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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host Dan Bongino. Market market marked the day the single most damaging thing, bankruptcy by chaos, Joe has said so far during his entire campaign. He said this past weekend in an interview that aired with ABC Market. Set it on Fox. Say it again here, I'll explain, I got that a pretty stunning interview Lindsey Graham gave for Maria Bartiromo is excellent show on Fox, where he just kind of launched a tactical nuke out there, which, of course, the mainstream media avoided because it was about Hillary Clinton.


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How are you?


I'm doing well. How about you? Good to go. Yeah, we're doing OK, as I was explaining to you, we had a going through an interesting thing in my house, nothing major, no emergency. I tell my audience everything but a little bit of a hiccup. We had some plans this week. We had a nice invite to something that we may have to turn down. And by the way, it's our anniversary this week. Paul and I would be together anniversary years ago and.


Yeah, yeah. Thank you.


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All right. Go Monday, always the start of a long week, so let me just start with this one on a lighter note. Let's ease into the show on Monday. So President Trump was talking to the media this weekend at a press conference where he announced a big, huge breakthrough, by the way, the use of convalescent plasma, which the FDA has now given emergency authorization use for for the treatment of people with active and severe covid-19 infections.


Huge news. Again, it'll go largely ignored by the mainstream media. Who will pretend Joe Biden thought of it, Joe? They'll tell you Joe Biden invented it. Joe Biden invented convalescent blood. That'll be the media's story because they're all hacks. It's just ridiculous. But he opened up. This is pay attention. Some of you may get this. Some of you may not. I never throw my wife under the bus because she's great. But she missed this totally.


This morning, it said, what about nine second clip? Here's how President Trump opens up his press conference and notice what he says to the media. Check this out.


You had a great weekend at your convention and we'll have a great convention coming up. And I look forward to it together.


Can we keep that one to tell you that I want to get you, Kadja, that a great weekend at your convention. And we have a great convention coming up, and I look forward to it.


The password is yours. The best word is you're the password is Fidele.


But as you saw, eyes wide shut, though, that's the password to get in. What's the new password? This guy trolls the they didn't even get it. Most of them weren't even smart enough to pick up on dude. I hope you had a good time at your it was the DNC convention. He's talking to the media. Hope you have a good time. New York adventure. I love this guy. He is. He's just an epic troll every single time.


Trust me when I tell you the media that went right over their heads, almost no one got it. We got it. Very good on an opening note on Monday. Now, let's get to the serious stuff. So, you know, I really love Maria Bartiromo show on Fox in the weekend. She always gets the best interviews over there. And this weekend was no different. Listen, I'm not a huge fan of Lindsey Graham. He's unfortunately been working at a glacial pace to get to the bottom of Spygate.


But when he says something interesting and find something good, I think we should all applaud it, not run away from it. Oh, no. Here's what Lindsey Graham said he's working through, so. All right, great. Well, let's get out them to work faster. But this was a major revelation. Let me play this quick video of his interview on Maria Bartiromo show where he launches this bomb, that they have information now that it was actually Hillary Clinton in 2016 who was the subject of a foreign collusion interference operation.


This is nuts. And the FBI knew about it. Check this out.


In April of twenty fifteen, Hillary makes an announcement. I'm running for president is pretty well known.


In March of twenty fifteen, the FBI finds out about a plot by foreign government to lobby her campaign and funnel millions of dollars into the Clinton campaign illegally. They open up an investigation. They want a FISA warrant against a Clinton operative who is connected to the foreign government. What happens? The FBI seventh floor says we're not going to let you get a warrant. And to you defensively, brief the Clinton campaign. And October. Twenty fifteen FBI personnel met with the Clinton campaign to tell her about the problem so she could fix it.


They never issued the FISA warrant. That was the right way to do business.


What I mean, surely you heard about this on the front page of The New York Times, right? ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC. Breaking Drudge, the left wing lunatic site with their with their police sirens breaking Hillary Clinton, subject of an FBI collusion foreign interference investigation in twenty sixteen. You heard about that, right? Of course, if you're not watching this show or you Miss Maria Bartiromo show. No, you haven't heard it.


You're watching other shows you're missing out on the biggest stories of the day. Listen, that's not self-congratulatory, OK? It said, I'm just giving you the facts that are out there, if you're not watching lunatic's sites, you're not wasting your time here. By the way, later in that interview, you can watch the whole excellent thing. If you go to Fox News's website, where you go to Maria Bartiromo, his Twitter feed, where she has the full YouTube link.


He goes on later to produce paperwork, so just to be clear, Lindsay Graham just said he didn't say which foreign government. To be clear, we don't know who it was. I suspect it probably wasn't Russia or China, but another foreign government. We don't know if they were friend or foe. Whatever may be, it is illegal for foreign governments to interfere in election to make donations. On behalf of foreign governments, it is illegal to do that.


We know that one of them was connected to a Hillary Clinton campaign insider and was trying to launder money into her campaign folks. Didn't we hear the Trump Russian collusion? Foreign collusion was the big story of 2016. Where is this story? The answer is it's nowhere. It's nowhere. But this show and on Fox News. By the way, some of you watch Fox News this well, I'm super sorry if you go watch my clip from Fox this morning, you'll see me moving my mouth around like that.


I ate one of these bars and I had, like, this little poppyseed things in and I could not get this poppyseed I was driving me crazy. It's driving me nuts. On Fox this morning, I, I was like, this is super annoying. But let me go back to this because it's important, you know, listen. So the double standard here is absurd, so I'm trying to list a bunch of other double standards. The first one's obvious.


We've heard from the media for four years that trump foreign collusion, Russian collusion, Ukrainian collusion was a huge story, debunked and entirely discredited as hoaxes. Now we have FBI paperwork showing an FBI investigation was scuttled. Into a foreign company, a foreign country excuse me, trying to influence Hillary's operation by laundering money and at the FBI chose to give Hillary a defensive briefing instead, why not investigate her using FISA? I'm just asking questions. I'm just asking basic questions.


Why not? You investigated Trump using the foreign intelligence surveillance courts and spied on him based on a dossier that was a documented falsity, was a fake, was a fraud. You had real information that a foreign government was trying to influence Hillary Clinton's campaign and you chose to give her a briefing and warn her about it instead and just moved along.


You want another double standard here? So Hunter Biden, we know, is inked business deals, Joe Biden, son business deals with China and companies in Ukraine where he has profited the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. Right. Hunter Biden inked them ink deals, meaning signed them for the liberals listening. Yet the investigation early on centered on Donald Trump Jr. and the family for a Trump Tower in Moscow that never even happened and never got past a phone call stage.


No ink, no deal, no talk of a deal, but that's a big scandal, according to the left. But the actual business deals where checks were cast for Joe Biden's kid, that's no big deal. Again, that's up there as to why Hillary Clinton got a defensive briefing about a foreign influence operation on her campaign. The FBI knew about, but Donald Trump was spied on based on a tape that didn't happen. We all know, of course, Mike Flynn was charged with lying by the FBI about sanctions he was never asked about, and despite the fact that the FBI told Jim Comey, the agents, that they didn't think he was being deceptive, kind of hard to lie when they don't think you're being deceptive.


Right. They said he lied about discussing sanctions, they never even asked him about sanctions, they asked about expulsions. You can read the transcript yourself if you're a liberal, having a tough time with facts and stuff. But when Hillary Clinton's server network guy. Was asked about. People from the Hillary Clinton campaign who called and told him to delete emails, he later admitted to lying. You must say, of course, he was charged, right, I mean, Flynn was charged for lying about sanctions he was never asked about even when the FBI did think he was being deceptive.


Definitely. Speak like the kid's deaf, deaf, that guy was definitely charged, right, with lying about the issue. No, no, he was given immunity. Hillary Clinton server guy. Justice Justice's bliadze, blind justice, blind Democrats. Let me give you one more. Foreign collusion, guys, foreign collusion, terrible trump, you know, gosh, he intersected with a Russian one guy, he had Russian vodka six years ago. Oh, my God, who did he get it from?


Story at six. So now we know there's a foreign government trying to influence Hillary's campaign. We know that the FBI knew that wrote the whole thing off, of course, didn't bother to investigate or at all. Remember this story, too, I don't want to forget about this. Check out this Newsweek story, foreign collusion on such a big deal when it's Republicans and it's fake, but when it's real and it's Democrats, it's not a story at all.


Remember this gem from Newsweek, Newsweek all the way back in twenty fifteen? Newsweek, you know, the left leaning used to be media organization, Hillary Clinton's big benefactor has trade links with Iran. He does? Who's that? Well, that's it. Turns out one of Hillary Clinton's biggest donors to the Clinton Foundation was a guy by the name of Viktor Pinchuk, a guy she tried to run away from later. Viktor Pinchuk donated a lot of money to Clinton, found, you know, Pinchuk, the guy who sat on the Atlantic Council, the Atlantic Council that partnered up with Purisma, the company Hunter Biden worked with.


Remember that? So big donors with this Atlantic Council where Jim Clapper, Evelyn Farkas and others sat in the same Atlantic Council, the same Atlantic Council with a crowd strike CEO work, ladies and gentlemen, they all know each other. The whole subject of my next book, follow the money. They all know each other. Just follow the money. But not only that foreign collusion, remember, only a big deal of it allegedly involves a GOP guy in a tape that didn't happen.


But when Hillary Clinton, their biggest donor to the Clinton Foundation, has these shady business deals with the Iranians, this is Newsweek, by the way. This is a bunch, you know, dot com. This is all to be ignored. Let me quote Newsweek from twenty fifteen. Enemies of Hillary Clinton waiting to discredit her bid for the White House are likely to see these Republicans pounce. Republicans are likely to seize on news that one of the biggest benefactors to the Clinton Foundation has been trading with Iran and may be in breach of U.S. sanctions imposed on the country.


Oh, my gosh. Isn't that weird? Crazy how that happens, big donor Clinton Foundation, shady deal with Iran for a company he owns. Instapaper is selling pipe over there. Weird. Weird how that influence operation works, Pinchuk same guy who owns the company, big friend to Hillary Clinton, big donor Hillary Clinton has shady business deals with Iran, also hires a lobbyist, Doug Schoen, Doug Schoen, and sets up a sets up meetings between a Ukrainian lawmaker who doesn't like Trump at all, Olga Bokova.


Sets up meetings with Bill Kova and David Kramer, remember him from the McCain Institute? And a couple of members of the National Security Council, you know, where the whole Ukrainian fake impeachment thing originated from, ladies and gentlemen, if your head is spinning, just know this. It shouldn't. These people all know each other. They have been committed to taking down Trump from day one. And if you just follow the money, you'll see it's all big one foreign collusion scheme with Democrats like Hillary Clinton and her foreign partners to take down Trump and create lies so that her friendship with this guy supplying pipes to the Iranians is never uncovered.


Nor is the foreign government, as Lindsey Graham said in the interview, that's trying to influence Hillary Clinton was trying to influence the last campaign. They don't want you to find out any of this. So the very same people involved in the collusion with the Iranians and the shady business deals pay to send people over here to create fake stories about Trump so he won't uncover it. My whole book is this This is literally in the appropriate use of the word, the theme of my entire next book, if you follow the money, it's so obvious what's going on.


All right, I got a loaded show for you. Let me get to my second spots because I want to motor through this with Biden, who now you see why they're hiding him in the basement, because every time Joe creeps his head out of the basement, here I am. He says something so stupid it sabotages his own campaign stay in the basement. Seriously, here's some advice for you. Terrible. All right. Today's show all surprise you by our friends at Tommy John.


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So moving on. Monday morning, sometimes so much stuff, I get a little overloaded folks and sometimes a brain short circuits a little bit, if you only saw the outtakes on that last one, you'd probably hysterically because like, what did you just do? Joe is like a bit of radio a long time. He's like, you're only forty five, bro. You had a Joe Biden moment. Seriously classic. It's the thing. Maybe, maybe one of these days we'll do a weekend show.


You'll see. It was funny. All right. So Joe Biden gave an interview with ABC and now you see why the Democrats want to hide him in the basement. They don't want this guy going anywhere. They don't want if you remember those Lord of the Rings things, they don't want him to leave the shire. Don't leave the shire, Bilboa, stay in the shire, whatever the hell. Leave the show. Because every time Joe Biden leaves the basement, gives an interview, disaster ensues immediately.


You don't believe me. I listen on a very serious note. Trust me. Trust me here. I'm begging you. Joe Biden has said a lot of dumb things during the campaign. You ain't black. All the racial stuff, all the nonsense is lies about taxes. A lot of bad things that I think will hurt him. This right here. Will be the single most damaging thing he has said this entire campaign. I have absolutely no doubt going to play it on the other side.


I don't even need to tell you why, but I'll tell you why. Anyway, check this out.


Sworn in come January and we have coronavirus and the flu combining, which many scientists have said is a real possibility. Would you be prepared to shut this country down again? I would be prepared to do whatever it takes to save lives because we cannot get the country moving until we control the virus. That is the fundamental flaw in this administration's thinking to begin with, in order to keep the country running and moving and the economy growing and people employed, you have to fix the virus.


You have to deal with the virus.


So if the scientists say, shut it down, I would shut it down. I would listen to the scientist.


Folks, this is I cannot emphasize to you in strong enough terms how destructive this is going to be to Joe Biden. One, we knew that's what he would do, because Joe Biden is an empty slate, he doesn't folks, he's not there. I'm very sorry, but he's not there. I don't wish ill will on anyone. The guy is not there, he is a blank slate, an empty vessel, he is a blank canvas that Bernie Sanders, AOC and other radical leftist he's chosen to surround himself with.


It's not me giving you a talking point are going to paint on that canvas whatever they want. And what they want, I promise, is not going to be what you want. And what they want is they want shut downs until they can get local governments and that may lean conservative, a Republican and the federal government to cave to their demands. Higher taxes, the destruction of wealth. That's what they're all about. How do you think that sounds?


I would lock it down again to a restaurant owner. And an athletic, say some some athletic team that just got back on the field. How do you think that sounds to a local hardware store owner who just got his door open again is barely, barely. Maybe he's slightly, slightly in the black now after being in the red for three months of this plague disaster imposed upon us. You're going to lock it down again. I'm telling you right now on the fence, voters, this will be Mark that day.


This will be the single most destructive thing Joe Biden has said so far. Now, I've got an article coming up later. It's an important one from the UK Daily Mail. Showing how these lockdowns are basically a disaster, there's no evidence that they've done anything to improve public health. There's not even a lot of evidence they've done anything to stop the stem of the coronavirus spread, no less improve public health overall. I've got an article there comparing it to Sweden I'm going to get to later.


It's important. I want to throw some facts in there to, you know, facts, something liberals have an allergy to. Have we've seen cardiomyopathy, substance abuse, depression, threats of suicide? Cancer diagnoses going undiagnosed. All because of these dreadful lockdown's. It gets worse. You know, I appeared on Judge Jeanine show Saturday night and I said to you, and I'll say it again, Biden's not a nice guy. Doesn't mean I wish ill will on anyone cognitively because I don't.


But I don't want to hear either how. Oh, gosh, Uncle Joe, the Scranton kid, Notre Dame Fighting Irish case, grand kids, Scrappy Joe. He's not a nice guy. He's not a nice guy. He's a bad guy who's done a lot of really bad things. He has lied throughout his entire career. He's a serial plagiarist. He's been accused of plagiarism his entire life. He's been accused of lying his entire life. I got a video coming up in a minute, sped up a I'll play it a minute hat tip, by the way, at Embrace more on Twitter.


Who gave us permission to use it. Thank you very much. It sped up. I got this of the guy plagiarizes everything, including Joe himself. Even when Biden not busy plagiarizing others, he's plagiarizing his own speeches because he's never had an original thought. He lied about being shot at in Iraq. He lied about being arrested, go in to see Nelson Mandela. He lied when he told everyone he marched in the civil rights movement. He did not march in the civil rights movement.


I said the past week, that's the kind of thing you think you'd remember. Right? Kind of a pivotal moment in US history, this incredible march for civil rights in the face of such extreme adversity and violence. You'd think you'd remember that, right, Joe? Yeah, I was there. You weren't there. Your kids involved in these shady deals in China and Ukraine, while your vice president pointman in Ukraine. You're in the Oval Office as you're setting up to frame Donald Trump and Mike Flynn using the Logan Act, that it's your suggestion Biden's a sleazy guy.


He's not a good guy. I'm very sorry to break the news to liberals out there. Oh, he's harmless. We're voting for him because he won't damage us. Like Trump the damage. What, you just don't like his Twitter feed before the plague hits? The economy was doing great and so was the country. He's not a nice guy. You want proof? Here's video number two from his David Muir interview. I don't know how to say his name, but ABC, I'm not doing intentionally, is it?


Where? I don't know. I don't watch the show. ABC was going to ask the tough questions, he didn't ask anything, it was a garbage fluff interview. Trump goes on Fox, he gets hammered by certain interviewers, this guy Biden goes on ABC, you know, he sits there and it's a bunch of softballs, a bunch of buttons. Listen to this go on challenge, where Biden again repeats the myth that when Trump was talking about Charlottesville and what happened in Charlottesville, that Trump said there were fine people on both sides.


Notice how he leaves out the entire context of what Trump said and it goes nearly unchallenged completely. Check this out.


No president has ever used those words and no president has said people coming out of fields with torches and spewing anti-Semitic bile and met by people who oppose them and someone dies. And he says there are good people on both sides. No president.


The United States has ever said anything like that ever.


Biden is actually telling the truth there. Yes, then you just said he was like, no, he said no, president, the United States has ever said anything like you. He's right. Including Trump. That statement he made, although intended to be a lie, Biden can't even lie, right? That's how not they're Biden is he's trying to lie about Trump insinuating that Donald Trump called white supremacists. A fine people. And he can't even lie, right?


No president's ever said that you're right, including Trump. Here's the proof. We have to read this quote again for the umpteenth time. Quote, Donald Trump. I'm not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalist because they should be condemned totally, but you had many people in that group other than the neo-Nazis and white nationalists, OK? Now, David, Meunière, Moyar Moirai, whatever his name is. Probably read that quote, He probably knows Joe Biden's trying to lie, but he's not smart enough to do so.


And David Moirai doesn't really care, just let it go because he wants it out there that Trump was calling neo-Nazis, find people to lie.


What Joe Biden does, that's the kind of person human being Joe Biden is a liar, a plagiarist, a serial liar, an opportunist. And a corrupt, the crat who has leveraged his is his political connections and positions, his entire career to enrich himself and his family, a man with no skills other than line. You don't believe me, so the is so wonderful and great and always harmless, it's harmless and get the Scranton kid. Here's a video again, hat tip, embrace more on Twitter, who saw this on his account?


It may be a little tough for you audio listeners to follow a little bit, but not too bad. And if you want to watch the video, YouTube dotcom spongier a little over a minute and a half. This is Jova. It sped up intentionally. This is not it's done this way on purpose because it goes on for a long time. The whole video's five minutes. We had to cut it. This is Joe Biden's speech at the DNC this past week with Joe Biden's speech years ago at the DNC, and you'll notice again it sped up that it sounds like the exact same speech hitting the exact same points because Joe Biden has never had an original thought in his entire life.


Here's Joe Biden plagiarizing Joe Biden. Check this out. Barack Obama has worked his way up. He is the great American story. Senator Carl Harris, she's a powerful voice recognition. Her story is the American story. That work is more than a paycheck. It's dignity. A job is about a lot more than a paycheck. It's not your dignity. It's respect. It's about whether or not you can look at a child in the eye and say, we're going to be all right.


It's about respect, it's about your place in the community. You're kidding. It's going to be OK. I mean, my dad my dad, who fell on hard times, you know, my dad was an honorable man. He got knocked down a few times. But he always told me, though, champ, you get knocked down, get up, get up. We always get back up. He worked hard and he built a great middle class life for our family and why he'll make college more affordable.


That's the change we need. And we're to prevent young people going to college and don't let them crush them when they get out. Barack Obama, Barack Obama will transform the economy by making alternative energy a national priority, an opportunity for Iraq to lead the world in clean energy and create millions of new good paying jobs in the process and in the process, creating five million new jobs with five million new benefaction in technology, jobs, security back in Social Security.


If your president going to protect Social Security and Medicare and you'll never, ever, ever give up until we achieve equal pay for women, equal pay for women, Barack Obama. Barack Obama will bring down health care costs by two thousand five hundred dollars for the average family health care system. Lowers premiums, deductibles, drug prices. Barack Obama reform our tax code. He will cut taxes for 95 percent of the American people for your paycheck. That's the change we need because we don't need a tax code that works well more than it rewards work.


Folks remember the world when they look to us for leadership, I'll be afraid. We'll stand with our allies and friends and make it clear to our adversaries the days of cozying up to dictators is over. We will hold you accountable for attacks on a president by America will not turn a blind eye to Russian American soldiers. The American people are ready. I'm ready. Barack is ready. So the question for us is simple. Ready? I believe we are.


And this is the time as America together we get back up, back up together again, you and I together. This is our time. This is America's time. This is our moment to make history rhyme. It defines who we are as a people. And now it's in jeopardy. I know. You know, you know, it's important. We know in our bones this one is more consequential. These are extraordinary times. This is an extraordinary election.


And history is one of the most difficult moments America's ever faced.


Is that amazing? That goes on, by the way, for five minutes. That's why it sped up. It's not again, it's not an error. Paul is like this things Paul was ready to be so ripping on. Joe, Joe, what you do, you screwed up the whole video. That's how the video is. The guy they'll put it together is embrace. Moore did it that way intentionally just to fit in more content that you sped it up on purpose.


That's Joe Biden giving the exact same speech in twenty eight. In twenty twenty the same speech. That's not a joke. It's the same speech. This guy has never had an original thought. Say what you will about Donald Trump on the left. It is very, very difficult to catch Donald Trump ever giving the exact same speech twice. Why? Because he always goes off the teleprompter. Says what he means, because whatever he said, that's what he's going to say.


Biden has never had an original thought in his entire life. That is devastating. He's going to damage by now, nobody actually believes Biden's had an original thought. But it is, again, more evidence that this guy is not, you know, the Scranton kid, some kind of change. He's not he's not a good guy. He's a liar. And he keeps repeating this myth that he's not going to hike your taxes only on people that came up in the interview to.


But in the interest of time, I'm not going to hike your taxes if you make four hundred thousand dollars or more. That is not true. He's already threatened to repeal the Trump tax cut, said he's going to do it. And if he gets a Democrat Senate majority, he will, meaning your taxes are going to go up by three to four percentage points because that's why they were cut with under the President Trump tax cuts. That's just a fact.


He's lying if you are a middle class person in middle class tax brackets, if you're any lower income tax bracket, your taxes are going up on Biden. That's a Biden gets elected. That is a fact. A hard core documented grind it into stone fact. Why do you believe this guy? He's saying contradictory things. All right, moving on, let me get the main sponsor, I got this red state story by a writer I've become increasingly fond of over there.


I don't know who it is, but I have a general idea. He goes under the nom de plume, shipwrecked crew, but some of his writing has been absolutely. Fantabulous, gular that's fantabulous, fantastic, fabulous and spectacular all at the same time, he's got an interesting thought on why John Brennan was interviewed by John Durham this weekend in Virginia. Don't go anywhere today, so back to our friends, also our sponsors today, I target 20 twenties reminding us about the importance of self-reliance as it ever covered a lot of civil unrest.


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All right. So as I told you this is a writer. I've become increasingly fond of writing over Red State. What a good get over there. It goes under shipwrecked crew and have this piece up at Red State this weekend. It's really, really good. A lot of the Spygate folks who are on Twitter and and Parler and Facebook and on blogs as well. Fine is writing to be really interesting. And I encourage you to check it out.


Check out this piece of Rasiah, be in the show, notes Bungeni dot com slash newsletter. That's the website to access the show notes you can subscribe. We email you these articles every day, of course, always free. We strongly recommend you do that red state. John Brennan was put in a perjury trap yesterday, a completely legitimate one by shipwrecked crew. What happened here? Well, ladies and gentlemen, if you've been following my show for years, you know, John Brennan is the puppet master of the spying operation on the Donald Trump campaign.


You have any doubt? Here's the key to this whole thing, because I got a lot of questions about Brennan and understandably in an hour's show, if I don't do the whole show on Spygate, it is very difficult, given the details, to make everything seem and flow seamlessly. It probably is a more precise way to say. I want to give you a quick overview, because the overview matters, why is Brennan in trouble? Because, ladies and gentlemen, Brennan has said under oath he did not see the tape dossier that they used to spy on Trump.


He has already said under oath multiple times on the air that he did not see the contents of the dossier until December of 2016. Ladies and gentlemen, that is impossible, he is lying, how do we know he's lying because he briefed members of Congress in the Senate in August of twenty sixteen before December when he says he saw the dossier. About what? About the dossier. This is not hard to understand. Forget the details for today. I just want to give you an overview so you understand why the interview this past week of John Brennan by the investigator into the case, John Durham, the AUSA was looking into this whole thing on behalf of the Justice Department, is so troubling for Brennan.


Is he going to wind up in handcuffs? I have no idea. I'm out of that game. I've been disappointed a million times. I'm simply telling you what the problem is. And the problem he's going to have to deal with is if the Justice Department does something about it, I can't control that. But he is in real trouble. He's on the record saying, I didn't see the dossier stuff until December. Well, if you didn't see it till December, how is it that you briefed Harry Reid about that stuff you said you didn't saw said you didn't see Dorseys see?


So how is it that you briefed Harry Reid in August? August is before December for the liberals listening December, August, August, December, December. Because you get it, it's before. He didn't see it till December, how did you know about it, August? Of course, he knew about it. Gisli. Because he's trying to hide the fact. Get ready, dot, dot, dot, moments, moment, he's trying to hide the fact that he marschall this whole thing, he's the puppet master.


The entire idea to spy on the Trump team was hatched by Brennan and Obama's team. It's transparently obvious at this point. Brennan couldn't spy on Donald Trump because he's a US citizen or his team members, members, a lot of members of his team do. So as a way to get around U.S. laws against spying on American citizens without a warrant, he used foreigners to do the same. Because foreign governments, they didn't have to buy their foreign government, so not the United States government, U.S. laws don't mean anything to them.


He used the United Kingdom five eyes, countries and others, John Brennan, to spy on them for. All that stuff he knew he knew way before the dossier was put down on paper. And although John Brennan may not have seen the paper dossier until December, the information that was in there, Donald Trump with the you know, the gross stuff, we keep talking about Donald Trump colluding with the Russians to get the WikiLeaks emails through. Michael Cohen was all made up, so.


He knew about that long ago, Brandon. And he's been lying the whole time, so why does it matter where he was interviewed? The fact that he was interviewed for eight hours, by the way, eight hours. She'd say to you that this probably wasn't a, hey, how are you doing in every you know, the hey, how are you doing? Interview a lot of cops out there. You know, you bring in a bad guy, you're not sure if he's the guy or not.


So you bring him in. I kind of. Hey, how are you doing? Interview am I doing here? What do you know about the you know, if if he's a little shady, you bring him back. But if you think he's you know, you think he's being on the up and up, you let him go. This was not a hey, how are you doing interview. This was how you do it interview. You know what I'm saying on New York City, Queens style.


Let's go to Shiprock, screenshot from his piece. So he was interviewed in CIA, CIA building in Virginia. Well, why does that matter? Says DOJ and FBI headquarters here in Washington, D.C., CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. He says if you're geographically challenged, you can read the distinction as the United States District Court, District of Columbia versus United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. Oh, why would that matter? It goes on because if John Brennan offered any false and false answers to the investigators questions during the interview, the venue for that false statement, crime charge is the Eastern District of Virginia, not D.C. Federal Court, which would likely be packed with a bunch of haters, which we've seen before.


I don't know, that's the motivation. But based on prior work by shipwreck crew at Red State, it's a pretty interesting thing to throw out there. Hey, we'd like to talk to you. Virginia. It should have flown him out to Wyoming and talk to him there, where you can honest people on a court listen, you can still get honest people in the district, Virginia's ways to filter out people who are biased to admit it. But it's tough.


You want to be you know, you want to be in a and a district that has 90 percent of people can't stand Trump or you want to be in a district where you're going to get a 50 50 shot at justice. Is that why? Another thing, so after the interview, some Nick Shapiro guy starts tweeting out as if he has access to Brennan. Interesting that Brennan didn't tweet anything out after the interview. Did you notice that he used some kind of a spokesman?


This guy, Nick Shapiro, is like, no worries, folks. Johnny B. Brennan is not a target and not a subject. How do you know that? Are you really sure that because Brennan I noticed Brennan didn't tweet that out. He was interviewed for eight hours, folks. You think Durham doesn't know what I know, he knows a lot more, I promise you. You think Durham's team isn't asking him? How is it that you knew about that information you told Harry Reid in August of twenty sixteen that was in the dossier, but you said you didn't know about the dossier till September.


How exactly did you get that, by the way? Any false statements? We will charge you. Fascinating how Brennan's determined through this spokesman, Twitter guy, Nick Shapiro, that I was not a target or subject at all. Another part of the red state picture, which is interesting, he says, third, this is the author here, Shapiro's statement talking about this guy, Nick Shapiro. His statement claims that Brennan was told by Dorham that he is neither a targeting or a subject that he's only a witness to events under review, huh?


Maybe that's true. But it doesn't sound true to me, Dennis, the author talking and the statement does not say that comment was made to Brennan yesterday before the interview took place. Fascinating in that. When was that said to him ever? Or was it said to him a long time ago, was it said to him months ago and remember, you can be a non subject, non target of an investigation and be a target right quick. Yeah, right quick, man.


Or you gotta do is say one thing. And all of a sudden, you're a target to it, Mike Flynn, find that out after his investigation was shut down by the FBI, almost they might not. Let's just go interview him. Yeah, but we don't have anything on him. We'll find something. Don't worry. Of course, that was illicit and probably illegal, what they did to him, especially the leaks. This is totally on the up and up.


So even if Brennan, through his spokesperson or whatever is telling you he's not a target. I'd be skeptical. Hugely skeptical of that little snippet of info. All right, a lot more to get to. Interesting article in the UK Daily Mail, shifting gears a little bit about these. I want to kind of go back and forth and fit a lot of stuff in. But, you know, Biden wants to lock it down again, of course, because that's what Biden does.


He's again, an empty vessel for stupid policies. So if the first bankruptcy didn't get you don't worry, folks, bankruptcy, you'll definitely get your next time with bankruptcy. Biden takes over the economy, God forbid, in January of the coming year. Now, how effective are these lockdown's? They were just spectacular because as we can see, sweeden that did not lock down their economies, you know, that their schools stayed open. They encouraged distancing and handwashing, but their businesses stayed open.


Their shops stayed open. You know that. They weren't required to wear masks. Sweden was clearly a disaster out of control, Joe. Everybody's dead in Sweden right now, like twenty eight days later and I'm wrong. Daily Mail article you can find in the show notes today. We always laugh, right, Paula? The longest headlines ever in a whole article, you don't have to read the article. That's a great part of The Daily Mail. This is the headline, right, Joe?


You see it? It. Yeah. This is all had no lockdown, no masks, no histeria. No problem. Sweeden didn't go into a Korona coma, and it's living in glorious normality. Now, Dominic Sandbrook asks, is this proof? We got it all terribly wrong. Dominic Sandbrook, The Daily Mail. Sweden did none of that. No, lockdown's just simple, wash your hands, be cautious, stay away from sick people, isolate the elderly.


We're not setting anything down. If you want to wear a mask, go ahead. We're not going to mandate it. Listen, I'm not holding them up as some utopia. They had a pretty high death rate. They were not spared the deadly ramifications of the disease. But you would think that they didn't lock down, that this lockdown would have made Sweden some basket case for Korona and ladies and gentlemen, that's not the case at all. Look at this chart, those listening on audio.


This is fascinating. There's two charts here. One is the cases and one is the deaths. The top is deaths. You notice in April and around Brown, April twenty four at the end of April, beginning of May, the deaths from coronavirus peak. What happens after that? Gosh, no masks, no lockdown, so schools clearly kept going up. Well, no one, because then I wouldn't have used the word peak. It goes down dramatically.


To the point now where Sweden's cases are down. I don't even know how to describe it. I don't want to say to zero, although it looks like it reached kind of a lower asymptote there, but damn close to zero in new deaths. Here's another one, average coronavirus cases, so cases not just deaths over seven days in Sweden. Again, hits a peak. And drops dramatically, dramatically. Folks, they didn't lock down at all. Now, there's a fascinating piece in The Wall Street Journal that included in the show because it's behind a paywall, but just some quick takeaways.


So I'm properly crediting. Here's some things that did happen in Lockdown's, so we know it didn't make Sweden a basket case at all. They had debts, they had cases, they still have cases. But yet their economy wasn't crushed, their schools stayed open, they're managing to survive. From the Wall Street Journal today, the Journal of the American Medical Association, respected medical journal, right, I think left this. Some people on the right would agree.


Identification of new cancers, finding people's cancer cases early, down 46 percent. Forty six point four, to be precise. In other words, people who are locked down are not able to go to the hospital. For voluntary procedures and for screenings. They missed the initial stages of their cancers. Some of them are going to make it because of that. Here's another one, Cleveland Clinic. Stress, cardiomyopathy. Up fourfold. The CDC, 13 percent more people are reporting a substance abuse during these lockdowns due to depression.


Well, Biden in office again. You want more of this substance abuse, depression, cancer screenings down, food supply shortages, national bankruptcy, depression, suicidal ideation. Heart problems, other illnesses going undetected. You want more of this? Lockdown's no evidence you're going to get a result anywhere worse than if you didn't lock down at all and just took basic measures. Ladies and gentlemen, listen, a guy, an author I've respected for a long time, I disagree with somewhat on some things lately.


But Nassim Taleb, who wrote the book, The Black Swan, I used to drive Joe crazy with one of the best books I ever read. I was listening to him on a podcast not that long ago, and he's big to mass. That's fine. And he's he makes a pretty good case. But he said, we already know how this thing is spreading. Super spreader events, and it's on the death front, it's killing people who are largely 55 and older with comorbidities.


We know that. So if we isolate and protect people who are 55 and older, take extra measures with them, allocate our resources there. And put a hold on super spreader events, large, indoor, not properly ventilated gathering's. We haven't solved the problem, but we've mitigated it without leading to substance abuse, depression, suicides, cancer out of control and heart problems killing off more people than if we wouldn't have just left the thing alone altogether. We know what works, why are we not doing it because it's Biden and he doesn't care.


He's catering to teachers unions and other people who have anti business anti free market interests who want to crush our economy to bring about a new liberal Democrat tomorrow where the government leads away. It's not a conspiracy theory, listen to Biden himself. Yeah, I'd lock it down again. The scientist told me which scientists exactly, Scott Gottlieb, the panic guy, keeps touting these the studies, yet they did studies he didn't even read the details on. It's frustrating.


All right, I've got a couple more stories to get through again. Switching gears, because it's Monday. You see this story in Breitbart. Folks, again, because it's Hillary Clinton, just like the story from Lindsey Graham, can we bookend that opened up the show with Lindsey Graham, Hillary Clinton may have been the subject of foreign influence, operation and money laundering to a campaign. I haven't heard anywhere in the media about that. Have you have you heard any more about this story?


Either Breitbart, Keyline, Maxwells nephew who's Ghyslain Maxwell folks, pop quiz. Yeah, Jeffrey Epstein's right hand woman. You know, Eppstein, the plane, the Pavillon, that one ké Maxwells nephew worked at Hillary Clinton's State Department, her white. Imagine if that story was about Donald Trump. The stories reversed you, Maxwell hires Donald Trump's nephew at would be on the front page of every liberal media rag all over the globe. So Hillary Clinton's State Department employee, check this out.


So this is from OK magazine right there reporting. Hillary Clinton, secretary of state, quote, gifted Kileen Maxwells nephew, Alexandra de Rossi, a position within her department when he was just out of college and gave him, quote, special treatment. Folks, as I've told you and I'll say again. The relationship between Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein is one of the biggest scandals of our time. It's worse than you know. He has been on that plane and he's never really answered questions, Bill Clinton, that is about what exactly went down on Jeffrey Epstein's plane with those girls girls.


Not women, they were girls, what went down on that plane? What went down on that island? Why is Hillary Clinton, Clinton hiring Jeffrey Epstein's right hand woman, her nephew, for a special position in the State Department? I don't know. I know some people do know, though. I know other people know things. Hopefully they'll be ready to talk soon. It's not my information share, if I had it, I'd give it to you.


But I know people know things, a lot of people. All right, on a very disturbing note, I want to play for you a video. This is important. I want you to listen. If you're one of our audio listeners, listen in the background. There was a police use of force incident in Wisconsin last night and. Of course, we had to have riots afterwards, I just can't understand why Democrats can't speak out against this. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a process for reviewing police use of force incidents.


There's no excuse none, zero out on the street and riot. This was not a protest. This was a riot. We're not going to play euphemism games and word games on the show in an effort to vertue signal to the left. Look, this show's safe. We're going to call them protest. They're not protests. When police officers get bricked in the head, bricked in the head. What does that mean? It means exactly what it sounds like when you throw a brick at a police officer in his head and you attempt to murder him.


That's kind of an attempted murder no brek had. Not a ping pong ball, not a tennis ball, he can hit with a Nerf with a brick in the head. Now. Caution to our viewers at home on YouTube, if you have children, this video is a little disturbing. The audio listeners, you can hear it, though, that afterwards, after this police officer in the middle of a riot, after a use of force incident by police in Wisconsin.


You'll notice that the surrounding crowd isn't doesn't want to help the police officer a don't worry, mostly peaceful protest, right. They don't want to help the police officer. They're sitting there celebrating it and some of them got to get out their iPhones and make sure they get it on video, too, don't help them. Don't worry about that. This is an attempted murder of a police officer on tape, again, for those with, you know, viewing young eyes at home, young eyeballs, you may want to ask him to turn away for a minute.


All right. Check this out. Oh.


Now on blog. What happened is you got three of. Break it down. Well, it's. The hell's happened to this place, man? I mean, seriously, and did you ever in in a thousand years, think you'd live in a country where it's OK to attempt to murder a police officer? Attempt to murder him and the people surrounding it would be like, yeah, we got them f the police. He got brick in the head like they're celebrating him, you hear the guy in the background?


Yeah, yeah. And what planet do you think that's OK? Where are the Democrats on this? You heard their statements this morning, if anyone, anyone? I was searching through social media everywhere. Parler, Twitter, Facebook, Google, the where were the Democrats on some of the attempted murder of a police officer? I think in Brick, in the head, as everyone's yelling f the police. Yeah, videotaping it, make sure they get it on tape, so if he dies, they want to make sure they have it on tape.


You know, you need a record of that, of course. What, for evidence? No, no. To go put it on some dreadful website and celebrate. What's the red line for you if you're a liberal, I'm serious, regardless of who you're voting for. Some of you I know I can't get through on issues. You really believe Biden's going to cut your taxes and take care of your kids special school or charter school. But I can't argue facts.


You you're immune to them. It's obvious, you know, your business is going to be locked down with Biden in his own words. But at what point do you say to yourself, like, that's kind of weird, that I'm part of liberal America and we're breaking police officers and you can't get any liberal to really say anything about it. You don't you doubt me, by the way, when they do, do you ever notice they just watch any cable news channel?


Watch the liberal talking heads? They'll say, yeah, I condemn that, but but there's always a but but we have to remember, most of the people there were mostly peaceful. No, no, no, they weren't. Those were mostly peaceful people. Those were rioters. Who attempted to murder a police officer as others videotaped it and screamed at the police. Watch pay a close eye and a closer to the talking heads on cable news channels when they discuss incidents like this, that's really bad.


But let me just say, we have to really focus on police and justice and no, no, no, we can do that. That's a separate topic. That's not what this is about. You attempted to murder a police officer in front of a screaming crowd. Cheering it on. Where's that on the news that you see it anywhere? Where is it you see it anywhere? Of course not, of course not. Don't be governor, when Tony Evers in Wisconsin, where he was, he has been saying, I condemn it, but let me just tell you, we got to really focus on the police now.


And we've already had that conversation. You're not interested in that conversation either on. All right, I do only fit this one in this article, and I had a lot more to get through, but this is important. It's a bit of good news because that's really devastating and tough for me to take, especially with my brothers and sisters who put the blue uniform on have to deal with this kind of stuff. Folks, The Wall Street Journal has a really strong article out today about don't get baited in with these polls.


Again, I'm out of the predictions business. I'm just telling you, the polls were really, really bad in 2016. Not so much the national ones, but the state level polls, they may be wrong again. I'm going to hit a few highlights, but here's this article, Wall Street Journal. Trump trails Biden, but polls show the president has some strength, some good news. So you're not depressed on a Monday. Quickly will motor through this number one.


What about the polls may be leading people astray? Here's take away number one white voters and improve the image among white voters. Quote, Among white voters, Mr. Trump lags behind his twenty sixteen vote shares recorded by exit polls. But in a sign of improvement, white voters in the most recent journal NBC News survey were divided almost equally between positive and negative views of the president. Well, why is that interesting? Because four years ago, negative views significantly outweighed positive ones amongst white voters, 54 to 35.


Something's wrong here with these polls. Let's go to takeaway number two, that's just white voters, what about Hispanic voters? Don't worry. That's what I'm here for. He's holding steady with Hispanic voters. Mr. Trump trails his twenty sixteen support levels amongst many groups, polling finds. But among Hispanic voters, by contrast, he appears to have maintained or even improved his standing. Some thirty one percent of the nation's largest, largest ethnic or racial minority groups say they will back the president slightly higher than his twenty eight percent in 2016.


You missed that, Paula. I'm just saying. White voters, Hispanic voters. Let's see where else these polls may be of GOP loyalty. Check this out. Is rising interest among Republicans an intensity and anger can drive turnout. Democrats sought to use their convention last week to unify voters who dislike Trump, but Trump has also boosted Republican intensity. This week's convention has the potential to raise it further. Listen to this, folks. Interest in the election has risen amongst Republicans in the past month and now matches Democratic interest.


Some eighty five percent of Republicans rate themselves as highly interested in the election, compared with only eighty three percent of Democrats. I thought the Democrats had all the passion and fire on their side. Maybe you've been misled again. One last one. There's some up for grabs, voters out there, you've heard from the media, they're definitely leaning towards the Democrats, right? You're up for grabs. Haven't decided yet and not so much. Check out this last takeaway quote Wall Street Journal.


Up for grabs, voters leaned Democrat, no Republican, the Journal NBC News survey in July looked at voters who haven't ruled out either candidate and they're in play. These inplay voters as a group have characteristics that suggests they're open to Mr. Trump and his party. Some twenty two percent have a positive image of Mr. Trump. You may be like, wow, that's really low. While only 11 percent have a positive image of Mr. Biden.


The July poll found American media for the standard and. I'm only bringing this up, I'm not in the prediction game because as I said to you last week, and I'll say again, predictions can only hurt if I predict he's going to win. But like, I maybe I don't need to stay home and vote. You do. If I predict he's going to lose, you get depressed and think maybe he's going to lose him and stay home anyway. Here's the bottom line.


This thing is up in the air. Ladies, jump is a jump ball. You a jump to get that ball of what you've got to show up and vote and you've got to get 10 people to do it with you. Game times over, games on right now, no more pre game episodes. The game is on right now, inside joke, playing an adult version of the show, another day, it's game time inside. Sometimes there's a post game.


This isn't post game. The game's on right now. Right now. All right, folks, thanks again for tuning in a couple of more stories, of course, I had to leave on the table Monday loaded show. As always, please subscribe to our YouTube channel, YouTube dot com slash Bongino and subscribe on Apple podcast. We really, really appreciate your support. The show has been rocking where we are doing more downloads than a month now than we did in two years when we first started.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your support. Really appreciate it. See you tomorrow.


You just heard Dan Bongino.