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Hey everybody, I sit down with the World Series champ three times World Series champ Curt Schilling. We talk about kneeling in sports and so much more. You guys are going to love this episode. Please consider supporting our program. And Charlie Kirkenes support. Charlie Kirkenes support. Email me your questions. Freedom at Charlie Kirchen. Freedom at Charlie Dockum. Big episode instore. Curt Schilling is here. Buckle up. Here we go.


Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Charlie Cook's run in the White House. But I want to thank Charlie is an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country has done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created. A turning point, USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.


That's why we are here. So sports keep coming back.


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Hey, everybody, welcome to this very special episode of the Charlie Kirk Show. I think feel like I'm watching my childhood, formerly a huge baseball fan. I don't watch baseball anymore because they need to watch all of those.


So we're just getting started right off the bat. Curt Schilling is here. You don't watch baseball? I don't watch baseball because they kneel down the national anthem. You're World Series champion twice. Is that right?


Three. I didn't catch the Arizona 3001, OK with that wasn't really the big unit. Yep. He killed the bear in Boston 04 and 07. That's right. You want to know seven.


That was that was it was along for the ride. Lesser lesser remembered. Yeah. Bloody sock. I've heard that one before. Sometimes when you wear sandals the people say, well it's honestly it's, it's, it's one of the ways I can detect conservative and liberal because liberals to this day say bloody sock was fake. Oh, come on. That's the first thing. They go with it. It's it's liberals and disgruntled Yankee fans will say, you know, oh, fake sock.


And I say, well, the white gold in the ring was real, so I really don't care. Yeah, exactly.


Well, no, it was obviously real blood. And just so happened, the color of your socks is going to be red, I think was actually bloodier than people realize or recognize. And for all we've a lot of 14 fifteen year old listeners have no idea. We're talking about like they weren't even alive. You never before in the history of baseball had a team overcome a three oh ALCS deficit, any playoff postseason, any postseason, three nothing.


I remember watching the Yankees I think won seventy two to two. Game three four. Yep, yep. Right. It was something ridiculous. They missed an extra point late in the game but it was something like it was. Yeah. And so then you guys worked your way back. That was to put us down three. Oh that's right. Down three. Nothing. And that was at Yankee Stadium. Oh that was it. Was it really. Because then Ortiz hit the home run the next night.


Big for the first win. Yes. And we acted like we tied the series and it barely went out. Right. It was it was it was comfortable. But the the thing was, all of us felt like if we win tonight, everything changes and we won and everything changed.


And then it was legendary. Johnny Damon. Well, well. So Ortiz hits a home run down three one. The next night he gets another extra inning broken bat single off Luisa down three to game six. We pitch I pitch in New York, we tied at three and now game seven was Buster. So it well not. Yeah, it was ridiculous. We throttled them early and it was the greatest. That silence in Yankee Stadium was so enjoyable and but I will say this, I one very cool after effect of that was, since I've retired, the largest group of people that have come out and reached out to me and said, I love you.


Now, are Yankee fans really? They were like, I hated you as a player, but I love what you stand for. I love your beliefs. And by by a magnitude of I can't even measure, really, which is awesome because of politics, which is. Yes. Oh, that's awesome. Yeah, that's very awesome. Yeah. I you know, it's really Johnny Damon played for the Red Sox. I always felt that he just kind of created sports treason, basically, you know, not kind of OK to talk about that.




Because you get a shave the beard and shave the hair, it would be almost like deciding to vote for Biden today.


If you're voting for Trump yesterday. Yeah, yeah. You for the Red Sox and you go play on the Red Sox fans. Yes, yeah. Yeah. There is no going back. No, no, no, no. You they write you off when you go to New York. So you want to know on you want to go for one zero seven. One of the most amazing. Are you Hall of Fame yet. No. Do you think it's going to happen.


You. No, because politics are just.


OK, well talk about that. Well so and they've said it so they've said they've said it out loud that they the things I posted on Twitter and whatnot. Are you serious? Oh yeah. No, the character clause.


Some of the most. Character lacking human beings I've ever met in my life are judging my character, is it Mark McGwire in the Hall of Fame? No, no and never.


But there are so. Long story short, when I was in Philadelphia, there was a beat writer there. He's in the Hall of Fame. He is a convicted pedophile, like in those same people that put him in the Hall of Fame are telling me I have character flaws, none of which they can actually point to other than I posted a picture of a T-shirt that said rope three journalists, some assembly required.


And I guess that offended them.


But and I probably shouldn't do that. But the point is, last year I got 70 percent and generally no one's ever not gotten enough for getting 70 percent, 75 percent threshold, but.


There's an election in November, that's right, and he's going to win and I'm not going to be quiet about it, I've never, ever you know, my dad raised me. I was lucky. I had an amazing father. Where'd you grow up? I grew up here in Arizona.


Really? Yes. Paradise Valley? No. Born in Alaska. I grew up in Arizona. But my dad told me, don't ever live your life to impress people you don't know. And so it made baseball easier than it might have otherwise been, but. I've never said or done so, so I'm a racist and a bigot, a homophobe and all those other things, I have a son who's in the LGBTQ spectrum, which is I could care less.


He actually started the club in high school for them because he's on the Asperger's, he's on the spectrum autism spectrum.


And he is the most loving, caring, inclusive. He hates to see people turned away.


So he created this club. And, you know, he just he's an amazing young man. But when the North Carolina bathroom law was going up, I posted I commented on a tweet on a picture, and I said, basically, if we're at a point in time, we need the government to tell us where we can and can't be. There's a lot bigger issues.


Yeah, no kidding. And they consider that to be unspeakable. Well, that was I'm I'm phobic now. Oh, I said sure. Yeah. Like, I've been I've been called all these names.


Well, and, you know, I've seen a ton of your stuff and it's like you and Ben have said the same thing. And Michael.


No, listen, I don't care what you call yourself. Yeah. I don't. I really don't. But I don't have to do what you tell me to do. What if what if to force me right to call you and be persuasive? You know what? It's what I'm starting to realize is.


We don't care as much about who they sleep with as they want us to. That's right. Well, you know, what's really interesting about it is, you know, politics doesn't obsess our life as much.


And I guarantee you there's somebody in some very small basement in New York right now that is just screaming at their ceiling that somebody in Alabama doesn't agree with them on transgenderism. Like, I can't believe it.


Well, they've the KKK would be literally dead if the left hadn't doesn't wouldn't continue to give them a voice. We marginalize them, you know.


And so this whole BLM thing, like my response is, when didn't Black Lives matter?


I mean, in 1861, they matter, right? When the first shots of the Civil War were fired post civil war, we had the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, which were all Republican, passed.


Right. We all gave. And there was not a Republican slave owner on the continent when the war started, but we passed. And so I always asked liberals, OK.


13TH, 14th and 15th Amendment put us on a level playing field. Men, women, whites, blacks, browns, everybody. Why did we have to have a civil rights march in 1964? They already had those rights. Why do we have to have a march for them? Because the Democrats wouldn't accept the results of the civil war. That's right. And the KKK was founded and oppression. And then you had the New Deal. And, hey, I don't have to work and I can get money.


Sweet. Yeah.


So. So you grew up a conservative. Yes. Not not.


I was interested. In it, but it wasn't something that I like now. So my mom taught me how to speed read. All right, I went to junior college for one year. So any time some idiot from Harvard tries to call me dumb, they say, oh, when you're a junior college, I'll stand on the stage with anybody with one of the reasons why I wanted to run in mass, because I wanted to get into a debate with Elizabeth Warren.


Yes, some of the dumbest people I've ever met are Harvard graduates. Yes. And they have no wisdom. No, no.


And so but my mom taught me how speed read. So I read like a book and like, wow.


And and I I'm consumed. So I'm ADHD and adding all the things that athletes are. Any time I find a subject I'm interested in, I consume it because I don't I'm all right being less than the smartest guy in the room when I walk in.


But I want to I want to be a lot smarter when I walk out.


So, like reading, you know, Frederick Douglass and Booker Washington and all of those things, you know, you get perspective. I don't know what it's like to be a slave. I don't know what it's like to be black. But I do understand the stories. Mm hmm. You know, and I always tell people that I.


When I see the NBA and the ref kneeling all on the court talking about oppression and I think about Booker T. Washington and I think about Frederick Douglass and how those two men. Went through what they went through, which was the definition of oppression and abuse, and came out the other side and didn't hate white people or the country.


No. Yeah, no, they didn't. And if anybody ever was given a pass to hate us, feel free. You deserve to. So so they're kneeling in baseball.


Yeah. What's your thoughts on that? I've watched the pitch. I won't watch. I don't need it. Why don't you watch it? I won't. Because I don't believe first of all, BLM was founded on a lie. That's my biggest. Colin Kaepernick knelt for a lie.


And the book War on Cops Have a McDonald's Style cites statistics that, you know. Seventy five most violent counties in this country, 62 percent of the violent crimes are committed by blacks, which make up only 13 percent of that population. Yes. So you're going to have more police interaction with people in crime ridden areas doesn't excuse police violence. See, here's the thing. When we get into these debates with liberals, we have to caveat everything I'm done caveating.


Of course, police violence is bad. Bad bad cop is the worst possible thing we can have because like a fake, like a Jussie Smollett, one gets all the coverage.


Yes. And and the George Floyd death. Tragic, but this wasn't a guy coming out of the parish and church services.


This was a guy who had a record. Doesn't make it OK. I don't know what happened before that. In fact, I don't think anybody outside of what happened happened knows. But we've had time and time and time again with the YouTube videos of from minute to to minute ten. We didn't see minute one. I am at a point now I grew up in a military family, I grew up very lower middle class. My dad was army my he was a sheriff after that.


I have so many police officers that are friends.


By the fact that we had a black president for eight years who could have done more good for us than anyone ever alive, and he went the other way, right. And turned his back on law enforcement.


And it's continued. Yes, he caused more racial hatred in this country than anybody in my lifetime. Yes.


And he had the opportunity where a racist country that had a black president for eight years. How does it how do you figure that out? How does it work? And then he uses this funeral the other day to make a stump speech, a political eulogy, a human being.


Yes. And that that just that just sucks.


So so so baseball there kneeling. I don't watch it because of that. And that's what's really too bad, as baseball was always the ultimate American.


Think about think about it. 9/11 after 9/11. That's right. We had during World War Two that kept baseball going and players went over and came back.


I mean, but it's always been you know, they call it America's pastime. And you want to go TV ratings. It's the NFL. But but baseball and America are linked for over a century.


And baseballs that a touch is a touch point for everything that's ever happened significant in this nation, Rick, Monday taking the flag out of center field in 1970.


You know, the SANFIELD. Yep. And so there's touch points for baseball in this country. And it's almost like if you look at the timeline of the nation on the bottom, you can have some sort of, you know, civil unrest. And on top, you can put a baseball moment that people remembered by. That's very interesting. You know, and football is not that way. No, not always.


You know, none of the other sports are really. But here's the thing. I've been I've been talking to people about this and.


Facts can't be racist, right? I mean, facts are facts just because you dislike the fact. Does it make it not a fact? Mm hmm. If you look at the NFL and the NBA, they're both sports are 80 plus percent black players, NFL and NBA.


Yes, that's predominantly a diversity is not the strength of the NFL.


Right. Right. Baseball, by far and away is the most diverse sport on the planet. Hockey is a white sport. I mean, black men are making inroads and there's some legendary black players. But it's not a sport that's gotten to the inner city because for a lot of reasons, ice rink, ice, time, money, whatever.


But look at the messages the leagues are sending as it pertains to the racial makeup of the league's. And it's it's clear that black athletes think white people are the cause of all of their problems.


But but here's what I don't get. Kurt and I tweeted this out the other day and it went ridiculously viral.


What problem does LeBron James have, right?


No, I mean, he he has he has five more jets than I have. He has.


I don't have a window. You don't have one yet. All right. Well, that's apparently you know what I should do?


I should learn to hate America like Kaepernick and I can write or fifty million dollars with one of the 30000 people being investigated in Germany for the human trafficking pedophilia ring because the Epstein thing clearly can get a black jet that way.


I mean, my gosh.


But it's it's troubling when, you know, like I said, BLM came off of Colin Kaepernick, Snehal. Right. I mean, I think we can all point to that being the seminal moment. And the meal was for a lie. He's saying there's a disproportionate level of violence to young black men from law enforcement. No, there isn't. It's right. There isn't. But there's a disproportionate amount of media coverage of violence towards black men by police.


That's correct.


So the programming and the simulation plays into it.


My problem is when I watch you guys speak and I listen to you guys and it's so enjoyable for me to hear because it's it's facts versus feelings. It always will be. And I listen to candid speak and I listen to to. Is it Rob Smith? Yeah, he's here. I listen to him speak and I listen to one of my dearest friends in the world, Colonel West. And by the way, let me just say to to to those family members in the Kane family what a tragedy losing him was.


Herman was amazing. Oh, what an amazing. I had him on my show a couple of times. I love talking to him. And you and I kind of share the same tragedy as well, because I lost somebody very close to me, a mentor this week. And I know you did as well. And people and I I was reading your your commentary about his passing. And it was literally what I had told people about Mike MacWhite, who lives here in Phoenix.


I grew up he was one of my coaches after my dad died when I was twenty one. Huge influence in my life.


And, you know, those are people that I wouldn't be where I am or have done what I did without those people. That's been so even more I'm even more resolute about standing up for what I believe in because I don't want the Herman Cain's of the world to disappear. You know, the left is trying to make you they think if you throw the statue away, people will forget about it.


Well, in some sense, they're starting to be. Right.


Right. I mean. Think about all the civil war statues that are coming down, the civil war is a insanely high and insanely low moment for this nation.


We're the only country to do it right. I mean, three quarters of a million men were killed and half of those were union soldiers who were fighting for the freedom of black men. And. We do that and. Now they say, and we all know, see, that's the thing, we all know what the statues were up there for. They were they were to to dedicate to the military prowess or whatever. But if you like them, you're racist.


So they come down now. There's less time and less moments for that conversation to have it.


Yeah, less time for that kind of dialogue is not supposed to exist, right? That's exactly right. So so you see what's happening in sports now. You make a great point. Baseball has always been Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier. World War two, it's it's always kind of developed with our history. Right. And now. Now, do you think the way that baseball is reacting is a reflection of how bad things actually owe the country?


We had an incident and this is another reason, I guess I'm a racist to liberals. Four or five years ago, Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles was in Boston and Boston kick their butt that night out and went over for and after the game, he's like, yeah, I had a fan call me the N-word in centerfield.


And so that's what year was this? This was not even four or five years ago.


Right. So that's the story the next day. And then the Boston's a racist city, most racist city. But then you have other black players, you know, chime in on. And I came out and said he lied. And I was and I said, here's how I know he lied, I'm not saying it doesn't happen because it does. It just does.


We have some sick, disgusting human beings in this world. But in the day and age of today, social media, there's no chance that that happened in a sold out Fenway Park. And nobody heard it and no one said it and no record recorded it. Yeah, no. And so Mike Lupica, a New York right sportswriter, wrote an article, interviewed a young man who said, yeah, I heard it. They found out the young man wasn't even he was sitting behind home plate.


Mike didn't retract the article when he was told that the kid lied. He just left it. And so I got obviously I got vilified and I said, listen, I'm not telling you it doesn't happen, I'm telling you that didn't happen. But you say one time now in all of Boston, the most racist city in the world, two days ago, one of the nicest women I've ever met in my life, I worked at the hospital, Claire Smith.


She came out and said she's been doing this. She's in the Hall of Fame. You know, she came out and said, I've been doing this for 30 years and I've never met a black player that like playing in Boston.


And I just started running out name after name, David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez. Mookie Betts just wrote a big letter to the fans of Boston about how much he loved play. But stuff like that doesn't get challenged, so it gets etched in stone to the left. Well, Claire wrote this article. OK, so what? It doesn't mean anything. It's our opinion. But I know it's a lie and. That we're in a really, really dangerous point, where do you see this going?


I'm not a big conspiracy guy, whatever. I don't see anything. To stem the tide, he's going to win by a landslide short of voter fraud or some crap, he's going to win by a landslide.


They're going to claim whatever the day after he wins. You tell me who out there is in place to make this thing settle down. It's going to get worse. And what's the next step? Right. Portland, Chicago, Detroit, defunding police and oh, my God, the crime rates went up.


Shocking, like like we're having that argument. Take money away from the police and we'll use we'll get social service workers to handle domestic disputes. So that'll go well. I mean, we're having arguments that make no sense. Yes.


OK, I'm going to go to Germany this week. I think I'd like to go over I'm going to wait a week till their election so I can go over there and vote. Like, how are we having a debate about whether or not you need to be a citizen in this country to vote? That's right.


But see, that's my problem, is that we it's almost like they push us onto their playing field. You know, they corral the conversation. Let's talk about how racist it is to ask for I.D.. Well, the whole time with the left is saying is blacks and Latinos, you're too lazy and stupid to get an ID.


But but we think it's racist that they want you to do so.


And they and the Qantas owns of the world. There are far more black men and women in support of President Trump now than there were four years ago. Yes. And that wasn't that always the thing they said if 80 percent of the black vote ever switched, we would never, ever have a Democrat all over.


Yeah. So you see it happening.


Oh, absolutely. Look at the number you tell me before this whole Wuhan, China virus that which again, makes me racist happened. Look at where we were and you've said it over and over again. Highest unemployed black unemployment, 72 percent of the new jobs in the economy were for women. I mean, women. And there is no and I would say this were the kindest, the most open, the most diverse, the most loving, caring, hospitable, charitable, benevolent, benevolent.


You can continue to go in the world. There is no place it is better in the world to be black, Latino, Asian, female anywhere than the United States. And it's not even a close second, but.


If you turn on the news. You wouldn't know it, and even Fox is going down that road. I mean, I, I how one is still even on the air makes me sick to my stomach. And Chris Wallace is a joke. Do you think the rest of the, let's say, president gets re-elected? The unrest doesn't get. Does it stop, it's going to elevate, it's not going to get so. So then what? I mean, damn it out.


I mean. Well, you start. That's what I'm saying. If you game it out, there's a potential civil war in play at some point. And in that sense, my first question is, and I've I have a lot of friends I've done with the USO, I've done to military is like my life. I love these people. And I've talked to them and and I have a lot of police officer friends.


And I tell them, I said, listen, when the rubber meets the road and your mayor asks you to do something you know is unconstitutional, what are you going to do? Because and I've tried to tell all the law enforcement and first of all, I said I got your back. If you tell me to go down to Boston City Hall and protest on behalf of you, I'm their. I just need to know that you're going to hold each other accountable, so get rid of the bad cops, you guys, they have to see what destruction that causes.


But the world is not black and white, right?


I mean, in a sense, it to the left it is. The world is very black and white, but.


I don't know if you saw the video and it was actually in Arizona a couple of years back, the one of the senior leaders of BLM went on a routine. The police armed him and put him in four different situations to confront a potential criminal. In all four cases, he shot the suspect. And this was a theoretical exercise, right?


It's the exercise they go through, OK? Right. It's you're meet a guy at a vehicle and he goes to get his, you know, his whatever. And he comes out with a gun and you shoot him like all, for instance, ended up with this guy. And he said afterwards, he said, I never knew. I never knew. And that's the thing. You try to hold people to account who may have to make split second decisions like the Amanda Berry case.


Yes. And none of my I'm sorry, the Wendy's one. Not a murder, right? No. Right. Right. It was a record Brooke setting. I was. That's right.


Yeah. And. And it's it's first of all, it's hard to even put yourself in that position mentally if you're not, the adrenaline is pumping, right? Absolutely. And so you're the guys wrestling you, which is immediately a potential murder because he just takes your gun and he ends up taking their taser and which is lethal. If you put somebody down, you just take their gun and shoot them. And I don't care that he was shot in the back.


He was shot in the back because he was running and still shooting. And I keep reversing all this stuff. And I go back to the very simple. Obey the F in law. Mm hmm. That's how you don't get beat and then people say, well, we're still hunted. Well, you know what? No, you're not.


But I understand why you're being hunted by other blacks, why you would think you are. Yeah, right.


Because the media will tell you I saw this video and you probably saw it on Twitter. And the fact that the media hasn't showed this, the activist media is incredible. And it was in Chicago, I think black mother with two of her other family members. She has a baby in her arms and it's like a nest camera or a surveillance camera of the street. I've never seen a video like this before as vivid detail, high quality. A car starts driving and they just start shooting out the window at the mother and the baby.


And all this car keeps going and stops. The two gangbangers get out all black on black crime and just keep shooting at the mother relentlessly. And then the mother gets shot, goes behind the car. Baby is there, thank God, untouched. The next person who comes out after the car drives away doesn't even care about the woman or the baby. He goes and gets in his car to go avenge the death. And eventually, a minute later, someone comes and goes right up there with the video, but to go and I and the girl walking in New York when the car pulled up and they just shot the guy like but I mean, that's that's who's being gunned down, right street.


So what is it, 90? You have a 94 percent chance, more chance of being shot by a black man to a police officer. Yes. And you almost have a zero percent chance of ever being shot by a police officer if you obey the law like two or 300 million Americans do every day.


Yes. And there's over 100 million police interactions. Right. Every single year. Right. But it's three million that are arrests or strenuous situations. Right. So three million. Washington Post says there were 15 unarmed black men. I take challenge that number who I hear is that number is really deceiving. Well, even if you take the number. Right. And that's not 15 innocent unarmed black men. Now, some of them had cars like they're trying to run of the police or they were they were just freaking out on meth or whatever, or they said they had a weapon or whatever.


There were those 15 confrontations are military. Yeah.


And so out of the 15, I've gone all through of them, every one of them. And I said and so about four of them are currently under some form of indictment. Right out of the four, I think three will probably end up going to prison, two for manslaughter, one for legitimate murder.


OK, so let's just take my analysis. Three out of 15. OK, three out of three million.


Right. My goodness. Well, hold on. You make this point on CNN on a panel. And you're you're just what you're saying to liberals is it's OK.


No, I'm not saying it's OK when I'm telling you not. It doesn't happen the way you say.


Well, but also they say, you know, we have to look at systemic well in order to be systemic. You have to look at you have to look at the totality of the data set, though. I mean, the definition of systemic is that it's in every part of our living and breathing organism of government that make racism to Asians.


Well, actually, there is systemic racism against Asians. It's called affirmative action right at heart. That's exactly right.


So, no, but but that's everything that started out to be something turned on. But they view racism not as someone who thinks differently because of skin color. They think it's a power struggle. Well, the definition of racism, right. Is but they don't believe in that. They believe in that definition. Right.


That's an insult to the race is physically and more and mentally inferior to you. It's the the Germans and the Nazis.


They're not just Jews, but what they think of racism is someone using power to oppress another group, oppressor and oppressed. And they just race it in a racial way to put race on that say, oh, white people must be oppressing all black people. Really? That's it. Well, now we're probably more racist. I mean, you're an anti-Semite, right?


According to the left. Well, I know I'm not right. That's wrong.


But I'm saying, how stupid is Sebastian Gorka? He's anti-Semitic.


You know, like he's literally doing a trip to Israel in December. But we then we get on onto their playing field. Now we're talking about your anti-Semitism, which doesn't exist, by the way.


But that's the topic of conversation.


How do you best confront this? Because you you've experienced a lot of the backlash, a lot of the public.


You know, just I tried to do it the way you guys do it, which is OK, let's talk. Right. I'm a Christian, and it's very challenging for me to maintain my temper now because we've gone so far past the point of no return.


But OK, I'm Facebook and social media. Tell me what your systemic racism is and it's some broad, general response has nothing to do with anything. And I come back with, OK, here's the facts, the data for police confrontations with young men. Excuse me, are these. Then there's some mature enough in this and that, I mean, they go right to the right to the pejorative and so instantaneously, right.


So I know maybe I'm one. So there's no really no reason to continue the conversation. That's why I said I wanted to be a part of this organized PSA for so long, because I want to be in front of people, because here's what I believe. And I think this is very true, Charlie, if you sit in a room of smart people.


And you say smart things, they may not convert ever, but they're not dumb enough to not think about it when they leave. That's right. That's all I want them to do. I'm not going to make a liberal vote for Trump tomorrow, but if I explain to them, hey, listen, here's the facts. And like I said, everything I say or I try to say, I want people to go look it up, number one, because that you have to work to find news anyway.


But number two, because then you're going at 55 years old, someone's going, wait a minute, because my response is how the hell can you be 50 years old and be that stupid? Yeah.


So you said you're a speed reader. Yeah. You read the Eppstein documents to be our reporter.


Oh, is that what's in it? How is that not.


So this is a young lady. This is going to be seen by millions. If it's out there, tell us. OK, so it's a she was 15 at the time.


Who is this young lady? Young lady who was who was brought into the hotel, recruited her at Mar a Lago. Is this Giffords. Ah Giffords. Ah yeah. She's married. She's lived in Australia. OK, all right. She was 15 at the time at work that Mara Lago, her dad was like a maintenance worker and she was just starting out like doing odd jobs. Jazelle saw her design or using Gayley Dillane.


You probably should get it right. The mistress saw her. One of them. Yeah. And said, hey listen, you know, she was very interested in becoming souce. She said, I got a guy that, you know, we can set you up and help you further your careers.


Mitsuse that she's like, OK, cool.


She goes in and said describes the first time she messaged him at the manor was an hour of chit chat. Gisella's in the room or tisane, whatever, whatever. She was in the room and talking to her and they were her questions. She said, you know, did they know how old you were? And she said, well, they they asked questions. They got around to they they knew. I told them they knew. And then after an hour, he rolled over and she asked me to continue massaging and told me to do these different things.


She and she was from a broken home. She was sexually abused as a young lady. And this was she was scared and all this other stuff. So she did what she said. She said they got naked and they joined in.


And this is in these documents, right? Oh, no. She describes it. It ended.


He gave her two hundred bucks for the massage. And and she's obviously a very beautiful woman.


I don't I don't know what she looks like, but she's but he said she said that it started then she traveled all over the world with them. He would fly her, he flies her to serve a politician in California. And he pays her, you know, she would fly private with them and they would be on the plane with other girls and and Bill Clinton, she names Clinton. I saw him. And these were his two girls.


And I saw a picture last night that I'm waiting to confirm that might be from like a security camera of him sitting in the room naked with a girl behind him, a young girl, but. He loved. Teenage girls and it's sick, makes you sick to your stomach because he talks about this hot 12 year old that he got who, Bill or Justin Jeffrey. And she said at that point, I kind of got sick a little bit, but she was with them for years, so but everything but what are in these documents we didn't know before.


So because a lot of that stuff has been out there, she names and I forgot the name. She names like five Bill Richardson, big Hollywood celebrities. Who were on the plane and were at the island. She she goes into detail about Clinton. She she there was a what was it? There was a couple of things that they were she. Oh, so she said, well, I've seen told her the Clinton told her, she said he owes me so like he owes me a favor.


Like he was bragging about what. Epstein. Yeah. Clinton owes me a favor. That's you know why. That's why he's here. Whatever.


And then she said she was too scared to reveal a couple of the other names. Oh, she confirmed Prince Andrew like. Yeah. Oh, yeah, he was. Absolutely. But she can stay in the the people that were there was after the FBI got to her. This was this was another law enforcement agency.


I'm not sure who it was, but she said, I think this is a civil suit.


Yes. I wasn't suing Yellen, which is why all this stuff came out.


She wanted no part of this, though. She wanted out. And then when this all happened, I guess the FBI reached out there and she this was like six years after. She's like a married have kids. I don't want any part of this anymore. And a bunch of girls had given her name, I guess.


So she said that she didn't want to do it. And then. Two days after that, FCD lawyer calls her and says, Jeff said, if you keep your mouth shut, we'll take care of you next day, Jeffrey Epstein calls her and says, listen, if you keep your mouth shut, I'll take care of you.


And she didn't keep her mouth shut and she she ended up going, she sent her on a a job and into I can't remember it was an Asian country. She went to this guy's place. She didn't do it. And she ended up meeting her future husband there. She escaped and went to Australia and hid, got married, has kids, has got to thank God, got her life back.


But she's ready now, like. She's she's at that point where now you're not getting away with Alan Dershowitz, I think he was in the document as well. He's been trying to discredit her. Well, this it's kind of scary. How is this the same woman or. OK, this is one of the women. I don't know. No, no, no, no. Because she talked about how there's there's all these different accusers talked about she talked about how Dershowitz had tried to destroy the lives of a couple of girls that had already named him.


And she said he absolutely was one of like my people.


And so it's like because they sort of run down names, he's like, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. And it was just it's 25, 30 pages. And it's it's horribly riveting. But it's also. I've always believed I always said in sports, when you read a sports story about a team and a player, 10 percent of the truth is in the story. The 90 percent never comes out. This is I totally believe this.


You have thirty thousand potential indictments in Germany for this pedophilia, sexual human trafficking ring coming out. There's no way it doesn't go national or international. This thing here. My God, I, I can't well, it makes sense, it makes everything make it makes everything make sense. Why are these people not in jail? Why is Hillary not in jail? Why is Eric Holder not in jail? And my belief is because this is the the largest and flimsiest house of cards in existence.


It basically it's I go, you go and, you know, I mean, I just want the first one. I want this mutual assured destruction. And you've got to believe that Hillary here.


Speaking of Hillary, let me ask you something. How old are you? Twenty six. OK, you graduate high school in 2012, OK in high school to your to this day in your life, how many people that are in your circle, you know, you've worked with you've been around, have been murdered. While very few suicide, a couple write, very few write less than two or three not even write. OK, I need to say, I think like maybe one, I'm 53.


I can't even think. I can't I can't think of anybody.


I'm sure there's one or two.


I know some suicides, but there are 54 people associated with the Clintons who have died.


At some point past like four, don't you start going, hey, wait a minute, 54, like, come on, OK, now, but they get it to the point where it just becomes laughable and it's like, OK, that can't be true.


But this is this is why they have to have him out. He's not a politician. This guy is a pragmatist. He's a problem solver. He's not funny. I've noticed in 2006, I love him to death. I know he has even Trumper. Yes. President Trump. He has a heart of gold. There's no doubt in my mind.


He's an amazing he's not funny. And there's nothing worse than a guy who thinks he's funny, not being funny. But you know what? It's what endears him to a lot of people. I wish you would stop telling people how awesome he is because you and I know, like, you don't have to tell me. I'm I'm watching I'm watching the wall get built. I'm watching you sign these orders. I'm watching regulations get crushed. All the things you said you would do, you're doing.


You don't the media is going to you're not going to win because when you do that, they're just going to call you the narcissist and this and that.


And let us make our job easier, make our job, make defending you a little bit easier, but don't stop doing what you're doing. He's a pragmatist and a problem solver. And in DC, that screws everybody with an agenda.


How do you make sense of all of that? Everything you just talked about? It's exactly what we thought in twenty fifteen. If you remember before the election, what was the rallying cry on both sides? I want someone that isn't in the mix. I want some from the outside outside of the circuit. I want someone who isn't a politician.


Well, this is what it looks like. This is what someone who isn't a politician looks like. He goes in and, oh, look at the turnover in a staff.


Well, yeah, that's what successful people do. When you hire somebody, do a job and he sucks at it, you fire them. Obama didn't have any turn over, doesn't it?


Were you like you have turned over because people know John Bolton and wasn't the person he thought and that's the thing, he made all these comments, I remember before the election thinking that I've always thought this, OK, for people that are going in for the first time, you have no idea what being the president is like.


So stop saying things like I'm going to do X, Y and Z because that's just not how it works.


And I think when he got on the other side, he realized, OK, I can't do everything I want the way I want, so I need to surround myself with. He's a guy who looked for an opinion that differs from how he likes to argue, likes to debate. I remember and I can't. It kills me. I can't remember. He was interviewing a general, a four star before his presidency, but it might have been Flynn. And the thing I remember about the interview was after the interview, the general came out and said.


I've always determined, intelligent people by not the answers of questions that they they answer, but the questions that they ask.


He said this guy asked some of the brightest, smartest questions ever. And in a sense, I think I'm like him. And he's like like. Sometimes the filter gets plugged up and you just say you're thinking. He does that in the media that wants to just chew him up and spit him out. Yes. And the fact that the media well, the media in my lifetime has turned from writing the story to wanting to be a part of the story.


Mm hmm. And they're pushing the spectator sport. So you think he's going to win? You see what's happening culturally. You see what's happening to the country. And so just more broadly, you've sacrificed a lot to speak the truth.


Can you talk to some of our younger listeners about that? So. I'm very excited about tomorrow, by the way. I can't wait to talk for I don't know, he's speaking to 200 kids. Yes, this is the most challenged generation of my lifetime.


What do you mean by not even close? Second, to go through the education system and to literally create a USA chapter on your campus.


Forget it. When every fiber and every human being on that campus outside of the conservatives is saying is going to violently, physically, violently stop you. I don't know, I would like to think, but I don't think I had the guts to be that person at twenty one. I want to give them assurances that same thing I tell police officers, there are far more of us than there are of them.


You just don't hear us. And if you're going to get on this bike and ride this path, just know you're going to get some flat tires and you're going to wreck. And it's I mean, you've seen it.


Look at the. Yours is great. You know, when you do the sit downs and you say, you know, prove me wrong and people just start calling you names and eventually five minutes in because they know you're you know, it kills them. These these kids need to be armed and with information because that is the battle. Right. I mean, we've learned yesterday that it's everything. We thought it was Google. All of the channels are are are literally silencing, which they should be.


But the government's going to do thing now is that they're not going to do anything.


You have to go out and find out the information yourself, aren't be able to reply to anything that is brought up against you, but be ready.


My dad also always told me, if you're not if if standing up for something isn't painful, you're not standing up for anything. They are being handed. A dumpster fire. Yes, and. God bless every one of them for. Not backing down.


That's an age when, I mean, my God, think about college, I went to junior college for a year, but I know how important my friends opinions and people that I went to school with, I didn't want to be a pariah or an outcast, but at the same time, I never cared.


I didn't care what other people thought of me because I knew who I was. I made mistakes. I did stupid things, I said stupid things and all that stuff. But these kids are and they're kids, but they're being asked to be adults and informed adults. The the Michael Moore speech where the professor said that speech was violence. And the things that you're saying, what was it last night, there was a teacher that came out last night and said that any teacher, a professor who's a female professor who said, I want to say it was at Yale, but I'm not sure any any any of any other professor in the school that that supports the police.


I will get basic dock's them, get them fired.


Auburn University. Yeah. He's not our professor watchlist.


And so I gave a whole watch list and you should but I go back to there was a thing a couple of months ago. Oh, I was watching Jordan Peterson the best. I I'm yeah, I'm a fanboy like beyond 12 years, oh, my deininger, but he was talking about the fact that he does these things because he wants he believes he's good at what he does and he wants the world to hear him. Isn't that what any good.


You look at all the great philosophers and all the great teachers, they put their stuff out there for the world to hear because it made the world a better place or it made better people.


You have professors, many in schools in the West who are have have the sign outside the door. No recording. It's such a good point. No taping. If you're teaching the younger generation how to be grown up adult people, wouldn't you want your word spread far and wide? That's right.


Why? They say, well, I don't want to be taken out of context right now. But that's you know, that's that. Well, yes. So then what I respond is if someone takes you out of context, then respond and say, actually, I have the full tape and now you look like an idiot.


And then it blunts it again every time, every single time. And they really have no wisdom to share. No, there they they're hey, this is this is the remember, I thought it was all, you know, Bahnhof in the 60s and all of this stuff. Bill Ayers, he was amazing. Well, you mean you mean Bernardine Dohrn. Yeah, but but all of that all of that pushed Bob Schieffer was going to get to get radical professors.


Yeah. Radical education. We're here. There's I posted a thing on YouTube or on Twitter the other day, 1976, Russian Kaiji, former Russian KGB, Yuri Semenov.


Unbelievable. Listen, he basically told the world what was about to happen, what twenty twenty was going to be. Yeah, and it is.


And then he shared notes with Orwell and. Yeah, yeah, yes. And that's terrifying. Again, I'm sorry to interrupt.


No, I'm a Christian. The only comfort I have is I know how the ninth inning plays out.


Yeah, I'm OK. I was going to ask about that. How do you make sense of all this chaos.


How do you like meaning like how do you have a piece about you with the deteriorating world around.


Well, well I just said I know how the game ends. Yes, I'm OK with that. But I feel the same way. If I wasn't a Christian, I'd be in a oh, I'd be a basket. I would be a bitter, miserable liberal. I'd be bitter, miserable, miserable and arrogant. Right.


Absolutely. Which is selfish. The worst combination.


It's it's ridiculous. But I. I make sense of it because we're born as sinners. The easiest example I can use is if you if you take a newborn black child, a newborn white child, and you raise them alone in a room together, they'll never have any concept of racism. That's correct.


We are a flawed species in ways that I don't think even God was thinking we'd go.


But I always say when people ask me this, you know, because one of the liberal things as well, if there was a God are atheists, if there was a God, you there wouldn't be a picture of a woman holding a dead child in Africa because he died of dehydration, said, no, no, no, we have the ability to feed, clothe and house every living human being on the planet.


We choose not to. Mm hmm. And you look no further than the Hollywood sign on one side of the hill, you have people that we're finding out are horrible, like this whole Ellen DeGeneres thing is just mind boggling.


What's crossing to me, too, because I thought she was really nice person.


But on the other, I've heard about that for years and I hope that blows me away. That's that's the best acting job I've ever seen on the other side of the hill.


She should dance. Biggest homeless problem in the country. Right.


So these people and it's the whole you know what? And I tell young leaders. Don't ever ask people to do something you won't do yourself. What's the stop all these socialist wannabes from going out to Utah, starting their own community and sharing everything? Nothing. They don't want to do that. They want to do it with your money.


That's right. And your time. What's amazing is that in a market economy, you can actually live as a socialist and the Amish do it. We don't get in their way. They self affiliate.


They have their own common law, their own structure. I mean, if they can't obviously break any of our federal laws. But I know you saw the joke covid joke, right? No, quite honestly, I was asked why the Amish didn't have covered that.


They don't have TV.


That's very funny. Like, that's I mean, it's just it's unbelievable. And yeah, that's the I I lived in Pennsylvania for ten years.


Pennsylvania Dutch country and the Amish stonemasons built are a bunch of stuff that are first, I think the Amish are doing it.


Trumpery elected to. Oh absolutely. They came out huge numbers. All the Amish came out in big, big time.


So the question I always ask, who voted for Trump in 2016? They won't vote for him in 2020.


Some suburban women. Yes, absolutely. We agree. Absolutely. Oh, absolutely.


Yes. The question is, is that offset by new converts and a bigger because I do is I look at blogsite, I look at all the other exit programs and I see on Facebook, I don't see the ratio for me is like 100 to one. I see 100 people saying, wow, this is not the Democratic Party. Yeah, and it's not.


I think that's wise. I think that there is some attrition on suburban women because there are some suburban women that said, I can't stand Hillary, let's just do this Trump thing. And I think it's going to be minimized. If you think about it myself and say the Billy Bush thing, if that right.


People still sucked that up, I think they could suck it. I think they're going to suck it up even more.


Well, it's like those people before covid hit their 401k is we're way better. We got to get those people back. I think we will. Yeah. Yeah.


Well, yes, we have to get Republicans in Republican places. We have those rhinos that are absolutely crushing me. And here's the other piece of this. I love Jim Jordan. I love Matt. Yes, I love.


Scarless, all of them. I'm tired of watching them complain to me on Twitter. We elected you to do something, stop complaining to me and go do something. If if we don't find and hold some people accountable for what happened four years ago and what happened in the Clinton administration. Then that double standard, Senator Lindsey Graham, friend of mine, I know on. And he watches this sometimes, and I've asked him to come on the show. He hasn't recently.


Why has he not subpoenaed all these Democrat criminals? He has the power to do that. He could host a Senate Judiciary Committee. And guess what? Because of all the new restrictions, because of the Chinese virus, he could do it remotely. You could have everyone doing it as a Skype call from their home. He could subpoena every one of these people. He could subpoena Hillary Clinton. He could subpoena every one of these people that did damage to our country.


Peter, structural smirk. And here's the thing, Lisa Paige.


Treason. It's treason. It's not what they did. And it's the saying that that's come out is if you want to know what the left is doing, look at what they're complaining about us doing there, everything that they purport to hate. And so and one of the things that I'll tell these kids tomorrow, and I've done it in a couple of calls I've spoken with, is the world isn't as complicated as the left would have you believe it is, number one.


And number two, that's a good point. If you want to know the answer to any question around a politician, it's the easiest thing in the world.


You have to ask one question. Why? Why did Hillary Clinton delete 33000 e-mails that she had something to hide, why did Hillary Clinton have her staff smashed their phones? She had something to hide. It's simple and you know that.


And so but but if you don't hunt for the information nowadays, you can't find this stuff.


You know why? But the whys go on and on. And they answer pretty much every question. Why does Dianne Feinstein now telling us that China's areif?


Was that unbelievable? But I mean, that's the intent. That's just as insane as saying that a non citizen can vote like the stuff is coming out of her mouth. Is it the real world? China is one of the most oppressive countries in the history of the world, not just now, but the NBA is now having jerseys made with these oppression. And all of a sudden by slaves like, come on, you don't see the irony.


That's a good point. You have slaves telling right on the back of their writing, I'm oppressed on LeBron Jersey, on LeBron James jersey. Yeah, like they're writing, you know, we America's awful well.


And the thing is, you listen to Laura Ingram, tell him, just shut up and dribble and she gets vilified for that. I don't care. You know, people say, oh, I want my sports on my politics to be separate. Well, you want them to be separate when the sports guy doesn't agree with what you think, that's what happens. But the fact of the matter is he has a platform and to be uninformed and ignorant on that platform is a crime.


You mean LeBron?


Yeah, he's the worst. It's a crime. And he could. And you know what? Michael Jordan always stayed away from politics because he's like, that was my thing.


And I don't really know. I don't really want to I don't really care that much. I'm fine. By the way, I'm a huge Jordan fan, and he recently has done BLM stuff. Well, whatever. I actually don't mind that much because Jordan is such a hero in my books, like whatever. He reinvented the sport and he's he was awesome. And he was pressured to become a Democrat activist in the 90s in a Senate race in North Carolina.


It's like I'm not doing it.


Yeah, but he always is. Just I'm going to focus on my nitrate Tiger Woods.


That's why they were so good. That's why the Bulls won 65.


I mean, they never lost an NBA final. But, you know, it's also, I think, a lot of reasons why really good athletes can't get I was consumed by the sport when I played it. I didn't have the ability. I didn't feel like I ever had the ability to just coast.


So every waking minute was spent focused, watching film, training, healing everything. Before I go, I definitely I know I'm running you probably over time because I'm just glad we had a couple of minutes. There's a website. I don't know. I'm sure you've seen it, but I want people to go check it out. It's called Fake Hate Crimes Dog. What's on it? Fake hate crime.


Well, there you're literally it's good pages of pages and hundreds really of and somebody documenting all of these fake hate crimes. And I would I would tell anybody listening that goes to the website, get a piece of paper. And just note the similarities in the hundreds and hundreds of hate crimes, who the victim is and who the. Assault there, fake hate crimes that are fake hate crimes, dog, and it is mind boggling that, well, you don't hear about.


The media stopped reporting on them, and those things are every bit, I would say, hate crimes after race relations, what bad cops are to the police force, they're so destructive. I mean, when was the last time the KKK mattered in this country? Yeah, but the only reason is the Democrats are trying to keep a fake thing alive. I don't know.


But that's right. They have to have the boogeyman. Any other thoughts before we adjourn?


You know what? Again, I know I probably took. No, you're great. I, I listen, I'm a fan. Thank you. And like I said, I am so proud of you for taking the stand and keeping it. And I posted a picture of Candace when she was in Philadelphia and she was spit on. And I posted the picture of her and the picture of the young black woman walking from Little Rock nine. Yep. Yep.


And I said, what's the difference? Yeah. What's a different black woman being attacked for their beliefs?


Democrats are still who they were 40 years.


That's right. They are bitter racists. Yes. And they've always been. Yeah. And the big switch, by the way, guys never have big, like three people. Yeah, well, not even strong.


There's only one in the Senate, two in the House yet. And Strom Thurmond actually changed his beliefs anyway. Yeah. Blown away when I read it because, you know, the whole thing is old Goldwater in Arizona. Goldwater was a racist because he he voted against the bill because he wanted to he did not want the federal government to have more power. And people don't. And you can go look it up. There were there was huge blacks for Goldwater coalition all across the country.




And he was very clear about it. I don't want this bill to pass because it just like they said, McCain voted against a bill to help veterans. Now, he didn't vote against that because it's against all the pork that they put on the bill, which is what happens all the time. Yeah, well, thanks, Kirk. Thank you. Appreciate it, man. Yeah, take care.


Thanks. What a great conversation that was with Curt Schilling. If you guys want to win a signed copy of The New York Times best seller Magga Doctrine. Type in Charlie Kirk, show to your podcast provider, hit subscribe, give us a five star review, screenshot it and email us Freedom at Charlie Kirk Dotcom Freedom at Charlie Kirkham. If you guys want to involve a turning point, USA, go to TPE, USA, Dotcom, USA, Dotcom and email us Freedom.


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