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Hey, everybody, what an incredible evening at the Republican National Convention. I was honored to speak. If you want to listen to my uninterrupted remarks, unedited remarks, you guys can listen to our sister episode today and also listen to our sister episode with Jared Kushner. If you guys want to win a signed copy of The New York Times best seller, The Maggie Doctrine type Charlie Kirk show on your podcast provider hit Subscribe, give us a five star review and please consider supporting us at Charlie dot com slash support.


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What you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Cook is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Charlie Cook's run in the White House.


But I want to thank Charlie is an incredible guy, his spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here.


Hey, everybody, welcome to this live broadcast of the Charlie Kirk Show. I just feel great about my country tonight. I don't know about you. And I hope you guys were watching the Republican National Convention. What an incredible contrast from last week to this week where we saw a celebration of America. Tonight, I was honored to participate, let off the convention this evening talking about how President Trump is the bodyguard of Western civilization, how President Trump and this election is not just the most important election of our lifetime, but the most important election of all the combined lifetimes since 1860.


And I think what the Republican National Convention did an amazing job of and I just want to really take a moment right now, and I think you would all agree, the staging, the cuts, the speakers, the way the way the speeches were written, absolutely incredible. Professional world class. The Republicans tonight made the Democrats look like fools.


It looked like the Republicans were the party of Hollywood tonight. And the Republicans really had a very coherent message. And there were a couple of highlights. We're going to play some clips throughout tonight. But here are my initial takeaways. First of all, Senator Tim Scott, phenomenal. One of the best speeches I've heard at a convention and I spoke in the same room that Senator Tim Scott spoken. And I could tell you, it is not easy to give that kind of speech to know people there for obvious reasons with restrictions and lockdowns in the virus.


But Senator Tim Scott really leaned into the moment. He was able to communicate very effectively. And I can only imagine that it is very let's say it's not a very good night for CNN or for the Democratic National Convention. The mind you, all of this was on top of President Trump traveling to North Carolina today, doing multiple stops, officially accepting the nomination of the party. But there was one part that I thought was the most persuasive part in the framing of President Donald Trump.


I thought I tried to also do this in my remarks as well, of which I was, you know, very honored to be able to give and something that has been traveling very, very well and been getting a lot of positive feedback. So thank you for that. But one of the parts that I think was very interesting was the framing of President Trump with the hostages. You know, there's been so much that has been happening recently.


I don't want to say we forget about it, but it is easy to it is easy to not focus on it, considering all the other news cycles and all the the news cycle and issues happening right now. So President Trump in that very good in a very effective framing where the president was in the center or with the hostages around him, it was almost this very, very well staged statement. And the president looking very much in control, in command with the hostages around him.


Was the president saying about saying, look, you might not always like my tone or my tweets, but all of you are here on American soil because of me. It was very it was really effective the way they did that. And one of the other speakers as well tonight, Mario Alvarez, I was his name Máximo I'm sorry, Máxima Alvarez. We're going to name check me. No offense. If I if I don't get it specific off the top, my head.


He said something really terrific. He said President Trump might not be the most politically correct president, but he get stuff done for our country. And one of the constant Maximo Alvarez. Yeah, that's I was just out of memory. So it was it was it was a very moving speech. And the speech you could tell he was being very deliberate in how he was telling his flee from totalitarian socialism into freedom here in our country. The best part of that speech, one of the best lines in the entire evening was when he said there's nowhere left to go.


I mean, that is the mic drop moment of mic drop moments. I mean, this country that we live in, the greatest country to exist in the history of the world, the most generous, the most benevolent, the most accepting, the most forward thinking country ever. It was a celebration of that country tonight. And there you have Maximo Alvarez. Well, basically says. Where else are we supposed to go? We fled totalitarianism, we fled the gunfire, we know the type of authoritarian dictatorship that can happen if you give power to the Democrats.


And he said there's nowhere left to go. And I thought that kind of framing really put forth a sense of urgency for those of us that are patriots and actually love our country. It was so refreshing to see a convention where the entire theme was saying good things about America, being thankful, not angry about America. This is one of the things that I try to communicate in my remarks where I was talking about we are going to get our kids to love America again, that we are going to get the next generation to actually think highly of this beautiful gift that we have been given.


Now, I want to get through some of these clips. And again, our team here on The Charlie Cook Show, we are moving in rapid speed. I want to confirm that they are ready to play a couple of clips. And we are are we ready to play a couple of clips? So I want to play Herschel Walker. Herschel Walker played for University of Georgia Heisman Trophy winner. He actually played for Donald Trump on the New Jersey generals.


He had one of the best moments the entire night play tape loving father.


He is hurt my soul to hear the terrible name that people call Donald.


The worst one is racist, I take it, as a person. And so the people would think I've had a 37 year friendship with the racist. People think they don't know what they're talking about. Growing up in the Deep South, I've seen racism up close. I know what it is, and it isn't Donald Trump. Phenomenal. I mean, look, the framing of that is terrific, unlike all of the other prognosticators and the pundits on cable television, Herschel Walker has an actual personal relationship with President Donald Trump.


And he almost puts it one of the themes of tonight, which I really enjoyed. And Senator Tim Scott and Herschel Walker both really did this effectively, is they put the Democrats on defense tonight. It wasn't just dispelling the lies. It was challenging the lies in the falsehoods of what we had to endure last week, the mass propaganda machine of the Democratic National Convention and saying, wait a second, you're trying to call me a black individual who grew up in the Deep South being friends with a racist?


I don't think so. And a lot of the networks, by the way, that did air this on cable television that their entire day to day programming is trying to delegitimize the president.


I can just imagine how a lot of the viewers are saying, wait a second, I remember Herschel Walker playing football. Maybe there's something to exactly what he is saying. And there absolutely is. And so this was something I was very pleased to see that first and foremost, the framing of tonight was the biggest picture question that we can ask is voters, what kind of America do we want to have for the next ten years? Next 50 years? Next one hundred years?


What kind of a country are we and where are we going? And every speaker in their own capacity and in their own way answered that question. Most importantly, most, I should say, most effectively out of all of them. Senator Tim Scott, I think, and alongside my friend Donald Trump Jr., who did a phenomenal job, framed it as if you make the wrong choice in November, the entire civilization that we are living in might cease to exist.


Senator Tim Scott had a beautiful line here. I think we have it cued up about what the Democrats actually want when it comes to Utopia play tape. That is not what is happening, our side is working on policy while Joe Biden's radical Democrats are trying to permanently transform what it means to be an American. Make no mistake, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want a cultural revolution, a fundamentally different America. If we let them, they will turn our country into a socialist utopia.


And history has taught us that path only leads to pain and misery, especially for hard working people hoping to rise.


Phenomenal. Thank you, Senator Tim Scott, for taking such a powerful and declarative stand for truth tonight. They would have been very easy for Senator Tim Scott to do what most Republican senators do, which is just kind of say Joe Biden. The Democrats are going to do nothing but raise their tax, your taxes, which he did talk about. But instead he went there. He played offense. Tonight, he used the words Cultural Revolution. That is a hat tip and a warning to those of us that study history to Mao Tse tung.


That is what Mao Tse tung called his massive campaign of murder division and socialist promises all throughout the Chinese communist campaign that he really built. And we are still experiencing a campaign, not the right word, but crusade. Senator Tim Scott was as bold to go out of his way to say they're going to try to create a socialist utopia that is poking right in the eyes of the central planners and the Democrat tyrants and the ruling class. Thank you, Senator Tim Scott.


It would have been very easy for him to try to try to play in the mushy middle right with him. Very easy for him to say. You know, while we agree to disagree, kind of the typical non fighting ethic of Republicans. But Senator Tim Scott, I think, deserves to be commended tonight for saying they want to have a cultural revolution. So this is kind of goes back to the roots of cultural Marxism. Marxism, as it is growing in our country, is more than just an economic theory.


It's way more than that.


It's also a cultural movement. This was theorized by Antonio Gramsci. I never get the pronunciation completely right. I believe it's Grump's. You will get a, you know, clarification on that. I read it more than I say it where he argued that Marxists should not just have an economic message, but a cultural message. What does that mean? Destroy the country around? You do not no longer believe in the symbol, the symbols or the history of the country that we are living it.


Antonio Grahm, she said this in a way to try to create a cultural identity for Marxists. Now, when Tim Scott now says they're trying to have a cultural revolution, we should all be applauding Republican senators for calling this out for what it is. This is no longer just a fight in economic terms. This is no longer just a fight of high taxes and low taxes, more regulation, less regulation. This is where Mitt Romney failed tremendously. And Senator Tim Scott had the courage.


And he's going to get really attacked by the mainstream press and the activist media for this. And that's exactly how, you know, he's on the right path for saying that the Democrats and the far left wing radicals, they first and foremost are focusing on trying to change the fabric of the country. It's not that just Joe Biden and Alexander Chizuru Cortez and refused to leave on Ayanna Pressley and all the radicals and the Bolsheviks and the Democrat Party. It's not that they just want a different economic scenario that we're living it.


They want a different culture altogether. I mentioned this in my speech as well, and I do want to get to that in just a second kind of play this idea of the American way of life. But also Senator Tim Scott said they want to create a socialist utopia. If you actually look at the root of the word utopia, it comes from the first person that we really know of that used in literature was a gentleman by the name of Thomas Moore.


You actually look at what the word utopia means. It means nowhere. And so Tim Scott then goes directly at these radical revolutionaries and calls them up for exactly what they're trying to create. It's not that they're just trying to create things that are marginally better. They're trying to create heaven on earth, which we know will assuredly leave lead to hell on earth. Takes a lot of courage for a Republican senator to say that by name. He called out Joe Biden and Senator Harris.


And so I know I'm focusing on Senator Tim Scott, but I think that out of all the speeches tonight, the person that surprised me the most was Senator Tim Scott. And I mean this because he is traditionally, in my observation, an establishment Republican who will not always engage in some of these conversations and this dialogue. And he stepped into it beautifully. He defended the president. He dispelled these myths that the president is somehow a racist and a demagogue.


And he also confronted the troubling and let's say horrific racial past of the Democrats and of Joe Biden. This was a very effective presentation that Senator Tim Scott has had throughout his speech. And I think one of the greatest lines through his speech was towards the end, where he said, and I'm paraphrasing here, my family went from picking cotton into the halls of Congress and what he said without saying it. And for viewers that were. Watching it, I could just imagine, because the activist media is so incredibly dishonest to the the rest of the population, a lot of people said, wow, I never knew the Republicans had a black senator because the activist media has been covering for that for quite some time to make it seem as if the Republicans are back backwards, outdated and nothing more than just a very specific identity group.


Let's actually play tape right here of what I was just mentioning. That is not what is happening. Our side is working on Paul. Others ninety ninth birthday would have been tomorrow. Growing up, he had to cross the street if a white person was coming. He suffered the indignity of being forced out of school as a third grader to pick cotton, and he never learned to read or write.


Yet he lived long enough to see his grandson become the first African-American to be elected to both the United States House and the United States Senate in the history of this country. Our family went from cotton to Congress in one lifetime, and that's why I believe the next American century can be better than the last.


That is stealing the narrative from the Democrats. As effectively as I can tell. It's someone who says positive things about America that grew up in a troubled environment, in his own description, and rejects the premise that America is a racist country. And this was actually a theme that I think the Republicans were. I want to praise the Republicans. Nikki Haley also said this is well, tonight. We're going to play that tape in just a second. But when Senator Tim Scott dives into these discussions that the left has tried to frame as non-negotiable as like we can't have a conversation on it when we actually play offense on this, we win.


You see, the Democrats are betting that we as Republicans and we as conservatives and first and foremost, we as patriotic Americans will not actually engage and dive into some of these more. Let's say I don't want to call it controversial because I don't think that's fair. But I think that it's it's more apt to say that the left tries to make it a non-negotiable issue. And so when we look at the entire kind of arc of the evening, it's very interesting to see how it was capped off by a series of individuals that at one point were actually not very favorable to President Trump.


This is the untold issue. This is the untold story, I should say, of tonight, where you had former governor and former Ambassador Nikki Haley, who was not very favorable to Donald Trump, Senator Tim Scott, who was not very favorable to Donald Trump, both speaking in primetime at their convention. I give them both credit for doing that. Do we have tape of Nikki Haley or we're still pulling that, still pulling on that?


I think we do have Andrew Pollock, though. Do we have Andrew Pollock? Let's put up Andrew Pollock, who I know Andrew. He's phenomenal. He had one of the best moments of the entire convention of the evening, and he tragically lost his daughter, Meadow, at a school shooting in southern Florida. This got wildly positive remarks from people all across the political aisle play tape.


Then the president did what he said he would do. He took action. He formed a school safety commission that issued dozens of recommendations to make schools safer. But I'll bet you never heard about that. Instead, the media turned my daughter's murder, went to a coordinated attack on President Trump, Republicans and our Second Amendment. In fact, when President Trump asked me and other parents of children that were murdered in school shootings to join him as he announced the commission's findings, the media's first question wasn't about protecting kids.


Shockingly, they asked about the government shutdown. And so Andrew Pollock, I think, very effectively dispelled and took off the table, one of the major coalition issues for the Democrats. So if you kind of look at the states that President Trump needs to win, by the way, President Trump, according to the latest poll, is tied in Minnesota, tied. President Trump is tied with Joe Biden in the state of Minnesota. And this is just four days ago, the Hill dotcom.


I'm going to read this from you, President. Read this to you. President Trump and Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden are statistically tied in Minnesota. The latest from the Trafalgar Group, which actually accurately predicted the 2016 election more so than any other group. Now, why is it that Donald Trump is surging in the industrial Midwest because of crime, looting, riots, arson, and what you see happening in Wisconsin right now where they are trying to burn down all of Kenosha, Wisconsin, a place that I know really well, lots of friends.


I have a lots of people that I really care about in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The more the message of protecting Second Amendment rights and protecting our children like Andrew Pollock, brilliantly articulated in his remarks, resonate. If you look at firearm sales throughout the last just the last couple of months, we have sold more guns already in this year than all of 2013 combined.


I think that guns and firearms and Second Amendment and personal protection actually might end up being one of the winning issues for President Trump, especially in the Midwest. And McClosky spoke tonight.


The McCluskey's, of course, are being unfairly persecuted because they dared protect themselves against insurrectionist and terrorist mob play tape. It seems as if the Democrats no longer view the government's job as protecting honest citizens from criminals, but rather protecting criminals from honest citizens, not a single person in the out of control mob you saw us was charged with a crime.


But you know who was we were they've actually charged us with felonies for daring to defend our home. Now, mind you, they never discharged their weapon, correct, is that right? I'm just getting a fact check from the production team. They never discharged their weapon. They only used their weapon and they didn't use it. They only displayed their weapon as a sign of potential threats to this mob that broke down their gate to come into their home.


Anyone that lives in a suburb that have kids they care about, they actually empathize with what the Republicans did very effectively tonight. We have always allowed the Democrats do nothing but play the victim. I don't like victim politics. However, when it is necessary and rooted in truth, we should be unafraid to lean into it. The McCluskey's are victims of a tyrannical district attorney, George Soros, funded, by the way, that has is trying to take our Second Amendment rights away, trying to take our capacity for personal protection away.


When you look at how we're going to win the Midwest and you look at the ways that we are going to be able to win swing voters, being able to have more testimony from people like the McCluskey's that are being charged with felonies for simply taking out their legally acquired firearms against the mob, against the terrorist insurrectionists that tried to kill them and try to go into their home and are already on their personal property. And how does the media frame it?


How does the media frame the McClosky family? The media says the Republican National Convention, people charged with felonies to speak. That's what they think of Midwestern family, family centered people that own firearms, care about their community, care about their family, and are trying to protect what is right and what is good. And so I really believe we're looking at what the issues that are going to win. And in Pennsylvania, in Wisconsin, in Michigan and Minnesota, I think we're seeing kind of a simultaneous trend right now.


I think the Midwest is becoming very, very conservative in real time. And I don't think they I don't want say they weren't not conservative. But I can tell you, I just spent the last week and a half in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, all across the industrial Midwest. I spoke in Michigan last weekend. I could tell you driving throughout Grand Rapids at Students for Trump are five one for organization. We knocked on thousands, thousands of doors.


The people, the Midwest have very little to no tolerance. In fact, they are scared of what will happen if the Democrats end up taking power. And so I want to play the clip from Nikki Haley here, because I got great response from a lot of individual. I kind of have these focus groups around the country of swing voters that I meet in all sorts of circumstances and I stay in touch with them.


And they really believe that Nikki Haley was incredibly effective in being able to persuade people to go vote for Donald Trump. Now, some people in the Republican and conservative base have been very critical of Nikki Haley, but I give her great credit for how articulate and really above and beyond supportive of the president.


She was the night play tape and Democrats set us back, but not for long. President Trump brought our economy back before and he will bring it back again. There's one more important area where our president is right, he knows that political correctness and cancel culture are dangerous and just plain wrong in much of the Democratic Party, it's now fashionable to say that America is racist. That is a lie. America is not a racist country. This is personal for me.


I am the proud daughter of Indian immigrants, they came to America and settled in a small southern town. My father wore a turban. My mother wore sorry. I was a brown girl and a black and white world. We faced discrimination and hardship, but my parents never gave in to grievance and hate. My mom built a successful business. My dad taught 30 years at a historically black college and the people of South Carolina chose me as their first minority and first female governor.


America is a story that's a work in progress.


It's terrific. Now, the part that I think I wish she would have finished as America's a work in progress if she was a little bit too much like a progressive line. But I actually want to give her the benefit of the doubt here, because I if I remember correctly, the speech actually ended. She qualified that statement. But we have a hard cut there for obvious reasons. But my favorite part of what you just said there is that America is not a racist country, a full throated repudiation of the leftist lie that we are racist country.


If we're a racist country, why is it that when the caravan set basically decides to go find a better country, they come for America, but not Venezuela? Why is it if we are such a racist country, more blacks in the last 40 in the last 40 years have come to America voluntarily. Two million blacks have come to America voluntarily since the 1970s, two million from Africa. We are not a racist country now. Do we have individual races in our country?


Of course we do. And some of them are actually running for president as Democrats. Joe Biden, Joe Biden, as Tim Scott perfectly said, wrote the Clinton crime bill. Joe Biden said that black people that do not vote for him are not black. Thank you, Tim Scott, for saying that. Thank you, Tim Scott, for saying that. Tim, let's get that clip cued up. The one after next. Tim Scott saying really framed beautifully all of the racist statements that Joe Biden then going level up, Tim Scott just going to the next level saying, but that is nothing compared to the actions Joe Biden said.


Joe Biden said that you cannot walk into a 7-Eleven without a slight Indian accent. Joe Biden said that if the black community is not diverse and so you kind of tie this together. Nikki Haley and Tim Scott, the two South Carolina officeholders, I think really stole the show effectively tonight. And Donald Trump Jr. as well. And I want to get to some of the clips of Don, dear friend of mine, who I thought did really, really well tonight.


But I also loved what Nikki Haley said about grievance and hate. She said that we are not my parents came here legally and we are not going to be indulging in grievance and hate politics, which is exactly where the Democrat Party is right now.


So for those you tuning just in right now and if you don't watch the entire convention, totally understandable. I had an opportunity to speak tonight one of the greatest honors of my life, to speak for a president that I know I call a friend, someone that I consider to be a incredibly courageous fighter for Western civilization. In fact, I coined a term and I said that President Donald Trump is the bodyguard of Western civilization. I think that's an accurate way to put it, because when you hire a bodyguard, you don't care about the tweets, you don't care about the tone.


You just want make sure your family is going to be protected against the threats outside. The speech has gone viral in a couple different ways. It was trending on Twitter. Let's check it. If you guys hadn't seen it yet. Enjoy. Life, all of this changed dramatically in 2015 when a billionaire named Donald Trump put his own life of luxury on the line. From that moment he came down that famous escalator. He started a movement to reclaim our government from the rotten cartel of insiders that have been destroying our country.


We may not have realized it at the time, but Trump is the bodyguard of Western civilization. Trump was elected to protect our families from the vengeful mob that seeks to destroy our way of life, our neighborhoods, schools, churches and values. President Trump was elected to defend the American way of life. The American way of life means you follow the law. You work hard, you honor God. You raise your kids with strong values and you work to create a civil society.


So, again, super honored to be able to speak tonight. And so just kind of to break down exactly why I said what I said. And I'm going to stand by it because a lot of the media is writing it up endlessly. And please continue to do it because I wrote the speech is that Trump is the bodyguard of Western civilization. Now, what is Western civilization? Western civilization is an incredible gift that we've been given. That came post enlightenment thanks to the writings of John Locke on the sacrifices of the pilgrims that came to this country that rebelled against the monarch, inspired by the ideas of natural rights and eventually led to our birth certificate, the Declaration of Independence, that says firmly the laws of nature and nature's God rights that are given to us by God, not by government, that the individual matters at the family matters, that free expression of religion matters.


A country that was founded by people that were seeking religious freedom against persecution, rebelled against tyranny in 1776, fought against the greatest odds to defeat an army that no one could have imagined. We won that war to found the country with the greatest political document ever written. The United States Constitution and Western civilization was created. Other countries in Europe replicated a lot of the incredibly, let's say, forward thinking ideals of the founding fathers, where they never tried it.


They never tried to create utopia. Instead, they try to create something that could not get screwed up by flawed human beings. You see, the founding fathers knew that man was flawed by nature. They knew that markets work. They knew private property is essential, that life must be protected, that liberty was essential and they trusted the people. As Ben Franklin said, you have a republic if you can keep it.


And so I also dove into something that I will stand by again where people said, well, try the vengeful mob doesn't want to come after your way of life or your culture or your schools. I don't know what world that you are living in right now, but if you do not see what's happening. Kenosha, Wisconsin. Chicago, Illinois. And Seattle and Portland, the bitter activists that are marching the streets, calling for anything they disagree with to be either destroyed, canceled or sometimes obliterated like they are doing in the streets of Seattle and Portland, where they're walking through suburbs and they're saying, wake up and going to young children and going to suburban households and terrorizing them at two or three o'clock in the morning.


I believe that the tone that I struck in that speech was absolutely correct, and I stand by those words because right now Western civilization is gift that we have been given is now completely and totally under attack. You saw this from Alexandria of Cortez last week where she said that Western civilization was not founded, but it was colonialized that it's nothing more than an experiment in power at power dominance hierarchy. In fact, Alexander Chizuru Cortez then went on Vogue this last week and she said, we have to go crush the male patriarchy, the patriarchal tyranny.


She said, wait a second. If we were living in a patriarchy, let alone a patriarchal tyranny, why is that? Men commit more suicides than women at a very, very high rate. Why is it that men have are the jobless rate for men is far higher than the jobless rate for women, women, graduate college and higher rates, master's degrees and doctorates 12 out of the last 13 years. Women earn more in the marketplace up until the age of 26 or 27.


Almost every single major city across the country, women are far less likely to declare bankruptcy. Women are far less likely to die at work. What exactly you talking about?


That is a huge criticism that people talk about when they're looking at Western civilization and think it's only made for a specific race and a specific gender if they even believe in genders at all. They say it's made for white men. This is a lie. And that is exactly where I think Tim Scott can complete my point here, where he actually said that Joe Biden being the deconstructionist radical post-modernist Marxist, he's the one that actually judge people, judges, people on skin color, not on values, play tape.


So I'm going to ask you, the American people, not to simply look at what the candidates say, but to look back at what they've done. This election is about your future, and it is critical to paint a full picture of the records of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Joe Biden said if a black man didn't vote for him, he wasn't truly black. Joe Biden said black people are a monolithic community. It was Joe Biden who said poor kids can be just as smart as white kids.


And while his words are one thing, his actions take it to a whole new level. In 1994, Biden led the charge on a crime bill that put millions of black Americans behind bars. President Trump's criminal justice reform law fix many of the disparities Biden created and made our system more fair and just for all Americans. Joe Biden also failed our nation's historically black colleges and universities, heaping blame on them as they fought to ensure our young folks had access to higher education once again to clean up Joe Biden's mess.


President Trump signed into law a historically high funding for HPC use, as well as a bill to give them permanent funding for the first time ever.


Phenomenal. So I believe that Senator Tim Scott really completed the point there where he said, don't just look at the racist statements of Joe Biden and look at the racist actions of Joe Biden. Don't just look at how Joe Biden talks a good game on all this. And he says clearly Trump is not a racist. Look at the actions that he has taken. Now, a lot of suburban voters have fallen into this trap that Donald Trump is xenophobic and racist.


I think it was brilliant to have Senator Tim Scott, someone who has lived the American dream, say the Democrats want a cultural revolution and a socialist utopia and then go through piece by piece the questionable racial record of Joe Biden. It would have been so easy for Tim Scott to avoid that. And I just want to commend him for that. And same with Nikki Haley, because both of them went, I believe, above and beyond to defend our terrific president, President Donald Trump, in that capacity of, I think, being unfairly criticized when it comes to these issues.


And so if you look also as well, where I think that Republicans were very effective tonight, it was diving into the culture, it was diving into who are we as a country.


And Donald Trump Jr., my friend, had a point on this about the silent majority, phenomenally well written line play tape of Joe Biden and the radical left are now coming for our freedom of speech.


They want to bully us into submission. If they get their way, it will no longer be the silent majority. It will be the silent majority. This has to stop. Freedom of expression used to be a liberal value, at least before the radical left took over. Now the Republican Party is the home of free speech, the place where anyone from any background can speak their mind and may the best ideas win. People of faith are under attack.


You're not allowed to go to church, but mass chaos in the streets gets a pass. It's all.


Thank you, Donald Trump Jr., for saying that. Mass chaos in the streets, hundreds of thousands of people that are arguing for bitter insurrection against our government perfectly OK. If you want to go worship Jesus Christ the savior, the world, you want to say God is real. If you want to go to synagogue all of a sudden that you're the enemy, sit down and listen. Donald Trump junior leans into that very effectively. And I also think that where Don, I think, framed this really well.


And there's a deeper point here that I think is really interesting is that Don Don said that the Republican Party is now the party of free speech. What Don is saying here at a deeper level, and he's absolutely correct, is that the Republican Party is now the party of classical liberalism. The Republican Party is now the party of freedom, of speech, of dialogue, of new ideas, a marketplace of ideas and what is Don say? Not that we are going to win.


You're going to lose. Let the best ideas win. See, this is where the Republican Party now has the moral high ground. We have to lean in on this. And God bless you, Don, for saying this, because you're exactly right, is that we are the party. We are the movement that quite honestly, we're OK if you disagree with us. We just want the capacity for us to be able to respond with facts, dialogue, history, logic.


And a different perspective is that now that the the Democrats are no longer the party of liberals, they're the party of leftists. They no longer want dialogue, debate or discussion. They want submission. And Don, I think this line was very, very well put, not the silent majority any longer. If they win, they'll be the silent majority. They will come after all of us. So already starting to see people move in real time because of this.


And also, you see how the Democrats just completely and totally ignored the issue of crime last week as if it doesn't exist. This is insulting to the citizenry. It's insulting to the American people when you act as if these issues do not exist whatsoever. Now, I mentioned this as well in my speech. And if those you are just tuning in right now and if you don't get a chance to see it, I did have the opportunity to speak tonight.


And if those of you who have been watching the whole live stream through, you've now heard me say that a couple of times. I've been extremely honored. One of the greatest honors my life to go speak for a president is defending Western civilization, defending our country. And quite honestly, is, I think, one of the last best chances for this beautiful gift that we have been given for multiple generations before us. Do we have the clip from my speech where we when I dive into the Silicon Valley, the tech issue of it.


We're going to we're we're going to pull on we're going to pull that in just a second now. So before we get to that clip, because we're doing this in real time, literally right after we just got right into the chair. I want to also talk about how the Democrats are going to respond to this. So I'm a student of the American left. So I study the left. I fight the left. I understand kind of exactly where they're coming from.


I started their philosophy. I understand where they're kind of big picture ideas from. And so they do something called gaslighting. A lot of you might have heard this term before. Gaslighting is this idea and actually comes from a 1938 play where a woman was in an abusive relationship with her husband and the husband slowly but surely turned down the gas light in their flat. It took place in London and London, where he's turning down the light incrementally, baby, by one or two percent every evening.


And the wife would go to her husband and she would say, why is it getting darker? And he'd say, You're losing your mind, you're going crazy. And that's exactly what the activist media is doing to us. In fact, I think we're in a very abusive relationship. Put it in quotes with the activist media where the Democrats in the activist media were like, well, what about the crime? What about the fact that churches are burning like they are in Kenosha, Wisconsin?


What about the fact that pastors are being arrested? What about the fact that black owned businesses are being smashed and looted? That's none of that is happening. You're going crazy and sit down and shut up and just give us power and what? No, like we see what's what's see what's happening around us. We see crime going up. I mean, have you seen the latest crime numbers in Chicago, by the way, Lori Lightfoot, the tyrant in Chicago, she recently I think it was six people, right.


She had six protesters arrested outside of her home that tried to protest her. And she uses police power against that. Yet just in the last week, there are 45 people shot and wounded in Chicago. Forty six total shot. And just in just the month of August, forty two homicides, 374 shot, 333 shot wounded and 41 shot and killed. And Year-to-date in Chicago, 450 people shot and killed. 2239 shot, wounded, two thousand six hundred eighty nine total shot and 491 total homicides since BLM Inc.


. That's right. We call them BLM Inc. because they're nothing more than a multi hundred dollar scheme to try to take money from people that think they're doing something good when in reality they're contributing to the arson of America, including the biggest corporations in our country, Bank of America, PepsiCo, Nike, Adidas, Apple. They are all contributing hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars to the BLM arsonists. We're right now in Kenosha, Wisconsin, swing state, Wisconsin.


While we're talking about the convention, Kenosha, Wisconsin, is under absolute National Guard control. It is civil insurrection at its absolute worst. And yet in Chicago, where 491 homicides, a vast majority of them being black and Hispanics, total silence from BLM Inc., from all the insurrectionists. And so you kind of look at exactly where the Democrats are coming from here, how they're going to respond, how are they going to respond? They are going to gaslight.


They're going to Gastly. They are going to pretend things that are not. And they're going to accuse you if you dare question them, they are going to try to play certain tapes, including my own, and try to intentionally misrepresent them. Let me be very clear to the media that's going to try to attack me right here and right now where they're trying to say, oh, Charlie was saying something that was bitter and divisive. I have nothing to apologize for for saying that President Trump is defending Western civilization.


The world is a better place because of Western civilization. More people have broken up poverty because of Western civilization. More people can speak freely where people have found the kingdom of God because of Western civilization. More scientific advancements? No, no more Nobel Prize advancements. The advancement, human rights are all because of Western civilization, which is inspired from the teachings of the Bible, which was articulated beautifully through the Enlightenment, through thinkers such as Descartes and and John Locke, and then implemented by the visionary Founding Fathers that put it into practice and rebelled against tyranny and rightfully built and constructed this gift that we have been given the very same gift that the bitter Democrat deconstructionist are trying to destroy every single day.


I talked about this in my speech. Let's just let's play that to. Way of life means you speak your mind without retribution, without being kicked off social media by a self-righteous censor in Silicon Valley. It means you can freely practice your religion. And that church is more essential than a casino. And it means that we judge people on their actions, not on their immutable characteristics. The American way of life is being dismantled by a group of bitter, deceitful, vengeful activists who have never built anything in their lives.


They have us locking up pastors while releasing violent criminals from prison. We are kicking doctors off a social media yet promoting Chinese state funded propaganda on major tech platforms.


So a couple of things. I went out of my way to make sure twice right there to mention the tech tyranny that we have, Chinese state funded propaganda that is getting preference, that we're kicking doctors off a social media, something that I think that we need to zero on an even more and also that you should speak your mind without fear of retribution. And I made sure that I lean in on this. And thank you, President Trump, by the way, for giving me this platform for the opportunity to speak at your convention.


I'm thankful that's the best word I can use. So thank you for that. The opportunity to speak at this convention to articulate the ideas that built Western civilization. So the thesis of my speech was that we are we should be on our hands and knees thanking the good Lord that we live in Western civilization, trying to define as quickly as I could in 20 seconds or 30 seconds or less what was Western civilization is. And then leaning in on to exactly what the American way of life is that you can that you can live quiet and peaceful lives, that you can have children, that you can speak your mind without fear of retribution.


Who is actually attacking this idea of Western civilization? What's the tech companies which we talk about quite often here on the Charlie Kirk show? And by the way, if any of you have questions before I finish the thought, please email us freedom at Charlie Dotcom, freedom at Charlie Cook Dotcom right here. We are going to pick five people that ask the best questions. We are going to answer your questions. And then you get a signed copy of the New York Times bestseller, The Magna Doctrine.


So just emails Freedom at Charlie Cook Dotcom. And if you're watching on Facebook, there is a link right there on the Facebook description. Right. Is the link right there? Yes, it is. Make sure you guys hit that podcast link and subscribe. It helps us tremendously. And it sends a huge message to all of the tech sensors out there that want to silence our show, because I went on the national stage of the Republican National Convention and talked about tech tyranny.


The American way of life is also the capacity to work hard and follow the law. I think that the Republicans need to focus more on this message. I think Republicans need to focus even more on playing by the rules following the law, and because you know why most people actually follow the law that you should not be pandering for the criminal vote. Let the Democrats get the criminal vote, OK? Let the Democrats try to get the ones we like.


We're going to excuse you from for cash bail and for doing all of the most radical illegal things in society. Where the Republicans and I articulated this in my speech needs to be the party that rewards law abiding decisions. And yes, I said it, that church matters more than a casino. This is a direct repudiation to the coward John Roberts, who said that a casino matters more than a church. My friend Donald Trump Jr. also, he called Biden the Loch Ness Monster of the swamp.


Pretty good imagery here.


Platy promised to take that money back out of your pocket and keep it in the swamp. That makes sense, though, considering Joe Biden is basically the Loch Ness monster of the swamp. For the past half century, he's been lurking around in there. He sticks his head up every now and then to run for president. Then he disappears and doesn't do much in between. So if you're looking for hope, look to the man who did what the failed Obama Biden administration never could do and built the greatest economy our country has ever seen.


And President Trump will do it again.


We. Don, Don is exactly right and the framing of this people and the citizens versus the kingdom of Washington, D.C. on this cartel that is being run by lobbyists and insider corporations is a winning message for President Trump. So here's just a couple other takeaways from tonight. Number one, optically from a production standpoint, this entire thing was a home run. It's just a different league than the Democrats. I mean, if you just look at Don speech right there and you look at my speech, look at the amount of the American flags, the consistent imagery, the consistent stage from the speakers, it was phenomenal.


The consistency of the set really, really helped. It also feels as close as you can get to a convention that actually having a live convention, the producers, The Apprentice, the people that did this, I had the opportunity to work with them. First of all, they were phenomenal. They they allowed me to say what I wanted to say. They really treated everyone like professionals. And they made you feel at home. I just want to say thank you to them.


They were terrific. And also, this is a really interesting point. Do you want to see what was missing from the Republican convention? No celebrities, and that's a good thing most Americans actually don't think very highly of celebrities if the Democrats were like force feeding us Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington. Listen to what these celebrities and most middle Americans, especially in Minnesota or Michigan and Ohio, are like. I think we're good, actually.


I think we don't need to hear from Kerry Washington about how awful our country is. And I can't wait to see the numbers. I can't wait to see. I mean, some would say we have Herschel Walker. I mean, yeah, he's not a I wouldn't call him a celebrity. I call him a former athlete. I mean, and we are going to I want to get the Sean Parnell clip. I think that was one of the most effective ones.


Where he talks about the celebrities is very well crafted. And so if you kind of look at how the Republicans are able to produce this so effectively, they told better stories. They had more diverse storytellers, a better message and a better ethos all throughout the convention or throughout this, you know, evening of a convention. And so I also think it was very persuasive, I believe, for those of you that are in the middle and I want your thoughts on this, please email us your thoughts right now.


Freedom at Charlie Dotcom, freedom at Charlie Cook Dotcom. I'm going to take some of your questions right now. I want your thoughts on what you liked, what you didn't like, your feedback on all of it. And so I believe that the the Republicans being able to be disciplined throughout the message, being able to be consistent. And I loved what Sean Parnell said, who's running for Congress in Pennsylvania, where he said that this used to be the party of Harry Truman.


Now it's the party of Hollywood elites, which it was almost a call for Democrats to leave their party to come home to the Republican Party. Very, very well done, because this was, I think, the Republican National Convention. They saw one thing that the Democrats did, which was a very heavy focus on trying to get former Republicans to come over and try to vote for Joe Biden. I also thought the president's framing as a tough guy who get stuff done.


I believe that is a winning message, a guy that is unafraid to fight for the American people, someone who is unafraid to stand with a backbone clearly and confidently to push back against the enemies of our country. Nikki Haley talked a lot about the foreign policy aspects of this, but even more so if you kind of saw a theme, and I agree with this, that if we do not get our domestic issues underway, if we do not achieve domestic tranquility, then we will not be able to even worry about the Chinese Communist Party, will not be able to worry about Russia, Iran, North Korea.


And the president recognizes this. The president understands that if we do not get the riots in Kenosha happening right now, Seattle and Portland under control, and if we do not stop the American left, then we will not have a country. Tim Scott said this when he said they're trying to start a cultural revolution and they're trying to create a socialist utopia. So I want to get to some of your questions here in real time. And you guys can email me Freedom at Charlie Cook Dotcom.


Matt Gates also said something terrific. I don't know if we have this tape. What tape do we have pulled that I have not yet had a chance to pull to?


Is there any on there? We're moving in real time. Matt Gates had a great quote where he said, this is the first prize in my lifetime not to start a war first in his lifetime and my lifetime. Congressman Matt Gates is a friend of mine. Phenomenal, phenomenal point that this is the first time in our lifetime that we have not seen a president recklessly go into Iraq, go into Afghanistan, or try to send American troops into a quagmire overseas.


I thought the Democrats were the party of peace. It's President Trump that negotiated peace with the United Arab Emirates and Israel. It's President Trump who is negotiating peace all across the aisle, across the world, not across the country, all across the world.


And as President Trump, who has not put American service members into harm's way, knock on wood and pray. An American service member has not died in Afghanistan since February. And we're getting out of those perpetual, endless wars. And the traditional Republican establishment is not happy with this. The war mongering traditional Republican establishment, in defiance to President Trump's wishes, do not want a position that is puts a preference on peace, stability, negotiation and diplomacy like President Trump has.


Because if we're honest about if we're honest, it is widely unpopular to continually go into these endless conflict in the Middle East. And I believe just a gut instinct. Senator Rand Paul is going to talk about this a little bit tomorrow, just probably probably one of the biggest issues I think Senator Rand Paul talks tomorrow, is that right? Senator Rand Paul talks tomorrow. So, guys, please email us your questions right now. Freedom at Charlie Cook, dotcom freedom at Charlie Cook, Dotcom.


Give us your thoughts. And as we're pulling these clips from Parnell and some of the other speakers, I just want to kind of talk about some of the other big themes that I think the Republicans touched on throughout the week. I think that I think they did a great job of time with the first step back. I think it's a great job, Tom, about the foreign policy accomplishments. I think that the president and the convention, they need to have some very specific programming.


A Neil Gorsuch on the fight for Brett Kavanaugh, 200 circuit court judges, the pro-life stance of this president, which I believe that Abby Johnson is going to do a phenomenal job with and the cultural issues. And I think they did this tonight. But the more that the president and his team and the convention can lean in on the Republican Party and President Trump are the guardians of Western civilization, the bodyguard, if you will, the more effective that they will be.


And also, can we get the clip right here of I'm going to answer question the clip where I mentioned education towards the end of my speech. I want to get a chance to mention that. So this is from John C. who is watching right now. Charlie, as someone who is a former Democrat, by the way, congratulations. You win a signed copy of The New York Times best seller, The Magga Doctrine. As someone who is a former Democrat, I'm so thankful for what you and others are doing.


Thank you. What do you think is the best way to approach friends who have completely bought into the left's dogma to get them to see things in a different light? Well, first of all, if you are not already listening to the Charlie Kirk show every day, I highly encourage you to do that. If you guys are watching on Facebook, there's a link right there in the description. Plus, please press that link and hit that subscribe button.


Right now. It helps us surge in a charge and it sends a message to the activist media and the tech sensors that are trying to shut down the show. So thank you. Secondly, ask questions. It's the best way to engage and to cross-examine radicals asking questions against people that think they are so dogmatically inclined to believe something. Why do you believe that? What is your what is your ideal America look like? Has Trump done anything correctly? Is America a better or worse place thanks to the leadership of Donald Trump?


And some people say worse because of the virus? I still don't believe that. I still despite the virus, despite the lockdown's, I still believe we are in a better place than if Barack Obama would have been president or Hillary Clinton, God forbid, would have been president. Tyler says this. Hey, Charlie, I had a discussion with my wife, who is a teacher, and she said school choice is bad. She said the more kids that leave, the less funding the school gets, which is bad for the poor kids that are left behind.


Is this true? I told her I can't agree, telling kids they have no option about school. This is not true at all whatsoever. In fact, it creates competition. And there is no correlation, unfortunately, between and this is just the facts. I say, unfortunately, the facts between the amount of school funding and the direct correlation of the kids future. Now, there is a correlation at some point, but if you just look at parochial schools, especially Catholic schools in the city of Chicago, they'll educate a kid for about eight thousand dollars a year where the Chicago public schools are educated, get around nineteen to twenty thousand dollars a year.


And the kid that gets the education for about eight thousand dollars a year at the Catholic school is far more likely to succeed and pass the city's past. Read a grade level, pass a science exam, you name it, at every single possible level of metrics of success that you can gauge. So it's school choice does that allows parents to to move their tax dollars to better schools. That'll finally create some form of competition. And by the way, just if you I think most teachers are underpaid, but where I went to high school in district to 14 in the suburbs of Chicago and Wheeling, high school teachers earning one hundred forty thousand one hundred forty nine thousand dollars a year.


Teachers are far overfunded in many school districts across the country. And I think that parent should be able to move their tax dollars when a school is not performing up to their standards. I think that if you are trapped in a failing school district, that is a moral issue in our country. Thank you for the question. You guys win a signed copy of the Maggert Doctrine. Congratulations. Hi, Charlie. What would you say to people who are in fear?


That is, they get wrapped up in the news, even conservatives take the bait and become more fearful, my estimation immobilized and frozen in fear. I'm asking because I get text messages and read comments so often with I'm afraid. Thank you, Ruth. Well, look, there's two kind of fear. There's a fear of God in the fear of man. For those of us, they're Christians. We should fear God. Absolutely the fear of man.


We should not fear. Now, mind you, I think that I think that we should I think that we should be very understanding. I think that we should be very understanding of some of the sense of urgency and the chaos that's happening in our country, but fear I mean, there's very little that I fear in the country. I do fear Joe Biden taking office. I fear for the innocent and I fear for others. I fear that free speech and dialogue will be completely and totally destroyed.


And I think that we need to be more honest about how we are going to confront tyranny, both the macro and the micro tyranny in our country. We are going to confront that head on. We are going in front of a dialogue with facts and with logic, with precise data.


And look, if Joe Biden wins and the Democrats take over, they're going to try to create a Bolshevik insurrection in this country, the likes of which we've never seen.


And you're being warned right now, we have been right about almost every single production here in the show of what the country will look like if we give these people power. They are going to tear down our country as we know it. I talked about in my speech here and we have the clip all cued up, the need to get our kids to love America again, a country that thinks big and dreams big and can do the impossible, I believe.


And this has been based on our our issues here that we have gotten at freedom at Charlie Kirkham issues is not the right term. The feedback we've gotten in freedom at Charlie Kirk Dotcom from you guys, how successful we have been in this messaging. We actually workshopped this together as a podcast team, not just me, but our listeners, tens of thousands of listeners. We worked on this together and actually gave it the speech. Those of you that actually listen to my podcast and send me emails, you guys played an impact in front of millions of people.


This election is not just the most important of our lifetime. It is the most important since the preservation of the Republic in eighteen sixty five. By reelecting Trump, we will ensure that our kids are raised to love our country and respect its founding fathers, not taught to hate or be ashamed of them. We will build monuments to heroes, not burn down our cities. We'll be a country that rises to higher heights, that dreams big things big and achieves the impossible.


A country that values a remarkable journey, the complexities of our past, but clearly communicates to the next generation that we have to be grateful, not angry that we live in the United States. We will be a country that makes it easier to have many children live quite.


And just because of file capacity to cut that off, but the idea is that we are going to think big and dream big and be able to do the impossible, we're going to take the education of our children seriously. And it's getting very let's just say a lot of people have some feedback about my speech. And if anyone is unclear, by the way, about how I stand on this and if I want to clarify anything, I really have nothing to clarify.


From the speech tonight, Trump is the bodyguard of Western civilization. We are living in a gift of the United States of America, the greatest gift that we could possibly have in this time, in this place to live in this country, we must preserve this place. Donald Trump is the person to protect your family from the vengeful, malevolent mob that have never built anything in their life. They've only torn down. They've only destroyed. And Donald Trump every single day pushes for the ideas of a free society, one where you can speak your mind, the marketplace of ideas, private property, free enterprise, a strong America, strong borders against the Chinese Communist Party and elsewhere.


And so I think this is kind of a troll the question, but I think it's worth reiterating because I don't know if he's being you know, I just think it's worth responding to says hi, Charlie. Just a question. Do you think that Black Lives matter? I'm not asking if you support the organization, but do you believe that lives of the black people in this country matter? Of course I do. That's why I'm a Republican. Democrats don't believe that.


They don't. I mean, I think that the slaughter that is happening in the inner cities of our country is unacceptable. That's why I think that we should have more police, not less police. If you want less police, you do not believe that Black Lives truly matter. BLM, Inc., they use that phrase, Oh, we care. Well, no, you only care if you can use a very specific filmed incident to be able to raise money and cause racial division and chaos, because you, as in your own words, are trained Marxists.


I believe that black lives matter. I believe that all lives matter. That's why I'm a conservative. That's why I'm a patriot. That's my constitutional Christian. I believe that all lives matter. That's why I'm pro-life. That's why I'm not okay with the 350000 abortions that happen every single year in the black community, sometimes as high as 400000 happen every single year. I think that's immoral. And Democrats want more money, more abortions and more black lives to be slaughtered in the womb.


I'm not OK with that. Morally, the Democrats should be put on defense every single time when that issue comes up.


Do you know that a black person is eighteen and a half times more likely to kill a police officer than a police officer is to kill a black person, an unarmed black person, if we're honest about what's actually happening in our inner cities. As I recited the Chicago crime rates, 491 total homicides this year just in Chicago, two thousand six hundred eighty nine total shot. 2239 shot and wounded in 450, shot and killed. And a vast majority of them are black on black crime.


Vast, all of them are black people killing black people, and so, of course, I believe that black lives matter. I believe that all lives matter. There's nothing wrong with saying those words. All lives matter. We're all given a gift from God, which is life, and we should protect the innocent. And Democrats do not believe that. Parnell had a really good clip here, Sean Parnell running for Congress in Pennsylvania. I want to play the tape and then react to it.


With alarm, as the party of my grandfather, a lifelong union Democrat, turned against the very people that profess to represent, I watched as Joe Biden spit venom at an auto worker who dared to question Joe's intent to dismantle the Second Amendment and take your guns, where Democrats once stood for hard working, law abiding Americans who displayed our flag with pride. This New Democrat Party considers these people uneducated racists, clinging to guns and Bibles. The party of Harry Truman became the party of hedge fund managers, Hollywood celebrities, tech moguls, university professors, all bloated with contempt for middle America.


I look across the aisle and I do not see a party that wants you to pursue your dreams. I see a Democrat Party that wants to dictate what those dreams are.


Phenomenal. I'm going to get the exact wording here and our team is going to pull it for me here, I want make sure I got it right. It went from the party, Harry Truman and the party, the middle class to hedge fund managers, Hollywood celebrities, university professors. I'm missing one phenomenal Sean Parnell. Running for Congress in Pennsylvania is worthy of your support. That's one of the greatest lines of the entire convention. In fact, I'm going to reuse it and I will give it attribution.


It went from a party that now represents the ruling class in Malibu, in Manhattan, no longer the working class in Missouri or Montana, one that that instead represents the elitist, the most elitist form of individuals in our entire country. Donald Trump Jr. had another great line here that I want to get to. I believe we have it cued up here about if you call nine one one, it might go to voicemail. Very, very disturbing and very effective imagery play tape is held accountable.


What happened to George Floyd is a disgrace. And if you know a police officer, you know they agree with that, too. But we cannot lose sight of the fact that our police are American heroes. They deserve our deepest appreciation, because no matter what the Democrats say, you and I both know when we dial nine one one, we don't want it going to voicemail. So defunding the police is not an option. Everything starts with safety and security.


You can't do anything else without it. You can't focus on building a better future for your children without the peace of mind that they can study safely in their classrooms, play safely in their neighborhoods and sleep safely in their beds.


And it's exactly right. If you do not have peace and stability, if you do not have the rule of law, you do not have a country. You guys can email us your questions. Freedom at Charlie Cook. Com. We are answering them live here. Hi, Charlie. Great speech tonight. What do you see as the impediment to taking back control of the cities and our great nation that have been overrun by domestic terrorism in the form of BLM and Tifa, thank you for all you do.


LNG Sandwich, Massachusetts. The biggest impediment is that we do not have leaders, Democrat leaders that actually care about the cities that they represent. I mean, there is no way that you can see what is happening in the inner cities of this country, like in Chicago, the rioting and the looting and the arson and be perfectly OK with that. It's quite honestly, it is a problem of and this is what you're supposed to do this in politics, but I just do it all the time.


I am going to criticize and critique their motives. I believe the Democrats have bad motives. I think the Democrats are perfectly OK with the criminals running the cities. They have done nothing to stop the widespread criminality and the arson problems that are not confronted. Multiply if you do not confront tyrants at the very moment that they tried to break the law and they try to prey on the innocent, they are going to continue to grow. They will then expand their ranks and they will go after more people that cannot defend themselves.


That is the only way that you can possibly go up against this and the only way that you can possibly defend up against tyranny, Andrea says yes.


Hi, Charlie. Would you recommend what would you recommend as a top three reasons a Christian should vote for Trump by many friends and family who are Christian, yet who refuse to vote for Trump? Andrew. Well, let me tell you my perspective. No. One, I'm not prepared to go in front of my creator and say I did nothing when it came to the one million abortions happening in this country every single year. That's that's number one. And if you're a Christian, not voting for the person who is defending for the unborn, then I have a lot of questions about that.


If you're if you're willing to sit that out and say, you know, a million abortions a year were perfectly OK with that, that's that's a that's a huge red flag for me. No to. The most important thing you can do in your life is accept Jesus Christ, our lord and savior, the second most important thing you can do in your life is to make sure you could do the first thing. Right now, the Democrats are disallowing churches from opening.


They are criminalizing penalizing pastors like my pastor, Pastor Rob McCoy, and Thousand Oaks, California. And if you are not going to the ballot box to vote for the person who is defending your right to free expression as a Christian, then I got a lot of questions about that. And finally, number three is education. Do you want educational freedom? Do you want your kids to love, you know, the love, Jesus, love, God, love, love our country, all that is under attack.


If Joe Biden takes office, school choice will become highly criminalized. If not illegal, homeschooling is going to be under attack very, very soon. And we are going to see the American church further and further criminalized by these radical Democrats that want nothing but the ultimate and absolute pursuit of power. Those are three reasons. But even more than that, how could you vote for Joe Biden, who is anti-Israel, pro Iran? Anti life has basically said if you put more anti Christian justices on the Supreme Court like Sotomayor, Ginsburg and Breyer, that's just the starting point for Joe Biden.


He surrounds himself with bitter secular humanists that want nothing but the total and complete disintegration of our country. For Christians who said this this election out, if you're okay with the entire country burning down to the ground, then fine. I believe it is immoral to allow the country to burn down around you if you do not do everything you possibly can, get active, get engaged, donate, make phone calls. And of course, the least you could do is go vote for Donald Trump, the bodyguard of Western society.


Vernon Jones, a black Democrat state representative who switched to from Democrat to Republican. He had an incredible speech tonight, play tape.


Now, you know, when I made the public announcement of my support for President Trump, all hell broke loose. I was threatened, called an embarrassment, and asked to resign by my own party. Unfortunately, that's consistent with the Democratic Party and how they view independent thinking black men and women. But I'm here to tell you that black voices are becoming more woak and louder than ever. You're not going to see that on CNN in the morning. What did you say?


Black voices are becoming more woak and louder than ever before. There is movement happening in the black community, the likes of which the activist media will not tell you. You know why there are millions and millions of black voters that do not want widespread crime, rioting and looting. And Leo Terrell, who I used to go up against on Fox News and debate head to head, has now become the biggest Trump supporter you could possibly imagine. Love that guy, love.


He has just been phenomenal lately. And he's he's honestly become one of my favorite people on TV with. I used to debate that guy like you wouldn't believe. He used to say that Donald Trump was all these awful things and all these. And now he's saying, I can't. He said, can I go vote now? I love Donald Trump. I love Republicans. I love the rule of law. There is an awakening happening.


Some people say it's an awakening. I don't know if that's the term that is going to be used very often, but I saw that somewhere Vernon Jones is saying that the black community is waking up to what is happening. Praise God. And Donald Trump is the defender of forgotten America. Donald Trump has brought dignity to black America. Donald Trump has defended black America with historical black funding, college universities for step backed opportunity zones, lowest ever black unemployment rate standing with police, which means you're standing in the black with the black community.


Let's get to another question. Your freedom at Charlie Cook, dotcom freedom at Charlie Cook Dotcom. Hi, Charlie. As a 25 year old conservative, I have lots of friends who blame Trump for the poor handling of a pandemic. What's your response to people who believe this? How how do we refute this with data? Things I do best, Sarah, is complete and total nonsense. First of all, how do you plan for a one on one in a century pandemic?


Number one. Number two, President Trump had a record response, became the ventilator's hospital response and treatment therapies all across the board. It's it's Barack Obama that left all the shelves completely and totally empty post his presidency. It is President Trump that stepped up heroically, has Hasid streamlining the processes throughout the federal Food and Drug Administration and has quite honestly, thank goodness we had President Trump, not Hillary Clinton, during this time of national crisis and virus. Email us your questions, everybody.


Freedom at Charlie Cook Dotcom. It was an honor to be able to speak at the convention tonight, honored to be able to defend our president, I believe tonight I was one of the youngest speakers. I think Natalie Harpe actually might be younger than I am, but I was one of the youngest speakers tonight, honor to be able to communicate to the next generation. And I'm going to hold whole transcript of my speech. I actually think it's worth reading, not just listening to four young families that are uncertain that the mob might come for your children.


They might. And that's why you have to go elect Donald Trump. If you're worried that your kids might be taught to hate America, they might. And that's why we have to go elect Donald Trump. Our kids will love America again. Our kids will appreciate the founding of our country. We will build monuments to heroes, not tear them down. We will not divide based on the immutable characteristics and to be able to speak on the national stage.


As a twenty six year old who runs a national organization, who is told by everyone that I was going to fail at every single turn, I'm living the American dream. And that's kind of one of the closing notes I want to give, is that I'm 26 years old. I didn't go to college. I worked hard, got really lucky, met some great people on the way. I was able to address the entire country from the national stage.


This is still a beautiful country, guys. I'm living everything I talk about every single day. And I'm incredibly grateful, not angry that I live in this country. And I think we have to continue to preserve this country as a place that fights for the rule of law, that understands the Constitution, that can articulate the founding of our country. And I just got confirmation I was the youngest speaker tonight. I don't think I'm the youngest at the convention because Madison Cawthorn is speaking, who is, I know, younger than me, and hopefully, God willing, is going to be the youngest elected person coming to Congress in the history of our country, God willing.


It was an honor to be able to speak tonight at the Republican National Convention, and even beyond that, it's an honor to be in the fight. I can trace my ancestry all the way back to 16, 20. To this country, I can go even further back to Scotland. My ancestors sacrificed and built this country, fought in the Revolutionary War, they fought in the Civil War, they fought in World War One, they fought in World War Two.


My family has in many different ways, helped create the greatest country ever to exist in the history of the world, and it's just the greatest honor to now be involved in a fight that might determine the entire civilization that we are living in today. And for all of you there watching right now, you probably you saw very clearly if you watched last week and you watched tonight. You saw a very clear contrast of visions for our country between the bitter Democrats and the hopeful, optimistic Republicans, please subscribe to The Charlie Cook Show everybody in that podcast link right now.


God bless you. E-mail us your questions. Freedom at Charlie Cook Dotcom. And if you want to win a signed copy, the Magadha action we've already given out. Everyone who answered your question gets one. We'll give it another five if I answer your questions on a future episode of the Charlie Kirk Show type and Charlie Kirk show hit subscribe. Give us a five star review. God bless you guys. See you tomorrow night. Thanks so much.