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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


Well, well, was it a busy Friday or what? The answer is the first, not the latter. Not at all. But yes, it was a busy Friday, flew up to New Jersey that Rajo flew up with. Drew, worked out an Atlas rock and the shirt today. Got a tattoo? We've got all that today, I've got the FBI lawyer, the plea that's soon to be forthcoming. I've got the new puppy hoax. It does involve a.


Yes, but not PBH involves the post office for Trump Loaded show Today show brought to you by Express VPN. My savvy listeners and viewers have a VPN, so no one's prying into their online activity. Get a VPN, they go to express VPN. Dotcom Mancino. Welcome to the Dan Bongino show producer. Joe, as we were just talking about after that exhausting, super exhausting dude. Oh gosh. Friday. How are you doing? Probably about like you are.


I'm just going to be sorer more super than I am, but I'm I'm catching up and catching up.


That was quite the weekend. It was a busy day. It was a great show. Thanks for watching my show at Attila's. I got some coverage, exclusive shots of my new tattoo from from Jackson's. And I want to get to some some really heavy news show. Both you, my friends at Natsui the last few months have taught us what's important in life. It's also taught us what we need to eliminate or change. It's the same for business.


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All right, Joe, let's go.


Nice night, listen, first of all, I want to thank you all, I rarely do this self-congratulatory nonsense, but it's super important because the show is for you and it's nice to get good feedback. For the second month in a row, we are on the pod track, top 20 of the top 20 podcasts in the entire country. There it is, Dan Bongino show creeping in again at number twenty second month in a row in the top 20 charts.


Thank you very much. You know, I love you guys and ladies to death. You all are everything to me, so I really appreciate it. All right. So we got a loaded show tonight. Let me start off first. This is a show we have flip back and forth in the The Notebook of Doom here, all the dopey stories liberals want. But there's a new puppy hoax. Remember the puppy dossier and that stuff. We'll get to that a little bit later.


There's been some updates on that with the FBI, but there is a new puppy hoax. Let's get right to it. It does involve a as I said, and it's the post office. There it is, Wall Street Journal debunks the latest hoax, the Postal Service's good election advice. What is the hoax? Let me dig right into it. Ladies, gentlemen, the newest hoax is that Trump is kneecapping the post office. I will. That's an exact quote, by the way.


I'll get to that in a second post. Donald Trump is kneecapping the post office right before the election because. Wait for it. Not that I thought that because President Trump doesn't want votes to arrive because he's so terrified he's going to lose. So he's sabotaging the post office right before the election. Ladies and gentlemen, this is. Conspiracy theory type stuff, I don't even have an adequate counterpart, at least with some conspiracy theories, there's some element of truth to it that's then expounded upon into a series of later lies.


There's no evidence this is true at all. You've got the hoax, just to be clear, because you're going to hear it all week. Now, Nancy Pelosi is calling Congress back in session to address the hoax. The hoax is President Trump is sabotaging the post office before the election to make sure our votes don't arrive on time. You don't believe me? Look at the I mean, the greatest hoax there of all. Who is Barack Obama? Here's a quote by Barack Obama in the Wall Street Journal article, Barack Obama fed the political misinformation about the post office of Political Misinformation Feedback Loop on a podcast Friday by saying Trump is trying to quote.


Actively kneecap the postal service. On Saturday morning, protesters followed the former president's lead and bang pots and pans outside Postmaster General Lewis, the join Washington, DC condo.


Folks, I, I, I, I know. I know you're deluged. Drinking from a firehose. Constant Dossie hoax is a hoax. Is collusion hoaxes all the hoaxes about president. He's not mentally stable. Twenty Fifth Amendment President Trump is violating the emoluments clause that the litany of Trump hoaxes goes on and I don't have the time to address them all. I don't want to waste your time, but this one, this is how the Democrats work. You have the triumvirate of stupid.


You have liberal politicians, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the other hucksters out there. Barack Obama noted discredited liars, people with zero character and no spine at all. You then have the liberal media, no dignity, no character, no interest in facts at all. And you combine that with the whole celebrity crowd that have big followings and a hoax that Trump is sabotaging the post office to mess with the election becomes reality. You know, believe me, that this is a hoax.


That Trump is sabotaging the post office. I'll prove it to you using the liberal media zone sites before we get that on the Wall Street Journal piece, they have a little background on what actually happened here. Here's screenshot number two from the journal piece News broke Friday oh that the Postal Service has warned dozens of states via letters from US Postal Service General Counsel Thomas Marshall that their deadlines for requesting and casting mail in ballots, mail in ballots are incongruous with the Postal Service's delivery standards.


On cue, the Democrats in the press portrayed this as evidence of Trumpy in sabotage and voter suppression. Oh my gosh, troub suppressing the vote. In reality, it's closer to the opposite. An attempt by the Postal Service to forestall state election failure. In other words, they're warning the states don't screw this up. Write the letters, warning the states, hey, we need some time to handle these votes by mail. The letters were planned before the new postmaster general, Lewis Dejoy, took the reins on June 15.


Mr. Marshall, the Postal Service lawyer, sent a nearly identical advice to election officials in a letter posted at US Strange public conspiracy, this is a. So you're going to hear this all week, Trump sabotage the Postal Service. Although the Postal Service is the one morning the states we need some time to process all your mail in ballots and the letters they've been sending one on the US Postal Service website, strange way to run a conspiracy to advertise it on the Postal Service's website.


And another strange way to do it, considering the guy they allege shows martialing the scam. Trump's new postmaster general, Lewis Dejoy, that the letters and the exact same verbiage or similar verbiage, to be precise, was sent out before he even took the position, is the weirdest conspiracy theory ever has gone up there with the PBS. There you go. Because now so again, Trump is supposedly sabotaging the Postal Service. Because the post office is warning the states you're not giving us enough time to get the votes in, if you like, well, that doesn't make sense if Trump wanted to sabotage the election.


Joe, just a quick question. Yeah. Wouldn't you not warn the states via the Postal Service and let the election get screwed up? Right. It's a simple, easy man. Yeah. Let it get easy. If you want the post office to screw up the election like the alleged Trump is doing, the alleged Trump's doing, then don't warn the states don't have the postal service. Send a warning to be so stupid to be a liberal today.


You really do. You have to have a titanium laden skull here. Even worse. Another screenshot from The Wall Street Journal. Here's the New York State. New York did that bastion of conservative right wing values. Of course, I'm just getting New York State, which is turning into a radical leftist state, my former home state. The seven day deadline for this delivery of ballots via the post office is, quote, unrealistic, who said that that had to be Trump, right?


Because he's trying to say that. No, that was Douglas Kellner, the co-chair of the New York State Board of Elections, who testified in court last month. The state board has argued for moving. The New York State Board has argued for moving it back to 14 days in line with the Postal Service's suggestion of allowing seven days for delivery of the ballot to the voter and then seven days to get the ballot back. It's New York State co-chair of the New York State Board of Elections, Douglas Kellner, complicit in postal sabotage.


So just to be clear, I know, I know, I know you want to I get it like it's so dumb. I know. But folks, listen, I'm sorry you don't liberals don't care about the truth. The media obviously doesn't care about the truth. And celebrities, many of them, not all of them are really just stupid and they don't get it. So they read it in The Washington Post and they think it's a fact. Not understanding The Washington Post is a conspiracy, but Trump is sabotaging the postal service.


How? By warning. By telling the pollsters to warn the states there's not enough time to process the ballots Trump is allegedly trying to suppress. This makes sense if you're a liberal, watching this makes sense to you right now, please. If it does, there are like those helplines for mental health assistance, call it immediately. Stop the show. Stop hit the pause button right now and go call because you need serious mental health, a professional right now to evaluate you.


The same advice was given by the liberal New York state liberal New York State, same election people, so the same thing, Trump said, New York State said. But when Trump says that it's a conspiracy. I met a guy in Apex, North Carolina, he likes when I say and I say it's a conspiracy theory, that's his favorite, this is it. This is liberal. It's a conspiracy theory. He loved it. He says my favorite.


I know some of you hate it. Whatever. Some people I think I've found it. There's that big Trump conspiracy to suppress the election that he's advertising to everyone on the Postal Service's website. Now showing you how dumb celebrities are here is the queen of dumb celebrities, Taylor Swift, who has been on the wrong side of just about everything in my tweet back to her. So Taylor Swift to wear whatever. Seventy five trillion Twitter followers and, you know, people who believe this is not my kids because, you know, they're smart, but some people's kids will because they think Taylor Swift is a very talented musician, by the way, knows anything about politics.


She doesn't. Here she is in her tweet. Trump's calculated dismantling of the Postal Service proves one thing clearly. He is well aware that we do not want him as our president, he's chosen a blatantly cheat and put millions of Americans lives at risk in order in an effort to hold on to power. So I tweeted back basically a whole bunch of stuff, and then I hit it off with, you don't know, stuff. The different words you watching on the.


Yeah. You don't know, quit. Yes. As we use often as a villain for the word that rhymes with it. You got thank you to Taylor repeating the myth again that Trump is sabotaging the Postal Service by warning the states that you're going to have a problem with the elections. We need some time. And then by you sabotaging the postal, by giving the exact same advice New York state officials gave their own residents, if you're going to vote by mail, give the Postal Service seven days to get you a ballot and then give them seven days to get it back.


Sounds like a weird way to sabotage the election, to advise people how to not sabotage the election. But if you're Taylor Swift and you're a dunce, a musical genius, real world duds, you tweet that out of your seventy two trillion followers because you're a dunce and you don't really care about. But you've made it. That's because, you know, nobody will correct you with the kind of Twitter power you have. I will. But I only have two million followers.


She has seventy five trillion or whatever. Here's another dunce on Twitter again, formerly decent basketball player, but a dunce on Twitter, nonetheless, Rex Chapman, remember Rex Chapman? Yeah, not many people do. Well, highly overrated. Better basketball player than me nonetheless. So he tweets out, Burbank, California, in your entire life, have you ever seen a locked mailbox at the post office? Now you have it's a disgrace and an immediate threat to American democracy, Joe.


Shame on them. Yeah. Shame on the GOP. Where are you? Mitch McConnell. And he tweets to him, this is dunce Rex Chapman. Again, a once overrated basketball player saying they're locking the mailboxes. Well, what's the problem with the photo of the locked mailboxes? Well, there's two problems. Number one, they're photos from twenty sixteen. Oh. Yeah, Obama was the president 2016, so. That's not even the worst, probably like wait.


Come on. He's dumb enough to tweet out a photo to 2016 of a locked mailbox to blame it on Trump, but it was Obama. How does it get dumber? Oh, it gets done. You know what, many people don't even notice. What's the other? So a woman was kind enough, I don't have the video because, you know, I don't want to tell that's my video. A woman was kind enough to go out and video that actual location in front of the post office with the locked mailbox.


And, Joe, when you do this with your with your iPhone, your video camera. When you turn around, the unlocked mailboxes are right on the other side. Where you actually dropped the mail? They just don't use those anymore, so they use the ones literally when you turn around on the other side. But again, Rex Chapman, really good handle when he played basketball. Not too smart. Kind of a dunce. Folks, it gets worse, of course, it always does.


So the Democrats have proposed some bills, and which is why are they doing this? They're doing this because they want I don't have any. My postman is a great guy. So as a woman, I dealt with that when I lived in another house. They were really terrific. And I really mean, is there not virtue saying that I don't like to knock people who work for a living? It's not them. Just like when I get into the arguments about the teachers unions once in a while, I'll get an email from a teacher, which I understand.


Why are you not going to teach? I'm not knocking the teachers. I'm not knocking the mailman. The mail women out there who do their jobs at people sorting the mail. You go to work every day. It's not your fault. However, people leading the post office in the past before Trump was in charge were morons and they ran your agency into the ground. It's been billions of dollars in debt. What's really going on right now? Well, number one, the Democrats just like to invent hoaxes, this time with the post office because they know the media is too dumb and too malicious in many cases to report the truth.


And they know people like Rex Chapman and Taylor Swift are too dumb to understand the facts. And they'll tweeted out, make Trump look bad. So that's number one. They just want to make Trump look bad. They make stuff up. Knowing idiots like Chapman and Taylor Swift will follow along. You get it. But number two, they want a bailout for the Postal Service. Which is not going to happen under Trump because President Trump needs to reform it so it can be self-sufficient, which it's not.


It's not. And to the postal carriers out there and the people are working hard, you're not going to have a job if the post office doesn't fix itself. The Democrats don't want that, they want what they want always government bailouts for states that can't manage themselves for agencies. That's what this is. None of the bills the Democrats have proposed, by the way, for the bailouts. The bailout portions have anything to do with voting. I thought the Democrats wanted to fix it.


Nothing, they have a three point five billion dollar bill for mail in voting on which Trump doesn't want for national mail in vote. Trump doesn't want national voting because there's fraud everywhere it happened, but the bills to fix the postal service have nothing to do with mail and voting. Showing you how. Ridiculous, this is and how against celebrities and bad basketball players run with fake news, hears the media themselves running with fake news they know is fake news, even though weeks ago they reported the real news until their Democrat overlords told them to report the new fake news.


So just to be clear, a few weeks ago, The Washington Post reported this one, that President Trump, in an effort to reform the post office, this The Washington Post. I'm not making this up. It's not The Onion. Treasury, that's the Department of Treasury for the liberals lessoning under Trump. Agrees to lend the Postal Service 10 billion dollars in a trade for rival shipping contract, so he agrees to provide through his Treasury this The Washington Post, Jacob, whatever his name is, I can't pronounce.


I say whatever doesn't matter. These guys are all fake losers anyway. This news happens to be real, though. So Jacob there reports a real story trumps Treasury agrees to lend the post office 10 billion. Sounds like a weird way. Just checking to sabotage the post office.


Then it turns out right now weird. I mean, if you were in some financial trouble, you needed to fix what you said. Then can I borrow twenty thousand? I'll be a weird way to sabotage your life by lending you. I'm just throwing that right. Kind of strange, but I'm just checking. OK, but just using common sense. So that's The Washington Post reporting just a couple of a couple of weeks ago before they were instructed by their Democrat overlords to run with the new PPY hoax.


That's them being honest about it for wants to say, yeah, OK, Trump was going to lend them 10 billion. Here's The Washington Post. The day after they got instructions to run with the new post office hoax. Trump's attack on the Postal Service is now a national emergency by Paul Waldman. That's pretty amazing. Unless somebody was going to lend him ten billion dollars in order for some reforms. But now he's attacking the post office and what is clearly a national emergency, folks, believe it or not, again, this story gets worse.


These stories will all be in the show notes today by the here's a great article by The Blaze president, because there's another angle to this, the other angle the Democrats are making up. It's just fabricated in conjunction with their liberal media allies and the dunce's like Taylor Swift and Rex Chapman. And they're locking in, removing mailboxes so people can't vote. Here's a story at the blaze. Flash back. Thousands of US mailboxes were removed during clearly the Trump administration, not the Obama Biden administration.


Wait, wait, wait. The blaze clearly has this wrong. Yeah, the instructions the media was given by the liberal media hacks and Taylor Swift was to run with this story, Joe, that the post office is removing mailboxes now under Trump so people can vote. Is this possible that a lot of this actually happened under the Obama administration? Yeah. Let's go to the Blaze article. Quote, Historically, mailboxes have been removed for lack of use and installed in growth areas from said from the post office, quote, relocating low use boxes to high traffic areas such as shopping centers, business parks, grocery stores, etc.


for increased customer convenience. Wow. When a collection box consistently receives small amounts of mail for months on end, it cost the Postal Service money and fuel and work hours to go and collect the mail. She continued, removing the boxes simply good business sense. In that respect, it's important to note that anyone with a residential or business mailbox can still use it for a vehicle to send outgoing mail. So just to be clear here, yeah, you can actually go to your mailbox and mail your vote.


Like most people, if you're a liberal, you don't know that, of course, or the media or Taylor Swift, who amazingly is worth like 20 billion dollars and can't figure out she can mail or vote in a front mailbox and give it to the mailman. That's Taylor Swift. Maybe she should do a song. So we never, ever, ever made the phone in a mailbox because we can't figure it out because I'm not that bright and I don't know how to flip the thing up and put my vote in there, because we have never, ever seen a mailbox anywhere.


Maybe that should be her new song. And maybe Rex Chapman can put it on the back of his Jersey mnemba. You can you can customize the back of your jersey. Maybe Rex Chapman could some where's the mailbox? So people can help him out because he doesn't know you could walk out and actually give your mailbox. Where's the mailbox on his jersey. He's not actually in the NBA because he's not really that good. But you can customize your where's the mailbox with a big double double, not a question mark and exclamation point.


Maybe someone will tell Rex where you can go and get his mail and again, showing you how this is all one big scam. You're all being played here. Screenshot number two from the Blaze article that these mailboxes, many of them were removed under the Obama administration. In fact, between twenty eleven and twenty sixteen, there were roughly fourteen thousand postal service mailbox removed, mailboxes removed, ladies and gentlemen, which was during the Obama Biden administration 2009 Washington Post article stated, In the past 20 years, 200000 mailboxes have vanished from city streets, rural roots and suburban neighborhoods, more than more than the one hundred seventy five thousand that remain.


You're falling for a hoax again, of course not, my listeners, but now you have the material to go forward and fight the good fight. All right, let me get to my second sponsor, show you some footage from New Jersey in North Carolina, exclusive, breaking through that dopey drudge, the panic inducing alarm. So he puts the bells and whistles up and the alarm breaking photos of Dan Bongino with no shirt. Oh, my gosh. No shirt on the back.


Don't worry. It's not a Haraldur moment. No, I love Harold. You know, I love argument, Harold, but.


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You have to do stuff. And many of you most of you, my audience are Doerge, your voters, your doorknockers. You donate to political campaigns, your fighters. You email me, you tell me what you're doing all the time. And I'm proud of you, but I'm in it with you. I never want you to think, you know, I cashed my check and run away. I ran for office myself. I've been an activist.


My time ran three times. I'm proud of that. We didn't win, but I'm proud that I put my name on a ballot and fought. You know, we did something. So I heard the story about Attila's gym in Belmar, New Jersey. And they were under attack by the tyrannical, insane governor of New Jersey, who monarch King King Murphy up there, who has decided he is just going to attack private businesses that dare to go against me, tried to shut this business down.


They've revoked their business license. They find them. Meanwhile, they have had how many cases of coronavirus in there, Jim and Attila's Jim Zero. Now, if you watch my interview with them this weekend, which I encourage you to do, we got a lot of great feedback. We went up there, Joe was er Drew was er we worked hard on all weekend. It did a lot of use. It's on our YouTube channel, Apple podcast.


You'll hear their story. Here's just some video if you want to check it out. YouTube dot com slash. Bongino says up there many people like Dan, you're deadlifting in Attila's in jeans. What's going on folks? Listen, it's all I had. We had to do an interview. I had to go to North Carolina. I had to travel around with like a workout bag. So I just figured, oh, I'm going to throw some pinwheels, the three pizzas around and deadlift in jeans and boots.


No warm up raw. There you go. I don't know what does that six, seven reps. Maybe they're maybe if I throw in one extra in there, I don't know. But there's three fifteen on the dead, no warm up, which probably wasn't smart. A little bit of around the back there's a lady in the background video and me from behind which is interesting. Some, some other some of our listeners wanted some copy of that footage too.


I don't know why, but there's me three sweating my butt off. Then a guy came up later, asked me to autograph his shirt, did that so there may not have said a deads. So yes, I know I don't work out in jeans obviously. And by the way, it's my Attila's shirt. There's a back to it too. But I was I was proud of you have to work out with the workout with the fellas in the ladies and I appreciate it.


Here's a quick said Amy. Before I left, I only worked out because I won't have anything else. I want an interview. So here's me again. This is at the end of the day. They asked me, hey, you want to knock out of set bench? So I got the 90 pound dumbbells. Joe is standing right around me. They're knocked out a set of twelve ski with those bad boys. You could see my left elbow, but barely moves.


If I look at the left elbow is a total disaster, right? Kind of smooth. I'm critiquing myself. Of course you see me making that face. I always make its way. I have disastrous face wrinkles. My wife always left. Some people did comment. Many of them happen to be women, that the jeans were a little tight. I know I don't wear skinny jeans. I have to answer all your emails. Those are not skinny jeans.


Matter of fact, they're the opposite. They're from lucky. It's the only jeans that fit me because I squat a lot and I have unusually big quads, unusually big at right. And nothing fits me right. I do not wear skinny jeans. I am not Justin Timberlake. I couldn't get there. Got a twelve and I dropped the weights, which is terrible.


I'm surprised they throw us out of gym, but there you go. So there's trying to tell us. I told you I'd workout up there a couple of people on a video and I stick to my word, it was a long day. Believe I don't even ask. I got a lot of questions on the logistics. Hey, how did you Joe, Drew and Paul to figure this out with the logistics? Don't even ask. It was a lot of money, a lot of time, but we got it done.


Finally, here's a quick video. Me getting a tattoo flew down to North Carolina, Apex, North Carolina, Apex Tattoo factory. The owner, Jackson, was arrested for daring air quotes to open up his business, try to pay his mortgage. So there's jacks there. There's me shirtless face down on a cleanse, sterilized tattoo table, getting the excess that Jesus fish on my back. I love Jesus, love Jesus a lot. So there's a little bit I'm sorry I went out of water, but I just I just realized it.


But there's me. Get a tattoo. I'll show you that in a minute. Just quickly showing you how you got to do stuff. I am now a member of Attila's. I paid it was not some idiot wrote back to me on Twitter. Probably a liberal denyse. You went up there, but you should have paid for a membership. We did. You done. Here's my membership. Do it now. Here's a picture of my key FOB deck.


In case you don't know. There it is. Those are my actual keys. Paul, I want to know what that seven or nine key is. If we should put that. I have no idea. She's like, oh, should we put that out there? What if it's a key to something? If I don't know what it is, you don't know what it is either. So I have no idea. But those are my actual keys from Attila's.


So whenever I'm in New Jersey, I paid for my membership. I donated on the Go fund. Me too. I put five Hando in there. You can see it go if you got a dollar or two dollars, any money if you can help them out. Attila's Bellmore caught relief. The link will be in my show notes today. The appropriate Go Fund Me Bongino dot com slash newsletter app dot com. The link will be there. Please help them out.


These guys need a lot of money. Ladies and gentlemen. They're being hounded and fined religiously for fighting back.


Here it is, Joe. The big moment, the exclusive reveal that Dan Bongino Jesus fish tattoo. This was taken early this morning by the lovely Paula who's seen this view.


Many look at those muscles. Look at that. Wow. That is really me. Of course, the camera adds 10 pounds. You see my book in the background. That is really me. It's not an excuse for me to show you my back shirtless. I really wanted you to see my tattoo. You may say, well, why did you need that shot like that? Because when we showed the shot up close and personal and the actual. Two, it was unclear where the tattoo was and why want you to think I got it in some strange area of my body and my back is also unusually hairy sometimes.


And Paul is like, I don't like your hairy back shot. Can we take this moving back? So there's Dan Bongino, YouTube dot com slash Bongino if we want to. You want to check out the shirtless Dan Bongino. We're not done in Amarildo like moment, but you get the point. You got to see the ink. You can't say you got to. I could have faked it. Right. Could have had a pen on there. Thanks for the guy who sent me this call, Trump, by the way.


I could. And by the way, by the way, the guy who gave me these cool pens and a Marine shirt, I have them. They're awesome. Thank you very much. I really appreciate you're a good man.


Someone gave it to me up in North Carolina. Just quick, here are some local news coverage. This is great. The short short news network Dotcom ran this article is the classic. They initially put three fifty, which was impressive. But I had to correct the story because it would have been disingenuous. Watch. Dan Bongino calls Phil Murphy a tyrant, then Deadlifts 315, an outlaw New Jersey Shore News Network in the greatest article of the industry at 350.


I had to correct that because I did not deadlift fifty six times. I did 350, but I would have been impressed if I should have just accepted it right now. Not another word. It was, it was a heavy bar, was a heavy bar. Thank you, Schroder's network for covering the story. All right, we got a lot more serious material to get to, but, you know, action matters. We got to do stuff.


And on a very serious note, whatever you can do to support Attila's a go fund me, get a membership, buy a shirt and whatever you can do to support the APACS, you want to go buy a shirt, APACS, tattoo factory, call them up, email them, go to the website, pick up a shirt. We got to support these businesses, folks. They need us. If I named my show for a reason. Patriots, you know, kind of like the Justice the Justice League here.


They can't come after all of us at once. But when they isolate these people and we allow them to stand alone, Attila's and all these other gyms and tattoo factories and these restaurants, when they isolate them, they feel helpless. Don't let them be isolated. My wife was getting choked up this morning. She was reading an email. We got your email from the New York because you have his first name or you remember maybe we should say because he didn't give us permission, but he owns five gyms in New York.


Going totally bankrupt, rent bills piling up, you can't open. My wife was like really upset about it, really upset, not like she was upset by getting choked up this morning. We're with you. We're trying our best. If we can do this again with other business, we're going to try to do it. But it was really hard to organize, but we will try to do some more stuff. And we highlight businesses that need help.


All right, you know what? Let me do my third sponsor and then I want to get to this FBI lawyer story, which, again, was a huge tactical nuke dropped on Friday, which the mainstream media completely ignored. You only had an FBI lawyer, Joe. No big deal. Who's about to plead guilty to altering evidence allowing the Obama administration to spy on Donald Trump to the FBI, whatever. Don't worry, Joe. No big deal.


No big deal. We got to deal with the story again. Yeah, except AP this time be in the post office because that's more important. The Post Office. We'll get to that in a second. Today's final sponsor, our friends, a quip. It's the only toothbrush I use, quipped QIP. Why? Well, because it's like power washing your darn mouth. If I could be honest with you, if you're using a regular old toothbrush, you don't know how clean your mouth could be.


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It's not for me. For you, it's you. I've done my thing. I you know, I do this for you. I enjoy doing it. But one of the critiques I get, which is a good one, they say, you know, sometimes then you tell a story and you you know, sometimes it takes you out to get to the point. Fair enough. Fair enough. And it's because I'm interested in the stories and I like the details is typically the reason why.


But that's not an excuse. So let me just put the bottom line up front for this FBI story and what happened on Friday. I wrote it down and make sure we're short and concise because I said it this morning on Fox and Friends. The lead FBI lawyer in the case to spy on Trump, right, Kevin Kleinsmith, he was the lead lawyer. Was used by the FBI because they wanted to spy on them. Well, what was he used for this FBI?


They asked him if Carter Page, who was working for the Trump team, was working with another federal agency and basically working with them. Why did they do that, they did that because they knew Carter Page was in contact with Russians and they wanted to make sure that those contacts weren't at the behest of a government agency. When this FBI lawyer found out that Carter Page, who had worked for the Trump campaign's contacts, were with Russians and were in his duties as a basically a.


And an official source for the CIA they lied about. Get it? Bottom line up front. Lead FBI lawyer. Says that Carter Page, who they're trying to spy on because they want to spy on the Trump campaign, is not a source for the CIA, when in fact he is to make it look like his legitimate contacts with Russians, that he was helping the country out with the spy help help the CIA out to make them look nefarious. The deeds matter, though, folks, bottom line up front, but the deeds do matter because what happened with the media?


Well, the answer is nothing happened. They ignored the story almost altogether. National Review, Tobias, I can never say his last name, we love him anyway, we use the stuff who hune out. Forgive me, Tobias not petulant. My I. Bongino So I get it. Bongino But I get it. I'm with you, brother. National Review. The Russia obsessed media does its best to ignore Kleinsmith. The FBI was guilty plea. Or soon to be guilty plea.


Do you hear about this in the media on Friday? This is a huge story. Now, the main FBI lawyer was accused of falsifying evidence to make Carter Page look like a Russian spy. Sounds kind of bad, no, well, let's go to this great clip from the fantastic Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist, who's kind of confused by this to how the PPY hoaxers and now the post office, Hertz's hoaxers who were once the collusion hoaxers, they were obsessed with Russia.


Now we have a huge PLI and an FBI lawyer central to the case, admitting they basically made up the thing about Carter Page being a Russian spy. Basically, they made it up and you don't hear anything about it. Isn't that just weird? Listen to Mollie Hemingway sum this up.


It is so rare for anyone affiliated with the FBI to actually be held accountable for something like this. What really speaks to how serious of a problem it was and how much they had the goods on him. And when every little thing was stripped out by the media for years claiming that there was this collusion between the Trump administration and Russia. Now that we actually have our first example here of criminal wrongdoing, the media are kind of downplaying it and acting like it's not a big deal.


And that's understandable because they were implicated in this as well. In fact, they were some of the worst offenders in perpetrating this collusion hoax on the American people. The last thing that they want is for anyone to be held accountable. And they're trying to make sure that this story goes away as quickly as possible.


Thank you. Molly summed it up pretty well there. Why does the media that was obsessed with the hoax and collusion for three years obsessed Moscow Maddow on MSNBC spoke about it every night, The New York Times, The Washington Post, fake headlines everywhere. They were once obsessed with this story. Now, all of a sudden, you have actual criminal charges against the people involved for faking the story and all of a sudden the media doesn't care one bit. Amazing how that happens.


Not only do they not care, there is a massive misinformation campaign out there, massive misinformation campaign from the actual people involved in the case that we're going to correct. Right now, because that's what we do on this show. Remember Andrew Weissman? They call it the Mueller probe, remember Bob Mueller, who was supposedly looking into collusion, it wasn't really the Mueller probe was really the Weissman probe, remember, discredited hack Luser former prosecutor Andrew Weissman. Yeah, that guy, the guy who's been a humiliating disgrace to the Justice Department repeatedly through his Enron activities when he was prosecuting that case and all the other times he's been wrecked by judges for all the nonsense he's tried to pull in courts.


Yes, that was the guy they picked to run the Mueller probe. It's really the Weissman probe Weissman's out there now, unbelievably, one of the dumbest men in America. Now he's somehow he's a lawyer. He should really turn in his. JD Weissman is now tweeting things about the case because he's terrified because remember, he's going to be implicated in this this whole thing. He's the lead. Implicated in what? For investigating Trump for a collusion hoax he knew was fake from the start.


Weissman's, Patti Weissman doesn't like it that this FBI lawyer is going to plead guilty to this charge, he hates it. So Weissman is knowingly tweeting out misinformation. Read this one. So there's only one of two options here from Weissman. This is from his Twitter account at a Weissman underscore Weissman's, either one of the dumbest human beings in America or he's a liar. It's probably a little bit of both. Andrew Weissman, quote, Kleinsmith is charged with adding the words, not a source to an email about Carter Page.


But nowhere does the charge say that this is false, i.e. that Page was a source for the CIA. Really? So I'll keep this up saying so. Just to be clear, Weissman is a brilliant lawyer, mulcher. And believe me, I'm using the term brilliant loosely is saying that nowhere does it say that Carter Page was the source for the CIA and we're all being misled. He says without that, how is the addition materially false compared with Barres materiality?


Stand for Flindt. So just to be clear, this is one of the mullahs, this is mullahs chief, Lieutenant Andrew Weissman, this brilliant lawyer. He's saying, well, the fact that the FBI lawyer. It's about to plead guilty to lying about the fact that Carter Page was, in fact the source for the CIA, he was claiming he was not a source to me, again, to make it look like Page's contacts with the Russians at the behest of the CIA.


Where were where Carter Page acting on behalf of the Russians, not the CIA, making him look like a Russian hack.


Where did he not read the IG report, Weissman? It doesn't say anywhere that Carter Page was the source for the CIA big hat tip, undercover huba on Parler and Twitter. Great account. Here's screenshots from the actual IG report. When we asked the liaison about the attorney's interpretation of the Azen email, the liaison told us that her email stated just the opposite. Namely, that page was a US person who had provided direct reporting to the other US government agency in the past.


In other words, Joe, that is let me translate that for you. The inspector general who investigated this saw an actual correspondence from the CIA to the FBI saying, yes, Carter Page was, in fact, the source copy Weissman. Can't find that. I guess. I don't I don't know if he can't read he's too stupid or if he's just a discredited hack, loser, liar, which is what he really is. It doesn't say anywhere.


Page was the source. You mean like outside of the IG report? Even worse, the FBI lawyer did get that email. That page was a source for the CIA. Here's IG report number two. However, the OJs attorney altered the liaison's, they're talking about Kleinsmith, altered the email by inserting the words, not a source into it, thus making it appear that the liaison had said that page was not a source. Again, Andrew Weissman either Can't Read is a dancer is a really unbelievably malfeasant liar, which he is.


He's a discredited loser. He's read the report, he knows he's lying, he's just trying to confuse you because he's terrified himself of his own corruption. What a disgusting person. Now, let me just correct another piece of information here again, hat tip, our friend, Undercover Huba and others, Sean Davis and others who've done some great work on this at the Federalist. Ladies and gentlemen, Kevin Kleinsmith, who's about to plead guilty to doctoring an email to make Carter Page look like he wasn't a source from the CIA when he was.


He's not a low level attorney. Now, why would the media want you to believe disingenuously that he was a low level attorney? Because they want you to believe that this scandal wasn't at the highest levels of the FBI at the behest of the Obama administration to spy on Trump. So what's the catch here? Here's the trick, Joe. They say not at all. This was just a couple low level dudes, these low level cats. You know what happened?


They got a little excited. They didn't like Trump. They changed the name. Nobody at the top is going to be implicated, especially Obama. He was a low level attorney, really, because we have the FBI's org chart, you know, organizational chart for the liberals listening to shorten that up.


I know I have to be a little slower with you all, but here's an actual photo with the org chart. Oh, I'm so Assistant General Counsel Kevin Kleinsmith, the primary FBI attorney, reported right to the chief of the division of the FBI. Wow, that's weird, Joe. Low level. That's like saying Joe's a low level producer. He's the only producer on the audio. So there is no low level producer. There's the org chart right there.


There it is. There's the org chart. The FBI org chart. Kleinsmith reported right to the top. Directly, that's what those arrows mean, liberals, and if you have a hard time with boxes and arrows and things like that. It's a low level attorney who reports directly to the chief of the whole division.


Of course, if you're a media person like Charlie Savage, Maggie Haberman, Adam Goldman, Natasha Burcher and the other hoaxes, this probably makes sense to you. Let's go to wisemen tweet to make you can't possibly be lying again. I know how he can. That's what he does. Weismann. Here's Weisman tweet, too, he said. Here's a hint of what Dora may be up to. The Kleinsmith charge says that CROSSFIRE hurricane was open as a federal violation Foreign Agents Registration Act.


That is false, as the IG found it was open as a counterintelligence investigation. Oh, again, let me translate it, please. Weissman he's because he's such a liar. Yeah. So Weissman is trying to get your attention away from this. He's trying to say, no, no. This was opened as a counterintelligence investigation because there were rumors about Trump working with the Russians. It wasn't a criminal case. The Phare charge show, the Foreign Agents Registration Act saying that didn't exist.


It wasn't a criminal case. This was just the CIA stuff. We were just worried about the country. It wasn't a criminal case. The FBI definitely did not open a foreign agency registration act case that they're trying to spin us. This was only for intelligence. Hat tip, Sean Davis is the federalist. We have the paperwork, Joe, about how they opened up the case, so according to Weissman, this was definitely a CIA case and had nothing to do with the Foreign Agents Registration Act.


Nothing. Well, let's look at the actual opening paperwork for the FBI, which we now have. Federal Bureau of Investigation, electronic communication used to open up the case. The case I.D. number is redacted, but their case I.D. number is associated with what charge? Foreign Agents Registration Act now Fara. Joto is over Farrah Fawcett for a fact. Weird, right, kind of strange how or you have to do is go to the now unclassified documentation, actually look at it.


This was the lead lawyer on this case, folks, Andrew Weissman. Again, he's either a single digit IQ moron. And unrepentant liar or some devious combination of the two has no dignity, no spine at all. I think it is. I think it's the third. All right, let me go to this video quick, because, again, I don't want you to lose the big scandal here and nobody ever sums it up better than Devin Nunes, the congressman from California, who's done a great job uncovering all this malfeasance.


Nunez sums it up in about a minute, 30 clip I want you to pay attention to Anna Maria Bartiromo is a terrific show here. Don't ever forget, folks. All of this was a lie. That Carter Page wasn't a source for the CIA was a lie fabricated by this FBI lawyer when he doctored an email, the PPY stuff, it was all a lie. And there's a lot of really good researchers out there doing terrific work on social media.


And I applaud you. I mean that. But I don't want you to ever lose in the deetz the big take away part of the story. All of this stuff, the stuff, the dossier is all made up, folks. It's not from legitimate source. It's just made up. Please understand that this was always made up. Hillary test someone to go make up fake information which the FBI used. The big scandal here, which I have repeatedly said is that the Pentagon's Office of Net Assessment paid the people who made it up.


Your tax dollars paid for people to make up lies who made them up when they made them up. Those are all interesting details. We'll get to you in the future. We have a lot of in my next book. But don't ever forget, it's all made up and you paid for all of it. Listen to Devin Nunes talk about this.


Now we're looking and we are one of the ones that found this office. And at Assessment's money, we had sources that had come to us that said that there was an odd amount of money, hundreds of thousands of dollars that was moving through this organization.


And we began that investigation. I think the only thing, Maria, that I would correct you on is that this guy, Holper, was was not a spy. This guy just helped Christopher still make things up. All of it.


All of what they did, they had no sources. It was a he did phony reports. This has to be investigated. And why at the time, the deputy attorney general Rosenstein and the FBI director, Christopher Wray, when Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and I and Trey Gowdy went in and asked about this situation, you know, they play dumb. They didn't know anything about this. They had no idea. They'd never heard of anybody. We said, well, who is this?


What is this? Who is this person? What's going on here? Crickets. They wouldn't say anything. Now you look back. What did they know? What did they know at that time? Did they know hundreds of thousands of dollars were had gone missing? I mean, this has been two years ago now, Maria, that we first discovered that there might be a problem at the office of Net Assessment, a part of the Department of Defense, where they were using taxpayer dollars ultimately not to spy, but to make up nonsense that they then took in the dirty cops, took in to open an investigation on the United States that ultimately became the special prosecutor that was in full motion, remember, until that time period in early twenty eighteen, that was in full motion.


And we as investigators were bringing this information to the leadership, hoping that the DOJ and FBI would say, hey, maybe we have a problem here, we need to do something else. But of course, history shows they didn't do it.


Bravo. Well done. I opened it up, summing up what the FBI lawyer scandal is about, the FBI faked the document to make you believe that a Trump campaign associate was a spy for the Russians when, in fact, he was helping us spy on the Russians. Second takeaway. You paid to make up stuff. Via Halper and others that was used to spy on your preferred candidate for president, your tax dollars were used to pay for. How do you feel about that?


Nunez always seems to boil it down. All right, kind of related in a way, but this article up at the show notes I want to address to you about Adam Schiff. It's going to be a it's a John Solomon article at Just the News and it's at the show, notes Mancino, that Constellation newsletter. It's important. It involves two stories. It's kind of a conduit between the story I just discussed. About Spygate and all the breaking news on that and the social media stories as well, Twitter is just the total joke.


You know, I'm again, a part owner of Parler PR Leha encourage you to go over there. Thanks to all the people in North Carolina who showed up at the tattoo factory. Tell me they were all about parler. Thank you. We love it. We're we're adding hundreds of thousands of new people and we really appreciate your sport. Adam Schiff's inaccurate, accurate Russia tweets, rays, Twitter double standard question. Ladies and gentlemen, how is it that Trump's tweets.


When he says factual things or sometimes things that can be interpreted multiple ways have to get these Twitter fact checked and all this other stuff, they're just interfering in the election, Twitter, because they don't even care. Jack definitely doesn't care. Jack Dorsey. But when Adam Schiff tweets things that are knowingly, absolutely false, as you can see, that's just the news piece here. When he tweets something like this one that he doesn't get a fact check, here is a knowingly false tweet by clown Adam Schiff.


Donald Trump tweeted about government surveillance abuses and he says, Schiff says to him, wrong again, Mr. President, it confirms the FBI acted appropriately and that Russian agents approached two of your advisors and informed your campaign that Russia was prepared to help you by disseminating stolen Clinton emails. Why is there no fact check on that? That's totally, completely fabricated and made up. Where's the fact check on that? Why is it that tweet deleted? Let's go to John Solomon explains it pretty well, really, because the FISA application that Schiff referred to in history contained 51 statements that were inaccurate.


Fifty one, misleading or undocumented, and included 17 violations of FBI rules ranging from false and unverified information to omissions of exculpatory evidence of innocence. The DOJ inspector general reported last December. Twitter just asking. We're just checking on you going to put that up there. You're going to put a fact check next to it that when Adam Schiff, what he's talking about is actually a document that the FISA courts have already thrown out, they have deemed two of the four Fyssas completely inaccurate and misleading.


You're going to put the 17 violations, the fifty one misstatements in there. Twitter, you get it, you're going to do just ask, are you going to do that? Of course, you're not Jack Dorsey, he's a left wing hack. Here's another one, Schiff, tweet number two, again, knowingly false, no fact check on this one not. Clowned Siff throughout the investigation committee, Republicans chose not to seriously investigate or even see when in plain sight, in plain sight.


Evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, there's evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Where is it? Not only that, the evidence is in plain sight for everyone to see. Said Life in the Princess Bride. I don't think that means what you think it. I don't think in plain sight means exactly what you think it means. Adam, I'm pretty sure John Solomon does an interesting fact check. And Adam Schiff, because Twitter won't do it themselves.


Interesting, because multiple investigations ranging from the Senate Intelligence Committee to Robert Mueller's investigation have concluded that there is no evidence of any Trump campaign official or any other American colluding with Russia to influence the 2016 election. Here's the actual quote from the Mueller report, that Mueller, the guy with Weissman that hated Trump, this is their quote, not mine. The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired to coordinate with the Russian government in its election interference activities, Mueller wrote.


So basically what Adam Schiff said is just not true. Meaning falls for the liberals watching made up. No evidence. All right, folks, thanks again for tuning in to the show, I appreciate is a loaded show. A lot of information today, please. I say this in the strongest terms. I need you all out there, the army of our listeners, hundreds of thousands of you. I need you to go on your social media accounts, parler Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, wherever you are.


I need you to go out there and fight back against this post office thing we covered in the beginning. There is a large army of media, fake news out there and entertainment morons who are going to promote this thing and people will actually believe it. It is false. Please fight back. I need you and thanks again for all your support. Thanks to Attila's got my shirt on. Thanks for giving me that. And I please check out the YouTube, you know, got some extra material.


We'll see how that does today. YouTube dotcom slash. Dan Bongino, please subscribe while you're over there. It's all free. We really appreciate it. See you tomorrow.


You just heard Dan Bongino.