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Hey, everybody. The Democrats had their convention and we have the instant analysis quicker than any other podcast out there. Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders, Andrew Cuomo and Gretchen Whitmer, they all spoke.


And we tell you that there was actually some really good news for President Trump tonight. We learned a lot about the Democrat Party. We learned a lot about our country tonight.


Thank you guys so much for supporting us as we are recording this podcast right now. It is in the wee wee early hours. I could actually go and get a cup of coffee. It is so early because we wanted to make sure you guys had this program right here so early in the morning. So you guys knew exactly what's happening in your country and you had the facts to be able to react to it. And it's made possible by those of you that support us at Charlie Slash report, email me your questions at any time.


And freedom at Charlie Cook, dotcom freedom at Charlie Cook Dotcom. Have the analysis. Stay engaged to this program all week and next week. We have the facts. We have the answers. Buckle up, everybody. Here we go.


Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Cook is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Cook. Charlie Cook's running the White House. But I want to thank Charlie is an incredible guy, his spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.


That's why we are here.


The first night of the Democrat National Convention has concluded. So the Democrat convention has decided to go all virtual. And look, I love political conventions.


I've been watching them since I was very young when I was eight or nine years old. As long as I can remember, I've actually been watching political conventions. And I have to say, to be perfectly honest with you, it's not the same without a crowd instant reaction. It just felt like nothing more than a best clip collection of political advertisements.


And by the way, we are doing this right now at twelve thirty Easter. And by the time we are done editing and done with this episode, it will be probably three thirty a.m. Eastern. We had the first most instant analysis because that's how much we care about you guys, because we see how much you guys support us at Charlie Cook dotcom slash support and that's why we give you two episodes a day.


So this is the analysis. This is fresh. I just watched all the clips again. I actually watched the entire Democratic convention uninterrupted. I went back and I looked all the clips, got all of our analysis together. And we are here right now to give you exactly what happened. And actually, there's some really interesting teaching moments here.


There's a lot of takeaways. I mean, there was a lot of rubbish. We're going to go through all of that.


There was a lot of nonsense, but there was also a lot of learning lessons, a lot of things that those of us that support the president, I think there's some positives. There's some real takeaways here that is just beyond just all of the pre rehearsed radicalism that was within the first night of the Democrat Party. So let's just start with just the visuals for those of you that didn't get a chance to watch the convention. It was it was very incongruent.


That's the best word I can possibly use you to Eva Longoria as kind of like the emcee for the evening out of Los Angeles who was on some sort of a stage set, who was broadcasting live to the nation. And she was kind of emceeing the whole evening. It started off with a very interesting rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner of different people singing it from across the nation. And one thing the Democrats really like to do is they like to use symbology, history of America and our phrases to try to achieve their radicalism.


This is something that Saul Alinsky, author of the book Rules for Radicals, talked about at length, use the symbology to try to communicate to the population that you're trying to take over. Used the phrases, don't try to be an insurgent like BLM Inc. We'll get to that in a minute, but instead try to win over the population with things that they are familiar with.


Several speakers did this throughout the evening. Senator Amy Klobuchar in particular did this when she was talking about multiple times E Pluribus Unum, the Latin phrase out of many.


One, the Democrats don't believe in E Pluribus Unum. Everything is about racial politics and pitting people against each other and trying to judge people based on skin color. But just from a production standpoint, it is remarkably clear that ever since Harvey Weinstein went to jail, the Democrats have very little capacity to be able to tap into. Hollywood's best producers, I'm half kidding, by the way, whoever was in charge of the production value of this convention needs to be fired.


It looked very disorganized. It looked very. Cluttered Michelle Obama's speech was given sitting down Bernie Sanders speech looked like something out of a hostage video, as if he was forced to give these remarks, as if he was almost compelled to endorse Joe Biden. It didn't have a common theme either.


And one of the biggest takeaways I'm going to get to in just a second, one of these takeaways, I think those of us that want to see the president re-elected, we have to listen very closely to what the Democrats are saying and where they spent their time.


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Charlie, one of the biggest takeaways was where the Democrats were spending their time.


So I kind of put the entire Democrat programming focus on two hours. First of all, they're very focused on racial issues, basically telling everyone how racist they were and then also very focused on Republicans. A huge portion of their program was focused on trying to get Republican voters to vote for Joe Biden. They even had John Kasich, who stumbled into a meadow somewhere in Ohio and said America was at a crossroads and he endorsed Joe Biden in the video.


It was nearly unwatchable and very, very difficult to hear a former Republican in such a cringe worthy fashion go after the pro-abortion, pro-gun grabbing radical Marxist ticket of Joe Biden and Senator Harris. However, there were other parts where former Republican representatives and former governors were also sniping and zooming in to the Democrat convention. This is very interesting for those of us that study political strategy and political analysis like myself that dives deep into polling and dives deep into data. This is very clear to me that Democrats have a problem, Democrats are trying to solve both of their structural problems heading into November simultaneously.


However, whoever's doing their political strategy didn't actually.


Realize that both of their.


Focus's can actually be self-defeating, it's actually one can harm the other a lot of their messaging, such as Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, where she said we need to rewrite our laws and reimagine our society, which will play that tape in just one second, was completely contradictory to John Kasich saying that Joe Biden won't actually be a radical, he'll be a moderate.


Let's first play Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, play tape.


We have to undo the laws and systems that have codified racism for far too long. But we have to do something to each and every one of us, challenge our own biases. If we see something, do something together. We can turn this reckoning into a reimagining of a nation where we, the people, means all the people.


And then John Kasich went out of his way to say Joe Biden won't be a radical, he'll be reasonable play tape.


I'm sure there are Republicans and independents who couldn't imagine crossing over to support a Democrat. They fear Joe may turn sharp left and leave them behind. I don't believe that because I know the measure of the man. It's reasonable, faithful, respectful. And, you know, no one pushes Joe around. Joe Biden is a man for our times times that call for all of us to take off our partisan hats and put our nation first for ourselves and of course, for our children.


So which one is it?


Is that we're going to rewrite our laws and reimagine our society? Or is it that Joe Biden won't actually be a radical? So by trying to pander to the racist roots of the Democrat Party that is playing so far into black identity politics, that is trying to make white people feel guilty and ashamed for their immutable characteristics while simultaneously trying to win Midwestern voters with people like John Kasich, who was a failed governor of Ohio, and someone who quite honestly has no principles at all whatsoever and is not an American patriot who got offended by Donald Trump's tweets at him during a political campaign has harbored that resentment and has decided to manifest that into revenge.


So deeply political, by the way, that he will endorse Joe Biden, a Democrat pro-abortion advocate who has paired himself with the most liberal United States senator. That's how little John Kasich cares about the future of our republic. And so the Democrat strategy clearly shows that they have a enthusiasm problem in the black community, and we saw that when George Floyds family members skipped in or zoomed in towards the beginning of the Democratic convention, trying to convey to the American population that we must continue the racial politics that stemmed out of the unfortunate death of their brother and their family member paired with the Republican defection strategy.


So this all is good news for President Trump. If the Democrats were doing one, but not the other. Then that would be a more alarming sign. Instead, the Democrats have both a base problem and they have a swing voter problem.


That's right.


The Democrats have been re analyzing data from 2012. And do you know what the Democrats have been realizing when they've been re analyzing the data of how President Obama won in 2012? President Obama won in 2012 because he was able to get self-described Republicans to vote for him again because he portrayed himself as a commonsense moderate in 2012 and in 2008, he was a shock election candidate where the country was just ready for change because of the failed presidency in the last couple of years of President Bush.


And just the war weariness in the recession did not help.


And John McCain was a terrible candidate. But the Biden campaign is not dumb. They're not. Whoever designed this convention should be fired with the Biden campaign probably gave the marching orders to the Democratic National Convention and they were poorly executed, but the marching orders are not incorrect. The marching orders were very clear. That in order to win the Midwest, in order to win states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, which are critical to Joe Biden winning the White House, they need to win self described Republicans and even more so, they need to win new Republicans.


They need to win new Republicans that voted for Donald Trump in 2016, that used to be Democrats, that they're trying to bring them back to the party simultaneously.


They looked at the data from 2012 and they saw that minority numbers in 2012 were far that of in 2016. And so what the Democrats are failing to recognize is that the more that they pander to Black Lives Matter Incorporated, BLM Inc, which is the better way to say we say BLM Inc here on this program. And for those of you that have not been tuning in for the last couple of months, as we have had the most cutting analysis on these issues at the BLM Inc.


, I encourage all of you that are new listeners.


Please go back in the archives. We have some of the most in-depth analysis and episodes in early June in particular, where we did multi hour episodes on BLM Inc. and their agenda to destroy America.


But if I was a moderate Republican watching this program tonight or if I was a moderate that might not love Donald Trump, but I'm not yet sold on the Democrats, but my values are center right. I would say, wait a second, I got John Kasich trying to tell me to come over to the party and say that Joe Biden is fine, the water's fine. Everybody jump right in. Everything's great. He's not going to take your guns away.


He's not going to shut down your church. Everything's great.


While just a couple minutes before that, we are hearing from the Washington, D.C. mayor saying that we need to rewrite our laws and reimagine our society. They are trying to unite to inherently incongruent ideas, leftism and liberalism.


This is why their message felt so scattered. There is no throughline and the Republicans are actually going to be very united in their message next week. See, the Republicans, this is one thing that the president has working to his advantage.


He has a very clear path to victory. He needs decent, reasonable suburban voters to come home and he needs enough minority voters to decide they love America. And Donald Trump wins in a landslide. The Democrats have a much harder sell because of the inherent radicalism and also because of campus voting no longer happening, because of a lot of the campus closures in the battleground states. The Democrats are in crisis. They have to boost their numbers in the inner cities and overly racially pander, which I actually think doesn't work.


I think most minority voters that are leading the Democrat Party are tired of being treated by nothing more than the color of their skin. And they also need to try to get centrist voters to go pull the Democrat ticket. The scattered message. It's going to be very difficult to sell to Midwestern voters. And meanwhile, Bernie Sanders, the Bolshevik Communist who will get to later in this program, he said that his message, one, it's like he keeps reminding America out of stubbornness or pride that I'm not on the ticket, but it's actually my ticket.


And so this was also paired very strangely with a hyper fixation on the virus, so you had racial identity politics, you had the Republicans please come vote for us. And then you also had the virus messaging. So the virus messaging actually was probably if there was anything that was the theme of the night.


It's basically America's going through something we've never gone before. Let's not hold the Chinese accountable for it. Instead, let's punish the president who we don't like for whapping to be president during something that President Obama didn't properly prepare us for. Andrew Cuomo blamed Donald Trump for the Chinese coronavirus deaths. In fact, he called it the European virus. That's right. He called it the European virus. And he also blamed Trump for being too fixated on China play tape.


The European virus infected the Northeast while the White House was still fixated on China. The virus had been attacking us for months before they even knew it was here.


Nothing like a New York liberal telling Midwestern voters you're too focused on China. Oh, yeah. You mean the same China that shipped the factory overseas and also killed many old people in the state? You mean that China. And what about all the old folks homes, Andrew Cuomo, that 42 percent of all deaths were in New York and New Jersey to the Chinese coronavirus?


And let's talk about your crime rates. New York's population is nineteen point four million and has 32000 deaths, which is a death rate of one hundred sixty seven out of one hundred thousand residents.


When you just when you juxtapose that to Arizona, Florida, Georgia and Texas, it has a combined population of 68 million and just 29000 deaths. The death rate for those states is 42 out of a hundred thousand four times lower than New York City combined. But it's all tragic. But we must talk and facts. And also, we heard from one of the worst governors in America, the tyrant herself, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who's a very unhappy, bitter person, she has a lot of deep seated rage.


I hope she finds some form of reconciliation. She's a very angry person. And Governor Gretchen Whitmer, whose response to the virus has been so draconian, she's destroyed thousands of Michigan businesses. She was trying to continue on the virus messaging. So I want to get into some of the never Trump and some of the Republicans who think they're being cute and they think they're on the right side of history. But first, let's talk about getting into shape. Whether you're new to the gym or you've been weightlifting for years, it's hard to find the right workout program and stick to it.


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So then all the never Trump came along.


Meg Whitman who I've met before and man I just, I just, she was a nice person. I just don't understand it. And then John Kasich and then some other former Republicans that decided to go out on a limb and try to endorse Joe Biden. So just you understand, President Trump is one of the most popular presidents in the Republican Party in the history of the Republican Party. And you look at the type of Republicans that are defecting from the party.


These are not Republicans that care about the fabric of our country. These are mostly corporate Republicans like Meg Whitman, who have run massive companies that have ship jobs overseas that have pandered to China that, quite frankly, really don't care about the future of the republic.


They just care that they get invited to the right cocktail parties and their kids and grandkids get into the right elite institutions. They are Rockefeller Republicans. At least three of them were from New York and from New Jersey.


And again, John Kasich, it was the Democrats made a very strategic error here.


The Democrats should, instead of having all these people in highly produced campaign ads, they should have just paid for private jets and for quarantine's and have everyone on the same.


Stage, it would've been a much better expenditure resource wise, it just didn't flow, it looked like this was just a YouTube channel that people were zooming in. The audio was bad with some of their speakers. It wasn't good from a production standpoint, it was bad. And then Amy Klobuchar came on screen and as I mentioned previously, she mentioned E Pluribus Unum at least twice.


I have this running joke with Amy Klobuchar and I can't believe it came true. I said, oh, my goodness, she's going to mention the blizzard and she mentioned the blizzard. I mean, every single time she speaks, she talks about how she announced her campaign for president in a blizzard. And my favorite part of her announcing her campaign for president in a blizzard is she was talking about the dangers of global warming. And it's interesting enough she didn't mention why she didn't pursue charges against Eric Shoven, the individual that killed George Floyd, she didn't mention that at all.


Of course, when Klobuchar was the Hennepin County attorney, she did not pursue charges against Eric Shoven. She didn't mention that at all.


And she also didn't mention any of the rioting or the destruction in the state that she represents. She also didn't mention any of the rioting or destruction of the one hundred and seventy plus black owned businesses that were burned almost to the ground, many of them in her home state of Minnesota, in the city of Minneapolis.


She didn't mention any of that at all. In fact, the riots that are happening in our country endlessly in Portland and in Seattle were not mentioned once by the Democrats tonight.


They know this is a losing issue, they know that they are not going to mention how BLM Inc. is roaming the streets like terrorist thugs, going after innocent businesses, going after innocent people and terrorizing them. The left has unleashed chaos and violence. And now they're gaslighting, double speak against us. And again, as they're trying to win over suburban voters and moderate Republicans with former Republicans like Meg Whitman and John Kasich, they're also pandering to BLM Inc., while not mentioning a frontier issue of the criminals that are prowling in our streets.


There was a failed candidate montage. It was really, really bizarre.


I don't know if this is the only speaking time they're going to get and if it is meant to these people get gypped. Or Cory Booker.


Robert Francis O'Rourke, who's the fake Hispanic Irishman from El Paso, Andrew Yáng, Governor Inslee, Kirsten Gillibrand, they're all trying to get cabinet positions, I guess.


I think some of them are supposed to speak at some other points, but it was very poorly put together. Jay Inslee was on a porch. Kirsten Gillibrand had the camera way up to way too close to her face.


Awful. Representative Cedric Richmond from Louisiana, who's in charge of something for the Biden campaign, I think he's in charge of the racial disharmony coalition, think he's in charge of turning people against each other based on their skin color. I think he's in charge of making sure that the Biden campaign stays correctly racist. And allegedly saying the Democrats, the champion of small business. What about the small businesses that are burned to the ground? What about the small businesses that we have profiled on our program before?


No mention of Mohammed Ashik, who we mentioned previously on The Charlie Kirk Show. Who? Has a watch clinic owner of a watch clinic in Chicago and over nine hundred thousand dollars of inventory was stole by BLM Inc.. And the terroristic forces in Chicago. And he says, quote, It's my entire life, he says. The nearby El train rumbled above his store 42 years in this business and all I have left is my health. No mention of that from Cedric Richmond, who's in charge, I think, of the racial disharmony coalition of the Joe Biden for president campaign.


And then came the Bolshevik.


Then came someone whose time probably would have been better suited 100 years previously in the rural parts of Russia when Lenin was leading a revolution against the SARS.


It just seems like Bernie Sanders is like a century too late for these ideas. So the Bolshevik came out in early July with a former vice president, Joe Biden. They came out with their own unity manifesto.


I don't know if the manifesto is a term that they gave or that we gave them, but calling anything that is published by Senator Bernie Sanders a manifesto. It's awfully deft, actually. Mr. Producer just said that we gave the name to them, but I think they should call it the manifesto.


They might as well tell the truth for once, because truth is not a left wing value.


However, there are numerous recommendations from the Democratic National Committee, many of which were lifted directly from the Democrat Marxist socialist agenda.


This was likely from Bernie's Back Room payoff, basically for remaining cooperative.


After all, the Democrat Party elites colluded against him not once but twice in the 110 page manifesto.


It urged the Democrat Party to dismantle President Trump's border security policies, implement a roadmap to citizenship for millions of illegals, pass a public option designed to lead to a government takeover of American health care and other radical ideas that will be incorporated more or less verbatim in the 2020 Democrat platform. So Bernie then proceeds to start attacking President Trump and reminding the Democrat National Committee how his ideas have won. Right after Kasich just said Joe Biden wouldn't go radical left yet another example of how incongruent the messaging was.


So first of all, it's just laughable and silly to hear Bernie Sanders ever talk about authoritarianism. Everything that Bernie Sanders believes in is about centralizing power play tape.


We have a president who is not only incapable of addressing these crises, but is leading us down the path of authoritarianism. This election is the most important in the modern history of this country in response to the unprecedented crises we face. We need an unprecedented response, a movement like never before of people who are prepared to stand up and fight for democracy and decency and against greed, oligarchy and bigotry. And we need Joe Biden as our next president.


So basically, he says we're being led down a path to authoritarianism and his solution is Democratic authoritarianism.


And Bernie Sanders said, I may not be on the ticket, but my ideas are on the ticket. And I have to just say that the Democrats and Kyle Kolinsky, who's a Marxist, basically a communist, nice guy, debated him at Politiken just about a year ago. He got a little angry and that's fine.


That happens to some of us. He actually had a really good tweet about tonight.


It's so funny. So Kyle Kolinsky, he runs a Twitter account called Secular Talk. Again, he's a Marxist.


He's very far left, perfectly pleasant guy. And I have nothing bad to say about him.


However, he's been his Twitter has been terrific because he is he's dunking on the DNC as a communist, more so than even some conservatives are. He said this. He said, if this convention is proving anything to me, it's that Democrats still have the ability to f up this and lose to Trump again. So perfectly said, this is a Democrat Socialist Bernie supporter. And then he said this. He said here, quote, We love hearing 462 different versions of, quote, Trump bad with zero serious policy commitments to fix the heck world we're in.


He said a different world word. But we don't use those words, don't we, folks? We have to keep our podcast PG rated because I recommend young people to listen to it.


Anyway, he's is exactly right and kind of builds out a point I was about to make.


It was just kind of a it was kind of an uneventful convention. I mean, the Democrats truly believe that they can vanilla moderate their way to the White House. They really do.


And by doing so, I guess, stoke the racial flames. They think that's acceptable enough. But also getting the Republicans come the Democrat side, there is no cohesiveness here.


They're just kind of throwing a bunch of stuff out and hoping something will work.


President Trump's message next week is going to be much more focused and just understand the significance of Bernie having a prime time message.


The Democrat Party is embracing communist ideas. I don't say that lightly.


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So now we get to the keynote. And of course we have said many times before, Michelle Obama just hates America. She does not have good things to say about our country. She does not share the view that America is a gift from God. She believes that America is a mistake that's basically divide in America. Are you thankful that you live in America or are you bitter, angry and resentful that you live with America?


I just have to push back to the consensus here on Michelle Obama's speech. A lot of people said it was wonderful, they stuck the landing, many people on Fox News were praising her speech. First of all, it was not a speech.


Sitting down in the living room reading a teleprompter, it's not a speech that is a talk, OK, a speech is standing up showing commanding leading force.


And showing clear direction, and that might sound technical, but it's not a speech. There was a talk, George Stephanopoulos said it was a new kind of fierce. Whatever that means. I watched the whole speech. I felt so, you know, actually felt uninspired and so unmoved, actually said to myself, she's way more beatable than I once thought. I actually thought Michelle Obama was once like this untouchable political force that we as Republicans eventually have to run up against.


When we do, we're just going to get obliterated. I no longer hold that view. I do think she's formidable. I do think that she's. A tough opponent, no doubt. I think that people like her, I think that she communicates well.


I think that she the media will completely cover for totally. But she seemed angry, she seemed like an angry person who didn't feel very grateful to live in America. She started to speak out by saying, I'm depressed. And she recently said she has low grade depression and I'll pray for her for that. I mean that when I say that, I don't say it flippantly.


And one of the things she said that was just so awful, so grotesque. And Michelle Obama is a pathological liar. She famously said back in 2008, I'm finally proud of my country for the first time in my life. She has a history of bitter, anti-American, anti-Western statements, or her husband, of course, was a complete disgrace to our country and an awful president, and she said, quote, There's a never ending list of people of color who continue to be murdered.


First of all, this is a disgusting lie.


I mean, if she means black people killing black people, then, yes, that list is very long.


But if she means police killing black people, not even close, 15 people, unarmed black people killed last year, many of whom were justified. So only three of the 15 that were unarmed or unjustified. So I think that we conflate terms. Right. So if a black person dies at a police with a police officer, were they armed? If the answer is yes, well, then it kind of ends the conversation there. If they were unarmed, then was it justified?


And you might say, well, it's never justified to kill somebody who's unarmed.


That sounds good. But what if someone says they're armed? What if someone is behind the door and says, I have a gun, I have a gun, I'm going to blow your head off and the police officer comes to the gun and is prepared to use it. What if someone motions that they have a gun, which many of these examples are? What if someone is trying to run over a police officer in a car?


They might not have a weapon, but they have some form of a tool that could be used as a weapon, I encourage you go back in the archives of the Charlie Kirk show. We're going to repost this on Charlie Kirkham, that Heather McDonald episode. If you guys have trouble finding it, just email me directly at Freedom at Charlie Cook Dotcom. She debunks this bitter and sinister lie better than anyone else.


And she's just race baiting Michelle Obama and she has very little political talent. And I can't even believe I'm saying that because I actually thought she was way more talented than she really is, because what I saw tonight was just kind of felt like Oprah, to be honest with you.


And I don't just say that because of the color skin, just the delivery, to be honest. And Oprah's lost all of her talent. I mean, Oprah just become an angry woman. I used to love watching Oprah. Oh, my goodness. I mean, young Oprah was awesome. Young Oprah was on top of it.


She was energetic. She was pro-American. She had Donald Trump on her show. She landed the biggest interviews.


Now, Oprah's mean, say, with Michelle Obama. It's like all these rags to riches stories of people that grew up with nothing. They were once champions of opportunity and they just become so stern face and like cheese.


Michelle, I mean, I get it.


You went to Whitney Young, which was a great high school. I'm sure she experienced racism at some points in your life. But you were first lady. Can you be a little less negative in your approach, can you say something nice about our country? Her entire tone was essentially I'm ashamed to be an American. At one point she said, quote, If you don't think things can get worse, they can and they will.


If you take one thing from my words tonight, it is this. If you think things cannot possibly get worse, trust me, they can and they will. If we don't make a change in this election, if we have any hope of ending this chaos, we have got to vote for Joe Biden like our lives depend on it.


This is fear mongering, which is really saying is, quote, no, I will make sure they get worse until you vote for me. It's basically political extortion shows that something really weird that Joe Biden gives his personal phone number to kids. Joe knows what it's like to struggle, which is why he gives his personal phone number to kids overcoming a stutter of their own, and she also said they're purging the voter rolls.


Well, yeah, I hope dead people are purged from the voter rolls. That might bother Michelle Obama, but there is really no theme there.


I mean, I think it was a huge mistake that Michelle Obama was sitting down when she was giving the speech. I thought it was actually poorly produced. I think that Michelle Obama should have been standing up. I think she should have had that full body picture. I think she should have been much more declarative. Instead, it was it felt like a counseling session. I wasn't sure who needed the counseling if it was me or her. And so there really was very little theme or message, except that we're all awful, and if you vote for Joe Biden, we can be less awful.


And really, Michelle Obama is all about herself.


She's all about her own power grab. She wants to run for president in the future. And I think that she's actually much more beatable than she leads on. I think that she is driven by malevolence, she's deceitful and she's better. And look, the overall message of the evening is this Trump is awful. BLM Inc. is terrific, and if you're a Republican, please come vote for us. But what it really means is this. Very little of the evening was focused on how great Joe Biden was.


You could really tell all the speakers they felt very forced. They're very agreed that they hate Donald Trump, a lot of window dressing, a lot of talking points, a lot of platitudes, a lot of different types of gimmicks they were trying. But there are very little specific policy points. Very little directional. Changes that they thought they were going to make, just very open ended is almost a very emotive way of communicating, quite honestly.


I'm just trying to really contemplate this, like the Democrats did really well in 2008 and 2012 at being inspiring. They were really good at it. I lived through it. I was young, I was in high school, I was 18 years old in 2012 and I was 14 in 2008, I saw it firsthand.


I saw young people get motivated. They're getting motivated by this.


They're getting angry. Donald Trump has a huge opportunity next week to make America dream big and think big. To reach for higher heights and to have tomorrow be a better day than it is today, not this bitter counseling session where like Michelle Obama calls you into her living room and being let me tell you how awful you are. Let me tell you about everything that's wrong with our country. The president's terrible. Oh, by the way, I got a Biden sign 500 yards in the distance out of focus, which is true.


I mean, Michelle Obama had a Biden sign literally so far away. It was like, is that, say Biden? It's not really clear that it was out of focus. It was poorly produced. Now, by the way, there weren't very many American flags tonight, let me just put it that way, there are very few American flags in all of the different shots. We know the Democrats have lost their way, they're wandering in the desert desert, they think they can get a referendum vote against Donald Trump.


And I think we all know that's not the case. I think we all know that a referendum vote against Donald Trump is going to be very risky for them. They are betting on Big Tex censorship, big topic involvement and vote by mail. A couple missing themes from tonight, and it might show itself throughout the rest of the week, very little focus on the environment. It might have been intentional, it might have been an oversight, because that's usually something Democrats really care about, is Earth worship very little focus on gun grabbing and also very little focus on the metoo movement.


Very little focus on the week is still young, we could still wait for Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday.


But interestingly enough, I think the Democrats, based on their pandering to racial politics and moderate voters, they know they have to boost minority turnout in the state of Pennsylvania when they had their little small business zoom session, two out of four of the small business owners were in Pennsylvania.


The Democrats see what we see. And we've talked about this on The Charlie Cook Show before.


Donald Trump is going to win the Kaufer. He's going to win Arizona, Iowa, Ohio, North Carolina.


Donald Trump is also probably going to win Florida. Therefore, if Donald Trump's win either either wins Wisconsin or Pennsylvania wins the White House, it's four more years. That's why they have their little virtual convention in Milwaukee, of which is going to do nothing because none of the people are actually Milwaukee. Now the Democrats are left with. A question. Did they win anyone over tonight? And I don't want to sound too confident I'm not someone you guys know, that you listen to our program and thank you for that and thank you for supporting us.


Charlie Kirkham report. I'm not one to celebrate too early. But I think they actually lost people tonight. I mean, I'm sure there's one person out there that's like, you know what, I'm totally convinced I'm all in and God bless that person if you know them. Pray for them. They were convinced by tonight. But I know I'm looking at the social media reaction, I'm looking at the comments, it was an unpersuasive night. Republicans that are watching this, that are they're already voting for Trump.


Let me tell you what, if there's a Republican out there that all of a sudden was moved by John Kasich in a meadow telling us about how his father worked for the post office, I don't know if that actually happened, but I don't think John Kasich has ever given a speech without ever mentioning that his father worked for the post office. OK. I actually think that more people are uncertain about the direction of the Democrat Party, I can tell you this, that the base of the Democrat Party that are angry and bitter, young people that are socialists, that are utopianism.


How do you think they felt when they had a bunch of Republicans on TV? How do you end the Bernie Sanders voters felt when a bunch of Republicans kept on going on TV? I can tell you this. If there are a bunch of Democrats going on TV and those Democrats loved abortion and all that, and they were telling me about how great Donald Trump was. I think a little bit about like I don't know if I love that and I do love defection stories.


I love that. Trust me. But if it was one after the other, after the other, I know the base would be turned off by that. Mitt Romney tried this back in 2012. We tried all these Democrats for Romney and it just turned off the base of the party. So that's a risky strategy. Maybe it works. Maybe well, maybe it'll work. Maybe. Well, I don't think it will. After the first night of the convention, it's very clear the Democrats are scattered, they're disorganized and they're in a much more precarious position than they're leading on.


This race is changing. Very quickly. The latest CNN poll and we'll close with this, is that the movement in the polls nationwide since June? Has shown that Donald Trump is down just one point in the battle ground moving average, Trump gained 10 points in the CNN poll since June 10 points.


And that doesn't factor in enthusiasm, voter registration or any of that. Campus closures on campus ballot harvesting has been completely removed from the equation. And you can see that reflected in this campaign. You can see that reflected in this convention. Don't get too excited. Don't get overly cocky, work like your civilization depends on it, because it does, but I'm here to tell you right now what I saw through my political analysis lens. And I eat, breathe and sleep the stuff I did 22 hours a day sometimes of the stuff that is not a winning campaign.


What I saw tonight from the Biden campaign, that is not I don't know what that is and that is not how you win the White House. I saw the Barack Obama campaign in 2012, in 08, up close and personal, headquartered in Chicago. They wouldn't have allowed that whatever happened tonight, they would never have allowed to have. President Trump is in a good position. We are going to be following it all week and the Democratic National Convention and their attempt to try to make a coherent message, something Joe Biden can't do himself.


So let's see if the Democrat Party can do it for him. Please email us your questions for him at Charlie Cook, Dotcom Freedom at Charlie Cook Dotcom. And please, if you guys feel moved to do so, support us at Charlie Kirkham report that keeps our show going. It allows us to hire more staff. We are hiring more staff so that we can do more episodes, so we can go to our YouTube channel, so we can communicate to you exactly what's happening in the world.


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