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This is exactly right. It's 1943 in the Kingdom of Bulgaria, and Boris III is on the throne. He's a gentle king who likes catching butterflies until he's brutally unseated. This blameless king has fallen victim to the most vulgar murder. The official story is that he dies of a heart attack. But... We have this gastly suspicion that something was wrong. I'm convinced that something was put into his soup. As the Second World War rages, King Boris is dead. But why kill a king? We're talking about powerful people in a very difficult point in history. I think there may be something underhand gone on. I really do. Every nation is a suspect. It was wartime. There were many, many people who would have been happy to get rid of him. I'm investigative journalist, Becky Milligan, and this is The Butterfly King, a new podcast from Exactly Right and Blanchard House. It's a cruel tale about buried truths and historical cover-ups. It's a falsifying of history. It's quite a lot of blood. About a man who's been hunted his whole life. He survived ambush. He was the original James Bond of Bulgaria in many respects. And it's a haunting family drama about a doomed royal dynasty.


Who would want to cover up after so many years? It's disturbing. Disturbing. The truth is out there, and I'm determined to find it. The Butterfly King premieres on March the 21st on the Exactly Right Network. New episodes, Thursdays. Follow The Butterfly King on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.