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Hey, what's going on, everybody? I'm Trevor Noah and this is the Daily Social Distancing Show. Today is Tuesday, March twenty third, which means it's officially spring time, baby. Yep. That time of the year when I go outside and enjoy that sweet, fresh air despite my allergies.


Oh, here it comes.


Anyway, coming up on tonight's show, we look at some actual good things going on in the world, what Hollywood gets wrong about the female orgasm. And Eric Andre joins us to talk about punishing America and his brand new movie. So let's do this, people.


Welcome to the daily social distancing show from Trevor's couch in New York City to your couch somewhere in the world. This is the Daily Social Decency Show with Trevor Noah here every day on The Daily Show.


We cover the News Daily Show. And if you follow the News Daily, you know that most of it is bad and some days it's even more badder.


And it's on those days that I like to remind myself that there is still a lot of good out there in the world, and I'd like to share that good news and our ray of sunshine. Our first ray of sunshine is for dogs, creators of the world's most popular sex position across the country. There are thousands of good boys just waiting to be adopted, and one equally good human boy is giving them a boost.


A 14 year old found a way to help a lot of shelter dogs. His name is Dariusz Brown and helps them stand out in the crowd with bow ties. Dariusz, so hundreds of bow ties and sent them to animal shelters across the country looking sharp. And they aren't just for dogs because he makes them for cats, too. There you go. He says he's donated about six hundred bow ties for animal shelters. Shelter workers say it helps the animals, especially older ones, get noticed more quickly.


Very smart. Yeah.


Oh, guys. A bow tie on a dog. That's something you don't expect. You know, it's like shrimp tails and cinnamon toast crunch, but adorable. And this is a genius plan because a bow tie just makes everything a little snazzier. You know, dogs, people on the bow ties. A simple bow tie could even make like a raging douche bag seem respectable, which is, by the way, how Tucker Carlson got a TV show. The only problem is you'll never know why the dog has a bow tie on.


I mean, is it fashion or did that dog join the Nation of Islam? Some old nice white ladies going to bring her dog home, like speak, sparkie, speak, speak. Oh, what a surprise. The white devil wants me to speak on command. Moving on to the coronavirus vaccine. That's the only thing on earth that stone-Cold of independence. Every day, more and more people are vaccinated. But after a year of being extremely cautious, some people can't quite bring themselves to accept the good news because it's been so long.


I mean, even when I smile, I'm like, oh, no, my frown turned upside down. Is that a covered symptom? So here's a ray of sunshine about a grandmother who is still anxious about doing what she could after getting vaccinated and how her doctor helped to overcome it.


Some people say the best medicine is love for one woman in the Bronx. That's just what the doctor ordered. Take a look at this prescription. This is what Evelyn Shah got. It reads, You are allowed to hug your granddaughter. It comes after both of them were fully vaccinated.


My daughter and granddaughter came to my apartment because they had a gift to me. To my amazement was a prescription from my doctor.


And she wrote, You are allowed to hug your granddaughter.


That is a hug I'm going to remember forever.


OK, you got to admit, this is such a heartwarming story. I mean, unless we find out that that's the doctor's treatment for everything, I'm afraid it's lupus.


So what you're going to need to do is go and hug this woman's grandma right away. Twice a day now, yes, it is true that the doctor was out of network, so that hug will cost eighty thousand dollars, but I'm still happy that this grandma got to see her family before she files for medical bankruptcy and actually really shows you how much people respect the authority of doctors. I mean, once they write a prescription, there's no more arguing.


It's a prescription. Oh, doctors could make that work for them to shit if I was a doctor, I'd just go into a bank with my prescription pad. Good afternoon. I have a prescription for you here that says you need to open the safe and hand me all the cash.


Well, I guess if it's for my health now, look, until everyone can get vaccinated, it is still important to monitor the spread of the coronavirus so we can stop any outbreaks before they get too far. And now getting a coronavirus test is going to be easier than ever.


Door Dash will soon be delivering at home covid tests across the United States.


The delivery apps teaming up with two health companies, Vault Health and Everleigh. Well in 12 US market Doorjambs says delivery of the FDA approved test kits will typically take less than an hour.


They cost us over one hundred dollars each and they can return results in twenty four to forty eight hours.


Yes, Bardash. You can now get a covid test delivered right to your home along with, I'm assuming 40 packets of ketchup and don't ask isn't the only one helping. By the way, UBA has started offering covid tests to. Yeah. If you get in the car and you can smell weed you just tested negative my friend. Congrats. And let me just remind everybody right now that your delivery driver is not responsible for your test results because, you know, there are people out there who are going to base their reviews on that.


What you're telling me that I have covid dude, one star bitch. I'm not the one who coughed on you. Moving on to a ray of sunshine from the world of racism. Yeah, even racism. Black people in America have been waiting for slavery reparations for one hundred and fifty years. And to put that in terms white people can understand, that's even longer than you've been waiting for the next Game of Thrones book. Now, residents of one city are finally getting their first taste.


The nation's first reparations program for African-Americans was approved overnight in Illinois. The Chicago suburb of Evanston is moving forward with a 10 million dollar plan to address a history of discriminatory housing practices faced by its black residents. The first step, which passed last night, makes four hundred thousand dollars available for home ownership grants and mortgage assistance. This plan could become a model that more cities could follow.


That's right. People reparations are happening. With these housing grants. Black Americans can finally fulfill their lifelong dreams of gentrifying a white neighborhood.


And kudos to Evanston, Illinois, especially since I assume whoever the Evans guy the city was named after was a huge racist. In fact, let me check that before I assume that some Wikipedia out and. Yep, huge racist. Here's my thing, though. It's great that some of the funding is going towards practical things like aiding homeownership. But keep in mind, black people have been through a lot of shit in America over the last four hundred years.


So some of that money should also just be to give black people a good time, you know, help them relax, like going to the spa or getting a facial or buying a stressful for want of a Kanye West tweet something. Basically what I'm saying is it's not real reparations unless you give the descendants of slavery actual money and let them choose how they want to spend it as if they were adults.


But still, congratulations to the black people of Evanston and congratulations to all the white people who are going to find a way to game the system. Well, my twenty three and me says that I'm actually three percent Africa. So and finally, some uplifting animal news. Like most of us, zoo animals have been stressed out by the coronavirus. Lockdown's stuck in their homes for a whole year and they don't even have Netflix.


I mean, imagine being a tiger and not getting to watch Tiger King. That's the ultimate flomo.


But now a zoo in Colombia is giving it stressed out residents a musical treats.


Colombia's Caleigh Zoo hired a pianist to help relax its animals. On Saturday, Mario Fernando Prado came to the zoo and played some of the most popular classical songs for animals ranging from zebras, lions to flamingos. Prieto says this was certainly a different from his usual gigs. The zoo said Prado was their debut artist and helped pave the way for other musical acts.


And I'm so jealous right now. Right now.


That is a beautiful idea. And I'm actually sure that this was very relaxing for all of the animals. Although you can't tell by looking at an ostrich, you know, you can't see when that animal is relaxed. Just has one facial expression, which is always realizing you left your phone in a cab. And as an added bonus for the zoo, a piano concert is probably going to keep all the zebras in line. Can you imagine them during that performance?


They were looking at those black and white keys, like, what have they done to Jimmy?


They've cut them up and now they're making music come out of his body.


Just because you kidnapped the zebras from Africa and keep them in Colombia doesn't mean they're not African anymore. So, look, I think this was great for everyone. I mean, the only person I feel a little bad for is the piano player.


This probably wasn't the career that he dreamt of when he started playing the piano.


Mama, you remember how you said I would never make it as a musician? Oh, my God, Eduardo, did you make it into the Philharmonic?


What? No wrong number. OK, never mind. Bye bye. Now say what you want, but this story is adorable. And you, who loves adorable stories, is my friend Roy Junior. I want to bring him on right now. You're right, what's going on, my man, what's going on? You Bamburgh, I know you love playing piano, so I wanted to see if you heard the story of the pianist who got a gig playing for zoo animals.


Yeah, I heard about it.


Trash hated the story I hate to do, but boy, I thought of all people. You would think it's cute. Oh, I like it, Trevor.


I also auditioned for the gig. Then they decided to go with some guy playing Mozart. Mozart. Oh, wow.


So you auditioned to play piano for zoo animals? Well, why wouldn't I? It's a sweet job. You get to work outside, you get free parking, you get all the stale peanuts, the elephants don't eat. And I wrote all these great original songs for the animals with the zookeepers. The zookeepers decided my songs weren't appropriate. Wow.


Roy, I'm man, I'm sorry for that, brother. Like, I'm sorry that they didn't like your music.


And it is what it is, man. I had some good hits, man. Check check this out. This is good songs, man. Hey, the. Well, you got to eat all of the zookeeper's rise up, it gets you a press. Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble.


Wait, hold on, hold on, hold on. That's that's what you was singing. You can't you can't sing that. You can't be telling the animals to eat the zookeepers. Now that's that's promoting violence.


Do the words I was singing is just nonsense. I'm just gonna say the words for rhythm. You know, the animals can't understand English.


Well, actually, that's a that's a good point. That's not like you like telling that. Yeah, no, I play on my bad my bad mouth.


What was what was that man. Come on. Like, you know, you understand English. I've been teaching you in secret for several months this week. Part of the. Next to the game break down. OK, Roy, Esterline champion. Yeah, I think that's part of the problem that Roy, you see, I understand that zoos have ethical problems, but you can't be you can't be telling the lions to go and eat, like why you even do.


What are you planning? Planning? Don't be so paranoid.


Trevis. Just it. He likes. School children today know what I do know about. And I'll take you to his house and you can eat everyone except me and I'll be the king, the lion eat me to. That would not be nice, but that's a problem for Lee. I'm glad they didn't take your songs that the Zuman know. Because you, son, is shit, that's why to me and eating me, as was all of you, music is trash, that's Krubera, then I could get mad about it.


But you know what? I've been working on myself. I'm willing to bury the hatchet. So let's talk about it tomorrow. Meet me at noon. At what?


No, I'm not going to meet you. I know what you're planning, Roy. You want me to come to the zoo so I can sing these songs with you? I'm not stupid, Roy. Get out of here, Roy. Junior, everybody is not going to get me that easy. All right. We're going to take a short break.


But first, if you're a college basketball bracket is as busted as everyone else's is, it's not too late to go all the way in The Daily Show's brackets of bullshit where you can vote for the little things that have annoyed you the most during the pandemic, because I know it's been a legitimately terrible year, but let's be honest, it would have been a lot of trivial problems that we didn't need on top of the really bad stuff, you know, like celebrity singing imagine or emails that start with in these difficult times so annoying.


I think that one could actually go all the way round two is open now. So go to Daily Show bracket dot com and make your picks. When we come back, Disyllabic takes a look at the history of the female orgasm in movies.


Oh, you don't want to miss it.


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Welcome back to the daily social distancing show March, as you know, is Women's History Month, and to celebrate, we turn to D.C., where she doesn't explore history, but his her. It's no secret that women's onscreen portrayals have evolved throughout history, we've gone from playing secretaries being saved by James Bond all the way to nuclear scientist being saved by James Bond. But I want to focus on one specific aspect of female depictions, the orgasm.


It's when a woman is stimulated to the point of climax, causing a physical and neurological response that scientists refer to as being tested. And over the years, depicting female pleasure on screen is something that's changed more than the batteries in your vibrator. The first known female orgasm on the silver screen was in the nineteen thirty three German film Ecstasy when Hedy Lamarr took the Bratwurst Express all the way to pleasure Berg.


It turns out the world wasn't ready for this.


Everyone denounced it from Hitler to the Pope. And if you ask me, the Pope has no place weighing in on sex scenes.


He's celibate. I mean, when we need your opinion on the best stain removers for white fabrics, then we'll call you.


Unfortunately, being the first actress to climax on screen followed Hedy Lamarr for the rest of her career. She was typecast as the seductress, even though she was literally the smartest person in Hollywood. Yeah, as her side hustle, she was a brilliant scientist who invented the basis for all modern wireless technology. Without her, no one would be orgasming because we wouldn't be able to watch porn on our cell phones in the bathroom. And that was the last big on screen female orgasm for a while because around the same time the Hays Code was enforced in Hollywood.


This was a set of censorship guidelines that banned movies from explicitly showing or discussing sex. Even married couples had to be shown in separate beds or, as it's now called, the reverse chocolate factory before you bedridden for the past twenty years.


It takes a lot of work to keep this family going.


No one was getting off. The Hays Code finally ended in the late sixties, which, as timing goes, is like having your dry January end at an open bar in Cabo America was embarking on a sexual revolution, so female pleasure came back on screen. Unfortunately, it was often treated as a novelty that existed for men's amusement.


So you got scenes like the one in nineteen sixty eight Barbarella where evil Dr. Eyebrow's over here, Trappes, Jane Fonda in a machine that's supposed to give her orgasms until she dies, except that she climaxes so hard she breaks the machine. My goodness.


At the time it was considered a campy, sexy thing. But looking at it now, it's a violation. Remember, everyone, if you're going to put a woman in a machine that orgasms her to death. Nicholson first.


Another major moment came a few years later with the movie Deep Throat.


It tells the story of a woman who keeps giving men oral sex because her pleasure zone is in her throat. That is not how it works.


But Deep Throat became the first porno film to go mainstream and inspired both my uncle's to become Dennis. The female orgasms in Barbarella and Deep Throat were basically male fantasies about how women experience pleasure. So it was appropriate that the next on screen orgasm to make a splash totally debunked those fantasies. In nineteen eighty nine, when Harry Met Sally famously includes an extended scene of Meg Ryan faking an orgasm in the deli to prove to Billy Crystal that maybe he wasn't the cunnilingus king that he thought he was.




Oh yes, yes, yes. Oh gosh.


This scene was groundbreaking for a few reasons.


It told all the women watching who had faked orgasms that they weren't alone. It taught men to try to be attentive to their partners needs, and it catapulted pastrami to become the top aphrodisiac of nineteen eighty nine. It also started a conversation about the performative nature of the female orgasm. Women face far too much pressure to satisfy their partners ego instead of themselves. I mean, no one ever has to fake it for their vibrator. If they don't get the job done, they just go back into the drawer and they think about what they did.


In the years that followed, female pleasure became more and more common on screen, but they were still often treated as punch lines like Jennifer Aniston, getting unexpected magic climaxes in personality, or Katherine Heigl accidentally orgasming at dinner when a little boy grabbed her remote control vibrating underwear. OK, there is so much wrong with this. It's nonconsensual.


It's a kid doing it and it perpetuates the dangerous myth that vibrating underwear gives you anything but a five alarm electrical burn. And even when orgasms weren't meant to be funny, it could be hard to take them seriously. Like in 40 days and 40 nights when Josh Hartnett makes his partner orgasm by caressing her with flowers, which, believe me, is not that easy not to be a size queen, but I'm going to have to use at least a sunflower.


The arts weren't a step forward for orgasms, but they weren't a step back either.


They still needed to step a little to the side now the other side, then back and forth. Yeah, right there. Thankfully, in the present day, we're starting to see much more realistic and positive depictions of women popping in Turkey timers these days, you can hardly turn your TV on without seeing a woman getting off. And finally, movies and shows are doing this through the female gaze. And if you don't know what that would look like, then you haven't seen Bridgton.


It's a show about 19th century British society taking care of their little women.


She's a death in the streets, but a Jew in the sheets.


Thanks to Bridgton, there haven't been this many female orgasms since, well, since everyone started watching Bridgton.


So that's the history on the female orgasm on screen. And who knows what the future holds. But it is important because the way women are portrayed on screen holds a mirror up to how they're treated in real life. And as all women now sometimes holding up a mirror to something is the only way they get a good look and figure out how it works. Thank you so much, Desi. All right, when we come back, the hilarious Eric Andre will be joining me on the show, so don't go away.


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It includes guides for measuring and even a built in slot for a smartphone or tablet computer. Tough. This smart can only be called F 150. Check out the all new twenty twenty one Ford F 150 at Ford Dotcom built. Ford proud. Built Ford tough. Welcome back to the Daily Social Distancing Show. Earlier today, I spoke with comedian and actor Eric Andre. We talked about going from punk celebrities on his Adult Swim talk show to punching regular people in his brand new film, Mantrip.


Eric Andre.


Welcome to the daily social distancing show my man Trevor Noah in the house. Where can I can I tell you something?


You know, Alex Jones might have gotten us confused. Now you're much more handsome than me, so I don't want a left handed insult you. But Alex Jones, when I. I prayed to him one time right at the Republican National Convention, he kept saying, get the Daily Show guy up here, bring the Daily Show. And I was like, which guy?


Why did Sinak Trever. Who is he? I don't know who he thought I was.


Yeah. No, I yeah. Now I could get I would be like, yeah, you know, if we ran around the RNC and then I'd be like, I would even give people that I would go like, yes, I would use you to get away from a crime right now is what I'm saying.


So it's like if something happened I would go, well, what if it was him? And like I would, you know, the dramatic scene in the movie where the people go, you sure it was him? I'm sure. Then you're like, well, there he is. And then you stand up in the courtroom and the is like going to that person. That's what I would do. I could do that right now.


Yeah. I wouldn't blame you. Yes. You've been you've been in lockdown for a while. There's this few people I worry about more than you because I feel like Eric Andre is like the guy of things happening always. You like has this have this thing made you go crazy or are you coping with the lockdown's.


Oh, I've definitely drank way more in the last year than I ever have in my life. I'm talking like Jack Kerouac, Charles Bukowski, level of alcohol. I built a bar in my house.


I'm losing my mind, but I feel great, that's for sure, because of drunk by like two p.m. every day. So, you know, just in the zone.


I'm in the zone, man. I'm just crushing the bike in it and making pina coladas.


I never know how much of this is like you being like, you know, like Eric. Andre is the one person where I feel like you may be in a situation one day when you need someone's help, but they wouldn't know if you being Eric, Andre, Eric, Andre needs help.


I know. It's like where does the shtick end and the man begin? You often got it. But yeah, you know what? I just remember my mom is going to watch this. So, Mom, I'm not I'm not drinking as much as I just told Trevor I was drinking. I'm drinking vate. OK, I do that. My mom is a super fan.


Well, hi. Hi Mom. Hi Mom. My mom is very attracted to you by the way.


My mom and my sister, they would rip your clothes off in a second. You wouldn't know what hit you. Oh wow.


I wouldn't know what hit me to be on. I mean I said that to me before my mom and my sister would do. I wouldn't know what hit me.


Well, give me some reason. The generational jumps adds to the to the confusion for me.


You could get into a very weird porno at the Andre residence if you wanted to. I'm just putting that out there. Offer is on the table.


Put it out there. Let's talk about the movie. Eric, bad trip. This movie, I mean, people have been waiting forever for this movie, you know, it's been pushed back like three times because of the pandemic. I think even Amazon leaked it by mistake on Prime and then had to pull it back. And then it felt like the whole thing was a prank. And then I found out that the movie was a movie. But it's also like a like a hidden camera prank because there's real people in the movie.


But then you've got like a narrative going. It's an actual story, which is very good. By the way, at first I was like, oh, this is just Eric messing around. But it's actually like a good story. And then you're pranking real people. That's harder to make than just a normal movie.


It's incredibly hard because not only are you not only were we pranking the people, but we were getting blocked from the people who were pranking. We're relying on them for exposition to lead us into the next scene. So I'd have to, like, prank somebody and then talk to them for like an hour and a half, just like these two lines of dialogue out of them to get to the next scene. So it was no small feat. But yes, it is a narrative hidden camera prank movie with myself and Tiffany Haddish and Lowry.


Here's something I always want to know.


When you're making these kinds of movies, when you prank the people, they have to agree to be put on screen like they have to sign a release or something after year after year.


But then, like, why do people. Because a lot of the people in the movie don't look the best. Right. Why would they say yes?


They don't always say yes. You will see some Blur's in the movie, but they say, you know what's funny? The people that are the angriest when you bring them are usually the most relieved to find out it's a prank and have the best sense of humor.


Like this guy pulled a knife out on Reland I and then once we revealed that it was just a prank, he was like, oh, man, y'all are hilarious.


Yes, I'm the release. No problem.


So I don't know. It's it's it's it's insane. I don't know. You'd be surprised. You can really.


And getting the releases signed, it's an act of seduction. You really got it. We got it down to a science. Yeah.


OK, so I get like I get on your side, I get like you. This is you, I mean you, you've hosted the TV show where you've stripped naked and destroyed your desk, you've hosted a TV show. There's like fires in the studio. You Eric, Andre, I get how on earth is little rel a part of this thing? Because I know he's like he's like acting and he's he's he's a funny, serious guy. But I don't see him putting himself in danger, though.


He he his very first prank that he filmed was the one where the guy pulled the knife out on us. So we did this prank. Where are our characters? Our penises get stuck in a Chinese finger trap. And we went to this like really good barber shop in Atlanta. And we ask this real barber who was kind of guys, their four sisters. We're like, excuse me, sir, you going to Chinese? Bigger job than you've got us out of this thing.


And the guy went into like a murder rage because we're, like, stretching the penises back and forth.


He tried to get his gun, he grabbed it, grab a knife, chased us out, tried to stab us, and we could barely run in the contraption.


And that's unwritten rule. That was not only the first day of production, but that was the first time I ever shot a hidden camera prank in his life. And he almost died. So he quit. He quit day one. And then he called Tiffany Haddish, who wasn't even in the movie at the time, just to vent, like Eric's going to get me killed. I'm doing this hidden camera prank movie. I almost lost my life. And then she thought that was so funny that she called me afterwards and was like, Yo, you almost got killed.


I want to be in your movie.


I live in a weird way. That was how we got the cast together.


I mean, that's one way to get a cost together. I almost killed someone and that's really how I got George Clooney on this film. It was really crucial in doing that, which you from him, you think you got to make more of these movies? Because I enjoyed it. I was surprised. I was like, this is this is actually fun. Thanks, man. It's like it's much longer than your normal eleven minute episode. But I was like, this is this could be a thing, this could be like a running, you know, you should do it in other countries as well.


Sure. Let's go to South Africa. They'll kill you.


You can't are you. There's violence and so that you can't you can't.


Let me tell you something, Eric, Andre, all these things you do, the Americans and South Africans will kill you and then someone will go.


It was a prank and they'll be like, oh, that was funny. Well, you're dead now. I'm sorry. When you were doing your penis thing in my face, I didn't know it was a prank. And I'm sorry, some South Africans might even be like, we'll kill you even though we know it's a prank.


They'll be like, yeah, well, then that would make for great. We got to get down there, grab the cameras off to Johannesburg, we only get to film one scene because I die, it'll be a three minute movie. But yeah, no, I would love to keep making more of this stuff. Yeah, totally. I hope you do.


And don't do it in South Africa because you'll die and also because people will think I'm the one doing it. And then it'll be a whole thing where like people we like.


We saw Trevor Noah in South Africa running around with his penis in a Chinese finger trap. I don't need that in my life.


Or do you? You never know. Never.


Eric, thank you so much for joining me on the show. Congratulations on the film. For real and congrats. I'm glad it finally came out. I'm glad people get to enjoy it. Thanks for reminding us to just have fun and be Sinemet.


I appreciate you. Thank you. I appreciate you. And say hi to your mom and your sister for me. Okay. But not in a porn way in like a very, you know, Daily Show about it.


Yes, I do.


But don't forget, that trip drops on Netflix March twenty sixth.


All right. We're going to take a quick break, but we'll be right back after this.


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