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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Vongino. I'm not confident that what happened yesterday, the initial explanation of a software update around the country, is a legitimate explanation. I'm not telling you it is or it isn't. I don't know. I'm just saying we get lied to so often by so many people, and my faith in institutions is so awful and bad at this point. I'm not sure they're actually telling us the truth. And the fact that there was this WEF video, I'm going to play for you in a second, where these World Economic Forum globalists all appear to know something? How do I know they know something? They're a conspiracy theories. Shut them. Because they talk about it all the time, I'm going to play you the video. I know, therefore, I speaketh. They talk about it. I just show you the video. Obama with that movie about some global Internet outage. Again, does anybody find this stuff weird? It seems like people who are connected in the little global swamp are all trying to send a message. Maybe we should listen.


They seem to screw us over everywhere else. I mean, maybe they know something and are preparing while us, the smellies and the deplorables are being left out. Listen, I recently saw a video of Chuck Norris. Couldn't believe he's 83 years old. He looks amazing. Want to give yourself some energy, feel younger like Chuck? Go to myMorning mymorningkick. Com, My Morning's Secret, and use Dan and save 40% off mymorningkick. Com. All right, let me get this. I got a big show for you today, including a bit of an update on the Gen 6 thing. Short but sweet. Also a major, major, major thing. I want a hat tip in advance. Phil Nelson, Stephen McEntire. Folks, there are so many great researchers out there on this Spygate thing who just have nailed everything. They found something huge. This is bigger than you can imagine what's going on right now. I tweeted about it this morning. Hey, you're having trouble sleeping or staying to sleep. It's poor sleep, negatively impacting your life. You tried other sleep supplements with no success. Time to embrace the importance of a restful slumber and introduce yourself to an amazing product I use that could revolutionize your sleep routine.


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You probably heard that story. We've also heard yesterday about the disaster with AT&T. Tens of thousands of people, their service went down. They got an SOS. We were told it's a software update. I mean, are they telling the truth? They could be. I'm not here to question AT&T. Folks, I just, sadly, I just personally don't believe anyone anymore. Institutions have collapsed everywhere. And I'm going to get through this part quick because I got a lot of important stuff to get to. But when my anxiety meter goes up, it typically goes up, I think because of my experience working in a couple of different administrations, when people know something, especially elites, they can't keep it a secret. One thing about government I always found comical when people invent big government conspiracy theories, is they act like anyone in government could keep a secret. You P1s know. I've mentioned this often. Joe, have I not? My experience in the government is this. Anytime someone tells you a government conspiracy theory that's been secret for 50 years, throw it in the garbage because no one in government can keep it secret. I know I work there. I can tell you a thousand stories, but I don't want to waste your time.


They always want to talk. Here's what I mean. I want you to watch this World Economic Forum video. These are a bunch of connected globalists that all kiss each other's asses. It's like a big ass kissing circle. One guy's ass, one guy's lips. It's like a big circle. They all love each other. They all know each other. They all talk. Here they are. Joe's like, That I need to see that on Friday morning. You just got Obama doing this movie he produced about a major global Internet outage. It turns into the end of the world or whatever. And then they say this, the thing about a major cyber attack coming. Maybe we should pay attention. These people seem to know way before we do the smellies and the deplorables or whatever. Check this out.


A few headlines that are worth sharing and pointing out that emerge from this research. First is around geopolitics. The most striking finding that we found is that 93% of cyber leaders and 86% of cyber business leaders believe that the geopolitical instability makes a catastrophic cyber event likely in the next two years. This far exceeds anything that we've seen in previous surveys.


Listen, panic kills, right? Don't crap the bed, I tell you all the time. And panic is not going to do anything for you. But again, do any of you in the chat find it remotely interesting that a bunch of connected elitists who've made their life off government screwing you over, are all seemingly saying the same thing? Hey, man, we're too interconnected via the Internet now, and we may have a real problem in the future. The reason I bring that up, and I don't want you to dismiss this stuff, and again, no panic, no time to panic, no time to freak out or anything like that, is you got to track their agenda, not ignore it. It's a big mistake. They all have an agenda, and we tend to say, Okay, it's the World Economic Forum globalists that hate us, so what they're saying isn't true. No, maybe they hate us, and that's why what they're saying is true. Maybe they're preparing for themselves for this a cyber attack and whatever, the end of civilization, and they're just doing it to warn each other. Again, the lips of TikTok effect, never realizing you're going to hear it, too.


Be careful with this stuff, dismissing it. I see this too often. Ladies and gentlemen, I get it. There are a lot of things out there that are unquestionably efforts to frame the PR, but not everything out there is a PSYOP. These people probably know something, like I said, with the dreaded Russia Death Star story. I don't doubt for a second that was done to advance an agenda. But the information it was based on, is there some Russian threat out there? Because I'd like to know about it. I'm equally concerned right now because I watched a fascinating video the other day, and if I lose a few of you, it's just, okay, I got to put this out there. This is really important and it's something I want to be wrong on, but unfortunately, I think I'm right on. You have the convergence right now of three massive breakthroughs at the same time. Folks, it's very rare to have make an industrial revolution and an Internet revolution in the same lifetime. Usually, the invention of, say, the steam-powered engine, and then you have another massive shift 50 years later. There were people alive not that long ago.


He experienced the beginning of an industrial revolution and the Internet revolution at the same time. Those were decades apart. What I'm getting at is you're alive right now where a couple of enormous things are happening at the same time. Have I piqued your interest a little bit? Artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and spatial computing are all happening at the same time. Spatial computing are these vision Pro glasses, the Facebook glasses, the Oculus things, the artificial reality, the AR. This is all happening at the same time. Folks, life is about to change dramatically, and the futurists will tell you this is all for the good, and some of it may be. I mean, imagine what it would be like you have a broken circuit board in your house, you put on these vision glasses and quantum computing and artificial intelligence, you can just talk to it and it walks you through how to fix the thing yourself. It'd be amazing. But you You've got these three things happening at once now. This could change the entire world as you know it. I'm not going to do a show on the good parts of it because it could be amazing.


I mean, hell, in an emergency, you could put on AR glasses and go, How do I trake my kid? She's choking. Take a scalpel. Clean her. I mean, it would be insane. But has anybody thought about the bad side? Ladies and Gentlemen, who the hell is programming this stuff? Look at this tweet by a good follow, Red Headed Libertarian. This is hilarious. So Google Gemini, you probably heard this story. I let this fester for a few days because I wanted to see if this stuff was true, and it turns out it is. Google Gemini, an AI-type program, Red Headed libertarian posted screenshots of her actual phone. Google. Gemini. Com. Make a picture of a ginger person, i. E. Someone with red hair. Look at these pictures. Folks, there's Does anybody you know with red hair actually look like that? What's the problem, folks? Woke people are programming this AI. I saw someone put on Twitter the other day, someone posted about AI, and they said, Yeah, Dan Bongino has been warning about this. And everybody was like, Yeah, yeah, yeah. And one guy was like, Oh, my gosh, he's a sky-as-falling guy. I don't know.


Maybe you're right. Maybe you're correct. Maybe my last line of work has me a skeptic where I got paid to think about crazy shit. Hey, man, there's a sniper We're going to be in that building. He's going to take our guy. He ain't going to be. I got paid to think like, Maybe I am a little Paul Revere running down the street with no British. Maybe. But folks, I believe in Black Swan events happen. And when a Black Swan event like this and you have woke people programming our AI with spatial computing and quantum computing for powers you have never seen in human history all erupting at the same time, does it worry you they may be being programmed, they may find themselves in the wrong hands? What happens when artificial intelligence finds out the world's going to end in 12 years due to climate change? What does it do to us? Has anybody thought about this? I want to play. This may seem unrelated. I promise you it's not. I designed my show intentionally. This is LaTisha James. He doesn't have to do anything. Just bear with me a second. This is the crazy attorney general in New York who wants to take Trump's buildings now for a fraud case with no fraud, no victims.


I want you to listen to this, and I'm going to tie it to this segment and tell you why I'm a little worried about this future, unlike the industrial revolution and the Internet revolution, which unquestionably benefited humankind. Take a look. New York attorney general, LaTisha James, says she's prepared to do everything she can to make sure the former president pays his fine, including, she told us, seizing the buildings that bear his name.


If he does not have funds to pay off the judgment, then we will seek a judgment enforcement mechanisms in court, and we will ask the judge to seize his assets.


He and Tony are wondering where I'm going with this, and Joe, too. What the hell does crazy LaTisha James, anti-Trump lunatic, trying to steal his building, have to do it AI, quantum computing, spatial computing, and woke programmers? Folks, I was in law enforcement. How long do you think it's going to be for liberal city prosecutors, general attorney, general city, state's attorney, district attorneys? How long do you think it's going to be before they incorporate AI-based fraud protection programs to go find out, Hey, can you marry up this Republican donor list with a bunch of records we may have financially? And and detect patterns, if you know what I mean? Oh, that's not going to happen. Oh, it's not. You're sure of that? Remember this from Cathy Hochul, the governor of New York during the election, basically telling you all to evacuate New York. You think these people with this technological future are not going to use it to set you up in the future for more criminal cases and fraud cases they invented? Are you out of your mind? That's if they don't destroy the Earth first because they program AI to think climate change is going to blow us all up and we're a virus.


Here, listen to this.


And we're here to say that the era of Trump and Zeldin and Molonaro just jump on a bus and head down to Florida where you belong, okay? Get out of town. Get out of town. Because you don't represent our values. You are not New Yorkers.


Folks, I want you to understand these are the people programming artificial intelligence. This is an intelligence geometrically smarter than the most powerful human brain that is growing by the day. It's not a conspiracy theory. It's not a fairy tale. It's not an ASAP's fable. It's here now. And when you combine it again with these vision pros in spatial computing and quantum computing, which may be around the corner, we got a real problem about who's controlling this thing. What's the best way to explain it? What do they say? Science is like magic to an unadvanced civilization. I mean, imagine what it looked like to natives seeing the Spanish arrive on boats and flotillas for the first time. Joe, you're a history guy. They must have looked like gods.


I think they thought they were.


Look at this. What are those things? Those floating castles. They must have looked like gods. Do you understand that's what AI is going to look like to you? And these are the people programming it? Why do you think I've been covering over the last month, the Biden administration's obsession with controlling and regulating AI? I'm going to show you some in a Wall Street Journal article in a minute. But think about this. This is an example I always give about relates to my... This is how smart this is going to be. We're limited. This thing isn't. One time, a bird died in my yard. It was a pelican. It died in the yard. So dead birds, you don't want them around. So I threw it in the garbage. My dog, of course, Lucy, was obsessed with this smell. So one day, I took her out in the yard and I let her out there. You don't want a dog sniffing around where a bird died. Long and short is my dog had walked around the yard a thousand times in that spot. She walked over this one spot and I was up on the patio type area and I screamed at her, Lucy, get away from that.


I don't want to sniff it around where a dead bird was. You have to understand to my dog, she has no idea what's going on. She thinks that's totally arbitrary. The dog's like, I've sniffed there a thousand times. She doesn't understand. You can't explain it to her. Oh, it's germs and germ. The dog doesn't understand. Do you understand we're building an intelligence we can't understand either, combined with spatial computing and quantum mechanics and quantum computing? Who the hell is building this thing? The answer is these lunatics. That's why Biden wants to control it. There's a great piece in the Wall Street Journal by Freeman. He writes every day, When will politicians stop calling themselves progressives? I only include the first part because he talks about how he hasn't seen a single civilization. You can see it right here. Progressives is built that have succeeded. Seeing the destruction wrought by progressive politics on cities and towns across the country, one wonders how long it'll before even the most radical elected officials refuse to self-identify with the tarnished label. But that's not why I put this up. I put this up because of the second part. I love tying stuff together.


It's about CMS. Put up the second in a small future. What's CMS? Cms runs Medicare and Medicaid. They note that this Johns Hopkins professor warned that the government right now is about to basically limit the information you can pull from CMS, Medicare and Medicaid. Cms is going to monopolize the data and is seeking a hefty rent to an ugly PowerPoint. He's like, What the fk do you have to do with any of this? Why do you think they're doing that, Joe, because they know large language models AI, large language model AI, is going to go look at the Medicare and Medicaid data and expose the fact that these programs have been absolute project failures if even a 13-year-old puts it in ChatGPT or whatever. So they're trying now to control the data. What I'm telling you, man, is every liberal fairy tale is about to fall in the ear of AI, spatial computing, and quantum computing. Everything, every myth you've been told will now be exposed by the simple click of a question in grock or elsewhere. So the government's tyranny and censorship is about to get 10,000 times worse. You put in a normal AI system.


Is Joe Biden corrupt and is dealing with Ukraine? It's going to direct you to the Poroshenko tapes and elsewhere. They can't have that, man. That's why they're freaking out over Medicare, Medicaid data. This is going to happen all over the government now. Folks, there's a dystopian future coming ahead if we lose. The good news is I am extremely long in America. And the thing about inform... The commies tried this a long time ago. Ladies and gentlemen, why did socialism fail? Because it doesn't work. Yeah, that's right, but that's not the reason it failed. Ladies and gentlemen, socialism is the control of the means of production in society. You can control a farm. You can take prisoner the farmer. Farm that field, it will kill you. But Joe, there's something you can never control. It's an idea. You can't control an idea. Freedom, liberty, productivity enhancements. You can't control that. Folks, this is out there. The genie is out of the bottle, and the left is terrified. You can expect a new era of censorship moving forward like you've never seen before. But the good news is if we can take back the government and reorient it back to the Constitution and allow some of these open systems, the liberals will never be able to tell you a bullshit story again.


Police are hunting down Black men in the street randomly. Really? Freedom. Ai. Is that true? That is not true. The data points to this. They are freaked out. Do masks stop Stop COVID from being transmitted. They do not. They are freaked out. Data is turning into the new nuclear power weapon in the AI era. The media, by the way, will be all in on this cover-up. I got a lot more to get to, man. Don't go anywhere. It's a stacked show. I got a quick update on this January sixth bomber case. Is anyone going to ask a question of freaking Kamala Harris here? And then I want to get to what I'm telling you right now is an exploding scandal. You know that source in the Biden case they locked up for saying Biden was connected to Ukraine, saying he was Russian? They arrested him again yesterday. What the is going on? I'm going to tell you, and I want to hat-tip some great, great, great researchers out there. Let me take a quick break here. As someone who exists publicly and shares my opinions online, I am really aware of cybersecurity and safety. That's why I personally recommend, delete me.


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Com deleteme. Com/bonjino. Enter code, Bongino at checkout. That's joindeleteme. Com/bongino. Code, Bongino. Check that service out soon. Now, don't let any more stuff get out there. I want you to keep in mind what I just said. Data is going to be a nuclear political weapon going forward. The left thrives on uncertainty and lies and confusing people, and the media are their Praetarian guard for their falsities, okay? They're not going to be able to do that in this next industrial industrial revolution of AI, quantum computing, and spatial computing. It's going to be impossible unless they control it, hence the freak out. They're not going to be able to tell you stories anymore about the January sixth insurrection. They're not going to be able to tell you stories anymore about COVID-masking and vaccines without you being able to instantly look it up, and the gatekeepers in the media are going to lose their relevance, and they are freaking out. Do you see what happened with vice and buzz feed? They can't make it anymore. No one wants their bullshit. I want to hat-tip another great researcher, a guy, Steve Baker at the Blaze. He's doing amazing work over there.


I want to show you just the extent of the media cover up on huge prominent stories that will never, this will not happen in the future if we can take back our government. The January sixth story, we know Kamala Harris was inside the DNC that day. Steve Baker has been looking into this. He got a hold of some video. Here's a quick minute from a YouTube video. When the hell is Kamala Harris going to tell us what the hell she was doing in the freaking DNC during the so-called insurrection? Ever? Or were you all going to guess? Take a look.


More than three years later, BP Harris has never once publicly mentioned her presence at the DNC on January sixth or her presence near that bomb. Politico was the first to report in November of '21 about a court filing in a January sixth defendant's case in which it was revealed for the first time that VP-elect Harris was not at the Capitol when the riots began. A footnote from the legal filing itself states, In its earlier response to the defendant's motion to dismiss, the government incorrectly stated that vice President-elect Harris was present in the US Capitol at the time of the attack. Then, on the first year anniversary of January sixth, Politico was again the first to report about the actual location of Harris that day. In a speech she made on January sixth, 2022, that one year anniversary, Harris never mentioned her whereabouts. On that day, I was not only vice president-elect, I was also a United States Senator. I was here at the Capitol that morning at a classified hearing with fellow members of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Hours later, the gates of the Capitol were breached. I had left. Two years later, in remarks Harris made on the third anniversary of January 6, she said, They used brutal force and fear to try and overturn the result of a free and fair election.


Folks, notice how Kamala Harris never tells you she was at the DNC. This is amazing. She was the subject of a bomb assassination plot, and no one in the freaking media has the balls to ask her why she keeps glossing over that. And I left, Yeah, where'd you go? That's important. I mean, imagine me coming in one day during the show, and at 11:00, 11:25. Tony and Guy just walk out and leave. I have no show. We just left, Yeah, where? Oh, it was an emergency. Well, that's How important you tell me that. We left to go get donuts? What did... I mean, folks, am I missing something? And then this breaks yesterday by a great reporter, Daily Wire, Luke Rosiak. He said in the newsletter, boncino. Com/newsletter, read this story. Remember, there was a bomb found at the DNC and the RNC. The Republican, well, was actually the Capitol Hill Club, but in that alleyway. Rnc security officer was the first responder to the January sixth pipe bomb, says the official story makes no sense whatsoever. This is the guy who found it. Is anyone going to ask questions in the media? The guy's name is Capulino.


He told the Daily Wire in his first public remarks that the bomb looked like the stereotypical IED that's used by law enforcement in training sessions. Oh, bro. Joe. I heard that before. Where did you hear that? Where did you- Damn. Where did you... Oh, you heard it? He's been here, dude. No. It might have been. Oh, yeah. Got a different one. Let's go with some different rates today. There we go. Tony is going to get me to read you. Folks, you may have heard that on the show, look like a training device. That's going to be their story. The people who are trying to frame you for bombing two political headquarters in DC on January sixth to make it look like you're deranged lunatics engaged in an insurrection. When they get caught, they're going to go, It's just a training device. Training session. Just want to ride. Moving on. Just hold that. Hold that story. Let it ferment like a fine alcohol because you're never wasting your time here. Okay? And hat tip, Luc Roseack, Steve Baker, Julie Kelly, Darren Beatty, and everyone else. Ladies and gentlemen, I don't like wasting a lot of your time, but it's very important we credit researchers and people doing good work, and we cite their work and we link to it.


These people are doing a good job. I know you listen to this show. I love you for being here, but I'm going to tell you this, and I don't say this with faux humility. I am a small cog. I am. The fact that I have a big platform does not mean I deserve a lot of this credit. I had a separate source on the Spygate case, but the stuff I broke was separate and independent from multiple other great researchers who've done amazing work that, sadly, you'll probably never hear of. One of them is this guy. I've told you repeatedly to follow this guy on Twitter. His name is Stephen McEntire, but his Twitter handle is @climateaudit, like an accounting audit, @climateaudit. Com. Climate Audit. That's the reason that Climate Audit is a long story. You can ask them. But this guy is one of the finest researchers out there. And what I like about his account is he links to other people, fool Nelson, walkafire. These are amazing guys. He noted something last night that absolutely blew my mind. He sent it to me this morning. And it's going to blow the doors off your heads, your skulls, and this entire Biden case.


I'm going to just leave it with this. I'm going to take a quick break and come back to it. Ladies and gentlemen, Joe Biden was effectively the king of Ukraine when he was in the Obama White House as the VP. He was the monarch. And everybody's afraid they're going to find out what was happening there. Stay tuned. I'll show you what I mean. It ties to the tapes, everything, and how disgusting this police state government we're living in now is. Quick break. We'll get right back to that. I promise you, you won't be disappointed. We haven't done Tommy John in a while. Oh, look, I didn't even know what Tommy John is. These are the baby blues with the Grays. Paul is a big fan. Ever look back at the caboose there and think, Hey, you deserve better. If not, you should this year introduce yourself. This is Guy's favorite. He loves these. Introduce yourself and the caboose to the best with Tommy John's super soft underwear. I'm wearing them right now. I'm happy to show you, but I don't think the guys would think that. Tommy John's beautiful lightweight, moisture wicking fabrics are designed to make you feel that much more comfortable.


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Ladies and gentlemen, we live in a police state, locked up last night a source who has allegedly told the FBI, because I believe nothing they say anymore. Everything's got to be done in independent research, who allegedly told the FBI that the Biden's accepted a bribe from Ukraine. He was arrested for lying to the FBI, which is strange because everybody lies to the FBI, and no one seems to get arrested for it, only if you tell a story that hurts Joe Biden, which is weird. Folks, I want to do a little background just quick on this. I need you to understand that during the Obama administration, Biden was the pointman on Ukraine. Biden was effectively the king of Ukraine. Everything Biden told the President at the time of Ukraine, Zalinsky? No, Poroshenko before Zalinsky. Everything He told him, he did. Biden was running Ukraine, so much so that his son had a job for, what is it, $83,000 a month at a natural gas company in Ukraine, despite his son having zero experience in natural gas whatsoever. From what we know, Hunter never even went to Ukraine. So this is a real problem. You got that background now.


Now, a source came forward to the FBI, who had been working with the FBI for 10 years. This is apparently a trusted source. Ladies and gentlemen, their words, not not mine. Here's where McEntire exposes something crazy that we did not pick up on. Big hat tip to him. Here's his first tweet. They note that Smirnov, who's this FBI source, who was allegedly ratting out the Bidons, right? They know multiple pages of his indictment contain a series of texts from May 19, 2020 in very large font, which Weiss, the special prosecutor, characterized as expressing a bias against Biden. This is really important. Weiss failed to disclose what was happening on May 19, 2020. It was pivotal to subsequent censorship, including the laptop. The text you're about to read, throw them up on the screen one by one, from this source about the Biden family. According to the indictment occurred on May 19th. They note that there were some calls here that smell bad for Joe Biden. You can see a screenshot, one over here. Keep in mind, this is from this source. You're saying, I got info. Telling the FBI, I got info on Biden. He's like, This is news all over Russia and Ukraine.


Ukraine. We've got calls. You're like, Calls between Joe Biden and others? That's weird. Haven't we heard that on your show before? Stay tuned. Text number 2. This is Indian Diamond. You can read this stuff yourself. Democrats tried to impeach for the same. I'm probably talking about Trump, even less all those politicians. He notes same shit, jail for all of them, plus the bribe, probably note of Biden, he notes here because a lot of this is redacted, should be in the news. He goes on. This is important stuff. Only if you believe it's a request to get rid of the prosecutor general was only because of Burisma, which by all accounts, it was not. For sure, yes, I'll try to prove it to you, bro. That's the FBI guy talking to him. So the source says, Yes, I'll try to prove it to you that they fired this prosecutor looking into this. Bribe payments to public official, or are you talking about the aid withheld unless they fired the prosecutor? That's the FBI handler. It ends up like this. I'll get those recordings of this public official's son telling Burisma that his dad will take care of the prosecutor general with a bribe to him and his son.


The handler notes, That would be a game changer. He notes, I'll meet with the guys as soon as I'll be able to fly. This is May 19th, 2020. Ladies and gentlemen, what happened on May 19th of 2020? Let's go to tweet number 2 from McEntire. Folks, that was the day Andre Dercash and Konstantin Koulek, the Ukrainian prosecutor who uncovered a lot of this stuff, by the way, had a press conference where they released the tapes. What are the tapes? Well, if you're a listener to the show, you've already heard these tapes. These are the tapes where Joe Biden is recorded with the Ukrainian President, basically saying, Get rid of this prosecutor general right now or we're not giving you this big international loan. The prosecutor general was looking into what Biden was up to as the king of Ukraine. He was the king of Ukraine. I need you to understand this. He was running Ukraine. He He was having them shut down. Banks fire prosecutors general. They were interfering in everything in Ukraine. Him, Victoria Nuland, the United States embassy over there, and they were making a fortune doing it. Soros folks were involved in this.


There was a ton of people, Ukraine was an ATM for them. I want to play tape one. We played it on the show before, but I want you to listen. I'll play the Trump one next. It explains also why they need to get rid of Trump right now and why they impeached him. Why Why did they impeach... Hold on. Calm down. I get too excited about this. Why did they impeach Donald Trump? They could have impeached him over Spygate. They didn't do it. Over the collusion hoax, they didn't do it. Why did they impeach Trump? Come on, folks. You know they only impeached Trump when he started sniffing around in Ukraine. Folks, the entire Russia collusion hoax is not about Russia. It's a distraction from Trump and everyone else looking into Ukraine. Ukraine, and even the Ukrainians know it. Listen to tape one. This is the same day, the same day. They're afraid this guy is going to talk about these tapes. That's what I'm getting at. That's why they're locking him up. I have no doubt. That's why this guy's in jail. They're afraid he's going to go public with these tapes. Listen to this.


Do me that there is a new government, a new prosecutor general. I am prepared to do a public signing of the commitment for the billion dollars.


In spite of the fact that we didn't have any interruption charges, we don't have any information But he doing something wrong. I especially asked him... No, it was the day before yesterday. I especially ask him to resign. Congratulations on installing the new prosecutor general. It's going to be critical for him to work quickly to repair the damage Shoken did. I'm a man of my word, and now that the new prosecutor general is in place, we're ready to move forward in signing that new $1 billion loan guarantee.


Folks, it's really a damn shame McEntire doesn't have 42 trillion followers. Everyone in the world needs to know what he put together. He's 100% correct. It was right in front of our face This is the whole time. He cites full Nelson, too, and some others who've been following this the entire time. Go to his Twitter and read this. The same freaking day, he's texting his handler, Hey, man, I got these tapes. These tapes are out there of Biden basically engaging in a major international influence peddling scheme to get rid of a prosecutor looking into his corruption. The same day, he knows about it. This guy was texting his FBI handler. It's in the indictment. They're trying to shut this guy up. Don't believe a word they say about this guy. He's rushing to tell... Bullshit. Anytime they say Russian intelligence, they're trying to cover something. Do you understand the enormity of this? That is a major, major, major thing he found in that indictment last night. That is huge. It's the same day Dercash released all this stuff. Here was another part of the release tapes. This is a little bit shorter. But this is where Biden, one again, know why they impeached Trump?


Not because he was colluding with the Russians. It's this bullshit story. They impeached Trump because he was sniffing around at the biggest international political scandal in modern American history, what Obama, Biden, and the left was up to in Ukraine, using it as a freaking piggy bank during the Obama administration. And Trump knew about it. That's why they had to get rid of him. Listen to how concerned Biden is about Trump looking into the money trail. But before we play this, he mentions a bank, Biden, in this call. It's Privat Bank. Without going into the... Because it's a very long story, Privat Bank is alleged to have been a central bank for the payments made to the Biden, the Biden crime family, basically. That's why Biden is so concerned about Privat Bank here and Trump looking at the money. Listen to this.


I don't want Trump to get in a position where he thinks he's about to buy onto a policy, where the financial system is going to collapse and he's going to be looked to to pour more to move more money into Ukraine. That's how he'll think about it before he gets sophisticated enough to know the detail. In other words, Biden does not want Ukraine asking for more money from Trump. Doing so would cause Trump to look into the details. So Anything you can do to push the Pravost Bank to closure so that the IMF loan comes forward, I would respectfully suggest is critically important to your economic as well as physical security. Critically important for economic and physical well-being.


Hat-tip the OAN crew for putting that part together. Folks, critically important to your physical security? Is he threatening this guy? You understand how devastating these tapes are? Now, does it make sense why this guy's in jail? Those texts, Hey, we've got the tapes in the freaking indictment, are about that. There's another angle to this because this is where I was telling you on my Twitter and true social accounts this morning, when I promote this show in the morning, I usually put a few lines as these guys can attest to, video breaks or whatever. This morning, I wrote a four or five paragraph or so tease about... I said, Friends, you need to understand this election is the most critical election you will ever be involved in, because if we lose, the biggest scandal you've ever seen your life will be buried. And if we win, Trump knows where the bodies are buried and isn't going to make the same mistakes. You will see everything that happened with what they did in Ukraine. Biden was the king of Ukraine, and everyone was making bank off it. And he was terrified Trump would find the money trail out.


And he's terrified now that if Trump gets into office, they're going to talk to this source. That's what this is about. That's why this guy's in jail. They locked him up again yesterday. Again. You want to see how deep this goes? What was with the panicked layoff, by the way, of CBS journalist Katherine Harrodge and the confiscation of all her data? How does that tie into this? Here's John Turley in The Hill. Again, Jonathan Turley, I'm pretty confident, is not even a conservative, but he's a smart lawyer who I respect and tells it straight. Cbs faces an uproar after seizing investigative journalist files. What? He notes that he spoke confidentially with CBS employees. They fired a reporter named Katherine Harrods. I promise, I'm going to tie this together for you. Stay tuned. One former journalist notes that employees are confused why Harrods was laid off. One of the correspondence who broke news at CBS regularly, and she did a lot of original reporting. They noted it's led to concerns about the source of the pressure. The source added that he had never seen a seizure of a reporter's records from a departing journalist, and that the move sent a chilling signal in the ranks of CBS.


Does that have anything to do with this video? I want to play something for you. Katherine Harrods is one of the few reporters in the mainstream media. In the mainstream, CBS, ABC, NBC, you get the point, CNN, and these other hapless hours. She may be the only reporter out there who was digging into the Biden case and took a particular interest in an angle that would be devastating to Joe. Everybody knows the Hunter angle, Burisma, the crack stuff. We all get that. The problem, Joe, is the Fara thing. What's Fara? Fara is a Foreign Agent Registration Act. Katherine Harrods noticed something weird that everyone looking in a Hunter seems to be avoiding this whole Fara issue. If Hunter Biden was being paid by a government to lobby his dad, he would have had to register as a foreign agent. But if he registered as a foreign agent, who is he lobbying? They don't want to touch it. Because why? Because it sinks Joe Biden and Obama into this. Because ultimately, in the end, in the Obama Biden regime, Obama had to sign the paychecks, not the vice president. This is probably... A lot of people are starting to really percolate around that this may have had something to do with Katherine Harrods' work being confiscated.


Take a look.


Now, you mentioned there could be more charges. What makes you think that? It's just my reading of the document in the first page. I think the language is that they describe him as a lobbyist. Lobbyists have to register under what's called Fara, the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which is a government way of saying that if you're working on behalf of foreign interests, you have to tell the US government. In this case, the indictment spends a lot of time talking about Hunter Biden's business deals with the Ukraine energy firm Burisma. It also talks about his work with a Chinese energy firm, CEC, and it also talks about his work with Romania. That, to me, seems to leave the door open to potential fear of violations. I also would add that there has been some reporting subpoenas have been issued for his business partner, the President's brother, James Biden, and that would go to the idea of a Ferra, working together, lobbying on behalf of foreign interests. Now, we say all of that, but their position has been that he accepts responsibility for this period in his life, but they've in no way admitted that they have been lobbying on behalf of those entities.


Folks, you're living in a police state right now. The fact that I have to say that on my live show here freaks me the out like you have no idea. Who the hell was pressuring CBS, if anyone, to get rid of their finest reporter as she starts breaking news about a potential foreign agent registration acting that would rope in Obama and Joe Biden, and then confiscates her reporter's records, according to Turly's source, in an unprecedented act. What is going on here? Do you think... Chatsters, Bocino, get on it if you can. Yes, this is all a coincidence, or no, they are shitting their diapers right now because they know Trump is closing in on the White House on this current trajectory and is about to blow the doors off all of this. So they're just locking everybody up. They're afraid this source is going to start talking about the tapes. They're afraid Harrods is going to start talking about Farah. This isn't a coincidence. Ladies and gentlemen, if they charge Hunter Biden with a Foreign Agent Registration Act violation, i. E, you worked for a foreign government and were lobbying people in the United States and didn't register, which is a crime, who the was he lobbying?


His dad. And all of the decisions that had to be signed off on that his dad engaged in on those calls, the IMF loan, the pressure to fire the prosecutor. Who do you think knew about this? Yeah, Obama. Of course, you think... Come on, man. To the liberals out there. I know you guys are stupid, but really, put them, as Ms. Brophy used to say, get the gamis out of the aisle, my sixth grade teacher. Don't be stupid all the time. You really believe Biden's on these calls, demanding that Privat Bank be shut down, the bank involved with the payments to his family. He's demanding a prosecutor be fired, looking into his son. These tapes are out there, and you You really believe our NSA and CIA didn't have them? Sure. Obama knew about all of this. And what did he do? The answer is he did nothing. He did nothing. Obama's people were making bank off this. Joe Biden and their network. Ukraine was a freaking piggy bank for them. And Harrods was one of the few people reporting on it. And Now, what happens? She's fired, and all her stuff gets seized as they lock up a source who conveniently was texting his FBI handler about tapes the same day they did a press conference about the tapes I just played for you, which revealed the entire scandal.


This is why they impeached Trump, the second he called Zelenskyy. Folks, remember that Politico piece we put up the other day? Guy, can you find that again? Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump by Vogtle. I can't let you go for the weekend without understanding this entire story about Russian collusion was an insurance policy. I use my words intentionally. The whole thing was made up to cover for Ukrainian origin efforts to interfere in our election so that they wouldn't see what Biden was up to in Ukraine. And the Ukrainians didn't want anyone to know. The Ukrainians Americans didn't think Trump was going to get elected, and he did. And now they find themselves between a rock and a hard place as he's potentially going to get elected again. This entire collusion hoax has nothing to do with Russia. It has everything to do with Ukraine. All right. I'm going to move on. I just realized I'm running out of time. Folks, I want to start the show, end the show as I started it. Data is war welfare going forward. It shouldn't be. Data should be data, folks. Data on what the COVID vaccine does or doesn't do should be data.


It should speak for itself. Does it work? What's the data saying? No, data is not data anymore. Data is a tactical weapon in the age of social media and AI. As you're seeing with the Herod's case, as you're seeing with all the false narratives, the Biden freak out over AI. Going forward, folks, it's not going be any way to hide this stuff anymore. And there's an awakening happening. I never thought I would see this moment in my life. I'm certainly not giving this guy a lot of credit because he's been on the wrong side of just about everything. But I want to play a quick clip from you from Chris Cuomo, people. We had News Nation It was this Joe, he appears to be doing quite well over there, by the way, which is interesting. So here's Chris Cuomo. You're like, Chris Cuomo, the guy who used to work at CNN, the left-wing guy? Yeah. All of a sudden, starting to ask questions, you all, because you believe in actual days data. We're asking a long time ago about the COVID vaccine. This is the Biden team and the liberal's worst nightmare, this stuff. Take a look.


The largest COVID vaccine study to date was just released. 99 million people from around the world. It found that there is an extremely rare but increased risk for certain neurological heart, blood, and brain disorders after taking the vaccine. But how rare is okay? And how much more is it now identified in people than before the vaccine? And also, what about all the long COVID symptoms that people are presenting? Why didn't they ask the 99 million about that? Those are all really good questions, right? You know how I know? They're not mine. They come from my doctor. Double board certified physician, long COVID clinical specialist at Terraine Health. Doctor Robin Rose. Folks, data, information, the democratization of information on social media, AI, quantum computing, is the Democrats' worst nightmare. Why? Because they have been lying to people through the media for close to 100 years now, well, longer than that, but through newspapers, and it worked because it was nowhere else for you to go. This monopoly is being completely broken up, and the Democrats are in a panic. They don't know what to do, and they realize that this election, to tie this whole thing together, the next four years with the explosion in AI and what I just told you, this convergence of technology is going to lead to an explosion of information where they won't be able to rely.


If they can't control it, and Trump is in the White House, and it's basically open season on data exchange, they will be done for an eternity. That's why they're freaking out. They don't want any more Awakenings, folks. They want everybody sleeping. I want to end the show with this one because it's a good one. Mayor Brandon Johnson in Chicago Chicago. He's a Communist. He goes out and does this town hall meeting, and a resident of Chicago shows up. You're seeing these everywhere now. And it's the Democrats' worst nightmare as they start to realize that they have been trapped in an ideological prison for years by a bunch of people who lied to them about everything, economic, school, health care, street crime, everything, about Biden, Ukraine, all of it. And they're freaking out. Listen to this lady just lose it on the mayor. It's good stuff.


They're emptying out the drags of their jails into the United States, into our communities. They're junking up our country. And yeah, we feel some way about it because it's our country. Yeah, a Black history, mom, the American descendants of slavery. And I want you to know, Brandon Johnson, I understand what Breakmore saying about we still on the plantation, but what you're looking at right now, this is what a free Negro look like. And I'm telling you, we're going to get our city back. We're going to stand for our people. We're going to get them out of our communities because they don't deserve to be there. You watch us. We're Black out here, and we're going to handle our business. You watch that. I'm a free Black woman. This is how we get down.


All right, Brandon Johnson. This is how we get down, too. I'm telling you, man, you ask me again why I'm long in the United States. Dan, everything you talk about is bad. No, it isn't. Everything I talk about is an effort to open eyes. We can fix it, man, because this is how we get down. How we get down. Thank you, by the way. Justice and liberty for all in the chat. Omg, Dan. Great presentation today. Wrapping picking everything up so well. I hope so. I hope so. I hope others feel that way. I hope others feel that way. They locked this guy up because he knows about the tapes. Katherine Harrodge was fired under a cloud of deep suspicion as she started cracking open the Faris stuff. Ai is the Pandora's box for the left. Once it's opened, it'll never be closed. It'll never be able to lie to you again. People around the country are starting to say, This is how we get down. I'm long in America. You should be, too. Hey, thanks so much for tuning in. It was another amazing week. I really appreciate it. You guys are awesome. Download the Rumbl app.


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