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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


All right. The reason the Nancy Pelosi story is a big deal. And by the way, my wife had a correct me, I wasn't aware that a blowout is not a haircut. I don't care. I don't have hair to blow out or to cut at all razors random because I had I do it myself.


But the reason it's a big deal is because, you know, the whole constitutional republic thing that liberals have declared dead and buried still matters to us. The same people. These people work for us, it's not a talking points on a campaign slogan, it's not a rinky dink campaign sign on the side of the road. That's real. They the Pelosi Capitol Hill swamp rat bureaucrat class, they work for us. We don't work for them. But them in the snob class, the Hollywood elitists, the academics.


The CNN talking heads think we work for them. And Pelosi, that's why this story about Nancy Pelosi's blowout is blowing up everywhere. Today show brought to you by Express VPN, protect your online activity from prying eyeballs today, get a VPN, go to express VPN Dotcom Bonjean. Welcome to Dan Bongino, show producer. Joe, how are you today for real this time.


Well, for real. Pesta aguaje, please. Yes, I am.


We had a great opening and I'm like, Joe, how are you? And I have much Joe, we can't hear you. So, of course, you know, we're supposed to talk about your flubs, but we do it all the time because this is different than everything else and we do whatever the hell we want every time. Yeah. So it's good to hear you. I actually just said the same thing twice with you. What? I repeated that exact opening.


Right. Paul was almost the exact same. Yeah. All right. I got a lot of material that I think I've got an update on your big show, huge show on Walkerston, the Wolke Estonians trying to take down Adell. And I've got some inside baseball on the Democrats real tactics post-election, which I warned you about yesterday, show bluegum and how Facebook and the tech tyrants are playing into the whole Democrat strategy to delegitimize the election. That hasn't even happened yet.


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Listen, we can laugh and, you know, make snide remarks about this all we want. But for those who missed the story yesterday, I was all over the news. Nancy Pelosi, you know, the queen of snide comments about the Republican Party. If you don't wear a mask, you people are evil. You're awful. You're downplaying the virus. Meanwhile, it was her telling people when the virus was exploding in the United States. Come on down to Chinatown, join the party.


No social distancing, no nothing. Right. That was Pelosi doing that. So Pelosi got busted on a camera inside a hair salon, getting a blowout in the hair salon while the hair salon was in fact closed for the normal people, us, the citizens of this country that actually run this place and pay for it and finance the largesse these idiots in D.C. take our money to spend. She's disgraced herself, she's disgraced the country, she's disgraced the Congress, she's disgraced anyone claiming her Nancy Pelosi is an embarrassment and an intergalactic one at that.


If you're a Saturnian from Saturn watching this, you're laughing right now at the stupidity of this woman to go on camera every day and destroy and deride people for daring to have to go out and make a living in the middle of a lockdown. That's been a calamity. While she, in fact, ignores those very same rules and doesn't herself. Marsalis, while condemning everyone but Hamas is an absolute disgrace. So what did she do yesterday? I want to play this video.


Here's Pelosi, astonishingly. And listen, I'm dead serious. Do not communicate, email, tweet, Facebook, anything to me anymore. Not doing to the liberals because we get emails from them. I don't want to hear it ever again about how Nancy Pelosi is some brilliant political tactician. She's a buffoon. She is a buffoon. I've said that in the past because it's not her. It's got to be a staff. This is a complete buffoon.


Here is her. Instead of apologizing for breaking the rules on tape, going out to get a blowout. While everyone else is being bankrupted and can't go out and get their own darn haircut, here's Nancy Pelosi doubling down and blaming the salon owner who's about to go out of business because she's not allowed to serve the normal people, only the elitist snob nose in the Air Force like Nancy Pelosi. Listen to this crap. Check this out.


I've been there many over the years. I've been there many times. I appreciate I appreciate the question. And let me just say this. I take responsibility for trusting the word of a neighborhood salon that I've been to over the years many times, and that when they said what we're able to accommodate people one person at a time and that we can set up that time, I trusted that. As it turns out, it was a setup. So I take responsibility for falling for a setup.


And that's all I'm going to say one day, that that's real.


That's not a Babylon B segment. Tell me again how this is some masterful political tactician. Ladies and gentlemen, she's a disgrace. She's a complete, utter buffoon. She's on tape violating the rules. She says she's a lawmaker claiming this is astonishing, acknowledging her own ignorance. She's a lawmaker, the speaker of the House. Claiming she didn't know the law law maker, law maker of laws, law law maker, makes laws, doesn't know law, and is then blaming the salon owner for setting her up about a law she claims she didn't know.


She's getting her legal advice from the salon owner. She put in a bad spot by breaking the law. Folks have warned you repeatedly that this is what happens when the benighted anointed class of self-appointed. Intellectual superiors, and believe me, I lose, I use that term loosely. This is what happens when they turn a governing model on its head. And what are supposed to be public servants? I don't mean in a subservient role, you know, just because people run for office doesn't mean they're inherently bad people.


There are a lot of good people in office, very few, unfortunately, but there are some. Shouldn't treat people badly because they're politicians, obviously, unfortunately, most of them aren't proven wrong later. But that's not the way they treat us, this is what happens when public servants turn a governing model on its head and think we are their servants to work for them. This is what happens when a salon owner feels like they can serve, not the owner, because she's the one upset about it, let me be crystal clear.


But the woman who rented the chair. The person who rented the chair from the salon owner who serviced Nancy Pelosi with the blowout, which I thought was a haircut, I'm proud, by the way, that I did know that my wife's embarrassed for me. She said, I'm proud and I'm proud. She's embarrassed for me that I know it was a blowout. But this is what happens when the actual person cutting the hair says, oh, no, we'll be OK.


I can do this in like a black market way and service Nancy Pelosi's hair because it's Nancy Pelosi that is going to happen to me. She's the benighted class. She's one of the Knights of the Roundtable. This is what happens when governing gets turned on its head. Ladies and gentlemen, I make arguments on this show. That I think are salient and will stick out, and I said to you a few weeks ago that I think one of Joe Biden, I think potentially the most damaging thing he said during this entire campaign when he's actually spit out a coherent thought, which is rare, which is rare.


But it's not a word salad or a neologism or some words made up or something like that when he actually gets a coherent thought out and someone's holding cue cards or whatever, the most damaging thing he said was that, yes, he would shut it down again, lock down the economy if the scientists tell him to, even though there's no evidence he's lockdown's work matter fact. If you watch yesterday's work show, the evidence is actually counter to that, that the lockdown's were where the places had the biggest spikes.


It is cited the evidence, if you're interested in that, that's in yesterday's show. That was the single most damaging thing Biden said. I bring that up because I believe this is the single most damaging moment in the last few years of Nancy Pelosi's decades in politics. Maybe not ever. She said a lot of dumb things, including you'll find out what's in Obamacare when we pass it all. We found out. All right. Remember that, Jim?


But I would make the case, Joe, that in the last few years of her ridiculous, absurd, destructive to the United States political career. That this is the most damaging moments and it's not about a haircut, it's nothing to do with a haircut, folks, and it's not a small story. Well, she's got a haircut. What's baby? That's how the liberals place now. It is epidemic of a problem in this country, which there's been a deplorable air quotes revolt against, and that the media elitist snobs, the Hollywood idiot friends of theirs, the academic morons and the swamp rats up on Capitol Hill have been completely blind to.


The revolt coming from the middle class, working people of America against a class of people who have tried to cancel them and treated them like dirt servants and garbage, they've they're completely blind to it, I'm telling you. Folks, I listen to these people talk. I've dealt with them when I did commentary at other networks, they are entirely blind to the electoral repercussions of treating American citizens like trash for decades. They think you're just going to let it happen.


The entire Tea Party revolution, followed by the Trump presidency and a potential potential re-election, we'll see what happens or I would argue are almost entirely due to a populist revolution in America, not a party one. It's not a party when there are disaffected Democrats and Obama counties who voted Trump into office and the media is entirely blind to it because they don't see the damage from things like Nancy Pelosi did, how it paints them as a totally out of touch, benighted bunch of losers who live a lifestyle.


You're never live even though you're paying for it. And they have no skills. They have no skills. These are not talented people. Listen to me. The press here, these are not talented people, I have dealt with a lot of them, I'm not talking about all of them. I don't want to paint a broad brush. I'm telling you, the large swath, though, of politicians I've met in D.C. Sadly, many in both parties are some of the dumbest people I've ever met and some of the media people I've met during my time in my prior career working in the White House and in my time running for office are really stupid.


I'm not kidding. I'm not meaning to make this overly personal, I know stupid is never a compliment. I mean, they are intellectual lightweights. They are some of the dumbest people you've ever seen. And I'm not just talking about their lack of book smarts, their lack of skills, their lack of real world experience where they know nothing. I'm talking about their social intelligence as well. You know what social intelligence is, you ever heard of social IQ, social IQ, it's not a measure of aptitude or achievement.


It's a measure of how people. See and adapt in a social interaction, I'll give you a quick example, maybe it'll make sense because it's important because politicians like Nancy Pelosi in the media I've met have none of this. You ever go to a party or whatever, and, you know, it's a bunch of guys thought, you know what happens? I go to parties with my wife. I used to well, I don't go anymore. I can't stand them.


But, you know, my wife will go off, talk to our friends, and I'd wind up with a bunch of guys I knew a little bit. And you're talking and there's oh, she knows I'm not sure she knows exactly on time, but there's always that one guy and like a group of four people standing around, you got a beer or whatever. There's always that one guy in the bunch who won't shut up about himself on everybody in the bunch is uncomfortable but him, you know.


Right. Know, the guy I'm talking about in this case was supersmart. You're laughing, Joe, because you bet everybody has been there, right? Yeah. The guy I'm talking about was super smart, really, intellectually, almost the genius. But I couldn't believe I when this group of people who cannot read the group that the four or five people talking with the group I was in were like, please shut up. You're super annoying. We get how great you are.


You've said it 10 times. He had no social intelligence at all. These are politicians, Hollywood snobs, academic snobs and media, far left, radical elitist activists prototypes. They have no intelligence. They have no social IQ. They have nothing. And they wonder why the Trump revolution happened and may, in fact, happen again. They wonder how a rich billionaire from New York. Who had donated to Democrats in the back and in the past? They wonder how he won an Electoral College landslide outside of the big city, Mecca's.


How did that happen? Because he spoke like people spoke, he sounded like they sound. He fought liberals, made fun of it, you say he fights, he did fight, he fought back when attacked. People want others to emulate that behavior, people voted for, like, I want to fight back like that, I don't want to be a victim of council culture. I don't want to sit back. Cinar holding my knees, hunched over, afraid of these media people anymore.


They're morons, I don't want to. Why do I have to be afraid of them? That's why they voted for. Folks who are completely blind to this, I'm telling you, many of them don't even think this is a big deal. It's a huge deal. And Walkerston. And the eruption of the Castanias now I'm talking about the liberal won't cancel culture, elitist snob crowd that thinks we're all morons and they're so smart that they should lord over us.


They keep doubling down and they don't see the backlash coming. Ladies and gentlemen, throughout human history, we've seen these evolutions. We've seen them from the French Revolution to our revolution. People in the French Revolution, it was a disaster then we saw a yearning for real liberty, not fake cries for liberty, like in the French Revolution. We've seen these cycles throughout human history, the scientific revolution. Following ages of suppressing data and fact in favor of superstition.


You're watching a revolution now against the benighted world class that feels like they can get a haircut while your business is shut down and you can't and they don't even think it's a big deal. And she turns around this clown buffoon, Pelosi, she's the guy in the group talking about herself that everybody thinks is an idiot, a moron. And she sees no problem with it at all. No social intelligence whatsoever. All right, let me get to my second spot I want to get back to this is important.


I've got a block in the beginning about Walkerston because this is I'm telling you, they are thick to this. They see none of this coming, which is a huge benefit for us. And stop talking. You're going to wake them up, folks. It's not going to wake them up. It's not. Trust me. They think they ignore this show completely. We have millions of people a week, millions that watch it. And they say he's a right wing provocateur.


They're Padrino. Why is this Facebook page a number one page in the country on any given day? I don't know. He's a right wing fool. They're totally blind to it. Totally all right. Also, a bunch of our friends that simply say, listen, here's the thing about home security companies, many trap you with high prices, tricky contracts which we hate, and lousy customer support, not with our friends. It's simply safe. You want simply safe?


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By the way, for some of you who are not hip to dopy leftist terminology, remember, leftists have no social like either. Wolk is their word for people who are awake to the zeitgeist of the time they're in with the canceled culture, they're down with it. You know, the purity revolution with it. They find racism everywhere. If you don't find a job, you're not WOAK either. Hi, guys. You're still asleep. You're not WOAK.


You're not a Pakistani. I'm down with it.


So the welcome stadion in the Purity Revolution, which to me talk about this yesterday, the purity revolution of the world, remember that we did how the problem with the Wolke Estonians and their purity revolution in America, finding racism with everyone everywhere is eventually people find racism in you. And it becomes a race to the bottom of the racism barrel. Why, because you constantly have to find think about this, this is important, Paula, get ready for this, because I want your evaluation of this segment, too, as it happens in lifetime.


The problem with Pakistani and liberals in the New America is they want a new America. In order to convince people that a new America is needed, they have to convince people of what first. Come on, you got it. All those radio listeners out there, you know what? They have to convince you that the old America sucks, right? Yes. Thank you, you got that, Paula. But the old America doesn't suck, the old America is absolutely fantastic.


We've got our problems, but the America we have now is great. This is a terrific country. We've had our stain's we've had our sins, we fixed many of them, some we're still fixing now. But the old America, our America now. It's the most wonderful place to be born. It's the most tolerant, diverse, prosperous country in the history of humankind. The Walkerston Indians on the left know, you know that, so they have to constantly seek out new evidence of systemic racism and racists to show you how awful their new America is and that the old America is a racist, awful place that you should rebel against.


But what's the problem? In a tolerant, diverse, prosperous, great country such as this, it's really hard. To find examples of that. So the Walkerston audience just invent them and when they run out of people on the right and conservatives and libertarians to call racist, which is all of us, by the way, we've all been there. We've all been falsely accused of their charges, believe me. US right wing provocateurs, the quote, That idiot in a week wrote an article about my Facebook page for food.


What happens, Joe, when they run out of people on Earth, they start turning on themselves? It is, as I said, when you race to the bar, there it it there it is. When you race to the bottom of the euro racist barrel. Eventually, the people accusing you of being a racist start getting accused of being racist to what happen? Great article in The Wall Street Journal about another bogus Dannion rebellion, trying to claim another soul in their race to the bottom and their purity revolution.


Nobody. You're all racist except me. And then all of a sudden, like, wait, I'm racist. Do under the sun never sets on the WOAK Empire. Wall Street Journal Adele is the latest to be cancelled. Adele, the singer. Oh, I'm sure she's a real conservative as American progressives impose their culture on Britain. Huh. So, Adele, I didn't even know. This is Adele British. I don't know. I've heard that.


Hello. I've heard this is about it. I don't know anything about Adele. You know, didn't we play Adele Radio one time or someone they know? Whole different story, but I don't know anything about her past. I thought she was from the United States. Apparently I'm wrong. Apparently, she's from the U.K., but Adele, who I would strongly assume I've never met or conversed with her at all, I would strongly, if I'm wrong, Adele, you're welcome.


On the show, we can do a little interview segment. That's fine. But if you're not a conservative, you're welcome on to correct the record, I would bet you she's about as woak as the weakest Darwinians claim focused Dannion should be, but she's not woken up. Adele, the singer who many of you have heard of. She dared. To do this, look at this photo, I will describe it for you audio listeners. This is a from her Instagram.


Wall Street Journal notes the singer Adele, in case you were confused about the other Adele. She is in a bikini top there. What is that, the Jamaican flag and has her hair in? Some kind of not on the top of her head there. Oh, my gosh, this is it. You may be looking at this photo on our YouTube and say, OK, what's up? I don't get it. What's what's the problem? Well, that was apparently complaining about the cancellation of some some festival.


And she dared to put her hair in some kind of design, that's cultural appropriation, you're appropriating our culture. You can't even do your hair anymore, even if you're from if you are a charter member of the Castanias Adell, you're not even allowed. Why? Because it's a purity. The verdict is in. I haven't hit that in a long time. The gavel in a purity revolution. Eventually everybody gets the guillotine and the famous last words and the guillotine, like in the French Revolution when nobody's pure enough because they have to constantly find new witches in the witch trial or else their whole effort burns out if you can't find new.


Which is why if witch trials, you need someone to put on trial, eventually, everybody's a witch. Famous last words in the guillotine, but I'm on your side. Sleepy Hollow time. There is no side. This is not a legitimate fight. The Walkerston Indians are just making this stuff up as they go along. Remember the Salem witch trials? No one was actually a witch. So in order to keep the histeria momentum going in the witch trials, you have to find new witches, hence the term witch on, you know, like what's happening against the United States even now.


Witch hunt, meaning a hunt for something that doesn't, in fact exist, like Russian collusion. Or racist, the devil. Listen, I don't know, Adele, I've never met her, but I'm reasonably confident Adele is not a racist reasonably. Again, if she wants to dispute that and say she is a racist, she's welcome on the show. But I'm not a liberal moron, and although Adell probably is a liberal and we probably share nothing in common, I wouldn't dare go on the show and accuse her of hating people because of the color of their skin.


Matter of fact, I'd probably strongly refute that, even though I don't even know her, because that's a really disgusting thing to say. If you have no evidence and I don't have any evidence whatsoever that is a racist because she decided to do her hair that way. Cultural appropriation. Are you serious, you morons, cultural appropriation. What an idiot. Some people would call that cultural celebration. I think this looks good the way other people have done their hair, so I'm doing it myself, sane people would say that might be a compliment, not Walkerston Estonians.


Adele needs to be canceled. Well, here's the funny part about this. As I started the beginning of the show with the Trump revolution, explaining to you why the Pelosi blowout is a bigger deal than the Pakistanis think it is. Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, cultural revolutions work both ways, and the left has been on the winning side of this cultural revolution for a long time. I'm telling you, the tide is turning. Because as you start to accuse everyone around you of being a witch.


Eventually, everybody panics and says, wait, I could be next, I could find myself in a boiling pot of water as a witch myself. We better stop this now. Well, the United Kingdom, again, no bastion of conservative values, a lot of good conservatives in the U.K., we have a pretty big audience over there, but I wouldn't say an overwhelmingly right leaning country. Outside of the Thatcher era. Even a lot of Brits are like, this is really dumb.


This is from the Wall Street Journal story. This is great. So when all of this, quote, Adele's story offers a silver lining, it does as Americans attacked her for her Bantu knot's, numerous Brits and Jamaicans rose to her defense. Quote, The Adell cultural appropriation thing is just a perfect microcosm of American cultural dominance. One writer tweeted.


He bemoaned that, quote, Everything is analyzed through the lens of one country and its tensions, meaning the United States and that other countries weren't allowed to have their own approach to integration. Quote, Yes, it's very tedious. A prominent historian responded, quote, The current frustration of large swaths of the British left before US cultural imperialism is really quite the irony. I can't believe I'm quoting British leftists. British leftists who are giving the double barreled will keep the YouTube family friendly fingered thingy, baby.


They're like you American leftist morons can take that cultural imperialism, imperialism, where you want to impose your canceled culture on a singer from the United Kingdom, you could take it and run right up. That thingy there, what we call the wazoo, nobody knows where the wazoo is, but you can probably figure out what I'm talking about. Even the UK is laughing at the World Castanias. Ladies and gentlemen, Alinsky rules, right, Saul Alinsky, my gosh, so evil, those rules are terrible.


Yeah, they are even more terrible when you impose them on people trying to impose them on you. What's one of Alinsky rules, you know, in his book, Rules for Radicals How to impose social change with very few people and How to do it? What's one of his rules? What is the most powerful weapon out there? Come on, you know what, many of you read this book. Humiliation. Oh, my gosh darn, that's morally wrong.


It can be, not in this case. Humiliation is a powerful weapon. This is why Donald Trump is so powerful. He laughs that these idiots laughs at them. When I play those segments of Donald Trump at press conferences humiliating the hapless Caitlyn Collins from CNN, making her look like a buffoon, I don't do it to pile on Caitlyn Collins. She piles on herself. She's really not that bright. She has the social IQ of a tree slug.


I do it to show you that this is how you fight back. Humiliation is a powerful weapon, and I'm very sorry if that morally offends you, but I'm over the morally offensive stage. The new rules will be in effect. When the left stopped calling us racists and homophobes and transphobia and other disgusting terms completely not applicable to the most tolerant movement on Earth, the conservative movement in the United States. Yes, that's right. And we'll stop humiliating you in return for being the morons you really are.


And how great is it that the United Kingdom, the left in the United Kingdom, a country that leans a lot further left in the United States, is laughing at these idiots in Walkerston. It's just terrific. Showing you again, though, how Alinsky rules making the left live by their own rules, one of another, another one, by the way, of Alinsky principles.


This is a great one, you haven't seen this Jojo only gets to preview the videos, I want to give a big hat tip to Matt Polumbo, who manages Bongino for us and writes some terrific articles that Bungie dot com. Don't mention Matt enough. He does some really great work. Matt is always great on his social media feeds of picking out moments of just outrageously hilarious liberal hypocrisy. Remember, Alinsky rules make your opponents live by their own rules.


Pelosi says we can't get haircuts, we should all wear masks. Maybe Pelosi should get a haircut, should wear a mask yourself. I'm just I'm just saying I have to say rules of fair law, the law thing. You lawmaker make your laws. So when you make man slip by a journalist, she doesn't like it and why making people live by their own rules is so effective because it shows you how stupid many of the rules are when the people who write them are willing to live by themselves.


Matt picked this out yesterday. This is a genius. This is great.


Let me show you the cover of this book that is lighting up. This is a real book, by the way. It's not a joke. Vicky Costabile wrote a book called In Defense of Looting. This is not a joke, this is a real book with a crowbar on the cover. You can see the cover on our YouTube account, YouTube dot com slash Mancino, a riotous history of uncivil action in defense of looting. This is an actual book in defense of looting for the liberals this year.


That means stealing stuff that isn't yours. So you're allowed to take this to book defending, taking things that aren't yours, it just read the title in defense of Liberals. Love this book. If you haven't seen it, it's up there with that white fragility, stupidity. Liberals love this stuff. So the liberals new guiding ethos is if you're white, you're a racist no matter what. You just saw this now, didn't you? See, I've even got the levy.


She just picked this out. I sent there this screenshot you just figured out. So the new thing or if you're white, you're racist automatically you're white fragility book. And number two is looting really isn't bad. Here is one of the first pages of the book highlighted by the great Matt Polumbo. Remember, the book is in defense of Stealing Things That Aren't Yours. Put this up if you just saw this quote from the book. The scanning, uploading and distribution of all the scanning, uploading and distribution of this book without permission is a theft of the author's intellectual property.


If you would like permission to use material for this book other than for review purposes. Please contact permissions at this email address. Thank you for your support of the author's rights.


This is the greatest thing ever. This is the big and. Can I get a hold on, you get a map? I have to bow, I have to get up and actually this is the greatest thing ever. The book is called In Defense of Looting Steal Things That Are Yours, folks. No words. Just don't steal my book. Don't steal my book. Why these people are total phony. Vicky Astor while is a total fraud. If looting, say, OK, just put your.


But there it is again. Don't you dare upload this book without permission. It's a theft of my material. But you can go and steal other people's stuff, steal everybody else's stuff. Just don't steal my. These people are frauds. Don't get a haircut, you could kill someone, you better give me a blowout, you better wear a mask. I am wearing a mask. There's the witch, but which that which you're which I'm not a witch is a witch.


Lootings, great, don't steal my book. These people are frauds and they wonder why they wonder why Donald Trump won the election. They're totally blind to win. Matt, please, I know you want to write a piece on that, please, please, please, can we call him right now? Let's call him on the show, you want to do this, let's call Maracay answers, we're going to do this on the show live. Let's see if Matt answers or not.


We've never done this before. It's a first put him on speaker for you folks, this is a now we call George Papadopoulos on the show. Yes, we did. All right, let's see if he answers. This is going to be a classic, he better answer. It's probably working on Bicheno report. Hey, hey, you're live on my show right now on speaker, so just be careful. Don't curse. All right. OK, so listen, you've got to watch my show.


I your everybody's going crazy here, Joe and Paula, over your thing about Vicki Boswells book in Defense of Looting. But don't lose her book. Can you do us a favor for my audience so the audience can hear you? I got you on a microphone. Can you write a piece on this and put it up on today? Absolutely. Please. Your screenshot is just prie only you would find something like that. But so just to be clear, the premise is don't steal and go steal stuff and say, OK, but just don't steal my book, right.


Yes, pretty much it. All right. All right. Watch the show today. This conversation is live on the show. All right. Right that up up. We'll try to get it up later on in the show. Notes. Right. Good job. See you. OK, that is only our second phone interview. Impromptu. I literally picked up my phone. You can watch it and it's not planned. I'm not kidding. That's not like hey, let's be funny about that is just math.


That's why I don't even know if you're going to answer. Let's write a piece on that, Vicky, Ostrava, go ahead and steal. Don't you dare steal my stuff. Send us an email first, then maybe we'll give you permission. Buffoons, utter, complete buffoons. All right, I got a lot to get you on the. Kitty is a good time to take a take a commercial break here, so. Let me just put a couple quick programming note for.


Here's what I got coming up, by the way. Remember I told you about the Democrats plan post-election? Get worried right now, quote, street fights, they're planning, remember, I showed it to you in yesterday's show, their own transition project, get ready for a street fight. The tech tyrants like Facebook are playing right into this, too. I'm telling you, this election has already been declared illegitimate by the left, and it hasn't even happened yet.


I got a lot on that few programming notes to get to this quick spot, and we'll get right back to it. First, my next book, Follow the Money. It doesn't come out till October 6th, but we have a special for you if you're interested. The book is, of course, about George Soros, his role in the Ukrainian debacle with Biden, his kid, the impeachment hawks. It also has a whole chapter on Obama's fixer.


Kathy Ruemmler, the Obama fixer who's involved in all of this, has a chapter on this FBI agent intimately involved in the Spygate affair, how this FBI agents managed to completely run under the radar. And it also has a chapter about someone media people believed could have been a spy in the White House for Comey, who was again flown totally under the radar. I'm not kidding. I think it's my best book yet. I narrated it. It's an easy lesson.


The audible on Amazon, if you want to get ahead, the audio version, which I narrated myself, is available now on Amazon. We don't do that often. We're only doing it for this book. The hardcover comes out October 6th, so we got a little bit, but the audio was available. Can download and listen. Right now is my voice. I read it. I if you want to get a head start on the book, so check that out.


And secondly, tomorrow we will have in the end of the show would be a regular show. No worries. But I have an interview with Don Jr. at about 50 minutes long. That's really. Pretty awesome when you agree Paul Town was on fire, so that'll be in the end of Tomarchio, doesn't miss that. All right, let me get to my last monster and I got a lot more material getting to show both of your friends at my Patriots supply this and you ensure everything in your life that matters, right?


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Go to my Patriots Supply Dotcom, the original Patriot preparedness company. That's my Patriots supply dotcom. Don't wait. Go today. Prepare, ensure your food supply. All right.


So I warned you yesterday and I on a very serious note, I'm not doing this to scare you. I'm you know, I'm doing it. So you're prepared. Prepared for the potential unrest ahead caused by leftists who are already preparing to delegitimize a presidential election, that hasn't even happened yet, here's their fear. Ladies and gentlemen, you don't want to repeat yesterday's show, but there's already a consulting firm financed by Bloomberg's people. That are saying, well, even if Trump wins by a landslide on Election Day, you know, the results could change a few days later due to mail in voting.


Mm hmm. Basically, what they're saying, the Democrats, don't you dare media people declare this election for Trump because we have a couple of days after that to fraudulently alter the election. Right. That's what's happened. You understand? That's what's that's the subtext there. They're telling media people now, don't you dare declare this election, no matter how big of a victory it is for Trump, he could lose votes. It could go either way. I can't predict the future.


I'm just telling you, the leftist groups, Hawk Fish was one of them already sending the message out to the media. It's a trial balloon. It's a bad signal. Don't you dare declare the election for Trump because we still have time to fraudulently impact the election and give it to Biden even if Trump wins. That's why this is happening. Now, do you see how all this stuff starts to come out day after day after day, all hints and winks and dog whistles to media people, don't you dare declare Trump a winner.


Make I want to you absolutely have to get this tattooed on your forehead. The media has been warned by the tech tyrants and these groups paid for by Bloomberg and others. Don't you dare declare a winner if it's Trump. If Biden wins by a sliver, they'll declare it right away at 9:00. Don't one. Polls close at nine on one, Biden wins. It's all over. Everybody go home, sir. Folks, already, both polls aren't even close yet.


Western Florida doesn't matter. Don't even bother. It's over. It goes for Trump. The pressure on the media to market to not declare a winner is going to be overwhelming. Let's see who Foltz. The tech tyrants are in on the game, too. Check this bad boy out, Washington Examiner, oh, all of a sudden, Facebook jumps in Facebook to ban new campaign ads one week before a 20 20 election. You know what else was in this piece?


Facebook, Joe is warning. Their users. That if you declare, quote, premature victory on your Facebook account or media operations, that they will ban those posts.


Wow, what folks, now you see why I'm a part owner of Parler, by the way. Why, it's my social media home, because we don't impact free speech, we let people speak freely as long as they don't break the law. Facebook doesn't care about your free speech, Facebook doesn't care about your analysis of who won. Facebook just cares about keeping the election under a dark cloud if, God forbid, Trump wins to give the left enough time to overturn the result.


That's exactly what's going on. You think it's a coincidence this story came out at the same time as the Bloomberg Hawk fish thing? Dear media people, don't you dare declare a victory for Trump, even if it's a landslide. You think this is a mistake? Do you really believe that? Of course you don't. This is all these leftist groups and their tech pirate buddies trying to make sure even if Trump wins overwhelmingly, that nobody says Trump won.


They're not going to allow you to put up, quote, premature victory posts. Who determines what a premature victory is? Joe, shocker. You think it's Joe Armacost, Paula? Dan Bongino, no Facebook, no, nobody here yet. Very good. Thank you. That's a very important point. Nobody here Facebook will determine that. So my guess is. If you put up a post on election night based on exit polling and what you're hearing, what you're saying, hey, it looks like Donald Trump won that post will be declared a premature victory, pulled down and banned.


But if you put up a post, Biden's up by one vote in one county in Ohio, Biden in a landslide. That post AOK. That means something different in this household. That'll be on an R rated version of the show what? Does that laughter come over in the back? Yeah, do you hear that? OK, you did good. Premature victory. Interesting how that doesn't actually mean anything, it means what Facebook tells you it means.


Folks, listen, we are one of the top Facebook pages in the country. My pet, so as Ben Shapiro's. The Hodge twins get in there, Franklin Graham drives the left crazy that we produce. Content on Facebook that drives liberals nuts drives Facebook mad. It's only a matter of time before they look for an excuse to ban Mostue again. That's why I'm involved heavily with parler. I put my money where my mouth is and unlike the left.


That's none of that. Don't steal my book, steal everybody else's stuff, steal Damboa genos book, don't steal my book. I thought your book was titled In Defense of Looting if don't let me loot him. You watch this is going to come a big deal. How have we ever let you down? Have we ever let you down on a big scandal? Never. We've always been ahead of it, right. The whistle blower thing Spygate owns.


I don't tell you things I'm not getting inside baseball on, I have a little birdies whispered in my ear all the time, you know what I mean? Telling me stuff, hint, hint, nod, nod, there is a massive operation going on being run by former people, one of them has been open about in the Department of Defense to engage in an election disinformation campaign. Right now, our Department of Defense, by the way, he knows who he is.


He's engaging in a massive misinformation campaign. And all of these tech tyrants, media folks and Bloomburg like groups, are all playing into it to get you to believe if President Trump wins the election, even in a landslide, that it's not legitimate. You watch what they keep and I market. September 3rd. Watch the chaos Facebook causes right around the election if this election is even remotely close, watch. Audience archives, Judy, hold this show, remember the date for us?


She lost everything she. Because we'll play it when it happens, how Facebook won't let you post the Trump one, they're already saying it. Remember that street fight thing we talked about yesterday, you had the Democrats in their academic elitists, you know, the ones that don't live by their own rules, you know, the guy at the cocktail party talking about himself, everybody thinks he's an idiot. Well, they have one hundred of those on this transition integrity project, whatever it's called, transition excuse me, Integrity Project, although I may have just said the same thing twice.


And in there they talk about, hey, folks, this is going to be a street fight after the election, a street fight.


What are you trying to cause? A riot? I thought we were right wing provocateurs. We're the ones who talked down violence all the time. It's the left that loves the violence. They're antifa, BLM shock troops. Those aren't conservative groups beating the snot out of people and burning down American cities, despite what Marie Harf says on Fox. But we arrested a conservative once. Yeah, OK. So remember the street fight they were talking about, watch yesterday's show, if you missed it, it did banker's numbers.


We have a screenshot from the Transition Integrity Project where they talk about, hey, listen, get ready for a street fight, just like Facebook and others. We're not going to declare Trump the victor no matter what and get ready to get out the streets. Well, here's what the Democrats know. There's a great piece in The Wall Street Journal. Today, it's worth your time by Karl Rove, who, you know, some of you may not like Karl, but he does have some good inside of this stuff.


He says, what could go wrong on Election Day, state ballot rules may cause grievous delays even if the post office performs flawlessly. So just to be clear, so we follow the setup. Groups along with the tyrants are preparing for post-election day chaos. They cause because they think Trump's going to win and they think chaos is the only way to sow what confusion amongst the voters about who won, even if Trump wins handily. They need chaos. Chaos is their weapon.


So how are they going to cause chaos? The Mayland system, it's obvious. From Karl Rove's piece, here's how they intend to cause chaos and enough delays that even if it's a landslide, everybody's going to be confused from the peace. Karl Rove writes, quote, Six battleground states don't allow verification of signatures on ballots to begin until the day before Election Day. What the heck? That's in Iowa or on Election Day itself in Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, all swing states.


Real problems will emerge here, folks, especially when there's a big increase in mail in ballots over 20, 16. Take Pennsylvania in the 2016 primaries. Eighty four thousand people voted by mail this year, one point five million did, and that's without a strongly contested Republican primary. Trump was the de facto nominee, folks. Pennsylvania's secretary of state wants the legislature to order to allow ballot verification to begin earlier. That would be wise. Let me translate.


All of these swing states we just mentioned, these battleground states, Wisconsin, Maine, Pennsylvania, Iowa. They're not allowed by their local election laws to start verifying the flood, tidal wave, sue nomy of ballots, they're going to get in the mail. They're not allowed to start verifying the signatures till either a day before Election Day or the Election Day itself. You think Pennsylvania's going to be going to be counting, know, two million ballots on Election Day, they can't even get poll workers to show up.


You see what's going on here, folks, why the Democrats want mail in balloting in conjunction with the tech tyrants that don't want premature victory declared in conjunction with the hawkish people sending out these memos to the media. Don't you dare don't you dare declare anyone the victor in conjunction with the Transition Integrity Project, people saying get ready for a street fight. This is all just unconnected. Conky thinks. Again, I'm not trying to scare you. I'm really not.


I'm trying to warn you, so you're prepared for what's ahead. Well, what do we do? Well, you get prepared to go out in the streets, too, not to fight the leave the violence to the left, that's their thing. I'm serious. I'm not kidding. I'm some virtue signalling. Before I leave that to the leftist Matalan, you have to defend yourself. You're attacked by people, but you have the right to peacefully protest here peacefully.


You have that right to. Start asking your local groups. Republican clubs, conservative club clubs, we have tons of them down here in Florida, what's your plan? Post-election day? They ready? The Trump team, I hope you have an army of lawyers ready to go, because I'm telling you, ladies and gentlemen, if Biden wins, this thing will be over on election night. They'll declare it in moments. There'll be no Facebook censoring posts about a premature victory at all.


If Trump wins this thing, I'm telling you right now, get ready for Bush v. Gore on Dianabol like steroids. Are you contacting your local lawmakers, asking them what they're doing? Are you contacting these groups? I don't mean this in any kind of condescending way, I'm telling you, I'm warning you now this is going to happen. You have to be ready to protest yourself. Liberals will do their thing, they'll burn cities to the ground. That's what they do.


But we live in places where I live down here in Florida that are relatively conservative. We can protest to. You want to get out in the streets so we can get out in the streets to. Get ready for it. Let's show them we have Thick-skinned to. This fights coming, ignore it at your own peril. All right, we got time for this. On that note, it's actually perfect timing. Bill Barr gave an interview to CNN.


I used the. Be relatively friendly with Wolf Blitzer when I did commentary at CNN, he's now lost it, too. I mean, I'm sorry, but Trump just broke these people, just broke them. They become nothing but political hacks at this point. So Barr gave an interview, Wolf Blitzer over at CNN and he brings up this point. About mail in ballots when I just spoke to you about Karl Rove and his warning, how this is going to be their vehicle to sow chaos, mail in ballots, signature verifications, postmarks, they'll sue over everything, everything, every ballot that comes in the mail because they want to prolong it if Trump wins.


BA warns about another component of this and Blitzer, who you think could be a media person who would be interested in what Bill Barr's talking about, saying, hey, Mr. Barr, you're the attorney general. You're worried about counterfeit ballots from overseas. You know, that sounds really interesting. I like to hear more Blitzers not concerned about that at all because Blitzer wants mail in ballots, because he wants the chaos and he wants the lawsuits and the signature problems because he doesn't want a victory declared until by.


Here's Barr on with Wolf Blitzer, who has no questions whatsoever about why Barr would say this other than to try to debunk what Barr saying. Check this out.


And you've said you were worried that a foreign country could send thousands of fake ballots, thousands of fake ballots to people that it might be impossible to detect. What are you basing that on?


I'm basing as I've said repeatedly, I'm basing that on logic. Part logic. But have you seen any evidence that a foreign country is trying to intervene? I'm saying no. I'm saying people are created about foreign influence. And if we use a ballot system with the system that, you know, that states are just now trying to adopt, it does leave open the possibility of counterfeiting, counterfeiting ballots either by someone here or so you think of what began.


Wolf has no concerns about this at all. Wolf, who was supposedly concerned about Russian collusion, interference in the election, is not concerned at all that foreigners could counterfeit US balance and interfere in an election. Now, Joe Wolf's a journalist, right? Journalists, not air quotes journalist. So he must have missed this story in The New York Post the other day by John Levin, which went viral where an actual ballot fraudster explained this in the New York Post piece, how they're already counterfeiting ballots.


Here's the piece. It'll be up in the show notes again today for you liberals who may have missed it. Confessions of a Voter Fraud. I was a master at fixing mail in ballots. John Levine, New York Post, where he described this interesting little tidbit. Wolf, may have missed this. Well, counterfeit ballots don't happen, Mr. Barr. We're only concerned about Russian collusion, says, quote, This is the fraud. They're talking about how they fake ballots.


He says, quote, The ballot has no specific security features like a stamp or a watermark. So the insider said he would just make his own ballots, quote, I just put the ballot through the copy machine. It comes out the same way the insider fraudster said, but the return envelopes, quote, are more secure than the ballot. You can never recreate the envelope, he said. So they had the envelopes collected from real voters. Wolf, I'm sure you're a journalist, right, you missed that, you missed them, is that while you were there, you weren't.


So you have to understand what's not. There is a journalist, Wolf, is there, as a liberal activist trying to discredit Barr. If Wolf was a journalist, he would say to bar. Have you seen the story in The New York Post? Are you worried about this counterfeiting ballots here that this could go overseas to? That's a legitimate question. But, Wolf, it's not a legitimate journalist, so he has no idea. Wolf may have also missed this story in The New York Times, The New York Times, yes, this was back in twenty twelve when The New York Times still cared about mail and fraud, probably because military members vote by mail a lot.


And these military members are largely some of them vote Republican. A lot of them. So they cared about mail and fraud back in twenty twelve. Here's an article by Adam Liptak, New York Times 2012. Error and fraud at issue as absentee voting rises again. This is when Wolf missed this article two. Joe, of course, because he's not a real journalist. We do that here. And The New York Times said this in 2012 about mail and fraud that Wolf Blitzer seems to think is that conspiracy theory.


So quote New York Times. Get votes cast by mail or less likely to be counted, more likely to be compromised and more likely to be contested than those cast in the voting booth, statistics show. Wait, this is The New York Times? Yes. In twenty twelve, when they carried election officials reject almost two percent of ballots cast by mail, double the rate for in-person voting. This quote is classic. They interviewed a Mr. Sanco who said, quote, The more you force people to vote by mail, the more invalid ballots you will generate.


This was in The New York Times in twenty twelve. Look it up. It's still there. It's still there will be BofI still there, buddy. Check it out. Check it out, Wolf OWFI. Give it a read. Maybe stop being a liberal activist for five minutes in your interview with BA and do actual journalism. Not interested in any of that. All right, I'm going to have to push a lot of this stuff to tomorrow's show again, we got Don Junior on tomorrow's show.


It's a great interview. You're going to like it about 15, 20 minutes, but really good. He was on fire about his new book, Liberal Privilege. We got that. I've also got some more video BA from the CNN interview that'll be on tomorrow's show. And we got some big surprises coming up. Please, if you'd like to get a sneak preview of my book again, Follow the Money, my new book, it is available on Audible and Amazon.


Now get a sneak preview hardcopy comes out October six. There's Miss Paula putting up the cover. Thank you very much. Follow the money. The shocking, shocking deep state connections of the anti Trump cabal. I promise you, it's my best piece of work yet. I don't mean that ridiculous moment of self praise. I just really enjoyed. I hate reading the book sometimes. This one I actually enjoyed because I had forgotten some of what I wrote and it was really cool.


I was like reading a book like this guy is really good. And it was my book. Sorry, I know it celebrates things, but it's a good one. So check it out. I read it. If you want to get yourself a head start, please subscribe to the show YouTube Dotcom Slash Bongino Apple podcast. And wherever you get your podcast podcasts, subscriptions are free, but they really help us move up the charts. Thanks a lot.


See you tomorrow.


You just heard Dan Bongino.