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The world's most dangerous waters to show the world what the hell is this be could potentially gather like a megaphone. I just took over everybody this Chris Brown. I've officially joined the Breakfast Club, say some of the world's most dangerous for show was called. We have to start from the top drama. I didn't hear Angela and I don't know what it is, and I can't get a yo yo yos off until I get set up properly. Good morning. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


Hey, good morning, Charlemagne. Good morning, Angela. Guess what day it is. Just what day it is all day.


Oh I we have deal. What's happening. How was your night yesterday. It was pretty good. Let me tell you what happened to me yesterday that I started feeling a little dizzy while I was out and about yesterday. We have we had a pop up shop yesterday. That's every Tuesday at Brooklyn Roasting. We have these different companies, black owned businesses come in and promote their brands. And so I was out working all day yesterday. I did my podcast, two episodes from home.


I did all this stuff and I realized I forgot to eat and I didn't even think about it. And I was like, why do I feel dizzy? Like and I'm feeling a little. And then I realized I didn't eat all day. Were you hydrated? I was drinking water, of course I had some coffee, but I just didn't eat a thing. And I came home. I didn't get home to like maybe like nine o'clock at night.


And I was like, I got to eat something. And I normally don't eat that late, but I had to.


You ever forget to eat? And not really. Only because I understand that food is fuel. I drink a lot. I hydrate a lot. Like I got my gallon of water right here. So sometimes when you hydrate that much, you you realize like. Oh, I haven't really. Yes. Yeah, yeah. So I've never gotten to the point where I've been dizzy though. I think you had a drink or something that drink telling us about.


I don't have a ticket at all.


And then I also was saying because, you know, normally I'm at home, I try to unwind, have a look. I, I've had a drink since last week because I've been so busy now. How was your day? Today was good.


I was on Don Lemon last night on on his show talking about, you know, the state of the black vote for me. We're voting in, what, less than 12 days to November seven, voting out the vote now. I, like. Twenty eight million people already have voted. I think I'm going to vote early as well. And then I woke up this morning and I realized that today would have been my my my homegirl, Jasmine Waters, our home grown Jasmine Waters Jazz Fly.


I would have been here. Forty you born. Yes, that's right. So on a close bond for jazz jazz fly daddy wants should have been forty today. So then that was. Yeah that's.


I'm aware that I know I'm going to be wearing that today. You know you'll be driving and then you know, you, you know, you start listening to music because you start thinking about your homies. So you start off with what a guy started off with Brandy and Gladys Knight and Chaka Khan. Remember that missing you song from the set it off soundtrack? Yes. And then you go down this rabbit hole. So you started out then I listen to Mary J.


Blige. I love you. And what else did I listen to this morning? Oh, Jay Electronica and Jay-Z sleep well joint. It was just like, why don't we do that ourselves?


But there's nothing wrong with grieving. Sad at times is nothing wrong with that. And then you feel better afterwards. Yes. You've got to feel just saying to my homegirl, Jenny, I was talking to her yesterday and we were talking about how this has really been a tough year, like when you sit down and think about it and all the things that we've gone through, some things that people may not even know about. It's been a tough year.


Yes. John passed in June of this year, not long ago. That feels that feels like I feel like a year ago. Two years ago. We feel like three years ago. Jesus Christ. Whatever. Right. Let's start the show to drum up. You got something good to play you something. But you got up. All right. Now I'm talking about you feel better than some guy I'm with that what we got coming up in front page news.


This thing, I'll make you feel better. But the officer who was shot during that Brianna Taylor killing says that her shooting was not a race thing and he did a sit down interview for the first time.


Oh, Lord, have mercy. OK, it's the world's most dangerous morning show, The Breakfast Club, as the world's most dangerous morning show, The Breakfast Club. Charlamagne got Angela. I don't know where the hell D.J. Envy is, but it's time to get into some front page news you just watch. And he didn't just walk in. Nice to him. That was Dan. I was there. I didn't look. I just heard that, OK?


I kind of like how you can view that white producer for and I pale today.


No, I don't know what this means. Then game one of the World Series, L.A. Dodgers beat the Tampa Bay Rays eight 10. I don't watch baseball.


Sounds exactly like what what you just said is what it means.


OK, I don't like people like me. I don't know. Everybody was on steroids. Baseball was a great game. Now, not so much. Now, what we got here in front page news.


All right. Now, as you know, the there's a grand jury that really wants to speak out with the Brianna Taylor case. And there have been some anonymous juror challenges, statements that were made. And what they are saying is that they were never even presented with any homicide charges. So according to this anonymous juror, there wasn't even anything that was presented to them now.


Attorney Benjamin Crump said, we now know what we suspected, Attorney General Daniel Kahneman took the decision out of the grand jury's hands. They didn't allow the grand jury to do what the law says they have the right to do. This failure rests squarely on the shoulders, shoulders of Daniel Kahneman. He then got to make a payment in a lie to her place. The result on the grand jury only because a brave member of that grand jury permission to issue a statement and Judge O'Connell ruled on the side of transparency.


Do we have this confirmation now? The reason they were told that no homicide charges were presented to them is because they said they didn't feel like it could stick, according to the judge.


Well, you've got to give the jury the chance to decide that story wasn't even presented. So they weren't even able they didn't have any charges against the other officers, only the wanton endangerment, one against the one that shot and into someone else's apartment. All right.


Now, one of the police officers, the police officer who was actually shot during Brianna Taylor's killing, has spoken out for the first time. Jonathan Mattingly. He sat down and did an exclusive interview with ABC News. And here's what he said.


There have been marches. There have been protests. What was your feelings watching all that unfold after this? Mostly frustration because there was so much disinformation out. This is not relatable to George Floyd. This is nothing like it. It's not a moderate. It's nothing like it. It's not a race thing like people want to try to make it to be. It's not this is a point where we were doing our jobs. We return fire. This is not us going somebody down.


This is not kneeling on a neck. This is nothing like that.


You know, listen, I don't think that the shooting was racially driven, but I think everything that happened after the shooting was racially driven when he realized a lot of lies. Yeah. When he realized he was a black person, they didn't give her the proper care and immediately tried to start covering their tracks. You know, the lack of justice, what you just reported about them not even presenting it as a homicide. I think everything after the shooting was racially driven.


I don't think the shooting itself was racially driven. All right.


In the next hour, I'm front page news. We are going to talk about what's happening in Nigeria and what's happening with peaceful demonstrators there. That looks really sad. I was watching that all across my timeline yesterday, said we'll get more in depth on that in the next hour and front page news. But right now, this is your front page news. I'm Angeliki.


That's right. Now it's time for what we call a segment. Get it off your chest. Yeah, get it off your chest. Get it off your chest. If you if you're stressed about anything, if you're mad about anything, or if you just want to tell us why you're so blessed. Because I feel blessed, black and highly favored. This morning you can call up this is all about feeling your feels. That's what this segment is about.


This segment with my therapist says this segment is about feeling your feels, whatever you're feeling you can call a pain right now. One hundred fifty five, one two five one. It's The Breakfast Club.


This is your time to get it off your chest. Whether you're mad at work last forever. We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello. Who's this? Hello, hello.


Hello, hello, hello. Hello. Check this out. My the first time in a long time you're off the hook. I'll tell you something nice to pull the plug on me when a brother trying to get a voice out, it's got to be love. Look who pulled the plug on you.


Did you dirty check? I call yesterday, man. I was talking to you all about the North Dakota, the care from North Dakota with a little.


Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah. Got you got yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Into your whole life getting high yellow but then let up, pull the plug on a brother. I gotta talk about my. But what else. What else.


Don't hang up on him. Don't hang up on him. What else. What else. Yeah. Let's try to break it up a call every day and let's have it. You understand me.


Drama. You got some cream for his bid for a little slow down.


So now you want to say, do you want to slow down? I know you said it was a boy. You said it was important. It was a party. You said it was off the hook.


Let's keep raising this guy. I don't know what I believe. Fix it, man over there and fix them. I at home.


He's at home. I want to put out, sir, anything else you got to say from North Dakota. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't let that roll.


All right. Well, you have. Let it roll off your tongue, I was trying to let you get the roll of James Beard, but whatever my name is, get it, get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to finish this up now is the Breakfast Club.


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All of you, this is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed. Eight hundred five eight five one five one.


We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club.


Hello, this is Kingsbrook from Milwaukee.


Good morning. Good morning.


King from Milwaukee. I love Milwaukee. I've been to Milwaukee and so long. Well, last year.


But I wish we came up here and with the Clippers, but I couldn't make it because I was working. I'm born and raised here. I'm living in the five three two zero six area code. And I want to I want my voice to be heard from you on Instagram. Kingsbrook, I'm not allowed to come out here. I want to talk about the problems that are going on in Milwaukee so that we can conquer the problems going to Milwaukee. I hear my city and my state out every day.


And y'all need to talk to I'm 30 years old. I'm, you know, letting go of my past. I hear ya every day. I listen to interview. I listen to Ed Rogers interview. I just came out on National Come Out day. I'm thirty years old. I'm a black man and I want my voice to be heard, as you know, growing up in Milwaukee with those experiences.


Yeah. OK, well, congrats on coming out, King.


I'm absolutely. Thank you. Thank you. I'm not going to hold all up because I know you're hanging up on people. D.J., if you stop, I'm going to run the question after you. Actually, you hold the value of springtime, but I really would like to be put on hold New York and continue to go to court because I need some in-depth things that I'm going on. I just got attacked by my. Yeah, hold on hold.


I will push you all.


You need to answer. You need to answer one press answer one pressing question. Go ahead. Me. I envy you. There you go.


It's going to tell you something to eat your that I've been denied. I call my mom and now question questionable go away because of that.


Does that disturb you that he picked Charlamagne over me. Why have you got a taste or dramas you got to taste. He should have said neither you what he should have said.


That's what he said. As if he really if he really. I want to say I'm handsome here. Right. OK, hello.


Who's this? You know, the morning and the morning Charlamagne. Good bye. Anjali's Ray pays Ray Publishing.


I hear from my iPhone I good here get locked up.


Did he know that. That's his problem. I got to hear what I know now. That's his problem. That was your best friend before we go. Yes I want to. I want to. I want to talk about something sad. I mean, I saw your interview with Diddy on revolt for our Black Block Party, right? Yes, sir. A lot of times we talk about the black agenda. But then I was thinking about it yesterday.


I start writing stuff down like what is the black agenda like? What are the specifics involved? That and I think a lot of time we get separated because we don't we're not on the same page. Like, you see, they're going to vote for Trump, but it's better for him financially or like I still would be different type of different opinion of what we want because we don't know the specifics of the black agenda. So here's my idea. We have a black friend that they know how you know, how they go around after ten years and they do the census.


We need to collectively find out what is most important in the poll, but not like a CNN poll or like this poll. What, like a real area where people of color or black people who are afraid to vote, to vote. And that's what's most important, that we can collectively collect information and then put it. I don't buy it, then put it up. The people in power could know exactly what the majority of people what I I'm not mad at that.


I mean, you I mean a lot of different black agendas out there. I mean, Alicia Garza has one black flag, but don't you think that's a problem?


We are only 60 percent of the population, but we have eight, nine different agendas.


I think a lot of the Black Union is if you satisfy a lot what everybody needs, though. Well, if you look at, you know, if you look at if you look at if you look at the three main issues that, you know, black voters, these are based on polls, the three main issues that black people vote.


I don't know the black people they polling.


I'm not talking about the agenda. I'm talking about in general, the three issues that black people care about the most right now, coronaviruses, racism in economics. And I think personally, you can never lose if you have an agenda that's just trying to increase the economic mobility of black people.


I absolutely. Absolutely. But your position and my position might be different to that for the people that I don't want no money.


Yeah. What would you like?


Because it's usually the same thing is usual economics, money, housing and financial stability, educational things that are really important to me because I feel like if we're going to make any kind of change right, the kids have to be the first to know where they're going to go from and where they stand. Right. So I think but then we hear like a person, like a bitch who has a big platform. I tell you, he'll vote a particular way because he's financially benefited from it.


Then, you know, listen to me that I don't have a voice or Britney that has a bigger purpose. So that's what I'm trying to say. So if we could do like the same our block party website, that or whatever, I want to be a. The thing where I could help to build the kind of like a polling system or the kind of website where we can go and we at the general public area exactly what we want, I don't know if it's like a two page questionnaire or something that we can go there and we could fill it out and we can we could bring it to the party.


And so this would be exactly what we want, but only for black people, only for us. So we can know exactly what we want. And I know we have an agenda, but we don't know the truth. And I would to all these people talking and we would generalisable would just say, yes, the black agenda, the fact that the black agenda, we don't even know. So how can Joe Biden know?


Yeah, I definitely know what I want, but thank you, man. And yes, go to my party and please keep in mind all black party, you know, it wasn't launched by Diddy, was actually launched by, you know, Mayor Candice Hollingsworth and Dr. West Bellamy.


So, you know, I was watching them yesterday. I was watching that. And when you came from in my mind, because I know we don't we don't know exactly what we know, that there was a blackout and we want to be a part of the conversation, but we don't know what everyone was. And that's why we at it sometimes because we can't we can't we can't come together to say, OK, this is exactly what we need to knock off every time.


So I know I've been here a couple times, but this one really has some real stuff on my mind.


Yes, you better get it off your chest.


Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Now we got rooms on the way. Yeah.


Listen, it was so much activity yesterday is so much going on online between three lanes going live and Saturday baby trying to get canceled.


So where do we start today. Let's talk about a rapper who is now being sued and that is all for having sex with a girl when she was thirteen. All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody, is T.J. envy, Angela. Yes, I mean, the guy we are the Breakfast Club now, we want to pay your bills when a thousand dollars towards your expenses, things to our part of the general get a lot for a little at the general insurance for coverage. You deserve a price. Prices you can afford. Visit the general dotcom today. Now let's get to the rumors and talk to Choshi six.


Listen up.


This just in. All the guys got the rumor report. Guys, guys in the group. It's a rumor report, The Breakfast Club.


Well, now Takashi Sixty-nine has been sued, and that is by the 13 year old girl that was depicted engaging in a sex act in videos that he posted online. She's suing him anonymously under the name Jane Doe. And she did bring claims against him and tamely they brought her to a party in Harlem February 21st in 2015, and they gave her drugs and alcohol, took videos of her naked and performing sex acts, and then posted those videos on social media.


She said she was only 13 when she was at the party.


It's just me and that guy gone quiet, like ever since his album came out. So a lot of records. It seems like he vanished. Police said he was trying to lose weight.


But I also heard that a federal judge said that he can't have armed security around relisted. So that might quiet you as well. We'll just say allegedly, but. Yeah. Mhm. Right.


So other news, she was only 13. Like I said, she was performing oral sex on tamely, who was 21 at the time, and Takashi was thrusting his pelvis behind her and slapping her on the butt and he was 18 at the time. Then there's another video of her sitting on his lap in her bra and underwear while they were pouring liquor on her and grabbing her breasts. And then a video of her lying naked on Takashi and Tantalise laps while they rub her legs and vagina in a sexually explicit and demeaning manner.


13 years old. You got charged for that.


He took a deal he had to do four years of probation and 1000 hours of community service.


All right, now let's talk about Amber Rose. She was on red table talk and she was discussing a lot of different things. Now, we talked about this whole spousal rape incident yesterday.


We were talking about Jada Pinkett Smith mother and how she says that her Jada Pinkett father actually had nonconsensual sex with her. Well, here is what Amber Rose had to say about an incident that happened to her.


I was in a relationship for two years. I had consensual sex plenty of times during that relationship. I didn't want to be with him anymore. I told him that I was leaving and he didn't want to hear that. He ripped my clothes off. I felt I was taken advantage of and it was terrible. And then he went downstairs and eat breakfast like he didn't do anything. And then I also remember being, you know, younger, you know, I would maybe take a guy too far.


Right. And they all let me just for the ride.


It was like, oh, I kind of don't want to not just a little bit. And then it's full of I'm just laying there like I don't want to do this.


Sad part is they will probably never be a safe space to have that conversation between men and women, you know, conversations about like the mixed signals, the misreading of body language because men aren't mind readers. And unless you have that conversation, how the next generation know was right and what's not, I think to prevent the kind of trauma that Amber is talking about in the future. Those conversations have to happen.


Right. And she's saying, I don't want to do this. And then they're still well, let me just do that and trying to convince you to do something. You should never feel like you have to persuade or coerce somebody into having sex with you if they're not. If you're saying this is not something I want to do. Now, Amber Rose is also talking about raising Sebastien and not keeping anything from him. Here's what she said.


Amber, how are you teaching your boys? Because the how to survive. He just turned 70 now. OK, but he's way beyond his years.


I bet you know, and he knows everything. Got it. I'm not hiding nothing from my son. My son knows what a patriot is when my son is seven. And I don't feel like it's too soon. Why? I don't? Because once he is 13 and the girls in his classroom are getting their period and the boys are like, that's disgusting. She's bleeding my he's like, I knew that since I was six years old, dude, like, get with the program.


She's right. It's never too early to give those kids those information if they're old enough to learn. And those are things that they can learn about.


I wish I knew what a period was when I got mine. I had no idea what was going. I did because I read what Judy Blume book was. That was it. Are you there? God, it's me. Are you there? God, it's me right now.


About periods and stuff early. But when you got your period, you know immediately what it was. I must. I must.


I must increase my bus. OK, but you know, the beauty about that is my mother would always encourage me to read things that didn't pertain to me. So that's what I would read. I would read Judy Blume and Beverly clearly and you would read about stuff like that.


So you know what, though? And are you there? God, I still didn't know what a period was. I know she couldn't wait to get it. I just didn't really understand what it was. I think I mean, they explained it in the book pretty much.


But I'll tell you, my parents did not explain that to me when it happened. I know what was happening. I was like, what's going on?


And you grew up in Brooklyn. You really thought you got shot, you know? All right. Well, I'm Angela Yee, and that is your room reports. All right. Well, we got front page news coming up. What are we talking about?


Yes. And let's talk about what's happening in Nigeria. Innocent people, peaceful protesters are getting shot and killed. All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club.


Good morning from my heart radio. Get the Hey Pal podcast. Hey, pal. Hey, pal. Jarrett and Dave, we are going to be talking sports.


We have Julian Edelman on our podcast today. Julian, it's football movies who's advancing between Jerry Maguire and Waterboy.


I think you've got a good water boy.


Oh, we've got it upset. We're going to be talking entertainment.


Jeremy Piven. I shouldn't tell the story, but I'm going to anyway, I. I'm going to call my pals. Are you going to call your pal?


I'm going to call my pal. Zendaya Tiffany Haddish. Joe Buck. J.J. What? Mr. Kevin Hart. Odell Beckham. Junior. Snoop Dogg. The dogs definitely, you know, hail. Mark Cuban, if you had to quarantine with one person you didn't know, who would you quarantine with? Am I still married to cancer? Who should we call next day? We're calling everybody.


It's the Apple podcast.


New episodes every Tuesday on the radio, our Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast I'm in this morning.


Everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela. Yes. I mean, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, is getting some front page news the last night World Series.


Right. Did you watch the World Series?


You know, man, I don't like baseball. I like baseball. And everybody was on steroids. Drom loves baseball. John, did you watch it?


No. The Yankees got eliminated. I'm stuck watching it on Dominican's once and for two reasons. I support all my Latino brothers. You should be watching the demise as the Dodgers beat Tampa Bay eight to three.


Now, what else? We got you. Well, let's talk about what is happening right now in Nigeria. I want to make sure that people are aware there is these and we talked about this briefly because I was saying SARS was trending and this was a couple of weeks ago when we discussed it. And now people have been shot and killed. Witnesses said up to 12 people were killed and others wounded. That's when soldiers opened fire on some peaceful protesters.


The state governor is saying, though, that there were no fatalities, even though they said about 25 people had been wounded. There is an indefinite 24 hour curfew that has been imposed on Lagos and other regions as well. Protesters had been gathering and they said, according to witnesses, that some uniformed officers just came up and started shooting at the crowd. Now, the protests started over and now disbanded a police unit, the special anti robbery squad. That's what SA stands for.


So when you see ANZAAS trending on social media, you know what that's about. And they did disband that. But they want more changes in Nigeria. So even though they're having peaceful protests, people are getting shot and killed. There's a lot of footage when you look at the hashtag online, you can see it's really sad and horrifying to watch as these officers come and just start firing on demonstrators.


Yes. Look, doubt my Nigerian brothers and sisters. I am not informed about SARS or the way that I need to be. I'm waiting to be downloaded properly, but I'm not sure I have the bandwidth. You know, it's a lot to take in, a lot going on.


Well, it's important because they have we saw the protests that they were doing as we were protesting police brutality here in the United States. Yeah. So I just want to make sure that everybody is aware and spreading awareness. And I do see a lot of people posting about it. And if you just search the hashtag, just Google it on, you know, anywhere you can find out more information.


So how do we end? SARS is like ending. SARS is like that. America is like that's the Nigerian version of like in police brutality.


Yes. Originally, like I said, it was a special police unit, but and they were kidnapping people and they were intimidating people, killing people. And so they did disband that particular unit. But they do need more police reform there, just like we need it here. They need it there as well. Got you.


All right. Now I get it. All right.


So awareness is one of the most important things now here in the United States. The latest on the coronavirus pandemic. They are saying that cases are rapidly accelerating and the country did have 60000 new infections yesterday. It's triple what the daily average was back in June as they started easing restrictions. They say covid-19 cases in children in the United States jumped 13 percent in the first two weeks of this month. Yeah, I mean, we actually started work starting back.


I mean, so what do we do? Because people it is spiking. So do we close the country again? You know, I think it's something so.


Mm hmm. So he goes, well, I was going to say the levels are rising so much and I think it is important people think that it's just safe to be outside without masks, not social distancing. And, you know, like all the experts have been telling us, make sure that you are wearing a mask not to do anything that is unnecessary and take those precautions in getting tested so you know that you're not spreading it. Don't go to these super spreader events, right?




As people have been going, I get so confused about this because I look back at the last pandemic, which was swine flu in 2009, and 60 million people in America had it and it was 250000 hospitalizations. Like, why didn't the country get shut down then? How many people died?


Because they said it was only 12000 people died. There's a lot. Well, compared to the over two hundred thousand people that have died so far here in the United States this time around, what they said was in that particular situation, first of all, they said it was the flu and they knew that the mortality rate was not that high. Most people didn't die from it. It was kind of like getting the flu. What they were saying was it was like point zero zero one percent chance that the percentage of of coronavirus is low, too.


But they were shutting the country down 26 percent. It was setting the country down and it was up like 5000, 6000 people here for coronavirus this year, some of the same because they knew it wasn't as deadly.


That's no way to contract. It was a lot easier. That's the reason why. And they also said that Obama at the time did try to make it more serious than it was. And a lot of people were saying, oh, he's making this too big of a deal. This is political. And they were the ones that actually were saying it shouldn't be as big a deal as Obama has done at that time.


How do you make something? How can something not be a big deal of 60 million people get it. And 12000 people died and 250000 hospitalizations. I got you the big deal. So Obama reacted the way he should have to the situation he did.


And as I'm saying, and at that time, people were telling him that he was overreacting and trying to make it political because he was trying to make it a bigger deal.


And my point, what you just said is, what do we do now? Like we see the cases, right? Because my question to go to work still got to go to school. Did we overreact before or do we just continue to do what we're doing now? Like, what do we do? That's all I'm asking.


That's a good question.


I mean, I don't think we overreacted, but I mean, do we shut the country down and try to save more lives or do I think we lose the house, the cars that businesses, you know, I think stop people are gathering and having these huge events.


If you can work from home, work from home, if anything that's unnecessary, don't do it if you don't have to and wear a mask all the time and wash your hands. All right.


Coming from the people who've taken several vacations this year and been in the I guess every time, I haven't been in any club talking, but I have gotten tested. I have gotten tested.


Every time I go somewhere, I always wear my mask.


And when I was on vacation, I was in Habila away from everybody. So, you know, I do take my proper precautions and I live by myself. So I'm not going to infect anybody in my whole life here. Home quarantine talk from both of you.


I know I've gotten tested eight times and haven't gotten it out of South Carolina. Then you said six days yesterday he was with you. What did he did? He was just on vacation. That wasn't a hologram. Oh, that was a hologram.


He was before I hosted this event with Daymond John and I just got tested again this week.


All right, well, that is front page news now when we come back. Comedian Joe Coy will be joining us. We'll kick it with Joe Coy. So Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Back checking out the world's most dangerous morning show. Morning, everybody, is T.J. Envy, Angela Yee, Charlamagne the God We are the Breakfast Club. We got a special guest on the line, our buddy, our pal. He started off the conversation when I'm getting old ladies going, Oh, sorry, man.


I'm trying to adjust to the Zoome. I can't do it in my 17 year old son is one that set this all up. He went to bed. I don't know how to turn it on.


Still, we don't we don't be like Jeff Toobin and get caught getting off on Zoome. You know, Jeff Toobin, CNN legal analyst, you got you got caught going off on his own.


I'm not going to lie, though. I'm doing this interview, Charlamagne. Like Winnie the Pooh. I have a nice top on, but nothing but shorts underneath. Just just regular underwear.


Charlamagne, take the camera. Let me see what was wrong with you.


Charlamagne Winnie the Pooh. Winnie the Pooh. Don't wear those shorts, Joe. Come on, you tease. All right, let me take them off. My goodness. Tease, Joe. Let me take them off. Let me see Joe. Take it off, bitch. Bend over. Let me see. What's coin was it?


We just lost your coin, so I started rapping to them and then all of a sudden we lost Joe Khoi.


Man, what is going on? Oh, what are you man?


It's this makes me mad. Like this is so unprofessional. It's like I'm at home in front of a chimney. Right, Angela.


And that's why they're like a crying baby.


That's my son. That's my son. I'm begging you. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


This this reminds you to always pull out everybody right there.


That was interesting to watch you and your son sit down and for you to play some of the jokes that you told at his expense.


I thought that was the most fun because a lot of people think I'm making the stories up. I'm like, I'm not making them up. I'll do it in front of my mom. I'll do it in front of my my son. It's just it was fun to actually see him respond to the to the jokes personally.


That was that was a lot of fun, especially the masturbation joke, because, you know, that's embarrassing to talk about your son masturbating and then he's right there.


Ajla, I almost didn't do that joke. And then he came to the taping, my Netflix taping, and literally he walked out, said, you have to close with that joke that but I wasn't going to do it. I swear I was, like, nervous to do it. But he walked up to you is like, Dad, you got to do that joke. It's going to crush just like I was like, all right, let's go.


How are you doing during coronaviruses and cold? Because, you know, you talk a lot. You're always on the road. You're out the country. So how is it just sitting down doing pretty much nothing?


It's actually this is the best year of my life. And I was blessed to be able to be in a position to not have to work because watching my son grow up in front of you, this is my first time seeing them every single day, taking them to school, making them lunch. And, wow, you know, when you're on the road, every single you know, every single weekend, you lose that. You take advantage of those those days where you're like, oh, I'll see you next week.


But each day you actually physically see them grow.


It's just, wow, I didn't know how much I was missing. So then I love it.


I read to you from that, I'm sure so much. I can't wait. I was on I went to Ohio with Chappelle's in Yellow Springs. That was my first time on stage in seven months. And and all it was about was my son and covid and Zoome class. And, you know, just I things that I hate doing class don't discipline my son. He has a bill right now taking your class right now. You're lucky. Does it stand up real quick?


They should have a during resume class. You watch all these kids, they'll watch you.


Joe, congrats on your variety magazine cover to them. Absolutely.


Yes. Congrats, man. Thank you.


Thank you. So what is so funny?


One thing that you talked about upside down, you shut up, Charlamagne at school, let people think that he was part black, though.


You know, there's a teacher that still thinks he's part black. He hasn't told them that no. Or anything. He just left it at that. So they all believe it and my son's cool with it. Why did he lie, say black? Because my son wants to be black. What's wrong with that, Charlamagne? Nothing.


I think it's great. Yeah. My son my son's got a huge afro, to be honest. I really do think he's part black and I'm cool with it, too. But what does your wife think about it then? What what is a hey, my ex, you know, she dated some people. I came in at the right time. I got myself a cool black kid.


Got no Armitage. Are you sure that all jokes aside, are you sure your son is yours? No, he's my he's 100 percent mind on his applications for anything, right? He puts black.


Yes, 100 percent. And then he also makes my sister's husband pick them up at school so all the kids go. All his dad is black. But that's not that's my sister's husband.


Now, do you still have that zit on the side of your neck? How did you know? Because I follow you on Twitter. It's it's right here, man.


It won't go down.


Might not be a zero anywhere. All right, Angela, shut up. Really?


Do you miss being on the road? I do. I do, man. I miss it. I wanted to I wanted Radio City Music Hall so bad. It was supposed to be March this year. And we we have to keep postponing it. We have to wait till New York opens up. So, yeah, but I am getting ready to go on tour. I'm doing the social distance tour. And, you know, there are certain states that are allowing like 30 percent capacity right now.


So I'm getting ready to do those cities right now. So I was like, I got to get on stage, man.


So the empty. So how is that going to take place? That's pretty much empty.


I don't care. I need to get on stage. But when I did Chappelle's spot, that was that was a dream.


Did you try to mushrooms because you told us about some mushrooms. Sure. He's got this mushroom drink. No, I didn't do it. But yeah, I was we were all we were all gone. Believe me.


What were you on, Joe? What was your drug of choice? Wow, man.


If it's not herpes from Angela, it's Charlamagne wants to know what drugs are doing.


At least I didn't steal and you hadn't been a drug on you. I asked you. Yeah. Yeah. Joe, before your your herpes, do you do heroin exclusive. Are you masturbating on heroin. Quick, quick question. We'll be right back. I we got more with Joe Coie when we come back.


Don't Move is to Breakfast Club. Good morning. D.J. Envy. Angela Yee.


Charlamagne the God. We are the Breakfast Club. We're still kicking in with comedian Joe Keusch utterly.


What else did you miss out on this year? That that was going to absolutely take the brand of Joe Coyote to another level, you know, that we were getting ready to shoot that special.


You know, I got a fourth one with Netflix, which is fine because I want to do another one anyways. I feel like this this year is a little too soon anyways, so I want it for twenty, twenty one. But you know the movie I got the movie with Steven Spielberg's company and and we're going to shoot that early. Twenty, twenty one. But twenty twenty was supposed to be the year but here we go. We're getting ready to do it for twenty twenty one.


Don't breeze past that Steven Spielberg. I know it's mind blowing. Charlamagne, check this out. So we get the call after coming in he comes out and you know, it's Amblin and we go do the, you know, like just a general meeting. And the first thing they say is Steven can't stop talking about you. And I looked at my manager and then I looked at them. I was like, are we talking about the same Steven or is this Steven from accounting?


Because I don't really care about Steven accounting. And they're like, no, Mr. Spielberg loves your work and he can't wait to work with you. And fast forward to right now, this is the movie that's going to happen. So can you tell us what it's about, how it's Easter Sunday? Man, it's it's about Easter Sunday and it's my whole family and what happens during that that one day. So they love the story. And I can't wait for the world to see it.


Man Congrats to for being recognized in San Diego with you, with your own day in honor of Filipino American History Month.


Man. Charlamagne, you are you're really touching. I'm proud of you, Joe. I know for you, man still. But usually it's Angela and M.V. that that praise me and it's usually you that shoots me. That is, I'm not 100 percent speaker.


And Charlamagne, I'm speaking on behalf of every guest on your show. That's all I'm saying. That's all I'm saying. It's nothing you haven't heard before, but that's everyone on your show. So thank you so much, Charlamagne.


Well, I'm just I'm doing this because, you know, being as you're preparing to go perform in front of thirty percent of audiences, it's only going to be thirty percent of the interview that we actually do today.


So I'm just getting all this out of the way now. That's all of that.


Only when you talk, Charlamagne, do I masturbate. So I just want that I want you to always remember that. And only when I spoke to him, he began to masturbate. Just keep your head sharp. You remember that every time you eat. So then go, hey, this looks like Joe's right.


There it is. And that's all for you, Charlamagne. How do you always get them? This is how happiness is, because they tell you everything about me. Every interview, it's you. You're the one that bring up. I looked at his set list before Angela, and it usually says, like political and then it's his personal.


And then and then he quotes raping.


You know, Joe's got a book coming out called, which is what it's called A Big Plaited, and it's been it's a picture of me holding a plane with a bunch of stuff like this.


How do we get here every time they go? Me, the fleet we've got coming out next March. So tell us about the book.


What's the book about? It's about me. It's my family. It took me two and a half years to write this thing, and I'm not going to lie.


I didn't really write it, so I don't want to get out. You want to get caught and I'm just going to tell the truth. I didn't write this damn thing. It was an hour and a half sessions every other week. And I talked. I was naked half the time and he wrote it for me and, you know, and it was great.


Make sure you read it, man. Yes. One hundred. We already did, man. You're right about that. I'm like, you know, this chapter isn't about my life. This is the guy that wrote It's Life right here.


And you really have to go back and be like, OK, this is an exaggeration. We got to take this out. This didn't really happen like that.


It was a lot of me taking deep and being scared to tell the story. Actually, I was scared. There's a couple of times where I'm like, I think I'm telling too much here. It was an example. You know, I talk about my brother, you know, and that's that's that's really personal. I've told Charlamagne about that, too. When Charlamagne came out about therapy and and I told him what I was dealing with, with my brother and how I have to deal with a lot of deep personal stuff and and therapy helps me a lot to cope with, you know, knowing that my brother is in that situation and it hurts it hurts to like, you know, tell someone I have a brother and then they're like, you've got a brother, like, you know, because I keep it a secret for like my whole life, I haven't told anyone that I have a brother.


And that hurts my soul and it hurts my soul when he calls me. And we can't have a real conversation because he's dealing with, you know, his mental issue right now. And but you just want to speak to him just to, you know, just let him feel. How was he doing there? How was he not. It's tough.


He's all you need medical assistance and it hurts. It really, really does hurt.


Because, you know, Charlamagne, when when you when you have that disorder, there's a window every now and then that opens and it's Robert, you know, and when that brief second opens, you cherish that second and you have this cool little conversation, it'll probably be about a minute long. And, you know, it's Robert and then, boom, it closes and then it's somewhere else. And and that's when you're just like, damn it, that's what really did you.


Because it's like a tease, because every moment you're back with your brother again.


Yeah, man, it feels good because he laughs he's the best lapper. The way he jokes is amazing. I even feel like, oh, I got my my comedy from him, you know, like and then and then it'll close right away. And then it's, you know, you know, he's he's talking about working for the CIA and and doing some investigations. And you just got to listen to it, you know, and I give it too much already.


I'm sorry, but but that's that's the kind of stuff I have to go through. And not too many people know that I go through that.


When you worried about writing your book and you started thinking about stuff that you did in your past and said in your path, and you're like, I don't know if I should add this because I could get handled.


It was for the Robert story that I was kind of like because I go way back to when it all happened. So like when he was like ten, eleven years old. And and those those are those vivid memories, you know, M.V. it's like like those are like burnt inside my brain for some reason. I remember it so vividly before any other story about my brother, those those times when the cops came and when the ambulance came and like, those are just like burnt to my brain forever.


And it's just like pouring that out was that was that was tough. It was a lot of tears on that one. Is it therapeutic, though? It is. Like like I said, Charlamagne, when you came out and said that man like really like, you know, when someone says something publicly but you feel like they're talking to you, like that's how I felt, you know, that's why when I said that to you, like I wasn't like trying to you know.


Yeah. I was trying to get off like we normally do, which is something we enjoy. True. We both enjoy that. Charlamagne True. It is very true. You guys charlamagne up on his knees and I don't know if you guys remember that, but he came clean. Yeah. Yeah. We, we and and ever since that interview I've been taking off on my knees. So you have this connection now. We do it, we do it together.


Sometimes we'll face time. But who holds the phone. That's right. We do it together.


We call it down. But I but honestly, though, I felt like you were talking to me, man. And it takes a lot to tell people that publicly that you need therapy. So, you know, when you did that and I was like, okay, Charlemagne's open about it. I could be open about it, I. We got more with Joe Coie when we come back. Don't move us to Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody.


C.J. N.V., Angela Yee, Charlamagne The God We Are The Breakfast Club, still kicking in with comedian Joe Coy shortly.


Are you concerned about what's going to happen after November 3rd or on November 3rd?


Like, of course. Who is it? Are you voting for Trump again this time?


Yeah, me, Ice Cube and 50 Cent are having a party. I'm sorry.


Ice Cube and 50 Cent has left Cuba just presenting a black agenda and he's presented to whatever party is interested in it. So, yeah, he's just he's just engaging on both sides. Yes.


But if you vote now, I will send this every bit as long as you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ah. They call you Pop'n.


Why are you saying that. I told you I will right now. I said with the clothes you said, you said to me if that's your mailbox have you ever checked it or is there ten cars in front of it.


It's crazy that he won't purchase those items and support Joe cause I said I'm gonna send you your clothes.


Said, Yes, I did.


I sent you everything. I'm a look man. You are a liar and you've always been a liar.


I don't know. But you do you I like I know each character on the Breakfast Club has a certain identity. And, you know, Angela is very you know, she's positive. She's informative. She's she knows the know of what's happening now. Charlamagne talks about and he also lets you know that he hates you like he always makes sure to let you know that I hate you. I don't love him, Joe. I do. I love you, too.


And then I'd be your liar like you always lie, lie, lie, lie, lie empty. And he does like for no reason, like yesterday, you know, listen to the day he he lied about two things. Cardi B was on. What was he talking about?


You she was talking about her nipples being, you know, because I'm breastfeeding. She is.


Listen, it is like if you go that happens to me too. I say that that's not what I said. Well, he does have a lot of kids and I'm sure he has to help out my kids. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. You know what? It's a buffer. It's a buffer nipple before the real nipples, like, OK, let's let the baby start to suck. And then and then when the real is ready, then he moves it on.


So it's like you're a fluffer, you're over fluffer.


OK, we're almost up to the thirty percent. Where can I find that Jokowi doll. That's right. I can't. Well, you know what I'm gonna do to that dog.


What are you going to do? I'm going to get my hands on that dojo. And why did you turn it off him? Joe, what do you say? Why did you turn the dog around for him? I just want you to. Well, the back side is the most appealing, am I right? What does that say, Charlamagne, here? Yes. What does that say?


From the ghetto to the Getty? It's my outfit and a special thank you to all of us. That jacket that. Yes, I got that note, though, the for sale today.


Yeah, I've got a quick dotcom or Funchal at.


Yeah, I'm going to order sixty nine of them right now.


That's how I was supposed to go to Hawaii, but then they shut it down until just recently they just opened back up. So when are you going back there.


You have been out by the way. You've been traveling. She's been out. No quarantine for, you know, seeing her as it is. I'm not married. I'm not worried about infecting anybody else in my home. Yeah.


It's kind of illegal what you're doing to Angela, but go ahead and spread that spread. That New York virus girl just got her. She's a super spreader. She's a super spreader.


I bet you I got tested more than both. Ya know, I think you're a liar.


I think you're a liar. I think you got tested. What do you just want us to believe you because you're so innocent and pure? I think you're a liar. I think you're going to go down. Why didn't you have to get tested as soon as you got there?


I was I just did a TV show where I'm hosting this competition. And and we got tested three times, sometimes a week, two to three times a week.


And even as soon as you get there and I went twice and then I just posted something for Daymond John. I got tested to even be able to go there a couple of days ago. And before you travel to some places, you have to get tested. Like if you go to Hawaii, you have to get tested. Yes. The test results before you can even go. Yeah.


Have you gotten tested? I got tested about it. And you don't let us catch you in a lie. If this goes public, you're positive. Wherever you land, you're going to look so stupid. So this is your tell the world that you get tested and that you end up in Mexico and it's all over TMZ. Just you actually, because the Mexico positive. And then and then all of a sudden you're tired now.


So I can't go to Mexico. They even to come back to work. We have to get tested, although they haven't recently. I know Charlamagne. It's never going to get tested.


I got tested but that was good. And talk about it on September. Knife. Yeah, we got. Yeah, you haven't got and I'm scared to come around. Yeah, I got tested twice between then I got to grab my daughter and I got tested.


I definitely got tested. Top of October.


I got tested trying to film something up of October. You got tested. It's only people telling you you definitely have it right now. That is a lie, Joe. You got it. You got it. Charlamagne has it.


And I'm going to put it out there. I'm a betting man. I'm a betting man. I'm from Vegas. Out of the three of you. I guarantee Charlemagne's got it.


Charlamagne got it right here. You just want to bring attention to your handlebar mustache. Knock it off. My goodness.


Look, that they. Have you been dating for coronavirus? No. So you haven't met anybody? No. Online dating, nothing. I mean, Charlamagne masturbate with each other, but that's what that's what they do. Yeah.


That's that's dating enough for me, you know what I mean. I get I get whatever I need from that conversation with Charlamagne and then we move on.


I don't let any judge in us, Joe. I don't like how they're judging us either. Angela, I just said, have you been dating?


I don't know that masturbating together on FaceTime is a date. You can consider that a date. It's physical. It's bonding. It's bonding.


Yeah, it's nurturing. It's the same thing as dating. No, yeah. I don't I think I'm so hyperfocus with what's going on right now. I don't want anything to derail it. I'm enjoying what's happening with my life right now. So I don't know man. I just, I'm just not willing to, I don't know, risk it all if that. Yeah. I don't want to give that energy right now. I need to save all this energy right now for what I've worked so hard for.


And I need to concentrate on this right now, especially what's about to happen for you.


Joe, the Steven Spielberg movie. Absolutely no. So happy for you. I've got a lot of great things to close up here, Joe, but, you know, we'll let it slide out. I'll go on my own. Your book dropping next year. Thank you.


I sent a box out and I swear to God, move the the ninety nine BMW away from the mailbox so that nineteen fifty to Sherman tank.


Get that right. There is a mailbox at the end of your driveway if you just move. Right you're you're nineteen sixty three bug. OK Joe, we appreciate you for checking it man. We're so proud of you and happy for you. I'm proud of you Joe.


You guys man thank you so much for everything. I love you guys. I love you too man. Keep working. Thank you boss.


Everybody is T.J. and he actually Charlamagne the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Hold on one second, guys. So to the general insurance, I got a reason for the general there giving some money away and I got to let people know. We need to know.


Hold on. You don't sound too confident. I'm not. I'm not. I'm not. Here we go to part with a general sense.


Save some time. You're trying to out, but they want to pay your bills. You go with a thousand dollars towards your expenses, thanks to General. Now all you got to do is to get a lot for a little is it up the website, the general dot com today and you could possibly win a thousand dollars. What your bills. Or you could go to Breakfast Club online dot com to enter and get rules.


Now let's get down to the general and save some time. Let's talk Trillanes.


This is the rumor report with Angela. Was close enough, so Trillanes has taken to Instagram live to tell his side of the story. Well, I don't know if it's really a side of the story because nobody is still saying what happened that night. Basically, what he did was kind of pick apart what Megan Stallion's said. Now he talks about this whole, you know, black woman's narrative and he said he does support black women. Here's what he had to say.


He's just a guy who doesn't protect black women. And he's this guy who but it's like he's this guy who doesn't care about black women. That's what the narrative is now, switching to certain things like that. He's like, hold on, when have I not shown out for black women? Every single one of my videos, the lead girl is black. I made five chicks tapes about black love, about a black relationship, about a ghetto relationship at that.


All right. Now, he also disputes, Megan, this Dalyan story, but he does say that they're still friends.


When this whole debacle came about the whole time, it's like she knows what happened. I know what happened. And we know that what you're saying and what the alleged things and the alleged accusations of my name is are not true. I don't ever want to come off like I'm here to bash this girl or I'm here to talk down about this girl or ever be at a place where, like, I'm disrespecting them, because to me, as a person, she's still my friend no matter what.


Even if she didn't look at me like that, I look at her like she's still my friend.


You guys are not friends, but I also feel like why don't you be mad at somebody and not want to be their friend if they were lying? That's just my thought. All right. Now. He also says that he was threatened by Rock Nation when the original report came out.


And it was a TMZ report about this guy in the third and there was gunshots and Kylie Jenner's house and Tori Williams goes to jail. They gave you all the facts of the juice of Tori Lee's going to jail and then the third and Megan getting arrested and getting that done. Two days after that, I got a call from Rock Nation that says, yo, we heard you're going to make a statement about what happened and it be in your best interest if you don't make that statement.


All right, in addition, he talks about putting out his latest album on the same day as the Brianna Taylor verdict, people had an issue with that. Here's what he had to say about that date.


I don't ever want anybody ever think that I'm being insensitive to Brianna Taylor. I marched nine days straight in Miami for her. Enjoy, Floyd. I would never I've mourned this woman as well. And everyone said, listen, we're mourning a black woman today. You dropped an album. How did the disrespect guys, let's bring this back. That day that I dropped that I'm my mom, that was her birthday. And that was also the day she died.


So I was also mourning a black woman, my mother. All right, now, Trillanes also denies that he's ever been abusive. I hate that this is coming off like I'm trying to come forward and whatever cases, but this is what I'm having to endure and watch when I'm knowing certain facts. So it gets to this place where I'm just like, oh, like, this is not me and I don't deserve this. Like, I don't to be I don't deserve to have to go through this.


Like, I never have been somebody who's had domestic cases. I've never hit on a woman. I've never had abusive cases with no woman. You can't pull those type of facts up on me.


I don't have those. You're right. So there's a lot more to it and I'm only playing this is first hand, I know a lot of people have been getting emails and there has been, according to Megan, the stallion's team, a smear campaign against you. I feel like he does have to go to court. So I don't know why he's saying all this on social media right now, but making this Dalyan day right on Twitter this and we're genuinely crazy, almost like she's talking about him.


All I know is quarantining radio used to be way more entertaining than that. OK, and Tory is telling us everything except for what happened. Tory put out a whole lot and he did an IG live all that content. He hasn't told us what happened. Tory, if you didn't do it, just see what happened. If it didn't happen, how it makes that happen, then what happened? I have no problem with him telling his side of the story.


Just you know, he did say it in a court of law. And if you're going to talk as much as he's talking, just say what happened.


If he didn't do it, just said it.


He had said his own lawyers told him not to talk about it.


But you're talking like you're right. You're talking about everything except what you know, except for what actually happened.


If you don't think we can talk about it, I don't think he can't talk about the point.


If you if you didn't do it, just say who did, if it was an accident or say it was an accident. I don't know what the story is, but, you know, albums and long passages about the situation without telling us what actually happened. It's a waste of time. All right.


Well, that is your room report. All right. Thank you, Miss Ye Charlemagne. Who are you giving a donkey to?


This man named George Daniels. You know what George Daniels is from? Guess. Just guess he's from Florida. Oh, boy. Can you imagine if if your boss said, you know what I tell you, I have to go. All right. We'll get into that. Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club, your mornings.


I'll never be the same.


Hiring is challenging, but there's one place you can go where hiring is simple and smart. That place is zip recruiter. We're growing. Businesses connect to qualified candidates. Try for free as a recruiter. Dotcom slash breakfast zip recruiter. The smartest way to hire. And make sure you don't watch out for Florida more than. Oh, the craziest people in America come from the Bronx and all of oh yes, you are a donkey. A Florida man attacked an ATM for a very strange reason.


It gave him too much money. Florida man was arrested after police open the door to his home in an attempt to electrocute his pregnant wife. Police arrested an Orlando man for taking up a mailbox at the Breakfast Club.


Bitsie Dalkia, the day when Charlamagne, the guy on the way out, keep letting him get elected.


That's because Florida is crazy, Duval. That's right. That's why don't get a day for Wednesday, October 21st. Go to George Daniels. Who the hell is George Daniels? Well, is the president of Daniel Manufacturing in central Florida. What does your Uncle Chala always say about Florida? The craziest people in America come from the Bronx and all of Florida. That is a fact. And this story is once again more proof. Now, let me paint the picture for you.


George Daniels is a Trump supporter. In fact, a Trump banner is displayed on a flagpole outside of Daniel Manufacturing. You already know the type of flag I'm talking about. It's very interesting to me that when you see Biden, Harrison, they just be small in people's yards. But Trump supporters, they are loud with their support, big flags, big signs. So you can imagine that this banner, that's what they call it, a banner displayed on a flagpole outside of Daniel manufacturing.


You can just imagine what that looks like. OK, I'm not mad at Trump supporters. This is America. You have the right to vote for who you want to vote for. You can support whoever you want to support if you want to re-elect the fascist coup. I'm not judging. I'm lying. I'm judging the hell out of you. But that's not the point. The point is, George Daniels has a company. I know it's his company. So he's the boss that you do what he wants.


But when you have a company that has one hundred and seventy employees, shouldn't you be remaining neutral on matters of politics? Like, I'm sure you have Republicans who work for you, Trump supporters, liberals, Democrats, independents. You probably have a little bit of everyone working at your company.


So why make anyone uncomfortable by putting a big old Trump banner in the front of your business? OK, even though it is Florida. But why? All right.


There is a part of me that really misses when people kept their politics to themselves, OK? There was a time where politics, religion and who is the greatest movie of all time between big impact. There was a time when we kept those opinions to ourselves because we just didn't want to smoke.


We knew it would cause problems, OK? And when it causes the most problems is when people try to force what they believe on you.


OK, I can't force my religion on you. I can't force my opinion of big impact on you, and I can't force my politics on you as well.


OK, George Daniels of Daniel Manufacturing in Florida, he didn't get that memo. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Not only is he encouraging his employees to vote for Trump, he's giving them an ultimatum of sorts. Let's go to WTS, HSBC to put a report, please. Some told us they were upset to receive this letter obtained through a company source from DMC President George Daniels, the company which makes tools and electronics for the aerospace, military and aircraft industries.


The letter warns if Trump and the Republicans win the election, DMC will hopefully be able to continue operating as it has been operating lately. However, if Biden and the Democrats win, DMC could be forced to begin permanent layoffs beginning in late 2020 and or early 2021. Stan Smith says the letter, which he considered offensive, is one of the reasons he's quitting. Other workers who told us they were too afraid to be fired to speak with us said they felt intimidated by the letter.


I checked campaign contributions with the federal government, and George Daniels has contributed just in this election cycle, more than 600000 dollars to President Trump and PACs that are supporting him and other Republicans now.


Now, according to news reports. I'm reading this one from News Channel eight in Florida. It is not against the law for business owners to talk politics with their employees. Keyword talk politics, casual conversation.


But to send a letter saying that if Trump and the Republicans win the election in your business will continue operating. But if Biden and the Democrats win your business, you'll be forced to fire people. Is that real talk or is that unethical? What do you think? Is anything like ethical, unethical? Right. OK, and I think it's neither it's Florida. All right. That's what happens in Florida.


Only in Florida do you go to work and your boss tells you if you don't vote for Trump.


You're fired. God damn it, John, you know what, I'm Lipner, I'm like a hard animal at the moment, but I must try that again. I'm OK. I'm looking. You did what just happened? The computer messed up and somehow he went flat.


I don't know why, but that's all right, Stato. Is that real talk on ethical? What do you think got fired up? Be here. OK, so this is a great story.


This is wonderful action.


Is that real talking about ethics or do you think you what you think that real talk unethical or unethical? Yeah, I think I think it's neither. I think it's Florida. OK, that's what happens in Florida. Only in Florida do you go to work and your boss tells you if you don't vote for Trump, you're fired.


God damn it now. Thank you, John Cheesus.


Sorry, I really want to know, how would you play this if you work for this company, like some people say, they'll quit and some people say they didn't want to speak up because they didn't want to be fired. Some folks that they're voting for Trump. All I know is George Daniels of Danu Manufacturing. Your company makes tools and electronics for the aerospace, military and aircraft industries. You must have a real monopoly on the marketplace because the same way you want to fire people for not voting for Trump.


I wouldn't shop with you because you want to fire people for not voting for Trump. OK, one's politics should not cost you a job, period. Full stop now. George Daniels didn't release this well, he did release a statement.


Let's hear it.


George Daniels declined to be interviewed on camera, but told me I have been doing this for years. I have an obligation to let workers know what could happen based on the outcome of an election. They certainly should vote for the candidate they want.


I can vote for the candidate I want, but if I don't vote for the candidate you want, I'll lose my job. All I can think when I hear this story is living in Florida is a choice.


OK, is the weather in Florida really worth this? Yeah, it is, it is, but please give George Daniels the sweet sounds and Hambleton's oh, are you are about Donkey of the. Doggy. All right, sidebar with George Daniels, R. Kelly's manager, for a while also, that's a different judge.


OK, just checking. OK, yes. All right. Up next is ask hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need advice, relationship advice or any type of advice, call ye. Now, the number again is eight hundred five eight five one two five one is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


What, what, what, what. What. You know, baby mama issues. These are words of wisdom. Call up now for eight hundred fifty five one two five one. The Breakfast Club. Come on, relationship advice, any personal advice, just the real facts. Call up now for to bring warning everybody is D.J., N.V., Angelie Charlamagne the God we all at the Breakfast Club.


Now let's get to some aski 855 one two five one. If you got questions for you, you could call her right now.


Hello. Who's this. Yo Mike. Mike, what's up man. What's your question for you.


So I just started a new job or whatever, but I used to own a business in Chicago. I'm in Vegas now and I was thinking about restarting it up, but I got to go now, so I can't really afford to take too many risks right now. So I'm calling it real kind of guy. I'm like, what kind of business? I was just asking. I'll sell first online, basically, but I started off doing it as a delivery driver and I end up taking him, using him as my distributor, I my own company like AIG and all that.


But it's basically just all online without the actual store. So most of the cash on delivery, that type of thing, is both online. And so I started a able to get down in the money and Bill and I started with zero dollars like there are just at the end of the post I had the hotline, so. Right. I did it right there.


OK, so you can have a job and also start this business again online.


That, that, that is good. That's a good option. I mean, I'm doing like crazy hours and like I say, with a two year old, I barely even write that down for sleep at this point.


And, you know, it has to I would say this because it's an interesting time, like for starting a business. I'm actually starting a new business right now, too. And are you doing this all by yourself or have you do you have any partners that I might not like?


That's the tricky part, because in Vegas I don't have nobody. So I really in Chicago, what I did in Chicago, I was doing it with all my heart. I'll put them on panel for delivery and everything. It was a good system, but I'll handle it by here. So I was the whole idea is really to move back there and I'm not really sure I want to believe it isn't, but it is an online business right now.


Was there anybody that you feel like that was one of your people that you put on back in Chicago, that you feel like a really step up to the plate and go hard and actualised? Yeah.


Yeah. That has didn't say that.


That would be amazing. So why not have a conversation and see and why not see if you never know if somebody is like minded like you and they have some type of interest in the business and a stake in it, that would also take some of the work off your plate so everything wouldn't fall on you. You've already worked with this person, so you know what their work ethic is and maybe they would be willing to come out there, too, and put in that work with you.


So you don't. I think a lot of times we feel like we have to start a business by ourselves and not have help from anybody. And it is important for us to realize that everything doesn't have to be only on you. And it's great when you guys have different skill sets that you can bring to the table. So that can really balance each other out.


Thank you. Okay, I'm trying to cut off dry so dishes.


I wanted to at least get the man's website so we can see the furniture that could have really helped him.


That was then for the record producer, then came in here fingering my buttons and.


Oh, wow, I was right here. I didn't smell anything. Well, let's listen to our friend Mike, who was just on the line. If you could send us your website for your furniture business so we could at least see it. That could be helpful for your business as well.


Goodness gracious. All right. ASKI Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need relationship advice or any type of advice, call you. Now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Come on, keep it real. Well is some real advice with Angeliki. It's aski morning everybody.


Is D.J. Envy Angela ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club we're in the middle of ask ye.


Hello. Who's this. What's going on in Detroit. What's up bro. What's your question for you and my girlfriend is a ball. Well I'm confident the woman I'm gonna marry. So we've been having conversations about, you know and and stuff like that and she grew up with more culturally diverse. No I want to leave my son after me. She doesn't want that. She wants a more more ethnic, more black name. What's your name? Dustin.


And not something that like but don't break up with her over. But it's something I feel strongly about. I thought well could be discussed, but simply don't know why. There's no discussion about it and I don't want to let it go.


Right. And I'm sure you both do. You know. Is this your first kid? Well, we don't have an issue of that, but I guess here's the deal, if it's a boy, then you name it. If it's a girl, she gets to name the girl and she can pick the middle name that is workshy for her first. She's got a carrier for nine months. You don't want to have no say on you guys got to come to some type of agreement.


Can she pick the middle name or can Dustin be his middle name?


And that's for the court to. I want the personal details and.


Well, you're going to have to compromise and have this discussion somehow if it's super important to you, because I get it right and, you know, I understand it's not easy. And I think you guys got to just, I think, come to a compromise.


Are you OK or did you suggest to her perhaps she picks the middle name that she doesn't want you to in the first year and she's not even friends.


She's not pregnant, right? No, no.


I think I really do think a good compromise is if we have a boy I named the boy, if we have a girl, you name the girl. I think that's a compromise because you are not having a kid yet. This is just preliminary discussions, you know, and then if it's a girl, you pick the middle name. If it's a boy, she picks the middle name. Right.


I mean, I try to go with Puerto Rico's hard headed, you know, and then maybe I would just have a bunch of girls, if that's what I'm hoping for.


Yeah. Then you won't even have to worry about it. And you can name your daughter Dustin. It's all right. Thank you, brother.


How do you decide who like what if you can't stand the name, the other person wins, what do you do?


And then your name usually picks the names and then, you know, we go to the names. Buggier usually picks like a bunch of names.


But what have you got like that? You wanted a Rashaan Junior? I definitely don't want it. I didn't want Rashaun Junior Aulaqi.


All my daughter's names have been collaboration's like, you know, like me and my wife would like. That's a serious thing to name a child. We did that together.


Yeah, but imagine if you wanted a junior because there are some guys that really want to name their son after them and keep that going. Is like the first. The second, the third not.


What do you want, Lanard Junior. Yeah. I can't blame you.


Yeah, I can't blame me but yeah I remember, I never would know that.


But I, my wife usually comes with a bunch of names and we go through the names that she likes. I'm bad at picking names.


So she told me I didn't have that issue because you I know you didn't want that name for you. All you do is look at maps in London. Brooklyn is what it is.


It's Logan Airport is a thing. That's why there is a fee.


Is that what they were conceived? It's none of your business that they were going to baby sit that if they were there in Brooklyn from Brooklyn.


I was born in Brooklyn.


So that's why we decided to be saying that. That's not where they were conceived.


No, not at all. All right. Well, aski we got rooms on the way. Yes.


And let's talk about this cancer culture. We'll talk about Sadah baby. He just recently blew up with his remix with Nicki Minaj, and now they're pulling up some old tweets. All right. We'll get into that next. Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. He's always been a liar and shouted Joe Klein for joining us this morning. We talked. Yeah, we all did.


What are you talking about? You good? Oh, hey, how are you? You're a liar and you've always been a liar. According to Joe Kois. Yeah, I do lie a lot. You do? I don't. Yes, you do.


Especially when you lied again, my friend. That lie.


My gosh, I don't know. But anyway, we want to pay your bills. Liar.


Look better and better when a thousand dollars towards your expenses.


Thanks to our partner, the general. Get a lot for a little the general insurance for coverage you deserve at prices you can afford. Visit the general dotcom today. Now you can go to the Breakfast Club online dot com to enter and get rules.


All right. If I was in line right now, let's get to the. Let's talk about a baby. It's about who's going to report report. This is the Roma report with Angela on the Breakfast Club. Well, Santa Baby had a million followers on Instagram, but unfortunately they pulled up some old tweets now. You know, I'm a fan of Santa baby, but these tweets are pretty offensive. Should I read some of them to you? Sure.


OK, right.


He said you can. Some of them I'm tired of, Beyonce, say that they need to die. Whoa, whoa, whoa. What I want. I know I've heard enough Ruffy is pretty bad.


And, you know, he did some slurs against gay people. He said, I hate dark skinned people. Now, I'm saying this because I want us to address what it is that he said in response. Now, at first he was saying that he doesn't run his Twitter page. Everybody everybody's tweeting. They're tweeting to asylum. He said he doesn't even have the Twitter app on his phone. And he said y'all can find every and any other tweet in the world for me.


I don't care. I'm not even logged into my Twitter and haven't been for months. But then after that, he did apologize. Here's what he said.


My first initial response to the tweets on my story, Vme may give people the idea that I don't sympathize with people, that being been raped, raped situations, which I got to know is I'm almost 30 years old and I don't tweet. I don't get the password to my Twitter. No, but that's OK. Did you judge me as far as the homophobic tweets I got? Got them. Homosexuals don't work on my label. You're saying that's personally where you I mean, you say I deal with them two or three times out of my in person in real life for a week at a time.


You dealing with my career? I mean, listen, those tweets are cringe.


Absolutely. But I always had a baby when he said to you, he said he's thirty nine years old and he said he's not 30 yet.


So it was about nine, ten years ago that these tweets came out. So he was a teenager. Seventeen, eighteen.


Yes. Seventeen, eighteen years old.


OK, so when he tweets right now, here's here's the apology all it was just some OK from when he was young, he just wild. And now I don't stand on the views. The abuse is not casada today. You hear me? I'm a grown different whole type of man and I understand why that is not acceptable. You understand what I'm saying? So I'm apologizing for my own views or any type of tweets that I see if I'm back in the day and I hold on, nobody.


Oh, no grudges all the years that you've just going to keep pushing and we got to respect each other as such. Yeah.


You got you got to get the brother some grace. He was he was young back then. He said it's not acceptable. He understands what the tweets were foul. He apologized. You got to give the brother some grace. You have to acknowledge that folks grow. I don't know him. Listen to him. So I don't know what he puts out there now. But he said some inappropriate stuff back in the day. He apologized for it. He said he's grown from it.


You got to give him some grace. You got to.


Yeah, I was I was going to be like, look, you need to just apologize, because at first he wasn't. And then, you know, listen, that's all you can do is acknowledge that you were wrong and say, I'm sorry. Like that was wrong.


Even I am shocked reading this now and then and then the best apology is always change behavior. Right.


And also to you know, I often say your past, you know, you can forgive, but it's the pattern. You can't raquin. You can forgive somebody for something they did in the past. But if it's a pattern that they're still doing now, I can't rock with that. But I mean, if the man says he's grown, he's evolved. You've got to give some grace. Your humor is going to learn to start giving other humans the grace you want God to give you.


All right, now, young bucks, the girlfriend allegedly fired a gun at him during an argument in Tennessee, they were at home and she at some point allegedly picked up a firearm and led off to let off a few rounds.


So there is an image. Somebody says they witnessed the incident and they said it's unclear if anybody was struck by gunfire or where she was aiming, but she was arrested and booked for reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon. Now, that was the other way around.


Young Buck would be getting crucified right now in the media. So it should be the same energy, right? Yeah.


You can't have somebody doesn't have a shot at somebody else.


That's crazy.


Yeah, I don't think anybody thinks it's a positive thing at all. All right. Energy Timlin is Wisbech have made a huge announcement about versus season two and one person that they already know that is going to compete and wants to compete as Busta Rhymes. Now, here he is talking to Fat Joe.


He can't get a start with you or celebrates the of hip hop music are on versions from one brother that loves you to my brother that knows I love them. I'm begging you to step in the ring with me. I'm my boss.


Your ways and and I'll call you some. Let me tell you something. We're going to do it with grace, but I hope you'll. Come on. Let's have fun.


Busta Rhymes is phenomenal. One of the greatest performers of all time. But you don't want no smoke musically with t'ai. That's that's not even a good matchup. Like verses. Don't get goofy on us in season two. Now, Boston versus Missy is the matchup Boston versus TII. That's a terrible matchup, brah.


Yeah, I don't think that's a great matchup.


I mean, I think Boston Missy is will be great. I just I, I don't see this matchup and what happened to the concept.


Didn't say Boston AAA. That's supposed to be behind the scenes. Man, I can't tell you that behind the scenes.


I don't know. I'll be hearing if that's what stops you. Me? Oh, I don't know. I thought that was public information.


I don't know. I would be listening. I see both of your mouths. I don't know what I'm supposed to say. Nothing. Don't say nothing around me.


Then I just want to say, just like Reason said on his album, your men gossip more than we do.


I love a good gossip, that guy. I don't know if he really said that. I'm not allowed to do that. He you know, it's so funny. That story is told earlier this week. We'll do a about whether. Ryan, Henry. Ryan, Henry.


Oh, yes.


I discussed that several times this week. I told you what men and women in my God men can sit down and look like. They don't like some good tea, but that was some good tea. You hear me?


That's a very unevolved. I know. I was I don't know. I don't want to know this story. I was frightened.


I was frightened. But it was you go girl. You liked it to envy. Oh.


OK, anyway, all right, that is your room to report anything, any less gossip things you do know about me.


I just want to know, who do you think would win in a positive matchup, hypothetically? You know, I think it's a terrible matchup. And I think tie wins that easily with you, I think. Yeah, I, I'm Satie, I, I think I would think. And this is different. I also feel like it's just different, like. It's not even though it's nice because you do these in a new school.


Can you play leaders in a new school scenario and said, you know, can we do leaders at the new school? Because that's really digging further back. I don't know that you could compare any of that. Exactly. I personally love all that stuff, but that's just not good in a battle versus tea. I know. What do you think could then be scared to answer when I said, Buster, you hear me?


I said, no, I did not hear you say what you said it. I said, but I don't even mean it when think City Bus and DMX would actually be a go when I feel like energy wise.


Oh my God, I almost got into an altercation. Let's not talk about the last one. I remember still making jokes about that all these years.


I almost got jokes at the time. It was happy to laugh and at the time it was going down, I was drunk, buster rah rah and hit me like a dungeon dragon. And she's funny.


The funniest part of the whole incident that happened was that it was at Nobu and the person that broke up the fight was both a guy's brother and somebody said, the real question is why is Boo at a restaurant called No Good?


That is a great question. Why do we not welcome it? Says Nobu. All right, revolt.


We'll see you tomorrow, everybody else. The People's Choice Mix is up next is The Breakfast Club.


Good morning.


The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same.


What I've got is D.J. be here from my experience at an historic black college and university, I know that homecoming is a big deal, but they cancel. This year. We decided to bring the celebration to you with HBC you homecoming party on the yard presented by McDonald's, hosted by Meet McDonald's black and positively golden movement is about empowering the next generation of black leaders through initiatives like our school programs that are positively shaping communities. Watch our BCU Homecoming Party on the yard presented by McDonald's on Thursday, November 12 D.J. N.V..


Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club now we've got to.


Can we represent for Brooklyn Homeless Shotty Jokowi for joining us this morning.


Man Oh yes, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. Of course Jokowi sent me a message yesterday because I guess he sent you all that package and didn't send me once. And he got me talking about where should I send it a little late.


Jokowi now, he said the same thing to me. He talked me. Oh, no, he's a liar. All right.


Oh, and also, I got a shout out to you know, we all know two dollar Steve. Yes, sir. It's my dollar. Steve, who's an attorney. His son died tragically. His son. No one. Oh, no. Yeah, no. Right. That's Ourisman. He sent me I spoke to him yesterday.


They have like a fun, I guess, in memory of him and all the work that he's done. He was such a good kid. He was only twenty six years old and dedicated his life to give him back.


He went to Dartmouth College. He was currently a second year at Columbia Law. They said, you know, he was a young man. He was just kind, generous, outgoing, funny, compassionate. He tried to help Hillary Clinton when he was just a good person. So they have a fun way. They're going to continue to give money in his name. So shout to to Dallas to meet my guy to Dallas.


What's the fund?


So we know if you go to his name is Noah Riesman or Icemen, if you just Google that name, the fund comes right up into Dallas Stephens's if you don't know who to Dallas. Steve, he's an attorney who, if you see him, he gives the world two dollar bills just as positive.


He gives out money all day long.


Such a good dude, a good soul, great brother.


Even during the year of food.


I mean, he's just a good dude. I think every year he takes out thirty thousand dollars worth of two dollar bills out of the bank just to give them to people when they get more than that.


That's my guy told me the two dollars. I got twenty two dollar bills in my my drawers. Yeah. You're supposed to give those away to people, you know that. I didn't know what to do with them. I don't even know that. Yeah. You're supposed to pay it forward and they give people randomly and chairs. People have so much because I've done it like with his two dollar bills. You go to a restaurant and when you leave the tip, also leave that two dollar bill with it.


And people are always like, you know, excited to have a two dollar bill. You hold on to it. Got you.


He was like, lot of these are real give person, like he is a real giving person salute to him. I love Steve. Yeah.


So, yeah, I was just avoiding the two dollar bills. Yeah.


I got a bunch of two dollar bills in the crib. I just need to. Yeah. Pay it forward guys. I know you told us.


Yeah. Now that I know. All right. I also want to make sure I represent for Biggie this morning. You know, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is going to welcome Christopher Wallace to the prestigious ranks of nearly 400 legendary musicians. And Pepsi is actually celebrating the notorious B.i.g.. And so he had a long list of very stellar freestyles and a lot of chart toppers with mass appeal. But they do have this previous. Unreleased freestyle track where he's detailing how much he loves ice cold Pepsi, so after 23 years, the brand will repay Bagis loving and they're going to give out this one of a kind remaster and release of their freestyle, this freestyle from nineteen ninety seven.


And it's brought to life by unique animation from animation Lamplugh and includes references to Betsi Brooklyn. That's where I live and where I Juice Bar is. And also it is the setting of some of the most iconic and memorable storylines from BeeGees Life. So this latest creative effort and callup and Pepsi and the Christopher Wallace Foundation is part of the brand's ongoing efforts.


Dope Yo and listen, salute to Eboni K Williams. We're launching her podcast, Holding Court today on the Black Effect I Heart Radio Podcast Network, where you listen to podcast, you can check out Holding Court with Eboni K. Williams and my man Dustin. OK, and you'll be on it doing whatever he does. So if you love it and can't, will go down there. Download our new podcast, Holding Court, available today on the Black Radio Podcast Network.


All right. When we come back, we have your positive notes.


Don't Move is The Breakfast Club. Good morning, everybody. C.J. Inva, Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club that Charlamagne got a positive note.


I do.


Listen, man, today would have been my partner, Jasmine Waters, a.k.a. Jazz Fly. Today would have been her fortieth born day, but she's no longer with us physically. She transitioned in June. But I still feel I feel her every day. I still hear from her, still hear from her from time to time. And I actually read a quote from Jasmine Flies my positive note. OK, this is from Jazz Flight Jazz Waters. Jazz says you had a purpose before anyone had an opinion.


Remember that? And when asked, who do you think you are, answer whom I was created to be. Rest in peace, jazz fly. Happy Birthday. Breakfast Club.


This is your. Peace to the planet, Charlamagne, to God here, and it is a privilege and honor to be able to introduce to you a new podcast, Great Shot, No Chaser, hosted by a queen named Tesla Figaro, debuting on my new Black Ofek podcast network on I Heart Radio. She is the hood whisperer in this game of politics. And you're going to take it as should give it to you in a straight shot. No chaser.


You've been warned. What you will be informed. This is Taslim figure out, you know that saying the truth is hard to swallow. Well, I have learned that the more you consume the truth, the easier it becomes to digest. The truth is an acquired taste. I'ma give you the truth. One shot glass at a time. I wanted to light a fire in your soul. A fire that no one can put out, a fire that empowers you to speak, to stand up and to affirm your rightful purpose in this world.


Oh, my podcasts will cover a number of topics politics, black lifestyle, racial justice and food for the soul. To inspire you, my guests will include everyone, gangsters, pastors, politicians, activists, you name it, they pull enough. So cusip this truth with me. And like I always say, you can either use it or lose it, but I can't make you choose. Subscribe now and listen to straight shot.


No chaser. What Tesla Figaro on the radio app. Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast.