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Local taxes are recycled. These offerings eight thirty one point. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Cook is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Charlie Cook's run in the White House. But I want to thank Charlie is an incredible guy, his spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.


That's why we are here.


Hey, everybody, welcome to the Charlie Kirk Show. There's so much happening in this country. The president is in Pennsylvania right now in this presidential race has completely and totally tightened. The latest betting odds have Joe Biden only about half a point up on Donald Trump in the betting markets, just about a statistical tie. So how do we get here? About three, six weeks ago, it was incredible.


It was Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by double digits in every poll that we've been told internally and externally. And all of a sudden, President Donald Trump has turned this race into basically a statistical tie, almost Trump's race to lose. One of the reasons for this is that President Donald Trump is the best offensive player and the best offensive president in modern American history. He is the best at setting the tone, at getting people to react to him.


And the media has followed suit for him for so long. President Donald Trump is actually, I think, at his most vulnerable when the media is the one that is setting the agenda, for example, on impeachment or on Mueller, that is when President Donald Trump is probably his most vulnerable. He has President Donald Trump because of Joe Biden's unwillingness to actually address the riots, to actually address the arson of our country.


Former Vice President Joe Biden was actually put in a very precarious position and President Donald Trump barnstormed through the door. So now we have a race. And the question is, is that going to be enough to win for President Donald Trump? I say no. But President Donald Trump is actually on the verge right now to be able to checkmate against Joe Biden. Donald Trump had many of his key. You could put figures or players on the chessboard off because of the Chinese coronavirus.


And the lockdown's Donald Trump was able to bait Joe Biden to actually have him come out of the basement and turn this into a presidential election. So the question is, what can Donald Trump do to really put Joe Biden into the oblivion of political history to checkmate him once and for all? Well, first, let's go through a couple of examples of how President Donald Trump is a good offensive player and he's able to get Joe Biden to show his inherent contradictions in positions that he once held, for example, on fracking.


Biden said that he would ban fracking. Now he says he won't play tape.


I am not banning fracking. Let me say that again. I am not banning fracking, no matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me.


What about stopping fracking and stopping it?


I am not banning fracking, no matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me.


There's no question I'm in favor of banning fracking.


I am not banning fracking. No matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me.


No more. No no fracking.


No matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me, we are we are going to get rid of fossil fuels no matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me.


Why would there be any place for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking in a Biden administration?


No way we would work it out. We would make sure it's eliminated.


So there it is right there. Now, all of a sudden, the state of Pennsylvania, Joe Biden, is just a pathological liar and the media does not cover it at all. Joe Biden says no matter how many times you lie about me, he's an Orwellian gaslighting projector. We talked about this on a previous episode of Charlie Kirk show two nights ago. We talk about the tactic of gas lighting. And you can see there Joe Biden is just contradicting himself on a core issue that impacts hundreds of thousands of families across Pennsylvania, Ohio and Midwestern states.


Joe Biden will ban fracking. Joe Biden will ban fossil fuel exploration. This alone helps Donald Trump have a comparative and competitive advantage in the industrial Midwest. So Donald Trump playing offense on the fracking issue, has made Joe Biden go into an endless. Cycle of self-contradiction, people then lose support and Joe Biden, Joe Biden's number goes down and Donald Trump's number goes up. How about on defunding the police? When pressed, Joe Biden said he would defund or as he calls it, reallocate funding for the police responding?


Absolutely. Yes, when asked. Now he is hedging and scoffing at this accusation and saying we need to fund the police. They need more funding.


Let's play tape, a surplus military equipment for law enforcement. They don't need that. The last thing you need is an up armored Humvee coming into a neighborhood. It's like the military invading. I don't know anybody. They become the enemy. They're supposed to be protecting these people.


So my generic point is that we agree that we can redirect some of the funding. Yes, absolutely. One of the things that so there it is, Joe Biden, he was being interviewed by an individual that I think is suffering from ALS, and that's one of the interviews from now this. And so as you saw there, Joe Biden said, yes, absolutely. I think that we can reallocate the funding. And so now I believe that we have a tape of Joe Biden saying now he doesn't want to defund police.


Is that right? We have another tape that says that. Let's play that tape.


President Trump says that you want to defund the police. Do you know?


I don't. By the way, he proposes cutting a half a billion dollars out of local police support. Look, what the police need is the police. First of all, there has to be national standards that, in fact, apply to every police department in the country. And that's what we're going to do. I don't want to defund police departments.


I think they need more help. They need more assistance. We have to make it clear that this first of all, I think they should sit further apart from each other.


I mean, I don't think that 45 feet that they're across from each other is enough.


I mean, at that point, why don't they just sitting opposite rooms, I mean, this over pandering to sitting 95 feet from each other when they're both tested on a daily basis and they both know they do not have the Chinese coronavirus is just, to me, outright and ridiculous and insulting to the American people that are trying to get their lives back. Secondly, you can see Joe Biden contradict himself again. And this is where Donald Trump is at his best.


The riots were happening. The Democrat media, the gas lighter's said other peaceful protests. There are peaceful protests. Don't mention them. They're peaceful protests. Meanwhile, people's entire lives are being burned down. A really peaceful protest. My restaurant's on fire. It's a peaceful, peaceful protest. Sit down, little citizen on my church. Just burn down. It's a peaceful protest. Sit down, simpleton. And eventually, this kind of creates an inherent disinformation that creates a cognitive dissonance almost between the people and the rulers and the elites where all of a sudden there's a disconnect.


They said whatever they're telling me, it's a lie. Who's the person that actually supports police again? Who's the person that supports law and order? The entire Kenosha and the entire violence and rioting narrative. The Democratic National Committee didn't mention violence and rioting once during their entire convention.


They called it a movement for racial justice. They described a movement of peaceful protesters. They likened it to this phrase called good trouble, which is just another way of saying permissible criminality. That's what good trouble means about a hundred times. Then Don Lemon alerted them that their polling was bad. And we've shown this tape before a couple of times on The Charlie Cook Show, no need to show it again. But essentially, Don Lemon was playing, let's say, offensive coordinator of the Democratic National Committee football team saying, hey, guys, every time you're running the ball, we're punting.


Don't you realize we need to do something different? And to put it non metaphorical terms, Don Lemon was basically saying we're going to lose this election until we start recognizing that people are actually upset that their homes are being invaded, that towns are being burned down. And because President Donald Trump took such a firm and definitive posture when it came to law and order and the police and almost had a boomerang effect, where in early June, being propolis hurt you politically in late August, being propolis helped you politically.


Here's a question that I think is worthy of asking. Joe Biden visited Kenosha today. Do you think Kenosha was on Joe Biden's calendar last week? Do you think Joe Biden planned to visit Kenosha two weeks ago? Before the polling began to flip, before Trump and Biden were tied in states like Pennsylvania, Joe Biden had no concern whatsoever for the people of Kenosha.


He never would have gone to Kenosha and Joe Biden met with Jacob Blake's father, who was a Jew hating anti-Semite, just as a nice, interesting side note, we'll get some citations on the specifics here in just a second.


In fact, I can guarantee you that Joe Biden. Did not have a visit to Kenosha on his calendar. He agreed with Governor Tony Evers, who sent a letter saying to President Donald Trump, do not come to Kenosha. It's hurtful. And then Joe Biden comes. Here's an interesting question why is Joe Biden able to visit Kenosha, but he wasn't able to visit his own convention just 45 miles down the street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The difference is that when his convention was going on, his polling was double digits positive.


Now he has to actually look or at least play the part of some sort of president. Speaking of which, Jacob Blake's father said the following bitter antisemite Jew hater that Joe Biden met with. I am quoting from Jacob Blake's father, who's actually named Jacob Blank. Jews are not special. They're just like everybody else. The Jewish media picks and chooses who is a terrorist and who is not. Warning for Jews in Pittsburgh. No warning for gunmen in Kentucky, Wolf.


This is who Joe Biden meets with privately today. And actually, by the way, there's such there's even worse ones. And the fact the activist media does not cover this tells you quite a lot about the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. Biden's here's another example here that's very interesting.


So Joe Biden was reluctant to visit. Notion of the fact that Joe Biden flew to Kenosha shows the power of Donald Trump's offensive strategy. Joe Biden didn't want to have to charter a jet to Kenosha. This is a visit he didn't want to have to make. It's a visit that is off message for him. It is a visit that is incongruent with his entire political strategy. The more Donald Trump is able to flush out Joe Biden to go visit places that are not in his political calculation, to go to towns that are not necessarily a concern of his, that is a winning campaign for Donald Trump.


But you can also make the case that Biden has adapted that Biden is adapting to what is happening because the polling and the messaging is shifting alongside each other and it's pure gaslighting. And again, from Tuesday's episode, let's just recap what gaslighting actually is. Gas leaders deny they ever said anything, even though you have proof. This is from Psychology Today. Quote, You know, they said they would do something. You know, you heard it, but they outright try and deny it and makes you start questioning your own reality.


But nevertheless, Joe Biden has been on defense. Trump is on offense. This is a good thing. So the question then becomes, how do you keep him there? What is Trump's next chess move? How do you check, mate, Joe Biden? Because Donald Trump masterfully turned this into a competitive race, how do you make it into a race where it's a landslide for Donald Trump?


Because that surge of support we saw for law and order, now it's going to taper a little bit because Joe Biden is going to spend 45 million dollars trying to make himself seen that he is. The Law and order candidate Joe Biden is now visiting the place and saying he actually stands for police and he's going to try to call in some favors with some police unions to try to get himself endorsed, which is to be a very difficult political strategy. But nevertheless, Joe Biden is waking up to the idea that people don't like widespread murder, looting, arson and riots.


The fact it took him this long and they miss this political window to really be able to cement the lead shows you how much hubris there is within Democratic Party elite circles. So how do you do this? What should President Trump do next? What is the one thing where all of a sudden you could take Joe Biden from being on defense, on the riots issue and being defense on another issue, make him reverse his decision on a court position again?


Not just some fringe issue, not just some talking point dilemma, not something that he misspoke on, but a public position, a publicly stated position that he has put forward where Joe Biden has to retract, redact, apologize and change course. What is that issue? Well, right now, the Democrats believe they have the upper hand on two issues and in a sense they think they're related coronavirus and health care. So what's the key spot to get him on Lockdown's the lockdowns are falling out of favor with decent and reasonable people, they are seeing their leaders defy the lockdown's, such as Nancy Pelosi, the Philadelphia mayor, Lori Lightfoot, Andrew Cuomo actually have disrespect and disregard for the very lockdown orders that they are putting.


Meanwhile, small business owners and middle income families are suffering dramatically. What is Joe Biden's position? He wants to have you stayed lockdown play tape. Sworn in come January and we have coronavirus and the flu combining, which many scientists have said is a real possibility, would you be prepared to shut this country down again? I would be prepared to do whatever it takes to save lives because we cannot get the country moving until we control the virus. That is the fundamental flaw of this administration's thinking to begin with.


In order to keep the country running and moving and the economy growing and people employed, you have to fix the virus. You have to deal with the virus. So if the scientists say, shut it down, I would shut it down, I would listen to the scientists.


I would shut it down. I cut an ad for that right now, in fact, we might a turning point action or 524 organization, I would shut it down. Again, the Democrats believe they have the upper hand on two issues and is in this sense, they are related. They believe they have an upper hand on the Chinese coronavirus and on health care.


These draconian lockdowns are incredibly unpopular. Even Democrats hate them. Democrat leaders don't even abide by them. They don't believe in them. They're nothing more than power. Muscle flexing exercises for wannabe dictators that miss their calling and the Eva Peron types. They're also really bad for the economy, we're going to get in exactly how bad they were for the economy in just a second. But often, instead of helping fight the Chinese coronavirus, their main contribution has been detrimental to America's health.


So actually, if you care about the health of the American people, you should be against these lockdown's the next chess move President Donald Trump must execute on right now to win this election. And checkmate Joe Biden while he's on defense on the riots, you could totally pummel his campaign into oblivion. Checkmate him for what he is lockdown Biden. So let's go through the list of the impacts of what Lockdown's would be in Biden's America, which he just said I would shut it down.


Economic at the height of the lockdown's in May, there were close to 41 million Americans unemployed and the impact of the lockdown's on small businesses have been devastating. Now I want to get our language specific. People say, well, the virus has really kept a lot of people out of work. No, that's not true. The lockdowns are reaction to the virus kept people out of work. There's the virus, then there's the lockdowns. Do not conflate the two because we had the choice and we had the capacity to not lock down our entire society.


We could have trusted people and given them the liberty or the agency to make good decisions. Listen to this from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. According to a July survey from Goldman Sachs, 84 percent of recipients expected to exhaust their PP funds by August. That means approximately four million small businesses have likely already exhausted all their funds, or 13 percent of America's 31 million small businesses. Furthermore, only 13 percent I'm sorry. Furthermore, only seven percent of small businesses are very confident they will be able to maintain payroll if no further government help is provided.


And this is just information from small businesses that have been able to stay afloat again. In May, at the height of the Biden lockdown's, The Washington Post reported that more than 100000 small businesses have closed forever. If lockdown Biden gets elected, what about the next 100000 small businesses as the nation's pandemic toll? They write, but it's important distinction they failed to make. It's not the pandemic, it's the lockdown's. If you care about small business owners and if you are a small business owner, Biden is your biggest enemy.


The Chamber of Commerce says businesses will continue to sink if they don't get more support from the federal government, but that's in and of itself its own economic issue, a massive one at that. The deficit is set to increase to three point three dollars trillion dollars this year. Two point two trillion of that is due to the overblown, irresponsible and reckless response to the pandemic, which was a handout to corporate America. National Public Radio, Radio, illegal aliens, PBS and free checks to people that sit around.


And weren't working. It was a dumb stimulus bill, we never should have done it in the first place, I spoke out against it. I know why the president had to sign it. But legislatively and policy wise, I'm a huge critic of borrowing money. We do not have to study things that do not motivate economic growth, subsidize bad behavior, and set precedent for universal basic income, massive crony capitalist bailouts when in reality, small business and middle income owners barely got the help they needed.


No one should want to vote for a renewal of this kind of economic malaise, but that is exactly what Joe Biden is running on. So as Trump has him on the run, going to Kenosha and just I hope Joe Biden, his campaign, realize and recognize and they do. And I hope you recognize watching this movement is an indicator of life in politics. A candidate's time is the most valuable thing a candidate has. The fact Joe Biden goes and has visited to Kenosha is a sign outside of the polling, outside of the spending, outside of the chatter and the punditry and the prognostication.


It is a sign that there's a crisis in the Biden campaign. There is no benefit for him to go to Kenosha. He highlights exactly what his Democrat worldview would do for the entire country and puts the entire country in massive form of jeopardy. Safety, chaos, disarray and ruin. So the Democrats want to talk about health care. They actually think that it's a winning issue. So in some ways, Joe Biden would, on the surface embrace a conversation when it comes to the lockdown's.


He's like, oh, yeah, I'd be happy to talk about the lockdown's. Why not? We'll talk about the lockdown's. But in reality, the Biden lockdowns have been devastating for health care in America, according to electronic medical records, vendor EPIK, appointments for screenings for cancer for cervix, colon and breast cancer were down between 86 and 94 percent in March compared to average volumes in the three years before the first Chinese coronavirus case was confirmed in the United States.


A model created by the National Cancer Institute predicts that tens of thousands of excess cancer deaths will occur over the next decade as a result of missed screenings, delays in diagnosis reductions and oncology care caused by the Chinese coronavirus. Pandemic suicides are on the rise, so Biden supports the continuation and the absolute shutdown of the American economy. The American way of life. Biden wants to lock down your livelihood.


In Fresno, California, for example, suicides are up 70 percent in June compared to the same compared in 2000 19. The National Alliance of Mental Illness helpline has seen a 65 percent increase in calls and emails since March, particularly among high schoolers and from the Center for Disease Control, 25 percent of young Americans ages 18 to 24 seriously considered suicide during the lockdown. If you're watching out this and you're over the age of 50, you should be sick for what we have done to young people in this country.


We have destroyed their life because the experts and the scientists told us to do that. It's also large, in part due the massive increase in drug and alcohol usage. People can't visit their gyms, their social circles, their sporting events. They can't get outside. The only thing that you're allowed to go do is go be angry in the streets. The only allowable or essential activity is go put on a BLM Inc t shirt, say you hate America and you'd be willing to burn the country.


That is considered to be an essential activity in the eyes of the ruling class. These lockdowns kept kids out of schools, gyms and churches, you really think that things are going to end well when you take away the spiritual component, the physical component and the educational component of society? What keeps human beings human is their connection to a God, their physical existence, their educational pursuit, their source of meaning, their source of community. We removed all that.


We said, oh, you could just stay in your apartment and find meaning. No, that is the least free human beings have ever been. We had the greatest experiment, socialism in our country's history. And Joe Biden just said in the clip we just played that he's willing to bring us back to that lock down the country again. President Trump needs to play offense on this issue immediately. President Trump needs to frame it like this. Joe Biden wants suicides to go up.


Joe Biden wants cancers to go undetected, undetected. Joe Biden wants more small businesses to close. Joe Biden wants record unemployment. Joe Biden wants everything that you have suffered through to happen again, unnecessarily. Because he's a power hungry, foolish tyrant and Joe Biden would keep on saying, I'm going to follow the science and President Trump should say and preempt that. I don't want to shut it down because of the science. Joe Biden will say, I would shut it down, I, I'd follow the science, keep on repeating that ad one after the other.


I'm about to take some of your questions if you guys want to win a signed copy of The New York Times best seller The Magga Doctrine, email us right now, freedom at Charlie Cook, Dotcom Freedom and Charlie Kirchen. I'm about to take your questions. We'll do it right here before I do the. The more President Trump can get Joe Biden to answer on his terms to crisscross the country to places he doesn't want to go, that's how you win the issue.


The lockdown's is falling out of favor with the American people, especially as you see Democrats defy the lockdown's themselves. The Nancy Pelosi hair salon incident is one of the greatest political openings that Donald Trump could have been given. He needs to seize it by seizing it.


He can win this election and preserve the republic and Western civilization with it. Joe Biden was at his best when Donald Trump had to just talk about virus rates, death rates and case rates. Hard to run up against a virus. To be honest with you, it's hard to run one on one up against something that is a transmissible disease, much easier to run up against somebody who wants to shut down all of American society. Again, we cannot endure that.


We can't we do not want to talk about survivability rate. America cannot survive. Another lockdown cannot happen in New York City. Most businesses, restaurants are going to fall that they have to stay shut down in those 60 days. I know fitness center owners in Los Angeles that have totally shut down and they're done. I know entrepreneurs all across the beautiful state of California, all across the beautiful state of New Jersey, that because of the criminal, the criminal edicts that have been put forward to them and because they have no choice.


They shut down. Business licenses are gone. And all the jobs that they produced, all the value they created for that local community are destroyed. And here's a really interesting question for you. Who do you think actually wants Lockdown's again? Who do you think wants Lockdown's again, you might say, well, no one wants them. Who wants Lockdown's again? Who got really rich during the lockdown's? If I was Jeff Bezos, I would want another 100000 small businesses to go under.


What's been amazing to me is how the left has decided not to challenge the economic ruling class in this country, what's been amazing to me is how the left. Has decided that they hate Donald Trump, but they love Jeff Bezos. How did that one work? A year ago, Amazon stock. I'm sorry, on Thursday, January 2nd. Year to date, Amazon stock. Was one thousand eight hundred and ninety eight dollars a share. Amazon stock today is three thousand three hundred sixty eight dollars a share.


So who actually benefited from the lockdown's? Amazon almost doubled their market cap. Amazon's market cap. It's hard to believe, and I'm reading this is one point six, nine trillion dollars, almost one point seven trillion dollars. That they were an 800 billion dollar company not too long ago, Apple just hit two trillion dollar market cap. Now there's a lot of cheap money floating around. So these valuations kind of just playing with silly money, kind of playing with house money.


But I want you to think yourself, who actually is pushing in Joe Biden's ear, lock it down again. Lock it down. The people that actually think small businesses are an inconvenience to society, people don't want the hyper corporatization of America. Now, mind you, incredibly, the Republican Party used to be the party of corporate America. The Republican Party used to be the party of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and giving money to China and bringing in lots of plastic piles of garbage that we don't need into our garages to give to our children that they're going to forget about and throw away six days later.


Now, the Republican Party kind of backed into being the party of middle class workers, family formation, faith and free speech, that's now the Republican Party. And so when Joe Biden is saying I'd lock it down again, you know, who else kind of wants it to be locked down? Again, the pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical companies that benefit tremendously from more people taking antidepressants, more people taking, let's say, drugs to solve problems for other problems that drugs cost.


Corporate America benefited tremendously from the lockdown's, especially the tech sector, Silicon Valley, which really runs our country, if we're honest with it, the companies are the people that are the most powerful for our country or Silicon Valley. It's just they run the country. D.C. doesn't run the country. They don't. They say they do, and all of a sudden they pander to the Silicon Valley elites. I'm not saying they have no power, but the real power is vested in Wall Street and in Silicon Valley.


So now Donald Trump is a disruptor to all these power systems. So when Joe Biden says, I want to lock down America, you can then expose who Joe Biden really represents.


He represents the BLM Inc. government addicted. So they get government benefits. They don't work. They get free money from the government. They don't work at all. The UN, the permanent government dependent class, and then the one percent of the one percent of the one percent, that's Joe Biden's constituency. That's who wants another lockdown. Regular, normal, decent, reasonable people. They shudder to think what will happen if we lock down our country again for good reason.


Another shutdown of the American economy. Might break the civilization as we know it. Here's the Freeman. President Donald Trump needs to be the Open Up America candidate. Joe Biden needs to be the lockdown candidate. Lockdowns are not about health care, they're about livelihoods. The longer you keep America locked down, the more social unrest there will be, the longer you keep America locked down, the more suicides. The more domestic abuse, the more sexual abuse, the more alcohol and drug consumption, as soon as you allow liberty to be embraced again as a fundamental value in our country, a lot of these problems will self correct.


The longer you go around with a gun and say, if you leave your home, if you open your business, you're out of business, then all of a sudden you are essentially commanding American society. For the needs, wants and interests of an ever growing group, not ever growing, but ever richer and more powerful group of governing elites, to be perfectly honest with you, I don't think it's a good thing that Jeff Bezos is now worth one hundred and seventy billion dollars while most Americans can't scrape together a couple of pennies now.


I think that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, their economic policy is anti-American and it's evil and it's immoral. But when Jeff Bezos accumulates that kind of wealth, while most Americans have gone further into debt and their kids are thinking of killing themselves and their other kids are learning to hate America, I ask myself the question, who actually allowed these trends to accelerate? And the answer is people like Joe Biden and Joe Biden. Just once those trends to continue more.


If you lock down the country again, Jeff Bezos will be worth 250 billion dollars and the average American family will be 50000 dollars more into debt. And here's a scary thing. Here's the other reason why people want Lockdown's, here's why Bill de Blasio wants Lockdown's. This is a hard thing for people to realize, I was stopped at an event recently in Montana. And by the way, please email us your questions, freedom at Charlie Dotcom. If I select your question, you guys win a signed copy, The New York Times, The New York Times best seller, The Magath Doctrine.


iSelect, your question. But I was stopped by somebody and they said, Charlie, I refuse to believe that there is an ideological campaign to want to keep America closed, I think it's all under the best interests of people.


I say you've not spent enough time around the American left. You see, Bill de Blasio is a true Bolshevik Jacobin Marxist, he is an Jacobin being a or Jacobin, there's a I pronounce it both ways, Jacobin, Jacobin. French Revolution style insurgent. Bill de Blasio views the American system of governance. To be a mistake. Worse, he he actually considers the American way of life to be a mistake. Bill de Blasio believes at all costs, we must break America from within.


So outside of the corporate elites, you see this very interesting alliance that has been formed in our country. Where you have this. This strange marriage that has happened. Where you have corporate elites that want America locked down again because they're going to benefit from it financially like Jeff Bezos, so everyone can go get. Some package that you didn't really need delivered to you in a day or less because you can't leave your home. So Jeff Bezos benefits from it and then you have the other people that benefit from it.


The people that have been trying to find a way to short circuit overload the programming to put in a virus, no pun intended, into the computer, the computing processing system of America, and destroy it to blow it up.


These people are looking for any and all opportunities, any ports of entry. To disrupt. What we know is the American way of life, the American way of life, as I mentioned in my RNC speech, is you work hard, you play by the rules. You want a better life for your kids. You believe in a higher power. You believe in freedom of speech. You believe in proper firearm, firearm owning. You just try to do the right thing and pass on these values.


The next generation. You believe that service. You believe in duty. You believe in liberty. You believe in the American trinity, in God we trust. You live a life where your kids will live a slightly better life than you do. That's the American way of life. But people such like Bill de Blasio, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Bernie Sanders and others. They had a goal written on a piece of paper before the Chinese coronavirus, before the lockdown's of I Want to destroy America presents to me a way I can do it.


Since the crisis comes and it's not about health, it's not about all that. They instead look at this. As an insurgent opportunity. To overwhelm the American system and destroy it from within, that's where they look at this opportunity. So you have these corporate elites and these Bolsheviks that otherwise would have bitterly hated each other. Partnering with the agreed upon goal, an objective that what we have here in our country must no longer exist. That's the unspoken of tragedy of this moment and by the way, to word it is, that's the unspoken of story here.


It is a tragedy because you have the richest people. And the most disgruntled people that are partnering to destroy what Aristotle would call the golden mean, the middle class, the people in the middle, those that don't have a little they don't have a lot, but they have enough to get by and they're invested in your system. But guess what happens when those people in the middle stop believing in the system, which is happening at an increasingly alarming rate where debt increases, jobs disappear, churches are not allowed to open.


That middle class turns into a revolutionary class and it happens like that. And as soon as the middle class turns in a revolutionary class, leave the country because it's not going to end well. The Republican Party and the conservatives and President Trump can stop all this, you know, what a great way to make sure this doesn't happen. Don't lockdown the country anymore. So Bill de Blasio in a very unusual way, says he hates rich people. He's actually helping rich people by keeping all of New York City closed.


Who do you think's the one that's delivering all the packages because people can't go to these restaurants? Bill de Blasio, Bill de Blasio says I want to tax the rich more. Well, first of all, rich people have a thing called planes and helicopters. So they're out of New York City. You can tax them anymore. They've sold their assets in New York. But rich people also have this really interesting thing called the capacity to still sell goods, even they don't live in your city.


And so the drones flying around now delivering your packages in New York, Bill de Blasio to the lower middle income earners who you've just destroyed their lives because you've said that restaurants are not going to open except outside dining. Well, guess what if you have in October. It's kind of cold in New York and it just it's not easy to have indoor dining. Bill de Blasio says he hates the rich and he wants to tax the rich. Yet his own policy.


Well, actually benefit the wealthiest Americans more so than ever before, but he doesn't care, he just wants to break the system so he can have some sort of Marxist revolution. He considers Fidel Castro and Vladimir Lenin to be admirable figures in American society. Joe Biden is the lockdown candidate. Donald Trump is the Open Up America candidate. Checkmate, Biden. OK, let's get to a couple of questions here, freedom at Charlie Kirkham, and we're also going to give away ten signed copies of the Magga doctrine over a period of time here.


If you guys can show your subscribe to the Charlie Kirk shows to subscribe right now on Apple podcast, we have the link in the Facebook description. Love the show. Thanks for your voice and knowledge. What would Biden propose if the virus never goes away and the vaccine isn't a hundred percent, which no vaccine is, we should stay shut down forever. Depend on government. Yes, he wants to shut down America and he would kowtow to the corporate elites to keep our country permanently closed.


What do I say? That this is a great question. Jenny from Brooklyn. What do I say to people that support the lockdown's? I can tell them these facts and everything, but they still have absolute trust in the science and the government. Surely they don't actually enjoy the new normal. Thank you, Jenny. One, first of all, there's two ways to answer this question, the first of which is just because you open up America doesn't mean you have to leave your house.


This thing called liberty is you don't actually have to leave your home once you open up the country. And the second thing is this. If you still support Lockdown's, you hate people. It's that simple. If you still support Lockdown's. You actually love ideology and dogma more than you love people. It's that simple. It is an immoral position to say that you want to keep America locked down anymore. We are in September, they told us two weeks to slow the spread.


We are in September. And we still can't get the act together with this keep it coal country lockdown, people make responsible decisions or they'll make irresponsible decisions. It is not the role of the state to micro program everything you do. If it was, who wouldn't have speed limits over 10 miles an hour? If it was, no one would own a firearm or kitchen knife. If it was, we wouldn't have pools in the backyard where kids, far too often the American southwest, unfortunately drown to death.


If it was, we wouldn't have fireworks where people blow their head off every July 4th. The incredible thing about liberty is you have to have responsibility. But now we've indulged in this ridiculous, this ridiculously dangerous central planning experiment where we're going to micro program every single citizen like don't leave the home because I know what that's for. You know, you don't know what's best for me. And by the way, I elected you. You don't control me.


We've a thing called first principles in this country forgotten all of that. We are philosophically. Abandoned the fundamental roots of our country so quickly in such a disappointing and sudden fashion. So that's what I would say, Jenny, if you support Lockdown's you love ideology and dogma more than you love people, it is immoral and it is evil to keep America locked down any further. Please continue to email us your questions, freedom at Charlie Cook, dotcom freedom at Charlie Cook Dotcom.


Let's get to this one, I listen to your show every day, and I love hearing your valuable input on situations going on in the country. Thank you. I'd love to hear your take on as Bill.


SB 145 in California seems like the Democrats are pushing to normalize pedophilia, and it's absolutely disgusting. Thank you and God bless. Dan, I'm going to do an entire episode on this coming up next week. You are right. I'm going to get my research right and get my facts right before I dive into it. I don't want to talk off the cuff on that. It is too sensitive a subject and it is too politically important. I'm going to get all the facts and next week.


So that's a Segway for why these guys got to get involved and engaged in supporting our program. You can add Charlie Kirkham support and also consider supporting us at USA, Dotcom, TPE, USA, Dotcom. You guys please keep on emailing your questions and and freedom at Charlie Cook, dotcom freedom at Charlie Cook Dotcom. And right now subscribe to The Charlie Cook Show. And if you're on YouTube, YouTube in is kind of a little bit of a wrestling match with YouTube.


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I've eyeballs on all those emails. Thank you guys so much for listening. We have huge episodes coming up this weekend. Again, freedom at Charlie Dotcom. Make sure to subscribe. Thank you guys so much. God bless.