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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


So the Obamas are so excited about a Joe Biden presidency that there was a glaring omission from Michelle Obama's widely lauded speech last night. The media loved it, but there was a big omission. The media, of course, was Michelle Obama. No matter what she said, they would have loved it. She could have read word for word from a 1940s poetry book and would make it say greatest thing ever. But did you notice Kamala Harris name didn't come up?


Why I'm going to get to that in the show today, because it just speaks to how unexcited the Obamas are about a Biden presidency. I got that. I've got a video by AOC, which is PKC, but it's important because it speaks to the Democrats regressive politics. They want to go back to the horse and buggy. I've also got the situation going on in California, which is really serious with their powergrid, but shows you again why socialist states or soon to be socialist states like California can't handle anything to show Batebi Express VPN.


Ladies and gentlemen, get a VPN today. Protect your online data from those prying eyeballs. Go to express VPN Dotcom Bonjean. Welcome to the Dan Bongino show producer. Joe, how are you today after that disastrous opening night of the Democratic National Convention?


Well, I'm doing pretty well, you know. And if you watch any of that, by the way, I know that part of it is very little bit of a guy I went to. Yeah. Yeah, me too.


But as little as possible. About as little so that I could commented on it. Comment on a for Franschhoek today and then I turn to. Right. What are you watching. I think we are watching like below deck Madde or something like that just to get out of it. It was. So what were we watching. No, no, the scam show right there. It's all about the scam. Yeah. Because it was that bit the show about the scam.


But I just said that I watched the DNC, which show about scams. I was an unintentional, horrible joke on my watching this show about the scam. You just said you watch the DNC. So the other show, American Greed, that's the same thing.




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Right, Joe, let's go. By the way, on a side note, I may be getting my my my nose fixed soon because many of you have noticed during the show I'm constantly, like, breathing funny. I can't breathe anymore through the left side of my nose at all. I had it broken badly when I was boxing and trying to be like an me guy, which wasn't really working out too well for me. My brother broke it during a sparring session.


Bad. Remember that, Paula? Flat new blood everywhere was really gross so I can barely breathe. So I'm hoping my doctor friend who watched the show can hook me up. So I can't. I'm telling you, I can barely sleep anymore either because I can barely breathe through the left side of my nose. So compress. I had a fixed one and it didn't do any good. Just throwing it in. All right. So last night was the opening night of the disastrous Democratic National Convention.


What a joke. I mean, what a total mess. This thing. I'm sorry. It was a disaster even. Partisan political commentators, but who give pretty sober analysis, I don't want to say it like nonperson, but guys like Guy Benson on Fox, who's a Republican, but guy doesn't get into like a lot of hysterics and theatrics is a pretty sober unless I saw him on Fox and Fox and Friends of the news show this morning. And he was like, listen, it was just kind of like a bus like did the energy's low.


And listen, to be fair, it's kind of hard to do a convention without a convention. I mean, everything was done look like a big Zoome conference. So it was bad. And but there's a real benefit here to the Republicans going second. And that said, they're going to be able to see this new convention's like a Zoome convention because there's no in-person or relatively few in-person activities and they're going to be able to correct the mistakes. The energy was low.


Obviously, I'm a partisan here, so I'm not even trying to be objective. But if I was trying, it was just a bad performance. The speeches were dull. They were dopey. You had total losers like John Kasich, fake Republican, former governor of Ohio, and Congressman John Kasich, who is I'm like Republican. Dan, it was the Democratic National Convention, Kasich, who's a total loser, who is never a seriously. He's one of the most unlike guys in Republican politics.


Kasich got blown out by Trump in the Republican primary when he was running for president, never got over, never got over. So he decided to give some dopey speech last night about we're at a crossroads and Joe. Very clever, he was standing at a crossroad in a road when he did it. I'm not kidding. I'm not even going to show be so stupid. He was literally. Look, look, I'm at a crossroad. Wow. Look, camera crusher, this genius, locals bold, this decisive at a crossroads, which is.


So Kazik was given. We're at a crossroads. Don't vote for Donald Trump. But here is John Kasich at the Republican National Convention years ago, talking about the guy he supposedly now loves, Joe Biden. Check this one out. This is great.


But Joe Biden told me that he was a good golfer and I played golf with Joe Biden. I can tell you that's not true as well as all the other things that he says.


Did the dipsy do? Did the flip, you know, the dipsy do flipper Rusedski. Yeah. One eighty twenty five twenty seven forty nine nine nine eighty whatever. Case six of this guy is a total fraud, and what I don't get about this is having a bunch of Republican swamp rats, Meg Whitman, Christie Todd Whitman, John Kasich, Susan Molinari, a bunch of deep Republican swamp rats who have been swimming in the Republican D.C. swamp or local political swamp forever.


Speaking at the Democratic convention against Donald Trump. Serious question. How does this hurt Trump, who's constantly running as outside of the traditional two party model he is he's run a largely populist campaign, which some some things I disagree with. A lot I do. But he's running as I am not a subject of this two party model that's failed you for decades, is he not? Is that not Trump's theme? Is that right? I'm I'm missing this.


Right. Joe is a normal everyday voter who, you know, I mean, I know you, but you're not a politician. Right? That's always. So how does this I don't I really don't get how John Kasich thinks he's not making Trump's point. Let's trot out a bunch of Republican swamp rats at the Democratic National Convention to speak out against Trump and endorse. But we got them now. Good one, and let's try it to I put them at a crossroads, always at a crossroads.


He's an actual road that has a crossroads. Joe Cross, he's at a crossroads. Put him at a crossroads because it's so clever. It is. And let's hope everybody forgets the video of John Kasich calling Joe Biden a big liar at the last minute. Let's forget that. Let's go to this was such a clown show. Really was.


I know. I know. I'm not objective. I'm seriously, like, trying a little bit. And it was it was so boring. And I'm a political commentator. I couldn't watch it. And then Eva Longoria, the Hollywood you know, the Hollywood crowd comes out. Yeah, I'm I'm going to vote Democrat. It's so wonderful. This is like 20, 16 all over again. Don't visit any of the swing states, trot out the Hollywood crowd, bore people to death and call everybody a racist.


That worked out very well for the Democrats in 2016. So here's Michelle Obama. I want you to listen. This is just a quick clip here because the media loves it. Transformative, epic, otherworldly, godlike figure, small Michelle Obama. The media's going crazy. Her speech, the speech seriously was boring. It had a couple of high notes in it. It was boring. It was just boring. There was nothing epic about it. But the media loves it because it's Michelle Obama doing my due diligence.


Here's a short clip. I'm sorry to subject you to this, but I want you to know you're not going to hear any mention of Kamala Harris in this short clip and you're not going to hear a mention of Kamala Harris anywhere. Michelle Obama's speech. If you go back and listen to the whole thing, I might explain to you why in a minute. Remember, they're so excited, Joe. They're so excited about Biden, everyone. John Kasich.


Oh, he was at a crossroad at a road at an actual crossroad. Did you catch that? So clever. So I'm not so well, that's way above me. You guys are good to me, too. Me too. We could even if it was so brilliant, it was minute to be so brilliant. I didn't even get to say what I was like. Wow. So smart. So there's so excited Kasich and Michelle Obama about Biden that she did this.


Check this out. You know, Joe, he is a profoundly decent man guided by faith. He was a terrific vice president. He knows what it takes to rescue an economy, beat back a pandemic and lead our country. And he listens, he will tell the truth and trust science, he will make smart plans and manage a good team, and he will govern as someone who's lived a life that the rest of us can recognize. Whoa, that was my own Mottley, wow.


Well, that was almost sounded like monthly there. Do you have monthly? How does that compare to my money that let's see where you are? I'm just checking because that's pretty close. Well, when I got out, that was funny. No, no, no. That was she hates Motley Fool. I hate. But this is a big controversy on my show for years. Many of you all the whispers of Paula hates Motley like there's no tomorrow actually sounded like money.


So let's break that 30 second clip down because I can't subject you to any more. The absurdity of the speech was really it was boring and I'm not going to lose my audience. But just a couple things. Is a man of faith. He is. I'm just curious. Listen, I'm a sinner like all of us are. But a man of faith who supports what, late term abortion, I'm just checking I don't know where that is in the Catholic Christian faith doctrine, he claims to be a man of faith.


Just just check. I don't remember that one in church last weekend. Yeah, pretty sure that wasn't there. So I think we could scrap the man of faith. He is a man who will seek out a quick buck for him and his family, though, as you can tell by Hunter Biden, sweetheart deals and other family members have gotten sweetheart deals in foreign countries, many of whom are enemies of the United States. He has faith, faith in the almighty dollar, that Joe definitely has faith.


Now, faith in a higher being, a capital G. God, I'm not so sure about, given that he doesn't really practice anything he preaches. Second point she makes, which is on a hilarity scale, a nine point seven, two out of ten. Joe Biden knows how to rescue the economy. He knows how to rescue his economy by getting his son. Sweetheart deals in China, sweetheart deals in Ukraine, having prosecutors looking into the sweetheart deals fired.


He definitely knows how to rescue his own personal economic situation, how to rescue an economy. Did Michelle Obama forget that her husband, in conjunction with the hapless Joe Biden, were in charge when the worst recovery based on GDP growth? The standard metric for an economy in American history happened from a recession, the worst recovery from a recession in American history. Was her husband. And Joe Biden, he knows how to rescue an economy his own. It was had a rescue in a.


Where did she get that? Who wrote that dopey line for even worse? He knows how to respond to a pandemic. You mean when they blew it on the Ebola crisis and during the H1N1 crisis, when he was like yanked off the stage for giving a speech where he told everybody not to get on planes? The Obama administration freaked out on him. You mean that one or you mean the one with a depleted all the personal protective equipment and never replaced it and handed Trump a bunch of empty coffers with no facemask to respond?


You mean that one? Of course, Michelle Obama knows the media is going to celebrate her speech. She can lie about Biden all she wants because no one's actually going to fact checker, especially like Facebook and other fact checkers. Finally, he listens, he listens, he listens to it, and he tells the truth, he listens it, that that's hilarious. He tells the truth. You mean this is the guy who plagiarized Neil Kinnock speech who told you he graduated at the top of his class despite being at the bottom of his class?


The guy who said what he had two degrees. He did not have two degrees. I'd play that Media Research Center clip again, but we've burned it so many times, I think it's losing its luster. Joe Biden never tells the truth about anything. Joe Biden now is incapable of telling the truth because as you remember what the truth is what he said five minutes ago. So we can't repeat what he said five minutes ago because he doesn't remember. Now, before I move on the final portion of this.


Why did she not mention Kamala Harris? It is Joe Biden's selection for the vice presidential candidate here on the Democratic ticket, why not? Why not mention Kamala Harris is a friend of the Obama family. Well, I'm hearing it happened because Michelle Obama taped this, taped the speech before Kamala Harris was selected. So they love Uncle Joe, lunch bucket, Joe Scranton kid, the screen kid, you know, little boxer name Emmys and mega commit or have committed.


He's a big guard player in me to Scranton Cédula. They love him so much. That they taped it and didn't even bother to, like, recut it after Kamala Harris was picked. Don't interrupt my yoga schedule. Michelle Obama, Obama's like, make me check my schedule, let me go my calendar here. Calendar app. You're pulling that up. Let me see. Do I have an open day and may scroll through? No, no. Sorry, guys, I can fit you in on Tuesday at between two thirty to forty five.


Send a camera crew to my house. Hey, we pick Kamala Harris. Can you cut a line or two, maybe wear the same. No, no, no. I'm not even going to bother to do that. I don't want you to get to my busy coffee klatch schedule. I got an appointment over there with my my friends at Starbucks. This is how much they love the Scranton Kanjo, the Scranton kid. This is how much they love Joe Biden, who's honest and listens and is great on the economy and his captain pandemic response.


That's how much they love him. They taped it. Weeks ago. Loves show, and he. Maybe you should have listened to Joe's team when they asked you to recut it after Kamala Harris was selected as the vice, but I'm just throwing that out there. Small possibility. Maybe you should have done that. Oh, man, all right, I want to get to this, they I know, I know, I always get the feedback off, OK, I get it.


I totally get it. Many of you hit me. I hit my calendar by this fine and realized I had a I had a call today for you to remember that I forget I got like sent alarms for myself by the middle of the day. I'm like, pass that. But I'll always get emails when I do it. They don't highlight AOC now, folks, we have to because you can't let this stuff ride under the current. Oh, ignore her.


She'll go away. They won't go away. They just do. All four members of the squad just won their primaries. They're not going away any time soon. The only way to fight back is to confront their really stupid ideas and use the Alinsky tactics against them, which is to humiliate. They're really stupid ideas. It's important. Qiam and I'll get to that in a second. Let me get to my second sponsor. Got a cool new watch on that.


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She put out a video I don't know when one of her social media accounts. I don't know which one it was, but someone sent it to me. And AOC has another idea. Remember, she's got an economics degree. Not really sure how that happened, but whatever. So here's A.C. She has an idea, Joe, on how to save the post office. I guess she used her economics degree for this one, you know, economics about using scarce resources efficiently, getting society to move and allocate scarce resources efficiently.


The whole idea behind economics, how do we make more medicine, more medicine better? How do we make vehicles more efficient and better price, you know, that kind of thing? It cannot be. But here's her idea about how to save the poor. This is just classic. I got some other ideas after this one to propose to AOK to after this genius idea. Check this out.


Hello, everyone. I have been thinking about ways to help you help the post office. And I think I've got an idea and I'm interested in hearing your thoughts. So one of the best ways to support the post office is to buy stamps. What do you all think? Would you guys be down and excited if I set up a national progressive pen pal program to do all the work of connecting you to somebody else? We would offer maybe some conversation prompts or postcard prompts and even like a printable postcard format, you just send it out.


Would you guys be down? Do you like that idea?


You guys, I love this, by the way, should be down. Let me show you that I'm still cool you down. You down with the pro you down. Oh, so, yes, Aoki has an economics degree. She wants you to start writing letters again. I know. I know. I know. I know. I'm sorry. So. I get it. I get it, I know, I know some of you are like, get me that neuroprotective brain supplement because I got 10 IQ points dumber.


Just listening to that, folks, there's a reason we don't. Write letters anymore to people largely using stamps. Because, Joe, wait for it, wait for it to calm your nerves.


Sit back, wait for we have a new technology. Stand by. Stand easy, do not get excited, you may not have heard of this, Joe. Yeah, it's called email. E-mail. Oh, my gosh, I almost forgot about that, yeah, that thing once in a while, in the morning, I send clips to anyone EP so that is I can't I can't do the show. I can't do I can't take this anymore. So just to be clear, AOC, who supposedly has a degree in economics where we're supposed to be looking for efficiencies, how to decrease inputs and increase outputs, you that kind of thing they teach you in economics.


She wants to turn back time, so she wants you to pay I how to take some notes on this because I want to be sure I'm sorry. I'm legit. I'm legit crying right now. Oh, yes.


You're going to take a second. You're doing too much really as far as I go to my computer, because I need to take a second to gather my thoughts here, so. Just to be clear, what she. She wants you to pen Paola's. To go out and write letters to each other, she wants you to pay for communications. That are now free model of efficiency. So you can communicate over email. E e mail, computer, phone, tablet, an iPad thingy.


The way Joe and I and Paul and Drew produced the show Electronic Communication, she wants you to pay to communicate with your pen pal or socialist friends. Using a technology from 20 years ago, a pen and a paper and a stamp that you can do for free now should generate trillions.




Yes, to the Valeria's, she wants you to waste your money. It gets worse to pay for something that is currently free. Sounds like a model of economic efficiency to me, please turn in your degrees that secondly. So let me underline first pay pay for something that's free. So she's a real genius as well. Secondly, and in the way she wants you to wait for a service that's now instantaneous email send instantly, she wants you to wait weeks to hear back from someone you could hear back from in seconds via the snail mail system that nobody uses anymore because they don't want to wait.


I've got an idea. I've got an idea. This is just I do have other ideas. But this this idea just came out of the blue right now on the show. Extemporaneous thought. I've got idea. AOC lead the way on this because you're a brilliant economist. Of course, I want you your next campaign to lead from the front and run it exclusively by snail mail. I want that by the AOC pledge. I pledge to run my campaign exclusively by.


Of course she won't do it because it would be idiotic because she would be spending money on inputs she doesn't need to spend money on, on an output mail that has a wait time she doesn't need to wait for because she could have used email for free. Oh. Finally, so pay for something, you don't have to wait for something you don't have to do and waste your time using equipment that you don't need to use, i.e. a pen.


Do you have any now? Oh, envelopes here. I do have stamps, though. Stamps, a pen, envelopes and Nikki Mickey envelope. Lick the envelope. That's what my mother in law which says to the dogs, the dogs come over their ways, like my feet, like they're always licking my face. Stop licking my feet dogs. I love the dogs but stop. Let's just close the door. Stop it. Kind of like the envelopes.


It's gross. Don't use a sponge. You don't have to do that. Just to email. Email the computer, send email address. AOC, it, AOC, whatever that something. It's not hard. The National Pen Pal program, so I've had some other ideas. So considering that wasting money is not a big deal to her, she should pay for something that's free, waiting for a product you can get instantaneously. She loves that, too, and wasting time using outdated equipment.


And the AOC School of Economics doesn't matter. Got some other ideas, Joe, what do you think? I mean Rennies by not so, Paul, I want need your input on this to. We got to get her one of these days.


We will get her maybe a lot of requests from Paul. I know it's I want to do it. I wanted it to be anonymous. She really does exist, though. Has some interesting suggestions, by the way, about yesterday show I'm going to have to leave out because it's family friendly after yesterday's show. If you missed it, it was a genuine YouTube idea, number one, Joe. I think we should ask US Postal Service mailmen, the workers, to go around and basically destroy mailboxes as they deliver mail because it would do a great thing.


It would get mail box production companies to produce more mailboxes, which would hire more mailbox people, which would save the entire snail mail industry. Just terrific idea. I like it. An idea should break the flags off with around too much that when I put firecrackers, they want to be in danger. You break the flag or maybe put a dent in it, take a little gavel, like hammer the mailbox a little bit so people don't like it in the way gets involved.


You all got dents in your mailbox. Find your mailbox. The mailbox industry would explode. Great idea to uses Aussie Rules pay for a new mailbox, you don't need to wait for a new mailbox you didn't need because it wasn't broken and waste a bunch of money on assets, new mailbox, new mailboxes that didn't need to be wasted. It could have been put to more efficient use, but it doesn't violate any of these new rules of economics. That's a great one.


I like that one. Here's another one. We should start a you know, she wants a national pen pal program. We need a national equestrian program. Why would we need to train kids at a ride horse? We can scrap the cars. We could save a bunch of gas that keep the fossil fuel. So we'd all ride horses around wild, wild horses. We can all be on horses to school with a little hay, the little things around their butts.


So when they when they you know, when they do their thing in the school parking lot, you could saddle on up and enough to drop their, their, their stuff all over the place. Horses, a horse. This is superefficient man. It's it, it basically describes in stone and sanctifies and three Aoki's three rules of economics. Pay for something you don't need a new horse. Wait for a service. Right. Transportation services is to take you a lot longer.


You'll have to wait a lot longer to get to school because the horse doesn't go as fast as the car and waste a lot of time using old equipment horses that you didn't need to use. You could have been in your car. AOC rules of can on one to three. Meachem all. Let's wreck the mailboxes. Let's get a national horse riding equestrian program. One more. This is the agreement we can ask the kids to train carrier pigeons. Who the hell needs snail mail, folks?


Why waste your time on that? Joe, we can get it even slower. We could do it even slower. Slower than that. How do we do that? Snail mail? That's way too fast. If we use carrier pigeon, we can double the time to get the communication. That's Aoki's rule number two. Wait really long for a service. It's now instantaneous. We can wait even longer. Carrier pigeon, put the little message on it.


You know, a little feet you get you send it over. Go ahead. Yeah, it's fun. Come on, Mike Tyson love pigeons, right? We can waste time using equipment we don't need. We can waste time using pigeons we never used before, training the pigeons and everything is good and we can pay. For something that used to be instantaneous, we can pay for the privilege of buying a bunch of pigeons and pigeon. Those are just my three ideas that subscribe to these three rules.


And we'll add the fourth, which is she should commit to leading from the front and running her next campaign exclusively by carrier pigeon. It's only fair. Now, I was listening to Fox yesterday on my phone. Sometimes when I work out afterwards. By the way, I was working out yesterday and I got back into grappling this week, it's been a few months because of the Rohner. So one of my buddies came down. I got a mat in my house like a faucet at.


And man, did I get my caboose kicked. It was bad. No, my grappling skills have diminished dramatically, folks. I took three months off and at 45, I'm going to say to you there is this guy is really good, but that's not an excuse. He's like he's been a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu since 2008. So this guy forgotten more stuff about jujitsu than I even know. But all that, he wiped the floor with me bad.


So I woke up yesterday. Some of you may have known I was like this. Paula had the Tin Man with the squeaker and the oil Paula had to do the Tin Man routine little, I was like, oh, I took a beating. But when I work out my mat in the gym down here, I was listening to Foxygen, Marie Harf on Fox and she was touting this year she happens to be a liberal, pretty, pretty far left liberal.


And this thing about the post office hoax that Trump is slowing down the mail to mess with the election that we addressed yesterday for 20 minutes and totally dismantled in a segment we got a lot of good feedback on. She will knowingly or unknowingly release the Democrats in new talking points. What is the Democrats new talking point, the postal service, because the hoax, the Postal Service hoax, that the hoax Trump is slowing down. It's so idiotic. And every American's like, wait, wait, liberals, you just figured out now that the post office is inefficient.


If you just figured out yesterday the post office is losing money and is inefficient, then you might be a liberal or you might be a media moron. I'm just saying, because everyone else in America, like literally everyone else in America, knew that other than you, not even figuratively, like everyone got that but you. So if you just figured that out. Yes. Or you may be a liberal or a medium or. So they need a new talking point, because the new PPY hoax, the post office hoax, which is the equivalent of the PPY dossier, was going nowhere and falling on its face and people were laughing at them.


Yet the post office is going to mess up the election. Some of the states are doing that all in their own right. Somebody said here's their new talking point. She said, well, the post office has been losing money. You know, basically it's been inefficient and all. But it's a service. It's a service. So for the American people. Oh, OK. It's so clear, so the new talking point, though, is if it's a service, efficiency doesn't matter at all, you know, a service like providing food and stuff, we don't.


And by the way, the post office is an independent agency, just to be crystal clear. So even that doesn't work. But their new line of attack is the government should do it, even if it's some quasi independent agency like the post office. The government should do it because it's a service. Mm hmm. Well. So that begs common sense questions like, well, isn't. Providing food, a service as well, I'm just saying, I mean, why does the government take over all the farms, too, and lose money there?


Well, why? Because we actually want people to eat. And when the government takes over the food supply, you get the great famine like you had with Mao Zedong. You get mass starvation like you had in the Soviet Union or you have in North Korea today where they are literally taking people's dogs to eat them. Not kidding. Google the story yourself. North Korea talks. It's really gross and really disgusting and very tragic. Not a joke. They are eating people's dogs in North Korea.


That's what happens when you declare something a service and you allow the government to take it over. So Marie was unintentionally making free market libertarian and conservative folks points, not hers, that, yes, it's a service and of course, it loses money because the government does it. Thanks, Marie. You made our point, not yours. That's their new talking. Shockingly, that's their new talking point. No, no, no. It's a service that loses money only because the government doesn't.


Excellent, excellent point, Paula Zahn Now makes sense. Come on. Asking her about the Marietje question for. It's a service. So restaurant management. We don't have the government managing, are we do they put them out of business in New York? That's right, with the Wrona. Now showing you how dumb this whole postal service things from Aoki's backwards economics to save it. To Marie's point that, oh, it's a service the government runs, so it's OK that they lose a bunch of money.


Hat tip, my friend Eddie Zipporah on Twitter, he listens to the show a lot. I found this clip on his Twitter feed here. This is Obama back in the day when he was pretending to be a serious person before he was into the whole weaponized government spying on his political opponents. Remember that Joe Biden, that was he before that he was pretending to be a serious person. Here's Obama counteracting Marie's point that, oh, don't worry, it's a service.


So the government should do it because they'll run it so much better. Really check them out if you think about it.


You know, UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. Right, they they are. I mean, it's just the post office that's always having problems alone, Obama himself. But again, when he was still a serious job, trying to be a serious person in a post office is always have problems. Yeah, yeah. Because the government is involved. It's it's an independent agency in name only. They want a government bailout. UPS, FedEx are doing fine.


They figured out an efficient way to pay less with a less of a way to deliver your package while not wasting capital. They violated Aoki's all Aoki's three rules of economics. Pay more, wait longer and waste a lot of stuff. FedEx and UPS have violated all of economist Aoki's rules. They pay less for less weight and less waste. All right, I've got to here's what's coming up, I got a bunch more money after my third sponsor, but.


California is a serious problem in California with these rolling blackouts, California is becoming a Venezuelan like power grid. I've got that story and it's important to understand why this happened. And I'm reading it. I'm going through the story after this. So you understand like it's people like EOC in the backwoods economics that are causing your blackouts in California right now. That's one hundred percent. Just get that. I've got that. And I've also got an interesting story about these lockdowns and how the evidence is now mounting that these things were a total epic disaster.


All right, our third sponsor today, our friends at Job Creators Network, folks, this is important, there are new sponsors. So please, if you wouldn't mind, give me just a minute of your attention on this. It's super important. I'm getting this question an email a lot a lot like one hundred, 200, 300 times a day between all my platforms. Then we got to save the country in November. What do we do in various forms?


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Don't let us lose this election, OK? I spent a little bit of time on that Senate, but it's important and it segues nicely into my next story at The Wall Street Journal. Folks, I really feel bad for you in California. I do, I traveled quite a bit to Los Angeles in that area. I like it. I a lot of good people. There's a shocking number of conservatives, by the way, in Los Angeles, even in areas like Beverly Hills.


Believe me, I the only reason I don't talk about it more and I'm being absolutely candid with you and I don't mention names, is because and you know who you are, people who have approached me when I'm in California or like Beverly Hills and like the fufu areas and we love your show, whatever. I don't even mention them on my show. And a lot of them are pretty prominent people because I don't want them to get boycotted. I'm not even kidding.


Right, Paula? Remember that story, the restaurant. You know who you are, poor guy. I'll leave it at that. They'll probably burn his restaurant down otherwise. I feel bad for the people in California, you're really being screwed over. As you know, in California, they're doing rolling blackouts, you like them. That's a story about Venezuela, North Korea? No, it's a story about California. It's a real story. Wall Street.


You are not kidding. They can't even keep the power on a new socialist California Wall Street Journal opinion from the other day, August 16. California's blackout warning. Anti fossil fuel mandates are leading to electricity shortages. Folks, this is not a story about Accra, Ghana. Djibouti, Venezuela or North Korea? This is a story about California. Do you find it mildly ironic? I'll bet. Mildly ironic that California. Home to basically every high tech company on planet Earth are in the cosmos, high tech technology can't even keep the damn lights on.


Do you find that even mildly ironic? You shouldn't if you understand that California is run currently by socialists who subscribe to the three rules of economics, pay more for things that are free, wait longer for things that are instantaneous, and waste a bunch of time on things you don't have to waste any time. If you subscribe to those three rules like the Californians do, that's how you get North Korea like electricity production. So what's really happening in California?


Let's go to screenshot of screenshot number one from the piece there, practicing green New Deal like power management. So California last experience, rolling blackouts in 2001 amid energy market manipulation by speculators. This time the cause is energy market manipulation by anti fossil fuel politicians. Democrats have mandated that renewables account for 60 percent of state electricity by 20 30, and it's forced the power providers to invest in renewable energy sources now meant to meet the deadline. So here's what happens, folks.


During peak daylight hours, California produces a surplus of solar energy. Why wait for it, Joe? Wait for it because the sun is out during the day. I know AOC stunned by this. So during peak daylight hours, Joe, there's a surplus. Wow, that's great, Dad. Huge success. It goes on. Hold on. Because of the surplus power generators, generators may be ordered or paid to cut back their production so the energy grid isn't overloaded.


Raima. Then on Friday and Saturday, this California power agency reported that about a thousand megawatt hours were curtailed enough to power 30 thousand homes. This year, one point three megawatt hours of power have been curtailed. You may be saying yourself that sounds like Aoki's dream. Sons go in during the day all the so much so much power, they have to get rid of some of it. So what's the problem? What's going on? Well, of course, none of this obeys any simple rules of economics.


It obeys the AOC through three rules of economics. Pay more weight, more waste more. And you get this. Here's a screenshot to here's what's actually going on. But the surplus during the day means, Joe, crazy how this happens there. Wait for it, Joe. Wait for it. Don't read that there are supply shortages at night because Joe. Yes, Joe, yes, calm down. You're getting ahead of yourself. There's no sun at night, Joe.


If there's no sun. Folks, I know you're son, I know AOC is like, wait, why there's no sun and this is crazy. Welcome back to screenshot number two. I'm seriously crying. I can't take this stuff anymore. Is so back to screenshot number two. So but.


Here's the problem, Joe, energy demand is still high because shockingly, people don't want to sleep in seven thousand degree temperatures and so they still need the power. Yeah, I am seriously crying like tears, like public investment, so. Don't take this off now. I know you want to come back, it'd be better because the tears are coming down my face right now. So that's what happened this weekend.


Many natural gas and nuclear plants that can generate twenty four seven power have shut down in recent years because they can't compete with the heavily subsidized green energy like the solar panels. So a 10 year old natural gas power plant, California's Inland Empire, is now being decommissioned 20 to 30 years earlier than its planned lifespan. Oh, the state water regulations are also forcing the shutdown of peaker plants along the coast that can ramp up generation when the sun goes down. They were warned by that there would be energy shortages as early as twenty twenty one, but as The Wall Street Journal cleverly says, this last sentence is great.


Remember, they were warned they could have energy shortages by twenty twenty one folks AOC. Always beating the goals, Joe. That day has arrived a year early for energy shortages, congratulations to Democrats for beating their own forecast. Nice job, AOC. They predicted energy shortages by twenty twenty one year a year, early 80s.


We have like a trophy, we have no, no, no, don't show it, man. We always have all these gadgets. Congrats. You Democrats are awesome. Hard chargers beating your goals for energy shortages by one whole year I. Awesome work. This is what you're in store for, where the Biden presidency oh, where you have a former bartender who, by the way, is an insult to part. I told you what the smartest guys I ever met was, Pete from Glen Patric's That Bar saying a great life advice.


Aoki's not that guy. A former bartender who wants you to pay more weight, more waste, more when you have her running your economic policy and running your green new deal, getting rid of gassy cows. This is what you get Californians. Running, running the state who haven't figured out that the sun. At night goes away. Sunday night. Sun, Sun, Connect, Sun, daytime to Sun Night. Visuals for the liberals watching. Sun Day Sun.


AOC hasn't really figured that out yet, of course, but she's figured out a way to pay more. Pay more for solar panels than they could with standard natural gas to waste more by basically throwing away electricity during the day when the sun sun's out here. So they waste all of that and to wait for a service that you could have got instantaneously. In other words, peak plants that would kick on peaker plants that would kick on automatically when the sun goes down because it's nighttime on the sun, when the sun goes down.


And let's decommission those two because of our Green New Deal water regulations, it obeys all three rules of economics. Pay more, weight more. And waste more. All right, let me move on. So speaking of dopey economic plans that intersect with terrible public policy when it's come to this plague from China, which, interestingly enough, Andrew Cuomo, during his dreadful speech last night during the terrible convention, called it the European virus. I mean, if that's not Gasolina, I don't know what is.


But I saw this interesting article, just the news. John Solomon's news site would be up in the show notes. Please check it out. By the way, the go fund me for Attila's Jim was in yesterday, showed us it was at the bottom. A couple of people emailed me so they couldn't find his their go to Bon slash newsletter and just said subscribe or send you these articles every day. It's free, of course, charge you for articles.


You know, that consolation newsletter will send his articles every day, but check this one out.


Coronavirus spikes in regions which strict lockdown's it reignites the debate over effectiveness. Ladies and gentlemen, these lockdown's have been a total disaster and the people imposing them on us cannot explain why some of the states with the strictest lockdown's are now seeing a massive spike in new cases. Folks, as I've repeatedly over and over for the five plus years we've been doing this show said to you, correlation does not always equate the causation. It doesn't because you get more colds in the winter.


Doesn't mean cold weather causes colds. It may be through a third party variable, like more mucus in your nose appropriate for today's show. Given that I've been crying the whole show and laughter and you touch your nose more in the winter, therefore transmitting viruses into your nose when there's a moist environment. It's not the cold weather per say. Because two variables are correlated does not mean their cause. That doesn't mean they're not causal either. As the same Talaba, he says the absence of the absence of evidence doesn't mean the effort isn't evidence for absence of an effect.


Having said that, correlation is not irrelevant. Because two variables are correlated, there may be cause. We know that the states that have locked down the most severely, they haven't worked from this, just the news, because look at California, which went draconian rather fast, rather quickly, excuse me, on up on the lockdowns and now was double down on. So what's happening there? Lockdowns, work you'd think they'd see sloping down. And infection's not so much the case, quote, in mid-July, talking about the governor, he extended the re closure statewide while further shutting down indoor worship malls, barbershops and hair salons in counties with high infection numbers.


He also ordered state citizens to wear face masks starting June 18. All right. Hands that should have worked right. Big draconian lockdown's face masks. Well. When you review the state's covid-19 data indicates the cases in California continue to rise, whether it was locked down or partially reopen. The state's covid dashboard shows it only began seeing a sustained drop in average daily cases in late July, though those numbers began increasing around August 10th. Again. Again, folks, I'm just asking us and we're doing data, we doing facts, so if lockdowns and facemasks are supposed to be I'm not saying they're not.


I must say again, don't mistake this for. And overinterpretation of data either rather than another interpretation, I'm simply suggesting that we should be seeing some data on a mass scale giving that so many places were locked down and had mandatory mask usage. We should be seeing data showing a decline in cases, not an uptick. We're not we're not seeing that. We're just not. I'm going to give you the reasons in a second, but you a second example out there, that's one state, Hawaii.


No, no, there's another one excuse me. California is on the one Hawaii. From Solomon's piece Hawaii Lockdown, they're relatively isolated, you know, they're not they're not exactly landlocked Hawaii for the liberals listening. They appeared to have been spared the worst of it from late April onwards. That's good news yet. So is it. Yet cases began to go up again in mid-June and from late July onward. They've been spiking according to their own statewide dashboard.


Unlike the first smaller wave in March, brought largely by travel related cases, most of the new cases so far have been from community transmission of the virus. Folks, what's going on here? Well, it looks like there's two reasons here, two significant reasons why these lockdowns despite. Because I want to try to put myself I don't want to make this partisan. It's not these are serious people are dying is a very serious disease for people with comorbidities and the others is not some kind of thing.


We should just pass off and make a political football, but we should be asking question, questioning the lockdown's you would think would make sense. Right? I mean, it sounds almost commonsensical when you think about it. If a virus is transmitted through respiratory droplets, sneezing and close proximity to others for an extended time with people who are infected. Then if you separate people by locking them down, it should stop it, but it hasn't. Right. It seems to make sense.


On its face, we're not liberals again, we're like, yeah, yeah, that sounds like. So why isn't it? But when you think about it, it's fairly obvious because, ladies and gentlemen, no matter how harshly you lock down, people have to eat. People have to go out and get gas for their car and some people have to work to feed their kids who are essential workers. They have to so you're going to see people go in a supermarket, see people and gas stations, there's always going to be some mixing and matching of people who can't socially distance or there's always you can't stop it.


I think people would die from isolation. They'd starve to death. People have to go to work to keep the water running in your house. People have to pick up the garbage. So you're never going to be able to lockdown's are a myth. Not a myth in that they lock stays down, locked and you can't permanently lock, there's always going to be some mixing and matching of people because essential workers have to show up and people have to eat them.


When you do that and you go home most of the day, it is pretty clear that the virus transmits more effectively in a closed indoor environment rather than open air. You're not going to stop it. The only question is, when are you going to get your peak? Or you going to have a sustained level of community transmission over time, that's going to be flatter. And again, when you ask these questions, you should be asking yourself, well, OK, I'll choose the latter, I'll choose kind of a flatter.


More even infection level, because we're not going be able to stop it because it over while more hospitals. Well, then we have to ask ourselves, OK, well, how are you going to get there? Did it work? And what are the effects of the lockdown's on people's health? Will be losing more people due to the lockdown's. And those are questions a lot of people, sadly, aren't willing to ask. Reason, facts, data.


That's what real sciences. Testable hypotheses. Teasing out correlated variables from causal variables. We should be looking at this, most people aren't. All right, let me get to my next story kind of related. This is a great op ed piece by Andy Kessler, does some good work in The Wall Street Journal. Kind of funny, really gifted writer. I mean, anybody can can write a story. Anyone, right. We can all write type whatever, send in an article.


But he has a real gift for this. He has a great piece in The Wall Street Journal today. And I'm going to leave you today with this one because it's important. Saying that about, hey, the lockdown's, you know, we talked about that, what's the effect on your wallet, your economic situation, your wallet, your job matters? Andy Kessler is a piece today. Stock scenarios for a madcap year. Despite the strong market, investors are plotting the what ifs.


Here for you to watch. I'm going to talk about to the two I think are most likely. Just to be clear, Kessler's piece bottom line up front says, hey, you got money in a market, you're working at a job. It's a publicly traded company. This means something to all of you. Here's what could happen in the coming year. He gives four scenarios. I pick two of the most likely. They're very interesting now. And when I say interesting, I don't mean necessarily that it's all going to be Pollyannish.


Some of the stuff here is not very good, but if you know in advance, it'll help you prepare. So here's take away number one. He says, listen, money is ready to pounce. There's a whole bunch of money out there, folks. The money supply is up. Twenty five percent so far this year. The personal savings rate, which has hovered between seven and eight percent, is now 19 percent in June, meaning people have a lot of money.


They haven't spent it sitting in their bank accounts. Another trillion dollar stimulus will add to it. Ladies and gentlemen, all that unspent money is going to come flooding back into the economy, which is why gold, by the way, is approaching 2000 dollars an ounce. This is from my Kessler's piece, Other commodities keep rising, the Federal Reserve raises rates that defaults will increase higher inflation and make future earnings worth a lot less today. So P e ratios would collapse.


And all those companies that are barely profitable but are highly valued based on future earnings, Tesla assume will get wrecked. He says in his first scenario began his advice, not mine by consumer cyclicals, maybe even beaten up hospitality and travel stocks sell everything else short bonds.


Now, scenario one there, he talked about where the economy booms, booms so much that all this money sitting in people's bank accounts in banks we've printed so much of it floods into the economy at the same time is contingent on a vaccine. I should have mentioned that at the beginning, that we get a vaccine. People feel safe going out in public again. People feel safe with the vaccine, which is a big obstacle, too. They take it.


And that we're back to some sense of relative normalcy. They said, well, what's the problem, the problem again, ladies, germaneness people are sitting on boatloads of cash right now. People who are employed now, people have lost their jobs, are struggling, but the people who have retained their job, they're not spending their money and not going out, they're not going to restaurants. They're not going to Disneyworld, whatever it may be, they're not going to movies.


The movie theaters shut down. That money has to go somewhere. That money in a bank account. When all that stuff opens up again, the dam breaks. Where does the money go? You have a whole bunch of money chasing, chasing, I guess that AOC economics. This is real economics, chasing the same amount of products. So the cost of those products goes up because more money chasing the same products. So he's saying, you know, what that does to companies like Tesla and Zoome, who may not be profitable now?


But their stock prices are high because people are counting on their profits in the future. Well, their future profits are going to get flushed away due to inflation. Interesting point. So scenario one, you get a vaccine, people trust it. Everything gets back to a relative state of normalcy, money, floods, the economy, inflation, big problem. Scenario number two. This is a bad one. Joe Biden wins and the Senate flips the Democrats oh, what happens then?


Kessler says, well, stocks get nervous, President Biden wants to raise the cash to say that President Biden wants to raise the top income tax rate thirty nine point six percent, the same for dividends and capital gains, and increase the corporate tax to twenty eight percent from 21 percent. Treasury Secretary Liz Warren, Fed Chairman Lawrence Summers, lobbied Congress to make it happen. The Tax Foundation thinks it will reduce gross domestic product by one point five percent long term, so there won't be any inflation.


Good news, Joe. There'll be nothing to buy because there'll be no products, he goes on. He says the bad news is that the net return for stocks may drop by a third from a combination of less earnings per share and less cash on cash returns when a stock is sold. Ladies and gentlemen, it's really simple. Joe Biden wins. They win the Senate. God forbid money gets pulled out of the economy given to the United States government in the form of super high taxes.


The stock market crashes, businesses crash, GDP crashes, no inflation, but nothing to buy either because you have no companies left to produce. Again, give us a couple more, but I see these two is the most likely. Obviously, I would prefer the first scenario, because we can deal with inflation, you're not going to be able to deal with an out of control empty vessel Joe Biden presidency where Elizabeth Warren and the hapless AOC, whose three rules of economics pay more weight, more waste, more are implemented.


And grind it into stone. We can raise rates at the Federal Reserve, may cause some temporary economic dislocation and some pain, but we've been through it before. Those of you who lived through the Volcker years, in the late 1980s when inflation was out of control, after Ronald Reagan took over for Jimmy Carter, remember what it was like to have 12, 13, 14 percent interest rates? It's tough, money gets expensive and interest rates are cost for money, interest rates, but that's it, right?


Interest rates are there a price for money? Money gets expensive to get. Loans are expensive. But what happens? People start to realize they can make money on investments again, CDs and other things, they put the money back in the financial institutions, they get their interest. All of a sudden, the price of money goes down as more money becomes available. Simple economics, not AOC economics. It is staying for a while, but we can fix inflation.


Thanks doesn't get out of control. We can't fix Joe Biden. Ten for 20, right? Go back, listen to my sponsor again, make sure they don't forget. All right, folks, thanks again for tuning in. That was a lot of material we covered today. Had a few other stories. I'll get to them tomorrow. Hopefully the story about New York City, broken windows, but it isn't shown us today. If you want to read ahead of New York Post story about why the crime rate in New York City for things like homicides and assaults are going through the roof.


Check that out. Thanks for tuning in. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel, YouTube dotcom slash Bongino and go to my show on Apple podcast and subscribe there, please. I really appreciate it. It is a free service, the subscription, but they do matter helps us move up the charts. See?


You just heard Dan Bongino.