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So is Donald Trump setting another trap? You know, we hear often because, you know, mainstream media folks obviously are left wing activists. That's just what they do. But we hear all the time how brilliant of a political tactician Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. That's hilarious because they're constantly getting wrecked, wrecked by Trump, who supposedly some Neanderthal. So I asked this question again, will be the opening segment of today's show. Is Trump set another trap that these buffoons are?


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Friday, so I'm doing great. Yeah, and everybody looks forward to your best 1960's game show voice and his intro Friday, we wouldn't be able to ground ourselves without it. All right. Let me get right to that. The Trump trap. I got some stuff on Weizman and I was in the news yesterday, so I want to clarify what's going on and what happened. It was an interesting story and I think you'll enjoy it speaks to what's going on with the media environment today.


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So let's go. All right. OK, so again, I get tired of hearing what a brilliant political tactician, swamp creature, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Oh, my gosh, they're so brilliant. They've always got Trump boxed into a corner. Really? I've seen no evidence of that whatsoever. But first, let's start with this. What does this what am I talking about? Where am I going to get some good job? Numbers came out today.


Washington Examiner had to post about it exceeded expectations, which is always nice. They expected about one point five million jobs to be added in July. The number was actually one point eight. Article by Jay Heflin, the business editor of Washington Examiner. Economy added one point eight million jobs in July, adding to record gains in wake of the pandemic's destruction. Now, again, to keep it all in perspective, because we're not liberal media, fake news specialists, we lost over 20 million jobs, but we are making our way back.


We hadn't had a month of a million job gains in. Gosh, I think ever I mean, a million's a big number. Now, in light of how many we lost, we have to keep it in perspective. But this does speak to the fact that we are on the road to some form of a recovery right now. The damage is severe. Nobody should doubt that. I'm not trying to downplay it. But clearly, President Trump's focus on tax cuts and this lightened regulatory red tape burden has led to a runway at least where the economic plane can start to take off as the damage from the plague starts to settle.


Having said that, so right before I came on, this always happens. We have the show set up. I'm locked in. Paul is like and can you give me the rundown? Everything's all set. And I read something right before I came on the air. I said it to Paul, a five minutes for you guys. There's a great article, Red State be in the show notes. I encourage you to read it. Please subscribe to my show notes.


It's our newsletter. It's the same thing. I use the terms interchangeably. Go to Bond newsletter. I will send you these articles every day in an email. We won't spam your inbox. This is a good one. It's by Mike Ford. At Red State Opinion Trump sets a trap for Pelosi and Schumer. I have been thinking about this for a couple of days. I hate when people say it because I'm. But Ford said it because it looks like I'm trying to scoop this guy like Mike Ford said it, but I've been thinking about it, sir.


That's not what I'm saying. I'm not sure he writes it better than I did. So read the piece. But the gist of his piece is this. And it's been on my mind for a while. So, President Trump, here's the trap. Obviously, we have a lot of economic dislocation. That's an understatement. People are really suffering right now. Millions of jobs have been lost. The entertainment industry has been wiped out, the restaurant industry struggling.


But people are starting to figure it out. What this new business model in the current year is going to look like. They're starting to figure it out. Is it going to be curbside delivery, more takeout, socially distance tables, movie theaters with partitions? People are starting to figure it out. The you know, the US entrepreneurs will they're not going to go bankrupt. We have hardworking people. So what's happening here is as the stimulus money through that Kahrizak, that unemployment, extended unemployment benefit that was passed by the federal government is that wanes and stops.


We all know the end point is coming soon. There's a debate in Congress over what the amount of a new stimulus government stimulus might dispute that term. But for the sake of everybody understanding what I'm talking about, there's a debate over the level of government intervention and amount of government spending in a new stimulus. Everybody dig. And one of the debates is over the amount of unemployment insurance we should pay to pay to people who are unemployed. We obviously shouldn't pay people more than they made in their jobs, they're also going to dis incentivize them to go back to work.


There's also a debate over evictions, whether people should be evicted if they don't pay their rent in this time. So here's the trap. Trump beautifully set. He is now threatening Pelosi and the Democrats with an executive order that would put a halt to evictions if you don't pay your rent and would move around some money in the federal government to extend these unemployment benefits even when the Keres Act expires. Let me be crystal clear, because I'm not a hypocrite on government spending or executive orders.


I'm not suggesting he can even do this. But he might. So you're like, well, what's the trap again, I'm not debating whether it's good or bad right now. I'm just debating, debating the political mechanics. Think about this, Joseph, and if I don't explain this well, please stop me midsentence and I will. So let's say President Trump does an executive order and says because Congress and Nancy Pelosi want a huge stimulus package, we can't afford the Republicans up on the Hill say we're not going to spend three trillion, will maybe go for five hundred billion, but we're not doing all that.


So Trump comes in and says, screw all you guys and ladies over there squabbling. I'm just going to do it via executive order. He probably can't. So what happens, Joe? Well, Pelosi will probably would have to take them to court. Which would lead to some pretty crappy optics for Pelosi, wouldn't it? Oh, I guess not benefiting the pros and cons of the policy. I've already done shows on that. I don't think these extended unemployment benefits at the level we have now are a good idea.


I don't. Do you really want to be in court? Joe, is Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats 90 days before an election, arguing why people should be evicted for their houses and shouldn't have unemployment benefits? I'm not debating the policy. I'm just debating the optics.


Looks bad, looks real bad.


Bad, looks horrendous. You want to be in court every day and then even if you win, do you? I'm trying to imagine the optics here. So Nancy Pelosi comes out of. We we did it at Dora the Explorer. We did it yay low. He Simos. We did it. I mean, you really want to be celebrating on the steps of the Supreme Court or whatever an appellate court in D.C. that we shut you down. We shut you down, Mr.


President. Evict all those people. No more unemployment benefits. Listen again. I think Trump is a smarter political tactician. Then people give him credit for he probably understands he can't do this executive order spending packages have to come from the legislative branch. All of those bills originate in the House of Representatives. The president can move some money around, but he's very limited. As for an order on evictions, I don't know. No one's sure that will pass muster, but that's not the point.


The political point is what are the Democrats going to do? And Mike Ford brilliantly writes this up in this piece at Red State. I encourage you to read that they have no options. What a mess. It's going to take him to court and throw you out of your house. Damn it, get out tomorrow. Although he seems so sweet that it would be like a new Dora Explorer episode. She can have backpack and everything with her and boots.


Remember Boots. A lot of parents watch Dora growing up. I did. I think I've seen every episode. Sorry, laughing at my own terrible joke. Well, that makes sense, Joe. Half the time you get it. Brilliant move by politically speaking. I'm I don't like these usurpation of power. I just want to be clear on that. I'm principled on these issues. But as a political, strict political move, the Democrats are in a world of trouble right now on this and they know it.


Of course, the Republicans I don't know in the House if they'll do anything. We got a few people. But other than that, remember the golden rule? Most Republicans on Capitol Hill are really Democrats, but no Democrats on Capitol Hill are really Republicans. That's why I have no faith that they'll stop this economic apocalypse. We're looking at.


All right. A lot more ahead, including me in the news and this text to protect you or any story I want to get to as well. As you know, again, I own part of the company, parler an alternative to Twitter and Facebook. But that's not the focus of this segment. Today, the tech tyrants are out of again, ladies and gentlemen, and they genuinely don't care, like not even a little bit. If you think Jack Dorsey, can I get these calls all the time?


Again, I brought this up yesterday, so I don't like to repeat submit a radio friend of mine keeps calling me about something that's happening to him on Twitter, and he's really stunned that Twitter doesn't care. I'm not kidding. Like, he's, like, puzzled the Twitters, but I keep putting it on parler. And I got all these people talking about. I'm like. Well, they don't care, Twitter banned us from running ads for four years is four years three years ago.


They don't care, do you understand? Listen to me, everyone. Horse blinders for a minute. If you're listening on radio, audio, horse blinders, I'm telling you right now, Jack Dorsey does not care. Jack Dorsey runs Twitter. He doesn't care what you think. I'm very sorry I got involved in parler, Jack doesn't care, there is no political pressure you will put on. He doesn't care. They hate conservatives and they don't care.


And the radio friend of mine said, well, you know, you're going to be banned soon, too. I said, Yeah, I know. It's like waiting for the response. Yeah, I get it. I know we'll be banned. I have no doubt about that. My account will be banned from Twitter, I'm sure of it. I get that that's why I'm part of. Twitter hate you, they really just don't like you and they why does Jack not care?


Because Jack makes a lot of his money from other enterprises. Ladies and gentlemen, Twitters this plaything. He doesn't care. He doesn't care about the optics of things, how things look. He's not trying to get elected. Dorsey doesn't like you. I just want to make sure you all get this because people on Twitter still complain about, oh, my gosh, Twitter. What if I put they don't care. Let me show you this piece hat tip.


Bennie Johnson, by the way, did a great job with this. They show you how little they actually care about what you think. We're all reading from the same sheet of music here. Here's a Hill headline, Twitter Bandz Trump campaign until the last tweet with covid-19 Misinformation The Hill. Long story short. Twitter, Twitter deleted a tweet where Trump had said that kids may be immune from the virus, it's not what he granted. The choice of words was not great, to be fair there.


But he didn't mean they were immune, like they couldn't get the virus. He meant immune from the rough effects of it, that generally speaking, generally, kids won't suffer the symptoms that older folks and they're not immune kids are not immune from the virus unless you've had it before. But, you know, that's it was it was probably the choice of words could have been better, but you delete his tweet because of it. Now you may say, OK, so Twitter's their principles right now because they're principled, right?


Twitter principle point. So they don't like coronavirus misinformation. Well, let's go to the second headline from The Hill. This is fascinating. Twitter will not delete coronavirus, this information spread by Chinese officials. It says I'm just a principles, right. So Twitter won't delete Chinese noted misinformation that we've seen from them in the remember that misinformation, the virus can spread through the air. Not true. It's not person to person transmission. Definitely not true. They won't delete that.


They won't stop the Chinese government Twitter, but they'll stop President Trump for basically. Saying, in essence, what was information was correct, the use of the word was, are there not? Kids are not immune. They don't care. Again, I don't mean I want to just pile drive this home so you understand there's no process for you. They don't care to find an alternative, whether it's us at Parler or someplace else, because, yes, you will be banned and you know, they don't care.


Showing you how they don't care. Imagine how bad the optics are and what I'm about to show you are the optics, how it looks. And you think Twitter would like fire someone to issue an apology or be like this was probably a bad idea. Look who issued the explanation for why they deleted Trump's tweet. Here is the Twitter account of Nick Persil Yo, who says this guy is from Twitter, Twitter communications. He says the original tweet from Team Trump is in violation of the Twitter.


Clearly not. But you get it is in violation of Twitter rules on covid-19 misinformation except China asterisk threatening to throw that in there and we've required removal. Well, thanks, Nick. Appreciate that, Nick. Twitter communications guy. Probably listen, like, OK, I don't get it. So what's what's your point? Now, wouldn't it be really weird, I mean, almost crazy if Nick Persily, who was a former communications guy for the leading candidate for the vice presidency, for Joe Biden right now, Kamala Harris, that would be absolutely insane.


Like no way they would have him issue that. Detny Concilio Communications at Twitter, former Kamala Harris, press secretary, when he went to basically to. University of California, Berkeley, folks, I'm going to end this here because I love my audience and I don't want to, like, harass you with this, they don't care. Find a new home. I'm telling you, Twitter doesn't care. Believe me, now that I'm involved financially in this entire space, I've become really familiar with what goes on behind the scenes.


They don't care. Not one bit. OK, moving on, think we made that point. Before I get to Dan, Gina's appearance in the news. So this is not funny, this is just again, I get a lot of emails there, then why do you always try to be nice to Biden and say it's not funny? This one this one is just tragic. This guy is just a total train wreck. Can I be candid with you for myself, when I was fourth wall moments that I know isn't going to help me with my audience because I know a lot of you are angry at what's going on.


And you should be. I am, too, but. I just have a hard time watching. Seniors and this because it's happened in my family. I mean, if you really want to know the answer, I know it doesn't help a lot of you mad at me because you just go out here. I'm going after Biden. He's awful. He's a far left radical who's going to destroy the country. But, you know, again, just being candid because you deserve that from me.


You deserve. It's hard for me to watch. It really is. This, however, is just outrageous. I tweeted yesterday if they saw this clip of Biden yesterday, some of you seen it on the news, some of you may not have. I tweeted yesterday, Holy. Did he actually say this now, Joe, if I were to come on my show today and suggest that black people are not diverse and basically all think alike, we'd probably be off the air tomorrow.


We'd be banned from YouTube. Yep, SoundCloud, Apple podcast, the known universe. We'd be sent to the Phantom Zone. And one of those mirrors, like in Superman to with Wizard. But when you're a Democrat, you apparently could say that that not all black people, they were all alike, don't you worry, but you don't believe me. Listen to Biden here, ironically, talking to a group of black and Hispanic voters. Watch him suggest in this short clip that now All Blacks are the same.


Basically, it's only Latinos that are different. Check this out. What you all know, but most people don't know. Unlike the African-American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things.


Oh. I'm looking for like some kind of prop you do, you can't read, dude. Oh, here we go. We haven't used this. Wow. It is. It's laundry on the field, folks, is this whole thing holding is holding 10 yards, 10 yards offense. Why? Unlike the black community, the Latino community is diverse. And I love the Democrats trying to explain this obviously racist statement. Obviously, there's no couching this in like cutesy language, kind sir.


You have black Americans that are from Jamaica, black Americans from Haiti, black Americans who have ancestors in African countries. Joe, last time I checked, Africa is quite large. Do you have southern Africa? You have sub-Saharan Africa, you have northern Africa. You have you have you. There's diversity within Jamaica. Very diverse. Just checking all people who are black are not the same. Do we have to put this is what's frustrating and I'm not kidding.


Why is it that it's conservative shows where according to the media hack lunatic nut jobs, the conservatives, they're all racist. Of course, that's a false tarring and feathering of us because you're uncomfortable with actual human rights and dignity and you use it as a weapon. But why is it that it's always conservative shows that have to say that this stuff is crazy? Why is it I'm not kidding? Why wasn't the mainstream media out all over this tonight, like, hey?


That's pretty racist. Unlike the black community. Latinos are diverse and. I'm done with this guy, I'm tired of this guy, I don't like him, folks, I'm not trying to be nice to him. I just as I've said before, just a few minutes ago and I'll say now, maybe it's not right. I know. You know, maybe you want me to, like, take off. I do. But watching this guy collapse, it's tough for me to watch an older person just lose their attachment to reality.


But he needs to stop talking. Seriously, just stop talking. All blacks are alike, I mean, uh. It gets worse with Biden. Why you're voting for this? I really have no idea. You want to protest Trump, vote for a third party candidate, why you're voting for this lunatic? I have no idea. Here's Biden yesterday on another show saying that people in the country illegally should be entitled to our taxpayer funded health care system to as if there's no consequence to that at all.


Listen to this.


Should undocumented immigrants also be able to get subsidized health care if they are working in the United States of America and they are paying taxes? They should have access to health care. They should have access to what everybody else has access to.


So can we just run down the list of things you're voting for? If you choose Joe Biden in this upcoming election, he's going to destroy the suburbs. He's already pledged to do it. He wants to destroy the suburbs by building low income housing, high density development in the middle of the suburbs, in the middle of the suburbs. And then they want to use these consortiums to take your tax money from the suburbs, to give them to the cities that you moved out to look it up a f f h affirmatively furthering fair housing.


That's a Joe Biden initiative. He's already pledged to dramatically hike your taxes to repeal the tax cuts you just got. He's already pledged to now give subsidized your taxpayer funded health care to people who came in the country, not even legally. As if that won't create an incentive for everybody to rush into the country because he's also pledged to stop building any kind of a border wall to. Good luck if that's what you want. That's your guy. He's also pledged to about any kind of rifle, we're going to think if you're going to take your guns away, he calls them assault, but he can't define an assault weapon.


And he's like, you're damn right we're going to take him away if that's what you want. Joe Biden's your guy. If that's not what you want, Joe Biden is not your guy. It's not Joe Biden. Your guy is Senate Joe Biden, Joe Biden, not Joe Biden. Which for many of us, thankfully, will be Donald Trump. Guy's a mess, folks. The guy's a mess, a total mess. He clearly has no respect for black voters either.


And believe me, I don't say that. Lightly. I don't I think Joe Biden actually at some at some point back and that was on the right side of criminal justice reform. I have no problem not going to be unprincipled. I'm telling you, though, right now, this man has no respect for black voters at all. You ain't black if you don't vote for me. His words, remember him with Charlemagne, the interviewer. You ain't black if you're not black, if you don't know what that.


All right, I want to get to me now, I rarely talk about myself, but this is important because it's a bigger story and I'll tell you why we did what we did and why we're proud of the result, even though it wasn't exactly what we intended. Let me get to my second sponsor today, Today show also brought to you by friends at NetSuite. These last few months have been tough. They've taught us what's really important out there.


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Get your free guide. Seven actions businesses need to take now and schedule your free product tours at NetSuite. Dotcom Bongino. Get your free guide. Schedule your free product for today at NetSuite. Dotcom Slash Bongino. That's NetSuite dotcom slash Bongino. All right. So I was in the news yesterday and I don't like talking about stories about myself. Matter of fact, I rarely do. But here's just a quick back story and the story I want to relate it to a bigger topic of media bias, and I want to.


Talk about this is a warning to you, because a lot of you out there, activists, you know, conservatives out there who go to groups and stuff may decide one day to run for office or you yourself may decide to get a show, whatever it may be, conservative, Bobbi's, you know, conservative, our liberty, our whatever it may be. And you may become a public figure one day yourself. And I want to warn you how the media works.


I'm going to show you what happened to me. So a while ago, an article was written about me. I used to work at a company that provided content to NRA TV. Some of you saw the show. It was called We Stand. I worked there for a year. I enjoyed my time there. I left I was offered a very generous compensation package to stay, which is relevant to the story here for a reason which I'll get to in a minute.


I turned it down for other reasons. I wound up signing with Fox News instead. Now, interestingly enough, after I chose to not resign again, after being offered a nice deal to stay. I was I read this article in The Daily Beast, which was strange. Here it is by Lachlan Marcé, who pretends to be a journalist, and it said, Dan Bongino out an NRA TV. And I read Wow out. And it says that they were downsizing.


And I appear to be a casualty of those plans. It's fascinating how this story came out about a year ago and over a year ago. And I thought to myself, well, that's not true. They went on in the piece. In other words, they're kind of implying here that I was let go or terminated because of downsizing. Well, it was me. I knew the story was false. So they wrote that the NRA's media arm has dropped.


They dropped me, Joe Pro Trump firebrand Dan Bongino from its line of being, I know, terrible. Two sources told this guy, apparently Lachlan Mackay. Did they really? It's interesting. So the story seems to imply that I was dropped and let go, the story is, of course, categorically false. It's not true. I'm going to show you the evidence that this guy knew this story was false, wrote it anyway. So, again, the implication here is that I was dropped.


They let me go down times as a casualty. Oh, my gosh. What a casualty. Dan, we've got to get rid of him. Terrible. This kind of stuff, ladies and gentlemen, I got another quote from the piece for a minute, but I want to show you how the coin of the realm works if you get into this public space. The only coin of the realm they have is reputational damage. It can't hurt you physically, not going to come to your house with like a baseball bat.


So what they do to you when you become a public figure, a conservative, not a liberal, want to be clear on this? Is they have to they view your reputation like a bank account. Your goal is to make deposits, to make your reputation strong, good quality content, good shows, runs for office, things like that, where you're actually reaping the costs. You know, the media's goal is to make withdrawals and to take your reputation down until no one takes you seriously anymore.


And the way they do that is they do it bit by bit. How do you eat an elephant bite by bite? So they write these stories that they don't they don't write. You are fired. They imply it, which does enough reputational damage that you would assume. Reading that article, man Dan show must have been so bad they got rid of them in a downsizing effort. Matter of fact, he says again that a source told them that.


Here's the second bite from the piece, the second clip from the piece. He says the author of this piece, he says he subsequently confirmed that we stand is in fact ending, but suggested just talking about me that the decision not to renew the show was his, not the network. That's, in fact, true, a characterization questioned by a source familiar with the organization's decision. So, again, now showing you exactly how fake news works. The implication is not only I was dropped due to downsizing and that I was a casualty of it.


So it's so bad I had to get rid of them. But that a source confirmed this. I did it. Really. Let me show you a text from this reporter who had my phone number because I had known him when he pretended to be a conservative years ago. A taxi actually sent my phone, which is in the court documents, because we failed to check this out. Here's the text Monday, December 6th. Heard you didn't renew with that RTV a couple of days later, just circling back on this, probably publishing something today.


So that's kind of different, isn't it? He says a source told him that I was dropped. In other words, they got rid of me. But then he texted me saying, I heard you didn't renew, which is in fact, accurate and confirmed by both me and the production company I worked for. I turned down the deal. But the story that I turned down, the deal. That is a deposit into my reputational bank account. I turned down the deal because I got a better deal somewhere else, but that makes me look good so they can't.


Right. I didn't renew. So they write a knowingly false story, the same guy who text me the opposite thing just days before he published it. It's the first time in my life we ever sued, we took a legal hit yesterday, judge tossed the case at Discovery. They're saying that it was without merit. Listen, we lost we lost fair and square. I respect the judge's decision. I think he was wrong. Obviously, I wouldn't have filed the lawsuit otherwise.


I don't see how, you know, when you text someone that you knew, in fact, I didn't renew. And then you write an article suggesting the opposite. But the judge's decision is what it is. We're still deciding now what to do, whether to refile or withdraw. It depends on your workload and stuff. Is some other information out there. But, folks, I bring this up to you because I'm proud of what we did. And, you know, I thought about it last night, my wife and I talked about again, I always break down the fourth wall, you're entitled to the truth.


And at first you're like, gosh, you know, maybe we shouldn't have, you know, because these cases are hard to win when you're a public figure. And my wife said to me last night, I appreciate it because I was feeling really bad yesterday about it. My wife said, you know what, you did the right thing. She said the truth is now out there because that guy's the the actual journalist air quotes who wrote that article that texted that that text wasn't in his article at all.


Now it's in all the court documents. So now when you write about this case, even though we didn't get the legal outcome we wanted. We respect the judge's decision. That's fine. We're not crybabies. Hear about it. But now you're going to have to go and actually read the court case and you're going to see that the author at best. At best, liden the article. He knew I didn't renew and wrote the opposite. At worst.


Is the worst journalist you've seen in a long time because his sources told them one thing and he wrote the opposite in the article. Either he didn't understand or he lied to you. If he doesn't understand what his sources are telling him, even though he texted it to me or he lied to you. Cautionary note, anything you read from Lachlan Mackay in the future and his name will creep up on Internet searches. I'm proud of what we did, and I encourage you all to do the same thing.


If you are defamed in these pieces, these fights matter, one more thing about this, not to go on and on about my personal, because I try to keep my personal business out of the show. But it's important and it's a warning for you because some of you will become public figures and it's open season on you from this point on what you do. They have to prove actual malice. They can't just lie. They have to, like, prove it was done with intent to defame you, which again, I felt was clear I wouldn't have filed the lawsuit.


This has happened to me before. I had another author write that we had bulk sales on our book because The New York Times said so, in other words, that we got on the best seller list with my second book exonerated and there's an asterisk in The New York Times may have benefited from books that bulk sales. They do this to conservatives all the time. I'm just warning you the same way sources told this authors something they didn't tell them. It's it was made up.


No one told him that. He said the opposite. They do this to conservative authors all the time. And what they're trying to do is they're trying to say that your book didn't really sell a bunch of conservative groups out there, just bought thousands of copies, and your book really was terrible. They do this all the they put an asterisk. It's almost always next to conservative books. Shockingly, my last book, New York Times, put an asterisk next to my book and said benefited from bulk sales, hinted he really didn't sell them any.


So I called my publisher and I said, Anthony, do we have any box sales from the book? He said, no, none. I said zero. He said zero. He said, matter of fact, the only sale we had to any group that was even considered not even really bulk, but was Fox Nation, the Patriot Awards. They bought about one hundred or two hundred books to give out to people there. And the Fox Nation event was on November 6th.


My book was on the bestseller list September twenty fourth. November. But again, it doesn't matter, I bring up these two stories about false stories I was dropped from in our ATV. My book was Bollocks because what happens, nobody really reads these articles. So you may say, well, then what's the point? Why are you worried about it? Because the way the left works is if you go to Wikipedia, scam a pedia. The left wing lunatics at Wikipedia then take these articles nobody reads, was dropped from interruptive.


His book was a scam. Bulk sales, even though it's factually incorrect, no, there's not an entity on the planet that can show me a receipt from a bulk sale for my book. Nowhere, Nowhere. It makes it onto Wikipedia and left wing lunatics, then use scam pedia from that point on to say, look, the guy was fired from Narrativity Look, his book, There's all phoneys, the books. So it doesn't matter that nobody reads the articles.


What matters is it becomes canon. And cannon fodder for people. To then shoot you down and make withdrawals from your reputational bank account to destroy you. That's what the left does, it said they just did. Lockland didn't think we would fight back. But now know whenever you read from him, whatever he has said, sources just screenshot that text because it's your source, too, because you exactly put that in the article. Just checking. OK, moving on.


I want to spend too much time on it. I got some important spygate up there. Weisman Weissman is panicking. Let me get to my last sponsor before doing that. Let me just tease one thing. The Sean Hannity interviews. Great. I really love that we taped it. Joe, Andrew and Paula working hard on it. It will be out tomorrow morning, Saturday. Please check it out. It's a really candid conversation about a half an hour, me and Sean Hannity about his new book.


It's really a good interview. Please check it out again tomorrow. YouTube dot com slash Bongino and on our regular Apple podcast account. All right. Today's show back to my friends at Brickhouse Nutrition. Ladies and gentlemen, one of my favorite sponsors. Also the original. Now more than ever, maintaining a healthy diet immune system is vital, which is why me and Paula take a boatload of this stuff, feel the grains from Brickhouse Nutrition every day. I give it to my mother in law to it is a real superfood.


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Then don't wait. Take care of your health today. A lot of us can't eat fresh fruits and vegetables all the time. Brickhouse Nutrition, Dotcom. Dan, there are two flavors. They have a brand new while berry flavor. That's terrific to again go to Brickhouse Nutrition Dotcom slashed in use promo code Dan today. OK, so yesterday I kind of teased the story a little bit, and it's important because. Sarah Carter and other great real journalists saw John Solomon and others were all getting really frustrated.


We followed the Spygate case. You know, seriously, folks like when are people going to wind up in handcuffs here? No, I'm serious, I mean, we know crimes were committed, felony links to media reporters about classified information. None of this is a secret lying under oath to FISA courts, lying to federal investigators. We know federal felonies were committed. When is something going to happen? And not only is the pace of justice turning into a glacial one, but the people involved in this scam, including dreadful Mueller witch hunter Mueller team member Andrew Weissman, who really led the team, Mueller was just a figurehead.


This guy keeps getting away with, I mean, ridiculous amounts of of potential corruption and illicit immoral behavior. The guy's got an MSNBC contract. What do I mean, I saw this piece from The Washington Examiner, you say Andrew Weissman, who was a lieutenant in the witch hunt to get Donald Trump for a crime collusion they knew didn't exist, is now urging people public. He's not even hiding it to obstruct justice. He's telling DOJ people don't cooperate with the investigations into the Spygate scandal, he's doing this publicly.


Which goes to show you again the unbelievable power of the media. If this was Donald Trump doing this, Donald Trump encouraging people inside the government obligated to do the right thing under their administrative guidelines. To not cooperate with a bona fide investigation into the biggest scandal of our time, Donald Trump, they would want him removed from office as a traitor tomorrow morning. But because it's corrupt, the crat swamp demon, Andrew Weissman, everything is OK, he's doing this publicly.


He's not hiding this. Now, why is wisemen panicked, there's a reason, folks, again, he's the Möller lieutenant who is knee deep in the entire scandal to spy on Trump. This article, by the way, will be in the show notes it's an older one from John Solomon, but it's important to read it. Be in the show notes today, Bungeni dot com slash newsletter. Pfizer shocker. DOJ official warned Steele dossier was connected to Clinton and might be biased.


Follow me here. Here's this article by Solomon, I got a couple of screenshots from in a minute. How does it involve wisemen again? Maulers Lieutenant. When the FBI went to the FISA court for a warrant to spy on the Trump team and raise their right hand, they left out of the document the fact that the information in the document, the stuff in the dossier. Was paid for political misinformation. It's no more complicated than that. You think that's kind of relevant?


You may want to tell the judge. Yeah, I'd say so. Now, wouldn't it be awfully odd? If Andrew Weissmann, who later went on to investigate Donald Trump as Mueller's lieutenant for the PPY stuff and all the other collusion Hoechst up knowing it was false because in January the FBI was told it was false by Steele's own sources, the guy wrote the dossier. Wouldn't it be weird if wisemen knew as far back as 2016? Remember, Mueller's not appointed until mid 2017, a year later.


Wouldn't it be weird if Weissman knew this was strictly political information and a political hit job and let the whole thing proceed anyway? Let's go to John Salomon's excellent piece from The Post from a while ago, but it's worth your time again. So Bruiser, who worked in the Department of Justice, went up to Congress and spoke and he revealed that the FBI and Justice lawyers had no need to speculate. Bruiser from the DOJ explicitly warned them in a series of contacts beginning in July of twenty sixteen that Christopher Steele expressed bias against Trump and was working on a project connected to the Clinton campaign.


Oh, he did. Well, who exactly did he warn? Hey, this is a political document. It goes on or had first hand knowledge about the motive and the client, the political motivation. He had just met with Steele on July 30 of twenty sixteen, and Bruce's wife, Nellie, worked for Fusion GPS who employed Steele. Here's a quote from Brewster. I certainly told the FBI that Fusion GPS was working with and doing opposition research on Donald Trump, he told congressional investigators, adding that he warned the FBI that Steele expressed bias during their conversations to.


What does this have to do with Weismann? So the guy who writes the dossier still using sources that were discredited six months after January of 2017. Tells Bruiser, upper level official in the Department of Justice, whose wife is working with the company that hired the guy who wrote the dossier, Broussard tells Congress, I warned everyone that this was a political document. Why didn't they say anything? Well, who else did Bruce tell in twenty sixteen and why may he be a little bit panicked now?


Let's go to screenshot Chattooga. Or did only contact the FBI, he said in August of 2016, nearly two months before the FISA was issued. He also briefed people, including Andrew Weissman, the then head of the DOJ fraud section, Bruce Schwartz, long time, long time DOJ international operation. Zayn Ahmed was also on the mother team, by the way, and accomplished terrorism. Prosecutor at the time was assigned to work with Lynch as a senior counselor.


Ahmad wisemen will later go on to work for Mueller, the special prosecutor overseeing the Russia probe, or his extensive testimony also undercuts one argument that House Democrats sought to make last year. So the same guy, Andrew Weissman, discredited, obvious partisan hack posing as a lawyer who is now openly encouraging government officials obligated to do the right thing to obstruct justice and not cooperate with a legal probe into their malfeasance is the same guy who was warned in the middle of 2016 that the stuff we're going to use to spy on Donald Trump is all political garbage and then not only allowed it to proceed, but then went on to join Mueller's team later and investigated it again, despite knowing it was false.


Again, if this was a Republican, you'd be in handcuffs right now, but because it's Andy Weissman, not only is it documented you knew you did a partisan investigation, you knew the information was political, you then engaged in a political witch hunt on political information you knew was political. But then you go get paid by MSNBC and you go on their air and write up ads encouraging people to obstruct justice into the investigation, into your political investigation. And everybody's like, this is great.


The media loves them. The media thinks this guy is a hero. Hero. Right now, I'm getting frustrated, so I'm going to move on to the next story because it's important, the loaded news day today. So I get emails from receive emails a lot from listeners who are really great. And this one guy emails me a lot, but he sent me an article yesterday. I saw it at first I thought it was a scam. For all my Australian listeners, we have a lot of them.


We get to do that research thing, we can see we I can't see into your house or anything, but we can see generally where you listen from. We have a lot of listeners in Australia. I feel really bad for you if you live in Melbourne right now. Have you heard what's going on in Melbourne? Here's an article from the American Institute for Economic Research. This will be in the show notes again today. Please check it out by Geoffrey Tucker.


Madness in Melbourne. This is not what this is. Folks, you are you are watching your civil liberties go down the tubes right now, being flushed down the toilet. I can't even tell you how bad what I read in this article is, so I'm just going to go down the list. So, Milbourne. Using the coronavirus as a backdrop has basically turned their city into a police state. Out of fears from the coronavirus, despite no evidence whatsoever, these lockdowns actually work, they don't.


This virus doesn't care about your lockdowns at all. You're just locking people down indoors to recirculate air. So if someone gets at the whole house is the lockdown's don't work. They haven't worked. Look at some of the draconian measures happening, I really feel bad if you live in Melbourne right now. The guy writes the article says, A friend summarized for me what's happening right now the situation in Melbourne, even one of these is bad. Police may now enter anyone's home without a warrant, huh?


There's an eight PM curfew. A sixteen hundred dollar fine if you're outside your house without, quote, a valid reason, the amount being raised by the day, you may say to yourself, Dan, come on, this is 1980 Soviet Union. No, no, this is Melbourne. Now, you're not allowed to visit family or friends. There's a two hundred dollar fine for no mask, mandatory masks at all times. This one, folks, please confirm for me if you live in Melbourne emails, if this is true, you can only exercise once per day for up to an hour.


What the hell does that have to do with anything? Only one person per household per day can leave the house, including for groceries. I'm not even sure that was a rule in the Soviet Union. You may have been more free and the Soviets didn't even have these rules. You may say, wow, that sounds bad. No, no, there's more. You're not allowed to go more than three miles from your home. Weddings are illegal. No gatherings of any size.


We've got to go to page two because there's actually more shockingly. Yeah, I know that's on it. No, no, no, there's more. The army is on the street finding and arresting people to come on. And this is Cuba. No, no, this is Melbourne. Since March. Twenty first, a total of one hundred ninety three thousand seven hundred spot checks have been conducted by police spot checks. Joe, spot checks at the five.


Oh, not going in you're doing now. Protests and activism is illegal. People have already been arrested for peaceful gatherings. The media, which is extremely biased, no shocker. There's calling the protesters right wing conspiracy nut jobs and won't even allow discussions of whether these lockdowns are right or not. And several thousand people were placed under house arrest, unable to leave for any reason with food rations delivered by the Army, leading to appalling levels of personal trauma.


Here's one last one. There's actually more, but in the interest of time, I had to cut it down. Australia won't release how many fines they've given out, but an ABC News report said it's over five point two million dollars so far. Ladies and gentlemen, what is what is going on? Do you understand that if we don't take some kind of action at the voting booth and get these people out and let them know we will never allow this again?


That in the name of public health, your neighborhood could be next. How is that not what I just described? The police state. Again, if any of its inaccurate and that article is wrong or misplaced, let us know Melbourne government officials were happy to hear. We'll put your statement on here. But how is what I just not describe the Solzhenitsyn's The Gulag Archipelago. Explain, please. I'd love to hear it. We're doing good, doing good.


Moving on, what do I always tell you about liberals, especially people like Nancy Pelosi Vadis dumber than I used to being challenged? And why is that? Can ever challenge liberals because liberals aren't used to being challenged and when you challenge them, they freak out, what do they do? They either emotionally melt down, right, Joe, or their next line is they don't emotion about energy crisis or you definitely don't like people who are gay or or or trans or you don't like people who are black or Hispanic.


That's their only they don't have any they never respond in anything of substance. They don't. I'm very sorry. And we have liberal listeners. Some actually enjoy the show, but my experience with liberals has generally been awful. They can't debate. They have no grasp of the facts at all.


And as I said on Sean Hannity's show last night, talking about the gun debate, they just lie about everything all the time. That's for two reasons. Liberals dominate the media and they dominate academia. So they're never challenged by anyone in the media almost ever, unless you go on FOX and they're never challenged by academics because academics are liberals who aren't really interested in actual academics. So what happens when you go on the air and someone actually dares to ask you a substantive question?


Well, here's a video of Nancy Pelosi absolutely losing it yesterday when Judy Woodruff, who is no conservative, by the way, from PBS, asks a simple question about this stimulus thing she's about to get wrecked on by the Donald Trump trap we talked about in the beginning and watched Pelosi say, wow, wow, if you're going to just defend the and she's so upset that Judy Woodruff basically says, like, hey, here's the Republican position. What's your response?


She can't even take it. Check this out. The other point Republicans are making is they are now showing flexibility in money for state and local governments. This is, again, a difference. Democrats want more money. Republicans want a lot less. They are saying they're willing to show flexibility. And they're also saying a lot of the money that was passed in the spring, Madam Speaker, has not even been spent yet. Well, wouldn't it be a very if you want to be an advocate for them?


No, I'm fine. What the fact playing devil's advocate here, I ask you for your position.


She said she melts down totally. Like a snowball in the hot Florida sun, she can't take it if you want to be her advocate. The woman's just. Judy Woodruff, just bringing up a point. Hey, here's what the Republicans she's not arguing for them. They can't take it. They are never challenged. They own the media. They own academia. Liberals go through four years of college never having one of their dopey, ridiculous, non fact based arguments ever challenged.


So when you challenge them, they melt down like the snowflakes they are because they've never been challenged before. They're not used to it. What they accept as dogma is actually a bunch of lies. And when confronted with the lies, their response is always, always anger. I saw that on social media yesterday. I want to put it out there because that's expect that. Remember what I always tell you about arguing with liberals. And don't forget this.


I've done a lot of it grown up in two blue states before I moved to Florida. You're never arguing with the liberal, they're largely lost. Ninety nine percent of them don't really I'm not kidding. Don't care about facts at all. It's like the guy Lochlan, who wrote that piece, no matter how many times I tell him and no matter what evidence I produce, I wasn't that I left the job. It doesn't mean he's gone. They already know in their head, but they want to say, Lippard, that's what liberals do.


You're not going to argue that. You're never arguing with them. You're arguing for the third party listening. When I was running for office, it happened all the time, I get into a debate with someone who's a liberal, talking to them was ridiculous, but I'd hear other people listening. And I can't tell you how many times people would come up to me and say, hey, you did a good job there. I never heard that before.


You're always arguing for the third person listening. I'm telling you this story. And I told you the story about The Daily Beast, about me, not because I'm going to convert The Daily Beast. They're going to continue to make up stories about me. That's what they do. That's what they did. Their business model, me and others, not all about me. I'm talking to you, the third person who's watching what goes on is, gosh.


The story seems right, guy actually texted him with the information that was correct and wrote the opposite, I'm talking to the third person. I'm not talking a lot that he's lost. Remember that? That's what happens, they always melt down because the facts are never on their side. OK, all right, doing good on time. I want to get to a couple more stories here. So just this is a good one. I have it up in the show.


Notes show it's a really loaded today. Strongly encourage you again to check them out. National Review has a great story up, folks, by Douglas Carr. Is the US following the Japanese death spiral, you know. I used to do a lot of heavy economics on the show, I try to sprinkle it in here and there, folks. I don't want to leave you in a depressed kind of mood on Friday because we can recover from this. But I do want to put out to you the data here that we're in a little bit of trouble economically.


The government spending an absurd amount of money we don't have. And the correlation. Between government spending. The correlation. Between government spending and the lack of economic growth, meaning more government spending, less economic growth, obviously is so strong. That a causal inference is right there, remember, correlation doesn't always equal causation, you know, because you get more colds in the winter doesn't mean cold weather gives you the common cold.


There was another variable at play, more mucus. You stand side, more you touch your face, more you scratch your nose more. That has a lot to do with it. But some correlations are so strong that it's probably pretty reasonable that you can make a causal inference, meaning in this case. I'm going to show you two charts from this National Review piece by Douglas Carr showing you how Japan and the United States, as the government spends more money, the economy goes down, more government, less economic growth, liberals, more government up, less economic growth down.


Now, the charts done an inverse. So they move together. And I'll show you in a minute make more sense. But as government spending goes up, economic growth goes down because the correlation is so strong that you would seriously have to be a great imbecile to not say to yourself, well, that's interesting, because that would probably mean right, Joe, that if the government spent less money, there'd be more economic growth. I'm just throwing that out there.


Look at these two charts is a warning for us because we're going down Japan's path, which is their economic growth is entirely stagnant now. They were once the envy of the entire world. Remember the 80s, Joe, the Time magazine of Japan or the the Japan is going to get they're going to surpass our account. Oh, my gosh. But David did movies about it, that Michael Keaton movie with the Car Factory, How Japan was going to take over the World.


Ladies, gentlemen, Japan can't get out of its own economic way anymore. What happened? Look at chart number one from this piece. So here's real growth. US versus Japan. Japan is in red. The US is in blue, those, as you listen on the radio, real growth has gone down in both the US and Japan down down, meaning the opposite of up, up or down. So you may say, well, Japan and the United States interesting, their economic growth has gone down.


Well, what if you are interested in data? I know most liberal, you could stop listening now, libs. This is for, again, serious people who are interested in data. Well, what change? All right. You would say to yourself, if economic growth used to be high in both the United States and Japan and economic growth is struggling now, well, what's the variable that change that may have caused that?


Yeah. There it is. Thank you, Miss Paula. Government expenditures have gone up, so when you look at a chart of Japanese government expenditures versus investment, you'll notice. Now keep in mind they move hand in hand. That's because one is the inverse. So they're moving in the opposite, but they scaled it. So it looks like the same. You can see if you check out the all you need to know is they're moving in the opposite direction based on how they scaled the chart.


They're moving in the same direction, but they scaled the chart in the inverse. So as Japanese government expenditures have gone up, you can see investment has gone down dramatically. Look at the chart. You'll see it even says on the right side inverse. Japan, Joe spent nineteen sixty about seventeen point five percent of its GDP on government. Now Japan spends thirty eight point eight percent oh seventeen thirty eight point eight, seventeen thirty eight point eight. The United States, ladies and gentlemen, has taken the same trajectory.


As government spends now, this is going to be really difficult for the conservatives, you're going to laugh at the simplicity of why this is for liberals. You may find this to be a stunning statement. Why would it be, as the government spends more money, investment in the economy goes down and we grow less? That's because as the government spends more money, they take it from wait for it, wait for a job. It's going to be a shocker.


They take it from you who then spends less money. I know your son get a hold of yourself, Elizabeth, because someone gets some nitro pills to Armacost in Maryland, everybody, everybody, anyone close to him, now he's having a coronary. I know this is hard to understand. Government has to take money. So when they spend more money, they take it from you, which means you spend less money. Oh, I know it's tough, Joe, read the piece that I don't usually encourage you to read the show, but I know this was just this was one of those moonshot moments for you.


Now it all makes sense. Thank you, Dad. Of course, this made sense five minutes ago to my sane audience. But to liberals listening, they still have a tough time with this. Japan used to be rocking and rolling, now the economy's stagnant, yeah, that's because the government took more money out of the economy, kind of like the exact same thing that's happening in the United States as we take more money. But don't let that get in the way.


I only put the article in the show notes because that's not the depression we get on a Friday, because at the end, Douglas Carr, the writers like, hey, you know what the reality is, we could fix this tomorrow and be the envy of the world again. Control government spending way with jobs really hard. The solution, control government spending and get a lid on entitlements. And people have more of their own money to spend. The economy will grow in bold, bold genius.


That's another that's another Pullo. We did it. We Simos, whether that's a moment Republicans could actually come out and sing that or a song and actually meeting. But nobody will do that because, again, they have they don't have the political will to do it. It is don't. And that's why Trump, in his second term, if he wins, I'm hoping he gets a hold on this, you will not have any significant economic growth with an explosive government spending.


Ledgard, you just won't. It's as simple as that. That's the solution for the future. In one line, cut government spending, let people spend more of their own money. All right, one last story. Bungeni dot com, check this out. Use some of our content with some of the great Matt Polumbo, the greatest fact checker in the world, who just humiliated Tom Kirchherr, the worst fact checker in the world at PolitiFact the other day, tried to PolitiFact check us, Joe.


And actually, he judges our article mostly false. And it writes a whole article about how our article's true, which is amazing, which is really incredible, this guy. So Matt wrote an article about him, too, which is kind of funny. So the article by Matt Polumbo. Twenty five percent of Brooklyn Mail in ballots were disqualified. I talked about the story the other day, ladies. Geman they had an election for Congress, Kings County, which is Brooklyn in New York.


Twenty five percent of the ballots are going to be disqualified now Hattab Vince Colin, a radio host, the W.M., I saw this on his social media feed. Eighty four thousand votes in one congressional district. And while I should say in one area, Brooklyn, to be precise, eighty four thousand votes in one county. Were deemed. Disqualified. Not admissible. Eighty four thousand. Now you see why Trump's concerned about the election coming up. Let me put it in perspective again, hat tip defense, rest of these numbers.


One county. Joe, you know how many votes President Trump won Pennsylvania by, keep this number in the back of your head to eighty four thousand votes were dismissed, disqualified in one county in New York. President Trump won the entire swing state of Virginia by sixty eight thousand votes. Hmm, sounds like we may be in a little bit of trouble. I have is more President Trump won Wisconsin by twenty seven thousand votes. Finally, President Trump won Michigan.


By 11000 votes. About one seventh of the total that were disqualified in one county in the entire United States. And you're telling me you're not worried about the election? Folks are going to leave you with this. You're used to many of you like I am. 45, some are older, some are younger. You're used to elections being definitive, moments being dispositive, election happens is a winner and a loser, right? What would you do if there was no winner or loser?


What do you mean that can't happen? Oh, no, it can. What are you going to do? If out of the hundreds of counties in swing states. Hundreds of counties are coming up with thousands, a thousand, five thousand, ten thousand eighty four thousand ballots that are deemed disqualified. Oh, well, we'll just recheck them all, you will. How long is that going to take? Imagine a hanging chad moment for the remember the Bush v.


Gore election happening in every county in America? Four months. Would anyone except the outcome? Now, it's a fair question. The media question has been with Joe, is the media question not been well, is Trump going to accept that if he loses? That's the media, right? Right. But would not. But seriously, Joe, wouldn't it be a fair question to say? What if Biden loses? Well, Biden accept the outcome as fair, right, fair enough.


What I'm getting at is for those Democrats who are dismissing Trump's concerns about mail and voting in Iowa, Trump's just an idiot. I'm talking to you to. What if you lose and the swing states have 60, 70, 80 thousand ballots that could have helped you win? Oh, now, all of a sudden, you may be a little concerned. See, the difference between liberals and us is we're concerned regardless if we win or lose, and I mean that because elections and their integrity matter.


That's why we believe in voter ID and things like that. You're only concerned about getting your guy to win and you think your guys so far ahead that you don't care about the integrity of the election because you just think your guy is going to win anyway and you don't want the result in doubt. Sorry, but that's pretty disgraceful. All right, folks, thanks again for tuning in. That was really a loaded show, nine topics that may be a record, Paula, and I think we're going to get through that.


We had one more, but I have to save it for next week. Please watch my Sean Hannity interview. I'd really appreciate it. Be launching tomorrow morning, Saturday YouTube dot com slash Bongino and on our Apple podcast channel as well. Please subscribe as well. Thanks for a great week. We got some surprises coming up next week, too, so stay tuned. Folks are going to be an interesting week. Joe knows what I mean. See you on Monday.


Good day, sir.


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