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The third night of the Democratic National Convention is over. We have instant analysis with Benny Johnson here, who I work on a lot of different things with a turning point USA. This conversation was on in our personal time. I think you're really going to enjoy it. Thank you for supporting us at Charlie Cook dotcom slash report. We are having the best week we've ever had in the history of our podcast this week because we are up to one to three in the morning producing content just for you with instant analysis of exactly what happened.


So we watched the Democrat convention. So you didn't have to email us your questions. Freedom at Charlie Cook Dotcom. Benny Johnson is here. Instant analysis to all the Democratic National Convention. Nonsense. Buckle up. Here we go, Charlie. What you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Company, Charlie Cook's run in the White House.


I want to thank Charlie is an incredible guy, his spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here.


Hey, everybody, welcome to another live stream here on the Charlie Kirk Show. I'm here with my friend Benny Johnson. Benny, say hello.


Hey, everyone. How are you doing? I am, and I'm at an undisclosed location at the imminent apocalypse. I was about to say I was about to say, are you on the inside of a container ship traveling?


I said, as if the world ends, I will be very safe. So good. OK, good. All right. It looks like you're in a police lineup, something like that. Yes. So is this the coronavirus like coronavirus bunker for the Kurk household?


It could be one of those things. But Benny, congratulations on the new child into the world.


Oh, well, thank you. Thank you very much.


So as you as you look at this Democrat circus and we started to get we decided to get started earlier, we could have waited for what's the pronunciation, Benny?


Is it Carmilla?


Comilla, yeah, oh, well, you better say, right, OK, you better say this like this name that people aren't used to pronouncing correct otherwise Nasserism that's what's going to happen to you, Mr. Kirk.


OK, you in your traveling in your containership to Europe to find out where the star of the European virus happened. Did you hear that yesterday? Cuomo calling it the European virus? I did what?


What universo do we live in, what is this live stream? Is this a live stream from like some other some other alternate universe is what is this? Because I'm watching the same thing you're watching. None of this makes sense. Kamala Harris, Kamala just said that there's no there's no cure for racism. Right? There's no vaccine for racism. Well, that sucks for her running mate, Joe Biden, hardest hit. So she's going to have to explain to him.


She also says she supports I know kids are good to white kids. She says, I know a predator when I see one.


So you're running with one. I mean, that's not exactly a novel breakthrough.


Yes, that's absolutely correct. Yes. And we have we have the footage, by the way, if you want to know a predator. Last night, Bill Clinton spoke. What did Bill Clinton do immediately after leaving the presidency is going hang out with his friend Jeffrey Epstein for years and got massages in airports and on his private plane. It's not a conspiracy theory. There are photos, not that the establishment media would ever show you this, but.


So you want to watch the convention tonight? I did. I did it. It was like. For me, my major takeaway is this why would you think I'm paraphrasing you here? Why would you want to lead a country you hate?


I've never heard more people talk a down on America. This has been the most depressing three days of any of anything I've I've ever heard. I mean, it's legitimately depressing. Why would you want to be a part of this country like this is these people clearly hate America and don't think we're a great place to live and the world will be better off without America.


I mean, I say this with no kidding at all. I mean, they are if you just watch the Democrat Party and their convention, there's no way you can walk away from that. Being grateful that you live in the United States, you are going to think that we have nothing but issues and problems, nothing but just systemic injustice everywhere you turn around. And I don't know if Senator Harris is still talking or not, we decided just to cut right in because I just can't handle the nonsense.


I just can't I mean, out of all the politicians that I can't listen to it, Senator Harris, right at the top of the list, I mean, just she does this thing where she points with her thumb. If you notice, all the Democrats kind of do that, they kind of do this kind of where they want to kind of do the dictator pointing, but they don't they just kind of do the little thumb gesture.


And as soon as she said the thing, well, there is no virus, the virus or racism or no. No vaccine for racism or anything. That's it. We're done. I said we're we're going straight life.


We would have been on time, except for there was a five minute pause where nothing happened on stage when they threw to Comilla the third. I have to catch myself in case someone I still I still got it. How do you pronounce it? I don't know.


You can mispronounce Beny if you want. I'm going to call you racist. Bonnie, I don't care. It doesn't matter to me, like, honestly, that in fact, that clip was hysterical, but not as hysterical as watching, not as hysterical as watching the DNC convention. I mean, this is one of the most poorly produced. This is one of the most poorly produced live television events I've ever seen. I mean, I've been watching sort of on and off.


Obviously, I have a newborn. I'm paying attention to my baby and paying attention my wife. I'm doing all multiple other projects. Charlie, you and I are very, very busy on a lot of projects trying to save the country. Right. So there's a lot of work to be done. But as I'm tuning in for five minutes at a time, five minutes of the time, it's like they couple of things here.


First, right off the top, there's this thing that happens when you're like when you can't read a teleprompter.


And it's so irritating when you watch the people's eyes go back and forth and even their heads sometimes go like this and it just seems so staged. And just so McJob. And it's just what happens when you're not a pro. And none of these people are pros. I've never seen like a more teleprompter scripted thing. You can watch everyone's eyeballs going back and forth. Secondly, none of these people are hitting their cues.


They went to Hillary Clinton tonight and she just sat there and glared at the camera with dark, like punk rock singer, eye shadow and just just glare to the camera like Ozzy Osborne. And for like three straight minutes. And you could just like here, it's just like this is this is this is absolutely like. Well, I think that the crowning achievement of the evening was Nancy Pelosi's jaw made it through the live stream. I think that was it was so close.


It was close towards the end.


I just I want everyone to know how much I hate Donald Trump. And it's really about how much I really hate him. And he's a story worse than I've ever seen.


And and if anyone understand how much I hate him and it's like the amount of stress that was happening at once or just the goodness like she I mean, I think she had a platoon of people that were like the goodness that would survive. Oh, my goodness. Here's my impression of them cutting to Hillary.


Mr. Epstein, it's so I'm so glad you can join me this evening. Oh, that's not us. That's not this time. Horrifying.


My goodness. And I.


You had five minutes, Charlie. I timed it. Our team timed it. You're on the same charts in our team, timed five minutes of just blank space where she didn't come on her video, didn't play the camera, just showed an empty stage.


And so there's a huge focus on climate change tonight, huge focus on gun violence that I think is a losing issue for them. I mean, if you look at the amount of new gun registrations, we already have more gun registrations so far this year than all of last year combined. It's a huge issue for young voters, young voters and young women voters, in particular young. There was a huge emphasis on kind of this female uprising. I don't know if you noticed that or are not.


They had a huge kind of infomercial on how, you know, the Democrat Party, the party of women, which is really perplexing. And Benny, can you walk me through this one? If genders don't matter and if men and women are just transapical, you change genders, gender fluidity, why is it they have to have such a heavy focus on women's rights? I've long I've long said I've long said that for for a single day, for twenty four hours, Donald Trump must identify as a woman and he must identify as the woman he must say is going to make a huge announcement.


And he's going to go a huge announcement tomorrow on the red carpet, he just says. And women. And then not only does he say he's the first woman president, he should just do this. By the way, in October.


Twenty four hours, he says I'm a woman dear to all of them to go against the canon of the Democratic Party right now. And then secondly, he becomes the first same sex couple in the White House with Melania, because then it's you know, that's Melania and it's woman. It's easy. What I'm saying, Charlie, is you're exactly right. And if they're going to play by these rules, which are insane, then you got to play by the rules that you can just decide to become a woman.


And and and so I think the president should just play to that.


So but, you know, just you and I are Trump supporters looking to subjectively, do you think that Democrats have won any voters over in the last three days? I mean, do you think that they're is someone today that on Sunday was kind of like, you know what, I'm on the fence. I'm going to watch a Democrat convention. And then maybe after they saw Gretchen Whitmer screaming, they're like, that's exactly why I need to go vote Democrat.


I mean, was there anything you think that was that convincing these last couple of days? I don't think it's been a very persuasive convention at all. I think it's been unconvincing and contradictory. The I have to I mean, look, I'm going to give the Democrats credit where credit's due. The entire staging and the framing and the idea of the Barack Obama speech was very smart. I have to say. Whoever came up with the idea of having him in Philadelphia, of him embracing the symbolism of America, him embracing the Constitution, him not saying negative things about our country, him almost having like a healing approach, if only he was president for eight years.


I mean, if only that guy would have been running our country for eight years, I mean, then he actually would have an opportunity to have done something. But I think that was probably the best moment of the entire convention. But then Comilla, Senator Harris, let's just call her that way. Senator Harris. I think it completely fell flat. I mean, I think she she reminds me a lot of Hillary Clinton. Do you think there's anyone that's been persuaded by this?


Have you ever seen those, like, antidepression commercials about like the pill that you take when you're on depression? And there's like there's like two things that happen in the ad.


There's the like before the pill, the antidepression pill, where, like, you're sad and like there's no butterflies and you're just miserable and you're walking around and the whole world sits as a weight on your shoulders and you just can't get out of bed in the morning. I think if you're like that kind of a person, this then this convention appeals to you because you're the person you're the in the before photo, right. In the antidepression and you're the person who is just miserable.


You hate America. You don't actually like this country. You think this country's terrible. You think people are getting just like slaughtered and racism and everyone's being held back and you are a victim. And the only way is to punch out of your victimhood is to fight the powers. And you don't. You're living in the freest, most prosperous, most equitable country known to man.


And because you're not actually grateful about that and Kaepernick and all this nonsense, I think that's I think those are the people that are convinced. Those are the people. If you have a modicum of positivity in your life and you just generally want to be left alone and you think things were going pretty damn well before the European virus, as they call it, which again is just in say, I just can't get over that, then. Yeah, then then then it's not a problem.


You brought up Obama. And I think this is fascinating, Charlie. You brought up Obama. Our president is going to be speaking from the White House for his speech. Am I wrong?


I believe that's correct. Yeah. Yeah.


So our president is speaking from the White House. They freak out because they're saying like he's speaking from government property. Right? He's speaking from a government wholly owned government property. I looked up where Obama was tonight. That's a government property. And so is it. Does it apply? I looked on Twitter. There was no one losing their minds that the president was speaking from what is a national historic landmark there in Philadelphia.


So where's the double standard? They are literally the same in the sense of they're both owned and operated properties from the government operated by the government.


Yeah. And if I were to kind of look at the theme of the entire last couple days, especially this convention or whatever, this was a Zoome call, pre rehearsed ad cut after ad cut. I mean, they cherry picked some of the saddest stories. I'm not going to deny they're not sad stories. I mean, I'm not going to say that. But it was so incredibly heavy on the emotion, right? It was so heavy on the emotive that there is very little that they could say actually about critiquing President Trump's legislative accomplishments.


Right. Very little about the foreign policy landscape. Almost no mention of China at all whatsoever. There was kind of like a little jab here. And they're like, oh, we're we're going to be the ones that bring back jobs. Like, that's not going to no one believes that. Right. And it's becoming more and more clear that from like the Democrat strategy box, like, if you will, like the box, like a football analogy, kind of like up in the box when they're looking down on like what's happening on the field.


The Democrats are really, really worried that if they actually get in a discussion about achievements of prior Democrat presidents and President Trump, it's not going to go that well. You know, it's a really interesting beneš. What are some of the things you've been what's one of the big glaring things that has been missing from these last three days?


Like the one thing that I have not heard mentioned? No, no image. I know that's kind of a trick question is open ended, but anything come to mind?


Because I have I have something that really is interesting, especially on the Senator Harris night.


I know exactly what you're talking about. I know exactly what you're talking about. I think very similarly, I know exactly what it is. Tell me if I'm right. Here we go.


That Obama put. Kids in cages that that's close because that's actually what happened, I heard that many, many times tonight, that is that is an Obama rule and legislation. Joe Biden and Barack Obama put children in cages at our border.


Well, that that is true. But think about. That's true.


But so it's Senator Harris's night. So maybe I'm going to try to make you cheat your bed. Let's see if you can win trivia. Senator Harris's night. What's the thing that really put her on the map in the last 18 months? Running for president is black. There is a Senate hearing. Yeah, yeah.


Do you notice how Cavnar wasn't mentioned at all these last three days? It's very interesting. This was a huge fundraising tool for them. This was some that fired up their base. Why is it Benet's? Because Republicans fought so hard. Brett Kavanaugh's more popular than he was than before the Senate confirmation hearing.


That is actually was a losing issue, right? They didn't mention Gorsuch. They didn't mention the two hundred circuit court judges. They didn't mention anything about the embassy in Jerusalem. It's like they don't really want to play on the terrain of the successful movement towards kind of normalcy in the country. Right. And their entire theme is they're actually trying to paint Donald Trump not as the guardian of Western civilization or the guardian of decency and like civil society. Right.


That they're actually they're they're actually trying to be the opposite. They're like, oh, we Democrats are actually the conservatives. Now, mind you, the BLM stuff contradicts that, but they're almost trying to run as the small C conservatives and hear me out. Hear me out for a second, Beny. They're the ones that are trying to tell people if it's chaotic, it's chaotic because of them, not because of us. So give us more power.


So you look at all these beautiful flags behind me and I have like the Constitution kind of in the upper right hand corner, the document that President Obama, I don't think he might have read once or twice, but I don't think he ever adhered by it. It's very interesting because it's so Orwellian. It's the exact opposite when it's actually their entire party that has been manufacturing the riots, has been inciting the terrorism, hasn't been encouraging the arson. And the fact they have not mentioned Brett Kavanaugh once.


And this is a party that said we have to impeach Brett Kavanaugh. I mean, this is a Supreme Court seat that's supposed to be their big fight, right? I didn't see anything about it. And that goes to show that's a fight they lost. That's a fight. They put everything they could and we won. They lost. And it's partly because we actually said this is a line that we're not going to allow the left to cross. It's the number one teaching moment.


When I tell you, no, talk to Republicans, I'm like, this is the one time we actually got tougher than the Democrats and look what we got from it. What do you think about that, Ben? Is there some wisdom there? And what do you think has been missing so much that you were expecting from this convention? Well, yeah, that's absolutely correct.


They can't run on capital.


And one of the most vicious, vile, awful questioners of Kavanaugh was Kamala Harris raised just egregious conspiracy theories about him, essentially assumed that every single. Allegation against him was one hundred percent true, regardless of them being in the extra level, absurd.


And then also, by the way, Joe Biden's accusers, they have by by judicial standards, Miles, more of credible, credible witnesses for these accusations.


Tara Reid is who I'm specifically talking about. There are a half dozen people who corroborate the story and Comilla, I think, weirdly right. I will agree with her on this. Said, Yeah, I believe the accusers of Joe Biden.


And now look at her. There's not a single person. I mean, there's not a single person like actually pushing back on that. And the fact that she called Joe Biden a racist, she did it in front of all of us.


She said it to his face on a national debate, say you're a racist. I would have gone to school if you were president. You got your way. I wouldn't have been able to go to school. That's what she said. And then she said she believes his accusers.


And so that little girl was mean. So let's just do it. Senator Harris, kind of takedown right now, I think that's really important to do. So, first of all, she was rated by an independent study last year as the most liberal senator in the entire United States Senate. She's also a power hungry politician, one of the most we've ever seen. Benny, I'll let you tell the Willie Brown angle of this. But I mean, she definitely used, let's say, questionable moral behavior to move up in her career.


And just a second, I want you to kind of explain on that. Senator Harris also put and this is something that I think is to be debated whether it was the right thing or not, but it's definitely unpopular in Democratic circles. She put records, amount of criminals in jail in California and some people thought it was unfair towards black and brown communities. I'm not going to comment on that. I am going to say, though, that it's not exactly consistent with where the tone and the base of the Democrat Party is at all.


She went after an innocent man, Brett Kalvin, undecided. She just wanted destroy his life because she wanted to get more small dollar donations. She was an unbelievably failed presidential candidate. And then back in July of last year, as you said, she was on a debate stage with Joe Biden where she said and that little girl was me when it came to segregation and busing. And so she she's nothing more than a transactional politician just trying to climb up the intervals of political power to be able to I mean, eventually she's as close as ever to becoming vice president of the United States.


Tell us about Willie Brown, Benny. Tell us about this story and how it gets no coverage at all from the media.


Surely there are more people who know about this story that I I'm certainly no expert in Comilla. However, it's been written in all the papers and reported thoroughly that Willie Brown bragged and joked about how Kamelot, when she was twenty nine, I believe, and he was an elder statesman. Let's just call him, I don't know the exact age, how she and him dated and they dated in the capacity that, as you said, was transactional. He appointed her to multiple positions and then he became mayor of San Francisco.


And this really helped out her career. And so he helped move her career along. And he is quoted in the paper.


He was married at the time. It's an extramarital affair. Yes. He's quoted in the papers as saying that he moved her career along through this let's just call it a sordid, torrid relationship.


And this is, quite frankly, should should frankly be frowned upon as a way to advance yourself politically. Yes, I think most moral decent people would say so, especially with the man who's married. So, you know, it's been written. No one's calling anyone any names. We are simply stating what is in print right now in the California papers. And Willie Brown came back out of hiding because he was he was caught up in multiple scandals and was not kind to Comilla when she decided to run for president was was quite brutal.


You know, if you want to look up those quotes, holy moly, he does not think highly of her, you know, looking more broadly at kind of the lack of a theme for today and yesterday and admitting that I think that the Barack Obama moment was the smartest, best crafted part of the entire convention. I am of the opinion that it's really, really hard. I look historically at this to beat an incumbent. First of all, it's just really hard to beat an incumbent, especially, you know, you look, the last time an incumbent was beaten was Clinton versus H.W. Bush in ninety two.


Before that, it was Reagan versus Carter. And both those were surprise elections. The incumbent had a polling advantage that was significant leading up until the last couple of weeks and days of the campaign. It's very hard to beat an incumbent. But the Democrats are deciding that in order to beat the incumbent, they want to be the more boring party. They want to be more depressing than to be more complaining and that people are going to show up in a lot of numbers.


It's almost like an outrage and a referendum right now trying to go vote for something. I'm a. The opinion that the president and the Republican National Convention have a huge opportunity next week, massive I mean, you're talking about people, the tonal direction of the country right now is already so low that I don't think people are feeling better about themselves after this convention.


I think they might agree with some things like I agree with that. I agree with that. Now what? My life still miserable. I actually think that the Democrats have done the Republicans such a great service because they've been complaining so much about things and they have to do this. I'm not saying they're doing the wrong thing because you almost have to make the people feel so awful about their country when you're trying to deter an incumbent that they won't possibly vote for the person that might correlate with that feeling.


But I think they're so overdoing it that it creates almost use the weight of the enemy against them effect. Right. I mean, it can almost create one of the greatest counter moves that we have seen, like mixed martial arts analogy that the president can make people actually feel so good about their country for the first time in a long time, starting next week and being a celebration of the American idea of the American ethos, who we are and why we're here not having every other segment of the convention like this one be.


Well, we stand for environmental justice and we stand for racial justice and we stand for what other kind of justice do we stand for, the kind of looking around like don't we have another list of this? And it is kind of like the bitter, arrogant, deceitful party. So, Benny, what is your analysis of next week? What kind of what's the opportunity that you think this presents for Republicans as it goes into their convention week? Yeah, so it's interesting.


It really sort of goes back into this fractured it was the Obama era that really did this with the full embrace of a fractured America and an identity politics, quite frankly, at its root about identity politics itself, is based in Marxism and cultural Marxism. And the idea that you in order to gain control, you have to fracture off people. And it's very hard to control a group of people who have beliefs that they all agree on. Right. Christianity, morality, the nuclear family.


When 90 percent of the country agrees on those things, it's virtually impossible to attack it. Right. You'll get crushed. And so the Democratic Party, Alinsky style tactic, it's a communist style tactic. They decided to become what I call post American and the post. Americans are the ones who believe that the world would be better without America. And in order to defeat America, you have to defeat Americanism. You have to go after the ideals of this country.


And this is very much where you see the BLM movement rising up and tearing asunder our Judeo-Christian faith, our values, our morals.


And so you must tear asunder what is America. And then it's very important to step here.


You have to put people into groups, groups. You must group them, just lump them.


You must have the coalition of the disaffected and the victims. And that is precisely what you are seeing fully metastasize inside the Democratic Party right now. The coalition of the disaffected and the victims and the people who believe that America would work OK would work if they their specific group got everything that they wanted forever.


That's just not how that's not how any country works. It's certainly not how this country works. It's how dictatorships work, but only for the people at the very top. And then everyone else gets screwed or gets set get sent to the to the work camps. And so it's a very scary place for the Democratic Party as we've seen this before. We've seen this in the Russian Revolution. We've seen this in various other dictatorships around the country, around the world, throughout history.


And one of the Republican Party must do one answer.


But what the Republican Party must must more than ever is show the difference, show that Americanism is still a thing.


That crowd of you must actually unite under these banners, these flags, these ideas. Here are a couple things that all men, all men and women can agree upon, can we not in our shared past, our shared present, our shared future, our shared language, our shared belief in God, our shared belief in morality, our shared belief in equality, but equality, certainly of opportunity, not of outcome. And these are the things that we can sort of come together on.


And Charlie. And with this. Horrifically, at the height, truly the height of the riots and the protests in this cultural rendering, that the tear that they started about a month ago, the real rip they started about a month ago, the most sinister elements of that rip was going after places like Mount Rushmore. You remember you were there with the president. Was there. The calls that day were to tear down Mt. Rushmore, our establishment, corporate DNC fused apparatchik media.


The calls from within within the madhouse was to now tear down our. Mount Rushmore, our statues are history because if you can rip those things that we all share, we all go to the Washington Monument and take a photo because it's cool and we think George Washington was a nice person. Same with Lincoln. Same with our other memorials. Will you tear that apart? I mean, you're well on your way, you're well on your way to the cultural Marxist moment where you fracture the society and and take it over.


What I think is interesting, though, Betty, is that you're seeing a divide in the Democrat Party on how to achieve that end. Right. So Alexandra Chizuru critize is much more impatient than Barack Obama. Alexander Qaiser Cortez's similar to Bernie Sanders, where she in 60 seconds or less. I mean, she gives like the opening shot of, like Lenin's revolution. Right? Like decolonization. I mean, like everything. It's like, Wolf, that you only had 60 seconds and you basically covered a swath of like half of the bad literature in the last 150 years, since the act was impressive.


It was impressive how much bitterness for the West that one person could have in 60 seconds. And yet then you have Barack Obama, who does the Alinsky ite thing. And let's talk about this. Right. So Hillary Clinton wrote her senior thesis on Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals. We study rules for radicals at a turning point. We understand them. We know the rules really well. We know how the left operates.


And one of the rules is and it's not exactly specified in one of the rules, but one of the teachings of Saul Alinsky, who is a Chicago community organizer, wrote Rules for Radicals as the dedication to Lucifer was in the book, one of the principles that he's talked about is never tried to insult the country or trying to take over, hugged the flag, say you love it, be around the history, right? Find the symbols that matter. And I think Barack Obama did a great job of that tonight.


I mean, he was the ultimate Alinsky ite. I mean, I was I, I could just I would have loved to have seen Barack Obama like five minutes after that speech being like, oh, I can't believe I had to say all that I felt for all that stuff. I mean, it was so incredible how he was able to put on a kind of posture that he was like, he's the guardian of American decency. I mean, I was listening very carefully to Obama's speech, especially at the beginning.


And then he just kind of drones on. Right. But at the beginning, I was really locked in and he said something. I was like, that sounds something like a Republican would say right where he said our history was not perfect, but they came together and, you know, we move past it. And then he started to get into that. We're a democracy. I'm like, OK, we're a republic. OK, very important distinction, incredibly important civic distinction that we're a constitutional republic.


But but Obama really and a lot of different ways in his speech tonight was kind of going in some ways. It was kind of a soft warning to Democrats, I think, which is like if you keep on telling people who we really are, you're going to lose. Right. I think he was trying to create an example. That's why they only gave an infomercial, right? They gave me like an infomercial, like she was selling gold or something on like some two at two a.m. and now, you know, from the Russian Revolution.


Hi, guys. If you want to decolonize your country like Jeez Louise, I like, they'll wonder why they only gave her 60 seconds, right? I mean, it was everything you could possibly imagine how to disassemble a functioning country. And so and then Hillary Clinton, it was it was really interesting because I was just waiting for her to snap at some point be like and I'm actually president of the United States.


I mean, it's really stunning. And she said it's.


Charlie, she said it, she said, you can win the presidency and still lose because the Electoral College, she said she won. She said she won, there is there is a there's a madhouse in upstate New York where two to where two women are in straitjackets rocking back and forth. One is the governor of Georgia and one is the president of the United States. And they're both celebrate. Yes, it's Stacey Abrams and it's Hillary. And they like they they let them out to go give speeches and then they bring them right back in and.


Yes, yes, yes, Madame President. Yes, yes, Madame Governor. Or what? Yes, yes, governor.


It's insanity. I mean, it's insanity. And they have the audacity. They have the audacity to lecture conservatives just like they did in 2016 about not accepting the results of the election and then to make up just I mean, this is why I think that they they know that they're losing because they they are starting to I mean, they're losing. They're losing. I mean, right now this was their moment and it didn't quite put them over the finish line.


And Joe can't quite get over forty six percent, which is such a critical problem for him, such a horrific problem. And we all know how bad Donald Trump polls in the sense that there is such a silent majority that just won't talk to the pollsters, don't want to answer their questions. So the polls are always 10 points skewed in the favor of the Democrats just can't get over. Forty six percent.


But we we I think I'm reading the tea leaves and I'm saying, oh, my goodness, this mailbox conspiracy theory, which is I mean, show me show me how it's not a conspiracy theory.


Show me how this is not worse than Rush Gate. I mean, it's really like this is the final this is the final form of the conspiracy theorists in the party.


It's insanity. Insanity. What they're talking about this. They know that they're losing Charlie and they're hedging and they're saying like, OK, my God, we really can't do this. We can't get over this hump. Joe's not going to get us there. We're going to have to find something. And we won't have Russia this time. We're not going to have China or whatever. Right. Because the American people are sick of that nonsense. We have to come up with a new insane thing and the mailboxes, they've taken the mailbox.


You heard that tonight when they take your mailboxes. A congressional candidate chained himself to a mailbox in Oregon as a campaign ad chained himself to a mailbox. Pete DeFazio. Charlie, it's insane. And it's funny because they're hedging now. It's funny to watch from our perspective because it's like, oh, wow, they're getting ready to lose again and they're trying to find something desperately. That's right.


And and it's it's very clear and I can kind of see it and how badly that they need a leading candidate, because all this tapestry they put up, which was really ineffective.


And so you can kind of see where the thought process was. Right. Like how they designed this convention where, all right, we're going to have all these different figures. And by the way, what is with these musical numbers that really I mean, I don't know whose idea that was awful, stupid, horrible. And so but I could sort of see the thought process that they thought they'd had this building moment where all Joe Biden had to do is literally just like walk across the one inch line, kind of like it was almost like you're you're winning by 30 points.


And it's the one kid on the football team that's like been on the team the entire season. And he's never played an entire down and he has no muscle mass at all. You're like, all right, we're going to put in just one play and then he gets a score like one touchdown. Joe Biden did it. He scored it. It's not that case at all. Now, it's like Joe Biden has to perform, like Joe Biden has to give a primetime address and speech and convince people that he has the mental capacity, the stamina, the wherewithal, the clarity.


And it's I think I think the Democrats and the different ways I think they're realizing how much they kind of screwed this up. And I agree that they're starting to hedge that that they're significantly starting to hedge.


And and so so, Benny, what else what what are people missing from the last couple of days?


What are one of the things that you think that we need to dive into that we can pick apart heading into November from this convention that we didn't know a couple of days ago?


Well, I believe that if you look at the ratings, you'll see that the enthusiasm gap that we've been hearing about with Biden is catastrophic. It's gone from like Grand Canyon to like distance of the Earth to the moon. Like there is a gap. There's a huge gap. There's like a there's an ozone layer in the gap. There is no enthusiasm. There is none. There is no enthusiasm will be in Wilmington, Delaware, for some very fun things tomorrow.


But I have no idea what you're talking about. But there's going to be there is a gap and we fully look forward to showing that. It's interesting if you think about it. Make the case for Joe Biden without saying the name Donald Trump. It's a great point, Benny, like, do it fine, but you can't and instead of I was at the RNC in 2012, so were you really right? Really. You were at the RNC in 2012.


That was one turning point got started, if I'm remembering the turning point legacy story, correct?


That's right. We were both in Tampa, Florida, and very different places in our life, right?


Yes, correct. And I remember watching the speeches and certainly Obama got mentioned, you know, a little bit here and there, but it really was about a Republican vision for the country. And, you know, Clint Eastwood brought out the chair. Remember, that was such a scandal, a scandal. Clint Eastwood and his chair. Oh, like that was it.


That was it.


That was the big scandal. All right. And and and now, you know, like, it's nothing but Donald Trump. The entire convention is the anti Trump best there are for anything. And so when Trump comes in and actually hopefully crystallizes the things that we all have together as Americans and then takes that energy and then uses it as an energy ball and just destroys Joe Biden in the debates with it. Right. Like an orb in his hands. And he just pushes it like Dragonball Z towards Biden.


He'll just evaporate. He'll just turn Zahidi, the crypt keeper. He'll just like turn into dust, like Yoda. It'll just just go away. And I just don't think I don't think there's, like, this unifying moment that people want out of a convention where you have all this energy going into the debates because the debates is obviously where you win or lose. The conventions are not whether you win or lose. The conventions are when people go, oh, that's interesting.


The debates are when you win or lose. And right now, I just Charlie, I can't imagine a worse state than the Democratic Party prepared for a debate against this man.


You know Donald Trump better than many, many people on Earth. You are as close as family to him. I've heard him refer to you as a son he never had, even though he has two awesome sons. But he refers you three awesome sons. He refers to you as like a child, the Trump child. You're close to him. What is the president doing to prepare for these debates? What is the president thinking about the GOP convention and how is he going to crystallize in the last seventy five days like the the message, which has very much been back and forth?


You know, one thing I know about the president that I have I have learned is unlike other people, he embraces the most difficult moments. He's actually at his best. There's very few human beings that actually look forward to the triple overtime game seven of the NBA finals. Give me the ball. Right. Most people aren't wired that way. Actually, most people are wired the opposite. Most people are like, I hope it doesn't go to overtime. Somebody else did it.


Thank goodness. Let's go celebrate. It's almost like could you imagine, Benny, any other circumstance with someone like the president where he every single time he steps up, when the pressure is on him, whether it be a State of the Union address, whether it be notifying the nation throughout. I mean, he always steps up. He always has. And this was the big question right in the debates back in twenty sixteen, which was how would Trump prep for the debates?


And he just slaughtered Hillary Clinton. Right. It wasn't even close especially. And he did it in such a way where he was impromptu and he was just really, really good on his feet. And Hillary looked so pretty rehearsed and Trump just looked magnanimous. I mean, you could use sports analogies. I love sports. I miss sports. I miss when sports weren't kowtowing to insurrectionist organizations in our country. But, you know, some of the great athletes are so similar to this.


Michael Jordan, Tom Brady were there like, give me the ball, I'm going to step up. I'm going to perform. And President Trump is no different than that. President Trump almost. He wants that moment. In some ways. It wouldn't be like poetically correct if Trump was up like fifteen points in the polls right now. Of course, he has to be down. Of course, the guy that never was supposed to be when he had an unbelievably successful presidency, got spied on, had a whole coup against him at a special investigation that found nothing that had his own party go against him.


He endorsed the former presidential candidate of his own party, only to see him go to the Senate and then tell him that he's awful and vote to impeach him. He gets impeached, overcomes the impeachment. Then our number one geopolitical foe comes and sends a virus from halfway around the world and shuts down everything. Our economy kills one hundred sixty thousand Americans. And despite all that, you're trying to tell me the president still within the margin of error. Of course, because it makes perfect sense, because everything about this entire presidency is there's something different about this.


Right. And so what he's doing to prepare is, first of all, he he has great instincts. He's consuming information really well. Unlike Joe Biden, he's not sheltering in place. He's traveling. I'm of the opinion that. For President Trump, movement is life. I actually think that the more he travels, the more he meets with people, the more phone calls he makes, the more energy and the sharper that he gets. Right. Unlike Biden, that that would actually make him basically incapacitated.


Right. So President Trump can go to Wisconsin, the very state that the convention is supposed to be held. And the same week he goes to Arizona, Iowa and Minnesota, where Joe Biden does not leave the entire area of Wilmington, Delaware. That should tell you quite a lot. And so you put all that together. The president lives for moments like this. His entire life has built up to these next 75 days. Right. And you can kind of see he's entered what I call like victory mode.


Right. There's like a whole nother level of intensity that he's entered lately where he walks in and every word, every conversation is all about victory. Right. And and we know this in politics, the person who is more focused is more likely to have breakthrough moments and less likely to make success, make mistakes, not just focused, but just has that kind of winning attitude. I mean, if you kind of go back in 2012, in 2008, Obama walked around with some swagger, right?


I mean, again, I'm not an Obama fan. I think he's one of the worst president in American history. But he when he walked in, he was like, that guy's probably going to win. Like Mitt Romney walked in. He was kind of like always felt like a CEO that was apologizing to people because he shipped their jobs overseas. Right. Like every meeting Mitt Romney walked into is like he was apologizing. He's just shut down your factory.


John McCain did. And he apologized. But yes, that's exactly why. Right. That's like his whole theme. Like, every time you talk to public gatherings, it was just I'm sorry to you, 600 individuals have shipped your jobs to, you know, Indonesia or to China. And so to answer the question, Beny, this is this is an opportunity that the president is going to step up heroically. I really believe that. And I know this like I traveled the country.


I've been to Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, Colorado. I've been in Montana, Wyoming, Maine just in the last two weeks. I'm still traveling. Despite all this nonsense. I'm talking to more swing voters than any other person, probably person to person. Right. And I can tell you right now, people are just not just demanding, but they need next week like they need it, like the Republicans do their job, whatever enthusiasm is right now.


Like you're talking about the gap between enthusiasm, Grand Canyon to Mars, like the furthest popular, furthest planet you can imagine. Right. Just Pluto, Saturn, whatever. That's where we're going to be. Right. Because the American people right now have been so beaten down and so depressed by the activist media, by the barrage of understandable bad news, by losing loved ones, which a lot of us have had to live through my bad economic news that actually people want to celebrate their country again.


Right. They don't want to have to have a non-stop infomercial of every single grievance, you know, industry and any one other thing I want to mention, I felt like tonight was the Oppression Olympics. It was kind of like a competition of like who is the most oppressed victim group, like what is and grievance politics is actually inherently really nasty because eventually those groups will turn against each other. Right. And so I think that answers the question.


Yeah, well, I mean, it's it's so, so much a moment that we need. And you're exactly right.


And it really is something that we're all hoping for as conservatives, as Republicans, that the RNC is able to pull this off. And we I think they will we will see, you know, we will see, you know, the president better than better than many on the planet in the one percent of the one percent. What is he doing to prepare to debate Joe Biden?


Well, I think just being himself is what you have to do to debate. And look, I know this I don't know this from being entirely around him by others, from people around him. He consumes information. He loves asking questions. There's an issue he doesn't understand. He's going to grill people. He's going to know his numbers, you know, stats. He's going to know Biden's vulnerabilities. And he's going to be locked in. And I'm I'm of the opinion.


I've counseled this privately and publicly. I think the president should demand for in-person debates. Demand for them. No Zoome calls, no Skype, none of that nonsense. And then if Joe Biden says no, then send Marine One and say, we are going to do this at Camp David. You know, Camp David, it is secure. We'll do testing beforehand. We are doing it in person. And I get twenty guests. You get twenty guests.


We'll do it with a debate audience. The audience doesn't mean that much, to be honest with you, Bene, the audience is usually not engaging. I actually do think the best debate that Trump had, though, was the second debate back in twenty sixteen where he actually interact with the audience. But even if there's no audience, they have to be in the same room together. They have to bene, you see frail Joe Biden that will not be able to be fed answers or have little pieces of paper.


We need to know exactly how they interact when the lights are on. Because you know why when President Trump renegotiated and Ziggy Ping, that's like a debate when President Trump was harsh on the Iranian regime. That's like a debate when Joe Biden sent his son on Air Force Two. That was like a debate. What I mean by that, they fold under pressure. They don't do well when adversaries confront them. So I want to see what Joe Biden is.


And this is the argument that I think the White House has to make and the campaign has to make that debates matter. They don't just matter for obvious reasons of collision of ideas, but they matter also between. Who do you want actually representing the renegotiation of these treaties, right? Who do you want to represent? The geopolitical landscape? And President Trump's done a phenomenal job. I mean, I think that part of next week needs to be talking about his foreign policy accomplishments.


It's been unbelievable. And if we're honest with ourselves, that's actually the top, you know, sworn duty of the commander in chief.


Charlie, what is the question that you would ask? I know we're coming up in an hour here, but what is the question that you would ask Joe Biden? Like, what would be the stump question? So if you were in the debate prep room and obviously the president's very good on his feet, right. Because you'd be in jail like he's great on his feet. That wasn't rehearsed, obviously. Like he was able to really, like, hammer Hillary on all these.


I got to catch a moment. And then she she just stood there, he said, because you'd be in jail and she just goes like this. Right, and and and then Bill Clinton was like her, not me, please take her. Oh, OK. Yeah, just Jolene. Jolene Maxwell, I got to got to call you for something.


What is the thing what is the question that you would throw at Joe as a dart, as a tomahawk, like as a tomahawk to the heart? What what is the question?


Well, I'll start with kind of like the easy question. I think that I think first of all, I think I love the way you're looking at this is the president should cross-examine Joe Biden, not the other way around. Right. So I think he should say Joe Biden, you were vice president for eight years. You're in Washington, D.C. for 40. I did more in three years than you did in 40. Why all of a sudden you framed the entire conversation where they have to kind of fight uphill a little bit.


And then I also think that there has to be and I'd have to think more about this, but I think there has to be the correct framing of the question, which is like and it could backfire. It could backfire if you bring Hunter too much into it, to be honest with you, because Joe could get really mad about Beau Biden. Understandable death and tragedy. But I think that you have to find the right issue and the right thing where I think this is a good one.


It's like Joe Biden. Do you think people are not black if they don't vote for you? Like, just something like that, just like just said and kind of that dilatory tone.


Right. Where it's not kind of like like do you think that people aren't black if they don't vote for you and you just kind of like. Right.


And it's just like and the cool thing about a debate is that the moderator actually becomes increasingly irrelevant when Donald Trump walks in because he's four for most of these kind of activist media apparatchiks. Donald Trump's very intimidating, right? You meet him, he's six foot three. He's very, very powerful. Right. When he walks and he's you know, and so he'll just be like, screw you. Moderator Joe, I'm going to ask you a question. Do you think that black people are black if they don't vote for you like that is a perfect question to ask.


Right. It's just just right on the money and so something like that. But I think that, look, here's the challenge that Trump will run into the debate. And I think that he has to be prepared for this, is that there is going to be kind of the short-circuiting moment for Joe Biden where he just kind of is unable to answer the question. And then Donald Trump has to not go for the kill. Instead, it has to just be the small push over the cliff.


Right? It has to be it can't be like told you. So totally weak. Has Alzheimer's dementia diagnosed. Can't do that. Right. And said it has to be like something like almost. I think we all know exactly what's going on right now. Like boom. Something like that. Right. Was just that kind of. Or else it's going to look like beating up on the on the week, right? Weirdly, we all we all have this we all have this sympathy for the helpless, my newborn.


Right. It's like you have sympathy. You're like you love the baby because the baby just can't exist without you.


And no one wants love and care and no one wants to vote for like. Right, right. And with Joe, it's like you just have sympathy for him. You watch him last night and you see the thing with Joe Biden last night. Joe Biden gives a very nice speech until Joe comes in like she gives a perfectly fine speech and she ends it and Joe comes wobbling in there.


He ties first off, he ties her hand around his mask, his mask. It's all tangled in his hand. So he, like, yanks her hand behind her with his filthy, disgusting Joe like Menasha mask. And then he, like, says his name wrong. He says, I'm Joe Biden's husband. Can't get that right. And then he says she has a backbone like a ramrod, which is super weird. And then he said that like, it's a weird thing to say about your wife.


Like, at least he didn't bite her finger, which he's prone to do in front of everyone. But because he did literally bite and lick his wife's finger on national TV and then he confused his wife with his sister, and then he said his sister's his love of his life. He's also done that. But then ultimately, like he, like, made some weird allegory to like she is like the the homeroom teacher you never had.


And Jim and Jill is just like, get here you go.


And he's going to do that. You're right. He's going to have his senior moments. He's got his senior moments. Charlie, tell me if you think this is a good idea. I'd if I were Donald Trump, I would start by saying we have a crisis in this country. There are millions of people who are suffering right now because of something called leftist violence. Joe Biden, does antifa exist? Yes, that's exactly right. And I'll tell you what, Charlie, if I were to guess what would happen, Joe Biden wouldn't know what it is.


I think that Joe Biden what Minnesota new poll came in, Beni. Forty seven Trump, 47 percent Biden. Why do you think that is, maybe because the entire inner city of Minneapolis is burning down? Well, yes, correct. Yeah. I mean, like I, I, I, I'm from the Midwest. You're from the Midwest. Minnesota has always been a forkball state in the Midwest. We don't really like Minnesota as a fellow Midwesterner as we'd like to.


It's like the creepy way last time.




But honestly, like Minnesota still has the same type of Midwestern sensibilities that the rest of us have, and it's just gone insane.


If I were in Chicago, as you are right now, I'd see the same thing.


Like we have another question with another question right here. Even if Donald Trump is elected, it will not stop the leftist takeover forever. How can we make sure the Democrats in the left, less or less radicals out in the event they take power, they will not permanently destroy America as we know it.


Well, I know the answer to this, but before I let you answer much better than me and smarter than me, I'll take my low IQ answer of this. The low IQ answer, this is England and England is a wonderful example of a cancer of the Conservative Party. So putting the left in a box like the leftist party in England has been the Labour Party, as it's called, has been utterly taken over by radical, vicious, venomous Aoki style antisemite.


Jeremy Corbyn and AOC are best friends. They call each other. They love each other. They have a good time. They have a great relationship. They love talking about how Israel needs to be destroyed and wiped off the face of the earth and how they need to take away all private capital and all private property. They love each other. And Labour won how many seats in the last election.


And it's like a massive landslide. And by the way, none of the polling reflected that going into it. No.


And so what what happened is over the course of the radical leftist metastasizing through the host, that is the corpse of the Democratic Party that is now the host for this essentially like Leninist, Maoist Marxist takeover. You just let them do it right. You let them fail. And then you you take this next four years of Trump win and you marginalize and crush them into this little ball, this little ball.


I was going to say, no, you're right, Bernie. I mean, my take on this is the only way to treat these people is to defeat them. You have to achieve victory like there is no other. You have to be at the ballot box. You have to beat them in conversation. You'd be the culture. You have to beat them in video, all those sorts to beat them on social media, all these sorts of things. And if you beat them in video.


Yes, by my language. Yeah. And if we don't and the failure to do so is they will run us all over. Right. And they will not stop unless they are stopped. That that is the biggest takeaway. Right. They they will not the only way if we can, if we can demoralize them. I have a different theory than most people. Right. So some people. Beny, I want your opinion on this. Some people say, well, if Trump wins, the country is going to blow up all these sorts of things.


I think there might be like an instant revolt, right? I think there might. But we've already saw some pretty big insurrection. I'm actually of the opinion, Ben. If he wins, they'll be very demoralized like they will be.


I mean, I think it will be a death blow, like the likes of which we've never seen before.




I mean, think of like you remember. No, the no. I mean, the best thing know, like Donald Trump's inauguration.


Well, yes, think of that. But think of that. But like fantasies army in you know, the Avengers Infinity War like just these is like this is like field of no.


The black if you like what it will be. But here's my my take, Charlie. And you have the questions. I don't. So tell me if I my take is this very simply.


Cavanaugh, you brought up Cavanaugh a little bit ago, Cavanaugh was a perfect example of how they can they can't help themselves. They're going to lose. They can't help themselves. They go to extreme. They get this taste in the water, this blood lust in the water, and they just can't help themselves. The left can't help themselves. They're such a committed Marxist that they don't know when to stop. And so with Cavanough, they didn't know when to stop and they lost the Senate because the Democrats were going to win the Senate and would have been a really rough time for Donald Trump.


He would have spent the entire last two years vetoing everything. Veto, veto, veto is exhausting. Instead, they you know, because of Kavanaugh, the GOP was able to pull out in spite of themselves, obviously.


And you and I have thoughts on that. What the left is doing right now, burning down cities, burning down cities like absolute fractured America, post American politics. It's the American public's sick of it. They're going to spit it out.


I think the framing of post American politics is the right way to put it. Last question here, Ben. We're getting at freedom at Charlie Cook, dotcom freedom at Charlie Cook Dotcom. For those of you that are watching on YouTube, I will give away five signed copies of The New York Times best seller Magga Doctrine. If you show your subscribed with the bell and email it to us at Freedom at Charlie Cook Dotcom to screenshot an email us. Last question here, Beny.


What do you think the October surprise will be or what do you think it should be? What do you think we could force the hand for the October surprise? The last time it was James Comey and the Billy Bush tape, believe it or not. And despite that, Donald Trump overcame it.


Remember, his his campaign was given a eulogy almost a couple of weeks before by the media. And that's why I tell people we're in a better place now than we were in sixteen. I'm like, hold on a second. You remember the Democrat convention where we were getting in fights with the Gold Star father? Remember the Democrat convention where like they were united and we had like fights on the floor of who we are going to nominate. And then all of a sudden we a Billy Bush tape and we overcame that.


What do you think the October surprises or what do you think it could be or should be?


There are things like there are things I can say and things I can't say. So the things I can say, things I can say are I believe that there is going to be huge indictments that are going to come down an Obama gate and spy gate and Russia gate. I believe that that is going to be laid bare and some of the highest levels of our government, probably predebate, are going to have to answer for that. Obviously, Joe Biden's name is on a lot of unmasking.


And I think that that's part of the reason why Susan Rice wasn't selected, selected as vice president. Susan Rice, I personally believe, would have made a killer vice president for Joe Biden. And I believe that is one of the reasons they know that they are they they know that they are caught red handed in all of this. And I believe the public, when when you can finally focus on it and when people start getting perp walked in and out of court for it, I think that you'll like the attention the water will boil so heavily that the establishment media will have to cover it and people will have to see in the corruption.


The weird part about Joe Biden being selected by the DNC as the candidate. The weird part about that is that he is. Complicit, at least at worst. At best, he's complicit, right? He was just there to go along. He didn't quite know what was happening. At worst, he was one of the people masterminding it, one of the people suggesting that this is the way they go after Flynn, this is the way they go after these people.


He's using his 40 years in Washington to figure out how to corrupt the system. And so that's why I personally believe the surprise is going to be that I think there are some other really special things in the works. And I think there are some other really big things that can happen between now and then. If, you know, one thing about Donald Trump is that he doesn't like to be caught without a card up his sleeve. And he is he's got to he's got a full deck.


We'll have to watch and see, Benny. Thank you so much for watching everyone e-mail us your questions. Freedom at Charlie Kirch, dotcom freedom at Charlie Kirk Dotcom. And we will be streaming live right after Joe Biden accepts the nomination tomorrow with instant analysis and reaction. Thank you guys so much. Thanks, Benny. Thanks, guys.


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