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I'm trying to wrap my arms around this.


So just to be clear, the liberals new take and the Harris Biden campaign, their new take is the federal government cannot enforce federal immigration laws on the books, laws, laws, written laws on the books. They can't enforce those. You're not allowed to do that. We should be a sanctuary country. But the Harris Biden campaign is that same. Federal government should enact a national mandate. You must wear a mask outdoors or. Well, I again, I'm just just trying to get my arms around this whole thing.


Taisho brought to you by our friends overexpressed VPN. Ladies and gentlemen, protect your online activity from prying eyes. Get a VPN today, go to express VPN, slash Bongino Express VPN dot com slashed by Genom. Welcome to the Dan Bongino show on this Friday producer. Joe, how are you today. Well. It's Friday. Yes, it is. It's a busy one at that. Yeah, baby, very early, as you can see, a little early.


The show will be up early because we've got a lot to do today. We will be up at Attila's gym in Belmar, New Jersey, backing up the people who fight. The good fight will also be down in North Carolina, down in Apex, getting a tattoo. So I told you that yesterday. You check that out, a live stream, some of it on my parler. Joe is going to help me out with that a little bit.


Joe is also a photographer. He's going to take some pictures. Joe, I just told him that on the air. So thank you very much. And Drew will be with us, too. We'll be doing that. That show will air on Saturday after Joe works his magic and let me know.


Yeah, I appreciate that on the air. I just figured that I'd throw that out, of course, that we always break down the fourth wall. So, yeah, I want to get to the new Harris Biden proposal. That's going to probably infuriate fifty one point six percent of America. Yeah, you're all going to have to wear masks, according to Joe Biden. Now outside. Yeah, yeah. Maybe inside you when you were alone in your apartment and in your car, too.


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All right, Joe, let's go.


Ding, ding. So, yeah, I'm sitting here yesterday, you know, watching the news and the Harris Biden ticket comes up and I know it's the Harris Biden. That's what it is on this show. So I get it. I even got a few emails. It's not Biden. I refuse to do that. It's the Harris. Biden and Joe Biden decides it's time to talk again. Takes no questions at a press conference. Press conference, which really isn't a press conference.


It's just Joe Biden afraid to take questions and he decides to come out with this gem. Apparently, Joe Biden thinks you're too stupid to make the decision yourself about when you need to wear a mask. And so we got this gem from Sleepy Creepy yesterday.


Check this one out. Every single American should be wearing a mask when they're outside for the next three months. At a minimum, every governor should mandate, every governor should mandate mandatory mask wearing the estimates by the experts are it will save over forty thousand lives in the next three months. Forty lives. The people act responsibly. And it's not about your rights. It's about your responsibilities as an American, not about your rights.


There you go, ladies and gentlemen, that's the Democrats summed up in one sound bite right there. It's never about your rights. It has never been about your rights. Now for the dopey liberals, not all liberals, not all Democrats, but for the dopey ones who listen and believe me, we have a lot. I get your death threats on Facebook. I put them out on social media and stuff all day. I actually screenshot them and send them out with the line.


He seems nice. Yeah, some like tough guy, pseudo fake bodybuilder guy said to me, we're coming for you. I'm going to find you front row. Scheu You are showing your muscles. We got that. So we get that a lot. But you're right. This is it's never, ever, ever been about your rights. They don't care about your rights. He summed up everything right there. Now, there was something else that came out in their posts.


They proposed that they want to hire a hundred thousand contact tracers, one hundred thousand contact tracers meeting this. If you test positive for the coronavirus, they're going to come to your house. So we going to see a situation like we've seen in Melbourne, Australia, that I've been covering on this show, enforce quarantines with fines and potential arrest. If you leave your house, then they're going to find everybody else you say you are in contact with and quarantine them to the house to under penalty of law arrest.


If they thought any of this through. Joe, what's likely to happen? Oh, if let's say you hire one hundred thousand contact tracers, government bureaucrats to come to people's houses, and these people just know that anyone they say they were in contact with, regardless if they're showing any symptoms or not, that they're going to be enforced in a quarantine to potentially under the penalty of law under the police state. Harris, by administration. Joe, do you think it's possible not a trick question?


Do you think it's just possible that people would not cooperate and refused to say who they've been in contact with? I'm just throwing that out.


That's a whole lot of fibbing going on.


Yeah, like what's happening everywhere else. They've tried this dopey contact tracing on a mass scale scheme. It doesn't work. Ladies and gentlemen, contact tracing works very well at the onset of a viral outbreak. Very well to contain it. Ladies and gentlemen, the time for it to be contained is over the time right now is to develop treatments to develop good quality testing that's quick and fast and to develop vaccines. Contact tracing can be useful in certain places where you've yet to have a widespread outbreak in places where it's widespread.


Ladies and gentlemen, it's useless. You're going to quarantine everyone. This is what they want now. Another point I brought up at the beginning of the show before I move on here. So just to be clear jobby, it's not about your rights, it's never about your rights, Democrats don't care about your rights are meaningless to them. Don't you get that? This is the bizarre just upside down dipsy do flip Jaroussky, the Democrats pull all the time the same Democrats complaining right now the President Trump sent federal agents, not federal troops.


Please don't be a moron and say federal troops. I'm just begging you not to take the imbecile path. There's a fork in the road who sent federal agents to Portland to defend a federal courthouse on federal property that rioters and criminals and terrorists wanted to burn to the ground. The anti terrorist, the anti First Amendment crew. They don't think that's in the realm of President Trump's federal constitutional powers, hilariously, they don't know he's not allowed to do that.


They also don't think that the federal government can enforce immigration law. None of the states should be able to do its federal immigration. The same people who believe that Trump has the government has no power to stop you from burning down a courthouse. It's open season on courthouses. It's also open season on our borders. The federal government definitely doesn't have the power to enforce federal immigration law. The same people who tell you that. I think the federal government as a power has the power, according to the Harris Biden ticket.


To mandate mask wearing outside across the entire United States, regardless of the local conditions in your area. I was glad during last night's presser Trump fought back against this and was very clear. Again, I'm not anti mask folks, I'm not again, despite the massive volume of death threats that liberals send me, I'm not I listen to the show, they mischaracterize what I say. I don't believe they're particularly effective, if you believe it does, and it puts you at ease out where one for you, that's OK, it's your business.


I don't wear them in my house when I don't have to. I definitely don't wear them outside, especially when no one's around me, because that's idiotic. If you think this works for you and I'm in your house, that's fine, or I'll leave out where I'm I looking to hurt your feelings, that's OK. But I was glad at the Trump presser yesterday, he made that exact point that I'm going to leave this up to locals who can figure it out.


We don't need a national mandate. Good for President Trump fighting back against this just nonsense from the Harris Biden ticket. A national masked man, regardless of any conditions on the ground, this guy is just pandering now. He wouldn't take questions, which shows you what a mess his entire campaign has become. There's been no energy from the announcement of Kamala Harris as the VP, none, they expected this big celebration on the left. Meanwhile, nobody can stand Kamala Harris, but Paula was laughing about it today.


She has a friend who shall remain nameless. She chats with sometime who's relatively nonpartisan, not super political, but votes. And she always goes to this friend for where the you know, Joe, where the population at large is because not everybody is involved in politics, as me and Joe and Paula is. My life is what I do. So she goes to this friend because she's only partially involved. And the friend was like, and I quote, I can't believe he picked Kamala Harris.


We were like, all right, this is a loser. It's a loser. The biggest loser. It's a loser. I'm telling you, it's a loser. The friend is pretty much always right. All right, moving on. But I am there again. They just think you're too stupid to figure this out in Europe because that's how Democrats think. Coche. What I tell you yesterday lies in language prisons, right? That's the Democrats tactic going forward to lie to you repeated the tapes, seem Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen.


Joe, he's coming out with a book with another story. Why are the Democrats so obsessed with what's the deal with TV stuff? What you guys are really sick. They're out with it again. So just constant lies regurgitate the lies, dossier's Russian collusion ppy stuff, just making stuff up all the time, lies and in language. So when you counteract the lies, the Democrats accuse you of being a racist misogynist. It's the Folbigg photophobic homophobe. You know, the whole drill and they create language presence.


What do I mean by language presence? You are not allowed to say certain words because they'll recategorize those words now if especially if you use them. But talking about Kamala Harris, they will. If you use any of these lists, the words Joe and by the way, Joe, the list is expanding rapidly. Oh, many of these words, you definitely are racist and you definitely hate women like Kamala Harris. Why is the list of words you cannot use expanding rapidly?


Because they don't want you to be able to say anything to counteract Kamala Harris massive litany of lies coming out every day yesterday after Joe Biden's mass mandate speech. That's real leadership in it. She wouldn't show real leadership if it like it smacked her in the back of the head, are you kidding me? It's embarrassing. Focus group tested talking point he trotted out in front of the country yesterday and didn't even take a question on. That's your idea of leadership.


My gosh, the revolutionary generation is turning in their graves right now. The language prisons. The list is expanding. You don't believe me, you thought I was messing with you yesterday, right? Look what came out after we were done recording oh, there it is right there. MSNBC, MSNBC and their Twitter feed. Joe phony. We can't use phony now. Phony is a very gendered term that we use to present women in power in an unfavorable light.


There's something fake about them. Jennifer Palmieri says about a Trump campaign attack on Senator Harris. It's a very old Trump, ladies and gentlemen. This is never going to stop. It doesn't matter what you say about Carmella's, whatever word you use, disingenuous, fraudulent, phony, fake liar, every one of them will be added to the growing of their. He said no, he said Friday. And for all that's on the list, do we have the listener?


Give me the list from June. And yes, list of misogynistic are fraudulent. What else did Dan say? Dad said Kamala Harris sometimes comes off a bit disingenuous. Disingenuous on the let. Not yet. Hold on a minute for her will. Disingenuous. OK, everything's going to be on the list. Ladies and gentlemen, you know the drill. Double barrel index finger will try to keep the video version family friendly. Ignore it, just ignore it, call it out, mock it like we do now.


Isolate the idiots who say this stuff and move on, make the joke on them. We isolate these people. We steal the Alinsky rules from them and we make fools out of them. Kamala Harris is a phony, is a big phony, a huge phony. And she's always been a huge phony. Oh, my gosh. That was on the list. Don't care. Thank you. Paul is worried, by the way, because it's an early show.


I don't have enough content. I always have enough that I've got plans for Today show. She was a little worried tonight and said there are a lot of stuff. But I got a big topic coming up on Wokingham, one of the best articles I've read in a long time, finger wagging. But it's true at the Daily Signal explaining what Gizem and Social Justice Warriors. What are you looking at? It's what's wrong. Oh, all right. You look at me.


It's sometimes we have a hard time understanding the social justice world after this article. All and I got that coming up in a minute. Let me get to my second spot. We have three sponsors today because will be traveling through Attila's. So it will be a busy day then. I want to get to just a quick topic I neglected to discuss yesterday. I promise you guys I wouldn't forget it and I forgot it because that happens to me sometimes. Folks Today show also brought to you by our friends at all form.


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It's cool. My daughter loves it. All right. So yesterday I mentioned something about the transactional nature of politics and I didn't really follow up. So I just want to quickly, because I always say I'm not going to forget. I forget. I was talking about lies, the endless litany of lies from the left and how all politicians do it, folks, politicians say things that aren't true. Democrats, Republicans, Trump, Bush, Obama, Clinton, everybody.


They say things that aren't true now, the reason some people are hesitant to use the word lies is because sometimes they massage the corners on it, if you know what I mean. Is it a lie? And sometimes it is a lie. It's an outright lie. And they said, I believe me, everyone does that. I'm not giving any part of your past. I documented yesterday through that National Review piece how in the Harris Biden opening speech a couple of days ago, the endless litany of lies that are easily documented, falsehoods that Ebola was a pandemic.


It wasn't that President Trump is keeping your kid out of school. He's actually doing the opposite. It's the teachers unions. Just a lie. But I said to you, I don't think it's going to hurt Harris by. Just like some of the things that Trump has said, it has come true. Some of them. Haven't heard him much either. And here's the reason. It's not meant as an attack on Trump either. Joe, if you think I'm wrong, I'd love for you to challenge me on this, too, because it's important, but no one actually thinks politicians tell the truth anymore.


You know, Joe's a little older than me, Paul is younger. Like the younger ladies. That birthday message with. Nobody thinks that. You know, before social media, 24 hour cable news, I know when Joe was growing up and to an extent my some of my earlier years as well. Ladies, gentlemen, if things didn't happen on the nightly news, the nation didn't see it. Yeah. It was your local news. It mattered if Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley, Peter Jennings later on, Tom Brokaw, if they didn't cover it nationally, it didn't happen.


It happened, but you get my point, it wasn't a national story. There was very limited real estate and a half an hour nightly news broadcast to discuss the story. Before, say, JFK, nobody really talked about presidents personal lives, no matter what kind of her shenanigans they were doing on the side, if you know what I mean. That whole Clinton stuff would have just gone right by the wayside. With the advent of 24 hour cable news, social media, the Internet constant, literally constant 24 hour news coverage and access to iPhones, everything about every politician now is fair game.


Politicians haven't changed for the 200 plus years our country has been around. Most politicians, many of them have been total slime bags, but some are good, very few. Most have been slimy. Most have been terrible. Most of mercenary. And most do whatever they want to get power. And they keep it. It's just more obvious now because you're bathed in it every single day. My point is that the whole Camelot mystique, the John F. Kennedy Camelot mystique, that's all gone.


Everybody understands right now that politicians, when they go to the bathroom, it stinks that when they show up and they don't wear deodorant, that stinks, too, and that they lie a lot. They have to comb their hair and brush their teeth and eat just like you do. There's no Camelot. There's no Knights of the Round Table. They are just men and women. And they do a lot of things. They lie, they cheat, they steal.


They do a lot of bad things. My point here about why the lies Harris told, because I laid out that whole thing are probably not going to damage her is because nobody takes anything they say seriously anymore. So you may be saying that if you're saying everybody lies all the time, politicians. Then what's the point now there is a point. Now comes a serious part. We as conservatives have become very transactional smartly. We don't really care anymore about your speeches, about your morality.


We don't tell us you go to church, every politician says that when I actually go to church, like people see me there in my neighborhood, I'm not bragging about it. You should go to church. Must be a Chris Rock. But it was like Chris Rock. You supposed to take care of your kids. You're supposed to go to church if you're a cop. I'm not asking for a cookie here, but politicians will talk about that like they deserve.


For word is that they'll look at me, pat myself on the back with the sticky thing. Look, I go to church on Sunday. I'm so wonderful. Vote for me. Great. Good job. You're supposed to do it. We're tired of it. We've heard all the speeches about how you go to church. We want you to save lives. We want you to stop the plague of abortion in the country. We want you to grow the economy so kids everywhere listen to me everywhere have a chance.


Baltimore, Cleveland, St. Louis, L.A., New York. Broward County, Florida, JSM, Palm Beach, everywhere, every kid has a shot, every kid, we want you to do something. We want you to give every kid a shot at education. Stop telling me about going to church. That's great. You should go to church, be a good person. Why? Because being a good person matters. But that's your issue with the Lord.


I mean, it it's not mine. Don't engage in criminality. Don't do grossly immoral things, but if you got your issues with your personal peccadilloes, what? EVERSMANN Save lives, grow the economy, get kids and education and fix the health care system in this country so people can have access to good health care and live fruitful lives. We are entirely transactional. Now, you want to understand the Trump phenomenon in one sentence. That's it. Political allies don't hurt candidates anymore because nobody believes politicians are telling the truth.


Conservatives want one thing now and liberals want the same thing. Conservatives want bigger God given rights, economic freedom, education choices, health care choices and big, bold liberty. And you know what? Donald Trump has delivered on many of those respects on the appointment of federal judges, on deregulation, on tax cuts, on economic growth he's delivered. You can cite all you want, fake PPY stories and all this nonsense. He was on Howard Stern once and said, listen to me, I'm just to the media people who watch his show, and I know you do because you comment on it.


You will never understand the Trump phenomenon until you understand that, how can so many evangelicals vote for Trump? Because we've heard the stories for decades. This guy is so nice. He volunteered for a charity once. Yeah. When he found out he was running for office, he goes to church. Great. But he does nothing on abortion, doesn't cut taxes and craps all over school choice what we're supposed to vote for because he goes to church. We're entirely, completely transactional now.


And whereas the media will never understand about how we rely on Trump because he did it, we don't care about his tweets, he did it, he did it. He cut taxes, cut regulations. He has been a he spoke at the pro-life rally in D.C., the march for Life. He's the first president to do it. He's appointed pro-life judges. This matters to us. You will never understand us because you make no effort. But I will not make that same mistake with you.


And this is where I messed up on yesterday's show and didn't tell you this part. They don't care. We will continue to point out the lies, because there is a small portion of the population that still cares about the facts voting wise, you my audience cares about the facts because we should know where informed voters. But for your voting decisions, let's be honest, most of you are locked in on Trump and the other side's locked in and there is a small sliver of the facts matter.


That's why we covered what we did yesterday. But I'm telling you, don't make the mistake they make with us, make an effort to understand why they are going to vote for Harrison by. They don't care how much they lie, they don't care what they do. They don't care if these guys get caught in a serial murder scheme tomorrow, I promise you, most of them will vote for Harrison by. They don't care. Don't make the mistake of not understanding them.


We are talking to that small sliver of the population that's going to decide this election. But by talking to them, that's what we do. That's why issues like this Fox News story that I missed yesterday, I comment that it's by the great Bryan Flood, who have a lot of respect for Fox health questions for Biden, off limits for media, unlike when it was Reagan, McCain and Trump.


Again, folks, this is a transactional election, the health questions are not off limits. We will talk about them regarding Joe Biden's obvious cognitive issues because it matters. He's going to have the nuclear codes in his hand and he's going to have the power to destroy your business in his hands, too, if he thinks he can enact the national mask, mandates no constitutional authority to do. Health questions are not off limits. But I bring it up in light of this transactional conversation.


We want results, in other words, we're looking for a transaction from Trump no one wants. We're not looking to datum. You know, we're not going to have them over for dinner, Trump produces results. It's a transaction. We vote for you, you save lives, cut taxes and get my kid education choice. That's why this article matters, though, because, you know, we keep bringing up and we should Biden's cognitive capabilities, which are disappearing by the minute.


The left doesn't care. Ladies and gentlemen, they don't care, Joe Biden's IQ could drop 40 points tomorrow. I promise you, the left will still vote for him. They don't care. Don't make the same mistake. Don't make the mistake they made with us. You need to understand that. So we don't say, oh, listen, you may say why? Why do we need to understand that? Because I hear from a lot of people, Trump's got this no big deal is if they're not going to vote or they're not even anxious about it, no, don't get anxious right away.


They're like no one's going to vote for Biden. He's crazy. He can't even talk in a complete sense. Huge mistake. Huge, huge exclamation point mistake. Don't make the mistake they made with us. It would be a strategic miscalculation of the highest order. All right. I really feel bad I didn't talk about that yesterday. All right. Sorry you had a quick take, a quick break, and Paula gives me the wave off sometimes, you know, because she wants to make sure she's afraid.


It was that because it's good content. Sometimes she does it because she thinks it's really good content. She doesn't want to lose it. She gives me like the the Heisman, you know, stop. And she doesn't like a stop sign when you go like 80. So you got to slam on the brakes. So I saw this story yesterday in The Wall Street Journal. And, you know, it reminded me that a lot of my listeners out there, not by any fault of your own, you know, have time to sit down and study all this stuff.


Really don't understand the left. And it kind of. Follows nicely, my last segment, don't make the mistake they make with us, they make no effort to understand us. We will understand that Wall Street Journal. So Yale, the university discriminated by race in undergraduate admissions. DOJ says it's a huge story, folks. It broke last night. The Department of Justice is going after Yale University for the screaming, discriminating, basically, I mean, they have the they have them hook, line and sinker here against Asian-Americans and white Americans.


Yalcin, a lot of trouble. Now, when you see this story and you read the details of the allegations, you know, listen, we'll give them their day in court as we should. They are allegations, but the allegations are troubling. The allegations are that Yale systematically discriminated against Asian-Americans and and white Americans who had to score dramatically higher on tests to get into the university than other students who happen to be either Hispanic or black. One obvious discrimination.


I mean, Joe, correct the very definition of discrimination. We will treat you differently based on your skin color. You're good. Not hard to figure out, right. Just checking. Want to make sure I'm not crazy here, if you're white, you have to meet one set of standards. If you're black, another set a standard that's called racism. You read these articles on and just like the mistake we make with the transactional left who fail to understand us as the transactional right, right.


We're making a transaction. Trump delivers the left is making a transaction out to Biden's going to get Trump out of office. That's the transaction. They don't care if Biden is not all there. Don't don't mistake that for a minute for anything other than the same things happening here. I got a bunch of emails on this story. And some of the tones of the emails by people were like, I don't get it, this is so obviously racist, why wouldn't the left just call it out?


And I thought, man, I got to find a good piece on this. And I mean, perfect serendipity beyond belief. I'm searching through social media accounts, all of them. And I got a lot of them. And I find this just spectacular piece by Jared Statman at the Daily Signal. I can't recommend highly. I put it on by Geno do our aggregate. Three key concepts that woke antiracist believe. Let me unconfuse the title a little bit.


It's a very good piece. Confused by crazy social justice warriors read these three things, that's the title, that's the Dan Bongino version. You think SJW s'mores roasting social justice warriors living in their momma's basements are all crazy. Read this article. I'll translate for it's great to please read it. It's up at the show, notes Bonzi Dotcom Newsletter. My newsletter is the show notes that use the term interchangeably. Please read this piece. It's so good.


It's like a book in a 700 word article without a lot of excess words. So here are the three tenets of WOAK ism, crazy lunatic left moonbat ism that you need to understand to translate stories like The Wall Street Journal and why such an obvious act of racism and discrimination. White kids, Asian kids. You have to do this. Black and Hispanic kids. You guys got to do that or WEIMING out of you. That obvious good. The left doesn't care and here's why.


So good, so good screenshot number one, the number one rule of WOAK ism you need to understand. First, the number one rule of WOAK ism that the social justice workers believe that you must acknowledge you're a racist and if you deny you're a racist, you're a bigot. Racist kind of creates a problem. No, let me read from the piece because this is so good. Right? Is that a problem? So you're a racist? No, I'm not.


You denying it makes you more of a racist? It does. What's your only choice to admit you're a racist when you're not? Here's from the daily signal pieces. Pieces. Second says so good, so good. Kids essentially, quote, If a white person is uncomfortable talking about race or denies his fundamental whiteness show as well as his racism, then he is guilty of white fragility. Oh, no. Oh, no. In fact, according to the arguments of D'Angelo and Kennedy, these are two authors.


Even a denial of racism can be construed as evidence of racism. Although I know you want to come back to people because just do not leave this up for everyone to read because it's so good. As several other writers, including the great, by the way, Mark Hemingway at the Federalist, Molly's husband, who is really the best, as several have noted, this is what's called a Kafka trap based on Kafka's book, The Trial. It's a rhetorical device where the more you deny something, the more it's proof of your guilt.


I'm not a racist. You're oh, you're definitely a racist. You denied. In these two authors, D'Angelo and Kennedy promoted racial variation of common oppressor versus oppressed narratives seem mainly in traditional left wing ideologies. Yes. Marxist economic ideology revolving around classes more or less replaced by race and a scenario where there are only winners and losers.


Yes. You know, one of the best books I've read in my life was David Horowitz's book Unholy Alliance. Where he addresses the question why? Gay, bisexual and trans activists would ally up with radical Islamic ideologues in many cases and would be alive for some of the same causes, when in some of these countries run like Iran, they'll throw people who are gay off of buildings, literally off of buildings. You know, to kill them and stuff like that's what they do.


So a lot of sane folks would say, well, that doesn't make sense if you're an activist for causes that involve the gay community. Why would you ally with a radical Islamic fundamentalism in some places? That kills people who happen to be gay like that doesn't make sense. No, no, it makes perfect sense when you read David's book, Unholy Alliance. And when you never forget the fact that the real enemy with the people who use identity politics, you're a racist folks, the socialists who hate capitalism, the fundamentalists, the Islamic fundamentalists that hate America, the real enemy.


Is us. Freedom. The United States, a constitutional republic. Representative democracy, that's their enemy. Horowitz has always described them as. The anti anticommunists. Where 80 communists, we fight for liberty, communism is the very essence of non liberty, collective choice, not individual choice. There's no such thing as collective choice. It's a fabrication. They are the anti anticommunists, meaning their common cause is fighting US anticommunists. Ladies, gentlemen, this all makes sense now, and it explains why this concept now of white privilege and white fragility and the very essence of denying racism, making you a racist.


It explains again. What a weapon, what a powerful tool this becomes to the Kafka trap, if you deny the crime, it's more evidence you committed the crime. In other words, ladies and gentlemen, you have no way to escape it. Not you are a racist and if you deny it. You will, in fact, be accused of producing more evidence that you are definitely the racist they accuse you of by denying. It also comes down to the zero sum theory here that there's winners and losers, in other words, that your success is attributed solely to your whiteness and your white fragility, whatever it may be, and that your success came at the expense of others.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is pure socialism through and through. This has nothing to do with race. It's the simple transplantation of race onto a socialism argument, socialism, the very essence of socialism, the proletariat, the bourgeoisie, the whole nonsense about the zero sum economics is that if you became rich, you became rich at the expense of the working poor. You took it from them. That somehow Bill Gates is a billionaire because he stole billions of dollars from other people, not that he actually invented a product billions of people use to enrich their lives and paid him to use, which is what actually happens in like sane people's heads, like us, an irrational lunatic heads.


Bill Gates stole billions of dollars from people. You understand how this white fragility. Acknowledge you're a racist or you're even bigger racist, do you understand how that same zero sum winner, a loser sociologic excuse me, socialism ideology is just transplanted onto a racial background? There's a winner and a loser. You're a winner because you're white, if you're black or Hispanic, you lost and the person who is white is only successful because of that whiteness, which somehow took something from you ladies.


German is pure socialism. It is the unholy alliance between identity politics, racial warriors looking to divide the country, socialists and anyone else who hates America to. One more point, I'm only on screenshot one, I will get through this, I promise you, this is so worth your time, this article. So two takeaways. It's a trap, acknowledge a racist or you're more racist. The second takeaway, this is strict zero sum socialism transplant that winners and losers only.


There are no collective winners like living in the United States, where the poorest people here are richer than the richest people in some third world country. There's none of that. Everybody's a winner or loser based on race or based on if you own capital, it's the same ideology that makes sense, Joe. Yeah, yeah, it does. Easily to me. Yeah. You don't get I don't know. You sure? Yeah, not sure. Are you messing with me?


Sometimes the audience thinks you don't get it. They say they think you say you get it because you're trying to make nice. So you make me sound smart. I talk to you about the stuff all the time.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. You tell me off the air. Typically it's zero sum stuff. Throw it in the garbage. Yeah. One final point before I get another. The screenshot to here. Do you notice how the concentration and focus of the identity politics, racial warriors who want to make everything about race is never, ever focused on eliminating obstacles for minorities who are suffering in bad schools and bad cities and rundown cities with bad police forces and bad and terrible economic opportunities.


She noticed the focus is never on eliminating those obstacles. Poor schools, bad policing. You notice that the only focus is on creating new obstacles for people who happen to be white or Asian. Did you notice that as that? As if that when I get the point number three, you'll understand that they don't care about eliminating discrimination. They want new discrimination, thinking it's going to solve all discrimination problems. The real solution is to eliminate obstacles for everyone and let everyone have a pathway to honest, hard earned success.


They don't want that. They just want to put new obstacles in front of you. And if you deny that, you are definitely a racist.


All right, screen screen shot, no screens to spit it out, then screen shot number two. Colorblindness is the problem, and that's racist to. The concept of equal opportunity is fundamentally rejected by the doctrines of D'Angelo and Candide, and these are just who are these two authors behind these are these ridiculous concepts. They argue that in a deeply racist society conditioned to white supremacy, equal opportunity under the law only perpetuates more inequality. What these two authors rebuke the idea of colorblindness and how we treat race.


The Angello does so more in a cultural sense. She argues that colorblindness is essentially a sign of white privilege, a manipulation of the message of Martin Luther King to perpetuate the more racist well.


I I know you probably you may need to take some fish oil after maybe some foundation, some break free plug for them, you may need some ATP to refresh your neurons because you may say, gosh, that sounds kind of dumb, twisted. So if we're colorblind and we you would think, right. If we treat people. Based on their character, their actions and how they treat us and we ignore the color of their skin, that that is, in fact racist.


If you're sitting there. Trying to pull out your hair or hair plugs, and I'll leave that one for another day in some people's cases. Well. You should be, because it's clearly the mark of a moron. That judging people without respect to the color of their skin is in fact racist is logic turned on its head. Why do they do that? I always give you the why I don't just read articles for the sake of it. So in part one, we compared socialism to identity politics in part two here, we're trying to figure out why the constant focus on the melanin component of your skin, no matter what, even if people live by generally in the United States, of course, we still have people who have who are racists.


Every society does. I mean, that's just tautological. Sad, but true. But the United States come a really, really long way. Why the relentless focus on the melanin component of your skin and how dark your skin is? Because, ladies and gentlemen, they need it, the Democrats remember the unholy alliance. The Democrats antifa, the liberal activist groups, the Marxists at BLM, they're the anti anti-communist, if you believe in the United States, the constitutional republic, economic freedom, liberty.


And a representative democracy, you are their enemy, and they will ally with anyone they need to ally to and say however big the lie, they need to say and repeat it to take you down. In order to take you down, they need a weapon and one of the most potent weapons in a nonracist society is to call people racists. Think about it, folks. Why is being tarred a racist if you're not so damaging to your career, your friends, your reputation, why?


If we're the racist society, these two left wing authors with these lunatic ideas want you to believe we are, then why is being called the racist? Such a career ender, such a death sentence for your social circle, you'd think you'd be celebrated in your social circle, right? I mean, just a common sense question, isn't it, if we're all racists? Then wouldn't racism then be celebrated because we in fact, if we're all racists and we believe that the color of your skin is a determinant of who you are and you speak out and say something racist publicly, why would it be a social death sentence?


You should be celebrated, right? Well, you're not. You say racist stuff, you're you're basically booted off Twitter, your friends won't talk to you, your neighbors will want you to move and pretty much everybody hates you. And why is that? Because we're not racist. But they need you to believe everyone's a racist, so they have to weaponize skin color. So when they say things like color blindness, color blindness, excuse me, is in fact racist, they're doing it because it's counter to their strategy to make everything about color.


So when you don't make everything about color, you are in fact a racist, who are you getting the circular reasoning? No matter what you do, you wind up at the beginning of the Monopoly game back to square one, which says, quote, You're a racist. And there's no get out of jail free card, no matter what you do, you're a racist. Let's go to take away number three from this excellent piece. The solution to discrimination is discrimination.


You're like, wait, what? I'm not kidding. So, Candy, again, one of these authors leans more strongly into creating laws that specifically promote anti-racism to be effective, he says they must be discriminatory.


Oh, dude, I know. I know you've had enough. I know. I know you. You've reached for the Pepto here, but just roll. We're almost done. I know it's I know it's infuriating. I know the discriminatory laws can be argued, can be desirable and in fact, necessary as a way to promote equity. Folks, again. Here we get back to no matter what you do, you will be a racist. So if you speak out against discrimination, but you don't promote additional discrimination.


Back to the opening article about in The Wall Street Journal about Yale being alleged that they discriminated against Asian-Americans and white Americans based on their college admissions. That's considered to them anti racist because it's using discrimination against white and Asian students to combat discrimination. So it's, in fact, anti racist.


Oh. You see how the socialists play the same game. The Socialists play the same game with words. Language prisons. You're like, wait, that's discrimination to discriminate against Asian students and make them. Have to subscribe to a different set of standards to get into university is not discrimination. You're definitely a racist for saying that. I am language prisons. You didn't describe it correctly, it's not discrimination against Asian-Americans, it's a. a. a. racism through discrimination, nondiscrimination, discriminatory non-discrimination if you don't use that term.


You're definitely a racist, too. And you're like I am. And everybody shuts up and lets it happen. This is a tool, the social issues. Orwell warned us in 1984 about it all history will be erased, language code, speech codes, you'll have to agree to two plus two equals five. You'll have to agree to it. And if you don't, you won't be let out of prison. Not only will you have to. This is important.


Not only will you have to agree that two plus two equals five, you will have to demonstrate that you believe in. This is sick stuff. Really sick stuff. All right, let me get to my final sponsor, I got a couple more stories. A major foreign policy victory for Trump that even Reuters had to acknowledge was a success. But I promise you, the mainstream media will largely ignored and find a way to blame Trump. First major revelation towards some former Middle East peace.


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While we were on the air, the story came out that even Reuters had to acknowledge is a huge, huge foreign policy victory for President Trump.


Reuters, Reuters You know, if I'm using Reuters, it's a big victory. Reuters With Trump's help, Israel and the United Arab Emirates reach a historic deal to normalize relations. Folks, this is huge. It's a lot of left wing media types are trying to downplay it. The Obama administration hates it. Why? This is there's two reasons this happened. One is a lot of the Gulf states are starting to realize right now that the Iranians are a real threat, not just a threat to Israel, but to them, to the Saudis, UAE, Bahrain.


They're starting to come to that realization real quick that the Iranians, the mullahs, not the people, but the mullahs are crazy. And that this could really mean the end of them if they get a nuclear weapon, the Iranians, which they probably are on the road to right now. The United Arab Emirates is probably figuring out, along with a lot of the other Gulf states, that, you know what? Arabs in Israel have more freedom than Arabs elsewhere.


I think we should get alongside these Israelis and not the Iranians, the whole Death to America crowd, that's number which is driving. By the way, Joe, the Obama acolytes like Ben Rhodes and the other clown show from the last administration, crazy because they love to death to America Iranians.


The second thing this is about is a growing terror threat from the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups in the region. Listen, these countries are starting to figure this out. You cannot live in an international global economy anymore where you're going to need tourism and business when there's a constant threat of terror in your country, they don't want it. I'm not apologizing, I'm not suggesting these people are the people who lead these countries are going to turn tomorrow into a constitutional republic, but they're starting to wake up to the realization very quick that.


This system isn't going to work forever, you're going to need international trade. The Iranians international business, these things are starting to matter and they're starting to figure out that the Israelis are going to be their best friends. I just thought I'd bring that up, especially in light of the fact that the Obama administration is losing their minds. You may think, gosh, it's a three page. What, are you going to another post? No, no, it's not.


It's actually some of those. I go back and forth because I do the show out of order. It's just one page. I'm just flipping back and forth. All right. Let's try to power through the rest of it because I got some good stuff. What was next was in April. What was the CNN stuff? That was five, six. All right. This is an older video, but I want to play it, it's important at CNN, which, of course, it's going to be something crazy.


But to get back to what I was talking to about before with the daily signal article, How You Can Never Win with the racial identity politics left, how everything with them is about labels. I want you to watch what happens when identity politics warriors attack each other because they're not woken up. Remember, the whole thing with Wokingham is it needs to constantly find new victims. Right. And you eventually run out of victims because people like, hey, my life's OK.


I'm not a victim. No. You know, you're definitely a victim. So they eventually cannibalize and turn on each other. This is from a while ago when Kamala Harris was running for president. But this is April Ryan again, who happens to be black. And Don Lemon, who happens to be black, only relevant to this topic because they're both fighting with each other about what the essence of Kamala Harris is. Blackness is, if anything ever sums up the nonsense of hyphenated Americans, this is it.


They can't figure out how to hyphenate. How about we're all just Americans? Can we just try that sometime? Check this clip out?


She is a black woman. She's a mixed race woman. When you see her, you see her blackness. But she is also South Asian. Her mom is South Asian and her dad is Jamaican. April, April. I mean I mean, listen, more power to her. And I think that's great. That is that should be enough. It is enough that she's a black woman.


We are not a model. No, no, no, no, no, no. They didn't say. Oh, no, no, no, no. I think you're not you're not hearing what people are saying. The people who are saying, is she black enough, that's bull. That's B.S. But to two to one distinction to say, is she African-American or is she black or she whatever, that there is nothing wrong with it. There is a difference between being African-American and being black people, Latin people, Latino people are people of color.


But they're not black. They're brown people. She's OK, but she is a black woman. OK, that's what I agree with that. I agree with that. But if you want African American woman on another.


No, but is she African-American? There's a difference. There's nothing wrong with that. No one is trying to take anything away from her and her lineage. I think your fault I think you ought to know all she had to do was say, I am black. No, I'm not African-American.


That's it. I'm just I'm not following it. Let me let me let me finish. Hold on. I'm not falling into a trap. But it when when when she goes down her lineage, many Africans landed in Jamaica and all these other Caribbean islands she could in Jamaica is not American Emmitt with otherwise. But she is not American. But she is a black woman. She was one of the Jim Crow, Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz, Ted Cruz talking about Ted Cruz.


This is not about Ted Cruz. It's. By the way, if you're watching on YouTube, if you have it, please watch this on YouTube, YouTube Dotcom's Lightbourne. You know, Joe, did you see the two white dudes on the panel sitting there? Yes. They're like this. Yeah, they're froese, by the way. That clip goes on for another 30 seconds. I said I had to cut it for Joe. That goes on for I had it because, folks, I don't want you banging your head off your desks or your steering wheels if you're listening in the car.


I wanted to make sure you don't go and say so. I had to cut that off. That goes on the two white dudes. Stone that not they didn't even blink. I think Matt Lewis is one. I don't know who the other guy is. They don't know what to say to white dudes. They don't want to get in between April Ryan and Don Lemon, who happen to be black, arguing over what black means if Jamaica is in America, if she's African or she's not African-American, she should make it an Indian that.


Do you see what do you see what happens when you judge people exclusively by their country of birth and the color of their skin? Do you see the nonsense that ensues? Instead of just saying she's an American citizen running for president, can we just judge her on what she does and says, can we just try that? That quote, I saw that on social media that shows me that clip is just fantastic, fantastic. It sums up the left in one clip.


And the two white dudes, the two semino quited. In a panic, they don't know what to say. I can I can check your know you can shut your pie hole. Oh, my gosh. All right, a couple more things going to get the reports up. So jobless numbers came out Wednesday, starting to get to them just again. Been a busy week with this kind of like the longest day ever today. Jobless claims fell below a million for the first time.


So, again, nothing to celebrate nine hundred sixty three thousand jobless claims. But ladies and gentlemen, the trend line for jobless claims, people losing their jobs is clearly going down. That's a good sign. Another article in The Washington Examiner worth checking out. You know, folks, the account, the economy's in trouble, no doubt, but it's adapting. This is an article by Bruce Yandi ahead in the show, notes this week, the economy is reinventing itself, so leave it alone.


Folks, the American entrepreneur. Is the most powerful business mind in the world, the American economic engine will not be stopped not by a virus, not by terror attacks, not by world wars, nothing. It won't it's not pseudo patriotism. It's not me like saluting the flag for the sake of I do salute the flag because I love it. But that's a fact the American entrepreneur and businessman will not be held back. We are really hardworking people and we are figuring it out.


It's an interesting part of that second piece I just want to read through that entire industries are now retooling themselves and figuring out ways to operate in the middle of a pandemic. Again, liberals will never give American business any credit because they think, Wojo, that they stole their businesses from all the poor people, everything was zero sum. You see how I tie that in the quote? These are the people who previously ran restaurants and are now operating food trucks or takeout businesses, some are people who worked with diverse service providers that now contract with businesses to provide cleaning and decontamination of premises.


Others who previously worked in offices and managed construction projects are working from home and using drones to provide daily work progress reports rather than remitting. Some are needing a replacement economy from new balls of yarn while finding we're finding ways to get cost down and profits up.


Yes. Yes, little note of positivity on this Friday. We will not be held down. We're going to figure it out, it sucks, I know it. It does. That's why we're getting out there and getting our hands dirty day and traveling around a little bit. We want to support everyone that's making it happen. You're never going to keep us down. It's not Zero-Sum, these American entrepreneurs who are figuring out ways with drones and take out all kinds of ways to operate in the middle of a pandemic.


They didn't steal anything from you. They're feeding you. They're building your houses in your buildings in the middle of a pandemic. And they're figuring out a way to do it. You know why? Because it's not a zero sum. We all benefit from it. Nothing was taken from you. It's only being given in the form of effort. All right, one last story today, but it's an important one. You know, I focused a lot on media gaslighting and I'm trying to trying to avoid overwhelming you with it because there's just so much media nonsense would be a waste of time to do a whole show on it.


But this was important because this was a particularly offensive. Piece of media bias, I'm not kidding. Can we do the tweet first? I know I said I do the video first, but let me show you the tweet first. This is one of the worst reporters I've ever seen in my life. We've Yamaichi Alcindor, who will just make an incident out of anything. She tweets out on our Twitter feed at Yamaichi, one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen.


She says a moment to behold. This was a question to Donald Trump. The question was asked of him at a presser. What do you mean by an invasion in the suburbs if VP Joe Biden is elected? The question was about the affair. Joe Biden's plan to build low income housing in the middle of the suburbs. Right. Well, she quotes Donald Trump's answer or does she? So she puts the quote, she says and she says, the moment to behold.


In other words, this is really bad. Trump says they're going to destroy suburbia and 30 percent of the people in suburbia are minorities, they say. Thirty five percent, but I like to cut it lower. What I. Not messing with you. I read that I was a. Trump, there's no way in Haiti's Trump said that. No way. And knowing it was from Yamaichi, who, again, I'm not kidding, it's I know it sounds personal.


I promise you it's not is seriously one of the worst reports of totally incompetent. I knew she was making this up. So I decided to go on to my social media accounts and find the clip, and luckily Benny Johnson had it up. And here's what Trump actually said. Did he say he wants to cut minorities, the population of minorities in the communities in suburbia? Is that what he said?


Maybe if you put the whole quote, you'll understand the storm several times that Joe Biden is elected president, but there will be an invasion in suburban neighborhoods. It's a sentiment that you see between again this morning. Exactly. Do you mean by an invasion?


What I mean is people are going to become they going to be opening up areas of your neighborhood, which they're doing, and now they're going to do they wanted to expand it and they will expand it. If for any reason they're going to, in my opinion, destroy suburbia. And just so you understand, 30 percent plus of the people living in suburbia are minorities, African-American, Asian, American, Hispanic, American minorities, 30 percent. The number is even higher.


They say 35. But I like to cut it a little bit lower. You know why that way I can never get myself in too much trouble with the fake news. But 30 percent plus are minorities. What a disgusting. Filthy thing, Yamaichi Alcindor, did she cut the quota off? President Trump wasn't saying he wants to reduce minorities in the suburbs, you dunce, you know exactly what you did. What he was saying was he was making the point that he was proud of the fact that suburban residents are largely thirty to thirty five percent minorities.


We have the most diverse suburbs in the world. He said he wants to cut the number lower sometimes because he's afraid if he gives the higher number, that the fake news media will accuse him of lying about the number of minorities in the suburbs he was proud about. He was making the opposite point, the exact opposite point. But again, if you're listening to fake news specialists like the completely incompetent Yamaichi Alcindor, who cut that quote off right there for a reason, you actually believe President Trump, rather than saying and making the point he was proud of the number of minorities in the suburbs that live there.


You would believe he made the point that he wanted to cut minorities out of the suburbs because you listen to dunce's and incompetent buffoons like Yamaichi Alcindor. She knew exactly what she was doing. Again, back to the beginning of the show. These people are totally transactional on the left. They're different than we are and that we have morals and we typically don't do that. We have some people on our side to do screwed up stuff, but we typically don't do that stuff.


Thank God they are totally transactional. You Meechie, will do anything and say anything to make sure that the incompetent Harris Biden ticket wins. She doesn't care for credibility goes down the window. She doesn't care how many conservatives tweet back at her and indicate that she selectively cut off that quote. She doesn't care. Understand it and you'll know how to win. Ignore it and we'll lose. All right, folks, thanks again for tuning in. Don't miss my show, I'll be live streaming some of this stuff in my parlor account.


We'll be putting out some pictures on Instagram as well. You can check that out. Well, maybe do some stuff on Twitter, too. I want to cut them out, but I will be able to tell his Jim and I'll be down at the apex, the Jackson's tattoo place down there. So like I said, tattoo time. Never thought that would happen again. But you got to rep the cause. You say you're going to do something, you got to do it.


Something got in the way of me doing something else.


I wanted to do a death in the family. And I've regretted that ever since. You got to step up and do what you need to do. Thanks for joining us on the show. Please subscribe to our YouTube account, YouTube dot com slash Bungeni and don't miss the show on Saturday to tomorrow at launch. It went up when Joe and them joined us. Get back. We'll get it out of Saturday afternoon. Thanks, folks. See y'all tomorrow.


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