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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino first.


God bless everyone in the path of this just disastrous hurricane that has made landfall in the Louisiana Texas border area, living in a hurricane zone down here in Florida, where we go to go through two or three of these a year. Not not thankfully, not category fours. God bless you. I hope you're all safe and I hope everybody got out of there in time. So obviously, we'll be praying for you. And I mean that that's not some virtue signalling sound by.


God bless you all. All right, so a lot to talk about today, ladies and gentlemen, the Democrats only seem to care about street violence, riots, the burning down of your cities and businesses when. When the polls change, which is pretty gross, isn't it? I got that I've got, again, more highlights from what I thought would be a little bit of a slower night at the GOP convention, it wasn't it was another terrific night.


It proves my point that the GOP bench is thick. It is good, it is strong, it is solid. And the Democrats bench is basically Bernie Sanders, AOC and Brian Stelter from CNN. So good luck with that. There would be a bench in the future. Democrats, that's going to be just terrific that a lot of material today show Batebi Express VPN. Ladies and gentlemen, my online viewers, they know they don't want their activity tracked online.


You know what they do? They get a VPN and they all go to express VPN com Bungeni Express VPN dot com slash Bungeni. Welcome to Dan Bongino, show producer. Joe, how are you today? Fine, sir.


I'm doing pretty good. And it was pretty cool having that activity at Fort McHenry last night over there in South, wasn't it?


Which is not far from where Joe lives and where I used to live. Fort McHenry is an amazing place. If you're ever in Maryland by the airport in Baltimore, go down there. It is a beautiful place Park Service runs. It's just amazing to look at great speech. We got some highlights from that. I'm going to start with the CNN stuff today and how CNN is starting to realize that, you know, shocker job, stunning. So get ready for it.


What's wrong? People don't like it when you burn their cities down. I know that stunning, I say CNN just figured this out. I've got evidence on amazing how that we did not wait. Did we not warn them?


Did we not warn them on this show? OK, let me get right to it.


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Let's go. All right, so CNN can help itself, ladies and gentlemen, they can never help themselves. These stories, by the way, in this block, we're all going to be related. I'll get to the Republican convention in a minute. But there's a disastrous situation brewing in Wisconsin right now with more street violence and riots from a BLM, which is a Marxist terror group and antifa, which is a fascist terror group. And CNN starting to find out the hard way, along with Democrat activist Joe Biden and others, that, again, as I said to Joe, being sarcastic.


Sometimes it's the only way to pierce the bubble of liberal stupidity that shockingly, people don't like it when their cities are burned down. Wow, amazing. This is a revelation to CNN, but they're still trying to gaslight you nonetheless. Joe, they've done it again. Do you remember weeks ago and I'll put up the tweet in a moment after this, but do you remember weeks ago when MSNBC's Ali Velshi was at one of the Minnesota riots where the building was literally, not figuratively burning down to back and what he said to mostly peaceful, mostly except for the city burning, that it's mostly peaceful, don't you?


After hilarity ensued and everybody just ripped CNN excuse me, MSNBC to shreds, Freudian slip, CNN decided to pick up the mostly peaceful torch, pun intended and run with it. Here is a commentator from CNN again in front of a burning building, Joe insisting, don't worry, it's mostly peaceful as long as you didn't burn alive in that building behind me. Check this out.


What you're seeing behind me is one of multiple locations that have been burning in Kenosha, Wisconsin, over the course of the night, a second night since Jacob Blake was seen shot in the back seven times by a police officer. And what you are seeing now, these images came in come in stark contrast to what we saw over the course of the daytime hours in Kenosha and into the early evening, which were largely peaceful demonstrations in the face of law enforcement.


It wasn't until nightfall that things began to get a little bit more contentious.


This really you remember that we have to get that. I don't even know what DMCA rules are on that movie clips. Remember, that was a movie with the with the wedding party people. And what's the movie? What's the movie? The Hangover. The Hangover with the with the dopey brother in law. And the guy who does that laugh. Like what? The buildings. The reporter has literally a gas mask around his neck with like goggles to cover his eyes, which last time I checked, you don't wear those to mostly peaceful rally.


Listen, I know this is tough for liberals to understand. I'm headed over to the White House tonight for this rally for President Trump's reelection. His acceptance speech, I might tell you, is probably something I'm not bringing a gas mask. Because it's going to be mostly peaceful. I like Paul. He got the gas mask, we got to bring that in with Secret Service. We don't need it because it will be actually mostly peaceful. The guy's got a gas mask.


Don't worry. Mostly peaceful most of the day until it wasn't in and people got shot and buildings started burning down. Other than that was definitely mostly peaceful. Now, can you imagine at the March for Life rally, which is legitimately all peaceful every year in D.C., which happens in the freezing cold and hundreds of thousands of people show, I remember the March for Life rally where Nicholas Sandeman was accosted by the Native American elder and others. If the March for Life rally, which is a conservative cause, you know, saving lives in all.


If there was one fire in a garbage can accidentally set at the March for Life rally, it would be described by the same reporters at CNN and MSNBC. It would be described as total street chaos, absolute anarchy, violent protesters everywhere. Matter of fact, just to highlight my example from Nick Sandman, who gave a great speech, which we covered the night before, who was accosted on the Lincoln Memorial at the March for Life rally because he had a hat on.


You can go to a rally that's conservative stand there, say nothing like Sandman did, and have a red hat on, get accosted by Native American elders and others. And you are described as the violent ones, yet when you burn a city down in Kenosha, Minnesota, don't you worry, it's mostly peaceful. Now, you know why the media's reputation is that of an oven flush toilet? By the way, here's a reminder that The Daily Caller from the Twitter feed of when Ali Velshi said, I want to be clear on how I characterize this.


This is a mostly this is mostly a protest. It's not, generally speaking, unruly as a building burns in the background. Folks even is laughing. They legitimately think you're idiots and imbeciles. I'm not kidding. They really think you're stupid, that you're watching burning cities across America and that you really believe they're gaslighting that don't worry, it's mostly peaceful. I see Marie Harf say this on Fox all the time and other liberal talking heads, we can't attribute this to the protest.


And why aren't the protesters speaking out?


Sorry to yell. It's I ran for office. If I had a Dan Bongino for Congress rally, I'm not running for office. I'm just saying if I had one now say I'm not running to be clear, but say I was. And I invited people, whatever family or friends who showed up and started wrecking the place, right. The serious thing, I'm trying because liberals are really stupid, they don't get it otherwise, especially liberal media idiots. If I invite a bunch of my own friends and family who proceed to burn the hall down where we're having this announcement.


It's my responsibility the next day to come out and denounce this and say this doesn't represent my campaign. So what I don't understand is the fact these protesters and the liberal talking heads who defend them said this isn't representative of the movement. Where the hell's the movement? Where is the BLM, Marxist representatives out every day saying we are nonviolent? This is a peaceful movement. We thoroughly renounce antifa and others who are engaging in the street violence. Where are they, folks?


The answer is, do you know where it's going to say something? I didn't want to say? They're nowhere.


Thank you. Is that not a fair assessment, Joe? It doesn't represent our movement, then say that again. Easier said. Very easy. Sorry, again, I don't mean to yell here, I'm just. I can't believe the double standard is so obvious to anyone with a functioning cerebral cortex, you're at a Republican conservative rally. Someone throws a cigarette in a garbage can, it's on fire. The media describes this as white nationalist terrorists like Nick Sandmen.


Oh my gosh, Nick Sandeman terrorists. He wore a maggot clad suit and settled. Good. You'll teach them yet at a liberal rally in a liberal cause with a Marxist terror group like BLM, where cities are burning to the ground, they're still described by these nut jobs in the media as mostly peaceful. Now, ladies and gentlemen, we warn them, you warn them, and again, this is why I want to encourage you on today's show to always stay in this fight.


Don't get frustrated. I know you see it. You want to pull your hair out. You're like, gosh, these media people, we can't beat their monopoly. No, we're winning. We are beating their monopoly because American citizens are not stupid. Don't sell short the American citizenry, they get in. You don't need a college degree to figure out that burning cities are not a good thing. You don't believe me that this burning cities and their attachment to burning cities and their consistent defense in the media and the liberal left in the hearts of the world, their consistent defense of the protest doesn't represent the protest view at the protest by those who don't speak out against it largely at all.


You don't believe this is destroying the Democrats brand here? Bungeni that compiz up in the show? No, but the show notes today, by the way, please, bungeni dot com slash newsletter's where you go to access them and subscribe to our shows. Please read this by Matt Polumbo, our resident fact checker. Biden's polling lead has collapsed almost entirely. Ladies, Jeremy was up 10 points in national polls. He's up one now. In the margin of error, that's a meaningless that's even a lead.


Hillary Clinton was up, what, one point seven in the Rasmussen poll in the popular vote. Donald Trump won. She did win the popular vote, meaning what if Hillary Clinton was up one point seven and Rassmussen and won and Biden's only up by one point zero and the liberals have a tough time with math. You think the Democrats are panicking right now? Now, what's interesting about this is the Democrats only seem to panic when the polls change, as I said to the lovely Paula this morning, and I'll say to Joe now.


And to you, the greatest audience in the world, we had a we had a mark last night, by the way, for listeners to download. We've never hit before. So thank you for your support on a side note. But what's fascinating about this whole story is how the Democrats have seemed to have found religion on burning down cities now. I'll play a couple of videos for you in a second here. But they've only found religion because the polls have shifted, in other words, it wasn't that people were getting their butts kicked in the street.


We're getting attacked and bloodied up by bellmen antifa. It wasn't that their cities are burning down that the Democrats in the media cared about. It's only when the polls shifted that now all of a sudden they're like, hey, maybe burning cities down isn't such a good idea. Oh, uh huh, just now, you figured that out, crazy Joe, how that happened and then how about that man crazy. Yeah, how about we how about how about that.


But what are you going. You don't have Donnie Brasco.


I think I have him around here somewhere. There we go.


We need to play it again and again one more time. Where are you going to do is right. The Democrats are saying right now. What are you going to do? By the way, I always have to have to, Paula, for finding that she thinks it's the funniest line of the thing to poor lefties. Tell Anthony about how his son's, like, died of a drug overdose. Anthony. We can't do that. That's the best you could do that, Donnie.


Donnie wasn't much of a feeler, if you know what I mean. Showing you how bad this is getting. He's a red state article again up in the show notes how the Wisconsin governor, radical Democrat Tony Evers, all of a sudden they're like, hey, I think we need help. Red state Kenosha County reaches the breaking point. Officials tell Democrat governor accept Trump's help. All of a sudden, again, they're figuring out, you know, we supported BLM and all that stuff, and that sounded really great.


And, you know, we thought black lives matter, too, but it's interesting you're saying Black Lives Matter while burning down our cities and professing an allegiance to Marxism is one of their founders. Did it? Doesn't sound like my kind of thing. I believe black lives actually matter. Like all other lives, not like Black Lives Matter does, which is kind of ironic, isn't it? You think this Wisconsin radical left this governor? Ever you think he's all of a sudden starting to cave and local officials study came because they care about the city burning down, they could have cared about that a few nights ago.


They're starting to see the polls change just as a mercenary move. At your expense. Oh, you need more evidence that the Democrats that you're winning on this, not the media, the Brian Stelter of the world, the Chris Cuomo is the Ali Velshi and the Don Lemon's mostly peaceful, mostly peaceful. You don't think you're winning on this? You still think the American people are stupid, that they're not figuring out the Democrats are the party of street riots.


Here's Joe Biden himself yesterday, who, amazingly, four nights of the Democratic National Convention. Nobody mentions the idea of law and order in the streets. We don't hear a peep about it. Not a peep, crickets the whole time, they don't mention anything. All of a sudden, polls start coming in as Kenosha blows up again and everybody's like, oh my gosh, now it's really not looking good after Minnesota, Oakland, New York City, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and other places had riots all over the country, all of a sudden, the Democrats are now figuring out this isn't working really well.


So shockingly, Joe Biden comes out yesterday. And in one of the fake statements you're ever going to hear, he could have said something in front of a national audience at the DNC. Why do that? People might hear it now releases a statement saying, hey, riots are no good. Yeah, he's only a day late and sixty million or sixty probably trillion dollars short in lost lifetime accrued revenue from all the damage we've done to this country from this.


Here's Joe Biden finding religion all of a sudden, as I said, after George Allen's murder, protesting brutality is a right and absolutely necessary. But burning down communities is not protest. It's needless violence, violence that endangers lives, violence against businesses and shuttered businesses serve the community.


That's wrong.


OK, I can see the liberals already are. Joe Biden, so brave, knows how to break the hack. This guy does have a sliver of dignity or integrity. He's a known plagiarist, a serial liar, a race baiter. This guy's lies are endless. This is not a good man, said a decent guy, Joe Biden is, as Donald Trump Jr. brilliantly called, the Loch Ness Monster. The swamp creeps his head out every few years to run for president.


The Loch Ness Monster makes some nasty sound run for president, then pops back on. No one sees him again. Brilliant analogy by Don Junior. The Loch Ness Monster is from Joe Biden. Creeps out the Nesse head. You know, the mess he had. You see the Loch Ness Monster munching on some kind of photo or something like that, and then only to run for president peeks around using his telescopic head and all of a sudden he goes back into Loch Ness and you never see him again.


This guy's a swamp creature, he's not a decent guy, he's a genuinely bad guy who's enriched his family using political power at your expense and is now figured out he should speak out against your city, burning down because his polls have collapsed entirely. So spare me the lectures about how, oh, Biden's taking a stand now. No, no, Biden's taking a stand against bad polls. If the riots were popular again tomorrow with the Democrat base, he'd shut his mouth just like they did at the DNC.


So please spare me your nonsense. Take it. And where you can stick your mask mandate from yesterday's show. Now. Unbelievably. CNN found religion to not really just like Joe Biden, CNN full time liberal activists at CNN where Chris Cuomo from CNN. Well, just a month or two ago, Sacu, says riots have to be peaceful. The Constitution. Peace, peaceable, peaceable assembly. But the miss that, but Cuomo, who was confused why, why, you know, why you should assemble peacefully, which isn't really surprising for Cuomo.


He's not, you know, tricep extensions, Cuomo. I mean, the guy, you know, that's that that's Chris. So he works for CNN and CNN is now starting to figure out to that riots. Get ready for it. May be really bad for your candidate. Onur. Exclamation point. Here's Don Lemon last night, figuring out for the first time that the Democrats should really say burning cities down is not a good idea. It took them about six months to figure this out, but they're finally getting it.


Here's Don Lemon.


The rioting has to stop. Chris, as you know and I know it's showing up in the polling. It's showing up in focus groups. It is the only thing it is the only thing right now that is sticking. And the Democrats tonight stuck with that. Right. And they also stuck with the theme that you said. The coronavirus, you got coronavirus and you have Kenosha, Cuomo, who, again, couldn't figure out why you should assemble peacefully, is sitting there like, hey, what do I do now?


Is anyone going to remember that sound clip from a few months ago? Oh, yeah, we remember Chris.


Of course. You know what? Maybe we'll pull that one for later. Can you remind me of that? Paula, I'm a hold on. I got to take a note here. Almost sound on tape for you, video insiders will pull that one for later and even think of it while play Como's, where he's confused about why you should assemble peacefully. He was busy doing tricep extensions on tape. But it's fake 80 pound dumbbell. So notice Don Lemon's logic there, which is really astounding that he was dumb enough to actually say it.


It's showing up in the polls. You know, where it's really showing up in the emergency room with citizens getting their skulls cracked open for driving down the street and daring to drive on a public street when BLM terrorists are in the way where they yank you out of your car and beat the snot out of you and terrorize your kids with showing up there to a nine one one calls that we played on the show. It was showing up inside of stores after hours as antifa kids.


Broke down windows and looted stores, Joe, they looted for food, food in Saks Saks Fifth Avenue, which has an extensive deli, as you remember. Yeah, they were looted for food, so they were feeding their kids antifa in Saks Fifth Avenue, again, which has an extensive boar's head collection of deli sandwiches, Saks Fifth that you know, you've been there. Right? You can't see that when they have the deli section. Yes.


There you go. And Turkey pressed 20 to carry turkey breast man. Oh, yes, unnice New York City Grimaldi president every since you've all seen it right. Mooting the Apple store for basic necessities like the newest wonder boom speaker that's waterproof in the shower. Now that basic necessities man got Yarbro, that's where it showed up to. Oh, I can't now, my eyes would be red, the rest of the show, you know, supposed to make yourself laugh.


I get it, but I can't get over how these people in the media genuinely think. We think they're for real. They've got a case of the forrestal's everyone sees through their B.S., but then they wonder why their credibility is that of an on flush toilet bowl again. Don Lemon, hey, man, we really need to worry about cities burning down the city to show up in the polls. Spoken like a true liberal activists like Don Lemon is all right.


I do have to get to the convention. But last tweet here. So this is from Jonathan Chait, who is a die hard collusion hoaxer, discredited buffoon, less radical leftist as you'll get. But this is from the radical left. This is him on one of his social media accounts here, Jonathan Chait. Again, collusion, debunked, collusion hoaxer. Democrats need to be extremely concerned about what's happening in Wisconsin, where support for BLM has gone from plus twenty five to zero in two months.


Again, Jonathan Chait, the bumpiest credited collusion hoaxer and radical leftist, is stunned that the support for Black Lives Matter went from plus twenty five to zero in two months STON after they burned down the city. Shocked, shocked how that would happen. I mean, he said, you always need analogies for the left, because they really are dunce's skulls six feet thick. Imagine being a Yankees fan, you know, the baseball team, the New York Yankees.


There's an analogy for Don Lemon and Jonathan Chait who are shocked that these polls are collapsing on the left as they basically stay silent on the burning down of cities. Just imagine you're a Yankees fan. And, you know, the first baseman, third baseman in the entire outfield show up in your house and decide to torch your house, you think you're going to watch the Yankees again? Probably not. I'm just guessing you're probably not going to be a fan.


You'll maybe turn to the Red Sox because they tried to. Of course, they're not trying to burn your house down. It's an analogy, but liberals with vibranium skulls don't understand how all of a sudden a group that professes that they were in it for black lives are destroying black lives and they're wondering why their credibility's collapsed overnight. Gee, I don't know. Can you imagine the horror of waking up every morning so stupid that you claim to be a liberal?


Can you imagine telling people that the humiliation of a liberal. Can you imagine how embarrassing that must be? They can't figure it out. My gosh, how is this happening? It's showing up in the polls, Don Lemon, that Chris Cuomo is I to do a tricep extension. Stun, stun. All right, let me get to my second sponsor. We'll get to the convention because there were some really good highlights. I usually start off with that, but this story in Wisconsin is about to really, no pun intended here, explode badly, badly.


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Do your part today. Please don't wait. Go to 10 for 20 dotcom. Now, that's the number 10 EFO are the number 20 dotcom 10 for 20 dotcom go today. So I expected the GOP convention on night three to be a little slow in anticipation of VP Pence's speech. You know, nine three. These are the penultimate night. The last night with President Trump's speech is usually the big go to night. Last night was terrific. It didn't disappoint.


Again, I'm not pretending to be objective. I'm trying no, I really am, to give you an honest assessment of what happened in last night, had more just incredible moments. I'm going to play a few. The short clips are not the whole speech, obviously in the interest of time. But I think pretty much everyone I've seen on Parler, Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere in social media, the commentary had class or whatever, the blue checkmarks.


Everyone pretty much agrees this was the highlight of the night. This is one of the young, fresh faces on the growing GOP bench. You know, Tim Scott, the Trump the Trump women in the Trump men, we have Rick Grenell and then this young fresh face. In contrast, again, the Democrats bench, which is Brian Stelter, George Costanza, he's sitting on a bench. Coach, can I go in? Stelter Yeah, that that's their bench.


Good luck with that one. But this is a young, fresh face. Keep your eyes on this young man, Madison Cawthorn, congressional candidate tragically paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident years ago who won his Republican primary for Congress. Here's the end of his speech last night. Just a really amazing moment. Check this out, I say to Americans who love our country, young and old, be radical for freedom, be radical for liberty, and be radical for our republic, for which I stand one nation under God with liberty and justice for all.


Thank you. And may God bless America.


Now, for those of you listening on audio only who missed the actual visuals there they are some of the most powerful visuals you've ever seen available on our YouTube YouTube dot com slash Bongino. You can fast forward right to that if you've listened to the show before. Of course. But a couple of young gentlemen bring out a walker so Madison Cawthorn can get up out of his wheelchair and tragically paralyzed in a car accident years ago, and he grabs it and basically does a depen and stands up.


I mean, just in time, I think everybody got a little. You know, little witness for that. Pretty powerful stuff. God bless this young man, I mean, really, can you imagine the adversary adversity, excuse me, paralyzed from the waist down, just goes to show you to all the talk in the media spin from the Don Lemon's and Chris Cuomo is and Ali Velshi of the world than the others. The gaslighted is about the Democrats.


Remember, you know, you won't see Madison Cawthorn on the front page of Vanity Fair or others like, you know, the squad. AOC and. Rashid at the Liebe and Al Hunt, Omar, who like married a brother or something years ago, remember that one? That's that's the future, according to Vanity Fair and the elitist snob class with the Bette Midler of the world with their nose in the air. If you watch yesterday's show, that's the future.


Brian Stelter, you know, and others. But yet when you see a 25 year old, fresh faced young man like this coming in and saying, be a radical for freedom of that. I love that we had a campaign shirt years ago when I ran for office and said be a misfit for liberty or something. I remember that shirt, Paula, because we're the new renegades. That's where the term renegade Republican came from, a few for those older listeners to my show, you've been here from the beginning.


That's where that came from. Those who advocate for bigger God given rights, economic freedom and liberty to be left alone by government. To live a flourishing life of health care, freedom, education, freedom to be left alone by big government, nanny state egomaniacs like we have in my county here, you better wear a mask and we'll put you in jail. These people. Freedom, sexy freedom is real, real renegades are us who would have thought that conformist culture, boring, stagnant, conformist culture.


Would be solely on the left right now, they were supposed to be the cool kids, remember squat. We've got the squad, they've got Brian Stelter put me in coach. That's their bench. Here's another, may I say, up and coming, but I mean, how Laura Trump doesn't run for office one day would be a huge disappointment to me as well. She's got a real gift. Laura Trump's speech last night was absolutely spectacular. I could have played the whole thing.


I'm just going to play a short segment of it on Law and Order. She was just amazing last night. She really needs to run for senator something somewhere. Gee, I don't even have a mayor of New York City or something. Check this out.


In recent months, we've seen weak, spineless politicians cede control of our great American cities to violent mobs. Defund the police is the rallying cry for the new radical Democrat Party. Joe Biden will not do what it takes to maintain order to keep our children safe in our neighborhoods and in their schools to restore our American way of life. We cannot dare to dream our biggest dreams for ourselves or for our children while consumed by worry about the safety of our families.


President Trump is the law and order president from our borders to our backyards. President Trump will keep America safe.


She was awesome. Spectacular, spectacular. Young, fresh faces. Again, the left as Bernie Sanders. And Elizabeth Warren, a member of the Elizabeth Warren Tribe Tribe, that does she says she's an Indian, of course, from her own. She's invented her own tribe. We actually have real diversity, however. People who are disabled and can relate to the causes of the disabled people who are black, I'll get to that in a minute. Women, people who are gay.


You know, real diversity, people have had different life experiences because of the circumstance, that's what we have. That's not what the left has, of course, the left has Stelter and Sanders and fake Indian Elizabeth Warren from the Warren tribe. We have actual real people with real back stories that are compelling. Here's another young, fresh faced young I'm forty five and I'm young, relatively speaking, for politics again, where the left has you, Joe Biden.


In cognitive decline, Bernie Sanders, the famous communist, and Elizabeth Warren from the Warren tribe, we actually have actual young people. Here's Rick Grenell. Who happens to be gay, which on the left would be if the conversation ends there, because identity politics, they don't care about your character, what you do at all, it's all about your skin color, how you identify what each one of the six thousand genders you are, what fake tribe you belong to.


That's all the left cares about. See you on the right, we care about actual people in substance. Here's Rick Grenell last night again. I'm having a tough time telling you what the highlight of the night was, I think it was Clarence Henderson, which I'll get to in a minute. Again, who happens to be black, so the conversation stops there for the left, not for us. We want to hear what he said. Right, but let's get to Grenelle first to again, just knocked it out of the park, former acting director of National Intelligence, who almost single handedly broke the logjam on declassification since getting you the truth on Spygate before John Ratcliffe took over.


Check this out.


Joe Biden was first elected to the Senate in 1972. Forty eight years ago. Well, it's actually the typical Washington story just this year. Twenty two Democrats ran for president. They rejected all of the outsiders and nominated the ultimate Washington insider, someone they had to pull out of retirement. Every time Joe Biden offers a new idea, you should ask yourself, why didn't he try that over the last forty eight years?


Oh, that's not the greatest line ever.


So Biden. Biden. Creepy Joe, hair sniffer, creepy Joe, who's been in D.C. forty seven years, Loch Ness Monster, telescopic head run for president, looking to make Loch Ness Monster shout back into Loch Ness disappear for forty seven years. He's got all these great new ideas. Grenelle The greatest question ever. Where were these ideas for forty seven years. He's got all these great ideas, terrific, but why didn't you do anything about it? Because he didn't want to because he's a swamp creature.


He did nothing. Zero. But Joe Biden's going to change your life. Going to change his life. I was going to say something, I will leave on the sidelines there, but it's tough. So here's our bench so far, Madison Cawthorn, Laura Trump yesterday, Eric Trump, Don Jr.. Tim Scott. The Tom Cotton. Again, I'm not endorsing anybody. I'm just telling you, we have people with various ideas who have resumes and records and can speak in public, unlike Joe Biden, can finish a sentence without forgetting what he was talking about.


People would resume's like Grenelle. By the way, Grenelle, if Mike Pompeo decides to step aside as Secretary of state, Grenelle better be one of the top candidates. And Laura Trump better consider running for office, I'm not one to give commands, but she'd be doing us a huge favor. Cauthen, who knows what his future, this young man. It's just brilliant. Here's our. Iraq to a guy who really doesn't get enough credit, folks.


I know sometimes we talk about a banshee, you know, some people don't think Mike Pence now Pence has been a rock. This is a man who's been fiercely, fiercely loyal, this administration. A principled, god-fearing man, not perfect, not perfect like anyone, like all of us, but a good and genuinely decent human being who I'm honored to call a friend, and I don't believe me, I don't say that to be some name dropper.


I mean, honored. You don't go out for coffee, I don't call him on his cell phone, but we've had enough interactions personally where I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that this is one of the finest men, one of the strongest characters you'll ever meet. Here's Mike Pence is absolutely terrific speeches Joe mentioned at the beginning of the show from a place not far from Joe's house, Fort McHenry, a beautiful place I highly recommend.


Here's a highlight where he has another great line. The real question here. Will America remain America? Check this out. When you consider their agenda, it's clear Joe Biden would be nothing more than a Trojan horse. For the radical left, the choice in this election has never been clearer and the stakes have never been higher. Last week, Joe Biden said democracy is on the ballot and the truth is our economic recovery is on the ballot. Law and order are on the ballot, but so are things far more fundamental and foundational to our country.


In this election, it's not so much whether America will be more conservative or more liberal, more Republican or more Democrat. The choice in this election is whether America remains America, it's whether we will leave to our children and our grandchildren, a country grounded in our highest ideals of freedom, free markets and the unalienable right to life and liberty, or whether we will leave them a country that's fundamentally transformed into something else.


Ladies and gentlemen. Our country. Deserves. A man like Mike Pence. This is a good and decent human being. And he deserves some recognition for us, for the Rockies, been for this administration. Listen, you know, I'm a die hard supporter of the president, but some people, not me, I mean, me and the president, share one thing in common. We're both from Queens. Some people not from Queens don't understand the president's style.


I get it, I've explained that on the show a thousand times. I'm not going to do it again. Why? People from Queens are the way they are. They're very brash. Very brash, excuse me, it's just the way we are. I'm used to it, I actually like it. I think we needed a bull in a china shop. But doesn't work for everybody. Mike Pence has an entirely different style, Joe. Fair assessment, Mike Pence is pretty much the opposite temperament.


Yeah, pretty much pretty fair. Yeah, the perfect combination. The nation owes Mike Pence a debt of gratitude. He has been behind this president from day one. They won. Loyal. Stiff backbone. Principled and courageous. And don't discount him for 20, 24 either. Don't mistake the fact that, you know, because he's a little older than others, that he's he's out of the mix, it is not. The bench is deep. Again, the CNN bench's Brian Stelter, that's the Democrat's new CNN.


The Democrats say that's their line. Brian, sitting with Chris Cuomo. Cuomo is warming up with his tricep extension, his fake 80 pound dumbbell. Now, it was tough, again, to pick a highlight of the night because night three was so terrific, exceeded my expectations. But I got to tell you, this one's up there. Again, showing the actual real world diversity of experience, which matters to we don't judge people on skin color in our party, we judge people on who they are, not what they are.


But being black is a different experience in many portions of America, in many portions of America, being black was a very different experience, especially back in the era of Jim Crow, where brave patriots. Stood at segregated lunch counters despite salt being thrown in their faces, people literally spitting on them and attacking them. These are the best of America. These are warriors. With spines of pure steel. Well, here's one of those said heroic, patriotic civil rights activists, a Mr.


Clarence Henderson, who really blew me away last night. He's supporting President Trump. Showing again, the actual real world diversity of experience we have in the Republican Party, not the Brian Stelter party of the left. Talking about. How the history of the Republican Party here matters, and if you don't understand why he's supporting President Trump. You probably don't know your history either, which is kind of a plague on the left, you know, ignorance. Infects all of them over there.


Watch this. I was born on what some would call the wrong side of the tracks. I don't even have a birth certificate. I never attended an integrated school. And I'm the only one out of my immediate family who graduated from college. And HSBC, you I'm a military veteran and a civil rights activist. And you know what else? I'm a Republican and I support Donald Trump. If that sounds strange, you don't know your history.


Wow. If there was ever a time where I'd play the full five minute speech, I would have played that. Mr. Clarence Henderson, God bless you, sir. For your bravery, your courage and your efforts in the civil rights movement to make this country a better place, God bless you, you will always be welcome in the Republican Party with open arms, even as today you are grotesquely attacked on social media. You don't believe me? Go check for yourself.


Just put his name in Twitter by leftist lunatic maniacs who don't have a sliver of the dignity or courage you do and aren't worthy enough. You fill in the blanks on that. Is a real man. Who really marched for the dignity and freedom of all of us, despite the melanin component of your skin, a real man. I don't admire many people, I don't. I don't know, said fault of mine, I'm disappointed too much. But the civil rights activists who stood there at these counters with barking dogs get baseball batted over the head, salt in their eyes spit on because they wanted to get a cup of coffee in a restaurant.


You are what this country's about. In constant awe of what you did, I don't know, I don't I honestly don't know what I would have done back there. I don't I know what's right and I don't it would be disingenuous for me to put myself in it and say I would have sat there while people are beating you with bats. It would be fake to say that I know what I think I would have done. But I wasn't there.


They were. And the fact that this hero, this patriot who changed this country for the better through his own actions because he did something and talk about it. The fact that this hero is being destroyed today on social media and attacked Uncle Tom and all the other disgusting, grotesque, vile things racist liberals say all the time. Is more evidence that the real party. Of heroism, patriotism, real diversity of both experience, looks, background, sexuality, whatever it may be, the real party of diversity is us.


All right, I got one final segment today on something had happened to us yesterday on Facebook, again, it's more important it relates to the election. I got a final sponsor. I'm going to get you in and we'll get to that. But it's this is worth your time because you're going to see more of this is the social media tech tyrants just try to wreck this election. She choked up. They're talking about Mr. Henderson, hero, patriot.


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So I've been a. Telling you on my show about social media companies, Twitter, Facebook and other tech Tiran entities and their endless efforts to impact our election, obviously in favor of the Democrats, like the liberal activists at CNN. So how they do it is really creepy and kind of back door ish and slimy, but that's what these companies do. And we are under attack again by Facebook, who has employed an army of hilariously called fact checkers to basically write opinion pieces, disguised this fact checking.


And what they do is they attack conservative pages endlessly happened again. I've spoken about this on the show so much, I don't want to go back and relitigate it. But a new one happened yesterday. So I'm sitting there yesterday on a conference call. My record's no joke and I get a Facebook notification on my phone. And it says basically one of your articles has been rated false by a fact checker, Mike, it has. I went through him, I couldn't figure it out.


Well, which one was forced by the infamous fact? Remember the fact check they did on Nancy Pelosi where we actually quoted her and they said the quote was it was a, quote, quotations.


So fact checking by liberals like Facebook is a joke, of course. So I get to the link, and it's a speech by Eric Trump, which was spectacular about Joe Biden, where Trump had indicated that Biden wants to hike your taxes and that by there it is right there. This is an actual screenshot from my phone of our post on Facebook, which now you should spread even more. It says Trump. Trump twenty twenty four. That's what I wrote.


Triggering intensifies. And you'll see it's a video of Eric Trump and you'll see below. This is what the post reads below now because Facebook put this on air, partly false information checked by hilariously called independent fact checkers. In other words, a liberal activist. So I click on the link. And the link is to this article by the American foreign press, by a so-called independent fact checker who calls himself a Dunlap, who's probably a radical leftist and not admitting it.


And here's the link now attached to Eric Trump's speech. Trump's son makes false claims on second night of the Republican convention like he did. Because I listened to the speech and I. I couldn't figure out what was false about it. I thought it was a spectacular speech. That's why I wrote Trump Trump twenty twenty four, maybe even Rumbalara or Don. I mean, the lineup is strong. So here's what they fact check showing you again, because unlike the fact checker, I'll provide actual facts which fact checkers, which are really opinion writers, never do.


So here's the fact check attached to Eric's speech. Quote, One of Donald Trump's sons falsely claimed that Joe Biden pledged to defund police and raise taxes on most Americans. That's false. And also misconstrued the incumbent US president's record on ending military conflicts in a full throated appeal for voters to grant his father a second term. Folks, this sound like a fact check or an editorial piece?


Yeah. Yeah, kind of sounds like a badly written using the logic of a four year old opinion piece in the back pages of the swampy New York Times. No, no, it's a fact check, Joe Facture. So let's do the actual facts. So just to be clear, what they're fact checking Facebook as they engage in rampant election interference now as they falsely fact check true items. They're saying that Eric Trump, you read it yourself, I just read it on the air, that Eric Trump's claims that Joe Biden is going to raise your taxes and defund the police are false.


That's what they're saying. That's what the fact check says. This is false information. OK, so, again, in an effort to give you actual facts on the show, which you'll never get on the left, I use the most radical far left company I could find for a Web search, Google. And I just Googled Trump tax cuts, which Biden has pledged to repeal. Oh, don't worry. I got video on that, too, and I'll put it up on the screen.


His Google and Google. Right. Not a not a model, Joe, of right wing conservatism. Google. And when we agree. So here's Google. When I Googled Trump tax cuts brackets. This is a screenshot of my actual phone Trump tax cut brackets. Quote, Google. The law retain the old structure of seven brackets, but most cases it lowered the rates it did. You mean the rates Biden's pledging to hike again? This is crazy.


Let me read it to you just in case you think again. W.G. Dunlap, the alleged fact checker, he apparently can't read or Google Trump tax cut brackets that, you know, that kind of stuff doesn't work for him. It says the top rate fell from thirty nine point six to thirty seven percent, but then, oh, well, that's just a rich people. While the thirty three percent bracket dropped to thirty two oh, those are just the second rich people, but this is where now we stuck it in the middle class tax bracket, the twenty eight percent bracket, the middle class fell to twenty four percent.


It did when I heard the middle class didn't get a tax cut yet because you're an idiot. That's what you heard. I'm sorry. The twenty five percent bracket, which is the middle middle class, fell to twenty two percent. So they got a tax cut to poor people. Definitely didn't get a tax cut really because lower income categories in the 15 percent bracket got their taxes cut the twelve percent. WG Dunlap, alleged fact checker, really an opinion writer with the reasoning of a baby, a three year four is being generous, apparently can't Google the Trump tax cuts, which Biden has already pledged to cut.


So just to be clear, because we're doing a logic train here, I know liberals, this is hard chaining facts together to draw a conclusion. You know, science. I know it's tough. But we have a tax cut law currently in effect, signed by President Donald Trump. Which cut middle class taxes from three to four percentage points. I just showed you the Google results, Google, you know, your lords at Google your overlord's. You think Google's lying, that your taxes really you want to ask your accountant, feel free, go put the show on pause, your taxes were cut.


Whether you believe them or not is an indication of your own stupidity, not the facts. So W.G. Dunlop, who's not very bright, apparently couldn't Google that, that middle class taxes were cut. Eric Trump says your taxes will go up under Biden because he's going to get rid of those cuts, meaning those cuts go back to not cuts, tax cuts, tax, not cuts. Meaning if your taxes work, I folks, I'm sorry to torture you with this, but liberals are listening like W.G. Jumblat, W Degan, whatever his name is, and he's a fact checker who can't use even Google Google.


If you cut middle class taxes by three to four points and then you get rid of those tax cuts, your taxes and go up. Three to four points. Fact check. False. Biden never said that. He didn't. Hat tip, Americans for Tax Reform, who has a nice little montage. We're going to play here of Biden repeatedly, repeatedly telling you the Trump tax cuts, which again for the liberals saying cut your taxes is going to be repealed, therefore cuts Joe Biden, not cuts, meaning your taxes go up.


Check this out. What I'd be focusing on is eliminating the one point nine trillion dollar tax cut that you passed.


You know, people say, well, Joe, how do you do all this? Well, guess what? First thing I do is going to repeal this Trump tax cut. Oh, not a joke. What is going to be your plan as president to get us out of this whole. Get rid of the Trump tax cut. No, not joking. The first thing I would do as president was eliminate the president's tax cut. So when I'm president of God willing, I am willing to reverse those Trump tax cuts.


One of the things we've got to do is buy the president. First thing we do is we're going to need Trump's tax cuts.


So W.D. Gun or whatever he faces apparently can't Google, you know, Google the leftist operation. I prefer the duck duck go folks and others out there. Joe, just to be I mean, again, because there were liberals listening who, you know, facts and stuff don't get tough with them. Serious question. You did not edit that, right? That's a false statement. He doesn't go on. In other words, after any of that, it's an 80 hour video to them.


But he doesn't go on. He didn't cut out where he says, no, no, I'm just kidding. When I just said I was going to cut the Trump tax cuts out, that I really meant I was going to leave the. He didn't say that, right. You didn't cut that part out. Just taxes. What you OK, so it's a false thought. OK, thank you. Just checking. Good. So. GW Dunlap, whatever your name is, you may want to check that video out and reconsider your fact check that Eric Trump was lying, it kind of looks like you're lying.


Then it. The Joe Biden didn't say he wanted to hike your taxes. When you get rid of a tax cut, you hike taxes, I know math isn't really your thing. Even more hilarious, he continues to insist that Joe Biden didn't say they wanted to defund the police, defund meaning, take money away from the police. This is only going to be the five thousand four hundred and twenty sixth time we've played this video of Joe Biden when asked if he wants to redirect funding away from the police, saying not only yes, but absolutely.


Here's Joe Biden again. This is, by the way, for EWR Gun Lappe.


Check this out for law enforcement. They don't need that. The last thing you need is an up armored Humvee coming into a neighborhood just like the military invading. I don't know anybody. They become the enemy. They're supposed to protecting these people. So my generic point is that we agree that we can redirect some of the funding. Yes, absolutely.


OK, Joe. Again, just checking. You didn't cut out the part where he says, I'm just kidding, folks. Just kidding. Just a joke. Did you cut that out yet? Not at all. OK, OK, thank you. And it's only like the fourth or fifth time series that we've played that cut. But it doesn't matter now. Oregon Lapin is in his fake fact check, of course, he's going to say something like, well, Joe Biden later wrote that he didn't want to defund the police in an op ed.


Fine. Fair enough. He did. Right, that we do facts, but maybe you should include that in your fact check and say, Eric Trump. Who said that Joe Biden wants to defund the police was probably referring to a segment where Joe Biden said he wanted to take money away from the police and then include the context that Joe Biden later said, no, I don't want to defund the police in an op ed. That's what someone who's sane and a fair fact checker would do.


But not Dunlap, Dunlap, of course, is a fake fact checker and an opinion writer who leaves all of that stuff out and only puts the other stuff in there. He confuses you intentionally. Just hints at the redirect money thing. And it goes on about how well Biden was a that's not his job to say how strongly Biden feels about defunding or not, it's your job to check facts. Here's how that fact check should have went down. Eric Trump's statements about Doug, about Joe Biden, one, want to hike your taxes, Joe Biden is on tape repeatedly suggesting he's going to repeal the Trump tax cuts, meaning, yes, Eric Trump's statements is true, that Biden has said he's going to hike your taxes.


Also, Eric Trump's statement about Joe Biden, Joe Biden defending the police, I don't know, call it partially true or whatever, but Joe Biden has taken both positions on this defunding or not. That's how you actually do a fact check for gun lap. But he can't figure that out because he's not a real fact checker and neither is Facebook. The good news is nobody actually believes Facebook fact checks anymore. Nobody, no one. I get tons of emails and none of them are ever.


Oh, my gosh, Stan, you were wrong about your Trump video. Not none of them. Never like zero. They're all like, look at this dopey fact check what a bunch of idiots don't realize. They're ruining their credibility, not ours. Like I said, they fact check us on a Nancy Pelosi article on an actual quote from Nancy Pelosi with video embedded. That's not a real quotes taken out of context. We had the whole video in there.


All right, I got to run. I've got a lot going on today, as I said, will be headed up to the White House. We'll give you some hopefully have some pictures and stuff. We'll tell you if this is the first show we're doing. Tomorrow will be our show. Obviously not live, but it will be recorded tomorrow. That portion afterwards, we're going to don't even ask me how we're pulling these logistics off. It's never easy, but we will be back tomorrow.


And I will report for the first time on night for the convention from the convention, which will be really weird because we're used to watching it on TV. So do not miss tomorrow's show, too. We appreciate all of your subscriptions. We hit a huge milestone for listeners and download yesterday that I have to tell you, I never thought five years ago. We would hit I had a number in my head and I thought we we that would be the the asymptote, the ceiling, we're at almost double that number now, thanks to you.


So thanks for watching. Talking about the show and spreading the word. Please subscribe YouTube dot com slash Bongino subscriptions are free and on Apple podcast. Google will podcast wherever you get your podcasts. Thanks a lot. See you tomorrow. Don't miss the show.


You just heard Dan Bongino.