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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


You know, the speech yesterday by Kamala Harris reminds me of an old adage about Fraudster's. We used to investigate my prior line of work. How do you know they were lying about their lips or moving? That's how you do. They were like everything was a lie.


Everything their names, last names, first names, middle names, where they were born, what they did, who they knew. That's the Democrats and the Hollywood celebrities piling on who are going to get to admit it are just gross. I've got that. I've got an interesting angle on a spy in the White House. They were trying to develop. You're not going to want to miss this one. I've got that. And the language police are at it again, a loaded show today and a special announcement.


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Well, I'm not going to lie to you, man. I'm doing good. Everything is doing good.


I know why you're doing good, because you're preparing for an interesting trip we have tomorrow. Which leads me to my special announcement. If you'd like to meet producer Joe and me, we will be interviewing Ian and Frank from Attila's Jim up in New Jersey, not on the show through like, you know, virtual channels. We'll be interviewing Aditya's Jim. Yeah, we will be up there tomorrow, Friday. The show will launch on Saturday. So you're not going to want to miss that.


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It takes a lot of logistics to travel to two states in the same day you two shows and have to get the pilots home by a certain amount of time. So Joe will be there as well. B.J., I'll be kind enough to be driving up from from Maryland. So we and Andrew as well. Drew will be with me on the magic time machine we're using to get between multiple states on the same day.


Let me get to this story first. A little different than we usually open up the show with Bob, because we do have a lot of interesting and kind of hard core facts and data to get to, but. You know, I grew up in New York. With Howard Stern on the radio. I mean, everybody, listen to Howard Stern, he was on NBC, remember that, and then he was on crack. Everybody listen to Stern. It was just if you had your radio on blast at a traffic light, it was a summer and you didn't want to burn any gas because you mistakenly thought opening the windows was better than putting the AC on kind of like me when I had no money.


You know, you're lucky to have two dollars in your wallet. You heard everybody listening to Howard Stern in the morning. And there was a reason that Democrats, Republicans, young guys, young women, old guys, older women, all listened to start. It didn't matter your party affiliation because they thought he was irreverent. They thought he was funny, and he said some crazy stuff. And candidly, most of the time you listen to Stern, you listen to him because you wanted to hear what he was going to say next because you never knew what was going to happen.


Howard Stern has become a pathetic party line, just bootlicking butt kissing, far left liberal, trying to collectively kiss the butt of the Hollywood community to ingratiate himself now because he's afraid he'll be a victim of council culture. Yeah, that's right. Yeah. Howard mentioned me on his show, by the way, of a couple of weeks. Someone said to me or something about a story about the mask thing. He clearly didn't listen to anything I said in the piece because he's not that smart.


But he's a huge sell out now and a clown and a joker, and he's a wuss. Dewey likes to talk about how he took, like, karate when he was a kid and kicked someone in the kneecaps. Howard, start. You're your redheaded stepsister. Could take Howard Stern in a fight. Believe me, it's like I. I love his line to he always brings up this line like he grew up in a black neighborhood. What does that mean?


Who what who cares? What does that what does it have anything to do with it? He says that all the time. So Stern's a huge sellout and I only bring it up in light of what I'm going to talk about next, which is Kamala Harris litany of lies in the speech yesterday, which was awful that she gave with Joe Biden. The speech she gave was just all lies. I'm going to go through that and debunk each one. But Stern piles on.


And the reason I bring this up is because a lot of stupid people have microphones, stupid people like Stern, who's a moron. Now, he's totally discredited, sellout. He used to actually stand for something, even though he was said crazy stuff. I don't know if you know this, but Howard Stern once ran for governor in New York and he ran on common sense stuff that people were like, yeah, that makes sense. I don't know.


Many of you don't remember this. I remember it like it was yesterday. I don't. He ran for governor for a limited period of time. Then they wanted like his tax returns or his income. And he bailed out, but he ran for governor. And one of his lines was this, hey, why are we sitting in traffic all day in New York? If you could just do this construction at midnight, everybody was like genius. And midnight construction became a thing largely because Stern brought it up.


He used to take a position on guns that wasn't, you know, him kissing the butt of Hollywood lives. He'd say, listen, you know, I'm trying to stay out of politics, but people should have the right to defend themselves. Was kind of his position on guns. He's a hardcore leftist now. What do I mean? Let me look at this article. Big sellout, stern and stupid people with microphones again who make other people believe that this stuff is all true.


So here's an article in the radical left wing rag, The Daily News. Howard Stern slams Trump and the once beautiful Postal Service says we're a third world country. Now wonders how there's no revolution in the streets. Stern is blaming Trump for the problems with the Postal Service before the election. Trump the Stern, even watch the news, or is he too involved with telling people how he's going to kneecap people from his his E chandru karate class he took in seventh grade?


I took Chandru karate semesters. Pretty good machine actually showed us the benefits of karate in the UFC. Stern doesn't. He's nobody. Here's a quote from the Daily News piece by Stern, this is more about I'm going to go to another celebrity, meet again, stupid people with microphones who make you believe that it's definitely Trump that screwed up the Postal Service from the Daily News. Trump's calling of Stearnes insisting that Trump would be he would be a traitor.


He says if it's the president, this is the daily news piece, excuse me, if it's the president's hope to get re-elected, if the cost of the Postal Service, Stern said, quote, that would be an act of being a traitor to this country.


Now, listen, I get Howard that I know he's not that bright, I get that I honestly, folks, I never thought in a million years I'd be on the other side of of of of a Howard Stern story and knocking the guy, because I really I grew up with his insanity on the radio. A lot of it was funny. A lot of it was stupid. Most of it was irreverent and definitely wouldn't forget it today. You'd be cancelled in a minute.


But this man has a microphone and millions of people who listen. And he's calling Trump a traitor or insisting he could be a traitor because it's Trump's fault that the Postal Service can't get their heads out of their cabooses and manage their own postal servicing. Did he miss this video and the last Wojo, three years of President Trump calling out the Postal Service for mismanagement, did he miss all of that? Now, he probably did, because if he does even watch the news, he's probably too busy reading People magazine or whatever it may be.


But here's just recently, the other day, President Trump appointing someone new to oversee the Postal Service because they've been a mismanagement disaster. But Stern missed all of this. Check this out.


They want twenty five billion for the post office because of this. And remember the new man who is a great person, a great businessman, just got there a little while ago. The post office has been run poorly for many, many decades. Great people in the post office, incredible people, but they've had very bad leadership for many years. So we'll get it straightened out. But they turned down this bill because they want radical left agenda items that nobody in their right mind would approve.


So they went twenty five billion for the post office.


All he had to do, by the way, Howard, who has a microphone and you may see, oh, Danny, he's a shock jock, whatever, he's got an audience of millions of people, one of the largest in the history of terrestrial and now satellite radio. The man practically created the shock jock market, him and Don Imus. If you don't know, then just shut up, if you don't know anything, just don't talk about it.


Yeah, I guess that's what people will say, oh, what do you expect, Howard? He's not a politician. You expect him to know the details about Trump in the post office? Yeah, if you're going to talk about it. Joe, what are some topics we don't talk about on this show, often we talk about sports most last time you and I covered a sports story, maybe never. Yeah, maybe Kaepernick kneeling. Why? Because, folks, I don't watch the NFL anymore.


I don't know anything. I have no idea. You know, I was a Raiders fan. I like the Ravens. I couldn't even tell you one player on either one of those teams. I don't know. So I shut my mouth. I don't listen to Stern anymore ever since he's become a lunatic. So I don't comment on his show unless his show creeps up on my feed like I saw yesterday with the Daily News article with his direct quote.


And then I had to go back and listen to make sure I wasn't misinterpreting what he said, because it's called research. Stern might want to try it sometime, stupid people with microphones. We actually do homework. You want to see another stupid person with an audience? This is a real tweet, by the way. Remember Jamie Lee Curtis?


Yeah, I remember Halloween.


Jamie Lee Curtis. Remember that? Jamie Lee Curtis. This is an actual tweet from Jamie Lee Curtis. This up. Again, this is an actual tweet at Jamie Lee Curtis, there's a photo of a US Postal Service truck on the back of a flatbed meaning what, Joe? It probably broke down. Probably not hard to believe, considering the Postal Service has been mismanaged forever. Says, I swear, this is her tweet in broad daylight. The driver of the red truck had a red cap on with white letters, the flatbeds, a red truck with the Postal Service van on the back, conspiracy outright attempted stealing the election by dead.


Holy smokes. Oh, no doubt. I got to finish at stealing the election by denying the access of the Postal Service. Let's not let it happen. Joe Biden. Do you have Mottley?


Come on, dude, that's a double if you're got to be Jamie Lee Curtis again, stupid people with audiences insinuating that a flatbed driver is stealing a Postal Service truck impact the election because he may have had a red hat on a bag. I had maybe with white. Let's just say it's a maggot. She says it's a red hat with white letters. Maybe it's a Cincinnati Reds baseball cap. You ever think about that? You ever think about that?


I hate the word cap. Baseball hat. I never liked it. Well, why? It's like pantry. I can't stand those words. You ever think maybe Joe just made Occam's razor right, given all potential explanations for a problem? Always, except the one that requires the least amount of assumptions. Occam's razor, otherwise known as keep it simple. Stupid, right. Hmm. So given all possible explanations, No. One, that the Postal Service truck may have broken down and therefore the flatbed truck guy is towing the truck to a location to have it repaired, that requires you to assume very little Joe.


It requires you to assume what, that the truck broke down? Not a difficult assumption, considering we probably mismanaged the Postal Service forever. Jamie Lee Curtis violating Occam's razor. They keep it simple, stupid axium. It's like, no, no, no, this could be a red hats are coming, you're not the red coats, the red hats are coming. The Red Hat army of Trump conspirators, what stole a red a red flatbed one and stole the post.


You've got to assume now the Postal Service postman or postwoman operator gave the truck up voluntarily and didn't report it. There was nothing on the news about a stolen postal truck. So you got to assume I don't know who gave it up voluntarily and he hasn't reported it yet. You have to assume all these things. This isn't the right answer, coming to stealing postal trucks everywhere, the election, folks, stupid people with microphones. Hi. That may have been a trip that was a borderline triple mother.


All right, listen, before I get let me get to my second. Sponsors were loaded today. It's a big show. I want to get to Kamala Harris speech yesterday. I'm sorry. I know I don't usually start the show with that kind of stuff, but we have an election coming up and millions of people are reading the social media accounts and listening to the radio shows of really dumb people like Stern and blaming Trump for the Postal Service and had Jamie Lee Curtis.


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Biden is an empty vessel. And I'll get to a Babylon, New York. But it's the Harris Biden ticket. Paris will be the de facto president. OK, so on this show, it'll be the Harris Biden ticket because that's what it is. So they were introduced to America yesterday, dutifully walking out one of the most cringe worthy moments I've ever seen. Of course, the speech was celebrated by the left wing media, the speech Joe Biden gave where he repeatedly lied and the speech Kamala Harris gave, which I don't know if she said anything that was actually true.


Media was like it was awesome. She's the best. The future. A star is born again. No, yesterday. So tell me something good. There we go. The star is born, was back yesterday despite the fact that she got almost no votes in the Democratic primary. As I said on Hannity's show last night, it's not that Republicans rejected Kamala Harris. I'm a Republican. I can't vote in a Democrat primary. Democrats in the Democrat primaries rejected Kamala Harris.


So the point shouldn't even make it to Iowa. Remember that she dropped out before the Iowa caucus because Democrats disliked her. We didn't even get to say it wasn't our primary. It was theirs. Here's a great piece, National Review, be up in the show notes today, Bungeni dot com newsletter if you want to subscribe to our newsletter at the show. Same thing. I use the terms interchangeably. This is a really great article. Carl Smith, National Review.


Kamala Harris lies repeatedly in first speech and by as Biden's running mate now. I'm going to lay out the lies and then at the end, I mean, I forget here because sometimes I get into stuff and I forget it really kind of ticks me off. Let me be clear, I'm not doing here. I'm going to debunk these lies because you need to understand the truth, because you need to debate. Your liberal friends, not because you're going to change their minds, you're not, as Paula said this morning, it was a great point you made before the show.


She was then, you know, you do these shows. About lies and the Democrats, and it doesn't matter like the media is going to repeat the lie anyway, no one's going to call them out and you're just going to repeat the same lie again. If it does matter if she's right about that, she's not wrong. But it does matter because remember, you're not arguing. Your liberal friends are the media. They don't they lying on purpose.


They know that they don't care if you call them out. You're arguing on Facebook and you're debating in public and you're knocking on doors and telling people the truth because you hope there's a third party listening, not that liberal. They don't really care that they lie on purpose. But there's someone listening in that third party that will be persuaded and realize that you have the facts and the liberals never do. I'm going to get to ask this, though, how this is very transactional now.


And I don't think this is going to impact liberals at all. But it's important to get the truth out. So let's go to line number one yesterday, again, an easily debunked, discredited lie, which she'll repeat a thousand times over. Kamala Harris said yesterday the president's mismanagement of the pandemic has plunged us into the worst. Excuse me, economic crisis since the Great Depression, Kamala Harris said. Well, that's that's false. Ladies, gentlemen, it's categorically false, Coppersmith from National Review goes on the pandemic and its associated lockdown's not the president are responsible for the economic contraction.


Folks, that's obvious. Is that. I mean, what what kind of an idiot doesn't understand that? Of course, Kamala Harris, she's not dumb. She and she's just lying. Trumpeted it was the plague. It goes on. By the way, Donald Trump is not the president of the eurozone, which suffered through an even more dire economic contraction in the second quarter, minus 40 percent annualized against the minus thirty two percent in the United States.


She's just not telling you the truth. The economy was motoring and firing on all cylinders outside of the debt problem. Before this plague imposed upon us from China, before it hit, Harris knows that she's just repeating it anyway. That's an easily discredited hoax. That's an easy one. This one's even more brazen lie number two, where you scratch your head and you're like, does she even watch the news or is she like Stern? Getting the news from the National Enquirer, people may actually National Enquirer pegged more stories than I said.


Let me take that back. I'm not even kidding. The National Enquirer actually broke that the John Edwards story. So scratch that. They're not very reliable compared to the mainstream media. Getting it from like the Babylon Bee, which is intentional satire. She says yesterday, Kamala Harris in The Litany of Lies speech. She said, just look at where Trump and Pence have gotten us millions of kids who cannot go back to school, Harris said he'd come to me for saying, wait a minute, wait while.


Again, Senator Harris, do you even watch the news, do you do the newsy thing because there's only two options. It's Trump and Ted's keeping your kids out of school, our kids out of school. There's only two potential solutions to this or answers to this obvious absurdity. No. One, she's just blatantly lying. Or number two, again, she's too silly to figure it out. That's the. Go back to that, please. Number two.


National Review, quote, wrong, it's not Trump's decision whether kids go back to school because the federal government doesn't run schools and he has urged the schools to reopen. Did she miss all that? The primary reason kids cannot go back to school is opposition from teachers unions. The second largest teachers union is threatening to strike if schools reopen again. She will repeat this lie that Trump caused the economic contraction, not the pandemic, the second lie that it's Trump and Pence getting in the way of your kids, going back to school, despite the fact that a basic inter web search, if you get the joke, would show you that is absolutely, categorically false and the opposite is true.


One hundred and eighty degree difference from what she's telling you, she doesn't care because out of the two options, she's a real liar or she's really stupid. She's not really stupid. We know that. That may make people feel good, this is Shirley. She's not she's just deliberately lying, hoping. That you'll buy it. And when I say you, I mean swayable independent voters whose votes may still be up in the air. She's not trying to sway liberals, you understand what I'm trying to get at here?


Liberals know she's lying to them. They don't care, right? They are transactional. That's it. They're not ethical. Nothing about all liberals are. All Democrats want to be clear because there are some who do care, just like there are some conservatives who care when other politicians say things that aren't true. The radical left and a lot of the liberals who teeter with them don't care at all that this is an easily discredited lie. They're transactional. They want a transaction to take place.


The morals and ethics of it are irrelevant. The transaction is they want President Joe Biden to take over for former President Donald Trump, whatever they have to do to get there is what they'll do. Morals and ethics be damned. Here's the third lie you like, it's a cheat that the speech wasn't that long. No, it goes on. There were more these I've just given you for. Carl Smith, National Review. Kamala Harris said yesterday the virus is impacting almost every country.


But there's a reason it has hit America worse than any other advanced nation because of Trump's failure to take it seriously. OK, so there's a premise in this. The premise is one that we have been hit worse than any other advanced nation where you saw the quote. I just read it to you. Her line, her quote, not mine. So, again, either Kamala Harris is a liar or is really dumb. Well, we know she's not really dumb, which means she's a liar.


Because that's not what happened, it hasn't hit us worse than any other advanced country back to the peace wrong. Several advanced nations have suffered more fatalities per million than the United States. Belgium, the U.K., Spain, Italy, Sweden. Donald Trump is not in charge of any of these countries. Last time I checked, the U.K., Belgium, Sweden. Yeah, yeah. Trump now. Trump, United States, we. She's just making that up.


She's lying because she's very good at. That's how she got where she is, she's lied repeatedly. Repeatedly, over and over and over. Again, if you're a liberal, I understand this doesn't bother you and you may say, well, Trump's lied to ladies. Yeah, Trump has said things that aren't true. Every single politician has. I'm not suggesting to you that in this transactional time where people's political goals supersede everything, that this is going to alter any liberals mind.


I'm simply telling you, if you are an independent out there listening to this show or you're debating a liberal, there may be someone who will be swayed because none of this stuff is actually true. We go to the last one and you can read this piece again up at our show notes today, and I encourage you to. Harris said yesterday, quote, Six years ago, in fact, we had a different health crisis, it was called Ebola.


We all remember that pandemic. We do. You remember the Ebola pandemic. I don't I don't remember that says, quote, incorrect Ebola was an outbreak, not a pandemic, according to the World Health Organization. Right. Do you, Joe, do you remember anyone with Ebola? No, not on my block, no, no, not I'm not on mine either. It was serious. It did make its way to the United States. Was the Dallas hospital had a case?


Yeah. Yeah. But there was no pandemic of Ebola, there was an outbreak of Ebola was particularly bad in certain African countries, which did make it over here. But why is Harris lying about this? To get an easily refuted, easily discredited, easily debunked fact Ebola was not a pandemic. Because, of course, Barack Obama was in charge and when Obama was in charge and Biden was his vice president, everything they did was gold, including handling the Ebola, the Ebola pandemic, which was not a pandemic.


Terrible, these people lie all the time. They lie all the time, it was an outpouring. They want to make it out like they handled this dramatic situation and they crushed it, Biden and Obama. It's not what happened. Ron Klain, who was the Ebola czar, who is now one of their trusted advisers on these policies, Ron Klain screwed the whole thing up. All right, I got to load it, showed him a half hour in already.


Time flies again next. Oh, this is a good I'm going to get to this. Let me get to my third sponsor. But I got a this spy in the White House. Remember that Charlie episode that got removed from. Yeah. Was it. Who took it down to see YouTube took it down. It was, yeah. YouTube. They figured that and made it private. That Charlie episode had a lot of this stuff in there. This is going to be good stuff.


You're not going to want to miss this great article by Julie Kelly at American Greatness about potential spies in the White House and the same names creeping up again. All right. She also brought to you by my friends at Parler, Ladies Jumah, one of the owners of Parler. I love Parlo because right now big tech companies are silencing conservatives. They are. We've seen it. The big tech tyrants, including Twitter, they're censoring the president. They are censoring conservatives.


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Please check it out. Follow me at the Bungeni Post there. And as an added bonus, I will be doing some live streaming on my parler account. Again, I'm at the no follow me there on my interview with the guys at Attila's yesterday. These warriors who were fighting for fighting for freedom, trying to keep their businesses open. Check that out.


And also at the tattoo factory, you may want to see that I am I getting a tattoo and pull my back so I will see how we do that. Could be interesting. We'll try to live stream that. So Jo will be in New Jersey, not North Carolina, because he has a time machine. But maybe, Joe, you can take some live cheap stuff for us up in Jersey. That'll be pretty typical. All right. Don't miss it on parler.


Borrelli are following me. I'm at Deben Genome. OK, so folks is a great article in American Greatness by Julie Kelly, who does some really terrific work. She has a book out, too. And it you know, we opened up the show, the theme of today's show. I try to keep some thematic element that runs through the entire show here. Is how do you know Democrats are lying again, their lips? That's how, you know, they're Leontiev lie all the time.


I start to wonder sometimes like what's the difference between Russian propagandists trying to impact our election and a certain small portion of Democrat Party that repeats their propaganda? I don't I'm serious when it comes to a like what's the difference? You're using propaganda to impact an election. So are the Russians. You claim to hate collusion with the Russians. They're doing it again. Now, here's this piece by Julie Kelly. I can't cover you in strong enough terms to read.


It's excellent. Russian collusion perps target Johnson. What is this article about him mean is a few screenshots from it. Here's what's going on. Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin, who got beat up a little bit on Hugh Hewitt, shows a conservative because we want to know where the subpoenas are, where people why people aren't, which is a fair question for Hugh Hewitt to ask Senator Ron Johnson on a committee that can do something about it. Johnson's generally a pretty good guy, though, and I think he's working pretty hard on another story.


You really need to know. He is a Republican from Wisconsin. What is he doing? He's investigating Joe Biden's kid and their role in this Purisma scandal. That's not how the investigation started. They didn't seek to investigate Hunter, Biden and the kids. They were looking at some foreign interference items. And it happened to creep up that Joe Biden's got a very suspicious past with his son in both China and Ukraine. Everybody knows that Johnson's been looking into it.


And he's finding some really disturbing things about Hunter Biden's business relationships and Joe Biden's interference in those business relationships. On Hunter Biden's behalf in Ukraine, we all know the story. Biden, Hunter, Biden, Joe's kid, while he's vice president, gets a very lucrative appointment to a Ukrainian natural gas company. There's some allegations of wrongdoing. All of a sudden, the investigation gets squashed. Joe Biden is on tape saying the investigator looking into his son's company needs to be fired.


You've seen all that very simple in a nutshell description of what happened. So what happens, Democrats, again, how do you know they're lying because they're talking all of a sudden Johnson may be onto something and he's saying, I'm going to release this report in September about what went on here. All Democrats are like, oh, what what do we do now? What do you mean? Johnson's going to release a report about all our malfeasance through Biden, overseas collusion and all that stuff.


We were blaming that on Republicans. So they go right back to the go, too, which is what Ron Johnson must be colluding with, the Russians, putting out Ukrainian misinformation. Again, back to my point, they don't care. They got caught lying about the collusion hoax. They're just going to trot it out again because nobody's going to stop them except us. The mainstream media will eat it up. I'm going to show you in a minute.


Russian noted Russian collusion hoaxer, disgraced TV host Nicole Wallace at MSNBC. An embarrassment to humankind. I'm going to show doing Rush's work on TV. No different than that in a second. But let me go to the screenshot from Julie Kelly's piece, which you really should read. It describes what Johnson is doing and how the Democrats are trying to stop him by saying, no, no, Ron Johnson is going to expose the Bidens. That's this, the Russians.


Clowns clown time quote Julie Kelly speech American Greatness Since impeachment fail to permanently closet the Bidens Ukrainian skeletons, Democrats are now calling the Hail Mary play Joe. Russian collusion hits back to thwart Republican efforts to expose the presidential candidate's dirty dealings before Election Day. Get a load of this in July. At the same time, Ron Johnson ramped up his inquiry. Top Democratic lawmakers, including Pelosi, requested an FBI briefing, Joe, over alleged fears that Congress appears to be a target of a concerted foreign interference campaign, which seeks to launder and amplify disinformation in order to influence congressional activity.


OK, this is colossal B.S., which stands for Bull. You get the rest. What's happening here? Remember those tapes? Oh, yeah, the tapes of Joe Biden on tape. Yeah, discussing with the Ukrainian president Poroshenko some very shady stuff on tape. No one's disputing, by the way, the authenticity of those tapes. No. One, we played some of them on this show. Well, they were released by a Ukrainian lawmaker and the Democrats are now alleging he's doing Russia's work.


Notice what they do, they don't dispute. They don't dispute in any way. The authenticity of the tapes that Biden is on tape discussing with the Ukrainian president some very shady dealings about the prosecutor looking into it so they don't discuss the tapes at all. The story becomes about who gave Johnson the tapes or who put them out there. And that's definitely Russian collusion. And idiots in the media suck it right up. They suck it right up. Here is the triumvirate of idiots, the three stooges of stupid.


Swamp rats in the intelligence community. Media folks and the Blue Checkmark Brigade on Twitter that spreads this stuff around the disinformation specialists, that's the triumvirate of stupid, the Three Stooges of happiness. You don't believe me, here's Nicole Wallace, who knows full well the tapes of Joe Biden discussing the firing of a prosecutor looking into his son and the company he works for in Ukraine for a very lucrative contract. The tapes doesn't discuss the tapes at all because they're devastated.


They make the story about how the tapes made it into the American media, suggesting this is definitely Russian collusion. Totally made up. Here's Nicole Wallace. Embarrassment, the human humankind. Again, doing the work of the Russians, trying to impact an election by putting out this absurd. Check this out.


The intelligence community has reached an assessment that they have briefed to Congress and made public, and it says this Russia is actively working to, quote, denigrate Joe Biden. My question for you is Ron Johnson, senator from Wisconsin, is also actively working to denigrate Joe Biden. Are they in cahoots?


I don't know if they're in cahoots, but a senator, an American citizen has the right to participate in the political process. The former KGB operative, Vladimir Putin does not have the right. It is unlawful and it is a violation of national security.


Notice what he does there. The commentators, Jeremy Bash and media hack Nicole Wallace noticed what they do. Again, this is about the tapes of Joe Biden speaking about very shady things on tape with a Ukrainian lawmaker, they make it about who the tapes came from and then they lie about it. And the guy says the commentator who either doesn't know anything. So he's either really dumb or a liar. You know, he's not dumb. So he's just a liar who says Vladimir Putin has no right to participate.


Those tapes didn't come from Putin. It came from Ukrainian darkish. They come from. Everybody knows that. He knows that he's just lying to you because, again, the story, which is really about this report, Ron Johnson is going to use every bit. Joe, you get what I'm talking about. Ron Johnson is going to issue a report in September about Joe Biden's malfeasance in Ukraine, which is going to be really, really bad. Folks, the money trail is ugly.


What Joe Biden's kid did there, it's ugly, but Joe Biden did to force out a prosecutor investigating his kids company is ugly and the tapes are devastating, is going to be a report. They don't want the story about the report. They want the story about a lie. It's already been debunked. The Russian collusion lie. They don't care that it's been the book. They're just going to trot it out again and they're going to overlay it on the Ukraine story.


No, no. Putin gave us the tape. He did you have any evidence of that, Jeremy? No, I have none. But these idiots in the media fell for it last time. The collusion works so well. Just do it again. Hey, just for everything I took to two seconds of dead air out of that didn't change. Yeah, I took two seconds of dead air.


Oh, well, that's good. See, I don't want this. So we do not edited for content at all. Just to be clear. Not good. We just don't want to bore you with dead air. Thank you. That's important to know because. No, you know why that's important. Because some media lunatic will be like they edited that selectively. Yes. Here's what we took out. Hold on, folks. That's what we took out, that's two seconds, that's it, that's it.


But it's a good point if they selectively edited it, that you see what they do, the Russian collusion hoax, again, they don't care. You feel like there's no way they're going to do the stuff again. Why? Why wouldn't they do it again? These people are propagandists are no different than Russian propagandists trying to hurt our elections. How are they any different? They know they're lying to you. Those tapes didn't come from Putin. It came from a Ukrainian they don't care.


Believe it or not, the story gets worse. Now showing you again how intelligence community swamp rats, the media and the Blue Checkmark Brigade on Twitter. How they work together. How the this swapping is just oozes and connects the synergy connections between all of them. They needed something official. To promote the collusion hoax again, so why then if they're going to lie, no, they want at least the patina of truth. They want to be able to cite something.


So what was. You don't believe me? After Trump wins the election, what comes out? That shows that the Russian collusion stuff was real. Oh, remember the intelligence community assessment, 17 agencies say Trump colluded with Russians when in fact, the election helped you remember that it was all fake. It was based on the dossier was fake. OK, that was fake. The ACA was based on fake information. Steven MacIntire on Twitter at Climatized. It's been doing incredible work on how the ACA, the intelligence failures were LEGIAN.


It was fake, but it gave everything to Petina. The coding, the the texture of truth. No, no. Joe, 17 agencies said Russia colluded to help Trump. It must be real now. They're going to go back to this now to stop Ron Johnson. Keep in mind the goal, they have to stop Ron Johnson from putting this report out. So they're going to say he's colluding with the Russians. It's none of that is true.


It's totally, completely false made up. But they need some, again, layer of truth, some official document to make it seem like it's happening. And what surfaces magically. Oh, my gosh. One of the same players involved in the Spygate scandal, Bill Neinas name surfaces again. They issue this report. Let's go to screenshot two from the American greatness. Amazing how these names keep creeping up. We assess the Russians using a range of measures to primarily denigrate former Vice President Biden.


Oh, my gosh, this is a direct quote and what is seen as an anti Russia establishment, concluded Bill. Everything. I'll remember him. Bill of Anina. Yeah, director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center. Where does that name come from, Bill? Nina. My gosh. Haven't we heard that name before? Yes, you have folks. Yes, you have.


So the Democrats have a problem, Ron Johnson understands what Biden did over there in Ukraine, they got tapes. The Democrats have to make up another story to crush the original story that Biden has a problem in Ukraine. The new story will be it's not Biden's problem in Ukraine. That's Russian disinformation and they're colluding with Republicans. Same story they had before. Problem number three, how do we make this seem real? Let's issue this Counterterrorism Center report from Bill of Anina saying, no, the Russians definitely are trying to hurt Vice President Biden.


Who's beloved, Nina? Let's go to this Castanet CNS News, this is from April 20, 19 story will be in the show. So sometimes we put in old stories there because they are new again. Susan Jones' new stroke page tax raised questions about FBI attempts to surveil the Trump transition team. So, Bill, Nina, who released that report there you like I know I've heard his name before, but does it have to do with this article in CNN?


Well, in this CNS News article, you're going to see some texts from Lisa Page and Peter Stroker, the FBI, who were two investigators, an investigator and lawyer involved in the spying operation of Donald Trump. And you'll see this first text, which is really suspicious. Now, keep in mind, when they're talking about Katie here, they're talking about it's believed they are talking about Katie's husband. Leave this up a moment here. Katie's husband is believed to be Mike Pence's chief of staff, Josh Pidcock.


Katie works for Peter Struck. Let me read the text and explain in a minute later how this relates to Anina, who conveniently provides the cover for them. The Russians are at it again, quote, This is a Peter Stroke text talking with Bill. Do we want Joe to go with Evan, Nina instead of Charlie? For a variety of reasons? Paige, I'm not sure. Would it be unusual to have him show up again, maybe another agent from the team?


Stroke or he's the, quote, S.I. guy. Same might make sense, he can assess if there's any news questions or cues or different demeanor. If Katie's husband is there, he can see if there are people we can develop for potential relationships. So just to be clear, Bill Anina, who conveniently issues a report about the Russians trying to degrade Mike Pence, right, is the Democrats release nonsense from Pelosi that the Russians are working with Republicans to denigrate Pence?


Totally made up. This guy you wish to report is the same guy referenced in a text about sending a team over the White House to spy on president Vice President elect Pence, this is those texts are in November of twenty sixteen during the transition just days after Trump wins the election. He's the president elect pences, the vice president elect. They're talking about discussing with Bill Annina, the same guy who issues the new the dossier. Number three, we had dossier number one.


Dossier number two is the intelligence community assessment. 17H dossier number three is now the new national counterintelligence estimate. The Russians are definitely trying to hurt, but this is what they do. It is the official document the media needs to run with a B.S. story every single time. It's the same lie over and over and who puts it out, Bill, ina the same guy they're talking to about sending a spy, the CIA guy, counterintelligence guy, to go spy on Mike Pence and to use Katie's husband to do it?


Katie is a woman believed to be a woman, Katie, who worked for Peter Stro, her husband was the vice president's chief of staff. It's believed to be Josh, petcock. Do you believe this, this is now a fair question, and I'm not going to let this go. I know where you're going with this and you're very smart. Joe, I know you're thinking this now to. Why does Trump not fire these guys, have Anina, why are these guys still around trotting out the same scandal, make up a hoax to cover for a Democrat scandal, Russian collusion issue, an official document from some swamp, a source from some agency where the top of it at least is filled with swamp rats and then use that official document to perpetrate the lie.


Why are these people still around, ladies and gentlemen? The answer is I don't know. I don't know. I'm not here to put lipstick on a I just don't know. I can only hope in a second term that these people are shown the exit on day one, what is this guy still doing here? Holy Moses, there's another tax, by the way. Let's go to text number two. Again, Evan is involved in this whole thing.


They're talking to him about this. He's the one issuing new reports now about collusion. Text number two from the CNPC. Here's Lisa Page again. Should I ask Andy talking about Andy McCabe, deputy director of the FBI, or does Bill want to reach out to Andy? Strokes, as I told them, I'm sure we can ask you to make the swap if we thought it was smart, it's not until Monday. So Bill can always discuss with him tomorrow.


Bills assumed to be Bill Price Step, who's running the hoist, Peter Stroke's boss discuss with who comes have Anina, what did he mean and how why is ever is still issuing these reports? You have no evidence whatsoever, Nina, the evidence he's citing is a Ukrainian lawmakers exposing of the Biden tapes. He's not Russian. We're not supposed to listen to the tapes of Biden engaged in a potentially one of the biggest scandals in modern times, trying to get a prosecutor fired investigating his son's company, who's conveniently appointed to a board in a company Biden is overseeing as part of his portfolio as vice president.


We're not supposed to listen to this because when Bill Levin said this is disinformation, how is it this is of the tapes wrong? I'm not. Don't confuse what I'm saying either. Don't confuse for a second me suggesting these Ukrainian lawmakers or anyone giving us this information have our best interests in mind. Joe, I want to be clear on this, OK? And to our audience, these guys are all mercenary. Everybody's got their own interests in mind.


The Ukrainians, the Russians, the United States, the Democrats, the Republicans, everybody's mercenary in this. I'm simply suggesting to you that the story should be about the information on those tapes with Biden. And the things we know to be facts. The motives we can discuss at a later date, but unless you're telling me the Biden tapes are fake, Hunter Biden wasn't in fact appointed to charisma. He was the prosecutor wasn't fired. He was. And that Biden isn't on tape talking about the prosecutor being fired, looking into his son's company.


He was then we can chat until then, take the zipper, put it over your mouth and shut your pie hole because you're just making stuff up. You are attributing motives you're not even sure about to ignore information we know to be facts. Do you get the difference? I'm not saying these people are good people. They're great. We should trust them with our kids, our car and our wives. That's not what I'm saying. I'm telling you, you're ignoring facts, the Biden tapes for a speculative story that Ron Johnson is colluding with the Russians based on no evidence at all.


Unbelievable. All right, I got a couple more stories, one, a quick piece of news that happened today during the time we were on the air. Huge story, folks. You may have heard this earlier in the day, but President Trump has just announced that peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. The folks. That's a that's a huge story. Again, in everything in the Trump era, he just. He just gets stuff done.


I wish he'd get some of these firings down, too, but that's a really enormous story happened earlier in the day before we started preparing for the show. I'll have more details on tomorrow's show, but this is a really big deal. Again, President Trump announcing earlier in the day a peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Just. Enormous. All right, let me get to my last sponsor, then I've got a video at the end of, again, Biden just repeating a long, discredited, debunked lie.


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You know folks, one of the things that's always disturbed me about liberals. The far left wing of the Democrat Party, which has hijacked them, is they they use these two tactics, lies and language prisons. Lies and language prisons, the two L's, as we've discussed throughout the show, they lie, we've just shown it, they lie all the time, repeatedly, over and over again, because they know the mainstream media won't call them out.


Whether it's the collusion hoax there was an Ebola pandemic trumps keeping your kid out of schools. Trump called the white supremacists in Charlottesville find people alive, I mean, and obviously they'll repeated over and over again because that's what Democrats do and then they use language prisons. To stop you from calling the layout. What I mean by language presence, we discuss it on the show often, but if you dare to call Kamala Harris out like we did on today's show, because we I don't care about any of that, we do what we want on the show and we tell the truth.


But if you dare call her out, yo, what are you. Obviously, you're a racist, racist and a misogynist. Too obvious, right? So it's a language prison. Whatever you say about Kamala Harris, it won't be about her lies yesterday. It'll be about the language you used to call her lies out. Did you say she's ambitious because that's misogynistic? Did you call her nasty? Because if you called her nasty, you are definitely a misogynist pig.


Again, it's a language present. They want to keep you in a language prison. So you become so concerned about how you describe Kamala Harris litany of lies that you don't dare broach the topic because you're afraid of being called, what, a racist or massages? We'll talk about it. However, we damn well please showing you how we've documented the lies. But the language prison police are at it again here is discredited, far left lunatic at CNN.


Jeffrey Toobin, I'm not even going to go into this guy's personal problems because it's a family friendly show. But Toobin, I don't know what history he pretends to be an analyst. Here is him on his social media feed. Yes. He tweeted this out, which is hilarious because it took all of about five seconds to show how stupid this guy was with this tweet. He says, again, the language prison, this is how you're not allowed to describe Kamala Harris.


He tweets out, Please note. The words nasty, shrill and strident are never used to describe male politicians ever. Joe, have you used them? You're a misogynist. Well, the great Sean Davis at the Federalist, who does terrific work, probably took them all of about two minutes to go to Jeffrey Toobin, Twitter feed and find out what Jeffrey Toobin tweeted this. We should be honest about federal judges, Judge Ellis is a nasty old crank, but Judge Ellis, Judge Ellis is a dude, a dude, a dude, nasty old, crying nasty.


I thought, Paul, can you put that back in just to me? I thought, we're not allowed to call males nasty. That never happens. It only happens on your Twitter feed. Jeffrey Toobin, nasty Judge Ellis. But please read the words nasty you are never used to describe. Well, the already say here's this outrage. Oh, here's his outrage is that he'll say, no, no, that's a judge, not a politician. You can call a judge.


You smell nasty, but not a politician. If you write, that's going to be his out. I could already tell him I'm already ahead of him. So again, that remember the two L's, the lies in the language prisons, they will lie to you over and over. And when you call them out on the lie and you say, gosh, that was a nasty lie, Harris, nasty, you're not allowed to say nasty, nasty.


That's definitely misogynistic. We'll say whatever we want. That's my code for the family friendly version of the double barrel, you get it, my regular viewers on YouTube know what? You know what I did. So that's the language police add and again. Well, let's go back to one final lie and then we'll have to wrap up today, tomorrow's show should be a show Saturday, so we got a lot ahead. Here is Joe Biden yesterday at his failed launch with Kamala Harris.


Talking about the Charlottesville, what happened, remember back in Charlottesville and Trump gave a speech after the Charlottesville. Here's Biden again repeating a thoroughly discredited lie, he doesn't even care, he doesn't care, he's Biden.


Remember how it felt to see a violent clash ensue between those celebrating hate. No standard against it. It was a wake up call for all of us as a country. For me, it was a call to action. My father used to say silence is complicity, not original for him, but he believed it. At that moment, I knew I couldn't stand by and let Donald Trump, a man who went on to say when asked about what he thought, he said they were very fine people on both sides, quote, very fine people on both sides.


No president of the United States of America has ever said anything like that. No.


One, this guy is just a liar. His father never told them that. I'm almost I can almost guarantee you he just totally made that up. And Joe Biden was going to run for president before Charlottesville ever happened. Nothing. He told you that was true, but see the implication in his speech there. That, again, Donald Trump called white supremacists very fine people this way, what he said this in his ad. And the implication there yesterday, of course, is Donald Trump is a racist.


They'll do this over and over. Then that's not a lie, you'll say. Come on then, I've heard this over and over. Of course, Donald Trump called white supremacists very fine people. The Democrats have said it. Media folks have insisted it's true. Well, Joe, there'd be an easy way to figure that out, right? Surely there's a transcript of what Donald Trump said. Yeah, would be pretty common sense, right? Not a trick question.


You would think. Oh, here we go. We have the actual transcript right here, because, again, we do facts and stuff. So here's a direct quote. That's a quotation marks mean libs. Here's a direct quote of what Donald Trump said about Charlottesville. Quote, I'm not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists because they should be condemned totally. But you had many people in that group other than the neo-Nazis and white nationalists, OK, and the press has treated them absolutely unfairly now in the other group also.


You also had some fine people, but you also had some troublemakers and you see them coming black outfits and with helmets and with baseball bats. You had a lot of bad people in the other group to end the, quote, quotation marks for the liberal siccing. That means that's what he exactly said. That's his verbatim transcript. So other than the fact where he, quote, completely condemns. neo-Nazis and white nationalists. Other than that, your story is absolutely true.


They just made it up, you understand that, right? But again, nobody will ever call Biden out on this ever other than conservative media. Hattab Joel Pollak from Breitbart, by the way, he posted and I retweeted his tweet post and thankfully, the actual transcript for these knuckleheads who will continue to repeat this nonsense story that is, in fact, total garbage. All right, on a lighter note, last story, I saw this at the Babylon Bistro Babylon, which is a satire site like The Onion, it's very, very funny.


Sadly, some of their headlines, which are meant to be satire, humor, comedy, sadly, some of their headlines actually turned out to be true later on. This was a this was hilarious Babylon by yesterday headlined Check This Out report. Kamala Harris already vetting VP.


It's going to leave that one. I'll just leave it that one right there. All right, folks, don't miss tomorrow's show. We'll be taping super early. We got a really long day. I'm not kidding. We are going to be bopping back and forth from Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, all in the same day. It's going to be a super long day. We hope to have that show thanks to the technical expertise of Drew and Joe on Saturday, sometime afternoon, late afternoon, maybe evening.


But please look out for it. We will be interviewing the owners of Attila's Jim on the tattoo factory in Apex, North Carolina. People, two people fighting for their business lives be able to feed their kids in the middle of a pandemic that's not going away. So these are going to be important interviews. And I promise you, I'd work out a bit, tell us maybe we'll do some chin ups, maybe some or squats. I don't know some of your suggestions.


Maybe do a little back wheel biceps, maybe. Maybe I'll do the Myself New York workout and. But do you think I actually do like maybe I'll do some it. What do you think, Paula? Somdev and I will be getting a tattoo. I never said I was actually trying to get rid of some of my categories, but I'll be adding to the collection is not a joke. It's not a fake. I'm not messing with you. I said I'd do it.


We're going to do it. It's not going to be a stick on. I promise. It's not going to watch. You know what various Paulas like. I need it very small. Say we'll see how long we have.


All right, folks, thanks again for tune in and please subscribe to the show YouTube dotcom slash Bongino one on Apple podcast. So subscriptions are invaluable. They are free. They cost you nothing, but they really help us move up in the charts. We really appreciate it. See you tomorrow.


You just heard Dan Bongino.