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Hey everybody. I was looking at the lineup, the Republican National Convention. I said to myself, we thought all these people on our show before. And so I want to do an episode where we recap the best moments of Kayleigh McEnany, Madison, Katherine, Matt Gates, Rand Paul, Don Jr., the United States, the vice president, Dan Crenshaw, Marsha Blackburn, Rick Grenell, Jim Jordan, Nikki Haley, Rudy Giuliani, Kristi Noem and Tom Cotton.


This is an episode of the best of the Charlie Kirk show. All in one. You guys are going to love it. We got all these people here, the best moments of their previous appearances, the Charlie Kirk Show. If you guys want to support the hardest working team in politics, go to Charlie Kirchhoff, support Charlie Dotcom slash support, amazing star studded cast here of the biggest stars of the Republican convention that have all been on our program.


Buckle up, everybody. Here we go.


Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Crist, Charlie Cook's run in the White House.


But I want to thank Charlie is an incredible guy, his spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created. Turning point. You are saying we will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.


That's why we are here and now. Kayleigh McEnany.


So I do want to end on a more personal note, Kayleigh. I'm kind of a two part question. First, you are one of the youngest press secretaries, I think, in White House history. You have an amazing career trajectory. And so many young people that message me, both men and women, are inspired by how much confidence you have. I first would love to have you just comments on how you were able to to come to this.


I see that cross you wear that cross every single day. I want to just compliment you for the boldness of your faith. It's obviously really important to your to your testimony and your daily work. Please comment on those two things. I know our listeners will be blessed by that. Sure.


You know, I it's an honor to be here as a millennial woman. I know you work with millennials all across the country and, you know, being here and being a young person in particular and very proud. I got here through a lot of hard work. As my dad says, talent beats hard work when hard work excuse me, beats talent and talent doesn't work hard. So I put in a lot of time. I take these proposals seriously.


I know I'm working on behalf of the American people and I'm just trying to keep up with President Trump, who is someone who works around the clock. Never again. Yeah, he's just got full of energy. So to be here to be here at a young age, it's just a testament to what hard work can do and keeping up with this president. But in terms of my faith, it's a very important part of my life. You know, I have one of my mentors is Ravi Zacharias, and I've never met him, but he's someone I've always looked up to.


He's a Christian apologist who has been a lot in my life. And unfortunately, he has cancer and they've announced that he's stopping treatment. But he's someone who really throughout my days in academia, when the going got tough, when I was trying to stand up for my faith and my point of view, he's someone who always kind of provided the footnote to what I was trying to say when I shared my faith. And he's someone who is in my thoughts and in my prayers at this time.


But my faith is huge to me. I began the days immersed in my faith, whether it's listening to Christian music or reading a devotional before I go out to the podium or listening to a sermon, I couldn't get through this job, this really hard job without my faith.


And now Madison Cawthorn, my entire life was going as good as it could have been.


You know, born in 1995, grew up in the mountains of western North Carolina. Incredible family, incredible community, had always dreamed about going to the Naval Academy, had just gotten nominated, is eight years old, playing on playing football.


My entire life is going how ever you'd want to go. Sharp mind, incredible physical abilities. But then, you know, as I'm on a road trip with my best friend, I'm taking a nap in the passenger seat for whatever reason.


I assume you thought it would be better as a group activity. And so he he he accidentally fell asleep behind the wheel, the car we're going at 70 miles an hour in a construction zone on the interstate, not really speeding anything bad. But, you know, when there's no one on the wheel of the car, dangerous things happen since seventy miles an hour, we run headlong into a concrete barricade. Wow. And from there, you you went through years in the hospital, a year and a half.


You're a month in hospital. You're a month in a hospital, three months in ICU.


I was I was terribly damaged, just my entire body. I'm now bound to a wheelchair from now on. But for the very first time after I came out of the hospital, you know, about hundred and fifty pounds in a wheelchair.


And I went to a professional baseball game, I realized what it was like to have people look over you in a crowd.


To feel disenfranchised, to feel like the society had left you behind and that you were no longer a part of the process, and so that is a enabled me to empathize with people who really want to walk a mile in someone's moccasins before I make a decision about what should happen in their life.


And so you started going across the country speaking about your story, right? One of being a victor, not a victim. And then you had this idea, I want to run for Congress because you felt like we were losing our country. You were the youngest candidate, probably by half, probably in a very crowded primary. How many people were in your primary? We had 12 people in the primary. So the way the system works in North Carolina, like a lot of southern states, they have a very crowded primary and the top two vote getters have a runoff.


And so it was a surprise. You even made the runoff, right? It was.


You know, we were considered a dark horse in the race. No one really ever gave us thought we'd be able to do it. But, you know, at the end of the day, what it came down to is hard work and a great message, a new message of conservatism, a freedom of personal responsibility, of having the pen of destiny in your own hands.


And so no one gave us a chance. But when we went, all the votes came out.


We realized we were in second place. My team was actually frustrated. So we thought we going to be in first. And and so then we started into our runoff election. And, you know, Charlie, you know how how the odds are even stacked against us more at that point.


Yeah. And I could speak personally to that.


And now Congressman Matt Gates, then coronavirus comes and there is this demand from law enforcement agencies around the country to be able to enforce social distancing. And so DJI, this Chinese drone company, donates just a ton of drones to 22 states, over 48 municipalities to fly around. Now, why should that scare us?


Because in 2017, our own Department of Homeland Security out of the Los Angeles office wrote a memo indicating that these very DJI drones were dual use, that while they might be flying around a park to enforce social distancing, that they're really collecting information on key infrastructure, electric grids, points of vulnerability, ingress and egress, and that they do report those things back to China. Again, that's not some conspiracy theory I thought of. That's what our own government wrote in a report after that report.


Homeland Security grounds there, DJI drones. The US Army says that they will never again procure these because of their compromising capabilities. And even the park rangers at the Department of the Interior grounded their DGI drone fleet.


But today in America, there is this massive expansion of this Trojan horse intelligence gathering operation run by China, executed by the DJI drones. And your local police department may be unknowingly at the controls of a Chinese operation to make your communities less safe. And if you're worried. Well, you know, I don't care if China if China knows I'm grilling chicken in my backyard, you know, what am I worried about? The real question is, as these broadcasting surveillance flights are occurring, are they picking up where you get your water, where you get your energy?


And that is just simply not information that I want China to have. So I think the Department of Justice needs to act swiftly on this issue guidance. And hopefully, Charlie, the states will also take a role here. The states attorneys general just sent a memo to the United States Congress, 17 of them encouraging us to pursue action against China. I would suggest that every attorney general in America could issue guidance today to their law enforcement and their states and ground your guy fleets.


Our government knows that this is not a gift. This is an intelligence collection asset provided to us by our enemy.


It is so well said. Thank you for your leadership on that, because so few members of Congress are actually getting into the weeds of how the Chinese Communist Party is continuing their imperial international expansion into our country. Quite honestly, it's terrifying. It's terrifying that the tyrants of Beijing and Shanghai will be able to open up their laptops and see the movements and see how American citizens are going to church, are not going to church. These these people cannot be trusted.


And would you give fascist Italy would you give Mao's China that sort of power? Because that's what we're dealing with here. We are dealing with a malevolent regime that has a million Muslims in concentration camps. They've been trying to build an international empire and they're ahead of schedule. They lie continually, continuously. It is a it is as they speak, the lies flow. And we have covered that extensively here on the Charlie Kirk show.


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And so we built him a natural gas gas station, then no cars. So we bought them some cars. We want them 24 cars that run on natural gas. That's no money. So we give them a credit card to get the gas. But the gas station was supposed to cost about a half a million and ended up costing 45 million because the contractors were ripping us off. So I had two members of my staff that said they'd go to Afghanistan to look at some of this waste they got over there.


And after 19 years, you can't drive in a car anywhere. You have to go by helicopter with Marines to protect you, even within the city of Kabul, the capital. So the gas station was out in the country and they said, can we see it to see if it is functioning? What's what's a 45 million are natural gas gas station doing? And they said, well, we just can't take the risk to go out there. It's not worth Americans dying to show you this gas station.


So it's like we spent 45 million in an area of the country we can't even visit. So this is crazy. No kids should be sent over to Afghanistan when there is no reason for the war anymore. We're building them gas stations and roads. Well. Senator, our time is short. Is there anything in particular you wanted to plug? I know you mentioned the book and everyone here should buy the book. The Case Against Socialism. Is it available for preorder yet or will be soon?


Soon. It's going to come out in the September, early October so this room can help make it a best seller. I know that. But is there anything else that these students can help you with in your fight for liberty? I have to tell everyone in this audience I've dealt with so many of these politicians and they just don't get it. I mean, there's maybe four or five in the Senate that reasonably get it. And really, I say Senator Rand Paul is one of the few that is so vocal on the issue of ending the endless wars and criticizing the spending.


And now Donald Trump Jr., you know, and if they're willing to destroy people's lives without any basis, in fact, without any, you know, evidence, you know, obviously the evidence against Kavanaugh was so overwhelming that Dianne Feinstein in the Senate sat on it for, you know, three months and then illegally leaked it and then leaks it.


It's really disgusting. But that's what we are up against.


I mean, we have to realize that we are in a a serious fight for the for the culture of our country.


And there's nothing the other side won't do. And when I see them espousing those values, I know that, you know, the big government nonsense and the censorship and the this it's crazy.


I mean, there's things what was the thing I saw today and, you know, Massachusetts, you know, it's the latest outrage.


Think a little out of there, literally banning. I think they sent you messages trying to ban the ability to call someone a bitch.


You know, it's not nice, but men like, you know, and then they go, right.


No, we're not trying to suppress it. They're not trying to suppress anything as long as they're OK with what you're saying.


But I'm sure it's OK to call a magazine reporter that I mean, they'd be fine. So you see the media, are they really trying to ban that?


I saw that today. They don't have anything better to do and they got nothing better to do it. Well, if they did, they'd be working on infrastructure, USACA, there'd be infrastructure instead of Salleh. The notion of immigration, the president's put forth an amazing immigration plan. This is the big pressing issue in Massachusetts. They don't want to do anything. This shows how good the economy is done, to be honest with you. Well, they can't talk about it because they got nothing.


I mean, what are their plans? They have nothing. They won't even vote on issues that will make it better because they're worried about getting Trump to win. And that's the real issue. I mean, when you think you realize that NAFTA is a failure, they realize that NAFTA is a failure.


They're they're trying to reclaim this notion that they're for the blue collar workers of America, which they lost under Trump. Where are you?


They don't want to give away the first thing they voted on six months ago when they brought it to the table. But it's still sitting on Nancy Pelosi's desk because she can't bring it to the people because Trump was the guy that got it done.


They said it was impossible and he got it done like everything else that he's done.


And it might help him get re-elected.


That's why they're trying to they would rather watch Americans suffer and not be able to take advantage of more job opportunities and all of these things than to have their own constituency thrive because they hate Trump more than they love America, the United States, everybody.


I don't have to say much more than that. Email me your questions really quick. Freedom at Charlie Cook, Dotcom, the president.


Mr. President, welcome to Arizona. Well, thank you very much. You're about to address the second largest gathering post lockdown, I think, on the planet. That's right. It's all young people. What is your message to the next generation?


I think it's just hope. And I think that we are doing a great job. We had the best job numbers we've ever had. A month ago, actually, two weeks ago, the retail numbers were coming back very strong. We had this problem with China where they sent something over here probably by accident. Who knows? And we're coming out of it very strong, very powerfully. The third quarter is going to be incredible. I think I really believe it will be.


And fourth quarter is going to be really good. And next year is going to be one of the best years we've ever had. So it's going to be great for young people.


Yeah, you signed an executive order yesterday that I loved and appreciated restricting immigration that will protect jobs of young graduates.


Can you tell us a little very simply, we want to take care of Americans first, and I'm OK with having people come in based on merit. You know that I've been talking to you about that for a long time, but we want to have people come in on merit. But right now we have jobs to fill. And I want to do that before I even think about anything else. And we've signed something. It's very strong. It's really America.


First to to America first is a very simple message to put our country in our generation first.


So, Mr. President, you have been outspoken about the need for the silent majority to be silent. No longer so many young people are losing their jobs because of their beliefs and some of them get physically threatened. In closing here, one last kind of piece of messaging, as you hear the crowd roar in anticipation, crowd, incredible. In fact, every single seat filled and we got a little battle with the fire marshal over it. But I said that this is when there's been so for young conservatives out there that are being targeted for their beliefs, what is what is your message for them?


Well, we're going to be doing something. I'm going to be you know, you saw what I did having to do with schools that are funded and funded. And I know it's had a big impact. And you and I know you have sold out crowds and everything is. But we're winning. We're in the White House, we're going to win the White House again, hopefully we're going to win the Senate, we're going to bring back the House. We are doing great.


And I really think that as far as targeting, I like targeting back. You know, they go after people's business. They go after customers. If you advertise on a conservative show, you know what's going on. They go after the advertising. Oh, it's a disgrace. What they do is a disgrace. And the bottom line is we're winning and they're knocking down our monuments and they're knocking down our statues. They're knocking down all sorts of things.


In the end, we're going to knock them down. We're going to win this. We're going to win it really big. And these incredible people that I hear in the background, they're on the winning team. And I think the other side has frankly, I think they've just lost it and you see it. But we'll see what happens in November. We have to go November 3rd. It's a big day and it's a big, big day. We're all waiting for it.


And I think we're doing really well. We're all set to go. We're just starting the campaign right now. You know, we were on television the other night for a speech and it was the highest rating in the history of Fox on a Saturday night. And the history, it's a long history. It's a lot of good shows and some probably pretty bad ones, too. But an online you saw the kind of numbers we had 11 million viewers.


Yeah, there are there are tremendous there's a tremendous spirit out there that I guess they call it enthusiasm that people haven't seen in a long time. So I think we're going to do really well.


Mr. President, we have your back. Thank you for fighting for our generation and can't wait to hear what you have to say.


You've always had my back, and I appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you, Shirley. Thanks.


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The vice president of the United States, Mike Pence.


Right now, all of this just feels to me like an unending effort by Democrats that literally began on our Inauguration Day to overturn the results of the 2016 election. But I'll be honest with you, Charlie, I as I travel across Iowa today, as I've been traveling all across this country, I think the American people see through it. I think they see a president who's rebuilt our military, who's revived the American economy, who's appointed a record number of conservatives to our courts at every level, who has America standing tall in the world again, respected as never before.


And that contrast that with the Democratic Party that just seems to be overtaken by left wing radicals who support not only this partisan impeachment, but but late term abortion, open borders, free health care for illegal immigrants, I mean, and socialist policies that really have have literally impoverished millions over the last century. And Rob, rob the liberties of generations. I mean, to think that to think that Bernie Sanders is leading in the polls in the Democratic Party here in Iowa today, it is an avowed socialist is really it really tells you all you need to know about today's Democratic Party.


And I think that's why you see so many people. Yes. Coming our way. Would the rally tonight in Des Moines, I mean, I know, Charlie, there'll be a lot of good Republicans there and there'll be some Democrats, too. There's going to be a lot of Democrats there. We you know, we actually people register for these things and they're given the opportunity to tell us about their political background. And there'll be a significant number of people in Des Moines tonight before the president and I take the stage.


That'll be proud Democrats. But they're coming to this president. They're coming to the Republican Party, just like students all across the country are coming to this movement through turning point because they see the results. Yes, they see a president who's putting common sense American principles and ideals into practice and is delivering results in a stronger, more prosperous America. So I want to quickly follow up on one of those points being in Iowa. Bernie Sanders might win the state and he might be the nominee, which in my opinion, would be probably one of the most stark contrasts in our in my lifetime of two different ideologies.


And, you know, you could look at 1984 or 1972, which were landslides in the Republican conservative direction when Democrats nominated someone so socialist and so radical. But it's the universities and young people that are pushing the rise of Bernie Sanders.


Congressman Dan Crenshaw right here on the Charlie Kirk show.


And I have no connection to Boston. And so I went to Tufts because I was always in or out and interested in policy. I did international and international relations at Tufts. You know, I grew up abroad because my dad was in the oil and gas sector, so I grew up in Houston.


You speak fluent Spanish? Yeah.


And so I went to high school in Bogota, Colombia, and, you know, did model U.N. as a kid.


So I was like I was all into international affairs. I figured that would be a good major and a minor in physics just just because I don't know why there was no reason for that.


It was just I figured that's what I would do if I wanted to pretend to be a smart kid.


And I guess that's a whole different story.


But so I got to Harvard at the end of my military career. I knew I wanted to remain in policy.


And so I went to the to the Kennedy School. I didn't go to business school and go to law school. Went to the Kennedy School. Wanted to study policy and then, you know, find a new path in that direction, not politics, but policy, and there is a difference just for and this is maybe important for kids to understand, because you get asked about this a lot, like how do you get involved?


How do you get into the political outlook? And I say the first the first thing you have to differentiate is whether you're interested in policy or politics. There is a difference if you're interested in policy. I would suggest that usually means you're interested in a certain type of policy.


OK, maybe it's I you know, I don't know, maybe it's labor or something. Maybe maybe it's maybe it's small business development. Like, I don't know, I don't know whatever it is for you, but maybe get really smart on that one piece of policy, maybe work for a politician, maybe work for a think tank, maybe that's your thing. Maybe it's behind the scenes.


If you're interested in a whole bunch of different policies and you want to have a kind of a broader effect in that way, then you do have to get into politics a little bit more.


And and I found more and more that that's where I was at.


I still wasn't thinking about running because there was no path to running. I don't have any money. I don't know a lot of people with money who didn't know anybody with money, really. And and there wasn't really a clear window of opportunity. There wasn't a clear place that I would run for office.


And so you have to have one of those three things. And I didn't have any of them. But but my wife and I did talk about running just kind of casually.


And then all of a sudden, one day, maybe probably at least four or five months, six months after I graduated from Harvard, I was actually about to take a job policy job at Department of Defense. And then the next day I was running for Congress. It just happened that fast because the third thing opened up, which is after your service to the SEALs. Yeah, yeah. This is ten years in the SEAL teams. They have to I'm jumping around a lot of it centers in the SEAL teams that go into Harvard.


And I think being at Harvard, again, I went in there wearing conservatism on my sleeve. Well, I'm like super outspoken about it.


But the seal that went to Harvard. Yeah.


Senator Marsha Blackburn.


Oh, Charlie, I am so happy to be with you and your listeners. Nurse One of the things that we know is it is going to take all of us working together to finally deal with China. And as you're aware, I have worked on this issue of China with their intellectual property violations, the way they've stolen our entertainment and written work content, the way they have tried to force the way their telecommunications company into our system, because that is how they are using they're using Whiteway to build a spy network.


And I've also spent time raising the awareness. Every one of these Chinese companies, our guess what, they're state owned and who is the state in China is the Chinese Communist Party. So as we look at coronavirus and covid-19 as a way to pivot toward action, there are some steps we need to put in place to make this an orderly process. First is Senate Resolution five fifty three. I have it in the Senate. Congressman Jim Banks has it in the House.


And this is a sense of Congress resolution which would send the message to the Chinese Communist Party and their leadership that we know they caused the COGAT virus and they did this by hiding information, by lying about what was happening. They were not transparent. They would not give us several sample to work from when we ask them for an active pharmaceutical ingredient, they said, well, we may hold back on that, we might not give it to you. And then they changed their mind and decided to give it to us.


Then they said, oh, this is all caused by the US military. Then they decided they would begin to expel journalists. So in that resolution, we say we recognize all this in China. You are guilty of having taken this virus, allowed it to spread and caused this global pandemic. The thing that we would do is to end these Confucius Institutes that are, yes, on the campuses of many of our universities and, you know, some of these universities thinking they were teaching a different culture and allowing these Chinese professors, quote unquote, air quotes, professors.


They're actually spies onto these campuses. And this is all come to light. Let's saying that if you take taxpayer money, you can't have a Confucius Institute. The third thing, have China waive all of the payments related to the debt, our US debt that they hold, which is over a trillion dollars of our debt that they hold, they should wave their payments on that with the ever increasing numbers of an.


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You just tell them the Charlie Kirk show sent you amazing selection, reliably low prices, all the parts you'll ever need rock, auto, dotcom, Rick Grenell, especially when we look at Europe as being a Western alliance.


Right. They're part of NATO. NATO is the greatest multilateral organization in the history of the world. And therefore, we believe that Germany, the largest economy in Europe, should pay its NATO bill. Why should we have 50000 American troops in Germany, 50000 American troops, your tax dollars, OK, this is billions of dollars. And yet the Germans are going to say to us, we are not going to abide by the NATO rule, which says two percent of your GDP should be spent on your own defense.


They haven't been doing that for quite some time. Is that right? No.


And, you know, look, I have to be honest with you. When when I get pushback from the German government and they say, oh, you're so tough and you're Germans are saying you're tough, you must be quite tough.


You know, they complain about President Trump's tweets. They complain about my speeches or or direct messages. They're complaining that we are too tough on them, on on defense spending. And what I say to them very clearly is this also has been a policy of multiple U.S. governments and you have ignored them. The Obama administration, you've ignored the Bush administration, who all asked very nicely in the very typical diplomatic way. Right. Please pay more for defense. Please pay your NATO obligation.


And yet they've ignored that. What lesson do you learn that when President Trump is very clear, when President Trump tweets a pay your fair share obligations at NATO and you start to raise your defense spending, the only lesson that we can learn is that we have to keep the pressure on, because that's the only way that you're going to increase defense spending.


Jim Jordan, I think the way that Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was treated and has now been revealed to have been treated as one of the greatest injustices in modern American history, the president has said about the deep state and spying has been proven to be true. You have you went out on a limb and you called out this nonsense before these documents were even made public. And in these documents, it was shown that this was entrapment in its purest form. And any way you look at it, it was entrapment of Lt.


. General Michael Flynn without legal representation in the people's House, the White House, they go in and entrap Michael Flynn. Here's the question I have, Congressman.


Why is it that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Christopher Wray sat on this exculpatory evidence for two years?


Can you add some insight into this? I have no idea, but it is frustrating. But for the work of Sydney Powell, Michael Flynn, lawyer, but for the effort of the attorney general, Bill Barr, Bill Barr said to Jeff Jensen, U.S. attorney in St. Louis, Go take another look at the mike case. Those two bullbars, actions and Cindy Paul's actions are the reason we now have this information and what they did to a three star general who served our country for over 30 years.


And you put it all in context. Remember, Charlie, you know this. In July of 2016, they launched an investigation into President Trump, they and of course, that investigation in the summer of twenty sixteen, they use the now famous dossier, the dossier that was paid for by the Clinton campaign, the dossier that was written by Christopher Steele, who Christopher Steele told the Justice Department he was, quote, desperate to stop Trump from getting elected.


The dossier that they knew was Russian disinformation, the dossier that they knew was salacious, unverified, Jim Colby's words, not mine. They use that dossier to go spy on people associated with President Trump's campaign. And then we learned just a couple of weeks into his administration, they sneak two guys into the White House. They don't follow the standards they're supposed to follow, notifying the White House counsel. They sneak two FBI agents into the White House to set up a three star general and to charge him with lying to the FBI in this crazy Logan Act, which has never been used to charge anyone with a crime.


That is how bad it is. And if I could just add one more thing. I understand what took place January 3rd. Chuck Schumer goes on The Rachel Maddow Show. He says in response to a statement President Trump had said, preselect Trump and said preselect Trump and said that they're spying on me. He said they're spying on our campaign and spying on me. Chuck Schumer says if you mess with the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday to getting back at you the next day.


The two agents who were who were doing the investigation said there's nothing there with Michael Flynn. We should drop this CROSSFIRE Rasor investigation. The day after that, Peter struck famous. Now, Peter Struck says, wait a minute, don't drop it. Comey and McCabe told me we're going to continue this investigation. And then the 6th of January. This is all in 2011. All in all, instead of three weeks, January six is when they go to Trump Tower and try to trap the president and brief the president on the dossier.


Two and a half weeks later is when they go to the White House and trap Michael Flynn. All that happens in a three and a half weeks time period in January of 2017. That's how disgusting this is. So people need to be held to account. Most importantly, I hope I hope John Durham investigators need to do it. I hope they hold Jim Comey accountable.


Nikki Haley. Charlie, the one thing I want people to understand is this is bigger than the virus.


China has been an aggressor and a bully for a long time, and the United States has been naive for way too long. Just to give you an example, in the past month where every country in the world stood still. Every country has been has tried to survive and take care of their people. Do you know what China has been doing? They have been highly aggressive in the South China Sea, where a third of our shipping takes place. They are then arresting Hong Kong protesters that were speaking negatively about China.


They have been testing nuclear weapons going against the nuclear testing ban. This is all stuff they've done in the last month. So while everyone else is trying to survive, they have not let off the gas. It's time for us to be smart. It's time for us to call them out. And it's time for us to do something about it. And that's what we hope the petition does.


Music to my ears. I have talked about for some time how we need to be skeptical and we need to be very firm. And now I have called for the complete and total shutdown of economic relations with China, with some people saying that goes too far. You accurately point out that their aggression in the South China Sea, they have a million Muslims in concentration camps. They harvest the organs of anyone that they choose in any time. It is one of the most hostile countries in the world to Christianity.


They have the belt and road initiative. They have bought up ports of entry in sub-Saharan Africa and South America. They look at the world as if it's their imperial sandbox and they have a total disregard for human rights. And thank you for standing up for what was right on the U.N. Security Council in the United Nations, where it's like the den of lions against America. It's basically we pay them so they can hate us.


Rudy Giuliani and I have now come to the position.


I had a conversation with Rand Paul last night and he and I had totally different views during the debate.


We debated it. I've now I've can say I've come all the way over to his position, but he's absolutely right that we have to curtail it. The rights of American citizens are precious.


And his position has long been, hey, this could end up being abused at some point at which you always admitted and you said, but, you know, there's a process.


And I also had a picture of U.S. attorneys offices of the 1980s. Very honest, a great point. Very, very different.


And you asked me about the Southern District. So the justice in Manhattan, major places where they hire people are the Ivy League law schools and they take the top ten.


These are all self-proclaimed geniuses, nine out of 10 are out of control. Liberals are going to say they're all Marxists.


And I would imagine the hatred of Trump is palpable. Mm hmm. So can someone, a good lawyer, control that and be a good lawyer?


I actually have an example of a judge like that who just made a very fair decision that helps President Trump, even though he personally hates me. That's a great. That's what that's a great lawyer. That's right.


But the ordinary human beings are they're angry at him. I think they are angry at me because of the way I embarrassed him over the Cohen case. I mean, that that guy was flying machine. And every time he lied, we nailed him and we ruined him for that.


Yes. Well, so two thoughts come to mind. Number one, the new American left, not liberals, leftists that are trained in the universities, which is my fight. They train activists to throw away ethics and principle for what they say, but the ends justify the means. It's very Machiavellian in their mind.


And everybody else, everybody says, and I think I haven't read it in a while, that 12 years, Saul Alinsky, that rules her Saul Alinsky basis, Kristi Noem kind of ridiculed by the media for telling people in my press conferences, if you're scared, if you're fearful, you can stay home. You have every right and responsibility to stay in your house. And we will be a badge of honor. We will make sure that we get you food and that you're doing fine.


But if you are scared, you have every opportunity to stay home and you don't have to leave your house. So, you know, having that plain conversation, I think the people appreciated at times. The media used it to say I was naive, but then the people stepped up and proved me right. They they did it and it made all the difference in the world.


Well, and that's a badge of honor. And I say frequently, we do not have a media in our country. We have a group of activists that call themselves journalists with big Twitter followers that control big platforms of influence.


True, journalists would have treated every state and every locality independently and objectively, and it totally backfired on them because they had looked. The media always looks at things in terms of hero and villain, and they've tried to make Donald Trump the villain. And they scanned across the prairie and they said, oh, we can try to make this governor from South Dakota the villain.


Well, it backfired miraculously on them, because I could tell you, you have now become the only person who will be able to I said during the greatest power grab in the last hundred years, if not in American history, where Christians couldn't go to church on Easter, where we had to shut down our businesses, where every school was basically shut down, every governor who, you know, said these words freedom, liberty. I trust my citizens. There was only one that actually did it.


And the media said, well, no, no, no, we're going to try to make her into the one that was, you know, trying to be against the grain and contrarian. And yet you flatten your curve by 75 percent.


I have seen nothing but great approvals, Tom Cotton, but from the very beginning, when I first started seeing reports of an unusual viral pneumonia and Wuhan in China, I started studying it pretty carefully and looking at what was happening. And you're right, there's still so many unknowns. Most notably, we still don't know where the virus started. We know it was in or near Wuhan. The Chinese Communist Party said for weeks that it was at a raw food market, but even they now admit that that's not the case.


So it's possible that was naturally occurring at, say, another food market or a farm or a food processor or what have you. But as I've noted from the very beginning, there is a super lab in Wuhan that deals with infectious diseases to include coronavirus. So it's only reasonable and responsible that we ask the question about whether or not that lab has some connection. And it could be a negligent but unintentional connection. You know, China has a history of their laboratories not successfully containing diseases that they're researching, but we need to demand those answers from the Chinese Communist Party because they have been so dishonest and they lack transparency from the very beginning.


And we need to put the burden of proof on them because the origins of the virus can of, of course, affect and has implications for diagnostic testing, therapeutic drugs and vaccines.


Well, and you were called by the media, a conspiracy theorist for Dare, pointing out that they have the super lab in Wuhan and we still have no idea who Patient Zero is. The Chinese have gone on our news networks.


The Chinese ambassador or some equivalent to that was saying was attacking you, basically saying that you're spreading false propaganda and that we need you know, this is really not as bad as, you know, we think now it's worldwide. It's it's slowing the goal, the global economy to a halt. Apple has already seen it directly affect its production.


As you can see, everybody, we get the biggest names in the movement.


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