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Here we go.


Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Charlie Cook's run in the White House. But I want to thank Charlie is an incredible guy, his spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.


That's why we are here.


Hey, everybody, it is Monday, so I am taking your questions. If I have selected your question at Freedom at Charlie Kirkham, Freedom at Charlie Kirkup, you get a signed copy. That's right. A free signed copy of The New York Times best seller, the Magna Doctrine. I want to thank all of you that are new listeners and especially those of you that have become supporters of our program. We have had a overwhelming amount of support at Charlie Kirkham report.


I want to thank those of you that have been have chipped in ten dollars, fifty dollars, a hundred dollars a month. Your incredible support keeps this program going. And especially with these Amma's I mean, look, we are working weekends. We're getting this ready for you at two a.m. on a Monday morning because we know how important it is. I get your incredible emails of people that say they're moved and touched by what we are doing. And so we are burning the midnight oil right now to make sure that you guys have the content you need.


And honestly, I love it, too. I love being able to break apart these ideas. It brings me joy to be able to work through these important news of the day issues, the deeper philosophy behind it, and also to defend the greatest civilization ever to exist in history, the world. So it's Aimé Monday. Let's start with Greg from Michigan. I was just in Michigan, had a great time speaking at my friend Cody's church, gave a couple sermons there, had a great time.


Love Western Michigan. OK, Greg from Michigan. Charlie, can you please explain the historic peace deal President Trump struck last week between Israel and the United Arab Emirates? I'm having a hard time cutting through the partisan spin on either side of it. Thank you. Love your show. So let's just kind of go through the top line news of it, and then I'm going to dive into the historical significance and also just some background around exactly what we're dealing with here.


Here was the top tier news item. Quote, President Trump announced last Thursday morning that Israel and the United Arab Emirates UAE had reached a peace deal and would achieve the, quote, full normalization of relations, the first peace agreement between Israel and any Gulf Arab state. This is a massive peace deal. A President Trump very wisely called it the Abraham accord. Now, mind you, let's just first make sure that everyone listening understands exactly what we're dealing with here.


Israel being, of course, right on the Mediterranean is a small sliver of freedom, democracy, individual rights. All three monotheistic religions are represented in the Israeli Knesset as well as the Israeli Supreme Court. You can have full religious freedom in the state of Israel. You can speak your mind. Women have full and equal representation. Females can serve in government. This little sliver of land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean is a slice of freedom in a sea of absolute totalitarian tyranny.


Israel is constantly and totally under attack. I am an evangelical Christian. I'm a pro American pro Israel advocate. I believe it's very important that we stand with our allies in the Middle East, which of course is Israel. Israel should also just be allowed to defend itself. I believe that, you know, we should, of course, put our own country first. But this incredible anti-Semitic anti Zionist narrative that has sprung up all across our country is designed to try to abolish the Jewish state, the state of Israel.


So Israel is no bigger than the state of New Jersey. Israel is about eight point eight million people strong where the rest of the region, they are surrounded by nothing but Arab hostile actors. I have a combined population of well over almost 700 million Muslims, so Israel is far outnumbered, in fact, of Israel laid down its weapons, they would be completely and totally eliminated. If the Arab countries lay down their weapons, there would be peace, so the Middle East has been rapidly changing in recent years.


We had the Arab Spring about a decade ago, which only resulted in evil actors from the Muslim Brotherhood taking over even more positions of power throughout the Middle East. The Arab Spring actually resulted in very little normalization or westernisation of some of these Arab countries, Libya being one of the great disasters of the entire region. And that was the Joe Biden Barack Obama foreign policy portfolio pioneered by Hillary Clinton that famously had the Benghazi incident on not actually on September 11th, believe it or not, 2012, which was conveniently swept under the rug.


A couple of countries that had some normalization during the Arab Spring was maybe Tunisia was the closest to it. But other countries such as Turkey or even Syria, the more, let's say, authoritarian dictator, one, the day Syria in particular, Assad is probably closer to power than he ever has been since the Syrian civil war broke out, which actually displaced over nine million people in the entire region directly and indirectly and caused a massive migration wave to Europe that Europe has not been able to sustain.


So the region for many years has been focused and agreed on one thing that Israel must not exist. This is one thing that kept together warring Muslim countries that otherwise would have hated themselves. So just by more background, we have to first understand that there are two major sects of Islam, Sunni and Shia, Sunni being the much bigger form of Islam than Shia. About 85 percent of all Muslims worldwide are Sunni, Shia, about 15 percent.


The main difference between the two is Sunni Muslims mainly rely on the Sunnah, a record of the teachings and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad to guide their actions while Shiites more heavily on the ayatollahs or those kind of almost popes of Islam, if you will, as a sign of God on earth. And this is there's a lot more distinctions than this. The break happened very early. The split actually ended up happening 14 centuries ago. The divide originated with a dispute over who should succeed the Prophet Muhammad as the leader of the Islamic faith he introduced.


So there's this split has been very much prolonged over many hundreds of years. But the dominant Shia country is Iran and the dominant Sunni country is Saudi Arabia. So when we talk about Gulf states, there are a couple of Gulf states in particular. These are very oil rich countries. But for the last couple decades, ever since the formation of Israel, these countries have been totally and completely focused on the absolute destruction of Israel. These countries on the Arab peninsula include Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen and Kuwait.


These countries have been agreed upon that Israel has had far too much power. They have been in a lot of different ways, pushing for annexation of the West Bank, of Judea and Samaria. And Israel has always been the common enemy of Arab actors. What President Trump did was so incredibly historic. So there are many countries, as I mentioned, in the Arab peninsula, one of which is the United Arab Emirates, the UAE, within the Emirates.


They're almost like city states that are united in one country, led by a prime minister, by the name of Mohammed bin Zayed. And so this he is basically the monarch of the United Arab Emirates. And so he is a Sunni Muslim and he is allied with Saudi Arabia. And they have other disputes going on as well. But generally, there are coalitions being built against the evil, tyrannical mullahs of Iran. Iran wants the complete and total destruction of the United States of America.


Iran is embraced by American liberals because of how much they actually hate the West and how dedicated they are to the complete and total and fundamental destruction of our beautiful civilization. So President Trump looked at the landscape through his incredibly effective surrogate, Jared Kushner, and he said, what can I do to try to bring peace to Israel? Now, the main dispute with Israel is basically the dispute over Judea and Samaria. This is not enough time for me to dive in to the actual the complexities of what's happening.


But more or less, there are disputed territories between the nation state of Israel and what they call the Palestinian Authority. I understand that's a very complex term Palestinian Authority. There really isn't a place called Palestine. There is only a temporary country formed by British and Roman rule called philistine or Palestinian. But this nation state of Israel goes back thousands of years and it's only been a reclamation of the state of Israel recently. And that's a very important thing to recognize.


So Israel has been giving up land in the pursuit of peace for the last 40 years. They gave up the Sinai Peninsula to had some form of peace. With Egypt, they gave up Gaza to try to have peace with Hamas or the Palestinian Authority that failed tremendously and fell flat on its face. That was one of the worst decisions Israel has ever made. So now President Trump has been trying to do the impossible. He has been trying to have some form of normalcy between the Palestinian Authority and their ambitions to continue to try to annex parts of Israel.


So here's what the statement from the White House said. As a result of this diplomatic breakthrough and at the request of the President Trump with the support of the United Arab Emirates, Israel was suspend declaring sovereignty over areas outlined in the president's vision for peace and focus its efforts now on expanding ties with other countries in the Arab and Muslim world. So basically, a country such as the United Arab Emirates, which quite honestly has been a hotbed for many decades of anti-Semitism and fervor that is not very favorable to the West.


And it's not just the UAE. It's almost every single country that you can imagine that is in Israel and the entire Middle East, including Iran and the incredibly evil mullahs that run Iran. So when you look at Israel, they have very little friends in the region. But President Trump was able to find commonality between the Emirati government and the Israeli government. This all comes in large part due to President Trump's maximum pressure campaign against the evil Iranians, stopping any progress they made under the Obama Biden administration to become a regional superpower.


Joe Biden is, of course, running to restore the failed Iran deal or the jackpot which set Iran on track to get a nuclear weapon, which would happen very soon, much to the dismay of myself and Israel and anyone who loves Western values, but also to Sunni states in the region. They did not want Iran to have a nuclear weapon either. So in regards to the halting of the annexation, Emirati representative said that they expected Israel to characterize it only as a pause, but that in practical terms, the deal would likely postpone the prospect of a such move until after the American presidential election, buying time for the two nations to further strengthen the agreement.


As I've mentioned earlier, the prospect of a Biden presidency would likely make this entire accord null and void as the administration would immediately move to prop up Iran.


The billions of dollars would go back to Iran. Ben Rhodes, he's very pro Iranian. He'd play a big role in the Biden administration. He's one of the architects of the failed Obama Biden foreign policy tweeted, quote, This agreement enshrines what has become the emerging status quo in the region for a long time, dressed up as an election eve achievement from two leaders who want Trump to win. This is such a cynical view and one that enshrines the false notion of a Palestinian state.


Let's dive deeper, a completely cynical view. I mean, Joe Biden, however, offered at least some praise for the deal. However, he and typical Obama Biden fashion claim to take credit for, quote, laying the groundwork for this to happen. The bottom line is that the president and his team really deserve all the credit here, especially goes to senior adviser Jared Kushner and his team. And we hope to have him on our program very soon.


Jared, as a friend of mine, and he is a loyal soldier for the United States, he wrote in The Washington Post this week and quote, This deal came together, result of negotiations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, facilitated and led by the United States. But it was a strategic policy shift undertaken by the president Trump's three and a half years ago that lay the foundation for the breakthrough the world witnessed this week. This agreement would not have been possible, though the leadership of a president who who refuses to do things the same old way just because that's how they've always been done.


So we want to continue seeing things get done, the ways they've always been done. But for Joe Biden and his five decades of experience or my word failure, but if you like seeing peace in the Middle East, then vote for someone who can achieve results like President Trump. I cannot tell you how historic this is, because just so you understand, from Tel Aviv, which is where the airport is, and Israel, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.


It's the holy city. Jerusalem is the city that Jesus Christ rose from. The dead is where Jesus Christ walked in real form, as Jesus Christ did a lot of his ministry, especially in the final week of his life. Jerusalem is the holy city and the capital of Israel. But if you fly from Tel Aviv, you are not allowed to fly to any other Arab nation. The beginning and the let's just say the loosening of the adversity between Israel and the United Arab Emirates is a massive win.


It is a massive win for Western values and for America and for Israel. President Trump said he was going to do the impossible. He said he was going to try to get the impossible deal done. He did. It is here getting the United Arab Emirates, which are Muslim totalitarian fanatics, of which there is no love lost on my side for the UAE. Let me tell you that much. I think I hold them in higher light than the Iranian mullahs.


But the United Arab Emirates is not exactly embodying my value system or Western values of freedom or dialogue. Now, out of the other Gulf states and some. Ways they've shown some signaling towards Christianity, however, I'm not going to run circles about how great the United Arab Emirates are, but to get the UAE to agree to these loosening of adversarial relations in agreement against Iran is massive. Only President Trump was able to accomplish something like this. He deserves great credit for it.


He deserves he deserves a huge amount of political reward for it. The president being able to get this deal done is terrific. It's good for Israel. It's good for America. It's good for the West. It's good for every single individual out there that loves freedom and has been tired of seeing the endless amount of conflict in this region. Next question, Loretta from Ohio. Charlie, what is going on with the post office? And why do I keep hearing that President Trump is trying to defund it or abolish it?


So, look, here is the lie. President Trump won't fund the Postal Service because he wants to rig the election. But who's been saying it? Democrats everywhere. And here are just some examples. Nancy Pelosi said he is undermining the health of our democracy play tape.


They've not really ever like the Postal Service because they always want to find a way to make money off of something and they want to privatize. But now, at a time of the pandemic, you would think they'd have a little sensitivity, but so obsessed are they to undermine absentee voting that this is their connection there. So the president says is not putting up any money for absentee voting and he's not putting up any money for the postal service, undermining the health of our democracy.


Here's Bernie Sanders lying about some people getting sick in Wisconsin during in-person voting and accusing Trump of suppressing the vote by destroying the Postal Service play tape.


You will remember some months ago, Anderson, they had the primary in Wisconsin. And I had my reservations about that. People want to get primary. Some people got sick as a result. People are nervous about this virus. Poll workers, people who work in the polling places are nervous about the virus right here in Vermont. Just the other day, we had our primaries. Voter turnout was very, very high. Overwhelmingly mail in ballots. It work just fine.


Here's Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, claiming Donald Trump doesn't want election play type party for the first time ever voting.


What do you think about that picture?


Hey, guys, let's go. Let's go. We got more elections.


Of course, this is all just baseless fear mongering by the Democrats. Here's the truth. Trump has said multiple times that he would sign a bill providing emergency funding for the Postal Service. The Democrats refused to provide one that doesn't contain progressive poison pills. His administration even gave the Postal Service 10 billion dollar loan in covid relief funding towards the end of July. But Democrats don't actually care about saving the post office. Like all things, the post office is just a means to an end.


They want to use it to facilitate one of the greatest power grabs of all time through nationwide mandated vote by mail, something that something America has never done before. The president sees through all this, and he's not the only one. National Public Radio reported in July that, quote, mail in voting is fraught with potential problems. And The Washington Post said, quote, It's not clear whether at home voting can be ramped up nationwide by November. The post office is remarkably inefficient.


It's ineffective, and it certainly shouldn't be trusted with our elections. Does that mean President Trump is trying to kill it? Absolutely. No. It just means that he, like any reasonable American, doesn't see the value of investing billions of dollars in something that has a proven track record of failure. And let's do a little flashback here from the Obama Biden administration, there was a time when Obama said, quote, It's the post office that's always having problems.


Former President Barack Obama accused President Trump of trying to sabotage the postal service in an effort to alter the results of the 2012 election. I'm reading from The Blaze Dotcom Paul Socker, August 16th article. This is what Barack Obama said. What was in it? Why is it unique to a modern political history? Is a president who is explicitly trying to discourage people from voting, Obama said in an appearance on his former campaign adviser David Plouffe podcast on Friday. What we're never seen before, the president say, I'm going to try to actively kneecap both service to encourage voting, and I'll be explicit about the reason I'm doing it, he added.


That's sort of unheard of. But if you actually go back in time, President Barack Obama was very critical about the Postal Service at some point play tape. If you think about it, you know, UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. Right. They know they are. I mean, it's it's the post office that's always having problems. And if you dive deeper into this, between 2011 to 16, there are roughly 14000 postal service mailboxes removed, which was all during the Obama Biden administration.


You go deeper. Between fiscal year 2007 2019, Postal Service net netted losses of roughly 78 billion dollars. The Government Accountability Office said it had a high risk update. And John, 16, President Obama proposed that the Postal Service, 12000 jobs. So look like all things the left is being incredibly disingenuous here. And the president even said that UPS and FedEx do a much better job of the postal service. We should private we should have privatized the Postal Service a long time ago.


We should take care of our postal service workers about family members that worked in the post office, take care of them, protect the obligations you have given them in pensions, and privatize the post office. No more federalized post office. We don't need more government jobs. It does not work. It is dysfunctional. That is not in the best interest of our country. It is not in the best interest of the taxpayer. And this is nothing more than a vote by mail power grab by Democrat totalitarian politicians.


Charles says this Charles is a nice name.


Charles of this is your question. You get a signed copy, the Magna Doctrine. Hey, Charlie, what are the odds a third party candidate will ever make a serious run and get strong enough to push? Do you think that a third party candidate could ever be president? Thanks so much, Charles. Well, let's actually look at a history of third party candidates in our country. Most famously, let's start in 1912 when President Theodore Roosevelt had served from president, when President Theodore Roosevelt had served as president from 1981 to 1989.


And then Taft won the 1988 Republican presidential nomination with Roosevelt's support. President Theodore Roosevelt got very upset with Taft and then challenged half in 1912 unsuccessfully. The then started the Bull Moose Party. Because of that, unfortunately, it split the vote and Woodrow Wilson ended up becoming president, one of the most radical anti-American individuals ever to become president of the United States. Let's fast forward to 1968. Democrat racist George Wallace ran for president on the famous slogan Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever.


Wallace ran and he got twelve point nine percent of the popular vote winning five Southern states, and he got over forty six electoral votes. Richard Nixon won only 43 percent of the popular vote, but fifty six percent of the Electoral College. Hubert Humphrey won forty two percent of the popular vote, but only 35 percent of the Electoral College. Fast forward to 1992 and 1996. Probably the most famous third party candidate that has run for the presidency in the modern era was Ross Perot.


Ross Perot famously said, do you hear that sucking noise that is Mexico stealing all of our jobs from us? Ross Perot was a very eccentric individual, very remarkably successful. I know the Perot family. They're terrific people. I've spent time with them. They're some of the most ethical, God-Fearing people I've ever had a chance to get to know. The Piros are American heroes and actually Ross Perot, may he rest in peace. Senior was an American hero as well.


So Ross Perot ran for president in 1992 as a successful businessman. He was trending actually very favorably in the polls and then suddenly dropped out over the summer and then re-entered back into the race. There's a lot of people that were Perot voters that became Trump voters. There was a direct connection between people that voted for Ross Perot in 1992 and Donald Trump in 2016. Ross Perot ran as a disruptor and in fact, he did so well. He got 18 percent of the vote in 1992 and nine percent of the vote in 1996.


Though the Reform Party, which is what he ran under, they were more closely the Republican platform ideas. The Perot drew equally from both Republicans and Democrats, according to an independent analysis. Some people, and I think this is a hotly debated attribute, Ross Perot running for the presidency in 92 and 96 for the reason why Bill Clinton was able to win two terms in office in 2000. There were a couple of small splinter candidates that ran. But here's one name for you that you have not heard recently.


Ralph Nader growing up. Ralph Nader was like Bernie Sanders. He was kind of just old and crotchety and radical and socialist and hated the country, but wanted an environmental radical agenda. And you kind of just laughed at him and he got almost no votes. Bernie Sanders is far more effective at garnering political support than Ralph Nader. But Ralph Nader ran in year 2000 and he actually got some sizable amount of votes in the state of Florida. In total, all third party candidates gathered one hundred 38000 votes in Florida and President George W.


Bush won Florida by 537 votes. I bet that's not something that every young person knows.


Actually, I remember living through this. It was a total mess. I was young. I was like seven or eight years old. I remember it vividly, vividly. The country was so divided. The Supreme Court cases about it. Bush v. Gore, it was off. Awful, and we decided to present on 537 votes. So if you're listen to this, in a country of three hundred and thirty million people and you think your vote doesn't matter, just go back to the 2000 election where we decided a president, 537 votes, 537 votes, and Ralph Nader accrued over 97000.


Four hundred and eighty eight of those votes. So Ralph Nader gave us George W. Bush and your 2000 and saved us from a Gore presidency. Then, of course, in 2016, we saw a lot of individuals run for the presidency. In fact, if you tally up all the third party votes together in some of the states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, it very well might have tipped Hillary Clinton over the edge if those people would have voted more for Hillary Clinton than for Trump.


So the question has should not be, are we ever going to see a third party candidate? The question more suitably should be, and I respect the question completely, it's a great question. The better way to phrase the question is, are we going to see it again?


Will Kanye West play a role in it? I don't know.


I think that he's actually getting some traction. I think some people actually like what he has to say. His website is actually very biblical and very nice. I will not be voting for Kanye West despite him being someone I have got to know over the last couple of years. That's not something I'm going to be campaigning for. I will be campaigning for President Trump, as I already am and are students for Trump Organization and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of doors this weekend in Michigan.


However, I think Kanye West actually could cause a lot of problems for the Joe Biden campaign. So do I ever think we'll see a third party presidential candidate become president? I don't know. Now, the question is, do you think that the two party system will vanish? Probably not. Our system will not lend itself to a pluralistic political system. It just won't. What do I mean by that? Our system is unfortunately or fortunately, it depends on how you view it.


I see positives of both, by the way, because if you have too many parties, you start to have fractionalization and you have like a pro-life party and a pro-gun party and no one can agree on anything. And then only whoever gets end up gets like 28 percent of the support ends up ruling 100 percent of the country. And that's not good at all. In fact, I actually think that the parliamentary system, especially in some of the Western European countries like Spain and Portugal, is so incredibly screwed up that whoever is the loudest organized, best grievance party ends up winning.


I don't I don't like it. I don't know.


That's not to say I think that there should be new voices and a disruption. I think that actually, if they're I think right now, more than any other time in American history, a suitable third party candidate could succeed very well. I think both political parties have generally failed the American people. I think that's why President Trump is so effective and so disruptive, failed us through getting us into reckless wars overseas in Iran and endlessly in Afghanistan, failed us by poor immigration policies illegally and legally.


And bringing in cheap labor to undercut our wages failed us by pandering to the social media tech titans in Silicon Valley, pandering and being weak when it comes to religious liberty and valuing cannabis dispensaries more than church or the body of Christ. I think our political elite are so out of touch as to what is meaningful and what is good for the American people. I think a third party candidate can do better. So third party candidate, keep your eyes on it.


They could be spoilers, they could be additions, they could be subtractions. I think any third party entrant actually helps the president right now. Any third party activity is very favorable to the president. And make no mistake, I think that there will be a socialist third party candidate at some point in the next ten or fifteen years. A socialist candidate that splinters into its own party could save the country. The only reason why the Democrats are able to get this power grab the way they are is because their party is unified, because their party is together, they're in harmony, in harmony of how much they hate Trump as soon as their party splinters into micro fashions and the socialism that they have been growing in their ranks becomes its own political movement.


They're not going to have a monopolization of power and they will fight themselves and it will be brutal and it will be better. And the sooner it can happen, the better. We should encourage it. We should incentivize it. We should have them be motivated to fight each other. In fact, make sure you are subscribe to The Charlie Cook Show, take out your phone type and Charlie Cook Show to your podcast provider and make sure you had subscribe, because later this week during the Democrat convention, I am going to be showing you things that no one else is showing you.


We're going to be doing instant analysis on our YouTube channel, so make sure you guys are subscribed. But also, I'm going to go through the kind of brewing Democrat civil war that everyone has be missing. And this question actually kind of jogged me along that I can take a couple more questions. I select your question. You get a signed copy of The New York Times best seller Magga Doctrine, Freedom at Charlie Clark, dot com freedom at Charlie Cook dot com.


Email me any time I get the emails directly. If you have something that you want to reach me with its freedom at Charlie Cook Dotcom, Ron says he's a concerned Democrat voter. Thank you for listening to this. The Democrats are starting their convention today. What are your predictions for how it will go? And why didn't Joe Biden or anyone from his campaign appear and any of the Sunday shows yesterday? What are they hiding from? Well, thank you, Ron, for listening.


I mean that. Thank you. This program, I hope, is not too adversarial to Democrats. I'm very critical of the left, but I don't ever try to attack Democrats like mainstream Democrat voters. I will attack the left and I'll attack radical, bitter, arrogant, resentful, deceitful leftists that want to tear down our civilization. But I bet I know I know this to be true. Most mainstream Democrats are not that they love their country and they've just been institutional, generational Democrats.


They need to be brought over to the Republican side. So thank you so much for listening, Ron. It means a lot. Why didn't Joe Biden or anyone his campaign appear in any of the Sunday shows? While Joe Biden is not capable of doing a long form interview, Joe Biden cannot have a 15 to 20 minute conversation. He does not mentally have the capacity to do that. He is in steep and total mental decline. They are hiding from the American people.


It's going to be very interesting to see their convention. I think there's going to be a lot of news being made and we are going to be on top of it. Our podcast is going to be the quickest turnaround of anything that happens during the convention these next two weeks, the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention. If you want the news, we have the instant analysis right here on The Charlie Cook Show. Brendan has a question. Hey, Charlie, quick question for you, if and only if the country votes in slow, Joe, where do you see the Republican Party going?


Who are some people who like to see run in 2024, regardless of which way the election plays out? Thanks so much. Well, look, I'm not going to get into who I want to see run or any of that. I think that's a little bit quick to jump the gun. We got to focus on getting President Trump re-elected. However, if President Trump loses and Joe Biden wins, there will be a bloody civil war in the Republican Party for the soul of our party.


And it will be actually very healthy. Not that the bloody part is a healthy thing, but the the urgency to be able to excommunicate people like Mitt Romney from our party. We will need to draw very clear lines of what it means to be a Republican, strong families, pro-life, pro religious expression, flourishing communities, individual initiative, the liberty to do as you see fit. Being able to pursue the American way of life. Immigration that works for the American worker representing people that shower before work and after work, not everyone has to go to college making the Bible read in our schools again, understanding that the Constitution is the greatest political document ever written in the history of the world, protecting our Second Amendment rights and actually further liberating gun ownership, revitalizing our inner cities and bringing dignity to forgotten America.


This is what the Republican Party needs to stand for. You know what? We don't need to stand for endless and unlimited illegal border jumping called immigration, endless legal immigration into our country that devalues American wages and brings down the purchasing power of the American consumer and ships manufacturing jobs overseas. The Republican Party can no longer stand for the appeasement. China Party can no longer be the party to get us into reckless, endless foreign wars where our middle class families send off their loved ones just to be killed in combat to try to displace some dictator.


So another one can take his place a couple minutes later. And nothing actually changes. No more spending billions of dollars overseas to Iran. The Republican Party needs to be a party about the ethos of America, a middle class country that respects earned success. That, of course, will never going to throw rocks at the top of the building. But we're going to fix the elevator. We're going to be a party so focused on opportunity, stability, safe communities.


The Republican Party that generally exists right now is one around serving corporate interests of the corporate war machine or the pharmaceutical industry or around the cheap labor industry. The Republican Party does not represent forgotten America. How about reforming our communities in southeast Ohio or in western Iowa or in southern Minnesota or in rural Montana? How about becoming the drug store for the rest of the world that we make vitamin C, that we make penicillin and we challenge the pharmaceutical industry that shipped our jobs overseas in the first place to China and maybe asking ourselves the question, how do we actually become a country that feeds ourselves more ethically, that doesn't always have corporate farming, where young 25 year olds can sustainably have five or six kids if they want to, to not have the price of education go up the way that it did, to not have higher education, crush the purchasing power of the middle class to people, endlessly go into debt.


That's the Republican Party I'm going to be fighting for. And I'm fighting against people that say you can't take stances on social issues. No. Yes, we can. And we will. We will be a pro-life party. We will be a party that respects the church. We will be a party that says salvation is essential and church is essential. We will not be a party that. All of a sudden panders to the socially liberal interests of the coasts, and if you're socially liberal listeners podcast, thank you for listening.


I truly mean that. However, this country, if we do not have socially conservative values of strong families and pro-life, the country will disintegrate. If you take the social issues out of the realm, the country falls apart completely. You need a moral code and the lack of a moral code in some form of governance, the protection of the innocent standards of marriage, understanding civil society. Not that you have to micromanage every single decision. People are going to fall from grace.


I am not a totalitarian, but I am a conservative. I do believe in certain laws. I do believe in certain moral truths that must be defended, like protecting the innocent from predators.


I think that is a perfectly understandable role of government, the Republican Party that we must destroy and the Republican Party must run to the hills, the Republican Party that we must excommunicate as the Republican Party of Mitt Romney and John McCain. It's the Republican Party that gave us John Roberts, not the party that gave us Cavenagh and Gorsuch, which is the one that President Trump has right now, it's the Republican Party that refused to speak at the march for life.


Unlike President Trump, it's the Republican Party that wanted to take your guns away. Unlike President Trump is the Republican Party that sent 10 million of our manufacturing jobs to China and told us it was a great thing because we had piles full of plastic filling our garage. It's the Republican Party that did not do anything to stand up against the college cartel. And so, look, of course, I believe that Republicans are the better option right now in November against the Democrats.


I hope Republicans hang onto the Senate. But if we're talking about the soul of the Republican Party, if we're talking about the ethos of a movement conservative, I'm someone that's going to fight for issues on life. I'm going to fight for the Second Amendment. I'm going to fight for the Constitution, for states rights, for the bill and home school, your kids to be able to make religious decisions, not the government, get in the way of what you do to your children.


These are very important issues. And quite honestly, the Republican Party needs to get on the right side of them to advocate for the doubling of the homeschooling population over the next five years, to advocate for less kids to go to college and more people to get meaning in their life through the trades. To give dignity to forgotten America and actually advocate immigration policies that represent the best interests of our country as well as foreign policy, what's going to happen after Trump if he loses?


I'm going to tell you right now, I'm going to dive headfirst into making sure that the ethos that President Trump embodied, being the bodyguard of Western civilization, being a vessel for the needs, wants and interest of the middle class, giving people the dignity to be able to start a small business, not having to worry that it will be burned down by BLM Inc., that thugs and criminals and vigilantes will go to prison if they dare lay a hand on the innocent.


If they dare go into somebody's gym, if they dare go into somebodies. Small business and steal their stuff and burn it down and insurance won't cover it. I read this heartbreaking story in Chicago, unbelievably heartbreaking. And the Republican Party completely missed this opportunity, totally missed this opportunity. This is from a local news report in Chicago, quote, On row along Wabash Avenue in Chicago, Central Business District, some small businesses. This is after the riot, looting and arson, by the way, the rioting, looting and arson and terrorism is what it is.


Some business owners saw their entire livelihood wiped away, Mohammed Ashik, the 60 year old owner of a watch clinic, entered his watch repair shop to discover all of his inventory. Some 900000 dollars worth have been stolen from his glass showcases hundreds of watches for sale and in the process of being fixed, four customers were missing, none of it insured, quote, It is my entire life, he says, as a nearby, well-trained rumbled above his store.


42 years in this business. And I'm left with nothing but my health. Man, that should move you almost brings me to tears hearing that nine hundred thousand dollars worth of merchandise stolen, not insured by BLM Inc. and their thugs and the vigilantes and the terrorists that are being funded by corporate America to go smash the businesses of the small business. And boy, if you were a Machiavellian Machiavellian about it, you'd think man would make sense for corporate America to give a billion dollars to the insurrectionists, to go destroy small business of corporate America could get more power.


I don't know if they think that Machiavellian or that dark, but my goodness, that's exactly what's happening, because now Mohammed Ashik lost his entire life, 900000 dollars and his customers stuff. So it's not just his stuff, but his trusted customers merchandise stolen. I didn't hear one Republican mention this, not one. The story of Mohammad Ashik should be everywhere. The story of Ibrahim Bacani, as we talked about in Virginia, who hunted down his accuser and murdered her because a covert should be everywhere.


The Republican Party needs to be a party that fights, again, a Republican Party that zero tolerance for the tyranny of the left. When I read this, Mohammed Ashik. Six year old owner of the watch clinic entered his watch. 42 years, 42 years, and he's a great spirit, but he says all I'm left with nothing but my health. I've been looking to see if there's a go fund me for him and I haven't been able to find it.


Mohammed Ashik, his whole life ruined, shattered, gone, because the Chicago police didn't do their job because they weren't able to because of the tyrant's Lori Lightfoot, who was probably distracted doing something else, probably trying to effectuate some sort of transgender social change in Chicago, which she considered to be more important. But Mohamed Ashik is just one example, but we, as the Republican Party can no longer tolerate ever again. We can no longer tolerate. BLM, Inc.


insurrectionist in the arsonist's burning down Western civilization, and I just typed into my search engine, Muhammed Ashik, there's nothing there. I just found this in a Chicago Tribune article because I happened to be in town. I popped it open. One person actually tried to talk to real people and they found the story got in there. And now you're hearing about it. Now you're hearing about Mohamed Ashik. One story. Nine hundred thousand dollars, no insurance covered his whole life, smashed.


That Republican Party that I'm talking about can't allow this to happen anymore. Protect the innocent in the womb and the streets of Labash Avenue against BLM Inc. because BLM Inc. wants more abortions and they want more points of arson and terrorism. You know what they said about this? They said this is our reparations. We black people deserve it. This is evil, immoral. So what kind of Republican Party do I want, one that defends people that put their whole life into a watch shop and it gets destroyed?


And what's the Republican Party focused on? I don't know, sending free cash to people that do nothing? No, go defend Muhammad Ashik. And it's 42 years that he poured into a watch shop.


Go defend Carla Dominguez that got murdered from Ibrahim Vukani in Virginia. Instead, they're worrying about how we can spend another trillion dollars. That's got to change. I do think they should stay in power. They've done a good job. And justices and judges, Republicans have in the Senate, they've generally done a good job of backing up the president on certain things. But, man, if we're serious about saving our country, we need a grassroots movement that will demand more out of our lawmakers.


Look at them in the eyes and say, you are failing us, failing us. The amount of debt, the upcoming inflation, the deterioration of the middle class, the Reidar missile, lack of manufacturing jobs overseas, the destruction of our religious liberties and freedoms. The deletion of our history, the indoctrination of our children, the Republican Party needs to be a party that fights, we are going to do that no matter what happens after President Trump's election.


I think he will win. I think he's on the pace to do that. But if he loses, there will be a fight. And it's a fight that we're going to win. We're going to do all of your help listening. By the way, if you agree with what I'm saying and you agree that this is what is needed for our party, we are going to need all hands on deck because no more corporate Republicans that are Rockefeller and Romney McCain types.


That don't care about the betterment of our country, instead want to look at politics as a family business. This was great, thank you guys so much, please email me your questions, freedom at Charlie Kirkham. Make sure you are subscribed to The Charlie Cook Show. I'm sending out 15 signed copies of the Magna Doctrine right now. I have them right next to me. All you have to do is type in Charlie Kurk show to your podcast provider.


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