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Hey everybody. What exactly is happening with a Chinese coronavirus? Three doctors here on the Charlie Cook Show that you all have heard from Speakout.


This is bold journalism that we are doing here on the Charlie Kirk show.


And when you support us a Charlie Kirk dotcom slash report, you allow us to get this message out. Three doctors speak out about hydroxyl, chloroquine, the virus masks Foushee and so much more. Buckle up, everybody. Here we go.


Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Company, Charlie Cook's run in the White House. But I want to thank Charlie is an incredible guy, his spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.


That's why we are here.


Hey, everybody, welcome to this episode of the Charlie Kirk Show. I am thrilled to be joined by three doctors, all of whom have been on the Charlie Kirk show in recent months that has been seen by millions and millions of people. Dr. Simmons Gold, Dr. James Todaro and Dr. Keith Rose. We are here to talk about the updates of the Chinese coronavirus treatments, what we are being told that might not be true by some of the people that are making decisions.


We'll start with you, Dr. Gold. You came on my podcast first, just one on one, and then you came along side eight other doctors. And that was seen so many millions of times. It's the number one episode we've ever done. Can you just give it an update us an update on how things stand right now on the fight for hydroxyl, chloroquine, and also just some of the misinformation right now going on about the virus. Yes, so thank you so much for having us back.


I we started this kind of a loose consortium of physicians because we're very disturbed the patients can't get access to medications that they need. As you know, Hydroxycut chloroquine is an old safe medicine was FDA approved five years ago. We gave it to children. We give it to breastfeeding of pregnant women, nursing mothers and elderly women compromised. And it was the first and only time in American history that a doctor was not being free to prescribe an FDA approved medication.


It's never happened and you can still prescribe it, which is not. But this is so alarming that we decided to get their act together and speak about it when we came to Washington to share the good news with the American people that there is treatment, there are options, as you know, we will immediately shut down by social media. We've got an 18 or 20 million views in six hours, which just shows that the American public really wants to hear the stuff.


And then we would do platform across all social media. However, the fight to get Hydroxycut going into the hands of the people continues. Doctor, thank you.


Thank you, Dr. Gold. And I want to get into that. But first, I want to hear Dr. Rose, thank you for joining us. Can you talk about what you are seeing as far as these closures of schools? Do you believe that schools should be opened? Can you just give kind of a picture of what is driving people from canceling college athletics and shutting down all of these universities across the country in high schools? You're a medical doctor.


You've been speaking out against this. I must be missing something. I can't understand how anyone can come to the conclusion that we must be closing schools right now.


Well, I called you about this in February. In fact, I remember talked about it early in April. And like Dr. Gold was saying, as physicians, we would really have to suspend everything we have ever learned about viruses and treating infections and epidemics and pandemics to understand what we're dealing with now, because it makes no sense. We know a lot more about this virus than we did back in February when I called you. And at the same time, we noted early on that it didn't affect children and it didn't affect young adults to any significant degree.


The problem is the recent polls show that where people think 30 to 40 percent of the cases are in patients. Forty four years or younger, it's actually three percent. And the more we learn about these viruses, this virus in particular, the more we understand that not only does it not affect kids, but kids aren't a major form of transmission. And you can see that in Sweden and other countries that didn't go through draconian lockdowns. So to answer your question succinctly, the reason I think we're seeing all these school closures is nothing more than a movement that is just not paying attention to any medicine, science or truth, but it's trying to shut down.


The economy through the back door, because I have a lot I have one hundred thirty seven employees throughout my clinics and companies and a lot of them are single mothers. And if the kids are home, it's hard for that mother to teach the child at home and go to work.


And we now know and there's several articles that children aren't super spreaders. And the one paper, interesting enough, I believe it came out at Johns Hopkins, said children were super spreaders, had two fatal flaws, and it wasn't their idea of children with zero to twenty two. And the second thing was they didn't test for transmissibility of the disease. They were just looking for virus present. And I think that's where it started all in the beginning. We seem to be looking at positive cases, not active disease.


It seems to be to sum it up on wishful thinking, we're trying to prove everything that is not going to happen. Good. And everything that could possibly happen bad. And it, like Dr. Evil said, it doesn't make any sense.


So, Dr. Todaro, you I want to read one of the tweets you just recently sent out, which has Dr. Fauci engaged any of the doctors who have spent the last five months closely researching and or treating patients with hydroxyl chloroquine? The answer seems to be no. It doesn't seem like Dr. Fauci is interested in collaboration, the backbone of advancing medicine. Can you elaborate on that?


Yes. This is something really, in my opinion, I've seen since March where there are doctors who are using hydroxy cocaine very early, doing active research on hydroxy chloroquine. And yet really from the get go, we saw a lot of pushback from Dr. Fauci of the NIH, the World Health Organization and all these people, instead of trying to collaborate and understand what these frontline doctors experiences are with this drug. What the research is. Instead, they seem to be very dismissive of it.


And you think that by now, Dr. Robert, you would have talked with Dr. Zelenko, Dr. Raul, in the south of France and many other frontline physicians who are actually treating patients. And instead, it's just very dismissive. And he kind of uses their studies or studies or basically online surveys like the two that came out of Minnesota. And it's it's really disheartening to see someone that high up in the NIH responsible for billions of dollars of research, not collaborating with actual physicians on the ground who are seeing success with this treatment.


So I want to follow up, Dr. Todaro. A lot of people have emailed us and they're getting people are getting really restless. We feel as if we're being lied to. We feel as if we are being misdirected. Can you tell us why? That's the number one thing that I get from people. They say, well, people wouldn't be lying because no one would. There would be no incentive to lie about this. Tell us why we are.


No, this is a number one thing I get is from decent and reasonable people. They think that, well, there's no reason why Dr. Fauci would lie to us here. He just wants what's best for the country. Can you help pick up this? Because I think actually, if we can get into the intentions of what some of these people may or may not have financially or otherwise, we might actually pick a part why they want to destroy our country by keeping us perpetually locked down.


Absolutely. So I think the two major incentives, it's probably a combination of them, and I think that different kind of campaigns of misinformation are coming from different perspectives, but I think it looks political and then Big Pharma. OK, we all know the politics of it. If the economy is continually locked down, if everything is shut down leading into the election, that's is that could be a good state of affairs. OK, but I think even more money is at stake from a big pharmaceutical perspective.


We have companies that stand to make billions upon billions of dollars off this pandemic. OK, I did an article about three weeks ago about Chiliad specifically because at that time they were one of the companies that was really most in direct competition with Hydroxy Corp. went on coming up with a treatment for covid-19. And it was very interesting how when Hydroxycut when enter the scene. So when the president first mentioned in that March 19 press conference, Juliets stock plummeted. It fell about eight point seven percent within hours after that announcement and continue to essentially raise twenty one dollars billion from the company's market cap early next week.


So that's how much money is at stake and that just one pharmaceutical company. And the sad thing is they're probably not even the ones to stand the biggest profit off this pandemic. We're really looking at a vaccination campaign that's underway and some states are already talking as if they're going to make this vaccine absolutely mandatory. The first FDA approved vaccine mandatory and this could be a few months. So we know that safety studies are not going to be great. We're not even going to really have enough time to determine whether the vaccine is very effective, if it's effective at all.


And you're going to have states rolling this out. And even if it's a cheap vaccine or low cost, the government is either going to spend a ton of money for that vaccine and just the breadth of how many people are going to receive this vaccine, potentially billions and billions of dollars, whether you're working from home or working on your fitness, you want what you're listening to to be actually what you're listening to, not what your roommates or your children are listening to.


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So so Dr. Gold, Virginia is planning mandatory vaccines for all residents. Let's not even get into the constitutionality or the legality of it. Would you argue that there's already a treatment out there that can work, that is currently not being talked about hydroxyl chloroquine, but why wouldn't they want people to use that? It seems every time I mention it, Dr. Gold, I either get thrown off of some sort of platform. People say that I have no idea what I'm talking about.


What what is it that we are missing in the national conversation when it comes to hydroxy chloroquine? You know, I speak about this publicly because not only is it so bizarre, no one's talking about how bizarre it is, we've never had the situation in America. There's a safe, cheap, worldwide effective medication that can be scaled up enormously. Billions of dosages available cost less than ten dollars a treatment, and everyone's pretending to not notice that it's available.


It is fundamentally irrational to take an untested, unproven remedy when you have something that's been around for six and a half decades. It makes no sense. I would never advocate that for a physician as a physician, and I dare any physician to tell me that it's in a patient's best interest to take something untested, unproven over something.


The 65 year old track record, that's I mean, and you're exactly right. And so I I'm just I'm just trying to get to the bottom of how we are able to communicate this more effectively. So, Dr. Rose, you and I talked in February. You made three predictions. I just want to establish your credibility even further here. You said this virus has been in America much longer than they're telling us. And that is now a widely, let's say, recognized fact.


It's probably came around January. Even some people say as early as October or November. Number two, you said lockdown's are the dumbest epidemiological idea we've ever done and will ever do, and this will destroy the backbone of our country. And the third thing that you said, which was really, really interesting, is that Dr. Fauci is compromised and you should not trust this guy. Can you talk more about that? Because it seems like even though he's kind of been deemphasized, he's still calling a lot of the shots.


And Joe Biden has said now we're going to shut down the country again if that's what it takes. Schools are not open. Dr. Doctorow's one. When are people once the right time to push back against this?


Well, Charlie at the right time is now. And it has been. But I have I'm going to take you really briefly through the evolution of this, because you can hear it in Dr. Gold's voice. Her passion is legitimate and rational. Honest, virtuous human being, not a person looks at this as a doctor and says this has been wrong from the beginning, yet we are we have a medicine that has been shown to show great success in treating this disease.


And we are putting that on the bench and we're rushing through vaccines which take years to develop. And we've had disasters in the development of vaccines in the history of this country. But if you look back to March, you had an article come out in Nature magazine and it was fascinating and it was a very well done article, peer reviewed on Hydroxycut Quent. And it said No. One, it was safe for short term use. Number two, it showed efficacy and it worked.


And SARS covid two. And the third thing, which was interesting result has an anti inflammatory characteristic which now covid-19 is shown to cause clots and inflammation, cytokine cascade. So it checked off all the boxes, but so it had a lot of forward moving progress. Like James mentioned earlier, the the studies against Hydroxycut when there's basically been 14 studies that have said it was bad, ten of them were all done in the late stage of the disease, which no one says that it has great efficacy for.


Two of them were out of Minnesota and were debunked. One of them was out of Brazil. That was debunked and that's when Dr. Foushee was pushing. But this is where everything can be tied together and comes down to the nefarious nature of this. The last study, the one that got everyone to pump the brakes on Hydroxycut when it came out of The Lancet. Now, The Lancet is a very respected medical journal. But as you know, I work around the world and I have a lot of friends living around the world.


So I I pulled up the Lancet study and I will tell you from reading it. Then I looked into the authors and then I did some deep dive and I couldn't find it in the U.S. papers. I couldn't find it in the U.S. media. But I do have a lot of connections in India and Pakistan. So I went to their meetings and I pulled up some articles and what it showed not the doctors that are on your show will understand this.


I've published, I think, 15 plus papers and peer review journals. When you publish a paper, it doesn't happen overnight. You go through peer review boards, you go through IRB institutional review boards, you have editorial staffs now. And that's just for your average journal. I can't even imagine what it's like to get a paper published in The Lancet. There were three authors on this paper. The lead author is the head of Cardiovascular Center at Brigham and women at Harvard.


I mean, this guy is very well published. He's an editor of a journal. He's the head of a society. I mean, this is a very well published guy. They did a report, six thousand plus patients and their conclusions. And I have it in front of me here were that Hydroxy Corkman. Not only did it appear to work and you got to look at the word smithing and all of this, because I'll get to that in a second, because a lot of this coming out from medical boards is wordsmith didn't appear to work.


In fact, it potentially could cause grave consequences. And and I'm paraphrasing, but I can read the exact words. So then everyone looked at the study and said, wait a second, we got to stop it, stop clinical trials. Every medical society put out the sky is falling to every doctor. I mean, I'm sure the other doctors on the show got stuff from their state, medical associations, from their boards, etc. And everyone was saying, pump the brakes.


But within two weeks, people started looking at the study and here's where it gets nefarious. No one talks about they started looking at the design of this study. You know, Dr. Ioannidis Granita from Stanford, he was the first one to see this back in 2005 and was called the crisis of Reproducibility on studies where you would get studies but you couldn't reproduce them. So we went towards, say, evidence based study. And then you look at the design of the study.


So people approaching it from that aspect looked at the design of this study and they looked at those ninety six thousand patients and they ask obvious questions besides the fact that they were using high doses, older patients, etc. They just said, we'd like to see the medical records, Charlie. They could not produce one medical record. It came from a company.


And this is an Indian newspaper that and I crosschecked all this called Sergius Fear. It has six employees. It's based out of Chicago, Illinois. They did all the big data crunch because everyone knows they don't have enough people to do this magnitude of a study. So they use, quote, EHI. And if you look at their staff, the head of their scientific writing division that probably he wrote the paper is kind of Ben Rhodes Esq. He is a science fiction writer, the head of their marketing.


Besides, that job works part time as, quote, an adult model. No, it's a porn star. And so that's kind of an interesting thing because it's funny and it's Trad.. Because they could not produce one medical record in the one country they said they work with one group in Scotland said it wasn't true. So now here's where you wind up. People stopped using hydroxy chloroquine. And I'm telling you right now, as a physician who's seen it work based on my experience and I'm not unique in any of this, when they did that, that's that's more than nefarious.


I think some places would look at that as murder. I mean, I don't know any other way to say you're not using something that shows potential effect. Could I can I you.


A couple of things we are so honored to have on this phone call, Dr. Drew, who is actually one of the people who investigated what's become known as Lancet. So I'm so glad that you brought that up and we could ask you further, but I just want to continue with that. Dr. Rawal, who's the famous virologist in France, just wrote a letter to New England Journal of Medicine one day about and called the corruption in the scientific journals. He likened it to a Marx Brothers movie.


He sent this to the New England Journal of Medicine. He has one hundred and forty thousand six hundred and forty thousand citations and Google scholar and they won't even print it. The corruption, the scientific journals is legendary.


Doctorow has over 400 bacteria after him or his name. Yeah, he's he's he's very well published. But Charlie, what Dr. Goldfein is. This is beyond a scandal. This is this is corruption, not in politics, where you caught someone doing something. This is corruption in the scientific realm where we have to get it right or at least be able to say we got it wrong and they're pushing it to the back of the line and people are paying the price.


So everyone is.


That's well said. Doctorow's. Dr. Todora, you're one of the first people to blow the whistle on the Lancet study. Right. And can you can you fill in even more exactly what Dr. Rose is talking about? And look, I just want to be very clear here, though. Most people don't believe that you guys are saying you have to. Also, you have to you have to tell the motivations here. Most people will discount you guys as baseless on this.


They say, why would anyone do something like this to no doctor?


Mayor, the head guy on that study is supported by I think he has a disclosure statement. He receives the maximum that he can get on disclosing. It says greater than 5000 from over 10 or 15 pharmaceutical companies. The Lancet is supported by those companies. I mean, this is this goes really deep.


Mm hmm.


Dr. Todaro, can you fill in the gaps a couple of times like you did a good job describing Lance iGate. So I wrote a play paper in the end of May call a study out of thin air, because that's where this study essentially came from, this out of thin air. And so I won't go into the detail of the study, which is so well covered. But just for your listeners who are saying, oh, we don't know if we believe them or not, the editor in chief of The Lancet.


So Richard Horton himself called the study a monumental fraud. OK, so this is not something that is flawed methodology of a study. This is a five year old study and that's that's universally known now within the mainstream media, gives that very much attention. No, they don't. But that is well known. Secondly, as Keith was talking about, these medical journals, including The Lancet, receive a large part of their publishing revenue from pharmaceutical companies is actually funny.


I was just on The Lancet's website a couple of weeks ago and at the top banner, there's an advertising for Giulietto product. I mean, that's just that's that's where these these medical journals get their money from pharmaceutical companies. And it's been known for about 17 years. The pharmaceutical companies really, to an extent, control what is published in these journal. So Richard Horton, again, the editor in chief of The Lancet, is in that position for a couple of decades, said in 2003 that they control the pharmaceutical companies, have it where they can publish is unbelievable.


They're essentially marketing machines for Big Pharma and even less publicly said now, which probably just means that the pharmaceutical companies even have more control so much that it can only be said in closed door meetings between editor in chief of the New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet, how much control and influence the pharmaceutical companies have over them.


And this was stated by a very prominent former minister of health in France who said this a few weeks ago in a meeting that the New England Journal of Medicine editor in chief was complaining about the corruption that's going on in these medical journals.


And that's Dr Destabilizer, a former French health minister. You can Google it.


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Well, Dr. Gold. So it's time to open America. Obviously hydroxyl chloroquine. You are an advocate for what is the biggest barriers from this happening? What are the action steps that need to happen? People are growing restless. Their businesses are closing. They are losing their life savings. Their kids are not in school. Young people are suffering from depression and suicide, alcoholism, drug usage. And I just I'm going to be very honest with you guys.


I think that we as citizens have played way too patient the last couple of months. We're allowing our civilization to decay in front of us. Dr. Gold, what are some pragmatic steps that need to happen? Who needs to do what when for this to for this nonsense to be reversed?


First of all, everybody needs to stop calling this a pandemic and a virus that we're responding to. We are in the situation we're in because of the lockdown and because of rules that the governors are putting into place. We are essentially at the end of the pandemic. When you look at all the worldwide curves, we're flattened. We're at the bottom. We're we're very. At the tail end of this, the problems now are manmade political made, they're made by different governors were put in place, very restrictive, onerous restrictions that are essentially unconstitutional.


And I want to emphasize as doctors that these lockdowns are so harmful for people from the harmful to the physical health and harmful to their psychological health. And we know that this is a fraud because the group that they're focusing on so much, the schools, is particularly ludicrous. There really is no problem for children if you didn't lock down last year for influenza and why in the world would you be locking down this year for covid, which is a much lower death rate than influenza?


It makes no sense. It should be obvious to everyone that this is not scientifically based and citizens. Honestly, I think Charlie needs to rise up and refuse to comply with these procedures. As a practical matter, if you're living in a state where your schools are closed, under no circumstances should you be participating in that to pull your children out of school, you can form micro schools. I heard you talk about that. You can get togethers by families, my friends, like, oh, that's a lot of work.


It's not a lot of work compared to them sending your kid home every two weeks when some kid in the class tested positive. It's easier to be a structured online schooling environment. You can control the situation that can be in class online, nine to 12, nine to one, then they can do sports during the afternoon or see the friends. You need to not participate to the extent that you can pull yourself out of government mandates that make no sense.


So, Dr. Gold, I want to just follow up with you really quick. Can you give an update on how you're doing? Your website kept on getting pulled down. I believe you got fired from your job because you spoke out. A lot of our audience cares deeply about you. Can you give some sort of update? Are you doing OK? Thank you. As a matter of fact, I'm honored by the overwhelming support and to give that love back to the people we put on our website, which I had to rebuild.


And if you can find it now in the FLDS, the acronym for America's Frontline doctors, you can actually find a way to find doctors. What's the website again?


It's a AEF, LDS and doctors dot com. OK, FLDS dot com. And you can look for the CQ map and on there you can find your state. And if you scroll down, you can find a telemedicine doctor who's Hydroxycut with knowledgeable promises to our Hydroxycut. More knowledgeable and you can help yourself. It is Charlie and everybody is listening. If you let go of the fear, knowing that there's treatment available, should you need it, you'll be able to go back to your normal life and shrug off the dictatorial edicts of our governors.


Dr. Rose, you want to add to that? Also, what are we missing from our leaders right now?


And I want to add on to what Dr. Gold said, because she's spot on. But I I've been looking at what I get from my medical society, what I've been seeing from my board. And the interesting thing is every medical society. And so people I hope everyone's paying attention because this is a way to take your country back tomorrow. Every medical society, every board has a covid-19 task force and they list the names of those physicians on the covid-19 task force.


Every county doctor that's making recommendations to a county judge has a medical license and you will know who that doctor is and they list their names. I think Charlie and I'm not a big fan of this, but I think this is what it was designed for. If the American people if you have a loved one that had that had covid-19 tried to get Hydroxycut and were denied. I think the best way to understand what's going on would be to get with an attorney class action.


You know, who these doctors are, that if they're making the recommendations, then I think they can support that. They can support that, because in discovery, you can find out if they have written that prescription for anyone, because all prescriptions are electronic. You don't have to know who they wrote it for, but you can find out if they're recommending not using it, but writing it. I think we need to know if they've had it written for themselves, because I know several doctors who have gone along with saying we can't write it, who have written it for themselves, family members, etc.


. So I think the time is look, great point in medicine. It's premature. I'm gonna say first, do no harm. And the best way to understand how county judges are talking to county doctors is in an open in a request. If it has to be in a courthouse or an Open Information Act request, why don't you find out their emails and who they're talking to? Is the front group pushing them?


Send an email to info at a f l. D. S. We are actively looking for plaintiffs. Those are B patients who've attempted to get hydroxyl chloroquine whose pharmacists said they wouldn't it, or doctors who've been writing for it and were thwarted by pharmacists. We're actively looking for the plaintiffs info at AFL Stockholm.


I think that would be our next growth industry is you're going to see people on in about two or three months going, did you try to get Hydroxycut or and were denied, but not just the doctors, but the medical societies, the boards empowering them. Here's the thing, Charlie. What you're seeing from the Lancet, what James showed so clearly is you're seeing corruption at the highest level and no one seems to care. The guy that was the first author on that paper still has a job.


And I got to tell you, I mean, anyone that's been in academic medicine, that wouldn't happen. We're canceling people for words. And these folks put those words in a journal, told us it was true. And I think possibly I'll use their special language cost thousands of lives.


Dr Todaro, according to a FOIA request and this is citing Pastor Rob McCoy. Dr. Rosen, I both know him quite well. He said that a FOIA request in Thousand Oaks, California, revealed that there were 102 deaths with the Chinese coronavirus, but only two of the Chinese coronavirus. Now, this doctor rose to talk about this. And as long as I know he's familiar with this data as well. But I'm just hoping this is a broader conversation.


Dr. Todaro, are all these numbers should we take exactly as they are being told or is there a difference between dying with and dying from?


What are we missing here when it comes to the how we're interpreting the data and communicating the data?


Yeah, so absolutely there's dying with and dying from covid. And especially when you're talking about people in nursing homes or maybe near the last stretch of their life, you know, they have a very high mortality rate with or without covid.


And so you have to. We already know and we've had health commissioner in different state say this, that patients will die of something that is obviously not covid, but because they have covid that they are dying and that that goes as little as another notch on the death list for covid. So that's absolutely happening across the board. I think looking back, we'll be able to compare kind of all cause mortality and see how many are we're really from covid and make those assessments comparing, let's say, 20, 20 to the averages in 2017, 2018, 2019.


But yeah, there's absolutely I think that there's an exaggeration of deaths from covid-19 in our fast paced world.


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Agree. Let's try and cargo's Charlie to start an extended free trial and put your mind in motion.


So, Dr. Todaro, can you talk also about other deaths that we are seeing? I mean, another issues that you might be analyzing from your position of suicide, alcoholism, are there other health issues going on that we might have self-inflicted here? Because the lockdown's. Absolutely different frontline doctor, some of a great talk by a psychiatrist who is seeing many of these families and children who are dealing with these lockdowns, and it's no surprise that this has a huge effect on kids, on my kids.


They have guns. Now, if these kids are afraid of this invisible disease, they're not allowed to go hug their grandparents anymore. They're not allowed to play with other kids if they do try to keep a mask on a two year old in a lot of these a lot of states, which is just unbelievable.


And it's it's having a psychological impact on kids, on adults. A lot of people are drinking more. You're sitting at home, you know, out of a job maybe. And so, absolutely, you're seeing this. And this child psychiatrist is talking about how kids are fighting more with their siblings. They are entertained by going to school anymore. And so it's absolutely having a dramatic effect on those and those processes.


Simon, what are your thoughts on that? There's no question in terms of a lockdown and the lockdown is so harmful to Americans, there is one hundred and fifty thousand cancer screenings that went missing and the list is just endless. You know, I just maybe I am being too general, but this whole thing is just such a hoax. It reminds me of a fable when we were young. The emperor has no clothes.


The Emperor has no clothes. There's no reason for us to be living like this. The disease affects people severely who have multiple comorbid conditions. Also, frequently, they're much older. Those patients are in jeopardy. They come down Kovik, but the vast majority of Americans are not in jeopardy. They come down with it. And if they do test positive and they do have symptoms, we have medication that works. So I don't even understand what this is.


And Americans need to start understanding that their way of life is being threatened. No reason. I like to sometimes say there could be a reason to act like this. That reason would be a disease like smallpox. Smallpox is very lethal, very contagious.


All right. This is not that covid-19 overwhelmingly does not kill people overwhelmingly. And I'm not saying it doesn't exist.


I'm an emergency doctor. Take care of many patients with covid, but the ones that do badly are the ones that are near the end of life due to multiple comorbid conditions. And I've lost a friend to the virus.


It's a real thing. But Keith. And it's a tragic thing. But however, Keith, you made the argument to address it. Since when have we ever quarantined the healthy is whose idea was this? I mean, I just looking at this as a non-scientist, I'm just logically, I can't even come to the conclusion of I just shared the lockdown's and the social distancing.


A lot of folks, if they heard our first podcast back in April, know that a lot of these ideas came out of that paper out of New Mexico where one of the authors, daughter, who was actually second author on the paper, wrote a paper in high school on social distancing and talked about is back during the Bush administration, talked about the potential how you would treat a pandemic. And it was her idea. I think that's where they got social distancing and possibly lockdown.


But, Charlie, the thing that every American should look at is why do we have so much on wishful thinking? Why are we ignoring what's right in front of our eyes? And why are we pushing that even harder? Because what we can ignore, what these county judges have done with these lockdowns, here are the hard facts. We know there's a thirty five percent increase in domestic abuse because we have people that are home with their abusers and they can't leave.


We know we have massive increases in suicides, overdoses, alcoholism. We know that when people are afraid, they don't cortisol in their body, which is what caused exacerbation of very common diseases and make them much worse. You know, if you read there's a journal called Modern Health Care, and basically it's a business medical journal. Hospitals are posting record numbers as far as revenue because people aren't seeking care. I mean, someone even went off to say that basically covid-19 has made it better for heart attack patients and strokes.


No, they're just too afraid to go in and be seen and they're dying at home.


May I add something to add something, Charlie, about the quarantine issue? People forget that I'm a lawyer. I went to Stanford University Law School. There is no legal precedent in our country for quarantining the healthy. It simply doesn't exist. It's unconstitutional. There's a case directly on point in California. California's Supreme Court ruled on this exact issue in the era of bubonic plague. Around nineteen hundred. There's a case named Joon-ho, the plaintiff's name is JSW.


And in that time, the public health commissioner of San Francisco tried to lock down 12 city blocks because there were 15 cases or so a bubonic plague. And this went all the way up to the California Supreme Court. The California Supreme Court said, no, you cannot lock down. I think it was twelve thousand healthy people from socializing and going to work and living their lives because there's bubonic plague in the area, it cannot be done. There is no legal precedent for allowing the government to quarantine healthy people.


And there's plenty of legal precedent saying we cannot there needs to be court cases brought. Even October 19 will be over. We need there's precedent established. It is clear to me that eleven eighteen is merely a dress rehearsal. We need there's precedent established, but this cannot happen again.


Yeah, go ahead. Dr. Rosen, I want to ask Dr. Todaro something. Go ahead.


Dr. Gold spoke about smallpox at the start of this country. There was a smallpox epidemic. The British were they weren't affected because they were all immune, but the colonies were. And Washington had to make the decision whether to try to immunize the army or not. And he actually made it illegal to immunize the army, which they would scrape a scab and they would use a needle and immunize each other.


Then he realized he was losing most of the continental forces or potentially was going to lose them. So he allowed for immunization. He reversed course. He recognized. What was going on, and he reversed course, and that's a disease that kills a third of everyone that gets it. He could have wiped out the whole army, but he did it for the chance to fight for freedom. And I think we need to remember that there is a risk benefit to everything.


The risk of covid-19, we're finding out, is less and less every day. And there's more and more therapeutic options.


And but the benefit of getting out and starting up our economy is critical. And we need to get out and start. Everyone should just go out. There should be mass civil disobedience, open the country. And that's the only way we're going to get back or we won't have the chance for that freedom.


So, Dr. Todaro, can you tell us just from looking at the data, maybe we don't have it available, but I'm sure you have some idea of the death rate this year versus the death rate the last couple of years. Have we seen an increase in the death rate at all or has the death rate been somewhat unchanged?


So this is something that I've just started diving into recently. It's been a busy week, but it looks like compared to twenty nineteen, so the first thirty two weeks of twenty nineteen was twenty twenty, that there is an uptick in the number of deaths in this year compared to last year. I'm not comparing this to twenty eighteen or twenty seventeen. So it's, I think there's no doubt that covid-19 caused some degree of excess mortality. The question is how much.


And I'm actually looking forward to doing that data analysis over the next few days.


I do have something I want to talk about, though, that has to do with lockdowns is actually a piece of, I think, really good news that the mainstream media is not covering and not getting near the attention it should be. And this has to do with t cell immunity, herd immunity. OK, so this is a very active area of research that's been going on for the past four to eight weeks. And it's around T cells. And from a high level T cells are part of the adaptive immune system that helps you respond to specific diseases.


You have B cells for antibodies and then T cells. And what the new research is showing is that T cells from blood samples from before the pandemic. So blood samples from people from twenty nineteen when exposed to sars-cov-2 the novel coronavirus, the T cells are specifically reacting to that, to the new virus. And what this implies is that there's a degree of protective immunity for a large percentage of the population. And these studies vary on the exact percentage, but it's around 50 percent.


OK, and so this is critically important. This means about 50 percent of people might have some degree of immunity versus coronavirus. And so this the immune system is very complex and the T and T and just one part of it. But if you take this knowledge, this new research and plug it into what we're seeing in the real world, it starts to make sense. One of the big question is, why are nearly 50 percent of people asymptomatic yet test positive for coronavirus?


Well, do they have a T cell immunity that's being able to attack those infected cells and eradicate them before the person even developed symptoms? Now, this has huge implications on herd immunity, because if someone is asymptomatic is a much lesser chance they're going to spread the disease. So we have 50 percent of people that are partially or maybe even fully protected from the disease. You don't have to reach that 60 to 70 percent. There's so many infectious disease experts and epidemiologists we're talking about.


So they all said you have to be 60 to 70 percent of people infected to reach this herd immunity threshold. And that's a lot of people infected. But what we're seeing the real world is it's not hitting that level. We're seeing city after city around the entire world hit about 20 percent prevalence based on antibody testing in cases against decline. That's beginning to decline. And this happened in Lombardy. This happened in London, Madrid, Geneva, New York City, Stockholm.


And, you know, the lockdown advocates will sit and say, oh, well, that's because we did lockdown the masks. But we all know lockdown mandates and masks came at different times. Get so many of these areas that the 20 percent and we know as a control and I'm sure you've talked about it, the Sweden did not mandate lockdown, did not mandate masks. And again, Stockholm, 20 percent affected cases began to decline. That began to decline.


And today, there's less than one death per day in Sweden. And so if you combine this 50 percent that have some partial or full immunity already prior to the pandemic to about 20 percent that are newly infected, you know, a decent percentage of the population that may be partially or fully immune to coronavirus. And so this would mean that many parts of the country, especially the areas that were hardest hit, might be able to open up safely. And this could be New York City and so many other other cities around the world that aren't seeing that second wave of deaths.


And so I think this is huge. In addition to the new therapeutics we have, this information needs to get out there. It's being suppressed, both of the mainstream media and censorship on Twitter, but also actually at the level of academic journals. So there's also yes. So there's biomass petition to put out a great study looking at value in the mathematical models for why we're having 20 percent, their articles rejected from every scientific journal. And the reason being in the journal said that she quoted in our tweet is that it's because we don't want to give people the idea that maybe.


It could justify reopening. OK, that's the whole reason I have to be able to discuss science openly and that's going on.


Go ahead. The T cells will open the schools. Charlie two is exactly what James is saying. The T cells start in the bone marrow. They go to the thymus and they they go from the thymus out in the body and the T cells. A lot of kids are exposed to different there's several types of coronavirus. There are four types that are just basically the common cold. And that's what those T cells recognize. And that's why I think we're not seeing a lot younger and more.


It's worse and older because the thymus will involution shrink over time as a person gets older. So the T cell research that's being done now is the one of the strongest pillars for opening schools, showing that kids have prior immunity. And and not only makes sense, it makes it just fits perfectly scientifically. And what we know with with our body chemistry really, really paying attention to really plain and simple kids have more t cell activity than grown ups.


And what kids are not getting sick from this. Connect the dots.


So. So I want to ask something about getting immunity, either Dr. Keith or Dr. Gold. Some people are saying in Hong Kong someone's getting the virus twice that they've gotten. Is that possible? Is that ever happened? In the case of viruses, there's more and more news articles that are saying this.


The if you look at the studies and I'm probably someone probably knows more about this than I do. But the studies I've looked at where they're getting the virus twice again, what does getting the virus mean? Is that a positive test? Because we know that the test, a lot of them are false positives and they test for shredded virus or broken up viral particles. We're not seeing repeat infections. And you can look at countries that weren't locked down. Sweden has a great study just showing that, showing the graphs.


In fact, if you look across the board right now, the greatest case for immunity is looking at every group and every state that's not locking down hard and opening up because all their death rates are going down. When you look at posit positive case, it doesn't mean anything. You have to look further than that's just a vanity metrics.


Go ahead.


I just keep it really simple. Like the exception proves the rule. Do you understand that? You know, we people get influenza A. Sometimes they also get influenza B, but they can recover. Overwhelmingly, people recover from this virus or they were asymptomatic to begin with. So I have a few things that I say.


Telička, you're really on top of things to this like pressingly release. I think that came out today, yesterday. So what he's talking about is a person from Hong Kong was infected with Coronavirus from March, got reinfected in August. So one hundred forty two days later, I think there's some important parts of this. So he had experienced the disease in March. He was symptomatic this most recent time of reinfection. He was asymptomatic, OK, no symptoms.


All he had was an inflammatory marker that bumped up a little bit hyperkalemia, which is potassium. And then he had he developed the antibodies right after that. So that's the only evidence that really had that he had a second effect. And it's really important to note it was asymptomatic. He likely had t cells, maybe not even antibodies, but the T cells was able to fight this infection before it actually developed symptoms. And I have not seen any evidence that he actually spread that disease to other people.


I did not see that in the press release. But that's kind of what I'm talking about. Herd immunity is you have the people that if they even if they were infected and able to eradicate the disease, then they're not coughing. They don't they're not projecting the viral particles to other people and getting others infected.


So let's go really quick, Dr. Rose. Let's go around the Horn of Doctorow's Dr. Gold and then we'll finish with with one more final comment. Go ahead. Well, I think, you know, I had H1N1, I was in the Middle East in 2009, and so I kept the whole file on it because I was really sick and I thought I was going to die. I just found that file the other day. And it was interesting from the CDC and from our state medical association said that it was in November and I'll send it to you because I have it said, don't we don't need to test anymore for H1N1.


If you find a patient, just treat them. They didn't even want to know who was positive or not. So why? And that was a horrific, I guess.


But Dr. Young, really quick, they say it's because you could be an asymptomatic spreader. That's what they said made this one different. But it's actually true.


Well, they say a lot, but I'm just I'm just playing devil's advocate here.


I'm just saying this is not the only problem is an asymptomatic spreader doesn't produce enough viral load in the studies that actually look at it. And if you're not producing viral load, you're only asymptomatic spread, which is probably 24 to 48 hours prior to active symptoms, is on a spouse or an intimate contact. Not in the workplace. Not in the school. So the asymptomatic spreader, just to use plain term, is not really a thing.


And you can't add to to continue with that. The CDC finally, finally just came out saying you should not test asymptomatic people. How do you like that? That just came out and they're finally catching up. Obviously, you should not be testing asymptomatic people. There's all these kids at school that are now being tested and they're being kept out so no one don't get tested for asymptomatic. Even the CDC says that if I could just circle back really quickly, I wanted to say something about vaccines that I selected to say earlier.


The reason I'm very reluctant to put all my faith in vaccine, even though the president keeps touting the vaccine, is although the government can rush the scientific process to a certain extent, when you're giving a medication, which a vaccine is to a very large group of asymptomatic people who are healthy, you're taking a healthy population and you're looking for subtle, maybe late side performance. There is no substitute for waiting a good length of time to discern if there were subtle side effects that took a few years to show up or.


There's just so much the government can do. They can rush the test to process, but they cannot rush the observation period. They may make it legal, but that's not the way a drug should be given to people who are asymptomatic, healthy, and we're not going to be threatened by this virus in the first place. You should not be taking an untested, unproven medicine. If you're healthy and there's no threat to you, it should go through the process.


And may I just say that vaccine all vaccines companies are completely shielded from any legal liability. Should something go wrong. That is not something to rush.


So I guess let's just leave this as an open. We'll go around the horn and just talk to the drug. You have anything you wanted to add to that? No, I think they covered it pretty well. So let's go let's just start with Dr. Rose and Dr. Gold and Dr. Drew. What can people do? What questions should they ask? Because people are saying, what do I do? Where do I get things? How do I get information?


People feel helpless and they feel confused. And you can't blame them for that because they're getting so much incredible disinformation stock. Start with you, Dr. Rose of Dr. Gold and Dr. Todora.


Every state, Charlie, every state board and every state's medical oversight has different rules. So they need to check on their state board, their state oversight committees and find out what can and can't be done. And then they need to have a talk with their physician because they have the right to request treatment. And as long as in Texas, as long as we document everything and we talk to them and they request treatment, we can treat them and you and you need to hold people accountable.


And I mean that with all due respect. And they go to Dr. Gold's website, sounds like they have a lot of information about what's going on. And just to put hydroxy Cohen in perspective, penicillin, allergies kill one person a day or thirty three people a month. That's what we've seen across the board. Hydroxycut one does it and it's all about a risk benefit. Yet when I go South America and I take Hydroxycut work, when I take it two weeks before all during that time and four weeks after, and no one seems to have a problem when I take it or when I give it to my children or when I give it to family members.


So you need to ask questions. Don't just be don't look to CNN, MSNBC, but ask the hard questions and sit down with your doctor and tell them, look, I need to know and physicians need to pay attention to we have a responsibility only problem I have with that doctor roses.


I sit down with their doctor. I've met plenty of doctors that disagree with everything that has been said this whole hour. So I kind of disagree just to push back a little bit.


So what do they do, Dr. Rose, if they're going to find a doctor, OK, you've got to find one. And that's where Dr. Gold can come in. I'm just saying and I completely agree that you're saying. But I mean, I get these emails from doctors saying how irresponsible I'm being for having you guys on my show.


Just give me an idea. Yeah. And they're cowards.


Of course, me read. So let me just share my perspective. I agree with you completely, Charlie, that a lot of doctors have drank the Kool-Aid. Doctors are also citizens of America, living in a country that has been having a massive disinformation campaign. I love America and I love its people. The website is there to empower you, listener. If you're listening, you can go to my website and you can find not only the laws and regulations that Dr.


Rosen is talking about in your state. You will find a telemedicine physician who understands these issues. Now, if you live in a state that does permit Hydroxycut permit, you can see right away on the map and you don't want to change your doctor, your doctor doesn't know you should print out the white paper that's under the reference tab and share it with your physician. It lays out all the information. It is true that some doctors have so drunk the Kool-Aid that they can't see clearly, and you really should not go to doctors like that.


But there I do believe there are a lot of physicians who are not knowledgeable and would be open to learning the information. You can actually bring your own doctor the white paper and help yourself. There's also a lot of videos under the TAB summit. You can watch a video as it applies to you. If you've got kids at a school age, you can watch the video about kids. You've got a healthy older parent or sick older parent. You can watch that video.


A lot of stuff.


A failed sitcom. Yes. Sorry about that. Your great Dr. Todaro.


So it's it's not a simple answer. And I. It really comes down to every patient, the general public staying informed, and the way to do that is, again, not watching CNN, MSNBC, mainstream media, anything they give you is very superficial and probably just disinformation. So you can have to digest things from other sources, these types of podcasts that the long form conversations where you can better understand what's going on at the back of America's Frontline Doctors website.


I have a website, Medicine Uncensored dot com, where I put a lot of the research that's coming out on this stuff. The second thing is, if you don't feel like your doctor is being open minded to whether it's a therapeutic or advising in general hydroxy correction, for instance, fire them, go to any physician you do want. That closed minded physician is maybe going to be managing your care in a hospital if you do get sick. But you have options to see different physicians a lot of times as you do.


And that would put pressure on these physicians to maybe stay a little bit more informed. And I know physicians hate this and many don't like patients to come in with, you know, evidence or whatever on certain therapeutics and stuff because they always like, oh, well, what does the patient know? But there's so much difference of opinion among doctors out there that doctors need to be able need to deal with this new evidence and and patients need to put pressure on them.


One last thing is this kind of news. This is just an alert pop up on my email here about plasma. Does anyone want to take that? Dr. Gold? Is there is there efficacy to this? Is there hope in here? What do you think? Dr. Gold is just really newsie. So I want patients to have all options. I want these decisions to be made between the doctor and the patient, convalescent plasma has its place. I want to emphasize that it's useful in the late stage of the disease.


Hydroxy chloroquine is useful in the early stages of the disease. If you were not treated properly with drugs that caucusing early and you unfortunately are hospitalized and very sick, you would want to receive plasma, but you would also want to receive high antibody dose plasma. And I just it's much more complicated and it's for the late stage. So it is a valid therapeutic. It should be available to doctors. But Hydroxycut, when ivermectin be genocide, should also be available to doctors.


Thank you, Dr. Rose, any other closing thoughts, just what triggered something in me and that was hospitalized? And when you take the medication, a lot of medical societies and a lot of state medical associations say they don't recommend it in hospitalized patients and people are taking that across the board. It's a medication, Hydroxycut, when to take early. And so just when you hear certain studies or certain people talking, look and see if they say it doesn't work or could possibly not work or everyone seems to be word smithing a lot these days.


So it's really up to the patient to be informed. And I love what James said. If your doctor's not taking care of you, you have the right firing and go find someone who will. Well, thank you guys so much, this has been an amazing update. Unfortunately, the country remains largely locked down children not in school, college football canceled and lots of fear. But I think that people need to keep on tuning into this podcast. And for all three of you guys, so it's Dr.


Dr. Drew. Dr. Gold and a FLDS dotcom. God bless you guys so much. Hope to see you soon. Thank you for joining our program and hopefully in two weeks. Let's do another update of all this nonsense that's happening. So God bless you guys. Thank you. Thanks a lot.


Thanks, Joe. What a great podcast that was. I love to hear from medical professionals that are willing to go against the grain. Please consider supporting us at Charlie Kirkos. Support Charlie Kirkconnell support. If you guys want to win a signed copy of The New York Times best seller, The Magga Doctrine Type and Charlie Kirk show your podcast provider hits subscribe. Give us a five star review, screenshot it and email us Freedom at Charlie Kirkconnell, freedom at Charlie Cook Dotcom.


Thanks so much for listening, everybody. God bless you. God bless our country. Stay safe. Stay free.


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