroom because I'm like, this is weird. This the second time I caught him doing this.


And I don't you know what it sounds like you just need to have a conversation because you're not saying anything to him and then he's not saying anything to you about it. And then now you do think it's weird. So he probably can sense that you think is weird. So it's kind of like a lack of communication is what's causing you guys to not come together on this when you could just simply wake up and be like, oh, are you watching porn?


What are you watching? Let me see it.


OK, I guess. And you know, it can be fun sometimes if you don't mind doing this is watching porn together. I mean, like, I'm not as experienced as here sexually. And like recently he got me like this toy thing and I'm just like, I'm not OK with electronic down there because like robot or whatever. I was like, I don't know.


Well, maybe he is nervous to bring things up to you because he doesn't want you to think that he's weird. OK, I don't know. I'll try to have that conversation. I guess this I don't know.


And I see it feels like you want to be more open minded about things than that. But you're right now, you're not in that place like you're uncertain about a lot of things. Like you said, you're not as experienced as he is. So you take it slow. And I always tell people, don't do anything that you're not comfortable with. So if you truly are not comfortable with something, don't do it and let him know that you're not comfortable.


And if there are things that you want to try, don't be ashamed to try them. So those are the two things that I would say when it comes to experimenting in the bedroom, OK?


Because like I really like I've tried to have a part of this conversation before and then it went into this whole Spyro conversation about like insecurity and all this extra junk. And I'm just like, what is going on?


And you never do something just to please the other person if you're not comfortable with it, because that does cause resentment sometimes and then that does tend to spiral out of control. But if in your mind you like I would like to try this, then you should try it. It's just and remember, it's completely up to you. It's fine for you to not want to do a threesome. It's fine for you to not want to use that toy if you don't feel like it.


But it's also fine for you to say, OK, I'm down to experiment. Don't worry about other people's judgments of you. Is your body your choice to do whatever you want?


And even with those things, like whenever I gave him this stuff I want to try, he just kept calling me like a freak every. And then I'm like, OK, maybe I shouldn't tell him the stuff that I'm into if he thinks it's too outrageous.


But then what do you what do you what are you into? And he wants to know, what are you into, Carrisi.


Oh gosh. OK, so I kind of like the whole dobs basic thing, like if we can switch roles and stuff and he's not OK with a lot of it I guess. I grew up on the pill, sort of like the Iskhandar the.


He would be OK with, like, you know, taking care of a bully. Oh, yeah, you can kidnap pegging his.


Yeah, Peggy might be a little serious. That's not like you want to put him on a leash.


So we have that covered. I mean, he put me on a leash before. Mm hmm.


OK, so I'd much rather be on a leash and get a peg in plastic. I'll take the leash. I'll take the leash for 500. Alex. OK, what I would recommend, Missy, though, is before you go straight to the begging, have you ever put a finger?


Yeah, that's the thing. Got it. Mm hmm. OK, so.


So maybe that's something you guys will graduate to eventually.


Yeah, but that's my thing though.


If he brings up the play but think it's weird when we are talking about it, I'm just like what's going on.


You know what, you know I'm a and messy and I'm a be honest with you. A lot of times guys like to do things, but they don't like to discuss the things they like to do because they feel like it's weird.


So you have to kind of just do it without undressing. Don't rape that man. But I don't know that.


But, like, you can feel it out and start doing something and he might like it, but he doesn't want to discuss that. He likes it. So obviously, if he doesn't want to do it, he'll let you know he doesn't want to do it. But if you just approach it and bring in and say, hey, let's go in the heat of the moment and he's with it, then there you go. But sometimes having that discussion makes people feel a little weird.


OK, I mean, I have the whole like of conversation. I don't want to have you, like, first time at breakfast or whatever, but I'm trying to see how I can bring it up during the day or whatever. I'm just like, no, I'm OK with you waking me up for sex. You've done it before. Like, well, he didn't make up for sex, but like a or whatever.


So it's just like, you know, I feel like this is a great time to have these discussions while you are living in the house together and nowhere else to go.


We've got to get this quarantine over because your board is telling me tell him he shook and ain't no such thing as half assed crooks. And by that, tell them, stop letting letting you put half your finger back and tell him you want all or nothing. All right. Tell them grow up.


OK? Definitely. Thank you, guys. All right, Misty, good luck. Let me know if you do stuff like that.


You can't even please don't give the young man no nicknames. He's be hitting him in your pectore style. You can't call a grown man Pegu stallion. What? All right. ASKI Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Everybody is the envy, Angela Yee Charlamagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, we're in the middle of C in E. If you need relationship advice, any type of advice, you can hit us now. Hello.


Who's this? Hi, this is T Haiti. What's of course for CNN. How are you.


Hey, I'm ok y'all. Good to see y'all remain blessed. Thank you for taking my questions, but I've been in a relationship for almost two years. It's a long distance relationship and this is like my person. I haven't really been in any real relationship before. It was really, you know, taking my time to go to school. You know, I'm bettering myself for myself. But I found someone. It was literally fireworks when we first met.


We immediately went into a relationship. Everything was good for the most part until a couple of months ago when I hopped on his Instagram, he had an Instagram live going on. And I'm like, who the Instagram living with? And he's kind of like a local celebrity. So I didn't really think much of it. But he I think he was probably having an inappropriate conversation with her because he did realize that I jumped on and his demeanor changed his questions.


Everything was changing with the conversation he was having with this girl a couple of weeks. Well, not a couple of days after that happened, I was able to reach him and it was just, you know, still on my mind. So I just asked him. I told him I'm not stupid. And I know long distance we're probably doing things that I don't know about. He came clean and he said that he had cheated on me in December when we were kind of going through a rough patch.


We weren't, you know, broken up or anything, but just going through a rough patch.


What are you asking us this morning? Friday. I need to know what state you're in, what state he's in.


I'm in Atlanta. He's overseas. OK, OK. And he's back. And yeah, we've been gone for two years, both of us traveling back and forth. So we've been making it work. And so anyway, I guess my question is that I'm just in a hard spot because, you know, I'm type A personality. I think for myself. I do for myself. And that is a non-negotiable for me. But he has been remorseful and I think he does, you know, regret it.


But I just am not comfortable jumping back into that relationship. And I'm just asking you guys, this is man who you have, you know, messed up every once in a while or, you know, in the past we have a behavior. Is this a type of behavior that you think could potentially change? You think I should give him a second chance? I just want to get your thoughts. And how long have you been dating this guy?


Are you talking to for about two years.


OK, now now you know who you talking to? You talking to two individuals that have cheated and have taken all the is we have you know, we reformed and we don't play that game anymore right at all.


You know, it's more years.


I haven't seen it since October of 2016. I am totally clean.


My not so long ago. I don't even remember that that that that that date. But I will tell you, this man, you know, it's all in the person.


The person has to grow. I mean, hopefully he's at a spot in a position where he says, you know what, he realizes, you know your worth and your value and say, hey, I don't want to lose this. Like, this is somebody that's important to me. This is the best thing that's ever happened in my life. And is it worth runit for that for something that's out in the street that is not the same? No, it's not.


And hopefully he understands that and hopefully he has changed. You know, but you I would say take it step by step. Just don't let them all all the way back in. You got to make sure that he has really changed and not just giving you that game energy, OK?


And I'm not making. I'm not making. No, yeah. And I'm not making no excuses for that man cheating. But context matters two years overseas, you know what I'm saying? Two years overseas. He's not seeing you. He's a man. He got needs just like your woman, your guy need. Have you been completely clean for two years?


I have. I have him. I know.


But the thing that bothers me. But I mean, he's a good guy, but that just bothers me because I think it was it wasn't like he's having a relationship with someone. It's literally because I'm not there and I'm like, that's no excuse.


That's not an excuse. Because women women hold their men down all the times when they get locked up for years and they hold them down. That's not an excuse.


You still have to step up to the plate and do what's right, but not envy. We're missing something here. We know that women are gods, okay? And God is perfect for us. Mere mortal men are not. And you know what else God does he forgives. OK, we repeat to him, all right, we get down on our knees and we say, please, God forgive us for being at the black woman is God. Yes, you should forgive us.


And he said that God looks out for babies and fools. Your fool baby. Before he used this, before coming come here, that's all I'm your baby for. But let me ask you, has he been completely honest and did he tell you everything?


He is always honest with me except for this, like he did tell me. But he didn't give me details. He just thinks it's one of those things. Arrhenius to sit down and have a conversation about instead of doing it over the phone or what have you.


Well, I think you need to have that conversation because you are so far away. You need to have that conversation to ease your mind a little bit. Don't wait until you come see him, which could be a year from now. No, you need to have that conversation now and then you make a decision accordingly.


And once again, I'm not making excuses for him. I'm just saying context matters. He's overseas for two years, you know, and I honestly think that if the shoe was on the other foot, he probably would forgive you, too, if he's really using common sense in context.


And that's the part that bothers me, Charlamagne, is that I think if I did the same thing he did to me, he would forgive me, OK? And that bothered me because I because I know that that doesn't mean that's what I used to do, because I forgive him for what he did as a Christian woman. But I'm still like that doesn't mean I have to get back with him because I need you to show me something. And I haven't seen that yet.


All right.


Well, good luck. And keep us keep us posted. We will love we love to hear the outcome. I appreciate you, brother.


Thank you. All right. I see in e eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need relationship advice, you could hit me and Charlamagne any time I keep it like this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy Angelilli Charlamagne ago. We are the Breakfast Club.


I'm looking for an attorney out there. I work with a co-host that is talking about my fake boobs, my fake butt and now my fake beard.


And I mean, I'm I'm looking for an attorney looking for an attorney because he was in a store after a long bike ride to Beijing and his beard hit the floor. He slipped on his own Beijing. Now he's trying to sue the store, but he really doesn't have a case. OK, and that's OK.


Tag the doctor, M.V. That's all we want you to do. People need help.


Yeah. Why don't you tag the graffiti artist, bro? Why don't you tell us the painter who put that on your chin and around your neck area, why don't you shot him out? Why you don't get no love. You don't get no love.


I'm realizing that you don't like me. You know, I had. And then you said it was fake. You sound like Donald Trump. I did my squats and he was like, I got a fake. But now now I just figured it out. I'm a marble guy. I love comic books. What if he's not using Beijing? But he got a little piece of venom and sort of venom started in his hair and now I'm screwed on down his face, around his chin area.


That's why it's so black. What if that's the case? But it's not black is not black. It's dark brown. 45 is dark brown. But hello. Who's this for.


OK, are you admitting this fake finally.


Forty five. I'm not admitting anything. I'm not I'm not confirming or denying. You don't have to. We got eyes. Hello. OK, what's popping.


Hey, we're no longer having this conversation on my bed but I would like to talk to you. How are you doing today. Same be better. Look at me being real.


I know life is clean but it's just what I mean. I don't know what gameness. I mean, he gave me this Beijing. That's right. Yeah. I can't smell Beijing without Beijing. Goodbye, sir.


You have a great morning. Hello. Who's this? Sure, sure. Good morning, Sean. It was good. You sound like an intellectual brother. We're no longer having this conversation on having to come here.


You think envy's bid is real or fake, sir?


I said. He woke up fresh out of bed and did the first thing I'm doing this morning is calling the Breakfast Club to tell me his bid is phony, it's fake, just the type of beard that I hate.


Thank thank you.


Should you have a great morning.


Hello. Hello. This this is Marky Mark. Good morning, Mark. You know what? It's a damn shame. Malky and all these other these men are calling up here talking about how another man looks like I'm not taking like I'm not married, that this is so disrespectful to my wife.


Nothing. I know you have. And I know you don't do the same thing.


Markis Hey, Evie, looking forward to you on a ticket to the north in a webinar or something like you. You want to die. You like that.


Hey, hey, hey. Ain't that pay? Yes, yes, yes. I'm doing a real estate webinar this Sunday. We'll be talking everything generational wealth.


And I'm going, well, what what is your name? Maki's. You know, I am so sorry. We're going to have to charge you triple markese.


Keep talking. I'll keep paying cost. That's why you got to charge you triple that. Paying eighteen.


All right, everybody go on the air. I mean, I love got to keep you five top five times the price.


Now, are you getting banks, not the banks and the paid. Goodbye, Markese. See you on Sunday. When you all see the screens, that's what you got to roll up on him and say, not the paint, not the paint. Listen, and we we've both been arrested before. Don't you think that the ink they used to fingerprint us is very similar to what you got on your chin right now?


That ink is dark as black eye. My my beard is dark brown, brother.


Boy, you better shut up and stop lying. What do you see? I'm some type of guy. I'm not sure if it's like one of those. What is it called? The gray. Just gray or whatever, but I don't know what he's using. But if something are you using? Are you referring just for men? Just for men? Yeah. Is that what you're using? I can either.


Got it on just one thing. I can neither confirm or deny.


Wow. All right. Just four men. Forty five you said. Right. Oh, my goodness. Are we taking more calls that we know we're not taking a more and more call. What's the moral of the story? You ask more of the stories. You hear this. What is this for men? Just for men. Beard, you're using M 45 dark brown.


There's a M sixty jet black, OK. And Brown, he's doing it himself. And that's why I look so dark and so fake. That's what it is. What the moral of the story is. You can't spell Beijing without the badge. Congratulations, Inbee.


I'm glad we solve this mystery. I'm, I am too. Oh my goodness.


Oh good. We have room is on the way. We haven't solved one.


But let's go to another one and we're going to tell you about a very well known music producer who just got arrested yesterday after fifteen sexual assault charges and five separate felony assault charges. Thanks. All right.


Well, we'll get to that next. It's The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. Charlamagne Yes, sir. Oh, you got a positive note? Yes, man.


A positive note is simply this man. It's Thursday. So I want all of you to remember this. It is always better to ask questions than to make an assumption because assumptions set us up for suffering.


This is what's up, everybody.


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And on our podcast, You Down, we're discussing what's going on in the culture, everything from dating to therapy.


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