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Welcome to Dan Bongino show as always Today show Batebi Express VPN. Protect your online data today with a VPN, go to express VPN dot com slash BONGINO. Ladies and gentlemen, I have a special surprise for you today. Many of you watch my Friday morning show. So, you know, I then bounced right up to Attila's gym in New Jersey and I'm headed to North Carolina afterwards to support a couple of businesses that have been attacked for the sin air quotes of opening up to feed their families.


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Isn't that great. I'll be back for a break in a minute. Don't go anywhere.


Hi, welcome to Dan Bongino Show. I am up here in Belmar, New Jersey. And before we get started, I got to give our traditional Friday, although you'll be seeing this on Saturday. Open producer Joe the audience can see you in person, but is it? Well, it really is. It's from. In his worst, the 1960s gameshow voice, as I always say, you never get to see producer Joe first. What am I doing up here, Velma?


I'm here with these two patriots, these two heroes, Ian and Frank, owners of Attila's Jim. These guys folks have been with it from the beginning. I love these guys. They've been subjected to a ridiculous, unconstitutional order trying to shut down their business. These guys have to feed their kids. This is a reputable, strong local business. I came in here today. They had some of the best safety measures. I've seen sanitizer, temperature checks at the door.


Only members are allowed in. So, guys, frankly, and whoever wants to one, thank you for everything you're doing, fighting back. I understand we're here in violation of a local order. Tell us what happened here. Tell us what you're doing to fight back. Well, first of all, thank you for coming. It's yeah, it's it's awesome to have you on Betaworks. I'm all sweaty at work out, right? Yes. Hit it quick.


We were worried about you getting hurt. Hell, no. So we opened up on May 18th, which was two two months into the shutdown, about six weeks in, Frank and I made the decision that we were going to open and we put together a comprehensive 15 point safety protocol and we opened and we opened very publicly. We didn't do it to try to blindside anybody. We went to the local township. We went to the police department. We went on national news and we put forth a plan hoping that government would step up and want to talk about it because there was no program in place.


And the way we were seeing is it was turning political. And we wanted to put forth a program that not only our gym could follow, but any small business, because there was no need to have all of this collateral damage occurring from these oppressive shutdowns. And it was a gross violation of our constitutional rights. So there was no solution. So Frank and I provided one. And we've been punished every step along the way. We were up to twenty four or twenty six citations between Frank and I.


Two arrests had a member get arrested. We've had nine members be cited. We have a health department shut down. We have a court order shut down. Health department official has never stepped aside the side of our building before that shutdown. We have a violation of contempt of court order. We lost our business license, you name it. Governor Murphy has thrown pretty much everything he can at us to stop us, but he has not yet reached out.


Wants to talk about the program that we've put in place, as anybody asks you guys for your actual input. Like I noticed a local news story I put out on my show from the local FOX affiliate where they said there was a vote in the city council, the town council, five to one against you guys to revoke your business license. Now, I'm assuming because they're politicians who work for the people, you guys had the opportunity to speak and make your case right.


We did not speak there because we would possibly incriminate herself actually within the town council actually calling that meeting. They actually actually had a line when it should have because we have so many summons in the local jurisdiction today. Actually should wonder, Mike, they should have waited to actually file for that meeting until after we were found guilty of any summonses that we have so many someone in the actual town to hear itself today. If we were found guilty, then they would legally be able to have that meeting and take away our business license instead.


But we believe the pressure, Governor Murphy, he mandated, hey, you guys need to do something here. He's got we can't do anything up here. You've got to do something. So they had a meeting and we knew ahead of time that we were losing the day. We're going to take you. The bottom line is First Amendment. The Constitution says I don't need a business. They can interfere with commerce. So they're going to get sued for that.


What can happen to you now that they've now we've questionable? What do you think that decision by the council to revoke your business license for the for daring to open up your business safely? I'm going to use that. I'm obviously being sarcastic, but do you think that decision was preordained before you even got in that absolute 100 percent so based there was nothing anybody was going to say that was going to stop them from trying to shut you guys down in any way whatsoever?


We were told one hundred percent what the vote was. And it was exactly as what we were told when we were at the meeting. The the council put forth zero evidence that would show that we pose any threat to the general public. The only assertion that they took was that we broke the law, but we haven't been convicted of any crimes yet. And like Frank said, we couldn't speak on our own behalf because those are still open charges. So we were we were essentially guilty until proven innocent.


And that was that was their justification as to why we were a threat to the public. Our lawyer asked for them to present some type of evidence that would show that our facility poses any more of a threat to the public safety then than any other facility. And he requested that several times and they didn't have that evidence, nor would they stay the decision a week to present that evidence. So they were asked to back up their claims and they essentially just said, we're going to move to a vote.


And they voted five to one. They didn't let the public speak. It was it was one hundred percent. You know, just let me ask you this. Given all the taxpayer dollars that are being wasted, a city council, town council time, police hours, they've probably wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars coming after you, I would assume. And I'm being quite sarcastic, but you'll get the point. You guys must have had hundreds of infections out of you.


They there was a reason for that. No. How many we actually have. We have none. We have actually, as of last night, we have had twenty thousand in thirty visits through here since June 16th without a single infection. And actually we not so zero and it was zero zero zero. OK, well that's really on top of amazing. On top of the hour, our lawyer asked for the council from the council in the township, we have actually specifically asked out loud in the media for Governor Murphy if he wants us to shut down to please show us the dad.


inScience is actually shows in Hajim other gyms that indoor dining day movie theaters are dangerous. And then not only that, but then show me the science that you have. And the daddy did cruise. The places that you have opened up are safer than here. And it's the one in particular that I actually like to bring up to him is that he says indoor spaces are bad. They're confined spaces with no no air circulation, no ventilation. OK, then why is New Jersey transit buses in writing it?


One hundred percent, a New Jersey transit bus, 40 foot long, one hundred two inches wide. That is three hundred forty square feet. They are allowed to be active at one hundred percent capacity. That means you're allowed to have 60 passengers and one driver. They do nothing for con for contact tracing in any way whatsoever. They have to wear facemasks. They don't know if anybody's sick, do anything. When somebody gets on the bus, they touch every seat on the way back.


Nobody's disinfected. They get off the bus, the next person gets on. But yet that is considered safe. Show me that science and I'll shut down my gym. If you can't show me that science and data that I am not shutting down my gym, I'm in the fight to the end unless you can show me that Titan data, because if not, that means all the decisions you have made are because you want to pick and choose because you're a power hungry dictator.


You guys have decent lawyers working on this for you, because I don't I don't see what kind of case they have against you at this point. If they can't go to court and provide any meat on the bone to their case, if you've had no known infections but you have good legal support on this. We do. And moving forward or what has happened so far as they've kept us on the defensive because they are again on the taxpayer's dollar, he throws everything he can see through the health department as he through the local police, through the county police has hired sheriffs.


You know, so he's he's kept us on the defensive. But now what we're what we're doing moving forward in court is asking him to provide that evidence that we're talking about. So we're we're demanding that if you're going to shut us down, show us why the health department shut us down, because, again, they never they never stepped foot inside the building. So but it's one of these things where they try to beat you before you get around.


But you know that it's your your classic David versus Goliath, the guy versus the little guy scenario. They want to exhaust you. They want to financially back because they want they want to make you quit because they know that if we get to round twelve, if we get in front of the high federal courts that actually respect the Constitution, that our constitutional arguments are going to destroy everything that they've done. But they're their objective is to beat you before.


So it's it's it's a 12 round fight for us. We'll lose every single battle and we know that we know that the system is rigged against them and we're prepared to lose every battle along the way. We only have to win the final battle to win the war that we haven't even a yet. Yep. Well, that's kind of shocking considering everything that's happened to you. But how is the community local? Because I'll tell you, when I announced I was coming up here to knock out some deadlifts, that's why I'm off duty right now.


You know, my email box. I probably got 500 emails and I'm serious no matter what I talk about, if I said like, hey, school, you want homework, you'll always get one kid that says yes. And all 500 plus were unanimous. Like, the country is totally behind you guys. How's the local community? And one more follow up. How are they? But I'm guessing the answers are behind you. Why are these local politicians are not receptive to that?


The initially, you know, we had a lot more support initially than we ever thought. But the longer this goes on, the more it grows. You know, we we had our original sort of group of people who were with us from day one. And then you had the people who were kind of neutral or unaware of the story, you know, and then you had the people against us who thought we should just shut down. Everybody who wasn't paying attention or didn't care about the story is now on our side.


And even people who were originally against us are coming in. Our guy came in yesterday, bought a t shirt and said, hey, listen, at the beginning of this, I thought, you know, I disagree with you. And the only reason I follow the story was because you guys pissed me off and he said, now I'm here buying a shirt because I see what's going on and it's B.S. and I want to support you guys. And and I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry.


And you guys were right, you know, so the support is growing, whether it's locally, nationally. I mean, we've got people calling from throughout the country at this point. So we know that we're in the right and we know that we just need to continue, you know, and expose them for what they what they really are. And it's it's power hungry politics. Unfortunately, we haven't had a lot of support from local politicians. And bottom bottom line, the biggest thing to understand is why we did it for the right reasons.


Asked for two weeks, initially we gave them two months. They didn't have a plan. We had a plan B, we went forward through that plan for forget the 14 days now today. So initially, you guys were down with it. You understood like. All right. No. Honest, no. Well, no, we weren't happy. From day one, I believe we were allowed to be open based on the wording and the verbiage I got.


I'm with executive order one, two, four seven that she said to all Jim's had to close in the public, remain closed to the public public means all members of a country community. We don't let members of the public and we have memberships. Once you pay for a membership, you're private. Actually, you separate yourself from the gym and you add your sanitation measures in place right away. Right. Well, we did. We spent nine weeks preparing for that.


We would be spraying the place down. Everything we had, everything was done. So we were CDC compliant and ready to go with all that. And we put that out there. But we we the reason we started working so early and a lot of people didn't, they sat around is it at the beginning, everybody was worried about the virus and you OK, you give you give them that, OK? Nobody knows what's going on. But when they ask you for two weeks and 11 days later on March twenty seven, they pass the stimulus bill where they're going to give two point six trillion dollars worth of money, give people six hundred dollars a week for free for 16 weeks.


It's not a virus anymore. We knew on March 27, on March twenty seven, I wanted to sue the state of New Jersey. No lawyer would take the case. He told me I was out of my fucking mind. OK, and bottom line is, everything new we predicted would happen has happened so far and are going to do everything they try to do, they can do to try to shut down everything again. And we wrote it down.


We knew it was happening. I told him we are not open up until the end of July. This is not about a virus anymore. It's politics. There's no reason to give people free money for six weeks. They're trying to make the people that would normally be the toughest fighters. You know, I believe in the way these political battles are going on. They're looking to try to go to this socialist, you know, Marxist world. And you do that by actually making everybody weak.


You you have the higher ups and then the people at the bottom are weak and they weaken the people at the bottom by giving them money. Usually a hungry dog is going to be the one that fights. Do a whole show on this because a hungry dog wants to straight up a hungry dog once. The bottom line is they give him he try to weaken the middle class. But you keep gyms closed. You tell people in case a middle class town, he looks exactly like the neighborhood.


I grew up in Glendale, New York. You closed down the gyms. You don't let people go to church. You actually weaken them if they open up the church's building. And I'm not religious, but I know that people are going to run into churches, they're going to pray, they're going to talk to each other. You're going to build up their spirits, which builds up your immune system, and they're going to decrease their numbers in one place.


You wouldn't want to shut down it. Is it you wait. I got this question for you. I got a couple more question. I'm going to bring in one of my friends here who owns a gym to win. Tell me about the F bomb on CNN. That's the one I got most of all with Chris Cuomo for the way for those of you who missed it, which can really so Franchetti. And we're on with Chris Cuomo, you know, muscles with the tricep curls on CNN, which is nothing compared to these two guys.


And you dropped an F bomb. That was great. Had that feel natural to fit in there. But it's all natural to me. I knew nothing about foam. I'm not a political person. Yeah. Yeah, good, good. Before we went on air, we sat there and we have to watch the screen where he's he's bashing Trump and he's blaming Trump, you know. No, no, I'm not I'm not political. But he's blaming Trump for all the increased numbers and all the increased debt because that's what backroom bedroom bad 15 minutes.


I was told that he's going to try to make us look stupid. And if you realize he can't make you look stupid, he's going to talk over you. He's going to do whatever he can. He's going to cut you short. So I got my numbers. I got my stash. I can challenge anybody in this country right now. What's going on since day one? Is more guys nervous? I've watched. I do this for a living.


You guys are terrific on the air. I told them, you guys get to the point. You're professional. You make the case that the safety matters are you wouldn't let me in before. I think the temperature check how they were like, hey, you got a sign here. You got to take your temperature, not a job, and do it every day. No, you guys, this is we do it first is immaculate. You got spray bottles everywhere.


The bathroom. You could eat off the darn floors in here. Do that. Let me have a baby. Let's try it out. And we got to hear one more question I get from my audience a lot. Everybody wants an Atlas shirt. You guys got to do something. You've got to start going every. I'm not kidding. I got two or three hundred emails. You got to get Mittelstadt go like a partnership with a Copac or whatever we need to because I've been packaging up myself and you got orders are going out very slowly.


So I want everybody wants an atlas. They wanted Attila's mug and the exit question. I'm going to bring in my friend Brian here quick. And we got a bounce to go get a tattoo. And don't ask me how I got myself into what he set out. Sorry. What do you what are you going to tattoo off the exit? NYKVIST The Jesus fish on the back. I got to get some small. My wife will divorce me if I don't, but I already kind of know the answer.


But seriously, on a very practical note, you know, you guys could get in a lot of trouble here. It's not a joke. I mean, you got the full power of a state and a tyrannical governor after you. How far are you willing to take this to the very end? The bottom line is it's not about opening up a gym. It's about constitutional rights. If you take them away, what do I need to live for anyway?


That's why I came to you guys. I can tell you, no, I don't want to be hyperbolic. This isn't some like Chuck Norris movie. But, you know, when you watch people on the air and you know, you have been doing this ten years, you can see boxers right away. And I said to my wife, go, we got to help these guys. So folks, do me a favor by their go fund me.


I'm going to tweet it out, put it on my parlor and I'm going to put it out on my email list today. It's not enough. These guys are getting absolutely smoked with legal fees. Seriously, however much you think you should know, I promise you it's not enough. It's not mine. I get nothing from it. These guys are terrific. We got to help them out. I'll put the go fund me up, please. Whatever you.


Ten bucks. Five bucks. But my name's on there. I gave them five Hondo I'm joining today. I get a membership. How much is a membership. Twenty four to four dollars a month. I sign me up for doing that afterwards and I need a T-shirt too. But that's seriously my fans and my audience with you. I love you guys. I'm hoping to come back but I'm a little sore. I know you were worried me deadlifting.


I feel good though. Don't worry about that. So thanks you guys. You see with my friend here, folks, this is my friend Brian Chisum. He's a delegate Republican delegate from Maryland who I've known forever, but like and owns a gym in Maryland. You're going with through some of the same stuff. You were kind enough to drive up here today. What do you think of what these guys are doing and how does it relate to your business?


Rockwell, it's in Park first. Funny talking to you like this, my friend, Delegate Chisholm, to be all professional about true story. So on Sunday, I had the opportunity to be with Dan down in Florida and he was asking me about the gym and asking me about politics. And before he even mentioned this, I said, hey, before we talk about him, how about these guys in New Jersey? Because they have kind of captivated us.


Like I said, damn, what can I do to help these guys? Because I feel their pain. Because we walk. You know, I walked in here and immediately you feel the energy of what this place is. I mean, there's an American flag proudly hung back there. They have a salute to all the services. Everybody in here seems to have a positive high energy kind of feel. And these guys, they stand for what we believe in.


All they're trying to do is help all the people improve their health. So if we are going to take on a virus, really, you want strong lungs, you want a strong heart, and these guys are producing that type of outcome for everybody in here. So my heart went out to him the first time. I know. I know it did because we were we were eating at a restaurant. And honestly, man, I swear, he said, you know, he's in Maryland.


He's a good two hours away. He's like, well, how can I help? And he texted me. He's like, want me to drive up? I'm like, if you want. I'm like, Absolutely, man. I'm like, we got to rep these guys. And I think that's the thing I think you both agree, I'll get your take on it, though, Ian and Brian, kind of an extra question. We got a bounce, but we can't leave our friends out there alone.


That's I mean, the thing the state and you I mean, you you're a delegate. You know better than anybody. And you first, the state has endless money because it's not theirs. You're just one person. And the only way we can fight back is when listeners, his greatest audience in the world, the Fox audience that's come through for you, come together, keep your story in the media. No one that's come through financial support is show up, right?


I mean, the biggest the biggest weapon we've had by far is that people care and people are people care more and more every day. And then people always call in and ask how they can help and know that in addition to donating, what can they do? The biggest thing to do is to share the story of black people. I texted you. I'm like, listen, I don't want to cause you any trouble, but can I come up and work out whatever you like?


Yeah, bro. Come on up. Yes, absolutely. And we'll have you any any time. It's been an honor and we thank you for the support, because for every every every time you mention as it gets out front, more and more people and it just spiderwebs and we're snowballing. So we're going to we're going to roll all the way down to around 12 and we'll take your brother. And Brian, I said on my parler account this morning, I couldn't think any of the sense of working out of the till is I put Pasricha Night like where the freakin Avengers or something.


But what you agree agreement is collective power in us too. Yeah. Yeah, I agree. One hundred percent matter of fact. And I'm sure he had the same experience. We started to have everybody, everybody from this industry start to reach out to me. How do we how do we work together, how do we put procedures and protocols in place? Because we're being targeted. We're being taken out by Luke. If you are Jim, a shout out.


Rockwell Fitness, Severna Park, Maryland. So I became, I guess, the mouthpiece as Rockwell Fitness owner, but also as a local delegate to try to help. And it was frustrating for me as a local delegate. Obviously, I'm a huge minority in Maryland, but I felt like we needed to band together. We're a brotherhood. All of us are in the same boat. We need to fight. You know, it's interesting to a good point.


We were talking in restaurant. I said to him, I go, well, you're a delegate in Maryland. They probably don't mess with you because they don't treat me any different. Brother, they're coming after me like. And that's the thing, man. That's why we need physical warfare in warfare. Said, you know, before this all started, you know, you always hear about, you know, if you stand up, you can make a difference.


And, you know, I never I never realized when when you stand up with conviction and you stand up for what you truly believe in, how many people will stand up with you. And that's that's what it's all about. It's it's these people run off of fear. They want you to be afraid of their power. They want you to be afraid of that, the consequences that they're going to bring upon you. But if you just stand up, it's a house of cards.


It really it really is, because we outnumber them great. They can't come after us all. And that's that's the biggest thing that people need to realize, is they are standing on a house of cards and it looks most powerful. It looks mean, it looks scary, but they can't stop us, especially when we're doing the right thing. We're not we're not criminals. We're not bad people. We're good, honest Americans standing up for what this country's all about.


And that's that's life, liberty and the pursuit of that brother patriot. Brian. Thank you, Frank. Thank you very much, folks. Going to take a quick break next time I see you through the magic of television. Thank you. Producer Joe Andrew. By the way, we will be in North Carolina where, yes, I'm actually getting a tattoo. I told a guy to a tattoo. Did my dad list my chance? Did my dead man of his word?


No doubt I texted him. I don't know what's coming up. We'll see at the next stop. Thanks for tuning in. We have two more sponsors today that we're kind enough to sponsor the show. And again, when we're done, you'll see us down in North Carolina, do the magic of Paula Drew and just fantastic production today show also all you by a good friends and express VP. Listen, the left wants to silence you and remove any voices.


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All right. Welcome back to the d'Amboise Show by the magic of TV in North Carolina. There's just a second ago in New Jersey, we had a commercial break in between, so maybe a minute or so ago. So Jacques's, you were the first guy I saw. I saw the Attila's guys, Jim, actually, after you, you're down here in Apex, North Carolina. My father lives in the town over and watch it on a weekend.


You know, we had this coronavirus and you've got to feed your family and it's your business. And you had some simple questions like if everyone else is open, why can't I get open and feed my family? You took all the proper safety. Security had a mask on. You came in, you open your business. And I saw you get waltzed out of here in handcuffs. I couldn't believe it. What's happened since then?


Well, I mean, we are stuck in phase two. It's part of phase one and part of phase three. We I mean, we got so many phases here, we don't know what to do with them, but I don't know how. But we were able to open up and we are we're back in business. Nothing's changed. We were doing everything that we're doing now before we shut down.


Now, you knew when you open up your business, you were going to get you were going to get locked up. And he did. Yeah.


Yeah. I mean, I didn't want to put the mark on APACS by any means at all. But, you know, I'm my father's son.


Yeah. And you I mean, you got to this is your business manager lively. I mean, seriously, if you were put out of business and you know, I can be sarcastic and funny on the show, sometimes we mess around, but if you were put out of business for three or four months, you'd be finished, right? Yeah. I mean, it took me eight years to establish it and get it to good standing, enough to build enough credit to buy a house that I just bought in January.


So if you can imagine buying a house in January and then by March, your risk risking losing what? I'd just been working eight hours as an industrial dye technician, then come in here for eight to ten hours. I went to three years with four hours of sleep a night. Man Yeah. And if you can imagine, like, there's two ways you get a business. Either you bust your rear end or you go get a loan just like a college loan and pay it off slowly.


And you were one of the top tattoo shops around here, but there was only one in the state. No kidding. Oh, yeah. Did you think I was messing with you? When I call this I was coming out again at that. You know what I thought about it? Is this where we run to be real? Drew, insert Peverel here marker. But you thought I was messing with. Yeah. I mean I was I was debating on whether to hurt you for crashing my website.


Did I get Ivester you. I know I told Paul like we better warn them. My wife, my dad's behind it, he lives over there and I called him up and I said, Dad, you know Apex the apex that's a town over. It's like five minutes. He lives over in Carey. I said, hey, what I'm going to drive up. Then I said, screw this drive and I'm just going to go to Attila's first, going to work at it and come down here.


But business has been OK since. That is more my audience wanted to know ever since that road. If you want a few guys I've ever interviewed during my actual show, I have an interview show later. But have they kind of left you alone? Since then you've been allowed to operate on your fans. Your fans have kept us alive. They're amazing. So many fans in Atlanta, I mean, people from Germany, France, the way Australia.


They're awesome. Are they? All of them. And I just literally put an American flag on a Russian gun because, you know, kidding.


I'm not lying. I told the Attila's guys this. I'm going to tell you this because we got a bolt. But you need to set up a t shirt shop. You know, many questions we get can I buy do go to good salsify. I'm going to put that out there. So it's Unal. Seventeen seventy six, my Shopify, we got to put the link up for you, you got to say some T-shirts, man it's been rough, the outsourcing, anything with the cover.


By the way, you're a talented tattoo guy. I got these when I was a gosh, I don't know. Twenty years ago. They hurt like a mofo. You can't have a family friend.


That was all right. Well, the man's family belittles them. My daughter standing right off camera. She's she's days away from get the best I've ever seen it to show us your ass. Come on. Come on. You got to come over here by me now. Get the greatest ever. Look at this one right here. Look at the jury. Drew, we got to fix it. Come on. It's the greatest hair. I'm not kidding.


I thank you. Hold me. And that's the family. That's the coolest color. However, it's. I got some orange of yellow. Yes. Like this. I'm glad to hear that this is going well. Thanks for doing the tat here. He thinks you know what you do. Folks, thank you so much for tuning into the show. It's important we all have to fight the good fight and we've got to back up people who are fighting the good fight for us.


We've got to show up the time for sitting on the sidelines is over. I know you figured that out a long time ago. We got to get in a fight. Can't watch the boxing match anymore. We all got to jump in the ring. I appreciate you watching the show today and supporting and supporting these businesses. Your folks out there who are really hurt and find a business near you. We can do the same thing. Maybe we'll do it again.


Thanks for tuning in. I'll see you all on Monday.


You just heard Dan Bongino.