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The cut, the cut, cut, cut, cut, the cut. The Cut the Cut podcast is here. Mm hmm. Any narrative that says you have to be doing X, I just I just reject that out, right. I kind of feel like adding a little parentheses with my dick pic, like it's not actually that big.


I don't know that anybody normally thinks of themselves as being a subject of envy.


Like, I certainly don't see how that works. You don't have to always put your views onto somebody else. Even got a brown pelican. Yes, I know it's missing.


Oh, my name is Avery Chapman. And every Wednesday I'll be working with the writers and the thinkers and the brain trust at the cut to bring you stories about the moment we live in.


I hope you'll join us and tell a friend. And we're so excited to be with you each week.


Mm hmm.