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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


Have you heard this story that we're running out of coins? Coins? I'm not kidding. It's a real story. If you go on the Internet and look it up, what are you laughing at? But she's right. Paula probably looked it up, too. We are running out of coins, folks. Listen. The plague here that has been imposed upon us by China, who could have stopped this has caused a whole bunch of problems. It's caused an outbreak of anti science on the left.


Civil liberties, the ammunition mask mandates all kinds of unscientific things close. The kids from school closed them off from schools. But one of the recent ones is cashless society. Now we see some people pushing for. That's a big fat no ski. I'll get to that in a minute. Why? That's important. Important that we stop it. That is today's show brought to you by friends that express VPN. Ladies and gentlemen, my savvy listeners get a VPN to protect their data online from prying eyes.


Go to express VPN dot com slash Bungeni today. Pick up your VPN today. Express VPN that consulate Bungeni. All right. Welcome to the Dan Bongino Show. I have a loaded show today. Ten plus stories I'd like to get to producer. Joe, how are you today? Fine, sir.


Well, it's day Joe in his best 1960's game show voice always opening the show on Friday, even in the downtimes to get ASOL going. All right. I got that. I got a video clip of, again, why the media is the media is so offended by Kaley McEneaney because these people in the media have journalism degrees, which is embarrassing enough. And Kaylee Mac and 80s IQ is about that. Seventy six percentage points higher than women. So she embarrassed me, Esther.


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All right, Joe, let's go. Almost got them. OK, so first, just a quick story here, PJ Media. The cashless society, a nother, astonishing ramification of the plague that's been imposed upon us that I see a lot of far left this and a lot of people who don't know any better. Pushing for a cashless, only covered 19 frenzy jump starts the cashless society. Ladies and gentlemen, that's a big fat no. I've been talking about this for a long time.


White liberals and big government enthusiasts love a cashless society. I may just throw the question out there to the audience. You listen in your car, you watch it on YouTube, you sit at home. Let's scratch our heads for a second. Got the gavel. Why would big government liberals, you know, many tyrants, why would they love a cashless society if it's cashless? That doesn't mean payment lists you would have to pay. You would pay with what?


You'd pay with a credit card, a debit card or some other electronic device. Right. Apple pay. What else? What's the difference with those devices and payment mechanisms in contrast to paper or coin cash?


What's the difference? Not in your pocket. The difference is the. Yeah.


Well, yeah. But. But what else, Joe? It leaves a digital footprint as a digital footprint. You got it. Digital. Yes. Digital footprints, kind of a big deal because what is the government? What what is there? Big government left this and they're swamp rats up on Capitol Hill. Love to do anything more. They love to track you. They love to track your data because what do they seek? More than anything, Joe, we haven't said it in the longest time.


Control. So whole left this. The agenda is about control and it's impossible to control or influence your transactions using money. If you have cash that is not traceable, not traceable. Oh, my gosh. What do you mean? We won't know something. And people are free to spend money without us looking and watching every single thing over. Watching every single transaction. Yats? Yes. I ran out of breath there. That's why I had to say yes.


I did. I always wondered how singers do that sing so long, and I think my lung capacity is my Veoh to Max's horrendous, although I do some kettlebell swings today and try to expand that a little bit.


Ladies gentlemen left this love, love, love to be able to look over every single thing you do, but not just because they want to know what you do, why you do it. They want to be able to control you and influence what you do in shut down behaviors they deem malignant. Remember, Whit left this. They never give up. Ever. We will fight them to the end. But you've gotta respect the fact that they never give up.


If you don't, you won't understand the fight you're in. No. Your ideological opponent. Do not underestimate them. The left was out the day after Donald Trump's victory with their pink hats on protesting. They never stop. There should be no no quit in new either. There's no excuses. There's no giving up. I bring that up because what the left cannot do through law, because Donald Trump will veto it. They will do through the courts.


What they cannot through to do through the courts. They will do to public pressure and corporate campaigns. They will never, ever stop what they can't do to public campaigns and public pressure. They will do to social media intimidation. What they can't do through social media intimidation. They will do what they're anti for shock troops on the street by intimidating you. They will not stop ever. So if they can't get you to stop buying things the left doesn't like.


A payday loan you buy. You're paying money for a loan. You're essentially purchasing money at a price. Firearms kept by firearms. But they can't get enacted through law. They will do it through pressure campaigns. What does that have to do with this story? Well, let's go back to the PJ media piece. This little screenshot right here. Quote, Cashless is quick and secure. You never need to count your change and you never need to worry about whether there's a bank or an A.T.M. nearby.


Miss, it's convenient. But what happens when your bank or card issuer decides that they don't like you or the guy who owns your favorite gun store? What does happen? Well, we know what happens if the left doesn't like you or the guy who owns your favorite gun store. What happens is what happens in the China surveillance state, you know, where they pressure people through social credit scores to not do things and to do other things they like because left this want control.


That's what they do. So if they can't get you to stop buying guns through legislation or firearms or payday loans or whatever it may be, they'll just shut you down. Otherwise, you don't. By the way, you doubt any of this. These are not fabricated tweets. This tweet is in the PJ Media piece up at our show. Let's go to our shown us. Have you not read me making a big mistake. My humble opinion, the best e-mail list in the business bonds, you know, dot com slash newsletter to sign up for every day.


We'll send you the best stuff you need to know. Read the article. Here is a tweet by Boso O'Rourke. Hat tip Sean Hannity for that. I did not make that up, but I love it. So, Bozo, here's his Twitter account. Credit cards have enabled many of America's mass shootings in the last decade. Credit cards have done that. Credit cards, credit cards have enabled America's measure. That's that's a fascinating take. Yeah. And with Washington unwilling to act, they need to cut off sales of the weapons of war.


There you go. September 12th. Twenty nine deep. By the way, the examples in this article are legion. That's this is just one of how in a cashless society, again, another unfortunate remnant of the Koven plague imposed upon us by China. You are going to see big government left this hoping, your hoping made by audience sees through this. If you listen to the show, you knew about this years ago, but they're hoping you'll be naive enough to fall for their arguments, like, hey, look how convenient this is.


We can get rid of cash, money and coins. But if the transmitted a disease. Why else would you want that? Oh, basically because we can watch all your transactions to make sure you don't do things we'd all like and that we can't pass through legislation. The article talks about a another scenario where Republican senators were up on Capitol Hill questioning some of these big banks who are being subjected to pressure campaigns for being involved with facilities that process people who came in the country illegally.


Folks, it's never going to stop. I'm warning you. They are using this to that do not for a second think that a lot of the things they are pushing for have anything to do with science or public health. Some of them do. A lot of them don't. That's why I'm so adamant about mask mandates, not masks, mask mandates from government. It is a way to whittle down the resistance to the government control of your life. Again, not A.I. mask, A.I. Mandy.


Should be free to choose these things. And for people who tell you, well, we are you're taking away my health by choosing not to wear one, if you can produce solid evidence that I'm happy to entertain it. But just quickly, I pulled this up before the show. I didn't give it to Paula because it was really last minute for those of you still convinced. Convinced. And I'm open to new data. By the way, there were some data out of a hair salon where two of the.


This is, again, I'm I'm open to date on any side. This show is not anti science, unlike the left, OK? And the mainstream media. There was a study regarding the mass mandate. Remember this segment? It's all about control. Control now how you spend your money. They're using Cauvin as a Trojan horse. Keep your kids out of school, shut down the economy, alter an election now, make you wear a face mask, make you spend money.


They can watch everything on there. It's not a conspiracy theory. I'm showing you Benos own tweet. That's transparency there. It's his old tweet. And on the mask mandates again, not a time mask. I'm a anti-government, mainly because you can't show me the science if this is true. There's a fascinating piece. You know what, Paul? Let me forget this to put it. I'm going to put this in the shows because it's not on the screen.


I want you to read this. It'll be on my show notes today. Please, for the. You've got to wear a mask. The science is great on this. OK, show it to me. I'd like to see. But just so I don't lose my place. There was a study that showed a hair salon. Two people were infected. They were employees in the hair salon. And apparently one hundred and thirty nine people who came through because they're saying in the study because they had masks on.


Nobody got it. I'm open to looking at that. The problem with that study, though, is, well, the people were facing away as they were having there. Was it the mask or was it the fact that they were facing away from them? Could be again. I'm open to new data. The problem is the data on mastering now is terrible. This is from the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. Not the University of Bluto Bukovsky.


It's a real institution that studies this stuff for a living. They're now being pressured. I will put this study in the show notes today. The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy. In other words, experts in the field put out a study showing, hey, here's a quote. Here's the headline. Masks for all four. Cauvin, 19, is not based on sound data. There it is. Look right there. That's my phone. Can you see that with the lights?


That's my. That's the actual study. They're being pressured by now by anti science liberals who are not interested in the facts to take this study down. I'm not kidding. They had to put this commentary piece up on April 1st of 2020 because they were getting pressure to pull it down because the science thing was solid, that these masks are not universal. Masking is not based on sound data. They go into a bunch of things. How the studies, how the CDC is quoting new studies are myths that don't say at all what you think they say.


I'll put that up in the show notes, read it. Show it to your liberal friends who claim to everybody, by the way, right now is an epidemiologist to around. You notice that Joe or a virologist, everyone. Yeah, everybody's like the doctor from. I am legend. The Will Smith character. Everybody's a virologist now. Yeah, me too. And then would you show them data from actual experts who study this for a living? That universal masking doesn't work and isn't based on sound data.


That's just the headline. It's not my article. It's theirs. University of Minnesota. No, no, no, no, no. That's not accurate. You don't know what you're talking about. Told about controlling you and whittling down resistance to their government edicts. Read that, send it to them, ask them to answer the questions in there. Ask them to ask you for the data. For the data that shows any of this works. All right, let me get to my second sponsor, because I got to I really do have a stack show today.


It's Friday, and I don't like carrying material over to Monday because it's important to leave you with the weekend with a full gas tank of information and intellectual arguments to combat your silly liberal friends who have none of said material. All right. Today's show also brought to you by our friends at Ashford University. This and dreams. We all have them. The small ones are easy to talk about. The big ones, the ones we really want, not so much.


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Before we move on to the media, Manderson, the gaslighting these segments are related. I'm going to show you what happened to Caylee McEneaney yesterday to show you how media folks who were supposed to be giving you facts to make an informed decision. The facts would be this mask's. There's not a lot of data on it. You make your own decision. If it makes you more comfortable, then by all means, wear a mask. But here's the data we have that say it works.


Here's the data that we have it say it. And that's the way a scientific inquiry would work. Correct. If you were, you know, doing a study on the benefits of synthetic versus conventional motor oil in a 2016 Ford Raptor, what would you do? You would do a study showing how it either led to less engine, where you would publish the results and if your study showed the opposite. Or another study showed the opposite. You'd published that people could evaluate the study to make their own decision.


That's what journalists are suppose. To do. That's what we do on the show. Again, I just gave you a study. About it masking in this hair salon, which may prove some Bennett may. I am always open to data. Truth matters. The truth does not matter to the media. So yesterday, Kaylee McInerney, who has been doing a spectacular job and that may be understatement of the cosmos right now. Kelly McInerney is probably. Forty seven point six IQ points higher than the smartest person in the media press room.


Again, I don't mean to stereotype them all because there are some good and decent people and some smart ones here, but it's rare. I'm I'm not kidding. I'm basing it on experience. I promise you, it sounds personal, but it's not. In my prior line of work, I dealt with the White House press corps often, and they really are some of the dumbest people I've ever met in a position like that with such authority. I am not joking.


Some of the comments out of their mouths were just simply embarrassing. So they don't like Hayley, Mac and Andy because she's highly intelligent. So yesterday she made a statement about opening schools again. The left wants to control you and one of the ways to control you and impact the election is by insisting you keep your kids out of school. Make them suffer. Make them sit in solitary confinement in their rooms, away from their educational expenses. But they're in it for the kids.


Joel. Right. Because they claim to have data that it's such an apocalyptic risk that kids, Kofod 19, that they're all going to die somehow if they go back to school. None of that's actually true. So Kelly McCann and he was answering a question about this yesterday. I want you to listen to the whole quote here that's relevant. Where she's claiming the science is on their side and how how it's characterized by the hapless, absolutely hapless, embarrassing Ouija Giang at CBS who just cannot seem to.


I mean, the fact that she identifies as a journalist is really quite hilarious. But listen to the quote. Listen to our characterisation of it and you'll see how embarrassing journalism is becoming, how they become a propaganda tool for the control oriented lefties. Check this out.


We're seeing more school districts, at least in Virginia, for example, last night decided to go online, only order the president say to parents who are not going, OK. What do I do with my kids?


The president has said unmistakably that he wants schools to open. And I was just in the Oval talking him about that. And when he says open, he means open and full kids being able to attend each and every day at their school. The science should not stand in the way of this. And as Dr. Scott Atlas and I thought this was a good quote, of course we can do it. Everyone else in the Western world are poor. Nations are doing it.


We are the outlier here. The science is very clear on this that, you know, for instance, you look at the JAMA Pediatrics study of forty six pediatric hospitals in North America that said the risk of critical illness from Cauvin is far less for children than that of seasonal flu. The science is on our side here, and we encourage for localities and states to just simply follow the science, open our schools. It's very damaging to our children. There is a lack of reporting of abuse.


Are there's mental depressions that are not addressed. Suicidal ideations that are not addressed when students are not in school.


So just to be clear, if you're a reasonable, rational person and a journalist, again, with an IQ in the triple digits, which you should, which very few actually are. What did you hear there? Again, we didn't edit it. We didn't manipulate. We cut it for time. I can't play the whole hour press conference. What did you hear there? Kaylie cites a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association about how it's low risk for kids who go back to school.


She then says, the science is on our side and we should follow the science. But what quote did Judge Yang and others? Jim Acosta. I mean, the cost is just an embarrassment. Don't even include them on our list of dopey journalists. He said even injured. The guy's a clown. He's he's really not a serious person anymore. But what did we judge Yang here and what did she make sure to cut in her Twitter feed, cut short and put the whole quote?


What did she put in there? Well, let's check it out. Here's Weezer's Yang, Edwige on her Twitter feed. From the White House podium, quote, Science should not stand in the way of reopening schools. Now, of course, the minute I pointed out that she's a liar and a fraud, she had to play victim, that's what they do this year. Oh, my gosh, poor me. Look in my other tweet below it.


Well, by the way, she could have fit in the whole quote there. The science is on our side, citing of the Journal of American Medical, the medical association. Put any of that or tweet. Why? Because we use Chag as an activist. She's not a journalist. She's not a serious person. Her goal was to do what you know, to make you believe the Trump team is there's a science wall, Joe, and the Trump team is pounding through the science.


While the science obstacle will not get in our way as A.I. science, Republicans and the dreaded orange man bad. Trump, who doesn't believe in. I don't believe in size. It's not at all what Kaley said. It's not at all what she said. Again, you can rewind the podcast and listen to it yourself again. It's clear as day to any person again with a functioning neuron. That she was trying to say opening schools is backed by the science.


And here's the study. But that's not what we just got out of it. So there's two explanations here either, which is really not that bright, which is a distinct possibility, by the way. Or second. And by the way, you will 100 percent play victim here. Oh, my gosh. You're not allowed to go after me and insult me. I'm a journalist at CBS. A hundred percent.


We'll play. Yes. She's allowed to attack Joe. I promise you she will play victim. Yeah. A hundred million percent. Someone will show her this and she will whine because she's upset that she attacked someone else and got called on it. So there's. I'll even offer her an out. One. She's either not that bright. Which again, is a distinct possibility. Or number two, she is that bright. Did that on purpose to make you believe again that the Trump team is attacking science?


She could have fit in the quote. She wasn't out of character limit on Twitter. She just chose not to. Because she's an activist for the full time left. The left wants your kids out of school because they don't give a damn about your kids. They don't. They don't care. I'm going to hopefully get to this later. I have some studies to show. Even Vox left VARK, not Fox with an F, Voxer with a V, far left leaning radical Vox pop, sharp eyed, saying basically the kids need to go back to school.


But the lefties don't care about that. And by left, this I mean we in the media. Why? Because it's about control. They need to control Donald Trump. They can't. Donald Trump wants kids to go back to school for it's better for them. So the natural. Impulsive reaction of the radical left. This as a journalist is to counter whatever Donald Trump says. It doesn't matter if it's true or not. All that matters is Trump said it.


So they have to say the opposite. You think The Washington Post or anywhere you think they're any better, these other ones. Know we're going to move on from this because I want to get to some more social media stuff to. But The Washington Post is the general, you know, degenerated, the democracy dies in the darkness, Washington Post, which kind of is they've degenerated into a battering. We want to call them like a blogger. There are some good blogs out there, legal insurrection.


You have others out there. I mean, we have we run Bungeni dot com. The Washington Post is such a cesspool of stupidity. Just quick look at this headline. This is real. I did not make this up. That's not a joke, Joe. This guy sounds very sophisticated, by the way, Michael, into a bitter. Michael interpreted that data that showed us that that's how sophisticated this is clearly smart with a name like that is socialistic.


Maybe you've got to say to Michael into a bitter do. So, Michael, you wrote a piece of the Democracy Dies in the Darkness waiting for The Washington Post. This is a real headline, folks. That sound you're hearing is classical music's long overdue reckoning with racism.


Here we go. Michael and David Hall. Now, classical music is racist. Oh, fear in my eyes. My eyes when they get red. If you watch this on YouTube, by the way. Beethoven's arrival, no hearing added. Oh, my gosh. Roll over Beethoven. What was that, a song? Yeah, babe, that was a song, wasn't it? T.J., I'm up again with the pop culture and only one. Yes.


So now classical music is racist, too, pointing again to the why. Why are they doing this? Why are the Redskins racist? The Indians. The Black Hawks. Classical music. Everyone associated with Trump, according to Mazie Hirono, says we're all white supremacist, ladies and gentlemen. They don't believe any of this. It's a pure power play. Again, harping on the two stories I just addressed. The media doesn't believe what they're saying about schools.


They know kids should go back to schools. They're doing it to intimidate Trump into submission, to get him to shut up because they need control, because they're activists. Why do them? Why is the media lying? Why are they kept? Why are they trying to put a face diaper on your face all the time, even though you don't want to because they don't want resistance to their big government plans? And if you're allowed to resist the mask thing, you'll be allowed to resist other things, too.


There are other big government, big ticket agenda items. It is all all of this. This lying, your racist, you're it. It's all meant to scare you and intimidate you into what? All of it. Into silence. Because there's nothing left this hate more than a free, big, bold, individual, liberty loving human being who thinks for themselves. This is all the same Moat's the mode, you know, wires, why we're 16 different stores robbed in Martin County or whatever it may be.


And it's all the same guy. This is all the same motive behind every single thoughtcrime. Dare to say your kids go back to school. You want people dead. They know that's not true. They want to intimidate you into silence. You listen to classical music, you're a racist. They don't believe any of that's true. They're saying it because they want to scare you. Hey, you could be next. We'll call you a racist. You like classical music.


Shut your mouth. You better go along with our agenda. We'll tell your employer. Listen to classical music will get you fired. The Redskins name the Redskins. Well, how's that going to save one black life? It's not. It's all about intimidation and power. Shut your mouth or come in for your next. And media activists play right into it like the fools they are. Speaking of which. Media activists have partners in this, corporate America has been folding like a cheap suit.


But then you're a capitalist. I'll always be a capitalist. I believe in freedom and liberty. Capitalism isn't even an ism, by the way, it's not an ism, an ism suggested some kind of belief system. Right. Capitalism is just freedom. Think about it. Right. What is capitalism? Why is corporate America largely abandoned us? Outside of maybe GooYa. Seriously, why is corporate America banding and banding and as the Redskins and others and playing along with this radical left control, fear, intimidation agenda to the social justice where you're idiots who have like 20 followers on Twitter?


Why? Because they're run by leftist cowards who agree with this stuff. That's why. But capitalism isn't really an ism. What will what what are the tenets of capitalism? Think about it. Right. The freedom to own property. So you should ask you leftist friends, you hate capitalism. You own a house. Do you rent an apartment? Well, I don't own it. No, no, no. You own the right to that for a month.


You've paid for a rental agreement with the rent where you now get to live the correct. You have the key, right. No one else has it right. You have ownership rights, although you may not be the titular owner of that property. You were at that apartment, you have an iPhone and Android, whatever. You own a computer or a microphone. So you want that to be communal property. So, again, leftists are frauds who say they're anticapitalist, they're all phonies.


I was reading about this twitch woman, this one, because I'm always fascinated by people who market themselves and make a lot of money. Check short twitch. She's made herself a real small fortune. Am I going to say her name? But it's incredible. She's an anticapitalism. It's made up of a small fortune making dopey videos, and she's an anticapitalist who makes a lot of sense. What's another show? No private property attendant capitalism. You can actually own stuff which left this love and say they don't have the ability to trade your labor for a wage.


Right. So you're not working in indentured servitude. You work. Someone pays you. You don't agree with that. You want what? Communal work. Where nobody pays you. So what you want to work for some Soviet overlord? You farm the field. My going to get paid. Hell, no. You're lucky if you're going to eat. So you don't agree with that whole labor for a wage thing. Just curious. I mean, what would be the third tenet of capitalism?


The pricing system right now, I don't like the pricing system. Only rich people get to buy stuff. You prefer what, the rationing system? Because if there's a third way, I'd love to hear about it. Right, if there's a third way to allocate resources, phones, notebooks, pens. What's the what's the third way you can price them where you can work to gain access to these items? Or you can have the government ration them.


There's no third way. So you prefer a government, right? No, I don't prefer that either. I think everything should be free, OK? You're a moron. You're not a serious person. Sorry for the aside.


But corporate America is largely abandoned us and abandoned the principles of capitalism because their boards are now being run by leftist Wolke artists who are trying to enact their agenda through things like the cashless society and the courts because they can't get it done electorally because everybody thinks they're morons. Unfortunately, social media has joined them now again. Disclosure, I'm sorry to keep doing it, but it's important in the interest of honesty and fairness. I am one of the owners of Parler, which is a competitor to Twitter.


Get that out of the way. I wish I don't have to say it every day. I know it can get irritating, but it's it's important to do that. But ladies and gentlemen, I bring up this story not because of my financial interest in parler, but because it's a fascinating story about how the left this was a story in zero hedge up, which you really should read. It'll be in the show notes. Please read it. Why this social justice cult really hates parler, authored by Brandon Smith.


They hate us again. We're just a competitor, an alternative to Twitter and Facebook. That's all we are. You know, I've done sponsored spots on the show for them before. They hate us. They the left is losing their minds over Parlo, which is fascinating because you should be asking yourself with these tech social media, corporate titans, why don't they care about free speech, freedom and free markets? Why, if you hate us conservatives on Twitter and Facebook so much.


This is a serious question for the social justice warrior lunatics out there. The left wing moonbat die. I'm dead serious with this question. If you hate us on your platform so much Twitter and Facebook, then why aren't you happy that millions are leaving in droves and going a parlor? Paula, do you have an answer for that? Joe, you know, I don't don't you hate us there? So, Joe, you're having a house party right now.


You have a bunch of people you can't stand show up. You want them to leave? Correct. I mean, it's not a trick question. A.S.A.P. you don't invite them to invite their friends, right? Kovno. Now have another not another non trick question when you ask them to leave. Do you then have someone blocked the door so they can't leave? Just checking. You know, I want them to go, OK? Because that wouldn't make sense.


OK. Thank you. Sorry to put you on this, but I know you're puzzled because you like this question. Can't be this stupid. It is. Oh. The Twitter folks out there, the social justice warriors, hate us on their platforms, and yet we leave for our own platform, which, by the way, is not a conservative show. It's just a social media plan. We don't cater to any political ideology. I always joke with people the demo.


I think that the person who is most parodied on parler is me. Damn. Bob Genos, Big Head. Gambi Gedo Cement Block. We don't delete them. It's true. Go look. There are tons of dampeners, you know, parodies. Zappala. Go right ahead. Parody your way. I will not block you unless you do something against the rules or terms of service. I don't even have the power to do that. I should keep out of it.


But they say they hate us and we go do our own thing and they lose their minds. This zero hedge piece is terrific. I want to go to a couple of screenshots from it about how tyrannical these lunatics are. Here's number one. He discusses a couple reasons why this is true. Am I going to read the whole thing? But he says by congregating on a platform, he's talking about parler. That is not relentlessly hostile to us. We're given a free hand to discuss options and to organize without being attacked by an engineered mob in the process.


Yes, yes. Come back to me for saying I wanna go back this way. This is. Yes. The lefties have used Twitter to organize. You doubt me, just put an teef in there and Tifa and other pro fascist groups like that have used and used Twitter to organize a lot of the stuff. They want us on their platforms, so when they see us doing the same thing, they can do what, Joe? Boycott us. We're going to tell your employer, look, we found you on Twitter showing up at a Tea Party rally.


Joey, bag of doughnuts is a Tea Party rally. Google, you better fire this guy.


They need us on there so they can watch us. They hate it that we're going to our own platform. They're like, what do you mean? We're gonna have to follow them over there to watch them over there, too. Oh, my gosh. Come back to that brilliant analysis by the author of this piece. He says, When I see the vitriol from the left this over parler, I'm also reminded once again that this is great. I love this line that communists don't see people as allies.


They see people as property. They want to get rid of conservatives from their platform, but they also don't want conservatives to leave and build their own platform. He says, I often think of the Chinese invasion of Tibet when pondering this mentality. The Chinese Communist Party strategy was one of ethnic cleansing, building railways that Tibet to import Chinese people and run out, run out the indigenous Tibetans. But when Tibetans sought to leave the country on foot to go to Nepal, the Chinese government set up snipers in the mountains to kill them as they tried to escape.


I'll leave that one right there. You will stay. This is the leftist social justice warrior warrior attitude. You will stay where we tell you you will stay and you will be subjected to all rules so that we can watch and monitor you guys at all times. Now, does it make sense why we're under attack? Folks, and we have been under attack relentlessly. I'm going to show you a video in a second in case you think I'm making any of this up or I'm only bringing this up because it's my got my company or partially my company new.


This is going to get worse. God forbid Donald Trump loses this election. One more piece from the zero hedge piece. You're not allowed to walk away. Ladies and gentlemen. You are not allowed here. Quick one from the zero edge piece. This is the communist philosophy. You are not allowed to walk away. You are not allowed to stay as you are, your only choice is to be re educated. Your only option is to conform. Nailed it.


Keep in mind, I have never on this show and I will not tell you to exit Twitter. Stay there if you'd like. Stay on Facebook. I haven't shut my account down. I don't plan on my social media. Home is Parla where I'm not under attack. Now, again, in case you think we're making this up, that we are under attack. By lefties who again say they want us gone. A lot of us leave to go over our parlor.


And then they follow us to attack us there. To show you the communists, they are. Here's a video we found yesterday. Kid thinks he's very clever, by the way. He thinks he's very clever, instructing his fellow many tyrants and communists how to go over to parler and basically destroy the app. This is real. I'm not I'm not making this up. Check this out.


This app, Parler is the app that the racists are currently using because they got banned from Twitter for being racist. Now, rating apps, one star will work, but only if you don't mention Tic TAC or GenZE. So you're gonna want to write a review as such. Full of bugs. Extremely laggy. It crashes. Things like that. Be creative, but don't mention GenZE. This is only about the app. It can only be about the app.


And I mean, if you'll have time to hit fluxes, do it too. But it's up. Tiny idiots. I.


You go in, he calls you all tiny idiots. A lot of respect. Yes. For you. But that that is a see real video instructing you how to attack the Fox News app and parlor. Again, why do they care? I thought they wanted us gone from their party. No, they barred the door. Might be that scene from the Bronx Tale without the tough guys. Now, you kid me. Remember with the bikers. No, no, we'll do what we want.


We will not stop. All right, I've got another story about Twitter showing you how bad it's gotten with Twitter in a second and some more great material for you. This is gonna be a stack loaded. When you have to show our support to our friends at Helix Helix. Ladies and gentlemen, go to Helix up that dark constellation and get two hundred dollars off your mattress. Order! Go today. Well, why would you do that? Let me tell you why.


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Sleep in comfort helix sleep dot com slash then. All right. So final story on these social media tyrants and how these corporations, which they are folding, they're folding like cheap suits because they're dominated by WOAK left this who just care about control. That's their only agenda. They have. I'd be happy for some aren't even sure. A lot of these companies care about profits anymore. I'm not. I'm some of them will go down with the ship.


They really will. They know they'll be bailed out by Joe Biden's far left government anyway. But just to find a very bright board up in the show notes, too. We've always had suspicions about Twitter that there were search blacklists and those allegations have a little more evidence to back them up today. Article and Bright Bar. Remember that hack they had? We talked about it yesterday. The Twitter hack where it's alleged they bribed an employee at Twitter and took over Obama and Biden's account with a Bitcoin scam.


Well, one of the hackers that did it had screenshots of how they did it on those screenshots. The purported internal screenshots from Bright Bart Allen Boukhari reveal Twitter has a search blacklist and a trends blacklist. Interesting. We've always had those suspicions. In other words, when you see things trending that don't fit the narrative, whatever it may be, Trump's grade vote from a 2020. God forbid that started trending and shut that right down. Fascinating. Now, we don't know what the trans blackness was, to be fair, or the search blackness.


It could be for things that you obviously wouldn't want on there. Again, I we do actual reporting on this show, and it could be something innocent. My suspicions that my history with Twitter having been a victim of their ideological targeting themselves, we still can't run ads on Twitter. I am a little bit suspicious about what those blacklists are. You should be, too. What does that sound? What does that sound mean, listeners? Means it's a two pager today.


What that means, because it's a Friday and there's a lot of information to come out today and I leave in you in an intellectual vacuum over the weekend. All right. Back to some Corona virus panic merchant stories, you know, panic merchants in the media want you to believe you're all going to die tomorrow, of course, because there's no interest in actually getting you the facts. Here's a fascinating story by FOX 35 up here in Orlando. Fox, 35, investigates questions raised after a fatal motorcycle crash listed as a Colvard 19 def.


What did the guy hit of like a Man-Sized virus? How did that work? The virus is. Wow. Why did I miss something, folks? I had him covered it over last few days because it's been a deluge of news. But in case you missed it, Florida and Texas, some of the numbers appear now to have been inflated. One of the attorneys, to be candid with you, one of the reasons I haven't talked about this story.


Is because the positive tests are still the positive test. Again, we do facts here. Nobody's suggesting that the Florida tests that were positive weren't, except I mean, in this one, this is an odd story. But the story in Florida was that the negative tests weren't reported, which means the infection rate was clearly way off. They were claiming infection rates of 98 percent for people who were tests. That's outrageous. The infection rate was close to nine point eight percent.


But the positive tests were legitimate. The reason I haven't talked about it, because it's. I just don't see a value in even playing into the panic merchant schemes anymore. It's clear they want to report. Now, what would be the agenda if there was one? Could be an innocent mistake. Again, I'd like to do both sides when it's fair. It could be an isthmus innocent mistake. Given the pattern here, I would be, again, very suspicious, just like I would of the patterns of discrimination at Twitter.


But what would be the motive for reporting someone 20 or less killed in a motorcycle accident and attributing it to Kofod 19? You probably scratching your head like I don't get it. There could be a motive, there could be. I'm not suggesting it is, but there could be. The agenda's why? It's fairly obvious. The media, just like with the school story in opening schools, wants you to believe that if you are under the age of 20 or a school age child, that there is a existential threat to your life from going back to school and from Colvard 19, despite the fact that that is absolutely unscientific and categorically false.


The threat isn't zero. There have been people who have died or been children and under 20. The threat, however, is extremely low, like zero zero and multiple zeros. The world is full of risk. We mitigate them. We measure bad decisions versus worst decisions. There are no good decisions. We live in a world of scarce resources and tradeoffs. Don't ever forget that there are only bad decisions and worst decisions. Anyone telling you otherwise? As if you're going to make any decision that will have no negative impact or externalities on anyone else is a liar or is really stupid.


If there was an agenda behind this story, it's clearly to inflate the death count from people under 20 to give you a false perception that you are at risk, too. When, in fact, the risk to you under 20 is extremely low. A motorcycle accident attributed the Koven 19. Now, again, just quickly back to the schools thing. This is an article at Vox with a V. From an actual epidemiologists, if I'm quoting Vox, you know where the world is coming to an end, we are nearing the apocalypse.


Quote, I'm an epidemiologist and a dad. Here's why I think schools should reopen. And he goes in the six questions about the safety of kids, teachers, families, and he answers them. Folks, again, I keep having a hammer this because liberals don't believe in science. When liberals say science, they mean propaganda. When conservatives say science, they mean facts and data and testable hypotheses. I'm not I'm I'm not kidding. What is the actual science, again, for the 15 thousandth time on this show about transmission rates amongst kids?


Are they in any danger from going back to school from the piece at Vox with a V, a leftist rag even? They understand this. This guy who wrote this. He says, quote, the author of the piece. A summary of the evidence in hand suggests that schools will play little role, little role. Does that say little role? Yes, it says little role in sustaining the pandemic. A recent review of two hundred and ten transmission clusters around the world found that only eight of them, three point eight percent, involves school transmission.


Case studies of outbreak investigations in Ireland, France and Australia demonstrate almost zero cases of in school transmission. He goes on, modeling studies demonstrate no clear role of in school transmission and explaining Kofod epidemiology. All of this data tells us that despite our gut instincts and parental anxiety. School will likely be okay this fall. As we should. Going to report on that. Now, assuredly. Joe, would you agree if Trump came out tomorrow? And said was shutting down the schools nationwide in perpetuity until we can eradicate this virus.


What do you think Uige Yang and others would say?


It up the schools. Yeah. That's a. science. That's Eddie's site. You would read about all this stuff. But again, because this isn't about knowledge, the advancement of knowledge, journalistic integrity. It's only about a powerplay crush. Trump under any circumstances and at all times, regardless of the facts and obstacles that get in their way, they will tell you anything, including information like this, that for some reason the mainstream media is going to leave out of the equation.


Here's another interesting photo of what happened in Denmark when they opened up the schools. If you want to check it out, by the way, the visuals in the show, YouTube dot com slash Bungeni. You can subscribe to this show for free, of course. Erin is Joe Daily deaths in Denmark. They have some handy dandy arrows there. Yeah. Denmark reported schools opening here. Red Arrow for the liberals listening. We have a tough time with, you know, facts and data and that kind of stuff.


So it's an arrow pointing to the exact date that Denmark reopened schools in April. You'll notice what they call a trend line. Now, Joe, clearly, if the liberals take that, especially Uige Yang and others, that, you know, science really can't open up the schools, whatever they they think are trying to assert or or hint dad or wink and nod at, you would think the tread line went up, right, Joe? Denmark open schools trend line up.


Now Joe gets to cheat along with the YouTube viewers here. The trend line went down, down, you know, down. I mean, visuals for the liberals listening on audio of a tough time with down. It would be like running up a hill. That's exhausting. And and you get to the top of the hill. And then what happens on the other side? Yes. Yes. The hill goes down. Yeah. You can roll down.


You can but scoot down. You could try to run down. You can tumble down. Whatever you maybe put down down. Visual Dow up, down. Denmark open schools here. Down, down, down. The rate went down again. Don't let data and facts get in the way you like. I need more data because I'm a liberal and I got a skull full of vibranium. Of course you do. You have a skull full of a seven day old oatmeal left out on the counter in the hot Florida sun.


Let's get that oatmeal to start to function and transmit some electrical currents. And maybe this will make sense. So here's a 2006 study I'll put up for you. You can check this out. Disease mitigation measures in control of pandemic influenza. Dan, what do you. The 2006 study from a bioterrorism institute. What what does that have to do with anything involving schools and transmission? Well. Crazy things like facts, data to get in the way. And you know how that works.


They actually did look at the 1918 influenza pandemic, the dreaded Spanish flu, which wiped out tens of millions of people in 1918. And there's a fascinating takeaway from that study in 2006, that 2006 that looked at that and scores, you know, respiratory diseases that spread via droplets the same way Saras covered to does. Check this out. So here's the takeaway quote, on the other hand, when schools closed for the winter holiday during the 1918 pandemic in Chicago, more influenza cases developed among pupils than when the schools were in session.


Again, I'm sorry, folks. It's just like data and stuff for for Ouija. You know, we just had journalists for Ouija Giang who will definitely complain. She will. She will definitely be upset about this show. A hundred percent, because God forbid you call them out. She's going to report on that, too. You know, data that that kind of thing. All right, I got to skip ahead. Paul, I want to go to this video next.


Before we do that, my final sponsor and then I got to get a little animals. They will tags. I want to say I'm frustrated with you. All are the best that love you. Love your e-mails, even the critical ones. But I do get some from people who are really desperate to quit, and I don't do quitters. We have the blue screen at Dombi. Well, I don't do quitters. I can't stand quitting. I'm not into quitting.


And I've heard this a lot. People say to me things like, all right, we're good. People say to me. Well, Trump's not doing anything. And I'm like, I've got a video coming up next of exactly what Trump is doing to quell the anarchy and anti for fascists in the street. I don't. Again, attack the man all you want. If you don't like him, it is a free society. But stop making things up.


There are a lot of things going on. You're just missing him. Maybe he's not messaging that well. That's a fair criticism. But I'm gonna show you video next. You're gonna want to see. All right. Final sponsor today, Duke Cannon. This is important because tonight may be date night at the house, which, of course, you know do. Cannon is my favorite for date night, trying to move it up a day. So I'm a little anxious here.


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I you know, our e-mails on the Web site for a reason. I genuinely like to see what you're thinking out there. Because it helps me keep my finger on the pulse of what's going on and when people call me politicians and others and ask for advice, it happens. I'd like to give them your advice, because you are ultimately the ones that vote. But what are the things I hear a lot? And again, maybe it's a failure of messaging and some people in the Republican Party.


Trump isn't doing anything. The streets are being they you know, they're falling apart. New York, Chicago, Portland. No, no. Latest job. He's doing a lot. A whole lot. So the Portland mayor and the governor of Oregon, they have basically ceded the state and the city to antifa, you know, the fascist group that has been rioting there now for over a month, burning things down, attacking people, graffiti ing buildings, attacking police officers, you know, the fascist stuff they do.


And if they are a fascist group after all that, you know, the anti 1st Amendment Group and TIFA. So President Trump's had about enough of that. We do have federal buildings in Portland, they are not portlands property. The federal government's property. So President Trump, Department of Homeland Security and others have decided that they've had about enough. So while the Portland police are being hamstrung and are not allowed to actually go and arrest people and use dispersion devices and things like that, those rules don't apply to the Fed.


And the federal government is flip. The double barreled middle finger to the fascist anti fence said we are not going to let you destroy our building anymore. They started locking people up themselves. Don't believe me. Check out this video here. We'll play this. Listen to the sound effect in the background. This is the fascist crowd probably trying to burn down another building that is very upset that the federal DHS officers here will not let this happen. Check this out.


So Trump's not doing anything.


Ladies General, why do you think those federal police officers and agents are there? You think they're there on a vacation? That was the sound of flash bangs and other chemical agents used to disperse a crowd that has clearly been violent. Again, I'm all and always have been about protest, even protest, I significantly disagree with obviously those are the ones you have to defend. If you're an actual constitutionalist like I am, once you start burning down buildings, committing crimes and attacking people, the protest is now over.


It's now a riot. That's Trump's federal team in their. That has started arresting people and it's bothering the communists. The mayor of Portland and the governor over there so much that they're actually trying to kick the federal government out trumps like no. Matter of fact, not only are we not leaving. I'm sending my Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Chad Wolf, to go and visit, which he did yesterday. Which I think, by the way, was just a fantastic move.


You don't want to take back your city's. We'll do it for you. Here's what's coming, by the way, in 2021 with the mask mandates. By the way, in case you thought any of this was about science. So, again, I'll include that study from the Center for Infectious Disease Prevention showing you that there is no science behind universal masking at all. There may be there isn't now, but of course, the left wants to control you and shut you up and basically stick their boot on your neck.


Shut your mouth and listen to us. That's what control is. Control requires fear, quires. Intimidation requires power. Both cultural, legislative power, legal power, fear. I saw this article in the dreaded Hill, which is one of the worst, most partisan hack papers out there. But I'll use it for the purposes of today's show. Run by buffoons who decided to attack John Solomon. The Hill, Dianne Feinstein, you know, far left radical senator from California, proposes withholding Koven 19 relief from states without mass mandates.


This is amazing. So so just to be clear, these same radical left, this Feinstein and these lunatics up on Capitol Hill in the Senate and House of Representatives on the radical far left, Joe, the same radical leftist who lost their marbles, had a run to the bathroom and grabbed Pepto when Trump said, hey, maybe we're going to withhold some funds from sanctuary cities, you can do that even though these cities are in violation of actual U.S. laws, immigration law.


Remember that? No, no, no. You can't withhold funds from these. Same I'm showing you these people have zero principles at all. They have no dignity, no courage, no nothing. You would think they'd be like, no, no states rights. That would be their argument. Right. We'll do what we want. We don't want to enforce immigration laws, even other actual federal laws. You leave us alone with states rights. Then you have other states saying, like Georgia with the great governor there, Brian Kemp was terrific.


I love this guy. Kristi Noem is get jumping up my list to win South Dakota Standard Strong. Yeah. Yeah. Doing the right thing, not the easy thing. Governor Kemp and George is like a bath. We're not going to do this universal masking thing metaphorically. He's suing the mayor of Atlanta. I recommend you wear it. But we're not going to be fining or imprisoning people from ask. No, we're not going to do that. Now, the left is losing their minds.


Dianne Feinstein, again, the same ones who oh, don't you dare withhold funds if we break federal immigration law. But we will withhold funds if you don't enact a new law to put a face diaper on someone's face despite having no science at works. These are the same people. The verdict is in. You're dealing with a bunch of frauds. Same guy.


Oh, you did it. You did. Why did you do that? Well, why did you do? We haven't done that in forever. For the new Lit. Our show is expanded rabbits. What is Joe say? Now, when I was a Secret Service agent, I went golfing once, not myself, but I was on a security detail with Bill Clinton, who was golfing. Right. Bill Clinton ran. He was golfing with this guy.


True story is not a joke. He's golfing with this dude who really suck. And the guy would shank everything. And then there was this one time we were unlike the 10th home sitting there all day. It's hot, you're sweating. You're watching them golf all day. Guy hits a ringer right up, right down, straight as a string, nearly a hole in one. Hmm hmm hmm. Same guy he kept. In other words, he kept telling a guy like this is OK, you've got it in your body.


You were the same chancre five is the same guy. So we used to say this all the time. For the older listeners who are now having these are probably sticky notes. People would get a joke if you've been there from the beginning. But we haven't said that awhile. Thank you, Joe. A little bit of nostalgia. Right. The same guy who says, don't you dare withhold funds from states in violation of federal law and allowing illegal immigration, but will withhold funds if you don't enact a new unconstitutional law to diaper everybody's face, despite no evidence at all.


Right now that this actually works. Shoulders just so bad, I couldn't golf even if I wanted to. All right, I'm gonna leave you with this because it's a Friday because I was reminiscing last night. Totally unrelated. And I'm sorry to extend the show on it because I do have other stuff, but it's I have to get to it next week. You know, if you're older folks like me and you're listening. Well, not at all.


But, you know, you're middle aged pollies like speak for yourself. A model. But I feel. You know, you ever Joe, does this ever happen to you like you? You just you wish you could do something just one more time, like if you you'd pay a million dollars if you had it. You know, I was what Paul and I were talking yesterday. Quixtar, I promise I won't ever waste any time. I was singing the welcome back Carter song because the Applebee's commercial.


You know who they bring. Remember that. And that high school where that initial scene was filmed, they used to play baseball there at the high school field. And it was one of the only home runs I ever hit over the fence homerun that inside the park. I was not a lie beside a big power hitter, but I was a pretty good baseball player. Is one of the better ones in the league. They sell, priest thinks they know.


But I worked hard. And I'll never, ever forget that feeling and my mom in the stands saying come to a lot of games she couldn't but just go and absolutely crazy as I was around in the bases. And, you know, for those who played baseball, you know, when you know right away, Joe, you play golf. Right. You know, when it's a good shot, you know, right away you don't have that. You can just turn your head.


I just know I don't I don't know how to describe it. Joe knows what I'm talking about. I'm sure in tennis it's this. Anytime you have to strike a ball with any kind of an you just know you don't even have to look either. Ball hit my bat and I knew it was gone. And folks, my body is decaying at such a rapid rate. Seriously, I'm extremely limited in what I can do anymore. And I just thought to myself yesterday listening to that.


Welcome back, Carter. Gosh, what I wouldn't pay just to go back to that moment and relive that, what, 25, 30 seconds a minute of running around the bases. Right. One of the greatest moments of my life. My momma scream tonight that they wanted to die on nine one one and have her, like, committed or something. It was the greatest thing ever. Screw my mom. I loved it. It was the greatest thing ever.


Screams She almost fell out of their bleachers there in a day. The good old days.


All right, folks, thanks again for to today. It's been a great week. Despite the summer doldrums that happened, a radio, our show has maintained its audience. Thanks to you. Please subscribe to the show. YouTube dot com slash Bongino, go to Apple podcast as well. And we really appreciate your subscriptions are all free, but they help us move up the charts. Thanks again, folks. Really appreciate it. I'll see you on Monday.


Good day, sir. You just heard Dan Bongino.