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Hey, everybody. Wow. You are going to be blown away by this interview we have today. For weeks, I talked about a young man that has been banned from university because he commemorated a slaughter of innocent civilians in his home country, China. He's standing up and now suing Fordham University. He's articulate. He loves our country honestly, as an immigrant to our country more than most of our own natural born citizens. To his name is Austin Tong.


He is suing Fordham University. And you're not going to believe the story. You will not think that we are living in America by the end of the story. I want to thank those of you that are supporting our program at Charlie Slash report. Charlie Kirkham slash support. By supporting our program, you allow us to have guests like Austin. We work nights and weekends to deliver you the best news in the business. Listen to our sister episode, the Ask Me Anything Austin Tunt.


He's a Chinese American immigrant who came here when he's six years old. They tried to kick him out of school. He's fighting back and he is suing all because he said something that the university disagreed with. Buckle up, everybody. Time to fight. Here we go.


Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Cook, Charlie Cook's run in the White House. But I want to thank Charlie is an incredible guy, his spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.


That's why we are here.


Hey, everybody, welcome to this episode of the Charlie Kirk Show. I have been talking for weeks about an outrageous story. A young man from Fordham University did an Instagram post commemorating Tiananmen Square. If you know anything about Tiananmen Square, it's when the Maoists decided to try to continue their brutalization of innocent civilians. And it was a freedom, freedom of speech, retaliation by the citizens of China. A young man posted in commemoration of that. And the people that run Fordham University decided that individuals should no longer be allowed to attend that school.


That young man joins us right now. Ostin Tong Ostin, welcome to The Charlie Kirk Show. Thank you, Charlie. Thank you for having me. It's truly a big pleasure. You bet. So tell us your story. Tell us what you posted and why you posted it. Walk us through this outrageous story. So what happened was on June 3rd, I posted about Officer David Dalton, who was savagely killed. He should have died. I was very angry and not happy about what happened, which is nobody care about him.


And I found that very hypocritical. So I posted a picture of him and said there are a bunch of hypocrites, which they are, and that got a little backlash. People weren't happy about that. And it was mostly the bad people from my school. And the next day I had a post which was myself in my backyard with my legally own AR 15, a rifle. And I said, Don't tread on me a hashtag nineteen eighty nine six for which for people who didn't pass history class.


That's something that happened many years ago. That really matters in the hearts of many people, especially people who care about democracy, which the bad people don't care about and obviously fordham doesn't care about. And that got a huge backlash the same day. And I when I saw that, you know, without the need to explain, I still explain that has nothing to do with recent events that two to two poles are even connected. It was just June four.


It was the day of the anniversary. And I was proud to have the rifle. I was proud to express myself. And I was very appreciative of the rights we had in this country. And that's what happened. Explain the comments. I said that it's just in our appreciation we have the right to bear arms in this country and with everything that unfolds and is done, it's also the First Amendment that we sure appreciate. And that's something you talk about, Charlie, almost every day.


And what happened was, despite my explanation, the Fordham University even commented on my post. I don't know if that's give me credit, but a comment on the post. And then that night, around 10 o'clock, OK, everyone's either sleeping or enjoying with their family. I got a call from Fordham University. I got a call from them saying, we're outside your door and that's what happened. And I was like, what's going on? I wasn't sure what was that?


He said, he's the public safety of the school and he wants to check up. And yeah, I was shaking my head. I was shocked. We were completely shocked. And that's the right word. It was shocking. And what happened was not sure why without a criminal mind set. I was and we are good people. We we saw him. He was outside and it was to public safety officers. And one of them came in. And what happened was he questioned me on the firearms.


He questioned me and he asked me about all of this. He said, why do I post my intentions? He was a nice gentleman, to be fair. But really what happened was really a traumatizing moment. OK, you wouldn't expect that to happen to America and police would even do that. Not to, say a private university. And I had to write a report on what happened, to write a report like a police report. And I had to give him the receipt of the gun to prove everything, which was interesting.


Very interesting. Right. And what's more interesting is he said to me, OK, for people who don't know about this, I was charged with with threats, intimidation, a hate crime and bias. OK, that's the final to the results of it.


But he told me the public safety of the school told me that I was not a threat and I was not intimidating. In the meeting when he was at my house, he told me that he represents the school. So what does that mean for the school? They're liars, they're crooked, and that's what happened. And it's obviously beyond the gun that they were going at. It's probably some political ties to certain people that might not like what I posted.


And what happened was right after he left, OK, after everything was fine. And then he called me the public safety officer. He called me and he said, Austin, you should take down the posts. And I said, Which one? I said, the gunman or the officer one. And he said, both. I still have my free speech. You can do that. Right? We have done this country supposedly. Right. And he said, yes, you do.


But I'm representing a university and we would suggest you do that. And we wouldn't want the people he saw. Those people are mean, whatever, whatever, and at the time know, was it worth it for a Instagram post to Instagram posts that just tells you what they mean. It's not a concern about safety or security with the rifle, which I was completely like a fine gentleman in the picture. OK, I was smiling. You saw the picture.


My hair was nice, everything was nice and it was great. But I thought to myself and my family we didn't want to have trouble, OK? So we were very cordial for the whole process until now we're fighting. But what happened was we took it down and life went on despite the traumatized. And what happened was two days later, we got a call from the dean of students, Keith Eldridge, who is a real beauty. His name is everywhere now, but we really made him famous, but now we make him a defendant in court.


OK, that's what's going to happen. And we had that. And he called me saying, Austin, I'm calling you because we're going to sanction you to a disciplinary hearing. And he said, we usually don't call people. So we call you because we wouldn't suggest you posting everywhere without a heads up like he was scared to our post. If that's a good thing he's doing, he wouldn't be scared. He's guilty, OK? He was guilty from the beginning.


All of them are. And at the time I was thinking, it's so unfair. It's illegal. Why why am I having a hearing for something I've posted online, not even on campus in my backyard. And it's totally legal. And FBI did even come to me, OK, audiogram police then come to me and they came to me, OK? And what happened was we had a hearing after a few days, I have the letter. It's everywhere.


And what happened was before I even spoke during the hearing, which was on Zoome and before I even spoke about my side, he was very conclusive about what they think, which is I'm a danger and it's not a danger on the gun, OK? I'm a danger psychologically or politically in their eyes because I posted something commemorating and honoring what happened ten years ago for democracy. I also Davidar and who frankly, I mean, I said they're hypocrites, but really they're just evil because obviously they think that if I post that I'm a white supremacist, how does that make sense?


But that's what happened. And before all of that, he was very conclusive. And I made a statement telling him very cordially, OK, and I said, you know, this is just my appreciation of the rights and don't tread on me does not mean I'm going to do violent things. It's a term it's a phrase people use for against the government. And that's exactly what I was doing and that's what we think. But they're acting like the big government.


And they were threatened not by my gun, not by my smile. They were threatened that I was against possibly the interest that they're tied with. And what happened was I made a very long statement and despite so, he made very weird annotations, OK? He was like, you know, maybe your intentions weren't bad, but you've made an impact. Have you heard about that? Have you heard about that kind of an analogy? I said no.


I said I can't control what they think I might. The Constitution and the free speech codes of Fordham University protect me and who cares about what they think? Even so, I explain myself and despise. So I was still I was still charged after a month of waiting Charlie attaway a month for them to come out with their stupid results, which is totally legal, not just the results, but the hearing. It was totally illegal and it was traumatizing.


OK, I'm twenty years old.


Yeah. What was the findings? Are you allowed back on school? So I was banned from campus. OK, I had to take implicit bias training. I call that political reeducation I did. That doesn't really sound like a Catholic school to me. OK, it's a Catholic school, actually. You know, President Trump, he went to school for two years and he made a bad decision. He left and I didn't leave. But I'm stuck in this right now and it was traumatizing.


OK, I was studying for grad school. I was rising senior and professionally, academically, everything was going fine. And then they hit me with this. But, you know, now we're in them. Tiscali I'm on the Charlie Parker show and that's what happened. He charged me without an explanation why. He charged me with, like I said, hate crime bias and threats, intimidations to trust their power maybe. And what happened was I'm back from campus to the reeducation course which I have to meet with the multicultural director of the school who is also a real beauty.


I don't really want to meet him and that's why I'm calling him back. I don't want to meet him. And what happened was I have to apologize to the school for hurting the feelings. I'm not kidding about that. Now, Topdog, I the. No, no way. No way.


I'm apologizing and I have to give you credit because I watch all the videos and you really change my mindset a lot. So a lot of what I'm saying is, thanks to your education and frankly, your education is free and there isn't.


So there thank you for saying that.


And now really is true. And what happened was I didn't back down, as you can see. And I wrote a public letter to Joseph McShane, the principal of the school, and they didn't respond to that. I had many groups come to me to help, like fire, like NRA, Fox News. I love Instagram. I like everyone and. They all came to me and we made this a sensation, and then I have a great lawyer team right now, the Champix LLP, the very great lawyers, and we're fighting back.


And we fought a lawsuit. Well, good for you.


God bless you. I have a couple of questions. So what are so you're not allowed on campus. They're putting through that you through this Maoist reeducation program. The first question I have. You're an immigrant, aren't you, a Chinese immigrants?


I am. So they're very insensitive. They should take the train. Yeah, so explain to us, did you grow up in China, are your parents from China? Can you walk us through that?


Right. So I came here when I was six through the United States to New York, and my parents came a little before me. And I still speak very good Mandarin. And I still have the cultural background. But I'm very proud to be a US citizen and I'm proud of my heritage. But apparently, both of those things being American or being Chinese, it's offensive to Fordham University because they probably side with dictatorships rather than people. Yes, so you take a stand in Tiananmen Square, which basically means pro-democracy, pro speech, pro people, the three Ts you can't mention in China are Taiwan, Tiananmen Square and Tibet.


You can't do that. They get they lose their mind. Do you think that had something to do with this ostende? Do you think that Fordham is upset that you mentioned Tiananmen Square and maybe there's a Chinese connection here we're missing?


Well, you know, I'm not a lawyer. I'm not God. I can see through the things that I can see, but I have good intuition and I think we all do. And that's pretty much and OK. I do think they possibly have financial political ties to things they shouldn't have. And for sure, that's a big reason because they said I'm not a threat, then why did they charge me as a threat? And they also I missed the point.


They said they won't punish me if I take down the post. They punish me anyway. So all of that doesn't add up on us. They have some money going into our pockets and that's probably what's going on.


Yeah, and that's that's the CCPOA and it's disgusting. And so let's. So what are you suing on? What are the grounds you're suing on? This is a private institution. Right. What are what is your complaint?


Right, so their private university, but they're not completely bound by the Constitution because they have public funding. OK, so we're suing them on many things for now. We're suing them on the punishments I have, which is totally illegal. And I can't believe I'm paying tuition to be punished and being banned from campus. So I'd be I'd pay for this. It's not a good deal, as Trump says. It's not good deal. And we're suing them on the article some date in the New York Supreme Court.


For now, we're going to have additional things come up, big things. Everyone hear about them. And frankly, we're probably suing them on more than just free speech. I think there was a hate crime going on against me, not me against them. And they were against their own code of speech, which is a breach of contract. I learned that in legal costs of Fordham, which is helpful. And also I have marketing major in Florida and I'm using that.


So I'm just saying this. It's defamation. It's screwing up my rest of my youth. And that's why I'm fighting right now, because they screwed up my life. And what can I do besides YOLO? We have to fight back and we're going to sue them on everything that we can and we're going to sue not just them.


Also, the president, the school, McShane and also Dean, Keith Eldridge, because these people need to be taught a lesson because they always hide behind the schools and you know that these people need to be held accountable for. Yes, and I'm so pleased someone is finally fighting these people on their terrain, you are taking a very courageous stand by doing what you're doing. These tyrants are basically betting on the idea that you will just sit down and obey.


So you filed your lawsuit officially. I'm sure your lawyers believe you have a good chance and you have a great legal team. I'm familiar with that. And they wouldn't take the case that they didn't think you had a chance.


What have they tried to calm this down? Have they tried to tell Austin maybe we can come meet in the middle or what is their reaction now?


They're very arrogant. The robbers deceive. They're crooked. I can see all kinds of adjectives, but I wouldn't. And they even restricted their Instagram comments. So I think that's pretty, pretty obvious what they're thinking and they're not backing down so far. So I do think this will be a very long odds. I personally think I'm not a lawyer, but I think that because they've had a terrible record in the past which maybe you covered and free speech and all of them, they were backing down of them.


They are scared. But that's why we're suing the people, too. So maybe they'll be more scared. But we have to keep putting pressure on them. And hopefully the Trump government intervenes because obviously they they violated the executive order that President Trump passed, which is free speech in campuses. So hopefully this thing goes. The opposite of the. As soon as we're done here, I'm going to tweet out that President Trump should defund Fordham because if there's ever an example of free speech rights being violated, he should just completely defund it.


So you are an immigrant from China to America. You care more about what our country stands for than our own natural born Americans. Do you find the people that were at Fordham that were really upset? Were they immigrants or are they mostly white liberals from the Northeast? And I don't mean to generalize. I'm just curious.


Well, I think that's a good answer. It's not generalization that was mostly true. And they're the bad people. I've been calling them the bad people and fighting for them to you. And you're fighting for these people, too, because they can't see the appreciation of what they have in this country. And it was then why I posted that they call me a white supremacist. They told me to die at home. Look, I'm more yellow than anyone else, OK?


And they call me white, which is not a bad thing. OK, and white supremacy is the farthest thing we can have in this. This is freedom. This is appreciation. This is being grateful in the time when the country is going to hell, OK? I do feel that what I did as not just a personal statement, it's also a response responsibility as a citizen to voice a different opinion against the mob, and that's who they are.


So I love this country more than they do and they don't like this country, frankly. They should get out of here. Yes, you do you actually believe in what I mean, you had a legally acquired firearm, you didn't threaten anyone. Fordham is not the government.


And they said, I just want to reiterate what you said, Austin. They sent some sort of federal to your home to basically investigate you as if it's Roger Stone raid right at 10:00 p.m. at night. And then you were nice enough to actually show him the certification of your firearm legally acquired. And you said he was a nice guy. That's fine. I'm sure some of these people are nice, but he was still an instrument for tyranny. And then then he goes and calls you and tells you to take down the posts and then they put you through some tribunal.


Right. Some sort of Maui's three educational tribunal. Your parents grew up in China, right. They lived probably through the Cultural Revolution or right after it. Right. They are familiar with Mao's Little Red Book. They know the Red Guard.


They must just be so confused by this. Auston right. I mean they must say like what is going on in this country.


I think you you really made a good point. That's the perspective of immigrants and the people that the left says they care about, which is immigrants. They don't care about us, OK? Frankly, this is a lesson for me. They don't care about me or anyone else. They can do something they don't like. And it is a confusing time for myself, my parents and I just confused. It's a sad, traumatizing time. And for all immigrants, because most immigrants come from countries where they don't have the freedoms in the countries that they have here.


And they they really crushed. What's go on in this country right now is a revolution that's tearing down the culture of this country, is tearing down the constitution and all in the name of social justice. I don't see justice being done. We need justice done. We need to counsel them. OK, so it's very confusing. And when before all of this, I was watching your show. I was I was a viewer, OK? And now I'm experiencing this.


I really feel it. And I feel it's a disgrace because they shouldn't be doing this day. They're tearing down the freedoms that give them the freedom to tear down this country. And that's probably the most shameful thing that anyone can say. Amen, and you're doing the next incredible heroic thing is you're actually fighting these tyrants, how easy would it have been asked to sit down and obey, go through their reeducation program, go take a knee, plead for mercy, get your degree and then go back into it.


Did that cross your radar at all? What what compels you to fight? And I appreciate the kind words. Thank you. But you're a fighter now. You're a fighter not just for yourself, but for what's good and right in our country. And our listeners and our viewers are going to look to you as inspiration. Why did you decide to fight?


Well, you know, I'm not a hero. I'm just a regular guy, OK? And in the beginning, when they said if you take down the post, we won't charge you anything because you're not a threat. You're a good guy. And they told me that. I thought, OK, let's just back down. And that's probably the worst thing you can do for whoever is listening to this as the worst thing you can do. You got be like Charlie and maybe like Austin, but you can't be like that, OK?


And what happened is if you do that, if I did that, if I go by their terms, if I apologized, that would all be my record. And as a person that's graduating from a very good business school, I mean, it's good for what they produce me, but for what they have in the record is terrible. But for me, I had a bright future coming up and they just covered it OK, with dirt. And if you do that, you know you're going to be ruined for the rest of your life.


Everyone's going to know you're a racist. All the jobs that you seek will know you're not someone to hire. So don't do that. If you do that, you think you're getting away with that. You're not getting away with that. They're getting away with it. You just got to fight back. And that's what I'm doing. I'm betting the rest of my youth into this. OK, and it's not just for myself now as just for time now.


It's for all people, all Americans, all college students, people from across the world who are so confused by this because they think America is a free country, which is Gitari only right now. So this is a fight for. Yeah, I hope this can be a precedent, a legal precedent for the country. Will Austin, I'm going to do what I can through divest you at turning point to get every donor to pull their gifts from Fordham University.


I mean, what an unacceptable set of circumstances. And I don't mean to belabor this point at all, but I want to repeat exactly what's happening here for Impact. You're a Chinese immigrant who came here at six years old. You got very good grades and went to Fordham University. You mind your own business. You made a singular post to commemorate the death of a black police officer and called the general community that didn't mourn him a hypocrite. Then to commemorate something that happened to your country of rejuvenation, Tiananmen Square, when people were slaughtered, you commemorated it, which is a pro-democracy moment, and you happen to hold a legally acquired AR 15.


Nothing controversial about that at all. Because of that, they send in the Gestapo or the Red Guard to go after you. They search your firearm, they write you up and they say in order for you to still stay at our university, you must apologize, go through a tribunal and all this. And even worse, they kick you off campus and you're not allowed. And what you do in response is you say, this is not why I came to this country.


I'm suing you. That's that's pretty awesome.


Austin, how can people help you while people can speak up? People have to stand up for themselves and people should know more about this. People should know that they're not alone. And I meant to be a hero, but now I'm I mean, I'm here for everyone and people need to speak up. That's all I can say. If everyone spoke up a little more about their opinions, you don't back down this country, you'll be in much better shape.


And frankly, it was just as scary as the virus is, the lack of talking by people. People are you can't be the silent majority anymore. You got to speak up. And that doesn't matter if you're a Democrat or Republican, you just got to speak up. And that's the American way. And that's all I can say, how you can help me help everyone in the country. Well, we are 100 percent behind you, Austin, and, you know, I think the university, they're going to try all their tricks they can to get this thing thrown out in court.


However, a public pressure campaign of people listening to this right now, they haven't turned off comments on everything. To all my listeners and viewers. E-mail Fordham at Fordham, dot edu, go to their website and flood their inbox and talk about the tyranny that they are doing to Austin. Be relentless, be respectful, but be relentless because this is autocratic behavior. And what really you know, it's really interesting. Austin, in a couple of minutes, we have remaining I've been studying how Mal came to power.


And your parents grew up in this, if they didn't have you know, and I don't know the age of your parents, but they were probably right around. If they didn't have the Little Red Book, you could get in a lot of trouble. If you dare disagree with Mao, they put a bullet in your head and here they come to seek freedom and opportunity so that their child can then go be stomped out by Maoist tactics. I mean, this is something that Americans better wake up to very quickly.


And you're a hero and I know you don't want that label, but that's fine. I'm going to say it anyway, because I can't tell you how many people that would have just took down just took it themselves. And here you are, an immigrant to our country. We need more immigrants like you, by the way, that actually love our country. Like what? A concept that actually stand and fight. Any closing thoughts, Austin, about the direction of the country politically and where you think what would happen if good people decide not to fight?


We need good people to fight. We need more Charlie Kirks and Austins, I have to say this. Don't say ever that what happens in other countries won't happen in America. OK, this is in my mind for a while why we have everything we have in this country right now is because people are fighting people. We're fighting for the constitutional rights that they have in this country. And that's why we have everything we have now. It's not because it's granted for free.


Freedom is not free and people have to realize that. And that's all I can say. You got to stand up for a country and stand for a country first starts with standing up for yourself. And we've got to keep doing that. Amen. You know, I talk about on the podcast, Ostin find the tyrant in your life and find up against that tyrant.


And for the people watching this that are a little bit in the middle, like, I don't know if I can fight, you're putting everything on the line. You're deciding to sue your university. Your name is now a national news name. It's a partisan name for doing nothing wrong. And they were the ones that did something wrong. And I hope that our listeners draw inspiration, but also everyone listening or watching you this communicate with either a tweet, a Facebook post or an email to Fordham.


You must have so much incoming to this university right now, rally the support so that they hear from decent and reasonable Americans about how they have become basically a Maoist institution. Austin. Is there any social media the way that people can contact you or support you?


Is there any way that our listeners can follow and learn more about your lawsuit as they can follow me on Twitter and Instagram? Like Instagram is a funny name. It's Conrade Mao, the cunning comrade in the catch, comrade. Meow, meow, meow.


So not Comrade Mao, but comrade meow, meow, meow, meow.


And that's a slap to them and funny. And I like it and it's not scary at all. I don't know why Florida is being such such a I can't say the word, I'll say such a little baby. So I'll say that I think on me on Twitter, which is real Austintown, I want to make a comment now, but some already took it, unfortunately. Comrade Miaow, not Comrade Mao, but Comrade Miaow Fordham is just one example of the tyranny in our country.


You know, Ostin, can you finish by one thing? Can you tell us about Tiananmen Square? A lot of people don't know it. One man stood up against a tank and it changed a lot, didn't it?


Yes. It's a sign that Americans and Westerners have never seen before because they're privileged to be in a country that gives them freedom. And that picture and everything we're doing, everything that's happened is a wake up call. Even if it's many years ago, it's a wake up call every day for Americans to preserve their rights and stand up against tyranny, as you say. And we have to remember that. Maybe you are the man standing up against the tank that changed a lot, so you're an inspiration, so keep fighting.


Austin, we have your back. It is Comrade MÃ on Instagram. Everyone follow it and contact Fordham. Those apparatchiks must be contacted. Keep fighting. We have your back. Thank you, Austin. God bless you.


Thank you, Charlie. You too.


What an incredible interview with Austin Tunt. I was inspired honestly by interviewing him. If you guys want to involve a turning point, USA, go to CPUSA, Dotcom, t.P, USA, Dotcom. Email me your thoughts at Freedom at Charlie Cook, Dotcom, Stanford. Stand and fight right now, everybody. If that interview with Austin TONC does not make you animated to do something, email me at Freedom at Charlie Kirkup. Your thoughts on that interview.


Contact Fordham, do something about it for ten people that can show me that you've contacted Fordham. I am going to give you a signed copy of the New York Times bestseller, The Magna Doctrine. It is despicable what this school is making this young man go through their anti-immigrant, their anti other cultures. I think Fordham is a xenophobic institution that is run by white liberals that want to destroy America. Austin TONC is fighting for America more than most Americans are.


Thank you guys for listening to us. Email us your questions, Freedom Charlie Kirchen and support our program at Charlie Kirchhoff Report. Become a monthly supporter. And if you do, we have a monthly supporta call once a month video call. You guys are gonna love it. It's coming up very soon. Thanks so much for listening. Time to fight. God bless.