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Hey everybody. Today on the Charlie Kirk show, I'm airing one of my favorite speeches I gave very recently about fighting in our country. What you can do to make a difference was that my friend, Pastor Ken Graves Church in Maine, you're going to love it if you guys want to support our program. Charlie Kirkham report. We are traveling to new states every day, working harder than any other team out there to podcast today. Keep the socialists away.


Email us freedom at Charlie Cook Dotcom. Supporters of Charlie Cook Dotcom slash support. Buckle up, everybody. Here we go.


Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Cook is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Cook, Charlie Cook run in the White House. But I want to thank Charlie is an incredible guy. His spirit is a member of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.


That's why we are here.


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So I'll give you an update. My very my very good friend of my pastor, the person who I really have gotten to know can because of Pastor Rob McCoy. He is fighting the battle right now in Thousand Oaks. Update from last service. Criminal restraining order was put against his church for gathering this week despite no virus cases, social distance service and the cannabis distributor, distributor of the strip clubs and the liquor stores are open. And he says, why can't we have church?


They went after him. They're threatening arrest and he's defying it. And I think they're going to have like twelve thousand people show up in their little six hundred person church. So it's pretty amazing.


We'll keep you updated on that. So praise God. Pretty awesome.


So for those of you that have no idea who I am, I'm born and raised from Chicago, Illinois. Fun thing about being from Illinois is we have term limits in Illinois. It's a little different than in Maine.


See, in Illinois, it's one term in office, one term in jail. So when we asked for our governor's cell number, we actually mean his his cell number. I could keep going with Illinois Chicago jokes.


I spend my I spend some summers here in Maine for a couple of weeks and I love it here. It's spectacular. So it's such an honor to be in front of all of you and to be able to communicate kind of what I do. So I visit college campuses. I organize them. Turning Point USA. We're on over 2000 high school and college campuses across the country. I've spoke at some of the most avid. Sariel most difficult campus is imaginable from Brown University to UC Berkeley to Stanford to Harvard to Yale, and I've lived to tell about it and I am unafraid to say that God is real and unafraid to say that our country is actually a gift from the generations that preceded us.


We have to understand how this country was built, and I think that we're really losing that in our country and a lot of different ways. And so when I when I travel these campuses and I get butat and I get screamed that I actually know that I'm probably going in the right direction at that moment. You know, when you come up against that kind of fierce antagonism from the secular atheist, very bitter community, you're like, I must be doing something right.


If they are really coming after me that aggressively. And that's not always that's not always the case. So that's not always a great rule of thumb. But it is when you go to a college campus, they'll tell you that much. So I want to touch on a couple of things and kind of kind of complete the picture here. But I will kind of reiterate something. I mentioned the first couple services, which is we really are in a spiritual battle in this country and there's now a public referendum that is very scary, where we have now prioritized through our laws that what we are doing right now is actually illegal.


And the United States Supreme Court, it is said it's illegal under federal law for more than 50 people to gather at church. And they said that John Roberts said that last Friday, a week and a half ago, where Calvary Chapel, Las Vegas was sued and they said, why is that Caesar's Palace can remain open a casino and be at 50 percent capacity, but we can't. And they lost incredibly five, four, Gorsuch, Cavenagh, Alito and Thomas ruled correctly and the other five justices ruled incorrectly Roberts, Sotomayor, Kagan, Ginsburg and Breyer.


The five four decision, incredibly stunning decision where basically the decision was, if you're a casino, if you're cannabis distributor, you're a strip club. If you're Wal-Mart, if you're Home Depot, you are essential. But a church setton obey no more than 50 people.


And to be consistent, if you're saying it's about public health and all mass gatherings should be held accountable. Similar, right. Especially the two hundred and fifty thousand people that were in Boston on the streets of Boston in early June, or the five hundred thousand people in the streets of New York. And so what we as Christians have just wanted say is the fair shake. Why is it that churches are treated so categorically different and we're seeing this across the country?


And what we have basically seen is that admission from our governmental rulers is they believe that salvation is not essential and church is not essential. And boy, is there ever a time to stand up against that as clearly as possible as we as faithful people, because the government will push us as far as we're willing to take it and what can is done, amazingly. And and Kenz, like, come on and arrest me. And I don't think they will.


And a lot of it is because they know that as soon as they start to overly criminalize Christianity, hopefully I would hope there'd be a backlash. I'll tell you, though, from inside their circles. And I read a lot of their internal writings and things that have been leaked. They can't believe how little backlash there has been.


Just so you know, they have not been able to believe how weak American Christians have become. And this they've basically said that they thought that they would not be able to shut down the church on Easter, but they were and think about it's the most holy day on our calendar. More people come to Christ on Easter Sunday. They come in for once a year and hopefully they hear the word of God for the first time or the first time in a long time.


And that was just basically robbed of us. 20 million people were not able to go to Easter. And some people say, well, we have it on a live streaming. That's fine by everybody watching on the livestream. And that's a perfectly acceptable, you know, method of communication. However, church is more than a YouTube channel. You know, church is a gathering of believers. It's Ekklesia. It is believers helping people who might be having trouble at my job.


I need advice. I need friendship. It's fellowship. It's all those different things. And it's more than just a digital online community or a Facebook group. It is the actual physical gathering of human beings. And that's not the case, unfortunately, today. And we're seeing that kind of conflicting worldviews come together. Why is this happening? Well, it's because some people in government and in leadership believe the church is a true obstacle to what they want to actually achieve, is that the church is actually getting in the way of their power grab.


You see some people and the more atheist secular community in our country, they believe that the church is an impediment to the kind of country that they want to live in. And this is a very difficult conversation for some people to have. But it shouldn't be for us Christians because we know it. This was predicted this was prophesied in our in the Bible, in the text that we were going to come under great persecution. And we for a couple centuries, quite honestly, the last hundred years especially we Christians have actually had it pretty good in Christian historical terms and Christian historical terms.


We have it the best Christians basically have ever had it. The early church was under severe persecution. Nero cutting Christians heads off the early church and catacombs in Rome out of fear of persecution of governance. It wasn't until the conversion of Constantine, about 350 years after Christ, was Christianity, even a normally accepted religion in the Mediterranean. It was a religion that was basically always being persecuted. It wasn't until Marcus Aurelius, the last good emperor of Rome, who was in a lot of different ways, a misunderstood figure in the West, but also helped create a lot of what they call stoic philosophy.


He was actually a friend of Christians, and it wasn't until him was there actually some sort of normalcy of the expression of Christianity there.


The rule, not the exception, has been the martyrdom and the persecution of Christians across the planet. So we've grown kind of comfortable, haven't we?


We can go to church. We know it's protected because of that beautiful document, the greatest political document ever written in the history of the world, the United States Constitution.


We'll get into that.


And now it's kind of all being put in jeopardy. And they do say it's because of public health. But if it is, then be consistent. Then say that 200000 people that go to Boston in New York can't gather.


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And so then we ask ourselves the question, what is the church actually there to do? And I've seen what this church has done. I've heard the stories drug recovery, opioid recovery, marriage counseling, helping people get through tough times. The church is actually a moral necessity for a civil society. But certain people don't want that to be the case. They want the government to replace that. What a dangerous path that is to get them. And so if they had a button to push and they could say they could close this church, they would absolutely press that button.


What's interesting is that if we had the same button to eliminate atheist or secular list, we wouldn't push that button because we see those people as an opportunity, not as an obstacle. We see those people as a. To be able to interface with them and bring them to eternity and bring truth to them, so as I'm tasked to go to college campuses, it's it's a very telling thing because I could tell you exactly where the culture is going five years from now.


So five years, five years ago, five years earlier, I would tell you that there was going to be a different police movement. There was going to be an abolished prisons movement. And the war on Christianity only intensify. People then, believe me, people thought I was being alarmist, very simple. Whatever happens on college campuses will soon happen in your entire culture. What happens in college campuses will soon happen in the halls of Congress. And I saw the bitterness, the resentment and the arrogance that people had towards Christianity, where the the biggest thing that happens when I go to college campuses, the mockery that God might exist.


They believe that man created God, not that God created man. They believe that atheism is the only true way to create a civil society or whatever society they want to create. I could tell you right now the way that culture is headed in the next five years. It's very troubling if we continue on these trends of what's happening on our university campuses, because what ends up happening is you have these elite schools, mostly in the northeast and out west, that are teaching in gratitude for the nation that we live in.


They don't teach that the Constitution is actually the greatest political document ever written that allows for the free expression of religion, the free expression of ideas, regardless of your faith or any faith at all whatsoever. Instead, they say that the Constitution is an oppressive document that must be eliminated and we must start over. And so these this is the idea of postmodernism. I talked about this in the first service, but if you don't know what postmodernism is, I'll give you a quick download and then I encourage you to find out because every one of your kids is learning it.


Every single one of your kids, either through Snapchat, tick tock, delete, tick tock. By the way, for all young people out there. Awful. And China spying on you. So get rid of it. Tick tock. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Hulu, Netflix. These ideas are being mass propagandise to you first belief there is no God. Get that out of your out of your mind sphere. If you believe in God.


It is inherently contradictory to postmodernism. This was theorized by two of the most unhappy philosophers. They're both French. Go figure. Not that have anything against the French.


It's just not exactly the, let's say, the frontiersmen of philosophy. So they've really they're striking out, in my opinion. But these guys, Jacques Derrida on the shelf. OK, OK, so this should all kind of come out make sense for you as it's kind of put together. They argued that there's no such thing as absolute truth. This was in the 60s and 70s. What does that really mean? There's no such thing as Jesus. So they're really saying they're saying that there's no such thing as truth, that everyone has their own version of truth.


And the only thing that exists in the world that is actually real is power. That's all they say, that everything that we do is nothing more than a power play. That's why they're so obsessed with power. When you think about it, because that's the only thing that they can actually touch and they can understand is having power over another group. They'll look at everything through a lens of victims and oppressor. That's how they look through everything that without us realizing it, the women in America are inherently oppressed by the patriarchy, that there's always a power system at play and the only way to actually get rid of is to blow up our entire civilization.


Now, this might come to you as it might seem radical. This might seem unrealistic. Now, this is mainstream ideology and every academy across the country, this is who publishes your newspapers. This is who teaches most of your kids. This is who creates your movies. These are the ideas that are expressed in every single thing. And they're all at odds. And it's spiritual war with the Bible and with the word of God, every single one of them.


And so if you understand deeper what their true agenda is, there's a reason why they remove prayer in our schools. There's a reason why you cannot teach the Bible, because as soon as you introduce the Bible to somebody's life, all of a sudden the power play that might be it might be underway might mean a lot less because someone might actually be able to find ultimate truth and a higher power. So these people are very much driven by resentments. They're driven by a bitterness that is within them that we know this is a problem, that because they don't have ultimate salvation, however, they will go their entire life trying to satisfy that kind of bitterness through earthly means.


Right. Trying to find it where they're never going to actually be able to find that kind of peace that we as Christians all have now. What's the significance of this is that if you allow this to go unchecked, which we have.


An entire generation of young people will have no appreciation for the country that they're in, where 54 percent of my generation believes it's basically time to completely change Western civilization.


So what is Western society anyway? What's the Bible that built Western society? Things that we take so much for granted. We don't even recognize that we can say something that might be in disagreement with the majority opinion. And we can have that. We can have that speech protected, that we can pursue our faith as we see fit, that you can own private property, the the promise of civil society, the idea that you, your family hopefully will be able to have children have a better life than you have, hopefully.


Now, a lot of that has been put in jeopardy in the last couple of decades, and a lot of that has been, quite honestly questioned by the elites and the ruling class in our country.


So we as Christians right now, I think that this is a huge deciding point for us. It's either going to be that we as Christians kind of want to be something like fourth century monks or we're going to be like the early church. It's kind of the way we could be like fourth century monks and go into the caves and never spread the gospel or good news or fight for civil society and just wait for the storm to pass.


Or we can do what the Bible actually tells us to do, which is do a contest for truth in every single corner of civil society or uncivil society. As Paul said, contest for whatsoever is true. He says that in Philippians whatsoever is true is when people say something like, well, we should abolish police and we should abolish prisons, that's a very bad idea. And we should say it's a bad idea and we should be unafraid to contest for that.


The implementation of laws is exactly why we're able to have a civil society to be able. God gave us the law for a reason because not because he doesn't like us. It wasn't the fun police, but because he actually loved us, because if you follow these rules, you'll actually live a more quiet and peaceable life, which is exactly what Paul tells us in First Timothy, one of the last things that Paul ever wrote. So the question for us Christians, and this is a very some people say, you know what, I don't want to get involved in that.


I don't want to get involved in government and politics. I think it's all messy and I'm just going to kind of just go to church every Sunday. OK, well, first of all, if the messiness is an excuse, show me one thing that human beings operate and that isn't messy. Churches can be messy families. Marriage is culture. I mean, the idea that it's kind of not exactly pure, I think is a very bad reason not to get involved in it.


Some Christians, they don't wanna get involved in it because of an eschatological belief that Jesus is coming so soon. What's the point? You know, this is all just doom that I think that is not theologically sound. I think we are called to spread our light in all corners, especially in civil society, and even more so in governance. And I could tell you personally, I am not prepared to face my creator and not have a good reason when it is asked, hey, what do you do about the sixty one million abortions that happened since Roe versus Wade?


Did you ever mention it? Did you speak out against it? Because that's one of the greatest innocent slaughters in the history of the planet. I'm not OK just saying I was OK with it and I didn't do something about it.


We have a one million abortions a year in this country. One million. And I speak I speak out and I say we should have more compassion and love for women that have done that. But we should also be very clear that if there's anything for the church to get involved with, my goodness, is that not a moral yes or no issue when people that have no voice at all whatsoever have their lives taken away from them? If there's ever a yes or no choice, that is one of them.


And so I think that and this is not the majority opinion, by the way, more pastors can is the outlier, not the rule. More pastors are running to the hills away from these discussions than ever before. This is the Gideon's Army moment, right where our forces are thinning and thinning and thinning.


And if you remember the biblical story of Gideon's army, God thins the ranks and thins the ranks, and he finds that even more where he says, go drink from the river and the people that either get on the knees or they drink like this, one of the two he sent home. It's like three hundred people left and they ended up delivering and winning the battle, believe it or not. And I think he did that for a very important reason so that the people won the battle wouldn't give themselves the credit, but give God the credit.


I think that's exactly what is happening now. In some ways, it's actually like a refiner's fire. This is actually a really refreshing moment. I'm actually more enthused that our ranks are are shrinking than ever before. And it's really funny. I grew up in a couple Bible based churches in Chicago and I've followed some of these pastors and I have a lot of respect for these guys. And I won't say any names, but there is one that he could not have been a more fire and brimstone preacher.


He's perfectly theologically sound. I'd watch him on YouTube and I loved him. And he's like, when they come after us and it's the end times, our church will remain open and we are going to be preaching and we will not allow anyone to be affected. And I was like, what are you this guy is doing? And I go to his website. We are closed till December for a live stream. I'm like, OK, you know?


And I was like, I remember the sermon when he was like, we are going to fight. Nothing can get past us. And you can. No. Our church is a place for it, and then he had this, like he said, you know, we have to stay closed and all this and go. And I think that's actually really refreshing because words, actions, right. They must connect. And God bless Ken for his conviction to be able to do what he's doing.


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A deductible may apply and it's not easy and ridicule is a promise of Christian. You know, you're going to be mocked, you know, you're going to be have things thrown at you. That is that is something we like we should embrace. We should celebrate that. And I, I, I completely agree with Ken. There's this whole new thing that's happened in Christianity where it's like Christian Inc, almost where there's a whole megaplex of the author speaker series.


And I can say this is someone who is kind of an outsider. I'm not a pastor. I run an organization that does have a secular charter, but I'm a Bible believing Christian. So I can kind of play in both spaces here. And I look at Christianity externally and kind of a whole the the kind of complex that's been created. And generally it's about meeting the budgetary needs and expanding to get the most amount of people and the biggest possible building and getting all these YouTube views and all those things.


And I think some of them have good intentions. I really do think some of them say, hey, we can reach more people, we can multiply the gospel to all these sorts of things, but can hit it exactly right.


It's about create disciples of all nations. Well, discipleship is a long, drawn out process. You know, we call the Twelve Disciples of Jesus. We call them the disciples. But they didn't start that way. They started as followers. And Jesus poured into them over a long period of time before they were able to be called disciples right through kind of discourse and dialogue and disagreement. Then they were able to wear that banner and that kind of badge of discipleship.


It's a long process. It's not just one YouTube video of four and a half minutes. You know, if someone that's just saying, you know, with the lights behind them and all that stuff, that's kind of a feel good gospel. And I'm not opposed to that theologically. What I am opposed to is when the church has become so absent from the culture that they exist in, and it gets even worse than when the church involves itself on the opposite insidious forces.


So it'd be one thing if the church remain neutral during this in the last eight weeks, that would be they would be frustrating.


So many churches, including Bible believing churches all across the country, they have gotten actively involved in raising the money, activating their congregation and mobilizing it towards things that are around destroying the Nucular family and destroying Western society. Active like we have to go and march in the streets for this. And some of these pastors and I follow some of them on Instagram. And yeah, they have half a million Instagram followers and all those sorts of things they have never spoken out against on the issue of life ever.


They've never spoken out about the persecution of the church. But the one time they decide to go mobilize is around a very deceptive movement that kind of came out in early June that if you read the website, was about destroying the Westernness, prescribe nuclear family, was around pitting people against each other based on their immutable characteristics, and quite honestly, was about disrupting the biblical worldview that we all have.


Like that's what you get involved in. That's the moment you stand up. And I think I think almost all of this is rooted in bad theology. I really do. I think a lot of this is rooted in a poor understanding of the Bible and most reading it the way you want to see it and also not accepting some of the harder truths that are around it.


I think additionally, you know, we we have to be honest that Christianity should always be contesting for the most difficult cultural struggles. This is hard because we're always like, well, we don't know if we're going to win. The victory here is actually completely irrelevant to whether or not you should get involved. In fact, I couldn't think of a more irrelevant reason not to get involved because we've already won the battles already over.


Right. That's why you guys are called Calvary Chapel. Right. Because the victory was done on Calvary, like literally like that's already done. So we know how this whole thing plays out. Now, what are you going to do to contest for truth? And if my opinion, 61 million souls that are no longer that are not breathing since nineteen seventy two or nineteen seventy three, that's not good for anyone.


It's not good for the gospel. It's not good for the kingdom. It's not good for our country. It's not good for civilization at all whatsoever.


And so yes, Christianity has grown in some metrics since the nineteen seventies. Absolutely. But what kind of culture have we been able to pour into. Right. And that's a very that's an uncomfortable conversation for us. Right. And so in some ways it's been more about building bigger.


Gathering sites, all of these, and not actually being able to contest for truth where it really matters, and so people people ask me, they say and I travel a lot, I'm speaking at a church next week. I spoke with Jack Hibbs last week. God bless Jack Hibbs. And he's phenomenal. There's so few good pastors out there. And I always go out of my way to make sure I mention Jack Hibbs and Ken Graves and Rob McCoy.


And as I meet more, I'm an add them to the list.


So but most goodness, I get these messages from these pastors and they're like, you're causing discord in the body of Christ, Charlie. You're causing upheaval. And you wouldn't believe the message. And I think I'm causing discord like you're the one that doesn't have your church, like, oh, my God, causing discord.


Anyway, what we really have here, though, more broadly, is, I think a call to action for us Christians. I really do. And it's actually a really fun time if we embrace it. If you accept the suffering that will happen, the persecution that's inevitable, the backlash, but also the promise that this is what we're called to do, then this is the time to rise up. I can't think of a more exciting time to actually be a Christian.


I can't. And now's the time to actually be able to contest in these very people say divisive. Well, it's too divisive for me. I mean, your logo is literally a sword here, right? I mean, that's for a reason, right? It's supposed to be divisive. I mean, Christ had a message that can apply to all people, but he was very clear that not everyone was going to be able to go on that path.


The door is narrow, right? I mean, that and it's a misapplication at times of, I think American Christianity of that. So a couple of things, kind of what we're going through more societally and more socially right now.


I see I see a couple crisis's happening. I didn't talk about this as much in the first couple sermons. So I definitely want to get into there's a crisis of masculinity in our country. There is there's a war on men, the likes of which we've never seen. And I I am, of course, for strong men and strong women. But we have hyper feminized America to a way that is so unbelievably dangerous our society will cease to exist. Now, mind you, a country can get too masculine to a camp.


That's when you get strongman dictatorships and end up exploiting the power they get. So I'm not saying that one society needs to be complete to more masculine feminine. I actually think it needs to be balanced like a marriage where one becomes an flesh, where there are attributes that God gave the feminine, the masculine, I mean, more archetypical here. And then I'll actually dive into the actual practice. But the masculine traits have been completely eradicated from our society.


Young men are committing suicide in our country, the rates of which it should be the number one public health crisis in the country. More young men have committed suicide. That should just make us stop and say, what kind of country are we living in right now? Mind you, self exiting from life should be all. Death is a tragedy, but self exit is something that should just make everyone just be very just it should just I've lost friends to suicide and it's very, very hard and it's hard for the people around you.


But we have to ask ourselves, why is this happening and happens for men and women? But it's almost ten to one men to women, almost ten to one. And the reason is because from the time you're seven years old in the public school system, young men either consciously or subconsciously are ridiculed and attacked for things they cannot control. The entire education system, first of all, is designed against the way that young boys actually are. They're hyperactive.


They're hard to focus. And we say go sit for eight hours a day. That's like the stupidest idea we could possibly have. Right. I know that from someone who is a little bit hyperactive. Right. Just finally, the school system is designed primarily for young girls.


That's good. They actually flourish.


That's why young girls since the 1980s have higher graduation rates, lower suicide rates. They earn more than young men up to the age of thirty. So many of them decide to have children. They have more college degrees, more doctorates, more masters degrees, lower bankruptcy rates. I mean, every metric you can. Young women are doing better than young men. That's not necessarily bad. By the way. I'm going to tell you kind of the implications of that.


I'm not ridiculing it. I'm just saying the system works very well. If young women apply themselves, they do. The issue is that I'll get into the issue of that in a second. Let me pause that. But young men and a lot of ways, especially in their developmental phases, ages eight, nine and 10, the years that really matter, we have a school system that is not set up for them at all. Then you put into an entire culture of guilty until proven innocent, where 13, 14 and 15 year olds.


The message is I get a 14 year olds that are being accused of things they did not do. And being guilty, guilty until proven innocent is unbelievable. And then we have an entire by the time young men get into high school, they get a hyper feminized view of everything. And it really creates an imbalance in a very, very, I think, dangerous way. The number one complaint we have, we do a young women's leadership summit every single year.


Our Young Women's Leadership Summit has fifteen hundred young women from across the country. The number one complaint I get. Is I cannot find strong men, honest men, men that have responsibility. These are young women that had their act together. Twenty two years old, college graduates first in their class, and they have all those things. But the thing they really, really want is a loyal spouse and someone that they're able to build a future with the crisis.


Then men say all the time, Charlie, my life has no meaning, I have no direction and I don't know what to do. And I say, I know exactly why this is happening. It's because your entire life you've been taught a lie of self-esteem, not of self-control, and you have never been taught the necessity of responsibility.


Men and women are different women. We actually give them a lot of responsibility. We do. The school system helps them reconcile with men, need a different type of responsibility than women. Them men need adventure. It's a very different, especially young men, 16, 17 and 18 year olds need to feel as if they're on a path that has meaning. Biblical Abraham lived with his father till he was like four hundred and eighty five years old. You would know better than me.


I'm somewhat exaggerating, but seriously, Abraham was kind of like a bum, right? And he was living at his father. Then God said, go on an adventure, it's biblical. I'll throw out the Old Testament. We see people living with their fathers and then they send out and go right. And young men, we do the exact opposite and we should release them into the world where we say you have to become a tougher person. The shoulder, a burden to protect the innocent, to build something meaningful.


That is the masculine role to go out into the forest in the woods that is dark, that is dangerous. Deliver the goods and come back home. The woman is the protector, the nurturer. And I'm not supposed to be saying any of this. I get ridiculously attacked by the media, which is why I say it all the time, because they say, oh, that's incorrect. And look, of course, there's exceptions to all of this, but we know these things to be generally true.


Of course we do built our entire civilization, for goodness sakes. And you just you think we can disrupt that and things are just going to be OK? Of course not. I mean, I go to these camps. They say there's no difference between men and women. That's what I hear like that is there's no difference. I mean, that is such a perverted, excuse me, perverted view of the world that you had to go to Brown University to believe something like that, that there's no difference between men and women, biologically or societal or whatever.


And so for young men in particular, if we do not address this crisis of lack of masculinity, the entire culture will cease to exist. It will. And so what is the byproduct of it? This year? We are on pace to have five hundred thousand less babies in last year. Five hundred thousand. The 30 year olds right now are the most unmarried generation of American history, most unmarried, highest suicide rate for young men of their ages, 28 to 30, two highest addictions to everything imaginable, drugs to pornography, to online video consumption.


And yet so these are the byproducts of it. And then you have the unhappiest female demographic in the history of the planet. You have very successful corporate aspirational young. Thirty three year old women that can't find a spouse or the spouse they do find is not exactly like Ken Graves, let's put it that way. OK, not exactly the lumberjack that's going to protect the family. OK, and so then what ends up happening is the woman has to play the masculine.


And that is not sustainable and I understand has to happen sometimes I get it, I'm not attacking women that have to do this.


I'm not I'm talking generally socio socioeconomically. And so in a sociological way, it creates incredibly unstable families and it creates children that do not have the right archetypes for aspiration. They do not that balance in that role model, children are way more are way smarter than we give them credit for, like their freakin unbelievable geniuses. Right?


They are. And they are 18 months old and they're looking at their father and looking at their mother, two years old, and they're seeing what they want to become truly. And if they do not see that correctly in the archetypical fashion, well, that's when all of a sudden you start to see societal upheaval where you have five hundred thousand less babies this year than last year. We're on the verge of a population collapse. People say overpopulation not even close.


We have young men that are thirty two that are saying, I'm never going to get married.


Millions of men. That's you can't sustain a civilization that way, and now it's spreading across the globe, and that's exactly why our biblical worldview is so comforting for us and that's why we have to spread it, because you have miserable people that have been told nothing but do whatever you want to do. Whenever you want to do it, you're the most important person in the world. Where we have a book, The Word of God, 66 books that are all beautifully put together, and that's just I talk about the Bible to Securus all the time, and they hate the Bible.


They just can't stand it. They think it's just a bunch of mythology and all this and just taking out that, it's actually the spoken word of God. Let's just take that. Absent the fact the Bible even exists is miraculous. The fact that you have sixty six independent pieces of literature that harmonize as beautifully as they do just from a literary standpoint, is the most exceptional document ever created ever. And we don't talk about that enough because it wasn't like they all just sat down in one reading and wrote Plato's Republic.


Like, that's a pretty good piece of work, but you have thirty five or thirty four, thirty five thirty authors over 5000 years, more or less, let's say twenty five hundred years, that independently write a document that is the perfect summation of the human experience, from creation to the end to sin to struggle, to chaos, disorder, disunity, salvation to eternity. Wow. Is that not the journey of the human life right there? And it's completely harmonic where you can just zoom in on one book and say, here's a whole book of how to apply your life to have meaning.


The Book of Proverbs. Right. Here's a book of how to build civil society of government, which is Izia. That's where we get the idea of the executive, the legislative, the judicial government.


Here's a whole book of what's of what's going to happen to you and how to endure it. Right. Here's a whole book of how to build a church. My goodness. Here's a book of the end times. And it all kind of comes together and it fits so perfectly. Yet that's the book we decide not to teach our kids. That's the one book that is outlawed in most public schools. Think about that. So they teach the Koran, they teach white fragility.


They teach the 16 19 project. Right. But the book that survived, that's the most duplicated, the most influential, the most cited, the kind of one were the kind of the one sentence phrases that we always tell people in the secular world.


Almost all of them come from the Bible. You treat others the way you want to be treated like, OK, that's not an original concept.


OK, go back to the source. The one book that has an answer to everything, how to marry, how to eat, what to do, where to go, all these things, how to speak.


That's the book we decide to not put in. But there's a reason it is the most duplicated, the most copied, the most inspirational book ever written. It's also the most banned, the most mocked and the most burned book in human history. And it's a very important point because, yes, there's always a threat of religion, there is, but there's something different about Christianity. We all know that Christianity always gets more attention, it always gets more ridicule, it always gets more backlash.


And it's because it's rooted in truth. It is the truth. And so, you know, young people, I get I get thousands of emails on my podcast a week, thousands, and I'm telling you right now we have just ignored the mental health crisis in our country, the likes of which I mean, the emails I get, I just I am so angry at our entire institutional systems that have failed young people, especially young men, the lack of meaning, lack of direction.


And I just I continually pour into them to try to go back to the original text and sources.


And and so it's in some ways it's intentional.


But if we're not honest about addressing those kind of root causes, it's going to get very, very troubling. So we had a crisis of masculinity. We don't teach the Bible, and that's even worse. We actually empower sociopathic people to then run our entire country, people that actually enjoy doing this right. So if you enjoy being in permanent power, not exactly the type of person that I think should be there. And that's kind of the idea the founding fathers first had is let's have citizen government.


Right. You kind of serve a couple of years and then you leave. If you actually enjoy the whole kind of ruling thing, there's something really wrong with that. We shouldn't be in power.


And that's exactly what has ended up happening, is people that actually get some sort of fulfillment through the exploitation of free people. And so kind of around all this and a couple more points here. The church, I think, is the only solution. Now, mind you, I say that intentionally, I do.


I believe Christians are the solution, but the church is the infrastructure of Christianity right now. The church, we're in it right now. It's not a physical place. It's Ekklesia. It's the gathering of believers, but it's also the church that should be looked to to make sense and order out of chaotic times.


So you think we live in chaos? Of course we live in chaos right now. We do more so than ever before. And yet I see some of these people that are kind of struggling. And I read these columns, these meandering columns in The New York Times that are like, I wonder why things are so chaotic right now. It's like, I don't know, you shut down every church for 60 days and you wonder why people lose their minds.


Like, yeah, it comes a lot more it's a lot more tempting to go burn down Boston when you shut down the church, like. Of course it does.


It's not it's not the most difficult equation to be able to square. And so and all of you in your own life, I think right now we have we should be called in a couple of different ways. And so we have we have a crisis and all those different things, the educational part of it. I'm a huge advocate of home schooling. I've advocated for it for a long time. And I think anyone that home school should be elevated as heroes.


We have to double the homeschooling population in the next five years. And I think that we should really embrace that.


So and we as you know, I look at some of these massive churches and I say, boy, if you guys just would have had a little bit smaller meeting space and you would have just subsidized your congregation to have more people home schooling, maybe you would have, you know, a better a better culture around you. And so the education of our children is probably one of the most important places that we can all contest and that we can get engaged in.


Because if we allow this to play itself out, the civilization that we all love will come crumbling down.


And that's something I find a lot, is that people we have we have things so unbelievably good by historical terms that we actually don't think it can end when actually it's inevitable that it will.


And it's actually the fact that exists that is the exception and apathy.


I mean, Thomas Jefferson at a best, he said liberty breeds apathy.


It's so true when you're able to do what you want to do and pursue your faith and create wealth like us, it is actually incredibly predictable that we take it for granted. And we don't test for. You know why? Because you have something to lose, right? Because then you actually have wealth and treasure and family connections to lose. But if we're not willing to lose everything, then we will lose everything. That's kind of the message here, especially religious freedom.


And I'm afraid for a day that I grew up in 30 years from now, where the church will absolutely be criminalized, where people running for office have said that if a church does not perform same sex marriages, they will lose their tax exempt status. That is now a mainstream opinion of the far left in our country. And it's now metastasized that if they don't do what they are told, they will shut them down. And it's and we went through exactly why that is the case.


And it's the pursuit of power is what this is all really about. I did I've done a lot of thinking about this, I've been kind of struggling with these people for quite some time. I been kicked out of restaurants by them. I've gotten death threats from them. They've chased me around the country. You know, whatever you've seen, I've been through it. So I can't go on a college campus without at least 15 to 20 armed guards.


Right. Like all of it. And you hear my message today is exactly what I speech like. What I'm saying is considered to be hate speech on a college campus. I basically give the exact same speech. Exactly. The same kind of tone, by the way, shows how shows how weak we have created our young people. They can't even hear other ideas that wanting to run to the hills and smash windows.


The the extension of that is. You have this generation that will soon. The best way to where they won't exactly stop, like that's that's the one thing I have to kind of communicate. People say, well, soon they're going to kind of burn out, like, that's never been the case. And so I want to close on this. I don't know how we do it on time. We're doing OK. OK, so I can kind of sort of close.


I can do a pastor's clothes, which is like four different closings. Right. So there you go. Yeah. So the first thing is this is that we have this wealth of experimentation of the 20th century. I think God can make good out of even horrific things. I really believe that. So we've actually been given a historical gift. We just take a pause because things happen so chaotically. We ask ourselves, what was God trying to teach us in the 20th century?


This is the 20th century was a bloodbath, it was the most murderous century in the history of humanity. One century more people died than almost every century that preceded it by intentional death.


What happened? And it wasn't just in Germany, Soviet Union, Mao's China, which I'll get to in a second.


Southeast Asia, Cuba, Rhodesia. And we gloss over this.


Young people, mostly in our school system, had no idea of 20th century history.


I happen to be fascinated of the entire 20th century. I think that God was trying to really we have an opportunity to learn from it. Now, what do I mean by that? Some people like what you mean 20th century history.


That's the nineteen hundred. And it's a series of replicated and duplicated societal and governmental experiments that ended and well over one hundred twenty million people being murdered. And here's the here's the succession that happened. And we can learn from it or we can decide that we're better than it and just walk away from it.


Right. You get a civilization that is a little bit uneasy, sound familiar?


A little bit on edge, susceptible to lies and deceit and arrogance and bitterness.


You destroy everything that came before you. You just said whatever came before us is a mistake. Well, good luck with that. That's a common denominator, eliminate the history French Revolution tried doing this back in the 70s and 80s, Robert Spear, who led the French Revolution when he took power, he was as bold to say we have to eliminate time itself. And they did. They actually created the 10 week calendar. The French did, if you want.


Basically, all the bad ideas we have right now come from France. Like, I'm just going to be honest, like they just specialize in societal destruction. And I like their food. They're really nice people. But my goodness, from Rousseau to Derrida to Ficco is like this. My gosh. Very bitter people. Right. So I have other French jokes, but I don't want to offend anyone. So they've invented two things. The white flag on the ticket.


That's it. So like I keep going anyway anyway so I could keep going.


So totally getting so I mean no offense to any French people either.


So. So the. The interesting so to kind of talk about the 20th century. We have an opportunity to learn from it, so let's focus on one of the examples, right, of Mao's China, Castro's Cuba, Mugabe's Rhodesia, you have Stalin's Russia. Let's focus on one. Let's focus on Mao so we don't talk about this a lot. We're actually living through something that is a byproduct of Maoism. Right. There are millions of people that have fled Mao's China here in America or at least the generations of praise God.


But you want to talk about a something that should be well known in every Western student's classroom. It's what happened in Mao's China. So Mao took power in the late 1940s after kind of the fallout of the of World War Two. Japan controlled Manchuria and Mao took power is a brutal conflict in the 50s and 60s.


He said he believed in Marxism. Right. He implemented a lot of it. But then Mao did something that was very unprecedented. He did his own cultural revolution.


So he wasn't pleased with just having power. He wasn't he wanted to reprogram the minds of an entire civilization. So let's just put aside that Mao killed 60 million people. Right? Let's just put that aside. Just think about how many people that is. That is like all of California. So let's just eliminate in California murder, Don. OK, so he employed something called the Red Guard that went around and would make sure that you had Mao's Little Red Book.


Right. They would make sure that you knew everything you needed to know to be obedient to Chairman Mao. And so they'd go around and say, where's your little red book?


And, you know, the Little Red Book was the Little Red Book was two hundred and sixty seven different phrases of Chairman Mao. It was like their Bible, right? No religion, no Christianity, no belief in God. Instead, they went around culturally revolutionizing people and indoctrinating them. If you didn't believe it, you got shot in the head.


It was that simple because there's no God, right is just a right and wrong is just an opinion. Right. If you don't believe in God, moral morals is just like whatever is best. And so for them it's all about power. So Mao created one of the most oppressive repressive regimes ever to create ever, ever in the history of the planet. And the Chinese Communist Party is continuing the tradition of Mao. But what's so incredible is, is how few people actually know what has happened in China.


And that's just one example. We can go to Castro's Cuba. And you know, the thing that pains me the most, I got to be honest with you, when I go speak down in Miami and I'm greeted by 70 and 80 year old Cubans that fled the Cuban revolution, that fled Castro's Cuba, and they have tears in their eyes.


And they're saying, I fled the gunfire. I barely made it out, and now my grandkid is trying to tell me how great socialism is. Think about that. So you have grandparents that almost died under this ideology, seeing their grandkids tell them that they're wrong. Whoa. And I could get into socialism and how people say, well, I'm a Christian Marxist, I'm like, no, you're not, you pick one or the other, OK? Violates two out of the Ten Commandments.


It's a belief. And no private property. Human beings are good abolishing the church, abolishing, you know, what we know is decent society. So pick one, OK? You can't be both. Let's just be honest. You can't be a Christian Marxist like. No, I mean, if you if you think you could be inherently contradictory, that's fine. Just don't pretend that you could express both. And so the 20th century could be a learning lesson for us, they try to group people on immutable characteristics, things you can't control, like skin color or race.


We know that all throughout the 20th century, they promise utopia, even though they know they can never deliver it. They divide people at all costs. They assume power in times of crisis. Always whenever there's a crisis, they try to get more power. Sound familiar? They attack and persecute the church. And so some people come out and they say, Charlie, it'll never happen here.


And I say, my goodness, that's one of the most foolish things I could possibly hear. What is the guarantee and the promise that tyranny can't come here? It's already here. I mean, we are locking pastors up in prison because they remain open and cannabis distributors can just stay wide open. And so the question is this, the only the the constitution allows for the framework for this. And here's where all close is. What are Christians going to do about it?


That's the question. Now, if our answer is nothing, then OK, then find a place that will be unaffected by this widespread tyranny and, you know, hope it doesn't come for you. I don't think that's the moral thing to do, actually. I think that's actually incredibly selfish, immoral and against the great commission. I think the opposite is actually what you should get right into the fight and defend the innocent, get right into the fight and defend dialogue and speech to defend the freedom of expression of all people to actually get into those uncomfortable conversations and discussions and those political, you know, type of, let's just say racist or involvements or whatever it is, voting, engagement, knowing who stands for what people like.


Well, politics isn't politics. I don't like it. What affects you, whether you like it or not, OK, I mean, whether you think you could be above it, you're wrong. The most important thing you can do in your life is accept Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. The second thing is to make sure you can do the first right. And now millions of people aren't able to do that. You know, I get messages from people and I praise God.


My podcast has grown of people. I said, Charlie, I live in Michigan and I love your podcast.


And I've been dealing with some tough issues and I need to go to a church, but I can't because they're all closed. What do I do? And I think to myself, those pastors that don't remain open in Michigan to communicate to that young man who wants to find Jesus, you are not spreading the gospel. You are pandering to earthly authority. You are disobeying the great commission because there are millions of young people. In a time like this, the church should be more open than ever before.


Do you know that we have twice as many people that are addicted now to substances than before the shutdown?


Suicide rates are up sometimes 400 percent in certain parts of the country. Marital abuse, spousal abuse, sexual violence. Every metric you have for a decaying society is up. Every single one cocaine usage.


And I'm sure you guys know very well opioid addiction in this part of the country, which Washington, DC has decided isn't a top tier issue. They just have to turn a blind eye to this part of the country. And it just beyond irritating that they then come on their horse and they say, oh, you all have white privilege, like you want to go to an opioid clinic down the street and you tell me how much white privilege is. And man just drives me absolutely off the wall.


And I've seen the suffering that it's done to your communities and it's completely colorblind. I can tell you that the opioid crisis is completely colorblind. It affects all people of all sorts of backgrounds. And so. That's the question we have to have is are decent and reasonable people going to stand up? Are Christians going to stand up? What is standing up look like No one get extremely micro as microbes. You can get fined one person, you know, that is acting like a tyrant and stand up to them.


One person, find one person, you know, that is using their influence or power to exploit the innocent or the weak and find a way to stand up to them. How do you stand up to them? Dialogue. That's what Christ did. Dialogue is the way that God gave us to peacefully be able to express truth. What is dialogue? Get your words right. Look at them in the. Why do their eyes tell them confidently and compassionately like Christ did in front of the Pharisees and speak truth.


That's what you do, that's hard, you know what's easier, it's easier to do a Facebook post than not. Look at the comments. These are. It's harder to go up to the tyrant, look at them in the eyes, it's harder to go up to the person who's doing the oppressing and say what you're doing is wrong and you know exactly who that is. Think in your own life, the person right now that is bullying the person right now that is saying that you're not welcome in my home because of X, Y, Z, because your ideology or belief or all this.


And if you haven't found that person, you will. You will. Now, I'm not saying that you get nasty with them. That is not what I'm saying. In fact, the best thing you could do is actually show love to them, but be very clear with truth and especially those that wish to suppress opposite opinion. No, to what you can do. However, seriously, you take the education of your kids, double it, because it is the most prized possession we have in our country right now as our young people.


And they have they are they are being propagandized and they are being they are honestly they are victims of predatory behavior from the secular humanists. They really are through every single mass media circuit, Hollywood, you name it. They are teaching things that are so malevolent and pernicious that some of you would be even amazed if you saw some of the stuff that is being taught to our kids. In fact, what one of the unintended godly consequences of a shutdown is, parents are actually seeing the garbage that their kids are learning all day long.


I mean, I have gotten probably 50000 different messages on social media of people that are like I had no idea my kid was learning the stuff. I'm like, well, that's not at least that's an unintended consequence of this stuff.


Right. And the last thing is this and I and I don't love saying this, but everything you do should reflect your world view. There's no place now that should be absent of what you believe, how you vote, what you do, everything. And I think every single Christian needs to vote. I'm not going to tell you how to vote here, but I think it should be pretty obvious that you should vote for the unborn religious liberty, freedom of expression, and not turning our entire country into a Marxist wasteland.


I think you can make your own decisions. Right. So.


So I know I'm getting the the Yank here, but look, I'm going to keep on fighting. I'm going to college campuses, I'm going to as many churches as I can. Why do I go to churches? I go out of my I'm in Maine. I'm in Michigan next week speaking in a church.


The church must become active activist Christians for truth. If Christians rise up, you could save this republic. Ben Franklin said, if you can keep it, I believe the only way we keep it is with Christians standing boldly. You will be repudiated. You will be mocked. You will be ridiculed. That's why you're that cliche. So you can have comaraderie with you guys and then go forth and then you gather again and then you go forth and then you gather again and then you go for it.


You see, that's why we gather physically. Right? That's why they want to get rid of that. So you stop being bold. So you stop standing for true, for what is true and what is right and what is good in the world, as Paul said whatsoever, is true.


And so when you get a little bit down, you come back on Sunday and you hear from Pastor, can you see your friends? And then you go back and you fight and you can test again.


That's what you do. And the last thing I'll say, final kills. Optimistic point, these people are actually cowards, these people are actually unable to deal with truth, they run away far away from it intentionally. These people need Jesus. You can deliver it to them. But Jesus is truth. Logo's, you didn't just say true things. He was truth. You say things that are true and you say truth. They cripple. They do not know how to deal with that.


That's why they don't like dialogue, because they have nothing to say.


That's why they want to shut you up, because they know they might actually have to hear something that is true. And their entire world that is built on a false idol might crumble, stand for truth, fight more than ever before a republic if we can keep it. Thank you, guys.


Thanks so much for listening, everybody, if you guys want to get a signed copy of my book, The Magga Doctrine, type in Charlie Kirk, show your podcast provider hit subscribe. Give us a five star review. Screenshot and email us Friedemann, Charlie Kirkconnell. If you want to get involved, a turning point. USA got a tip USA Dotcom, USA Dotcom.


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