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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


Did you catch the interview on Fox News this weekend with President Trump and Chris Wallace? There were some fireworks in that bad boy. Couple of blockbusters and M80 here, are there? Yeah, we got that. Got some more video, audio of Antifa folks and other peaceful air quotes, protesters calling for things like, you know, the abolishing of the United States and that kind of stuff. I'm not kidding. Just listen to what? Listen to what they're telling you.


Now, what I'm telling you. They're telling you. Listen to what they're saying. Loaded show today, including finally another enormous break in the whole collusion hoax Spygate fiasco. Welcome to Monday. The bunching no show at the National Party by Express VPN. Protect your online data from prying eyes. Get a VPN today. Don't wait. Go to express VPN dot com slash bond. Welcome on this Monday to the Dan Bongino show producer. Joe, how are you.


Fine, sir, after this long weekend.


Well, good morning, Mr. Bongino. I'm doing well. You know yourself. Yeah, you do.


And I caught that. Yeah, I can't get a hold.


Well, explain another topic. Something very important happened. And later on today, folks, so it's going to be a busy day to see. Going to see you. Dan Bongino show and by Geno Inc. are testing out a theory today how much stuff in multiple states they can pack into one 24 hours. I'm not kidding. Maybe I'll give you an update another time. All right. Let's get through it. Hey, Hajo knows what of DOMA. Today's outbreath through our friends at Ocilla.


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I get that today in no minimum deposit as low dot com slash bunch you know. Don't wait for business bank. Go today. All right Joe.


Let's go. Yeah, I think they need that bell on a Monday. Gets me going. Yeah. So some of you saw the interview this weekend, President Trump did with with Chris Wallace over at Fox News. Did you know that? How did you know it was a bluescreen to do? You can see that she can see the blue screen of do now and the reflection in me. It happens sometimes that a teleprompter, we hit the run. But so I interviewed Chris Wallace.


And, man, this was a fiery one. And there was a couple of moments, two of my specifically I wanted to point out. But one of them that seems to be getting the most attention this week in interview. Let's get right to it. This is it. This is President Trump and Chris Wallace going back and forth on liberal cities and Joe Biden support for defunding the police. Or did Biden say that? Well, we'll go to the videotape afterwards, but check this out.


You've seen deaths up in New York, down south in Chicago, shootings. How do you explain it? And what are you going to do about? I explain it very simply by saying it. The Democrat run cities. They're liberally run. They're stupidly run.


Liberal Democrats had been running cities in this country for decades. Poorly. Well, why is it so bad right now? They've run poorly. It was always bad. But now it's gotten totally out of control. And it's really because they wanted to fund the police. And Biden wants to fund the public. He does not look, he signed a charter with Bernie Sanders and he said nothing about the. No, really. It says abolish it says a fund.


Let's go. All right. Well, you give me the charter plane. All right. OK.


That one got a lot of attention. That was all over Twitter this weekend. Came at a church relaxing, not a Sunday. I was bouncing around looking for some stuff for the show. And that one seems to be everywhere. They're like, oh, my gosh, Chris Wallace, fact checked him and got him again. This is one of those. We sure about that. Let me bring up two points in the interview. Wallace brings up one point when Trump says Chris Wallace asked him about the growing violence in liberal run cities.


Trump says while they're being run by Democrats and liberals and basically know Trump, to summarize, what he's saying is that these liberal policies have led to the destruction, his errors, which is absolutely correct, by the way. And, you know, Wallace seems to have an issue with that. And he says while this violence is only recent, that I'm I'm thinking, you know, Chris, again, with all due respect to Chris, have you been following the decline of liberal run cities over the last 60 plus years?


Ladies and gentlemen, on this show, I got a nice compromise this weekend from a family member who I honestly did not know, watches my show and said she did, which I found astounding because it's not my target audience, if you know what I mean. You know, we're more politically involved here. I was shocked. And I think one of the reasons the family member found the show interesting, to my surprise, is we do actual facts I believe people haven't heard before.


So I believe Wallace's assertion that somehow this is violence or whatever is some kind of a new phenomenon. Is it totally and completely inaccurate? Number one, the crime rates in Baltimore City have been going up for a long time and have been elevated above the national average for decades now. Coincidentally, the one place where crime rates have gone down in a big city was because liberals were pushed out of office. David Dinkins, Mayor Kotch, Shea Beahm and others.


What am I talking about? New York City. Giuliani comes in and then Bloomberg, who is a big government nanny state or in many respects, but was very good with the NYPD, didn't change a lot. Listen, folks, we have to do facts here. I would never do I wouldn't touch Bloomberg politically with a 35 foot pole. But with the NYPD, he was not that bad. He pretty much continued a lot of the Giuliani policies.


And what happened? Crime went down where liberals have been in charge, monopolistic li with no brakes and no sound Republican conservative leadership. Baltimore, St. Louis, other big cities. You've seen a steady decline. A steady decline. It may be in crime, but crime rates still way above the national average. That is entirely inaccurate, this is not new. Secondly, the economies of these big cities run by liberals are a total mess. They're basket case economies.


Baltimore. The reason I use Baltimore. One is because Joe is there and I ran in Maryland twice. I'm intimately familiar with the politics of Baltimore. I've done a ton of events there. A lot. In Baltimore County and Baltimore City are two separate places. Baltimore City is typically where people are talking about because that's been run monopolistic by Democrats. Baltimore City, ladies and gentlemen, in the 1950s, you know, it was the sixth largest city in America.


They have had a hemorrhaging of population for decades. This, you know, Baltimore City also had a median income back in the 50s above the national average. Do you know what it is now? Twenty three to twenty five percent below the national average. Meaning nobody's making money. So I'm not sure. What Wallace is talking about on that. This violence is not new. There you go. I forgot I sent you that here. Baltimore Business Journal for those who you it on a YouTube.


We always like to cite our sources. Now, this piece is from a while ago, from 2011. But it's gotten worse since then. That's the irony is Maryland median household incomes, number one in the US, Baltimore is below average. So you can't even blame it on Maryland. Yeah, I got Baltimore. You know, Baltimore cities in Maryland, this Maryland. Well, no, no, they're number one. No, they're they're they're sub Maryland's fault.


They were number one back then. I'm not sure where they are now. I mean, Trump's point, again, was accurate. That these cities have been run into the ground by liberals for decades. That is an accurate point. I don't understand what he's fighting there. His second point he tries to make here, Wallace, is that Biden has not said he was going to defund the police. Now, that charter's murky on that that they refer to, if you go back in this speech, Trump says it's in this charter, to be fair.


That's murky. There's no real mention I saw of taking money away from the police. I don't need that, though. I only need to listen to Biden. Joe, just to be clear, if you want to know if Biden wants to defund the police, you should probably go. Where would you go first, Joe? Maybe Biden just throwing that out there, maybe. Yeah, no. Good. Thank you. Yes. These Jose. It's up in the air on that.


I mean, maybe you'd go to Biden's own words for again, folks, we just do facts here. OK? If you want to know where Biden stands on what. I can't I can't even text me. Apollo this morning are like some liberal will watch this. And this is where you understand we're living in an Orwellian newspeak nightmare where liberals just redefine words for political. Can you get that right? You know, what is the word defund mean to you?


Don't give us that matter. And I'm dead serious. I don't want a fancy dictionary to take a regular normal every day. You are the everyday working man. If someone said to you, joke, I am going to Joe. You work with me. Not from what? With me. If I said, Joe, I am going to defund you want some of your invoices, what would that mean to you.


That the prefix D means. Undo it. Take it away. Get rid of it. Defund it. Take it out. Forget it. That get a bad a.. Yeah. I was just Joe. Listen, this is not Roget's the source, Joe. Not Joe. We're not Miriam Webster. I'm just asking Joe a commonsense question. Like if I'm going to ask you the normal person, say, hey, we're going to defund you and your salary and your budget, Joe, say get deep meaning.


Take away, undo lower. Right. Yeah, but words don't mean that anymore. Why? Why? Because Biden has said that he's on tape deck and he saw it on tape. Don't listen to me. Listen to Biden in his own interview when he's asked directly, are you going to redirect some of the funds? Redirect. Meaning not direct. Direct to the police. Redirect. Not to the police. Police? No. Police. Police.


No. Police were just using plain English here, folks. Here's Biden's answer. The last thing you need is an up armored Humvee coming into a neighborhood. It's like the military invading. They don't know anybody. They become the enemy. They're supposed to protecting these people.


So my generic point is that we agree that we can redirect some of the funding. Yes, absolutely. You know, in radio weren't terrestrial. They have like the seven second or some if it goes into radio silence and then they start playing the best stuff because they're afraid, like you had a heart attack on the air. So. So I have to, like, given up after, like, three, four seconds. But honestly, if we weren't on terrestrial, I think I would've just left that it just ghost noise there for like 10 seconds just to let that sink in.


Get it. Can you keep that up again? Is that possible? Was that cause you a big headache to do that again? But I just I want you to listen again. So again, directing money to the police, because, again, a lot of people in this, you know, talking headspace have a problem with vocabulary, directing, redirecting. If you redirect a river away from your house, that means the water that was going by your house is now not going by your house.


If you redirect funds away from the police department, that means funds are not there funds anymore and are being directed elsewhere. Oh, we all we all agreeing on basic English here. Munitz Good. So again, I don't. I need I just need some information there. I'm just checking because, again, I'm unsure in these answers where Trump is wrong. Yes, these cities haven't run into the ground by liberals. That's accurate. The violence isn't new.


That's accurate. The economic malaise isn't new. That's accurate. And secondly, on Biden defunding the police, whether it's in that charter again. I haven't seen that. But whether Biden wants to defund the police is crystal clear. He's already said it again. Let's play that one more time. And he's clear. He says, yes, absolutely. Just in case you're misinterpreting what he said. Check this out one more time. The last lesson you need is an up armored Humvee coming into a neighborhood.


It's like the military invading. They don't know anybody. They become the enemy. They're supposed to protecting these people. So my generic point is that we agree that we can redirect some of the funding.


Yes, absolutely. But he was talking about only up armored Humvees. No. He then says his generic point. And the guy, W two mentions nothing about Humvee's, he says, But but. But. In other words, we're not talking about it. This is I'm really sorry if you're a dunce and you happen to be a liberal and you're listening this and you can't figure out how to speak in basic English. Do you understand the guy? No, no.


But he stops him. In other words, we're not talking about that, but we're talking about funding. You will redirect some of the funding. Yes, absolutely. Again, I'm very sorry you feel the need to defend this guy all the time. I am. I'm I don't know what to tell you. Just listen to Biden. In his own words, don't listen to my words about Biden, listen to Biden's words about himself. Well, listen, why did you vote for him or not is your bag of doughnuts, brother, sister, do your own thing.


That's your thing. You want to vote for him because you know you don't like the police. I don't agree with you. Obviously, we can't stop you. You believe in an idiotic approach to public safety, like defunding police departments in cities with exploding violence. Hey, man, it's a free country. It's a secret ballot. You vote for who you want, but stop lying. He never said he wanted to defund the police. Oh, OK.


All right, redirect the fun. I need a producer here to talk in normal English. So I'm like, I'm not Chris. Am I crazy? Right. Defund, redirect. Yes, absolutely. All right. Listen, again, listen to the. This is why we use audio and video. Just listen to the people on the other side of the argument. You don't have to listen to my commentary. But I appreciate that you enjoy it.


Just listen to them. I got more. Coming up next, for the people out there defending Antifa and the street rioters, there are peaceful protesters. Sure. All right. Let me get to my second sponsor. Always a busy show on Monday. They show all support to our friends at Helix. Now, you know about their wonderful matches at Helix dot com slash day and go check them out and you'll get 200 hours of your matches ordered today.


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Even care, not mess with it right now. Helixes offering up the two half hours of all mattress orders for our listeners. Go now. Helix Sleep dot com slash dan HELOC sleep dot com slash the and helix sleep dot com slash and get up 200 hours off your match. Sorta go today. All right. So all weekend I was at it again, doing what I think I do best using my social media platforms, parler, Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere to get across the message, that message is the truth, that Antifa is a terrorist group aiming to promote fascism in the United States through the use of violent speech suppression, aggressive tactics, attacks on innocents and the destruction of property to intimidate.


Yes, that's who anti phase. I had a bunch of hilarious Hollywood idiots and one rather pathetic singer who I've never heard of in my life.


We somehow got a blue check Marsing, but at TFR it literally means antifascists. Ladies and gentlemen, I can get a team of old 45 year old guys and me and my neighbor with our arthritis and falling apart shoulders to get a Wiffle ball team together just because we call ourselves the New York Yankees. Does it mean we play like them? Okay. I don't really care that Antifa tells you they mean antifascist as they're beating the living snot out of you, burning your buildings down, attacking your cities, attacking people, shooting people, beating people and graffiti ing up your your town as they beat this.


Not everyone. I'm not really interested in what they call them. They can call themselves the peaceniks. They can call themselves whatever they like. Though the prayer warriors. It doesn't really matter. A thief is a fascist group of violent terrorists. That's what they've always been. I am, by the way, through that, I will say again, because I whenever I do this segment, the Antifa people have dock's me, you know, when they put your information out there.


Thank you. Fellas, ladies in Antifa or SoI Tifa, as someone cold, call them this weekend to SoI Tifa. You don't intimidate me one bit. Not a little. Not even if there was a girl who discovered zero. Was it the Greeks? If they if it took a while for you to discover zero at the level of intimidation I have towards SoI tifa it is less than zero. It's like that Robert Downey Junior wasn't at a movie when he's doing like cocaine and stuff and he degenerates quickly.


It's less than zero that you intimidate me, intimidate it. I'm not kidding you. You only incentivize me to tell the truth more about you every time you come after me. There is nothing you can do to stop me. Nothing ever, ever. Understand that horse blinders. Be me, right? Me eye. It'll never stop. I will expose you forever because you're terrorists. And that's what you do. Not only are they terrorists, they're treasonous as well.


And they want to abolish the United States, a lot of these anti fan protesters and these Bandy's the peaceful protesters, of course. Well, if you haven't seen enough videos, of course, of them, I'm not you know, I can play all day videos of a. for Bernhardt's stuff down. You can follow me on social media if you'd like to see him. But the truth is, for the audio only listeners, it's troubling to play because it's the only audio you hear as it is.


You see them beating the stuff. That's usually from a thief beating the snot out of a guy. And it makes for a terrible audio show. So I try to avoid audio. Just trust me. They're burning Portland to the ground and beating the snot out of people and trying to burn down federal property. So they had a little rally in Portland with these protesters and here is a what what's her name? Lily Sinclair. Lily Anderson Sinclair, who we think of whatever.


So here's a video of Miss Sinclair here. And again, don't listen to me what their goals are. Just listen to them. Everyone.


As many of you know, my name is Sinclair and apprehended by local organizers organizing for the abolition of the United States, as we know. We want to make sure that while we are seizing here on stolen lands, we make sure to deny landing.


Now, many of you, if you're watching on YouTube, Joe I don't know Paul. I don't know if either one of you picked this up. If you watch your going to YouTube, YouTube, that com slash bunji, you know, there's something rather odd about that. That whole little audio video pictorial display there, whenever it was. So she's wants the abolishment of the United States. And she's reading a speech. Off a piece of paper, not, oh, no, no, no, no, no.


She's reading her speech off what looks like because I can tell from that. Looks like it's three cameras from the latest iPhone. Which is fascinating. He apparently hates capitalism, the United States, but has the latest iPhone to do it. These. What did the d.A. Do you understand why I said this is not a tough guy show? I think I'm a generally tough guy, but I don't need the toughest guys. Never have to tell anybody that.


So you should never say that. So we'll retract that. I'm just saying, the toughest guys I've ever met never talk about the weakest people I have ever seen in my life and why I. I know I don't sweat it when. Because sooner or later this is going to end because they don't have the fight in them. These people were fighting on the other side. Our tier one level waste bags, every single one of. They're all soft.


You're reading from an iPhone, your manifesto about how you want to destroy. Or do you know what it's all about? I forgot to Orwell time. Some media guys jump and go. She didn't say this dry. She said abolish. They don't mean to save the. Somebody will do that. Some medium that she did not say destroy. She said abolish. You said defund and redirect. That doesn't mean take money away. It means redirect money away in a circuitous manner that may one day wind up back in the pockets of the original funded mechanism that was funded through the redirection.


And you're sending at the end and you're like on your early, huh? What? This is what they want to do. They confuse you with stupid and say destroy the United States. She said she wants to abolish it all. Oh, OK. OK, I got it now. Abott So much better. You're right. Just listen to them. But this is why, in the end, I'm optimistic that we will be victorious because these people are soft.


They have no fighting them. They have no guts. They have no grit. They have no principles, no guiding principles. See, you and I fight for something because we believe in it. We believe in big our God given rights. We don't believe in judging people by melanin component, the melanin levels in their skin. We don't believe in judging them by what country they were born in, what God they pray to. We don't we don't do that.


We believe in the big our God given rights and we believe in redemption and things that matter and family, God, faith, local communities, and we'll defend those things. And we have. And we will again. These lunatics on the left. They have no heart, no heart at all. They don't even realize as they protest against capitalism in the United States and other things that they can't even do it by putting their iPhones down. A very product of the free market system that gave you these luxuries.


They can't even put them down for two minutes and get away from them. These people are soft. They always have been. You're not. The people on our side fought for this country. The people on our side built this country. The electricians, the truck drivers, the carpenters, the farmers, h vac guys, the plumbers, the bricklayers, stone masons. They built this place. People land carpet is people putting in as best as breathing at stuff in their lungs.


These were hard, hard men. Hardeman. My grandfather worked in a fish store 14 hours a day his entire life. These were hard men. You are not. You can't even put your iPhone down. You pathetic losers you want to destroy, sorry. Abolish the United States. We've got to get the precision matters. You want to abolish the United States came and get away from your iPhone for five minutes. See, I don't have to get away from mine.


I enjoy capitalism and the fruits of it. And I will use it. Tack that tactically to our advantage till the end. While you suckers claim to have principles and humiliate yourselves every time. Now showing you these cities love chaos. And I'm not talking about the residents, I'm talking about the leadership, the political ship, they love it. What have you see what's happening in Portland? So A was burning the place to the ground. They are they remember they attack in packs because they're largely cowards.


You see that one guy, that a. a guy who tried to pull that guy out of the car. Remember the video we show this week and then a guy jumps out of the car and he obviously knows MDMA or something. He does like a hip toss and a team for kids is practically in tears. They don't have any fighting them, but the politicians in Oregon have given up. Now, ladies and gentlemen in Oregon, to the good folks there who have been subjected to this, if this continues, you need to move because obviously your votes still matter.


I know you didn't vote for chaos, but chaos is being brought upon you and chaos is being worshipped by the people in charge who are appreciating and enjoying the destruction of your once great state. Here's a tweet by one of the biggest morons up there on the Hill. Jeff Merkley, a hapless loser who has no serious backbone at all. One of these loser libs who just again, because he's living in a probably in his office up on Capitol Hill, is living insulated and protected by Capitol Hill police all day from the mob.


He endorses. But here's a tweet by Jeff Merkley, another loser liberal who just he wants everybody. President Trump has sent the federal police and their federal police there to clean the city up, thank God. But Merkley tweeted this where he just they say, okay. Get your people out of there. Get your people out of there, man. We don't need your federal police officers in their. Matter of fact, I can't stand them. Hill.


He's actually going to be introducing a bill to stop them from sending paramilitary squads. Listen to the way these this loser, this complete buffoon. Jeff Merkley talks about federal agents working to secure a city burning to the ground because there's SoI tifa. He says something to stop Trump from sending his paramilitary squads into America's streets won't let these authoritarian tactics stand authoritarian. They just had a rally calling for the abolishment of the United States. And this colossal dip wad who raised this right hand and swore to protect the Constitution of the United States is celebrating all this stuff.


I say to President Trump, if you're listening. Now is the time to double and triple down. Send ISIS said before any federal agent, anyone, any federal police officer we can spare into these cities and we will protect those federal properties. Everyone will get habeas corpus. You know, you'll be you'll be brought up for your initial appearance. Of course, you'll only be detained if you charged a crime. I can't move from that at all. And we become no better than them.


But we will enforce the law there. You can call them whatever he wants. Nancy Pelosi called, I know I've heard you call them storm troopers. He's a federal agent. This is how you are speaker of the House. All you federal agents out there. This is how Nancy Pelosi refers to you. But she's our friend. Some of them still believe that. Very few. But they really. You believe that. So she's talking about you stormtroopers and paramilitary squads.


Here is the hapless mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler. Who is? If he was in a sprint for worst, what, like a mate, worst mayors in America sprint. Believe me, he's only a hair length behind communist the bull comrade de Blasio right now in New York. Wheeler is closing in. Joe. You know, we always have this race with the biggest buffoons in the media. Yeah, it's always Stelter number one. And Shankar's always nipping at his heels.


It's always close. Chuck beat him one time, one week. And we had to go back to Stelter, cause Stelter is just, you know, I mean, the king, if there was like a king of the morons, if there was a moron village. This guy has a crown. Well, in the worst mayors in America, it's hard to beat. Comrade de Blasio. But this guy's really trying. So Wheeler, who's city in Portland, Oregon, is burning to the ground in live time.


You think he'd be like, maybe we should stop this stuff? You know, sweetie, fine, all them, we can't have them burning the city to the ground, I bet you I got I got residents here are businesses here. Why do you keep taking a movie pen that every time I write so that you don't like, sweetie. For some, you object to my sweetie for coming here. All right. She's like taking notes. Poor.


I see. You would think the mayor would be interested in stopping this. So finally, in a little presser back and forth, the mayor of Portland had tip. And, you know, by the way, for this clip, I saw it on his car, on his Twitter and Geo. And, you know, really good. If you want to see what's going on with so 84, check out at Endino. The mayor's finally asked a real question, Joe, by a reporter who is getting a little curious, like the mayor who wants it, keeps blaming President Trump because federal agents are in Portland protecting federal property.


But she did. They don't need Wheeler's permission for the mayor of Portland at all. And I'm glad Trump's doing it. We should be locking more people up. He's finally asked the question and listen to his answer. It's quite hilarious how he blames this. All the violence in Portland, as has been going on for years now. And President Trump, what a doofus. Check this guy out.


Keep your troops in your own buildings or have them leave our city.


My question is for the mayor. The federal government's as that they wouldn't have come into the city of Cedar City. Leaders had gotten a handle on the riots. What's your plan to get a handle on the violence? And you say that we can handle it better than the feds can, but we haven't heard or seen a plan to stop vandalism or the riots even prior to the federal government or federal officers getting into town.


And what we saw was the numbers were dwindling. The energy in the crowd was decreasing and people were moving elsewhere to do other things. Then the feds came in on the heels of some really inflammatory public messaging coming out of Washington, D.C. from the president directly as well as the Department of Homeland Security. And they blew the whole thing back up.


So Ted Steeler stealing away our civil liberties inch by inch in the city of Portland because you don't have any civil liberties if you live in parliament, if you're your business, any given night, your business could burn to the ground because, you know, so a thief is in charge of their. Ted Stealer can't seem to answer the question. The reporter goes, really, if President Trump started this, this has been going on for weeks. Actually, it's been going on for years.


The violence in Portland. Why are you blaming federal federal agents for that? Well, I don't understand. What do they do? Of course, he just makes it up all. They came in and the whole situation spiraled out of control. He has no real answer for that question because he's a fake and a phony and a fraud. And then when you are a fake and a phony and a fraud, you have any facts or data to back you up.


And you're watching your city a burn. What do you do? Deflect, deny and blame other people. It's really it's. It is the if you had to write a book when we did that interview with Jacko Willink. Yeah. That great book about leadership. I was a good interview. I was appreciated. That was a few months ago. Yeah. You know, Jacko was pretty clear in interview that one of the essences of leadership is the willingness, you know, to take on that responsibility, acknowledge you are in charge.


And that you're going to be making decisions, are you going to take responsibility for those outcomes? Not not Ted Stealer. Steelers watching his city burned to the ground has the capability to stop it in the police department to do it and just refuses. President Trump comes in starting to clean this mess up and he doesn't like it. So the strategy by Merkley, Pelosi and these other liberal zeros out there is to make enemies out of the good guys, the federal agents in Portland putting their own lives on the line to try to bring order back to the city.


That's their strategy. Make them out to be the bad guys. We are really living in bizarro Superman land where everything's upside down thanks to the liberal lunatics on the left and their soy TFA buddies. Can you imagine I mean, just for a second, I want to say I got it, I got a lot to get to, but I want to move on. But this is just just for a second. We just play a thought experiment. Joe, can you imagine for a second?


If a Tea Party group or any Republican group occupied a city for months. Literally, graffiti. This city. Attacked on video, innocent people over and over showed up in black black fascist masks with goggles and mask so they can't be identified. Weapons, incendiary devices and explosives burned the police station and attacked innocent people every day. Can you can you imagine what would happen? But because we live with a malicious, evil subset of the media, evil, evil, genuinely evil people who are on the side of evil doers.


Make no mistake, they defend SoI Diffa and they make the good guys, the cops, the bad guys. Now, you if you're a liberal listening because I seriously. Not all Democrats. But if you're a liberal, you're probably a dunce. So you probably don't get that analogy. You probably say, no, no, no. That's not a fair analogy. If those were conservatives in those black mass beating the crap out of people, none of that wouldn't that wouldn't happen.


Conservatives that they're they're more violent than us. They're the real fascists. You have no evidence of that. We have actual video. You're just making that up. You're just making that up because you wake up in the morning and your whole life is a lie and you can't accept it. The evil is on the left. It's always been on the left. In my 40 plus years on this planet. The only thing stopping the public from seeing it is because they're viewing it through that box, we call it television through the lens of a corrupt subset of the media who refuses to tell you the truth, that the real fascists have always been on the left.


All right, let me get the main sponsor and seriously, folks, a real a genuine stunner, finally. I mean, just hard evidence about how you have been hoaxed to death. Let's talk a friend this weekend is like my mom's a liberal. I can't. She still believes Trump colluded with the Russians. If she believes that after this weekend, she really needs to seek professional mental help. I'm very sorry. We'll get that psychotherapy show brought you by my friends at Teater.


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My, my you know, my mother's still convinced that Trump colluded with the Russians. I don't know what to tell. I. I listen. I love your mom. She's probably great. She's probably terrific. She also has no grasp on reality whatsoever. So what happened this weekend? Well, a couple of big things happened, but the big one, the huge one, in my opinion, is some notes from the investigator who investigated the whole Trump alleged ties to Russia.


Peter, stroke. Well, keep it simple. He was the FBI agent responsible for the case. Some notes were just declassified. Now, if you're dumb enough to still believe Trump colluded with the Russians, you'd say it yourself. We'll be in that this guy was the lead investigator on the case. Joe, where the allegation was, Trump colluded with the Russians and this guy had subpoena power. Millions of dollars of of FBI assets, FBI personnel and a year to do his investigation, his notes definitely say, Joe, that at least there's some evidence Trump colluded with the Russians, tried him to have any.


And just a little bit fair. Yeah, a little bit. Right. There's something there's got to be some you know, the Spygate case is very complicated. This part isn't this is simple. So, John Solomon, just the news as a great piece up by you, Cheryl Adkins, his site, Just the News. But Cheryl Atkinson is the author of the piece New Russia Probe Memos expose massive errors in The New York Times, anti Trump story and Steele dossier.


Ladies and gentlemen, I am going to go through this now and show you a couple of things. How a fake story is started, number one. Number two, how that fake story makes its way into a mainstream media outlet. And number three, how once that fake story makes its way into a major mainstream media outlet like The New York Times notice, it's a real journalism and media. Mainstream media means probably fake how that mainstream media outlet. Is then that uses that story, and it's propagated by a small cabal of politicians, activists and media people to make you believe what is a fake story is true.


So you get it. Let's walk through this first. So The New York Times wrote this story on AAB. Was it February 14th of twenty seventeen? It was by Michael Schmidt. The story's an embarrassment. The story alleged that there was a bunch of evidence of Trump team's collusion because they had evidence of their contacts with Russia. She got it. New York Times Trump teams communicating with Russians. The problem is that story has now been entirely, completely discredited.


Why? Because the lead FBI investigator working on the case apparently read that story in live time and had his own notes about it. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Joe, you're probably asking if The New York Times got this story from a source. Right. Yeah. We've got The New York Times well sourced story. Trump seems at contact with the Russians. This is really bad. If they got that story from a source, then how is it that the guy actually working the case is saying this story is totally false?


Ladies, gentlemen, because either the source was made up. And it's totally fake. Or the source did tell him that. And the source was lying. Mm hmm. We're going to go through some screenshots from this piece, which is in the show notes, this is one of those must read brewskis. You got to read this. Just the news that can't be it, but my show notes Bungeni dot com. Check it out. Slash newsletter.


Bunji know that Constellation newsletter or e-mail? I mean, I'll email you choose me these articles every day. Let's go to number let's walk through this article piece by piece with The New York Times said back in February of 2017 about Trump's team, the Trump team's nefarious connections with Russians and what the FBI investigate as he's reading this article is taking down in his own notes. This is hilarious how stupid and gullible these media people were. Let's go to screenshot number one.


So claims that this is laid out well by Cheryl Atkinson. Here's the claim in the New York Times article. It's quoted, folks, for liberals, meaning that this is what was actually in The New York Times. Phone records and intercepted calls so that members of the Trump presidential campaign and other Trump associates had repeated contacts. Here we go, Joe, with senior Russian officials. In the year before the election, according to four current and four American officials.


Whoa, whoa. New York Times, February 20, Seventy four people told us Trump is talking to the Russians, which, by the way, none of that's illegal anyway. But you would think, OK, well, I don't know, maybe it could be illegal. As I write my new book, Contact with Russians is an illegal illegal contacts with Russians is illegal. You get that right. Everybody understands that you understand. Every Democrat senator up on Capitol Hill has had contact with Russians.


You understand? Right. Including Mark Warner, the Democrat senator from Virginia who's actually in a text exchange trying to solicit help from someone connected to Russians. You understand or contact with Russians is not illegal. Illegal contact with Russians is illegal. Joe and I would be in jail if contact with Russians were Joe's. Joe, you've been in Russia, right? Yeah, I did. Were you investigated by the FBI for that trip? Just checking. No, no, that's OK.


I was in Russia, too. I was not investigated. Not yet. I'm a Republi. You and I may get investigated next. But I was in Russia, too. I assure you, it was not illegal. Legal. But you would say, OK, at least maybe they got that part of the story right. Maybe it wasn't illegal, but, you know, there were some context. Well, let's look at Peter stroked own notes, which we're now seeing for the first time.


Note by stroke. Keep in mind, Lib's, I know you go your skulls are super thick and all, but this is the FBI lead investigator actually looking into this. Here's his quote about that. He's talking about that exact line in the New York Times article. Quote, This statement is misleading and an accurate is written. We have not seen evidence of any individuals in contact with Russians. Both governmental and non-governmental. There is no known intel affiliation.


And little, if any, government of Russia affiliation. FBI investigation has shown past contact between Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page and the SVR, the Russian SVR. But not during his association with the Trump campaign. That that's the FBI guy. So to all the numb nuts out there in the media who including The New York Times, more on that wrote this, are we can we expect a retraction now when this diversion, when do you resign? Michael Schmidt, I'm just curious, what day did you resign yet?


It's Monday. Has he resigned yet as he retracted this article? Nothing you said was true. The FBI is contemporaneous notes and none of that is actually true. There were no contacts they found during the Trump campaign between the Trump campaign and Russian officials, which, by the way, is not even illegal. Macy gets gas. That's that's that's really horrible. No, no, no, no, it gets worse. Yes, that's horrible. But believe me, it gets worse.


It's how bad this New York, if this New York Times author, Schmidt, doesn't resign by the end of the week. But when I will accept The New York Times, it doesn't matter who writes for them, you know, we take some serious anyway, he really just out of a sense of dignity to look your kids in the mirror. Just resign. You can you can at least salvage some sliver, some iota of dignity. I resign.


It was a terrible piece. I made a huge mistake and I misled the country. Let's go to claim number two in The New York Times. From again, Cheryl Atkinson's piece. Keep this article handy for your liberal friends, especially liberal moms and dads who still believe this asinine story claim in the New York Times article. Quote, One of the advisors picked up on the intercepted calls was Paul Manafort. Oh, my gosh, Joe. They've got an intercepted call with Russians and Paul Manafort now.


And he was Trump's campaign chairman for several months. Always right. Armacost. Now, that one name. Right. Joe's very concerned right now. So The New York Times claim that there were contacts with Russians that didn't exist. Now they're claiming they have an actual intercepted call with Manafort and he's high up Russian officials. Well, let's go to strokes, actual notes about that contemporaneously written. Who, again, has access to all of this stuff because he's doing the actual investigation.


Let's let's check out with the stroke notes, say, about the intercepted Manafort phone call. Note by stroke. We are unaware of any calls with any Russian government official, Manafort was a party. Let me read that again, because I know I dipped away for the I'm sorry, folks. Sometimes. Listen, I've not been in radio my whole life. I've had, you know, I did other things portrayed radio professionals who do this, the whole.


I know to never walk away from that. I'm not one of those guys. That's why I love my show. OK, let me read it again. This is strokes, actual notes on that. We are unaware of any calls with any Russian government official in which Manafort was a party.


Was anything in this New York Times article correct? Anything you may say that's really bad? So The New York Times claims they know about communications between Trump and Russian officials, that the FBI said that it never happened. Then they're saying, no, no, we have a specific intercept of the call and the FBI saying, no, no, that didn't happen either. Then in a Manafort on the call and he got we got an intercept that. No, that didn't happen.


Some of this stuff had to happen, Joe, some live little, let's put it this, put a bigger one up. Here's another screenshot from this, just the newest piece you had. You're like, this gets worse. Yes, Joe, it gets worse. Be patient. Claim in the New York Times article, Joe. Quote, The FBI has obtained banking and travel records. Oh, oh, oh. Note by stroke, quote, We do not yet have detailed banking records.


End quote. The Times is that you. You're here batting a thousand. Here times. You are succeeding at failure 100 percent of the time. You are nailing it. Well done. Every key assertion. Categorically false. Let's go back. This one's a real gem. This is the coup de gras of this whole thing claimed by the New York Times. Officials would not disclose many details, including what was discussed on the call. You know, the calls, it never happened.


And how many of Trump's advisers were talking to the Russians stroke's notes again. And his highlight, not mine. We are unaware of any any Trump advisers engaging in conversations with Russian intel officials. And their coverage had not. It has not it has not revealed contact between Russian intelligence officers and the Trump Thebe. The Times is batting a thousand in this piece. Now they've got nothing right. Everything they've been told is categorically false. And yet the piece I'm Not Even Dumber administrator tweets was sent around by everyone as if this was gospel.


Now, do you know, I tell you, ignore the news media. They are lying to you. They are documented, discredited, full blown conspiracy theory. Lunatics without a sliver of dignity or integrity. Every one of them should resign tomorrow and finding a new line of work. But they won't. Because they're not in this for the truth. They're not in this for journalism. They're in this for propaganda. And the truth is, they're doing a good job.


They won't even apologize for this piece. There's one more. Gets even better. You may say, come on. They got at least one thing right, no doubt. Not even one thing. New York Times claim senior FBI officials believe Christopher Steele, you know, the peepee tape author guy, the peepee dossier. So senior FBI officials believe Christopher Steele has a credible track record claim by The New York Times. Stroke's notes strike again. But we have, you know, what's one out of it?


But I didn't read stroke's notes yet. Quit killing me here today. Recent interviews and investigation, however, reveal Steel may not be in a position to judge the reliability of the sub source network. Is this great? So just to go over that again. So New York Times, Trump has had a lot of meetings and calls with the Russians. FBI. That's not true. We have a tape of Paul Manafort talking with the Russians stroke's notes. That's not true.


We've obtained New York Times. We've obtained bank and travel records from the FBI. We have no bank records. And New York Times steel has been deemed very reliable by the FBI stroke. We have made no such claims at this point. Listen, Michael Schmidt in The New York Times. Seriously, please just resign. Resign. Just do the right thing. Have some dignity. You're you're awful at whatever you call your job journalism reporting. I call it Pravda activism.


Whatever you think your job is, you're really not good at it. Just please just stop. You see, I want my show like we give alternate sides of things. Yes, we do. You see how like, you know, even though I work at specific places, I have no problem with the truth and stuff like that. And I told you, you know, the bet Biden thing and other stuff before we give you both sides. I'm a conservative, but I'm doing that because my credibility matters.


Does your credibility matter to you? Not a joke. It's a serious question. Does your credibility matter? Does it matter to you that you wrote an article that changed the course of U.S. politics in February of 2017? Literally. Was used to create a hoax, a conspiracy theory. And your name is on it. Does it bother you at all? You may say, Dad, come on, an article wasn't that impactful. So what? They lied in the article.


Or if they didn't lie, they were lied to and they just don't have good sources. Well, maybe before you write an article like that, you should maybe check that stuff. Starsky I'm going to go through some tweets in a second showing you how this article was used to create the false narrative that my friend's mother still believes to this day the ridiculous hoax that Trump colluded with the Russians. You believe a falsehood. Whether you choose to believe it honestly or not is.


I can't account for your instability that you guys believe in that. But I'm gonna show you how they did it. Make it to my final sponsor. First Today show also brought to our friends at Policy Genius. Ladies and gentlemen, go to Policy Genius dot com. Compare quotes in just minutes. Now is the time. Shopping for life insurance can raise a lot of questions. How much coverage you need? What insurance company is the best one for you?


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So, again, those of you under the illusion that the media is doing journalism and that they don't have a network of idiots that are out there to spread the lie when they lie to you. Let me go through some tweets and I want a hat tip, Arthur Schwartz on Twitter, who had a compilation of these on Twitter, and that's where I got a lot of these from. So nice job with that. The day that article came out with all the lies, Trump's colluding with the Russians have taught him all lies.


These are all the dunces that thought it would be a good idea to propagate this thing without checking it themselves either. So here's a first tweet from the absolutely hapless. This is them of all the Dunns tweets. This is the least Dunc's of the dunce's. But you know, Adam Goldman, New York Times, you know, with it. Yeah, the the probably the emperor of Spike colluders that The New York Times, a guy who's been fed more misinformation than pretty much anyone in the media, hears him tweeting it out.


Trump campaign aides had repeated contact with Russian intelligence to 14 17. Adam Gobin lead Spygate hoaxer collusion hoaxer Spygate Hoekstra. He once Shibly Spygate isn't real. Yeah. Oh, Goldman. You say. All right, that's just the headline. Here's some reporter named Tofor Sanders. It was he the guy in the Spider-Man movies? Tofor Sanders told him. He says tofor tofor say he may have been the guy in the Eddie Brock character despite just kidding. Just that was it.


I think that was a different tofor, he says. Now this is how you blanking report. Wow. New York Times piece two. Forty. Twenty. Seventeen. Wow. Yeah. That's how you. Reporter Right. That's when you're hacked. Loser. Fake news professionals. A so-called professional. That's a here's Rep. Eric Swalwell is using a picture of an avatar of a John Lewis who tragically died this week. But this is Rep. Eric Swalwell Twitter account.


This is this was him from back in the 70s, you know, because even if you pull it up now, it uses the avatar. Now, just so you're not confused by that.


He says more and more arrows point to coordination between real Donald Trump steam and Russian hacking. It's time for a country over party. Citing what Joe? New York Times Article 214, 2017. So now we have two media goofballs. We have a hapless member for Congress. I think I got more votes for president than he did when he ran. Just a total goofball Swalwell. Now, here's the smart people at Lawfare blog.


Oh, really? Which is Hennesy. You got your order. Well, that while we're at it. Keep them on up. There's Eppstein. This is a Jennifer Epstein from Bloomberg. Insult the intelligence community. And in other words, this is what happens. What does she cite? The New York Times Article two 14, 2017. Repeat a lie often enough. Joe, sooner or later, people believe it. Check out the next one here.


Derrida, your Meechie Alcindor from PBS. Wow. Trump campaign aides had repeated contact with Russian intelligence. New York Times two Ford did 2017. Sounds kind of like an echo chamber, doesn't it? Surely there are more. Oh, here we go, Susan, A.E from Lawfare blog morito before that. You know, those are all the smart people, lawfare. You know, they write about me. Where were where I'm partisan. Where are you? Media coverage of the legal ecosystem out there.


You do. Here she is. This way. By the way, Suzanne, A.E is one of the clown collusion hoaxers out there. She's embarrassed herself so many times how she isn't the leader. Her account yet is stunning. But here's her tweet. So I'll starting to unravel. This won't be over soon. And we must be relentlessly disciplined in how we discuss it. Citing what the same New York Times Article 214, 2017. Is one more.


Can't leave at MSNBC. Is Dunns Miller, who's another guy, another collusion hoaxer. He's up there, too. Here's Matt Miller, one again, another one of the prominent collusion hoaxes from beginning, citing the Michael Schmidt article right there, exclusive. He says. Miller says from MSNBC, it's not an exaggeration anymore to say this is becoming one of the biggest scandals in American history. He was right. Joseph Matthew Miller was not wrong. Right.


I gotcha. He was right. Just for the wrong reasons. You are absolutely right, Matthew. This is one of the biggest scandals in American history, just not for the reasons you thought.


Two for today. All right. Going to wrap up the show on this today, because I do feel obligated to give you a. Corona virus update, because, again, if you're listening to the panic merchants and the media, you will I mean, you'll be in red line panic mode 24 hours a day and you're not going to have a full scope perspective of what's really going on with the corona virus. So regarding masks, we've been told, you know, masks could stop the spread.


Quoting the CDC saying if everybody would wear a mask in just a few weeks, we could be done with this thing four to six weeks. We could be done, really. We have evidence for that claim. I'm just checking because John Solomon has an interesting piece up at just the news, which will be in the show notes again, which I encourage you to subscribe to. And you know that com slash newsletter. Just the news. One month after statewide MASC mandate, California's daily covered case average has increased by one hundred and sixty two percent.


Again, I'm just now again, because we do fair. Not lopsided coverage here. Real science would dictate to you the axiom that correlation does not mean causation. That is true here, too. You've said that many times and I will continue to. But correlation is not an irrelevant data point either. And if you are trying to make the case that we should be putting out government edicts using the threat of government force fines and arrests for you, if you don't wear a mask, we should at least be able to cite some science showing it's helping.


Right. You would at least be able to show a basic correlation that the mask man, they were in effect. Joe, you would think. Is that me, Joe? This isn't a fair question. Again, please stop me. Would it not be fair to say. We put out this edict for a mask. The incubation period is anywhere from two to 14 days. So if everybody's wearing a mask because the government said so and they're you know, we we think it's going to help put, you know, get people in masks that you would think within a couple of weeks we would see some kind of decline.


But that's that's not what happened. That's not what happened. That piece is pretty clear that cases have gone up. One hundred and sixty percent. So although these two variables, government edict on on masks and infections. Although these two variables are correlated. But that doesn't mean necessarily one call. I'm not suggesting that masks are completely ineffective, I'm not telling you that I'm not telling you not to wear one either. I'm simply telling you, the science on this is more than uncertain, and I don't think we need a big government nanny state to tell us what to do.


I think we're all adults. And we're all allowed to make our own decisions and look at the science for ourselves and the science and the correlation here is in the opposite direction. This government edict in California was correlated with an increase in cases, not a decrease. Government says wear masks, cases don't go down. They go up. More on Corona virus and the outbreak of Corona virus. You're getting these daily death counts plastered all over the now insane Drudge Report.


Folks, if you're not checking us out upon Gedo, report that. Com you are reading full blown up. I go to Drudge Report to see what the competition is doing. It is a full blown red line. Panic hysteria campaigner. Daily death counts. You, Joe, you can't fake a daily death count, right? What are you trying to say? You're either not you're either not alive or you're alive. Yeah. No, apparently, you can screw that up, too.


Another article from John Solomon's site, Just the News by Daniel Page. You could screw that up, too, apparently. How Cauvin 19 fatality reports are distorting the Dahla at the data on daily death rates. No, this is real. They're even screwing that up. What are they doing, folks? They're taking reclassifications of people who died days or weeks ago and on the day they're reclassified, whether it may be whatever, say someone died of, I don't know, a pneumonia.


And they attributed it to something else. And on an autopsy, they figured out it was coronavirus. The person is dead two weeks. They didn't die yesterday. They're mixing those together. To give you these inflated body count fact from the John Solomon piece or the Daniel Payne piece, I'm in the John Solomon's site Precision. Quote, A similar problem was seen in Florida. They talked about Arizona before when the State Health Department and Florida announced on Thursday.


One hundred and fifty six deaths in one 24 hour period. That number was touted as a frightening new record by media outlets such as CNN and the Miami Herald. NBC, The Orlando Sentinel and numerous others. What's the problem, folks? The problem is that hundred and fifty plus people did not die in that 24 hour period, about 58 to 60 of them dead, depending on the classification. Meaning a majority of them did not die on that day.


They weren't people who had died before. Tragic. No disputing that. No serious thinking, human being what? But data and statistics matter. So when you're told about these Arizona and Florida death counts on drudges, if you should be running out of your house and screaming in a panic with your hair on fire. The question you should be asking, well, did they really die in that one day? No, no. They died months ago. Well, that kind of matters now.


Kind of tough to get a daily body count if it's not daily. Again, I'm not telling you not to wear a mask, and I'm not telling you not to be concerned. I'm telling you, read the science on Mars before you make that decision. Challenge government officials on it. And secondly, the data on this you're getting is not accurate. And the data you're not getting, critical decisions are being made about shutting economies down and bankrupting people on data.


That is not accurate. Be like saying we've got to shut down traffic in Martin County, Florida, because 200 people are dying a day in a car accident. They are. Then you find out there was an accident two weeks ago that had 198 casualties in a big chain reaction. Two hundred people are not dying a day. Two people maybe died in a day. And one hundred ninety eight were killed a couple of weeks ago. All tragic deaths.


But that's not why you make the decision based on data. That's not accurate. You have a responsibility to tell people the truth. You may say this can't get any worse. Oh, it can. Remember the hydroxy chloroquine panic? Don't take hydroxy chloroquine, Trump said that Trump said it could work for treating it. So, of course, the media wanted it done and gone if the media said, you know. Trump reported. Oxygen was a it was fantastic.


They would they you know, they'd stick bags over their heads, of course. So Trump touted hydroxy chloroquine his treatment. Here's an interesting source from John Hopkins about some Switzerland data. Look at this. So they stopped dispensing hydroxy chloroquine because it was suspended because of media hysteria. Look at what happened just a couple days later. That's right. Death counts went up dramatically. All of a sudden, they went back to dispensing hydroxy chloroquine as a treatment.


Look at what happens to the death count. Yes, they went down again to where they were before. Correlation, again, does not always mean causation. But when the correlation is working against you, it is a data point worth considering. The media hydroxyl, Clark, when doesn't work. Really, we stop using it. More people die than we use that again unless people die. Huh. Correlation doesn't mean causation. It doesn't. But it's a useful data point, is it not?


Not for you, because you're a moron and a media. Let's go to one more Trump said we should open the schools, just like he said we should consider hydroxy chloroquine is a treatment. We can't use hydroxyl clemmy. You know, the media's got to be for anything before anything trumps against and against anything Trump is for. Trump wants to open up the school. So you think there'd be data on that, right, data? No, there actually is data.


Even Bloomberg at Bloomberg, the left leaning Allen study. I put the show notes today. If I'm citing Bloomberg, you know, your intro Nordic study suggests open schools don't spread virus much. Bloomburg. But let's keep listening to the liberal hysteria, panic merchants out there, shut our schools down, keep our kids in solitary confinement over no data whatsoever. Remember, Joe, they believe in the science. Phones, total frauds. All right, folks are going to be a long day today.


Maybe I'll have some story to tell you. There is an interesting one, but again, we're going to see how much we can pack in a 24 hour period. Maybe some updates later on. All right. Let's catch myself, you know, by YouTube dot com slash Bandino and on Apple podcast as well. We really appreciate it's always free. Helps us move up the charts and other people find the show. Thanks a lot, folks. I'll see ya tomorrow.


You just heard Dan Bongino.