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The world's most dangerous sport show what it's called. What the hell is this? What could be put together like a megaphone? I just took over with this. Chris Brown have officially joined the Breakfast Club, say some of the world's most dangerous morning show was called. Good morning, USA, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


Good morning, Angela. She's on vacation.


Charlamagne got a piece of the plan. It is Thursday. Toronto, what up? What's happening, how is everybody feeling? I'm sure we watched the vice presidential debate last night. Very informative, very entertaining. I like the fact that the culture is engaged in politics. Yeah, I think that's not I mean, you got to call this morning from nowhere to. Yeah. Leno. He didn't hit me this morning. And I woke up just just to hear you guys talk about it.


But I love the fact that the coaches engaged the coaches talking about it, the coaches watching. I love the fact that the coach who cares about what's going on, I hope they care enough to get up and vote on November 3rd. So, you know, and I don't like when, you know, they tell people, especially black people, just to shut up and vote. Right. So I like when I see, you know, brothers and sisters engaged in the actual debate so they can hear what's going on and go out there and vote their interests.


Right. You know what I mean? This ain't no popularity contest. You don't, you know, vote for an individual just because people tell you to you vote for who you want to vote for. Right. That's it. Whoever aligns with your interests, I don't care. Just get out there and get engaged on November 3rd. I definitely agree. So let's talk about the debate for a second before we get to the front page news. What were your thoughts?


I mean, I enjoyed it. It's it's amazing to me that the vice presidential debate comes off as more presidential than the actual got. You know what I'm saying? The vice presidential debate with more presidential and vice presidential debates. I agree. You know, I mean, like either one of those people on stage last night would make a better president than the one we have now, which isn't saying much. But but I also feel like last night represented like the future and the past.


Like I just think old white male leadership is dead. And when you watch it on TV, you can just see the clear contrast like it's time to let a black woman lead the country the same way black women have been leading our lives forever, at least mine.


Yeah, I would say I would say that I would also say that Pentz surprised me.


I thought he was going to get washed. I don't think he got washed last night. I thought it was going to get washed. I was surprised with his rebuttals. I was surprised the way he spoke. I was surprised the way he drove things home. I'm really surprised I didn't like the moderator. I think the moderator allowed Pence to talk all over my I felt like what you just said, like the old white man just was able to do what he wanted to.


The white man was white man. And when Kamala Harris was speaking, she was more. But she was like, you just let this just talk for three minutes. You can't give me fifteen seconds. But I didn't.


I think we're too hard on the moderator, though. I think we were too hard on the moderator because then, like, we need to cut the microphone. He kept going broke.


Yeah, but that's what I'm saying. Like what do you do in a situation like that? If you're a moderator and you're trying to direct traffic and this white man is just talking over you, just like the other white man talked over Chris Wallace last week, what do you suppose? She was different when Comilla went over her time? Like she stopped. She stopped coming because Comilla stopped.


Now, she tried to stop Mike question, Mr. Vice President, vice president. He didn't act like he heard it. He just kept exactly because the white man was white man. Right. Camilla was Comilla was being still trying to be respectful. She's trying to follow the rules, that's all. She was trying to follow the rules and she was trying to be respectful, even though she no, she was getting her time taken away from her. She was still trying to be respectful.


She was you know, she got she got she got something that Mike Pence doesn't have and that's, I would say, integrity and respect for others.


And Mike Pence does.


We'll talk about that. More front page news coming up next. And also this morning, killer Mike will be joining our brother. Our brother killer came from the bill, Michael Orinda.


Michael Vrinda is opening up a black online bank. Yes. Called the Greenwood Bank. You just. I love us. Yeah, I love us.


And we'll talk we'll talk to him more about that and how you could, you know, get your money in that bank, how you could support that bank is created to help us to make sure when we went to an auto loan, we can get an auto loan to make sure when we want a house and need a mortgage and they'll lend us money for that for small businesses, they'll make sure they're able to guide. This is not one of those things where you talk until you call the 800 number.


The person doesn't know you, they don't know them. They just looking at numbers. That has to change because numbers don't necessarily define us.


We just tired of seeing you all go to jail for PCP for us. And that's all we need to find another way for you not to. All right. Front page news desk to talk about the debates at the Breakfast Club.


Come on, soda. All right. Morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, is getting some front page news.


Now, before we get to the debates, I just want to say a couple of things now. The officer that was charged as facing murder charges in the George Floyd death, he posted a million dollar bond and he is outright devils name.


Derek, Derek, Shervin, Derek. Shervin is his name. A million dollar bond.


I want to pay that phone. I'm sure you had to pay 10 percent in front of the one hundred thousand. But I want to know who got the one hundred thousand phone. He probably has some go fund me on some white supremacist Facebook page or somebody put up their house or something like that.


So he is out on bond also that. Drug that debt, Trump says, is so good and it's a cure and it made him feel good immediately, it seems like Trump has own some stock in it.


Listen to me. When you start listening to me, just because I got a little bit, I don't have to take me serious. I told you this last week, but you I told you I this last week verbatim, didn't I? You did.


I know I did. Listen to me. Just because I'm raised on a dirt road in Moscona, South Carolina, one thing God has given me is discernment.


OK, I can see. I can see why I can sniff what's going on. God damn it. I know.


Also last night was the vice presidential debate. There was a lot they talked about a lot. One of the things that they talked about was what I thought Kamala Harris, she brought home very, very good when she was talking about Trump's tax debts. Can we get that on?


We now know because of great investigative journalism that Donald Trump paid seven hundred and fifty dollars in taxes. We now know Donald Trump owes and is in debt for 400 million dollars.


And just so everyone is clear, when we say in debt, it means you owe money to somebody. And it'd be really good to know who the president of the United States owes money to because the American people have a right to know what is influencing the president's decisions and is he making those decisions on the best interest of the American people of you or self-interest?


covid got all of those negative headlines about Trump out of here. Donald Trump said he had called me for 72 hours and people forgot about his taxes. They forgot about the last debate from last week. They forgot about Melania Trump talking crazy about the kids at the border, like none of that got any traction.


Once Donald Trump said he she drove that home, though.


She kind of know. I think she did, because because everybody just talks about the seven hundred and fifty dollar taxes. Right. That's what they say. And some people be like, oh, well, that's good. I only want to pay someone fifty dollar taxes.


But then when she talks about the debt and who he owes money to and why he makes the decisions that he makes you be like that, that's what makes make that decision.


That's why they should have never stopped running those negative ads about Donald Trump, because they could have still been driving those kind of policies. And, yes, he is in debt. And yes, that's why he's jumping out here talking about he's got therapeutic vaccines. He's taking an experimental cocktail because he probably invested in that company, what's called Neutrogena.


Regeneron for general in general. In general, exactly. Did Neutrogena Regeneron.


Now, Mike Pence also talked about Brianna Taylor and justice for, well, our heartbreaks for the loss of innocent and innocent American life and the family. Brianna Taylor has our sympathies, but I trust our justice system, a grand jury that reviews the evidence. And with regard to George Floyd, there's no excuse for what happened to George Floyd. Justice will be served, but there's also no excuse for the rioting and looting that followed.


You know, Camilla dropped the ball on the ground and tell me she did.


She definitely did, because I haven't seen her give a strong response about that case since the verdict. And I don't understand why I did last night. Like, you know, she it yeah. The question was about Rihanna and Taylor and Floyd, and I didn't make any sense.


I was confused as a black woman to pivot for a black woman to pivot on a question about a black woman to a black man, even though it all matters. I just thought that was kind of weird.


The question was about Brianna Taylor.


The moderator didn't say anything about George when he asked about that and she was an attorney general. So I feel like she can dig deep on absolutely on that case. And I don't know why she hasn't yet.


And Mike Pence turns it again and said, yeah, well, I believe in the judicial system, but let's talk about the writing. And then there was a guy who had a daughter and she lost her daughter and she's trying to get her life back together.


I'm like, I hate when we talk. And we could have drove it home. I hate when we're talking about this these black bodies and y'all bring up burnt buildings. You're damn right you're burning buildings and burn buildings can be built back. George, I can't come back. Brandon Taylor can't come back. Knock it off, white man.


All right. Well, we'll talk about it some more as your front page. I want to say studio.


I can't wait for the day when a woman like Cynthia Harris can show up as our full self and doesn't have to be doesn't have to worry about being labeled an angry black woman. I got be damned if my daughters can't express themselves how they want for fear of being labeled angry.


Like I hate how she has to play small to make white folks comfortable because he was a me last night.


He's an angry white man. He spoke over people. He wouldn't allow her to speak over the moderator. He went over the time he was an angry white man, an angry white man way back.


Tell me what Senator Harris wasn't even out at 3:00 last night. And I promise you, if she is empowered to show up as our full self, she won't be stopped. It'll be like Benos with all the infinity's things like I like I just want all of us to stop thinking we have to walk these invisible line work, I guess, show up as a full black selves at all time, not caring about what white folks think. Stop. Cut me off.


Let me speak. Let me speak. Are we having a conversation? We haven't a debate. Are you just going to talk over me?


What. Sorry. That's what I wanted to say last night. But if she did, guess what? She she had every right to. Yes. You know, speak openly and honestly. I just don't like that. I can't wait until, you know, this can just show up as they force us. But we. We got to have their back in order for them to really, really be able to do that. You have to talk over your wife and your wife.


You know, no way you did it one time. Don't say no way. You did it before. I did. And she gave you the last chance. The last thing I wanted last night, I was like, oh, no. She had a machine with a couple of those. I'm speaking. I'm speaking. I'm speaking. If she didn't want a couple of those. All right. Get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one.


If you need to vent, call us up right now. We'll get more into this in the next hour. So Don't Move is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Catch HBO, Max's new limited series, The Murders at White House for streaming September 24th and infamous true crime story. Over 30 years ago, three generations of one family were murdered at their isolated farm in England. Initial evidence pointed the finger at the daughter of the family who had a history of mental illness. However, one detective refused to accept this as he dove deeper into the investigation. He uncovered new evidence that shed suspicion on a different family member.


This six part limited series uncovers the mystery behind what happened that fateful night the murders of White House farm stream streaming September 24th only on HBO.


Max, I'm telling you, this is your time to get it off your chest, whether you're mad or blessed. Eight hundred five eight five one five one.


We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello.


Who's this man? Come on in and say good morning, Charlamagne. Picking out your brother? Oh, no, man. I actually got a bone to pick Mambi pick his bone to pick me. If you don't want to have me back up, why did not send you back.


No, no, no, no. Let's dig into this. You got two minutes uninterrupted. Go.


No, no man. I don't know. I'm not going to bite my tail and you know, I know damn well eyes and uninterrupted me. He's got two minutes. Continue, sir.


I told him I'm not your lawyer right now. You are seeing your picture. It's a message and a bird. This is charge you.


We're just going to charge you.


Does he have a sneaky only fanpage happening now? We don't know that. No, not all of them. Even a couple of dollars, but OK. You know, man, like, you know, just say you're free, OK? That's your time. Janvi, would you like to rebuttal? You have two minutes uninterrupted goddamn lie.


I stop and talk to people. I'm writing. I'm writing. Prove it. Prove it.


I picked up my feet. I don't I don't have no reason to believe you. Oh my goodness. He's going to make me just make up lies down on me.


No, no, no, no, no. You said that you like Mike Pence. You said you represent Mike Pence. The state is in fact.


No, I did not see someone with feet to flex.


Oh, hello. Travel money team.


Oh, that's his travel. What can of man get off your chest?


No, I wanted to talk about the debate real quick to talk to me, bro. I do like the debate. I think it was definitely more presidential in the presidential debate. I think definitely a topic that I want to think. I can't keep talking about that. I really don't. You know, I've been avoiding taxes like it.


I really don't care about that people, you know.


So I just I think they keep driving this whole, you know, oh, we need a black B, we need a black BP. I thought you could black America is a we'd like you to be like, oh, we need a black BP. I want to kiss you black. We are already to that colored people to the White House. I don't need another I don't need another example of that. I need to meet for the job. If a doctor is about to operate on me, I'm not supposed to be like, oh, we'll wait and see black.


I want them to do the job. But I'm tired of hearing about black this black that do the job well.


Well, I think was in the hands. We can have both. You know, we have great representation in the White House and we have somebody that's going to be in there doing a great job. I care about her doing her job. I just said that. I said you can have boufal, wouldn't you? Rather if you can if you can choose. You don't want both.


No, I don't care about all.


I care about the job being done. Well, what's your name. What's your name and what's your name, brother. Money to keep from where. Oh, I'm the Timberland's in Brownsville.


Oh, Brownsville. Timberland, the Timberland fan from Brownsville hasn't paid his taxes in three years. That Keith. Yes.


Are you kidding me? Or they come in your point about it. We got lucky. So keep your numbers.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Exactly when we should be happy that we have both we have representation and people in there getting the job done on behalf of us.


All right, get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to finish this up now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


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This is your time to get it off your chest, so the young man that I hear from you on the Breakfast Club, you've got something on your mind. Let it out. Hello, who's this?


Hello, this is Monique. Monique, good morning. You calling from. I'm calling from those five 72 hour features. Momma, I was fired first. I want to say how they are. Thank you. Indeed. I have a secret you say that might surprise you. And I think that I figured out why the moderator asked him a question. He never answer that question. He kept on that inflated topic. And the only time he allowed thank you for everything was when you think about at the end of the day and you know, we're very sorry for everything we did and said, well, you it I never was black.


And my kids say, you know, when I say you surprised me, I thought she was going to wash him.


I didn't think he had a chance. But I think I thought some of his rebuttals and some of the things he said was was was pretty good when they talked about ISIS and when they when they had the family members there. And she talked about the family members said if Donald Trump was the president, they believe her daughter would have came home. I thought that was a good drive. Some of the things in order to be pretty good, I was surprised that I definitely thought she was he was she was going to watch him all over the place.


I was surprised.


You know what it is? You know what it is? Donald Trump is is such trash and he's so wacky in the bar, so low for him. When you hear him speak that when you hear somebody else speak from the White House, you like, oh, they actually got a little bit of this, right. They like. They like they lie better later.


He still more articulately than Donald Trump.


And I agree with you on a lie because I've seen it before. Everything it seems that deliberate that he never said. And you go back and look now she never said that. No. One hundred thousand. That's right. That's what going up the ladder, trying to distract the American people. And we thank you for taking my call. Thank you. Monique, you be safe out there, right? All right. You are ready now. Hello.


Who's this? Yo, NBA savvy in North Carolina. What are you, a drive? Drive. You drive? No, I try and I don't think I would of traffic to get it off your chest, bro. I so I just want to say why is it so hard. But why people may. Well I don't know why it so hard. Awful. Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait. I've never been able to see how difficult it is to understand the problem out here.


It needs change. Well, maybe tomorrow, maybe they maybe maybe they don't.


They don't realize it exists. You know what I'm saying? Because when you living in your you know, your your own privilege for so long, you don't really see what's going on in the world with other people.


You don't get that. Like, I have a lot of friends. I have a lot of white friends. And right when everything happened, like they were telling me to come back to their house, everything, oh, you're not a patient. You're a part of the problem that I'm American. And it was just. So that's what all the black people when that's it, I couldn't get just don't face this. Right, right, right. I still can't understand it.


Maybe the real question for black people that but I thought I can only find the time because there is no there is no wrong question for black people to be asking right now, because let's be clear, this country was made by old white men for old white men.


And and they have benefited. They have been benefited tremendously of the privilege that they have have have in this country. So thank you for all the questions you want, King. All right.


Well, get it off your chest. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, you can hit us up at any time. Now, when we come back, we'll tell you what hip hop legend is looking for a kidney. All right. We'll get into it.


Next is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club. This is the room, a report with Angelina on the Breakfast Club. Listen up. Out to Scarface.


Back in April, he confirmed he had suffered kidney failure during his battle with coronavirus. Yesterday, he put on Instagram and Twitter.


I need a kidney and any volunteers, B plus blood type. Let me tell you something.


If I had that, if I was a match, I would definitely give a kidney to Scarface. Not only is Coffey's one of my favorite emcees of all time and historically has been he's become a friend, you know, over the years.


He wrote the foreword for my last book, SC1 Anxiety, Playing Tricks on Me. And he talked about, you know, his issues with anxiety and depression and stuff like that. But I love Scarface. Brad Jordan is a person that I talked to for no reason. Yeah. I mean, so what's the type you're looking for against B plus blood type B plus blood type B, positive. B, positive.


Jesus Christ.


And he made it sound like a cable package and you said the same thing, you know, because it's B plus blood type B, wouldn't it be positive B, positive blood type.


OK, so he's A and B, but he said the same thing. Got many minutes on a cable package. I didn't know. Salute to Brad. You know, I'm praying. I'm praying for that brother.


I pray that he gets to tell me, you know, God bless you if you don't know your blood type. And I never heard anybody say will be blood type. I think I'm old or something like that. They're. Oh, OK, there you go. This guy. Goodness gracious.


I say, goodness gracious. I'm like, I'm not one of you. All right.


Now, this deal, Howard Stern says his Sirius deal is near, but it looks like it's up there. He looks like he's going to renew his contract for one hundred and twenty million dollars a year job on Howard Stern.


You know, he deserves it. And not only does Howard Stern deserve it, I would turn it's always been, you know, an influence. He's been a positive influence and he's been a negative influence on me. Because, you know, I can I can honestly admit early on and in my career, I definitely followed the Howard Stern way of doing radio. Creepy model, you know what I mean? Creepy model, borderline sexual harassment model.


But, you know, he's grown and he's evolved tremendously, you know, so I think he's worth every minute of it.


I agree with you. If he's getting 120 million, he I wonder what his co-host Robin is getting.


Robin is filthy rich. First of all, Robin has been loyal to Howard Stern for so long because I'm sure she gets treated amazing.


I'm just curious, man. Come on, man. That's a lot of fun. I love him. Congratulations. I love it. And I'm into it once again. The best thing to look at about Howard Stern is his growth and his evolution. Correct. OK, because I don't know why I don't have a pull of old clips of Howard Stern like your do me, I guess, because there was no Internet back then. But Howard is the model when it comes to growth and evolution in this business.


Yeah, congratulations to him as well.


Deserved, and I hope they all kick up over a hundred and twenty five dollars.


Yeah, God bless him.


Now, Keith Stanfield, you know who that is. Yes. I do know is he is an actor.


OK, I mean, look, if that works now, yesterday, the day before yesterday on Instagram, he says he has a picture of Kamala Harris and Mike Pence and he put I don't like her hair, but other than that, this is better than the last one, but still sad.


God bless her. Keep Standfield. That brother needs to grow up. You know, reducing women to their looks in 2020 is so lame and so played out. And by the way, that's the same brother who had the nerve to call Breakfast Club and Shane Room and Ball Alert and some other black outlets. Antiblack, right. But you're going to reduce a black woman on stage about her hair. Being an old white man, you're going to reduce her to her hair, her hair.


So you like Mike Pence, his hair, like the shots shot the old white man.


And he probably does like his hair, but that was so suckering. So somebody put no need to use your voice for her looks. You have a powerful voice. Use it wisely, he says. I say what I want on my page. Where are all you warriors of Powell? When I post about things that I believe in and support, you won't pressure me into speaking how you think I should speak. And then he says, some lady says, don't speak on a woman's hear the F.


He goes, What? Just because she's a woman doesn't mean I have to like her hair. What the f?


I'm going to keep looking for you. Somebody hurt him. You young like he's been hurt before. Like he's hurt the inside of him is hurt. He did hurt before.


He's young and he's still trying to tell women would offend them. If a woman tells you what offends her, listen to the woman. All right. You can't tell her what. So I talk about her hair and I'm reducing our looks. If a woman tells you that's what you're doing. Yes, that's what you're doing for did you dumb ass down.


And we're all right. Well, that is your room report. Now, when we come back, instead of front page news, we're going to push front page news, all because we've got a special guest joining us this morning.


Right, my man, Cedric Richmond. He is Joe Biden's co chair, and he's going to be calling in, zooming in to discuss last night's debate.


OK, you know, so we'll talk to him about that when we come back. Cedric Richmond. When we come back, the what is he what's this thing?


I know he's a co-chair. The coach who asked me to help coach here. I have no idea, but we can ask him right now. OK. All right. Well, we'll talk about it. When we come back is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club you mornings will never be the same.


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Is D.J. Envy. Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Usually we do front page news right now and that's what we're doing. And we have a special guest on the line, the co-chair for the Biden campaign. You have brother Cedric Richmond.


Good morning. Good morning. How's everybody doing? Good.


What were your thoughts last night on this debate? Well, you know, what did you think? Did you think Comilla did great? What do you think? Mike Pence lied too much less. What were your thoughts?


Or first, once I stopped laughing at Charlemagne's tweet out there about the. I got a chance. I got a chance to start looking at it. One what you saw was white male privilege, privilege in the beginning. I mean, just talking over the moderator, doing what he wanted to do, talking over Senator Harris. And I thought she was sure. I thought there was some glaring things. I mean, health care is so important in the middle of a pandemic and they're in court to take away the Affordable Care Act from 20 million people.


And the moderator asked him point blank, what is your plan to protect people with pre-existing conditions? And they he had no answer. The other one that was glaring was the question about systematic racism in the country. He would not acknowledge that in America there is systematic racism. And look, it doesn't make America bad. It means we have to fix that fault. And so but you can't fix something if you won't even address that. It's broken. So but I thought Senator Harris was strong.


I thought she was thorough and thoughtful. And I was really proud of her as a black woman up there. And, you know, black women have a hard road to hoe when debating because people just assume that because they are intelligent and thoughtful that either they are aggressive or something. But I thought she had the right tone. I thought her substance was excellent. And she was talking to the American people about the challenges they face. And he was just stuck on his talking points of how great Donald Trump is and how great they are that they've done with Oprah.


He did great with covid. Why is there plexiglass between you and the other candidates? So, you know, it was just more of the same from the first debate.


Why is it so hard for for Vice President Biden as Senator Harris to answer the question on packing the Supreme Court? I think the American people would understand why that needed to be done if they explain it.


Well, I think part of it is it's the legislative decision. I mean, look, I in Congress will have a say in that because we're going to have to pass it through the House. You have to pass it through the Senate. And then the question becomes, what would they do once it lands on the president's desk, president's desk? I think what she was saying last night was that the seat should not be filled. The voters should have a say in who's on that seat.


And I thought she really took pains to school on this because he started talking about all these presidents and all these other situations where they feel the court. And she went to the exact situation with twenty seven days ago in 1864, Abraham Lincoln had that same opportunity, but he was a statesman. And Donald Trump is a politician.


Honest Abe is what she called him. You know what I like? I like what she drove home. The point about the taxes. Right. Because all we hear is the seven hundred and fifty dollar taxes. And for most people, they're like, wow, if I had the opportunity to only pay seven hundred fifty, I would only pay. But then when she starts breaking down, know he has debt. We don't know who he owes money to, so we don't know that the decisions that he's making is based off of his own decision or for those debts.


I love that. But I didn't like the Brianna Taylor thing. I think she went off of that too fast.


Well, she started with justice was not done. And I think you have to acknowledge that she said not really.


That's the price. She said not really. I didn't like that. Not really either. Yes and no.


Well, it it's a lot easier. I'll just tell you guys, even on the Breakfast Club last time, I think I see a full one, shotgun shells of 410 shotgun shells, no internet ate me up. But the damage that is going to do if you come to my house is going to be the same.


But when I will, I will say that it's just one of those things that that you say and I've talked to a million times, we know justice is not done. That's why we want to look at that process from top to bottom that should have never, ever happened. And so that's one of the reasons why she did not. She stood up for and and Vice President Pence mentioned it. That's why she blocked Tim Scott's bill in the US Senate, because it was weak.


It wasn't worth the paper that it was written on and it wasn't. I have stopped any of these things, but if we enact our criminal justice reform package of policing reform package, we would stop these things.


You know, if Republicans do push this Supreme Court nominee through, it'll be it'll be like, what, six to write something like that?


Why not explain why packing the courts would be a good thing then, if that happens?


Well, the argument for packing the court is to make sure that the court is aligned with with more aligned with America and that you have just as many conservative judges as you have more liberal judges so that you have a fair court and you get balanced results. The other thing I think she did very adequately, especially in this time we're talking about equity and we're talking about blackness and fairness up out of 50 circuit court judges that they have appointed, not one black.


I mean, look at look, just because you have my color doesn't mean you have my kind. They could you know, they didn't even find one. That's not of my kind. I mean, they just made no effort. And I think that that those actions are what speaks clearly about how they value black life, black input, black intelligence, all of those things if you can't find one out of 50 to put on a circuit court bench.


Now, Cedric, we're talking to Cedric Richmond. He's the co-chair for the Biden campaign. Now, did you send that flying last night? Was that far from you?


That that was certainly not a southern fly. I mean, look, that that was a that was a Utah flight. You can take Charlamagne, South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia. I flies a little bit bigger than that. But I'll tell you one thing. That must be some moose in the head and not feel it. I mean, that's the amazing thing.


You know, what's so interesting about that deafly came in when he was talking all that book about no racial bias in law enforcement like that was God to me.


Look, it the irony there was just so clear. I mean, but, you know, what was hard is to sit down with your family and watch it and hear guys say that there's no racial bias in this country. And I'm just glancing over at my son thinking, yeah, how how'd you like your son to get pulled over at night and have tinted windows on his car and see if that police officer's gun is not strong before he can reach in the glove compartment to get his I.D. So he doesn't have to have those conversations.


He's not lived those life experiences. And to just sit there and so easily gloss over the fact that we have systematic racism, that black men, whether it's Charlemagne or myself or you JMB, if we get stopped at night, the police officers are not going to recognize us if they're not African-American. And we're going to get that same treatment that everybody else gets, which is aggression. And we will never get the benefit of the doubt that we're upstanding citizens.


There's the same reason why people clutch their purse when I'm walking down the street in the t shirt. Same reason why they get on the other side of the street, same reason why they may or may not get in the elevator, will not make eye contact, will not say good morning. Good evening. All of those things. So for him to just sit there and do that, you know, there's your blood starts to boil, but then you realize, look, let's just vote, let's just beat him and let's just send them on their way.


How do black men make room for black women like Senator Harris to show up as their full selves like they should be able to express themselves without being labeled as angry?


Well, look, I mean, you know, it it is a challenge. But I think the first part is the fact that you and I both recognize it means that we're making a step towards fixing that. And I think that, you know, being assertive, being successful, all of those things, look, that's what we want for our black women. I mean, the real key is making sure that we can have that for our black men.


And so that's why we have so many plans about economic empowerment and black wealth. And stop assuming that black men don't want to be good fathers. Black men don't want to educate their kids. Black men are not concerned about their communities. And so that's why, you know, we start with education and wealth and entrepreneurship for black men, but we still go back to criminal justice reform because we know it has to be fixed. Even though President Obama and Vice President Biden released thirty eight thousand people from prison during their presidency, even though they reduced the crack to cocaine disparity, we still have a lot lot a lot of work to do in that criminal justice arena and police reform arena, especially dealing with the collateral consequences of incarceration.


I mean, you know, I could talk about I can talk about that all day and we still would not do it justice and how much work has to be done. All right, guys.


Well, we appreciate you for joining us this morning. Cedric Richmond, the co-chair for the Biden campaign. We appreciate you, brother.


And we got calls to. Got to have somebody on every week to from the campaign leading up, we only like, what, twenty seven days away? Yep. And we're about twenty six days away.


OK, and very important to note, Hillary came on twice during her campaign and she came on the week of the election so you could tell the vice president that, OK, I will tell them both.


And then one day maybe we'll come back and have we could do a long segment on criminal justice reform, crime bill, all of those things that may or may not still be hanging out there. Absolutely. All right.


All right. All right. Now to take your brother eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Did you watch the debate? What were your thoughts? Let's talk about it for Lonza. Open is The Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club.


It's topic time because the phone call 800 five eight five one five one to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club. Talk about it.


Warning everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Yee, Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club now. Last night was the vice presidential debate. Yup.


And we're asking eight hundred five five one two five one. What were your thoughts? I told you earlier, I was really surprised by Mike Pence. I thought he was going to get washed. I honestly thought it was going to be like a I didn't think he had it in him.


He held his own. I mean, some of the things I thought he drove home pretty good. I didn't like the fact that he spoke over Kamala Harris a couple of times. I don't like the fact that the the moderator didn't control it enough. I felt like he was able to talk when he wanted to talk. He spoke over the time he was allowed to talk. He spoke about points that he wanted to speak about. She'd ask him a question about this and he'd be like, all right, well, I'm not going to ask that.


I want to go back to this. I just felt like he did what he wanted to do. It felt like all white man privilege. He was able to do what he wanted to do. What I felt like when Kamala started to do some of those things, but she wanted to talk. I felt like the moderator got a little more aggressive with Kamala than she did with Mike Pence.


Yeah, I'm not shocked that Mike Pence can articulate his lies better than Donald Trump. I mean, he's an attorney and he's a career politician. So, yeah, he's good at that.


But I still believe Mike Pence learned a lesson last night that every black man learned at some point and that there's no debating a black woman. You're not going, OK, you're going to learn to shut your ass up and figure out a way to help her help us.


OK, and I did my biggest issue with the whole debate because I feel like Senator Kamala Harris definitely held our own. I just can't wait for the day when a woman like Senator Kamala Harris can show up as her full self and doesn't have to be worried about being labeled as an angry black woman. I got three beautiful black princesses at home and I want them to be able to show up in the world at all times. They fool self like I hate how sisters got to play small to make other folks, which is just white folks feel comfortable.


But kind of, you know, Senator, the if you watched her in Senate hearings, I even just sat down, had a conversation with her, you know, she wasn't even out at 3:00 last night. She could do that in her sleep. Correct. But I promise you, if she is empowered to show up as our full self, she won't be stopped. Like, I just want us to stop thinking we have to walk these invisible lines, you know?


I mean, and because because because white people are going to label us angry, right. Cares we got every right to be. It was a couple of things.


I want her to drive home a little bit. I think she drove home the tax thing and Donald Trump having millions of dollars in debt. And does he make the decisions on his own or does he make the decisions because of the people that he owes money to? I love that there was a couple of things that I want her to drive in a little harder. Like I want to know how to drive in the whole Brianna Taylor. In that case, she kind of just dropped the ball on it.


Yes, she went off.


And I've never seen her answer to Brianna Taylor question strong. To be honest with you, this is kind of disheartening because she is and she was an attorney general. Right. You know, I mean, so she sees that case from a different perspective and others, if she's been actually paying attention to the case. I thought it was weird that they asked her a question about Brianna Taylor and she pivoted to George Floyd. And when they asked with justice served, she said, not really what it is.


No, not really.


It's either yes or no. Right. You know, I mean, I didn't like that.


Mike Pence, I think, drove home when when he took my ISIS and the family was there. And she said, yeah, they believe if Donald Trump was president, her daughter would have been home. I just I just wanted more for I just wanted more. That's what I wanted from from Kamala Harris that we know she has. But let's go to the phone lines.


And by the way, old white male leadership is a thing of the past. It's over. OK, all white male leadership is the reason America is in a position that is in now.


And I personally am ready to see a black woman running the country the way I've been watching black women run my whole entire life.


OK, well, let's go to the phone lines. Hello. This is this is Isaac Asia from Asia. I show.


Hey, what's the likelihood of our light weight? Nothing. Go ahead. I just started this morning.


Charlamagne. Yes, ma'am. What did you think it did to base Mama? I didn't really watch the debate on what it call me. I was telling her that I will be following them and I told them they're looking up information. I'll come along and have put out any information, any kind of article on her claiming to be an African American, because I haven't seen any articles or anything about her being African American. You know, she went to ABC.


You do know she would be happy to be an Indian American.


You know, she's always claimed her black hair and K.A. she's always she's always claimed that she's black, Jamaican and Indian.


Would you want her to do like she can't claim both?


Well, she never sees this. I have never seen anything. And I've been looking up this kind of information. So I was wanting to know, have you seen this? Yes, ma'am. I've been following in the past in 2015. Yes, I have. And, you know, she went to Howard University. Yes, she did. You know, that's accurate. Yeah.


Hello, this is Chris. Chris, we said what do you think of the debate last night? Well, that debate was a little foolish to me, and it was watching it. And I could see the whole commentary having to go in on it, even to even the flag as call them all. He was talking more about himself that he was with Donald Trump. Not much. No, that's not true.


He was on Donald Trump's glass. He was hanged. He was going from all.


But they said, wow, why are you so descriptive with that?


And that's what I think with Donald Trump, with you, that you made Donald Trump penis like a jungle gym.


Eight hundred fifty five one that a theme park was.


When were your thoughts at the Breakfast Club, Gábor, that Jesus Christ is coming and your opinions to the Breakfast Club.


Come on. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one morning.


Everybody is deti envy Angela ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club that if you just joining us, we're talking about the presidential debates, the vice presidential debates last night. We're asking what were your thoughts. You got a lot of people on the line.


Go to line for Janine. Janine, good morning.


Good morning to you. How are you doing and how are you doing? OK, yeah, I want to talk about the debate last night. I would just like to meet with Bob and I and the moderator. The big man is worth millions of dollars. I think you're being too hard on the moderators.


Like, what do you do when an old white man just constantly keeps trying to talk over she was more aggressive? I think that they're going to admit that. That's my favorite part of my. Yep. Like, if you have a time limit and you keep going over and then you're you're disparaging the other competitors, are you giving them more or less time to talk them? When he was doing, you know, we almost dominated the conversation.


You know, these debates need these debates need a black woman, moderator, black woman moderating, going back.


And, you know, having said that, I was telling me I was just like, no one can have no break your team. No, no. I try not to be able to talk about race. I would try to tell my nephews, if you want to go to the top and I'm like, this man is not white and I have a 19 year old, you know, even for the minority, they are.


OK, well, thank you, Mama. I one thing I would say about Trump and his team, I feel like Trump's team got the old Def Jam and the old bad boy street team. Like their teams be out there like I would drive a lot yesterday. They were on the side of the highways and I drive. I go everywhere. I just don't see. That's what I like. We need to get to I don't know what the old FGM.


That's what's so scary, man my team is doing.


I don't feel like I don't feel the energy and enthusiasm for the Biden ticket the way I see it for the Trump ticket still. Yeah, that's scary. You know, I mean and that's all the more reason. I really do wish Senator Harris was at the top of the ticket. I feel like there would be a lot more energy around her running for president right now in twenty twenty two.


That is Joe Biden. Hello. Who is this person? A what do you think about the debate last night?


And so I really do not like I was born to be a sailor boy. I hated it. I felt like moving away from the audience quickly. I understand what happened to your boy. It was traveling in 2012 and just really focus on the person who is not like they are embryonic. They for one minute and then people respond to that when they eat. But I think that that was an opportunity to focus on black issues. So, yeah. And you know, when she said about the fact that that's why it's so important for black people to go out and vote and not just vote for president to elect him, but to vote for every item on the ticket.


And attorney generals are elected above. And that man of the black man that I don't think that she's going to really step forward or not. I also don't like the perception that black women have to not be so strong. And that is why we have we are allowed to express ourselves. It just out of the more that what angry black woman. OK. Is about a mile up the moderator over and over and over. But why is it that more and more time the rules allowed, but in what you considered to be an angry black woman?


And by the way, I agree with you, queen and angry white men have done more damage in this country than an angry black woman ever has.


Absolutely. Absolutely so. And I think I actually think that America is part of the liberal people that are that are voting on that. And we like them because I think that we're bad people, that we don't care. We want her to be more positive. But the media playing it up like, oh, no, that was the black woman might be possible, but that just get it. We don't care what the people who think that are thinking because they're not the ones that are going to be voting for, by the way, they're voting, they're going to be voting for Obama.


We want her to be a little bit stronger and a little bit more outspoken and a little bit of the public eye.


I agree with you so much. I got three beautiful black daughters and I'll be damned if they if they won't be able to express themselves how they want to because they're they have a fear of being labeled as angry. I don't get no. I want you to show up at your full service at all times.


Yep. And I pushed my daughter to do the same. Absolutely. All right. Well, what's the moral of the story? It is moral.


The moral of the story for me is, I think Senator Kamala Harris, his talents are being wasted in having to defend Joe Biden and Joe Biden's record. I know that's her job, but that's wack to me because I'm not voting for Joe Biden. I'm voting for Senator Kamala Harris. And she has to think about her political aspirations in the future, because in a perfect America, Kamala Harris will be in the White House for the next 12 years. But if she has to, you know, defend that white man for the next twenty something days and then the next four years, people are not going to get to see the for her.




I want her to show up is herself. Absolutely. I want I want to see Senator Kamala Harris.


I am a supporter sent to the House. I am as well. Always have been.


You know, y'all give me hell when I was out there stumping for Senator Harris when she was running for president.


Well, me too. Me too. They gave me a little.


Oh, I rockwool when we come back, we got the rumors. We got to talk about five students that's going to have a semester's pay tuition courtesy of this rapper. We'll talk about it when we come back is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. All right. Morning, everybody. Is D.J. conveniently Charlamagne to God. We are the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning. What's happening now?


Is it true that the Trump campaign left a ticket for two pack at the vice presidential debate?


From what I read yesterday, yes, that was confirmed and very well placed.


Trump and Cruz bombs for the Trump administration for that level of petty, very well played in the way twenty twenty is going. I wouldn't be surprised I actually was there.


And that's because she said Kamala Harris said he was his favorite rapper.


What she was doing an interview with my sister Angela. Right. You know, Angela, I asked her who was her favorite rapper alive, and she said, Tupac.


Listen, man, things move fast out here, but I mean, I personally don't care who her favorite rapper alive is at a time like this, but, you know, things move quick out.


Is you you think she knows what we know now? Nancy, that should be a rumor report.


Why wasn't that a rumor report? Kamala Harris confirms that Tupac is alive. I will do that when we come back. Matter of fact. Matter of fact, possible.


You're right. Maybe she maybe she does know something we don't know and had to think about it.


I was supposed to say that Tupac, UFOs, they can't reveal that kind of stuff to us right now.


That's twenty, twenty one action. Are you going to. Good. We'll get to the go get you a vote this year. Don't you think so. Yeah we did.


Go go on. I don't know. I mean.


I mean they've already been here. It'll be a rural area somewhere. But I think that they're going to finally I think going to know they've been pulling up. They're going to finally reveal themselves.


You mean like you think they'll reveal themselves in a club? I think I'll pull up to the strip club, take the lease is up more. Yeah, I think I've been on a lease for a long time. And the way that we've been treating this planet, they come in to collect.


We've been we've been ruining their property. You know, I'm saying, look, that's all we paid. Instead of overstayed their welcome and put too many holes in the wall, they come in to collect on their lease, come and kick us out and look.


All right. Well, when we come back, we got the room report. We'll tell you about which Rappa is paying some tuition for five eight, four five bcuz students. We'll tell you about it when we come back. Is The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


It's about who's going to write a report on the board. And this is the rumor report. All right. With Angela on the Breakfast Club. I like what is going. Finally, a real rheumatiz.


Now, we spoke about this a couple of minutes ago and I thought it was a joke. But the Trump campaign, they are left tickets for Tupac Shakur at the vice presidential debate after Kamala Harris named him the best rapper alive.


Now let's hear the audio of Angela Rye speaking with Kamala Harris about the best rapper, best rapper alive.


Tupac, you say he lives on.


Don't I know I keep doing that.


So now maybe we had this wrong. You know, people were laughing at us, say, oh, she didn't know. But what if she knows something we don't know?


Yeah, maybe they all know something that we don't know. And that's why Senator Harris let that slip out. And maybe that's why Republicans love a ticket for Tupac, because maybe, just maybe Tupac is returning in twenty twenty may.


I mean, we've seen strange things in twenty twenty. Maybe he popped up last night. I mean, we don't know, maybe he was there because a lot of smoke, some people and the reason I said that, I don't know if you really if you really listen to the debate, but there were some dogs barking last night at the debate. Did you hear woof, woof.


I. You're right. Dogs barking Need to hit your head. You got to hit a dog barking.


They probably with security dogs. Dumb ass. Is the Secret Service at the same time to sniff out jewelry on. And they have been and maybe the dogs barking. Shut up.


Bomb sniffing dogs and all kind of stuff. You ain't hit a dog.


Well, I did not hear the dogs, but I heard the dogs barking, probably with your feet out before you send them to that man on only fence. But never mind. Continue anyway.


Travis got he offers to pay a semester's tuition for five bcuz students. OK, I like that. Which is pretty dope. He said he's going to make that happen. I believe he picked two already. He says, I just want to take care of five kids wishing for their first semester of school. Why not? He says five kids that attend to BCU semillas schools. You heard he said his mom went to Grambling and my dad went to Peevey.


So drop that number, Travis. Drop how much that cost. And I'm saying that's a nice little drop on a close bonds with Travis Scott.


I like that he got it. And give him back. That's the thing to do. That's a beautiful thing. You know, I like when I love my. But I'm just saying I've done that before.


Not talking about you right now, Travis. I don't care. I want a shameless plug. I have a scholarship foundation at South Carolina State University. You know what I mean? You know, little quarter million dollars, nothing. Look for a good cause. You go dropped a number this afternoon, so you got to flex different, as you say, five students. That's right.


If you wanna do the math, since you want to do all the math, if you do five students a semester at VCU runs you about, what, twenty five thousand dollars, not a quarter of five each night in more than a semester.


Know where you know, you feel myself.


I want to come back to me.


I'm just saying you're going to start listing, right. OK, you know, cars and jewelry and all that nonsense. There you go.


Now, the governor of Florida, he's he's bugging out now. The Dolphins, he allowed the dolphins. He's going to give fully, allowed them to have full capacity at the next football game, the next Miami Dolphins football game. It holds sixty five thousand seats and he's given his approval for them to fill that arena up.


Is Florida man, let's go to Florida. Let Florida, Florida, OK. Why are you acting surprised? Why not? Sixty five thousand people. OK, who are you going to be mad at the governor for making for doing that on a sixty five thousand people that show up? Both.


But they're not going to allow the Miami Dolphins to holding allowed thirteen thousand people in so many Floridians at one time or thirteen thousand. They can spread that out. That could be six feet from each other.


OK, by the way, I know you only started off good with and then you just went back to regular news, but I'm not judging. Look, I don't do this now.


Rise to five nine. It looks like he is launching his own mental health program. It's called the Ryan Montgomery Foundation to combat the stigma against seeking mental health treatment and help provide care to people in need.


Troubling include for raised to five nine and what the hell I'm talking about right there. So the only way we're going to eradicate the stigma about mental health in our community is if everybody tells their stories. I am glad that raised five nine and tell them this story. I'm glad that raised the five nine and starting this foundation. And I am glad that he is using his power and his resources to help other people in that space travel include boys the five ninety nine.


His foundation will begin offering free care coordination by sharing a toll free number for its services and helping people out. So that is adopting Shout to the Dean, everybody in Detroit. And that is your roomer report.


Nesse Charlamagne, will you give me no.


Don't give to any of my peers to come to the front of the congregation this morning. We need to have a word with him. You want to fly to come to him on his own?


I don't do fly. OK, well, we'll get to that.


Let's keep it like this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Because right now you also. It's time for Documentation Day, so we have a few. I need to be done with the heat this year. Please tell him I had become Donkey of the Day, The Breakfast Club you're doing.


Yes. Thank you. Today for Thursday, October 8th, go the vice president of the United States of Arrogance, Mike Pence.


Let me tell you about. My God. OK, let me tell you about the creator I serve. Let me tell you about this mighty universe that my God created. And if you pay attention to all signs, you will see everything you need to see and hear everything.


Some signs of subtle, some signs are obvious.


Last night was an obvious sign from the universe that Mike Pence may indeed be a turd. Now, I don't know.


Mike Pence personally never met the man, never had a conversation with the man. But I know any man who can stand by the worst president in American history. Any man who goes along with the butt dumplings that drop out of Donald Trump's mouth. You can't have that much integrity or love for the country. So, yes, there's Mike Pence. Talk a good game.


Of course he does. He's an attorney. He's been in politics a long time.


He's way more articulate with his lies and alternative facts in Donald Trump. But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what package the fudge babies come in, they are still fudge babies. OK, you can put cake icing on those suicide surface and they are still sewer surface. You can put those, you know, tangy but nuts in the nicest package ever. Beautiful wrapping a pretty bow. And guess what?


It's still keester cakes. And we were reminded of that last night when Mike Pence was on that stage.


He was a on that stage, a young fly from Utah snuck his way in the building. And I'm not about to sit here and make a whole bunch of fly and Chewbacca Chung jokes, OK, like everybody is everybody else is doing OK. Everybody is saying that Mike Pence is full of a word I can't say on the radio. So I'll just say sugar, honey, ice tea like my girls tomorrow on air says.


But we are paying attention where you are paying attention to when that fly landed like I went back to watch. Now we can say to man is full of Toshie totin and boy oh boy.


When you go back and watch it, he has some brown dragon flying at his mouth with the fly landed immediately immediately after he said this line.


Listen, this presumption is that you hear consistently from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris that America is systemically racist. And that is Joe Biden said that he believes that law enforcement has an implicit bias against minorities is is a great insult.


But the fly landed right after he said insult, literally, right after he said insult Mike Pence. Michael Richard Pence got on national TV and told the American public that systemic racism in this country is just an idea, just an idea, not something black people have been experiencing since day one.


We have a presumption that there is systemic racism and there is no racial bias in law enforcement, according to a Harvard study. Black people are six times more likely to be killed by police during a police encounter. The Stafford Open Policing Project found that in a dataset of nearly 100 million traffic stops across the US, black drivers were about 20 percent more likely to be stopped than white drivers. The study also found that Onestop black drivers were searched about one point five to two times as often as white drivers, while there were less likely to be carrying drugs, guns, other illegal contraband compared to their white peers.


But I don't need to read that because the foundation of America was built on racism. Everybody knows that period. Nothing else to discuss is slavery, Jim Crow, segregation. What are we talking about? Mike Pence? This is why that fly to a residence on your head last night.


But two whole minutes. One hundred and twenty seconds. And the whole time that flies sat there, you were spewing this B.S. to the men and women who serve in law enforcement.


And I want everyone to know who puts on the uniform of law enforcement every day. President Trump and I stand with you. It is remarkable that that when Senator Tim Scott tried to pass a police reform bill, brought together a group of Republicans and Democrats. Senator Harris, you got up and walked out of the room and then you filibustered Senator Tim Scottsville on the Senate floor. That would have provided new accountability, new resources. But we don't have to choose between supporting law enforcement, improving public safety and supporting our African-American neighbors for all of our minorities.


Under President Trump's leadership, I always stand with law enforcement and will do what we want to thank you for your time in the lives of African-Americans. Thank you for his unemployment record. Investments in education is the fight for school choice for all of them. Thank you very much.


When I had diarrhea just flowing, it won't stop just coming out, running a hundred and twenty seconds.


You spewing B.S. about systemic racism, racism, not existing and no racial bias in law enforcement. And, you know, so I ain't even feel to fly. No, I was waiting for that forked tongue to come out of his mouth and for him to eat that fly last night.


But revealing your reptilian ways, would it be. Too much for the American public to handle. Let me take my 10 paper plane hat off and just simply say this is why we can't get anywhere in regard to systemic racism conversations in America. OK, because old white men like Mike Pence, who have benefited of systemic racism, who have privilege and power, they just simply don't want to acknowledge that systemic racism exists in this country. You know, why do won't acknowledge it?


Because the moment they acknowledge acknowledge it, they have to do something about it and they don't want to. Why would they? Why would you want to relinquish something that gives you an advantage over others in this country?


In a perfect world, white people would use their privilege to combat prejudice. But this world isn't perfect. And I personally, personally can work with a white man or a white person who acknowledges systemic racism and is willing to do something about it. But I can't work with a white man who is gaslighting me about something not existing that has been killing me and mine for hundreds of years in this country.


Please let me give Mike Pence the biggest hee hee haw hee haw, you stupid motherfucker, you dumb.


And this is Whitefly. Thought Mike Pence was full of Mississippi might last night. This is why that flight thought that Mike Pence was a prairie dog.


All right. And this is why you've got to get your black ass out and vote on November 3rd. OK. All right. Well, thank you for that donkey today. Now, one of our producers ran in here and said that the next presidential debate will be virtual. Best thing for everybody. Now it says Trump is refusing to participate in a virtual debate because Biden got Korona. He says, I'm not going to waste my time. And that's what he said.


As he said, Panjab, want a coupon for that goddamn gangsta man, Donald Trump? It's a Oakbank. Why he can't be that gangsta that Joe Biden should have said. I refuse to get on that stage with a man who got coronavirus because they still haven't said he's tested negative. That is true. You know what I'm saying? Wow. He said it's a waste of his time. I read a tweet tweet at Joe Biden and get on.


God damn, Zoome. That's how you feeling every time people ask me to do it. I'm tired of it.


OK, so my goodness gracious. All right.


Why don't we we all feel like that puzzle. Absolutely. You can't see and you're not zoom, zoom out. Zoom exhausted. I got to do it. I got to do a couple of zoom things coming up. You don't have to do nothing.


It is not. There's nothing else to do. I can't like I got to do homecomings on his own. Like I can't. Well, yes, I think. What else are we going to do? We can't. No, you got to do something better. Be like Donald and say it's a waste of your time. I'm not going to waste my time doing this. Virtual HBC. You won't come in. Yes. Oh, my God.


A bunch of them to Chatwal told ABC News. All right.


Now, when we come back, I'll bravas. Good rapper Killer Mike will be joining us to kick it with killer mikes. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody, is D.J., N.V., Angelilli Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. We got a special guest in the building, Killer Mike. What's up, brother?


So how are you doing, brother? You good? No, it's a big things out there. My brothers talk about it all the time. We talk about these financial institutions. We talk about how difficult it is to get money. We talk about how, you know, they don't look at us the same way they look at white people. So you decide to say, you know what, I'm a do it. I just open up my own bank.


I'm the online black owned bank, online black hole. I love it exactly about the size of it. So I've been I've been making black for as long as I've been banking. I have several different bank accounts, but I've never gotten rid of my big bank account because my grandparents thought that that was important because everywhere isn't it? Like like Atlanta. And it's difficult to get black back in some parts of the country. We know that 60, 64 percent of people are bad banking.


I'm on their phone and on their computer. So some actually brilliant people and I have to be a part of it. Some brilliant people put together an online banking and what you're able to do is bank right from your phone. Banking, which are able to do is go to a place and get like automobiles, home loans. And it's it's black folk, man, to be honest. It's just we are we are protesting things that are happening bad, but we have to start putting money into things that are going to help grow us.


We have young people on the board, on the bank as well, because a lot of times, you know what with the some of the other banks, it it was so much to get around in the race weren't as competitive and it was a lot difficult to get certain loans. You know, I do a lot in real estate.


So are younger people on the board that understands what's going on in today's market, just as they get people going, one of their targets is to get into businesses that normally would not be considered by the larger market because more difficult for me, say, for instance, to get a barbershop, because when you look at basically the majority of America, the going once a month every two months because they're not black. But if you look at one that's owned by black people, they know not only are blacks coming on a weekly basis that we have the ability to like we're doing, we sell, we sell shoes, we sell accessories, we do t shirts.


So we're a retail center masquerading as a barbershop. No other bank that's not black is going to understand it in the same way, but they don't understand why we can sell. Yes, it does. And capitalism having more competition creates a better place for customers if you want to look, four years ago when we did a black banking challenge and we took people to a black bank in a physical, all of a sudden we saw Wells Fargo come out with a sixty million dollar loan program for blacks.


So the more competition we have that helps us or people that look like us, the better the whole market is going to get. So I say we should welcome this in at least have one or more of your accounts with this bank and start to see that stuff's evens out. You can be able to go to a loan. They're going to understand your car loan better. You're under house loan better and bigger than that. They're going to understand your business loan.


Well, how does the online bank work might well, how is all of bank work? It works 65 percent already banking online. So essentially the same way your PayPal and things that work without such heavy fines, you're going to be able to use with this bank. I'm Greenwood. Go to w w w dot greenwood dot com, give it a try, you know, start off as low, as slow as you want, but as it works better, if you make sure you open up, you start to pivot because it looks like after this pandemic and things of that nature, people are going to start pivoting more toward money over their phone versus passing out sheets of paper as well.


So Greenwood, was that named after Tolosa? Yes, absolutely.


When you hear about the Tulsa, Oklahoma burning, all you hear is we've been victims, and that's absolutely true. But the grand evil beyond that evil moment in which our town was burned down, people were killed and forced out. The ultimate evil is they took away the opportunity we have created for ourselves. They had founded their own teaching hospitals. They had found their own residents. They had found their own way to turn a dollar thirty six times in their community.


A dollar only stays in our community six hours a day. Now, what about race?


You know, because most people say we ought to race competitive or they just competitive with the other banks and getting loans and things like that.


Yeah, the rates will be competitive. I won't talk details now because we have a banker and I can send him back to make sure you talk the details. His brother came for one of the largest banks. I've worked at several of them and he personally was the funniest thing there was when the brother said that he couldn't find black people to guy from Wells Fargo. People like you aren't looking because I know us and we're here. So we've got many of the brothers that came from the other bigger banks here to help grow this great.


You know, Robert Smith has a two percent plan. Well, he wants to see, yes, Fortune 500 companies donate two percent of their net income into black owned banks. So I want I want you to answer, how can black banking in black generational wealth, how do they complement each other?


The first piece of wealth you can have as a person who's come up out of middle class or regular poverty even, is homeownership the best thing you can do for the next generation? Is to bang on a piece of land and what black banks give you the opportunity to do is get the hold on ownership that you deserve about getting a loan with their rates that you deserve. And then you have something to have equity to borrow against. We have something to leave those that are coming after you.


And that's what our grandparents have been paying. Now, we not only need one to give us that cornerstone, that home loan that begins. Well, we need one that helps build us or understands the type of businesses we're open as well. And I would think that Greenwood is that. So I support Mrs. Smith in that greatly. There are many black people in finance that have done well, and I'm looking forward to working with them, to growing our financial education in our community and making sure that black people can do things like own a home and get home loans because it's a turbulent time comes a lot of times homeownership is the thing that saves families the cornerstone of them.


Not the same thing in the past.


I agree with you, but then you'll hear people say you can't homeownership your way out of poverty.


Mike, my great grandparents were sharecroppers in their lifetime. They got thirty three acre farm in Tuskegee. That farm is still in our family today. And although we don't farm on, a timber company pays us to grow there. So every January, me and my cousins and stuff get money because our great grandparents made that sacrifice. Yeah, I agree with you and I tell people that all the time.


I mean, it might not be something where you see right now and but your family will like you know, I have a couple of properties that I own that I don't necessarily think it'll make me a fortune of money off of it. But I know when I pass away one day, my five kids will never have to work because of those properties, you know? I mean, and they will make sure that the family's stable and we got to continue to do that and continue to teach each other how to do it.


And I think what you're doing right now with this bank is brilliant, because one of the hardest things for me coming up was finding lenders.


The I want to appreciate you see the two I know a lot of times is intertwined with me and you fuss and fight and talk smack and Cameron each other, people like that. But I want people to know that in Vietnam, first of all, just like Charlemagne and I, we're friends and associates. I love this brother, just like I love Charlamagne and off camera. And are I always talking real estate leaders, one of his parties, it sees us constantly keeping me in contact and we're going to do business.


We've done some cool stuff together. So I want to encourage people that beyond the entertainment aspect of it, let's make sure that we're doing things to cooperate, to try to help one another. Because if he doesn't want to see me sing and dance for the rest of my life, that I have to be like this to me, independently wealthy and being able to take care of my kids so I can choose. I was singing and dance. I want to do so.


I wanted to take time to appreciate the movie, but that you think about as much as people love to see us go back and forth, they need to know that we work in cooperation. And you're trying your very best to make sure that artists in particular are doing well. So I want to thank you with Cesar Dante, who's the builder, and all those guys. I've learned a lot from your surfwear. I appreciate.


I like many of us, I like to see the light skin. I love how was talking about.


I learned that I was trying to do what my dad likes, the way to help himself pop out to beat him up on the side of the club.


I know who we got more Kmetko when we come back is the Breakfast Club. Can we play a joint like I'm really feeling this joint is positivity and I like positive records that make me feel good. I want to play my man. Yes, I am Lil Duval. Little Doo doo Veazey. Be happy. This is the record I like. Like this starts my day. I just want to be happy featuring. Yeah that's right. You want to be happy to this little Duvall feature and to be happy is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning.


And Angelilli Charlamagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, was still kicking, it would kill omic now Charlamagne.


How do you anticipate making it easier to access loans for black people with Greenwood?


Well, when you look at the guys at the top, they're like Wayne Glover. When you look at guys like Powell, Judge Powell made a fortune in tech. Ryan comes out directly out of music and television. So Ryan was one of the founders and operators of noontime music. And he is. And he went on to found Bounce TV and sales bounce TV. So he's been successful like the indie everything's done. And he understands the difficulty of a black B is a minority view as a particular getting funding.


So from the ground up, you have a person or the president or founder of this bank that has literally coming out the same ranks that people are going to be coming from looking for home. But before we get to business, I mean, business ownership, before we get to business, let's look at this first. Let's get some deposits in there as well. Second step is let's get some home loans and auto loans going in in the next step.


Let's look at businesses that are successful in the community and need an injection of capital to grow. Perfect example, although they didn't put the capital behind this because this is a business call. It's a fake. It's all about taking. I'm trying to remember the name of it. It's a vegetarian restaurant here. Slutty, slutty, vegan. I'm sorry about my wife, but let me say slutty as much as I used to.


So my wife. My wife and Pinky are very good friends, but Pinky got an injection of capital and where she had an idea that my it took 15, 20 years to build out the injection of capital, has allowed her to open up multiple restaurants now multiple truck, which puts out multiple places so she can grow faster. So I hope that this bank, Greenwood, will be able to find the next bloody because the next needed thing in the African-American community help it grow because it understands from the African-Americans perspective as well.


That was going to ask, so is the bank ready for all operation? So can I let's say somebody wants to call right now for an auto loan or somebody is looking to buy a house right now and they need a preapproval or they needed approval. Is the bank fully operational for underwriting and everything? Is it ready to rock and roll? The bank will launch officially in January. Right now, you can you can line up to go to W w w bank, raywood dotcom.


You can start to preregister for your accounts. And then come January, not only will you be able to deposit, they'll start the programs with loans too. But I don't know the full again, we have to bring bring me and the actual bankers back. I don't know the full steps to doing that, but there will be event. All right. You know, Mike, before you go on, as you a couple more questions I got to ask you about.


Brian Cabell saw Brian Kemp in the swag shop. You know, folks was upset about that. They would have said that you wanted to go meet with him at the governor's house. Why you conversations with folks like Brian Kemp, important to you?


Well, let me say more people were ecstatic about it. Right? So the people that show up on line and complain are rarely the people that you actually see on the field working. There's a woman named Tiffiny who used to work at a criminal record. She's a brilliant sister. She has an advertising company. Now, she and I are in the process now of helping the state program, actually, a nonprofit field, 70 seat. They have been 70 seats open for black boys in my zip code, my whole zip code and other zip codes that focus on black boys that have been trying to get black with the trades program.


They haven't had a celebrity or push for someone to say these slots are available. First step is we're going to get those 70 slots feel well. What does that mean? The average intern boy tray comes out making seventy one to eighty one thousand dollars a year. So if you look at the ability of a young man or young woman to go to trade school for 18 months, to come out making in excess of seventy thousand dollars, what you have created a stability factor that's not there.


Now you have a young father who all of a sudden is able to take care of his children, a young mother and father who are able to get married because they're not worried about if she will lose governmental program, things of that nature. So that's a big deal. The next step is the governor put me on with the head of all trades in Georgia, and we are going to be creating an advertising campaign to push younger people into the trades.


Georgia will be growing the next twenty years. So there's going to be a lot of building that people are going to need electricians, plumbers, lower layers, and that's going to be 20, 30 years of work. So we're suited for that. And if we're ready for that, our community will grow. If we're not, they're going to import people there and our community will stay dentists in terms of food, money, shelter and things of that nature.


And we simply can do better than that if we invest in the trades now. So I appreciate the governor for meeting with me. I appreciate the governor for keeping his word and coming by the shop and supporting say he had a great haircut. And but I appreciate him most of all, what he's trying to do and making sure give him a trade is easier in the state of Georgia. And black people, people who are poor, disenfranchised people are working class, get an opportunity to step up out of their class and into the next class.


What makes me mad about that? When people come at you over stuff like that, it's like I don't care who I see my going to talking to. I know my girlfriend and I know whoever he's talking to, he's speaking on behalf of the black community. So does it ever get discouraging, seeing how black people come at you for having no means?


Well, you know, my wife you know, my wife is from the housing project, as a matter of fact, is one of the countries that all laugh about. And so she never lets me forget my job. She said, boy, your job is saving the day. Don't ever forget. And whatever and whatever you do or your old days, you try to help and sometimes people won't appreciate it. Sometimes they're not. And I can understand people's misconception, that perception.


But that's not going to stop me from doing the work. I have been working in my community since I was 15 years old. That's thirty years of work. So it doesn't much matter their criticism. My only criticism of them is I never see you criticizing next to me while I'm doing the work. So if you want to critique me, OK, really show up at bay. Can't see for me and try feeding 500 families along with Parkis. If you want to judge me, show up on the ground when I'm campaigning for people like the how to feel.


John Lewis, his congressional seat. You know, that's my thing. So I don't mind being pretty. I just like to see you doing the work. And then we can have a philosophical debate, not from the comfort of our home.


Yeah, I know people who don't like Brian. They said he was actively engaging in voter suppression against them.


Yeah, let me say let me say George is head of one hundred and forty years of democratic governance. Right. The system that allowed for him to cheat, if you believe he cheated has been in place one hundred and forty years. I would argue that system robbed and the years of being the first black man. I mean, I'm governor. So my question becomes, do I waste the next four to eight years while he's governor complaining? How do I get my current governor into an attempt to change that system, so systemic racism is what you're trying to fix and change, right?


So systemic cheating in politics is what you. So I would encourage Georgians to engage their governor with the doubts and concerns of your community and a greater community. And then I would say see how you can change the system that the secretary of state does not oversee if you really passionate about it. But if you're only mad about the last election and you ignore the fact that there's one hundred and forty year system that allow for this, then you're not doing the credit that you think you're doing in terms of making sure it never happens again.


If you believe that's happened right now. I have the governor I have and I have got submissions on what I can prove and prove my community, and that's what I would do. And lastly, I'd like to say about that, John F. Kennedy, who's on everybody's grandmother wall, do we look at him as a progressive Democrat, was not in favor of signing the civil rights bill. Lyndon Baines Johnson was a confirmed Dixiecrat. That's right. We knew we knew what he would even care much for.


You wasn't working for you. He is the person that signed the bill because the pressure from the African-American community made him do that.


And he was so racist that he actually called it the bill.


But he didn't pass a law. As you passed the bill, you could call it whatever you want to just give me a fair opportunity to compete in the work place so I could get picked up like these. I give and take here about the next two or three days in a row. Right. You all got to do.


We got more killer when we come back. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. The Breakfast Club.


You're checking out the world's most dangerous morning show, morning, everybody. Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now, usually this is where we do rumors, but we got our brother killed Mike in the building. Now, Charlamagne, you bought up Lyndon B. Johnson.


And I keep saying that if you know people like Barack Obama with JFK, Barack with JFK and Joe Biden potentially has the opportunity to be a Lyndon B. Johnson, do you see that?


Well, before we get to buy, let's say our current President Trump, have you have read his platinum package? My question to the Democrats is, why haven't you counted that? Because there was some things that were pretty impressive when you talk about adding three million jobs to the African-American community, financial support of 500000 black black businesses, and potentially, what does he say, five 500 million, five hundred billion as an injection into our economy? That's powerful.


And what I like to say is coming out of the street background in urban radio, minibus, no street people. Right. Street people get over their prejudices a real easy when there's a drought in. Somebody's got to know that, right? You get what I'm saying. So whatever issues you may have, let me just encourage all black people to read that platinum package. And I didn't say vote for Trump, but your expectation should be better. And I like the fact that you are dealing with a casino owner.


I don't gamble yet. When we go to Vegas, our room be damned if we get free drinks because my wife is a gambler. So the casino owner has an interest in keeping her happy. I don't know if Trump like black people. I don't care if Trump likes black people, if his package helps my community. My question to the Democrats become why aren't we stealing? Points out that package making that package a part of your program that specifically says black people.


So until we start to address why our allies are pivoting into us, we have to say to ourselves, we don't know who's going to be. Yeah, I have some I had some conversations with some Republicans about the platinum platinum plan. And what I told them is Donald Trump's the president. You don't got to make policy commitments. If he really wants to get done, he can do it.


Yeah, he could. He could. With this. With that said, though, I have never in my lifetime seen any president so fortuitously say, I'll give you this by people you know, and I want to tell people that bigger than your presidential race is who is running locally. Your local elections matter far more than your national elections on a day to day basis on a local level. Let me give you this example. We had a black prosecutor in Atlanta for 24 years by the name of Paul, how people are deathly afraid of Paul because he won't give you no slack on your sentence in one of my brothers got life and sentenced another brother got life.


I say one probably deserved it. One probably did. You know what I mean? So he didn't play? Yes. A young woman who worked in his office who helped start a program that's now part of the prison called Next Level Boys Academy. They always need donations. I'll look them up and I'll check them out. Gary Davis next level has saved many young men from long prison sentences because they get the people on the ground want to see a more progressive district attorney.


She just won district attorney in Atlanta. This is the importance of local elections. So local down that path to Elizabeth. Tasmina, go. I won't try to figure that out in the Tasman. So tares gives the route. So I want to support her straight no chaser show. And one of the things she's already told you is you might as well at this point what happened happened, the terms that national election. But down that ticket, who's going to be your prosecutor?


Who's going to be your judge? Who's going to be your share? Who's going to be your mayor? Who's on a school board? Those things affect you on a daily basis, far more than any president. So I want you to educate yourself on the ground.


I want to thank you, too, for introducing me to Taslim Figueiro. Ma'am, I love her when you connect me with Tantallon. We've been we've been we've been hitting the ground ever since. It's great shot. No Chaser podcast on the Black Radio Podcast Network. I want to congratulate you too man. I have you know, I just I love you like a brother. I love both of you guys, not only for what you do in terms of being famous radio, but the real world application of economics in terms of envy, the real world application, in terms of media economics, you you only as good as the circle of people in the face of that challenge.


You and I want to appreciate both you black men today, because oftentimes we aren't congratulating you know, both of you men have families, both you may rocks and pillars in your family in organization. And I think that more of that is replicable and possible. And we need to keep encouraging one another in that way. And that's a part of this black breaking challenge. The men who helped start this, Ryan Glover, Paul Judge Andrew Young, boldly on his side.


These men are men of character and integrity who want to bring a good and service that will not only be good for them and their company, but be good for the greater community. And I'm very happy to be in a circle of men like you to know.


We appreciate you, too, Mike. You know the work that you're doing and we appreciate you.


And we we're glad to have a brother like you on our side.


I got one more question, though, and your focus is always on local politics, but what do you think about the presidential election? Are you are you participating in the process?


I have to be. And I want to encourage black people. When you go in there, you have. No guilt about whoever you vote about, vote for your gut and who you think is going to help you and your community on an individual basis, and you take that figure out of the voting booth and call your local politicians accountable for what they promised they're going to do, because no politics matters like local politics and on a national level whose national policy is going to affect people locally.


I don't give a damn who likes me or not.


Mike is all business. But Mike, I seen you care of a politician before that so-called losing. What's he talking about? The Tyler Perry grand opening. And there was a certain certain former president on the red carpet, Mike Tyson, talking to them on the bailout. Too many black people.




I do not know when I talk to it, when I talk to Senator Harris and I appreciate her conversation. She had a bunch of black me, yourself included, and she honestly took she took the advice back to the party. But, you know, one of the things I told her, I said, to be very honest with you, I don't I think it's that simple in terms of black men and the children of men who serve inappropriate amounts of time in prison for nonviolent drug offenses.


I think that it do by good to look at a camera and say, I apologize. That's right. I was mistaken. You know, Southerners are very forgiving people. Once you admit you're right, it's that it's important that you just say, you know, I mean, Southern men deserve to all be across the nation who got hit with all jail sentence. But in particular, if you want to take the south, I just encourage the Democrat to make amends with me.


Like right now, Roland Martin put out a tweet saying, you know, that the Democrats had better start talking to black men. We've been telling Democrats that for six years. That's right. You know, black women give 96 to 98 percent of the vote. Black men give 90 to 95 percent of their vote. So the fact that you ignore that is that is the disrespect in itself. That is the absolute.


Mike, we love you, brother. Given that a website would ban W. w w. that back Greenwood dot com.


There you go. Well, thank you, brother. We appreciate you killing my love. You can't I will shoot to kill a mike for joining us now. When we come back, we got the People's Choice mix. Get your request in right now and also shout to revolt. We'll see you guys. Tomorrow is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club, your mornings. I'll never be the same.


Forty eight states ban texting and driving. So if you do it, you're not only putting people at risk, you're breaking the law. Right? Tickets to save lives. Remember, you drive, you text, you pay brought to you by Nizza. Morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy. Angela Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club now shout out to kill Mike for joining us this morning. Silicio from the Ville, Michael RenderMan.


Michael has launched the online black bank called Greenwood Bank.


And you know, Michael is just a brother who always inspires me. I love him. He's a leader, a God amongst men. I'm glad he exists.


Absolutely. And also, Cedric Richmond checked in, co-chair of the Biden campaign. Absolutely. To talk about last night's debate. And, you know, I absolutely agree with him.


You know, like we have to make room for black women to show up as their full selves, because I really, really, really, really, really hate the fact that Senator Kamala Harris can't get off right the way she wants to because, you know, people are going to label her an angry black woman.


So what how can your therapist tell you to feel your feels, which my therapist tells me to do? What if the feeling I feel is anger?


What's wrong with it?


To let black women let us be let us be who we are just right.


Let's you black women, which I won't do. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. No, I'll just say I got three daughters at home and and I want them to be able to show they have their full selves at all times and not have to worry about how they're going to be labeled.


Perhaps they've got time for that. All right. Well, when we come back, we got the positive note at the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are The Breakfast Club, the Solomon. You've got a positive note. Yes, indeed it is positive.


No. Comes from my man, Dominga Ruys, one of my favorite authors for agreement's fifth agreement, Knowledge Mastery Yourself. But yes, down together we said death is not the biggest fear we have. Our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive, to risk, to be alive and express what we really are. Breakfast Club.


This is the catch HBO, Max's new limited series, The Murders at White House Farm, now streaming based on the shocking true story. In 1985, five family members were murdered at their isolated farm. Initial evidence pointed towards a murder suicide committed by one of the family members. However, one detective refused to accept this, diving deeper into the evidence and unraveling the mysterious layers of the murders at White House Farm now streaming only on HBO Max.