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Hey, everybody, welcome to this episode of the Charlie Kirk Show. I am joined by Vernon Jones, who spoke at the Republican National Convention. We both spoke together on the opening night of Vernon Jones. Is a former Democrat or is a Democrat. I want to have him say it for himself. Vernon, welcome to the Charlie Kirk Show. Tell us your story and tell us why you support President Trump.


Well, thank you so much. I am a lifelong Democrat. I am black, but I'm also out touch with the Democratic Party, meaning I didn't leave them. They left me the things that they embrace now, such as no borders, turning their back on law enforcement, how the Democratic Party has treated African-Americans, although we've been a captive audience to them for the past thirty, forty five years, they haven't done anything to reduce. When I look at President Donald Trump, he has a track record of getting things done.


He's about results. And certainly not only has he lifted his entire country, but he has a track record. He's done more to help the African-American community than any president. Probably going back to Richard Nixon.


You talk more about that, because that is not the conventional perspective of the mainstream activist press. They say that President Trump is and is an enemy of black people. Can you just walk us through that, especially for some of our listeners and viewers that don't always hear the perspective that you have?


Well, the liberal media is part of what I call the slave masters. They're the ones who literally plant, I would say, those agent provocateurs to attack independent thinking black men like me and women from coming off the plantation. Why? Because they don't want us to be able to think independently. And I think that was clearly demonstrated in a couple of more recent examples. One, Joe Biden talking about, if you don't vote for me, you ain't black to when he said that black people's thinking are not as diverse as Latinos.


And then more recently, again with the liberal media on MSNBC, when you saw me do an interview with Craig Melvin because I was telling him why I support this president based on his policies and based on his positions and what he's done directly for the African-American community, he didn't want to hear that. What he wanted to hear was what he asked me was in that was what he asked me. I'm sure someone whispered in his ear. But he said, Are you being paid by the Trump organization?


That was bigoted in itself? That shows that liberals at that station are upset because I didn't fit their narrative. I didn't care. Therefore, I didn't attack Donald Trump. Ironically, it was a reporter that was being paid. And that station is being paid to attack Donald Trump and not let African-Americans feel that they have people who feel and express the way themself, the way I do come on their show without being attacked and run back into a hole.


But they didn't know. I'm not like Joe Biden and I'm not one of those what you call those things that come out every year trying to determine what the weather's going to be like. A groundhog. Yeah, I'm not a Groundhog Day. I'm going to run me back. And this president is not a Grönholm. He is really working to earn the black vote and they can't scare him off by the tradition to scare off Republican candidates.


So can you walk us through more of kind of did you support President Trump in twenty sixteen? What was your view of him in 2016 and what specifically has. Would you to be a Trump supporter now in 2020, speaking at the convention? Well, when I saw him come down the escalator escalator, like many others with Mrs. Trump and heard what he had to say, I said, you know what? This man is talking about kind of the kind of talk.


And it's kind of interesting. I think maybe seventy six plus songs were man and rap songs, too, that featured Donald Trump. Donald Trump had an amazing relationship with African-Americans, from Jesse Jackson to Al Sharpton to Jay-Z, all the others, including Herschel Walker. And he wasn't a racist and he wasn't a bigot then or else they would not have been hanging out with him. As a matter of fact, Jesse Jackson gave the president award from Operation Push.


So I liked what he had to say. And when he started to run, I say this guy has what it takes to become president. But nobody paid me an attention like the media they laughed at and they didn't think that he can get elected. But he was saying exactly what people were feeling but were afraid to say it because of what the liberal media and others will do to you. And so when he got elected, I was on board already on board.


And my friends say, whatever you did say, we're going to get elected. Shreddies don't get elected because that's what the American people were feeling. And he he had a whole new different idea of how to be president. He didn't do it the traditional way. We always looking for, oh, this person is not presidential. I don't care about being presidential, not being presidential. What I care about is results. And Donald Trump stood up to foreign countries and brought to the table so they can pay their fair share.


We have now real fair trade agreements what he's done for this country prior to the pandemic record number of jobs and certainly in the black community, small businesses and others. I will give the credit to the Obama and the mixed Congress tenure. They did stop the bleeding with the economy. But when Donald Trump came on board, understanding business, understanding Wall Street and trade, he said this economy on steroids, that's why we're still still seeing even in this in this pandemic gains in the stock market and record gains in many other places.


So this president is on target and he supports law enforcement. That's important.


So can can you speak a little bit about what you are seeing in the black community? Do you see that more and more black people are supporting President Trump than in 2016? And I want to dive deeper into that. But that's my first question. Do you think that the support for President Trump is greater today than it was in 2016?


Well, clearly I do. I think the support among white people is greater, as I'm not only just in a black community, I'm in a white community. The problem is whites don't want to say that they support Donald Trump because they don't want to be called racists. And blacks don't want to say they support Donald Trump because they don't want to be called a sellout. But both of them are there. They're solid majorities there. And they're going to do what they did in 2016 and they're going to re-elect this president, I hear, all the time.


Matter of fact, even after my speech last night, when my speech last night, my phone and my all my social media has been blown up. And many of them said, Bernie, you know, I may not agree with you on some things, but, you know, I couldn't I couldn't disagree. What you said last night were true about the Democratic Party and not have thought about what you said is true about what Donald Trump has done.


I'm going to rethink my vote in some just said I've never voted Republican at all. They're going to vote for me. So that that's a good thing. Charlie, is, you know, about that Republican convention all the networks had to carry. So those traditional liberal networks, this always Anton, Donald Trump, they got a chance to hear and see from people across this country in all sectors, from first responders to business people to people like me.


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So you said something. I want to make sure I get this correct. You said this. The Democratic Party does not want black people to leave the mental plantation they have had us on for decades. And he said when Trump sought the African-American vote, the Democrat Party leaders went crazy and. I'm quoting you here, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer literally started wearing kente cloth scarves around the Capitol. Can you talk more about this? It was one of my favorite lines the entire evening.


Well, actually, Chuck Schumer actually, I think, wore a dashiki. The point of it is they panic because no other candidate, presidential candidate and I will say this, both Democrat and Republican, has worked as hard to earn the black vote running for office as President Donald Trump. No other going back to probably John Kennedy. And that's because President Trump knows black people. President Trump has worked with black people. He's hired black people. He's had him on his apprentice show.


He's contributed to black presidential candidates elections. And so this president is not foreign to black people. And the Democrats always had that captive audience. They can always have someone to scare a Republican candidate away if they even give the impression or gave the impression they wanted to try to earn the black vote. And they got they got and they would get free to run away. But President Trump, they cannot run him away. That's that goes back to him being a nontraditional candidate and a nonpolitician.


President Trump is competitive. He'll go where his weakness is and beat you where your weakness is. And he did that. He showed that when he beat all those elected officials of governors, congressmen and senators because he's competitive and competitive in nature. And that's why the world leaders are afraid. Donald Trump, because Donald Trump, he can checkmate them and he's beating them at their own game. And so I'm not at all dissuade because the Democratic Party's panic, I recognize that they're panicking because of me, because normally they would they would beat up a black or beat up a Democrat.


That came out for a Republican only, though, if they're black, if they're white, they'd give them a free ride. Zell Miller not only supported George Bush for reelection, but Zell Miller spoke at the Republican convention. No Democrat said a damn thing about it. We've had conservative congressman from Georgia. Democrats voted against almost everything Obama put on the table, but the Democratic Party would give them a pass. But when a black independent thinking man or woman does that, the bigotry comes out.


They owe you too big for your britches. You're supposed to take our lead, we don't think, for you. As a matter of fact, even the Democratic Senatorial Committee, when I ran for the US Senate, they don't go out support and recruit African-American candidates. They want White House in the Democratic Party.


Wow. So do you think the Democrat Party is the party of racism? I think it's a large part of bigotry, I think, because traditionally they just relied on the black votes to elevate them and to get them elected, and they want to be, like most liberals, in charge of black people. That maternal and paternalistic instincts. Let us tell you what you want. Matter of fact, we'll build you a habitat house, but not in our neighborhoods.


And so they just long traditionally been that way. But that there's a crack in that wall and it's bleeding. This bleeding, Ben, is not stopping now. Black votes have been locked up for years by the Democratic Party. That's why we're saying to when I saw Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, when I saw that image, I didn't see a book. I saw characters and cut to one was evasive and the other was not necessarily in that order.


I don't know. One Kamala Harris was lock them up and Gilberto's lock them down. That's what they were doing to the black vote, lock them up and lock them down. But now, Charlie, you're saying they are afraid, man, they are afraid. And more and more of us are coming out. Senator Thompson, Senator Scott O. Amazing United States senator. How is it the Democratic Party? We've been blacks and supporting them for 60, 70, 60 years.


I say only two black senators and they've been getting 80 actually 90 to 95 percent of the black vote. The Republican Party, they've been given about eight percent, but they have a black United States senator. Isn't that interesting? Isn't that interesting? You remember Chuck Schumer did not want the senator. That was the black senator single tier, I think his last name. Maybe I'm wrong.


The black senator that was coming from Illinois to replace Obama, Roland Burris, that was that was appointed by Harry Reid to try to keep him from being sworn in as if the government he didn't want the government to apply. Same thing happened in New York when Hillary got her seat, actually, or the person after Hillary. The there was a black I think he was the speaker pro tem. I mean, the lieutenant governor actually became governor and the blind gender blind legislator.


He wanted to be a United States senator. They talked him out of it. They didn't want to appoint himself. So, you know, the Democratic Party do not embrace African-Americans where. In an occurrence where mostly is almost all white, if it's all white, they primarily want to white first. Now they'll support black people being an all black district run against blacks. They have no problem doing it then. So if you started to peel that rapper back, Charlie, there's some interesting things I'll tell you one more is going to probably knock you off your feet.


Why is it that the Democratic Party cannot select a presidential candidate or vice presidential candidate? They have both parents that are black. Hmm, wow, is there some grading going on, you know, that some greeno the Democrat Party better than I do, so you just ask.


Well, but you know them too. I do, Charlie.


You know, I mean, I consider the I mean, I know the Democrats. I fight them and the rulers of the Democrat Party, not necessarily Democrat voters. They are some of the most racist people I've ever dealt with in my life. I mean, it's not I mean, they went straight from the KKK and the leadership of the Democrat Party, and they want they want free thinking. Black individuals got nowhere near leadership of their party in the Senate and Congress decision making that all up and down.


They want it to be a a party that's no different than how they ran plantations back in the eighteen thirties.


And what else rolling the way they have led black people who had Lapkin were very conservative, that a lot more conservative I would say, than whites were for the most part. But the Democratic Party has let them down where now they abandoned the traditional family. Now they're putting illegals before blacks. Now there's no support for law enforcement. Now you can come in and tear down statues under the auspices of is related to the Confederacy or slavery. But at the same time, they have black people tearing down Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln monuments.


Now, you're saying that's what liberal liberals are doing to Democrats and Black Lives Matter. You know, this trial as well as I do, Black Lives Matter were founded by lesbians and they don't support the traditional black family having a black male in the house as a father figure. They don't support that. And you know that name, Black Lives Matter with a lot of people. That's why I'm surprised to see a lot of these corporations giving the money.


And first of all, we're just money going. I wish we could track more where is going has been spent, but they're getting millions and here they are. They don't support law enforcement, the part of burning and looting communities and destroying communities. Choice is not right about that. But that is a dead cat on the end of that line.


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So you also commented on defunding the police. You said, quote, Isn't it ironic that the Democrat politicians never leave home without security to protect them at all times? Why don't they forego their security and replace them with social workers since that's what they want for us? Can you expand on that?


Well, that's hypocrisy. First of all, we should be given more funding to police, not less funding. You know, I was fortunate enough to command a large police department and in that police department. And most people tell you law enforcement officers only get that psychological examination during the hiring process, but after that, they don't get it throughout the year. So let's say you're an officer. You've been on the street five years and you've been dealing with this.


Nobody has given you a psychological examination to see where you are mentally. Are you burned out? Should we put you in a different position? Because those states that have a make a difference when officers make the decision between use of force, deadly force versus non-lethal or how to de-escalate the situation, another thing to technology, they need more money for technology like the bubble wrap, which is non-lethal but will constraint an individual. They need more money for that and any more money for training.


Like in Georgia, for example, a police officer gets to two hours a year and the escalation, they only get two hours a year. Also for use of force. We need more money to give them more training. And so when you talk about defending police, why don't we take and manufacture all you know, they were talking about replacing domestic calls with with social workers. Well, domestic call of some of the most dangerous calls you can make and who's going to protect the social worker.


So if they don't think security is that important, they don't don't think so. Supporting law enforcement is that important, then why don't they just give up their security and give them a couple of social workers? I think they need some social workers based on how they're thinking. I think that would be a good move. But it's just amazing where the Democratic Party has gone in terms of turning its back on law enforcement officers. As I mentioned last night, man, they had.


Families, they live in our communities, you know, their mom and dad and wives and children want them to come home safely to we have some bad apples as a way to deal with it. But, you know, you just blindly just and you look at these democratic cities and I say Democrats see the cities led by Democrats. Almost every one of them have turned their back on law enforcement. What is that about? And those suburban white moms that they are saying that President Trump doesn't have an easy target.


They are seeing those anti framed black lives matter folks coming out to their neighborhoods now. And you know what? They are afraid to death and you know, who are they going to vote for? Whomever is representing law and order, who that is.


President Donald Trump and President Trump stands for decency and reasonability against the just arson of the mob all across our country. And and so can you talk more about BLM Inc., the organization? It's almost if you are in this country, you are almost forced to say that you support BLM Inc. You mentioned that these are Marxists that are trying to disintegrate our country. Can you can you talk more about that?


Well, you know, I think we all can agree that Black Lives Matter. Now, I think there are some legitimate discussions where if a white young teenager goes missing and she's blond, blue eyed, a lot more liberal media attention comes to that when a black young teenager girl goes missing, it does not get the same amount of attention. Now, that's the media doing that, the liberal media that's doing that now. But at the end of the day, black lives do matter.


I think I would have said black lives matter to that means all lives matter. But when you look at the founders and their founding principles, it has nothing to do with saving black lives. They are pushing the transgender agenda, which is fine if that's what they want to do. I'm not knocking them. Do what you want to do, live the way you want to live, but don't come and fool people. Talk about is about saving black lives and you only want to jump and shout, screaming and riot when a white officer is involved in a shooting versus children being shot down every weekend in Chicago and his hashtag Black Lives Crickets.


That's not right. Be consistent. And and how. What about the police officer? The former police chief in St. Louis was shot down, killed on the streets of St. Louis for providing protection at a friend's business where it was black lives and was his name.


Yeah. Why wasn't that officer's funeral made national news when they cover that funeral? The entire funeral of a law enforcement officer, not clips of it, but why not do that the same way you did, George? Follow it. All right. Because Black Lives Matter. So the hypocrisy of black lives matter, because in reality, all black lives do not matter to black lives matter, what matters to Black Lives Matter is that left agenda where they're getting the mozzarella from the George Soros and other organizations who's funding them to carry out their destruction of this country in the black community.


Is there is there a little bit uneasiness about the amount of rioting and looting and arson and crime that is being spread? Because the media makes it seem as if BLM Inc. is nothing but popular and supported in the black community?


Well, what's interesting, you really have more white people. Rioting, looting and destroying neighborhoods, because there no, there are not many black people in Seattle, Portland and some of these other cities. So to make it like a black or white, people are afraid of what these groups are doing. Stop trying to pit black against white, what white people are afraid of believe white people are just as afraid as me. Any other black person with a normal sense who want to protect their families, want to protect their property, property, who want to save neighborhoods.


So I don't understand why they're not asking. Why aren't you afraid of Antifa and Black Lives Matter coming to the suburbs and making a big deal out of that? But no, they don't want to do that. That's the liberal media, Charlie. Mm hmm.


So, President Trump, we're two months more or less until the election. A little little more than that. It's just coming coming down really quick. What do you think the president has to do to continue to expand the support amongst former Democrats such as yourself or even people that are supporting President Trump as a Democrat, not just in the black community, but what really do you think is the most persuasive line of argumentation for the president, failed to win this election and get people over into the Trump campaign?


Well, first of all, I like now that the president, when he does his press conferences, is just him when he rolls out his staff. The media is intentionally trying to get one person to disagree with just one person one time to disagree with the president. And all over the place, you and I and American people know the forest and the liberal media. First day when Trump took a step to stop the spread by banning travel from from China.


They said that, oh, this is nothing more than a fluke. Well, OK, we found that plane that wasn't the case, there were times in the harbor and others say, well, you don't have to wear a mask, so now they want to make a big deal out of them. So that's all over the place. I like our president. He answered their questions. And if you can't answer their questions right, then he'll get back with me because he's getting advice and counsel from his people.


So that helps a lot. But I also think it helps we let the American people know. And I think he's doing a great job. Now that we are working on this pandemic, it is important we are going to find a cure from this is right around the corner. Just just bear with me, open up the floodgates and allow these private organizations to jump over a lot of these restrictions. That's long. Should have been changed a long time ago and allowing the private sector to do what they do best.


And just hold on. I'm with you. In the meantime, continue to provide best practices, your tools and resources to first responders and governments, push it out of state and try to make get those things out to those who need the most. But more importantly, Charlie, because he's testimony to the country and we're face mass, you could not find them now. You can find them everywhere. The president is getting this stuff out, but at the same time, by AM opening up this economy so people can go back to work to try to save their businesses.


We're getting more creative now with Skype and teleconferencing and all that where people now are encouraged, OK, we can go back to work. But the thing about this virus, Charlie, is so Chinle Virus is not an American virus. And I'm glad that the president keeps saying this is China, China, China, because they'll have you thinking that is Trump virus. This thing is unique because you can see it. You can't you can't shoot it. You can't kick it.


And so no other president has had to deal with something like this in our generation. So but I think he's doing a hell of a job. And just the core question and talk about his record of accomplishments and talk about what he has in the next four years.


Well, Vernon, you are an American hero. Thank you for supporting our president and thank you for being such a heroic voice. Any way that people can stay in touch with you, social media, otherwise there are ways that they can support you. Thank you, Charlie.


They can go on on Twitter at Vernin Jones, Facebook, RIP, Vernon Jones and Instagram rep Vernon Jones. But more importantly, Charlie, they can tune into to your social media fund. Me too, because that's where I go to find out about me. I go to your page, your social media platform to find out about Vernon. Do well, thank you.


I'm looking at your Twitter right now and it says Country over party. Amen. I love that. And so God bless you. And thank you for having our presidents back.


Thank you. All the best to you, General. Thanks. Vernon Sison.


What a great conversation that was with Vernon Jones. If you guys want to get involved. A Turning Point, USA, our five point eighty three non-profit dedicated Educating the Future of American Organizing Students on campuses across the country. Go to TPE, USA, Dotcom, Team USA, Dotcom. Email us your questions as always, freedom at Charlie Cook, Dotcom. And if you guys want to support our program where we do to podcast today and we are up to three o'clock Eastern making sure that you guys have the news that you need to type in.


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