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Hey everybody, do black lives matter to Democrats? Well, Kimberly Classic, who has recently gone viral with her admonishment and repudiation of the Democrat Party, is here on the Charlie Kirk show. And she has millions and millions, tens of millions of people have seen her advertisement. You guys are going to love this program. Please consider supporting us at Charlie Circumciser report. Subscribe to The Charlie Cook Show by typing in Charlie Kirks or your podcast provider hit Subscribe.


Give us a five star review and email us Freedom at Charlie Kirkconnell, freedom at Charlie Cook Dotcom. Kimberle classic is here. Everybody buckle up. Here we go, Charlie.


What you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Cook is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Charlie Cook's run in the White House.


I want to thank Charlie is an incredible guy, his spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here.


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Hey everybody, welcome to this very special episode of the Charlie Kirk Show. I am joined today by Kim Classic. You probably saw her incredible political advertisement where she went through the streets of Baltimore with a sense of urgency. She walked the streets of Baltimore and told the truth about what's happening in our inner cities. Kim is running for Congress in Maryland. She is worthy of your support. Kim, welcome to the Charlie Kirk Show.


Thank you for having me. I appreciate it. So tell us why you're running. Tell us about the advertisement that just went totally viral. I think it has 20, 30, 40 million views. And tell us about yourself.


I don't know why I'm running. You probably could see that within the campaign ad, but I'm running to hopefully bring some great opportunities to the Baltimore area. You know, Maryland District seven encompasses Baltimore County, Howard County and Baltimore City. But the issues in Baltimore City, unfortunately, you know, it's a problem for the counties as well, because we're using all of our resources for the issues in the city. But the counties are being neglected. So there's a lot to go to do.


You know, we've got a poor education system. I'm all for school choice. I'm all for bakery. Goes to the port. As we saw during the coronaviruses lockdown, we had to rely on other countries for PPE. Why not bring that million dollar medical equipment and bring it back to the bar and have some real career opportunities, not just jobs.


So in your video, you said, and I quote, I want to make sure that I get this right. You say black lives do not matter to Democrats. Is that correct? That's exactly what I said. Tell us why and I mean, it's obvious here, you know, we've got problems in the inner cities. There's a pattern when it comes to Democrat leadership. Every year they leverage the urban struggle to request federal funds and then those federal funds go missing.


So I don't know if you recall, back in twenty fifteen, we had the riots in Baltimore City after the death of Freddie Gray. Millions of dollars was set to the north corridor. That video that I took, the campaign that was taken in the Penn North corridor. So you have to wonder, where has all this money gone to the city that has been under one party rule for over 50 years? That in itself is a problem. So we've got a lot of work to do.


I'm not saying my opponent's a bad guy, but he's been in office before. Obviously, this is a result of his leadership and you need somebody else completely different.


It takes a lot of courage for a black woman to say what you are saying. I can only imagine the backlash you have received and I want to get into that in a second. But can you talk more about how the ruling class Democrats have really betrayed the inner cities? Can you get more specific about what you have seen in Baltimore? And I've so many questions. We can just kind of start there. I'm also just curious, do you see people on the ground starting to get a little uneasy about Democrat leadership?


I'm super curious about.


So I'll go from back to front on the ground right now. We have a lot of people really talking about this. We have ears on both sides of the aisle. So some of our friends are saying, you know what, people are actually listening and the Democrats are attacking just the bad parts of Baltimore. But unfortunately, when you have bad and good parts, but you're running to represent an entire district, you have to consider all parts. You've got to represent everybody.


And so that everybody was happy about it. But people said it is accurate. You know, there wasn't a single lie in the video. I think a local news media channel or network actually fact check the video and came back and had to say there were no lie. And that probably hurt them because they don't love me. But they're learning it is accurate. And to be specific, we could go with we could start with the school system. Right.


We've had millions and millions of dollars go into the Baltimore City public school system. You know, we went viral a few years back because there wasn't any heat in the schools. Now you've got all this money. There's no heat. There's no air conditioning. In many parts of West Baltimore, the kids are dealing with lead pipes still within the schools. It's been like that since. Two thousand seven knows anything about it. You can go to some schools and there's actually trash bags on water fountains and they're not allowed to drink out of them because the lead pipes.


So it's like, where's all this money going? Right. Meanwhile, the school CEO, setting aside Tilley's, is getting paid three hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year. That's exactly right.


That's where it's going to the administration class. While black kids can't read in Baltimore schools, they can't. I mean, you have the studies show that there were six Baltimore schools where they could not find a black kid in fifth grade. That could read at grade level, not one kid.


And yet the schools keep on getting billions of dollars in federal funding, keeps on getting and the money is going to the administration class in the ruling class. Kim, can you tell us what you are hearing on the ground? Do you start to see people in Baltimore and in the inner city start to wake up to the tragedy of what's happening in urban America? Or are regular black voters at work for a living? Are they getting tired of just the same promises and destroyed communities from Democrats?


Yeah, I can actually give you an example of a gentleman named Travis. I posted this on Twitter. He sent me a text message saying, hey, I just saw your video, your campaign ad on the state room. And I was like, wow, this room, that's pretty legit. And he said, yeah. I said, the comments, though, were kind of mixed. He said, I thought people were going to be like, who does she think she is strutting through West Baltimore?


He said, but a lot of people were saying, wow, it looks just like I remember even when I was a kid. And these are people that move the city and have gone, never came back or for obvious reasons. Right. But they said, wow, it still looks the same. And he said, you know, your video really opened my eyes. He said after watching it, he went and Googled how much money had been sent to the area.


And he said, you know, you talk about millions. He said, I know for a fact it's billions, as you just said, Charlie. So there's a lot of people now looking at this and saying, look, you know, they've taken advantage of us for all of this time, so many years. And every year, you know, they just sit around like my opponent. He takes their votes for granted. He has not left his house this entire election cycle.


He just believes they're going to vote for him. Baltimore City, they vote down ballot and he's got it made. So now the campaign that has come out, he's actually had to acknowledge me. And his big response to that ad was she doesn't. Live in the district, yes, so and you have pledged to go move in the district if you win, by the way, it's very customary because of how ridiculous these districts have been drawn to run if you're a mile or two miles away.


So I do not no one should hold that against you at all. Just want to be very clear. You grew up in these communities. You understand it. And so that's a cheap attack. So you're actually running to fill the late Elijah Cummings seat, is that right? Yes, so we have Kweisi Mfume, who won the special, so he was sworn in nine months ago. He hasn't accomplished anything since then, but now he's in the general with me again.


This has happened again. But this time, unlike the special election, we're not bogged down with the rotavirus lockdown down. So we can actually go face to face, talk to people, let them know what we stand for and where we're coming from. And so it's been a lot different. My team has been out canvassing five days a week. My team has been out registering voters. I mean, we are going full speed here. And he's got to be scared because, again, he hasn't said anyone in the streets, my teams in their districts every day.


They have yet to see anybody in his camp. They are do you think they are taking this district for granted as the urban inner city Democrats are perfectly fine with our cities being really war torn and total disaster? Do you think that can you talk more about the opportunity Republicans have? And so can I want to be honest, Republicans, an awful job communicating to inner cities. I can only imagine how frustrating must have been for months. And you could just say anything, trying to get the attention of the party leadership.


Right. And then you have this viral ad and then everyone's calling you. Right. Can you talk about that a little bit? Because Republicans are at fault here, too. I mean, their own fault in a different way, right? It's Republican solutions that will help. But do you feel like Republicans have just kind of written off the inner cities and said just whatever Democrats do, whatever you need to do?


Absolutely. That is what we've done every election cycle. You hit the nail on the head. When we go out and we talk to people. I remember my first time canvassing. I asked a woman, what would it take for her to vote for a Republican? And she said, You're the first Republican I've ever met, so how can I vote for someone I've never met? And I was like, that's a great point. That is, Republicans have to do better at going in the inner cities.


We can't just write this up even if we are not expected to win. And I've been told a thousand times there's no way I could win. I was actually told Jesus Christ couldn't win the seat by our GOP chair or not. But but, you know, you can't just write it off completely. You've got to go in and start chipping away at some point in time. You know, it's like you said, the ad is going viral and now people are calling.


Now everyone's like, oh, you know, a sense of resources. Oh, you need volunteers. You know, it's great and we're happy and that's fine.


We're happy about that. Right. But the lesson here is why did it take that? Is that fair?


Yes, absolutely. Why would it take that love? You know, in Baltimore City, we actually have the most black Republicans running in the entire country. That's yeah, that was something that we would thought would get their attention a long time ago. You know, we both won our primaries, but whatever it takes, we're happy to accept it now.


So can you talk about the president has retweeted your video a couple of times. The president has come under fire. He's a big fan of yours, by the way. He's come under fire tremendously for criticizing Baltimore, which is just an honest assessment. Do you think the president stands to make serious gains in the black community, both in Baltimore and some of these other swing states like Philadelphia or Atlanta, where there are sizable black populations?


I really do think so. And that's another thing President Trump and his so-called attack on Baltimore City last summer was actually just him repeating a woman that I interviewed in the streets of West Baltimore. He actually repeated her verbatim. And I was asking some of the news outlets to just check out the video, match the tweet with the video. They refused to do it because the narrative is President Trump is racist and he attacked Baltimore. But he really just repeated this young woman, young black woman that live right here in West Baltimore.


So, yeah, I think people are coming around. I think people are starting to understand that, you know, maybe President Trump just is it part of the establishment and that's on either side. And that's why some of the people in office don't like them very much. And that means it's better for us as a people. So I think people are starting to notice that. Totally, yeah, I know that we're tight on time here and I want to be respectful of that.


So just a couple more questions. Can you talk more about the the Democrats hyper fixation on the issue of race? Are these top tier issues in the inner city or is it more just about the school is awful. Crime is out of control. Businesses can't get access to capital, or are they really worried about some of these more national narratives that are kind of just given front and center focus?


Yeah, they like to focus on what's trending. Absolutely. But here's what's so crazy about it. I don't know about all the other cities, but in Baltimore City, we have nothing but black leadership and we've had it for two decades. So who's being racist? You know, this is more classism than anything. And we mix it up with racism all the time. But yeah. So there's racism. I don't I don't know where it's coming from here.


The CEO of the schools is black. Our state's attorney is black. The mayors have been black city council black. I don't know. It's just what's trendy, I guess.


Cam, you are running for Congress. How can people learn more about you and support you? You have a difficult race from the outside, but I think every Republican out there, I'm of the opinion that if Republicans do their job, we talk about the family, we talk about supporting our police, we talk about churches, we talk about pro-life. And I'm guessing you're pro-life. And that's a big issue that's winning in the black community. I could be wrong, but that's what people are saying.


And I think that we can win 50, 60 percent of the black vote. I really do eventually. Maybe not overnight. How can people support you think yet?


Kincade for Congress dot com. It's a website. If you want to volunteer, you know you can have more boots on the ground if you live in a different state. We would love to have you make some phone calls to people that live in the district to remind them to get out to vote on November 3rd and of course, monetary donations. We love those too. But campaign for Congress, dotcom, you can follow me on Facebook at Kimberle classic Instagram, Camberley Classic, YouTube, Camberley Classic.


And of course, Twitter, my favorite, favorite social media platform. It's Kim K, Baltimore. I think people are going to be seeing a lot more of you, especially this coming week, that's all we're going to say. Right. And we're very proud of you. And I know that you're receiving a lot of backlash from a lot of people. A lot of white liberals actually are coming after you, which is just so funny that I've never even been to Baltimore.


Right. They feel like it's their moral prerogative to go after you. Stay strong. We have your back. And thank you for joining the Charlie Kirk show.


Thank you so much. I appreciate it. You bet.


Thank you guys for listening. Please email us your questions. Freedom at Charlie Kirkham. Freedom at Charlie Kirchen. Make sure you watch the Republican convention. And please consider supporting us at Charlie Dotcom slash iReport. Listen to our ask me anything. Stay engaged, stay involved. Thanks so much, everybody. Talk to you soon. God bless.