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All right. So good day. Good evening to my listeners. Whenever you're listening, except to Andrew Cuomo up in New York, who I'll show you a picture of in a minute without a mask. New York, you know, Andrew Cuomo, right, radical left this governor of New York. You don't wear a mask. You probably throw you in jail. And at one of his leftist gulags that they're probably putting together right now up in New York.


Yeah, yeah. He he he he he don't wear a mask either. Kind of kind of weird how that happens, right. I've got that. I've got Joe Biden cold, busted, lying again, which isn't really a news story. And I've got a great story about polls being suppressed magically after the RNC Republican National Convention, where the polls show a huge bounce for President Trump, but they don't show it because you're not really hearing about it.


Don't worry, we have him here that a lot more, including a Spygate Mike Flynn update Today show brought to you by Express VPN, secure your online activity today from prying eyeballs. Get a VPN. Don't wait. Go to express VPN dotcom slash Mangino. Welcome to Dan Bongino show take to produce your show. How are you today.


Life is going along swimmingly Daniel.


There was right. Everything was going great. I had this great intro for version one of the show which lasted a minute and seven seconds and I stumbled over this thing so completely. I said we got to scrap that and start over. All right.


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So let's go. Bell Ding, ding. So, yeah, here's a hot tip. Janice Dean from Fox News. Here's a photo of a tyrant in waiting. Andrew Cuomo slowly working himself into the tyrant roll. Joe, day by day. You know, it takes a little while to kind of break down societal norms and take total monarchical oligarchical tyrannical type power with him and his little posse there. Here's Andrew Cuomo. Yeah. Yeah. If you're white, if you're listening, I'll just describe it to you here.


This takes a lot of description for those listening on radio and audio alone. It's Andrew Cuomo walking his dog without a mask, of course.


There we go. Hypocrites, frauds, so Cuomo is our Dunce of the Day, we don't actually have it done so the day we just started that today. But if there was a dance to the day, it would be Andrew Cuomo. So there you go. The inaugural dance of the day, Andrew Cuomo. Don't you dare wear a mask to excuse me. Don't you come up to New York without a mask. You know, you concerned them.


What are you saying? You come to New York, you conservatives, you're saying you don't support abortion. Remember that? I remember feeling it. WCPN, when he gave that speech telling conservatives not kidding, that they were not welcome up in New York. I'm not kidding, but I'm glad this guy is a total fraud. Remember that is it. Don't you dare come up to. What are you saying? You don't like abortion or something like this?


Cuomo I believe fun. All right. Let's get to the meat and potatoes today. So, ladies and gentlemen, these again, are are not protests. These are straight up mobs. We have warned you repeatedly about this. I was on Sean Hannity's show last night. And it's and it's really tragic. I'm serious that the Democrats just now lick their fingers. So where the wind was blowing and the political winds are blowing against them because, again, as I've discussed for months and days and nights and weeks and evenings and weekends, the Democrats are just waking up to the fact and surprised by the fact that the public doesn't want their neighborhoods burned down, kind of obvious to normal people like Joe, Paula and most of you out there.


But the Democrats are just figuring this out now, a focus group. Tell them, hey, man, you better speak up. The public's not really digging their neighborhoods and businesses in flames. This is the kind of stuff we warned you about. Here is another mob in Oakland last night, a violent, aggressive terrorist mob in Oakland, California. For the liberals who don't know that Oakland you know, Califf, like the Asians, they're walking through the streets chanting, USA, come on.


This is that this is clearly the Iranian mullahs write the Death to America crowd. No, no. This is the mob in America on the streets chanting Death to America. Not kidding. Listen to this one.


Keep in mind, this isn't an isolated incident of one or two people, this is an organized chant amongst the violent, aggressive mob of terrorists walking through the street, threatening death to America. Again, not the Iranian mullahs. If they were, they'd be getting a pallet full of cash from Obama, Obama to fly the cash in with Biden, everybody, because it'd be like making it rain and they'd be like in the strip club, making it rain or make it rain, durward cash everywhere.


That's what they'd be doing if this was the actual Iranians. But no, it's an American street with the mob. Mostly peaceful, though, outside of death to America and the threats to like burn the country to the ground outside of that, don't worry, it's mostly peaceful. Now you see why. Biden support is collapsing weight that his poll thing I got this story in the polls, you don't miss this loaded show today, as usual. Got a lot of video today, though.


I don't like to load the show too heavily with video because I like to talk twice to Dan Bongino shown at the video show. But today's important. So President Trump, who has been on the right side of right rather than the wrong side of right, like the Democrats when it comes to street violence and the mob.


Yesterday had a great moment at the White House press conference, I don't know if you saw at the absolutely hapless joke of an alleged reporter, Caitlin Collins from CNN, a total fraud in every respect. Caitlin Collins is about one thing. You know, she pretends to be a journalist. She's about Caitlin Collins. She's not about actual journalism and stuff. So she always asks the dumbest questions of watching her get annihilated in these press conferences by President Trump, I have to say, never gets old.


So here's Caitlin Collins asking yesterday about a paint ball, by the way. I don't know if she covered the Death to America chant. That may have been after this. This, I don't know. I get lost in all the death to America. Pigs in a blanket. What do we want? Dead cops chance. I'm having a hard time tracking them and putting them on a coherent chronological timeline. You know, Joe, they all get lost that to America.


Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon. What do we want? Dead cops? I just it confuses me. There's so many Caitlin Collins doesn't care about that. She cares about a bunch of Trump supporters that drove through Portland. And apparently they got in an altercation. There were some paintballs involved. People just seem too worried about the actual non balls. You know, the bullets. Now, that killed the Trump supporter, Paul, not ask about that one.


She wants to know about the paint balls and of course, President Trump, that's what he always does, makes Kaitlyn Collins look like a complete fool. Check this out.


You were just criticizing Joe Biden, saying he didn't mean to far or antifa during his speech. So you said you wanted to talk about leftwing political violence, but I noticed you did not mention that your supporters were also in Portland this weekend firing people, guns at people, some for pepper spray. So do you want to also take this chance to condemn what your supporters did?


Well, I understand they had large numbers of people that were supporters, but that was a peaceful protest. And paint is not and paint as a defensive mechanism. Paint is not bullets. Your supporters, your supporters and they are your supporters, indeed shot a young gentleman who and killed him, not with paint, but with a bullet. And I think it's disgraceful.


Your your supporters, the Caligula's. He's right, of course. You know, it's a media. Don't bring up the guy who was actually dead, the Trump supporter from the Patriot Prayer Group. I'll bring him up. Now, let's talk about a paintball incident. That's why I support this guy. He just doesn't take and he doesn't take any crap, he's just the bull in a china shop, which we need right now. Media, just a bunch of clowns, what a total clown show.


Let's put some muscle on the bone today of the show, though, why does this matter? This block is about these Democrats again, their their so-called road to Damascus moment where now all of a sudden they care about street riots and they're worried about public safety. They didn't give a damn. They said nothing about it as they showed on yesterday's show. They've actually encouraged it for months and months and months thinking why? Why did they do it? Why did this matters?


Why did they do it? Why encourage rioting and street violence? Because, ladies and gentlemen, the Democrats. A run right now by a radical leftist mob, the mob wants to break down any objective standard you have left to institute a new subjective system, I don't want to get too wonky at this. I've talked about it a lot. But the whole idea behind the implementation of socialism in this radical far left agenda is to break down any rules and restraints on the government.


Remember, laws called back the government to the government can't arrest you for a law that doesn't exist. Right. They want to implement a new subjective system where whatever the government says on any given day is, in fact, air quotes the law. The only way to do that is to cause complete and utter total chaos, to get people so scared and frightened that they naturally seek out an alternative to what we have now. What we have now is at least some semblance of law and order outside of liberal cities.


Does that make sense? They want the system, the resemblance to law and order. We have now insane places in America to become unstable so people seek alternatives. And the only way to do that is to cause such chaos that you distrust the system now. They thought that would work. What they didn't realize is when people sought out alternatives to the chaos we have now in these liberal cities, the alternative they're seeking out again is Donald Trump. Because he is the bull in a china shop against the system and the polls are showing that that's why the Democrats now are like maybe we should back off this support of street violence.


Well, we're not going to let them forget. Remember this Daily Caller article? Oh, this is a gem. This is a gem. It's truly outrageous for those of you watch the GM cartoon back in the day. I know every theme song to every cartoon from the 80s, Thunder, Cats, Transformers, Autobots, rage there about I know every one of them, my wife, I know she knows one line from the Transformers theme songs, you know, that's what it is.


Transformers. That's it. That's a joke in my house. I'm like, here's an article. This gem go to my show notes sponginess dot com newsletter if you want to subscribe to the show. And of course it's free, print this article out. Daily Caller Rachel Rachel Stulz for SIRF. I'm saying her name wrong. Rachel Joe Biden starts a presidential campaign by praising Antifa. Oh my article right there on The Daily Caller. You don't believe me. Here's a screenshot from this piece.


Keep this one up. Keep it up on your phone. You know, you can scroll through the articles. I keep a bunch of them up. Daily Caller quote, Former Vice President Joe Biden endorsed Antifa in a video announcing his presidential bid on Thursday characterized excuse me, characterizing the group as, quote, courageous and saying it's wrong to draw a moral equivalence between white nationalist groups and those opposing them. Let's not let creepy, creepy, sleepy. Let's not let him forget about that.


As Joe Biden announced that. Are they still courageous, the fascists and Tifa overlords trying to burn down American cities, they still courageous Joe is anyone ask them that? Has Caitlin Collins asked them? Of course she has. Caitlin Collins, a showboat. Who cares only about Caitlin Collins. Cares about getting a few Twitter followers journalism, that's like, you know, journalism. I'm Caitlin Collins from CNN. What do I care about journalism? All right, so let me play this let me play this clip for you here.


Joe Biden finally calling out Antifa. This is a good one. He did. Finally a. I'm just kidding, but also clip of Joe Biden calling it a diva. This was great. I was just messing with Paula, Paula sitting there like she's got the mouse I could see, or she's like. What do you mean there's a clip of Joe Biden calling out. I said, I'm sorry, I should leave, but I just do that.


And we have like a short order. She knows, but it's not. But her face is priceless. Yeah, play that clip of Joe Biden, please call in at Antifa you got there. She's like moused mousing over videos like so clip. I could see her, she's getting ready to panic. Of course, there is no clip of Joe Biden calling him a for. Just kidding. It's never actually happened. This pathologist found that. But someone did tell the truth yesterday about this new effort, new effort, Joe, the brand, Joe Biden is a law and order guy.


Policeman Joe Biden, now a guy who praised Antifa, sat there quiet, gave generic milquetoast statements about street violence, like maybe we shouldn't kill anyone. No, no, Joe, maybe you need to specifically call out the Black Lives Matter antifa terrorists. I'm just saying is they're burning down American cities. He didn't do that. As we can see with the joke on Paul, there is no clip of him actually doing that. But here's a.


Donny Deutsch on MSNBC, here's Deuch telling the truth about what this all is, Joe Biden's all of a sudden turn towards the law and order guy where Donny Deutsch, he's really clear on this that, listen, folks, this is just a branding thing. This is a really real this is an actual moment of truth on MSNBC. Mark your calendars, folks. Here it is.


What Joe Biden has to be vigilant about. And it's got to be both Korona and the riots and the violence. This is branded Trump. This is the Trump reality show.


You are less safe today, whether it is Korona, whether it is the violence in the streets because of Donald Trump, that is the state of this race. And this is the ultimate branding exercise to reverse back and will hopefully be the demise of Donald Trump. Mark your calendars, folks, MSNBC finally tells the truth. Thanks, Donnie. Yeah, he's right. This is all a branding exercise on the left. He's not kidding. There's nothing to do with Joe Biden's allegiance or fidelity to law and order and keeping your house from burning down, keeping you from getting your butt kicked, walking out the RNC down a gauntlet of terrorist BLM supporters.


It's nothing to do with any of that. This is a strict straight up branding exercise where Donnie where Donnie recognizes that President Trump actually has the brand, the law and order, because it's been branded on him, because he actually stood for law and order. So we got we got to take that branding away, but you can't Joe Biden doesn't believe in any of that. As I said when I asked Paula to play the video of Joe Biden finally calling out Antifa and BLM, which doesn't actually exist.


Trump has been all over this. He gave an interview last night to Laura Ingraham on Fox was taped, but it was a good interview. And there's something he said, I've got some inside baseball for you on this, some have to be a little cryptic here. So but I want to play the video. I'll give you the inside baseball afterwards. Again, I don't I'm not trying to hide information for you. I just have to be respectful of people who give me stuff.


I hope you understand. But I want to play this clip about how President Trump knows what's really going on here. Ingram kind of questions him a little bit on it, and he's cryptic, too, about I'll explain more. Play this cut I don't even like to mention, but because he's not controlling anything. Who do you think is Biden strings?


Is it former Obama people that you've never heard of, people that are in the dark shadows, people that are. What does that mean? That sounds like conspiracy theory. A dark shadow is people that you haven't heard of.


There are people that are on the streets. There are people that are controlling the streets. We had somebody get on a plane from a certain city this weekend. And in the plane, it was almost completely loaded with with thugs wearing these dark uniforms, black uniforms, with gear and this and that. They're there in a plane. Where is the worst? I'll tell you sometime, but it's under investigation right now. But they came from a certain city and this person was coming to the Republican National Convention and they were like seven people on the plane, like this person.


And then a lot of people were on the plane to do big damage. They were coming planning for Washington. Yeah, this was all this is all happening.


Let me break some news for you here and translate what he just said, because I've got against some inside baseball on it. There's a couple of clear points he makes there. That these people were flown in to the RNC event, the acceptance speech President Trump gave at the White House. They were flown in. This was not organic. So it's not grassroots, this was Astroturf, this was fake turf, to quote the dreaded Nancy Pelosi when she talked about real grass roots, the Tea Party, and called it Astroturf.


He says they were flown in from a certain city. I'm getting the same intel, you know what that city was. Take a guess. Portland. Some of the same Portland terrorists terrorizing the city of Portland every night in Oregon, trying to burn down the courthouse. One of them who just murdered a human being. A Trump supporter on the streets of Portland, endless attacks every single night, fireworks, I've got video coming up to and a bit of the mayor.


The left wing communist Mayor Wheeler trying to nearly burn his apartment complex down. Why he's left winger. These people are terrorists. They don't care. You can negotiate with terrorists. What President Trump said was not a mistake, he's trying to be careful with the intel, I got the exact same intel yesterday that a number of, let's call them investigative entities have information that people were flown in to D.C. to disrupt the RNC event from Portland, experienced provocateurs and street terrorists.


You could take that info to the bank. Who flew them in? Who paid for that? He's a. for kids don't have any money, they live in their mommy's basements roasting s'mores and eating Hot Pockets all night. They don't have any actual money. Watching reruns of The Honeymooners at three o'clock in the morning, these guys and women don't have any lives. Believe me, when you see them in person like we did, they they look some of them nearly emaciated.


I want to give them like a nutriment or something. When I worked in in this place in Queens, when I was growing up, the drug, the guys were all into drugs, the crackheads and stuff. They'd come in at like midnight. That's what they would buy, a nutriment. It was like 50 cents. And it was disgusting. It was the only thing I didn't really like it. It tasted like Cocoa Puffs milk, but that's what they would drink.


They look like nutriment kids, purple drinks and potato chips. Would they get the money? The clothes are all raggedy, who's funding this stuff, folks? He's not making that up. There were a lot of these people that were flown in specifically to terrorize the streets of Washington, D.C., and why does Washington, D.C., under the dreadful mayorship of Muriel Bowser, not care? That people were flown into our city to harass, threaten and terrorize people walking down the streets of our city.


Why does she not care? What does she know? All right, I've got more Biden's speech yesterday because there's some policy stuff as well, not just his fake branding, to quote Donny Deutsch, Donny Donny's term, his branding chef Joe Biden, Captain Law and Order, now Yayo K. For I get that I'm getting my second sponsored air show today, also brought to my friends at Zipp recruiters hiring is a challenge, especially with everything else you have to consider.


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Joe Antifa. They're courageous to now not saying anything in antifa, but quietly hinting that he's the law and order guy. There was actual policy stuff and the policy stuff was a complete absurdity. So without further ado, let me get to what Joe Biden actually did say yesterday of substance. And he brought up an important issue, energy, energy that powers our company and fracking, the hydro fracking revolution. Yeah, we've had to to frack and get basically tied oil at a rock where we become one of the world's leading producer of oil now due to fracking and the revolution in fracking.


Well, you know, Biden, who was taken over by the Green New Deal, radical leftist like Eocene, Bernie Sanders has repeatedly said. He's going to ban fracking. Oh, don't worry, I have the video evidence coming up, but here's him yesterday strangely claiming that Trump's lying about Biden wanting to ban fracking when Biden has said he's wanted to ban fracking. Check this out.


A hot button issue in the Keystone State fracking. Biden addressed political ads aimed at chipping away his support. I am not banning fracking, no matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me.


But Biden does support ending permits for new fracking.


Of course, I always screw up. I had to go out of order there with Biden. I'm very sorry. You may have even heard that on the audio, Mike. I'll have to go back to it because I meant it's a really good video. Yeah, but that's. Yeah, I don't. But that's why this is me. This is why I love this show. It's no different. My Malon for the day. So that's why Donald Trump is lying.


I don't want to ban fracking. Well, maybe we should show what we should have a Biden Biden debate. I did this once filling in for Hannity on the radio when I didn't Obama. Obama debate on Obama debating himself at remember that where he took the opposite position on issues. Well, here's Biden. Trump's lying. I don't want to ban fracking. Here's Biden debating Biden. Here's a montage hat tip. Americans for Tax Reform, who put together a montage of biting swearing to people that he's going to ban.


Fracking showing that Joe Biden's a fracking liar, I said fracking, fracking come off fracking, that I was a terrible Joe, it was fracking, Fred, just to be clear. So we're not banned from terrestrial radio stations altogether. Check this out.


No more. No new fracking. We are we are getting rid of fossil fuels like fracking and stopping.


Would there be any place for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking in a Biden administration?


No, we would we would work it out. We would make sure it's eliminated.


I guarantee I guarantee you we're going to end fossil fuel. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill period ends No one. Three consecutive American presidents have enjoyed stints of explosive economic growth due to a boom in oil and natural gas production. As president, would you be willing to sacrifice some of that growth, even knowing potentially that it could displace thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of blue collar workers in the interest of transitioning to that greener economy?


The answer is yes. The answer is yes. No more.


No new fracking. He can't seem to tell the fracking truth, the truth about fracking. And change the order of the words around their. I saw one, by the way, that's a montage for those of you watching on YouTube. That's a montage of various Biden appearances where he alternates from, yes, I will ban it, too. I guarantee it to various categorical denials that he's going to expand fracking yet again. It's Donald Trump lying about Joe Biden's commitment to end fracking.


No, it's Joe Biden lying about Joe Biden's own commitment. To end fracking. Here's a video is going to play first I sometimes I write notes that even I confused myself. I write like a doctor. I wish I thought like one. Biden did say something yesterday in the middle of a speech and listen again. I don't mean to make light of this stuff. But the guys running to be president of the United States. And it's only fair to ask if he has the cognitive capacity to get through a workday without setting off a nuclear war.


Right. In other words, he's making the neural connections and his brain is working. OK. Ladies, gentlemen, Biden was on the teleprompter yesterday where all you have to do is read, you ever see a teleprompter? There's two things on each side and there's usually one big one straight ahead. All he has to do is read through it. Someone else scroll so you don't have to touch anything. It doesn't even scroll it himself like you would in a computer screen reading a book.


He's reading from a teleprompter. And he still got lost in the middle of the speech, reading from a teleprompter, from a speech. He's probably practiced and he still gets lost. Play this video and then I'm going to have to give you courtesy of Jordan Schottel on on Twitter, an actual translation of what I don't know what he's even talking about here. Here's Biden on a teleprompter. Check this out.


covid has taken this year just since the outbreak has taken more than one hundred year. Look, here's the lives. It's just when you think about it, more lives this year than any other year for the past hundred years. Oh, man, can we get the translation up of that, please? What is he people have now having died before? What does he say? People have die now. The ones who haven't died yet or people die before not dying.


I don't understand what he's trying to say here. Put up a Jordan's tweet so I can read this because no one really understood what this is on a teleprompter. It's on a teleprompter. Jordan satchel, full quote, verbatim. Quote, covid is taken this year, just since the outbreak has taken more than one hundred years. Look, here's the lives. It's just it's I mean, think about it. More lives this year than any other year for the past hundred years.


Oh, Daddy, listen, I'm going to have the language expert, so the syntax context, poets, writers, authors, you can sift through that and try to determine what exactly that means. I was on a teleprompter, by the way, which he was reading off a prompter. Again, fair to ask basic questions when Joe Biden speaks on the prompter, he lies, he has pledged to eliminate fracking multiple times, wiping out hundreds of thousands, if not millions of six figure jobs in many cases in this country, wiping out entire states economy, Pennsylvania, Ohio, that whole Marcellus play areas of Texas, destroying the country's energy economy.


He's pledged not tape. And when he does talk on the prompter outside of the issues and he tries to go kind of impromptu and extemporaneous, you get things like. Whatever that was, because I don't really know what that was. All right, moving on from Biden, there was more information yesterday, a lot of story yesterday was a heavy news. They Tues always weeks, Monday packed because you're covering all the weekend, Tuesday, you feel like, you know, you covered everything on Monday.


But yesterday was a huge news day. Plus, you got the news dumps on Friday. You got to cover on Monday. This happened yesterday with Mike Flynn. This case is just an embarrassment. And really, any time Chief Justice John Roberts says again that, you know, we don't have Obama judges or Trump judges, we have judges that abide by the law. He should to be laughed at, OK, because the Mike Flynn case is just a cosmic level, intergalactic embarrassment at this point.


For those of you who missed it, Mike Flynn was accused of lying by the FBI about sanctions he was never asked about, even though the FBI said he didn't lie. There's been a number of cases of malfeasance in this case. The Department of Justice is now trying to drop the case. The judge will not let the Department of Justice drop the case. Judge Emmet Sullivan, who's not really a judge at all. Greg Jarrett is a great piece, a great piece of FOX News excuse me, up in the show today in Flint, KAIST, D.C. District Court plays a silly game of legal dodgeball.


Folks, here's what happened. Mike Flynn's excellent attorney, Sidney Powell, because the Department of Justice has tried to drop the case. They are the prosecution. The judge is the judge. These are separate branches of government, the prosecutors. There's no prosecutor in this case. The Department of Justice does not want to prosecute the case against Flynn anymore because they don't believe he lied and they believe he was set up, which he was. The judge will not let him drop it.


So Sydney Powell filed this writ of mandamus, demanding that the judge dropped the case. It worked in the appeals court, then the full appeals court heard it on because the judge won't let it go. And now the full appeals court is remanding it back to the judge. Here's what really happened. Here's a screenshot from the piece yesterday. The 10 member D.C. Circuit Court actually said to Flynn, in simplistic terms, I'll explain this in a second, the way you came to us too soon.


So come back later if the trial judge doesn't dismiss the charge against you. This is from Greg Jarrett's piece. Importantly, the circuit court did not say that the case against Flynn should not be dismissed. I don't want to wrangle you in a lot of legal mumbo jumbo. The bottom line is it's the Department of Justice has figured out Mike Flynn has gotten railroaded huge, big time. He did not lie about sanctions because he wasn't asked about it. This was clearly a case that had no no reason to be opened or investigated at all.


There was no predicate to investigate Mike Flynn. They were trying to close the case. The judge hates Mike Flynn has been openly biased against him in court. Judge Emmet Sullivan, the judge will not let the prosecution drop the case. They took it to an appeals court and asked the appeals court, make the judge drop the case. Flynn's team said that they said yes, drop the case. Judge Sullivan then appealed that. To the larger appeals court in bond hearing where they said yesterday, throw that out, the case basically goes on against Flynn and they said it because I want to make sure this point is clear.


So you understand the legal distinction Judge Emmet Sullivan has not yet. Refused legally to accept the plea. So the court basically screwed over Flynn and said until he refuses to accept the throwing out of the plea and the dismissal of the case, you have to come back to us later. Ladies, gentlemen, what's really going on here? Judge Emmet Sullivan, clearly an Obama judge, I mean, is that even this guy is not a real judge. He's a politician in a robe at this point, is clearly an activist and is hoping to do what?


To drag the Flynn case out till after the election. Hopefully after the election, Joe Biden appoints a new attorney general immediately, they then relitigate the case against Mike Flynn. That's all limits. Salvager Guy is a joke. He's not a real judge. It's an embarrassment. And the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals and BONKE, the larger court, instead of telling Sullivan, throw this thing out, the DOJ is not prosecuting now, said, well, Flynn, we're going to delay this a little longer.


And if he doesn't demand that's thrown out the judge later and actually signs, then you can come back to us. Disgraceful. Don't ever forget, ladies and gentlemen. The old adage. Justice delayed is justice denied. Why do people say that? Why is it an old adage, because it's true. If you have your local police department, which charges you with a crime you didn't commit and drags it out intentionally in a legal process, it takes you years denying you quick justice.


You have to pay legal fees, you have to deal with the life stress, you have to deal with the potential of losing your job. The negative public relations from it if you're a public figure. This is what they're doing, denying justice to General Mike Flynn. It's one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen. A Judge Emmet Sullivan is an embarrassment. And the next time Judge Chief Justice John Roberts, the Supreme Court of the United States, chief justice of the United States to be proper.


So there are no Obama judges, I want you to roundly laugh in his face. What about him? Ed Sullivan, full time activist on the bench. Grace. All right. Back to the street chaos. You know, what did I warn you about a long time ago with these leftist revolutionary movements? When you look back at movements like the French Revolution, these purity movements, you better be pure. If you're not pure enough to be with us, we're going to subject you to cancel culture.


Purity movements always have a problem that there's an endless search for new victims. Because it's by portraying people as victims that these leftist revolutionary movements get people to deny what's happening right in front of us. Don't miss what I'm saying here. The United States is the most prosperous, freedom loving country in the history of humankind. We've got our flaws, no doubt, but we are in liberty loving country. Most of this country is is populated, thankfully. Thank the Lord.


I'm not using his name in vain with freedom loving patriots who look and say, you know what, for all our flaws, this is the greatest place in the history of humankind to ever look, not just ever, ever. There has never been a finer place or a finer time to have been born than the United States right now. They can have the obvious they need to blind you, so as I said in the opening of the segment, the left wants to create such chaos in the streets through their their shock troops, Blenman, antifa, that you start to question that, gosh, this place and capitalism and freedom and liberty, the constitutional republic, this place.


I love that so many people have shed blood and died for people have come home in body bags and coffins protecting everything that makes this country great. That doesn't look so good anymore. I got a bunch of rioters burning my neighborhood that maybe I'll try something different, like Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden type socialism. Well, the problem with leftist movements like that. It's nobody's ever pure enough because eventually people start to wake up like people are now and say, well, you're burning down my house, I'm not really for that.


I think I'm going to go back to the old system, you know, like law and order and stuff. So you have to search for new recruits and new shock troops. So eventually, nobody's pure enough. Right, nobody's pure enough because in order to search for new victims, you have to create new victimizers. The old victimizers aren't good anymore. In other words, the all day the Republicans hate you, they're racist, was a unified all the whole biffo, big Transavia, you've heard all the nonsense, right?


Yes. The phobic, photophobic stuff. Eventually, that argument gets old and people stop believing it, so they have to search for new victimizers. No one's ever pure enough. No one's safe from a leftist revolution. As I say all the time. Famous last words in the French Revolution when your head was under the guillotine. I'm on your side, my. They don't have a side. Not a purity revolution. There's power in intimidating people. Communist Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler.


Portland, Oregon, for leftists, for liberals listening. Is figuring out the hard way that siding with the left in a purity and impurity revolution never, ever works out. Here's video taken. Was this last night in Ted Wheeler's apartment outside of his apartment where the rage mob, the terrorists are out in front of his house, setting off commercial grade fireworks as people in the apartment complex are trying to sleep. Check this out.


You hear that, you see that, see that, Ted? Don't ever forget the French Revolution, as I don't ever forget, as your head was under the guillotine in the French Revolution, another leftist revolution, the famous last words, but I'm on your side, too. They don't have a their power is through intimidation and violence and searching out endlessly for new victims and victimizers. When they run out of old victimizers, they eventually come for you. Oh, he's not pure either.


He's a communist. Reminds me of this H.L. Mencken quote. By the way, for the citizens of Portland, don't ever forget this one. Democracies, the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard, H.L. Mencken. So what you want, Portland, which you voted for in Seattle, is what you want, Oakland in New York City. I sympathize with the good people there who are suffering. But sooner or later.


The people searching for endless victims and victimizers are going to get the democracy they want. And they're going to get it both good and hard. Sucks for them, I mean, that it's not a joke to me being sarcastic. I really feel for you. But I don't know any other way to slow down the slow rolling disaster, the slow motion car wreck you're seeing then to make people feel in live time the ramifications of their own poor electoral choices.


The people you're voting in office hates you, they can't stand you, your liberty, your property, your freedom, nothing else. And Ted Wheeler's going to find that out the hard way. All right, let me get to my last sponsor, and I want I this is really important, this poll story. Rasmussen this morning has a just incredible story about how shockingly and now I am being sarcastic, the media seems to have forgotten about these polls that have gone on in the last week after the RNC.


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All right. So. Folks, there's a couple of trends here. It's an interesting article in John Solomon's excellent new news site, Just The by Cheryl Atkinson. There's four trends working in the president's direction. I'm going to go into a few of them here just briefly and then I want to talk about this article. There's a way to grab your popcorn, grab your popcorn for this, because the media does not want to tell you what's really going on.


Here's your article up in the show, NOTAM for little noticed trends that suggest Trump could have an edge in November. You haven't heard that, right? Biden's going to win in a landslide, five million electoral votes, he's going to win the whole popular vote. Trump is not going to get popular votes anywhere outside of California excuse me, outside of Wyoming. Is that really what's going on? Again, I'm out of the predictions business here, but is that really what the data showing there's four of I'm going to cover three.


The first one she mentions betting odds, but betting odds are close again when people are risking their own money, betting their own money on an election. Interesting how the odds are closing in that Trump is closing the gap on Trump when it's people's money involve all of a sudden their perception of the polls changes. We are weird how that. But here's the second one. President Trump is actually ahead of where he was with Hillary Clinton in twenty sixteen, you know, twenty sixteen where he won and he was, quote, down in the polls to.


Here's a quote from the piece, The concern from the Biden camp comes with the comparison to 2016. Although Trump's on the losing end right now, his position is actually slightly ahead of where he was in the battleground states in 2016, explained another way Hillary Clinton was beating Trump more in the battleground states in 2016 than Joe Biden is now. And we know Trump actually won in 2016, so does the current trend imply an even larger Trump win? Ladies and gentlemen, outside of places like just the new Solomon side, where you hear in the story.


Anywhere. So the betting odds are closing in, Trump is ahead of where he was in twenty sixteen in swing states. What about his total approval? You probably heard in the media his approval rating, it's in the can. It's so terrible. Is it really from the just the news piece? Judging by the news, coverage should be easy to conclude that Trump is one of the most unpopular presidents of all time. However, Rasmussen Reports, the only polling organization that publishes Trump's job approval ratings on a daily basis.


Finds the forty five presidents not nearly as unpopular as it may seem. His total approval among likely voters frequently bests that of Obama can't possibly be right. At the same point in his presidency, weird how you're not hearing about that, all of the high marks since April of twenty eighteen have been set by Trump compared to Obama. In September of twenty nineteen, Trump's total approval had 53 percent, compared to Obama's 44 percent in September of 2011. You heard that story anywhere.


Now, I know you're shaking your head in your car, right? You missed that one, too. I want you to miss the mediumistic. Here's the last one. So, again, betting odds ahead of where he was in twenty sixteen favorability numbers going up, tracking far ahead of where Obama was in 2011 for his reilich. What about favorability ratings? Quote, For the past year, Biden has, without exception, bested Trump in favorability ratings.


All right. Right now, Biden is significantly ahead of a Trump Trump by 13 points. The concern for the Biden team comes with the comparison to 2016, when Clinton was likewise ahead of Trump every single day, but often by a bigger margin. And Trump won in the end. Real Clear Politics tracking shows Trump has spent most of the past year in a better position than he was in 2016. So if the polls were off in 2016 and President Trump won an Electoral College landslide, if Trump is ahead of where he was in 2016, where he won in an Electoral College landslide on favorability swing state polls, approval rating.


You would think the media would want to report that story and report the red flags for the Biden campaign. No such luck because they want to keep the momentum going. Joe Biden, nobody cares about Biden. You see the crowd yesterday. I'm using the term crowd loosely out there outside of Joe Biden's speech where remember where he said that thing about with the covid thing where we don't no one can translate what he was even talking about. Remember ASSP? Yeah, there was.


I think, you know, I had a dock repaired in my head. There were more people working on my dock than were in the crowd outside of Joe Biden's speech yesterday. The passion, the Joementum Jojo. Come on, man, come on.


I got that. Come on, man. That's Biden's line. That's a good one. You didn't think I caught that, did you? Come on, man. Well, here's the Joementum or the lack thereof. Interesting tweet by an account called Grab Your Popcorn. Oh, grab it. He's at Furious, the guy. This is fascinating. From August 1st to August 15th, there were 16 polls that came out. From August 16th to August 31st, you know, when the RNC happened, the really good event that gave Trump a big bump, there been only eight and none covering a later date than the twenty fifth.


There's even a little chart of the polls I'm looking. Joe, do you see any after the twenty fifth eight twenty five eight twenty five eight 18 a 14, 15, a 12. A sweet eight, a 10 eight eight five. I don't see any after the, after the 20 50. Why would that be. Maybe because that was the week of the Republican National Convention that went off really, really well for President Trump. And all of a sudden, the polls seem to be closing.


How do you know that then I'll get to another tweet here in a second by a guy with quoting the Trafalgar Group, which nailed portions of the 2016 election with their surveys and polls. But weird how the media seems to have abandoned any concern about the polls after the bump in the off from the RNC. Strange how that happens. Here's a tweet I told you about by a guy citing the Trafalgar, Robert Colley. He says, Our new Trafalgar group, by the way, which nailed portions of the 2016 election.


Their new survey, their new poll from August twenty six to August twenty eighth. Shows a comfortable Trump lead, really fifty one point nine percent for Trump, forty one percent for Biden, two percent for Jorgensen and one point two percent for other party candidates. You hadn't heard about that, have you know? Of course, you have an. Because it shows that the Joementum may be slow momentum or momentum at all and that President Trump may be running ahead of him.


Listen, again, I've heard of the prediction business. Things could change. The debates could go well, they could go terribly. I don't know, knock on wood. They go well for the president. I'm obviously a supporter. But if you're not watching this show, you really believe President Trump is so far behind this race is totally unwinnable, not even true. He's far ahead of where he was in twenty sixteen and polling outlets, Trafalgar, Rasmussen and others that nailed it.


Rasmussen's only showing him behind one point, Trafalgar showing him ahead. Didn't hear that in the mainstream media, did you? All right, I was going to get to the story yesterday. It's an important one. Listen, it's a little wonky. Let me just put that out in advance. It's a Spygate story, but please, it's really, really worth your time. I'm going to take a few minutes. It's a story by Andy McCarthy, National Review, and it's about the total scam that's become this FBI lawyer, Kevin Kleinsmith, who has pled guilty to doctoring a piece of evidence in order to spy on Carter Page.


The total scam that his plea was, before we get to the piece, let me just give you a quick background, folks. This is a huge story. McCarthy, who is a former federal prosecutor and a brilliant guy, very sober analyst of this whole Spygate case, has a great book out on it to. He points out this total scam and I bring this up in light of what happened to Mike Flynn, I'm actually glad we delayed the story from yesterday because in the Mike Flynn case, General Flynn.


Where he pleads guilty to save his son to a crime he didn't commit, lying about sanctions he was never even asked about. We have the transcript of the interview where he's alleged that even asked about what they said he lied about. We know it was a witch hunt. He pulls this plea, the government won't let him. And yet the government in this case showing you how justice is dead and it's totally dead for justice is blind only to Democrats, doesn't see anything Democrats do.


You have this lawyer, the Viva la resistance lawyer in the FBI. Viva la resistance. FBI law involved in the spying operation on Trump. They let him plead, he was this guy was dead to rights, here's what he did. They wanted to spy on Carter Page for contact with Russians, the contact with the Russians. Carter Page, who had worked for the Trump campaign, they wanted to spy on him. The FBI actually wanted to spy on the Trump campaign using page.


They were claiming his contacts with Russians were nefarious. We got to look into that they were not. Paige was working with the CIA. That's why he was contacting Russians. The FBI couldn't tell the court that. So Kleinsmith doctored a document showing that Kleinsmith excuse me, that Carter Page was not a source for the CIA when he was the case, is no more complicated than that, Joe. Does that make sense? Easy. Easy peasy. Easy peasy right now, here's where this case is really shocking.


Kleinsmith has pled guilty to doctoring this piece of evidence, the CIA was like, hey, he's the source for us. Carter Carter Page Kleinsmith emailed this FBI agent. No, no, he was not a source for simple. Right. In the plea, Kleinsmith, the judge, amazingly lets him plead guilty, but says, I didn't really mean to mislead anyone. Wait, why? Well, are you on a legal narcotics or you didn't mean to mislead and the judge let him plead McCarthys piece up in the show and say it's a three part series I put part two in, but the links are in part two to one and three.


If you want to read the whole story part to really explain, though, this is the scam the judge let this guy get away with. So why does this matter? Because now leftish. Are saying the FBI lawyer, he didn't really mean to deceive anyone, it was an administrative mistake. He pled guilty to doctoring a piece of evidence and it wasn't a mistake. Check out this piece without further ado here. Because it's good. Andy McCarthy, National Review Kleinsmith Guilty plea using a digraphs to conceal a massive deception of the court.


What did they do here, so Kleinsmith doctor's evidence, says Carter Page, is not a source for the CIA. Page is a source for the CIA. The CIA told him Paige was a source for us. How did Kleinsmith get away with telling the court? Oh, I was confused. I was confused. Let's go to screenshot number one for McCarthys. This is the snake operation these guys ran. When you counter, when you encounter the digraphs, the digraphs, ladies and gentlemen, is a two letter designation for a source for the CIA.


The CIA email kleinsmith and said he a whatever CIA confidential informant, whatever the digraphs was, they don't say what it is here. So when you encounter the digraphs, then understand that's a CIA term defined this, an American who's authorized by the CIA to have contact with foreigners and who wittingly reports the resulting intel back to the CIA. I'll translate. Don't worry, to understand the game, Kleinsmith is playing this McCarthys words. It's vital to remember this definition of digraphs, that it's a winning source, folks.


The key to clients from his defense. It's to feign confusion about the terms, meaning conflating it, as we shall see, with non voluntary sources who unwittingly give information to the CIA. You're like, I'm totally confused. Don't be the CIA tells this FBI lawyer. Carter Page was a source we designated him as a digraphs, a to let it s.i, whatever it was, confidential and for whatever let's just say CIA for the sake of this this segment right here.


Kleinsmith is now saying, I didn't know what she meant. You track, yeah, Joe, are we clear? He's saying, I didn't know what it meant, what I didn't know that that Carter Page being a C.I. meant he was a source for the FBI. I wasn't sure, therefore, that's why I sent the email to the FBI agent, because he's an FBI lawyer, Kleinsmith, saying, no, no, Paige wasn't a source. Well, you'd say, OK, well.


That sounds maybe reasonable if you're an objective analyst, this job, maybe he was confused, he thought maybe he thought, you know, I meant meant something else.


Maybe he thought it meant like Chevron investor for someone who buys, like Chevron stock or some, you know, maybe he's just stupid. So I would be if you were an objective analyst, a maybe semi reasonable approach, if the CIA had offered to clear it up, no way they did that. Right now, you see the scam this guy actually played in court. No, no, I was confused. I didn't really mean to do this. Let's go to screenshot number two, where the CIA offers to clear the whole thing up for them, he says, hey, the CIA liaisons email in response to Kleinsmith.


It's not a model of clarity. It is clear enough for us to grasp the kleinsmith that is now lying, but not so clear, the kleinsmith would think it futile to kick some dust in our eyes, the liaison wrote that the CIA uses. Here's a quote. Here's what the CIA tells them. They use the digraphs to show that the encrypted individual is the US person providing reporting to us. My recollection again, this is the CIA agent here.


Our employee, my recollection is that page was or is a C.I., but the documents provided previously by the CIA will explain the details. Here's where it gets interesting here. Here's the CIA employees email. If you need a formal definition for the FISA, please let me know and I'll work up some language and get it cleared for use. She's offering to unconfuse you, by the way, Kleinsmith was not confused about what the digraphs meant, whatever it was, S.I or cIass or whatever they use, he was not confused.


He just doesn't want to give people who uncovered the gate plot him and his lawyer, Kleinsmith, and his lawyer a win by acknowledging that the FBI spied on Trump by doctoring evidence. So what is he saying? I doctored it, but I was confused. And the judge is like, OK. The CIA just offered to unconfuse them, I want to confuse you. It was a female CIA employee. So clearly, Joe Kleinsmith took her up on the offer, right?


He was confused. Was the guy a source for the role for the CIA or not? Carter Page. Well, let's go back to screenshot number three from the Andy McCarthy piece, where the offer to unconfuse Kleinsmith is turned down. Apparently flustered, well, why is Kleinsmith flustered, by the way, because he doesn't want to hear Carter Page was the source for the CIA. They want to make you believe his contact with Russians because he's a spy for Trump.


So flustered, Kleinsmith said he couldn't be sure, but thought it might have come from a phone conversation with the liaison. Conveniently unrecorded, of course. In other words, Kleinsmith, let me get to the beginning of the Kleinsmith was asked during the IG investigation, hey, did you bother to call and clear that up? He says, Oh, I can't be sure, but I think I spoke with her. The CIA liaison really piece goes on get the CIA liaison did not recall having any phone conversation with Kleinsmith, nor is there any reason to believe there was any conversation.


The email exchange shows that although the liaison offered to discuss the matter further, Kleinsmith immured, having calculated that he could sew confusion about the digraphs by exploiting the liaison's use of the word encrypt. Most significantly, according to the investigators, the liaison said she never told Kleinsmith that Paige was an unwitting source. Indeed, she maintained that her email stated just the opposite. So, again, General Mike Flynn. Under a political prosecution by a corrupted judge acting as a politician in a black robe, still being prosecuted for a case about lying about sanctions he was never asked about.


We now have the record. It's a totally fake case. He's not allowed to withdraw his plea, even though it's obvious this is a witch hunt. But Kevin Kleinsmith, FBI lawyer who pleads guilty to doctoring evidence, gets to put in a plea and say, no, no, I was just confused after the CIA offers to unconfuse him and he turns down the UN confusing offer. To remain confused intentionally. God forbid he has to admit he actually did something wrong.


What a disgrace. All right, folks, appreciate unity. Sorry about the mix up on the five that's actually today. It's a long story. Dates, times sometimes, as they say. I will be on the 5:00 today if you'd like to tune in five o'clock on the Fox News Channel. Appreciate if you subscribe to my show, YouTube Dotcom Slash Bongino Apple podcast. And wherever you get your podcasts, subscriptions are always free. They help us move up the charts.


Thanks for tuning in cinema.


You just heard Dan Bongino.