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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


Folks, I don't know about you, but I'm tired of it. I really am. The propaganda has reached epidemic levels right now. I got in this big back and forth last night with a medical professional air quotes, slash propaganda advocate trying to keep my kids out of school again, basing it on nothing but speculation.


Science has gone out the window. I only wanted that because I'm at an app. We got Spygate to let me get right because I had a loaded show today. Today's brought the Today show brought you by friends that express VPN get a VPN today. Why? To protect your online data from those prying eyeballs, go to express VPN dot com slash Dan, get your VPN today. Don't wait. Welcome to Dan Bongino. Show Pritish and Joe. How are you today?


Well, I'm always good because it's free as we always have to do. Even when the news is somber. We need Johs, please. We need to ground ourselves in Joe's best, best and worst 1960's game show voice. Hey, just a quick programming note. I'll be on the Greg Gutfeld Show this weekend on Fox as well. It should be fun. That's always a little bit lighter show, if you know what I mean. So I got some.


There's gonna be a cool segment about movies you're not going to want to miss. Check that out on Fox and be on the Greg Gutfeld Show. All right.


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No go today. All right, go. Let's go. All right.


Again, just don't go anywhere. Today I've got an explosive Spygate block. Big, big new information came out about that. But to put that all in context, wait, before I get to that, I want to get to this. Last night I'm home. Listen, folks, let me just be candid with you. Let's cut the B.S.. I'm tired of the argument about the kids. Get the kids back to school. Can we make a deal?


If you don't want the schools to open, fine. It's not a knock on teachers. Don't you dare go down that road. I love teachers. I've said it in the past. I'll say it again. I trust my kid with teachers. My life was changed by good teachers. But if you're a school that doesn't want to open up and you don't want to educate the kids, fine. I'm not kidding. I tweeted it. I'll say it again.


I parlayed it. I put it on Facebook. Fine. Capital f i n e fine. No problem. What do you mean no problem? Just give me my money back. Is that OK? Just give me my money back. Fair deal. You don't want to open the schools. Great. Don't open them. But stop making my kids and everyone else's kids suffer. You don't want to send your kids to school and you're a parent. I totally understand.


I get it. I'm not kidding. Keep them home. That's your call. I want my kids back in school. They will be the first ones through the door because I've read the actual science. Unlike many of the people proclaiming to be scientists and medical, quote, professionals, I'm tired of it. These appeals to authority and emotion science. What do you want the people to die? But I'm a medical doctor or a medical doctor and you can't read a basic research report.


Maybe you should turn in your medical degree. That's what happened last night. Can we make that deal first? Is that a fair deal? You don't want to open your schools. Fine. Sell off the buildings. I don't know what you're going gonna do with your staff. But no money for you. We get our own money back so we can find a way to educate our kids. Just to be clear, you want us to pay you.


These schools with taxpayer dollars. You want us to pay you while we're home working. We haven't taken a day off. We haven't taken a day off with the exception of the holiday. We haven't taken a day off from work. We have to go out, pick up products for the show, I had to travel. We have to work. Metaphor. I had to pay to travel. For work, I have to do it and then I have to educate my kids to.


But you don't want to go back to school and we're supposed to pay you for it. So we work and then we work to pay you, to not work, to educate our kids. I'm just, by the way, thank you to all the teachers who e-mailed me saying, hey, we want to go back to school. We want to teach the kids I love you. I'm not kidding. Much love. Big time. You got a lot of guts and you do a great job.


I'm talking to the people. We're not going back. We're not going to teach the kids. We're not a Copan in the schools. Don't open them. Then just don't take our money. Joe, fair deal. Sounds fair, right? Am I crazy? Good. Thank you. You're welcome. You're good. I'm pissed about this. Of course, I'd love the teachers. But if you don't want to open the schools, then stop torturing everyone else.


Give us back our money and let us figure it out. How did this start last night? Why am I on a two minute rampage here? Because I've been tweeting this for days now. Simple solutions. You don't want to open, don't open. Give us our money back. We'll figure it out. And this medical professional chimes in. Forgive me if I'm saying his name wrong. It's not intentional, Dr. Safeer. Again, it's not intentional.


M.D.. All due respect to his medical degree, I'm sure he's a very smart guy. He doesn't understand basic science. So I tweeted out, as you can see yesterday, and I put on my parler account as well. If the schools don't want to open, despite the data showing children are at low risk of harm, that's fine. But I want my tax dollars back. So this guy decides to chime in, Dr. Safeer. And he says another misguided tweet with misinformation.


Kids do spread Koven as per recent Korean study. Oh, here he goes with the Korean study. Dr. Savir clearly hasn't read those under 10 spreaded, half as much as those above 10. That's not what this study says. So either this Dr. Safeer hasn't read this study or has it is a liar. Back to his treat. He's either lying to you or he hasn't read the study. This is about protecting kids, communities and the elderly. And he says that those under 10 spread at half as much as those above 10 who spread it just as much as adults.


That is not what this study says. So then his medical air quotes, professional pals, chimed in. Oh, we're all medical professionals. We've read the South Korea study. Should just to be clear, because I'm going to actually go through the South Korea that these medical professionals either read in or lying to you about or didn't read and chimed in any way. This is the new liberal mantra from propaganda artists desperate to keep your kids locked up in solitary confinement, damaging your kid's future.


They'll be fine. They're all medical professionals with nice salaries. They'll take you up, put their kids in special care, you know, little day camps and stuff. They'll be fine. Your kids, middle class homes, some of some folks who can't afford some people living in trailer parks can get them to screw those kids. They don't care about any of that. The South Korea study says, George, you know this the South Korean study said these kids, they're spreading it just as much in the tent that I see, because what it says and know that new.


Of course you know that, Joe, because that's not what it says, and I would have told you as part of the show call. So let's go to this article in the Fed released by the great Phil Kerpen, who spends his entire days, entire days. Actually, analyzing the data about the South Korean study, the media is reporting to now saying, look, South Korea said kids spread it. Is that what it says? So here's an article in The Federalist.


Please, please, please. I humbly, humbly beg you to read this. It's in the show, notes Bonjean dot com slash Lulus slash newsletter. Our newsletter is the short. Read this story and send it to all your friends. Convinced that the kids are super spreaders because they read the South Korea study headline. The Federalist. Phil Kerpen, New York Times hyped Korean report actually shows kids are not spreading coronavirus. That can't be Joe Doctor. I'm sorry.


Where began I mean, to say his name wrong. The doctor in the in the tweet told us the South Korea study said these kids are spreaders, man. He's a doctor, Joe. Now, shut your mouth, Armacost. He's a doctor. No, you dared challenge him. Sorry, Doc. He's a doctor. Yeah. Damn right. Better apologize, Dr. No. He read the South Korea study, which The New York Times cites does.


Kids are spreading it everywhere. Well, what does the South Korea study actually say? Read this federalist piece because Phil, who's actually a smart guy, actually did go through the piece and found that that's not at all what the South Korean study that these kids are super spreaders actually says.


Not happy today at all. Let's go to screenshot number one from the federal space from Phil, who actually read the South Korean study, the doctor medical professional sites. Quote, The Federalists, in fact, the report found that it was extremely rare for children to bring an infection into the home.


It did, because the doctor just told me no. The South Korea study says kids are super spreaders. It found that just two point seven percent of potential index cases. In other words, the first case in the home were under age twenty two point seven percent. That sounds like a lot doesn't to me. He says imagine twisting that all into a call for school closures. It's astonishingly reckless. OK. So let's take away number one. So, again, the doctor needs a medical professional, Joe.


So we have to defer. He's appealing to his authority here, told us keep the school shut down. Dan Bongino calling for school. So but that's misinformation. The South Korea study said that these kids transmit the disease. That's funny because it's not what is actually says. He didn't actually read it. I had before he tweeted me, so I was ready right away because I've been following Karpin, which you should do. Phil Carpenter's writings, you'll actually get information, unlike the medical professionals out there.


Promoting propaganda. So it says that only two point seven percent of first cases were kids under twenty two point seven. Me. Twenty seven. Right. There's a desperate one. No, no. Two point seven. Wow. Doesn't really back up the doctor's medical professional assertion that kids are spreading this. Does it? Oh, it gets worse, folks. Let's go to screenshot number two. The South Korean report also did no genetic mapping and therefore was unable to determine the actual true index cases.


In other words, things determine they have no idea who brought it into the home. The paper itself says, and I'm quoting here, folks, for the doctor who apparently didn't read the paper or did and chooses to lie to you anyway. Quote, We could not determine the direction of transmission. We keep this up. That doesn't make any sense because the doctor's saying he's a doctor, that he's sure the kids are bringing him into the home as per the South Korea study, which says and I'll quote again, we could not determine the direction of transmission.


So you mean the adults could have given it to the kids? Because that's not what the doctor said. Phil goes on. Contrast the South Korea study with the contact tracing study from Iceland, which we cited on our show the other day, folks, which actually map the haplotypes to determine direction of transmission. And found it was almost always parent to child. The dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot. Read that by dr. I'm sorry, I don't get it.


If I may pronounce your name. Did the dot. Did you miss that Dr.. But I just I just went to graduate school, got an MBA and did a graduate degree in neuropsychology, I'm not a medical professional like you. That's right. Course, my education, the ability to read statistics, analysis and studies, that doesn't matter, appeal to his authority. You can't read a basic study. Where the South Korea study he's citing to tell you your kids are spreaders, says nothing of the sort.


Says they're not spreaders, only two point seven percent of index cases and the index cases they're talking about. They're not even sure the kids spread it to the adults. It could have been the adults, the kid like the Iceland study, which was more robust and used genetic mapping, actually said. Do you miss that, doc? Do you miss that, doc? I know you're a medical professional, wants to hurt my kids and keep them home, because that's what you're suggesting, your kids will be OK.


You're either with AOK. Sure, you've got a nice, nice pad. Good network of friends. Kids get to hang out. Whatever you want to hurt my kids. Which your kids citing my misinformation when you can't read a study. Oh, you opened up a can of worms. This is a symmetric. Your small group of medical professional friends have nothing on our audience and nothing on our following. You can fight all day. We will fight back.


And this this will be an asymmetric fight. You can't possibly win. You have no science. You have no data and no facts on your side. And we have a larger audience to tell people the truth. Continue gaslighting and lying to people in an effort to make their kids suffer. We will never, ever, ever stop putting out the truth. And hiding behind your medical degree as an appeal to faux authority based on science you either don't understand or lying about.


We'll call it every time. You saying it can't possibly get any worse. So the South Korea paper doesn't say kids are spreading it and doesn't even know the direction of transmission, could have been parent the kid, which defeats the whole argument that the kids spread it to the parent. You understand that argument? Joe, you get that right. That if they walk in at the house and like a kid was in school and there's a couple of corona virus infections in the house, clearly the kid brought it home to the parent.


That's not what the study says at all. Right. They said they don't know the, quote, direction of transmission. And the real data from Iceland shows the kids got it from the adults, not the other way around. Again, science. Try it sometime. Here's screenshot number three from the Federalist piece, all read this piece. There's more in here. I'm just going into the three most profound pieces of facts and data that'll help you debunk the media.


People saying, look at the South Korea study. Kids are super spreaders. Idiots. Here's another piece in The Federalist that a quote. And there's a. And this is from again and forgive me from saying the name wrong. Alistair Monroe, the world's foremost expert on pediatric Cauvin, 19 G. His medical advice doesn't matter at all. He's only he's only the world's foremost expert on pediatric Koven 90. Joe, that's disregarded. Let's go with the other doctor who hasn't even read the study.


He used it as tweet. So here's the world's expert here. This Mr. Monroe here. He says, here's the kicker. I've seen on published data on this same cohort of children, almost every single secondary case from a child index case shared the initial exposure. All up tomorrow. I translate this for you because I've been I've been following this for weeks now. Meaning they probably became infected at the same time. The child just developed symptoms first. It goes on.


So it turns out this is from the Federalist piece, that even of those two point seven percent, a small portion of potential index cases from children under the age of 20 probably were not true index cases at all. They might not have infected adults in the household at all. The adults were simply exposed at the same time as the child. This help expert helps explain the huge discrepancy between household in non household contact. Just two infections among two hundred and twenty six trace contacts among the 10 to 19 group that household infections were largely an artifact of misidentifying index cases.


Let me translate for you. So, again, the doctor who decided to challenge me, claiming I'm promoting misinformation, trying to make my kids suffering, keep him in solitary. Close the schools, South Korea said the kids are spreaders. That's not what he said at all. The South Korea study, which showed an infection in the home where there was a child, found that the child may have come into contact along with an adult, with some other person outside of the school where they both got it and the kids got the symptoms first, leading some people to believe that the kid gave it to an adult when matter of fact, they both got in at the same time from the same person they were around.


You know, science, science, sing. Factoring. Data stuff. I'm a medical doctor. Listen, some of the smartest people I know are medical doctors, including my brother in law and one of my best friends and one of my other friends. Also, some of the dumbest people I ever met. I'm sorry. We're doctors.


Really, including one who did not even know that, Bob. Leave that for another day because it's like that. I don't want to do that. I'm not kidding. I said something to my dad. He looked at me puzzled. I'm like, yeah, that's the chemical in that drug. You didn't know how seriously.


Smartest guy. You know, one of my best friends is like, no, no, no, no, no. I know what she's doing, but I did not give it away. Smartest people I know. Also one of the dumbest. Well, you didn't read the science, so they don't actually know if the kid brought it into the home, when they do, they do it. An infinitesimally small number of cases, two point seven percent.


And when they actually genetically mapped the virus, they find out the adult gave it to the kid, not the other way around, you know, silencing. A fast career story. You don't want to educate the kids. Fine. I'm not kidding. Great. Great. I will pay a teacher with my money. My substantial tax bill I get. I will take that money and I will either pay a tutor or find some online alternative. You don't want us in your schools.


Close them down. Close them down. I'm not kidding. Close them down, give the parents back their money, give every kid a voucher, and we will find a way. I'll get together with some people, my community, who feel the same way I do. I can't name names because they don't have the ability to fight back like I do. But trust me, it's substantial. And we will figure out a way we can rotate homes.


We can pay a teacher ourselves. And we'll probably pay that teacher a lot more. And you're getting paid from the crappy public school system. How does that sound? Get a group of five, 10 parents. We can do smaller classrooms. We can rotate homes. I am perfectly OK with that. And you know what we'll do? Showing you how feckless and hapless government and medical professionals are. Not all, but many of them. We'll take in some kids who can't afford it.


They pay nothing and we'll get them taught in smaller classes with more personal instruction. How does that sound? Well, Rotel, we welcome in my house anytime. Good idea. Right. You don't want to teach. Don't do it. But I'm in danger. You're not in danger. You are not in danger. You're citing a study which says nothing of the sort. You're making it up. That is not true. And showing you how the unions, by the way, the unions.


Again, not indicative of the entire educational space, but the teachers unions don't give a damn about your kids. Now, of course they do. They're in it for the kid. They are while trying to keep your kids in solitary confinement in the house and not educating them. Look at is piece and legal insurrection. Let's look at this wonderful union out of California. The teachers unions make far left political agendas conditional for school reopening by Kimberly K. Legal Insurrections to up in the show notes to.


It's all about the kids, Joe. So about safety and the kid. It is. All it's about. Because if that's all it's about, why is this your list of demands? And very few of these have anything to do with safety or the kids. This is I'm not kidding. This is from the United Teachers of Los Angeles. Oh, yeah, I know. Well, for the audio listeners shows laughing because he gets to cheat on the YouTube and read ahead.


So this is what they want before they open up the schools. They want 250 million in taxpayer funding for schools, an additional 500 billion in federal funding, government run Medicare for all, a wealth tax increase in the California state income tax. They want to defund the police, a ban on new charters and public benefits for illegal immigrants as part of the plan to reopen schools. But as Kimberly say, brilliant. He says it's all for the children.


Right, folks? It's all for the kids or for the kids. It's. These unions can't stand your kids and they can't stand you. And someone's got to call them out. Again, it's not a knock on teachers, I can't say it enough. My life was changed by really terrific teachers, many of them no longer with us. And many of your kids lives will be changed for the better. By I mean, the teachers in my kid's school really love the kids.


You can see it. You can see it, it's you can't fake that. But this is a disgrace. And if there ever was a public relations strategy to alienate America in one fell swoop, I'm urging the good teachers out there who really care and have given their entire lives to the benefit of children. Think about it. Right. You don't remember the names of probably 50, 60 percent of the people you worked with. If you're over the age of 40, the many jobs are realized, right?


But you can still name your teacher to first through 12th grade, probably every one of them. That's how impactful they've been in your life. God bless them. And I encourage the teachers out of e-mail me in support of my stance on this. The good folks who want to get back to school, you need to stand up. My wife and I and Joe, we've been in this fight for a lot of things go on behind the scenes, don't think for a second I'm than in this with you.


I left my job, wants to run for office three times to try to make a difference when that didn't work. I picked up a microphone and did it here. We've had a let business contacts go. We've had to do a lot of we're in this fight with you. This is not some halfway crook nonsense. We're all the way in and we need you, the good teachers, to get in this, too. Whenever these unions are doing in your name, it's an absolute disgrace.


And the people advocating to keep these schools closed. With no concern whatsoever for parents whose kids will suffer permanently from this is an absolute disgrace, too. If you don't want to teach. That's fine. They can work out some arrangement for high risk folks. That's suggesting everybody be fired. If you are recovering from cancer, you over 65, we can figure out an alternate condition for you. And if you're a parent out there and you're uncomfortable, your kid's school, fine.


That is perfectly fine. I understand there's a lot of people who are scared right now for good reason. Keep your kid home. We can work out a different scenario. My kids going to school and so are the many friends of mine in my neighborhood where I live. They are going to school. And if your school won't open, we'll figure out another one that will. We did one last story here about this Corona Virus Estereo. Again, if there was a way to alienate the entire population, first, let's shut down the schools, relegate the kids to solitary confinement, isolate them from their friends, and then let's put out a mask, water and find people, find people for even slight infractions.


You think I'm making this up? Here's the dreadful Miami Herald left wing rag. No one is safe from Miami Dade. New one hundred dollar. No mask. Fine. Not even people wearing masks. This is actually a decent article by a Haley Lano who actually decided to tell the truth. This story is incredible. It tells the story, Joe. You know, masked man. Man, we all need to be ordered to wear masks. You're morons.


OK. You morons. I'm all you want to wear a mask. Go right ahead. You want to be a business that mandates mass. That's great for you. How homeowner don't come in my house without a mask. Good for you. That makes you feel better. I respect that. And I get it. Government has the mandate and find people out. There's a story, Joe ladies in a Publix Publix publishes a popular grocery store down here in Florida.


In my in Miami, she's down there. She comes out of the store as she's getting in her car. She takes her mask off and the mask police come out and drop a hundred dollar fine on her. If there was a way if you had a think of a plan to cause mass civil disobedience and pissed off the entire population of your county, this would be a good start. Combined with the end, we're going to keep your kids home and not educate them either.


I don't I seriously don't know who told you this was a good PR strategy. If you're following the Rahm Emanuel never let a crisis go to waste rule. But whoever told you this, you are brewing mass. Anger and rage that I'm telling you right now is going to translate into ResultSet election boost. At some point that are not going to be good for you and results with taxpayers, that will be even worse. Do you realize how many people right now are seeing the futility of a public education system that refuses to educate their kids while their property tax bills are through the roof?


Do you not understand that? You think it's a joke? Do you understand how many people who are perfectly willing to wear a mask if asked to do so and if it makes people uncomfortable, are offended by the idea that a government which has no constitutional authority do it has ordered them to do it and is them threatening them with jail and fines if they don't even as they're walking to their car? You think this is a PR strategy for good government?


Are you really this stupid or do you reserved special degrees of stupidity just for Fridays? Is there a repository of stupid you hold for Friday and Friday? You unleash a special stupid. Paula said to me before the show, it's gonna be a good one today. And are you really pissed off? Poor woman had to listen to me the whole morning railing. Meanwhile, my poor daughter. I come from New York. Unfortunately, I curse. I don't do it.


It's really bad. Seriously, I'm not kidding. It's speaks of unprofessional conversely. But I can't help it when I'm really annoyed. So it's morning f bombs were flying in here over these stupid, stupid man. Corona virus is driving people to madness. And my daughter, my older one, was going out to. Go do our thing this morning. Do a little lefton sacred dad. And I didn't realize she was outside the studio and I felt bad night.


Apologize to her. I was kerson like a mad dog. I said him. I'm sorry. You shouldn't be. I shouldn't be talking like that happens, bro. You know, if it helps, I'm upset. Yeah. Not that. I mean. Joe, you're Joe's more restrained and call it, too. But I'm really upset about this. I hear. My kids are really suffering, Joe. You know, Joe, Joe's mad about it, too.


But Joe, you know, Little Joe is a grown man now. You know, Marine, proud kid. And I got young kids, man. They're suffering. I'm not kidding, folks. I'm not making this up, OK? My daughter is really suffering. It's not a joke. It's not like, oh, man, let's shed some crocodile tears for you. Show me what my daughter is really suffering. It really hurt me deeply as a father.


When my daughter last week told my wife, I don't know what to do, mommy, I sit in my room all day and play with my dolly. I'm not kidding. And by the way, to my unbelievable listeners, you all are so incredible. I love you so much. You have no idea. I don't even tell you this, Joe. We have a P.O. box. Don't send stuff, play harmonica. But people sent, like, board games and everything.


I might even kidding. Because you're the best. They did. And it's like my top, Paula. We have the greatest audience ever. I appreciate it. But we're. We're. We'll figure that out. Save your money. It was nice of you to do that. They said board games, all kinds of activities from my paint by numbers and stuff. You all are just amazing people. But it hurt. And there are other parents, folks.


And listen, we'll be fine. My wife and I saved a lot of money. We're very frugal. We've done well. You've made this a successful show. We'll get through this. But we know someone I'm not going to say who who works with us and told me some better kids. And it's stuck in a trailer park all day, all day. So I don't know what to do with my kids. They sit there looking at four walls and a box all day.


No education. They have no computer. They're not getting education. They're not getting this social interaction. They're not getting the meals at the school they go to. I can't take it. Do they not have a voice to my daughter? How do you listen to that? I don't know what to do all day. The kid was crying and I'm supposed to ignore that because a medical professional can't read a science study at a South Korea. You wonder why we're all mad.


You think this is your PR strategy? Keeping our kids locked up in the house is the best you've got. All right. Probably a good time. Take a break, because I got another heavy block of the show and I don't want to lose it. We're going to cover this Spygate stuff. Yes, I got to move on. This was a lot of information yesterday and I'm going to put it together for you, like only this show can do because stuff we've told you a long time ago, like the importance of Special Agent Joe Pianka, which was Joe three years ago.


We told you, didn't I? Would we say remember the names? Pianka Maybe three, maybe four. I don't even know so long ago. All of a sudden that name is becoming really important again. But if you're a regular listener.


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Top of the homepage pipe in there. All right. Thanks, We appreciate it. Taking a breather here to kind of mellow out a little bit. So there was some pretty incredible news. We've been haven't been covering a lot of Spygate stuff, but. Another tactical nuke was dropped yesterday. I saw this Fox News story, which was fascinating. Came out yesterday that some new documents by our terrific director of National Intelligence, John Radclyffe, has been declassified.


And we now know that, yes, the FBI used a 2016 briefing on election interference as cover to question the Trump team by Brooks segment of Fox News, this article. If you ever read the show notes today, you're going to read the shows.


What? So just to be clear, what we're talking about here. We now have the notes from this meeting. The meetings on August 17th with President Trump, Governor Chris Christie and General Mike Flynn. August 17th, a lot of you are like, wow, a lot of stuff happened around that time and August 17th. Oh, yeah. Don't worry. I'll get to that. So they briefed the president, supposedly warning him about election interference by the Russians.


But as it turns out, Joe, the FBI personnel on the briefing are actually not there to brief the president about Russian interference. But they're there to use the interview with the president to investigate him. Oh, I've never heard that one before, I got Jim call me. Didn't he tell us in Congress? He did tell us, right, that they were not investigating President Trump. So the verdict is in. We now know that was B.S., too, amongst many of Super Patriot Jim Kamis, Legion of Lies.


He was lying to us about that to. So who did this briefing? On August 17th, where, again, to be clear, they show up with Trump, Mike Flynn and Christie and they say they're briefing them about, hey, you got to watch out for these Russians. But what they're really doing is using the information to investigate him. How he's talking, if he mentions anything about the Russians. Wow, isn't that weird, though? Who did?


Let's go to the screenshot from this Fox News piece. Who did this briefing exclusive? A newly declassified document obtained by Fox reveals that the FBI agent who delivered the defensive briefing on election interference in August of 2016, quote, actively listen, Joe, for certain topics, using it as cover to monitor then candidate Donald Trump and Michael Flynn. A source familiar with the documents said. And who was that agent? The infamous Joe Pianka. Known in the ISG report as SSA one, senior special agent one.


Now, that's a name we've been telling you about for three years. Who was GOP shonka? Why is the FBI hiding? GOP Yanka? And why does Joe pinkest name come up at every critical juncture of the spying operation on Trumpy? So now we have no doubt that on August 17 they are spying on the Trump Trumpy. They sent Pianka in under the guise of we're just going to warn you about the Russians and what they're really doing is using the briefing to gather information on Trump.


And who does it, Pianka? Why does that matter? I have another Fox News piece from a while ago, it's in the show, notes two, it's older. It's in my show. No, says an important piece about who Joe Pianka really is. Check it out. Read it. Now you'll see why Pianka conducting that briefing on August six briefing really matter. So who was Joe? It's got his Fox News Pete. This is from Gregory.


This is from December of last year. Horowitz report spotlights a little known FBI agents role in Russia, probe in the Flynn case. Gee, who could that be? Maybe GOPAC thinking that the verdict is in. Three gavel drops today. That agent is Joe Pianka. So where else does Bianca appear? So now we know he is the one briefing Trump really spying on him in August 17th. What else did he do? Let's go to that older Fox News piece and see what else he did.


So SSA one, a.k.a. Joe Pianka, senior special agent one, was given a supervisory role in the CROSSFIRE hurricane team.


He was so he's the supervisor in the case. This fire trump crazy overseeing agents and reporting directly to Peter Stroke. Pianka created the electronic sub file to which the steel reports would be uploaded. And according to Horowitz, these reports were used to support the probable cause. In the page FISA applications. Wow. Wow. Isn't this weird? Yeah. So Beanca is briefing Trump in August, a.k.a. spying on him. Pianka is also the supervisor of the case open to spy on the Trump team.


And we know he also did what? Let's go to the second screenshot from this Fox News. This is fascinating. PRK also had the responsibility for, quote, confirming that the Woods file was complete and for double checking the factual accuracy review to confirm the file contained appropriate documentation for the Assir documentation for the assertions in the FISA application. Holy smokes.


What did what did I tell you, Joe? Three years ago. What did I say? What did I say? Keep your eye on Pianta. Yeah.


You said that. And what else did I say? Did I not say a thousand times, Joe, the key to this entire case falling apart? Spygate case falling apart for the FBI was gonna be the Woods file. Did you not hear me say that? Close to probably a thousand times year. Why? What is the woods far for those who knew Lesser's The Woods file is a file. Where if you're going to spy on someone using the FISA court, you're obligated to keep a file about why you're spying on them.


You have to give reasons and those informational tidbits and data points used as reasons we saw Joe doing this. We saw Joe doing that. We saw Trump doing this. We saw Trump doing that. Have to be checked. What was the problem with the words file, which we've seen? None of it was checked and verified. None of it was all lies, innuendo and peepee, tape, garbage. And who was responsible for checking and maintaining the Woods file?


Joe Pianka, who was supervising the whole case against Trump, who was also briefing Trump on August 17th in a briefing which was really cover to spy on the Trump team and gather information. Where is Joe Pianka? By the way, because he's managed and by the way, there's a whole chapter on Pianka Stephen Soma, who I'll get through next in my upcoming book, which I just finished reading. I read the audiobook took forever, but follow the money.


There's a whole chapter on it. If you want to preorder it, it's ready for preorder day. Barnes Noble, dot com and other places checking out. Shameless, plug free. This is my best book yet. I'm sure good. Yeah, I'm serious. Yeah, it's good. This is Joy's gets a sneak peek Jaroussky. Whereas Joe Pianka. So you would think the guy Joe then interviewed Trump in August in a fake interview. Really a spying mechanism.


The guy who supervised the case against Trump. And the guy who managed the Woods file that contained all of the unverified assertions against Trump, you would think he'd be front and center. But whereas Pianka strange, no one could seem to find Pianka. Well, we didn't know where he was. Hat tip the great at techno fog on Twitter, by the way. He was in San Francisco. They moved him to the other side of the country, PRC.


There it is. FBI dot gov. San Francisco field office. There's a list. The personnel, assistant special agents in charge. Otherwise known as a SAC's Joe Pianka, the third. So he's in San Francisco, where he was ah. I don't know where he is anymore, because when that was put out on the Internet, the Pianka was shipped off to the other side of the country to get him out of D.C.. The San Francisco field office, just days later, their Web site look like this.


I know for those on YouTube, you're like, wait, did you? I'm noticing something's missing. One of these things is not like the other. The assistant special agent in charge, notably Joe Pianka of the third's name, is missing. Just days after it was put on social media that GOP Honoka happened to be in San Francisco. Weird, isn't it? No one can seem to find GOP Yanka, is Pianka cooperating? Maybe. I don't know.


I hope he is. If he is, I applaud him for doing so. But why is everybody hiding GOPAC? Why haven't we seen or heard from GOP Yanka? He seems to be the critical guy in all of this. I got to get to the second half of this and the second explaining to you why. August 17th, the date they brief Donald Trump Pianka, that is, they're really spying on him. Why that date is so, so important.


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How do we do it? Keep in mind, this is 2016. During the campaign that 2017. Why would they decide on August 70? They're sitting around Pianka Stroke and others, hey, we've got to go interview Trump. Well, he's not going to let us talk to him. It's Donald Trump. Let's pretend we're giving him a defensive briefing while we're really investigating him for his Russia connections that didn't exist. Well, this is critical August 17th when it happened.


Let me go into me back up a little bit. Because the briefing, ladies and gentlemen. Happened the day after the FBI opened up a case on Mike Flynn. Yes, Mike Flynn. Who conveniently was in that briefing where they're trying to gather information on the Trump team. The next day they asked for Flynn to be their. I would be really fascinated when it. So you're using the briefing to spy on Trump. Did you ask for Flynn to be there to where you worked and Flynn and not be Flynn is probably smart enough to catch what you were doing, by the way.


But not weird. You're like, really damn, I opened up the case on Flindt August 16th, and the next day Pianka and them go to interview Trump and Flynn under a fake premise. I always produce receipts, of course, Interpol, I hate that word. But here's the ISG report. So we know by August 10th, the FBI assembled the team and was conducting an initial analysis of links between the Trump campaign members and Russia, I'm reading from the ISG report, based on the analysis, the FBI opened up cases against Papadopoulos, Carter, Page and Manafort.


That's on August 10. What's that next line say, on August 16th? Twenty sixteen. The FBI opened the fourth individual case under CROSSFIRE hurricane on Michael Flynn, who was serving as the Trump campaign's national security adviser. Wow. Isn't that strange? So the FBI. Opens up a case being supervised by Pianka. Pianka is managing the Woods file, containing the information with the allegations used to open up the case. The allegations are all unverified lies or not backed up by any sourcing at all.


That's any quality sourcing at all. That same guy then decides they should open up a case on August 16th and then the next day goes and spies on the Trump team in a fake defensive briefing. Why do you think Pianka may have done that on August 17 briefing? Maybe because the cases they opened on August 10th on Manafort page and Papadopoulos and then on August 16th against Flynn. Were based on a Woods file Pianka knew was fake and phony and fraudulent, fraudulent and not verified and needed that Octobers excuse me, August 17th, briefing the next day to kind of buttress this case.


Hey, man, I'm looking at this wood's file. We really don't have a lot we want to spy on these guys. I got an idea. Let's tell the Trump team we want to give the defense a briefing. We'll get some stuff there. But why not open up the case on August 10th against Mike Flynn? I mean, I just read to you the ISG report. Why not? They opened up on Page Papadopoulos The Manafort on August 10th.


Why not open up a case against Mike Flynn, Trump's national security as who Obama hated the intelligence community couldn't stand. I have a whole chapter on Eminem Book two. Maybe because they didn't have anything on Mike Flynn either. Remember, Pianka has the Woods file about all the allegations against the Trump team and Russia that are all fake. He's got to know they're fake because he's responsible for the words file. So they keep trying to dig up new stuff.


That's interview the Trump team. All of a sudden, someone after August 10th gets upset, they didn't open up a case on Mike Flynn, it appears. And what magically shows up, Joe? Look at this. Another fake piece of the dossier that's unverified that probably wound up in the Woods file Pianka was supposed to maintain. Here's a screenshot of report one on one where for the first of report, one of one of Christopher Steele, Farsi, who magically appears in their look at the highlights.


Hat tip to seven nine for this one. Oh, look at that. Mike fled. Or it's alleged. Mike Flynn is now having communications with the Russians that are questionable. Produced by the same guy who's been pumping the wood's file full of information that's unverified. And look at the date on page two of Christopher Steeles report one on one. This is a real shocker. August 10th. Oh, look at that. At the bottom, lower left, 10 August 2016.


You picking up what I'm putting down? FBI says we got a hammer, the Trump tape. Do you have anything now? Pyongyang's got the ones. Follow the information's garbage. It's junk. Well, how do we spy on him if we have garbage information? Hey, we got this guy, Christopher Steele. He was a former British spy. He's got a bunch of reports. Are they real, I don't hope, but we can use them anyway.


All right. We want to open up a case on Mike Flynn. It's August 10th. We don't have anything yet. I got an idea. Let's go to this guy's deal and get another dossier and put Flynn's name in it. And then what happens magically after that arrives? The next day, Stefan Halper. Spy who's spying on the Trump team. August 11th, the day after, they don't open up on Mike Flynn. And the day the new dossier arrives on August 10, Stefan Halper magically shows up a spy and has information about Flynn.


And his handler, Stephen Soma, who's managed to escape scrutiny to his handlers with him on August 11th, 2016. Case agent one So must do it, too, when these other guys met with source, too. That's Halper. Case agent one told the OIG that the plan going into the meeting was to talk with source, too, about Russian interference in the election and source who may know and to bring up Papadopoulos case agent, one of the team used media reports concerning the release of emails and allegations of Russian hacking to frame the discussion.


Don't be confused, this is so simple. The FBI decides to take the plunge on August 10th and investigate the Trump team. They have nothing. But they make it up and they have enough made up stuff in a wood's file, they're faking. They have enough fake stuff to open up a case on Page Manafort and Papadopoulos. They don't have anything on Flint. They go back to their dirty dossier and they steal steel producers and a dossier which gives them information on flight.


It just says Lydon's coordinate with the Russians. It's fake. It's all made up. To make sure they have enough, the next day, ASPI shows up. Stefan Halper, who's been spying on Flyn for years, shows up at the FBI office and produces information allegedly about Flin. And five days later, they open up on Mike Flynn, August 16th. They probably still realize the case is crap. And then the next day, they go and interview Flynn with Trump and use the interview as cover.


To produce an investigative report on them. All the jet folks. Don't you worry. It's all on the up and up. It's only the biggest scandal in U.S. history. How the FBI repeatedly went back to the well for fake information and when the information constantly showed up to be bad, unverified or lies, they doubled and tripled down interviews. Bring in Halper, bring in a new dossier. Let's pretend to interview the Trump team. They couldn't stop.


It was a sugar high for them. The endless assault on the civil liberties of Donald Trump and his campaign. Again, so laid out in the next book. All right. A couple of more stories as we get to hear. The Wall Street Journal that. Yeah. Listen up, I've been reading the Wall Street Journal opinion section since God knows when. Decades. Now I enjoy it. It's a right leaning outlet. They're not really conservative on a lot of issues, but I think it's very informative.


The newspaper as some liberals on the journalism side, no doubt about it. Remember these just like Fox News. Newspapers have the same wall. You understand how the media business works? Many of you. But for those who don't, there's opinion folks. Me. Hannity. Tucker Ingram at Fox. And then there's the news side. You know Hemmer. Melissa Francis. They do news. They do journalism. Fact reporting. We do opinion. Newspapers are generally set up the same way.


Well, Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, you have reporting and then you have opinion. The Wall Street Journal opinion section has really great writers. Kim Strassel, Jason Riley, Dan Henninger, William McGurn, even though I disagree with them, bad as Pottery Barn article. I've been reading it forever. So what happened, ladies? Janet, that cancer culture lunatic's came for The Wall Street Journal, too. Yes. Some employees at The Wall Street Journal.


We got to get rid of those opinion, folks. God forbid they have an opinion that's not a radical leftist wingnut opinion. So The Wall Street Journal editorial board that runs the opinion section put out a little note to readers. Good for them. It's actually called a no to readers. I read it this morning because I'm a reader and it was a note. Any end part of this is classic. It's one of the great double barrel middle figures to cancel culture I've seen lately.


And it's exactly how you should handle the Blue Checkmark Wing, that brigade that wants to take down everyone that doesn't propagandize people with that South Korea, that he says your kids are super spreaders. No, there's actual science out there and maybe there's an alternate opinion based in reality. They want to silence all that. Here's what they wrote in their final paragraph. Quote, As long as our proprietors allow us the privilege to do so, the opinion pages will continue to publish contributors who speak their minds within the tradition of vigorous, reasoned discourse.


And these columns will continue to promote the principles of free people and free markets, which are more important than ever in what is a culture of growing progressive conformity and intolerance. Oh, that's a nice way of saying. You know. Out of the interests of keeping the show relatively family friendly. That's a double barreled. Why zoo information rame up the wiser? We don't know whether wiser ways is we can only guess. Basically, the opinion people nicely saying you can take your cancel culture an.


Do a call and ask repeat what it. Good for you. That's exactly how you handle wingnuts and cancel culture. How we handle them. That's how we'll always handle. All right. Last story. This one's Joe again gets the cheat politics. You see the videos in advance. So the mayor of Portland, a speaking of wingnuts, a left wing radical lunatic who's watching his city burned to the ground. And seems to be happy to join in the chaos.


By the way, his name is Ted Wheeler. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we are. Now, I want a hat tip. Just why I had to get this thing things. Joe did a lot of work on this one. And I would be remiss if I did not reward the audience with the pleasure of Joe's work. So radical left wing wingnut Ted Wheeler thinks he's going to appease the anti for terrorists. You know, the terrorists fascist group at TIFA that's trying to burn down the city of Portland.


And I was a Slayer's I saw in a New York Times reporter, Nicholas Kristoff put out on his Twitter feed he put out. He said they're not trying to burn down part that only a couple blocks. Oh, Jonah. Where he's only trying to burn down a few blocks a point. No big deal. Thanks, Nick. Thanks for clearing that up. Good job. So Wheeler thinks the wingnut, he thinks he can appease the anti terror terror group.


There are racist fascist terror group. And Tifa, the thing about fascist racist terror groups is they think they're the only morally pure ones. Which. That's how you get the gear team. So Wheeler's under the impression, the mayor of Portland, that he can appease this group. So he's like, let me go out there. Kiss their butts. Show him up with the struggle, man. I'm with you fascists. I'm going to go out there, keep him my this guys to the left of Lenin.


Wheeler, you're not going to fight a more radical leftist. He's to the left of the Bosio. So he goes out there and he's expecting to be celebrated. And thanks to Joe's incredible editing skills, you could hear a lot of beliefs in this one. Here's how the anti fascists celebrated the arrival of left wing Wingnut Ted reeler.


Oh. If you think to yourself, wow, that was more Bleep's than it was dialogue, it was for every one word. There were six bleeps. There's like a six to one bleep to word ratio with that one. In case you missed it, which you did, because Joe thankfully had a bleep all of that. That's Wheeler in the crowd. You can watch it on YouTube. YouTube dot com slash Bungeni if you'd like to see it as the anti fascist terrorists are saying, f you get the rest.


Ted Wheeler over and over and over because the left wing wingnut Wheeler thought he could appeal to rationality amongst irrational terrorist fascists like antifa trying to burn his city to the ground. But don't worry. Representative Earl Blumenauer. And even wingnut of your wingnut from the left to the left of Wheeler. Embarrassingly, a member of Congress, how that happened. I still don't know Earl Blumenauer, who's watching Portland burned to the ground. And Wheeler going to a bleep rally because we can't even play the rally without six bleeps for every one word, Blumenauer said, Joe.


Don't worry. We got it all under control in Portland. It's just a few people trying to burn the city that here's here's a wing of your wingnut, Blumenauer, on the House floor. Check this out.


Portland, Oregon, is not out of control, to be sure. There are some people who have strong feelings and there are some who have done things that are inappropriate and unlawful. But that is the challenge of our local officials and our state officials to manage it, not having somebody unwelcome, uninvited and unprepared, coming in to take this difficult situation and make it worse.


Don't worry, folks. Blumenauer says it's all under control. It's just a few people burning Portland to the ground. Told you worry. Meanwhile, all you have to do is go to Andino social media feed NGO, who's on the ground all the time there and see the videos every night of hundreds of anti fat terrorists burning the city to. But Blumenauer said it's OK. Listen, in all seriousness. I'm not messing around. I hate that terminal seriousness, but I do.


I hate what people say. And I just said. To an Blumenauer and a wheeler, I'm not kidding. Do not go out, there is not a joke. Do not go. Don't be stupid. You guys are morons. You subscribe to a stupid ideology of destruction, but you will seriously be hurt out there if you continue to go out there. These people don't care. They don't care. And I'm not going to let them get an A.


. I'm not doing any of that. You're morons for doing it. Do not go out there. These people are violent, fascist terrorists. If they had a guillotine out there, they would think they'd use it tomorrow. Do not go out there. They are trying to burn your city down for a reason. Let the professionals, the federal agents on the ground handle it. All right. Thanks again for tuning in. I'd really appreciate if you pick up a copy of my new book on Preorder again, it's called Follow the Money.


I just finished it. Just finished the audio book. I think you're really going to love it. Everything I told you about Flynn. Everything I told you about Stephen Soma Pianka. It's in the book now available for preorder again. Follow the money. Check it out at Barnes Noble dot com wherever you pick up your books on preorder. I really appreciate it. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel, YouTube dot com slash Bungeni. Got some exciting interviews coming up in the next couple of weeks.


I'll tell you more about that on Monday. Don't miss the show. Thanks for a great week. See you on Monday. Good day, sir.


You just heard Dan Bongino.