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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


You know, it really says something about your campaign when the candidate you select is your vice president running mate. The most memorable, memorable moment of her campaign when she was running for president was when she said she believed your accusers, that you're all Groppi and everything, and she implied you are racist. That was the most memorable moment of her campaign. I've got that coverage, but I've got a lot of other things to a lot of you, probably worn out, to be candid, almost 24 hours now of straight Kamala Harris coverage.


So I got some stuff on that. I've got some fascinating stuff about Facebook and Twitter and the tech tyranny in this election. And also, I have some updates on a picture that surfaced in the Eppstein case. Don't go anywhere Today show brought to you by Express VPN. Protect your online activity from those prying eyes. Get a VPN, go now express VPN Dotcom Slash by Gina. Welcome to Dan Bongino. Show Priester. Joe, how are you today.


Fine, sir.


Well, fine sir. I'm doing quite well, thank you. Ready for another notice?


They say we have a stacked lineup today. Right. So do you load it up show today while we know videos, audio has been. Yesterday's show is excellent news. We appreciate all the downloads. All right. Let me get right to it. And I'm going to start after this spot with a Trump ad that is just.


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All right Joe let's go. Ding Dingding All right, let's just start off with this, so this is just terrific. As many of you know, you've been bombarded with twenty four hours of media coverage about the presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden. His pick yesterday came out. Kamala Harris. Yes, Kamala Harris will be his choice and his running mate Biden, Harris, Biden, Harris, 20 20. President Trump's campaign promptly released this ad. And I want you to pay attention to the part where.


But Joe is not that smart. This is absolutely hilarious. Check this out.


Kamala Harris ran for president by rushing to the radical left, embracing Bernie's plan for socialized medicine, calling for trillions in new taxes, attacking Joe Biden for racist policies. Voters rejected her as they smartly spotted a phony, but not Joe Biden. He's not that smart. Biden calls himself a transition candidate. He is handing over the reins to Comilla while they jointly embrace the radical left slow Joe and phony Comilla. Perfect together, wrong for America.


You like that, but the other voters smartly rejected Kamala Harris, but chose not. That's right. And it's the video.


It's the video they use of Joe where he's like, it's folks hilarious. Whoever did that. Nice job. Well done, babe. Yes, very good. I'm going to get to more Kamala Harris, because I know you've been bathed in it, but there's a lot of other stuff going on. I got it. We'll get to that. Some interesting stuff. I think you're not going to see anywhere else. The empty vessel problems are going to come up again with Joe Biden.


Wait for it. All right. Before we get to that. So listen, fake Facebook and Twitter, a fake book is doubling down again on attacking conservative pages. Now, I get it these stories about me, but it's happening conveniently again right before the election. What are they doing? Well, Facebook is deleting certain accounts, but Facebook is also doing they're fact checking, which is not fact checking at all. It's a backdoor way to suppress free speech and censor you on their platform.


It's not a constitutional issue. I get that Facebook's a publicly held company, but they are in the free market. They can do whatever they want with their business. And I'm not suggesting anyone, you know, should do any kind of a government action against them, which is weird because you would think Facebook would not want to alienate people on their platform who give them content for free like me, that they make a lot of money off. I'm just just throwing that out there.


Right. You know, this Facebook has the worst business model ever. I provide them free content on their platform, which, believe me, they make a lot of money off. Trust me, I give it to them free on their platform. So I am not only a partner, but I'm also a defender of free speech. I'm one of the few guys, even a lot of conservatives think we should take government action against you. But I don't you can disagree with me.


Fine. No matter how many times Facebook attacks me, I am just going to use my platform to fight back against their platform because it's a free market. I don't recommend any government action against them. But Facebook chooses to alienate their best partners and the best defenders, and ladies and gentlemen, conveniently right before an election, they're doubling down. What happened? So last night, I'm just about to go on, Hannity didn't happen because President Trump was on and the interview went to the end of the show.


But I'm looking through and I get a notification from Facebook that one of our posts about Nancy Pelosi was fact checked and deemed to be false. I was like, it was. What what did we post up on about Pelosi that was false? I don't understand. So here's what I saw when I clicked on the link from Facebook. It says, False information found on Dan Bongino page. He shared information that's been reviewed by lead stories. And we've added a notice to the post that it's false.


Well, what was the post? Well, you can see it if you watch it on YouTube. Now, Pelosi says the quiet part out loud, China would prefer Biden. That was our article, the headline of our article. Pelosi says the quiet part out loud, China would prefer Joe Biden, that's an exact quote.


Yeah. An exact quote, you know, fake put quotation marks, that's what quotation marks mean, you know, the doubles and then the singles within the doubles. That's what quotation marks mean. It's a it's a quote. How was that? How was that false? Of course, it wasn't false, it's a fake book fact check, which means it's not a fact check at all. So what really happened here? I'm going to show you the the background to the stories.


We wrote an article up on Jeno dot com, which will be in the show things please stick it to fake book by now. Reading the article that my show notes at Bungeni Dotcom, go to Bungalow dot com newsletter, subscribe to the show notes and the articles right up there. Please read it now to stick at the Facebook in the Streisand effect. I'll get to that in a second too. They're doing this to not just me, but a bunch of conservative pages.


Why did they hit that particular article? What did I tell you months ago? Nancy Pelosi? There's some connection with Facebook. Whenever you write something about Pelosi, no matter how true you quote her, which we literally did in the headline, quoted her. No matter how legitimate it is, Facebook will go after you, there's something going on with her and Pelosi, with Facebook and Pelosi. That article I wrote about an intelligence community assessment that was released that Nancy Pelosi was citing in an interview, the intelligence community assessment, which I don't agree with at all, said that basically Russia would prefer Trump, which is total nonsense, and that China would prefer Biden.


They prefer Trump to lose, meaning Biden to win. That's what the intelligence community assessment from the from the national excuse me, the National Counterterrorism and Security Center, the NSC. That's to be precise. That's what they said. Pelosi repeated that on CNN. So we put the article quoting Pelosi on Facebook, on Facebook. Look how many people saw it. This is why they panic. Here's the actual post I put on Facebook. Pelosi says the quiet part out loud.


Again, a direct quote, China would prefer Joe Biden puts the article. Look at the bottom, folks. How many people saw that? One million forty three thousand three hundred and twenty eight people saw it on Facebook. So what happened? Of course, Facebook before an election can have Nancy Pelosi actually citing an intelligence community report saying that the Chinese government, the Chinese Communist Party, prefers Biden, although it's the truth. We actually quoted Pelosi and the NSA that the NSC report quoted literally quoted them they can't have that information out there.


So Fagbug, before an election, has to find a way to stop it, Joe. But they can't delete the post. So they say fact checkers. Get on that fact, check it and find something wrong with it, it's a direct quote, so they just rated as false, it's a direct quote.


Now, why is my page become a permanent target of Facebook right before the election? Again, conveniently, they've done this before to our page, especially about Pelosi. Here's a tweet from an account called Facebook's Top 10, all this account on Twitter does is they monitor every day the top performing Facebook links in the United States. Joe, who's number two and number seven. Oh.


It is. There it is, folks, by the way, the guy who runs this page is not a conservative. We are consistently in the top 10 performing Facebook links in the United States organically because people enjoy our content, spread it around. This is an existential threat not to. It's a great for Facebook's business. It's an existential threat to the liberal lunatic hack jobs at Facebook who don't care about their business. They only care about their left this far right and far left ideology.


That's all they care about. And they go after the right leaning pages like me all the time. So you may be saying, well, Dan. They said it's false. Let's hear the actual quote from Pelosi on CNN. Remember, the article says Pelosi, citing an NSA National Counterterrorism Security Center report showing that the Chinese Communist Party prefers Biden. They want Trump to lose. That's an actual report I'll show you. That is true. Here's Pelosi talking about here's us quoting Pelosi.


Here's the actual quote that Facebook says is false. Check this out.


But the Chinese say, look, what they said is China would prefer Joe Biden, whether they do. That's their conclusion that they would prefer Joe Biden.


Joe. Paul, can we play that again? Can you do that? Because I did I miss something Pelosi citing, nor can you keep that up because they're going to shut down the whole system. I don't want them messing. I could play that again, please, just to hear it again.


But the Chinese say, look, what they said is China would prefer Joe Biden. Whether they do, that's their conclusion that they would prefer Joe Biden.


Yeah, that's exactly that's their conclusion. Which we wrote in a headline. Yeah. Facebook. That's false. As the verdict is in. That's false. Why are you not fact checking Pelosi? Why are you fact checking? Ladies and gentlemen, fake book is a joke. It's a disgrace. The only reason I'm on there is because I like to put the truth to correct the libs are by home. Is Parla the. By the way, we were back in the top five last night after my Facebook post on Parler PRL e, by the way, which I am obviously a part owner of.


I said a thousand times, but that's why that's my social media home. I only go to Facebook to correct liberal misinformation, which Facebook fights back for the Liberals. Now, here's the actual article we wrote again, quoting quotation marks, quoting the National Counterterrorism Center and Security Center, quoting their report saying that China wants Trump to lose. They prefer Biden that Pelosi just said here it is it Matt Palumbo's Jeremy Frankel's piece on that, according to The National Pulse, another that the NCAA's report says, quote, We assess that China prefers President Trump, that China prefers that President Trump, who Beijing sees as unpredictable, does not win re-election.


This is an actual quote. I come back. I mean, what else do we. Fact check for false information. Take it up with the National Counterterrorism Center and Nancy Pelosi, who repeated it, don't fact check us. We're just writing an article about literally, not figuratively, what they said, quote, quotation marks. Oh, my gosh, Facebook. It gets worse, folks just said the tech tyranny just never stops.


Twitter will double down on stupidity, so now that Kamala Harris is running on the 26th, she's the president in waiting. You all understand that, right? Nobody actually believes Joe Biden is going to be president. He has no cognitive capabilities to understand he's even running for president. Joe Biden is already probably forgotten who he's picked to run for vice president. Look at who is in one of the executives in the communications department of Twitter. Remember this guy who put out this tweet?


Was this about a week or two weeks ago? Remember our buddy Nick Persily yell at Nick Facilely on Twitter. The original tweet from Team Trump is in violation of Twitter rules and we've required removal. Thank you, Nick. Nick is a communications guy for Twitter. This was a couple of weeks ago when they removed one of Trump's tweets, Nick Concilio. Who's who's Nick, Cécilia? Oh, the former communications press secretary for Kamala Harris, president waiting, who's also communications that Twitter.


This is one of those what Rob Schneider dude Josh is elected to do. I mean. It's just a joke, again, the irony of this whole thing being. Facebook makes a fortune off my Facebook page. And I'm one of the few people out there who actually does not recommend any government action. I know you disagree. I respect that. I value your opinion a lot. I chose a free market alternative. I chose to put my own skin in the game in a free market alternative that I hope one day wins parler.


I hope we win that game. But the Facebook, you guys are a disgrace, and the women over there, the liberals run it, you're a total disgrace and Twitter, you're even worse, a total embarrassment. Just come out and be honest. Just be honest with America. Say you're a bunch of liberal activists disguised as a social media company and just be honest so people can make a legitimate free market choice and stop pretending you're an open platform.


You're not. You're a liberal publisher. That's exactly what you are. All right. Moving on, I want to get to the Kamala Harris. Let me get to my second sponsor today, Ashford University. Ladies, gentlemen, I always appreciate our sponsors and I appreciate you looking into them. They want to be here on the show and they want to talk to you. Hey, when you think of your future, you think of goals or where you want to be, substitute dreams for goals.


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We appreciate it. All right. So some coverage yesterday, the selection of Kamala Harris. I personally, I think a disastrous pick. Here's the problem, as I discussed. Yesterday with a friend of mine who is. Not just going to leave out touchiest, because I don't want to get her in any trouble, but I discussed the pick and she asked me my opinion and I said the selection of Kamala Harris is Joe Biden's vice presidential running mate.


It's a disaster for a number of reasons. Biden had boxed himself in, folks. He boxed himself in by telling everyone he was going to pick a woman and then hinting later that it would be a woman who was what they said, a woman of color. Now, we only had a few choices there, Stacey Abrams, we can't pick because she thinks she's the governor of Georgia still. So she was out. So she's got she's tied up being the fake governor of Georgia.


So she was out then. They had Karen Bass, who is a black woman who works as a representative in Congress. But Basad issues because some comments came out of her supporting socialist, which would sink her chances in Florida, where, you know, Cubans who were nearly killed by socialist and southern Florida kind of have a hard problem. I have a hard time voting for, you know, kind of understandable, right? Yeah, yeah. Susan Rice, he he had a big issue with, obviously, because, you know, she has more baggage than JFK Carousel.


Twenty two. I mean, there was no no way you could pick Susan Rice. So by the process of elimination, he had the dreadful Kamala Harris. Now, as I said in the beginning of the show. Joe Biden's the chaos candidate, he is the chaos candidate because he's an empty vessel, you may say. Well, Joe doesn't sound like the chaos guy, that's the point. Joe doesn't know what he sounds like because Joe doesn't even know he's running for president.


He is an empty vessel that liberal Democrats are filling. They're filling the glass with crazy stuff that's the problem with Joe, he's not there. So he picks Kamala Harris, who's a radical leftist, and the worst part about this, Kamala Harris, dropped out before the Iowa caucus. She had a dreadful presidential campaign. Dreadful. She got no attention whatsoever. I think she was like fifth in her own home state of California. Nobody liked Kamala Harris as the presidential candidate.


So when she ran on her own, she was terrible. There were two pieces of her campaign for president, however, that were memorable. So it's not a joke, and they were out to write this down, so I don't forget memorable moments from Kamala Harris first was implying that Joe Biden is a racist. That was number one. I'll play some video for you in a second. Not only was she celebrated for implying that Joe Biden is a racist, the media called her a rising star for a star is born like, tell me something good.


It was like the movie with what's her name, Lady Gaga and Brad. Whatever his face is, she should have been in there, Kamala Harris. She could have been on stage singing that song The Shallows. There's something in a matter where she could have been up on Rising Star Star is born. They loved her for implying Biden is a racist. They loved her second. Second most memorable part was right before Joe Biden jumped in. Kamala Harris said.


Listen, Croppy, touchy feely Joe, quote the hell I believe his accusers, so Kamala Harris thinks he's a groupie guy. Grumpy, touchy. Sniffing the sniffer. Oh, yeah, Joe, the sniffer sniffing everything. Like he's like a bomb dog or something. What is he doing? Why isn't he sniffing people? It's weird. And women more like he makes me super uncomfortable. His weird guy, just a piece of I just keep your hands to yourself.


Stop touching people, just weird. They'll be giving people unwanted massages. It's weird. Oh, they don't want your massages, just the old massages. Joe, stop the massages. It's weird. It's super weird. So just to be clear, Kamala Harris is known for employing Biden's race. This was really Super Groppi and thinks he's a massage therapist. This is weird. OK, hat tip, the great researchers at News Busters at the Media Research Center, they're terrific.


Here's a little montage I had to cut off about 30 seconds because it was two minutes long in the interest of here's about a minute, 30 of the media, the left wing media is celebrating Kamala Harris when she basically implied that Joe Biden was a racist for opposing busing. Remember a star's. Tell me something. Here you go. Right here. Check this out.


Your performance last night is certainly what people are talking about this morning. I'm hearing words like a star is born.


And the night's big star, Senator Kamala Harris, had the breakout moment that her campaign has been looking for. A star was born. Her name is Kamala Harris.


I mean I mean, a star was, well, George. Kamala Harris, his campaign this morning is certainly riding high. She didn't just have one breakout moment. She had several. There were 10 Democratic candidates on the debate stage last night, but it was Senator Kamala Harris who stole the spotlight.


It was so crystal clear that Kamala Harris just completely commanded that stage. I think Kamala Harris on the night listen, a star was born tonight.


This is a masterful performance.


This was her debate. This was Kamala Harris moment, that swivel of Vice President Biden's head toward Kamala Harris. And she said, that little girl is me. That was him and everybody else in that room looking to see the new frontrunner in the Democratic presidential nomination race. Biden was front and center, but so were his vulnerabilities, as Senator Kamala Harris made very clear and very personal. And it's arguably not just the most dramatic moment of the debate, but the entire primary season so far.


This is it.


This is what she's remembered for. Implying Joe Biden's a racist. Star is born Lady Gaga on stage. They should just this is where we need carpet dong to back on social media, he's over on parler with us, but he used to tease me, superimpose our face on Lady Gaga. Singing Her star is born, a star is born called Joe Biden or implied he's a racist. A star is born. Put up that whole thing again and again.


Just remember back. So she's famous for two reasons, implying Groppi Joe is Groppi and implying in fact, through the media. There we go up, I believe Biden's accusers and implying that Joe Biden is a racist now. What's the problem with Kamala Harris outside of the fact that she thinks Joe Biden is a Groppi potential racist? It's kind of a big problem, but what's the even bigger problem? Probably Biden's not not there, everybody knows that you get that right.


Everybody understands that, but he's not there. He's cognitively not capable of being the president. United States and my sources are telling me it's getting worse. As I've said to you repeatedly on the show, by the second that they're afraid by the day he's not going to make it through the election. I don't mean make it that he's going to die. I mean, making that his cognitive abilities are degenerating so quickly that they can't hide him fast enough even before the election.


Forget about him getting elected. I'm not kidding. Sources are. Very good, I'll leave it at that. So the problem is Joe Biden is not there to tell you who Joe Biden is because he's forgetting who Joe Biden is. And far left liberal radicals, it's true, you are taking advantage of the empty vessel Joe Biden has sadly become, he's falling apart. To pour things into the vessel and fill it with insane radical leftist stuffs, you don't believe me, Biden's a total empty vessel, a tabula rasa, the chaos candidate, the chaos candidate, and that he's personally chaotic because he doesn't even know who he is.


He is he is being forced down his throat, liberal street chaos, policies like redistributing money away from cops. And he's being forced into a Bernie Sanders tax hikes which are going to bankrupt you and your business. This guy is the chaos candidate, but he can't control the chaos because he can't control himself. You don't believe me, look at this photo, this screenshot taken from social media yesterday. Whose hand is that it's not mine. This is a screenshot taken from Joe Biden when he was telling Kamala Harris via a Zoome call that she was his selection for vice president.


What's wrong with this picture when they zoomed in? It's Joe Biden's hand holding an iPhone. You'll notice that the iPhone is upside down. He apparently doesn't even know how to hold an iPhone. It is the wrong way to. Secondly, you'll notice that there is a note there where we zoomed in and it is a note with a script to read to Kamala Harris and one of the lines says, quote, I'm calling you today. You needed a note to tell her why you're calling her.


You're picking her for vice president. You're not asking her if you want to pick up some croutons at the local supermarket. Dude, you're you're asking her if she wants to be the vice president. You need a note for that. I mean. Really? I'm calling you today. Next sentence to notify you. Next sentence. That you are my pick for Vice Prent, holy crap, I forgot that, too. She's my pick. He doesn't even know she's the pick.


He had to be reminded about his own pick. Folks, this guy needed a note to tell Kamala Harris why he was calling her. You know. Sometimes when I go on Fox, if I have a lot to say, I'll take a few bullet points. So I remember a scratch him on a pan, but that's like one out of every ten hits. I just usually keep it in my head because I want to be looking down at notes.


Right. I promise you, I have never had to go on Fox and Friends with a note. Like introducing who I am, like, hello, Brian and Steve and Ainsley. I'm Dan Bongino and I'm a Fox Fox News contributor. You don't know why you're calling our. I'm going to hear about that one in the news, are you the guy needed a know? His iPhone. He's holding his iPhone upside down here, the charging port, that's the downside.


Hello. Hello. It's the wrong side, dude, the speakers at the bottom. Oh, my gosh. You know how you know it's upside down. The numbers read backwards, right, look, when you tell in the time the numbers are backwards, that's kind of a hint. He probably didn't even know that it's ten fifty one, he thought it was 15 on one, he was the military time, it was three on one. It's got somewhere it's 15, 15 o'clock.


So we're very good friends. Jimmy Buffet, we're now showing you again. How Joe Biden is dangerous because he is an empty vessel and liberals know it, they are piling stuff in the vessel because he doesn't have the cognitive capabilities to fight back or take a stand and say, I'm a whatever, I'm a moderate. He's not a moderate. He isn't. He's he's lost. Here is radical, far left Congresswoman Gypo, Congresswoman Jane, who remember, I'm losing my temper with Bill, but oh my gosh, you're losing your temper.


We're also terrified. Listen, if anyone knows about losing tempers, it's me. And I'm really too frightened about Rep.. Gianpiero losing my temper. Remember that one? Yeah, same one. Well, here's her on in an interview saying out loud what we all know that basically she pushed Joe Biden to the left on a bunch of stuff because he's, again, not capable of understanding what he believes because he even though he's running for president anymore. Check this out.


I will be pushing him. I will as soon as we get him in the White House. And even before with these task forces that we had, we were able to significantly push Joe Biden to do things that he hadn't signed on to before. So he is movable. He is listening.


No, he's not listening. Whatever you say. He didn't even know he was calling Kamala Harris to tell her she was vice president. He's not listening. You there may be audio waves penetrating his eardrum and registering signals, but those signals are not coming back out or being recorded. He's not listening. He is an empty vessel and Jiah Paul knows it. We pushed him. Of course you pushed him. Now, who's going to be the most influential person in his campaign from this point?


Well, obviously, Kamala Harris. Does anybody dispute that she's his running mate? She'll be on TV. Biden won't. Now, you may say if he's an empty vessel and Japan is pushing him, Congresswoman Gypo. And Harris is going to be the most influential person, is she a liberal? Well, not according to The New York Times, who tried to paint her as a moderate. Ladies gentlemen, is she a liberal? She's the most liberal member of the United States Senate.


Kamala Harris, you don't believe me? Newsweek, Newsweek, no bastion of far right conservatism here. I mean, these guys do more fake news than anyone sometimes. Newsweek, Kamala Harris, more liberal than Bernie Sanders. Senate record analysis shows at parties and party standards a communist. Let's do a little chart here, so come on just for that, because sometimes folks, you know, liberals watching need visuals. So let's do a little visual for the Libs here, OK?


Here's a continuum of political ideology, right? So here is our Putsy for the right. Be conservative here, OBC for communists. OK, so here here's the conservative. See, here's the communist seona. OK, here's Kamala Harris. We need another page here, here. Let's do another page here. It'll go on to the next page here. Here, here's Kamala Harris. Comilla onto the other, she's to the left of Bernie Sanders. Now, Mike, where the hell am I not right?


There we go. There you go. She's to the left of the communist, you had a communist running for president, Bernie Sanders. A communist with the guy get married in Moscow. Oh, the Soviet anthem playing in the background. She's to the left of him. This is the empty vessel, Joe Biden, you want Kamala Harris imprinting her ideas on, she's to the left of a communist. You may say, well, can't get any worse with.


Oh, no, no, it does. This was a tweet by Kamala Harris. Remember when she wanted to bail out the rioters in Minnesota who burned down the city and destroyed them? This is an actual tweet I Kamala Harris, if you're able to chip in now to the Minnesota Freedom Fund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota, Comilla, no one was arrested for protesting. So they didn't need the freedom, but they were arrested for burning down businesses, many of them black owned.


That was Kamala Harris. She wanted to bail them all out to burn down your city again as her tweet. Folks, it's it's her tweet. You can you can check it out on her account. Hasn't been deleted. Let me just leave this segment at this, because I do have other stories to get to, including the Bill Clinton thing with how is this not a bigger story with Epstein and the the jet? How is this not a bigger story?


But I'm going to leave this here that because this is an important point to take away. I want you to because you'll be hearing about Kamala Harris for a week and we got to get the other stuff. I like to do the show a little differently. Joe, on a serious note, isn't that grossly offensive, demeaning, and doesn't it infantilize black voters by insisting somehow that now that you've selected a black woman who is of Jamaican and Indian descent?


That because of the color of her skin, that all of a sudden black voters are going to fall right in line, black voters like robots kind of offensive? No. Kind of, yeah. I'm just I mean, I'm I'm I'm in a semi, but have like who would. I mean, Joe has to be Scottish and all I asked you once in English, Scottish, I mean, I can assure you, knowing Joe, Joe has never voted for a candidate ever in his life because of the color of their skin or whether they came from certain portions of the United Kingdom, Europe, Scotland, northern, southern Scandinavia or anything else.


You vote on people because you vote on people who believe you believe in principled ideas you share. But, of course, the Democrats who practice the soft, sometimes hard bigotry of low expectations, they think sometimes they have the black vote locked in because we picked a woman of color. While black voters don't think like that, black voters are individuals who think like individuals who have their own motivations for voting their kids, their jobs, you know, like people like they are like they should be treated not like a bunch of robots.


Showing you how much trouble they are in with the black community, look at this bit, by the way, please save this one, CNRS This will be at the show notes again. But you know that Kamalesh newsletter or email you this stuff. Save this one rassmussen Trump approval rating at 36 percent amongst black voters. Andrew Davenport, CNS News. Ladies and gentlemen, if President Trump is he going to get 36 percent of the black vote?


I would be stunned, stunned, I mean, seriously flawed, it would be a political sea change like you've never seen in your life. If President Trump even doubles what he got last time, it gets between 15 and 20 percent of the black vote, which would be historic, the Democrats will be finished. They have you understand they have no chance of winning this election. None, zip, zero as in the absence of value. No chance at all.


You get that right. There are large pockets of black voters in major metropolitan areas and throughout the country, if even 15 to 20 percent, which would double the eight percent he got last time President Trump in 2016 voted for President Trump. That's roughly half of what his approval rating is. It's over that you understand they have no chance of winning this election. So apparently we'll see if that approval rating changes now with the vice presidential selection of Kamala Harris.


I sincerely doubt it will because unlike Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, President Trump doesn't treat black voters like robots. All right, let me move on. Let me get to my third sponsor today, our friends at Zhenyu sell my favorite product of my mother in law and me before I go on the air. Ladies and gentlemen, the Jenny Sells summer blowout sale heats up and for a limited time, get forty dollars off in an instant, coupon is applied automatically to your online or phone order.


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So how is this story, by the way, with Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein? How is this story not. All over and plastered on the front page of every single newspaper all over the world. Folks, if photo is resurfaced again in The New York Post, check this out of Bill Clinton waving, thinking, I guess he's the president again, getting aboard Air Force One or some, but he's not gone on Air Force One. He's getting on Jeffrey Epstein's.


Oh, sorry. He's sorry. He's not waving there. He's actually next to Elaine Maxwell, who was Jeffrey Epstein's right hand woman, shall we say, New York Post. Did we go photo right there? Photos show Bill Clinton and Elaine Maxwell on Epstein's Lolita ExpressJet. Folks, this is a deeply disturbing story, we're we're talking about kids. Kids. Young women, kids. Who were abused by this guy, Capstick? I told you that I had a source when he wants to talk your talk.


Who has already told me that some suspicious things happened, he believes, between Bill Clinton and some. Younger people on that jet. On iJet. And yet this story seems to escape mainstream media scrutiny. How is that? How is it that every time a huge story that will decimate the credibility of someone who happens to be a Democrat surfaces, it gets buried? We have Senator Ron Johnson, who's been exposing every day the malfeasance of Hunter Biden in Ukraine.


Senator Johnson from Wisconsin, he's a Republican, you know, they're going after Senator Johnson, they have no interest whatsoever in actually discussing the stuff he's bringing out the tapes of Joe Biden, the tapes that have been played. Remember the tapes we played, Joe, of Joe Biden when he was vice president, talking to the Ukrainian president Poroshenko on tape? Yeah, engaged in at a minimum misfeasance and maximum severe malfeasance. Story goes away. No one wants to hear anything about it.


Major League eight plus corruption. Now you have a story of Bill Clinton on a jet where it's suspected kids were abused. Sitting there at the entrance with Epstein's right hand woman, Guillame Maxwell, in a photo we can all see. And nothing silence. Mainstream media couldn't care any less, not interested. One tiny bit in this story. I'm waiting for the source folks, when he's ready, he'll be ready, but I would love nothing more than to have him tell so I can black them out, change his voice, joke and do whatever.


No joke and voice over it if we need to.


But when he tells the story, it's going to really. Piss you off even more than you are now? Pardon my language. All right, this story just disturbs me, I mean. These are kids these are kids we're talking about that were abused, and again, because it's Bill Clinton, these unlike the witness protection program for the media. All right, moving on, tyranny watch, tyranny watch. Ladies and gentlemen, again, the feedback I've gotten from Melbourne.


Keep your eyes on what's happening in Melbourne, Australia, where there is a new police state in charge. There are people being arrested for daring to walk outside of their house without masks on. There are photos of people bruised being roughed up by police officers for the sin, the sin dreaded echoes of not having a mask on in open air. You're only allowed out of your house for an hour, a day to exercise Melbourne, Australia, keep your eyes on it.


Ladies and gentlemen, because if Australia wants to claim to be a democratic country, they're going to lose their claim to that if they continue going down the Soviet Union path. Ironically, I said in the show the other day that Melbourne, Australia, where forgive me, I should have, but due to the under the the excuse of the coronavirus, not the excuse, that coronavirus is fake. It's very real and very deadly for people. But that's not an excuse to throw people in jail and flush their civil liberties down a toilet bowl.


If Melbourne's going to go down the path of the Soviet Union and I'm going to stay on top of it. The feedback has been incredible because people remember I'll give you this link has been told me a long time ago where all the leaders we've been waiting for don't wait for me or anyone else. I'm glad I got a platform to highlight it. But Melbourne, Australia, I'm with you. And the story's catching fire. Look at this article, The Daily Mail yesterday.


Madness in Melbourne, Tyranny Without Limits, Daily Mail, a huge newspaper American TV host who is that launches a scathing attack on police state Victoria and claims people in the Soviet Union had more freedom. Oh, that was me, Fox News host and political commentator Dan Bongino. Yes. Melbourne organised today, get people together, use any platform you can, social media, email lists, get people together today. I don't know what you have to do to say I don't have an exact answer.


If I did, I'd give it to you. But I certainly have solutions. Some form of safe civil disobedience. Some form of organizing to get Dan, Andrew and other those people out and get him away from public office where they can hurt people. And letting people know through go fund means if they get arrested, that you will help them out. We're with you. Having said that, quick programming note, before my next story about the tyranny watch the tyranny in Melbourne is an absolute disgrace.


They'll be playing the Soviet national anthem in the street. Don't worry, Paul, I won't say she's either. I thought she was going to say, huh, bye. Want I promise.


She hates it. That would be playing the Soviet anthem in the streets, in the waving, the hammer and sickle. We're with you. But again, before I get to my next story on tyranny, because I've got my eyes on everything here, I'm trying to help as many people as I can. We will have a very, very special show. Joe knows, Paula knows, I can't for for serious, credible, I'm not trying to tease it like this tomorrow and I for obvious reasons, I'm not giving out too many details yet.


But we have a show, a special that will be launching on Saturday that can affect our programming during the week is going to be regular Monday through Friday show. But we will have a special show launching on Saturday, be on this channel like Apple podcast, YouTube, you have to do anything different. Please watch it. I need you to watch it, because, again, talk is cheap, I'm a doer, I'm a doer. I do stuff.


Do didn't like the people who ran for office, I ran myself in, like the Drudge Report, started the Bungeni Report, didn't like Twitter, got bubble parler, didn't like the conservative talk out there, started my own show. I like to do stuff. Part two of the tyranny alert, you're about the guys in Attila's gym up in Belmar, New Jersey, Joe, these guys dared to actually open their business and use safe sanitation methods in the middle of a coronavirus thing in New Jersey run by Tyran Tyrannical.


Governor Murphy, who again is probably going to have the Soviet national anthem played every day on the streets of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, one of the worst governors in the country. Remember these guys? So these guys own a gym. They own Attila's gym in Belmar, New Jersey. It's right near Philly, it's on the other side, they're pretty close to Philadelphia, closer to Philly, than it's not far from Joe in Maryland, ironically. So the guys in Belmar, Ian Smith and Frank, who own the gym, dared to open their gym and say, we will not be subjected to your tyranny.


We are going to do safely what we know how to do, which is operate a business and a pandemic that's not going away any time soon. Crazy idea. That is. I know they have have they have had no transmission of this virus in their gym that they know of at all, but of course, tyrannical, grotesque. Governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, the wannabe Soviet like Dan Andrew in Melbourne, they should get together. They should have like a coffee klatch.


They can have crumpets and tea together. Maybe they can exchange old stories with Bernie Sanders about weddings in the Soviet Union and how that all went. You know, all the factory. Maybe they can talk about the loda that Soviet Union car that when you drove off the parking lot, you see one on fire. Remember, Joe's actually been to Russia, unlike most people like me who have been there, too. And you'd be astonished even today how much poverty there is in Russia as a remnant of the Soviet style stuff that Dan Andrew in Melbourne and Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey want to bring here.


So what happened? Now, the communists in Belmar on their counsel revoked Attila's business license. This happened today because they dared to safely open up in the middle of the coronavirus, which isn't going away any time too soon. You know, things like feeding your family and stuff. God forbid you open up a business. Now, if if it's as Jim said, we're opening this up to Black Lives Matter to protest in our facility, it would have been OK.


They would have had their business license extended for free for seven thousand years until like the next seventy two millennium. Folks, I'm asking you to do me a favor today. I don't ask this a lot, do I? I don't write. I've put up, I think, to go fund me maybe three the entire time I've been in business here. And the other two were former Secret Service agent, friends of mine, their family who had died in the other line of duty or while they were porn performing their duties.


I'm asking you to support a go. For me, it's legit. It's their go fund me. Here it is right here. It's for the guys at Attila's. It's the Attila's Belmar court relief to make sure you get to the right like it is in my show notes today, again, Bongino dotcom newsletter, or if you just go to Bunshiro dot com and click on the podcast, the link will be in there, the Gulf on me again.


I'm a doer, not pat myself on the back. You'll see my name on air. I gave him five on though. Today I'm going to go sign up for a membership to eventually. You make a membership, you live in Florida, it's a long commute, but I'll get there. Help them out. I'm asking you with humility and respect, I mean that if you can help them out with a few bucks, if you have it, I'd really appreciate it.


Folks, we can't lose this fight, we can't lose this fight for the people of Melbourne, we can't lose this fight for the people of the United States, we can't lose this fight for courageous business owners who are not going to be put out of business in the middle of a tier of a tyrannical regime in New Jersey, despite the fact that they've taken every precaution known to man in a pandemic that's not going away any time soon, it's not going to magically disappear.


We have to learn to feed our families in the midst of a undoubtedly deadly disease. For some, we have to learn to adjust. We will not be subjected to tyrants. These guys have tremendous legal fees from the fight. They've been arrested. They've been thrown in jail. These guys have been summonsed. They've been threatened. Phil Murphy is a tyrant. Help him fight back against Bellmore. The citizens of Belmar largely supportive, by the way, it's just the council members who are, you know, Soviets and stuff.


All right, let me get to my last sponsor today. Please help me with that. Go fund me. And I've got a couple more stories for you. It's a twofer, as you know, including the promotion of misinformation that's happening everywhere.


Remember the hands up, don't shoot thing. Hands up. Don't shoot them. Remember that thing that never happened? That's back again, Joe. Hands up. Don't shoot is back again, amazingly. All right.


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Invaluable, invaluable in this time. OK. All right.


So, you know, it's amazing how one of the reasons I do the show and I've enjoyed doing the show throughout the years is I wake up in the morning a lot and I look through four stories and I look for things where liberals have managed to get people, liberals in the media and elsewhere, and activists have managed to get people to believe things that are patently untrue and defy the evidence. And when I say evidence, I don't mean. Hard to find information, I mean, like if you did a simple Google search on what liberals were telling you, you'd find out that the opposite is, in fact, true.


But showing you how powerful liberals are. You know, Fred Siegel talks about it in his book Revolt Against the Masses How Liberals use this triumvirate of congressional committees, academia and the media to get you to believe things that are factually incorrect and easily refuted. You see them creeping up these fake narratives all the time. You don't believe me? Look at this article, The Daily Wire. The member of Michael Brown, the shooting in Michael Brown with Officer Darren Wilson, where the allegation from the left was that he had his hands up and said, don't shoot.


The officer shot him anyway. That's false. That's false. Here we go again. The great Jason Whitlock, who's over at our house, which is a pretty great sports site, slams Gregg Popovich. He's the coach, the NBA coach of the San Antonio Spurs for citing the hands up don't shoot narrative. Whitlock said he's intentionally promoting racial animus. What did Popovich say? So Gregg Popovich, who was either one of the dumbest human beings on the planet or incapable of reading, is a coach for the San Antonio Spurs.


Those are your two, I'm not kidding. Those are your choices either really stupid and hasn't done his homework or he's a manipulative liar. So Popovich said and he was talking about Michael Brown, the shooting of Michael Brown. And he said, quote, You know, a young man with his hands in the air, running from the officer running away and receives six shots in the back that killed him. That's what happened to Michael Brown. Well, according to this moron, Gregg Popovich, I mean, a complete level 10 imbecile.


Yeah, that's what happened. Michael Brown was running away from the officer and shot six times in the back. This Popovich have an iPhone or an Android? Does he have a computer? He's have a functioning brain, or is he like Joe Biden with the empty vessel? They're just pouring stuff in. Because I that's a false narrative, Michael Brown, in fact, attacked the officer in his car, tried to take his weapon. There was a use of force incident in the car with the firearm.


Brown then exited from the vehicle, Wilson, the officer, gets out of the vehicle and Brown charged him again without his hands up and then was shot again after trying to take the guys the officer's gun and kill him. A simple again, Internet search of Michael Brown use of force incident. It was one of the first articles that creeped up from a St. Louis radio website here, not hard to find St. Louis Public Radio, I'm sure, not a bastion of conservative values here.


Why did the Justice Department remember this is the Obama Justice Department that talking about important, why did the Justice Department conclude that hands up, don't shoot was a myth? The answer is because it was a myth now Gregg Popovich was really very dumb, so you should consider San Antonio getting a new coach because this guy's either brain dead or a manipulative liar. There is no third option here. You get that right. There's A or B, there's no C.


From the St. Louis radio piece. Many of the witnesses denied incontrovertible evidence that Brown reached into the police car, struck Wilson in the face, that's the police officer was wounded by a gunshot inside the car, fled one hundred eighty feet, suffered no wounds in the back, no wounds in the back, and then move back. And Wilson immediately before the fatal shots, in many instances, the discounted witnesses repeated what they had heard from neighbors are on the news.


Some witnesses admitted they made up stories so they could be part of a big event in their community. In other words, Michael Brown did not have his hands up and was not saying don't shoot the witnesses who said that were discredited by the actual evidence. That's not what happened. The Obama Justice Department was forced to conclude that. That it was a legitimate, albeit tragic use of force incident. Nobody wants anyone to die, but it was a legitimate use of force.


Officer Wilson had to save his life, his life. I've seen this before. And when I say this, I'm talking about why all of these witnesses in this case. Not all, but a lot of them came out and said, no, no, Michael Brown had his hands up and was running away saying don't shoot. None of that actually happened. Folks, there's no forensic evidence to indicate that happened at all. There are no shots in Michael Brown's back.


Why would witnesses say that? You know, I spent a lot of time doing law enforcement, you know that I've seen this before. And I just give you a quick personal story to show you what happens, people, for some reason. I don't know, to fill a hole in their lives, they don't have a lot going on, they want to feel like they're part of something they want. I don't know if they saw it in a movie that they're supposed to like panic and they want to feel like they're part of something special.


I'm not sure, but I saw it during 9/11. Where I was an agent at the time, and I remember running down the hallway of our field office trying to get some equipment out of a car quickly. And people saying. But there's a bomb at the White House, does a bomb at the top, there's a bomb at the series, a plane flight, and I had to like it back in the office because it was it was I'm not kidding.


People were like running around with their hair on fire. And the stories were everywhere. Now the White House is under attack. I don't know where they were getting any of this from. Obviously, what happened was a terrorist attack of apocalyptic proportions. But the stories they were telling that day were not, in fact, accurate. My father called me weeks later and I had an uncle, God rest his soul, he lived in Duluth, in Alabama, moved there from from Brooklyn.


He's called Brooklyn, Frank. And he was in a Sam's a Sam's Club or a Wal-Mart. He's in a Wal-Mart. And he's walking down the aisle as 9/11 is happening, as the planes are crashing into the world trade. And someone came over the loudspeaker, I think it was a Wal-Mart, maybe a Sam's. I'm not sure I should probably leave the name out. I'm not really sure which one, but someone came over the loudspeaker and said there's an attack going on and they bombed Sam's.


And everybody was like running down the aisle in a Wal-Mart or whatever the store that Sam's or the BJ's, whatever it was in those things, people from Sam's in both in Alabama. What the guy who had said that over the loudspeaker heard was they had bombed Afghanistan. Not Sam's. This happens a lot with witnesses, the phone game, people think they hear things they didn't hear, they pass it on and eventually you get a story like Michael Brown had his hands up and was screaming, don't shoot.


And the cop murdered him. Which led to riots that got people hurt and entire places in Ferguson destroyed. Instead of just getting to the facts. They didn't bomb Samms. Anderson and Michael Brown's hands were not up. And his back was not turn. But don't tell that to Kamala Harris, wondering how I was tying that in right here, because Kamala Harris, five years after we found out Michael Brown's hands were up and that he was not, in fact, murdered by being shot in the back.


Kamala Harris, here she goes again. Kamala Harris is Twitter feed. Michael Brown's murder forever changed Ferguson and America. His tragic death sparked a desperately needed conversation and a nationwide movement. We must fight for stronger accountability and racial equity in our justice system. Yeah, that's ofay. That's all faith. She just made that up. Michael Brown was not murdered. But Kamala Harris doesn't care. Kamala Harris is a rank opportunist of the highest order, who knows, she's not stupid.


She's a lawyer. She knows Michael Brown wasn't murdered. She knows the Obama Justice Department themselves concluded Michael Brown wasn't murdered. She knows those witness accounts are, in fact, false. And she said it anyway, because that's what Kamala Harris does. She is a big taxer, big government health care. She will cancel your health care plan if she gets her way, she says, no, don't worry, we'll only do it over 10 years. OK, thanks.


She's to the left of Bernie Sanders and she promotes conspiracy theories that are proven false, like Michael Brown was murdered. Gross, really terrible. Can we play the trumpet one last time, Paul, I want I want to end the show and I usually I don't do this, but I just want to play this one last time by Kamala Harris, because this does this ad, which is brilliant by the Trumpy we played at the beginning. We would play it again, will leave the show.


This one. This is the Trump administration right now, the Trump campaign, excuse me, perfectly framing this disastrous taking of empty vessel. Joe Biden and complete fraud, phony fake Kamala Harris. Remember, pay attention to this part, but Joe wasn't that smart. Check this out.


Kamala Harris ran for president by rushing to the radical left, embracing Bernie's plan for socialized medicine, calling for trillions in new taxes, attacking Joe Biden for racist policies. Voters rejected her as they smartly spotted a phony, but not Joe Biden. He's not that smart. Biden calls himself a transition candidate. He is handing over the reins to Comilla while they jointly embrace the radical left slow Joe and phony Comilla. Perfect together. Wrong for America.


That's great. That's great. That was there's a number of really damning ads out there that they put together. This ticket's going to be a disaster, I think, for them. I really I can't imagine a worse person to pick than Kamala Harris. Total, complete faith. All right, folks, thanks again for tuning out. A couple other things we'll get through tomorrow. Really appreciate your support of the show. We just have been doing bonkers numbers lately.


You all have been really terrific. Thank you so much. Please subscribe to the show YouTube, Dotcom Bongino and on Apple podcast as well. It's all free. We need those subscribers. They really help us, especially when we transition at some point in the future to a more friendly platform. We're going to need that. And again, look out for that show on Saturday. It's important. And please support the guys who better tell us. Thanks, folks.


See you tomorrow.


You just heard Dan Bongino.