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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino. Okay, listen, I'm just going to be straight with you because we never bullshit you. We just had just a meltdown, just a major tech meltdown with the board thing that if the show, if you see me and you don't hear me at any point during the show, do not go anywhere.


I will give you a hand sign like, Stop. Do not flee. Just like that. I will. We had the board melted down. I thank you for hanging out, the 54,000 people. You guys and ladies are the best. It's so awesome I got you guys hung around. You know we never miss a show, and you know I'm never, ever late. We had a bit of a techie melt down. If you don't hear anything at any point during the show, just stay here. The video is not going to go anywhere. It'll take us 30 seconds to swap the board out. I don't want to dig too deep into it, but we have backups for everything. I'm not leaving the show no matter what. I got a ton to talk about today, including extensive coverage. Extensive coverage of yesterday's Super Bowl event, Taylor Swift and all the goings on of the event, the Travis Calcite. I'm kidding. I don't give a shit. I don't care at all. If you're looking for Super Bowl coverage, that's it. For 56,000 people here already, this is not your show. I don't care. I'm not interested. There are major things going on in the world, including this.


Major, major breaking news on this show about the hit on Biden with that special counsel. I told you on Friday, it was a hit job and how they did it. I just didn't understand the motivation until now.


Someone put it together for me.


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Big show today.


Starting late, so let's get this thing going.


Here you go back, Jack. Yes. He has no idea.


I'll explain to you one day that we should do a show just on techy things now that we don't have that river in that issue anymore.


So I'm not going to do a big weekend update because it's not a lot to talk about, except Except I did that speech, the first speech in a while at the Martin County where I live, Republican Party dinner. And let me tell you something, I'm going to get some of it and I'm going to put it here.


I promise you you won't be disappointed, so stay tuned to that.


Okay, so I get a call from, let's call him an unimpeachable source. Unimpeachable meaning someone with credibility, someone who knows. And they said, Dan O, your show last week about the special counsel hit job on Joe Biden. Everybody remember Robert Hur, special counsel assigned to look into Joe Biden, hide and classify documents? That was Robert Hur. We all know Robert Hur is a DC insider, connected insider. And I said to you that they really, totally effed over Joe Biden, and the motive was escaping me. Because Robert Hur, by writing that Joe Biden basically has a mental disorder, that's in essence what they wrote. Joe Biden took these classified documents, but he's a feeble, senile old man who wouldn't remember, so we're not going to prosecute him. How anybody in the conservative movement didn't see from miles away that this was a hit job was beyond me. Joe, it was an obvious hit. Now, when I don't know, I don't know. I was speculating, and I said, Motive-wise, why would a DC insider, known for his DC connections, do a hit job on Joe Biden like this? And ladies and gentlemen, after the phone call, mind's absolutely blown.


Blown. Blown. Gee, do we have a thing for my mind blown? It's absolutely torn up.


That was very true. You guys are great. That was so true. Joe goes, Brilliant.


The sound effects of the show. This show is so high tech. Folks, behind me is a TV screen. We spend exactly zero money on effects on this show because your content freaking sucks. Nobody's going to watch it. Nobody cares how showy you look. So my My mind was blown. We always do the bottom line up front, correct?


Ladies and gentlemen, did Obama put out the hit on Biden? Because the evidence is everywhere. Joe, you didn't know I was going there, did you? Well, you did. You probably saw the title of the show. Well, still. Obama? I shouldn't just say Obama.


Did Obama/Clinton Inc.


Put the hit out on Biden? Oh, Did somebody say to Robert Hur, Hey, man, you're one of us.


He's not anymore?


Let's make the case. You want to have some fun today?


Unflag it. Unflag it. This is a quick unflag it. Unflag that sucker. So I get a call, right? And this, let's just say, friend who is in the know says, Dan, you remember this from the Spygate days and this and that?


And the other stuff.


And he's like, Why do you think that, dad? And I said, Oh, man, that's a good one. Was Robert Hur, Special Counsel, the hammer for Obama, Clinton, Inc, signaling to the rest of the world, Hey, man, It's time to go. Tony, put up that New York Times thing.


It's a bigger story by the New York Times. They will have to tell another time.


Look at all these headlines. You think this is an accident? The challenges of an aging Mr. President ditched the stealth about the health. The question is not if Biden should step aside. It's how Democrats can no longer stay silent about Biden. You think it's all an accident? Who put The special counsel hit out on Biden? Because by saying Biden was mentally incompetent to stand trial for a special counsel case where he unquestionably took classified documents, they put him in a spot, right? He has only two excuses or outs right now, Biden, and neither one of them is good. Frankly, I don't know which one is worse, and I hate the word frankly. Either Joe Biden is mentally incompetent and not a criminal, or Joe Biden is a criminal and not mentally incompetent. Is there any other way to describe what happened? Anyone else in the chat? Listen, a couple of people are being funny guys with me. They're like, Option C, he's a criminal and mentally-incompetent. I get it. That's probably the case. But I'm just saying, you understand from the Biden team, they're not going to admit to option C that, yeah, you're right.


He probably is a criminal and mentally incompetent. Forget that. I'm asking you to talk practically. From the Biden team's perspective, you understand how Rob Herr, Robert Herr, the special counsel, nailed this guy's nuts to the wall? They have no out. They can sit there all day and explain Biden's not mentally incompetent, and then the media is going to go, Well, if he's not mentally incompetent, then why shouldn't he stand trial? The report says that he willfully did this. And if he did it willfully, then how come he can't stand trial if he's mentally fine? And if they answer the other way around, he's got some mental issues. He just didn't remember taking the documents. The question Obviously is, well, how the hell is he present in the United States? He has mental issues. You think this happened by accident? I told you last week, Robert Hur boxed him in, and I spent the weekend We're figuring out why it is now clear that Obama's team put out to hit on this guy.


Unimpeachable, folks. Unimpeachable. Let's rewind the tape a little bit. You want the receipts? We always bring the receipts. What do you think I was going to do? Throw that out there and not back it up? I want you to remember this article here from CNN.


Again, I use left wing sources for a reason. It's not an accident.


Who is Robert Hur, the Special Counsel Overseeing the Biden Document Probe? This is in February of 2024. The article.


Rob has been around long enough.


He knows what he's getting into, former Trump advisor, former Trump Deputy Attorney, Rod Rosenstein, for whom Herr served as a senior advisor, told CNN. I think he... I don't know. I think there's the date on that story, right?


It doesn't I think he understands the need to ignore politics and focus on what matters, Rosenstein said.


Oh, really?


So Rod Rosenstein is the first person...


Yeah, figured. I thought so, Chad. Yeah, pay attention. Those dates are Why is Rod Rosenstein in that story?


Chad Starr, where are we going with this? Anybody know? So Rod Rosenstein, who is an Obama ask-kissing acolyte, who is the probably second or third most important figure in the spygate Russia collusion hoax. Here, here. Rod Rosenstein says, Here's my guy. Looky here. I love Robert Hur. Folks, put that CNN thing back up again. He knows what he's getting into, Robert Herr. Oh, yeah. Does he? Let me ask you something. Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Grand poobah of the Spygate collusion hoax, loves Robert Herr and quote, Herr knows what he's getting into? Let me ask you this. Was Robert Herr the insurance policy If Joe Biden's presidency broke bad. That's pun intended, folks. Was he the insurance policy there? Any thoughts? Oh, look. Look at this part two of the CNN piece.


Again, CNN.


Oh, thank you.


2023. I thought so. How the hell was this February?


At the Justice Department, Robert Herr worked with Rosenstein on special counselor Bob Mueller's-is the game? Wait, why? At The Justice Department, Robert Herr worked with Rod Rosenstein on Robert Mueller's investigation in a Russia interference in the 2016 election. Why did it...


What are the chances of that?


Joe, you got that Peewee thing?


It's so weird. It's the same of buddies. They worked on Bob Mueller's thing. They're working on the whole thing.


It's weird a little bit. Isn't it? Robert Hart knew what he was getting I get to, folks. How do I know that? I don't. Rod Rosenstein does. He said it. That's his quote. And he worked with Rod Rosenstein on the Trump thingy. So they know each other. You think they're pulling a collusion hoax on Biden? I Why would they do that?


Because Oatmeal for Brains, someone said in the chat early this morning, so we play a drinking game, take a shot every time Dan says Oatmeal.


But do not. You'll be intoxicated. We don't want to get drunk in the mornings. It's not a good thing.


Take care of your body, alcohol is no good.


I'm just telling you, Oatmeal brains in the White House. Who knew better than anyone how bad Biden sucked? Does anybody know? Come on, where am I going with this? You guys know Obama, why he was stuck with this idiot for eight years. I'm telling you, I worked in this White House. One of the advantages of listening to this show, everybody's got their own. Levin's got the greatest legal mind I've seen. I don't have his legal mind. However, I worked in the Obama White House, and I'm telling you, having been there, that Obama hates Joe Biden. I don't care what he tells you. He thinks Joe Biden is a numb nuts and an intellectual lightweight and a moron. How do I know? Because I know. He doesn't like Biden. If he liked Biden, he would They would have endorsed Biden over Hillary Clinton when Hillary Clinton wanted to run or ran in 2016. They did not. He wouldn't have waited to the end, to the absolute end in 2020 when he endorsed Joe Biden. Remember that? Obama suspiciously was quiet. What more evidence do you need? Guys, and the P1s out there, you know you're a listener to the show.


How many times have I told you, Joe, I've been telling you for eight years, you know it, you've been here. These two who hate each other. Biden thinks he's smarter than Obama and thinks that he was the brains behind the Obama White House. Obama knows Biden's a moron and an ego maniac. They hate each other. Rod Rosenstein unofficial but official sanction of Robert Hur as a special counsel was an insurance policy. This was unquestionably a hit. That report was a hit. Merrick Garland did everything he could to stop Robert Hur from advancing charges against Joe Biden in the classified documents case. So Robert Herr, with a signal from up high, go forth to love and serve. Excuse me. The Obama team said, You're going to take this guy out. You are going to write in that report that this guy is mentally incompetent, so he has only two choices. He's mentally incompetent, not a criminal, or he's a criminal who's not mentally incompetent. Either one sucks. Remember, never underestimate Joe Biden's ability to F things up.


Amen, brother. You know what? I'm sorry. I should have actually... Hold on. That was great. I'm going to put that because I want to miss it on a radio.


That is That is a quote from who, Joe? That is a Barack Obama quote. Never underestimate Joe's ability to F. It rimes with cluck things up. He's an idiot. He's an idiot. Let me throw one more curveball at you. Rod Rosenstein, before he was a Deputy Attorney General, where did Rod Rosenstein work?


I know Rod Rosenstein worked there because I worked in the Secret Service when he was there.


Rod Rosenstein is the United States attorney for Maryland.


Excuse me, got a hairball.


Who took his spot after What's that?


Robert Hur.


Buddies, amigos, chums, pals.


Look at his Politico piece.


Whitehouse Frustration with Garland grows.


Again, ladies and gentlemen, you think this is an accident day?


This is real. Why are they frustrated with Garland? I don't know. Garland did everything he to shut this thing down. I'm telling you, the signal came from up high from the real leader of the Democrat Party, Barack Obama, that it's time to take this guy out. That's why those New York Times headlines are out there. Obama, Clinton, Inc. Did this. I've got I've got receipts. I've got video. I've got articles. Folks, after today's show, you are going to be absolutely convinced of what I'm telling you. By the way, I just had a quick poll for the chatsters because really, your voice matters to me. You guys and ladies out there, you know your shit better than anyone. Quick poll. You believe me? Yes, Obama was behind the hit. I got more coming, but even now, it should be clear. Or no, you still have doubts. So I just want to know your input. I'm going to take a quick break. I'm going to watch this poll because I'm If you don't believe me, I promise you after this clip, you will absolutely be sold. This was a hit from Obama. They want him out, and they are out of time.


Why? Because Michelle is going to run? No, because she's not going to run. What? Now I'm really confused.


Don't be. I'll unconfuse you in a minute. Yes. Yes.


Yes. Yes. Look at what I've got. Yes. Botchino. It's overwhelming. He didn't. Send this show every Everywhere. The Democrat Party is done with this guy.


Look at this. Everybody. Absolutely.


You know it.


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I'm going to convince the 1% now. This was an Obama, Clinton Inc. They want him out, and they are running out of time. Why? Because Michelle Obama is not running. Therefore, they need time to build up another candidate. That's why they need them out. So who are the teams here? Because it's been bifurcated now, the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party is actually two parties now. Forget Liberals and Moderates. None of that shit It all matters. They all vote together anyway.


Forget that.


It is now Team Biden, which, ladies and gentlemen, is shrinking. It is a small ball right now. You have Team Biden over here, and you have Team Obama and Clinton. That's it. Those are the two parties right now. And Team Biden is in real trouble. So let's go through who the teams are. If the teams had coaches, captains, whatever, general managers, one person who could go go out there and has the political umph to make the case for the team without so much signaling anything, in other words, Hey, we want Biden out without saying it. I would say Obama has David Axelrod, And team Clinton has Paul Bragala. These are two seasoned. I'm not saying this as a compliment. These aren't my friends, but I'm being candid. These are two seasoned political operatives that know where the bodies buried, and they know how to do the wet work, if you know what I mean. You get what I'm saying? They know how to disappear people, politically speaking. They've been doing it forever, but they can do it speaking for these other people with a plausible deniability, where Obama can go out and go, Oh, no, I love Joe Biden.


I'll do a fundraiser. Hey, Dave.


They call him Ax. Hey, Ax, go F this guy over.


New York Post. David Axelrod warns against Biden's age. Says it's a major concern for... Is that...


Oh, Fox News. Okay.


Exxon Obama advisor David Axelrod warns Biden's age issue is a major concern for voters. New York Post.




Hillary Clinton calls Joe Biden's age a legitimate issue. Remember this gem? Folks, you need...


Who needs...


Anyone need... You need more? Because I got more. Because I'm not going to let you leave this show with even one out of 100 people not convinced. It is done. Joe Biden is done. The only person standing in in a way of Joe Biden being thrown in the political scrapheap is who? Joe Biden. Because he is a sociopathic, maniac, narcissist, ego-maniacal nutbag who really believes in '82 or '87 or '97 or '97 So I don't even know how old he is. It's nothing to do with folks. And some guys said, Dan, what is it? But bullshit, it's not about age at all. Age my ass. You see Jack LaLane in his '80s and '90s was probably in better shape than most. You see that New York Times guy? They did the profile on. He's 87 years old. He's got the heart of a 40-year-old. Joe Biden is not cognitively there. I'm sorry. It's been an issue with people in my life. It's an issue my great grandmother. It's a horrible thing. But he's the President of the United States, folks. If Joe Biden's cognitive issues or they don't want it to be a public matter, then get out of public life.


Right? Get out of public life. Oh, man, you can't make fun. Nobody's making fun of anything. That's not funny. I think this shit's funny. It's affecting me. That is shit's funny. Millions of Americans Americans are suffering with this stuff. But millions of Americans don't have the nuclear football. It's a big deal. I mean, please explain to me how when my great grandmother had this issue, my mother had to have a serious conversation. Here's what we're going to do with this, stove and all this other stuff. My mother, you're telling me we're supposed to ignore this guy's ongoing cognitive dementia? He could start a nuclear war tomorrow because it's It's cutesy time?


Cutesy time is over. Cutesy time is over. You still doubt me? You still think this wasn't a hit, that Robert Hur report, that someone didn't go, Hey, Bob, remember the whole collusion hoax thing you were involved with, with our buddy Rosenstein?


Yeah, well, we protected you. We gave you a job, and we brought you back in. You want to stay fresh and tight within the Democrat Party?


Because Biden's not going to be the President. If Gavin Newsom or someone is, if you want to stay tight with the party, you're going to do us a little favor. Whether this was implied, not implied, Winked and nodded, or her just knew, I don't know.


But there's zero question in my mind that a hit went out on Joe Biden and Obama Clinton I did it.


I'm going to take my last break, and now I got video for you.


Did we run any video yet?


Is this the longest I've gone without a video cut in the show? Yeah. Like ever? I think so. Sorry, I had to set it up. This is important. You're going to see the video coming up next.


Folks, PolicyGenius.


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We appreciate. Okay, back to the show.


Paul Bagala, ladies and gentlemen. I think Rush Limbaugh called him the Forehead. Bagala has been around forever, just like Axelrod. Hax. These guys, you don't have to like them. I certainly don't. But I'm telling you, these guys are seasoned operatives who just know what to do.


They know. They don't have to be told. They know they hit one out, and they need to take out Biden.


Here's Paul Bagala on CNN basically saying, Hey, man, listen, this is a freaking disaster. I stayed up all night getting up to pee, or whatever the hell he says. Damn, what are you crazy? That's gross. It's not me. Listen to That's how nervous they are about Biden. This is not an accident. Check this out.


How much of that will there be? And if you are the White House, how do you assuage, said Bedouin.


Oh, yeah. Look, I'm a Biden supporter, and I slept like a baby last night. I woke up every two hours crying and wet the bed. This is terrible for Democrats, and anybody with a functioning brain knows that. But here's what you do. Instead of calling a press chairman and saying, I really am sharp, you attack the other guy. Joe Biden gave the strategy in 2012. I remember he was vice president, and he said, Don't compare us to the Almighty, compare us to the alternative. So everything with Biden has to be not, I'm great, but the other guy's really damaging, dangerous, a threat. This is an unloved... John's exactly right. This is going to be a really rough, ugly, unpleasant campaign.


I never really noticed that, but now I I can see why they call him Forehead Joe. I don't know. I don't pay a day because who am I to talk about foreheads? I mean, really.


He's got a forehead like a Baluga. Right. I got a face for radio, so I'm certainly not one to talk about anybody's looks. Like, Oh, look at that guy. That's my bag of donuts. But I do get it. I do get it. I get that. I get that. I don't know. I think he's got me a little bit. I think he's got me a little bit. Yeah, he does have you. Folks, this This guy's been around forever. Do you really believe? In this show right now? Okay, Jim's listening, producer Michael is listening, and Joe is listening. But right? That is impressive. That's a lot of real estate right there. I'd like him. He says it's formidable. He should be like Star Wars.


He loves Star Wars.


They should call him the Forehead. He should have a Darth Forehead name. Darth Forehead. I mean, this guy, that is quite an Last of the day, Darth Helmet, maybe, like this spaceballs guy. We have a combine between Joe, Jim, Mike, and I, probably 60 years in radio and TV and podcasting.


Seriously, folks, Paul Bagala is a known Democrat hitman.


He's been around forever. He's not like a big... He's not a Carville screaming and yelling all the time, but he's got the equivalent amount of oomph on the left. Do you really believe with a straight Great face. Paul Begala went on freaking CNN to take out Joe Biden because he woke up with a bug in his freaking... Really? Here, it gets worse. Here's Axel Rod telling you...


I don't even want to say it.


Self praise stinks. I get it, brothers and sisters. I get it. I'm just trying to tell you because I'm still hearing this shit. Michelle Obama is looking at running Could she run? Of course, crazy things happen in politics all the time. I'm just telling you, I worked in that freaking White House for almost three years. She hates politics. Hates it. David Axelrod is like this with Obama. They love each other. The reason they're trying to get Biden out is because of this. Listen to this by David Axelrod about Michelle Obama. It'll make perfect sense. It's exactly what I told you. Listen.


Well, here's what I know. Michelle Obama loves this country. She's a brilliant person and a brilliant communicator, but she was a conscript to politics. She never was interested in a political life. Even when Barack Obama was a young politician, she really didn't participate much in his campaigns. I was with him in his Senate campaign in 2004. I think she showed up twice in the whole campaign on election nights. She's not someone who likes politics. She doesn't like the tone and tenor of politics. I would be floored if she would consent to that. They feel that they gave 10 years of their life to this. I'm sure she feels as Barbara Bush did when she said there has to be someone other than the Bushes and the Clintons who could be President of the United States. My guess is that's her attitude. I always say, Michael, that I have as much chance of dancing in the Balchoy Ballet next year than that she would be President of the United States.


Guys, again, could Michelle Obama run? I can't predict the future. Crazy shit happens every single day. I'm just telling you because it's important. We are burning so much click bait on social media, attacking a candidate, Michelle Obama, Obama, who I'm telling you there's less than a 1% chance is going to run when you've got actual shitty candidates out there who are likely to run, who are getting almost a free pass. Pritzker in Illinois, Whitmer, nationally a free passage, not locally, but in Michigan, Newsom in California. Stop for now with the Michelle Obama stuff. I'm telling you, she's not interested. What does that have to do with the Biden I explained it in the beginning of the show. The reason they have to take out Biden now, and her report was released now, and they have to get rid of him now, is because if it was Michelle Obama, this should be the clearest point ever. She has universal name ID and probably 95% approval with the Democrats. They don't need any time. They'll do it at the convention. The reason they're trying to get rid of Biden now is precisely because it's not Michelle Obama.


Ladies and gentlemen, I wrote in all caps. It's right here. They need time. Donald Trump is a known quantity. That the Republicans don't need time with Trump. Everybody gets it. He was the President. Absolutely universal global name I did. Michelle Obama is the same thing. Her husband was President, but the name was President, Obama. Everybody knows her. If she was the candidate, they would just wait till the end, dump Biden at the convention, and have her come in as a superhero. She's not it. They have to get rid of this guy now, and Robert Hur was the hammer. They need time. They've got to build up and lie about Newsom, Whitmer, or Pritzker and build them up into something they're not, which is successful politicians. Folks, here's a bigger problem they're having. They can't hide Biden's gas anymore, folks. A day is not a day for you and me. We have a lot of people in our 20s and stuff that listen to this show. Listen to me, to the youngsters out there, listen to the show. Man, I love having you. I met a couple at the GOP, I think this week. And the fact that you're involved at your age, I freaking adore you guys.


But there's a big difference at 20 between the first week of your 20th birthday and the third week. There's a huge... There's no difference. You're the same person.




There's a huge difference between your 83rd birthday's first week and your 83rd birthday's fifth week. You're a totally different person. The deterioration of your entire body rolls at a geometric, not an arithmetic rate. It's not additive. It's geometric. It's exponential. Look at this quick supercut here. Folks, this is RNC research. They can't hide this anymore. The guy can't give a single speech without screwing up. He can't even give a speech about his memory without screwing up his memory. Listen to this.


Anyway, and I don't want to choose my words. I was just thinking Anyway, I just... Look, I mean, Putin's kleptocracy. Yeah. It was in January, after we were even elected. The late January, early February. He said, We need not just... Well, I won't go into it. Here's what drives the driver in the states that are affected. Here's what you can do, the driver. For two reasons.


One, to It ain't funny, man. This guy is the President of the United States. None of this is funny. For those of you out there living with cognitive deficits and family members with dementia-related disorders, none of this shit isn't even remotely funny. If you ever take that, and from the show that I think that, you got the wrong thing. What pisses me off about this guy is he's a bad guy.


He's not a good guy Why? You understand? I want to make clear so everybody understands why I'm so angry about what's happening. Joe Biden is not a good guy who tragically came down with what appears to be some frontal lobe dementia and then turned into a bad guy. Joe Biden has been an evil malicious liar, a sociopathic level liar. His entire life, a weirdo around kids, a weirdo around women, he has been a bad guy his whole life. He would be suffering a private medical malady right now if he wasn't a sociopath. You get where I'm going with this? Because if he was a normal guy who didn't have these evil malicious malfeasent tendencies, he would have already stepped aside realizing the national security threat he is to the country because he knows he's going through a cognitive deficit. He doesn't care. He doesn't give a shit. You understand nobody is on this guy's side publicly besides this small circle of people holding out, and he still won't leave? This hit came from Obama. Obama did this hit. There is no doubt. The signal has gone out. Here, look again. You think the New York Times, again, did this by accident?


Look. Obama did this hit. Obama, Clinton, Inc. Axelrod, Begala, and that entire network. Hillary Clinton just said it out right. I showed you the post headline. Hillary Clinton calls Joe Biden's age a legitimate issue. Again, you think that's a mistake? Hillary Clinton is the most calculating politician on planet Earth, by far, even more so than Obama. You think she said that by accident? Here, here's another piece of evidence that the hit went out. Here is CNN, of all places. Dan Dale, Daniel Dale. I don't know this guy.


I don't want to know this guy.


This guy is unquestionably partisan. He's to the left of Lenin. Why the how do you think a left-leaning fact checker at CNN, the PP tape network, would do a basically four and a half minute segment, fact checking to death all of Joe Biden's claims about Bob Herr and the special counsel hit job that I think Biden did a Winkie Winkie nod, nod on? Why? I'm not going to play all four minutes. Here's about 30 seconds of it just eviscerating Joe Biden's claims about the report. Why? Because CNN got the message, that report is the last straw. The hit went out. Biden's done. This guy's got to go. We need time to prop up Newsom, Pritzker, or Whitmer. Get this freaking guy out of here. Watch this yourself.


One thing that President Biden said is basically that he stored the documents in filing cabinets that could be locked.


Let's listen.


All the stuff that was in my home was in filing cabinets that were either locked or able to be locked.




Just not true, John. This report from the special counsel includes photos. Those photos include shots of a box just sitting in President Biden's Delaware garage. The special counsel described it as a badly damaged box sitting amid household detritus. So there was some material that in cabinets, locked or lockable, as the President said, but all of it is certainly not. That open, unsealed damage box included, according to the Special Council, highly sensitive, top secret material about the war in Afghanistan.


Folks, this one on for four minutes.


Joe, do you know how long that clip is?


I think the clip is four, four and a half minutes. I just told Joe, Give me 30 seconds.


I could play the whole thing. The problem is you tune out. No one wants to hear four minutes of how Joe Biden is alive. We all know. Folks, I went on for four minutes on CNN. Cnn. Not Fox News, not OANN.


Listen to me.


I've been dealing with these guys a long time, whether running for office or working in the White House with them.


I'm going to tell you something.


When the Democrats want to hurt you, don't mess around with them.


I don't say that in any laudatory, like I'm proud of them manner. Obviously, I'm a conservative Republican who can't stand these nihilist, anti-American hay holes.


But I'm going to tell you right now, if you really want to understand political power, you better understand the political power of your enemy or the terrain features of the battlefield you're fighting are going to confuse the shit out of you. Do not F with the Democrats from within their tent. When they're done with you, they're done. Just ask Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Just ask Tulsi Gabbard. When they're done with you, they are done. They are vicious. They have a political blood lust like I've never seen for their own who they consider traitors. Look at what they're doing to Joe Lieberman now. Joe Lieberman was a vice presidential candidate. He was on the ticket. Joe Lieberman is behind that no labels group or whatever it is, the third party group they're putting together. They're trying to sue these guys into oblivion. They are vicious in the tent. And I'm telling you, I am telling you like the Relaxium lady, I'm telling you, Joe Biden is outside the tent.


This was an Obama hit.


Now, Team Biden has some people fighting back.


He is the President of the United States saying he doesn't have political power. Forget He's a President, so he obviously has presidential powers. I'm not asking you about that right now.


I'm talking sheer dirt politics, dirt under the fingernails, gritty, nasty politics. Joe Biden's political power is shrinking by the second, but he still has some. He's the freaking President that carries political oomph by itself. Even at his worst moment, Trump's worst moment, Obama's worst moment, there's still the President, all the trappings of it. It gives them an aura. The aura has power, even if you're Joe Biden with his defective computer. So he still has a couple of people on his side. The problem in the Joe Biden tent is this is asymmetric warfare. Obama has skilled people going after Biden in a surgical operation, and so does Clinton, Hillary, Bagala, Ax, Axelrod. These people know what they're doing. They are slowly taking this guy out until he gets to point that he needs to go. Who does he have fighting back? Kamala Harris. A freaking lightweight, ladies and gentlemen, of the, I'd say, highest, but lowest order. An absolute political lightweight who cannot stop talking about Venn diagram. That's why Biden's approval is in the '30s. He has nothing but losers fighting back on his side. I'm going to highlight two of them. Here's Kamala first, short clip, but this is the best as she can do, fighting back against the Obama-sanctioned hit job, Bob Herr, special counsel report.


This is the best you've got.


Take a listen.


So the way that the President's demeanor in that report was characterized could not be more wrong on the facts and clearly politically motivated.


Wow. There you go. Really got...


That That's impressive. She looks so inauthentic. Which facts are wrong? Because there's actual pictures in the report. Was politically motivated. Yeah, I just said that. I just did the whole show. Wait, wait, wait. Except we're not saying the same thing. Chastellers, what does Kamala mean? Kamala means she's going to go with the old Hillary thing. It's a right-wing conspiracy. Kamala Harris is telling the truth. She can't say it. So when she says it's a political hit job, just to be clear, she wants the mainstream media to take from that. That'll kiss her ass. The Republicans did this.


Robert Hur is a Republican.


Listen to me, please.


As my grandmother said, Listen good. Listen good. God rest her soul. Kamala Harris is telling you the truth. When she says it's politically motivated, she knows exactly what she said. She's not talking about the Republicans. She's talking about the Democrats.


You think Kamala Harris, this absolute lightweight.


It's a lightweight, but she's not dumb.


She's just a political lightweight, but she's not stupid. You think Kamala Harris doesn't know exactly what's going on behind the scenes? She knows exactly what happened. Robert Herr, I'm going to say again, was the insurance policy. That's exactly what he was. He was the Democrats insurance policy that if Biden couldn't get it done, that they would have this special counsel hit job to take him out. Kamala Harris is exactly right. It was politically motivated, just not by the Republicans.


Robert Herr is no Republican.


Robert Herr, he was a Trump appointed. People get appointed all the time who put on facades and fake acts. I'm not saying it was a great idea or celebrating the Trump appointment at all. I'm not covering for anyone. Trump was a president. It's his responsibility, period. However, he is not a Trump guy. He's not a Republican Republican. He's none of that. He's waiting for a job in the incoming Newsom administration and knew exactly what he was doing. And if Robert Herz, people are listening, I think you know what I'm saying is true. That was a hit job. Here's another lightweight on team Biden. I don't know what this guy, what they have on him, the Biden team. Dan Goldman is a member of Congress from New York. He's an absolute moron. He's also an arrogant moron. He's one of those stupid, smart people I told you about who's got a law degree, so he thinks he's smart, but is genuinely stupid. And stupid, smart people are the most dangerous people on Earth. Stupid, stupid people know their limits. Smart, smart people know their limits. Stupid, smart people think they know everything about everything when they know very little about anything at all.


I'm not sure what's going on here. I know Dan Goldman, because I've written about it extensively, was knee deep in the whole Ukraine spigate thing as a lawyer and an advisor to people in the house. I'm wondering if the Biden team has something on this guy, because Goldman seems to be outside of Kamala Harris. Is the face of the Biden administration now. And what's weird about it is, again, he's a total lightweight. He's a moron. He's unlikable. He's like the Darts vader of the left. Why he keeps pissing away his political career to defend Hunter and Joe Biden, there's something going on there that you and I don't know. When I don't know, I don't know. But there's something there because Biden's dead in the water politically, and yet you see moments like this where Goldman continues to go out and defend the indefensible.


Take a listen.


I agree with Chuck that the credibility of witnesses matters. The credibility of the potential defendant is something altogether very different, especially Especially when one volunteers for an interview because he's not going to testify. A jury is not going to end up having to analyze Joe Biden, and especially when you're saying that the charges or the evidence does not meet the charges, that is completely gratuitous and completely unnecessary.


Folks, there is something going on here that I will not be surprised if it gets exposed publicly over the next few years. I don't understand what they've got on Goldman. Listen, I got to throw out a possibility. Maybe Goldman's just really stupid and thinks Biden's going to get reelected and wants to be the attorney general or something. I don't know, but I really don't think that's it. Biden's finished. Everybody knows he's finished. So why this guy, as a young, new congressman, is flushing his entire career down the bowl to defend the indefensible when team Obama has already put out the hit is just bizarre. I mean, you expect from a lightweight like Kamala Harris, but this guy you would think is smarter. There's something going on there. All right, a couple of things. People in the chat. By the way, if you haven't signed up for an account for Rumbl, it's absolutely free. You don't have to to watch the show, you can just go to rumble. Com/bonjino. Watch any day. You don't have to do anything. Download the Rumbl app. It's free. Obviously, don't charge anything there. But if you want to chat, just create an account.


You can be anonymous, do whatever.


But XYZ, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, we don't care. Join the McGroin family. They'd love to have you. They're the best. We love them.


But someone said to me in the chat, damn, when is this update on the January sixth bomber coming? I thought we'd have it today, but not yet. I'm waiting on a report. You know me, I don't want to be first. I want to be right. I'm just going to tell you this. I'm going to tee this up because the rest of the week are going to be bangers.


These shows don't miss a single day.


Everything I told you about the sweep of the DNC where Kamala Harris was when the bomb was there, the pipe bomb? I said to you, there's no way the Secret Service missed it. That that bomb had to have been placed after the Secret Service sweep, not the night before, like the FBI is saying.


There's some evidence emerging that I'm right.


And a good friend of ours, if you know what I mean, is getting ready to drop a banger of a story on it.


And ladies and gentlemen, if what I told you is true, that that bomb was placed there afterwards, and that it may have been from some anti-Trump group of people who wanted to set up a fake assassination plot, It's the biggest scandal of our time. Maybe bigger than spying. I'm just saying you're not wasting your time.


Just be patient with me.


I don't want to be first on stuff because I don't want to put stuff out and then have to retract it. It's embarrassing, and it's stupid. But we are working on it, and I'm telling you my story is correct. They did not miss that bomb. It was placed later. The only question is, who placed it there and who was behind this plot to set the Trump people up?


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I hope you guys love it, especially for the chatsters. We really appreciate it. We were able to give $100,000 to Folds of Honor this year, so you guys are awesome. All right, I'm going to go bounce and do the radio show, which you can watch live right here, rumble.




But first, I got to do what? I got to go wash this crappy makeup off my face because I hate it, and it drives me nuts. I'll see you in a few minutes. See you tomorrow. See you back here tomorrow.


You just heard the Dan Bongino Show.