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And allow me to introduce myself. What are you doing in Angeliki and Charlamagne, the God? Well, I came a long way. I think that's all I have a certain amount of respect for. You know, what everybody else does. Dollar just the best in which this platform, the Reshow, had that you earned make space for somebody like you guys have a direct line to the coaches. Oh, my God, I'm on the red carpet and all I do is read about the breakfast every morning.


Good. You guys are trending every you know, I drag my ass out of town. I'm like, what happened on the Breakfast Club today?


Let's go. This is your time to get it off your chest.


So the young man. I hear from you on the Breakfast Club that you've got something on your mind, let it out. Hello, who's this? Good morning. This is the guy out of South Carolina. Hey, what's happening, King? Yeah, what's up, man? Absolutely. And we just want to get it off my chest that I'm blessed to have my son two days ago. First for graspable congrats strangulations. King. Yes. Yes, sir.


Yes, sir. It is good out here. A thank you guys for me on. And God bless all you. All righty. All right. Thank you. Hello. Who's this motivation for now? I'm selling it to emerge. Good morning and good morning. And I'm like you. I'm listening to talk of the. I'm saying I just want to just one part of this morning. I'm on my way to work this morning first thing I put on myself.


So that is helpful to sort of getting it right. I'm coming in to work and night and it just makes me think like this is a perfect time for us as a race, you know, to get out there and get it. You've got people you like the Emmys showcase in black and black actors and actresses and stuff like that. It's a shame that they didn't do this beforehand. It's like being at a dance in high school and middle school.


You're not going to dance with somebody else, but we can be out here getting it. We should be out here getting it. There's no better time. I like the way I get it. I'm out here getting everybody else get it to get it. A man like George said to show said you should be getting it while the getting is good. Get it while you can. An Ice Cube did a live video yesterday and he said the same thing.


He was like, yo, we got a very short window. We got to get out while we can. Very, very short window. Very short window. But I like what's going on out west with was spending and feel fabricated to a certain extent with big company like Amazon and stuff like that guy was a rock. And what I was young saying I was in band rock and whatever. So but we all heard getting it man. I love ya man.


I once I have a great productive week. All right, brother. Thank you, man.


Hello. Who's this? Hey, this is Shauntay from Vegas by way of California.


Hey, Shantee from Vegas. Get it off your chest.


You know, I just want to say that I appreciate you guys. Like, I feel like I've grown we've grown with you guys and just listening to you guys over the years and you guys, that's a great example on entrepreneurship and just business and just growing like. I just really want to thank you guys for showing me. Are you there? Yes, ma'am. So I'm a therapist from from Vegas. And I know that she didn't do this consciously.


But, you know, you talk about the therapy, which I think is a beautiful thing. But when you say that you don't seek out black therapist, I just want you to be a little bit more cautious about those words, especially for, you know, black, young, black people listening who may be questioning and wanting to see a therapist. Like, I think it's great that, you know, we have black therapist that can help our community and that can really relate.


You know, you guys have some jobs on there to watch with. I'm so happy that, you know, people are discussing and talking about therapy, but it just seems like you guys have great experiences with those black therapists. So I just want to know a little bit more excited conches. No, you're right. But when I when I first started therapy, the reason I didn't want a black therapist is because I didn't want anybody to reinforce any prejudices or biases or narratives I already had in my head, you know, in regards to, you know, the race white people, because, you know, that is a primary source of our anxiety.


But now I do want somebody who's a little bit more culturally competent, and I have been seeing somebody who's a lot more culturally competent. So I'll be OK. I'm black. A black woman. Yes, but you and I know you say that. Yes. Yes. OK, awesome. Because really, when we it out, therapy is the best question to ask the therapist, honestly. And this is for everyone listening actually. THERAPIST One question.


Are they in therapy like all therapists need to be in therapy. And if you have a therapist in therapy, that's a great indicator that no matter what they are, they'll be competent in what they're doing because we can't be hypocrites out here except in people, you know, to really get the help that they need and we're not giving it. So I just wanted to bring that to your attention. So I'm glad that you clarified that. That's been on my chest for a few weeks nationally after that interview.


So but again, I appreciate you guys. What you doing? If you guys can check out. So let me especially you new way empowerment. And so we're really trying to change mental health, especially in the black community. And so, yeah, check it out. All right. Thank you. Empowerment Center, New Way Empowerment Center. Yet in Las Vegas where black working at company. And we really are just dedicated and passionate about helping, not I mean everyone, but especially people in our community for our community.


All right. Well, thank you for checking in, Mama. Thank you, guys. Have a good day. You, too. You to get it off your chest.


800 555 105 one if you need to hit us up now is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


Wake up, wake up. Wake your ass. This is your time to get it off your chest. Are you mad or blessed? We want to hear from you on the Breakfast Club. Hello this morning, as we be so happy to empty handed what I saw. Hey, good morning. How are you? Oh, fine, thank you.


Hi, Paul Charlamagne. He wasn't there, but I'm glad to hear your voice. I had a question for you. Charlemagne's. Yes, ma'am. Why are you always are you always yawning in the microphone like that? Why do you do that? Why do you do that?


Simple, simple answer. Don't tell me. Because I'm tired. Because I wake up early in the morning. Don't tell me that dog is sick. Something in the morning. No, he's not. Still young. And why you're not still young and wet and cold at six a.m. in the morning. So you want him to mute the mcwhinney? Don't nobody want to hear all that. That's just me. That's like somebody on your right next to me and my ear.


I'm like, damn, what are you doing right now? You're like, Oh yeah, this is NPR. Oh, I don't really know.


Well, you know, I hate to know that I pass gas to sometimes not my.


Oh, not here we go to the bathroom. You pull your pants down. Right.


They anyone know. Thank you. Oh, one more thing, one more thing. Elijah McClain, Sandra Bland, Rihanna Taylor. That's right. There you go, baby. I like that. Hello.


I'm just about to jump before she said that, by the way. Hello. Who's this? My name is calling from London Day. Good morning. He's Adam Carolla. Yes, sir, my friend.


Talk to me. Can I see a few pictures on your Instagram of your your new beard? Looking good for you because I knew it to not a shot. OK, thank you. Oh, beard, beard. Beard. Oh, you like that. Thank you, sir. I appreciate that. Yeah.


I'm the founder of a Beard Gang Members Big Gang in London. It gang members. Check out how bad gang members give me some tips on the beard.


I mean, I think I'm a keep it man.


I got a feeling a little wrong for you asking for a tip. I feel the connection. How should I groom it? Should I? What kind of oil should I put on it?


OK, so what we do, we specialize in based Petcare product. I know you like your CBD, so. Yes, sir. Do you speak honestly is the best thing I've ever used and I appreciate it. And now it's taken off and people are loving it. So I would love to send you some if that's if that's what he's.


Yeah man. Yeah. I'm a put you on hold and I'm have to give you the address and the text messages I him to send it to. Yeah.


Man, check, check out our Instagram feed gang members. Our website is also feared gang members, dot com all very simple. All right. But you know what about my dear, you might.


Well, he wants to know about a mustache. Yeah. You don't like my dog or you know what's crazy?


A lot of women actually buy it for their partners. I know. Try out. And a lot of women, I get it even with you saying they've used on their routes and ages and this is improving a lot and they are. Oh well, yeah. I mean, you care about our beards too. And a lot of our wax is right now. I need help my jeans toolbar and my just been using on a tip of his head where he's been losing hair and he said it's healthy.


I would try that too.


Well thank you for checking in bro. I'm serious. If I'm willing to put Monistat on my head, I damn sure put a little beard grease in there. Hello this time.


And Fisheye. Hey Shake right now is shy. Oh shy. I that I do. I love you. I can. Hey, good morning. How can you be shy.


Just shy. I'm here shy. Leave me alone. I'm from California.


Yeah. Yeah. Open it back up in California. You going outside.


I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to be right at home when I get it off your chest. Mama, what's up. Yeah, stop being shy.


I want you to say I appreciate you guys. I welcome you guys all the time. Well, thank you, Sheriff. Thank you so much. Sweet. Yeah.


And I actually want to say something. I haven't seen the camera man in a long time.


We haven't seen we I don't know if you got furloughed or fired. You know, nobody's in the office.


So we you know, we don't we don't see anybody from revolt.


OK, sure. I mean, you were talking about Brandy and Monica versus baño. Yes, ma'am. With you said Monica. But I think Brandy will win. But I wanted to something that I love all of you.


Why did you please them with them? I don't know if John, even though if he's alive, I haven't even seen them on Instagram.


OK, I feel bad about. This about Steve, so Steve called me twice, right, but I was on my Instagram live doing an interview and so I had to send him right to voicemail and I forgot about it until you brought it up just now.


She had me call Steve Checkerboards to feel bad. Yeah, I don't want to follow Steve because it's probably so depressing. I'm here.


Yes. Cinemateca. You got to give it your best shot. OK, yes. Send it to me, Shyama. Hook you up. I'll call him later. Thank you.


Steve, give us these Instagram and don't make Steve day to get a dime.


Steve in pictures. Steve. Yeah. There you go. 80 Steve in pictures. All right. He still has his in his bio says the Breakfast Club went off. Shut up.


Get it off your chest. Hundred five eight five one two five one. If you need to vent, hit us up now with the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. The Breakfast Club. Morning, everybody, is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are, the Breakfast Club, we got a special guest on the line right now. He just turned 50 years old.


Irv Gotti. Yes.


Old man Gotti is on the phone, but I feel renewed and refreshed and ready for the second run.


Yes, I saw you doing a six challenge for your fiftieth, you know, as much as I could. Let's talk about that, because I got over a hundred thousand views, like two thousand copies. It totally went bananas. Right. My nieces and I know the Jacksons like, come on, you got to do it. You got to do it. So they didn't know I was so little figuring out what I was going to do, that shoulder or whatever to shake.


So what I did is I had to go viral, but I was like, once it happened and it got old, I was like, I will post some really meaningful things that are going can feel like I feel important and it will get nowhere near the amount of ticktock.


Right. So it's the young it's a young generation of world like my own. And so they felt it was like, you hear that? That was it.


Right now you got to do the dance dance, grand opening, grand clothes.


So that was it. And I've got a pick.


That guy I got I got tick, tock, tick, tick, tick, tick tock, tick tock or not tick, tick, tick, tick tock, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick tock. Now you're back in the music.


You're jumping back in full steam.


I jump back, you not just throw the whole body because it's decided that God blessed me with just so you know, like I wanted to be maybe like ten years ago, which I don't Beato want to do like a regular artist or someone who I don't think to take over the world. I met the guy, my nephew, who's 22 years old, because he said, oh, God, look, you know, what is the young guy? Young world.


I don't want older rappers.


You don't I don't think I do. All the rappers to take over the world.


Who do you like from like right now before we get into who your artist is? Because you're saying, like, the older generation doesn't really it's like a divide. So for you like what artist? Because I was watching the BET Awards yesterday and seeing like who was nominated, who was winning awards. Who do you like from the younger generation?


I love I love doing this. I think Travis Scott is a beast and I like the go out with different Ohad because I'm so into music and I kind of understand artists and understand the new generation. Here's the one thing I don't like about this new generation is they played with with disrespect of the industry.


Now, where's he from?


He's from Gary, Indiana.


Like Freddie Gibbs is pretty good, but it gets a lot of people down here.


Everyone who talks me about Gary, Indiana, he's like, yo, it's the hood.


And that's how Michael Jackson's fans do it. Now, of course, that's the flip side of the Jackson family with crazy Gary, Indiana. Today, they said the house is like a fixture of Gary, Indiana.


Now, I was going to ask, you know, with this new artist, so are you full blown record label, Irv Gotti? Is this bringing murder back or is it just the artist you DeBelin and dabble with? Like, what's the plan for God and murder?


Wait till I die so I'm not going to come back and change the date. I got a big company visionary. I did the flag that I want to be in film. I'll be visionary directors. Don't be murdering. I'm saying. But I'm a different person than I am. I am also heavy studio film, five TV series Our Tails is coming back to you. The three month is called it so is that they allow me to shoot. Ready to shoot.


I got this of a series of spin off from season one called Trackways that. So it's amazing that the metal beating that is of a joint called the probably the I don't know if you call caught the HBO toxifying with my man Chris Dobkins, who was about to take place. I got the series to that documentary on the T plus. Then I got the click click result. It's like Entourage, but based on hip hop and rappers and in the rapper, do young rappers archpriest?


And I call that click that's on USA Network. And then I got a joint which you kill and Shaunie O'Neal called. I want to see less on CBS I five. And then I got two movies, and I'm happy to announce that we are still going for The Breakfast Club, but I got a signed deal with Warner Brothers, you know. You know me. I got a big mouth, right.


So, yeah, I spilled the beans were like, yo, don't don't say suicide. You're talking too soon. But I'm like this done.


I we got more ergative when we come back. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club.


We're still kicking in with Irv Gotti.


And what's the relationship with everybody in it now? Have you spoke to him a little while? You didn't speak to some of the members. Did you speak to any everybody. So when you do this documentary, you can get I know you speak serious.


I know you speak you spoke to Lloyd. Now, what about Ashanti and everybody else?


I wish society all the love and the best thing in the universe in the world. But the direction I'm going in now with my young boy, really the only people who is to the task that. But that's me and black child to me, Rugrat Jati and my girl. My girl just got a a white female rapper. Hot Mama. Right. So that's that's more it to me. And moving forward, you know, I still bang boogie bird I still being with the circle.


They got their deals with me honey. But my whole total focus and energy right now is in that JT young boys and Gary. And I'm doing that because I know if I could get him to reach the heights of this hip hop culture in this world, I know for a fact that he spearheaded the whole resurgence of murder rates and he tracked this guy. Right, hit records and fifteen, twenty minutes.


You going to play something every day? Yeah, we go we're going to play a joint before we play is doing. I got one last question.


When you feel like everyone when he plays the joint, he's going to play. Right. A lot of dive with one of the records that he made when he first got to the studio after I was introduced to him by my new assistant, Jackson, and my nephew Jawan. And he did five records in like a couple hours. Wow. Is a dad was one of those records.


Before we play right at that question, do you think the industry now is too hard on anything Jarrel does? And the reason I say that is, you know, Jarrel shot that commercial, I guess, for a TV show. And people like, oh, my gosh, Jarrod's doing a GIROA commercial. Then he was performing out in the show. Oh, my gosh. Before four, five people. You think, like, enough, enough. Like, leave John alone.


They tough on job, I think, because of the beef week with that guy. I think it's just something that until we have overwhelming success and me too, I get a little bit, not as much as they questioned me and they think I'm whack your whack and he kills and destroys your career. But just be like, OK, OK. Right. So I think because of the situation, it's a unique situation and that's what keeps the negativity and the ball going.


But I noticed something I noticed something this time and I noticed a change in the comment when they was trying to go in on a commercial and people was like, yo, what are you talking about? He's making money. He did a commercial and he didn't even do a commercial. Was part of the TV series that he has on TV.


But I think out of context, people didn't know what it was. It just looked like it was a commercial.


It wasn't working because when I first I was like, just look crazy because it didn't even look it didn't even look right. It even pronounce the names right. Everything was okay.


But you know what's crazy? He's going to win the TV set because it's a bunch of celebrity because that thing was so viral. Yeah. So that's what I go if you see the first post that he posted, he was taking like, you know, he's for the marketing. Right.


He blew it out and it worked out great because that's what the commercial media exposure he got was the exposure for no money. Right. Know, so it worked and it worked out well.


You know, the other thing is when he was doing the thing, really, that was his man said, but he he made it because John has become an icon and icon spokespeople for any type of shows. So let's introduce this record.


That's why he did go back to my Magic City. It's crazy because I say it's God's plan because God bless. And that was good God also with this pandemic, gave me the time to make other two albums on. That's where the studio expected so far, and I had an accumulation of music that I wasn't given the people, I would say I'm now here on the Breakfast Club there. Once he breaks in like his pop and the radio and everything, you want to hear from J.T. for the next seven years.


I got enough music right now for three years of his.


We appreciate you for checking in. Brother of a black owned business before black owned.


Oh, my gosh, I. Irv Gotti is the Breakfast Club. Good morning, everybody.


Is D.J. Envy, Angela Ye Charlemagne, the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now, if you just joined us, we open up the phone lines. We're asking if, you know somebody is a Trump supporter.


Do you how do you feel about that? Do you still mess with them?


I think it depends on what it is. I can't see myself being cool with somebody who I know would support somebody that, you know, supports white supremacy and doesn't denounce it and has done harmful things to the black community. So that makes it difficult for me to understand why you would think that person is a good person and support. Now, I can't tell anybody who to vote for, but if you are very vocal in that, I think that would probably lead to a lot of arguments, you know, but I was talking to my daughter about this the other day.


But, you know, a lot of people voted for Trump for different reasons, not necessarily because of of his of how he feels, but because of his policies, like they feel that Trump will cut taxes for people. So that's why they voted for him.


They feel like Trump will do things like support the NRA and maybe they are gun supporter or they think that Trump will give us rebates. And if you have businesses in the U.S., so people vote for Trump for different reasons, you know, just what do you do?


You know, I friend before he was president, you might have thought maybe been more optimistic. But now seeing what has happened moving forward, are you saying I would vote for him again is a whole nother story. Yeah, that is true.


And like I tell you, some people vote for their own personal reasons. For me, I vote for really I be honest with you. I vote for my community. I want to see my community do better right now.


Yes, yeah. Yeah, of course. Me getting tax cuts and tax breaks and all that stuff, my business will be great. But how does that benefit my community? It doesn't benefit my community. I need my community to be benefited.


And if that doesn't benefit my community, then I don't need it, you know, so we just see so many racist people feeling empowered right now and we see how divisive things have been and we see no true leadership. And so I think that makes it really difficult to even justify how you can say, well, I get some tax breaks.


You know, I'm totally with you. And every time I see a Trump flag, it irks me. It like really makes me upset. And I don't know why. And of course, everybody has the right to vote for whoever they want to vote for. They have the right to put whatever flag they want in their yard. But every time I see that that flag, it makes me feel white supremacy every time I see it, that's how I feel.


That's that's the taste I have in my mouth.


And I really dislike it. But let's go to the phone lines. We just know what type of person you are then, that's all.


Yeah. Hello, this is Nicole. Hey, Nicole. Good morning. Come on now.


Let me ask you a question. If you know somebody is a Trump supporter, how do you feel about them as a person?


So if it wasn't a problem with me, like, I was like, OK, whatever you want. The whole Black Lives Matter playing games with George Blowen. I watched him on Facebook and I have to say it. And as soon as Trump get on the air and do his whole law and order, they got so much to say. And it's like, yeah, we've got to protest. But if Noblet like, come up for it, right, quiet as a mouse will say nothing and then he has to put hey, he wants to keep these monuments and statues up of people who were white supremacists and racists.


And I am oppressive.


I don't even understand how as a human being right now, you can't say, you know what, let's make making you you like black lives matter. But it's nobody's point. Like I said, Black Lives Matter point blank, period. Yeah.


I you know, people I support Trump. It's just I just I just don't necessarily want to, you know, want you in my circle. That's my honest truth. And yet you have the right to support who you want to support and put whatever flag you want to put on it.


But when I see the way that he treats our people, talk to our people, he retweeted somebody that said white supremacy. And like he says and does wow ish. Hello, who's this?


And my name is Malcolm of very marginal. Say good morning, B.J. in the morning. And I listen, I'm from New York, Brooklyn.


You know, Glenn, so we're asking if you know a Donald Trump supporter, how do you feel about them as a person? Well, I'll be honest with you.


You know, I'm saying this is a good friend of mine I known for years. I mean, I watch his kids. He's watched my kids. One thing I'll say, we have a big difference when it comes to political opinions, but we still respect each other's values, correct? At the same time, like I told them, I said, I I'm not big on Trump, you know, ever since I ever since a Central Park issue, I was like Central Park five.


I get respect. Yeah, I respect them because, you know, at the end of the day, he contaminated the whole jury pool and the boys weren't able to get a fair trial.


Correct. You know, so he can't even own up to that to this day.


He can't even just say, you know, way you don't own up to it, you don't own up to it at all. You know, so first of all, I want to say I'm an essential worker. So I seen that the worst people I've had to deliver to for Amazon to me have been Trump supporters, everybody else on average. I stopped by to say I thank you. You know, we appreciate you. You know, everything. But every time I stopped at a house, I had a Trump flag in front of it would give me a nasty look.


All right, you know? And I'm like, oh, I want to have the to you. I'll take it back. You won't be here for another couple of days.


I love it. And let me tell you something. I will say this like Trump's supporters are coming at me and going hard on social media. I enjoy it. I'm like, please be mad. I think for me, as long as I feel like I'm on the right side of things and I'm moving with how I feel in my heart. And if you have a problem with that, then I welcome I'm happy. I'm happy we're not on the same side.


I'm happy we don't agree. I'm going to great with it.


Hello. Who's this? Hey, man, what's going on? Are we talking about Donald Trump? If you know somebody is a Donald Trump supporter, how do you feel about him now?


I don't feel that way about him. I think that they want it before they want to support him.


So you could marry somebody USA, he was a Trump supporter or B, just best friends.


I mean, why not? We we married people every day. That's you know what? I'm just I'm just wondering. Yeah, I wouldn't say.


I mean, there are people that hate my friends, you know, but for somebody like Donald Trump that I feel kind of a red flag.


Right. Yeah.


Doesn't doesn't like my community in some of the racist things he said and some of the agendas he pushed, you know, kind of makes me feel a little funny, don't you.


Don't you agree? I don't agree. I mean, I go to people say, think you know, what's funny is that there's a baby in America state of Pennsylvania. But if a person that thinks I'm dead, I can't even take his words out of context. I heard of things. Like what?


Like the fact that he retweeted the guys in white supremacy. I was that taken out of context. Why power?


I may have people people say things every day. I don't mean they are racist. They don't mean they don't mean every you say.


So if you say racist things, it doesn't make you racist. It was that racist or was it a feeling of being bigoted. Right. That's so what makes you wonder?


What makes someone what makes someone a racist to you? I mean, the question is what I feel a certain way. If a person support Trump is not what I think is racist. I just added, what if a person supports Trump? That's the thing. I don't know. I'm not to look at him for Trump.


OK, happy birthday. Well, thank you.


I mean, it's just the way that I think. What's the most moral of the story? Easy of the story is it's easy to say. Do you accept when doing you affects us in such a negative way? And we've been seeing that happen is so much right now with police brutality, with all of the hate that's going around, with all these Karens feeling empowered to call the police, thinking that people will get arrested. We'll see what happens when people do call the police for no reason on black people.


We're seeing all the divisiveness in the country. It's hard to say. Do you? Yeah, I can't.


It just makes me feel funny just to see what Trump says, what he does, how he feels about my people to support somebody or want to be around somebody that supports that. Me personally, I just can't. And you know what? I have the right to I don't need you around me. I don't want you around me. That's just the way that I feel. But anyway, keep it like this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning.


The Breakfast Club. Everybody is deejay in the Angelie Ye shall be together, we are the Breakfast Club. Rest in Peace. Chadwick Boseman. He came on the Breakfast Club numerous times and wanted to get this back on today when he talked about Black Panther, came up and talked about all the great things that he's doing. Check it out.


What's happened to my brother? Everything is great. Pressure is on, man. You think so? Good for us. Yeah, it's good pressure.


And, you know, I remember reading one time that you said you skipped the Civil War premiere because it felt too big. So if civil war felt too big, how did you get used to this? It was you know what it was.


I had to I had to work my way into it. I had to work my way into it. And, you know, when you go to those marvel, for me, it's the ones in L.A. they take blocks and blocks and blocks.


And I was just like, you know, we're almost out this time. I, I went to Asia all try, you know, I always like I went to Dr. Strange. And so I think it got me to the place where I was like, I'm ready for my now. Yeah. So and I was alive.


I would be disappointed if you didn't show up to my own. Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh do. What are you doing. Yeah.


I always was festive so I was was, it was an amazing experience. You know, we had you know, everybody was, was, was dressed to the nines in there and the African gear and we all had, we saw beautiful was beautiful.


You suffer from anxiety. Anxiety about what? Just in general. Like I just. I don't think so. Yeah.


Yeah. No, I'm having a good it's a good time. You know, four years ago we had you up here and I asked you if you had a Black Panther, you had the worst poker face. No, man, not I know. I didn't know I'd come on that point. I had no idea the events that led to this. You know, what I do is I give you credit for being prophetic about it. OK, OK.


If you like, my friend, you are I the guy. Right. And you show me the guy, right. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. Claim you claim you know, it's been a couple, it's been a couple of people that predicted this. I say you want to. There you go.


I do have to keep it a secret. When you found out it was like two and a half months. That's a long time to go.


Yeah. Yeah, it was two and a half months. Like my mom didn't know where really.


Nobody knew the map. I would tell everybody. Yeah.


Like, you know, what did I find out? What do you mean? How did you find out? I'm trying to think I did what? I didn't find out. I kind of knew. Yeah. Yeah. I was to go back to meeting the guy. I'm trying to think what I see, you know, before other people die, before I do, before I knew her.


That's amazing. It made you want to commit to that character to Panther. Yeah.


The funny thing is, when you said it, it was it someone that was outside of my scope. It was something that I had been thinking about for a few years. I had a few incidents that they led me to, to the cop back to the comic book. You know, he was across a economy in Peru that has, you know, the condor. It has the puma and and a serpent on it.


And so that that, you know, the Pomi is a Black Panther. So you're there in March of Picchu, which is sort of a lost city.


And it reminded me of what Connie reminded me of the idea.


Wauconda, it's very, very different.


Various different trips that I took that that made me think of Wauconda. So I had notes written about what a Black Panther movie would be like even before I was cast. So when you said it, it was like, you know what, that would be good if that happened one day.


I think this is one of those really, really special moments, you know, in history of art where things just sort of come together in a way that you can't explain.


Yeah, I saw you say that Black Panther is a cultural moment. I think your exact quote was we're not remembering breaking the color barrier, how funk was created. We are living this. Can you elaborate on that?


Yeah, this is I hesitated to say this before we got here because we didn't know whether we had a good movie. We didn't know how people were going to respond to it. But just seeing how people have bought out theaters, you know, before they've ever seen they haven't even seen what the movie is. You've seen this all last night. Yeah, they haven't even seen what the movie is.


And in some ways, when you're seeing, like the Black Panther Challenge, which Freddie Joseph started their living up to some of the ideas of the movie, when they do that, that's historic.


You know, this is history being created in those other movies I was doing. You know, I we were remembering the past, you know, that we were looking back at history. This is, you know, a very, very present moment. It takes us into what could be a, you know, a different future.


That was history recreated. And I do love all the roles you played. It seems like you've been really great at picking these really impactful movies to play in some of it.


I picked some of. You know, some of it, you know, was I like that, like the Thurgood Marshall, Thurgood Marshall. I honestly didn't know a lot about Thurgood Marshall until I saw that. Right. Brown was great. Jackie Robinson, 42. Yeah.


Why does Hollywood think all black people look like Chadwick Boseman? They don't. They don't think we all look alike. We all look like you. They don't. They don't.


That's that's why I have so many so many biopics after 42 to to come at me, you know, so many scripts, like I told you, all the different ones. I mean, hundreds of people. And so it just so happens that those are the ones that resonated, you know, those were the ones that that, you know, I refused. It wouldn't go away.


You know, Thurgood Marshall and John Marshall actually wrote me a letter that convinced me to play Thurgood Marshall because because I didn't want to do it, because I was like I was like, he's way too Litsky and I can't play him, you know, like like.


No, well, I could do that. What famous black men, if you turned out not like that, don't just take. Yeah.


Let me rephrase the roles of famous black men. Have you tried to.


I don't want to say. I always say all of them, you know, saying because what would you give is one big.


Well, let me just tell you why I'm trying to I'm trying to think of one that I can't say well as why I say why. I won't say most of it because you never know as an actor who's going to end up playing something that you turned down. Right. And so you don't want to say, well, that what they gave it to me first.


You know, I'm saying you got my sloppy seconds.


You know, you never you never want to do that because I think it always is with the person is supposed to end up with. But one of them, I'm trying to think of some of the they have various different versions of it. As a Sam Cooke with the Sam Cooke movies. One of them was it was one of those versions. Got you got you got you know, so is a few characters.


If you like Lifetime movies, you know.


Yes, I'm of the earlier you know, people come with everything, you know. No, no. People come, they shoot, they shot. You know, I'm saying people kind of. Right.


It could happen. Yeah. They come with everything.


What's your guilty pleasures like? Things that you watch that you're like, damn.


Oh, man, I, I'm looking at my publicist said, let's, you know, for you, there's no there's honestly there's no mercy. But but there are times when, you know, it's so much going on that I need you need that mindless, you know, sound that is and I'm not that's no disrespect to the shows.


The time VH one on Bravo, you're like you're like, what are you like what what is maybe the what what are they doing? You know, guys, you have to you know, you have to have some you look at Blackey or something like that, you have to you have to ask somebody. Sometimes I we got more.


We chat with both men when we come back. Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Good morning, everybody. Is D.J. in the Angeliki show the together we are at a breakfast club. We got to in the rest in peace to share with Bozeman that Chadwick has been on the show numerous times. We want to flashback today when he came to talk about Black Panthers and the other things he was doing. Rest in peace.


Chadwick Boseman, would you consider Black Panther a black film?


Yes and no. OK, I mean, it's a lot of black people in it. Yes. And, you know, there's a conversation in this movie that is an in-house conversation is a conversation that can only happen if you are on one continent or the other. You know, if you can't even say that you have to be part of the diaspora.


And so as an African-American, there's there's a conversation that you're having with the continent as you watch this movie, the continent is having a conversation with you as a debate.


There has probably never happened in a movie on this stage, ever.


I know exactly the thing you're talking about. Yeah, it is. It's never happened. And so in that conversation, will people will be talking about that. I think, you know, even after the movie is over. And so it's definitely a black film because that conversation is happening without regard for white people.


You know, white people are privy to it. I just called them colonizes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They don't give anything away. You know, that that is to be. Yeah. We should have say yes.


But is, is, is happening. Everybody is able to enjoy it because it's so specific of a question.


So it definitely is a black film or what I believe truly it is sort of a Tolstoi idea is that that the more specific you are in your artistry, the more universally because. Like, so the more I go into into a particular culture, which is what we try to do because we do want to do like a generalised Africa, you know, you needed to be able to pull from, you know, the whole continent in order to create this fictitious African nation.


And so they're very, very real concepts and rituals and ideas like even in the design, you know, if you see the the skyscrapers in the movie, those are our actual architectural, you know, images that you see in Africa.


And so we wanted to pull from real things.


I think when you do that, people recognize things as being real and they can identify with it more. So that's why you see people from all over the world like we were in Korea and people were coming in wearing their own traditional garb. Yeah. Just to greet us. You know, that's what that's how they felt about the movie because they saw us doing the same thing.


Now, for someone who's not knowledgeable like myself about Marvel Black Panther, is this a movie? When I go see it, I'll be able to know what's going on with evening without having the background.


Yeah, the exposition is clear. You know, I think within the first five minutes you have the background of what what comedy is and and even how it relates to the last to the last movie. It connects to civil war. You know, you met my character's Civil and Captain America Civil War. So at the all the exposition is very clear, you know, and I don't think there's a lot of people going to see this that might have never gone to see a Marvel movie before.


You think?


Yeah, there will there will be some people, you know? I hope so. Yeah.


I hope it makes people go back and say, OK, let me see what I missed before this. Just like a sports game. You know, you be watching sports, somebody who don't watch sports. And I'm like, what's that? I know you want him that. You want to do that. You want to do that. Like, I think the opening of the movie is very smart in a way to do it.


It keeps every day it closed in this movie. You don't you don't need to have proper information. How many times have you seen the movie? At this point? I can't answer that.


But I did it exceed expectations? That does complicate it. Yeah, it lives up.


It lives up to it. It's it's different.


It's different for me because, you know, as as an actor, you always go in, you know you know how many takes you did of this scene, how many takes you, what the you know, what they chose and what they didn't choose. So you're trying to deal with, you know, the movie that you shot versus versus the movie that is up on the screen the first few times you see it.


So overall, I'm very, very happy with what we've done.


But then there's a there's a part of me that is that is always going to be critical and always analyzing the process.


And so did you so did the next time you do it, you know, you have a more of a of a of a way you want to tackle it.


But that's that's just, you know, the strategy of doing anything. You always you're thinking of new ways you're going to do what you do. Absolutely. Everybody is. But but you can still be happy with the final project.


I want to thank you for confirming that there is a sequel to because you said the next time. The next time. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


I didn't confirm that at first. And I want to go back to what you talked about with a black film cause you said yes.


And or what.


What makes a film, a black film is like, you know, when somebody is is authentic. I think that's that's part of what what I'm talking about here. Like wine coolers. Very authentic. Absolutely.


You know, he he makes films because he connects with them. And there is you know, he I think he found his stamp and put it on this film. And he's very clear about his position, I think, in his his journey in this film, in trying to connect to Africa, you know, and Oakland.


And he finds a way to put Oakland in everything. Yeah, absolutely right.


I hesitate sometimes when people say is black and because they feel like that's a limitation, a lot of people feel that way.


I don't feel like that's a limitation or I feel like it could be a black film and also just be a good film. You know, it could just be a film at the same time. This is just a film and it's authenticity. Authentically black. Yeah.


The little bit of negativity that I'm seeing from people is hard, but it's a it's a black cast, but it is using black people to make white people at Disney all of this money.


Honestly, who cares?


Or at the end of the day, filmmaking is is is it is a commercial art.


You know, if you don't make art when you make when you make movies and you don't make money when you make movies, that you can't make movies.


Yeah, that's that's what it is. So kind of sets the precedent because it shows the value of having black people play these lead roles like director. Yeah. And all of that. And now that's like, OK, we got to do more of this.


I'm assuming that the person you're talking about who said it was black. Yes, of course. You got to be careful of being racist against yourself. Right. Because a lot of times people see the name on our side of a building and they make it they make the assumption that there's a bunch of white people sitting around a table. Right. They haven't been in the building.


See, they don't know who's in there.


They don't know that one of the they that the shot callers that one of the producers pointed it at at Marvel is black.


I don't know. They don't know Nate Moore. So if you don't know who's behind who's behind the walls, you can't make an assumption that that the person calling the shots is they don't know that one of the producers is a woman.


You know, that is Victoria like it is, is one of the things that, you know, being racist against yourself. I say, oh, they you don't know who they is.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. You don't know. This is all about the people.


You know, it's not about the names on the studios.


You can't make assumptions about things because it just I'm there now.


And one last thing on that. What do you think of this petition that's going around that wants to get in, trying to get Malvo to give 25 percent of proceeds from Black Panther to the black community? This is a real thing. I mean, it's not going to happen.


That's what I think.


But, you know, sometimes when you make art, you've already given, which is supposed to get. Yeah, that's that's how I feel about it. You know, they can do that and they have overhead that they have to cover it. Yeah, everybody has. Oviatt, even if you're not a business, you got overhead.


So so in order for them to continue to make movies, you know, they have to make money off of the way.


I explained that is Ryan is going to continue after this to be what he's going be one of the biggest, biggest directors, if not biggest director in Hollywood. He's going to continue to empower black people. You're going to continue to empower Michael Jordan and continue, if you will, Lupita. So that's that's that's the win.


That's the win. That's the win is one of those days where people have to understand how business works. And, you know, I didn't even do a go for me in South Carolina.


I just, you know, body or. Yeah. Like nobody else to do it. I have the power to do that because I'm doing this film. So I get to give back. I don't have to ask Marvel to give back or, you know, we have more with Chadwick Boseman when we come back.


Don't Move is the Breakfast Club. Come on. People around the world are mourning the loss of actor Chadwick Boseman invest in the importance of this movie. The forty three year old died after privately battling colon cancer. Savor the taste of your triumphs. Chadwick Boseman was just forty three years old. He, of course, starred in Black Panther. I am not king of old people. I am king of Wakanda. Chat with both men rose to fame playing American icons.


Other roles included Jackie Robinson. You want to play? Does he have the guts to fight back? James Brown have it sound good? And his musical, Thurgood Marshall, the NAACP would not like most lawyers, Spike Lee's the five plus three was the very first people to die for this red, white and blue. Chadrick was a visionary action hero and someone that is the definition of a role model. Whatever you choose for career path, remember, the struggles along the way are only meant to shape you for your purpose.


People asking me if I want to run for president. That's because I play a world leader in the movie. They think I want to be the leader of the free world. Why would I go from being a serious actor to doing reality TV? I put them Dodgeville, I Jack, I drop. I said, Oh man, I'm Jackie Robinson. One night run face, I danced to Penn Chadwick. You said that it's an awesome responsibility to play.


Jackie Robinson explained there were a lot of people who viewed him as a hero that know him very well and they would be let down if I didn't live up to those expectations, really just concentrated on the family as just pleasing them. If there's anybody you seek approval from is from now maybe more wall where according to what it will tell us. I love you, child. What kind of friend? With a little black boys and black girls to see themselves as kings, as queens, as superheroes.


He is a true cultural icon. Looked down over what you conquered and appreciate what God has brought you through. Purpose is an essential element of it is the reason you are on the planet at this particular time in history. Your very existence is wrapped up in the things you are here to fulfill. Christo with pride, with purpose. God bless you. I love you. Rest in power, Chadwick Boseman warning everybody is D.J. Envy, Angela Charlemagne, The God We Are The Breakfast Club.


We have Chadwick Boseman in the building. Shall we?


So in real life, who would you have agree with more to Cholla or kill Monga? Well, as an African-American, I connect with Killman. That's how I felt.


Yeah, I don't like we treated people, but yeah. Yeah. As an African-American, I. I have both sides as I have a huge family, you know, I have a lot of the traits of T'Challa. But as African-Americans, we've been separate from our past.


We've been severed from the continent in a way where we're reaching for a connection to it.


So he has the he has the market demarcations on his body, but he doesn't have like a real ritual connection to those demarcations.


He made it into something else.


And so I think we're all searching for things because we are looking for those rites of passage, just that that they have been left behind.


T'Challa has a tradition and he has a connection to his ancestors that I long for.


I long for that. And I feel like coming along the two sides of the same coin.


Yeah, but as an African-American, you're always going to feel like until you make that connection that that there's a disconnect there. What I did is I took a DNA test. Me too.


So I'm ninety seven percent East African. West African. No, see, that's the moral test. You took ancestry. Yeah, I took African ancestry. That's a difference. So African ancestry could tell you the specific ethnic group that you come from. So if you just know the country that's still the European borders to a certain degree, where if you know that you're Uraba from Nigeria, the UK now now you can you can pinpoint specific customers, which will guide you that they are part of your past.


I need to do that. It's about 97 percent West African, which made sense because, you know, if you go to Charleston, they're building an African American art museum on this plot of land. And that plot of land was the dog that like 60, 70 percent of all slaves in America came, came, came through, right. Yeah. So that makes sense. And if you look I mean, it sounds crazy like Sarah Palin looking at Russia from Alaska.


But if you look straight, you can see from Charleston, it's a straight path to West Africa, right? That's what I say. Yeah. It was one of the direct stops along the way. So what would it take for black people to build on Wauconda?


I feel like what kind is is a is an idea that is very real.


I mean, in terms of, you know, I think there should be a connection to technology and math. People see this movie. I think people are going to be inspired by by Shari's character.


And, you know, I think people will be inspired by, you know, a connection to a tradition in a way that has hasn't happened.


You know, I don't really know what's going to happen after people see this movie, but but hopefully people will begin to look like if they do that DNA test, in other words, and find where they're specifically from and make those connections, that's going to be a part in and of itself.


So you can you can each person can find their own Wauconda based upon the things that they do after this movie. But it's just kind of up to you.


Did this movie change your life after you filmed it? They take some pieces of things that you learned while you were doing it or from acting that you like. I'm a different person in some ways now.


Every movie does. There's a little bit of James Brown still left.


Yeah, you're a better dancer. I'm a better dancer now, but even more than probably a better business person now. You know, a little bit of Jackie Robinson, a little bit a little bit to Thurgood Marshall.


So it's always going to be something from a movie that you take with you. But this is one that I'm still there's a character I'm still working on, you know, so remains to be seen with all the things will be it's kind of hebra, like, what do you do?


What do you do if you don't see it like that? I think your career is not a lot of five film deal. And this is a big catch. Like this is like I kind of character that we haven't seen in our generation in a long time. Like, where do you go from here? You got it.


You got to do some smaller independent power. You got you do you have to do some smaller you have to do something that that is that is exactly an independent film, something that you wrote, directed and starred in.


No, no, not necessarily that. But I think you have to do some smaller you know, you have to do something that gets you back to, you know, just the ground floor of what acting is.


What about theater? That. The updates could be applied to I'm not not I'm not saying that I want to do another blockbuster movie.


You know, you definitely want to find or smaller movies that you can do to sort of balance out, you know, the bigger ones. Right.


Do you think that they will explore the relationship between storm and Fitial at some point in the future?


I don't know, especially with everybody merging now Fox and Disney and all that good stuff.


Let me tell you let me say to me, like, there's a few reasons why I can say that, but Lupita is going to kill me if if we don't end up together in the movie this season.


She literally told me she was like, if they try to brainstorm in this, she's like, I'm going to turn into a villain.


So, yeah, come on, I'm not going to get married in the comics.


I know. I know. Yeah. I have no way of knowing what they're going to do. Yeah, right.


So what do you want people to take from Black Panther, man.


I hope people are proud when they finish watching a movie. That's how I felt. Yeah. Just, you know, if you if people, if people walk out of that movie and they're proud, everybody else will take care of yourself. And I think you're going to get what you bring. Like, this is one of those movies where you get what you bring. But at the same time, I think there's a certain amount of pride you have from just just the exploration within.


It's the questions that are asked and the debate, you know, and even just the way is depicted. But but I think it's really the debate that actually happens that they you see a whole people feel proud that that happened on this stage.


Yeah, I think it adds to the conversation of black pride, you know, because, you know, I called my book Black because it's a privilege to be black. And I love, love, love, love, by the way. Yeah. Thank you.


And I feel like Black Panther is adding to that, like, yo, this is how dope we could be, you know, even though we are this what we are is is is fantasy. But it's actually not, you know, is is who we are, as we always have been. They have been African empires and so African civilization. And so it's not it's not a thing that we're just making up is is just an amalgamation. Put aside this this fictitious world and great for kids to see those representations of themselves.


Yeah. The big screen. Yes. Yes, indeed. Well, Chadwick has to go because, you know, he's promoting a movie that's about to make well over a billion dollars and then you have to change his number, you know what I mean? And nobody else will be able to reach them. But I'm OK with me all this weekend is the Breakfast Club.


Be right now you also. It's time for donkey to so we have everything I need to be done with the heat this year. I had become Donkey of the Day.


The Breakfast Club donkey today goes to the Washington football team.


I say Washington football team with a question mark. I know when you heard me say that, you said, what is the Washington football team?


Now, I looked it up this morning. Washington, D.C. is home to 20 two flag football teams that play under the D.C. Gay Flag Football League. The D.C. defenders of the NFL began playing in February in D.C.. What we all know, the most famous football team in D.C. is the team formerly known as the Redskins, the fifth most valuable franchise in the NFL, now known as strictly Washington football team. You can't make this kind of stuff up. Let's go to Fox Business News, World Report, please.


The most boring name in the history of sports will tell you that ESPN is reporting that effective immediately, Washington D.c.'s NFL franchise is going to be calling itself, quote, the Washington football team pending adoption of a new name.


Now, I've heard of unemployed people being between jobs. I've heard of people who are moving, being between houses. I've even heard of people of faith being between blessings. But I've never in my life heard of a football team being between games, all those executives up there making all that money.


And then y'all could think of anything better to do in the meantime. OK, y'all, I didn't have any better entertainment for the halftime show.


In fact, during this intermission, we didn't even need a performance. We could have just went to get snacks. OK, y'all couldn't think of nothing better. I understand Redskins is offensive. OK, I'm glad they're changing the name, but they have been the Redskins since nineteen thirty three. In fact, they were the Boston Redskins. And then when the franchise moved to DC in nineteen thirty seven, they became the Washington Redskins. So eighty three years.


Eighty three years. You have unabashedly, unapologetically been the Redskins ignoring everyone who said that name was offensive. But now all of a sudden it's such an immediate need to change it. And you just decided to be Washington football team only president who ever changed their name to nothing was Prince. But at least Prince had an interesting symbol. Y'all could have done that, OK? Y'all could have said George Washington football team and then gave the world a great logo that could have worked for the moment.


I would have rather seen that in the meantime, OK, than what you all did, which is nothing. I'm also not mad at the simplicity. Sometimes we complicate things by giving it these extravagant names. But you can't just, you know, be Washington football team. You have to add a verb. So Washington, the football team, like Chance, the rapper, are Benny the Butcher, Tyler the creator, the changes, things change.


Rapper Vinnie Butcher, Tyler creator and Washington football team. That all sounds stupid, but when you add of the Washington football team, that sounds kind of hard. Now, we might have something. OK, Redskins have a lot of fans out there. All right. That that being very hard for their squad.


Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Durant, Wiley, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., they love their Redskins and they deserve better than this. And furthermore, the name should be a no brainer. OK, you've been offending indigenous people all these years, offending Native Americans all these years. Sit down with some Native Americans and come up with something that they all find empowering. And boom, you got your name. It's really just that simple. How is it so easy for you all to systemically offend, but you cannot systemically uplift?


And I don't think you understand the impact that this no name change has on black and brown people. All right. There is a comedian named Don L. Rollins. You may have heard of him, actually, Larry. OK, you know, actually, Larry, right.


Whenever there is a comedy show and it's like Mo'Nique and friends, Dave Chappelle and friends, he's always one of the friends. Yes, that guy. Right. Funny individual, brings a lot of joy into people's lives and currently is miserable. All right. More miserable than usual. Sick of a Washington football team. OK, when you strip the team's identity, when you strip their name, you strip the identity of the fans. They feel nameless. They feel lost.


OK, what are they supposed to do with years and years of merchandise? And in D.C., you have to be specific about what football team you talking about, because like I told you earlier, they have twenty two flag football teams that play under the D.C. Gay Flag Football League.


So right now, brothers like Donnell Rawlings are not OK. OK, they're sick literally. And fact, a welfare check had to be done on Donnell Rawlings because of this. No name change. OK, a brother who had to perform the welfare check called up and told us what happened when he had to do a welfare check on Donnell Rawlings due to Washington's no name change.


OK, listen, I was in the hotel and so we had to do a welfare check. So I go in the room and I turned the corner and he was naked in the middle of the bed in a fetal position. So at this point, did you know it was Donnell Rollins? Yeah, I know.


So that after that I smacked the side of the wall. I'm like, am I smack in the wall? All of a sudden he wakes up.


He's like, wow, pray for our brother Darnell.


Pray for pray for brother Ashley Cheeks. Pray for Washington fans know once again watching football team sit with some Native Americans. All right. Same way you use the slur that offended Native Americans all these years. Find a name that empowers Native Americans, indigenous people.


And if you don't want to do Native Americans, just find a name that uplifts and empowers the marginalized community. All right. D.C. was known as Chocolate City. All right. That's still known as Chocolate City. OK, so maybe name it something that empowers black people, but literally all you culturally clueless executives who work for that franchise, your mindset should be we offended for eighty three years with Redskins. Let's uplift and empower with the next name.


Simple, please give the Washington football team the sweet sounds and Hambleton's. Oh no.


You are the donkey. I'm the. Doggie day home.


Yes, man, and please, man, pray for Donnell Rawlings today. Let's let's let's do hashtag pray for AC Cheek's hashtag, pray for Ashley Cheeks.


I mean, just we want to send some positive vibes, you know. OK, I'll go to Donald Rollins on Instagram, you know, saying he's not really active on Twitter. So I dunno, rounds on Instagram and, you know, just just going to whatever his latest pictures are, the pictures he posts all day and just put hashtag pray for AC Cheek's. I mean, brother, we had they had to do a welfare check on our brother because of his name change.


Some people take this take these name changes seriously, man.


All right. All right. When we come in years old and we've been in Afghanistan for a long time.


It sure has. All right. Well, thank you for that donkey today.


That's right. And please pray for AC Cheek's man. All right. We got more coming up next with a breakfast club.


Breakfast Club. It's topic time because the phone call 800 five eight five one zero five one to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club. Talk about it. Morning, everybody is d.g in Angeles.


Charlamagne the God. We are the Breakfast Club. Now, if you're just joining us, we're talking about NBA young boy. Now fill people in. What happened?


You. Well, apparently there was an incident and NBA Young Boys House and his girlfriend, Dianna Mayweather, who is Floyd Mayweather, his daughter was arrested for a stabbing, the mother of his child. And so then reports came out and somebody on gossip in the city. They said that young boy was fully cooperating with authorities in the matter, even though. Correct. Black is in jail. He got wind of this. And, you know, he said on social media, the hell they mean fully cooperated.


And they say a little piece. They said fully, anyway, that word ain't even supposed to be attached to your name. And then maybe a young boy, Anchorite Black, had a back and forth with maybe a young boy saying this on his Instagram live corroborated.


Oh, what you stupid bitch about my wife, huh? You saw my my wife. Is that inside my house that I pay for now, huh?


Now, I know it's not worth dying for my in my life. Why? Because I'll be playing like I need a girl for some not doing anything. She makes me for no extra funding. She allowed me to pursue. I think I have a will apparently, but with complexion issues.


So the question is eight hundred five eight five one two five one. Your daughter's boyfriend call you a bitch ass N-word. What are you doing? That is the question.


Now, let's start with you, because you had a good head. Yes, I am a daughter and I remember the times in my life when I was very rebellious toward my parents. And it didn't matter what they said. It did didn't matter what kind of conversations they tried to have with me. It didn't matter. I definitely was always taking my boyfriend's side. And actually that's why I had to move out of my house at a young age because I was not trying to listen to anything they had to say once I was in college.


And sometimes it's not bad parenting necessarily. It's just a rebellious thing that, you know, daughters do. The more your parents had to tell you to stay away from somebody, the more you want to be with that person.


Maybe, but I just don't I don't see that with my daughters. I maybe I'm naive. We just got a great relationship. I just woke my daughter up for class. Like, we have a relationship where I can't see any other human being, not even just a boyfriend, any human being, calling her daddy a bitch as in. And nobody's ever done that.


But that's what I'm saying. And what you're talking I don't know how I would have reacted, but they definitely have told me to leave a person alone.


That wasn't good for me. They were absolutely right about it.


And I think I know I think he is talking about two different things. This is just me being rebellious and disrespect. You don't say anything about this. The thing about this situation, to me, it's a lot. It got to be a lot of pillow talking going on. And the reason NBA young boy doesn't respect Floyd Mayweather is because clearly she doesn't respect Floyd Mayweather is something that she's saying to him and relaying to him. It makes him feel comfortable to be able to say that, you know, I'm saying and that really did more harm than good in the public.


It looked like they had a good relationship prior to this, though, they were together. Oladipo the two cars on her 14th birthday. What are that five million dollar ring. She was that money with her dad. I don't know where all that.


She was looking great with him. So let's listen to what you just said and listen. I don't know their relationship at all. I'm just saying that it sounds to me like you can't buy you can't buy a child's love, no respect or respect.


You can't do it. I respect and I I've got three daughters.


I'm sorry. Positive things with her father prior to this, it wasn't like it seemed like they had issues.


I don't know. We don't know. I just know that I just know having three daughters and, you know, knowing that there's nothing like the love of your daughter to to to receive the opposite of that man that's got to hurt now.


I guess it's got to hurt for I can't even see it.


Now, let me ask you now, what would you do in that situation? That's the question. Now, what do you do if it does happen?


What do you do? I mean, you look beyond what can you do? I mean, I would be more concerned that I lost my little girl to the streets. You know, I'm saying and I've made, you know, hundreds of millions of dollars and I've tried to put her in a position to really, really, really win in life and not to be on Instagram. Live videos with NBA, a young boy looking like she's from Orlando. No disrespect to the women in Orlando, but haven't you seen those guys know that we've seen those kind of color.


We've seen those kind of we see those kind of colored wigs in Orlando all the time. Salute Orlando, Florida.


Now, you know, I would have to pull up because I'd have to have a conversation. You're not going to disrespect me. You disrespect my daughter. I'd have to make sure my daughter looked OK because she did look a little frazzled in the background.


I would have to make sure the safety of my daughter was OK if I went to jail for stabbing somebody.


I didn't say, by the way, I just on the more alarming part, all of it is alarming because clearly this young man is. Making her do things that that that don't look like my little girl, that's not the little girl I raised, I would think that's what that's what I got to check up on. I got to make sure QEI because it does something doesn't seem right.


You know, when I was in the NBA, NBA young boy is my favorite to watch from afar. I don't want to be around them, don't want to be in the same building as him. But I love watching that wild Negro in the digital safari that is Instagram.


He is entertaining. Oh my goodness. I want him so bad so I sometimes don't man.


Because, you know, the kids love his music. I just want them to continue to love his music and not love some of those antics.


But let's go to our herpes. He's normalizing herpes man raps about what to do with it. He raps about herpes and he still sleeps with all these girls and they are still embracing him with open arms. Hey, man, he's the to he's the new toxic king. Move over future.


Hello, this is Nicollet. Hey, Nicollet. Now, what would you do if your boyfriend called your daddy a bitch ass N-word?


Well, first and foremost, if that was my daddy, I would just have to bite that. We would have to fight it out right there.


Well, I'm not going to if it's violent, I want to fight right off the rim. But, you know, I would have told him, hey, hold on, we go ahead. I betrayed you. You can't be all about it. Be worries about it. I don't care what you do. You are not going to embarrass my father out here, especially if I thought of the celebrity, a high profile celebrity that. No way.


Well, clearly you don't have respect for him. I thought clearly you don't have respect for a daddy. That doesn't have to mean should I be scared of him.


The video I saw the video last night, you looked kind of sad. They are lucky to still be there. I felt my Lord have mercy. Her daddy is the rapper of this video inside. Oh, yes, I do.


Yeah. I just went through a lot though. Yeah, she got arrested. Just got out. She stabbed somebody. I mean she probably wasn't even in her right mind at that moment. Just woke up or she could she went to she, she could be scared. She might not want to say something because maybe she's scared also. It's kind of crazy to say she went through a lot. What about the person she stabbed?


I'm just saying I mean, we're talking about her not responding. And I'm thinking that she probably has a lot going on in her head.


Well, let's open up the phone lines. Eight hundred five eight five one two five one. What would you do if your daughter's boyfriend called you a bitch ass? And and ladies, if you were that girl, if you were the daughter in that situation, what would you do? Call us now is the Breakfast Club.


Good morning. I know this is your third.


Call me and your opinions to the Breakfast Club top. Come on. Eight hundred five eight five one five one morning. Everybody is D.J. Envy.


Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club. Now, if you're just joining us, we're talking about NBA young boy. Explain to the people what happened over the weekend.


Yea yea. So Floyd Mayweather, his daughter Ayanami where there has been dating NBA young boy, maybe they're engaged because they refer to each other as fiancees and Ianna ended up getting arrested after stabbing a woman who is NBA young boys baby mom at the house. And after she came home, you know, NBA young boy was going back and forth. They called black because I got in the city. They said that he cooperated fully with authorities and he did not like that code black was going in on him for that.


And here's how NBA young boy responded to Kodet bank robbery.


Oh, wait, you stupid bitch about my wife, huh? You saw my my wife. Is that is that my house that I pay for? Now, I'm not saying it. I know not worth dying for my or my life.


Why? Because I'll be playing like a little girl for some not doing anything.


She makes me feel I have no extra funding. She allowed me to pursue that. I think I have a walk out on business but with complex issues.


I'm not going. I mean, I really hurt my feelings, man, because I'm because I'm a father. And it just seems like, you know, he lost his little girl to the streets. And it's like when you got all the money Floyd Mayweather has made, it just kind of shows you that money doesn't matter when it comes to you. Kids like you got to give them love. You got to give them time and you got to give them respect.


And you hope that respect will be reciprocated because in this case, it doesn't seem like it was at all. And I couldn't imagine any of my daughters cosigning something like that. No, not at all.


The money means nothing when it comes to your children's relationship. They don't care about no cars, no jewelry, no clothes. They care about the love. And that's one thing I would say that the best thing about this quarantine is I get to spend a lot more time with my my sons and daughters say, like, I really enjoy the time. I'm really getting in today at work. I'm really getting into who they are as a person, like we're spending time and I love that.


But let's go to the mall. You imagine your daughter.


And one more thing I want to say, though. Let's keep it real that you see a lot of good girls with bad guys all the time, like the that's the, quote, stereotypical thing that happens. It doesn't even matter like how sometimes you raise your daughter, you teach them the right thing. They go to the right schools, they have money, they're raised. Right. Sometimes there's just nothing you could do about it.


Think I think we keep missing. Point, though, it's not the fact that she's with a bad guy is the fact that she let that bad guy disrespect her daddy in that way, like you can be with a bad guy.


It was the disrespect and that is crazy and not even saying that.


But what I'm saying is sometimes you just get so blinded by the person that you're with that no matter what they say or do, and no matter how much you rebel against your parents, even more when they try to tell you he's not right for you. Stay away from him and makes you take that person's side even more. Yeah, but not to.


It's something not to just sit and and I think take the side, but not disrespect.


And I think it's something that's making NBA young boy feel comfortable disrespecting her daddy.


And I think that something is actually her that's just, you know, let's go to the phone lines. Hello. Who's this?


You know, and say we don't call long hours moonshining on Long Island was pop. And now we're asking, what would you do if your daughter's boyfriend called you a bitch?


And I'm saying like this, being a father of seven men, about four girls and three boys, you know what I mean?


Ranging from the age of twenty four. And my youngest is seven. You know, me and. All right, super sperm. You're super strong. You say that. You say that. I put in a lot of work. You don't get me up in a lot of work with my kids and you know what I mean. My boys went to St. Dominic High School, you know what I mean? That's a private school, you know what I mean?


My daughter's on the honor roll. My daughter just gave the speech her graduation last year. You know what?


What would you do, bro? What would you do? This new generation to understand this new generation, they don't they always do what they want to do. You can't blame me that I'm not what I would do it what I would do it.


So I don't see is that try to just go. Right. It's unbelievable. Alleviate the situation. Get away from that man, because you know what I mean. My kid is at risk because of that. And now we can't do that.


Now, I agree with you. If I was Floyd Mayweather, none of my energy will go to NBA, young boy. All my energy will go to my daughter.


I just got it. You got to have a conversation with that young man, too, because you got him right, especially when you don't know him being around your daughter because you don't know what his mental is.


You just want to make sure your daughter is safe.


So I would have to have a conversation. But thank you for your call, brother.


Hello, this is Big Day. What's up, bro? What's going on, man? OK, well, I'm still like this. Like, if you look at it, her mother probably was allowing this to happen, was flawed because they come from nothing. So shiftiness anybody who thinks they can block my parents except they still love each other. Maybe I can accept this. This is my first love or something.


Any by anything I do in front of the kids, they don't want their kids to take off. Do it, whether you believe it or not, in your kids is never going to be who you want them to be. They're going to be who they want to be. So if I was going to be like, all right, what did you want to be with him? You go be with him. No x me for nothing. Don't come to me for nothing.


Let him tell you how you do what you do and when you're done with him. And we can build our relationship again. Right.


By the way, she's not that old. I mean Floyd Mayweather has been rich probably her whole life. Oji, she's like nineteen I'm staying Floyd been Floyd being rich our whole life. Yeah.


But you know, it's one of those things that could be true, too. It could be things that she's seen and maybe she's accepted in their relationship. But I do I do know Floyd loves his kids. And and like you said, it could be one of the things where she's with the boyfriend. But like I said, she looked frazzled. She she looked a little nervous and scared. She didn't seem like she knew what was going on.


So that's why I would have when I'm Floyd Mayweather, I am I'm furious for so many reasons, but I'm very upset because I make too much money for you to be in bed with NBA young boy with a regular friend.


That that's we got to have a conversation. Oh, shut up. And then, you know, the stylist posted a picture of the wig and said and show the wig look all nice.


I don't know if you see that is so crazy what people will be thinking about. I saw that.


I was like, look, it look good. But she just got to do like what you expect. She went to jail for stabbing somebody this weekend. And that's what's on your mind. How your work. Look, let me show you this last part was laid when I first put it in.


Too many people were making jokes about that. I guess the person was like, I don't want my work to be misrepresented.


Well, let's go to the would take you from Orlando. We'll take what's wrong with people from Orlando.


They hit me. It was wrong. I love you, man. 805 a.k.a. Picnic's.


How many calls at least what's going on. How many calls you got. I never seen her.


When you go, you will always be looking amazing. Eight five eight five one zero five one. We'll take some more calls. When we come back is the Breakfast Club. Good morning.


It's topic time. Because the phone call, 800 five eight five one five one to join into the discussion with the Breakfast Club. Talk about it. Good morning, everybody.


Is C.J. Envy, Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. Now, if you're just joining us, we're talking about NBA young boy. What explains to people what happened went over to happen over the weekend? Yes.


So Ianna Mayweather, whose playmate with his daughter and also at the point, quote, fiancee, she was arrested for stabbing NBA young boys, Dedee mother while Chodak Black then took it upon himself to comment on gossip in the city. They put up a blog post saying that he was fully cooperating with authorities. And a young boy then blasted back at Kodak Black saying this bank robbery.


Oh, wait, you stupid bitch about my wife, huh? My wife. Is that inside my house that I pay for now, huh?


And now, Daddy, I know it's not worth dying for my in my life. Why? Because I'll be playing like I need a girl for some not doing anything. She makes me feel I have no extra funding. She allowed me to pursue. I think I have a will apparently, but with complex issues.


So we're asking eight hundred five eight five one two five one. What would you do if your daughter's boyfriend called you a bitch?


A n i. Hello, this is Brandon. Brandon. Now, what would you do if your daughter's boyfriend called you a bunch of nasty negative names, man?


Well, first of all, he talked to me. He talking to him. You know, I had to handle that situation. I think I had to take a house with a bottom drawer.


Goodness gracious. OK, Phil, I can't do that.


You can go to jail and it's not worth I mean, you can NBA. It's not worth it. It's not what everybody can do it if you want. But are you talking to me, though? I'm the person that you deal with. This is not the right conversation.


Well, listen, I'm not listen to some fathers or feel like everything you talk about people, little girl. Man, I get it, too, because I'm going to have a conversation with that young man.


Yeah, I got four daughters, so I have my daughter. You know, I have to have a conversation we wanted to do so. You know, some people understand voices. Other people don't understand hands on him.


You have your hands on your girl. You had to leave him alone. Oh, yes, she good. Now she's on the straight and narrow. Now, did you beat his ass? Oh, no.


He wants to. Charlamagne, I mean, you you don't seem like you had all your marbles early on, did you?


Had never been on a limitation on its levels to this negatory. I ain't never been NBA young boy level. Let me tell you that right now. I never been there for years levels. It is negatory. All right. Let's go to one more caller. Hello. Who's this? You know what? I was going with it, but I brought with you name, you know, when I with the one you talking man close to your phone.


But just back up a little bit so we can hear you, brother. What would you what would you do if your daughter's boyfriend did that?


Man You know, first of all, I thought of what? Because because you like I got to people now before I'll have to check my daughter and find out how she met somebody else. Disrespect me, any type of man. I like that, you know. All right.


Well, I wouldn't advise slamming your door. I don't think that.


I don't think that that's going to work. That's going to push your daughter further away.


Let me tell you to allow me to hit my daughter. I got to think about. Yeah, you can't go mad and feel like it's OK to hit my girl. My girl. I got you. Don't say so. I'll put my hands on them. All right. So I was there. So not allow anybody else put their hands on, I would be fine. But I'll come bit later. I'll have to find out what's going on. It's like you're comfortable enough to talk to me, that type of matter.


Then what is it that U.S. is not allowed comfortable to say that word up right word. But what about that? I do want to say they don't let a lot of people out here picking up trash. I guess they'll get it. All those single moms and dads can't stop wanting to go ahead and get this deal. I do appreciate it.


Sanitation workers, especially at a time like this man. Right. Still working. Well, thank you, brother.


You know, that brother made me think of something like, you know, I built my wife since nineteen ninety eight. And, you know, there was definitely a point where her father, you know, didn't want her around me because of the things that I was into. But I never even even.


But no but even knowing that information, I never would disrespect her daddy because I understood how much she respected her father. So I would, I would never even think to call her daddy would be a young boy called Floyd. Meet Floyd.


Not only that, I'm sure, like even with my parents, my parents raised me in a way where I speak to elderly, older people, I should say. Absolutely. I was taught to say, yes, sir. OK, sir, even if it was things got this. Absolutely. They taught me what to say and how to react, you know? So it's just a different level of how you raised so much to me and to me.


I mean, to me. Just answer your question. I just I just don't think it's about. A young boy from Floyd, if I'm Floyd, it's about my daughter, and if I was Floyd, I would be talking to my daughter to see where the disconnect is between us. That's what I would be trying to fix. All right. Well, we got room on the way.


Yes, we are going to be talking about Joe Exotic Tiger King. And there's some talk coming on Netflix. I think this was totally unanticipated. But with the success of Tiger King, now there's more coming for you. All right. We'll get into that next. Keep it locked. This The Breakfast Club.


Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is T.J. and Angela Charlamagne, the guy we are The Breakfast Club. Now, if you're just joining us, we were talking about Sherri Shepherd.


Now, she was on the show earlier and this is what she was talking about, dating a guy with a whoopty.


What if he pulls up in a whoopty with that matter? You can move on out of here because here's the problem. I'm not putting you down if you got to hope you're working your way there, but you're going to have a problem as a man if you're trying to keep up with me. So now I got to come down here. What add value are you going to add to this relationship? Because I know what I'm bringing our level. We're going to be different.


And what's ultimately going to end up happening is you may feel affected as a man. So we're asking eight hundred five eight five one two five one.


Would you date a guy that drives a whoopty angelilli? I mean, I have what I went through. Now I'll be like, let's just drive my car. And I understand that if you live in certain places, like if you live in L.A., if you live in Detroit, if you live in Atlanta, you have to drive all the time. So I think then a car is more relevant in New York.


Not as much here, but you know what it's like anything else like I mean, there's people that have a lot of money that are not in the cars that are people have a lot of money that are not into clothes.


You know, people do what they want with their money doesn't mean that they broke. It just means that they, you know, look at things differently.


I mean, I'm different. I like my clothes. I like my cars. Yeah, you can't talk. I can't.


But, you know, I started with in nineteen eighty six Honda Accord with you know, when they're talking about at her age now where she's been through a lot, she's been married, she's been supporting, you know, husbands and all of that. So now she's decided I've been through that.


I want what I want. All right, let's go to the phone lines. Hello.


Who's this. This is Lorenzo. Hey, Lorenzo. The guy that drives a whoopty.


Yeah, I drive a whoopty right now. I'm a married man. When I met my wife, I drove, obviously, but we own rental properties.


We got a nice house that we're proud of. And it's not an issue, not a business that, you know, sold out.


Here you go. What kind of car do you drive? Because I want to know your definition of a whoopty because envy's definition was all of OK.


I drive a 2003 Ford Focus right now.


OK, yeah.


So who did you win you with checks. You write up that that is why don't you why don't you get into a car.


I'm just curious. It's just not important to me. I'm more worried about getting more rental properties. I'm more worried about keeping my wife happy and leaving my kids something when I'm gone. That's my focus.


There you go. That's my Ford Focus. Thank you, brother. I've always Eddie, I'm kind of like your dad. You said he always, always, always a nice car. To be honest, this would always drive. Really?


Would you like it if, like, you know, maybe your wife surprised you and bought you a new car? Would that be dope?


Nah, it's going to get us another property. There you go.


You know, because, you know, I'm not going to lie, though. Sometimes I'm cars get old and then you end up spending so much money fixing things, you might as well just get a new car. Now, get your own whoopty put a liability on it and you good.


Not how much is a new.


He never got a new Ford Focus. Let me see how much is that run.


Oh boy am I glad I left laughing at my car. She laughed.


And you. And this is a wagon. Let's see. How much can we get for that. OK, don't you think I could get you might get like three thousand dollars for it. How many miles I got on it with that. Like one hundred and ninety.


Oh wow. Oh no. You know I get three thousand and you going to get about but you got to get by.


That's right. That's a that's a for folks brother. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.


But it was wrong. No she was talking about how she bringing a man up and he can't go with she could go man do that with women all the time. But women expect it and that's the difference. They expect a man to take them places they couldn't go and things like that.


So let's not generalize. There's a lot of places I can go that, you know, I'm not I make myself a lot of places. So, you know, I get it. And she can take herself a lot of places. So I think her point was, I can do these things and if he can't do them, then it might hurt his own ego.


I just want to give you a lot of props for having that Ford Focus with two hundred thousand miles.


You you stay clean out there, man.


Hello, who's this? This is Celia. Hey, you. Good morning. Morning. Good morning. Good morning.


We're asking, would you date a guy that drives. Whoopty well, in my younger days, it wouldn't have been a deal breaker, but I'm in my mid 30s and I think that if you don't have if your life choices haven't led you to at least have a reliable vehicle in your mid 30s, then we'll probably buttheads. What if it's a reliable whoopty I still think, you know, it should be it should be something up to date and. I think a whole doesn't go hand in hand with reliable who to me is like a run down.


It's not up to par. You probably have problems with it. It's not you know, it's not right if you're in your mid thirties that you should be you know, you should have something nice and reliable. I agree with you.


I agree that when you're younger and things like that don't matter because we are struggling, trying to make it. But when you get to a certain age, you like, OK, I don't want to have, like, struggle love anymore.


Right. And I understand things happen, but like, I don't want to have to weed through, like, OK, are you just going through something or is this just who you are? Are you just a person that doesn't make good decisions, you know, at least at least come with a reliable up to date vehicle.


And then he's like, oh, my car broke down. Can I use your car to get to work? Then you drop them off at work. Seven children. I don't even need eight. Thank you for all those kids in the car. She got a minivan. I can't see minivan. Kids eight. She got the dirt road so much. I can't even believe I'm talking to you.


Even with a third row. What kind of car? You got the seats? Eight. I have a Chrysler, a Dodge or what is it, a Chrysler town. I know she has that town and country.


There's no way in hell you get all seven kids in that one.


You can look in the middle. Three in the back, one in the front. Yeah. And I have teenagers and and sometimes I have my kids and a couple of their friends. They squeeze in and we make it happen. Lap it up baby reaches. So who gets to ride shotgun. They all fight over it. So I don't just let my oldest get the shotgun. Could be the oldest. If my five year old calls it first, then that's who gets it.


Let's be honest, Bailey fights and sometimes fist fights over the press.


When your husband's in the car with you, one of the kids got to sit on the floor. Oh, yeah.


Are you going to assume that she's a single mom raising seven amazing kids? One of them got to sit on the floor of the car.


You've got to at least I've got the seven by myself. So I know if you're if you're just you, then you can have a decent guy. Doesn't have to or anything.


I've got to have a tractor trailer if I date. You don't. She's Jewish.


Not all women with children are liabilities and not all women with less are no children or assets that I just got to get all the kids in the clock.


How are you going to get to my house for Christmas? We got to get a tractor trailer to get everybody to change. It won't like I race party. We're the whole party. You know, you don't have to send out a bunch of invitations to invite me for the pandemic.


You were straight because you had your seven kids and they had things to do. They were playing with each other the whole time.


I have a great idea. I bought a business for you. You know how they have, like, people that you can hire if you don't have a lot of friends. If there's people whose kids don't have a lot of friends, they could just call you.


If you can't bring seven, you bring all the kids and then you just charge them. Yeah. And there's a party. It's like the wedding singer, but it's like the friends. Right are the kids. God bless you.


I will. More kids. I want ten kids. My wife is not trying to have it. I'm trying to have more and more and more and more kids.


What's the moral of the story? The moral of the story is we don't want no scrubs. That's what it sounded like. Now I understand the diamond in the rough thing. I think when we're younger and we're not in that space and we're all trying to come up together, it means a lot. And there are some women who are OK with, you know, that. And we did speak to a man who actually has a lot of properties and cars aren't important to him.


But I do think, you know, we don't want to be having to pick you up on the side of the road because your car broke down. We don't want you having to ask us to drive our car because your car broke down. You can't get to work. So I think as long as you have something decent that works, then, you know, it could work out. But some people like Sherri Shepherd, she's just not with it. All right.


Keep it like this. The Breakfast Club. Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Is C.J. Envy, Angela Ye shall I mean the guy we are the Breakfast Club.


Good morning now, Charlamagne. Yes, sir. You've got a positive note. Yes, man. I want to tell everybody out there you can't live a positive life with a negative mind. I want you to sit back and think about this. Think about making your life a masterpiece, OK? Imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do with.


This is a young dumb.