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Thank you very much.


Green is a city filled with the cabinet, is hardly the only one who can keep these guys in Charlamagne the the competition. You say, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


That was mad yo was. Good morning Angela. You get money Janvi Charlamagne the guy Peace to the Planet is Friday.


Yes, it's Friday, good morning. Yeah, man. What do we get the day feels like the first Friday. Is it the first Friday of twenty twenty one? Tony, remember, by the second Friday of twenty twenty one. Oh, I think it's still I'm not sure because it was on Saturday, New Year's was on Saturday. And so Friday was the second Friday like on Friday. It's the second Friday is our first Friday back at work for twenty twenty one.


The way I'm tired this morning that I'm not going to lie. I'm not exhausted. I am. This has been a draining week already. Crazy week one going to be twenty, twenty one going to be. This is draining. I'm right. I'm, I'm cool. I'll go back but I finish I, we could just call Richardson. I'm thirteen. I finished watching Bridgton last night so that was exciting for me.


Does it get better because I started watching it yesterday and it was, it started off slow and I actually fell asleep.


I think you watch the first couple episodes, but I was like, does it get a little better? I thought it was good in the first couple of episodes. You just have to figure out what's going on because it's setting up everything for you is great twists and turns. And a lot of people that are doing things that later on you're like, oh, that's why they did that. It's really good. Yeah, and it looks amazing. You could tell they spent a lot of money.


They definitely spent a lot of money on it. Absolutely. Positively. They spent a lot of money.


It's very I mean, it's good to have those breaks, but it's very hard to turn away from the news. Yes. Like this. Plus plus that's the best the best show on television is on the news, right? Yes, it is. Yes, indeed. Absolutely. And, you know, looking at it. So when you got around and flops. Mm. I think I was watching the news all day and I had a pretty rough week personally, so I needed a moment.


I was like I need to do something for myself just for a moment. Yeah.


I don't watch it today after the show.


Now you know what the shout out to Casanovva shout out if anybody is up and you are listening to Casanovva, we said, what's up? Casanova's into why I said, yo, yo, we shot him out yet I guess he listens every morning. He said, we him ShadowStats. So shout out to Katsunobu. Yeah, we did.


We talked about how they also raise that money for bail and put up and took a few people that did that. And, you know, we discussed all of that.


I went to court. We literally dropped one occlude for Casanovva, I believe it was yesterday. It was one day this week. I know that for a fact. Yeah, well, yeah.


We need some updates. And what's happening? Is he getting out? I know they raised two point five million.


Yeah, well, shout out to Casanovva said the that they had the breakfast and left me. The name is Shout Me Out.


So shout out to Kacy's from Casanovva. We definitely did.


OK, all right. PSINet, why I worried about the wrong things right now. Casanovva I don't think they like that. I understand the positive energy and you want to, you know, stay optimistic, but you're worried about the wrong things. You just listen to the morning.


People have their own personal things going on. So we cannot ever take away from that or sign up to cash. You know, everybody have their own way, own way of coping. But, you know. Yeah. You still worried about the wrong things.


This you just said she didn't make it seem like that. You said she has the Breakfast Club also, you know, birthdays today.




Oh, it's all Kelly boy. Angie Martinez. Oh, Angie Martinez birthday. Yes, it's going to be. Yeah. And he was going. What's going on, Kelly? First of all, jail thing. How are you doing? R. Kelly mixer's.


No, I'm not. OK, just checking.


Like like. Yeah, we woke up this morning on January. You know, his birth date is Angie. My team is actually Andy's birthday is tomorrow.


So we a early birthday. That is clearly the birthday I think. Right. God damn. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. Your maker, it's his birthday. D.J. Clue drop on a close bond for D.J. Clue.


Kelly, first, you said yourself you wouldn't be in the position you want be what a D.J. clue. But it's six o'clock in the morning and you shouting not our Kelly instead of bright.


Because what I do is every morning when I do my Knicks, I look up and see whose birthday it is to see if I do that mix. In all, Kelly popped up something like what? I was on Kelly birthday, but I'm not doing it mix.


But that's what clue makes you remember that. You better remember what gremlin you popped off. I couldn't get you didn't eat after midnight and get wet for nothing. All right.


So that was everything. So kinky with you, man.


It was my brother, my gremlins. I know what you're talking about. I don't know what you talk about. You never know what you.


But let's get the show crack because this is getting uncomfortable and getting a little strange. Weird. Right.


All right. Stephen A. Smith will be joining us this morning. OK, good brother. Stephenie. All right. Yeah.


So we don't show premiering on ESPN plus, I think on Monday. Yep.


So we'll kick it with Steve and I. Let's get the show crack front page news. What are we talking about? Yes, we'll be talking about Donald Trump. He has finally publicly acknowledged that he's not going to be serving a second term.


And we have that for you. All right. We'll get into all that when we come back. Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club will be. Everybody is seeing envy, Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, let's get in some front page news.


I didn't see the game last night. Did you see the game last night? The Brooklyn Nets versus 76?


No, I tell you what, I was well, I was I fell asleep on the Nets, won the Brooklyn Nets when Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant didn't play the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers, even though they got the best record in the league, they stink off the place. And only 20 turnovers I believe. Yeah. And so that's that.


I said one of their players got covid so they had to stay overnight.


Wow. So Kyrie and Katie didn't play and he still won.


Kyrie didn't play. Katie didn't play Spencer Dinwiddie. He's out for the season and they if we still won. But I mean Philly had a terrible game like a terrible terrible game. Wow. OK what else we got.


All right, well let's talk about Donald Trump now. He has finally admitted that he did not win this election, so he won't be serving a second term. He was reading from a teleprompter. He was very somber and monotonous when he gave the speech. And I don't know if he called himself condemning the rioters and the terrorists that went to the capital. But he also did tell them that he loves them. Here's what he said.


I would like to begin by addressing the heinous attack on the United States Capitol. Like all Americans, I am outraged by the violence, lawlessness and mayhem. I immediately deployed the National Guard and federal law enforcement to secure the building and expel the intruders. The demonstrators who infiltrated the capital have defiled the seat of American democracy to those who engaged in the acts of violence and destruction. You do not represent our country. And to those who broke the law, you will pay me first.


Say that, first of all, that's that's that's what you call too little, too late. You can't be the catalyst of an attempted coup in America. I think five people dead, one police officer. And you wait until after that to concede. No, no, no, sir. Donald Trump needs to be arrested. Nothing more. Nothing less. Everyone that's done the capital should be arrested. And everyone who encourage folks to invade the capital should be arrested.


Is is absolutely nothing. Those folks should be talking about nothing.


Well, a lot of people in his cabinet, his cabinet had started resigning, as well as people that have been supporting him and working with him. Other people have been considering resigning. And from what people are saying inside the white around the White House is that he actually gave this speech because of people's threats to resign.


And they're also talking about impeaching him. Now, here he is recognizing finally that he did not win this last election.


We must get on with the business of America. My campaign vigorously pursued every legal avenue to contest the election results. My only goal was to ensure the integrity of the vote. Now Congress has certified the results and new administration will be inaugurated on January 20th. My focus now turns to ensuring a smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power after you don't burn the place down.


Right. Let's talk. I told you yesterday, when attempted coups happen in other countries, they line you up and execute you the same day. So therefore there has to be consequences and repercussions for what happened yesterday. It can't just be another headline. This isn't just another slap on the wrist, you know, just chalking it up to Trump and his supporters being crazy. No examples have to be made. People got to be thrown under the jail. Right.


It's interesting that they were just arrested, people on the scene. We wouldn't be going through this trying to identify people. Now they're asking for tips for people who were spotted at the capital and involved in these riots.


But if you want to just arrest them there, we wouldn't have to do this.


Now, I was in and I don't respect anybody in his administration who's just resigning now.


OK, what what did you just why did you just come to that conclusion? It's only 12 days left. We ought to be in office. I don't respect that resignation. Knock it off.


And I have a job in 12 days. Look, I have a job in twelve days anyway. So what was the point of resigning? You just get an early start on vacation.


All right. Well, that is your front page news. All right. Thank you, miss. You get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, it is up right now. Phone lines are wide open again. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one is the Breakfast Club.


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Eight hundred five eight five one five one. We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Who's this? Hey, good morning. It's Tim from alone.


Hey, Tim, get it off your chest, bro. It was going on so real quick, Charlamagne, you recently on the last episode we're talking about the United States that passed away. My sister's fiance actually passed away a week before Christmas last year. And we're still dealing with the loss. But I just wanted to say that I'm proud of you, Kelly, and I'm proud of you. Stand so strong for the song, for the family and everybody.


And it's I mean, if you could send her a little bit of motivation and maybe a copy of your book and then out a little bit of love. I know she would love that because she loves you, man.


I would love to do that for her, man. I'm sending her a positive energy, love and light and more and most importantly, healing energy this morning. I'll definitely do that for you, please.


I really do appreciate that. And you know, she's a big fan of you. We listen to you guys every morning and it really and it's also even back when you guys are just on the podcast, not even on YouTube. We were just listening to you guys night and watch. And we really do appreciate you guys. And I appreciate you saying that you're sorry for your loss.


I appreciate that. Have you seen Andrew Shave's America special on Netflix? Oh, of course.


Listen, I've done nothing but promote that many specials. I want nothing but the best. And that says just do it yourself, because I believe in that model, because I've done nothing but work myself. Well, I respect his hustle. That's one man I idolize.


All right, man, don't don't hang no hang ups. You can get your address to sentence and hold on, OK?


Appreciate it. I really, really appreciate that. Thank you. Hello.


Who's this? This is Tanya Michali time. You want to get it off, you know, Foa foa and that's what I want to give you guys a big shout out.


I listen to you guys every morning. I'm actually want to roll right now all my way to New York. I want to give a shout out to my children, my daughter Maya and my son. Look, hi, I love you guys and have a blessed day.


You two things, sir. Travel safe. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent. Hit is something. That was the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The one and only. It's The Breakfast Club. This is your time to get it off your chest. So the young man I hear from you on the Breakfast Club, you got something on your mind. Let it out.


It was going to every aspect. Good morning, Angela. Good morning, Charlamagne. Breakfast with Subcamp. Happy New Year, brother. Happy New Year to you guys, too. Happy Friday. I'm calling about Trump and why we should get him out before the twelve twelve days are up. We get them out now the impeach him then we've got to worry about him four years from now. And God knows I'm tired of hearing his name. I'm tired of all the attention he got.


I just want to get rid of him and get him out of here. But I call the to thank for that. And on a lighter note, so, Mike, you got me. Your friend with a friend did not know you. The friends and roll of the Breakfast Club. Someone stop talking up and stop talking over his guests on drinks. Champ, I swear to God, I love him so much. But no step on every guess.


That's part of the show. He's been doing it for the show. Yeah, yeah. I think that those are like four hours long. He talked about the fact that he had the he had the best. Yes. And every time he asked a question, he talks right over them and killed the bleep, you know, but that's the beauty.


And Orito like that, that's the beauty of those charges against him. And they are came back as a real good question that you're going to like you win here at the end. If you step on a person, in the end you are left to teach him how to interview, you know, you when you start drinking. That's just what happened in the smoking of the show. I was drinking. That's right.


And I read the comments on YouTube because everybody said this going away.


By the way, by the way, even if no did read the comments on YouTube, he wouldn't care. Dropping a bomb from nor in the drink cause they go for hours.


That's good. What is good information, man? I love the his podcast. You notice when you do know his podcast is not an interview, you sit down, you drink, you smoke and you're reminiscing about good times and you just having a good conversation. So that's Nory man. And you got to listen to his podcast and parts, you know what I mean? You don't. I don't. I don't listen to it in one sitting. It takes me a couple of days and make sure you can catch the drink chance podcast on the Black Effect I Heart Radio podcast network to.


All right. Hello.


Who's this. What I've noticed man from Detroit. What I've done. Get it off your chest bro. Hey, what up Detroit.


I'm out of work like every day. I work for the post office and congratulations. And that's why I need a job to make. So we get some type of compensation that we had with these first round of check. And people we had these values and people now we've got to deal with checks and people like me and this is ridiculous and we just know, look, and you and you still haven't gotten the funding you needed to get all of that.


And yet you are still not at crazy man.


Y'all got a platform. You have to talk to anybody at any time. Please do something. This is ridiculous.


Yeah. Defund the police and fund the post office. Fund a poll from the post before the post office.


Yeah. Just imagine how we see how we feel when we're not getting our mail. We get so mad.


And yeah, that's a difficult thing that we have to deal with the people who like these checks, that they just send it out, that they expect to be in a mailbox already. Yeah, I've been seeing people out there.


I mean, people trying to swing on you, offer them checks and all that. And I posted a picture yesterday of me and me in the post office.


And the reason being, if it wasn't for the post office, the post office helped my career with the cash on delivery.


When I used to do mix tapes, I used to go to the post office with 100 packages and send them out. And I just wanted to I saluted them yesterday. So we appreciate all that you do, bro.


So this might get somebody over here to make questions about us. That's what you could do for us, please. OK. All right.


Let's figure it out. And next time somebody runs up on you and say, where's my check? You say, man, I was thinking the same damn thing. Where's my check? My goodness. All right, get it off your chest.


Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, you can hit us up. Now, we got room lady. Yes.


And we are going to be talking about Casanovva since we have to shout him out because he's wondering what's up with us. And we told you about him raising money for Bill, but now it doesn't look like they want him to get out of jail. We'll tell you what they're saying about Cassanova. All right. We'll get into that next. Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. It's about who's going to report it. This is the rumor report, Antimony on the Breakfast Club.


Well, so Karen, a.k.a. Meiyappan Setto, has been arrested in California. She's the one who allegedly assaulted the 14 year old son of Keyon Harald's, who is a famous jazz musician at a hotel in Soho in Manhattan. And she finally got arrested. You know, she was basically trying to say that she suffers from anxiety, so on and so forth. But she did accuse him of stealing her cell phone at the hotel and tried to attack him and snatch his phone.


So just give it you rest.


I'm glad she got arrested, but I don't have no faith that she will be convicted. Not after what I saw this week. You know, like these folks who literally get away with murder, like literally.


All right. Now, the Lakers would reportedly like to visit the White House after Joe Biden takes office. So they're very interested in doing that after Joe Biden has been sworn in. So, as you know, LeBron is not a big fan of Donald Trump at all. And a lot of people are saying this visit will only happen if the schedules of the team and Joe Biden's line up for that opportunity and then obviously have to have those covid-19 protocols.


Well, the only reason the Lakers need an invitation is because they're black. When when you're when you're white in America, you can you could you could just storm it without without an invite.


All right. Michelle Obama, she also has talked about these Trump riots and she shared her thoughts on everything that happened at the capital. And she talks about the massive difference between how police handled that situation compared to the demonstrations that happened last summer where Black Lives Matter. She said it left me with so many questions, questions about the future, questions about security, extremism, propaganda and more. But there's one question I just can't shake. What if these voters had looked like the folks who go to Ebenezer Baptist Church every Sunday?


What would have been different? I think we all know the answer. This summer is Black Lives Matter. Protests were an overwhelmingly peaceful movement, our nation's largest demonstrations ever, bringing together people of every race and class and encouraging millions to reexamine their own assumptions and behavior. And yet, in city after city after day, we saw day after day we saw peaceful protesters met with brute force. So she did a whole letter. You guys should check that out where she talks about the terrorists that attacked the Capitol on our earlier.


I wonder I wonder if our former first lady ever first lady. I wonder if she still thinks we should go high. When they go low, we go high. Sounds like a strategy to get killed at this point. When they go low, you've got to go to the mat with them. That's my personal opinion.


All right. Now let's talk about Casanova. He's been trying to get out of jail on bail right now, and he raised 2.5 million dollars. But right now they are not trying to let him go. Now, according to a new court filing that the feds have filed, they said that he has access to numerous firearms, large amounts of weed for the guerrillas, known bloods gang, and they said he should remain in jail while awaiting his trial. So they also have images from his phone and they're showing an assault rifle, an assortment of handguns and a rifle.


And they said his text messages revealed his brand of marijuana served as a revenue stream for the guerrilla style bloods. That's what the feds are charging right now. So it doesn't look too hopeful that he'll be able to get out.


But a judge does still have to rule on his request for bail. He is facing a minimum sentence of 15 years and a maximum of life if he is convicted.


And just on a side note, shadow to cast no shadow. On a side note, if you have something in your phone, whether it's a picture and you think that you have a cold and they can't get through your coat, you know, they can get to your cold to see what's in your phone.


Oh, please, everybody out. I just want you to know a lot of people like, you know, somebody somebody stole my car. And the reason they got caught was they had a picture of it in their phone. And I guess they thought because they had a password, look, the police can go to anybody's phone password or not. Just just so you know that if you put something funny on your phone, they'll get to it.


That's why I laugh at these people when they say things like they don't want to take the vaccine because they're going to put tracking devices in you, what the hell you think your phone is? They already got tabs on you. They know exactly where. They know every move you make and how you move in it. Knock it off.


All right. Now let's talk about dad. Anthony, you know, her, of course, is back. Aflac is my manager extraordinaire. She's on growing up hip hop. Well, one thing you could tell, they've been filming this way in advance. So on the premiere episode of this new season, she talks about her support for Donald Trump.


I'm getting into politics a little bit more now than I've ever gotten into it. I need to ask you about Trump, right? Yes. So you pose.


Yeah, I'm fine with it, because what you see is what you get if you get old, he could be everything it is that people say. I don't know what would be fun with it because that's how we do. I my people with it. That man is who he is, and there's no hidden agenda. I mean, that just because you know who someone is doesn't mean that that person isn't a threat to your absolute existence or that they should be persecuted, keep it real and still get you killed.


That doesn't mean that he should run the country. Oh, hey. Well, should be interesting to watch, and, you know, again, that's one thing that didn't age well, so clearly they filmed this in advance.


I'm Angela Yee and that is your report kind of dated material at this point. This she kind of headed that, don't you think? I do a reshoot. This is that's dated material. And what does that show for me?


It just did. Yeah. Out of the first episode.


So this is the first episode. That's just the first episode of the season. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. He's still president. It makes sense. OK.


All right. Well, we got front page news next. Were we talking about.


Well, let's talk about Joe Biden and what he has to say about everything that's happening right now about the capital, Donald Trump and all of that. All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


What is the world's most dangerous morning show, The Breakfast Club? Charlamagne got Angelie. It's time for front page news.


Yes. Let's talk about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. They called yesterday for the immediate removal of Donald Trump after the breach of the capital by all of the rioters that he incited on Wednesday.


Here is what Pelosi had to say in calling for this seditious act. President has committed an unspeakable assault on our nation and our people. I join the Senate Democratic leader in calling on the vice president to remove this president by immediately invoking the 25th Amendment. If the vice president and cabinet do not act, the Congress may be prepared to move forward with impeachment. I don't see what's the point of any of that with him being out of the White House in the next 13 days, which is somebody somebody has to explain their logic to me.


Oh, they don't make sense to me that he got, what, 12 days left leg, 12 get loans to drag it guys out.




I mean, and the way that Donald Trump's ego works, I'm sure that would just be the ultimate blow to him, though, because everything that he does is very self-serving.


So I'm sure maybe he's already been impeached. And that's the thing we keep saying we need to impeach him. He has been impeached already impeached again. All right.


Now let's talk about Joe Biden and what he had to say about these rioters at the Capitol. Here is Joe Biden.


It was chaos. They weren't protesters. Don't dare call them protesters.


They were a riotous mob insurrectionist, domestic terrorists. It's that basic. It's that simple. And I wish we could say we couldn't see it coming.


Joe Biden also said what we all already know. Listen to this, no one can tell me that if had been a group of Black Lives Matter protesting yesterday, there wouldn't have been they wouldn't have been treated very, very differently than the mob of thugs that stormed the Capitol.


Well, we all know that's true and it is unacceptable. The American people saw it in plain view.


And I hope it sensitising that what we have to do and folks like Joe Biden have sat back and watched this type of racial injustice happen for years in this country. And now he's saying things like he hopes just woke people up to what's going on and what we have to do, like knock it off, Joseph. Like just yesterday he said this was in America and now he's basically saying this is America. Stop it. OK, stop stating the obvious and using words like unacceptable for a situation like this.


That's a weak word to use right now. And they get your order wrong at Chick fil A. That's unacceptable. This was treason, an attempted coup, something folks get executed for and other countries. Did Joe call for any arrest yesterday? If you're talking about getting the president locked up, is he talking about locking up any of the domestic terrorists to members of Vanilla Ice is now cracking out with Weiland at the Capitol. Did you talk about that, bro?


They never get wrong at Chick fil A. I just want to put that out there, by the way.


But I know they know every every night. Listen, I agree with you, but every now and then on very rare occasions.


And that's why it's unacceptable that the FBI is seeking information on people who did stormed the Capitol. They're asking for the public to help identify those individuals who were, quote, actively instigating violence. You have and you get them all.


You can just arrest them right there, walked them out, had them right there. It was one picture you held, held a lady's hand and helped down the stairs.


We just gone, by the way, just go on Instagram. The guy, Richard Barnett from Arkansas, that broke into Nancy Pelosi's office and stole her mail. He's been doing interviews. All right. He had his feet up. Nancy Pelosi, he's been doing he he literally tried to get booked on the Breakfast Club. OK, I'm lying. But my point is he's he's been doing interviews like his name is Richard Barton. That how I can find him before the FBI.


Stop, man. It's all B.S..


Well, right now, the FBI is accepting tips and digital media, including photos and videos.


Oh, my God. Go on my Instagram page. Oh, Shawn King, FBI. Follow Shawn King. You will get all the information you need right now.


That's all. As of last night, the police made fifty two arrests, including four for carrying pistols without a license and one for possession of a prohibited weapon. And they said 26 of those 52 arrests were made on Capitol grounds.


Golok, Richard Barton, all them other members of Vanilla, ISIS and Al Cracka and go arrest Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. and all of those people for conspiracy. It's so amazing to me that they can come through hoods of America and, you know, the FBI can lock up multiple people, hit folks with conspiracy charges that didn't have anything to do with nothing, just was standing next to a person. But they can't do that in this situation. Come on now.


A U.S. Capitol police officer also died from injuries that he suffered while reportedly being struck in the head with a fire extinguisher during the riot on Wednesday. Bindy Technik is his name. He collapsed when he returned to his office and he was taken to the hospital and he died yesterday. Come on now.


Blue lives matter. All right. Blue lives matter. You had members of al Qaeda, al cracka and Vanilla Ice kill a cop. Why are they not under the jail right now? You mean to tell me there's no there's no cameras in the Capitol building. They can't identify these people. They can. And the Capitol Police chief has also resigned after criticism over the whole mob that took over on.


And that one black officer, he should get some type of race, that one black officer was fighting off, almost running back and forth, swinging his club. He should get that.


He should get eaten by himself. Why don't you go up against 30 people who you know, I you know, I was because he he raised his gun and looked at him a fly.


OK, if that was a mob of black people, whether that cop was black or white, he pulled out his gun and got the bus and he thought twice because he saw all the white folks coming at him.


All right. Well, that is your rumor. I mean, I'm front page news. I questioned the officer that that shot the lady.


Was he black because people said he was black? Do we know? I have no idea. I don't even know that the police. I don't want to confirm or deny any good service agent, they said. All right, well, they shoot, they shoot to kill, you can't even get caught, you get close to the president or vice president, they take you back away one time and you don't have a shot at Mr. Postman.


Hey, all right. Now, that's front page. Now, when we come back, Stephen A. Smith will be joining us.


We'll kick it with Stephen A. Smith. He got a new show. We're going to be talking sports and a whole bunch of everything, so don't move. Stephen A. Smith, when we come back, is The Breakfast Club.


It's The Breakfast Club.


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Putting everybody is D.J. Envy. Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are at a breakfast club, is still kicking in with Stephen A. Smith the other day.


I'm watching basketball like I always do, and I'm seeing people not appreciate Steph Curry. Or do people forget what Steph Curry has done for the league and how he changed the game?


They forget. They don't they don't realize that I'm not being hyperbolic when I say this is the greatest shoot a man has ever seen. I agree. The other day he was in practice. He hit one hundred and five straight three pointers. That's crazy.


And so when you look at Steph Curry and I explain this to Allen Iverson just about two weeks ago, because they would talk about Damian Lillard Damian Lillard who I love Damian Lillard averaging thirty last year and shot forty percent from three point range. It was the first time in his career he did that. Do you understand that Steph Curry shot better than 40 percent from three point range for the first ten years of his career. That's credit for years and I'm like yeah the brother moves is bad enough.


He can shoot from anywhere, but he moves without the ball better than most and he has a better handle than anybody that can shoot nearly as well as he could shoot in the career. He is the greatest shooter mankind has ever seen.


I want to I want to expound on obvious question because we was debating this, the holidays. You know, we had the Magic Bird era. The Pistons kind of disrupted that winning two championships. Then it was absolutely the Michael Jordan era that it was the Kobe Shaq era, the Spurs era. When we look back over the last a decade of basketball, who would you say this era belonged to? Now, I know you're going to say LeBron, but is it fair to say this is LeBron Curry era, the way with the bird magic here?


I think it's fair. And the only reason I think it's fair only from the standpoint that Curry's got three rings, five straight trips to the finals and and three of those times he beat LeBron. That's right. Here's my caveat. Only for that reason, back to back MVP, don't count unanimous in NBA history, you know, because LeBron was right there. Here's where LeBron gets it. You go to nine straight NBA finals. You've been in the ten finals in the last 11 years.


And it's three different teams and it's with the eye of the storm placed on your show to see. We don't talk about it enough for and appreciate this.


LeBron growing up in Akron being relatively poor and far below. Having the trials and tribulations, the struggles and building himself into what he is is an entirely different story than you being Steph Curry, light skin, good looking brother small.


So people identify with you more because you look at LeBron, everybody can't be six, nine to sixty, but you can't be six three. You don't want 80. You see them saying and you grow up in a well-to-do in an affluent lifestyle because you your father was an NBA player, beautiful family, North Carolina comfort zone, all of that stuff, some of the trials and tribulations, some of the some of the adversity that other dudes face, you didn't have to endure.


So there's a level of comfort that you capitalized off of that may have persisted in your ascension. LeBron came from the gutter and rose to unparalleled heights. And that's the difference. And that's why we can't ignore that this is the LeBron era.


Now, let me ask you a Knicks fan. Yeah, Nixon good looks going. All right. And right now, let's look at New York. What do you think about the Knicks? What do you think about these Brooklyn Nets?


Well, first of all, when he thought the Knicks are playing with house money, we don't expect anything from them.


Not a damn thing, because they've been suffering for too long. But World Wild West, where you. Wesley, that's my man. We go back years. Scott Perry being an African-American, serving as the GM. Thank God they didn't let him go when they let Steve Mills go as president of the team. And then Tom Thibodeau is an exceptional coach and he's going to have you playing hard and he's going to have you defending. And the fact that the New York Knicks are devoid of a bona fide star means they got to use their bench.


So you got a constant rotation of like nine, 10, 11 players sometimes being used, which means they got fresh legs and they can defend it. Really go after you. That's what we're seeing right now. We'll see how long that lasts. But as far as I'm concerned, if they finish five hundred and thirty six to thirty six with the 72 game season, I'd love that the Brooklyn Nets Angelil are a different matter.


Anything less than a trip to the NBA finals is unacceptable. I agree. Kevin Durant is one of the top two players on the planet. I don't give a damn what anybody says. And Kyrie Irving is an absolute showstopper. He's box office, got the nastiest ad on the basketball court as a basket could shoot the brother, especially those two in the Eastern Conference should be enough. But they also have Caris Levert who can bowl and the Joe Harris is in the Jarrett Allen of the world.


These guys can contribute to something. I love the pick up of Jeff Green. I didn't like Steve Nash as the coach. I like Steve Nash as a person and. But but I had a problem and I called the white privilege when he got the job. I don't know of a black man that has never coached on any level that would get that job. I didn't say a coaching job.


Well, Jackson never coach Doc Rivers. That and coached at the time. You know, there's been others Derek Fisher had and coached at the time. We get that day, you get that job.


But right now, the reason I bring it up is because they're talking about Steve Nash talking about the teams a little bit soft, talking about they got some roles to consider because they don't play good defense, et cetera, et cetera. Well, if you had a coach with more experience, that might not be an issue. I mean, how many do you have to stop and say to yourself, I am the face of ESPN? Like when people think ESPN, they think Stephen Smith, like I have a hell of a position for a black man to be.


I think about it a little bit now because of the check that I get and the fact that I got that new contract. But I never I never wanted to hear that prior to my last contract because my attitude is I can pay like it. I want to hear that nonsense. You go to announcers all y'all want to, but these people aren't paying me what I deserve, what I earn, the money, that ad revenue that that generates, the money that I bring in, etc.


, etc.. But after this new contract is safe to say.


I can't really say that, Nick, because of that, I have to change my tune just to touch and recognize the fact that, you know, I'm the face of ESPN. But what I'm most proud of is that they've never asked me to compromise something I would never compromise. And that's my blindness. And for me, you know, I pride myself. I'm not just a black man. I'm a brother. Regardless of what people want to say and how they want to come at me, I tell folks all the time, you can't find a brother that does what we do, that can our brother sister that can ever say, I didn't try to help us along the way.


I make sure to address diversity issues. I make sure that with my show there's going to be diversity on the show. My boss is black, my executive producer, my number two is black. He's Rashad McDonald. Used to work with Steve Harvey. Yeah, that's right. That's my number two guy. He's the. He's my. He's my. I brought him on board. He works for me on my production of stuff like that. I made all his money and making all these moves.


OK, I get it. I said, well, I'm coming for you, too. I'm not I'm not playing because I just I want to be the guy that said that that serves as a conduit, like I said earlier, to make sure that voices other than myself contribute to my voice. I don't want to be the only one that's heard. I want to showcase I want I want to hear when Charlamagne calls me, gives me the Donkey of the Day or the Donkey of the Week award.


I want to know what I want to hear stuff like that. Don't bother me. I'm like, OK, you know, I, you know, I shop is I we correct one another. That's the kind of stuff that's important to me. It's always been important to me and now I'm in a better position to make it happen. Obviously there's people that I answer to. I have bosses, but I'm not just Italian. I'm a boss now. And so I try to make things happen.


You know, it's a lot like where you bring on another bet I never bet on. No, I never bet on sports, ever.


So, for example, I bet on LeBron to win the finals and then he go out and mess up, say, if I bet on Josh Smith. And did he forget that the score was tied or something like that? And I go that you will come all the people come at me like, man, you just going out because you lost your money, you lost money. I don't do that. I don't I don't give that kind of ammunition to anybody like that.


I'm on the up and up with all of that. I have a lot more.


We got more with Stephen A. Smith when we come back. Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning, everybody.


Is D.J. and Angela Yee Charlamagne, the guy we ought to Breakfast Club is still kicking it with Stephen A. Smith.


Is James Harden a crybaby? People are saying a James Harden is a crybaby. What are your thoughts? I don't I don't I don't view James Harden that way. I got a lot of love for James Harden. I think that here's what we have to appreciate about James Harden. James Harden shows up. I guess he came into this season. Let's call it. Let's call it what? Did he look fat? He looks fat. He looked about twelve fifty pounds overweight, no training camp, no preseason and dropped forty four game one.


That is entirely different in the way it Haskins quarterback for the Washington football team. You know, you got strippers coming in and you know, you draw in the middle of the week. You supposed to be the quarterback of the team. You best taking up the joint and then you stick up the joint that Sunday after it happens.


No one has got cut. James Harden doesn't do that. He's mad when he ain't playing. Thirty five forty minutes tonight. He's never engaged in load management, so we have to take that into consideration. What he was saying is that I'm not in a winning situation. I went down to Houston is closed. Give me about it here man. Don't leave me here to carry this when you know we don't have what we need it. Problem is, he had a lot to do with that.


He wanted Dwight Howard and he didn't want them. He want to see trade and he didn't want them. Matter of fact, he walked into the offices of the rockets that they lost and they lost in game six. He walked into the offices with the owner, with the GM. He said, I want CP three out of here. They got to be out of there. They got to Boy Westbrook. And then y'all, they want to play together.


They still boys, they still type. They don't want to play together. Right. Because what they want to stand around to play the role of spectator watching James Harden dribble all day. What I'm saying is they gave you what you wanted. So I do understand when people want to come at him, what I would say is that this is one of the most prolific offensive plays we've ever seen who never cheats us. He shows up and he shows out.


And I'm going to give you your props in your respect, because you do that. What do you think?


That's what I thought he needed to go to Brooklyn or Philly because I didn't think there was anywhere else for him to go where he'd be a title contender, because obviously with the money he's making, you got to give up assets in order to get him. Because the CBA rules the collective bargaining rules, call for your salaries to fall within eighty five percent of one another so you can't trade a forty million dollar player for somebody making five. You know what I'm saying?


Stuff like that. Unless they got significant money under the cap, which most teams do not. And so as a result of that, you look at Philadelphia and with Embiid and the rest of the crew. Yeah but right now Doc Rivers got them looking like the best team in basketball. They've got the best record in basketball in Brooklyn. I personally believe the only chance you have to beat LeBron this year in L.A. with Anthony Davis is with James Harden to join KD Kyrie in Brooklyn.


Otherwise Brooklyn will lose to L.A. in the finals. Or you know, or they won't get there but basketball to go around if that happens.


Kyrie already taking more shots. I agree, I agree but I'm talking about chances. I'm saying they will have to modify that because already it's a problem in Brooklyn you can't have Kyrie shooting motorcading now Cady's efficient so it don't matter because even though Kyrie's taking three more shots a game than him, he's still averaging two points more than Kyrie.


All I'm saying is the chance of beating LeBron. I can't see Brooklyn or anybody else knocking off Anthony Davis. LeBron James. In a finals appearance without James Harden, got you, I know you've got to get a body. My final question, and you have a desire for people to see who you are beyond the sports year to some degree.


Only from the standpoint that, you know, again, I don't want to pigeonhole myself. I don't want to be somebody that's just about sports. You know, when Pete when I remember when and I told and I tell my wife was this a lot of times I've said this to them. A lot of times Wijffels come to work with a job to do every day we come with a responsibility. What I mean by that is I remember when Trayvon Martin got shot, I'm walking down the streets and black folks walking up to me.


Stephen Hey, you got to touch on this, Stephen. You got to say I wasn't the Swartzberg, but they said it was necessary. And then when the Miami Heat put on their hoodies, they really said, you got to touch on this now. I was going to anyway. But they were telling me that white folks don't hear that. You don't see white folks going up to other white folks saying that you got to do so. Understanding that black folks feel that way.


Why do they feel that way? It's not because of me. It's because of the position that I'm in. I have a platform that most of us don't have. And so what they're doing is calling upon me to bring light and to bring attention to things just the same way you might ask an athlete to, if not more so now with the after you're asking them to say something and be active in that regard with me, you're not only asking me to say something, you're asking me to be that conduit for others to speak as well, to make sure that I provide the platform for others that need to be heard, to be heard.


And I take that role very, very seriously. I don't feel compelled to agree with any damn body is say what I don't feel. But I do feel compelled to make sure that even if you disagree with me, if you speak for the vast majority of us, you need to be heard. And so what I try to do is make sure that I do that. And in that regard, that's way I look at myself beyond the world of sports, using sports to extend myself beyond that, to address more deeper issues, enlightening myself, educating myself either by reading more, watching more, learning more, but more importantly, connecting myself with people I know no stuff.


So they will educate me as well.


And I had one question, so I wanted to ask about LeBron, but saying putting together a team purchased the Atlanta thing. What do you think that to do for the WNBA and how we uplift the WNBA because they can make more money, get more endorsements. My people watch.


I love it because I think that LeBron is pretty brilliant with a lot of the things that he does. And obviously he's conscientious. And I think him owning a WNBA team is more about getting it away from Lefler, the Senate figure that just lost in Georgia to Warnock's. So I think that's what it's about him more so than anything else. And I applaud his position on that. What I would say is this, though, and I'll say this respectfully to all of those females out there.


You know, the fellows, we got NBA, we got the NFL, we got Major League Baseball, we got the box and we got the UFC, we got all of that. These women have been out there busting their tail for years, trying to make the WNBA into something. Last time I checked, when you are successful in terms of ingratiate yourself with the average consumer out there, you usually are successful because you found a way to ingratiate yourself with that female audience.


For some reason, females are not supporting the WNBA enough because if they weren't in the WNBA, it would be far more successful than it is. So rather than folks talking about what the WNBA needs, how about the WNBA highlighting in the eyes of women out there, excuse me, we need all the support we can get from y'all, because when females step up and support you, you win.


I agree on it.


We appreciate you for checking in. Stephen A. Smith. Thank you for checking in. That starts when The Stephens's World debuts Monday, this Monday, January 11th on regulation.


Thank you.


I'll take care right at the Breakfast Club. Stephen Smith.


Morning, everybody is envy and sluggish. I mean, the guy we are at a breakfast club. Let's get to the room is the so called.


She's spilling the tea. This is the room report with Angela Yio on the Breakfast Club. Well, yesterday, Jazy spoke at the OTC Markets Cannabis Investor Conference, and here's what he had to say, because, you know, he has his own line of of cannabis monogrammed cannabis brand. And here's Jazy.


You know, this space is very complicated, as you guys know, black and brown people affected by his cannabis industry in large proportions while at the same time not being allowed to participate. I guess Michael knows better. Like six percent, I think a very small numbers. So the idea was to create a brand, create a house of brands and create opportunity for those that were negatively impacted by this prohibition area.


So what they're trying to do is have the largest portfolio of cannabis brands and other things that are affiliated with cannabis and make sure that black and brown people are involved in that.


Yeah, a whole business with a lot of African-Americans, black people trying to get into that business.


Hopefully, you know, they they will allow us to and take off some of those high stipulations that they have. I mean, like the amount of assets that they want you to have is ridiculous. The amount of a lot of things, the regulations that they want you to to do to have that company or to have a grow house is ridiculous. So hopefully I do like to open it up a little bit more.


Yeah, I just love the fact that, you know, guys like home and, you know, there is other companies out there like, you know, Raekwon, the chef with citizens grown who are just giving back to the people who were impacted the most because of the war on drugs, giving them opportunities to, you know, make money in the cannabis business. That's big. Mm hmm.


All right. Now, Elon Musk has passed Jeff Bezos. He is now the richest man in the world. And that is because the increase in Tesla's share price pushed him past that. Jeff Bezos has been the richest person since twenty seventeen. Right now, he's currently worth about one hundred and eighty four billion dollars. But Elon Musk car company Tesla hit seven hundred and fifty billion for the first time on Wednesday. So Tesla is worth more than Toyota, Volkswagen, Honda, GM and Ford combined.




I wouldn't I wouldn't be mad on being number two on that list.


You know, that's a great loss to be number two on the top 10. Yeah. Don't give the damn top 20. I can't find my shoe, please. All right. Now, on that list. Nope.


Was arrested yesterday and they're saying that he was reportedly arrested on weapons charges in Beverly Hills. They said he was leaving the Montclair store on Rodeo Drive and he and three other men were surrounded by the police just as they were about to drive off in their black SUV. There's video of it.


And according to reports, they're saying that he did have a loaded firearm. That's what he was taken into custody for, which is a misdemeanor. He's already out, though, and he did already post in the studio, still on time for the meeting. So it looks like he made it out immediately. All right.


Absolutely, positively. No reason for the good brother, the baby to be carrying a firearm on firearms. He's got mad money. You can have security already. Mm hmm. And by the way, I don't know if he had the firearm on him, you know, in this situation, but I'm just saying I hope not because he got security. All right.


Now, let's talk about clubhouse, because it goes down on clubhouse. All kinds of secrets are told. Well, my guy dad was on there from the dog pound and he was talking about why Snoop and Eminem might have some issues.


Here's what Dad had to say when I was talking with Snoop once he said that he asked Eminem and then to get on his cell, you know, like to get on his album. And they told him no. And Snoop felt some type of way, like I did all this and all that. And they told me, no, he knows Snoop. Like nobody told me no. But Eminem probably didn't even notice Snoop actually do stuff. That probably was Paul Rosenberg saying no.


So he took a personal it took a person, as he should have he should have take it personal as much as Snoop did for for all of them and helped him.


Yeah. And I actually get on my album. You told me. No, I would take it personally.


Yeah, but but I understand what Dad was saying because he might not have spoken directly. You know how sometimes you go through a person to get to the person, through another person and then the artist you wanted, because I can't imagine Eminem saying no to Snoop just personally like keyword.


So it could be that he didn't even know Leupen. Got to go to 20 Eminem.


No, exactly. But but either way, what the hell is Eminem so sensitive? Eminem would get on record and say what he want about people for years. But as soon as Snoop says, you know, not in his top ten is Snoop was objective. Snoop said, yo, m is in a lot of people's top ten. He's just not in mine. What did that really warrant?


I don't think that's what it was about because he Eminem said he wasn't him saying. He said it was not home. That's what I have. You know, I think it was you heard it. I think it was because he said he could live without him or something like that.


Eminem has killed so many pop artists in his music, OK, he's not not living with our people. He's killed so many properties in his music. Why? I think it could be considered.


I think it's because he thought they were cool with each other. It's different when it's somebody you don't care about and they say something about you. But if you liked him, where did that come from?


I'm sure Snoop thought they were cool, too. Was too bad to perform to be on the album. And they said, no, I'm a good dad.


Although he thinks it was a misunderstanding, he probably Eminem might not have even known that his manager that's his right hand man, like she'd be the same thing.


And we just don't know what happened.


It could have been a misunderstanding.


Oh, I'll say this. Eminem must be tone deaf because he hasn't heard his own tone. Oh, over the years, if you don't like somebody's tone all of a sudden, like, come on, you're Eminem and knock it off. I mean, if he. The way that he could be honest and say, I think that's fine, right? But don't you think it's a little hypocritical, especially when he said what he's wanted about people for years?


I mean, I think if you cool with somebody and then they say that about you and it comes out of nowhere and you're like, damn, where did that come from? Is probably different than if it's somebody you don't know or mess with.


But anyway, that is your rumor report. I'm Angela. All right.


Thank you, Mr. Charlamagne, will you give me a donkey to you know, I'm giving a donkey today to members of Al Cracka in Vanilla Ice. Yes, I know. Yesterday, I gave America a donkey today. But today I'm doing my civic duty. And we have to help the FBI identify some of these folks. OK, I'm just going to do my my job this morning. That's OK.


Stop snitching is OK today, right?


Yes, I'm I'm a civilian. I'm for real. I know. I know you're mad because we said something about Eminem, but I'm a civilian. I'm fine. And of course, whenever you saw something.


He said, I'm for real.


I'm telling you everything, especially on these members of our crack in Vanilla Ice is absolutely because they would do it to us in a heartbeat. All right. I'll get it. Up next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


If I could be you and you could be me for just one hour.


If you can find a way to get inside each other's mind, walk a mile in my shoes, walk a mile in my shoes, mile in my shoes. We've all felt left out. And for some, that feeling lasts more than a moment. We can change that. Learn how it belonging begins with us. Dog brought to you by the Ad Council. Come out in my shoes.


I was born a donkey is the donkey, donkey for the donkey, Charlamagne, a devil for the Breakfast Club. Yes, don't you today for Friday, January 8th, goes the members of Al Cracka in Vanilla Ice is not know. I gave them back a donkey every day yesterday for what happened at the Capitol Building. But this morning I am performing my civilian duties. I am a six figure taxpaying citizen in this country and I am about to do something that the good Brother Farell would proudly do.


And that's. I'm not some guy broke, I don't play it, but I'm not I'm not finished. Oh, hell's wrong with you guys?


I got to say, OK, Jesus Christ, I'm sure you all heard for a long drink champs with A.R.T. and Jeff and a couple of weeks ago dropping a coupon for drink champs.


If you haven't heard the conversation, make sure you go check out that episode on The Black Effect I Heart Radio Podcast Network available wherever you listen to podcast. Now, can we play a little clip of what Farell had to say?


Drumrolls, I'm not a tough guy, bro. I, I'm a really I really believe in paying taxes because when you pay taxes you shouldn't see a new kind of way.


Dialing nine one one six four.


I'm with you. That's not snitching, by the way. You want a criminal and you are committing crimes if any of these people. OK, and I've told you all before, I have no problem seeing something and saying something simply because I am not in the street. As I just said, I am a six figure taxpaying citizen who has read enough Spider-Man comics and watching the Spider-Man movies to know that if Peter Parker had stopped that guy who robbed the dude who didn't pay him after that wrestling match, Uncle Ben would still be alive today.


OK, see what your uncle is using Marvel Comics to explain to you is when you see something and don't say something, you just keep recycling that something in your communities and eventually that something will come back to bite you. That's just the way it is. OK, that person that you don't tell on for committing a heinous crime will eventually do a heinous crime on you or someone you love, period. So with that said, I was reading an article on CNBC and the FBI is requesting help from the public to identify U.S. capital rioters, their words, not mine.


Yes, the FBI is demanding help to define those domestic terrorists, those members of Al Cracken, vanilla ISIS, because apparently when it comes to them, all of a sudden the FBI can't get into their Facebook and Instagram accounts when it comes to indicting rappers in PvP scammer's. The FBI stands for Facebook and Instagram, but apparently now they need the public's help identifying people. I literally know who some of these members of Vanilla, ISIS and al cracka are because of social media.


All right. FBI don't act like you don't follow shanking. You've been monitoring Shaun King for some time now. And that man has found enough crackers in the past 24 hours that he could feed Polli and any other parent for a month. So FBI, if you're not following, allow me, Charlamagne, to God to do my civic duty and give you some names of the members of Al Cracka and vanilla ISIS. It's incredible to me that the FBI posted on Twitter and Facebook to help in identifying the Capitol Hill terrorist when all these domestic terrorists are on social media incriminating themselves like they got an album coming out.


OK, now the first crack at Cloud Chaser is Jenny could listen to her.


We did break down Nancy Pelosi's office door and somebody stole her gavel. I took a picture sitting in the chair, flipping off the camera, and that was on Fox News. Patriots got down on the floor and were sitting in the House members in the senator's chair, Jenny, cut admission of guilt.


Second, our crack ash cloud is Thomas Birinyi. Listen to him.


Yeah, I'm Thomas Varane from New Jersey. Can you show us your hand? Yeah. How did you get that on your hand? Well, we had stormed into the the chambers inside and there was a young lady who rushed to the windows. A number of police and Secret Service was saying, get back. They shot her in the neck. FBI, are you listening? We're just getting started. This member of ISIS is Joe Sayako. Listen to him.


I just got in the Capitol building. I was the first one to hop down into the chamber and I was the first one to see Nancy Pelosi. That bitch. She's a traitor. She's treasonist. FBI, I don't know how you missed this one, Derek Evans, he is a member of the West Virginia House of Delegates. Did you hear me? He is a member of the West Virginia House of Delegates, a West Virginia lawmaker, and he participated in his home invasion of the US Capitol.


I've seen CNN, New York Times, NBC News, CBS News, USA Today, The Washington Post and a list of others. All these outlets identify this man, but the FBI can't listen to Derrick Evans as he talks about al Cracka storm in the United States Capitol George.


They're in there in Moscow go. Give me the baby. FBI, come on now, last time you had it this easy, picking people up and identifying folks was when you all locked up Trey Way, OK, with the help of federal informant Daniel Hernandez.


Now, you know who else you can grab? Paul Davis, a Texas lawyer who got fired for being at the U.S. Capitol. Oh, he was live streaming on Instagram.


Listen to him for doing is demanding that public officials wanted him to see the ballots as a way to do it. We can solve this in two days if this was a legitimate election, unless the respected. And if it's a fine one, let's all go on with our lives. Now, my producer did drop on Clue's bombs for dinner and found all that audio.


You'll work for the FBI. All he got is Google. OK, now, the rest of the people of my name, they don't have any audio that we found. But this one is very important.


I think I need this next member of Vanilla Ice is locked up today. All right. His name is Richard Barnett, a.k.a. Osama bin Racist. All right. He is the one who was in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office with his feet on the desk. He was the one who was posing with Nancy Pelosi's. Well, he's from Arkansas. He broke into Nancy Pelosi's office. He stole the mail and he's not in prison. FBI, what's up? What's happening?


OK, you need help. I'm giving you all the help you need. You know, we got more people. Is a Florida fireman named Andrew Williams. All right. The dude who was in the Viking costume who looks like he wanted a career at the Times Square naked cowboy, but didn't have enough gas in his pickup truck to make it to the big city. His name was Jake Angelina. And, oh, the guy who stole the podium.


His name is Adam Johnson. He's a father of five. He's thirty six years old and he's from Paris, Florida. What did your Uncle Charlotte always tell you about people in Florida? It doesn't even matter right now. The moral of the story is lock them up. I'm telling you right now, do you need me to take the stand? Do you need me to come to court and start identifying people? I'm not Tariq St. Patrick. I'm Nino Brown, OK?


And I'm not guilty. I'll crack is the one that's guilty. This thing is bigger than Charlamagne. The God we talking Helman's huge jars and jars of mayonnaise locked him up for treason, for staging an attempted coup. Give them all the mandatory 10 year minimum. Trump said he would get folks under the recently enacted Statue and Monuments Act. I encourage everyone who can hear my voice. This is your Uncle Charlotte talking. OK, this is Lynard. All right.


The FBI needs our help. They are accepting tips in digital media depicting rioting. Ah, violence in and around the U.S. Capitol on January six. I want anyone who can hear my voice to call one 800, call FBI. That's one 800. Call FBI if you need the number because you can't read one 800 two two five five three to four.


That's one 800 two two five five three to four. How about we just have a petty party with a purpose on the FBI's Twitter and FBI, FBI's Instagram, sending them all the names and pictures you can on both the Instagram and Twitter. The handle is simple, is at FBI. Send them all the pics, you find all the names and make sure you use the hashtag. Our cracka of Vanilla Ice is go do that right now. That's our job all weekend until they start locking these members of our cracker in Vanilla Ice is up.


We have to get these guys off the street because if they would do that to the Capitol, they would do that anywhere. As long as folks like that are on the street, none of us are safe. And in the words of Chris Rock, I get al Qaeda.


I'm scared of al cracka.


Please let Kathy Griffin give all these members of Vanilla Ice this and now crack the biggest heehaw, please give this giant Jaromil the biggest hee haw crazy jobs run.


Do your job to handle a simple was at FBI. Send them all the pics and all the names you can find. Since they're having so much trouble identifying these members of analyses and now cracka.


You should play blow the whistle after this one, boy. Good job, Salame. Great job. All right.


Well, thank you for that. I knew that son of a I knew the son of a police officer would feel that way. You said he gave addresses. That's what he said did. But we had him. I would have.


We did that on social media. All right. Now, up next, we have Angela Wright. Angela Wright will be joining us. We'll kick it with Miss Reisler right on.


I was going over. I came back from vacation last week. All right.


So Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club on this Friday, we got a special guest on the line right now.


Our system is Angela Ryan. Good morning.


Good morning. How are you doing?


I am up so early because the Breakfast Club rang. No, I didn't have to worry about impeaching him.


Or do we have to worry about impeachment? Because you got to. Do you know, M.V., I knew you were going to ask this. And so what's so crazy is you think about all of the times you raised this and all of the reasons why it is one of those things where we got to the point where we would kind of laugh about it, but it was never really a joke. It's one of those things where in our culture, you know, we laugh to keep from crying.


It is the thing that we say all the time about so much, whether it's interpersonal things in our families or when you have a crazy president.


And this is something that the culture has caused from the very beginning. We know who Donald Trump was before he was ever coming down the escalator, you know, trying to announce his run for presidency. We knew that he was crazy when he was calling Barack Obama, saying Barack Obama was not a citizen. He's the one who was the chief spokesperson of the birther movement. That's someone who should have really never had a shot at being president. And yet here we are, rules of law, broken ethics violated like across the board.


And here we are still talking about whether or not he should be impeached. It should have never been a question. So as you all probably know, it'll haunt Omar, who, of course, is a member of the squad. Fantastic, brilliant member of Congress. Introduce another resolution for his impeachment just yesterday. Corri Bush, who is the incoming member from St. Louis, Missouri, introduced a resolution for the members of the GOP in the House to be removed from office for the quote is for backing attempts to overthrow Biden's victory.


Right. They are both complicit and they should be impeached and removed.


Why don't you just call it a coup? That that language they use like.


Oh, yeah, but I'm just telling you specifically what it says in her resolution. But I think many members, and especially now finally members of the media are calling it an attempted coup because it absolutely was. And so what you see here are the facts that now all of a sudden, I was on air with a Republican who said, you know, over the last two weeks, Donald Trump is just like.


The last two weeks, he's been doing this the whole time, and I think for us, you know, it's not a direct form of gaslighting, right? It's not the thing where they're like, oh, no, the sky is orange. It's not blue. It is really one of those things where we're like, we've been telling you this and we knew it was going to come down to this. Lanard you said for years now that the right wing media has kind of been getting some of these things up, whether we're talking about the podcast or radio or we're talking about what happens on Fox News, they've been ginning this up and they are all culpable.


And until there is something that is the answer that is antithetical to what is out there in right wing media, they're going to continue to listen to that garbage. Those Facebook, Facebook chag, like all of those things. Right. Have created this ecosystem of crazy. And Donald Trump is at the center of it.


What would be the point of impeaching Trump again right now? It is very important to say, again, because he had been impeached before, the point to impeach him again right now is only 12 days left.


Well, and here's the reality of it to come full circle back to an original question as well. It is not likely, I'm sure the House, because they have the majority, could vote to impeach him again. But there still is that second part where there's this Senate trial because they didn't impeach him for obstruction of justice before the Senate would have to go through the trial.


And Mitch McConnell still has the majority because Raphael Warnock is not sworn in. Georgia's secretary of state has until January 22nd to certify the results of the election for John Osthoff and Raphael Warnock. So that still puts us at a disadvantage. Most importantly, that's not going to happen by January 20th, which is when, of course, Joe Biden becomes the president of the United States and is sworn in. I'm getting arrested. What's the likelihood of something like that happen?


And I see that he's trying to pardon himself as well and finding out about how is that possible. So do you think that he could get arrested? Yeah, I think he could get arrested. Here's my question, Will Merrick Garland, who was selected as Barack Obama's Supreme Court pick because he was deemed acceptable enough by the Republican Party, moderate enough? Is it radical enough? And in a lot of ways, I think that there should have been an attorney general appointed, not Merrick Garland, who has some fight in them, who has a demonstrative record of being an advocate for issues that people of color certainly care deeply about.


But even when it comes comes to taking on something that will be deemed as squarely partisan fight, because unfortunately, even though Republicans are trying to back away from it now, we know what would happen if it was time for him to go to jail because they thought all be scared.


I think him being prosecuted on this particular issue is going to be tough for a Merrick Garland to take on. And even with that, he still has to be nominated, right. He has to be nominated and approved, voted on by the Senate. And it is a 50 50 split with Comilla being the tie breaking vote. Right, every time. So I think after John Asaph and Raphael Warnock are sworn in, his nomination will still be difficult. If they know that that that Merrick Garland would be prosecuting Donald Trump, I think that all hell would break loose and it would be very tough for people like Joe Manchin in West Virginia who has sided with Trump, who endorsed Trump at some point, and Jon Tester of Montana, who both who have races coming up in the next cycle.


Do you think they would actually put an American president in prison? And the reason I say that is because both Republicans and Democrats were saying at once they don't know how it would look to the world if an American president was actually in jail, even though they believe that Trump should be in jail. But do you think they would put him in jail the way would look to the world? You know, I think that's really a great question and being I don't know the answer to it.


What I can tell you now is how we looked to the world for the last 20 years. Now, you know, like we we look crazy now. We we should be most concerned with ensuring that we do whatever we need to do at this point to protect our national security interests.


The coup, you know, Lanard, as you so aptly put it the other day, this attempted coup has now demonstrated two other crazy people, boys, you know, right wing extremist racists, that it is possible to break into the capital and put in jeopardy the lives of members of Congress and Capitol Hill staff, of which I was one for six years. Right. There are people overseas, a foreign adversaries, who are watching this and see that that is now possible.


That to me, if there is no jailable offense for Donald Trump, that is certainly one, you know, among all of the other things. Again, that we've all talked to his family for four years now about. All right.


Well, having it in. Some of his allies stepping down now right before he's no longer going to be president, to say, OK, I'm stepping away and separating myself. Let's do that when we come back. We have Angela right here. We're talking about everything that's going on in this world. Eight hundred forty five, one, two five one. Don't always talk with Angela Wright on this Friday is the breakfast. Well, good morning, everybody.


Is D.J. and Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club now. Charlamagne right now has that Teddy Riley, wi fi, his wife, guys all over the place of the terrible, terrible Lahey's when we say that. But it's is all jokes. It's funny when I find out, they ask the question before we just left, right? Yeah. We were talking about some of Donald Trump's allies and members of the cabinet who are now stepping down.


We said that these of us have stepped down finally. And so I want to know, what does that what is the meaning of even doing that right now? There's only 12 days left. This is what we call the politics of convenience. Right. Elaine Chao, who is also the wife of Mitch McConnell, who is the secretary of transportation, is also resigning. You have the social secretary at the White House, Melania Trump's chief of staff, like all of these people now who are saying that, OK, this has gone too far.


And this is kind of what I was referencing at the top of the show, the top of the interview, where, you know, folks are like they finally have come to and seen the light. And it's like we've been telling you all this. We knew that it was going to come to this and it's convenient for them. Why?


Guess what they got to do after after January 20th, when they are about to lose the house, they got to go somewhere else. They wanted to go sit on corporate boards. They want to go advise and be consulting and talking to clients about how to engage with administrations. They're not going to be able to do that now that they are. You know, they frankly have bloody hands, quite literally, right, with four people dead because of an attempted coup all at the hands of their boss.


So they said, well, they tried to talk to Donald Trump to get him to talk people off the ledge. Well, he just talked them onto that ledge and he's been doing that since the election. Right. So that's the real problem to me. It's not, oh, you're courageous and you have all this integrity. No, you're self-serving. Even when you look at what happened with Mark Zuckerberg saying that he was permanently now suspending Donald Trump's account on Facebook and on Instagram.


Sir, you just did it. That's right. I got so many questions. One question I have when he still on Capitol Hill, right? The one cop, the shot, the lady, was he black? And why was he put on desk duty so fast? I mean, you see videos of officers shoot and kill black people with no weapons in his investigation. Why was he put on desk duty so fast? You know, I really want to speak to the emotion part of that conversation first and meet so many of us have these conversations when we're talking about another black person who was shot by the police.


And we cannot figure out why it takes so long for the person to be fired. They're placed on administrative leave, which often means they're still paid. You know, we we just saw the other day, Jacob Blake's perpetrators are not going to be charged. Right. You have all of these instances where these things happen and we did not do anything. Here you have people who are literally storming the Capitol, many of them armed, you know, bombs found, explosive devices found at the Capitol and right near the Capitol at RNC headquarters.


You have all of these guys like they were going to kidnap people. Yes. Yes.


You saw pictures with the guy with zip ties, all of these things happening. And yet it's still a black officer, to your point, was running from them, knowing full well in his mind and black. We're talking about that. If he turns around and shoots these people, he's going to be the one that go to jail.


The fact that they that they bombarded their way with weapons into the Capitol be damned. Most importantly, what we are thinking about is the disparity in justice. Knowing what we saw over the summer, Deon, who was like a little brother to me in L.A., got shot in the face with the rubber bullet and he wasn't doing anything. So how can we watch this happen? We can watch see Capitol Police opening the gates. There was no plan to deal with this, even though members of Congress, including Congresswoman Waters, he tweeted yesterday, she told him this was going to happen last week.


Where was the plan?


Why weren't you all talking with other law enforcement agencies to ensure nothing like this could happen?


So when you look at what happened, because you don't look at the way people as terrorists, that's why and also many of the folks who were involved in this best believe we're going to find out real soon is a bunch of them who are law enforcement officials, all you folks on the on the Hill, how do they feel knowing some of those police officers who are aiding and abetting those rioters?


Because that clearly was an inside. How do you even keep anybody that is a police officer that's still working right now? Yeah, I think it's a it's a great question. There actually needs to be a congressional hearing on this. What went wrong? Why or why did this happen? Like, everyone needs to get background checks again. There's a good friend of mine, Unique Gibson, who is the founder because of them. We can her dad was a Capitol Hill police officer for years, and he went through a litany.


She has a great threat on Twitter about this. Of all the things that went wrong and what happened even when Barack Obama was being sworn in and the fact that they did random background checks on officers, they found some right that had problematic records and didn't let them engage with even with Barack Obama's inauguration, that stuff should have been happening. Kamala Harris is a black woman.


If they're mad now, imagine how they're going to be inauguration week. You know, there's a lot that we have to be thinking about. We don't know what this was the beginning of. Again, to us, it wasn't the beginning.


And that's why you have to get arrested, because it there's no consequences. The repercussions of this attempted coup. What happens next? Yeah, I agree with you.


It just feels to me like, you know, even seeing Donald Trump Jr.'s posts where they're watching all of this happen on TV like nothing is going on. It just feels like nothing matters. And again, it goes back to what it means to be black in America, to be constantly gastly. You might not be direct, be directly lied to, but what you see is this disparity in justice applied. Right. And I think that's something that this country really has to wrestle with and quickly, because now we're seeing that the inability to apply equal justice under the law to all of us could be deadly.


For many of us, we're considered thugs and they're considered patriots.


Absolutely. And and we got to see on the Hill that day taking down the US flag that they were pissed at Colin about taking down that flag, that they said we need to wear the flag pin and we need to pledge of Allegiance to they took that flag down, put up a Trump flag. They were carrying Confederate flags all throughout the Capitol. Right. If that's the case now, what we see very clearly is that the flag has always been a symbol of white supremacy.


Those flags are interchangeable to them, and that's what we know. And that is our reluctance to pledge allegiance to the flag. That is our reluctance to sing this national anthem. And that is why we don't see the flag the same way they do. Right.


Real quick, we've got to go. And that was going on. So I don't even know if you answered this or not. No one can hit so hard on himself. And real quick, what is the 25th Amendment they keep talking about?


They want you to get them up so really quickly on the self part. And I don't know the answer to that. That has never happened. I think that that is something that will end up being left to the courts if he attempted to do it. I think that there would definitely be some legal intervention where they say, hey, this isn't possible. This is not how this was designed or intended. Of course, we know that he's not following any other rule or law while he's been in office on the Twenty Fifth Amendment.


Of course, that was created when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. And what it has been used, I think, is six times in history. And the most recent time was when presidents fell ill. It's never been used because of someone's mental incapacity. And I think that the challenge we have here is the same thing. It's timing, right? The same kind of timing we were talking about around impeachment and removal. Just, for example, when Gerald Ford became vice president under Nixon, that whole process took two months.


We don't have that much time. So even though it should be invoked, I don't know that it will be. And I definitely don't see the timeline there. OK.


All right. Well, Angela Wright, we appreciate you for checking in. Thank you so much. Go check out go check out that hotels. Angela Wright, your girl, Jasmine Sullivan dropped is out right now.


Oh, I already know. I posted on her thing. I can't wait for this album, so I can't wait to hear it. But I'm not going to let you in on me calling me no damn hotel.


So I know you enjoy a good hotel and the album came out OK.


Fair enough. I'll go enjoy the hotel. Enjoy your morning. All right, Angela, good morning. Room is on the way. It's the Breakfast Club.


Listen up. This house and all the guys, guys, guys, guys. It's the room over for the Breakfast Club. Yes. Last night I saw my show established, came on and I have making good on.


And it was an amazing interview. And one thing that she talked about was freezing her eggs. And she'll be 40 this year. And she's talking about finally feeling like she's ready to have kids. Here's what she said.


You know, I'm ready and it's taken me a long time to get here. I'm like a big Haileybury. And when I saw that she had her first baby, like 40, I was like, I think I'm going to be like that. I never really. Prior to marriage, I never really aspired to motherhood, and once I got married and I realized that I can still work, you can still be who you are. It kind of now made me excited about motherhood because I'm like, OK, I can work.


I can still be the true identity of who I am and I can also be a mother and be a great one.


So I just now got to that place and I'll be 40 next year and I'm like, OK, now making good also just directed her first feature film is called If Not Now When. So you can check that out. Did you know her father was a member of the LAPD also.


No. Yeah. So she discusses what she has to say to her dad and the kind of conversations that happen at home.


Yeah. And, you know, shout to my wife. She's been telling a lot of her friends for the last ten years that, you know, you should freeze your eggs just in case you don't to get to the age and you're not able to produce the eggs as much that you should always take it, take it out. And most some insurances do cover that.


So you can definitely have those eggs on Stasch, just in case.


I got mad on girls about the eggs frozen. Mm hmm. All right. Now let's talk about Bun B. He has confirmed that there is going to be a huge K versus battle and it looks like it's going to be against eight ball and MGG, so. Probably will be against he doesn't know, perhaps going to be scheduled for, but he said the very latest would be during springtime. He said it's kind of pushed back because of the Ashanti and Keysha calling.


They're trying to find the right time to do a lot of this stuff, but it's going to go down.


Classic old brothers, the forefathers of the South, a lot of country, legendary rap tunes between eight Ball and MGG in a way that is going to be a fantastic versus.


Do we know when Keyshia Cole and Ashanti is going to happen?


No, they just said it was postponed again. So they haven't put a new date yet.


All right. Now, Dr. Dre, they're saying, has agreed to pay two million dollars in temporary spousal support to his estranged wife, and he agreed to that from his hospital bed so he won't have to pay the additional five million dollars in attorney fees that she was requesting. And he also doesn't have to cover her security costs, but he will continue to pay her living expenses at their Malibu estate, as well as her mother's Pacific Palisades home for the next several months.


I need to know how long is temporary? How long is temporary in this situation?


Well, they said at least until their next scheduled hearing in April. So that's just a one time check right now that he has to do for two million dollars. And then in April, they have a scheduled hearing to figure out what's next.


You know what I mean? If you're if you're Dr. Dre, I guess you got to look at the bright side and say, hey, at least I got it to give for the month. You imagine that, right? And a two million dollar check just for a month, temporary and being like, whatever man here. Well, isn't until April. It's a one time check until April. So it's not just for one month or two. All right.


I now it's a lot it's a lot of money. They were married for 24 years, though, and, you know, quite a lot of money during that time.


Mm hmm.


All right. Now, little Wayne and Kodak Black reportedly are on Donald Trump's potential list of pardons. So they might who knows if he pardons them. And I think the pardons have to happen on the 19th because inauguration's on the 20th. So that's when all those pardons are going to happen.


So we shall see there on the list. I don't know if, you know, he's going to feel obligated to do that right now because he's not going to be president. But maybe he will. Who knows?


That would be great, I think, to that list. Big news that travels while you're at it. And I would really want to I would wonder why.


I would wonder what his why would be like you made his wife be like what would is I mean, what would his wife be for doing that? I would want to know why he would want to do that. I'm happy maybe because they support why any little Wayne supported him.


Right? I mean, I'm sure he did not go that black, didn't go like black, asked for him to get asked the Trump.


All right.


Now, Jazmine Sullivan, her new hotels project is out. She hates when people call the album. It's her project that's out. And it's really amazing. So I really want to tell people this weekend, while you're chillin, make sure you check out this project from Jazmine Sullivan. It's really fun and a good listen to and congratulations to yell ABC. Also, he's welcomed the newborn son. So congratulations.


Yep. And did you see the leak of his.


It was as I knew it came out. No. Oh, no.


I wasn't checking. It was trending. It was trending. I don't know. I don't be on those kind of websites.


I don't see that on Twitter. He actually walked into the room. It's like a video. He's waving a gun around the living room and his pants are down and you can see his stuff blam swinging around. And he blamed it on his children's mother saying that she put the security footage on her Instagram story by accident because she was playing too much.


All right. Well, that is your rumor report. I'm Angeliki.


All right. Thank you. This year. Now, I'll come back and listen. Listen, listen. I want to tell people to man God damn preorder Temuco. Mallory's upcoming book, State of Emergency How to Win in the Country that We Built is available May 11th of this year on Black Privilege, Simon and Schuster Publishing. But you can preorder it right now whenever you purchase books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble Target, wherever. You know, I saw everybody reposting Tameka's tweet from a couple of days ago, and I'm just like, you know, if you like those words, you would definitely like her book.


OK, all right. Well, happy birthday to my brother, D.J..


Cool. Don't get into classics. You know, we have one, two, three, four albums. All went platinum.


So we were just the first mixtape deejay to ever go platinum ever. And there has not been a DJ who's made better albums. Now, you know what? To be upbeat, I'll be totally honest because I'm not a hater. The only other deejay who I think has made albums is incredible to deejay. Who is Funkmaster Flex? That's right. My unbiased, objective opinion on 60 Minutes of Funk wearing the volume one, two and three with those of freestyles on People's Beach.


That was totally two different things. But yeah, yeah.


Shout my brother Cloobeck. Get on a cool mix. Right now is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. And let me shout out to my brother D.J. Today is Clue's birthday.


Happy birthday. Capricorn, brother, D.J. Clone, you all know how I feel about Khloe, if it wasn't for Khloe, I wouldn't be a D.J. right now. He's the one that introduced me to the music industry, introduced me to mix tapes, introduced me to the radio. He even introduced me to my car addiction. He was the first person that was heavy into cars and getting cars first. So I always say thank you to him because I know if it was of him, who knows that I will be doing right now.


And I'm so grateful and appreciative. And that's why I try to encourage so many of the youth to do different things, whether it's entrepreneurship or it's D.J. and it's real estate. It's, you know, anything. It is because you want to, you know, put that positive vibes and positive energy in the kids atmosphere atmospheres out there. So thank you to my brother, D.J. Cloo.


Salute to the good brother, D.J. Cool man drop on the school bus with D.J. Cluley is an absolute, I feel like doesn't get the respect he deserves in our culture.


But I also think it's because Cloo doesn't tell his story enough. You know what I'm saying?


Because you got to remind folks nowadays, if you don't, people forget, man. So salute the clue. And I thank you for being the gremlin that ate after midnight got wet and Janvi popped off and Fabulous popped off. And a lot of a lot of a lot of people, you know, that were fruit off of clues tree. That's a fact.


And as I said, out to Angie Martinez, her birthday's tomorrow Cappucci sister. I know we've done birthday parties together in the past this year. I know everything's all virtual. I know she has some things going on.


So happy birthday, Angie Martinez. Happy birthday.


And Mark and Angie is another one. You know what I'm saying? I feel like, you know, she doesn't get the appreciation that she should and our culture, you know what I mean? I feel like she gets more she gets more than colobus. You don't get the appreciation she should get, you know, correct. Angie Martinez. Correct.


And she's another one of those, if you want me to do radio. Angie had when she had her son, Nico, she took maternity leave and he needed somebody to fill it. And they put me into that position to put me that spot, which actually gave me an opportunity. So happy birthday, the energy to love.


I love hearing how the Spanish community is looking out for each other to look out for his Dominican brother and Puerto Rican sister, Angie Martinez looked out for her Dominican brother. That is an amazing thing. Oh, shut up.


Being close black and I'm black and she's Puerto Rican. So shout out to her name is Ernest Rodriguez or Nedeljko Rodriguez. It's not as bad as it should be to make stuff up there. Goodness gracious. All right. When we come back, we got the positive note is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


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