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Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Company, Charlie Cox running the White House. I want to thank Charlie is an incredible guy, his spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.


That's why we are here.


Hey, everybody, welcome to this episode of the Charlie Kirk Show. I am joined by my friend Terrance Williams, who makes me laugh more than any of the late night comedians, Stephen Colbert or Jay Leno or any of those guys. You guys have probably seen Terrance on either Twitter or Facebook. His videos are awesome. He is. He's very creative. And I'm honored to have him on the show. Terrence, welcome to The Charlie Kirk Show.


Man, thank you for having me on one of the greatest podcast shows that's available right now. Well, thank you, man.


You're wearing your Keep America great hat for those people that can't see it, that are listening to us. Tell us a little about yourself. You love Donald Trump. You're a black conservative. You're a comedian. You're all these things that aren't supposed to exist. Tell us your story.


Well, yes, I do love President Donald Trump and I'm black. And I do understand that just because I'm black, that mean I have to be a Democrat. I mean, but Charlie, you know, I'm just the I just considered myself as a regular guy from Oklahoma City. I was born and raised in the state of Oklahoma. I came from foster care. You know, my mother had nine children by six different guys and she was addicted to crack cocaine and she ended up losing us in the system.


The judge took her rights away because he was tired of seeing us in and out of the system, going back from foster house back to my mother's house. So he just said, you know what, these children deserve better. So we're going to keep them in the system and hopefully a family adopts these children. And so that happened in. But you know what? This is America and the dream is real. So even though I went through all of that, you know, since the American dream is real, I made something of myself because I decided not to play a victim and to do something with my life, because there comes a point where, you know, there there comes a point when you have to start taking responsibility, you know, and you can't always make excuses.


So and then I started doing comedy and then this guy named Donald Trump was running for president in 2016. And I said, I'm voting for this guy. But the crazy thing is, Charlie, now, when I first got started, I made a video on Facebook. It was called Africa is Not My Home, and it's blaming the white man for everything. It was my very first video and I was eating some fried chicken while I was making a video.


And it was not it was not intentional. I was on my lunch break and I want to finish my chicken and I wanted to try all this this new face, but. Laughing So I, I made this video and I started out. I hear a lot of black people talking about they want to move back to Africa that I've never been. So to me, you know, at this time I said I've never been in Alabama and I sure have not been.


So if I want to move to Africa, you move there and you let me know how Foulkrod treat you. I'm not going with you, OK? I'm gonna stay here with my white folks. That's what I said in the video. You know, I was just making examples of how great this country is and trying to figure out, Charlie, why do these people want to in Africa? Why do people want to move out of the country? And they they say they want to move, but they haven't left yet.


But this is the greatest country in the world. People are moving here. So why do you want to move there? That's what I was trying to figure out, you know, and the video went viral because I was talking about these things and I was like, you know what, I don't understand. I said, half of y'all need health insurance. You know, I said I was just making a joke, but people got mad. But I'm so happy.


I need health insurance. Well, I hate to break the news to, but in Africa, they have laws out there that will kill you.


And please believe me, your health insurance is not paying for that at all.


And I was just going on and on and ranting about how great this country was. And people were mad at that, they were mad at that, and they were mad that I was eating some fried chicken while I was talking about that, and I didn't think it was racist to eat fried chicken. Charlie, do you like fried chicken? I like fried chicken. You know, pretty good. Yeah. I mean, that's the American I mean, America loves chicken, period, OK?


I don't care how you prefer it. People Americans love chicken, you know, and people were calling me know, racist for eating fried chicken, calling me a stereotype. And I was like how I thought everybody chicken. I was really lol. Something like this is confusing, you know, because when I went to the my favorite chicken spot, there were white people there before me, you know, matter of fact they had to they were holding up the line, you know, me asking for fried chicken.


I come on, how can you just get the stuff that's already made and then so. So that was in twenty sixteen. And people were like, this guy is funny. I had liberals follow me too and they were like, who are you voting for? And I said, well, Donald Trump. And I saw my following window down, down, down, down, down, down, down, people or people were impacted me. You know what?


You just got started and you just ended. I can't believe you are going to support Donald Trump. Now, President Trump and I was confused on why. Well, you asked me who was I? Who was I going to be voting for? And I said, Donald Trump. And that's how I got into talking about politics a lot. I mean, I've I've I've always been I was never involved in politics, but I've always done my research.


So that's why I supported Donald Trump. I knew Hillary Clinton was not the right choice at all. I knew that for sure. So that's how I got into that. Charlie, you know. Well, it's a great story, so, Terence, tell us, you've been to the White House, you've got to know the president, they call the president a racist and all these things. What do you think about that?


Well, actually, since we are bringing up me going to the White House and meeting the president, I would like to thank a man who made that happen. And that man is Charlie Kirk. Thank you, Charlie. Charlie is the reason why I met President Donald Trump. And he never mentions that when he talk about me going to the White House. And, you know. But, Charlie, thank you so much. But you deserve it.


You deserve it. It was it was easy. I went to the I went to the president. I said, there's someone here that really wants to see you. And he said, Who? I said, Tarrant's. He said, bring them in here. I want to see them. So it was, you know, he loves you, man.


It was phenomenal just now going to the White House. If I didn't meet the president, I was still happy to be at the White House, to be invited to the White House, to be in the East Room, to be in the East Wing. You know, that's a lot of people in America have not had that experience. And so I don't you know, I don't care who the president was to be in the White House is an honor.


You know, that's that's a privilege to be invited is there to meet the president. I'm still on cloud nine, I'm still on cloud nine, and that was like when when was that? And that was at the October of twenty nineteen and I'm still on cloud nine. I still can't believe it. And President Trump was so real. You know, he has a I can't even explain his vibe. His energy is, you know, it was like meeting and it was like talking to a next door neighbor.


You know, he made you feel comfortable because a lot of times you go to these places like you go to the White House are you are hanging around politicians. A lot of them are all uppity and they got their shoulders up. They're walking like, you know, they're in the military, you know, and you just you feel like you are out of place. But President Trump made me and everybody else in that White House that he invited. You know, he made us feel like we were at home.


And the White House is the people's home. You know, that is the people's house. And he made us feel like we were at home. So kind and so real. And not a racist at all, not a racist at all, and not only did I, not only was I able to meet him, he invited me to speak on stage. And Charlie Kirk didn't even see that coming. Charlie. It is that that was a surprise.


And so so, Terence, what do you have to say when people say that Trump is a racist and all these awful things? What's your response to that?


Well, Trump is a racist. Will I? Well, first, you know, I don't only use the fact that I met him, that he treated me very, very, very nice because a racist person that hates black people, they would not want to talk to them, shake their hand or anything. And there sure would not have been any black leadership summit at the White House, for one. And he probably would have counsel African-American history, that event at the White House.


But I bring up his policies, Charlie. OK, I'll bring him his policies. Before the pandemic, before this Chinese virus hit America, which I think was intentional, but I'm not going to go there but before this Chinese virus. Black unemployment was at an all time low. Record low, not just low, record low. The numbers were lower than they were when Obama was the president, the first president, Trump has done more for the black community than the first black president.


And people say, well, is the jobs are what all you can bring up the jobs. No black poverty. Was that an all time low before this pandemic, what else, Charlie? I mean, let's go down the list here. HP CEOs, the you gave them a whole lot. I he gave them a whole lot of money. Now, if he did not like black people, why would he do that? Why would he want a racist?


If you know, the history of the KKK, the history of real racist people, they didn't want black people to have knowledge. They didn't want black people to have and they did not want black people to go to school and get an education. So why would a racist man on it, on HBC use, why would he do that when real racist and real KKK members don't want black people to have an education? So that's that's that's where I'm that's that's what I'm trying to figure out.


And then the first step, A. President Trump going to have to sign it, that he could have left that alone because for one, he did not. We all know in 2016 that he did not win because of the black vote. OK, so if he was racist, he could have been like, you know what, since a bunch of black people didn't vote for me at twenty sixteen, I'm not doing anything for them. But he did not do that.


He did not say that. You know why? Because he is all about the American people, regardless of color. Because at the end of the day, it's not about race, it's not about color. We're all humans, we are all Americans. And he's putting everybody in America first. Because, Charlie, you are my brother. I'm your brother. You are my neighbor. We can't you we have to have a president that is fighting for everybody.


You know, you can't help you. You can't just help a white person not have a black person because we got our brothers and sisters, you know what I'm saying? So you can't you can't leave people out in this country when you are the president and he and he knows that. So regardless of in all these liberals that are hating on him, calling him racist, Trump is still helping them. He's still helping them to he's still helping me.


That's right, because you know why? Because that's why he ran. That's what he promised. He's going to have everybody in this country so they can miss me with all that he's racist stuff. And I'ma tell you about, when I went to my first rally in Dallas, Texas, last year was the last straw. Yeah, it was last year. I went to my first rally and my Uber driver. Pick me up and and a couple of other people, and he said now he didn't pick us up directly from the Trump rally, we were at a restaurant and he picked us up, but he figured we were at the Trump rally and he said, so were you guys at the Trump rally?


And I'm thinking of my hair. Oh, my goodness. He is about to start talking crap about Donald Trump. So I say yes. And he was a black guy. He said, oh, that's what's up, state. And I was like, are you a Trump supporter? He said, No, I'm not, but I'm voting for him in twenty twenty. I said, Well, why are you voting for him if you don't support him?


He said, because. He said now that this is the thing. He said, I might not like some things about him, but I like his policy. He said more. He said more. He said he said four more years of Trump means four more years of extra money in my pocket. He said four more years of Trump means four more years of extra food that I can put on the table for my children. That's why I'm voting for him, he said.


I'm voting for me. It's a vote for my family. It's a vote for me. And that's what people need to understand. It is when you when you are out voting, you're not just voting for Trump. You need to vote for you. If this president is doing something that is going to help you and benefit you and benefit this country, make a vote for you, make a vote for this country. Voting for Trump is voting for America, voting for Joe Biden, that's voting for China.


And you don't even live in China. So why you vote for China?


Well, let's talk about Joe Biden. So, Terrence, tell us your take on Joe Biden. He's very corrupt. He said some very racist things before. You've had some hilarious videos about Joe Biden.


Let let at it to me first, Charlie, I do want to say shame on his wife, shame on his campaign, shame on his friends and his family for allowing him to run and making shame on them, for allowing him to make a fool out of himself. You know, Adam, his wife knows he has a mental problem. OK, we are all aware of that. Joe Biden is not all there. He's not all the way there in demand.


And they are it's pretty sickening to watch. But Joe Biden has lost his everlasting mind. He's been in office for over what, Charlie, let's say what, like three decades? For four decades, he's been in he's he's been in politics. Now what in the world? This is what I'm trying to figure out. How all of a sudden, you know how to fix everything, but you were not able to fix it. In the last 30 to 40 years, what if you knew how to fix all of these things, why didn't you tell Obama?


You are his right hand man. You know, he was kissing his butt every day. Why didn't you tell Obama how to fix it if you knew how to fix all these problems? He asked why he has the magic stick. He can fix everything. You know, he got the magic wand.


But really, President Trump has the magic wand because you remember Obama said Trump thinks he he thinks there is some magic wand. He can just bring these jobs back. And guess what? Those jobs were brought back. So President Trump has the magic wand of him is the handed over to me when he leaves office and twenty, twenty four. But, yeah, you know, Joe Biden is a hypocrite. And just because he was Barack Obama's VP does not mean that he's not a racist.


OK, Joe Biden is clearly a racist. The fact that he told me that I'm not black, if I don't vote for him, who in the hell do you think you are to tell me that I'm not black? If I don't vote for you, you don't get to tell me who to vote for it. You know, people listen here. Martin Luther King marched and fought people. We have veterans who died in war, you know, from my right to vote.


Not for Joe Biden to tell me who to vote for. People did not die for Charlie. People did not die for their people, did not fight the war for that. Martin Luther King Jr., I marched for that. So I don't know. Who in the world do he think he is to tell me that I'm not black? If I don't vote for him, then. I thought, OK, he learned his lesson. And I clicked on it and then he didn't say is what are you saying, that black people are not diverse, like like Hispanics?


What? You think that low black people. First of all, you think we dumb, so he think black people are dumb, you think we're all ignorant, he think we can't think for ourselves. Yeah.


And then he calls he calls black reporters junkies. They're junkies. So now you think we are on drugs. You think, you know, we can't think for ourselves. That's not Asatru racist pull up any I want to know, is there anybody out there that has any audio of Trump saying these things about black people? Because Joe Biden, there's audio and video out there of Joe Biden saying all of these things, but he's not the racist. But they say Trump is a racist.


Where is the audio of Trump telling black people they're not black if they don't vote for him? Where is the audio of Trump saying black people are junkies? Where is the audio of President Trump saying that black people are not diverse, like Hispanics, like Latinos? Where is that audio at? Where is audio and where is the signature then? Oh, I want to look up the 1994 crime bill. Is there any video out there of President Trump supporting the 1994 crime bill?


Is there is this signature on anything that he endorsed that I don't I couldn't find it. But you know what Joe Biden did? It's all out there, so. Guess so. Guess who's the real races? Joe Biden is a racist and he's delusional. Then he said he thought a gangster named Corn Pop back in a day. Make it out of here. I'm from the hood. There is nobody in the ghetto, nobody in the hood named corn.


Nobody is naming themselves after cereal. Come on, let's be real here. You know, kids are baking soda. So, Terence, let's let's get into this to tell us what your thoughts are on BLM. They're still going throughout the streets of Chicago. They're burning things down. What's your thoughts on all that nonsense that's happening? Well, you know, everybody knows that I am against Black Lives Matter because they're clearly hypocrites. If they really cared about black lives.


Why don't they speak up when a little four year old girl is murdered in Chicago? Why is there a silence? Why is there a silent why is this silence when a 14 year old boy is shot in the head in the middle of an alley in Chicago? Why is there a silence there? You don't hear anything from Black Lives Matter. You don't. This is what Black Lives Matter need to understand. These Black Lives Matter activists need to understand.


You don't get to pick and choose whose life is more important. You don't get to pick and choose. You don't get to say that this person's life is more important than that person's life, because at the end of the day, all lives matter. Your lives matter, Charlie. My life matters. Sally's life matter. Molly's lives matter. Billy's life matter. We all matter. But somehow I don't know who gave them the right to pick and choose whose life is more important.


You know, that's that that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. But then they speak about how they care about all black people in and, you know, and they make a big thing about black people dying and being murdered. But in reality, more black people are killed by the hands of other black people, not by white people, not by white officers. Don't just speak up when a white officer shoots a black person and then they speak up, not even knowing the facts and all the detail, they just riot an act of, oh, you know, because because CNN made some story, some big story about an officer shooting a black without even giving details, not knowing if the officer was the fin, not knowing if these officers were defending themselves because officers do have the right.


To stand their ground, do they have the right to. We all you know, I mean, these officers, they have to protect themselves. Also, it's called self defense. They have the right to do that. And people will riot without even knowing all the details and the facts. But clearly, these these people are there and they are not activists. Charlie, these are thugs. These are gang members. That's what they are, a bunch of gang members and a bunch of thugs.


These people are not real Americans. They are un-American. Who in the world they are screaming black lives matter as they're burning down their own city. And what they don't understand is when you burn down a business in a black community dummy, you're burning down a black business, OK? They are burning down black businesses. They were stealing from black businesses. So now you are ruining the livelihoods of all the black people. But you scream in black lives matter.


That don't make sense. It all makes sense at all. You are hurting black people while screaming Black Lives Matter, shooting and killing more black people died in the riots. Then they died from the hands of a white police officer, from the hands of a white police officer or a police officer. Period. More black died in the riots. Charlie. But they are still screaming Black Lives Matter, it's listen, we all know this is all. This is all politics, man.


This is this is all because the election is around the corner, this election is around a corner, and they are trying to make this. And the thing is this. I know this is their make and they say, oh, this is not about Trump. This is not about politics. Yes, it is. Yes, it is. This is about influencing the election. But all this racism stuff and blame it because they're blaming these murders on President Trump, which is ridiculous.


Every time a cop is involved with, you know what, with Harman, a black person or shooting a shooting a black person, they go pointing that they point at President Trump. All this is because of this president, is because of this president. No, it's not because of this president, so people can say, oh, well, you guys are a conspiracy theorist by saying this is only happening because the election is around the corner. It is happening because the election is around the corner.


That's why they're blaming everything on President Trump, because if it was not about the election, why are they blaming a shooting that happened in in Nevada or in Chicago or in Detroit? Or are they blaming it on the man that is sitting at the White House in Washington, D.C.?


The trigger trap and pull that trigger. You know, I actually never saw a man I've never dewdrop, even hot. His son does, that's about it, but yeah, people don't even have a picture of President Trump holding a gun. So but somehow it's his fault that all these people are being shot and killed. You know, it is his fault, but Black Lives Matter is a joke. There are not about they don't care about black people, is ran by a bunch of white people, for one, OK?


Is ran by a bunch of white people, a bunch of white loony liberals, and I cannot take that movement seriously until they take all life serious, until they take all black lives seriously, until they take those Lipsius those lives like the two year olds that are murdered for you're at four years old and five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, very low numbers. These kids are very, very young and they're being gunned down and they don't get a gold casket funeral.


They don't get 40 funerals. They don't get news coverage. They don't get tears from Don Lemon. They don't get tears from that little boy. Rachel may not matter what the guy's name, Charlie, the woman named Rachel Maddow.


But, yeah, you can you could call it what? I did that before the interview. OK, now I'm in trouble. I didn't know that was a woman, but yeah. So, yeah. You know, now, if black lives really matter, why don't these news anchors talk about those lives? Why do they why do they only talk about George Floyd and Michael Brown? Why do we keep talking about Michael Brown? Did Michael Brown any charge at the police?


Yep. That Big Bear charge at the police. I want to shout them to what are you doing? And I'm a little tired. Listen, the cops have to protect themselves. You know, that dude was always like he was like he was a football game. And people cry, oh, why did he have to go? Well, he was about to snatch the neck off of that police officer, you know what I'm saying? That was a full grizzly bear.


That was B that was a grizzly bear. Michael Brown was a grizzly bear, Charlie. And now I don't wish death on anybody, but I do wish I do wish the safety for everyone. And you you and I believe people should do what they have to do to be safe and to keep themselves safe, keep their families safe and to protect their property, protect themselves, do what you have to do. You have to pull out a pistol without a pistol.


But you need to protect yourself and your children and your property, whatever you have to do. But Black Lives matter as a joke. And I'm just wondering, when are people going to wake up and realize that, Charlie, when our people when our black people are going to wake up and realize that this movement is not for them, that that all the donations that go to them don't even go to black people. You know, we saw where people were donating to BLM and stuff like that.


And and the money was being funneled through here. And they're being donated to politicians, to white politicians. You know, it's ridiculous. Not not not even being donated to black politicians who are running who are trying to make it into Congress, but they're giving it to why they were giving donations to white people. And but they're talking. But they had this movie called Black Lives Matter. It's so confusing. It's so confusing. You know what? It's something new with these people, with this organization.


Every day is something new. And when you talk about it, it's almost actually sometimes I can't even find the words, explain how I feel about this movement. You know, they. They are really just. I don't think it's good for my health to even think about Black Lives Matter, Charlie. I don't think it's good for my health to even hear the name Billiam. And I'm going to get a doctor's note, because if I do have the honor of doing another interview with you, I'm asking you over my doctor's note, letting you know I can not talk about these people just for myself, you know, for the sake of my blood pressure.


So seriously, that's.


That's so funny. Well, Terence, in closing, tell us about your book. Tell us how people can support you and follow you and and get behind you.


So I have a book out called From the Foster House to the White House. It is currently on Amazon.


People can follow me on Twitter and Facebook at Terance K. Williams. And that book is available on Amazon.


And it's all about the American dream. It debunks everything that that lion Oprah talked about the other day about white privilege. You know, Charlie, that billionaire lady, that black billionaire has more money than most white people that I know screaming white privilege, because, Charlie, this is America in the dream is real. No matter where you come from, no matter if you grew up rich or poor, the American dream is real. You just have to you just have to set goals and work hard and get off that damn couch and do something with your life and stop making it right and take responsibility.


So, yeah. And I share my story in that book. So thank you so much. Awesome.


Tarrant's, you're the you're the Man. Thank you for joining us and your Ariete. And we'll get that medical's note next time. You don't have to worry about talking about that.


Thank you. Thanks, Terrence. Listen to yourself.


What a great conversation that was with Terrance Williams.


I want to thank you guys so much for listening. If you want to get involved, a turning point, USA, go to TPE, USA, Dotcom, that is TPE, USA, Dotcom. Email us your thoughts and your questions. Freedom at Charlie Cook Dotcom Freedom at Charlie Cook Dotcom Type in Charlie Kirch Show to your podcast provider hit subscribe. Give us a five star review and screenshot and email us. And guess what, you might want a signed copy of Donald Trump.


Just goodbye. Thank you guys so much for listening. God bless you. Talk to you some.