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Trump. President Trump, welcome back to the show.


It's always good to have you, my friend. How are you?


Well, thank you, Dan. Very much.


Mr. President, let's get right to it.


This border bill Abomination. This bill is a disgrace to humankind. I read your true social post about it. I think you feel the same way. We had a great border with you. The numbers speak for themselves.


What should happen next with this abomination of a bill?


Well, it shouldn't even be considered. I think it's dead in the house. I don't think anybody's going to go for it. It's terrible. It's also a way of shipping tens of billions of dollars out of our country into other countries. We shouldn't be doing that. Everything should be separate. If we're going to do Ukraine and whatever country we may be talking about, they should all be separate. They're lopping it all into one bill. You don't need a border bill. We had the safest border in the history of our country. I didn't need a border bill. I went to Mexico. I I got stay in Mexico. I called it remain in Mexico. I got things that nobody believed. I got 28,000 soldiers given free of charge by Mexico, by the Mexican government, to protect our border. If they didn't do that, I would have done something like tariffs on cars, et cetera. But it's not that it was so easy to get. They weren't exactly thrilled about it. But we had the safest border in history. I didn't need a border bill. I said, Close up the border, just like you would do, Dan. I said, Close up the border, and they closed up the border.


Border Patrol is fantastic. The people at ICE are fantastic. These people do a great job. When they hear something like that from somebody, they respect us, that's what they do. So we had a closed border. We let people in legally. They came in legally, but we had the best numbers. We had the best border in the history of our country, actually. So I didn't need a border bill. This bill is a disaster. This bill has 5,000 people a day potentially coming into our country. It doesn't make sense? I don't know. I thought it was a typo. I thought they made a It's a typo.




President, we have a real problem in the Republican Party. Some people just don't get it. Now, listen, there's a bunch of online Twitter that's saying, Well, President Trump endorsed Senator Lankford.


You know what? I get asked for endorsements all the time, and people let you down. But we've got to stop this. Is there a possibility of endorsing an opponent to Senator Lankford if they don't back off this? Because, Mr. President, this bill is not a MAGA bill at all. This is a Keep every... This is a make everyone else great again bill and make America worse bill.


Well, just to correct the record, I did not endorse Senator Lankford. I didn't do it. He ran, and I did not endorse him. I'm sure your person will be happy to hear that. Yeah, good. But I think this is a very bad bill for his career, and especially in Oklahoma. I won in Oklahoma. He's a senator from Oklahoma. I won 77 out of 77 counties. Ronald Reagan is second with 56. I won all 77 counties in Oklahoma. I know those people. They're great people. They're not going to be happy about this. Nobody's going to be happy about this. But the people in Oklahoma are... These are serious mega. These are serious people. They are not going to be happy about this, Dan, when they see this. This is crazy. This is lunacy, this bill. You know what it is? It's a gift to the Democrats. I can't imagine it gets done. In fact, Steve Daines, who's a senator in leadership, he came out strongly against it a little while ago. He was happy. He's a great guy, but he came out very strongly against it. This is a gift to Democrats, and this is a shifting of the worst border in history onto the shoulders of Republicans.


That's really what they want. They want this for the presidential election, so they can now blame the Republicans for the worst border in history.


Mr. President, this is what I don't understand.


Listen, you were the President. I weren't. You saw it. I was not.


You saw it from behind the scenes. We have this inclination towards self-destruction in this party. Why would we give Joe Biden a fake political victory? I say fake because we win nothing in this bill. The President already has the power, you know it, to shut the border down under the Immigration and Naturalization Act. Why would we give this guy a Dom Perignon victory lap to go take on a bill that makes the situation worse? I mean, is this the idiot part? What are we doing?


Well, there's something going on. There's something I don't understand. If you look at Mitch McDonald, there's something going on. Why would he have approved trillions of dollars. You needed 10 Republican votes. Why would he have gotten a group of guys to support trillions of dollars for the Green News scam? It's been just unbelievable. What's been happening has been unbelievable. In the Senate, It's been unbelievable. Now, the good news is, Mike Johnson said it's dead on arrival. I think you're going to find he's going to do a very good job. You're going to find out. He's a very conservative guy, but more importantly, he has common sense. I I think it's going to be dead on arrival. It has to be. This is a bill that puts the blame on the Republicans. This is a ploy. They cannot be allowed to get away with it. I've spoken out very strongly. You've seen what I said on truth. I hope everyone's on truth out there because it's doing great. It's my voice. But it's not even a contest. I don't know how a Republican senator can actually put a thing like this forth. I don't know how he could do it.


Yeah, I don't either. I'm talking to President Donald Trump, who, by the way, has some great poll numbers. Congratulations, Mr. President. They look great.


They're the only polls. I don't put too much stock in them. But the funny thing is it's an NBC poll, which I find hilarious. But let me ask you an important question. No, they were not actually. No, There's a lot of people sweating right now, changing diapers. Governor Greg Abbott is now standing up, and he is a constitutional, at least on this issue, I believe he's on the right side of the Constitution. The states are obligated under the Constitution to be protected against invasion. There is an invasion at the border. What should Governor Abbott do next with this EGLE pass standoff with President Biden?


Well, he's got to do the same thing as he's been doing. He's got to close it up, whether it's the razor wire or anything. He's really become much more hard-lined, I guess you probably noticed. He endorsed me a few months ago, and that was a good thing for him. It was nice to get it, but it was a good thing for him. He's taken a very hard approach on the border, and he has to pretty much keep going what he's doing. They've challenged him in court. You're not allowed to close them. But I mean, they challenge. When you put something in the way of people coming into our country illegally, they challenge Texas. I mean, Texas has really been amazing It's a great state. I want it by a lot. I'm going to win it by a lot again. Greg Abbott has stepped up on this issue, I will say.


Mr. President, I'm looking at the poll numbers.


It's getting back to that. Nbc is obviously sweating right now. National Poll showing you up five, which is a pretty healthy margin.


Also, we've seen a big movement with a lot of Black voters in the country. Those are just simple data points. Race isn't our thing. We don't care about your skin color. Obviously, you know, liberals are obsessed with it. They live and die by it every single day. That's got to be really bothering them right now and making at least your camp happy that you've managed for the first time in a long time as a Republican, which is what you are, to convince a number of Black voters that there's a different option out there rather than the garbage Democrats who've ruined American cities populated largely by Black and Hispanic voters, many of them.


Well, I don't know if you ever covered this, but you know who's... There's nobody stronger in the border than me, the safest border, the best border we've ever had. That includes drugs, human trafficking, so many other things. Drugs are up about 10 times higher than they were three years ago. People are just pouring in. We used to fight the drug traffic like you wouldn't believe. Nobody even checks it. We had machines that would check the wheel, check the motor, the engines of cars. We went wild with it. The numbers are up 10 times more, the drug numbers. Human trafficking is through the roof, usually in women, mostly in women. It's horrible. You think of it as an ancient thing. It's not ancient. The Internet made it so profitable for these people, these animals that do this. Human trafficking, like one of the worst things. That's up many times more than it was just three years ago. But if you think about African-American, they are hurt the most in our country by what's going on at the border. No group more. Hispanic would be second. They are because they're taking their jobs. They're taking jobs that are held by African-Americans, and they're now taking the jobs for much less money.


You know who else is hurt badly? The unions. I would love to have the Teamsters endorsement. I think Sean O'Brien is a very good guy.


We had some good meetings.


How did that meeting go, Mr. President, with the Teamsters? How did that meet? Sorry to interrupt you. How did that meeting go?


Most people would say, Don't waste your time because you're not going to get it because they always go. The leadership goes, I think I have 82% of Teamsters. I think they vote for me. But the leadership. But I think Sean is a good man. I mentioned something at the meeting, and they probably had 50 leaders in the meeting. It was quite something. I said, When people come across the border illegally, you have union jobs, they're good paying jobs, they're good salaries, very high salaries in some cases. You're not going to have them any longer with millions of people flowing into our country because they're going to take over driving trucks. They're going to take over doing the work that you represent and that other unions represent. I'll tell you, the unions are in trouble more than any other group. The unions are in trouble because if you have trucks and you can get somebody for $6 an hour, even if that's illegal, which in many cases they'll do, they'll hand them $6, $7, $8. But if you're going to have an hour, if you can get somebody from $6, you're not going to pay union wages and Teamsters wages.


No way. And this will put the Teamsters out of business. I'll tell you what, the open border, and you've said it, and I say it all the time, I believe the real number is going to be by the time this guy finishes, he's the worst president in the history of our country, by far. I believe by the time it finishes, 18 to 19 million people is going to be the real number, not the four. It started off always at two and three, and it was all nonsense. I think he's going to finish off bigger than New York State, 18 to 19 million people. And many of those people, Dan, come from prisons. They come from mental institutions, they come from the terrorists. You have many terrorists. I had a very strong watch. We had a terror watch all the time, and we had very low numbers. Here's the most important thing, we never had a terror problem. We didn't have anything blown up for four years, which I could never mention when I was President because I didn't want something to happen the following day. But we had the best record of anybody. Now, we are taking in numbers.


We're taking people from Yemen. We're taking people all over the Middle East, 27,000 from China. You cover the numbers better than anybody. I don't have to tell you what the numbers are. But the numbers of people that we're taking into our country that are potential warriors. We may be fighting China from within. It's crazy what's going on.




President- This is the worst president in history.


I put that on true social Every morning. I mean, I literally type that in True Social every morning. I see. Mr. President, with regard to that, 60 Minutes, which humiliated themselves in that ridiculous Leslie Stahl interview, Sir, trying to…


When you told the truth about the Hunter Biden laptop, made herself look like a buffoon in front of the entire country. I'll leave that for her because I go on all day about that ridiculous show.


I never got an apology from her.


No, never. No, no. Don't worry, Mr. President. We have it as a sound drop on our show. We humiliate her every day. So you don't know, we got it. Don't you? We got that thing, Gar. But last night, even Left Wing 60 Minutes, which is to the left of Lenin, did a segment on Chinese nationals. It was a shocking segment. They didn't even lie about it. Just walking into this hole of the border in California, and we're just watching it happen. So what you're saying is not crazy. They're here now.


It's so said. Hundreds of thousands are here now. Hundreds of thousands. Look, it's just It's all not believable. And by the way, this bill that was put in, this was done as a bipartisan bill. You had Democrats on the other side, but obviously, they did a... And I like James. I did not endorse James, but I like James. I like him as a person. But obviously, there's- I'm I'm glad you brought that up because you see people on the internet now, they're always looking for some reason to get up in your face like, Oh, you endorse.


Number one, even if- They will see.


He ran against a very tough... He ran against a tough guy who was a very good guy, and I decided I was not going to endorse James. It's just one of those things.


It's like the right call now.


That makes you happy. That means Trump is right about everything, right?


Well, we do a segment about that all the time.




President, last question. I'll let you go. Again, I want to thank you as I always do.


Absolutely. You've been a good friend to me and my family. You've been through a lot of tough stuff, and you're a really good guy, and I don't think people understand that. They see the public side of you, and there's a personal side of you that's incredibly loyal to people. I just want you to know it doesn't go unnoticed. I try to tell the personal stories about you a lot because people don't understand. They just see the public persona. But enough of that. We can have a cry fest.


We don't need that. But one last question, an important one.Thank you very much.


You're welcome, sir.


Is Joe Biden going to be the nominee? Because I got to tell you something, Mr. President, if these numbers get any worse, you know better than anyone. You're independently wealthy, so you are.


I mean, it's just a fact. People can look up your wealth.


You don't really need the donor money. It's nice, it helps, but you could run without it if you wanted to. Joe Biden can. At what point did the donors say to this guy who cannot run without them, Hey, listen, you got to go, man. You can't win. Is that a possibility?


I've been saying, I don't think he makes it. I've been saying that for quite a while, and I may be wrong because there seems to be a great loyalty to incumbency. I mean, that's not to him. I think it's just incumbency. You're an incumbent. There just seems to be a loyalty, both parties. Maybe Sometimes you should be there. But when a guy can't answer a question and when he doesn't do the Super Bowl, which would be a great opportunity, actually, this would be a good time. You don't always have to do them, but this would be a good time not to stay right in somebody's face, especially when you have those numbers. But he can't do it because he can't talk. He can't do anything. He's ruining our country, and I don't think he's going to run. I don't know if it's donors or otherwise. It It might be his family. It might be something. I don't think he's going to run. But I'd like to go for immediately debates. I'd like to debate him now because we should debate. We should debate for the good of the country. So I will officially, on your show call, I will.


Oh, wow.


Look at that. We're breaking news, Mr. President. Donald J. Trump calls for debates against Joe Biden. That's great.


We can talk about these problems, Dan, and get him to change his ways.


But I am officially doing that. I also put out, you probably noticed that I'll take his spot at the Super Bowl if they want. We'll get very good ratings.


Yes, we love it. Mr. President, I got to go. I know you got to go.


You're a great guy. You've always been generous with your time. I want you to know me and my family personally appreciate you. Best of luck moving forward. And thanks for giving your first comments on the bill on this show. It means a lot to us. We appreciate it, sir. Thanks a lot.


You have a deal. Thanks a lot. Bye.


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Com. Find your perfect mattress in under two minutes. As a bonus, Helix is offering 20% off all mattress orders and two free pillows for my listeners. Go to helixsleep. Com/dan. Use code helixpartner20. It's her best offer yet, and it won't last long Never put your faith in a politician. That's a Bongino show, Golden Rule. You know that they all hate you. I explain why, and I got a bit animated. Check this out. The theme of today's show I had in my head yesterday, and I always give out too much information because I just do, and I feel like we're all like a family here, and I talk to you like I talk to my amigos hanging out at a party with some vino Tinto. I'm going out yesterday. I'm going to the dentist because you got to take care of your teeth because oral hygiene is important, especially when you I'll get old.


Clean those dientes, man. I'm thinking to myself, it's a cancerous malignancy of people in government who have this anchor idea in their head, like an anchor price, that they go to Washington, DC, to solve problems is probably the single greatest... If we could just wipe that idea clean and start with a clean slate, most of the issues in your life would go away. Because nobody in DC has the capacity to solve your problems. It's what Hayek would call the fatal conceit. There's a knowledge problem there. There is this conceit that, one, Washington DC knows your problems.


They do not.


And second, that even if they did understand and know what your problems are, that these idiots who can do nothing else in life, they have no capacity to do anything else. If they were good at business, they'd be in business. If they were good at sports, they'd be in sports. If they were good at they'd be scientists. If they were good at medicine, they'd be doctors. Some of them are, but maybe they weren't even good doctors. That's why they're in Congress. They find themselves up in Congress. It's amazing how 500 plus of the dumbest people on planet Earth found themselves in Washington, DC. I can't tell you what an illuminating experience it was running for office, to be surrounded by a class of people so dumb, so dumb that you're like, These are running the country?


I know, it finished that way.


They're running the Are you these idiots? Listen, I've been a lot of places. I worked as a cop in New York, and I got to tell you, I wasn't disappointed. The cops I worked with were good guys. Yeah, we had some knuckleheads, of course. But they weren't really bad guys.


Some of them were just not that bright, but there was very few.


Guys I worked with were really good.


I went on to work with the government, and the guys in the Secret Service were great. I ran a couple of businesses, been involved with a bunch of businesses.


You get the reverse 80/20 where 80% of people I meet are good people, 20% are knuckleheads. And the government was a total opposite. 20% are decent people, 80% are absolute losers. When you insert yourself in the political process, and fairly enough, one of the criticisms I get on this show, I give you all the good news.


I gave you the ratings news before. The ratings have exploded all over the country, thanks to you, and we really appreciate it. That's due to you.


I'll give you the bad news, too. One of the critiques I get is, why do you mention a lot that you ran for office and lost?


I'll tell you, it's a fair question. I appreciate you listening, even if that bothers you.


Because, folks, it was a really, There was a really transformative moment in my life.


There was Dan before he ran for office, and there was Dan after, and those people are not the same.


What I'm telling you on the radio, and that anger and emotion I have when I talk about the cesspool we call Washington, DC, is born out of experience. I genuinely, candidly, with absolute straight talk and candor, could not believe how stupid these people were. I mean, genuinely dumb. The questions they would ask you, the things they would say, the mercenary, greedy attitude they had, not all of them, but about 80% plus. They have the James Lankford speech, this attitude that, Oh, we're going to DC because we're smarter than you to solve. You sent me here to solve problems. I didn't send you there to do squat. I sent you there to shut your freaking soup cooler and get the damn government out of my life because I don't want morons telling me what to do. This Lankford speech I played for you before the break, if you missed it, check out the podcast later. I can't tell you how much it ticked me off. Lankford, of course, the architect of this disastrous border Bell, who's now running around playing victim. Conservative Talk radio, Jesse Kelly did it. No, the bill died because the bill sucked.


And You know you're running around the country, griping and moaning like a three-year-old. They gave me a pen that I signed up for the Senate to solve problems. No, bro. Nobody did that. We have two senators down here, too. I live in Florida. We got Rubio and Rick Scott. I don't know these guys. I met Rubio once at the Super Bowl, with a Fox segment I was doing. It was at the Miami Beach, Six years ago. I took a picture. I don't know these guys. You know what? I don't want to know them. It's not personal. Because if I know them, they're doing something to mess my life up. The government, when was the last time the government knocked on your door and you were like, Yes, yes, they're here. Jim, open your microphone. When does that happen to you? Please tell me when.


The last thing you want to hear is the government knocking on your daughter.


Yeah, thank you. Thank you. That's never happened to Jim. Mike, ever? Have you ever... Thank you. Hello, this is the United States government. Yes. Nobody in the listening audience has that experience. So why does Jim Lankford from Oklahoma think we sent to Tim up to DC to, quote, solve our problems. You guys are morons. You're just stupid. Just shut up. Go there and do me a favor. Keep the military up and running and finance our court system. That's it. I don't want you to do anything. Everything you idiots touch, you destroy. You are arsonists. You are not firemen. You burn down everything you touch. You screwed up retirement, public education, health care, everything. Now I hear, I read this story, I was I was supposed to put in a show last week, but I never got to it.


I'm sorry. This show is taking a different direction than I intended. If you don't like, I understand if you tune out because I'm very emotional about this today. I read a story about a week ago. I was going to put it in the show, I skipped because it's too personal for me, but screw it. There's a test. I had cancer. It's not a big deal. I'm in remission now, and I don't want to... It's not a sob story. Who cares? Everybody's got their own problem. But I worry every day. I worry. I'm not going to tell you. I worry every day. I want to see my daughters get married, and I want to see my youngest daughter graduate from college, and I just don't want to die, man. I just don't want to die. Kind of fair. It's not a sob story, folks. I promise. I got a great life. God bless me. The story is a point. This is my point about government and how bad these people suck and everything they do. They are only there to ruin your life.


I don't want you to do something. I want you to shut the up. That's it. And go there and just shut up.


I get this test about every six months. It's a blood test. It's by a company called Gallery. It's called Grail, the Holy Grail. Gallery Grail. It's a blood test for cancer. The technology is rather new. The test is far from perfect, but I don't want to die, brother. I take the test a lot, hoping that even if you get a lot of false negatives, false negatives meaning you're told you don't have cancer and you do, the more you take it, you'll likely reduce the false negatives because it uses AI. It's a long story, but it It looks for certain DNA fragments in your blood. I don't want to get a thousand PET scans because it's a lot of radiation, and I don't want to do it all the time. So I choose that. What the hell does this have to do with government? The other day, I'm reading the Wall Street Journal, and I find out that your benevolent government, which sucks major moose hairs.


The government, they're afraid this test might work. What?


The government... Wait. No, Dan. You mean they're afraid the test doesn't work?


No, they're afraid the test will work. They're afraid that people may actually find out early they have cancer and could actually save their own lives. Why is the government now, the FDA and others trying to get in the way of this test. Oh, wait, because the government took over the healthcare system and steals people's tax money, and the government doesn't want to pay for the test now because it decided to take over the healthcare system. But here's They're going to kick in the balls. They don't even want you paying for it either. They're going to be like, This is a test only for rich people. We're betting. They're really considering not approving this thing, despite the fact that I don't want to freaking die, a-holes. It's real. Look it up. You think I'm messing with you? Gallery Grail put an FDA in any search engine. You think I'm messing with you? The FDA is doing everything in their power to make sure you can't access this test because they'd rather you die early and not know you have cancer than to have to steal your money and give you back your money to treat you and save your life.


That's a freaking fact, bro. The government sucks. Everything they do sucks. The people there suck. They will kill you in a minute. These absolute losers.


These liberals, Oh, the government's here to take care of the little guy.


It's here to screw the little I'm a small guy.


Lankford, we send this here to solve problems.


I don't send you there to do squat. I send you there to shut your soup cooler loser. Sit down and shut up. Solving problem. You think you solve the problem at the border with this stupid border bill? You didn't solve anything. You have the border, you have Section 212 of the INA right now, says the President could basically Don't shut the border down. You're telling me you're going to pass a new law with this oatmeal for brains President of the White House when he can do something right now, but no, he's going to listen to the new law instead? Folks, these people hate your guts, man.


I'm really sorry to have to tell you that.


But you know why the ratings on this show are freaking bananas? Because I swear to you, I'm one of the few, not the only, but the few guys telling you the Everybody dances around it. Oh, we got to fix government. We got to go give cutesy speeches. No, we don't. We don't have to do any of that. We don't have to do squad. We have to tell the government, You suck. You work for us. I think you suck. Therefore, don't do any more sucky stuff. I want you to go up there and reduce the suck, and stop the suck, and just stop sucking. We'll figure it out. I know where my heart surgeon is. I know how to best treat my cancer with my own doctors. I know what's best for my kids' education. I know what's best for my health care and my business. I don't need you idiot DC to tell me anything. Just shut up and stop sucking, man. You want my vote? Tell me, Hey, I'm a citizen like you. You know why I'm running for office? I'm running for office because frankly, I don't know everything about your life, and I really don't have any solutions for your problems, and neither does the government, but you do.


I believe in you. I believe in you. I'm running because I believe in you. I don't believe the government has the answers. I'm running DC to stop the suck because everything the government does sucks. The things in your life that suck, probably suck because of government. I'm going there because I believe in you and I don't believe in the government. I'm going to work for the government at your expense and by your consent to stop them from sucking up your life. How does that sound? You got my vote 100% of the time. I don't want to hear any more Lankford, Mitch McDonald's speeches. I don't want to hear any of this. Oh, we're going to tinker with the child tax credit because the government's here to incentivize. I don't want the government incentivizing anything. Just shut up and get out of our lives, you losers. You hate us. We know you hate us. The gig is up. We don't like you either. Just go there and reduce the suck because everything you guys do absolutely sucks. I swear, one day, I'm damn much, you know what I mean? One day, I'm going to run for president.


I'm going to finance my own campaign, and it's just going to be on that one thing. Just stop the suck. Please stop the suck. Nothing you guys do ever works. Your border bill sucked, your Social Security plan sucks, your health care plan sucks, Obamacare sucks, your tax code sucks. Everything What you idiots do sucks because you guys suck because you're stupid, and that's why you run for office. You couldn't even impeach a guy who almost single-handedly has facilitated an invasion of the United States. We're supposed to trust you with our retirement and our health care and our kids' education. Please, please, please just stop the suck. That's all I'm asking. Just stop trying to do something because everything you do absolutely sucks.


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Again, that they waged on us.


We didn't wage on them.


You know Libs of TikTok, the account was out there for a while, started generating a lot of buzz years and years ago, and then it became one of the most explosive forces in the culture war, again, that the left waged on us.


Well, it's run by this wonderful woman, Hi, Ray Chick. Chaya, welcome to the show. Thank you for being here. We appreciate your time.


Hi, Dan. It's such an honor to be here. I've been a I'm a fan of the show for a long time.


Wow. Look at that, Jim.


She's been a fan. This is amazing.


Get that on tape, Jim. I want to play that as a liner. We come in every single day.


You're a warrior. We know that the left is terrified of you. Before we even get into this latest fake scandal that David Ingram and NBC News are trying to fabricate. What did you do before this? And how did you get into this libs of TikTok thing? How did this start? Is it just something, some bug had for politics and this culture war for a long time. How did this start?


I never followed politics. I never followed the culture war. I didn't even really identify personally as a strong conservative. I was just one of those people who lived my life. And then COVID happened, and I was out of a job, and I realized that there are people in DC who are making decisions for me, telling me I can't go to and can't go to the store and can't go to work. And I started paying more attention, but I didn't start for a couple of months later. I went back to work. I was a real estate agent, and I just had extra time. I started scrolling TikTok, and I saw these very scary and alarming things that I didn't think people knew about. So I was just like, I have to expose this. I have to raise awareness about this. That's how it started.


We're talking a high rate check who runs Libs of TikTok.


I call this the Libs of TikTok phenomenon, and you're responsible for it.


And I mean that as a laudatory, unabashedly positive thing.


These liberals on TikTok, they have to go on these social media platforms to get money and influence and followers.


That's how they do it.


So what they do is they one up each other with the crazy.


You've seen it on TikTok.


One of them is like, Hey, let's They got the nuts off some kid. And then another one is like, Let's show them off afterwards. I mean, one of them is like, Let's make trophies at them. They do crazy stuff over there. And all the liberals in that little isolated ecosystem on TikTok, you've seen over there, they're like, Yeah, This is great. Look at you. You're a real champion for castrating young children. They do that. Now, all you do on the libs of TikTok, Twitter, and TruSocial, is you take their videos, you don't edit them, and you just put them on Twitter, where sane normal people see them. And then all of a sudden, they get a different response. So I call it the libs of TikTok effect. And the effect is that the best weapon we have against the increasingly crazy culture warrior left It's observation. Would you agree?


Yeah, 100%. I think that the second they open their mouth, they literally discredit themselves. So if we just show people what they themselves are saying and doing, then they're completely discredited. Their opinions and their views, they just don't hold up to scrutiny.


No, I mean, some of the stuff... The interesting part about the whole thing is you don't video edit these things. You might add some commentary, like here's a kindergarten teacher, whatever, in Tuscaloosa, talking about castrating young kids or whatever it may be. But you don't, in fact, video edit them. You don't insert anything in there. You don't do anything. You're just playing what that person says they wanted. We're talking about Haya Richick, the creator of Libs of TikTok. What I find interesting is I have the Dan Bongino show, and liberals do this all the time.


They cut commentary for my show. They put it out on their accounts.


They're like, Look, Dan Bongino said this. I mean it.


It's not some virtue signal.


My attitude is great. All I ask is that you link to my show. I'm proud of what I said. Whether a liberal likes it or not is irrelevant to me. The strange thing about the left, Haya, is that the opposite. The opposite thing happens. When you show the left what they're saying to themselves, they're horrified and embarrassed for it, and they try to hide.


Exactly. Because like I said, their views don't hold up, and they want to live in this bubble where only people that agree with them and their views will see their content. When it's shared with a wider audience and people who might criticize it, then they just don't know what to do with themselves. They lose their freaking every single time.


Yeah. I would argue I'd make the case...


You may agree. I mean, you're certainly on the receiving end of all this.


I joke on Twitter and true social I have at the top of my...


Under my avatar there, it says public enemy number one.


It's a joke, but some of it's based on reality. That's not actually true. If I had to pick a new public enemy number one and was viewing it through the eyes of the deranged left, I got to tell you, Hyatt, it's either you or Elon. They They really seem to hate you. When it all came to roost again today, when this absolute lunatic at NBC, this David Ingram, whose parents probably tell people they have no kids. This guy is an absolute lunatic. He keeps writing these articles. He's obsessed with you. He's like, I won't be ignored, Dan. He's Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction. If you find bunnies boiling in your kitchen, it's probably this lunatic. It's like his second or third article about your account claiming, and what I believe is defamatory, and my humble opinion, I think you should sue this guy, NNBC, he keeps claiming that you posting videos of liberals they posted themselves is somehow inciting violence. This dude is obsessed with you. It's creepy.


I know. Well, first of all, I just want to say that I'm so honored that they attacked me because these people are the absolute scum of the Earth. These are the people who want kids to chop off their body parts. They want to give kids porn in school. They want drag queens to twerk in front of their kids' faces. I mean, these people are disgusting freaks. And the fact that they hate me and they attack me is a massive compliment because I stand for everything that they do not. So I just want to get that out there. But this David guy, I mean, I don't know if he wants to date me or if he just wants attention, but this guy is freaking obsessed with me. It's really I'm getting out of control, and I am exploring some legal options.


Yeah, you should, because I've followed this guy for a while now. He's a very, very strange guy. I'm glad to see you post his emails so you can It helps. You post his emails on your social media because it helps us get into his weird, sick mind. I'm trying to follow his logic and tell me if you think I'm going wrong. His logic appears to be, and I'm sincerely trying to get in his weirdo head, although it's difficult because I'm not a weirdo. He says, you post a video of, say, a kindergarten teacher, let's just say, twerking in front of a bunch of kids, which most sane people would say, Well, that's inappropriate. He's suggesting that by you posting that, if then people respond to that with some level of disgust, that it's somehow your fault for them posting the video publicly and you just reposting what they already posted. Is that where they're going with this? I mean, I know it sounds cookey, but is that what they're saying?


I think, yeah. I think you're right on track with their twisted logic. Yeah.


But here's the curveball for you. But by their same logic that drawing attention to something that you were then responsible for every single thing that happens from that point on by that same logic.


We're talking a high rate check from the Libbs of TikTok account.


Aren't they responsible for the death threats you get? You and I know each other personally. I know you get them a lot. I mean, using their same logic, thinking through this rationally, when you get death threats because they draw attention to you, aren't they responsible for inciting violence against you?


It's a very good question. And Dan, I have received quite a few threats since the article dropped just about two hours ago. And I posted those publicly, and I tagged David and MBC, and I asked them if they are responsible for that because according to their own rules, David would now be a stochastic terrorist, and MBC is responsible for violence or death threats against me. I have not received a response from any of them yet if they feel responsible, and I'll definitely update if I do. I don't expect any response, and I don't expect any accountability from them at all.


Yeah, you won't get one. We're talking higher rating from Libs at TikTok. Last question, I'll let you go.


If you're not following her on TruSocial and Twitter, making a big mistake. She's amazing and an absolute warrior. You have been such an important, special person in this movement. I know you're very humble. I ran into you at Police State, the premiere Mar-a-Lago. Really, you're so humble and you're not loud about Like me, I'm a maniac most of the time. It's so not you, but you're really a great person. I'm not sure you even understand the influence you've had. You have so changed the culture war that there are entire newspaper outlets and fake journalists out there that they're My sole goal is to take you out. I'll throw one more name out there that I know has been a nuisance as well for all the wrong reasons. Taylor Lorenz. This is a woman with no life skills whatsoever, writes at the Washington Post, and again, seems bizarrely obsessed with you while simultaneously writing things about people like me and you that really touched the true/false barrier. She's no gem either.


Well, first of all, I think we just have to say that Taylor is probably currently wearing three masks because we are in the middle of a pandemic.


So true. She is. She loves the mask.


She's an old, lonely woman, and I think she's severely brainwashed. I don't know if it's the lack of oxygen from wearing all those masks that got her brain. I don't know what's going on with her. But I will say I think everyone knows what she did to me, but I think it was the greatest case of this rise in the fact that I've ever seen.


Well, I'm going to end with this. You're a warrior.


You take nothing on social media. When someone throws something at you, you fight back viciously. I think a lot of the Conservatives out there who've embraced your account and who really love what you're doing, they respect that most of all. You're going to win this battle because you're on the right side of this.


And just keep it up.


I just say your message before I have your back 100% in this fight, and I know my audience does, too. Thanks so much for spending some time with us. We really appreciate it.


Thank you, Dan.Thank.



Got it. That was high rate check. She runs a libs of TikTok account. Just a really wonderful woman, folks. Again, very humbled, did not expect to get in this fight. We certainly know a self-admittedly political warrior here, and just she couldn't take it anymore. This sanctioned abuse of kids going on, and she decided she'd fight back.


And I'm going to tell you something, someone who's in this movement every single day, my entire life is show preparation in this movement. I'm telling you right now, her and Elon Musk are neck and neck for public enemy number one in the eyes of the left.


Up next, more on the January sixth bomber scandal. Bommer with air quotes, of course. This is a huge scandal. Quick break here for a sponsor, and we'll get right back to it. Folks, whether you have three minutes in the morning or 30 minutes, keep your face wrinkle free. Introducing Gen90, the new instant wrinkle treatment from GenUcell Skincare. Gen90 can instantly help reduce the appearance of wrinkles anywhere you use it, around the eyes, forehead, crow's feet, laugh lines. It can start working in seconds. Never worry about your skin or confidence again. Gen90 technology is luxurious and silky smooth, and best of all, it can start working in seconds. I know Paula feels the tingle every time. She loves it. There's a reason why GenUcell skincare is 400% the customer loyalty of other skincare brands. Get the GenUcell XV, the collagen builder, moisturizer with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid in a pure natural base for stunning results day after day. Gen90 and XV are on a special sale right now at genucell. Com and included in the best seller package, the best value in skincare anywhere. Before going overseas for those harsh procedures, cost big bucks, try Gen90 first.


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I asked Jesse Kelly for an extra, so I have 240 with him, so I'm good. Oh, great.


Thank you, Jesse. We love you. He's got a great show, too. We love Jesse Kelly.


You got this video of what appears to be a sweep of a vehicle by a canine handler and a canine dog.


Now we know, at least at a minimum, we know there was an explosives detection dog at the D&C when Kamala Harris was there with a bomb outside. My question to you is, do we have yet the identity of that canine handler? Was it private security, secret service, military, capital police?


Do we know?


We don't know. My sources are telling me they don't believe it was capital police because as I posted again later today, I show the video of Kamala Harris's security details, secret service, and Metropolitan police. They all show up. But there's no Capitol Police, their dignitary protective Services, no capital police involved in her protective detail. So it's still a mystery who this handler was, who the canine belonged to. To your point that you brought up this morning on your Rumbel show, was this it from the D&C? Is this the normal protocol of how a canine, bomb sniffing canine, conducts a search of that nature? And as I pointed out in my piece, there were a few other vehicles who entered the building, the garage, earlier that day who are not subjected to this search. It's just another odd mystery to this whole unanswered question.


Julie, you're an actual journalist.


See, folks, unlike other journalists who think they know everything about everything and therefore, speculate on things they have no idea, Julie and I were chatting last night.


I don't think I'm speaking out of turn. Everything I wouldn't share anything personal.


But Julie is like, Listen, you did this. There were a couple of cars that went in there. What's the deal? Julie, let's kick around this idea. The Secret Service for a It's like that size at the D&C.


It's about a two-hour sweep.


So figuring Kamala gets there in the 11:00, let's round it down to 9:00 AM. It now makes perfect sense why two vehicles prior to that 9:50 sweep we see on the tape would drive into the D&C unswept because the Secret Service wasn't there yet. I mean, no one starts a workday as a private security company at 9:50. You started 9, you started 8, you started 7. It just doesn't make any sense. It had to be someone working with the Secret Service.


Well, and I will say, I was looking at earlier footage that started, to your point, at 7:00 or 7:30, and they did have their security guards outside that building starting to allow people inside. I assume that they were workers. But again, you have security guards within a few feet of where this device is supposed to be. So another odd thing, Dan, is if this was tied to her secret service, protective detail. The email that was made public is that her My plan was to leave the Senate after this Senate Intelligence Committee briefing that was at 10:00, and she was scheduled to go to her residence for some reason. I know you and I have talked about this. She was diverted then to the DNC. Who made that decision? Did they know by 9:50 that Kamala Harris was going to be there? The whole timeline doesn't really add up either.


Yeah, it doesn't make sense.


That would be classified in security parlance as an OTR. Off the record movement, which it's not on the official record.


But given her prominence as the vice president-elect, she's going to have a full vice presidential security package at that point. You would never even go to an OTR without a minimum of a quick sweep. It's still that none of it makes any sense. Let me get this other question because the video you got is damning. At one point, the canine handler with the canine explosives detection dog, and someone asked me, Dan, how do you know it was an explosive detection dog? Because if you watch the video Julie has on her blog, Declassified, go to her Twitter account, she's @julie_kelly2, and you can look at all this stuff. You'll see he guides the dog around the car and points. That's what handlers do. The dog's looking at the handler for cues. What am I sniffing? The handler cues it. It's definitely, it is 100% a canine designed to detect explosives. But in your video, after they're done, Julie, they walked by the actual explosive. I mean, this is either the greatest security failure in human history or there's something they're not telling us.


Well, and furthermore, Dan, to your point, and they did a perimeter check of the vehicle. I'm not really sure what else they could have been looking for, which is why I was texting you. I even ran it past my husband. He's a big law enforcement guy, and he's like, No, they definitely were looking for a bomb. What else would they be looking for? This is some shepherd. This is what as the dog is trained to do. But as you see this handler and the canine enter this scene where the camera is pointed, it looks like he even came right from the direction where the bomb had been planted. There were two doors leading into the inside of the building next to this garage door. You can't tell because the camera didn't pan out that why is if this handler came out of that front door. If he did, the bomb would have been sitting right as well because it was in between those two benches right over to the right of where the main entrance to the DMC was. This dog could have passed by this alleged bomb twice on its way to the sweep and on its way away from the vehicle.


I got about a minute left.


We're talking to Julie Kelly. Her Twitter is @julie_kellie2.


Her blog is declassified.


Is that on Substack, Julie?


Forgive me, I'm sorry. It is, yeah. It is, yeah. It's Substack. It's declassified.




She's the best journalist out there.


I got about a minute left, but there is a distinct possibility you and I have discussed, we're going to discuss in front of my audience here, that the reason that bomb was missed is it wasn't missed at all, that it just wasn't there. And somebody put it there after the sweep and hole, which says to me this was absolutely a setup.


I got about a minute. Your thoughts on that?


That's really the only conclusion. Of course, we've talked about this before, and some have speculated for a long time that this was a hoax. But now that you see all the coming together, the odd reaction from law enforcement when it was allegedly discovered, and I posted today on Twitter, her security detail arriving at 11:25, you had at least six vehicles and multiple agents and officers walking right in front of the bomb. It's impossible. No way it was there, Dan. No way.


It's impossible. I'm just going to leave it where we started.


Again, she's @julie_kellie2. Her substack is declassified.


Please do me a personal favor.


Follow her. Subscribe to her sub stack. She's worth every single dollar of journalism forfeited by other idiots. Julie, there's no chance.


This was either the biggest security failure in modern American history or the biggest setup of a MAGA crowd with a fake bombing plot we've ever seen.


I think you and I both know the answer.


Thank Jesse Kelly for me, please.


He's the best for giving you a few minutes.


Go ahead, do your interview.


Thanks for your time, Julia. You're the best. All right.


Thanks, Dan. Thanks so much.


Hey, thanks for listening. Make sure you check out my show on radio. If you want to find out a station near you where we're on, go to bongino. Com, click on Station Finder. We'd really appreciate it. We'll see you back here on Monday.


You just heard Dan Bongino.