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Hey everybody, it's Monday, so I am taking your questions. I just gave four speeches today on Sunday right before the airing of this podcast on Monday morning all throughout Los Angeles, where I took questions from people all across the country and also some live listeners and viewers and attendees to some of these speeches. So we are going to air me taking questions from a live audience as well. Some of your questions. I'm going to get into some of the things you guys have been e-mailing us about.


So if I select your question, you guys get a signed copy of the New York Times bestseller The Magga Doctrine. Just email me your questions, as always at Freedom, at Charlie Dotcom, Freedom at Charlie Cook Dotcom. And if you guys want to get involved with Turning Point USA, go to CPUSA Dotcom and please consider supporting us at Charlie Cook Dotcom support. Charlie Cook Dotcom Slash iReport. It's Monday. I'm taking your questions. Buckle up, everybody.


Here we go.


Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Cook is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Cook, Charlie Cooks run in the White House. But I want to thank Charlie is an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country has done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.


That's why we are here.


We got so many questions today, freedom at Charlie Kirkham about what is happening in Kenosha, specifically with Kyle Rittenhouse. So I want to talk about this. This young man, 17 years old, went to Kenosha, Wisconsin last week. They are 15 in the evening and was walking around Kenosha. He was chasing the streets right around 1045 p.m. It was a chaotic scene, a couple of witnesses told The Daily Caller Richard McKinnis, who interviewed Rittenhouse, the complaint, which is the criminal complaint against Rittenhouse.


And if you watch the video, it's a lot more nuanced and a lot more complicated. The media might make you believe where Kyle Rittenhouse, this young man, was being chased in the streets, was actually being beaten over the head. And he he was brought down to the ground, turned around and fired a couple of shots, which resulted in two individuals dying. So Kyle Rittenhouse faces charges of recklessly endangering the safety of two other victims possessing a weapon under the age of 18.


First degree homicide, two counts of first degree homicide and one count of attempted homicide. Now, the statute for first degree homicide is very hard to get to. And as long as we're being fair and as long as we're trying to have equal application of the law, it's very hard for me to see why Kyle Rittenhouse, being hunted down in the street, almost acting in self-defense, would be charged with first degree homicide. I'm not justifying all of his actions.


I'm not saying that he should have been there with the AR 15 walking the streets. That was probably a foolish thing for a young man to do to drive up to Kenosha in the midst of chaos. Probably shouldn't have been there. But if the police were doing their job and were allowed to do their job and they had National Guard support, Kyle Rittenhouse would have been told to stay in the car and he never would have engaged in any of this.


I believe Kyle Rittenhouse is being overcharged. I believe this is going to be thrown out and a disgrace and an absolute injustice. There is so many crimes happening our country right now, they're not being prosecuted. And the fact that Kyle Rittenhouse, a young man who was a lifeguard and actually was trying to get rid of graffiti in some of these cities who, again, I'm not defending him being there, walking around with a long range rifle. I mean, at some point as a 17 or 18 year old, there's some fights you should just not get involved in, some things that you should just leave to the authorities.


He wasn't even a local he was coming up probably trying to think he was going to do a good thing and unfortunately fell backwards into something that really is unfortunate. However, to charge him with first degree homicide is outrageous. Now, you charge him with unlawfully possessing a firearm under 18, he's probably guilty of that, maybe recklessly endangering the safety of two other victims. But I do not believe that he was acting in anything else except self-defense. He did not have motive.


He did not have premeditation to go out and cause harm that evening. We're going to be following this case very closely. But I got so many emails from all of you at Freedom at Charlie Kirkham of your thoughts on Kyle Rittenhouse. What's going on in Kenosha? President Trump will be there this week. We'll be following it very closely. So please keep emailing me your questions. And now I want to get to some questions that I took from a live audience through my very busy and ambitious Sunday when I was traveling all throughout Southern California.


So honored by your guys support. And for those that showed up at these events, we had thousands of people watching on the livestream and hundreds and hundreds of people that showed up at the church churches I spoke at. Please consider continuing your support of our work at Charlie Kirkham report and e-mail us your questions, as always, at Freedom at Charlie Dotcom.


Well, shall we do some talking? Yeah, I talk for a living. So happy to do that. Yeah, well, I'm excited.


This is going to be a great time. And we've been tackling lots of different subjects and and there's a lot of things that we've been doing the first couple of services. So I want to take a different approach. I want to play a little game with Charlie. We're going to start it right off the bat. Okay. I'm going to throw at a phrase or two, and then I'm going to ask Charlie to go for it. Right. By the way, how many of you listen to his podcast on a regular basis?


Wow. OK, for those of you, don't you need friendly company? That's right. Unless you guys are listening. Yes. I deal with those people. That's right.


So you need to subscribe to Charlie Kirk, OK. And any of your podcast tools that you always listen to, you can just look him up. He's got a great show. We love it. And so we're going to we're going to do this drill. All right. So here we go. You ready?


All right. Let's see this. All right.


The church and racism. OK, well, look, racism is a sin, and so what's been amazing is when I see these signs that say we need to end racism in America. So that sounds like a great idea and sin in America. And I mean, look, that's a that's an earthly problem that we all we have a spiritual solution for. I also think what's really interesting about this is take a step back is that what you have happening in our country right now is a conversation around human nature.


And so when you take a step back and ask ourselves, what does the Bible tell us about human beings in a state of nature? So absent all of government, absent all this, we just had human beings out in the wild. Who are we? And we know this. It took us a couple what I mean, nine verses to screw it up.


What God gave us, I don't know, man. In the state of nature, we rebelled against God, which is sin. Sin is the constant rebellion from God. So we know in the state of nature we are broken and totally depraved by nature. This is not an insignificant starting point, by the way. It's actually one of the most important things you can build a civilization around. And so if you come from the standpoint that sin is in our DNA and Christ liberates us from the bondage that you have in sin, then that's the Christian story.


That's the Christian ethic. That's what we believe in. However, there's there's a disagreement. There's a great disagreement here where a lot of people on the secular left in particular, they believe that human beings in the state of nature are generally good, that human beings, if you put them in in the wild, they won't be nasty, brutish and short to each other. As Thomas Hobbes would say in the leviathan, which I completely agree. I think that we actually discount how awful we are as human beings.


I think that if you take away a lot of the civil society that binds us together, the common cause, a shared language, our Christian morals, we are so awful to each other, it's hard to even put it into words. And that is completely consistent from the Bible, because that idea comes from the Bible. And so if you look no further how often we were to fellow human beings throughout the 20th century, I mean, unspeakable horrors.


We did the people time and time again. And so this question of can people say they want to end anything, whether it be prejudice or racism or any sort of sin? I mean, I believe the best way to embark that is the best way to end any sort of sin is the passage of Jesus Christ. However, how much confidence you must have in yourself that you think you can end something through civil or governmental ways. I mean, and here's something we just don't give ourselves enough credit for.


And I think we have to talk about things on an individual basis, on a systemic, systemic and an institutional basis. Of course, there's individual centers in this country and individual people that are racist, but we don't give ourselves credit as a country of how we're actually systemically on racist as a country. We don't give ourselves credit for this. We should actually take a pause. We generally get along with each other really, really well. We'll talk about it's actually a story of celebration, not a story of condemnation or a story of, you know, always completely saying everything we did wrong.


Of course, we made mistakes. We also have done a lot of things right. You look at it and you're actually your family's part of the statistics. I'm happy to include you in this, but two million people from Africa legally immigrated since 1980.


I think maybe a little bit prior from prior to that to this country. That's really amazing. In fact, we have there's a waiting list from people of Southeast Asia, Central America and Africa. 45 million people want to come to America. They want to come here because it's awful and they want to come here because it's actually a place where you can play by the rules and succeed. And I'm not discounting that those people that that harbor that kind of sin and they actually go out of their way to try to have prejudice in their life.


I actually think it's a lot more rare than we actually have a national conversation around it. And I I can prove this in your own life. Are your dealings with somebody of the opposite race generally good or generally bad? And usually the answer is generally good in the society we've created. I mean, I went to a high school in the suburbs of Chicago that was fifty three percent Hispanic. I was a minority as a white person in the high school I went to and minority in that community in that high school.


And it's really interesting.


I'm really troubled where our country is going because it's actually a race was not an issue when I was growing up. I mean, I think my parents' generation did a lot of things incorrectly, and I think they made a lot of political mistakes. One thing I actually think we did right for, if you're twenty six years old and we went to high school, it's actually my parents challenged me to look at people on their character, not their skin color.


And that was a really healthy way to grow up. My best friends were black and Hispanic and Asian and Polish and South African, but I never looked at them that way. And now we're teaching our kids to look at race first. And it's just a bit of an absolute lie where people say, well, all the black kids sit together at the cafeteria. I'm like, that was my high school. I don't know, maybe they do now because you're telling them that.


And that is kind of this new thing they're teaching. And I actually think the idea around race is incredibly dangerous. It's rooted in tribalism. It's against the Christian ethic. And it's also incredibly, in my opinion, it's also really disingenuous to the full breadth of the human experience. I think race is really superfluous, to be honest with you. I think that we're a lot more than just the melanin content in our skin, a lot more. And I think that this hyper fixation on just your skin color is something that's extraordinarily dangerous to be focusing on.


And I'm not discounting at all that certain people are in America are born with different privileges and challenges. How it's not a skin color. A privilege at all, it's a two parent privilege, is what it is, a blanket? No, it's it's that simple. A black kid that is raised by a mother and father is far more likely to succeed than a white kid that's just raised by a single mother, far more likely to succeed. That dispels a lot of the issues of institutional racism right there.


And so here's the big issue is people say, well, we are systemically racist country. What that means, that argument is that every every facet, every law, every piece of government, everything it touches is institutionally against people of color on behalf of white people. This is a bitter lie. In fact, it's one of the most dangerous lies that we allow to go unopposed. First of all, there's twice as many white people that are living in poverty than black people.


Now, there's more white people than black people. But this idea that every white person in this country is doing wonderfully well is ridiculous and needs to be completely denounced. Number two, if you just take all the blacks in this country, they're the 18th wealthiest country on the planet, 18th. There's only one African country that is wealthier than all the blacks in this country combined through the wealth that they have, so that's a pretty amazing story of wealth creation and middle class aspiration, not discounting any of the tragedies that people might face with the church, though.


Here's what really bothers me. Paul said very clearly in Philippians need a slave, nor Greek, nor do we are all made free. And Jesus Christ, you have to understand, prior to Christ, things operated in tribes. I mean, the nation of Israel is literally a tribe that became a nation. Right. And most tribes are on religious or skin color or ethnic lines. They just were Christ changed. Everything was the game changer of humanity.


It was also the game changer of how we viewed human beings. This idea that you shouldn't own people, this idea that you shouldn't categorize people on skin color is all because of Christianity. No other religion can take credit for that. It is simply because of Christianity that were all made in the image of God under his under his kingdom and his dominion brought by Jesus Christ. All of a sudden you built a civilization around it, which is Western society when all people can succeed.


And now we're actually retreating back to 5000 year old tribal lines. And I'm telling you right now, this does not end well. It is disgusting where this is going. This will end in a way where we are judging people on a skin color where you have to apologize for something you didn't do. You get special privileges for something you didn't earn and you divide people on something they can't control. Those are all things that we know are immoral. We must push back against them.


Yeah. So I'm going to make a comment and then I'm going to ask you a few questions. You can give them a hand, you guys.


That's important, right? So I'll make a quick comment.


I'm going to ask a few questions and then you'll answer them all at once. OK, so here you go. So the the comment that I'm going to make is and I'm not going to get in trouble saying this, but I really don't care. There are a lot of pastors that are out there right now soliciting black people in this country and saying, I'm listening to you. How should I act? I'm hearing you, how should I act during this time?


What should I say? What should I do? That's a problem because what the pastor should be doing right now is going to the Holy Spirit and asking that question point, Lord, what do you want me to say? What do you want me to do? How do you want me to act in the midst of the issues that we're having? OK, here's more of a rhetorical question and then I'll ask the real question. The rhetorical question is this all the movie stars that said that they were going to leave our country if Trump got voted into office?


Why haven't they left this country? We all let me take a step further. Why is it in this country that we have to build a wall unlike other countries? Why do we have to build a wall not to retain people, but to keep people from breaking in?


Oh, that's a rhetorical question. OK, let's ask the actual question here.


How do you respond to a pastor that says Christians are responsible for bringing racism into this country in 16, 19? So it's our responsibility to fix it.


You know, I as a pastor recently said that the church is the biggest culprit of advancing racism in this country. And I guess to give a little bit of rope, I suppose I grew up I grew up in Illinois, so I grew up in a place where the church led the abolition of slavery movement, right. Where the church was the one that was inspiring the union for the fight of the defense of slaves, or six hundred thousand people died for the eradication of slavery.


And it was the church that was the one that kept that spirit together. Here in Ripon, Wisconsin, the Republican Party was founded as an anti slavery party, but was pastors in the pews that were saying we need to eradicate slavery. This is against every teaching of Jesus Christ. It is disgusting. It is immoral. So is the church that was driving forth what was a human norm. And let's not fool ourselves. Slavery is still happening today around the world.


And slavery happened prior to Christ and it happened post Christ. The idea that human beings owning human beings is an unspeakable sin. The Bible talks explicitly against it. Anyone who used the Bible to have any form of ownership of human beings or or any sort of sinfulness of racism was not speaking the gospel. That's more of a spiritual theological problem than institutional. Oh, it's the church. And just labeling it as that. So it's the church and Christianity anywhere that has always been the ambassador of the liberation of the disadvantaged.


Always. I'll give you a really interesting example that is different but is similar. So let's just talk about people that have disabilities, specifically blind people. So people that are blind in ancient Greece and ancient Rome were so beyond disregarded. They were in a Darwinian view of the world of which the Greeks and the Romans existed in whether they liked it or not, blind people had no value.


They were discarded. The girls were used as sex slaves. The boys were used as fillers and they were discarded in the wilderness. There was no value for them whatsoever. Christ comes along, talks about the value that every person has value in the eyes of God. By your three hundred, there was a clinic for the blind in Jerusalem built by Christians. By year twelve hundred, there were schools all across Europe built by Christians for the blind. And we take this for granted, right?


We say, of course we should take care of blind people. That wasn't the case before. Christianity wasn't. It's the church that has always been on the cutting edge that then it becomes institutionalized, which is, of course, that makes sense. Like, no, it doesn't. Your secular worldview would never take care of deaf blind people with Down syndrome, people, all that you would in your Darwinian secular view of the world, you would cast them aside and you would eliminate them.


If you don't believe me, just look at abortions that are happening now based on any sort of abnormalities abnormal.


I can never pronounce that word. I'm sorry we got it.


And because of that, if you do not have a Christian worldview, then all of a sudden you engage in the Darwinism and it gets really brutal really quickly. And so this idea that in America the church has been the enemy of any sort of reconciliation or any sort of equity under the law is an absolute better lie.


It is pastors in the first Great Awakening, the second Great Awakening, a third great awakening, the fourth Great Awakening that have always been advocating for what we take for granted in this society. One nation under God, equality under justice. Judging people on what? On actions, not on skin color. Martin Luther King Jr. said when he was preaching in the pulpits and when Martin Luther King Jr. gave that speech in the Washington march on Washington, he said, I am here to cash in a promissory note that was first written on the Declaration of Independence.


So Martin Luther King Jr. didn't rip up the Declaration of Independence. Martin Luther King Jr. did say this country is racist, bitter, awful, backwards, all these things. He said this country has been amazing, but it has not failed the promise made to black people that was in this declaration fulfill it. And he was right. And so he came to cash in a check that was written out to black Americans, fulfilling the promise that was made.


That's why he called a promissory note completing the arc for Frederick Douglass, a black Republican in the eighteen hundreds. So the Constitution Declaration of Independence did more to advance people's views of black people as human beings than any other document since the Bible. He said it himself. The founding documents actually created this conversation of we have civil government live up to this idea of one nation under God, live up to this idea of all created equal because we didn't live up to it immediately.


But that kind of moon shot was created and it was the church that was the steady drumbeat throughout the Great Awakenings and throughout our country. And so I pushed back tremendously. People that are just impugning and indicting the American church. And I suppose they have several examples in the Deep South when the church taught false doctrine and they, I think, perverted the word of God to try to protect their sinful nature. However, I think it comes really up against an equal amount, if not more, churches that were advocating for the liberation of individuals that were slaves and for the righteous path of people from bondage.


And it's not as if perverse teaching is anything new. In fact, that's that's first Peter tells us that's going to happen all the time. The fact that a civilization had that many confident pastors to be able to spread this kind of goodness, you guys understand from 1776 the formation of our country when we declaration opponents our birth certificates and. It's such a short period of time in human standards and the fact that we have been able to eradicate slavery, give women the right to vote, care for the disabled, the blind, the deaf, be able to have millions and hundreds of millions people break out of poverty, life expectancy, increase religious liberty, the kingdom of God.


We are living in a time where we take a step back. This is not really normal at all. The human path, the human path traditionally is you lived here 35. You go fight some other dictators, war. You might get married if you're lucky. You only have children so they can listen to dictators war. And if you're less lucky, you go work on a farm. You die when you're 28 of typhus or some sort of transmissible disease that was human.


That was the human cause for thousands and thousands of years. And yet I have to hear from these bitter, arrogant, deceitful activists that we live in an awful country. We have to tear it all down. But you have no idea what you're talking about. You are bitter, you are arrogant, you are misinformed and need to stop talking. That's awesome. That's awesome.


I couldn't agree more. OK, as we set up the microphone, I'm going to ask you one more question. I'll make a statement. That's a question. And that's this. I make no punches about it. You guys know this? I think President Trump is going to go down as probably one of the greatest presidents in U.S. history, if not the. We'll just leave that alone for a second. Why is that such a polarizing statement? I mean, people Christians say I'll never vote for him because he's an immoral man.


Well, I say most Christians. I actually think look at it correctly. President Trump has a record amount of approval amongst Bible believing Christians.


I think some of the Christian leadership, first of I don't think they understand the nuance of at all what he represents, what he's doing. I also think there's a great I think there's a really dangerous trend of moralization from the Christian leadership in America where it's like I'm a better person than he is. And OK, well, I get it that it might be a little hard to understand why the three times married, twice divorced billionaire Playboy from New York is doing more for Christianity than you are.


But get over it, OK?


Because he is so God uses all people sinful. We're all sinful by nature. And if you want to be a competition like I'm a better person than Donald Trump. Well, maybe you are. Maybe you aren't. I mean, we're all we all fall short in the eyes of God, OK? And this idea that I'm going to be able to say that I'm such a tremendous person versus him, what is he doing? Moving the embassy to Jerusalem, recognize the Golan Heights, repealing the Iran deal?


Most pro-life president, American history has an image.


Always stop most what pro-life president in American history, which is phenomenal.


Right. And so, again, I believe we are going to look back at abortion at some point and realize the kind of moral tragedy we did to this country. Sixty four million abortions since Roe versus Wade, a million abortions a year. Ninety eight point six of ninety eight point six percent of abortions in this country are done for socioeconomic reasons, meaning that's just birth control. It's just inconvenience. It's not life. The mother, incest or rape, ninety eight point six percent of all abortions are people like, oh, sorry, didn't mean to do that.


Now I'm going to go terminate an innocent life. That's sixty three million souls, birthdays, careers, aspirations, entrepeneurs. It's unthinkable. Kind of the kind of population decimation we've done to ourselves since Roe versus Wade happened and was passed. And by the way, we didn't even understand the science when Roe vs. Wade was passed. We didn't understand exactly what we were doing, any of that. And I think because of Roe versus Wade, I think it is it is a sin in our country that affects a lot of other sins.


I think it's a tributary. If you allow that to happen, then you see all this other immorality unfold around it. If you're if you tolerate a million abortions a year, what else do you tolerate? And all of a sudden you're starting to see exactly that. Yeah, because if you don't get the if you don't get the basic stuff right, then you're not going to get even more complicated or harder questions. Right. And that's really one of the most basic things yet.


It's the president. Again, I understand this can be hard for an untrained eye who was formerly pro-choice and one time supported Planned Parenthood, been three times married, twice divorced with on the cover of Playboy magazine, who's the most pro-life president? American history. How did that happen? Well, get over it. God uses people in unusual ways. Look at Sampson, look at King David, look at Cyrus. It's all throughout the Old Testament. And the president has been unafraid and embracing evangelical leadership.


He's prayed over every single day. He's invited more pastors, the Oval Office and any other president, including George W. Bush. He's been unafraid to talk about the necessary parts of the gospel. In his acceptance speech, of which I was there yesterday, he made five definitive mentions about the necessary connection that the American citizenry had. So Heavenly Father and Almighty God, he said. We worship God, not government. This is transformational for any political candidate.


Understand? Prior to Trump, it was the Republican Party stance of Mitt Romney. Stop talking about this stuff to stop being a pro-life party, to stop talking about religion, to stop talking about churches, to get away from it. President Trump said this is a mistake. Now, mind you, I get the inherent contradiction, but I think we can put that aside. He did it and he's doing it. And again, God can use people in all sorts of amazing ways.


And God is working in his life. He has a tenderness towards pastors. He talks regularly on the phone with some of the top evangelical leaders of James Dobson and Jack Hibbs and people all across the country that pray for him and care about him, whereas the other administration would not even take a phone call from a pastor, let alone platform them at the highest levels of government. And so people say, I can't possibly support him because of his moral and grievances.


And all this, again, we are we all fall short in the eyes of God. But there is no question of what he has done for the kingdom and for faith and for people that actually go to church and care about the unborn and all of this. He has been a fighter, the likes of which we could never have anticipated in the Oval Office. Eman. And I'll just say on a on a very, very personal note, my wife and I really desire to adopt children.


We've been trying for a while and I thank God that we have a president that's making that process easier for us because it's hundreds of times harder to do that than it is to kill a baby.


It's easier to abort than adopt.


And I want to also say this to any woman that's in here right now that has done that right. You know, there's grace and love. You know. You know that there's redemption and there's peace and and God redeems us in those situations. Right. So we just want you to understand that. But we still have to stand up for the wickedness that's represented in it. We want to save babies lives. Our president's done a great job with that.


So we're going to take some questions. And when we do, here's the rule again. No statements. If you make statements, we're going to cut you off and we want you to get right to the point, OK? It's very, very important, Mike, right there, because have the open mike is right there. We also have a floating mike that's back in the foyer. For those of you that are in the parking lot or those of you that are in the overflow, you can go over there and we'll also take your question.


They'll signalmen and let me know there's somebody there waiting to take a question. So let's start taking questions. You can walk right up to the mic and just remember the rules, OK? Be respectful of the rules and we'll be all good. See a turning point. Sure, go ahead. Hi, I was recently threatened on social media with false allegations against her for my personal beliefs, conservative beliefs. My question is, how should I approach that situation?


So you were threatened because your political beliefs falsely accused happens all the time. The Bible tells you you will be persecuted. Matthew five 28. It's one of the greatest verses I could get at maybe five. Twenty three, but it's on the Sermon on the Mount. It's one of my favorite mike drop moments of the entire Bible where Christ says if you are lied about, persecuted and ridiculed, feel it a blessing because of me. It's like this beautiful.


If that verse alone, you could spend a whole year just doing a like just a whole series on that where Christ says it's a blessing to get persecuted because of me. That's the root of it. And so consider it a blessing. Paul talks about that all the time. I mean, Paul was the ultimate happy warrior because he was nonstop persecuted at all times. And how do you deal about it now? This is very important. While we anticipate persecution to be an inevitability, you should not have to tolerate it in the sense that do not allow lies to come across your radar screen without proclaiming truth.


If you are if you are falsely maligned, stand up for yourself or have other people do it on your behalf. And also, I don't know the nuance of your situation, but some fights are not worth having, in my opinion. Some fights are they want you to fight more than you do now. If you feel it crosses the threshold where you have to defend, your honor or defend your life, for example, I get lied about all the time.


And most of it I just unaddressed because I actually think that people are a lot smarter than I give them credit for. And if I just continue to put positives in the world, but I will respond to certain ridiculous things when people compare me to the worst aspects of society, I stand up for myself, but I don't respond to everything. I actually don't think that's wise. I don't think it's rooted in prudent approach to false accusations. Yeah, I would agree.


And it would also say this when something like that happens and there's something that you really feel like you need to respond to, especially on social media, pray, ask God to give you wisdom and ask him to give you the best, like most. Well, concise, intelligent Mike dropping statement. You can write and walk away from it right at once and don't go back to it. Don't respond. Don't just let him. That's going to do. James one five says ask for wisdom for God, for he gives generously.


And I can tell you it is a supernatural power. It's one of the few things that God tells us through Paul that he will deliver to you every time you ask. And I could tell you from someone who talks for a living in front of millions of people, it is one of the most true statements of the entire Bible that if you ask for wisdom, you will be granted that wisdom. And so I highly encourage you to do that.


And you can see it at you. It's awesome. All right. Next question, how you got the turning point.


Sure. How would you have a dialogue with the pastor that doesn't want to reopen the church? Because I felt led to make the case to my pastor, hey, let's reopen the church.


Yeah, man, I again, I my my position is every church should fully open right now. Completely. Its salvation is essential.


Church of the Central. Thank you. And so let me make that case. First of all, in a time when we have depression, suicide, alcoholism, sexual domestic abuse, every sort of metric you have for a declining society going in the wrong direction, the churches need to be open now more than ever. I run a podcast. We have millions of listeners. I get thousands of emails a week of young people. Let's say you've inspired me to go to church, but I can't.


And for the pastors out there that keep their churches closed, you are engaging and immorality and you are preventing people from coming to the kingdom of God. It's more than a YouTube live stream. It's Ekklesia, the gathering of believers. Jesus said that on this rock build my church. But the church was not actually a defined term. We have replaced it. It means ekklesia. So we go back to what that means, means people gathering together, praising God, worshipping under a unified message and theology.


And so for pastors that keep their churches closed, the best question again, I'm a big believer in asking questions. I think you can actually root out truth by the Socratic method of asking out questions. Christ did this really, really well. And my opinion would be this. If you're not opening your church now, do you believe that you should just permanently close your church altogether? And that's that's a legitimate question. Do you think it's do you think your church is irrelevant?


Because that's basically what people that haven't opened their church have made the argument for. They also don't trust their congregation. They don't they think they're smarter and they think they're better than their congregation. And they're not. If they say, well, people might get the spread of this and it's like, well, if they can have seventy thousand people in the streets in Washington, DC this weekend for BLM Inc., you can open the church. You can have a cannabis dispensary open, you can open the church, you can have abortion clinics open, you can open the church.


Do you go to Lowe's, her Home Depot? You can open the church. I mean, if you can do all these all these mass gatherings, you can open the church. You can. And so it is the pastors that have been complicit for it, I believe will look back and have some of the greatest sorrows of regret, of lack of conviction ever. I hope that they will. Right. They're wrong. Right. Now, is the church, the churches in more of a need right now in our country than ever before?


But I am I've publicly called for thousands of pastors to resign. You don't have to comment on this, but if your pastor is not open your church or has pandered to BLM Inc. or not speaking out against the moral tragedy, you should not be a pastor and you should resign.


That was a mike dropping moment.


So I'm going in my senior year at UC Berkeley and I'm a Christian conservative. Wow. And I just want to thank you.


But well, with that said, how do you like for me, like, I will get an F on my paper if I disagree with the teacher's opinion and like, same with like applying to grad school. How do you keep your morals but also want to go far in life and like academics getting a job like I feel like I have to cheat myself and what I believe in if I'm going to go, it's a really hard question.


So let me tell you where I disagree with the great Ben Shapiro. So I've had Ben has a big platform. Ben went to Harvard. I did. And Ben said I pandered and got a good grade because I just took the line of thinking of the professor and I moved on. I disagree with this now I'm going to tell you what I would do, I'm not going to tell you what you should do and be very clear, OK? Because everyone has a different Ben's reasoning is not incorrect.


Ben's reasoning actually makes sense. But I disagree with Ben's reasoning is I wanted to get the highest grade so I could have the highest amount of credibility to further contest for truth in the future. That was his that was his reasoning. Right? I think that's perfectly reasonable, but I think there's a lot of problems with it. Myself, personally, I don't think that fighting for what is good is a light switch. So I don't think it's something you could do in certain things and not other things.


Now, I fully recognize if you can test for Christ and for first principles, you will get a C already in most classes at UC Berkeley, you will be downgraded and they will punish you for that. The question for you and only you know the answer. This is, is it worth it? Is it worth standing for truth and then probably having a less likelihood for a career? And I'm not telling you what to do. It's just your own decision for myself personally.


Again, I didn't go to college because I found that whole system so self-defeating in the sense of overly pandering to get good grades. But when I was in high school, I would take the bad grade and that was it. Again, that's not I'm not suggesting or recommending it. I think this is the problem with Ben's advice. I think that if you're not going to fight for truth when you're in the den of Lions of Berkeley, then will you fight for truth then when you're a partner at the law firm?


And maybe, yes, maybe all of a sudden you can then get into it. But I'm of the opinion. It's like a muscle and metaphysical. You know, muscles take muscle memory and you get stronger and tougher. While you might get a C, maybe God's path is like you get a C and then you're going to come a partner somewhere else and then you go fight for something else. And maybe getting the best grade wasn't necessarily the best path for you.


And so my opinion, the Bible tells us this, is that if you can test for truth, that is the right path and it might be C's or D and all that. Again, I'm not discounting Ben's argument. I think that Ben's argument is fine. I'm going to tell you myself personally, I know that if I indulge even slightly and not contesting for what is moral or good, I lose the muscle memory. I might be less likely to do it in the future.


God bless you. Thank you. And what's your name? Kate. So, yeah, we're going to pray for you and honestly, we're going to put you on our prayer chain because you're rare and we love it. And but you are a growing minority, and that's that's the good thing. So we're going to pray for you. Our prayer team is going to put you on our prayer chain, and we're going to pray that God will just give you the strength to get through it.


So let's take a question in the lobby and then we'll take your question, OK? Thank you, Charlie. Thank you, Pastor. My question is. Patricia, she's the one, the leader of BLM and she's on record admitting that she and other BLM leaders are trained Marxist. My question is, does Marxism conflict or contradict Christianity? Thank you, yes.


So let me tell you, easy one.


Let me tell you what Marxism is, because I think we throw around that term a lot and we don't always recognize what it is. It's really important. Thank you for the question. I can't see you. It's a terrific question. So Marxism, of course, is derived from the middle 19th century thinker Karl Marx, who is originally from Germany and traveled across Europe and wrote The Communist Manifesto, of which was an observation of what he called the inequities in the injustices of the industrial revolution, the beginning of the Destry Revolution.


He was actually laughed at and scoffed at, and people didn't really take his writing seriously until someone by the name of Vladimir Lenin picked up the Communist Manifesto and was actually the first experiment in Marxism or communism. So there's a lot of misinterpretations about Marxism and communism, if you read the manifesto. Actually, the end result of the Communist Manifesto is what he calls a utopia, which actually means nowhere if you go back to the actual meaning of the word.


But he believes in a couple of things he has opening shot. His opening argument is derived from a belief of human nature. Originally from Plato, the earliest person we can have that theorize. This then rearticulated by Jean-Jacques Rousseau and then by Karl Marx, which is that human beings are good by nature. So Karl Marx thought that people were really good. Remember, this is what all comes down to right now. And we have the answer to this.


I want to just reinforce this is what is happening in our country as debate on human nature. This is why the church should be heavily involved in this moment. And they're missing an opportunity because this is one of the guiding principles of why we believe in Christ. Why would why would we need Christ if we were good by nature? It's really important. We were good. We would need Jesus. So you can kind of reverse engineer our entire ethic by this this leading belief.


That's literally why it's the first interaction that man has with God is us rebelling against it, because it kind of sets the stage for the entire Bible, like, OK, we rebelled against God. Here comes a book of sin. It's like, OK, right. That's the whole thing. Right. It's kind of sets the baseline. It's it's not as if God was perfect and everything around us made us worse. So Marx founded upon himself. There are some things that Marx said were true and some things he said that were completely, pathologically false.


Then some things he recommended that have been led to the death of one hundred million people over the last hundred years, where some of the things that he argued for was that the workers own the means of production. Right. So that this is a fancy way of saying we should get rid of private property. So private property is a biblical value. We don't talk about it enough. Abraham brought bought Hebron for the hall, the patriarchs to be able to bury himself and his wife and for his lineage.


The idea of owning property is something that is biblical and it is actually against the Bible and against the teachings of the greatest book ever to exist in history will say that we should eradicate private property, as some people say. Well, Jesus said that. No, he didn't. He said to be generous. He said he never said for the eradication of human beings to build the capacity to own something. That is that is a misinterpretation of the scriptures in the text.


He never, ever said that. In fact, he said, for which you are given, you should multiply faithfully. That's basically the parable of the talents. And so as they're a trained Marxist, you have to understand that Marxism started as economic theory in the sixties, most late 70s, 80s, and then Vladimir Lenin implements it in the Russian Revolution against the SARS, wins the revolution Bolsheviks versus the Mensheviks, and then creates what is known as the Soviet Union.


He dies, Stalin takes over. Communism has been tried in every single continent and again every single country all across the world. The last hundred years it has never worked. In fact, it's the opposite of work. It's entered in human tragedy everywhere it touches. Why? Because it's against human nature. We have a biblical answer why Marxism doesn't work. When you talk about it, more people say, well, it just doesn't work a level deeper.


I understand the technical part of it, but why? It's because it's against how we are been programmed by our God. It's because Marx was trying to fix a biblical problem with earthly solutions. That's the whole point. Everything BLM stands for, we have to get rid of the police because people do bad things because of police officers. That's their argument. You're wrong. We know that that's so contradictory to the teachings of the Bible. And so then Karl Marx, his ideology grew.


And then in late the late nineteen twenties, early thirties, a guy by the name of Antonio Gramsci who created this idea of cultural Marxism, this is very important. Where Marxism became more than economic theory. It became a cultural identity. Then a series of thinkers in the nineteen sixties by the name of Jean Jacques Derrida and Michel Fuyuko, two French thinkers, they came up with this idea of postmodernism, which was basically Marxism rebranded in every single one of your kids are learning this, OK?


So they took the economic teachings of Marx and Brand into a cultural thing. This is what the postmodernists believe. There's no such thing as truth. All there is is tribal groups. All there is is power. And the West is an experiment in exploiting black, Hispanic and indigenous people on behalf of white people. This is this is a core belief of the postmodernists left. This is exactly what they believe. And then as a byproduct of that analysis, which is false, but that's what they believe, tear everything down at all costs no matter what it takes.


So their leading argument is that we are living in a patriarchal, white, dominant society, it is so unspeakably evil what we are living through. It goes back to the prince by Machiavelli 500 years ago. The ends justify the means at all costs. Lie, divide, burn, cheat, steal, infiltrates. This is truly because you go back to what Marx did. He was at odds with the biblical doctrine of broken by original sin, light versus dark.


Everybody, this is really what it is. It is an idea of goodness versus evil as back to biblical times. So, yes, they're trained Marxists. They've they've admitted that. And it is Marxism is at complete odds with the gospel of Jesus Christ because Marxism tries to say that we can create heaven on earth, that that is an opening argument that is so at odds with everything that Jesus Christ talked about and who he was and why we need him, that anyone who says they're a Marxist Christian, I say no, you pick one.


That's right. It's that simple. Yeah. It's a very, very important to now. Now what your kids are learning more than ever now is this whole there is no absolute truth on centrist colors. Her. I think it's garbage. So that's a great answer. OK, next question.


I stand on the promise of God when God promised that he would bless any country that would bless Israel, that they would be have a special blessing in this president has blessed Israel more than any country, I think, in the history of the world. So I see great things coming. What's your opinion about what you see coming as a blessing of that?


Yeah, I agree. I don't know how God will bless the nation that blesses Israel, and I pray that that will be in the re-election of the president this November.


I think it's not an insignificant that he wins. And I'm happy to build out the implications that geopolitically and otherwise. But understand that Israel and America have something in common, that the only two countries to be explicitly founded on Judeo-Christian principles, no other country on the planet can say that other countries may have derived enlightenment thinkers or copied some things. Now see only two. That's why Israel and America are the two most hated countries on the planet. Think about that.


So the two countries that produce more patents per capita, that have more medical innovations, that respect free speech Israel, that allows all three monotheistic religions to have representation in the Knesset and on the Supreme Court that allows the archaeological excavation for Christians and Jews and Muslims. If they so choose that they can find anything that validates what they believe, which they won't, and they just destroy. That's what they've done. They just did on the Sermon Mount. They'll never find an archaeological piece of evidence that confirms the Koran unless it's the part that it's the overlap of the Bible.


Understand that there's never been archaeological discovery that contradicts anything from the Bible. The more we dig, the more we confirm, the more we dig, the more we confirm. I want you understand that the only religion in the world where we actually want to search out more, because the more that we find, the more that actually confirms what we already believe. Every other religion tries to prevent the discovery of historical artifacts because they're afraid that it might actually contradict what they believe.


This is why the Arabs destroyed all the Jewish and Christian archaeological evidence on the top of the Sermon on the Mount drop fifty or sixty years ago. Well, well, documents, they put it into a garbage heap and they said, go look for it. I kid you not. It's well documented. And so the nation of Israel is not insignificant. It's a country of seven million people. It's a sliver the size of New Jersey, surrounded by nothing but Arab totalitarian governments, differing forms of it from Syria, which is basically controlled by Bashar al-Assad, or whether it be Lebanon, which is basically Hezbollah controlled at this point, which is an Iranian proxy, Jordan, which is more of a moderate Muslim country, and Egypt, which they have made peace of some form, at least through the kind of give away the Sinai Peninsula.


Not the issue, but the biggest one is Iran. But the point being is that Israel is surrounded by nothing but what you would call different types of opinion or enemies, as I would call them. Here's one thing about Israel. If Israel laid down their guns tomorrow, they'd be eliminated. If the Arabs lay down their guns, there'd be peace tomorrow in the Middle East. That's true. If you've never been to Israel, it's the Bible in Technicolor.


It's not insignificant. I never allow someone to criticize Israel unless they've been there. It's that simple. If you have not walked or just walked in Capernaum, if you have not been to Hebron, if you've not been in Judea and Samaria, been to Gaza and see for yourself how the Jews are mistreated by the one billion Arabs around them, then don't even talk to me about Israel. That's number one. Number two, it's really important, which is that why is it that the seven million person country with almost no natural resources that has all the Jews, the only Jewish state, half the world's jewelry is in Israel is the blunt of all the criticism Middle East.


It's not Iran that throws gay people off the top of roofs. It's not China that is taking over the entire world through lying about a virus, the belt and road initiative, or a million Muslims in concentration camps. So just to understand, China has a million Muslims in concentration camps, yet more Arab nations care about the abolition of Israel than China. That should tell you everything you need to know. It is the destruction of Jews, the destruction of the law, the destruction of God's chosen people, and the destruction of the covenant that we no Christians have with that Holy Land.


That's what the Arab Muslims want and not all of them, but a lot of their totalitarian governments do it. And I. I want to be very clear that the mullahs in Iran, however, President Trump, billionaire from New York negotiator, was able to do something that quite honestly, any person in geopolitical strategy ever thought was impossible. He negotiated a peace deal between the emir of the United Arab Emirates and Benjamin Netanyahu, the UAE and Israel. This is so incredibly unprecedented.


Only President Trump could have done this because UAE was the number one funder of boycott, divestment, sanction stuff alongside Iran and other actors across the Middle East. The fact that the UAE is now having flights back and forth from Israel, they have normalized ties. It's incredible. You could thank President Trump for that. So as you can tell, I'm passionate about the Israel issue. I think that we as Christians to be continually engaged on it. It's not an insignificant one.


And I think that it's important that that we fight for the state of Israel.


And keep in mind, Mohammed Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed would never in a million years be able to agree to that treaty had he not got permission from the royal family of Saudi Arabia. And one other thing to keep in mind, Ezekiel, 38, says that those would be contesting nations when Israel gets attacked. So this is this is amazing.


And I have a theory, I think that some of these pastors that are in the president's ear are telling him about a lot of this stuff because he cares so much about our country.


He cares so much about the health of the United States of America and its people that he's willing to do anything that will put the United States at advantage, which means that's why he loves Christianity.


He loves the Bible so much and he has enough moral I call it probably some of the most moral. How about this very minimal, say, ethically courageous man as it relates to what he's done with Israel? How about we just say that morally and ethically? I'll just say that it's incredible.


It's I mean, moving the embassy alone with something incredible, so incredible to recognize. I mean, Jerusalem, as mentioned, well over 300 times in the Bible, the city of Jerusalem, the place where Jesus Christ died, buried and resurrected, the place where King David ruled King Hezekiah, where most of the Bible was centered around the idea of creating creating the city, the nation of Israel, Jerusalem, the fact that we as the West have recognized Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Israel until President Trump should tell you a lot about the moral fraud that most of our leaders are.


And it makes me proud as a Christian, because I'll tell you this, I have run into many Jews when they see me. After Trump did what he did, the only thing they could do is start crying. This happened to me probably on three different occasions. They just started crying and they just touched their heart like this and said Yerushalayim Yerushalayim, meaning Jerusalem.


That's how we say it in Hebrew. Unbelievable.


And it makes me proud, makes me proud that he's my president and it makes me proud that God put him in office at such a time as this. So next question.


Thank you so much. Oh, let's take one from the lobby and then we'll take you next. OK, you can still come up to the mic here.


As a man who is pro-life, what would your response be to people, specifically women who are liberal and who are pro-choice? Who would say that as a man you have no right to speak on the subject because you cannot relate because of gender?


Yeah, that's a good question. Great question. So I have a lot of conversations about abortion. I've a lot of videos on. I encourage you to look at it. Here's a couple pieces of a thought on this. If if it is a piece of property and not a human being, is it half the man's? Now, seriously, isn't it half the man's? And if they want to just say it's not a human life, then is just a piece of property by DNA standards, it's just as much the man's that as the woman.


So that's interesting to think about. Number two, it's not the it's not even the woman's or the man's full DNA. It's its own sentient life. And if it's not your DNA, it's not your choice. That's number two. Number three, we've got to get our standards right. And they have a lot of questions to answer on the pro-choice move, which I can't answer. We can answer these questions. The most important of which one does life begin?


I want to know a time date of when life begins. Tell me so I could tell you exactly when it begins. You can't. They all have different answers. Heartbeat, breath, birth. Hold on a second. If you guys can't get your facts straight here and we can't decide when life begins, your entire argument has fallen apart completely. Everything. And here's the thing. And so they say, well, it's not it's not a human life.


It's a fetus. What species is it? Because you got to pick a species on the animal kingdom. Now, if you're making some sort of very bizarre metamorphosis argument that it changes species as it develops, then we got a whole different biology class that I got to go to because that's not the case. It doesn't change from an alligator to a human. It's a human right. And they say, well, it's not alive. Well, then how do you defend life?


Does DNA creation make life in a heartbeat? How to breath? How about arms? How about legs? How about feeling? About hearing. How about seeing. About touching and tasting? How about recognizing mother's voice? Those things mean a life.


And as soon as you start to get deeper and deeper, they say, well, you're not you're not a woman and you can't talk about it. Well, some of you women have the opportunity to interface on that issue better. You say that's the best answer. Is that says. Something is true, regardless of who says it, very important thing to say, this idea of identity politics and only certain people can say certain things is one of the most destructive anti speech things that have happened in our country.


You're not black, so you can't comment on the stuff. Why truth and truth transcend skin color, doesn't it? I mean, some people say, well, you're not a professor, so you don't know. Well, if I say something such as there are three basic laws of Newtonian physics, do I need if I say that and a professor says, no, there isn't the professor's wrong, whether the press or not. This is one of the first things I teach you in logic class of which they don't teach in college anymore, of an argument from authority.


If you're trying to just use your incumbent title to try to make an argument, you're wrong. Prove it to me. Use Aristotelian logic. Use the laws of nature, nature's God, use the laws of thermodynamics.


Prove it to me again. The final thing I'll say about life, which is this is can you explain the moral inconsistencies here? For example, if a pregnant woman is brutally murdered, which happens sometimes comes a double homicide, why?


Why do we call a celebration of a pregnancy, a baby shower, not a fetus shower? Why isn't that a woman can have a baby shower and we can celebrate and they say, I can't wait to meet your kid and they take a picture next to the belly, and legally, she could go right after that to Planned Parenthood and then it magically stops becoming a life and starts becoming an impediment that you could dispose of. That is a morally confused society.


Yeah, well, so these are just some food for thought for that. That's fantastic.


Great answer. OK, my question is, what advice can you give to public school teachers like me who will be forced in the future to try to implement the mandated 16 19 project Black Lives Matter project?


And I'm sure you're aware of all the this is just the beginning.


What advice can you give to Christian conservative teachers who will be forced and watch by administration to make sure this is being implemented?


First of all, I pray for you. I mean, I don't I mean, I the one thing that I don't take lightly that I'm thankful for is I can say everything that I believe every single day. And the hardest things that I get, hardest messages I get are exactly your question, Charlie. I work for McKinsey and I can't speak my mind, Charlie. I work for the Toronto Raptors and I can't speak my mind. Charlie, I do this.


They feel as if they're in some sort of intellectual prison. And that is a form of tyranny and a form of bondage that I find reprehensible, to be perfectly honest with you. And I think I can't. I personally would not be able to survive in that. I wouldn't. And that's just the way I'm it. I just being able to say what is true for me is just what I value very high. However, you have a calling to instruct.


That's why you got an education. Right. So it's hard for me to give advice because I know how this works. They're going to they're going to send in the helicopter people that come in and they just kind of drove around to make sure you're teaching the explicit lie that America's racist, bigoted and all these things. Here's what I would recommend. And you just think and pray on this. I know this from other public school teachers. That is not the limit of all the things you can teach.


You can always add nuance. You can add other things. So I'd recommend strongly to teach the Hillsdale constitutional course as an adjunct or as an addendum to that. Right. And you might get in trouble. You might get reprimanded or maybe not maybe maybe got as if at trial he wants to put you through at this point to fight and for contests for that. But I want everyone I'm speaking more broadly now, less specifically. I hope everyone heard clearly her question.


Your children are being taught to hate this country. Yes. This is a teacher that's asking this. This is not me. This is a teacher that's now being said that she's going now going to have to be forced with your tax dollars to teach your children to hate America.


Please, fourth grade teacher, fourth grade. And this starts in kindergarten. Yeah.


So the question is, how do you as a parent stop that? So permission to make people a little uncomfortable here? You have every permission, but I just always like to preface it. I don't intend to offend. I don't. So in First Timothy, it says to pray for your leaders by name that you might want quiet and peaceable lives by name. How many people here can tell me, every school board member, what you pray for them, for the issues that they're dealing with anyone.


Probably not. Yeah, I've never been able to have anyone tell me anywhere across the country, at any church, any conservative gathering anywhere. That's why we've lost our country. It's that simple, Paul told us simply by name, no, what they're going through, what they're doing quite and peaceful lives, we probably know your congressman, maybe know your president, but you don't even know the school board person that's making her teach that. And so run for school board, know who it is.


Everyone here got involved in school board race you could take of your school board like that. There are a couple of hundred votes there. Usually they're usually off. They're usually in March or April. No one cares. And the unions organize. So I want to just make sure the call to action is very clear is that we've let this happen. I want you to be very clear. This is not they didn't take over anything. We surrendered something.


You understand that.


And until we admit that this wasn't a this was not a battle. This was a come on. And I know we're busy. I know that we have two incomes, jobs, all these sorts of things. Now's the time. They're like, maybe we should take back our school board. I'm going to do auditing a textbook. And I'm going to say right now, if you're a parent and you have any of the capacity to do so, pray on this.


Please homeschool your kids, please. I'm telling you, we need to double our homeschooling population in this country. I I'm feeling personally called with what I'm doing a turning point to make it easier for homeschooling parents to get through what they're doing. My podcast is not an insignificant contribution to it. We get thousands of emails from homeschooling parents that require their kids to listen to my podcast three or four times a week. I'm blessed by that. We do a lot of research.


We do a lot of philosophy, a lot of history. It's not just a regular radio show where it's like Republicans are good, Democrats bad. There's a little bit of that. But, you know. But it's a lot deeper than that, right? It's how do we get here? Who are we? You know, what does this come from? And I try to make someone learn something. I hope you guys learn something today, because that's always my that's always my intention.


Right. And so what you can do is get so incredibly involved locally that your local neighborhood is an expression of your worldview.


Yeah. And sign up for the action alerts that we have. We got that recall.


Gavin Newsom, you can sign the petition. We have it here. Get involved, get involved in those things. And we you know, our team, our true impact team is the whole design of our ministry is to make you guys aware of the issues that are going on and then speak up to micro tyranny. Yeah, yeah.


Please, I love you, too. Please do it. So this is a really interesting point and I'm able to go a little bit longer. If you want. We can.


OK, so I have to say so.


So, so traditionally we teach children incorrectly. The Soviet Union and 1930s Germany and Benito Mussolini and all this is the way we teach it, is that a dictator kind of swooped in and took advantage of the citizenry and they were able to be a dictator, a tyrant, if you will. And a lot of people in California lived under Pol Pot or they lived under Mao Tse tung. And you've heard these stories and we're so quick to forget the tyranny in Asia that happened the last hundred years.


I don't think we include that enough with Mao Tse tung did was arguably even more evil than what Joseph Stalin did. He killed more people and we forget about it. We don't even teach our children about. It's unbelievable. Happened fifty years ago and it's still happening today in China, but it's actually a lot more complicated than that. And actually, I can for the first time in my life, I can see exactly how this all happened. And I put the pieces together, which is not a top down thing.


It's actually a bottom up thing. It's actually and I've coined this term and it's spread like wildfire. And you just mentioned it is called micro tyranny. And so that's where I got it from. Well, thank you. And I don't need attribution.


It actually came to me when I was at a Starbucks about a month and a half ago and I wasn't wearing my mask perfectly properly. And this is actually not about masks. I'm not trying to make it about that. It's actually about what happened because I wasn't wearing the mask properly and I wasn't the mask properly. And someone came up to me at work for Starbucks and just started admonishing me and screaming at me and telling me that I was going to proliferate the murder of the entire county.


And I fixed the mask and I was like, whatever, I'm not getting into this right now. And I thought to myself, no one elected her. No one voted for her. And she has way too much power right now. And she's happy she has that power. This is such an incredibly indecent way to act towards any human being just because my mask is three inches off my face, like, stop it. And I thought to myself what we have done, Cicero says, more laws, less justice.


Right. Cicero, one year Roman council for Julius Caesar predicted the fall of the Roman Republic and Roman Empire. He was phenomenal. And it's so true. You have all these edicts and all these orders. We know in social psychology, 15 percent of the American population is sociopathic. We know that they actually make most of our prison population. By the way, that's why you have so many prisoners just the way it is. There's other reasons why.


But we'll get we can get another different time. However, the sociopaths that aren't in prison, they come after you and they see they see an opportunity to go be a tyrant. So, for example, in Joseph Stalin took power, it wasn't that Stalin was incongruent with the Soviet Union when he took power. There were thousands of mini Joseph Stalin's already existing as mayors, as teachers. As checkout clerks, because they allowed tyranny to exist on a micro level, right, and it was on unaddressed by decent people.


So when that happens, it actually comes from a bottom up. It's much more it's much less like a rainstorm and much more like Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park where eventually explodes up. Right. So you guys see the imagery difference here where tyranny is not something where someone sweeps and it's a citizenry that's already acting like it. And that person is just the manifestation of how the country has already fallen. And that's where we're headed, because the person at Starbucks who, of course, is like a silly example or the TSA agent that is far too much power or whatever, all of a sudden that is going to either turn into people that are unwilling to fight back against those people.


So a macro tyrant can come into play and those mini tyrants will become the enforcement squad of that macro tyrant is understand the other thing we don't teach, which is very interesting, you think you are a great person. OK, what would you do if Mao Tse tung came to your family, said, I'm going to shoot you in the head or you could be a Red Guard member, what would you do? You'd probably become a Red Guard member.


Stop acting like you're the greatest person in the world. Seriously, very quick. That you all of a sudden enlist in the army. One of these dictators. I'll feed your family. You live a life of luxury. You live in the best neighborhood you protect. Your kids are great. All you got to do is walk around with a little red book and, you know, put a couple of people in rail cars and it's all going to work fine for you and your family.


We can be really brutal really quickly. As soon as you divulge into that. However, how do you get against how do you step against that? That's why the church matters so much. The church is the firewall, the tyranny. That's why they to shut down the church, because the church is a decentralized moral order that never actually can be silenced by some sort of government edict. As soon as they shut down the church, they take over everything because the church, whether we like or not, the subconscious truth of the church is when you gather here, all of us have not said wanted the government the most important thing in our life.


And even if it was I wasn't speaking here and he was just speaking the gospel. The truth of the gospel is that there's something that transcends the government order. You shut down the church, pastors get weak, then tyranny can grow. So what do you do about that? This is the hard call to action and the micro tyranny. Think in your mind right now, who is the micro tyrant in your life that needs to be confronted and all of a sudden people get really uncomfortable.


She was like, oh my goodness, I don't know about that. If you don't confront that person, then you are complicit in a macro tyranny being created. Who is what do I mean? A neighbor, a teacher, a family member that is using their power to exploit the innocent or the weak. How do you do that? You get your words right. You sit up straight, your shoulders back. You look at them in the eyes with compassion and love and truth, and you tell them they're wrong and you tell them why it's that simple.


These people are counting on not being confronted when they're confronted with truth like cowards and bullies, they will run to the hills. If you don't confront them, they will grow into an insurmountable force. And we're going to wonder what happened to our country ten years from now when all of a sudden everything that we knew to be true, it disappeared. Yeah.


And it's and it's important. And it can be something as simple as hearing somebody make a statement and then confronting them with the fact and then seeing what they say. I took a Q&A session at a church the other day that made the statement law enforcement officers are hunting down black people. And it's really simple. You make a really simple statement. Twenty nineteen, three hundred and eighty five million contacts were made with law enforcement officers. Of the three hundred eighty five million contacts, a thousand ended up in a shooting of some sort of the thousand forty were unarmed.


Of the forty. Nineteen were white. And yes, you got it. Nine, by the way. And by the admission of the Washington I think was the Washington Post, The Washington Post nine were black and of the nine that were black six six of them six ready for this went for the gun of the officer and of the six there are three that are on video.


The document that fact and the ones that did it incorrectly, that truly acted improperly, they're all under indictment and conviction are going to jail.


Yep. We're being hunted down. What do you say to that? They stop, they stop something as simple, you go into a grocery store, put on your mask, put on your mask, do what I do know, well, you got to leave.


If you if you don't put on your mask, you've got to leave. OK, well, I have a health reason for not putting on my mask. So are you. I just want to know your name so that when I come back and kick and scream about the fact that you violated the Americans with Disabilities Act, I'll have your name for the lawsuit.


OK, good, good. Whatever you want to get, I mean, you've got to stand. You've got to stand, right? And I think that that's something important. Next question. Do you think that what we're seeing on the streets today is actually an attempted communist takeover? Well, and how likely do you think it's interesting?


I mean, if you read the if you read the Communist Manifesto, you have to understand that how do you get control? You can get control through a couple different ways or power. We talked about the micro tyranny, but a short circuit way of doing that is through chaos. Chaos is always the gateway to tyranny. So when you think about that and so every time there is disorder, people then demand order. It's just the human condition. Right.


We as human beings are very bizarrely programmed to take it up with the Heavenly Father. We have we have a need for certainty and uncertainty at the same time. It's very strange. So we want stability and instability because if we get too stable, you're in prison, right? And you have no and if you get too unstable, you're in Portland. You're like, I don't like that either. Right. So like Portland and prison are like the two things that you could be in America.


You're like, there's got to be something in the middle. Right. And we call that place Iowa. Right.


It's just, you know, little too.


I'm from the Midwest, so I love you. I love you.


So. So the question is, what are we seeing in the streets? Well, look, it's a very intimate it's a it's a provocative thing, right? It's trying to get provocation is what it is more than anything else. They know that they're not going to be able to get this widespread. In my personal opinion. They're trying to provoke a response, OK? And they're getting close to it because people are only going to push so far until in a country of three hundred and forty five million people, someone is going to take up a firearm and say, I'm not taking this anymore.


And that's not good. That's called vigilante justice. Now, in defense of the young man in Kenosha, I think he has been way overcharged. And I think it is disgusting what is happening to him. And I think it's a moral outrage. The guy's name is Kyle Rittenhouse. He was hunted down in the streets with a legally owned firearm, smacked in the face with the intent to kill and charge of first degree murder. It's disgusting. And the media's turning out, turning him to be something that he isn't.


He was a lifeguard. He was he was cleaning up graffiti. And if I'm missing something on the story, I'm happy to be corrected by if I've done a lot of deep dive on this and they're trying to turn him into a poster child, you watch the video. And if you ever watched the video, please do. Hunted down in the streets, being smacked in the face, pistol smacked, and he was left with a choice of whether or not to use that firearm.


We used to call that self-defense. Now they call it first degree murder. And so, again, the question is, why was he there in the first place? Seventeen year old, probably not a good decision to be there, by the way. That's not a reason to put him in prison for the rest of his life. If a kid goes somewhere, he should. OK, that's probably the human condition. The reason he was there is because the police did not have the capacity to have normalcy in the streets.


He never would have gotten in a car forty five minutes north of his home to go to Kenosha if the police would have calm that down. The National Guard was called the kid with the AR 15 women told a police officer, son, get back in your car. This is not a place where you got this under control. Stop it. Instead, he was allowed to roam the streets, which is what happens when you have disorder and discord and chaos.


This idea that it's going to be a participant sport is is I'm sorry, spectator sport is ridiculous. And you're going to have uncontrolled then bursts that come up and then there will be variations and outrage on top of that. And so remember, you have to go back to the scriptures first, Timothy, quiet and peaceful. And it's a really interesting two words that he used. Right, because we take that for granted, because that's generally kind of what we've been used to.


And then when we see arson and tyranny and terror and all these things, we say, how does how do we get back to that? Well, it's really not that complicated of an answer. Stop criminalizing law enforcement saying you're to defund it. But what's happening here, and this is a very important point, is that there's now a precedent for what can be done. Make no mistake, when crisis happens, trends, trends continue and they only accelerate.


So the poor people are only more poor now than they were before the shutdown. And rich people are now richer. Right. So that's only going to add more to the material Marxist revolution. Right. So the and this is not a very I can I could talk forever about this stuff.


I literally do it. But this is a really interesting point that we can talk about enough, which is when you don't have a middle class anymore, this entire experiment ends and this is intentional. So the Democrats have become the the the gatekeepers or the undertakers, if you will. And that's the right turn, the the the gatekeepers or the political masters of the permanent underclass. So people I don't work for a living and just get government benefits and the one percent of the one percent, it's a very bizarre political strategy that they want to represent, like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates and also people that are on welfare.


It's a very strange intersection. Right. Where is the Republican Party, whether they like it or not? And this is really interesting, whether you like Republicans or not, just true, the Republicans stumble backwards into being the middle class party. It's really weird because Republicans were like, oh, we're never the country club party. Like as they say at the country club at Torrey Pines, like you are. OK, so you are and not anymore.


Now, the Republicans we represent carpenters, electricians and pipefitters. Like, how do we do that? Just listen to Trump. He got it. OK, so and what's really interesting, though, is if you don't have a middle class anymore, which is disappearing really quickly, then all of a sudden you will have anarchy. And so here's a really. Here's another interesting thought exercise for you to think about, which is young people are the ones that are doing this and we say it's all because they've been indoctrinated and all these sorts of things.


I completely agree with that. However, if you went to Portland State University and you went seventy thousand dollars into debt. And you're 28 and you're 29 and you're renting you're not owning very important. So I think that the renting dominance of young people has been the destruction of our country because you don't own anything. Why not burn everything down? Right. You don't have equity. It's really an important point. But I want I want for the adults in the room that are 40 plus think about when you were 29, when you were 30, when you worked hard, you probably saw your life get a little bit better every single year.


Right. You probably you had investment in this system. Young people don't have that right now and they're not all to blame. We just shut down their country for nine months. They weren't able to go to work, go to sports, go work hard. You can't as we tell our young people right now, just go work harder. I'm sorry. The entire civilization shut down. You have money. We don't is what young people are saying. They go to their parents.


They're like, OK, we got it. You have a home, you have a mortgage, you have some money in the bank account. I'm trying to get my life together. By the way. I'm paying off seventy thousand dollars in student loan debt. I have no skills because I went to some college that taught me to hate the country. Right. And so that's how you get outrage. And then, by the way, it's just the beginning.


No wonder why everyone wants to and do weed right now. They want to keep a revolution from happening. I mean, again, I don't support the legalization of marijuana at all, but I can see why the Masters want you to do this. They want to prevent this entire system from being overthrown. So what do we do about that? Well, we're on pace this year. Have five hundred thousand less children than last year, were on the verge of a population collapse.


No one's talking about this. No one. And if the only way we can solve this is we have to incentivize and, yes, even subsidize young people to get married and have kids and be able to build a steady life. And we have to do it so quickly or else this entire experiment is over in a decade. And it's so true, so true. Next question. And I think we can take one more, yeah, you know, with all the push towards mail in voting, I am very concerned about the potential for massive voter fraud.


And I want to know what can we do about it?


Yeah, I get this question everywhere. I travel the country, I get it everywhere I look in California, you guys are in a tough situation because their mail in ballots out all over the place. From what I've heard and what I understand, it's it's not good. But you can become an election judge and you want to talk a little about that. Sure. I think it starts at the church. I think anybody who isn't going to our church, if whatever, churches, assuming that they're open, you need to do what we're doing.


We're a we'll be a polling place. We're going to be doing ballot harvesting. We have several people on our true impact team that are going to be trained to make sure that your votes are actually being counted. And we're going to be very, very active about that very, very active voter registration. I believe we start that in either next week or the week after. I think it's next week. We're starting it.


Get people involved that way, because truth be told, when people get involved that way, it changes everything. And when it starts at the church, when the church goes from I don't want to be political anymore, too, we have no choice but to get involved because we refuse to compartmentalize the Lord in our lives. Then things begin to change and they change rapidly. And it's really funny. Isn't interesting how many of the spiritual growths and awakenings that we've seen had a beginning in California?


Yeah, I mean, think about that for a second. Think about Billy Graham. Think about what happened with Chuck Smith. Think about all those. I mean, why can't that happen again?


Church has to get involved for it to happen again, you know? So so it has been absolutely a great time, hasn't been, guys. Yes.


So I want to just encourage you to just just one last thing.


And I want to thank you guys for having me. Amazing. Three services. Thank you. If you missed the first two there on Live Stream and we talked about everything and everyone was different, I could say they were all just its own little piece and nugget. And the final note I want to say is this is that young people are really suffering right now. We have a mental health crisis in our country. We have to open this country right now.


And for all the adults in the room, find a young person and communicate to them the need for them to have meaning in life. Because I'm telling you right now, we are on the cusp of losing a generation and the adults are doing next to nothing about it right now. And it's a call to action because I get these emails and if you see what I see, you would be horrified. So think a little bit more intergenerational and what's happening in our country right now, because we are you are leaving our generation a mess right now.


And I it's more than anything else. I believe in a young person. Platform them, give them a little bit of responsibility, challenge them a little bit, especially young men. We've a crisis of masculinity in our country. I could talk about it because there's something that really needs there's something that has to really have a turning point right now. And young people. Right. I'm seeing something very concerning. And the optimistic part is share the gospel with a young person every single day, please.


Someone that they are searching for it. They're looking for the meaning. And you guys that are adults that are forty plus forty five plus that might have your life together a little bit, please look intergenerational because we, we have a whole different crisis right now that needs to be addressed. Can you do us a favor. I don't think anybody will mind. And I know we're on a tight time schedule because we've got to get you out of here.


But really quickly, the crisis in masculinity. Yeah, I do it in a few men. Oh, yeah, of course. Yeah. Let's let's talk about that for a second and then we'll react. I don't know what I'll call Statesville for calling out.


No, no, no, no. We got to get you going here in a few minutes.


But on that said, look, there's a crisis of masculinity in our country. We have hyper feminized our country, a country. And what I mean by hyper feminine is that you have the you have the you have the traits of the masculine, the feminine. And they play very well together. Right. And the Bible talks about this. And it's very important a country can become too masculine, too. By the way, I don't want to discount that dictatorships like Benito Mussolini becomes too masculine where you don't care for the disadvantaged and you just always it's top down orders and all that.


So we come way too masculine. However, we've become a hyper feminized society. Young young men in particular are suffering in a way that is not sustainable for our civilization. And they say, oh, you know, this entire system is rigged for four men against women. Women comprise the most college graduates, most master's degrees, most doctorate degrees. Men are ten times more likely to commit suicide, diet work, declare bankruptcy, inflict themselves and self harm, die in some sort of gang related shooting or criminal activity.


Women are earning more until up into the age of thirty. Women are more likely, yes, even to get married than most men. Go figure that one out. They mean there's more single men than single women in this country. There just are. And so there's a crisis happening right now with young men. And we have done the exact opposite. What we should do. Young men have different needs than young women. Young women need belonging. Young men need adventure.


Understand that. So young women need to feel belonging. That's exactly why social media bullying is so prevalent mostly amongst young women and why young men have a crisis of meaning. Young men, if they're sixteen, seventeen or eighteen, they need to be confronted by another man and to be challenged. They need to be pushed. They need to be called into the wilderness. And they said you need to get off your tail and do more with your life.


For some young some young women need to hear that, but most don't. They don't. Most young women actually have too much of that. In fact, we have hypermasculine a lot of our young women where they feel as if they now have to be the breadwinners and the earners, and they're the ones that are actually have too much burden on themselves. And they're getting married too late and they're actually being more young. Women are unhappy in this country than any other time because there are thirty and they have an incredibly successful corporate career.


But they're miserable because there's something biological within them that says, no, actually, you need to go procreate right now. And then the young man who's their equivalent, their brother, their neighbor or their cousin is in their basement. They can't get their life together because the entire society that we built is not designed for the man to be able to shoulder a burden. So young men in particular, they need to sit up straight with their shoulders back, as Jordan Peterson would say, and then he'd be challenged and say, you're a lot tougher than you think.


And just like Abraham, who was like one hundred twenty seven living with his father, you said get out of your home and go into something that you don't know if you actually go back back into the wilderness. It was the men that went into the dark and hunted and the women that nurtured and protected. And what we have done is we have kept the men literally in the basement where they're doing next to nothing productive. And I'm telling you right now, you look at unemployment statistics, young men have much more, much harder time getting jobs and all these sorts of things.


So what do we do about it? First of all, stop demonizing young men that are 12, 13, 14 and 15. You need to challenge them and teach them discipline and ethics. You to create very strict barriers for them and you to push them. Young men need to be pushed. It's very important. And I tell young people all the time, find something to be responsible for, find responsibility. So you find meaning. What is responsibility?


I have defined responsibility. I didn't create this, but it's a little bit of a it's a it's an original skew on it. If you didn't show up somewhere tomorrow and Monday morning and no one can. Urd. You are not responsible for anything that's your test, think to yourself, boy, if I didn't show up to work, to school or my family and if someone and say, hey, where's Jeff, where's Carl? If they don't say that you're responsible for nothing and you're not living a meaningful life, it's that simple.


But if you don't show up somewhere and things get harder for somebody else, then you're shouldering a burden that means something. Yes. And if you're trying to find work, what is that? Charlie finds something that transcends yourself, that is rooted in truth and pursue that thing. Marriage, church, you know, spreading the gospel, finding meaningful work, all those sorts of things. And for young men, you need to be relentless in telling them that they can do better than young men in particular want to always be ascending, more competitive, more than anything else.


And in a lot of different ways, we have a testosterone crisis and all this where we have 25 year old men that end up getting married by the time they're thirty two and they end up playing the feminine in the relationship, a marriage. And it is not sustainable. It is happening all across the country. And these young women have to be the primary breadwinners and the mother and the nurturer and the protector. And these young men have no capacity be able to lead.


So I talk about this at length. And look, I'm happy to talk about the crisis of it, but if you're a young man out there and you're just like, I just can't get my life right, I can't get these things together, that's perfectly fine because the entire society is rigged against you. You're not don't be a victim. But it by the way. So find something. Get your aim right. You will hit what you aim at.


That's very that is a universal truth. Biblically true. What you aim at, you will hit find some. That is good. Do the self authoring exercise. Jordan Peterson talks about it. It's a two page paper where you say where you want your life to be materially and seven years from now, aim at that thing, do it as good, not as good expedient and then actually restrict yourself from indulgence. Young men have a problem of indulgence in this country like I've never seen before.


They have everything that makes them feel good enough, helps them do good. Right. And so whether it be Internet indulgences, drugs, alcohol, restrict all of that for 30 days and you will leave a more meaningful life, live a more meaningful life. I guarantee it actually, by restricting yourself, you can be more free. That is a paradoxical truth that is out of the Bible.


Thanks so much for listening. Thank you guys for supporting us. If you guys want to win a signed copy of the New York Times best seller, The Magga Doctrine, type in Charlie Kirk, show your podcast provider hit subscribe. Give us a five star review. Screenshot and email us Freedom at Charlie Kirk, Dotcom Freedom at Charlie Dotcom. Thank you guys so much for listening. We have a packed podcast scheduled this week. I am back in the studio chair at the next airing of the Charlie Kirk Show very early on Tuesday morning.


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