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You're listening to Comedy Central. Hey, everybody, welcome to The Daily Social Distancing Show. I'm Trevor Noah. Today is Tuesday, the 21st of July. And I know the days and dates don't mean anything anymore, but I'd like to keep them around, you know, for sentimental reasons. It reminds me of the normal times now, although some people have gone back to the office. I am still fuming from my apartment because I haven't finished reading all the books on my quarantine list yet.


I also haven't started reading the books, but I'm going to tomorrow anyway.


On tonight's episode, Penneys can now make you rich. Queen Elizabeth might need to go get a gun. And America debates whether to allow Corona virus to go back to school. So let's do this, people.


Welcome to the Daily Social Distancing Show from Trivers Koch in New York City. To your couch somewhere in the world. This is the Daily Social Decency Show with driven home use.


Let's kick things off with some good news. I'll give you a moment to remember what that is when the Corona virus pandemic hits. Scientists said it could be a year to 18 months before we got a vaccine. But just like high school seniors on prom night, things are moving faster than expected.


Encouraging news as several companies rush to develop a vaccine against the corona virus. There are promising results in early trials of at least three potential vaccine. One is being developed by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca. Results suggest that vaccine is safe and has produced an immune response in patients. Another vaccine by Cansino Biologics was shown to produce antibodies a month after vaccination. Meanwhile, promising results from Pfizer and biotech on another vaccine. The results are similar to some of the twenty three other vaccines that are already on human trials.


Oh, man, this is exciting. Not one, not two, but three vaccines. And isn't this the story of life? One moment you have too little. And the next moment you're overwhelmed with options. I mean, three vaccines. Which one do I choose?


I mean, I don't want the Chinese one. And then there's the Oxford one. You know, this is so hard. I mean, can I get a scoop of H. Yeah, just give me a scoop of each. Potom, you also likes the fact that these vaccines aren't being made in America. Because let's be honest. America is the one country where people are going to let politics stop them from getting the vaccine. I don't want that Trump vaccine.


I'm resisting a abidin vaccine as a liberal trap. You think it's a coincidence that Corona virus has the letters A Oh and C, and it's now as hopeful as this is? Please remember that there are a lot of steps between now and a full vaccine. I mean, they need to finish the trials. They need to ramp up vaccine production. Plus, they need to produce over a billion lollipops. Because I don't care if it is the Colbert vaccine.


If you're giving me a shot, you must believe I'm leaving that with a lollipop. And the U.S. desperately needs this vaccine sooner than later because Corona virus is still hitting America hard, including in ways no one would have thought of.


Well, first it was toilet paper and hand sanitizer. But now the corona virus pandemic is causing Americans to see a shortage of coins. The Federal Reserve is rationing the distribution of coins to banks. Those banks, in turn, are supplying fewer coins to businesses. Some retail stores are even telling customers to use exact change or pay by credit or debit card.


The bank in Wisconsin is now paying people to bring in their spare change to help local businesses. The Community State Bank has launched a coin buyback program. People who turn in one hundred dollars worth of change will get a five dollar bonus. The bank says hundreds of people have already dropped off their spare change. Some have even buying coins without asking for anything back.


Yes, there are so few coins right now that banks are paying people to bring in their loose change. And right now, I bet people all over the country are in line at those gift shops with flattened pennies standing around like, yo, you better throw that machine in reverse. I'm trying to get pay. Here's what I want to know.


We're all the magicians when we actually need them, because now is a good time to pull a quarter from behind my ear, not at my grandfather's funeral when you are trying to cheer me up. I know you killed him also. Wouldn't it be amazing if this becomes the next chapter of massive wealth generation in America? You know, like the oil boom gave birth to the Rockefeller dynasty, the dot com boom made fortunes for people like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg.


And now you'll have the coin shortage of 20, making your grandmother the richest person in the world because she insisted on keeping those jobs full of pennies. Yeah. Now she's going to be the one surfing in Hawaii with too much sunblock on her face. You made it, Nana. Speaking of grandmothers who are bowling, Queen Elizabeth, the second might want to invest in one of those ring doorbells because Covered just took out some of the security team.


The Tower of London has stood in the British capital for nearly a thousand years. But that doesn't mean it's immune to the effects of Korona. Well, the town's iconic beef eaters seen here are now facing redundancy, officially known as the yeoman warders. The Beefeaters live and work at the tower providing tours. The organization that runs the towers says the pandemic has dealt a, quote, devastating blow to its finances. Some of the approximately three dozen Beefeaters could lose their jobs.


Yes, the world famous beef eaters are losing their jobs. And I don't get this. The same people who have a towel full of jewels can't afford to pay a few God salaries. Man managers, go pawn one of those stones in your crown. You can pay everybody Sellery or put up one of your three castles on FBN. B, or you don't want to sell off some of that stolen art in your museums. I mean, you already committed half the crime.


You might as well finish the job. Although knowing the royal family, I'm willing to bet some of them are less worried about security now that Meghan Markle has left the country. It just feels that crime has gone down around these parts. I don't know why.


Now, look, obviously, the queen isn't just leaving the tower completely unguarded. She actually hired that couple from St. Louis to wave guns at any tourists who come too close. And I just hope that they don't fire those guys in the furry hats, too, because those guys don't respond to anything. I'm sorry, Jim, but we have to let you go. Jim, we're firing you. Jim, Jim, Jim. Jim, I'll forget it, I'll just grab a selfie.


What's funny is they put like a hat on. But I've already got what like. Those are just afros that have been. Anyway, moving on right now, the big news is out of Portland, Oregon, the first city to legalize marriage between a bookstore and a bike shop. Portland has now seen more than 50 straight days of Black Lives Matter protests. But over the last few days, something new has been happening, with more and more protesters facing off against heavily armed law enforcement in some very dramatic ways.


Moms gathered singing Please don't shoot me last night. But local media says federal agents again use tear gas, flash bangs and pepper balls to disperse the crowd. Some people are calling a 53 year old Navy veteran the Superman of Portland, because of how he did not react after being hit by federal officers with batons and then tear gas.


I'm sure you've seen this woman who's been dubbed naked, Athena. She showed up at protests, very calm, very confident, wearing nothing but a face mask and a beanie. And just so you know, she's wearing courage. How did disperse when she just sat there and showed her body?


Protesting naked. Now, that's bravery. Although are we sure being naked is part of a protest? I mean, she could just be one of those people who spent so much time in lockdown that they forgot that they have to wear clothes when they leave the house. Again, I'm sorry to everyone in that bodega. All right. I was just popping in to buy some nuts. I didn't mean for everybody to see mine. And how dopa those moms, you know, your protest is picking up steam when your mom shows up.


My Jeremy wants to fight the system because this guy is a real a cab, right, Jeremy? Mom, I told you I can defeat fascism by myself. God, what's behind this new wave of protests in Portland? Well, they're reacting to a recent move by the Trump administration that has put the whole city on edge. You see, for months, local officials there had been allowing peaceful demonstrations without too much interference. But President Trump was not happy about that.


So he decided to send in the feds, which led to scenes like this crisis unfolding in Portland, Oregon.


After a video surfaced online that showed masked in camouflage federal agents detaining peaceful protesters. Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum says federal officers are the ones escalating the violence. She's now suing several federal agencies for actions like this.


What is going on? We need to know who are you? Fear for five is jumping out of the unmarked vans at night, grabbing people off the streets, putting them into their vans.


Man, that sounds less like democracy and more like an episode. Not close. Unidentified soldiers throwing protesters into an unmarked van on the streets of Portland. Like, I don't care who you are. Nothing good has ever come from an unmarked van.


It's never like flipping the bird, getting on, my friend. We're going to Disney World.


And how will people even supposed to tell the difference between being arrested and being kidnapped? Because I don't know if you've noticed this, but in America, random dudes walk around in camel gear holding guns all the time. I mean, can you tell which of these is a federal officer and which one is doing. Army man cosplay? Because I can't. So if you ask me, there's only one solution here. And that solution is that everyone should dress up and camel.


That's the only way everyone's going to be safe that way when they come to arrest you and throw you in the event. You can be like, no, I'm arresting you and throwing you in my van. And then things will get so confusing that eventually you get thrown in your own van. You can just drive home. Now, if you're sitting at home wondering, why should I care about this man? It's happening in Portland. I'm not even a hipster.


Well, now, Trump says that he's planning to send these secret police to cities all across America.


So you might want to get naked and call your mom because shit's about to go down. We have to take a quick break. But when we come back, we'll try to solve that age old math question. If a country has three million coronavirus cases but one idiots in the White House.


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Welcome back to the Daily Social Distancing Show. It's no secret that the United States has not been handling the corona virus well on the failure scale.


It rates somewhere between five festival and white gold rapping and karaoke. And one person who has not been making things better is Donald Trump, president of the United States. And reason you can no longer wear red baseball hats. For months now, health officials have been saying that everyone should wear a mask when they're out in public. And Trump has replied, no, thanks, but no.


It's his idea this morning facing an uphill battle for re-election. President Trump was a course correction, now offering a direct appeal to Americans to wear a mask. Tweeting this photo and writing. Many people say that it is patriotic to wear a facemask when you can't socially distance. There is nobody more patriotic than me. Your favorite president. A White House official says the picture was taken during his recent visit to Walter Reed. The only time he's worn a mask in public.


Yes, there's nothing more patriotic than waiting for one hundred and forty thousand people to die and then grudgingly becoming the last person in America to put on a mask. You know, no matter how many times he does this, I'm always amazed at how shamelessly Trump shifts his positions and then acts like we're the ones who are slow to catch on.


You know, I was the first person to call it a pandemic when nobody knew what it was. And I wore a mask before anybody. In fact, I might have invented the mask. I'll ask Kayla to check. Can we get can check on them? I invented it. No one knew what it was.


I said it's a mash mash. But while President Trump struggles with literally the easiest possible thing, everyone else is focused on a much more difficult problem. What to do about reopening schools. And it's the subject of our new segment, Class of Koban 19.


School, it's how America's tick tock stars spend their mornings as the new school year approaches, Koven, 19, has made things more complicated than your math teachers comb over. Because the big question is, even if the virus isn't a major threat to children, can they become adorable super spreaders who infect teachers, staff and their families back home? Well, now we might be getting some answers as many school systems weigh their options and evaluate data.


A large and systematic new study out of South Korea suggests kids younger than 10 spread the disease less about half as much as adults. But children above the age of 10 can spread the virus at the same rate as adults.


Older kids, those teenagers get infected more frequently and younger kids. And that's something we do have to be mindful of as we bring kids back to school.


Oh, man. This is really not good. Scientists now say teenagers can spread the virus just as easily as adults. And, you know, some parents are going to try brag about this. You know, little Timmy is only 13. But apparently he spreads Cobh it at a college level. And I don't think any of this should be surprising to anyone. Like, I'm not a scientist, but of course, teenagers can spread corona virus everywhere. Just look at how well they spread rumors.


The last time, guys. I did not pee my pants in math class. OK, I peed them in English in first period. So, look, this isn't great news. The only silver lining is that it might at least help stop bullying. I'd show you in a locker right now, but my nana has a compromised immune system. So clearly, if kids go back to school, there's a good chance the virus is going to spread even more.


Which means Americans have two choices immediately devote massive resources to helping schools implement safety regimes so that kids can be protected, tested and monitored or two. Don't do that.


Missouri Governor Mike Carson is pushing for kids in his state to go back to school even if they get sick.


These kids have got to get back to school to the lowest risk possible. And if they do get cold at night, which they will and they will when they go to school, they're not going to the hospitals. They're not going to have to sit in doctors offices. They're going to go home and they've got to get over.


OK, now, here's the thing. Governor Postin is not wrong, right? Kids are the least susceptible to covered 19. And if they do get sick, they usually don't need to go to the hospital. They can stay home. But what he seems to be forgetting is that unless all these kids live in Neverland, they go home to adults, which is not good because you see, Corona virus is like baby shock. It can't hurt kids, but it will destroy adults lives.


So basically, if you don't get Corona under control, the schools can turn into an Amazon fulfillment since a full Corona virus. It starts in a centralized location and within a couple of days, it's personally delivered to everyone's house. Maybe one day with pride. The only way this isn't going to get adults infected is if parents and their kids have no contact. I mean, no communication, no affection whatsoever, no touching.


Basically, Trump's relationship with Eric. And parents aren't the only ones in danger here. Unsurprisingly, teachers all across America. I'm not enthused at the idea of having to put their lives at risk so that little Aiden can build a baking soda volcano. In fact, in a historic move, Florida's largest teacher's union is now suing Florida's governor for ordering schools to fully open in a few weeks. And look until these issues are resolved. Most parents in America are stuck between a rock and a hard place.


What do you do? Do you keep your kids at home, teach them yourself, and eventually blow your brains out? Or do you take the risk, send them to school and gamble with your family's health? While many rich families have decided they're going with option C.


Parents worried about sending their kids back to school or coming together to create smaller so-called pandemic pods.


Pandemic pods. A 2020 version of the one room schoolhouse. The small groups of students are getting together and paying for a private teacher. The plots are seen as a way to mitigate risks and give kids a chance to socialize and learn together during in-person teaching. The costs for private instructors can run anywhere between 25 and eighty dollars per hour, adding to concerns that the corona virus pandemic is exacerbating the inequities in the education system.


Yes, rich people are getting private instructors because, one, they can afford it, and two, because they aren't allowed to just bribe colleges anymore. And here we have yet another way. The education gap in America is going to become even wider because after this pandemic, you're gonna have kids who are supposed to be at a fifth grade reading level, only reading at a second or third grade level. And if this generation comes out of school, not being able to read, I mean, what jobs are going to be available to them?


I mean, president for sure. But what else? So that's where America is right now. At a time when students need help more than ever, the government is going from No Child Left Behind to yo, you kids on your own. Don't go away, because after the break, why would Junior and Michael Costa go into the NBA bubble and then we'll be chatting to the reggae legend Buju Banton.


We'll be right back. Welcome back to the daily social distancing show, even though the Corona virus has shut down most sports, there's still sports news out there, which means it's time to go to Roy Wood Junior and Michael Costa for another edition of I apologize for talking while you were talking.


What's up, sports fans? I'm Roy Wood, Junior. He's Michael Costa. Sports is back, which means we are back Costa. Are you apt to be talking sports again?


I can't. I can't. I can't hear you brought your own mute. Your mute. Yeah, I was saying that. I'm excited. Same here. Hockey is on his way. Bet. Baseball starting up again.


Listen, I can't wait. Those are my two favorite sports to ignore while I look at my phone. But the return that everyone's talking about, ROI, is the return of the NBA. That's right. Corona virus keep their season short right before the playoffs. But the NBA is back with a plan that's more complicated than trying to pronounce Giannis Katoomba. I'm going to pull to Jonathan Temple on onto Poca to Pope and to PO.


The NBA hopes to shield the rest of its season from Kofod 19 by keeping players and staff and find an isolation bubble. The teams will live, practice and play in Orlando without outside visitors or fans.


Players and staff from all 22 teams participating will be sequestered in a so-called bubble at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at the Walt Disney World Resort. League officials hoping that will keep teams safe.


The league lays out in great detail everything from how the players will work, play, relax, eat as well as be monitored for Konbit 19 when play resumes.


There's going to have to be consistent surveillance, you know, on a daily basis to make sure that people who are negative for coronavirus stay negative. That's right.


The NBA is going to finish their season playing inside a bubble. And Roy, I love this idea. It reminds me of sleep away camp growing up, playing games, spending all your time together, your most trusted friends, shoving a few tips up your nose while you sleep lately.


Yeah, because what I'm hearing is a bunch of mostly black dudes locked up under constant surveillance. This is basically prison with less defense. And whose idea was it to bubble up? Down in Florida, with all the cases spiking down to what was the second option they had this season in the middle of a Trump rally?


Really, it's fine. They're in a bubble of bubble. Yeah. And if they respected the bubble, it could work. But the problem is that players are already breaking the rules.


The NBA is not playing around when it comes to the bubble boundaries for players who are staying at the Walt Disney World campus in Orlando. Sacramento Kings Forward where Shawn home says he accidentally crossed the campus line to pick up a phone delivery. Well, now he's under a mandatory 10 day quarantine. An unnamed NBA player contacted an Instagram model named Anna and invited her to the bubble. Unbelievable.


The NBA season could be at risk because selfish players want take it out. And hot hot sex. So selfish, so hot.


Just credibly hot. Roy, that breaking quarantine for outside food is just unnecessary. They've already got great food options in the bubble. Look at this delicious meal. Denver Nuggets player Troy Daniels tweeted out, It's a cornucopia of culinary delights. Uru la two bags of chips, watermelon, a roll and a giant plastic bag. A smaller thing of watermelon, right? That's at least 11 calories. Right.


The point is they haven't even started playing games and the bubble has already fallen. The cost of this season is going to be like you having sex with an Instagram model. It's going to end prematurely.


Not so fast, right. That was in private. I told you that. But if you look at the numbers, it's actually pretty promising.


The NBA had zero positive cases in its recent round of testing. The league testing close to 350 players living on the NBA campus at Disney World. All of the tests coming back negative.


Damn, I didn't know it was working. Don't let me in that bubble NBA. I got to get it. I'd do whatever it takes NBA. I'd be Waterboys. I'll be to teach myself to swim underneath the basket out of the Anthony Davis is back up unibrow. Just whatever it takes. You got to let me in there. Well don't you hate me. You know I don't blame you for wanting a piece of that bubble.


Right. Not only is it the safest place in America right now, but based on the videos players have been sending out on social media, it looks like they're having a pretty good time in there.


Chris Paul is, like everyone else, embracing the outdoor life at Disney World. This is a fish S.P. three caught Monday before practice.


Meanwhile, a Dallas Mavericks, they were doing a socially distinct dance party on their balconies.


Miners Lenor getting in on the latest challenge. Leonard chugging beer for the second week in a row. This has got to be less than a second for the shotgun.


See, NBA players are just like us. Shotgunning beers alone. He was fast, too. He made that beer disappear like a cutup up your nose at sleepaway camp. Yo cost. I'm sold. I want in on the fun in the bubble. We got to figure out a way inside.


I'm way ahead of you, Roy. I'm already turning myself into an Instagram model so I can seduce the players. All I got to do is post this pic. What do you think about that bubble? Right. I mean, a D.M. the NBA. And I've been kicked off of Instagram.


It was worth the shot. Back to you, Trevor. You know what?


I'm going to make a separate account and then I'm gonna wait. I've been kicked off. Thank you so much, guys. After the break, I'll be speaking to Grammy Award winner Buju Banton about his latest album.


Stick around. Welcome back to the Daily Social Distancing Show. Earlier today, I spoke with Grammy Award winning artist, would you Bon-Ton? We talked about his new album, Upside Down 2020, which is his first album in 10 years.


Would you, Bon-Ton? Welcome to the Daily Social Distancing Show Respect.


Thanks for being on your program. It truly is an honor to have you on because, I mean, you are a legend. And I mean, this is not a term that people use lightly, especially in the same genre as people like Bob Marley or Peter Tosh. You know, they say Buju Banton is a legend of reggae. And you you you back with the new album. You're back with an album that has been so highly anticipated that, you know, when you performed in Jamaica at the National Stadium, not only when you were the first artist to sell it out since Bob Marley, but people flew from all over the world to see you.


People want to hear your music. People want to want to feel, you know what what what you what you create. What does it feel like for you to be in that position again? To be making music again. To me, to be back.


It's a lovely feeling. Readiness message was a legend. I see myself as a servant of reggae. Reggae music is the music that comes from the people of Jamaica. Now, upon being able to create music and meet music once more, it's a tremendous feeling because seniors separated from those that you love and the things that you love and you know, you do from your heart. You do from a sacred place inside of you. And it's ripped apart from your spirit, some within a narrative this before did that you generally identify with.


It is a great joy to be able to reconnect what you truly love. So coming home and see my people, the National Stadium to celebrate that moment with me and people from all over the world, it was like, no, not we're not sure of a billion billion in art.


Right. What what what's powerful as well as is, is the journey that so many of your fans were on with you. You know, and you sing about this, you know, you sing about it and you talked about it. You know, your tour is called the Long Walk to Freedom Tour. You know, you you sing about being freed from the chains and you talk about what it was like being incarcerated and how that that, you know, constricted you as a human being.


When you use your music to communicate, what do you hope people understand about what it's like to not have your freedom as a human being?


First and foremost, music is more than just something to have you gyrating and dancing possess those qualities. But there's also the ability for you to think your ability to learn something. Some of the great music. I always wanted to use it to uplift, educate, stimulate the minds of the people. Yes. And let's see some doing that, because that gives us a tremendous joy. Yes. Well, we can communicate to to people and bring that music to the people.


So we always try to make sure that whenever people in here buju bands and ah see Buju Banton positivity is a necessary ingredient that you're going to get, you're going to get music to gyrate, but you've got to get something positive.


You know what's interesting about you say that music informs. But I would push back on you and I would say not all music informs. Reggae has a rich history of being conscious. You know, like reggae. Reggae has always been like like a music form where it seems laid back and relaxed. It seems ayari it seems like, you know, that's the vibe that people get. But when you listen to what's happening in reggae, it's talking about the world.


It's talking about society.


It's talking about the problems that we're dealing with and use the example that people are trying to rise up and did to my right. Your neck is speakable. The people who often rise up, they're still being harmed, but. By the measures that are really in place to keep them in place, so this music, a lot of people relate to it right across Europe, right across Africa, right across the Americas. But it emanates here in Jamaica and it was never, ever sees from being the conversation starter.


The album is called Upside Down 2020. And what I found most fascinating is you named it before 2020. And now we are truly living in an upside down 2020. Did you have a feeling that 2020 would be upside down or or should we blame you for basically putting us in this situation with your with your prediction?


Mary's always looking for someone to blame. Maybe that's what we're going to start looking into.


And again, find profound changes in that needs to be meet. Need on. Right. Let's define them. No upside down or music, especially my music has always been something that I see it as a gift. Some of the great I am someone has a source of the great God Almighty himself. So whenever I get inspiration, I cannot hide the inspiration from the people who the message were meant for as a servant, I must serve the people. So when will we see Godfrey to be blue over hills and the valleys?


Don't look for someone walk with kidneys and light. These are two doors on a wall to those years all the time, just. And they are waiting on a realization of mankind. We are our brothers and sisters. I live in harmony. So when you come to 2020 is nothing less than the same inspiration and spirit that flows true man inspires man to meet the music. Our music has been relegated to a Third World music. Nevertheless, like you saw on this day, the impact is far reaching.


So I can I can I take credit dance? That will end it with a prophetic. Leveland my blog. I would say it was a great inspiration from the great inspiration. Oh, man. I yeah, I will say one thing. I appreciate it. One of the many things I think I appreciated about about hearing this music is, is how vulnerable it felt. You know, you have 10 tracks on the album dedicated to the 10 years of your life that you lost.


You have 10 tracks on the album that are dedicated to the future. We know what we're living through. We know what we're gonna be talking about. But what do you hope the future will bring? Not just to yourself, but to humanity.


Peace. Yes. Peace and love. Yes. No one is calling for peace and love. Everyone is guided by all kinds of teams. Peace and love is what the fiber. That's what music is about. Well, you may see my dream. But I don't really love them kind of sound that night. You know, I mean, was only in our dream. I lost the peace. I'm peace. I love my people and I die. Well, you know what, sir?


I hope that you're right. I hope that the same way. Your album title was prophetic. Maybe those words will also come to be a prophecy that becomes fulfilled because we have the pull off the spoken word no to use it.


They just speak things into existence.


I appreciate that. Put your pants on. Thank you so much for joining us on The Daily Show. And thank you so much for making that all the way from Jamaica. Bless very much.


I invited me to the program. I hope you enjoy my offered. Thanks.


We know we will. Thank you so much for that. Would you. We just wanted to remind you that America is facing a nationwide poll worker shortage, and because most poll workers are over 60 and Colvert is still in the air. They are understandably not showing up. But fewer poll workers means fewer polling stations are open and it means longer lines that not everybody can afford to stay and wait. Now, the good news is most poll working is paid, and in some states you can be as young as 16 to do it.


So if you're interested and you have the time, this is your chance to save your granny, protect democracy and make some money to. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Here's a dish, watch the Daily Show weeknights at 11:00 pm, 10:00 Central on Comedy Central and the Comedy Central, watchable episodes and videos at The Daily Show. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to The Daily Show on YouTube for exclusive content and more. This has been a Comedy Central podcast.