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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


Ladies and gentlemen, I got some disturbing news this weekend from a source I've never let you down with sources. Right. Serious question. If I let you down Spygate read Spygate I wrote four years ago. Pretty much nailed it, right? Was it me? It was sources. My pat myself on the back. I'm patting them on the back. I was just the purveyor of good information I got. Didn't let you down in the Epstein case, that show on Friday blew up the Eppstein show.


Told you about a source there too. Was pretty much right on target on that. Right. Well, I've got another source about the Biden mental state situation, which is deteriorating rapidly. The Democrats are getting very, very worried. You're not going to want to miss the show Today show brought to you by our friends and express VPN. Ladies and gentlemen, guard your online profile today. Get a VPN and stop these people from prying into your online information.


Get a VPN, go now, express VPN, dotcom, express VPN, dot com sponginess go today. Welcome to Dan Bongino Show on this Monday producer. Joe, how are you today? Fine, sir.


Well, for a Monday I'm doing OK, but you know how Mondays are. It's I think we both I know we just had a total meltdown equipment. So we have this year, just so you know, what you got there and this older earpiece. And I was cleaning it with an alcohol pad and it had one of these film. It's what his alcohol pads, at least a film. Look, you can see it right now. A whole bunch of water got in the thing and we were like, that's what it is.


Yeah, that'll do it. Yeah, that'll do. That'll now. There you go. It's gone. Now we have this. What, what are you laughing. I'm not spitting. It's the thing. I'm cleaning it out. I'm going to have to clean that out later today. But that goes to show you what happens if you're interested in podcasting. Luckily, you have to have a backup, which I do everything now. I'll have to clean this thing.


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All right, let's go. So let's dig right into this one. So I received a. Communique, what do you want to call you want to talk fancy stuff like the liberty of things showing this new one, I'm already not like in this thing, it's already show. I got like a thing hanging out of my ear, like I'm back in the Secret Service. You do have a thing coming out. I don't. I know. I know.


I do. The very Ben Stiller. Something about Mary. Some of you got that.


So I received that communique, a dossier, whatever you want to call it, except maybe it's real from a let's say, a certain source of mine. And the source said this. Listen, Biden's mental state is really deteriorating rapidly. Folks rapidly like to the point where Democrats are getting seriously, genuinely concerned about what's going on. He is. Listen, I don't put this out there lightly. I've received communications like this before, I've been hesitant to put out there because the reliability is questionable.


Not not this one. I haven't been around Democrat politics and Democrats for a long time. I maintain a good quality network of sources, even amongst Democrats who are concerned about, you know, there are some out there left, some shockingly very small group, but still concerned about the future of the country. They are terrified. Listen to me. This is one of the most important things have opened up the show within a very long time. I'm telling you, people around Joe Biden in his network, they're every day seeing him from dawn to dusk, from what we used to call socks on, the socks off, socks on in the bed, socks off to go back to bed, are telling me this guy's not there.


He's not. They're not. Joe, just to be clear what we're talking about here for our audience, because it's important. I'm not talking about like he forgets where he put the mayonnaise after making tuna. You know, he forgets where the refrigerator in is, you know, back up freezer in his garages. I'm talking about the guy's completely not there, like losing it at times.


Confused where he is. Has to be kind of coached through things sometimes. And the problem from what I'm hearing from people. The problem? If you're missing the gesticulations, you can watch the show you tobacconists Mancino. The problem is it's getting worse. That although there may be some degree of functionality still left. You get what I'm saying, it's disappearing at a geometrically expanding rapid rate. To the point where they're concerned about what's going to happen in November with the election 90 days from now, forget about Joe, what's going to happen four years from now with Biden's elected.


I sat on Jesse Waters show this weekend, which I, I do once in a while. I said to Jesse, no one really thinks any more in the Democrat Party, Biden's going to be president. Now, do you understand why the vice presidential pick has been delayed three or four times now? Folks, I'm telling you, this is dangerous stuff you were about to listen, I get it, I'm a supporter of the president. I understand there are Democrats who just hate this guy.


I'm just telling talking about President Trump said, I know you let your personal feelings get in the way a lot. I'm just telling you, you're about to vote for a guy who is entirely incapable of doing the job, the most important job in the world. If this was your company and your business, you would. Absolutely. And your wallet was going to take a hit knowing you were going to elect via a board, CEO was going to run your company right into the ground on day one, you would never do it.


You know what? You're doing it right because you feel like. I don't know if they'll back them up, the VP will come in and fill in the void, the cabinet is going to back them up. I said this on Jesse Waters this week, and no one actually believes Biden is going to be president. They think it's either going to be the VP or they think it's going to be the cabinet somehow taking over some kind of whatever consensus opinion.


Folks, you understand, how dangerous is this? You were about to elect a guy who was completely falling apart now. I posted this on Parler and other social media accounts as well, Facebook as well, and it blew up. Here is the actual post that got a whole bunch of attention. I said not a joke, not hyperbole. And I meant that this isn't a joke and it's not exaggeration. I'm hearing from people close to the situation that Biden's cognitive decline is rapidly worsening and is becoming increasingly difficult to mask.


Those are almost the exact words the Democrats are going to have to make a decision soon. Well, boy, did that elicit a response red state, whose Breitbart, a couple others picked up this American thinkers good piece. You could see him on my social media feeds a parlor as well. I posted most of them. Dan Bongino warns Biden's cognitive decline is rapidly worsening. Joel Pollak Folks, I'm not kidding. This is for real. Now, in case you think I'm making this up bad, dad sources, all right, he was right on Spygate is right on Clinton, but.


You know, I'm just going to toss this one into the wind. The Democrats are behind the scenes in a panic. They're afraid this guy is not even going to be able to make it to November. I don't mean make it like live. I mean cognitively make it in Britain, but literally pretend these all there. Right. I'll play a quick video, Joe, of course, always gets a preview before the show. Here is a video of Clinton phony fraud, former press secretary, one of the worst guys in the business character wise, I mean, completely devoid of a spine whatsoever.


Here's hatchetman Joe Lockhart. Clinton phony. He went on CNN this weekend, and they're already laying down the new narrative, Joe, that Biden shouldn't have to shoot. Biden should not have to debate Trump and fill in the reasons why. But here's Lockhart's reason why. Because they don't want him on the stage, because they know he's not there. So check out Joe Lockhart on CNN, already laying down how Biden should stay off the debate stage because they know he can't handle it.


Check this out.


Yeah, well, he will say that. And I think as I wrote in the article, it's worth the risk. You know, he's this is a president who, as I said in the article, is incapable of telling the truth. He spins these conspiracy theories out there. And up till now, most of those theories are broadcast by Fox News and on his Twitter feed. And, you know, most Americans don't see that the debates are very different.


This is the one thing now that we're not really going to have conventions where the public will tune in, you know, 50, 60 million people. And they will they will see all of this nonsense from him. He will take the truth and and destroy it. And Biden will be in the position of correcting him over and over and over again. I don't think he should give them that platform.


Ladies and gentlemen, can you imagine this? We're about to elect the president of the United States the most powerful position, not just the most powerful position in the world, the most powerful position in the world in the history of the world. Right. So it's been the most powerful position on the planet for well over one hundred years. You know, in the beginning, the presidency was powerful, but you still had you know, you still had the the the British to deal with and other great empires.


We are the world's biggest empire now. You have now things you didn't have two hundred years ago. Right? You you had you have nuclear weapons. You have. Geopolitical decisions that could enter us into World War Three tomorrow morning, that could end in an apocalyptic catastrophe, it is not only the most powerful position in the world, it's the most powerful position in the world in the history of the world. And you're about to elect a guy who the Democrats are afraid to put on a debate stage.


They're hiding this guy, The New York Times floated in an op ed piece. Joe Biden shouldn't debate President Trump again. The reasons are irrelevant, Lockharts said, because Trump lies there. I don't I don't mean they're irrelevant terms. It irrelevant in terms of analysis. They're relevant in terms of Lockhardt doesn't actually mean that they're just filling in the blank reasons and floating out and poking you to see which one you get. What I'm saying, like which one will resonate with the public.


More reasonable one Trump. Yeah. Trouble is, the stuff that they're just trying to figure out what focus group with a focus group will tell them and what will make more sense and what will resonate with the public. They don't mean any of it. They know in any election, any election from dog catcher to the presidency, there should be a minimum a debate so you can flesh out the ideas. Folks, this is really bad, I'm not kidding, you can expect this to get much worse.


Much worse. I am extremely concerned with the information I'm hearing, he is not there, he's not there, it's getting worse by the minute. All right, through the magic of post editing, Paula managed to fix his earpiece, which was driving me absolutely crazy during the show. So thank you, Paula. Thank you, Joe, for your patience. That was about a 30 second clip we had to cut out of the show. McQuary a little time out.


Time out, kids. We got to start. This thing's driving me nuts. Thank you, Paula, for fixing that. I really appreciate it. All right. Let me move on to my next story. But seriously, very, very concerned about Biden. You should be, too. This is really, really troubling. Folks, I've warned you repeatedly and I've warned you and not so much, because I think you're on the right, you know, the wrong side of right.


You're on the right side of right. But because some of you work at companies, represent companies and talk to people who own companies who are under the mistaken impression that catering to the rage mob and the blue checkmark Twitter brigade of lunatic social justice warriors, that doing that is a good move for your business. I cannot emphasize to you in strong enough terms how a small pocket of. What were relatively anonymous losers 10 and 15 years ago. Have managed through the use of social media platforms to make you believe that this small pocket of basement dwelling losers, otherwise known as the social justice warrior, outraged mom.


They make you believe that they're a bigger presence in the market than they are. So you're a company, for example, whatever. You know, Joey Bagger don't think it doesn't really matter. You have a product. The product is, you know, has a name they don't like or a photo they don't like. And they come after you and say, look, Joey Baker, don't think is is racist. It's not the people saying when I people I mean, the market, it is a small group of losers sitting in their basement roasting s'mores.


And it's nothing but because they're on Twitter and they talk to each other and other social media platforms, it makes you believe that a huge portion of your customers are offended by this product you sell with a photo that nobody cared about five minutes ago. Maybe it's a photo like Land O'Lakes of the of the Indian woman sitting there with the land to remember that, oh, my gosh, we're all off. And nobody would nobody cared about that for 50, 60 years.


But now all of a sudden, everybody's offended. So you're Joey Beckert. Don't think like you're in your board. Oh, my gosh. You're in your boardroom. Hair's on fire. But he comes in. Look what I saw on Twitter. This is crazy. They're coming after our customers are going to boycott. We're not going to have any Joey back. I don't think Joey back. I don't think donuts left. We got to stop. We got to get rid of this tomorrow.


No, you don't. Large swaths of America don't give a hoot about your packaging, they don't care about the name Redskins, they don't care about any of this stuff. It's all made up. Fake outrage, mob nonsense. Having said that, catering to the rage mob. Will cost you customers you thought would be cost by keeping your packaging that the little snugged brigade told you was a bad idea. You don't believe me? Again, as I've told you, twenty two thousand six hundred and forty two times, when you cater to the left wing rage mob and you do what they want, you do.


We're going to kneel. We're going to genuflect for the Black Lives Matter pigs in a blanket frame like bank. What happens? Well, look at this story. And Breitbart, again, totally, completely unexpected by every sane, rational person in the United States or to Todd Houston. Breitbart story in the show notes today. Please check it out on that newsletter to access the newsletter Shonen. Same thing. Ratings crash for NBA and Major League Baseball after protests filled debuts.


You know, someone close to me, I'm not going to say who, but. Shares, my last name may be one of my brothers, maybe the older one. I'm not saying who it is, though, call me this weekend. And we're talking about baseball and poor guy brought up Major League Baseball and the Yankees, and I say poor guy, because he didn't expect a five minute mea lacing into him about baseball. He was really just calling a chat.


Yeah, I got I'm not going to say who it is. He may share my last name and. Be my middle brother, and his first name may be James, but maybe could be another guy, too. So poor guy calls me and I said to him the point I was trying to make about baseball and the kneelers now. Is your catering to an audience that expects to be entertained, right, Joe? I'm not crazy. When you watch a movie or you watch sports, you ninety nine point nine nine percent of you listen to me.


You walk me, I'm going to walk you. So everybody understands, specially the liberals. We're having a tough time understanding why massive numbers of people are tuning out. Ninety nine point nine percent of people have no vested interest in that outcome at all. They don't have an ownership stake in the team. Most of them don't own season tickets. Most of them are trading on some equity stake they have in the team. Most of them don't have a kid playing in the team with a four hundred something Major League Baseball players.


I don't know that the overwhelming number of people watching don't have a son or a daughter is pitching in the game. It's not like your kid's Little League team where you're like us. That's my son on the mound like this. Go, Bobby, you you're watching for the sole purpose, sole purpose of being entertained. What was it, Gladiator, Russell Crowe, how are you not entertained, right, Drew?


We'll throw in a gladiator. He always does. He say text me if that's the purpose. You're there to be entertaining, folks. Am I reading this wrong? If I am, email me. I'm happy. Send me a parlor or a post. Send me a Twitter. Facebook. I'm happy to hear the alternative side is, but the sole purpose is to be entertaining. How am I entertain? A guy very seriously now, sarcasm aside, who loves this country, loves, not likes.


Not thinks it's cool, not thinks it's OK, not once to pat it on the back, but loves with a passion. This country, how am I entertain? When you take a knee in total disrespect for our national anthem. And you basically slap me in the face and give me the double barrel, middle finger. Oh, no, no, no, no, you listen to the liberals on social media, they say, stop saying that, then they're not disrespecting the national anthem.


No, no, they are because they're kneeling, which is always considered when a national anthem is simply a sign of disrespect. That's why we stand in unison and put our hands over our hearts and we don't kneel. Kneeling is meant as a form of protest. To protest something. And you'll say, well, you guys, the liberals will respond, you guys are reading this all wrong. This is a social justice press, OK, but that's not how it started.


Kaepernick, when he was very clear he was protesting the country, the guy who started this, the former dreadful forty Niners quarterback. And what I find interesting is liberals are asking us to understand them, you need to understand what we're doing here. While making no effort whatsoever to understand us how people who look like me, police officer, federal agent, but really just an American, how people like you, teachers, architects, military officers, military soldier, enlisted folks out there who fought for this country for nothing, for no money, you're not getting rich off it.


And it worked to make this country a better place every day who support Donald Trump and support conservatives. You make no effort to understand us at all. And you think that's entertaining to us? I don't know who told you this was a long term business model for success. But as I said to this friend of mine on the phone, who may have been my middle brother, shared the last say my son's name may have been James, maybe, as I said to him this weekend.


The problem with this is. Sports are handed down parent. The child to their children watched together. I'll never forget with my my grandfather died when I was young, but my my grandmother remarried a really nice guy named Jerry. God rest his soul. He was a good man. It's called Pop Up, Jerry, good man, never forget watching Yankee games with him with a bowl of cheese. It's growing up. Telling me stories about what was it, swish Mickelsen or so her Nickelson swish swish, he hit the ball so hard.


Swish It's all the. I'll never forget that those are some of the finest days of my life, they lived in Eatontown, New Jersey. I sit there, watch games, room two and three hours at a time. I'll never forget him having to tell me that Rich Gossage, the old Yankees relief pitcher, pitcher and Goose Gossage were the same person. I thought that was his brother. I'm not kidding that I was like seven or eight, but he was I didn't believe him.


He came in big, big Rich Gossage. And, you know, he was the goose that was his nickname. And I remember seeing on the scoreboard Rich Gossage and like, oh, God, I said, Pops, that may be a. That may be his brother, Rich, he's like, no, dad, that's the same guy I'll never forget that that change being broken now as people like me don't watch it. We tune out. Another byproduct, the liberal culture war, that's very real against all of us.


They won't wipe out everything, I'm going to get into that that's again, a loaded show today. Sorry. So let me get let me get to my second sponsor. I've got a lot more to get to. Just really sad for baseball. Football is really tough to watch. It hurts in the pit of my stomach. It really hurts. All right. Today's show a bunch by our friends at Chenu, a favorite product of my mother in law who loves you and you sell stuff.


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Don't miss it. All right. To page your day. Got to bounce back and forth you because they got a lot of important material to go through. Speaking of the culture war. You may say to yourself, well, I don't get it. And, you know, if if liberals if they're not stupid and they're not and don't don't do that, don't make that mistake, they're malicious. Many of them are really evil. Many of them really would love to see the destruction of the constitutional republic as we know it, but they're not dumb.


Everything they're doing is is done strategically and tactically. So you may say, well, why do that? Why alienate large swaths of America, especially by pushing for a protest, kneeling in our estimate for our anthem that they know is going to alienate large swaths of people? Well, I want to explain to you what's really going on with the culture war, and it was a really, really, really good triple really op ed in The Wall Street Journal this weekend about exactly this, how Marxists and socialists throughout modern human history have worked to deconstruct our past and any objective reality and institute a new and deeply troubling future.


The article is titled The Captive Mind in America's Resegregation. It's by an Andrew McNab. He says Idle smashing and castle culture are part of a broad ideological project to dominate society. Here's the problem, the left has, folks, let me lay out the problem first for the left again, try to separate yourself from rationality for a minute, because we're talking about leftist nuts. And many of you were sane people and you're like, this is going to try to put yourself in the mind of a leftist, because the only way we're going to defeat them is by understanding how they think and why they do what they do.


So put your sanity aside for a moment and think like a leftist. What's their problem? If you want to be a big government Marxist, socialist, where the government literally controls every component of your life, your kids education, your health care, your job, your economy, your wallet, everything, everything where you live, who lives next to you, they've got to get you to believe the situation you're in now, which is almost none of those things, is horrible and deserves changing.


Joe, I need you here, buddy, as the audience referee, are you picking up what I'm putting down before I proceed any further? Because the support I am.


Yep, that is important. And yes, I am picking up. Right, like the middle class is the large swath of America, you're going to need them to go along with the destruction, but it's hard to do that because many of us, you know, you have a decent house, a white picket fence. I'm not saying everyone we obviously have people who are poor and we have people who are super rich to some who've got there through a very legitimate means some.


But the large swath of America is reasonable, reasonably comfortable with their lives. I'm not talking about the coronavirus and all the misery now, although they're leveraging that to talk about overall over years, not just by minute. You've got to get them to think that their situation, if I can be candid, really, really sucks. And it's hard. A lot of people are happy with their kids school, they're happy they can go to the doctor when they want, they pop into the local Publix or supermarket shelves are stocked.


You get food when you want to find out of it, even if you find yourself out of a job, you generally have some form of unemployment insurance. Having traveled the world a lot, my prior line of work, I'm not sure you understand, like how bad things can really get when you're in a really, really poor country. I spent a lot of time bouncing around Africa and certain places in the Middle East. And when you see real grinding poverty, you're like, Holy Moses, we really live in a great country.


Even the poor people in the United States are better than some of the middle class folks over there.


So they've got to get you to think things are really bad. So how do they do it? Well, they have to make you believe as well that the country is is a stain that the country was the birthing of the country was done out of some evil intent. Therefore, you're associated with evil.


So you're like, gosh, I got my nice house and my kids doing OK. But, man, am I the problem. Like, gosh, this country was birthed of evil and we've had, you know, obviously the stain of slavery, which was very real, but no one alive had anything to do with that. But did I do that? I have something to do with that. And, you know, even though we were there, we're still the freest, most prosperous country on earth.


Are we inherently fifty one percent evil because we've been founded by evil people? And should we detach from that? They need you to believe that story's true, that you are part of some evil enterprise. Let me give you an analogy, maybe to make more sense. You work in a company in Joey bag of donuts and the company's very prosperous and makes a really good product and it makes a life saving stand to whatever it is. And your competitor wants to take you down.


How do you demoralize the employees of the country, of the of the Freudian slip of the company? You make them believe that they're part of a company that was founded out of some pure unadulterated this company years ago was founded because they stole all the money from these people in this country. And it's an evil person. You should be embarrassed working there. This place is absolutely awful and terrible. It's a way to demoralize the people there. They're doing that now.


And to do that, you've got to get people on the outside of your little ideological fence to believe that they are really inherently evil. And you've got to get people to turn against some oppression. This is how they do it. Let's go to screenshot from this piece. There's no coming together here at all. None in the piece. They see the radicals have turned race into a lens to which to view the country's history and not simply because they're obsessed with race.


They've done so because it allows them to identify and separate those groups that deserve affirmation in their view and those who do not. What is taking place is the resegregation of America, the end point of which will be the rejection of everything, everything, the civil rights movement. Fought for. It's a either you're with us or you're going to perish attitude. Now, again, another way to describe this again. You've got these insiders on the left who think the country is inherently evil, has to be reorganized, therefore they have to take everything from you.


They want you to feel like you're part of this evil company in this country. They want to demoralize you and beat you down. They want you always give me, you know, white privilege, all this stuff. That's what all this stuff is. But the way they do it, too, and the way they separate you, if you don't go along with this because most people want is they have to instill upon you guilt by making you feel like you did something wrong.


One of the examples I always use is I was a radio host one time and Mallee's, the guest host there. And right before the show went on that morning, I was feeling it in the morning show. Some ups came out and I read it and it said something like, if you use this word to describe Americans who happen to be gay, I remember this story. It was either gay or homosexual, whatever the word was, that that word now meant that you were a homophobe.


It wasn't like one of the words nobody. You know, you know, everybody knows the stuff you don't say it was. And it said and I was interesting that piece, because I was like, really? Because that's interesting. Just a couple of years ago, that's how Democrat candidates for president describe people in the gay community. And honestly, I don't remember which one it was that would made you a homophobe. I don't that shows you how weird the whole piece was, because I'm confused even to this day.


I don't remember. The left changes the language all the time, if you say this, you are now racist, homophobic transphobia or whatever it may be. They do it all the time to put you outside the fence, to make you believe you're part of this evil, corrupt company. There were also doing it now with our history, whereas in the past, people believed in a common identity, George Washington, the cherry tree and these myths, we tell them, you know, Washington was a great leader, but everybody's imperfect.


But we believe, you know, we shared a common American, you know, a common American legend we all believe in to believe we were part of something good because we are a country that's flawed, but it's generally good now while that's being dismantled, too, as they rip apart every objective truth we knew. Everything, they take it all apart, you don't believe me, anything objective, objective, meaning, not subjective, meaning the opposite of my subjective interpretation of what would be an objective fact.


Two plus two equals four. Right. All right. That's an objective fact. The history of the country. What actually happened? The United States fought a civil war. To keep the union together fought largely over the issue of slavery, hundreds of thousands of men perished to keep our union together and wipe this stain from our country. All that stuff has to be wiped clean because they don't want you to feel like you're part of something good, anything objective, history, math, all of it has to go.


The objective history of religion, our Bibles. Look at this. Here's a quick imagery. There's no sound to this for our audiences, but here's some Bible burning going on in Portland right now. Not kidding by actual Bible burning on screen. You can see it right there. Use of that Bungeni if you want to check that out. So religion, religion, which is based in objective values, right. Everyone has God given rights. Treat your neighbor as you would treat yourself.


They don't have they can't have any. Everything has to be subject. And if you're on the outside in your religion, you're definitely a homophobe. If you're a Catholic, you like, what would what are you talking about? And you panic and you're like this to go to church anymore. We can't we'll be called homophobes. That's next. So we got the Bible burning. You may say clearly they're not going to attack Amarth. Oh, really?


This was an interesting tweet we saw this appeared on Twitter this weekend. Got a lot of social media attention by a hey here Steve guy. He says this thing, there are two factories. Each factory has two operational machines, as well as half the parts to build another one. If the two factories were joined into one and the two halves, the parts were built together, there would be five machines. This is a case where two plus two equals five.


Well, you think I'm kidding like this? So this is a guy who supposedly some kind of math guy on social media, I don't know him, never met him before, but putting out a tweet, trying to indicate an example where two plus two equals five. It's his tweet. I'm just reading it. Joe, just to be clear, is there any circumstance you've ever seen in your life think about this heart where two plus two equals four any?


Have you ever found one now? No, no, no, thank you, Paula. Just taking a little survey here, OK, now, Paula shaking. So that's never happened. This is this is deliberate stuff. Now, in case you don't believe me, you know, like, he clearly left off social media, like there no no one. His example is ridiculous because it's two and a half plus two and a half. Not true.


But this is what they do. They want to wipe out any attachment you have to objective truth, rules and principles so that they can change him every day. Here's this back up. This is the the Social Justice Warrior Brigade on Twitter I talked about before a couple of people in their mom's basement with their snuggies making you believe this is like a widely accepted view. Now, this lady at Nympho Mashi, that's an interesting one. She says the amount of people losing their own over a mathematician saying there are instances where two plus two equals five is why you will never be able to convince transphobia to stop abcess oppressing trans people.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is. I'm not kidding. Oh, most they they are they're they're trying to be. So now two plus two equals five. It's by the way, she goes on in that tweet thing to talk about other reasons like why there are multiple genders and stuff like that. And you're now you're repressing transphobia. You understand they're trying to wipe clean from you any attachment to reality. An objective reality go back to the beginning. Wipe clean your attachment to the life you're living right now.


The life you're living right now, the objective reality, decent house kids are doing OK generally live in a pretty great country. It does really good things. They want to make you believe that this is all some bizarre fantasy land grounded in evil. And that everything has to change and they can't get you to believe that unless they detach you from what you're living right now and make you believe you're living in some alternate evil fantasy universe here. Another example.


NBC, Chicago, Chicago area leaders call for Illinois to eliminate history classes.


I can go on all day. Objective history, objective truth, it all has to go away. Reminded me and probably reminds a lot of you of a, quote, legal insurrection, put it up this morning. You read 1984 by Orwell. Quote, Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed. History is stop. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the party is always right.


I don't want you to ever, ever forget that. Orwell's 1984. Only way to get people to believe. That they the government and the elites that plan to take over and their new liberal fantasyland, utopian fantasy land, which is really dystopian, the only way to get you to believe that they're always right and the life you're living right now is a product of an evil empire you live in, is to wipe clean any indicators you have that what they're telling you is not true.


Wiped clean history, statues, Bibles, religion, everything. The only decisions that will be made will be made by party elites and those decisions are always right. You've been warned. All right, let me get to this Washington Examiner story, because it's important. All right, that's due to that. I could see Paul, it's kind of moving around back. So let me get my final sponsor, Animal Roll, through this. An important story about their school system and how you're being, again, entirely misled by agents of misinformation out there that are driving me absolutely crazy, especially when it comes to your kids future.


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All right.


So speaking of that last segment, I listen my again, my apologies if we got too deep into the weeds, but misinformation is key. It's the key component of liberalism because what you see in front of your eyes, you have to be told, isn't true. So we're being told now, of course, by the misinformation, agents and disinformation out there. Joe, don't send your kid back to school. There's a virological terror. It's going to kill everybody.


This is really dangerous. Your kids are in real trouble and we got to keep your kids out of school. Well, of course, that's the teachers unions play. Who are can we please stop the nonsense like the teachers? You're never in it for the kids. They're not in it for the kids. OK, a lot of the teachers are. Most of them are. The teachers unions care about one thing, and that's power and funds sent the teachers.


You OK? Can we just stop the nonsense that they're in it for the kids? So I warned you, did I not? I warned you. Warned you, warned you last week that this strategy the teachers unions were taking close the schools or else we're going to strike. We're going to put out scientific misinformation to confuse you. I warned you this was going to backfire spectacularly, did I not? Joe is very familiar with this area, Washington Examiner piece this weekend, Montgomery County, Maryland, Maryland, the most liberal county in one of the most liberal states, the entire country, an area I'm very familiar with.


I ran for Congress over there, almost one that's high school leaders and parents outraged over Montgomery County's closure of non-public schools. Tim Carney, Washington Examiner. Joe, can you just vouch for me here that Montgomery County is so blue, it's almost like dark blue, borderline like purple, black, the bluest of the blues.


Yes, the bush to the right, you in a blue state that's the bluest, almost the bluest of the Montgomery County is deeply populated with radical liberals. I would be borderline socialist in many cases. Yeah, it's a very affluent suburb. But as I've always warned you about liberalism, the great irony of liberalism is that even hurts liberals. The irony of conservatism is conservatism, how conservatives and liberals do. If you weigh it out, kind of a no brainer, conservatives, we leave you alone, you leave us alone, liberals, we'll never leave you alone.


Just when we install liberals, please leave us alone. Wait, your liberals. You said don't leave me alone, but don't leave now. Leave you. Yes. So now liberalism is eating liberals alive in Montgomery County as the extremely affluent, largely liberal, not all but largely liberal Perre parentage out there. Like, wait, wait, wait. They're closing down my kids elite private schools, too. Yes, yes. They're doing that for you.


Yes. Your kids. Pieces in the show notes this fascinate. Because the far left radical county executive in Montgomery County apparently has been lying to people to. Keep in mind, he's talking about closing down non-public schools, private institutions of learning Catholic schools and elsewhere. Schools that are Jewish. There's a rabbi quoted in there. These are public schools, these are government enterprises, these are private shuting private schools down to and he's lying to people. He's telling people, the county executive, Joyce, OK, we got a lot of Buy-In from the schools.


They want this they want to focus on. And they're like, no, no, no, no, no, no, we're not. They're actually quoted in the piece saying that's not true. Parents are losing their marbles, they can't go back to work, their kids can't go back to school, they're shutting down private schools. This is what they do. They lie to you based on a bunch of misinformation. And as I said to you and warned you last week, this is the worst strategy ever for the teachers union.


Listen, I'm not here to give you advice. You do you. I do me. I've got my little ecosystem here in the Bongino ecosystem. You've got your teachers union thing going on. I'm just telling you, if you want a piece of. Semi objective advice, it's hard to completely remove myself from the situation. This is the dumbest tactic I have ever seen in my life. Close the schools on demand or will strike, alienating middle class and wealthy parents and poor people in lower income categories to.


Alienating the bluest of blue counties in the entire country. And you think this is a winner? It gets worse by Corey DeAngelis, does great work on school choice. Had this social media post up this weekend, a coalition of 10 teachers unions and the Democrats, Socialists of America are now demanding a ban of new charter schools, a ban of private school choice, a ban of standardized tests, police free schools and more federal funding. They're holding a national day of resistance tomorrow.


Folks, listen. If you're a teacher out there, I'm sorry, but it's time right now to take a stand. These teachers unions are an embarrassing disgrace that are doing this. An embarrassing disgrace. Embarrassing, humiliating, they're not in it for the kids, they don't give a damn about your kids. I'm not going to accept that they give a damn about your kids because they don't. Whether your kids learn a thing this year, they couldn't care any less.


Now, some of you will say, because, you know, we do like science and stuff here, well, then aren't they basing the school closing thing on CDC guidance? Well, let's listen to the CDC. Here's Robert Redfield, the CDC director, debunking three specific myths that schools shouldn't open, that they're dangerous and that there's some massive risk, the students, from doing so. Listen to this. Check this out. Watch the video on the YouTube because there's some questions in the background on the screen.


YouTube dot com slash Bungeni. But here's Redfield from the CDC debunking the teacher's unions nonsense that this is going to be some mass super spreader vet. Check this out.


The CDC encourages all schools, all schools to do what they need to reopen and to have plans that anticipate that the covid 19 cases will, in fact, occur.


Reopened, I think it's worth noting that the CDC never recommended general school closure throughout this pandemic. We see schools, as has already been mentioned, as a vital part of our society, and we think as you measure the different risk, it's clear that we would see the greater risk to our society is to have these schools closed.


I thought we were doing the science. I thought we were being guided by by the science. I thought we were doing facts, you know, data that that kind of thing, numbers, risk analysis, I thought I thought we were doing that. So, you know, you're telling me we're not doing that because that's not what the CDC member we're supposed to trust the government. Right. The CDC, we're supposed to trust them. Right. Just what we've been told by our liberal overlords have told us, the government, the government, these bureaucratic geniuses, the science, these intellectual giants, we're all supposed to trust them.


Right. But you ever notice how we're never supposed to trust them when it conflicts with the left's political agenda through the teachers unions, which are now to keep the school? You know, I never even told you what the agenda was. Here it is right here. Keep the school shut until we get what we want. More money. That's it. It's as simple as that. It's no more complicated than that. You will give us money and ban our competition.


Private and charter schools. You saw it. Do I have to put the tweet up again? The teachers unions demand more money than charter schools. You will get rid of our competition because our public schools lot a lot, a lot of them sadly suck. You will ban our competition and you'll give us more money for getting rid of our competition because we don't want competition, because we'll lose students to schools that are actually teaching kids, get rid of them or we're not opening.


That's exactly what's going on right now. And you think this is a political tactic that's going to work or we're going to hold your kids education hostage? Good luck with that, folks. Good luck. And to the teachers unions, real seriously, imbeciles who are listening to teachers unions, management. Divorce the teachers from them for a minute. There's a lot of teachers are upset about this. Do they understand the disaster this is going to be? Whoever told you this was a genius strategy going forward fired them yesterday and asked for your money back.


You have no idea the damage by the second you are doing to your costs. All right, now, the reason I started the show. With this culture war material, well, I started with Biden, but outside of that, the kneeling, the war against an objective reality, the war against facts. The war against terror history. Is because, folks, this information is liberal, it's the left's specialty. Disinformation, no, America thinks your life is awful, we got to switch this whole thing up, we need the socialists in charge.


Capitalism is evil. Yeah, but I'm doing OK. No, no, no, you're not. You're part of an evil byproduct. You're responsible for our the scourge of of of the country's initial founding in our initial attachment to slavery. You did that. Meanwhile, you're like, what are you talking about? Like, you know me. They have to make you feel like you're part of a company country that again is bedrock, then evil motives and intentions, and that requires misinformation, lies, distortions, deception, disinformation, propaganda, agitprop requires all of that.


It's how they're making you believe you have to keep your kid out of school despite no evidence from any credible scientific authority that the risk is any greater than it would be for something like the seasonal flu. We don't shut down the schools. For that matter of fact, the risk of seasonal flu to your kid is four times greater. It's all misinformation. Well, I heard some this week. Let me give you a little back story. Point of personal privilege here.


I watch a lot of cable news, one for show prep, and two, because I'm always concerned about what the left is going to say. And if, you know, I'm open to new information always, I mean that if a leftist says something that's objectively true, like two plus two equals four, I'm not going to challenge it because they're a leftist. Leftists will do the opposite to us. So I heard something the other day, I was watching cable news and I been talking about a debate about the stimulus package, the coronavirus stimulus package.


There is a six hundred dollar unemployment supplement paid by the federal government in addition to your state unemployment benefits if you lost your job to Korona. The problem with the six hundred dollar enhancement is some, not all, but some people I kid you not are being paid more via that enhancement. You following me? Everyone are being paid more. To stay home, then to go back to the jobs they were laid off from everybody tracking me. Yes, support.


So thank you, I always need Joe here for this, so I heard this weekend I'm listening to a debate. One of the lefties says, hey, there's a Yale study out showing that that's not true, that people being they are not all again, but a small subset of people are being literally paid more to stay home than they would if they went back there. Just they said the guy, the liberal says, no, no, no, that's not having any effect on jobs, which I know is not true, because I talk to a lot of business owners all the time.


They email me. I talk to friends of mine who own businesses and they're telling me, Dan, I can't get my employees to come back to work because the federal government supplement, they're making more to sit home. Ladies and gentlemen, by the way, forget the morals and ethics, a perfectly rational mathematic decision, right? Stay home, make more, go to work, make less, stay home. So I hear this liberal on TV and he says, no, there's a Yale study showing that that's not true.


Yale studies showing that this isn't creating a disincentive and that people who are making more nonno, they're going back to work and I thought. What's my job here on the Tampa Geto show to go and look up the Yale study, find information about it and show you why? You're asking me to believe two plus two equals five. So a researcher at Yale is telling you that large swaths of Americans who will literally make more money by sitting home on unemployment are returning to work because.


Why? You're asking me to believe something that can't possibly be true, especially in light of the fact they pay attention to the beginning of the show. My circumstances around me are true, business owners I know are coming to me telling me they can't get their employees back, the disinformation specialists on the left who want to deconstruct history. I want you to kneel before the flag because they think the country is evil, are the same ones telling me what you heard from the business owners?


Not true, because Yale told me. Yale said, no, no, that's not happening. So, of course, I did your homework for you because I know you're busy and that's what I'm here for. As Joe says, everything you need to know in our Wall Street Journal this weekend about that Yale study, again, suggesting that not all people who are being paid more to stay home still go back to work, many of them, because they're really good people.


Many of them well, a lot of them want. Title of the piece, which is, by the way, absolutely terrific and fantastic, is economists versus common sense. If you pay people not to work, fewer will work except at Yale. It seems perfect. I was concerned about this. Oh, I'm not kidding you. All we got I'm like Yale's telling us that people are being paid more to stay home and yet they're all going back.


Does it make sense? So what as we always do here on the show where what the study did happen, that is an objective fact, right? Two plus two equals four. Yale did do a study. That study did find out that some people are. But what's the catch here? There's always, always a catch. That's always a catch. That's what the Bunshiro shows here for. Here we go. Screenshot number one. What did they do with the economists?


How did they massage the data, Joe? Well, the Yale economist, quote, found that higher wage replacement rates didn't reduce re hiring at small businesses in their sample. Keep this up a second, Miss Paula here. So. Oh, wow, Joe. Yes, right. We're all crazy paying people more to stay home. They are actually going back to work. Yale saying it didn't reduce re hiring. Right. We're all crazy, right, Joe?


Hold on. Hold on. Some of you on YouTube got to read a headline. Joe I. Joe. It goes on, quote, Yet the study excluded part time workers. It did. And those who hadn't been working out of business in their sample in the last year. In other words, the study focused on workers with more with more loyalty to their employers, see what they did there? I'll explain. Don't worry. You see the trick.


So, yeah, of course, there are economists who are trying to gaslight you and make you believe again your life in America stinks and you're part of a racist, awful country that an objective truth, that you live in a great country. That's an objective truth. Your reality right now is all false. And they're trying to gaslight you into believing that what you heard objectively from businesses I can't hire back workers is false. So how do they do?


What they do is study and they leave out. They exclude part time workers and people who hadn't been at their business very long and they only studied people who've been at their business more than a year and who are full time. In other words, people who have a significant attachment to their job, who are, of course, are not going to sit home for a few more weeks of unemployment, they've had the job for many years. They're full time and it's their career.


But that's fascinating when you include the people in the job, like my friend who's a business owner, restaurateur, told me he's having a hard time hiring people back, who are those people? They're his part timers who in the restaurant business typically come in and out and maybe aren't there more than a year. In other words, Joe, when you include the people that actually matter in the real world, when I say actually matter for the analysis, when you leave them out of your study, of course, you get a result you want.


Yeah, we're only talking about career professionals. No, no. We're talking about the real world. You're talking about only career professionals. You see what they did there? Yeah. Yeah, you got that right, Paula. Did you get that? They left out people who are most likely to return to show you that this is all made up here goes on because this is and this is a crime. Again, we're living in a gaslighting world.


If you're not doing your homework, you're believing this stuff. But short term is in part timers to make up the vast majority of workers in food and in food and drinking bad beverage business. They were half of the business sample, and these workers benefited most from the benefit bump. A worker in Louisiana who made twenty four hundred dollars from part time jobs all of last year would collect twenty five hundred sixteen dollars at two thousand five hundred sixteen dollars a month on jobless benefits.


Today, twenty nine dollars a week from the state, plus six hundred dollars. Folks, what's going on here? Liberals again. Have to engage in a disinformation and misinformation campaign to separate you from reality. They don't want you back to work. They want you miserable. They want you reliant on the government. They don't want you to have an attachment to any meritocracy in your job.


They want you suckled to the government the whole time. So to do what they have to feed you scientific research. That's obviously slanted in garbage to make you believe your objective reality is, in fact, false. Of course, there are going to be large swaths of people if you pay them more, to sit home. Who are going to, in fact, sit home, is this surprising? That's what I'm here for. So when your liberal friends say when you say to you and you say to them, listen, the stimulus, there's a problem with it, we're paying people too much money with money.


We don't have taxpayer dollars to sit home and not work. And they're not going back to work. When I say that's not true. The Yale study BAGNATO that's actually not true. They disregarded part time workers and people haven't been at their jobs very low, the very people who aren't returning back to work. In case you missed that, you know, science and stuff, that's what we do here. Can I show you? Paul, can we skip to this video?


I'm going to. This is very disturbing. Joe got to see this. Joe, thank you for pulling this out, because some of these embed videos, it's I mean, this is from The Daily Mail had tip to them. They got this from it's a body cam. This is disturbing. I'm not messing with you folks. So if you have, you know, kids, this is not inappropriate, but I got this off The Daily Mail, it's body cam footage from a police officer over in the United Kingdom where they have socialized medicine.


I was going to make this part of a blog about Biden and his tax hikes coming, which I'll do tomorrow. But this is worth seeing and ending the show on. I'll get into that tomorrow because I don't want to give this up. I want to shortchange this. So there's a man in the U.K. and his six year old daughter is on life support, this is real footage. It's police body cam footage, apparently had some disagreement with the hospital.


Remember, this is socialized medicine, government run medicine where they have the power and you don't. The medical professionals in conjunction with the government will tell you what to do, how long you can live. I'm not kidding. It's not a joke. They have a thing called a quality over their quality life here. That's a real thing. Look it up, QALY. Meaning if they don't feel in these government run medicine systems that Biden wants to bring into the United States and his left wing allies, Sanders and Eocene, this is not a joke.


It's not hyperbole they want to bring here. They have a system where they have a kind of a math formula called the quality that will determine when you get medical help and when you don't. Well, this man and his wife were sitting in the hospital bedside with their six year old daughter, there apparently is a disagreement about what the treatment for the daughter's going to be. Again, in the effort to keep the show fact based. You can read the article will be up in the show notes and you can do the background yourself.


I'm sure there's disagreements on both sides about what happened before. I'm just telling you this. This is this guy's daughter. He's at his daughter's bedside. There was a disagreement with the hospital about what he wants to happen to his daughter. Which regardless of what happened before or after this, what I want to happen to my daughter is what's going to happen. God forbid something happens to them and they're in a situation like this. The hospital calls the police, the police show up and I want you to listen to this, it's tough to listen to if you can watch the video on YouTube, but this is the struggle that ensues after a few minutes when the guy refuses to leave his six year old daughter's bedside demand subsequently had a heart attack while they were pulling them away.


This is tough to listen to watch. But check this out.


Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. I would just be great. Look, just put this on yourself. Take it easy. That's absolutely. Can you imagine this?


That goes on for 11 minutes. Man goes on to have a heart attack, is begging for his pills. Female police are at the scene proceed to call him an animal. Listen, again, I'm not going to get into this before what happened before, I'm sure there are some disagreements about what should happen. This guy's daughter. She's six, she's dying. And in a system of government run medicine, when your six year old daughter is dying, what the state tells you is going to happen.


That's what's going to happen. And when you disagree, you find yourself in handcuffs. Being violently pulled away from your daughter and being called an animal by the state. You want this year. This is a joke going back to the beginning of the show, I will vote for a guy was. Rapidly declining cognitive abilities, it'll all be OK in the end, it will. Well, why they wiped clean your history. Try to eliminate history classes, keep your kid out of school, destroying their future, wiped clean your wallet with taxes you've never seen before in American history, and subject you to a government run health care system where if you dare to protest the treatment of your child, that your six year old's bedside, they haul you out of there and call you an animal, arresting you while you have a heart attack.


We're in a bad place, folks, a bad place. We have a chance to turn it around. I'm telling you, this president we have now is the only thing standing between you and the chaos. That is it the only thing. This stuff should really frighten you. All right, I've got more tomorrow on the show, including Biden's tax plan, which should freak you all out. I panicked my mother in law this weekend. I'm a little worried, seriously.


She was ready to sell off her entire retirement assets this weekend because I told her what, buying your plan? Let me just tease this one bit. I'm sorry. I mean, but. This is important. People in the Democrat Party are actually talking about now taxing unrealized gains in addition to all this chaos, we point out throughout the show, unrealized gains you've made for capital gains. Unreal. You know what that means. Imagine if they transfer that to cap gains on your house.


Unrealized, meaning you didn't cash in. Joe, you own a stock you've had for 50 years, you never sold it the way sane people do it as you pay the tax capital gains tax on the gains when you sell it, imagine being taxes is actually being discussed. I'll show you tomorrow by Democrats if Biden is elected taxing your unrealized gains assets you haven't even sold. As if that applied to your house, your stocks, your pension fund. You want to talk about collapsing the United States economy in one fell swoop?


You think I'm messing with you? I'll show you a piece in the journal walking right through, they are actually talking about you, but go ahead, elect the guy whose cognitive abilities are declining by the minute. Good luck with that. All right, folks, thanks again for you today.


Please check out my interview show with Greg Gutfeld. Did this weekend, too, this one set the world on fire. I really knew it was going to do well, but I didn't expect the response. Whatever must list new shows, ever interview shows Greg Gutfeld. He talks about cancer, culture, social media and his new book, The Plus. It blew it up this weekend. I think the hilarious back and forth between me and him was a welcome reprieve for a lot of you.


Check it out and subscribe to our YouTube channel as well. But you can see that YouTube dotcom sponge. Check it out. Watch that video, too, on my channel. I mean, the video is even more disturbing than the audio. Thanks for tuning in, folks. I'll see you tomorrow.


You just heard Dan Bongino.