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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts, with your host, Dan Bongino. You think these people, like, no, they wouldn't do the Russia hoax thing again. I mean, we spent six years laughing at them for their peepee tape last. No, it's back. You mean, like, in a different. No, same hoax. Dude, it's back. Joe. It's like a bad case of, like, an STD. It just keeps coming back. And the crazy thing is, they don't even like no one in the media. Even though this is the exact same hoax, no one in the media is like, you think we should check into this this time? I can't believe how effing stupid liberals are. They think we're going to fall for this again. I'll expose to you very simply how they're going to do it without wearing you out with the whole spygate story all over again. I promise you, it's very simple. I'll just sum it up like this. Just claim someone's russian intelligence and have him go contact someone in or around a Trump story. That's it. Gee loves when I'm Gee. Is that simple enough?


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Look this stuff up, please. Do your homework. You'll see we're right. Reishi, magnesium, ltheanine, apigenin, and melatonin. Help you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed. Just mix beam dream into hot water or milk like I do. Enjoy before bedtime. It's delicious. If you want to try beam's best selling dream powder, get up to 40% off for a limited time when you go to bongino and use code bongino at checkout. That's bongino. Use code bongino for up to 40% off. Stuff works. Check it out. All right, Joseph, let's go. It's showtime. Yes, sir, it is. And Joe lived through me. Joe's going WWE stuff, folks. Joe lived through this with me last time. The Russia collusion thing was obviously an embarrassing hoax perpetrated on America that just being straight with you only dipshits fell for. I mean, you had to be really dumb to believe that the Russians were somehow meeting in a back room with Donald Trump. It's amazing how on one hand, the liberals take Joe right. Donald Trump's a moron, a horrible business guy, a terrible father, a loser. Can't do anything right. And yet he managed to orchestrate the biggest scheme to steal an election in american history with a terrorist over in Russia.


It's incredible how they pulled that off. Of course, the story is embarrassingly stupid. Only morons fell for it. So if you believe the Russia hoax, you are, in fact, a moron. At some point today, we got to get the hoax list up, because I'm genuinely curious how many of these hoaxes you liberal imbeciles actually fell for. You are the stupidest people who exist on this rock we call earth. It's just a biological fact. Just a freaking rock. I mean, he even said so. You heard him, folks. Let's walk through what happened. So here's the long and short of it. Hunter Biden's in a lot of trouble for being alleged to be a carve out for an influence peddling operation with his dad. His dad wanted money. According to what most of the reporting seems to indicate, the dad and the family wanted to get money. The dad. The Biden family has no marketable skills we know of, especially in the spaces they were generating revenue. So it appears they were selling influence. Not a hard scam to know if Gee's the vice president. He wants to make money off the know. He gives a couple clients a winky nod.


Nod, hey, pay my son, and maybe you'll get access to the White House. Everybody check in. Get it? Got it? Good. You all get it. Not complicated at all. Now, of course, we know the Hunter Biden story has mounds of evidence backing it up. Bank records, sars, text, photos, pictures, emails, hunter Biden laptop, the Devin Archer testimony, the Tony Babelinsky testimony. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd never heard of this other source at all. I only referenced him because it got brought up by certain members of the house because the FBI been looking into him. But apparently there's this guy Smirnoff, who was an FBI contact that allegedly farmed some information and sent it back to the FBI about Biden. He has now been charged for lying to the FBI. Now, I want you to understand, before we even go into Russia, hoax 2.0 right here, which only imbeciles will fall for, I want you to understand something loud and clear. Lima Charlie. Okay. Smirnoff has nothing to do with this case. Liberal dipshits and their media moron, sycophantic loser, third grade education dipwads are going to go out there and say the case is falling apart.


The FBI source lying, promoting russian intelligence. This guy has nothing to do with the case. It changes nothing about the bank records. It changes nothing about the texts. It changes nothing about the emails, the photos, the phone calls, the bobblinsky testimony. Nothing. Zero. Nothing changes at all. Don't believe your liberal moron friends who told you that the Russia hoax number one was real. So here we go. Hans Monkey, who was a great researcher on Spygate and still is on all these Russia things. You should follow him. He's at Hans Monkey on Twitter. Fool. Nelson's another one. There's a number of really great Stephen McIntyre, he's at climate audit. These guys do great work. They frequently get left behind because they don't have, like, I don't know, the influencer brand attached to them, which is stupid anyway. But you should be following these guys if you want to stay ahead of the whole collusion thing. He tweeted this out last night. Here's the headline. CNN Joe writing a breach. CNN fills the breach in right away. Indicted ex FBI informant told investigators he got Hunter Biden dirt from russian intelligence officials. Here we go again. Keep that tweet up, right?


Because karate man, Russia hoax 2.0, right? It's the same plot. It's the same plot. You remember, keep this up. You remember Russia hoax 1.0. ExFBI informant told investigators he got Donald Trump dirt from Russia's intelligence. It's the same headline. All they did was change some names. This is not even like an elaborate, like, wow, look at this. They did like, they're in the tesseract, moving around. This is the same damn scheme. All they did was here. Joe X out one name, put in the other. Now, as Hans monkey notes in his tweet, if you're reading ahead, watching on Rumble, Smirnoff is the ex FBI informant, who, by the way, apparently been working with the FBI since 2015, which says to me, FBI, can you get your heads out of your asses and please vet your sources? Holy shit. How many times are you guys going to get burned? It's like embarrassing. Federal Bureau of Investigation. Try investigating. It'll help. Smyrnoff, the source said no such thing. Monkey notes. Here's what Weiss, the special prosecutor, says. Smirnoff said, quote, during his custodial interview on February 14, Smirnoff, the informant, admitted that officials associated with russian intelligence.


Pay attention to that line. Were involved in passing a story about business person one, who's business person one? Hunter Biden. So individuals associated with russian intelligence. Oh, I'll bust that scam up in a second. That's number one. But second, we're involved in passing a story about Hunter Biden. What story? What story? That he had gas in church or something and take Beano. What story are you talking about? I don't us. So someone told the allegation. Just to be clear, if I'm reading this right, Tony, am I reading this right? Someone passed a story about Hunter Biden. Notice he doesn't tell you what story? Good for monkey for picking up on this. What's the story? Did he tell a story about Hunter Biden stealing lifesavers from a convenience stand in Red Square in 1976? What's the story? That has nothing to do with the story. We now have mounds of evidence on the influence peddling operation and the money trail. You see how they do? You see us? Go back to that. I'm sorry. CNN. CNN. Just go back to the CNN headline for Namanki tweet. Do you see how they do this? How CNN, the media, and the scumbags who perpetrated Russia hoax 1.0. You see how they lay the groundwork right away.


Oh, the FBI lied. An FBI informant lied about Hunter Biden and got it from the Russians. Oh, my gosh. The Russians are trying to steal another election. No, I'll tell you who's trying to steal another election. The Democrats. And how the media at CNN are completely uncritical of this story at all. Folks, I want you to look at the charging documents. And just so you understand, I'm going to tell you what I'm going to tell you. I'm going to tell you, and I'm going to tell you what I told you. What we're going to do, hopefully a little differently today is we're going to show you how the corpus, the mosaic, whatever you want to call it, the swamp, the deep mean Joe. There's a thousand names for it. The intelligence community has been entirely corrupted. How this mosaic of ngos, Soros groups, the intelligence community, have been totally weaponized. And I'm going to show you how they use this associated with russian intelligence tag to basically say the Russians are doing it again, helping Donald Trump. They're just making this up because they did it last time. I'll show you what I mean. Here's the charging document.


United States of America versus Alexander Smirnoff, who is the FBI informant who allegedly burned the FBI yet again. It's amazing. Do these guys ever vet their sources? Who the is working in the FBI these days? Do you guys ever vet your sources or their information? The dude has been working there according to reports I've seen for almost ten years. Do you vet anything? Can I go into the FBI tomorrow and go, hey, listen, I don't know. Gee is looking a little shady. Let me tell you something. He's a problem child. And do they get a full blown FBI investigation? Look at this. Sorry, poor guys. I have to put that up again. United States versus Smearnoff. During his custodial interview on February 14, smearnoff, the FBI informant who burned them again, apparently admitted that officials associated with russian intelligence were involved in passing a story about business. Person one passing a story. Now, ladies and gentlemen, what's coming? You ready for the deuce? You looking? Keep that front shoulder in on the curveball. Don't bail on Lord, Charlie. Okay, here's the second part of the indictment I found interesting. They note. What this shows is that the misinformation the informant is spreading is not confined to 2020.


He is actively peddling new lies that could impact us elections. After meeting with russian intelligence officials in November. Holy shit, here we go again. Here we go again with the exact same plot. Oh, look, it wasn't even just 2020. It's happening again. Those Joe, those dastardly Russians, they're back again. Stealing an election for Donald Trump again. Keep in mind, the only foreign collusion happening right now is Joe Biden and his family colluding with foreign governments in exchange for money. That's it. Just like the only collusion that happened in 2016 and 2020 was the intelligence community colluding with Democrats to falsely blame Russians for stealing the election for Trump. These people are full of shit. Let me walk you through how the associated with russian intelligence scam works. Remember the Schellenberger Taibi Gutentag reporting the other day where they indicated that our CIA was involved in a plot to set up Donald Trump in 2016 and likely in 2022, by the way, 2020 to oo. The way they did it is they used the word bump. I called it a push pull operation, but their characterization is probably easier to understand. They would do a bump.


So, again, using just Gee and Tony as an example, if I've got an in for guy because me and him are running for this congressional seat, I live in Florida. We're running for a Florida congressional seat. Gee turns against me. I'm running for Congress against would. He was running on a flesh and blood ticket. If you know, you know. So Gee's running, and it's not going well, but I want to make sure I put the nail in Gee's political coffin. What do I do? I make up a story. I have intelligence context. I go, do me a favor, send Tony, and we'll allege Tony's a russian intelligence officer. Send him to the local watering hole to strike up a conversation with guy and get a picture. That would be called, like, a bump, a contact. Okay? What I would call a push operation, and then get someone to pull it out. I'll call the FBI. You follow me, folks, and say, hey, I think Gee's a russian spy. I think you guys should go and look at this meeting they had at a bar. They pull the information out, and then I leaked that to the press.


Very, very easy to understand. He you getting it? Because Gee hates his story the most, right? If you get it, everybody gets it. Very simple. Right? But in order to do that, for me to get the FBI to open an investigation against Guy, they got to credibly believe that the guy I had bump him is somehow associated with russian intelligence. That's a problem, because if they're associated with russian intelligence, what's the obvious question? Any of you chasters know what the are they doing in the United States then? Joe, you getting it? Yeah. What are they doing here? Now, I'm going to show you how this works. So how do they get a russian intelligence guy, air quotes, who's an existential threat to our country because he's working for a foreign power to get involved in an operation to frame a political opponent? The answer is you just make it up. No. Come on, Dan, be so glib. And silly. No, you just make it up. I'm not kidding. Receipts always. AP. Remember this story from 2021, US says Russia was given Trump campaign polling data in 2016 by the disgraced Eric Tucker at Apo. Wow.


Russia was given Trump campaign polling data. By the way, it's polling data. I don't understand why anyone would, but whatever. That's an amazing story. Do you remember this story, folks? Us's Russia was given. Who gave Russia the polling data? Well, according to the allegations by various Russia hoaxers, it was former campaign official at the Trump campaign Paul Manafort. A Trump campaign official met with a russian intelligence guy, gave him sensitive data. What's the problem, ladies and gentlemen? The problem is that the guy he gave the russian data to, that they claim is a russian intel operative was actually an Obama State Department source. Oh, really? So was Obama's guy. Yeah, you can't just throw that out there. I know. That's why I always bring receipts. Here's the Hill by John Solomon, one of the best reporters out there who uncovered this. It's interesting that the Mueller report, by the way, left all this out conveniently. Guys, is this in the show notes? If not, this is the most. Folks, this story is from 2019. I kid you not. As my mom used to say, if you don't read this story, I'm going to have a hard time helping you because you will fall for every Russia hoax if you don't understand this story.


The only thing they have left with the discredited Russia hoax from 2016, they're starting a new one now, is this story. Well, at least we know this, that Manafort did give information to a russian intelligence officer. If you don't know that it was an Obama State Department source and who it is and how it worked, you're going to get burned every time. The story is bullshit. The story is this key figure. The Mueller report linked to Russia was a State Department intel source. The Hill, John Solomon in a key finding in the Mueller report, ukrainian businessman. Wait, he wasn't russian? No, he wasn't. He was ukrainian. Oh, man. Sounds like that was covered in your book, Dan. Follow the money. It was first chapter, insane in Ukraine. Check it out, you'll know the whole story. Another ukrainian connection. Yes. Ukrainian businessman Constantine Kalimnik, who worked with the Trump campaign chairman Paul Matafort, is tied to russian intelligence. That's what the Mueller report said, which. It's from Bob Mueller, so you can automatically discredit it right away. But John Solomon notes hundreds of pages of government documents which special counselor Mueller possessed since 2018 described Constantine Kalimnik as a, quote, sensitive intelligence source for the US State Department who informed on there it is ukrainian and Russia matters.


Why Mueller's team omitted that part of the Kalimnik narrative from its report and related court filings is not known. Oh, I think we know. John's being nice. As a reporter, I'm an opinion. I think we know. But the revelation of it comes as the accuracy of Mueller's Russia conclusions face increased. I can't, we're going to get to the second part of this in a second, but I can't state this in any simpler terms. The same shit they did before. This source that they're doing now, this source met with someone associated with russian intelligence. Can you put that up again? I'm sorry to bounce around, Tony, but put the associated with russian intelligence the same exact game plan they pulled on Manafort. They're pulling again with this FBI informant they're trying to discredit. Look at the Weiss thing. It says it right there. He was meeting with a guy associated with russian intelligence. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if this guy associated with russian intelligence is another Obama era source. This is all bullshit. Don't believe anything the FBI is telling you. I don't believe a word of this. Was this guy a credible source or not?


I have no idea. It has nothing to do with the hunter Biden case at all. If the guy's a shitty source, fine. There's a hundred other people who verified their material. But whenever I see, and whenever you see anything from the FBI or the Department of Justice that are still corrupted, that's an anti Trump story, which this is because they're trying to discredit the Hunter Biden story. Ridiculously so. And it says, met with a guy associated with russian intelligence. I would blanket assume we did it. Just blanket assume we may turn out not to be. If you were a betting man and your right arm depended on it, I would absolutely bet we put this guy up to it. Why? Perfect way to lead everyone down a path. Look, we got other information on Hunter Biden. Well, what about this real stuff? No, forget that. This stuff. We got a source, and the source is working with the bureau the whole time being set. Same total scam. It's the same scam. I got more in this coming up. I got the second part, that John Solomon piece. That'll nail this, folks. There's always a connection to Ukraine every time.


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Performance may vary. Consult with your tax attorney or financial professional before making an investment decision. Message and data rates apply. Guys, I'm going to throw a curveball at you here. Sorry, folks, it's a live show, but the Trump. Nikki Haley New York Times block. Can we put that on hold and just skip to the reclaim the net and the other debt just from there and just roll from there? Is that okay? Okay. I got a bunch of people here. I'm sorry. I don't mean to screw them over on a live show. They're my peeps. But I'm calling an audible here because this is important. While you're taking notes, go back to the hill. Section two of that piece in the this is, it's critical you understand this, because if you don't understand that just about every single person that the FBI and the DOJ has alleged contacted the Trump orbit or contacted the FBI with anti Biden information, everyone they've alleged to be russian is typically connected to a Democrat. They're framing everyone. Is this coming through? Because I don't want to relitigate this thing and sound like I'm trying to beat it to death, but it's critical you understand that anytime you see associated with russian intelligence from the FBI or DOJ, assume it's a scam because they know you'll never look it up.


And they know even if you could look it up, you'd never get access to it. Here's the second part to this hill article. Always a Ukraine connection, folks. This is what pisses me off about the Ukraine thing again. For the thousandth time, what's happening in Ukraine is an abomination. If the Ukrainians stop fighting, there'd be no Ukraine. I can't say this enough. The Russians stop fighting, there'd be peace over there, period. But that does not absolve. It's a separate issue. If we are going to give you billions of dollars, I want to make sure you're not interfering in another election. I'm sorry, but the argument doesn't hold water to me that, oh, we should give them tens of billions and hundreds of billions of dollars even though they interfered in election and not at least get some accountability on what happened. I'm sorry, man, but that doesn't fly with me. There's always a Ukraine connection. The Ukrainians were knee deep in the plot to set up the Trump team the first time. We know that. Knee deep in the Biden plot. They hired his kid. Knee deep in an international influence peddling scandal through an international fund loan to the Ukrainians through Biden that he only released after they fired a prosecutor looking into his kid.


And now we find this out from Solomon that the source in the Manafort case that they're saying, oh, Paul Manafort, Trump campaign guy. Look at him interacting with russian intelligence. That the guy he interacted with was the chief political officer at the US embassy in Kiev. This is Manafort's alleged russian intelligence source. Really? He was interacting with the chief. The chief political officer at the US embassy is a big deal. Meeting sometimes several times a week to provide information on the ukrainian government. Wow. He relayed messages back to Ukraine's leaders and delivered written reports to us officials via emails that stretched on for thousands of words. The memos show I thought this guy was russian intelligence. Looks like he's ukrainian to me. Now, folks, this is the 2016 scam we're talking about. I want you to understand it's the same scam now. I don't believe any of this shit. Any of it. The FBI looks like they got burned yet again. And if they didn't get the right, now, that is the most, I shouldn't say the least damaging story is that the FBI got played this guy. Now they're saying, oh, forget it. The whole hunter Biden story is fake.


This FBI informant guy got it from the Russians. That's the liberal narrative. This informant had been working with the FBI, ladies and gentlemen, since 2000 and freaking 15. My phone says it's 2024. By my math, that's like nine years. You're right. Yeah, I'll back you up on that one. Oh, Jay. Jay's. We had a bust out. Jay's ab. Joe misses Jay's advocates. I do. I love Jay's advocacy. I know you do. It's been with us since the beginning. Pioneers. The FBI has worked a ton of cases with this guy. Are all the other cases thrown out? Folks, I hope you understand. Way too excited. Calm the hell down. I was a federal agent for a long time. Who gives a shit? It only matters because I've got a certain body of experience in the space. When you are working a source like this FBI informant, the FBI informant, you have to verify his information. Or if you're going to use him in a case and you've used him in the past and his information is panned out, even if the information is tough to verify, you can probably still get away with it, because he's got history.


He's got a resume. You see what I'm getting at? What went wrong with this guy? Who all of a sudden is a russian intel operative or something, or connected to one. What went wrong? If you use this guy in the past, are you throwing out all his cases, or did the FBI get duped again? That's the most charitable explanation. The one I'm leaning toward, because I don't trust the FBI management at all, is that they knew this guy was maybe a fake and a phony. Or providing fake information and to distract republicans from all the real stuff, Bob Alinsky, the money trail, the Moscow mayor payments, all that other stuff. They set up people in Congress. Oh, look what we got here. Shiny red object. We got a new informant only later on to pull the ball out. You guys got tricked by Russia again, folks. They're doing it again. Steal. I told you this the other day. How do you steal an election? Three steps. Steal. Spread the narrative, and censor anyone who goes against the narrative and questions it. How do you steal an election? By pre bunking information. How do you pre bunk information?


The right knows Hunter, Biden, and the family has significant legal issues right now, and Biden is corrupt. You got to pre bunk it. So you spread a narrative. Oh, that's russian intel. And then you censor anyone like this. Like this show speaks out against it. I'll show you how they're doing it right now. I'll walk you through the game plan. We always do our homework. I never show up here and just guesstimate shit. Okay, I'll show you how they're doing it. Right now. Steal it. Spread the narrative. Censor and you just saw the narrative they're getting ready to spread. You talk about Hunter Biden. From this point on, the Democrats and their media bootlicking, ass kissing, sycophantic losers are going to go. You're just spreading russian intelligence. Quick break here. Field of greens, best thing I do every day, folks. I'm obsessed with good nutrition. I'm going to be 50 soon and been through a lot. So obviously I'm interested in my health. And aging gets rough. You get up there in your forty s and fifty s. I know you know, your energy goes down, start to see new little lines and wrinkles and gray hairs every day.


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I organized the show in this order. It's kind of why I skipped ahead. I was going to do something else, but I changed my mind. Folks, the plan to steal the election is already here. The good news is you all are ready. Let's just be honest. We were all a little bit blindsided in 2016 by the Russia hoax. Me too. I'm throwing myself under the bus myself. When I first heard it, I thought to myself, this story sounds crazy, but the media is. So, I mean, it was salivating over it. I thought, okay, it's obviously not true, but maybe there is a nugget here. I'm just telling you the truth, folks. My job here is to be candid with you. Even when it reflects poorly on what I should have known right away, it was an absolute hoax, start to finish. I thought to myself, and I even told Joe at the time, maybe there is something here, like maybe some guy, you know, bumped into, the pun intended, bumped into these people, and some mistakes were made. But I said, I'm going to hold out and I don't want to be first on it.


And then my sources came forward and blew the doors off the whole thing. The good news about this time is now, we already know this is bullshit. We know they've used it. We're ready for it. We know how to debunk it. We've got Hans, we've got fool Nelson, climate audit, you've got Jeff Carlson, you got epic times. Everybody's ready for it now. So will it have an impact? Russia hoax 2.0? Maybe. But it'll be a sliver compared to what last time was. And the good news is we can mock the media for promoting the PP tape. So here's what they're going to do. Steal the election, spread the narrative and censor first they got a pre bunk. Look at this. Reclaim the net, one of my favorite sites, Google, to start running prebunk ads and quizzing YouTube viewers to fight misinformation. So what's it going to be? It's going to be like ads or things or similar items like that that'll run before YouTube videos. And Google's going to act in unison with the EU and Digital Service act to suppress misinformation. All right, folks, get there, you don't even need it. What does all this mean?


It means exactly what happened last time is going to happen again. YouTube, Facebook, and probably not X, because Elon owns it now. They're going to work in conjunction with left wing ngos, Soros groups and others. To do what? You're out here. Let's pick someone in the chat. Jess, Marie, 1983, looking at you now, you're going to put out something on Twitter. It's going to say, folks, be wary. This associated with russian intelligence, FBI informants, probably bullshit. And what's going to happen, your reach is going to be automatically suspended or you won't even know you're shadow banned. I was shadow banned. I was part of the initial Twitter purge. You can go look that story up yourself. So they're going to try to prebunk. Why? To steal an election. How do you steal an election? By controlling the freaking narrative every single time. Steal, spread and censor. So step one is you have to prebunk. If you look at our friend Kanakoa the great on Twitter, the misinformation experts they're going to use to run ads before you're, by the way, this is why you should be on Rumble. Yes, I'm an investor there. I get it.


But if you're not on rumble, we don't do that. We don't run pre bunking ads on rumble. We actually believe in free expression. The misinformation experts they're going to use, quote, strongly leaned toward the left end of the political spectrum. Less than 5% identified as slightly right. You see how they do it? This is a great tweet by Kanakoe you should read. He's even got a little chart up at the end where you see this survey. They took these misinformation experts that are going to prebunk stuff to make sure you can't speak before an election. They're all liberal, radical lunatics wearing sheik Guevara shirts. That's it. Go to that chart at the end. You'll see at the end. He's got this little chart here of all the political allegiances of these misinformation people. Look at that. Look at that, folks. Very left, fairly left. Slightly left. That is the overwhelming majority of misinformation experts that are going to be censoring you on social media. You may say to yourself, Dan, this sounds like the same freaking thing they did to us in the last two elections. Yes. There's nothing I'd like to tell you more in this show, like I'm breaking new news.


It's not a new scam. It's an old scam. Say it's russian. Say it's collusion and ban anyone who talks about it. It's the same scam. It's the same scam. So step one, steal. Step two, spread the narrative. The hunter Biden story is russian disinformation. Damn. We've heard that before. I know. The narrative is going to be some going forward. They're going to have to now tie this to Trump because timeout to baby. All right, there's time out on the field. It's a 22nd. This narrative that the Hunter Biden source is basically a russian stooge. They somehow have to tie this to Trump. Now, last time, how did they tie it to Trump? Do you remember? In 2020, not 2016, in 2020, Joe, you remember, does anyone else remember how they tied this whole thing? They said that the Ukraine information that Hunter Biden was on the Ukraine Dole and that Joe Biden was involved. How'd they tie it to Trump? You chastisers know, someone say it there. Someone say it. Yes, Rudy Giuliani. Remember, Giuliani got a hold of the laptop, completely separate and distinct. They were like Trump's guy did it. He was working with like Russians or something.


Remember? They're going to do it again in 2024. You understand what I'm saying? They're going to have to tie that story to Trump. How are they going to do it? All you got to do is listen to Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi here. This is hat tip maze Moore, by the way, another great follow on Twitter. Here's what you're going to see here. You're going to see, for those of you listening on Apple and Spotify and on audio platforms only, you're going to hear Nancy Pelosi in 2016, I believe 2018, and then now is going to hear three separate cuts going to sound continuous. You're going to see how she moves from collusion to more russian nonsense to now. And then I'll play the cut individually. She's claiming now that the Russians may have something financial on Trump. They're already doing it here. Play that cut.


We will, of course, retain the White House with the election of Hillary Clinton, I have won my white and purple colors of the suffragettes in honor of the fact that we have our first woman president, soon to be Hillary Clinton, elected president. What do the Russians have on Donald Trump politically, financially and personally? What does Vladimir Putin have on President Trump, personally, politically, financially, in any way? What does he have on Donald Trump? Think it's probably financial. I think it's probably financial. Either something financial he has on or.


Something on the come, folks, I'm going to play that clip individually, the last one, because the thing about Democrats is you got to understand, they know the media will not scrutinize anything they say at all. So you may be saying in the chat right now, you probably are thinking, I mean, they're not that stupid to give up the whole story this early, right? No, they are. It's not that they're stupid. It's that they know the media will go along with anything they say. Nancy Pelosi has sent out Joe. I wish I could whistle like that. I can't. Even the dog whistle. Hey, start reporting stories about russian financial connections to Donald Trump. The fact that they're totally made up is completely irrelevant. They're already telling you what the collusion is going to be. Financial collusion. The Russians are paying off Donald Trump. Trump's got some business interest in Russia. Watch that is going to. Joe, can you flag it for me? Let me give you a time marker, please. 1140 on, what is it, the 21st, whatever. Please flag that because you're going to see it in the coming weeks. It's going to be some derivative of something like, let me just guess, because the Democrats are so predictable, Donald Trump wants Russia to take over eastern portions of Ukraine and hold Crimea because he's got some economic interest in some property or something over there.


Folks. Got the flags? We got flags. Yes. Flags are in the chat. You heard. It doesn't matter that it's bullshit. It doesn't matter. The media will not scrutinize anything. Just say, here we go, here we go. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. All that matters is that it's reported before the election. Here is the slightly longer version, only about 20 seconds, I shouldn't say, but this is the actual cut. And a complete thought of Pelosi telling Jen Psaki what the collusion scam is going to be going forward. Take a look at this.


He looks like he's going to be a person without dollars either. But the values are what concern us.


Yes, the dollars.


I don't know what he has on them. But I think it's probably financial. I think it's probably financial. Either something financially has on or something on the come.


Pelosi is not stupid. Okay? Why is that still on the screen? There we go. Thank you. Get that. Well, Nancy Pelosi is not stupid. Okay? She's not. Nancy Pelosi is evil. She's malicious. She's engaged in so much political malfeasance. I could do an entire week of shows on it, okay? But in the end would get boring because she's been up to so much no good for so long. Do you think Nancy Pelosi said that by accident? Nancy Pelosi already has the talking point. The media, Jen Psaki, the New York Times and the Washington Post, Philip Bump, Natasha Bertrand, Ken Delaney and all the hoaxers out there, all the CNN crew, they now have their marching orders, which is tie Donald Trump financially to Putin and claim somehow anything he does or says on Ukraine or is going to be Trump trying to make money off it. Therefore, we shouldn't elect him and that the Russians don't want him in and sent this fake source over there to make up the story about Hunter Biden. I'm glad you all flagged it, because when it happens, you're going to be like, good. I'm not wasting my time on this show.


What have we been wrong about? Seriously, what have we been wrong about? This is not hard, man. This doesn't take any real investigative skills. These people are stupid. They're telegraphing it right now. So the takeaway, before I move on to the interview that happened last night, a couple other things that are really important here. Interview with Donald Trump, that is. Folks, please, I'm asking you as a friend, I've been doing this a long time, this podcast, and I've been doing criminal investigations and work with intel people for a really long time. I'm asking you as a friend, anytime you see our FBI or DOJ say someone associated with russian intelligence did something to hurt the Bidens or to help Donald Trump, I would base level assume without any information countering that that person is not russian intelligence or is working with the United States government. It's insane. I have to tell you that. But if I didn't have evidence to back it up with the Kalimnik Manafort case, that they've done this exact thing before, I promise I wouldn't say it. All right. Donald Trump gave an interview last. Chatsters, I need your input here.


Bot Gino. Let me do a little poll. My humble opinion, granted, I'm not completely objective on this matter. So I understand that I endorse Donald Trump early. So I get it, but I'm trying to be objective. My humble opinion, I think it was Donald Trump's best hour. I thought some of his best answers. I thought the best revenge will be success was probably the line he should use and put on every bumper sticker all around the country. My humble opinion, that should be his tagline for the rest of the campaign. My best revenge will be success. It was an amazing line. Yes. You think it was his best interview and no, you thought he did better. Another one. I think it was his best hour long. I mean, some of the answers were maybe not his best ever, but I thought in total yesterday, I thought was his best performance yesterday yet. It was really good. Looked presidential, didn't get distracted and gave really tight answers. I hope he sticks to that. I want you to watch this because this is what set the media into a tizzy last night. Here was the answer. That, of course, set the entire left wing media on fire when he talked about mail in ballots.


Check this out.


Speaking of that, how are you going to make sure that mail in ballots and voter fraud, which we heard from a lot of people in line, was an issue front and center? They're very concerned about mail in voting. So forget the pass. What are you going to do to make sure we don't have problems going forward? If you have mail in voting, you automatically have fraud. Okay, well, there's mail in voting in Florida and you won huge.


That's right.


If you have it, you're going to have fraud because you don't have any. When you go into a voting place, like you go into one in a properly run state, they look at you, they give, you give voter id, you give all sorts of identification. I mean, it would be very hard to cheat in a mascot when you send out millions, like California, I think they send out 36 million ballots, they don't have a voting booth in the whole place, and then millions of ballots come back. Nobody knows where they're coming from. But what are you going to do about it? The way you win is by swamping them. The way you win is by swamping them. You got to have, and we're going to swamp. I'll tell you what, I did great in the first election. I did much better in the second.


We have interesting news coming up, folks. Whenever Donald Trump brings up the fairly obvious about mail in ballots, that if I don't have to go to an election official to sign in, show id and vote. Obviously it's easier to cheat. Does anyone in the chat disagree with that? But the fact that that's remotely controversial with leftists shows you how malicious these people are because they know it's not controversial. They're just lying to you because they want to cheat. Of course, if you want to cheat, you'll object to people saying common sense. Things like Trump just said. What Trump just said makes absolute common sense to anyone who has a dendrite and an axon functioning. Anyone. If I can just drop a mystery ballot in a mailbox without having to see anyone, of course I'm more likely it's easier for me to cheat than have to walk in and show id. This isn't hard. Of course everyone in the media freaked out. But what Donald Trump said has already been reported by the New York Times. Do we got to do this again? Tony's like you said, the don't blame me, Tony, really? You putting this in the show again?


Come on, man, we're working together a couple. I'm already tired of this guy. He's like, come with me, bro. You told me to put it. I did. I'm messing with him. Here we go. Adam Liptac, 2012. New York Times error in fraud. There we go, a mail in ballot fraud. It doesn't matter. You can look up the article yourself. The New York Times reporting on mail in fraud. Mr. Sancho, who's become a legend in the show. Mr. Sancho said the more people you force to vote by mail, the more invalid ballots you'll generate. New York Times 2012, ten plus years ago, yet Donald Trump says that it's a big international scandal now, folks, Laura Ingram's response, part of what she said was correct. We do have mail in balloting down here in Florida, and it is more secure than other states. And that's why republicans consistently win in Florida. Trump won twice. DeSantis won by 19 points. So you're probably asking, well, what are you guys doing different in Florida, folks, there's a number of different mechanisms in Florida. To go online, my local election official, you have to put in driver's license numbers, you have to put in dates of birth.


They have to make sure you're registered. They do signature verification. It's obviously only mailed to the address on file. I mean, it's not a perfect system. And I'm sure there is some fraud, but it's pretty tight in Florida. I mean, we won. Donald Trump's never lost Florida. Never. And he won't lose it again. DeSantis won huge. But that doesn't mean mail in ballots are a great idea. They're not. And Donald Trump clearly stated why. It doesn't mean you shouldn't vote either. We got to get this guy in office and clean this mess up. Having said that, with an election update I haven't conducted in a while, Nikki Haley, ladies and gentlemen, has just turned into a total embarrassment. There's a theory going around, and forgive me for even saying it yesterday on the radio show, because she was given this speech. Did you see it yesterday? She pulled. Ladies and know I hate to go to the Bongino curveball, because one time I actually threw the Curveball and Gee's like, please, bro, the backup camera thing wasn't working. I'm gonna tighter grip on the hook this time. Here's the deuce, okay? The Bongino curveball. Nikki Haley did a Haley curveball.


She gets everybody to South Carolina. All the press, the entire nationwide press corps to South Carolina because they thought what? They thought she was going to drop out. So she gets a free, I don't know, hundred million dollar international press conference where the whole world is there. And what does she do? She doesn't drop out. She goes and gives this anti Trump screed. She starts crying. It was one of the worst speeches I've ever heard. She is really turning into a sore on the butt of the republican party now. She has no chance to win, and she's clearly taking the heir in the spare strategy. She knows Trump is the heir to the presidency and she's basically hoping something happens. He gets arrested, goes to jail. That's what she's doing. She has no chance to win. None. RFK has a better chance to win than her. Which makes the whole secret Service thing perplexing. But that's for another day. But someone suggested. I shouldn't even said it on the air because I know better. I repeated this, someone said, oh, well, maybe she's planning to run third party. No labels, folks. I don't think that's what she's doing at all.


Why? Because these folks. Thank you for asking. Folks. These states, especially Maryland, where I ran, many of them have sore loser laws, meaning if Joe Armakos gets on the ballot as a Republican and loses, he can't get back on the folks. Don't, again, look it up. Don't take my word for it. So a lot of the people saying that aren't aware of that. Nikki Haley can't actually run again under a different line, no labels or whatever. You can't. They will not let her. But you can write her in. But that's it. Ballot access is limited. If you run in a primary under a party, she is running to be the republican nominee. That's the laughable part. She's not ahead in a single state. Here was a clip of her ridiculous flipperoo speech yesterday. Again, this. All she wanted was free press coverage. That's it. Because she knows nobody's talking about her anymore. I don't trust this woman at all. Now I'm just going to say now publicly, I love the Trump team. They're my homies and all, and I endorsed them early and I want to keep everybody on track and do my best to do it.


But Nikki Haley should not be in the administration. I'm sorry. I think DeSantis would make a great secretary of defense if he's interested. Niki Haley I don't trust as far as I can throw her. She's in this only to get on Fox News at this point. Here, check this out.


In fact, you fight harder than ever. That's why I refuse to quit. South Carolina will vote on Saturday, but on Sunday, I'll still be running for president. I'm not going anywhere.


Folks. Come on, man. She's coming off as just whiny and pathetic now. I'm not going anywhere. Great. Will you please stop wasting everyone's money? Tony just said it, right. He's like, you know, the donors keep giving her money. What are they giving her money for? I told you what they're doing. They're hoping he gets locked up or. I'm not going to say they're hoping for any ill will ever be rude, mean, and I don't know that, but there are people winking and nodding like, well, Trump sold, too, if you get what I mean. He's killing the party here. Absolutely destroying the party. Folks, today's a really important show. We've got an election coming up. We are not helpless. Do you understand that? We are not helpless with guys like Hans and a guy fool, Nelson and McIntyre, Shem Horn and other guys. I mean, I can tell you 100 accounts on Twitter. Tracy beans, another one. These people did amazing work. Again, the credit thing, I'm not getting into that. You want to start whining about credit? I don't really care. They don't suggest anyone's doing that. I'm just saying I don't care. But I'm telling you right now, we all have to combine forces again.


I'm saying that to everyone. Link shields with Levin, who broke the story early. And everyone, and we are going to have to get out ahead of this because I promise you they are going to do the exact same thing again. I want to end the show as I start. Tony, can you put the associated russian intelligence thing up again? Whenever you see this in a document, it is not hard. Just do a word search using Microsoft Word, whatever program you use, any kind of government document from the FBI to a charging document. Whenever you see one of these officials, no, not the AP article, whatever the indictment, vice, whenever you see that the subject was associated with russian intelligence and you see those words and you see an anti Trump story, subject associated with russian intelligence said this about Trump. All right, there it is right there, the passing story. It's officials associated with russian intelligence for passing a story about business person one. Or you see them trying to discredit an anti Biden story. You need to just blanket assume that that russian intelligence is not russian intelligence at all, just like the laptop wasn't, or that the person like Constantine Kalimnik they're alleging is russian intelligence is actually connected to a Democrat like the Obama administration.


You blanket assume that. I can almost guarantee you with near 99% certainty that you will never be fooled again. Please don't fall for this bullshit. They're pulling it again. You heard Pelosi. And wait for the financial stories, folks. Thanks again for tuning in. I'll throw this out there again. I don't want to keep mentioning it because it sounds goofy, but we got all this stuff for you at the website. Don't get dead like hoodies and stuff. And Paula worked really hard on it. She got some hats and stuff like that. These trucker hats that are pretty cool. So if you want them, check them out. we deeply appreciate your support. You were able last year to donate $100,000 to folds of honors for a good cause. And please download the Rumble app. Give us a follow on Rumble. We deeply appreciate it. We're at over 3 million followers and join us every day at 11:00 a.m. For the live show Bongino or at the Rumble app. It is free. We love the video program. It's our favorite one. Thanks for tuning in. Spread the word so your friends know what's coming. It's all bullshit, I promise you.


I'll see you on the radio in a little bit and back here tomorrow. You just heard the Dan Bongino Show.