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Folks, Joe Biden is not a moderate. That is a media myth. The sky is a empty vessel, a parrot, a tabula rasa, a blank slate. That's the problem. Do you understand? That is the problem. The Democrats are painting this guy as some kind of harmless old lunch bucket. Joe, you know, Uncle Joe, he's harmless. Don't you worry. Just elect him. He's not going to hurt anybody. Heard anything out?


Your wallet hurts. Your public safety situations are going to hurt anything. He's a harmless guy. He's not. That is the problem. The problem is he is an empty vessel. He is a blank slate that everybody's writing on and the people who are writing on the blank slate are lunatics. Got more on that today. Of course, I got to go into the. Removal from the briefing room of the president yesterday handled it like a champ, there was an emergency incident at the White House.


Who better to talk about it than me? I got that. Got a lot more. Also, I want to follow up on something on the Spygate thing. Yes. I didn't get enough time to spend yesterday on because we had such a loaded show Today show brought to you by Express VPN. My savvy customers surf the Internet piece. You know why they have VPN from Express VPN, Dotcom Bongino Express VPN dot com slash Bunshiro. Go today, pick up a VPN.


Welcome to Dan Bongino, show producer. Joe, how are you today. Fine, sir. Working hard this morning. I see a OK. Yeah, yeah.


Working hard this morning but enjoying it. I was having a lot of fun playing around with some of those kind of you.


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All right, let's go. Man, am I hungry this morning like you wouldn't believe.


Which is strange because usually I'm hungry on Monday because I get up early for Fox and Friends. I get up a little bit later on Tuesday and my blood sugar is plunged immensely.


I could eat there and I probably can't say that now involves a cow, but I am starving. I could deal with a brisket right now. A whole thing, two pounds of it. Let me get straight to it. Let's go to this. What do you want to call relocation from the briefing room? So some of you I don't think anybody missed it, but if you're dead, you'll see it here first or yesterday. I'm watching President Trump's press conference live on Fox News during the press conference.


This happens and me again, I'm sorry, I hate to mention I don't want to beat you over the head with my prior line of work, but it's obviously relevant to the story. Having been agent detailed to the White House, I never seen anything like this before during a live presser. Check this out. Bring records, hopefully soon.


So proud to say I know that guy, the Secret Service guy, well, good man, obviously not going to name him or how I know him, but I want to give you any of the details. But he's more than qualified guy and he appears Joe did some forensic analysis. He appears to say something. President Trump basically indicated just, you know, we got to get out of here. There's we got to relocate you. And the president very calmly walks off the stage.


You can hear the cameras in the background. You hear all those camera shots. Everybody, of course, wants a picture of President Trump in a panic, which didn't happen. And you hear all the cameras going off and he walks out of the room and he comes back. I don't know that three or four minutes later. But if you were watching this on live TV, especially, you know, given my background, you're like, what the heck happened?


Paula came in. She was inside with my daughter. So what happened, I said, I've never seen anything like that, they just the Secret Service basically removed or asked the president to leave the briefing room because there's some emergency situation at the White House. Well, what happened was there was a shooting at the White House in front of the it appears to be the old executive office building on the what it looks like, the northwest corner. I heard someone report the southeast corner.


Those are obviously in the opposite place. But the video I saw, it looks like the northwest corner, there was a shooting and the details are still up in the air. Was it a suicide by cop? Nobody knows. But either way, a few notes on this from my inside baseball perspective. There's been a lot of dumb commentary about this, including some liberal moron on Twitter who said what a nightmare this president is for the Secret Service need.


Look how slow we walked off the stage.


Oh, jeez Louise. So a nutshell, listen, you and I have different skill sets, I don't even produce my own show, Joe does. I just know how to produce the content so I don't pretend to know what you do. But I have a general idea. But given your limited experience in the Secret Service, but being a smart, common sense guy, you know, simple question. I'll ask you if you're protecting a protectee. Right, like the president and I say you're a Secret Service agent, like that agent who asked him to leave the stage was, do you want a guy who panics, who tries to sprint off the stage, falls off the stage and face plants into the wall?


Or do you want a guy who calmly follows your instructions, walks off the stage and evacuates the room within seconds? Within seconds, if you ask not a trick question, just asking with give me an honest answer. We don't want a bed quitter. So we want we want the guy, you know, not you're not allowed to do that.


Delete that from the show. He did it. He did it. You stole my notes. I didn't even tell him that he did it. I will leave that in out of a courtesy to you again, Joe Gorske getting ahead. Very smart. Very smart. Yes. You don't want a bed, Quinter. He I swear that's him. I know I'm not messing with you. We had a term in the Secret Service for people who panicked and ran around when they didn't have running is not good.


Ladies and gentlemen, unless there's an explosive going off, running is not good. You know why running is not good, especially in a situation where the emergency is yet to be defined, because then other people start to panic and they start to run and they start to run into each other and over each other and falling on each other. And then you have a protectee like President Trump was about six four, I don't know, two hundred and fifty pounds.


He's a big guy. If you've ever met him. Huge guy. He's tripping over other people trying to run. And next thing you know, you have a massive body of people you can't get past because they're all falling in the doorway trying to get past whether we call those bad. It rhymes with Queta. As Joe Well enough was great to be to the place I did not go over this, which was not rehearsed. It's right here, that quitter's, I wrote it down.


We hate bad quitter's. We do. Don't it rhymes with quit the bad. If it's a bomb, you run, God forbid. If it's obviously someone right in front of you and you can do something and it requires haste, you run all other situations, please don't run. Then everybody else runs and everybody runs into each other and they trip and they fall. And you're stitching up people's heads in a situation you don't even know the details about yet.


So, yes, Joe, you gave the right answer there perfectly time. The answer is, of course, in contrast to the morons on Twitter who, by the way, are in their parents basements, you know, roasting s'mores all day, you know, but probably watching 1980's pretty in pink movies because they have no idea what they're talking about. Commenting on Twitter.


I can't believe how Slaoui moves. Yeah, that's what we want. We want the man to, like, sprint off stage and fall and have a heart attack genius. What a done. So that's number one. The Twitter commentary was disgusting, including the just disturbed. Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, who wanted to do a bunker check to make sure the president didn't go in the bunker. So, yeah, that's what we want to do now, Joe, we want to politicize the president's security.


I mean, Jennifer Rubin said disgrace to humankind, but really The Washington Post should be embarrassed. This woman even works there anymore. She's just a real disgrace to the newspaper and to humanity in general. So we had that first. The whole. Generating a political. Minefield over the president's security, which is what liberals do because they're sick people like Jennifer Rubin. Secondly. I've never seen that before, I spent about 12 years in the Secret Service, about five years on the White House and on the detail, the president's detail within the White House grounds and the Secret Service, is it naive they understand the ramifications of removing the president from a nationally televised press conference?


I mean, you could I mean, you could crash markets. You could create world panic. They get that. They're not stupid. So some a few people were like, wow, there was this, the right call, I'm telling you from my experience doing it absolutely, categorically not. Ninety nine percent, not ninety nine point nine. One hundred percent. The right call shots fired outside the White House. That's a red line. You take the president, you move them.


You don't want them to or any windows. You don't want them in corners. You want them in some kind of a hard room or a space you can seal off pretty quickly. Simple as that. That's a red line. There's no there's no no. Let's see what happened. Shots fired. No. Got to go. The Secret Service is not naive, and I was really happy that the president, United States came back and does what he always does, which is to give credit where credit is due when it comes to law enforcement and the Secret Service.


Now, he came back and of course, you had the media people trying to make a political issue out of it because that's what they do, simple minded morons. And of course, they wanted the president to rattled and scared. Jennifer Rubin wanted to check the bunker. So the president came back. This is about a four or five second clip, but I wish we had this one on loop. You know, a media individual decides to ask the president, hey, man, were you really rattled about what just happened?


And here's just classic Trump, just a beautiful response. Check this out.


Well, you have to assume raddled. Does he seem rattled, does he look rattled there? Was he fumbling with papers, was he profusely sweating even when he leaves the stage like. Did you notice if you watch it on YouTube, YouTube, that you heard the audio? But you'll see even when he leaves the stage, when the Secret Service agent comes over, says, Mr. President, I think we need to go excuse me. He like looks over and he goes, hey, don't you see it?


He looks over to the media. He's like. See you in a few minutes, OK? I mean, did he look rattled to you? No, but again, this is just dumb media commentary. Come on, guys, really seriously, I mean, on a very serious note at the end of this, because they had a move, I get it to Biden and I got a lot of stuff to talk about today. On a very serious note, let's not politicize the security of the United States.


I got knocked for this, and that's that's fine, not for politics, for politicizing it. Someone asked me once about Barack Obama or Bill Clinton. There was a new law that the president would only get security for 10 years.


I thought it was a bad idea, Obama was going to be the first one, I thought it was a terrible idea because having been on a protective intelligence squad, we analyze threats. Former presidents get legitimate threats all the time. And if we lose a former president, he's taken hostage. Ladies and gentlemen, it's really bad for the United States of America. The costs are minimal for a former detail, a former president's detail. I didn't care that it was Barack Obama or Barack Obama.


Screw him, we have let him get tenure. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. We don't do that here. And it's OK. You can disagree. That's perfectly fine. Not everything I say is meant to appeal for political purposes on politicized. And I got nothing. Don't politicize the security of the United States, whether it's Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush or Donald Trump, presidents or former presidents don't do it.


It's stupid. It's juvenile. I'm talking to leftists because that's what they do. Pretty much all the time. All right, let me get to my second sponsor. I want to get to this Biden block because this is important and I'm really getting tired of the media painting this lovely caricature of Joe Biden, Uncle Joe, one Joe lunch bucket, Joe, Joe, the Delaware kid. The fight in Scranton guy. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


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You'll see me wearing their shirts often. All right. As I said, let's get to this with Joe Biden because this is just disturbing what's happening. I'm seeing this narrative by the leftist media because that's what they are. They're liars, they're frauds. They're phonies. That's why, you know, that was it. Axios Harris poll showing that media, the media is the one entity during the coronavirus crisis outside of airlines that has lost credibility in the crisis.


The media, the one job, one job is to get you the facts during the biggest crisis, health and economic of modern times. The media is the one entity that's lost credibility during the crisis because they're liars. They lie to you all the time. I'll get to that at the end of the show today. That's all they do these days is lie to you. They're all in on Joe Biden, not because they believe in Joe Biden, but because they can't stand Donald Trump.


I want to play this montage. It's it's an older one. This is who Joe Biden really is, ladies and gentlemen. Well, Joe Biden doesn't know who he really is anymore. Sadly, I say that not the joke around, because Joe Biden is clearly in some form of cognitive distress. I mean, it's obvious when you see the man in any public appearance, he forgets where he is, stumbles over his words. He's just a mess.


Yeah. But when Biden was clearheaded, Joe, this is the worst, but, you know, on the on the triaging of problems, what's even worse is when Biden's head was clear and he was cognitively there, he was a bad guy, his wheeling and dealing and China's wheeling and dealing in Ukraine to his son and his family, enriching himself through the job. This was not a good guy. He's also a discreet, thoroughly discredited liar. Here's some old footage of one of the six thousand times Joe Biden ran for president.


When he lies about everything, his background, his college degrees, how he's so smart, how he graduated top of his class, all flaming piles of dog like quitters, just the other word without the ters at the end. Here's Joe Biden. Check out this old footage, this classic.


I went to law school on a full academic scholarship. The only one in my in my class to have a full academic scholarship went back to law school and in fact, ended up in the top half of my class. I was the outstanding student in the political science department. At the end of my year, I graduated with three degrees from undergraduate school, one hundred sixty five credits, only one hundred twenty three credits. Biden now concedes he did not graduate in the top half of his law school class, that he does not have three degrees from college and that he was not named outstanding political science student in college.


Newsweek says Biden actually went to school on a half scholarship, ended up near the bottom of his class and won only one degree, not three. Joe Biden ranked seventy six in the class of eighty five at the University of Syracuse Law School. I mean, this guy comes off this whole thing as a flyweight.


Folks, the media knows this. Those are old media reports about Joe Biden's history of lying about who Joe Biden is. Tucker Carlson has been doing segments on this, he lies about his academic credentials, he lies about his intelligence, he lies about his school ranking, he lies about his scholarship. He lies. Remember the Tucker Carlson segment? If you watch Fox and he did a segment or was it last week he did a segment about Joe Biden lying about being arrested.


He's told like four or five different stories when I was arrested, as if he's like Billy Joe, he's building street cred. You know, Joe, he wants to be like St. Joe. Tough guy. I got edges on my knuckles. Look at me. Bloody knuckles got a job. He was not arrested. He's making it up then. Then they have to use euphemisms. No, no, he wasn't arrested. He went to go see Nelson Mandela and they arrested him, but they didn't arrest them.


They stopped them at the airport. I've been stopped at the airport. Latest gem is called the TSA. I don't see him arrested. Every time I boarded, I was arrested. Hey, Joe, last time I went up to Fox, did you hear I was arrested, Joe. Like, I didn't hear you arrest arrested. Why was it in the news? No, Joe, I was stopped at TSA. They asked me for my license.


This is Joe Biden. He's a liar, this guy. So understand your takeaway here. It's not that that Biden's not there upstairs. He's not. Reality, Joe Biden, reality, Biden reality, Joe Biden reality job. They are further and further apart every day when he is telling the truth and is there, he lies about who he is. This is the problem I was trying to emphasize last night on Hannity. Biden right now, listen to me, I have the best sources on this.


Everyone around, but everyone around, Biden knows him and reality are not friends. He is a cognitive issue. He is losing his grasp on the real world by the minute. Everyone knows that they just hate Trump. The problem with that. And the reason Trump is having a hard time, the Trump campaign defining Biden. Is because people feel bad for by. They do. A lot, not all of them, but a lot of people do a lot of independents so like, you know, don't attack Joe.


Ladies and gentlemen, the man is trying out for the IS he's auctioning off himself, the people to be the president of the United States, to handle the nuclear codes, to determine tax rates that could crush your business. It's you know, when I joined the Secret Service, I had to take a battery of tests to make sure I could perform the job to protect the president. Why does the president have to perform a battery of tests, you know, at least for the public?


I'm not suggesting it's mandatory, but is it the right thing to do, prove you can handle the job? He can't. That's the problem. He is an empty vessel, a blank slate. Things are being written on his blank slate by others. Joe Biden is not in command of his own faculties, no less his own campaign. That is the problem. People are the policy and the people feeding Joe Biden ideas that he's not cognitively there to fight back against.


And he's not courageous enough to fight back against the people feeding him ideas or radical nuts. I said it and I'll say it again. The golden rule of politics in this new bureaucratic era. People are policy folks, people are policy. Policy is so fluid and amorphous right now. Regulations, Chevron doctrine that other than that and the other stuff involving how we interpret regulations and deference we provide, the agencies understand my point. These policies are so amorphous and hard to understand that the people are the policy.


Joe, does this make sense? Oh, yeah, absolutely. You can put a policy out there in this new bureaucratic morass we live in that says something so like, hey, we're going to determine if this impacts the environment through carbon emissions. The people in charge will determine what carbon emissions mean. It could mean anything. Right? The people on the policy. So what I'm getting at is when you appoint radicals, you will have radical policies regardless of what the law says.


It's sad. I wish it weren't true. I wish we lived in a more constitutional society with adherence to rule of law that people didn't matter and the law mattered. That time, sadly, is over. You're seeing it play out right now with the executive orders, are you? Right, when Barack Obama did executive orders, the media loved him, Trump does when they hate him, even though three out of four of Trump's executive orders are the core tenets of them are backed by actual law.


You can read it yourself. It's all interpretation. He is appointing radicals. He is not a moderate. He will not be a moderate. Bernie Sanders will be your de facto president. Do you understand that? You don't believe me? Hat tip news busters. Here is a great montage by the great folks at News Busters. Some of the best in the business of media folks trying to cover up the fact that Biden is a radical left being guided by radical leftists and his policies are radically left.


Higher taxes, government run health care, dumping on school choice, destroying the suburbs. These are all far left radical policies, tens of trillions in new spending. This is insane, the green new deal. But here's the media again, doing what the media does, trying to cover up for Joe Biden. Check this out.


Joe Biden is not known as a liberal. Persay is more from the centrist part of the party. His ideology that he's too centrist.


A Biden administration means they're going to come for my guns. Bingo. You're right.


If you have an assault weapon, Biden's looking to knock out other centrist alternative. Biden more centrist.


Raise your hand if government if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants. This Biden centrist moderate, maybe I can reach out to people who are Republican or lean Republican or probably anywhere from 10 to 15 percent of the people out there who are just not very good people.


Do you think someone like a Joe Biden is too moderate, too centrist, too moderate?


Should undocumented immigrants arrested by local police be turned over to immigration officials?


No, the national frontrunner, Joe Biden, a moderate. Biden's more moderate stance.


We both agree that we deal. We have a new green deal to deal with the existential threat that faces humanity.


We are to get rid of fossil fuels. No more coal plants. No one's going to build another coal plant in America because of the work we did.


Anybody can throw coal into a furnace, can learn how to program, for God's sake, Biden, a moderate moderate, Joe Biden, the moderate Biden and moderate Biden.


This idea that I'm not the progressive in the race, I mean, my lord, if if I get elected president, United States, this will go down as one of those progressive administrations in American history.


Just listen to the man. Don't listen to me. Listen to him. What do you think he's kidding. You think this is a joke? Open borders don't turn over illegal immigrants arrested, arrested for other crimes. Immigration authorities don't turn them over. That's what he wants. I want to take your guns, he says, bingo, bingo, meaning yes, for the liberals. Bingo, you know, when you win, bingo, bingo, bingo, yes, like bingo in the affirmative.


He wants to reallocate money from police departments away from police departments. He wants to dramatically hike your taxes. He wants to destroy the suburbs, putting low income housing in the middle of the suburbs. I mean, what else am I missing, folks? He wants to destroy the coal plants you did. You did to his words, badly mine. This guy is a radical loon. Because he's not smart enough or courageous enough to stand up against said radical loons, this guy is the chaos candidate.


If you worship chaos, Joe Biden is your guy. Folks, I'm going to say the hard part out loud, too, because what Joe Biden is engaging in now being pushed by Bernie Sanders and Alexandra Ocho Cortez, Congresswoman Cortez. What he's being pushed into his grievance culture. Go faster, a bunch of grievances aren't the people that you're owed something by others and can you know again, can we just say the hard part out loud? I don't want to be ranting, but nobody owes you squat.


OK, let's just put that out there right now. If you're listening to my show, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, I'm on radio. If you're listening on podcast or YouTube or on gosh, I don't know, I don't even know how many platforms, let me just put this out there right now. Nobody owes you, Jack. Quit if you get the theme of the show. Nobody owes you anything. Nobody owes you anything.


Let me say it again, nobody owes you anything. Exclamation point, you want to hear the hard part out loud, nobody owes you squat. But I'm old, I was insulted when I was six. Someone told me a long time ago that people don't like me, that everyone's initiative phobic and phobia phobic phobia phobe. Bad news for you, too, someone may have said that there are a lot of bad people in the world. There have always been bad people in the world, you knuckleheads.


Of course, I'm talking to our liberal listeners who tune in, especially the liberal media folks. You think Joe Biden is going to be evil, is going to go away tomorrow? Nobody owes you squat. You want it work for it. Nobody owes you anything. You see this tweet by AOC left wing lunatic advising Joe Biden, The world doesn't need billionaires to. Now, why do you care so much about billionaires? You were a bartender. You know nothing about anything.


The matter of fact, Pete from Glen Patrick's pub racing was one of the smartest guys I met was a bartender, you are an embarrassment to bartenders. You don't you don't know anything about anything. Nobody owes you squat, the Democrats entire platform under Joe Biden is a you deserve other people's money, OPM, other people's money. I should be able to take your guns because I'm smarter than you on how to defend your family. You owe me your guns.


You owe me your coal business. You owe me your country's borders. Nobody owes you squat. Take your butt, remove it from the seat you're in. Get off your caboose and go to work. Nobody owes you anything. Best advice I ever got in my entire life. Amen, brother. You want luck, go out. Make your own damn luck. You get turned down by a guy who doesn't like you because he doesn't like whatever the earring in your nose or the color of your skin or where you were born.


That guy is a quick bird. Move on. He's got to live his entire life is a loser. It's not an excuse to then walk around every day in grievance culture and pretend the whole world hates you, they don't. There are morons out there, a lot of them, sadly. I deal with them all the time. When you're a public figure, you deal with idiots all the time. We took a loss last week I told you about on the show.


You see me whining about it. Today, we move on. We got shows to do, work to do. You move on, you find the next fight. Nobody owes you anything. And you're never going to hear that from Joe Biden. Get off your butt and go to work. Go to work and make your own living and show your kids what it's like to make a living and show your kids what it's like to get dirt into your fingernails and come home tired every day.


Nobody owes you squat. All right, the polls are turning around to I think people are getting savvy to the Joe Biden. Fairy tale, well, he's a moderate Uncle Joe lunch bucket, the Scranton kid, like he's a boxer or something from the old school, you know, the Fighting Irish guys, a Scranton kid. I mean, they getting an argument with that older guy that I think outside will do push ups, right? Sure, Joe.


Yeah, take it easy. Take it easy with the push ups. Polls are closing up, folks, people are catching on to this. Just a few weeks ago, President Trump was down 10 in the real clear average. Just a week ago, what was he down eight now. He's down six. Why? Because people are catching on that for all the allegations by the hacks in the media that Trump is the chaos guy. It's really Biden who's the chaos candidate.


Trump style may be a different obviously, you may not like it. That's OK. I don't mind it. Obviously, it's different. We never had a president do what he does. But his agenda and his three and a half year plus term in office has actually been great up until the Chinese coronavirus plane. Biden is the chaos guy. All right. Got a lot here, everyone, I want to get to the segment yesterday kind of gave it a little shortcut because we were running out on time.


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Scraggy, as you know from yesterday's show. And I encourage you to watch it to fill your fill your stuff in and the other two clips. I'm not going to go back to all of them today, but Scraggy worked for Steffon help or worked with him on as they were doing. He was doing a PhD overseas. And Halper was his mentor. Stephane Holper, as many of you know, was the spy who was spying on members of the Trump campaign and working with the FBI.


There's no real doubt anymore about the background story on what went on with the FBI and their use of spies in many forms as rhetoric and others included.


Tracy had a front row seat to the whole thing. Who was spying, why they were spying and this last clip I played yesterday, but I want to play again today because it was a part I left out in the interest of time. That's a really super important. And I'm not yet sure about Shreddies motives, I can't get in his head, why is he now? Turning on Halper and turning whistleblower, why now, I mean, why not months ago?


I'm not sure. I'm not trying to badmouth the guy, but I'm not trying to upset the guy either. So Shrieve comes clean in the Maria Bartiromo show and basically says, hey, this guy was working with Halper, you know, was this guy was up to some really bad stuff. Here's this last clip where, again, I reference this chapter, I have my upcoming book about one of the guys who seemingly ran underneath the current on this whole thing.


FBI agent Stephen Somma, who is in the dead center of this whole thing. And I want to bring up another angle why this is so important. Check this out again. This is Shraga. Yesterday, a short clip of him talking about who the Senate Senate was investigating, who they need to investigate. Check this out. The key part, and I think the real smoking gun in all of this is, you know, all these tentacles lead back to this small group, including Steffon Holper at the center of Spygate, Christopher Steele at the center of Russia.


Great stuff on Hopper's FBI handler. None of the Senate has subpoenaed. These are called these people to talk.


And for years, Stefan Halpern's FBI handler. Again, quickly, why does this matter? And I'm going to add some new information because, ladies and gentlemen, Halper had a contact at the FBI, an agent by the name of Steven Somma, this guy Somma. The connections here are incredible. Soma works with another FBI agent. Follow me. I don't want this to be complicated. It's the guy's name is Agadez. Last name is Gatta. They worked together in the New York office data is Christopher Steele's handler.


Christopher steals information, and Helper's information always seems to be intertwined whenever they want some negative information about this is the best way to sum this up. OK, I've been thinking about this all night because I hate when it's overcomplicating whenever the FBI, who's targeting the Trump team, is no question about it, but they don't have anything to target because everything is fake. Whenever they need fake information to go and go to court and spy on the Trump team, they always go to these two guys, it seems Christopher Steele and Stefan Halper, and they always seem to produce information about this core cadre of Trump people that overlaps similar ideas, similar conclusions.


Yet the information's fake. So what are the chances if I wanted to spy on Joe? I go to two sources, right, and these two sources, what are the chances if they don't know each other, they produce lies about Joe. Joe was was born on Mars. Joe has seven fingers on his right hand. They're like, oh, my gosh, really? Joe was born on Mars and has seven fingers. What are the chances that two sources are telling you that?


The seven fingers in the Marsing who don't know each other. The answer is zero, the chances are one in a million, they both made up the exact same line. Joe doesn't have seven fingers and he wasn't born on Mars, obviously. What are the chances that the two sources you have have handlers or contacts in a law enforcement agency that both worked together, the chances there are pretty good that you might want to find out what these two law enforcement guys know about the two sources telling the same lies.


One of those guys is Stefan Stefan Helper's handler, Steven Soma. Why does this matter? Because again, right in August 10th when they don't open up a case against Mike Flynn. Who Craigie says Halper has a real interest in, because Flyn knew about the intel community all of a sudden in August 10th, this dossier appears from steel and then the next day, Harper shows up about having information about steel. Here's this dossier, August 10th, that Steel wrote, and all of a sudden, Mike Flynn, Mike Flynn with the Russians.


But above all, this note says, look at the date at the bottom, August 10th, 20, 16. So, again, the bureau wants to investigate McFlynn, intelligence insiders want to take Flynn out, they don't open up a case on August 10th on Mike Flynn. They open up a case against other members of the Trump team. Magically, Steele's dossier shows up and the next day, Stefan Halper shows up, which which Stephen Soma, his handler.


And Steve, it's almost like, my gosh, how pressure up and all this information about Trump people, including Flynn, that's just crazy. Now, why does this matter? Here's The Washington Times piece in the show notes today, please read it Mancino dot com slash newsletter for the show support. FBI spy talking about Holper foretold Michael Flynn's fall ex-students, Draghi, that says by the great Rowan Scarborough. August 10th, 20-20. This is important. Look at this quote.


Scraggy new, this is why I'm skeptical of Shaggy's skeptical. I'm not necessarily, again, trying to kneecap this guy or oversell who he is. But from The Washington Times piece, you could tell Shaggy's aware that Mike Flynn was the key to taking out the Trumpy. He says, quote, In these discussions, I stress I stress that Flynn was indispensable, wrote Draghi, who was an official in the George W. Bush administration. Quote Schrade, he said he was perhaps the only campaign adviser.


Listen up. Who had both Trump's personal trust and deep intelligence experience necessary to expose hidden problems in the intelligence community. At one point, I even recall telling Halper that taking Flynn out would be like beheading Trump's team. I had no idea I had been unintentionally aiding a spy, preparing the guillotine and helping lead Flynn to exactly such a beheading. You see why I'm. Keeping an open mind about Shaggy's motives here. You get that Joe Scraggy seems to know that Flynn is the linchpin to the Trump operation.


In other words, two things. If they can take out and spy on Flynn by getting steel, help Halper to produce information on Flynn, which they produce on August 10th. On August 11th. If they can take out Flynn Flynn as one, he's one of Trump's personal closest advisers and Trump trusts him a no to Flynn knows where all the bodies are buried in the intelligence community. He's got to go. Taraghi seems to know then why not speak out sooner?


Now, why was it so important for Holper, the FBI, the intelligence community, the Obama administration and Steel to make sure Flynn disappeared quickly? We'll look at the IG report, I've used this before, but I'm going to use it again, Michael Horowitz as IG report. Look at this. Comey sent an email, Jim Comey right after a briefing on January 7th that Flynn was at Comey sends this email January seven, 2017. The transitions right.


About to happen. Right. Call me Brief's Trump and his team and incoming email quote, It's stated that a member of Trump's national security team during this brief asked whether the FBI, quote, was trying to dig into the sub sources to gain a better understanding of the situation. And Comey responded in the affirmative. Ladies and gentlemen, that is a critical, critical. Linchpin, cornerstone piece of information to this entire scandal, Mike Flynn is asking Jim Comey during the transition in January, President Trump's about to take office while Khamees briefing them about this dossier in this fake information, the steel holper stuff.


Flynn knows it's all B.S. And Flynn's asking Comey, hey, have you dug into the substories some sources and check their credibility? Why is Flynn asking that? Because he knows it's a scam. He knows it's all fake and they panic. They're freaked out. They still got to get rid of Flynn, despite days earlier trying to close the FBI investigation, citing no derogatory information. FBI headquarters, the management floor interfaces don't close the case against Flynn. They have to get rid of this guy, he knows this whole thing's a scam.


How does he know? Well, let's go to Flins. Lawyers own legal filing. How does Flynn know this whole thing is a scam? Well, one, he's been in the intelligence community for years and he knows his problems. He's probably telling Trump we've got real problems, the intelligence community's parts of it that are broken. Here's Sidney Powell, Mike Flynn's lawyer, in a legal document. There was a letter delivered by the British embassy to the incoming national security team after Donald Trump's election also delivered to Susan Rice.


The letter apparently disavows former British Secret Service agent Christopher Steele and calls his credibility into question and declares him untrustworthy.


Oh, isn't that fascinating that during the transition and letters delivered from the United Kingdom over to Mike Flynn. Incoming national security adviser saying, hey, this guy, Christopher Steele, reporting on the PPY stuff, they've been used to spy on you. Yeah, yeah, that stuff's probably fake. Then Flynn starts asking questions. Lynn had a go at Srijit said. That was a, quote, beheading for the Trump administration, if they could get rid of Michael Flynn.


Now, is it all making sense, folks? Again, why Srijit coming out now? I'm curious, it's welcome on the show. You know where to find me. I got a lot of questions for you. Including ATIP 217 are, by the way, again, we haven't heard from him in a while, always miscommunication. Yeah.


Do you have any relationship or any communications with Mifsud? We haven't heard Joseph, Mrs. Naimi know about how promise that any connection there. You always hear it here first, don't you? All right, let me get to my final sponsor and then I want to I got to go to this coronavirus block because, again, the misinformation is just everywhere. And if you're not listening to this show, you're probably being misled by a bunch of panic merchants out there who want a red line.


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All right. So the coronavirus misinformation is rampant everywhere all the time, and I can almost guarantee you if chaos Joe Biden is elected, the empty vessel, tabula rasa, that the chaos will stop almost immediately. Well, what do you mean, Dan? No, no. Well, the media has no interest in sowing chaos if Donald Trump loses. But they have to sow chaos now we're seeing this with the schools, here is yet another study. I don't know how many studies they have to put out there before this.


I mean, before it gets tattooed on the brains of liberals who are seemingly immune to facts. Here's the Journal of Medical Virology hat tip, Avik Roy, where I saw this on a social media feed journal of medical virology transmission dynamics of sars-cov-2 within families with children in Greece, a study of twenty three clusters. This is a coronavirus study. And covid-19. That showed something pretty interesting. Ladies and gentlemen, again, for the panic merchants out there that want you to believe that your kids are going to be massive super spreaders, and if you send them back to school, they're going to contaminate your whole house and kill everybody they want.


You redlined all the time. From the Journal of Medical Virology, not the Dan Bongino website or so, this is a professional medical journal. Quote, There was no evidence of child to adult or child to child transmission. Pretty much sums it up, ladies and gentlemen, doesn't it? Again, are we doing science fact state any more, silencing our scientists hypotheses, testing them in that kind of stuff? Are we doing that anymore or are we still invested fully in the red line?


Panic? They're super spreaders, children are going to kill everybody, the teachers included. So now we can add Greece to study in Greece in the Journal of Medical Virology to the compendium of information out there showing what you're saying is not factually true. Can children spread it? Yes, have children spread it. Of course, our children super spreaders with a high likelihood of spreading it to adults. No, if you believe in a little thing like, again, silencing.


Again, all this stuff. OK, Joe, I promise you, after the election, God forbid, chaos, Joe wins. If chaos, Joe wins after the election, all this stuff will come out and the red line will be gone. Yeah, the red line will be gone. Everybody will be like, ladies and gentlemen, don't panic. Children are not really super spreaders. The data shows they can spread it, but they typically don't.


The low likelihood of that happening, children are not immune, but if they get the virus, the symptoms are generally you, I promise you. Ladies and gentlemen, mark my. What's the date today, folks? August 11, please. Mark the date. Guaranteed. God forbid Biden wins all of this stuff will start to come out. All it'll be it'll go right down the memory hole, all the other stuff. You don't believe me, the covid myths are everywhere, he's a great piece in the Wall Street Journal today about this, The Covered Mist by Gerard Baker.


By the way, it's not like some like hard core conservative. He's a right leaning guy, but. He doesn't you know, he's not in this for an agenda, believe me, I don't know him personally, but I've read a lot of his stuff. Wall Street Journal Opinion, Untangling the Media Myths of covid. All these myths, by the way, will go away after the election. What's missing the myth? Number one, Joe, the US with Trump's done a terrible job, the worst in the world, our death rates off the charts.


Joe, it's the zombie apocalypse. Is it really? Because that's not what the actual data says. Oh. Yeah, you get the same because you get to read ahead a video of you say the death toll in the US, quote, Wall Street Journal stands at about five hundred per million people. That's significantly higher than Germany or Japan, for example, but still some way below the U.K., Italy, Spain and several other European countries. Among the Group of seven nations.


America is actually right in the middle. Ladies, gentlemen, interestingly enough to when you take out the horrible results from New York and New Jersey, led by far left liberals with their disastrous nursing home policies, notably Phil Murphy and Andrew Cuomo. The United States actually performs much better, but Andrew Cuomo up in New York somehow would be a good idea to put covid patients in nursing homes with the most vulnerable people. I still don't understand that.


So the US and President Trump have actually perform in a disastrous situation. Where there is no vaccine and the treatments took a while and the therapeutics to develop have actually performed quite well again, but only if you believe in data. Because market August 11th. If Joe Biden is elected president, I guarantee you the day he's sworn in, the media will be the US is doing great to combat covid-19. The Koran was terrific. So much better than many European countries.


So much better. We're never wrong sometimes, but rarely. And we corrected. Unlike the media. What's myth number two, those Republican governors in Florida and Texas, those are the death states, you cross the border, you die instantly of Corona dead many. You see the welcome to Florida sign, which, by the way, if you live in South Florida, you got like 10 hours to go before you get home. Remember when me and my wife drove down, we first moved to Florida.


Welcome to Florida. We were like it was like Big Ben parliament member that National Lampoon's you say it was like another nine hours before we got home. Florida is like, oh, the longest of welcome to for your dad. Instantly when you cross. That's the media narrative, right? If we could only all be like New York with their six to eleven thousand dead nursing home patients who died due to Andrew Cuomo is disastrous. We could only be more like New York and the Democrats.


So, again, Gerard Baker. No, no hard right guy says, really? Is that true? Let's look at the data, Joe. You know, that kind of stuff. Quote, usually, quote, A related fiction is the suggestion that New York's economy is now bouncing back as its cases and deaths mercifully continue to dwindle toward zero. Yet by the unemployment rate and other measures, the economic recovery in New York is lagging states such as Florida and Texas.


Gosh, I hadn't heard that before. Weird with commuters and tourists still staying away. We should not fall into the media's trap of tendentiously asserting a tight link between the politics and the virus. I agree. But insofar as policy has some effect, it's worth noting that of the 10 states and the District of Columbia with the highest death rates. Eight have democratic governments. Again, folks, you want to you want to politicize this like you politicize the president's security in the media because you're gross and that's what you do, not all of you, but a lot of you, especially the liberal media.


You want to politicize this deadly virus. We think it's a game. All right, you want to politicize. Let's ask about the politics, who were the people and the states that had the highest death rates? Oh, that's right, eight out of 10 were run by Democrats. You watch again, this will all change when Joe Biden is elected. All change, this story will disappear down the memory hole, the U.S. will become an international success story overnight and they'll pretend none of this ever happened.


And they won't care one bit, Joe, that you and I have media montages of them saying the U.S. is the worst, but we are terrible, Trump's killing people, they won't care one bit. I had a silence, a family member today on Facebook pumping out misinformation about what we do. I'm saying goodbye to you. Not interested. Pump that nonsense somewhere else, but remember, your family don't care. It will all change. They don't care, just like when the collusion hoax disappeared down the memory hole.


Remember that when Mueller was like, yeah, there was no collusion. This is all made up. Their guy, Muehler. You ever hear anything about it again? Do you get any apologies? You any now? Do you hear any? No, none. Habermann, Bertran, Chuck Todd, sick that that Seth Abramson guy. Any apologies from them? Yeah, I didn't I didn't hear those. I didn't hear those either. Jerzyk yesterday on my show, when I said something on Fox and Friends, I said it was a month.


I meant to say, you know, we corrected it right away because when you're wrong, you don't want miss it for means. You notice that I didn't. Well, what do you, Patty, someone? No, I'm just saying, like, the truth should matter, right? Not to these people. Which is the perfect Segway again. To the media gaslighting about the riots. Media politicizing trumps security, presidential security grows, the media politicizing the coronavirus deaths, gross and disgusting, the media have also politicized riots where people have been hurt, injured police officers have been blinded and some have been killed.


David Dorn and others, gross, gross politicizing. But that's what the media does. You don't believe me? Here's The Washington Post. Remember when President Trump had some DHS, DHS agents in Portland to protect the courthouse, you know, federal property. So it's not burned to the ground and people aren't killed? Oh, my gosh, what a crazy idea that was. Well, remember the Washington Post effort to blame that the violence on the violence is only it the violence, it's only happening.


It's only happening because Trump has federal agents there. So Trump ordered the federal agents to stand down, look at this headline at The Washington Post, Trump ordered federal forces to quell Portland protests, but the chaos ended as soon as they left it. It did. You get you you get the trickier you get the shell game three card monte, you get what they're doing. So the violence in Portland was the fault of President Trump for deploying federal agents to protect the courthouse from being burned to the ground.


It's Trump's fault, the violence. If you're having a hard time understanding, it's because you're sane and you're not a moron like the liberal media, you're not supposed to understand trumps at fault for violent rioters trying to burn the courthouse down. Yes. Liberals. Yeah. Yeah, I make five. Double digit IQ, liberal dunce's. They said, look, when when Trump told the federal agents to stand down all the violence stop it did because the people actually in Oregon.


What is this, the Oregon Post policy? Then The Oregonian police declare a riot for the second consecutive night Wednesday disperse crowd using tear gas. That was after after the agents left. Again, they just. It is so frustrating dealing with these idiots, it really is, I'm telling you, media people are some of the dumbest people you will ever meet in your life. I'm going to get to the article tomorrow, The Washington Post. But Beckert Adams has a good piece in the show, notes that I want you to read about how the media does just this week got caught in three lies that a third grader could have figured out.


One of them was this is the first Democratic ticket with a man and a woman in thirty six years. York Times, New York Times it is. Joe, huh? Tim Kaine, the governor of Virginia integrity test here for the show. Yeah. So Hillary Clinton is a woman, correct? Last time I checked, she is a woman. All right. She hasn't claimed otherwise. We're not miss gendering her. Right. Miss Gendry, Tim Kaine, her vice presidential pick.


You, Joe, knows well from the area. You know, Virginia politician Tim Kaine is a man, right?


Yeah, he is. Yeah. OK. All right, thank you. So it hasn't been thirty six years, correct, so that there's I got a bunch of these for tomorrow you're going to love, but the media just lies to you all the time. The violence is stop the minute Trump withdrew the federal agents. Literally the following days. Poor Portland police used tear gas to disperse crowds, said it's safe, it's it's if you're getting your news from these idiots, I really feel bad for you.


They have a piece up in The Wall Street Journal about this to how the media narrative now the media narrative. It was Trump's fault. Is totally falling apart. Wall Street Journal Mayhem continues, protests, narrative crumbles, looters rampage in Chicago and arson returns in port. These are some of the dumbest human beings you will ever meet in your life. And I want you to notice the narrative switch, you'll never forget it is the narrative. The media narrative now.


Is that words of violence, so if you're a conservative and you say something is a microaggression or offend someone, that that is violence, but actual violence that happens in Portland where they're trying to burn down buildings, blind police officers and kill people and murder them by burning them alive, that those are mostly peaceful. So words are violence and violence is mostly peaceful. We are living in Crazy Town. We are living through. A cartoon episode where caricatures of human beings.


Ah, like it's it's like a bad magic act. You know, I always tell stories that we had a bad magician in one of my kid's birthday parties.


He was like, look, rabbit, the rabbit was alive. Everybody I even the three year olds were like, not on a rabbit was right there. And, you know, the rings with and look the rings. Yeah. This is what we're living through, like a bad magic act where you can see the trick. And yet the media still thinks you believe them. No, no. God, we know the rings have a hole in it, but we saw you cover it up with your hand.


No, no, no. I connected the rings. I'm the one person on planet Earth who can defy the laws of mass and atomic interaction. And I made the rings penetrate through each other. It's a bad magic act and they think you buy it, it's a it's a cartoon for kindergartners, they want you to think is real. Clown show, total clown show. All right, well, one last story and I'll get to the other one I discussed tomorrow a real shame.


Karmon, best the police chief in Seattle, has now resigned. You'll see has to be up on the show and on Fox News best Seattle's top cop emails resignation notice to officers in her report. Why did she do that? Carmen Bass resigned because Seattle's insane lunatic city council voted to remove millions of dollars from the police budget and lay off about 100 police officers. Ladies and gentlemen, what is the irony of that decision, some of you are probably catching on right now.


So the communist city council in Seattle, during a time of civil unrest, chaos and spike in crime rates has decided to partially defund its police department. The police chief bravely stood up. Carmen bestand resign, said, no, I'm not going to be part of your stupid, stupid as you can do. Your doping is all on your own. You want to be part of the imbecile class. I'm not joining. Thank you. Even left wing nut Matthew Yglesias at Vox with a V, not Fox, Vox with a V.


This guy is to the left. The Lenin said, Wow, this is odd. Continued odd happenings in the Pacific Northwest where a 70 percent white city, Seattle, has found that its black police chief Karmon best out of office is an act of racial justice.


Weird it is. Largely white city towns, its police chief was a black female out of office and wants to terminate one hundred officers as part of a defunding effort. Ironically, Joe, most of whom are minorities who were hired last last in, first out. So Seattle, in an effort to diversify its police department, hired recently a bunch of minority police officers who will now be fired, along with the black police chief who has resigned in the name Jones of racial diversity and fairness.


Because Joe Black Lives Matter being black lives matter. Yeah, but clearly, Karmen best black life doesn't matter either. Do the black lives of the officers who will now be fired trying to actually protect black lives in Seattle. White lives and all lives do those lives no matter. Yeah, but black lives matter about black lives totally matter. This group is way, way on the up and up. We live in stupid times, we live in a black hole of stupid, a black hole of stupid, and what it does is it has the sucking powers of like a mega atomic black hole.


If that's even in an astronomical word right there and it sucks, the IQ points off people by like low. It's like the event horizon. Laurence Fishburne movie, Stay Out of the Black Hole. We're crossing the Aventuras. Double digit IQ points are disappearing by the day as we all approach the event horizon of the stupid black hole we live in being fostered by the media as the media sun collapses into the black hole.


Considering I was hungry today, this was not a bad effort, I must say. Yeah, I'm with you on that. Yeah, but as good as yes, yesterday's show was money. Yesterday's show was buddy. I was fired up, buddy. All right, folks, thanks again for tuning in. I've kind of messed around. Make sure to check out yesterday's show that that piece I did on trade is important and that name is going to come up again in the future.


Please subscribe to our show, YouTube Dotcom Slash Bongino. We really appreciate the subscriptions. We'd like to get to a million subscribers by the end of the year. That's a bold goal, but I think we can get there. And an Apple podcast as well. Please subscribe to All Free. Of course, we really appreciate it. See you tomorrow.


You just heard Dan Bongino.