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Hey, what's going on, everybody? I'm Trevor Noah and this is the Daily Social Distancing Show. Today is February twenty second, which means it's the last week of Black History Month, which is why I've decided now is the perfect time to make some new black history by being the first black man to ski down Mount Everest.


I tripped getting into my UBA anyway.


On tonight's show, it's raining plain parts in Colorado. Michael Costa proves that election fraud is real and why everything is bigger in Texas, including the electricity bills. So let's do this, people.


Welcome to the daily social distancing show from Trevor's couch in New York City to your couch somewhere in the world. This is the Daily Social Decency Show with Trevor Noah is a. Let's kick things off with some travel news if you're one of those people who can't wait to fly on an airplane again. Well, first of all, congratulations on being basic. And second, you may be willing to wait just a little longer after seeing this.


This morning, the FAA and Japan's Civil Aviation Bureau grounding all Boeing triple sevens with a specific Pratt and Whitney engine as the NTSB investigates how this triple seven engine fell apart in midair just after takeoff.


Two hundred and thirty one passengers aboard United three. Twenty eight from Denver to Honolulu Saturday. That terrifying sight right outside their windows overnight. The NTSB saying two fan blades on the engine were fractured. You can see a broken fan blade in this image on the ground, massive pieces of metal falling onto neighborhoods, some running away, trying to avoid getting hit by pieces falling out of the sky.


I swear on my head, this giant piece falling on Kirby Clements lawn, crushing his truck, looked out the window.


I go, oh, no, that's the front end of an airplane. God damn.


A giant piece of an airplane landing in your front yard. That's terrifying. I mean, on the other hand, how great is it to get something complimentary from an airline? For once, customer service is back.


And as terrifying as this moment was, what's really impressive is that someone was on a plane, so the engine was on fire and the first impulse to take out their phone and record it.


That's how addictive it is to go viral. Every single one of us will spend our last moments of life chasing tweets.


I'm going down, but all my legs are going up. But at the same time, you're also on a plane. So, I mean, there's there's really no other good way to spend your last few minutes on Earth. Oh, God.


The plane is going down. The plane is going down. Let me just load. Crude's too.


Seriously, though, it is hard to overstate how terrible this was. I mean, yet nobody got hurt, but the plane was headed to Honolulu and instead it had to land in Denver. Tell me that that's not a tragedy. Oh, and just by the way, it turns out that this wasn't even the only Boeing accident this week.


Yeah. At this point, Boeing has such a terrible record that people won't even wait for something to go wrong before they say goodbye to their loved ones. Hey, man, I just want to say that I love you and I'm grateful that you were my friend. Dude, what happened?


Do you find out you have cancer?


No, I just booked a flight on a Boeing. No.


But let's move on now to the coronavirus pandemic. It's the reason all your sex dreams are now just about going out bowling.


There's no question that things in the US are moving in the right direction. More people are getting the vaccine, fewer people are getting infected. And our meshuggeneh is finally starting to clear up. But at the same time, things are still very bad. And today, the country reached a grim milestone to remind all of us of that the coronavirus and the pandemics once unthinkable toll in the US.


More than five hundred thousand lives lost in less than one year.


The first reported fatality came on February twenty nine. Three months later, it was one hundred thousand dead.


And then by mid-September, the death toll climbed to two hundred thousand and surpassed three hundred thousand by mid-December.


But then came the deadliest period in the pandemic. Four hundred thousand deaths on January 19th. And now, just one month later, here we are, half a million covid deaths in this country.


President Biden will mark the milestone at the White House with a moment of silence and a candle lighting ceremony.


That's right, people. Five hundred thousand covid deaths, a number that nobody wanted to see. And as painful as that is, you have to admit, you have to admit it is nice to see America's president actually take a moment, just a moment to recognize the toll that coronavirus has taken. I mean, the only time the previous president showed any sadness was when he accidentally deleted FOX News off of his DVR.


What a day for Americans was that day. My sweet Hannity is gone.


The good news is that the number of new infections has plummeted in the last few weeks.


But what's interesting is the number that they've plummeted to is where they were last July, which at the time everyone thought was so horrifying that the country immediately started locking down again. And this just goes to show you that your perspective can change based on where you're coming from. That's it's like if I go to tech right now by a wolf, I'd probably be like, this is the worst day of my life.


But if I went from being attacked by four wolves to one wolf, I'd probably be like, oh, what a relaxing way to start the week.


So, look, this is why it's so important to get people vaccinated as quickly as possible.


And don't give me any excuses about how you're too busy or it's not convenient. Last weekend, a 19 year old Seattle woman walked six miles in the snow to keep her appointment because the roads hadn't been plowed, which is incredible, although if you believe old people's stories, walking miles in the snow is what they do all the time. They love that shit. But still, if a 90 year old woman can do it, you can do it, too.


And don't tell me. But I'm not 90 years old. I'm too young to get the vaccine right now. That's also no excuse for a strange story now showing the lengths to Florida women we're willing to go to to get the vaccine. And they are caught dressing as grannies just so they can get the shot. Now, here's the thing. It worked for them the first time around. Officials say the women are thirty four and forty four years old.


So you can see one of the more a bonnet and a long cardigan. The other didn't make much of an effort to cover up a vaccinator. Thought they looked funny. So they were stopped before getting their shots, and that's when they found out both women had faked their birth dates. Now officials want to know how they were able to get away with getting the first shot. The women are not facing any charges, but police did yell at them, calling their actions selfish.


OK, this is outrageous. You call that dressing up as a granny. All that woman did was put a bandage on and that other one didn't do anything, put on a wig, hunched over or even easier. Just download the Facebook app on your phone. I mean, if you got that, you're seventy five minimum. If you want to cheat your way to the vaccine, you at least have to put in the work. No one would have bought the charade.


I'm pretty sure Mrs. Doubtfire wouldn't have gotten the kids back if he just showed up like, Hey, it's me, Mrs. Doubtfire, I'm your nanny.


How did they even think that they could pretend to be old women at that age? I mean, personally, I blame porn, you know, they start putting women in the category of twenty six. Of course we have unrealistic ideas of what grannies look like, but what's crazy is they would have gotten away with it if the doctors hadn't gotten suspicious. Hey, wait a minute. If you're a grandma, how come you haven't tried to set me up with one of your grandkids yet?


But let's move on now to our main story, the ongoing crisis in Texas. A week after the state was battered by winter storms that took out the power grid, nearly nine million people still don't have clean water. But don't worry, help is on the way after getting blasted for flying to Cancun when his own heat went off.


Ted Cruz, Texas senator and Disney princess before True Love's kiss is now back in his home states doing the literal bare minimum for the sake of the cameras.


Ted Cruz appearing back in front of the cameras. He spent the weekend helping Houston residents and first responders who served barbecue to firefighters and police officers, also delivered safe drinking water to folks who need it. Sorry, Cruz, this is not going to cut it, my man. Men see this right here. This is the politician version of coming home with flowers the day after Valentine's Day is not nothing, but your ass is still sleeping on the couch. And honestly, I don't know why politicians try to pull off these lame photo ops.


They basically just turn people who actually need real help into political props and their photographers probably just make it worse. Yes. Yes, that's fabulous. Yes, yes, yes. Pottermore, Pottermore. Like, you don't have any food or water, but I don't have any food or water. Great use that. Use that. Yes, Fenice.


Now, fortunately, most Texans do have their electricity back on now so they can finally log on to all those meetings that really should have just been emails. But even some people who didn't lose their power are finding out that they weren't as lucky as they first thought. The desperation growing in Texas. Temperatures are finally rising, but so is outrage over absurdly high electric bills.


Texans like Scott Willoughby, who signed up for gritty energy, not knowing his rate could vary with the market. So when power supply went down from the storm, his typically two hundred dollar bill took off.


What was the damage? Sixteen thousand seven hundred ninety eight dollars, something like that. And this was not a bill. This was withdrawn. This was withdrawn straight from my account in Fort Worth.


The utility company charged Ty Williams seventeen thousand dollars.


So we were held hostage really with our our rate that we were working with is really crazy.


I'm trying to get gas and groceries and make sure that my pipeline explodes. The last thing that I'm thinking about is a seven thousand dollar bill from my utility.


Wow. People. Seventeen thousand dollars for electricity. At that point, it's cheaper to literally burn your own money for warmth. That's probably one Amish guy on the street right now. All smug as hell seeing the story. He's eating a homemade stick of butter like I told them. So, bitches. Because seriously, people at seventeen thousand dollars, it's almost not worth having any electricity. I mean, at the very least, you're going to have to make extremely tough choices.


Do you charge grandma's oxygen machine or your PlayStation controller? Because, I mean, grandma needs the oxygen to live, but you can't just stop playing Assassin's Creed, Valhalla before you unite in England.


And I think grandma would have understood that. But the question is, why are some Texans being hit with bills bigger than their belt buckles? Well, unlike every other state, it turns out Texas has very few regulations on its utility companies.


And this free market system used to be the pride of Texas. In fact, a couple of years ago, Ted Cruz was bragging that the success of Texas energy was built over many years on free enterprise and low regulation. But now now that Texans are being charged twenty thousand dollars to toast a bagel. Cruz has discovered that regulation might not be so bad.


Sunday, Senator Ted Cruz tweeting, This is wrong. No power company should get a windfall because of a natural disaster. And Texans should not get hammered by ridiculous rate increases for last week's energy debacle. State and local regulators should act swiftly to prevent this injustice.


All you tell him, Ted Cruz, the only Texan that should be getting hammered, is me at the hotel bar in Cancun.


So, yes, Ted Cruz has reversed his stance on regulation like it was a flight path to Mexico.


And I mean, let's be honest, nobody forced these Texans to choose the world's shadiest company for their electricity. But also nobody really talked about the worst case scenario when they touted the wonders of an unregulated markets. When conservatives talk about freedom from governments, they only focus on the good things. But that's not the whole picture. If you were running a zoo and you told all the antelopes, congrats, guys, we're giving you all the freedom to roam around the zoo, that's good news.


But it would be only fair to tell them that the lions are also going to be getting that freedom because that shit is not as good for the antelopes as you make it sound. All right. When we come back, Michael Costa shows us how humans aren't the only species with election fraud scandals around.


We think America finally ready for this, a show by black people. For all people about the black experience in America, it's time to go there. Coming Tuesday night on ABC, Soul of a Nation, all the pain, all the joy, unafraid, funny, beautiful.


And there will be news coming to ABC Tuesday night at 10:00. Nonsense. So some of this is coming and I hope you'll watch Soul of a Nation. I'll be watching The Daily Show, Eres Edition.


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We hope to encourage all of our listeners to support these businesses and also the black owned businesses in your community. Check out the debut season of Built to Last on Spotify, Apple, YouTube or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Welcome back to the Daily Social Distancing Show. For months now, the liberal media has told you that election fraud isn't real. And that's what we thought, too, until Michael Costa did some investigative work and uncovered a story that may just rock your faith in democracy.


20 20 was one big diary, a dump of a year. A whole continent was on fire. The ongoing pandemic. I invested all my money into Quebec, but then came the big election.


And just when it started to seem hopeful, people started calling the election a fraud.


I wasn't surprised that there was election fraud because it isn't the first time it's happened.


I couldn't believe it as a 20, 20 wasn't bad enough. It's shameful. This election rigging has threatened to derail avium democracy.


That's right. Avian democracy is in peril. New Zealand's Bird of the Year competition has been rocked with revelations of a slew of fraudulent votes streamed in overnight for the little spotted Kiwi, which pushed it into an unexpected and false lead.


I expect this type of behavior from America, but not from beautiful, perfect covid free New Zealand. As a fellow bird enthusiast, I felt that not only were they shitting on democracy, but more importantly, they were tearing these two majestic creatures apart.


We've been running the Bird of the Year competition for 15 years.


Laura Kuin, spokesperson for New Zealand's Bird of the Year competition.


It started out as a page in the Forest and Bird magazine, where people wrote down their favourite bird and sent it in the mail. But now it's all gone online and it's an absolute cultural phenomenon.


I love Forest and Bird, the centerfold for the Crested Finch in 98.


Let's just I'm going to we'll keep going what is the significance of this competition for people or.


Well, over the years, our chance to celebrate our amazing native species, 80 percent of our birds that are facing extinction. So it's a chance to get motivated to protect the birds that they love.


I think we should address the pigeon in the mall food court. Do you believe that there was bird fraud?


Yes, there was some irregular voting that was detected. What was it about the election that ruffled feathers? Yes.


So the votes for the little spotted kiwi just spiked all of a sudden and looked really strange.


Little spotted Kiwi. Oh, my God. That's what my ex-girlfriend used to. So who ended up winning the actual election?


The winner was the characterful. Well, the cockpit was amazing. Bonnie Hartfield, campaign manager, team cockapoo.


It's this massive green bird. So it doesn't fly. And all they do is sleep all day and eat food and just hang out. They are also very horny birds. They will try and screw anything.


Flightless, sleeps all day fat and horny. Sounds like Meader and Cornton.


Congratulations, you beautiful bird. But the question remains, who sent in all the illegal votes so the cockroach wouldn't win?


The Kakapo doesn't deserve to win. Emma Rossin, number one suspect and campaign manager for Kiwi PUCA. Lukaku Close Keamy Pucallpa.


Who can we could do can you do it slower, please? Kiwi cuckoo, cuckoo puca. Lukaku Cuckoo, cuckoo.


OK, obviously this is just an accent thing, so let's just get into it. Why did you do it? Kelly and Kiwi.


Look, I didn't get a little spotted. Kiwi embodies the values of truth, democracy, freedom, equality, fairness. Voter fraud is not the Kiwi way.


According to who? Me, you can't argue with that. So who was behind this? I needed to speak with someone on the inside.


I needed my very own Deep Throat, but I love even Richard Data scientist, voting analyst and lover of birds. Walk me through the day.


You realized there was an injustice happening inside at this prestigious bird competition.


What are some of the numbers on individual votes for each one, for each birds? And it comes with the email address and the IP address all along, looking at how the voting in most of the time you've got one vote closes all the bases and no one else when you're not coming from one of them was all voted for a Democrat across the board.


How did you contact Forest Bird?


You just pick up that red telephone on your desk that triggers the alarm because strict their headquarters say yes, just an e-mail before they got on board. Democracy is restored.


That's it. You just noticed a bunch of emails from one IP address and you deleted them.


It's boring.


Still, it's a relief to find a case of voter fraud with actual evidence. Now the only thing left to decide the punishment, Laura, what fate lies for these criminals?


Do you take birdseed and spread it on their genitals and let the birds loose? You know?


Well, we just we just urge people to to play by the rules to make sure that we have a fair an election. And, you know, if they try to cheat the issue, we will find them and will be very disappointed.


Disappointed. And then then you put the birdseed on the genitals and you let the birds loose like Hitchcock style.


Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba. So in the end, bird democracy triumphed. The Kiwis fraud was uncovered. The Galapagos took its rightful office and US avian fans can get back to the bird watching we love so much. Thank you so much for that, Michael. All right, when we come back, Sharon McMann from Sharon Cecil tells me how she separates truth from fiction in politics.


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Welcome back to the Daily Social Distancing Show. Earlier today I spoke with Sharon McMahon. She's a former US government studies teacher who runs the popular Instagram account. Sharon says, So we talked about her approach to government and politics, fighting misinformation and how she's using her platform to give back.


Sharon McMahon, welcome to The Daily Social Distancing Show.


Thank you. You have one of the most interesting Instagram accounts out there because it's not popular because of the destinations that are being listed as not popular because of thirst traps. It's not popular because of Meems.


It is popular because you give people facts. That seems ludicrous. And maybe five years ago, someone would have said, why would anyone have an Instagram account where all they're doing is sharing facts? But that is what you do. And the last time I checked, you have something over half a million subscribers and that number keeps jumping up and jumping up and jumping up. Let's start at the beginning. Why on earth would you start a fact based Instagram account?


Well, it's not my incredible sweater collection that is interesting to people. You know, I have been a high school teacher for a long time and I started noticing an incredible amount cover. Maybe you've noticed this, an incredible amount of misinformation circulating on the Internet. And it was one of those things where I just was like, I would my face must get closer to the screen. And I was like, what is even happening?


Where does this come from? So I just started making some little videos about facts. And apparently facts are missing and facts are popular right now.


What do you think it is about these videos that engages with people so much? I mean, surely people can just get facts out there. Why do you think that they were attracted to your videos and what keeps them engaged?


I honestly don't think people believe they can get facts. That is really the crux of the matter is they don't understand where to get facts. They don't know who to trust. They feel like they're getting played every day. And it's like a game of Survivor. Like, I don't know what the person's motivation is. You know, if they're trying to swindle me, you know what I mean? Like, there is just they're afraid of getting played. And I think when they maybe saw that I am not a politician, I don't work for some big company, I literally am just a teacher that has just resonated with some people.


It's resonated with them. But I mean, it's interesting that you haven't been dragged into anything because, you know, facts, whether we like to admit it or not, can become a contentious conversation starter these days. You know, like some of the first videos of yours that I saw, which were really impressive, that people loved were the ones who were about Kuhnen. And I mean, you were stepping into the fray with Kuhnen debunking Kulen myths, and you had people on your page saying, hey, I believed in Kuhnen and then I watch these videos.


Now, I don't believe in Kuhnen. But now my question to you is, how do you do that without getting dragged into the fray? Because oftentimes being for facts means that you're against somebody at some point. Yeah.


That you know, that is a question I ask myself every day. You know, like I almost feel like Webb is the other shoe to drop sometimes. Like Webb is. When are the throngs going to come? For me that is I have for sure.


I think part of it is just that I really work hard to stay respectful. I really work hard to stay respectful, to not make fun of people, to honor the fact that there are a variety of viewpoints and that I'm not here to try to convince you my one perfect viewpoint. Right. That's really that's the only answer I have. I honestly don't. I don't I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop in some ways.


So when when you're doing the work. You're digging and getting the information and you're putting together the fact you had to do the same thing for Kuhnen, you have to do the research. How do you not get sucked into the Kuhnen conspiracy that you've debunked? Because, I mean, some of them are really convincing. Clearly, people get sucked in. So how do you not get sucked into the things that are nonfactual?


Yeah, that the current research is that is some of the most interesting and also disturbing things I have. I can imagine. Yeah. Yes. It's like information you don't even really want to know. No, I don't even know if I want to know this. So the way I don't get sucked into it is that I have all of this education and experience about what the Constitution actually says. And I've been teaching the Constitution and government for so many years that and I've read the Constitution so many times.


I know what's in it and what's not. And it's very easy for me to see. Like, actually, there is no second constitution. Actually, that's not real. The United States is not a corporation that was sold to London in the eighteen hundreds. You it's just very easy for me to tease out what is real and what's not. And right.


Because of my my education and experience on this topic, it feels like we live in an age now where there is a there's a birth of information. I mean, it's everywhere. But figuring out how to sift through the information is something that we like. And that is what I've always thought teachers do, is they bring you into this room where they help you sift through information as you are growing up through life as a teacher.


What do you think some of the challenges have been in teaching people things? Because people come in with preconceived notions of everything and then you have to teach them, which means you have to teach them?


Yes, this is the average American today. My experience has been that they have a very difficult time distinguishing between a lie and bias. They believe that those two things are the same. They perceive let's say they watch one of your videos forever, where you are going after Tucker Carlson, just for example. They that's obviously a biased point of view and that is a point of view that you are more than free to hold their free to hold a different point of view.


Right. Right.


But but at the core of, say, a video you may have made on that are actual clips of things he has said, actual facts about where he's gone to school. So you have a bias lens about the facts and so does every human.


This is not a dig on you in any way.


We all have our own bias that we are looking through at a variety of topics. People don't realize that they see a video like yours if they are conservative and they think, well, he's just a liar, they don't understand that there's a difference between a bias and a lie. Unable to engage with biased information that doesn't align with their viewpoint. Huh?


Makes sense. So that makes a lot of sense. Yeah. Look at a CNN article and it's about, let's say, Trump's tax returns. They see that, well, they just hate Trump. They are just out to get him and they immediately discount the information when the information is based on a factual Supreme Court ruling. Right, right. Right. That's what I'm finding, is that I need to spend a lot of time educating on the difference between bias and why it feels like this is a great time to have you.


And I think that's why you're being so successful. I mean, everything from Ted Cruz's trip to what's happening in Texas all the way through to, as you say, the Constitution and Kuhnen, you tackle a range of subjects and you and you presented in a form that's easy to digest and people really enjoy. My question then to you is, where do you get your facts?


My goal every day is to read five to ten news sources from across the spectrum. So I am reading everything from the far right news to the more extreme liberal news when a story is of interest. Let's say the most recent thing about Ted Cruz going to Mexico make a point of looking for that specific story from a variety of viewpoints always falling back to primary sources like the journalism, one or one. I'm not a journalist, but that's if you can find it in the Constitution.


If you can find it in the actual text of the law, you can find the actual documents. Yes, I went back to those is always key as much as I'm as much as possible.


Before I let you go, you've also used your platform to help people in need. And you've been big in getting group philanthropy going and getting a lot of your your your viewers or your followers to to to join in and help them with the efforts. Most recently, you went after medical debt, something that a lot of people are struggling through right now, especially because of covid talk me through that and what you've been doing and what you've been able to achieve.


I decided to partner with an organization called RHP Medical Debt, which is a five one C three organization. And what they do is they buy. Medical debt, and they forgive it, and because they buy huge chunks of medical debt at a time, they're able to get massive discounts on it. So in five days, my community raised over five hundred and sixty thousand dollars worth of organization, which will forgive fifty six million dollars of medical debt. Wow.


That I mean, that is the definition of social media being used for good, right? Crowd sourcing help for people who need it. You're doing an amazing job.


I can see why you're so popular. And hopefully it goes from five hundred thousand followers to a million to two million and so on. Because in a world with facts, maybe we can get to a place where we agree on reality and then we just get to fight about what we think about that reality. We have a bias.


A hundred percent agree, and then we can fight about real facts. Yes, I love this. Thank you so much for joining me on the show. Take care. Be sure to check out Sharon says so on Instagram and on Facebook. All right. We're going to take a quick break, but we'll be right back after this.


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It really triggers emotions of disgust or hate or anger.


And those messages when we've done analysis on Twitter as well, those tweets even have words like disgusted. I am so angry. They are the ones that get shared a lot.


That's Dr. Seema Yasmin, an Emmy Award winning journalist, poet, medical doctor and author. Dr. Yasmin served as an officer in the Epidemic Intelligence Service at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Dr. Yasmin is now a trusted voice during the pandemic, helping debunk myths and misinformation about the coronavirus.


So be mindful of that when you had nothing much, has good life advice like take a breath and be like, why? Why am I feeling this way? And then do your due diligence before you, like, share and, you know, send it to your WhatsApp family group chats.


I'm Justin Beck, founder and CEO of Contact World. Listen, The Contact World, the podcast on the I Heart Radio app or wherever you get your podcasts. Well, that's our show for tonight, but before we go, Texas needs our help. The blackout right now isn't just causing power and heating failures. It's causing massive food insecurity all over the states. Now, one organization on the ground is Houston Food Bank. They're leading hunger relief in 18 southeast Texas counties.


And if you can help them out in any way, then please donate to the link below until tomorrow. Stay safe out there. Wear a mask. And remember, if you're pretending that you're a grandmother, say why. Thank you, young man. Not why. Thank you. Guy who's the same age as me. The Daily Show with Criminal Ears Edition, watch The Daily Show weeknights at 11:00, 10:00 Central on Comedy Central and the Comedy Central and watch full episodes and videos at The Daily Show Datong.


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