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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino. Reclaiming my time, I'm reclaiming my time. This is reclaiming my time. It's my time reclaiming my time from YouTube and from the tech pirates out there kind of blended two stories there together. Obviously, we're going to talk about the reclaiming my time debacle for the Democrats up on Capitol Hill yesterday. The dreaded air quotes hearing for Bill Bar where they asked Bill Bar a question, then magically reclaim their time every time he tried to answer it.


And we're going to be reclaiming our time from the tech tyrants that I'm going to show you the evidence that they are not only squashing our show, squashing Breitbart and elsewhere. I'm going to leave you a note of optimism, too, because their business model is absolute garbage today. Show a bunch of our friends that express VPN, protect your online activity from those prying eyes. Get a VPN today, protect yourself. Go to express VPN dotcom slash Bongino.


Don't wait. Welcome to the Dan Bongino show producer. Joe, how are you today after that disastrous hearing hearing on Capitol Hill?


Who were they hearing? You know, I don't I don't know a wonderful question. I have no idea. I'm poor. Joe sat there this morning and had to cut all these. I got I have the lowlights again. There were no highlights. And I've titled that segment The Village of Idiots. We're going to go through the lowlights of the Democrats. This humiliating. If you listen to me, if you came out of that hearing yesterday thinking that bill bars anything other than a national hero and the Democrats have anything more than a double digit IQ, seek professional mental health support immediately, it was believe me, it was a disaster.


No sane person. Watch that thought. Gosh, these Democrats are really good. All right. Got a lot to get through today, including some Spygate connections that are going to blow your mind in some other video of Lori Lightfoot, Chicago saying something not supported by the facts at all about gun control. All right. Let's go back to our friends at what what am I jersey popping for? I'm not Jersey Pop and this is cuts, clothing, the t shirts, a menswear staple.


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All right, let's go. There's the bell.


So let's get right to yesterday. There was actually something that came out of that disaster up on Capitol Hill yesterday, falsely called a hearing. The good news is this Attorney General Bill Barr was up on the Hill and dropped this little bombshell up there that seemed to slip in amongst the reclaiming my time DoubleClick. Check this out. Wall Street Journal Bill Barr announced yesterday he remember all those unmasking in the Obama administration where they were basically wiretapping people. That's what I'm asking.


Are you listening in on a conversation? The name supposed to be hidden, masked, and you unmask it. So you're effectively listening in on people's conversations, wiretapping them. So Bill Barr has another prosecutor out there, which we learned about yesterday, a U.S. attorney is looking at Obama era unmasking Wall Street Journal, all really this little Jess. I'm loving Bill Barr more by the minute. Yesterday at this guy came out of the hearing yesterday looking like he met everyone else, came out of there looking like Skeletor or who would think the Ram had be my guy.


I used to love him, but I was a kid, the man at arms dealer and all them. So from this article, we found this out yesterday, another gem. So bars aside, John Bash, a US attorney, to review the Obama era unmasking. This is key. Why does this matter, folks? So we know the Obama team used these unmasking rules to legally spy on people. Right. But where were the crimes committed? Back to this piece, here's where the crimes may have been committed to quick on this way, every time is just to the unmasking themselves may have been legal, but the classified information in the transcripts was leaked to the press.


Oh, I've been telling you about this for years in order to damage the Trump administration, Mr Barr said. US Attorney Bash is looking at the high number of unmasking at the time, including some that do not readily appear in the line of normal business. This was a huge bombshell yesterday at the hearing, again, that managed to fly under the radar screen because of all the silly Democrat Democrat, the reclaiming my time morons. They looked so stupid yesterday.


It was really humiliating. Do you ever wonder how in a country of three hundred and thirty million people, two hundred members of Congress who were the two hundred dumbest people on the planet on the Democrat side, all managed to get elected to the same position at the same time? Doesn't have. Does that ever bother you. Three hundred thirty million people. If you had to take the intellectual dregs, the dumbest of those three hundred thirty million people, if you found them all, they all managed to get elected to Congress.


We're being led by dunces, by double digit IQ morons. This is an important revelation. The unmasking were a big deal, the Obama administration, I'm going to move on because I got to get a lot of I got a ton of it in today. But the Obama unmasking were essentially wiretapping their political opponents. They use legal loopholes to do it via these masking unmasking laws. But the real crime is that some of that information that was unmasked wound up in the media, which is a federal crime.


Again, I am out of the prediction games with the DOJ. I've been let down a million times before. Who's going to be indicted? Who's going to be arrested? I can't control that. I can't I don't have federal law enforcement powers anymore. All I can tell you is if we're looking at it, we find something and there are indictments that would be really good news. Let's start off with this gem from our friend Dick Grabe and Thomas Elliott.


Check him out on social media. He's terrific. This is a quick montage of the Democrats at a hearing, allegedly a hearing where they're supposedly asking Bill Barr questions and they did this stunt yesterday, which I hope the Republicans now replicate every time I. Oh, you can't do that. It's immoral. No, no, no. They said Robert's Rules of Order out the window. Here's a montage of Democrats shouting Bill Barr down as he tries to answer every question with the Reclaiming the Time stunt.


Check this out.


Is that correct? No, no. What is correct is that what is corrected. On February 10th, Monday, I gave instructions as to what my time. I'm answering your question. Are you gonna let him answer? Claiming my time on February 10, sir, on February 10th. Reclaiming my time, sir. Reclaiming my time. And I know you don't want to answer. You are wrong, mister. That was he's found the investigation back. Know it improperly.


He said he found it reclaiming my time without political bias, he said. And in April that reclaiming my time, reclaiming my time, reclaiming my time without any remedy. And I'm reclaiming my time. When people resist law enforcement, they're not blaming my time. I'm surprised at your lack of respect for gentlemen. Does not have the time. I don't want the time. I just want I want the attorney general to be able to have enough time to respond to accusations and questions.


Ask him and you guys not cut him off. What you want is irrelevant.


But do you have anything you want to say in response to the speeches that have been given by the other side and then you've been cut off?


Yeah, well, let's Lafayette on Lafayette. The gentleman's time has expired.


Tell me the name of the cases. I don't have the name of the cases where we're Allina and Alabama. You have a chance to comment after your testimony is done here today that it is not a self defining term as they only got two minutes or that they recognized Mr. Barr. But this is a hearing. I thought I was the one that's supposed to be heard. Well, let me and I'm going to get there. What was the point of that?


I listened to that whole thing yesterday. What was the point? I don't understand what the point of that was. Did you hear that one? Delp from Arizona, the Democrat was his name Stanton. He said, no, no. You'll have a chance to comment when the hearings over what's the point of the hearing? Right, so you get to yes, if you don't need Barres comments, you are you're a congressman, go in front of the microphones on C-SPAN, give your speech and bark and respond from the DOJ.


What's the point? Of course, there was never a point, ladies and gentlemen, the Democrats are double digit IQ morons who all managed to get elected at the same time to positions of power to lord over us. The dumbest people in the country wound up finding their way in in one fell swoop, the Capitol Hill. At the same time, I listened to the whole thing scratching my head. So let's go to the village of idiots. Here's idiot number one, the absolutely hapless fake tough guy loser from Rhode Island.


David Cicilline, a Russian conspiracy theory hoaxer who still lies to his constituents is a disgrace to his constituents. Anyone who knows this guy, how does this guy wake up and look his family in the eye? He was one of the big collusion hoaxes. He got caught in the biggest lie, promoting the biggest scandal and defending the weaponization of government. That's who this guy is defending. And the First Amendment, political spying, despite the fact that he got busted lying numerous times and was humiliated on every interview he did on Fox Cesa leaning this loser.


He goes again yesterday up in front of the they the the the alleged hearing and leaves out a significant piece of information about political bias when he said this. Check this out.


In December 2013, the Justice Department's own inspector general, your department's Michael Horowitz, found that the investigation had been initiated properly and without political bias.


Isn't that correct? No, it's not correct. That was not Mr. Horwitz's finding. No, he he said you are you are wrong, Mr.


OK, now, this is a fascinating little loser because Cicilline leaves out these key facts about what Horowitz said. Now, you may say, well, Dan, how do you know that, because I have the actual video of Horowitz saying it caecilians as well, Horowitz said that the initiation was a Darwiche did say that it was initiated. He didn't have any evidence. The investigation was initiated without political bias. But then Horowitz went on the inspector general for the Justice Department, which caecilians, because he's a conspiracy theorist, hoaxer and a liar and a discredited zero.


And keep in mind, Barr can't say this, but I can. Here's what Horowitz actually said. Let's play two clips about what the real political bias was, which Sicily's left out. Check this out.


The crack that you found, no evidence that the investigation was motivated by anti Trump or political bias. Is that correct? We found no evidence at the initiation of the investigation was motivated by political bias. It gets murkier. The question gets more challenging. Senator, when you get to the FISA and when you get to the other when you get to the attorney's actions, for example, in connection with FISA, what did they have a duty to report to their supervisors and eventually to the court exculpatory information?


Absolutely. They did not. They did not. Why?


That's the question I can't specifically answer for you. Can you say it wasn't because of political bias on on decisions regarding those FISA matters? I do not know their state of mind at this point.


OK, so just to be clear, because that's not me in like a Michael Horowitz costume. Yeah, but that would be some really good makeup. That's Horowitz himself contradicting what Caecilians said. Sicilian, you say you're saying this thing was initiated without political bias, and then he went on to caveat it by saying, well, he couldn't eliminate political bias for the decisions later in the in the FISA system because he's a liar. And I'm really sorry if you believe this zero.


I'm really sorry. You may say, gosh, they're so Horowitz didn't say there was no political bias in the case. No, that's not what he said, matter of fact. Horowitz went on later to talk to Senator Ron Johnson in a hearing and he indicated there may have been even more political bias, that Cicilline could be left out because he's a liar and a loser. That's what he does. Here's Horowitz and Horowitz's own words.


But you definitely need both these investigations. You found political bias. We found through the text messages, evidence of people's political bias. Correct.


Also political motivation.


For example, Bruce talked about how Christopher Steele was desperate to make sure that President Trump didn't become president.


Well, you asked Mr. Steele. That was, of course, a very important part of this discussion is when they understood his motivations and his potential bias. And we have the November statement from Mr. Or that he had been told by Mr. Steele that he was desperate to prevent. So you're not to Joe.


Did I hear that right? So he did find political bias. You heard it. I'm just checking. OK, I did pull it. I hear that. Right. OK. Thank you. Again, come to this show if you're interested in the facts, if you want to hear lies, listen to the loser from Rhode Island, David Cicilline, who's been caught promoting political spying, the weaponization of government, law enforcement. He's been caught lying on the record multiple times.


He has no credibility. Why would you listen to a known liar? A known liar who supports police, state spying, who's a rude and obnoxious little punk. To an actual public servant, Bill Barr, why would you listen to this loser? Again, an intellectual lightweight, a dunce, and luckily a guy who doesn't have one one thousandth of the platform, I do, to call him out on his known lines. I just played for you what Horowitz actually said.


Which contradicts caecilians characterization of it, he leaves off all the rest of it. Horowitz said the initiation of the case could find political bias. OK, there's a whole other point to that. He found a whole boatload of political bias elsewhere. And regarding the other decision, he couldn't eliminate political bias is the reason. OK, in the village of idiots, this Selenia, of course, wasn't the only one. Again, you have two hundred plus members of Congress up there.


Some of the dumbest people in the country all managed to find their way to Congress at the same time. And a puzzling how that happened. Here's a Joe nagu say, forgive me if I'm saying your name wrong, Joe. I have no idea. Never met you before. A congressman from Colorado. Who gets totally wrecked by Bill Bar and basically tries to threaten Bill Bar and Biard at Bar, just like drops the hammer on, this is great.


Check this out.


Why isn't it true? A Jew. I'll get to that. I mean, it does. It does. It has to bar to that reclaiming my time.


You answered the question. I have another question for you on June 19th.


Actually, I need to answer that. Mr. Attorney General, you did answer the question. You said under penalty of perjury.


I'm going to answer the damn question. Who was? Oh, bills like I've kind of had enough of that one. So Joe nagu say. Joe Nagase asked him a question. Threatens them with perjury and doesn't let Barr actually answer the question. BA says, I'm going to answer the damn question. Again, how Noguchi thinks this looks good for him, I'm unsure. Goose may think this looks good to the 10 percent of radical leftist lunatics in the country, to the rest of us.


You look like a dunce. The interest of time, because there were so many lowlights from yesterday's village of idiots. Here's hapless congressman from Maryland District eight, who I know well, was one of the biggest losers in Maryland politics before he managed to win an election, amongst other losers in a primary for a congressional seat vacated by Chris Van Hollen when he became the hapless senator from Maryland. So Captain Hair, Jamie Raskin, you know, you have Captain America, Jonas Raskin.


Well, this is like, you know, get captain with the Thor, the Iron Man of hair, Jamie Raskin, who I humiliated in a hearing when he tried to challenge me on what a chokehold was. Jamie, you know, Jamie Raskin. But all his police experience. Yeah. So here's Jamie Raskin yesterday asking Bill Barr about the Lafayette Park in front of the White House when Lafayette Park was cleared. And then later on, President Trump went out there and took the photo.


Remember that there's a church behind where President Trump took that photo that the rioters tried to burn to the ground. So Raschein had a question about that bar. Again, just drops the Habra. This is beautiful. Check this out.


Are you aware that the rector of the church, that the Episcopal Archbishop of Washington and the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church nationally, along with the Catholic bishop of the Archdiocese of Washington, all denounced this police assault on the civil rights and civil liberties of the people? Did they do that before or after the fire was put? All that the.


Oh. The hair pirate, Jamie Raskin's like, I don't I don't remember exactly. You mean did they do that after the rioters burned, tried to burn the church? So the church leaders. The church, if you go to that church, by the way, seriously reevaluate that. If the law enforcement entities save the church St. John's from being burned to the ground and local religious leaders in the area speak out against the Trump campaign. About basically saving the church from being burned to the ground and Bar wants to know, did they speak out before or after we put the fire out?


I'm just I'm just asking that question. Another member of the Village of Idiots. She's losing your temper, Joe. Representative Jiah, pal, she's losing your temper. Be careful, everyone. She's losing her temper. And you know what happens when the two hundred dunce's up on Capitol Hill lose their temper? Know they start to like spy on political opponents, weaponized the CIA. You know those people. You know that you antifa supporting people. Be very careful when they lose that.


This is Representative Gibus, the short one who again, doesn't want Bill barred. Actually answer a question. So she lets you I'm losing my temper with you. Check this out.


But as I explained the effort, there was Mr. Barr. I know. So let me just tell you, I'm starting to lose my temper. Hmm. Your Highness. Losing her temper. Be very careful, folks. That was basically yesterday's hearing in a nutshell, I saved you nine hours, 10 hours. There's one takeaway. Ba, thankfully, will be looking into the unmasking and the felony leaks of information from the Obama administration, hopefully, fingers crossed there will be indictments.


The rest of it was in a village of imbeciles lying to you, losing their tempers, reclaiming their time and threatening bar with perjury for answers they're not willing to let him give. There you go. Great hearing. What a terrific save you all that time. That's the benefit of the Dan Bongino show to page your day. Of course, a lot of a lot of stuff to get through. I want to talk about this tech tyranny because it's out of control.


Now, before I get that, our second sponsor day parler again. As you know, I'm a part owner of Parler. Parla is the new hot social media alternative where everybody's going right now because you can speak freely. Yes, that's right, speak freely, you know, without being kicked off the platform, without being subjected to throttling, without being subjected to censorship parler, it's PJR l e arts, the news and free speech app. We won't silence your opinion.


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Don't wait because people are scooping up. We've had, you know, millions of new people sign on. So people are scooping up those handles go today, parler dotcom or at the App Store, download parler speaking. Perfect timing for another tech tyranny block. Ladies and gentlemen, what's going on with the tech pirates is the free speech issue of our time. Now to be clear again, because liberals always want to conflate and confuse the issue, I am entirely aware that this is not a government First Amendment issue.


These are private companies. Can we just put that out of the way? So, no, the liberals who aren't that smart, the double digit IQ ones like the two hundred members of Congress who managed to all get elected at the same time despite their double digit IQ. I get it. It is not a First Amendment issue, it's on a government entity, they are private companies. Having said that, these private companies are afforded protections by the government and if they're going to use those government provided protections to sanction free speech and to censor people, then we're going to ask questions.


Fair enough. Everybody understand the distinction. Fair questions, right? The tech tyranny is real. I'm going to show you some screenshots from YouTube, but YouTube does, Tomica. What did I tell you, Joe? What did I say? We talked yesterday about the tech tyranny and the censorship. I promised you our show was going to get throttled, right? Yeah, I'm going to show you the numbers to prove in case you think I'm just making this up.


First, let me get to this Washington Examiner article. I want to make the whole segment about me. It's about other people, too, that are suffering. Washington Examiner Breitbart, your editor, was on Tucker Carlson show last night, the editor in chief accusing Google of systematically blacklisting conservative websites. We tried to cover my face there. You don't like what you see, what you did if you're watching us on YouTube? I don't know, Paula.


I got tired of looking at me. So she put the Washington Examiner piece right over my face. So this Breitbart editor in chief was on Tucker and is accusing Google of blacklisting them. Before I get to the screenshot from the piece, basically, he was Alex Marleau was on Lassana Tucker and in essence, said this, that Joe, if you go to Google and put in. Whatever Joe Biden, trump, 20, 20 election, no, no, no, fix that, no notes, that was funny.


I like that. No, no, no fixing. Drew do not fix that. I enjoyed it that she put the thingy over my face. Don't know fix. I see you're taking us. So Marla was on Tucker's show last night and said if you put in Biden Trump twenty twenty election and Breitbart has a really kind of kick ass article. Good article. You get what I'm saying, that that article is not going to appear until you're like seventy two thousand pages into the search results.


Well, why not? Breitbart is an established right leaning website. Why wouldn't they hear The Daily Caller, another website? I use a lot great stories. They've had people over there, Chuck Ross and others, who have been way, way, way ahead of the news breaking on the Spygate stuff. Why aren't they on page one or two? Ladies, jump, just try it, try if you think I'm messing with you, just try it.


Just go to Google this left wing to tech Tiran site that does everything it can to squash you. Just go there and put it in twenty twenty election. Scroll down until you finally on page four hundred and sixty to get the Fox News. Try it, see where Breitbart is. Maybe it's page six, seven. I mean, obviously, I'm being a bit hyperbolic, which I should. But it's happening. From the piece, here's how this works, Google has this visibility index.


It works similarly to the Nielsen rankings for the past four years. And the data shows the systemic bias not only against Breitbart but other right of center outlets. Marlo said that if an average person searches for phrases associated with the presumptive twenty 20 Democratic presidential nominee, the chances of you getting a Breitbart article are virtually zero. Folks, I've seen this before with my own website up on, if you don't put in Biden, Breitbart or Biden, Bongino, Dotcom, you're not going to get any of our articles despite the fact that we broke the spy gate story four years ago.


You won't get any of that, you have to put in our name specifically, you'll get Bloomberg, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, you know, conspiracy theory sites. The ones that were caught like caecilians lying about this case, you'll get them first. Folks, this is really happening, there's a war going on right now for the ability to speak freely on platforms supported by the US government. And let me tell you something to Google, Twitter, Facebook and others.


You're toying with the wrong folks. People talk. People talk to other people. People know what's going on. And if you think there isn't a battle plan going forward, you are sorely mistaken. You say, OK, so now we've established that Google is pretty much throttling and censoring Breitbart and The Daily Caller and others. Well, what's going on with Twitter? Well, I've been warning you about Twitter forever. Guess why I'm involved with parler. Here's a Twitter rep at the Israeli Knesset.


She's asked. This is amazing video how this is not gone mega viral. I know you've seen it, Joe. Of course, it's to see the video before the show. A Twitter rep is asked by a member of the Israeli Knesset. So. The Ayatollah Khomeini and the Iranian Death to America crowd can tweet about homicidal genocide against Jews, Israel and elsewhere, that's OK. But when Trump tweets about the riots, you have to put a warning on his stuff.


He's like, we just want to get you on the record there and listen to the Twitter rep. She's the female talking the beginning. Listen to her incredible response on this. Check this out.


We have an approach to world leaders that if you say that direct interactions with fellow public figures, comments on political issues of the day or foreign policy, saber rattling on military economic issues are generally not by calling for genocide is OK, but comments on critics is not.


We understand. Just so I just want to fine tune the question. Calling for genocide on Twitter is OK, but commenting on political situations in certain countries is not OK. So if a world leader violates our rules, but it is a clear interest in keeping that up on the service, we may place it behind a notice that provides some more context about the violation and allows people to click through if they wish to see that type of content. And that is what happened.


And for for the prompt tweet, that tweet was violating our policies regarding the glorification of violence based on the historical context of the last line of that tweet and the risk that it could possibly inspire harm and similar actions. And it was in the interest of the public to keep that on the platform. We decided to to to keep it up, placed it behind a notice, put the label on it, thus, you might say, to limit the interaction with it.


But because it is of importance to have it remain so that the citizens can see what their their political figures are commenting and hold them accountable for what they're saying online. So that's important.


I think that what's come up again, again and again through different examples is actually a sense of double standards. And I would and I would implore Twitter and other online platforms to and to ensure I think that that's your responsibility and that you have to be held to account for that, that there is no double standard.


So I just I'm just checking here, like, did that actually happen? How is that not? On the nightly news tonight, a Twitter rep goes on the record and says, listen, if you tweet like Trump did about the riots, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. No, no, that's definitely going to get a warning label and no one could share that. But when you're the Iranian death to America mullahs tweeting for a mass genocide, don't worry.


That's OK. Just don't put we're calling for genocide. When the looting starts, the shooting started and then you'll be OK. This is real. This is just one point. This is DeLay, the member of the Knesset, the the female voice you heard. Yeah. She goes, I just want to be clear on this, you can call for genocide, but if you comment on a riot in an area looting, you're going to get a warning label, but not in a call for genocide, mass extermination.


I'm just so just to be clear. So by Twitter's own rules, he wouldn't do it. But if Trump were to comment on and recommend the genocide, he's OK. But commenting on the riot, he's not OK citing the Iranian example. No, the Iranians are allowed to do it. Is this is this real? Are we living on planet Earth? You understand now why I'm so. Frustrated not with liberal liberals hate free speech. They love riots, that's their thing.


Not all of them, but a good cry they do. They will support any violence against courthouses. There's a large swath of liberal America, believe me, that loves chaos, violence, speech suppression, public humiliation for you. And that's their thing. I'm frustrated at the so-called conservatives because at Parlor's, we've tried to build it, we have had more problems with conservatives. They complain like, oh gosh, at one point we wanted they wanted a phone number of Parlo.


We only do that if we don't store your phone number anywhere. We use it just to verify you're not a bot. It's got we don't store it. But you'll love Twitter that actually sells your data and threatens to ban you if you're a conservative, it's a I'm not kidding. We have issues with more issues with conservatives than anyone. They love Twitter. The fight is here. Good luck with that. Good luck with that. Don't banish me.


Banish me last. I'm sorry, but it's just. It's almost like tragically comical, Twitter stinks, it's get an alternative, OK, we'll give you in return. We don't want it. We love Twitter. The fight is here. Yes, we for a phone number just to verify who you are. Twitters. What's your data? We don't sell anything, we don't even store your data at all.


Sorry, I shouldn't laugh. You're all been great, seriously, but very generous. Just there's a small subset. I'm not a very small subset of people that has no idea how bad Twitter really is. They really think the fight is there. They're playing cards, as I said yesterday, against someone with a marked deck. And you think it's a fight. It's not a fight. It is a censorship, extermination of your ideology happening in live time, she's just admitted it.


If you're Trump, don't tweet about riots. But if you're an Iranian tweeting about a mass genocide there, that's OK. Now, you think this fight isn't real for us? What did I warn you about yesterday? Yesterday I told you we talked about tech tyranny and I said during the show, I said during the show that YouTube is going to throttle this show, guaranteed. We're working on other planets. I'll get to that a second here. You need evidence.


Here we go. Here's a screenshot from our YouTube. You can watch us on YouTube, by the way, to show you what they do to look at the views on our show. So this is yesterday's show was Episode 13 seven one three zero seven. We talked about Twitter going on the attack and the tech tyrants like you to look at the views, folks, yesterday show overnight. Eighty seven thousand views. Wow. That's fascinating show before that.


One hundred eighty thousand to show before that one hundred seventy two thousand. The show before that one hundred eighty seven thousand. Wow. Weird, weird how we lost more than half of our audience from just four days ago.


Crazy how that happens. It's weird.


Meanwhile, as Joe can attest to our audio show that goes out on terrestrial radio and on audio platforms, not on YouTube. The show was up yesterday. Yeah, a lot. Yeah. Weird how that happens, how when you talk about YouTube and their censorship, YouTube squashes, you can it's a free company. It's a free company supported by the United States government, not allowed to talk about it again. So you're allowed to go to my site, parler crap all over me and start like Damba genos big years.


Yes, you are. Go right ahead. Knock yourselves out. I'm not getting. I believe in free speech, this YouTube. God forbid you mention any issues with YouTube, YouTube shut you down. You're telling me this out there and that's an isolated example, is it? Check out this one. Here's another screenshot from last week. So last week, we brought up a controversial Joe Air quotes topic, we brought up a topic of masks and keep going back to school that's not accepted.


Look at the views, one hundred forty five thousand one hundred sixty six thousand one hundred thirty one thousand one hundred seventy four thousand you bring up going back to school in Corona. The episode aside of the kids go back to school. Ninety nine thousand. Again, a third of our audience, if not more, wiped out because we brought up unacceptable discourse on their channel. Like maybe kids should go back to school, by the way, this show will be throttled, too.


The irony is, that's why I tell you to subscribe subscribe because you won't hear about this show on YouTube. If you're not, you may say, Dad, why are you asking? I'll get to that in a second. I know it seems counterintuitive. Now, we did another show. What was the last week or the week before where I simply pointed out a news article on John Solomon's site about a correlation between an uptick in cases and mask usage, saying, well, masks worked so well, why are cases going up?


So it's a news article. We discussed simply the data. The clip was removed from YouTube. Paula was kind enough, this was an email we got YouTube. This not allowed content that spreads medical misinformation. We are spreading anything. We're just reading a news report about a correlation that contradicts the WHL. I think you mean the WHL that I wrote a whole chapter about my next book, the W8 show that told us there's no human to human transmission.


Do you human you mean the primary means of transmission for the coronavirus? You mean that one? And just to be clear, we're not allowed to we're not allowed to contradict that. That was the medical advice that got people contradicted that. YouTube took the clip down where we discussed a simple correlation. YouTube. Because the gadjo, God forbid you speak about anything outside their far left radical perimeter fence. You bring up anything, they'll ban you. You may say then, how do we win this fight?


Why do you keep asking us to subscribe? Because, folks, we are in the process right now. We want to do it right of a transition to other platforms that don't suppress free speech. Again, I'm not asking YouTube to allow criminal content on there. I mean, there's other folks listen, I'm at Parler, they free speech. Conundrum. Is why there's legitimate you know, free speech doesn't just mean you can't just go on a platform and threaten someone's life, you can't.


That's a crime. But free speech, ideological back and forth, and even controversial ideas should be allowed. I'm again, I'm not asking YouTube to to, you know, allow the Iranians to come in and and talk about the mass extermination of a people. I'm not saying that. So, you know, when you can't bring up obvious scientific correlational data facts and you're wiped off the platform, that's real trouble. So I asked you to subscribe because we're working on alternatives now.


And if you don't subscribe to our channel, you won't see it because we're throttled often. Whenever we bring up outside anything outside of the acceptable discourse, and if you don't subscribe, you'll never hear where we're going and what we're doing, but we do have alternatives. And ladies and gentlemen, we're going to win this fight in the future, not just us, but others. You have outlets right now, I tweeted this out yesterday, paying big money, big, big money for platforms, and Joe Rogan got, I think, one hundred million dollar deal to be exclusive, the Spotify.


Just like Roger Ailes years ago at Fox, when they started Fox News, I listen to him give a speech before he obviously way before he passed and Ailes was kind of stupid. And, of course, he gave the speech before he passed. But I was at the Secret Service Academy at the time. And he gave a speech and he was kind of mocking how people ask him all the time, what was the secret to success at Fox News?


And he said this line, he said. I found that there was an underserved market in America for content called 50 percent of America that was looking for actual unbiased news. I mean, it was a joke. He was saying how the business models right in front of us, ladies and gentlemen, the business model for the future to fight the tech tyrants like Roger Ailes, FOX, CNN. ABC, NBC and CBS, the business models right in front of us there is going to be there, let just like with parler now again, I hate to keep bringing it up because obviously I have an interest in it.


But the fight there are people here with assets who were interested in producing a platform to appeal to the 30 or 40 percent of people out there who just are tired of being censored on these platforms. The business models, not hard. That's why we're succeeding Impala. You are also going to find video platforms and elsewhere willing to pay conservative shows like this with a substantial audience, hundreds of thousands of people. You just saw it yourself. They're going to be willing to pay and say, hey, why are you giving content for free to YouTube, for free for nothing?


They're making money off you that we would pay you for to come over and be exclusive us. We're already working on it. That's happening and YouTube is going to be left. Holding just like CNN was, where eventually they're going to be like, my gosh, how stupid were we think about this? These people like Bongino, another one we're giving us free content, free, charging us nothing for their content. We were making money off it for decades.


And then what did we do? We turned around and attacked them by throttling the content they gave us for free. And if you're wondering why they left. Stay tuned. We're working on it now. All right, let me get to my third sponsor. It's been a really busy show because I want to get to this these deep state connections. I discussed this last night on Hannity's show, and I got a lot of feedback. So I wanted to kind of formalize that and go through it a little slower.


You only have about two minutes to talk on that show. I got a little more time here.


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Celebrate the moments that matter most. Check it out today. Text in the sixty four thousand. All right, getting back to the show, so last night I was on Hannity show and the segment was about the deep state and you know, you hear this word, a lot, of course, liberals lose their minds, you know, whenever you're over a target. Learned this lesson with liberals, right? Whenever you're over the target with liberals, they freak out.


Whenever they tell you what you can't say, flip them the double barrel, middle finger and double down and say it. More of this. And just a quick example for you that this guy, John Kass, I'll get to the story tomorrow in more detail, but he wrote an article for the Chicago Tribune about George Soros, his ties to the chaos in this country by financing the campaigns of anti law and order. DE's and this guy was attacked when you put the Soros thing is this is religious discrimination.


Soros is Jewish cats didn't even bring up Soros, his religion. It doesn't. So now, you know, they're really worried about George Soros. The left is terrified about the deep state you are. Again, I don't care what you call it, the silly state. You know, the dopy state, the deep state. Doesn't matter to me. Telling me it's not real is ridiculous. Just some quick connections. I did this last night. So did he say what is it?


It is an interconnected group of people who've worked with each other and know each other, who have power and influence and who keep appearing in the biggest scandals of modern times. Spygate Dimler scandal, a smaller probe into a collusions hoax that didn't happen. The impeachment hoax about a phone call that happened but didn't happen the way they said it did. The same people, so I went through this last night, Mary McCord, who work at the Department of Justice during the Obama administration, in the Trump administration, she supervised this attorney, David Laufman, this attorney who shows up at the FBI's briefing where they're interviewing Christopher Steele source.


This is the same Mary Macourt supervising the lawyers, she sends the interview still source. Who then leaves the Department of Justice and goes to work with who, Adam Schiff. So McCord, who's clearly involved in the Spygate case, leaves and then goes to advise Adam Schiff on how to impeach the president. Yes, same person who then, by the way, writes an op ed for The Washington Post. Critical of Trump. Chef Adam Schiff. Then goes and hires.


Two people from the National Security Council remember where the whistleblower complaint emanated from. Yeah, Abigail Grayson, Sean Misko, who were friends with the fake whistleblower. Now, shift's got the Ukraine people, he's got Mary McCord, the spy gay people, it's all the same people. Those are just a few can. Oh, I got more. I got more. Bob Mueller's former chief of staff was a guy by the name of John Carlin, who was John Carlin.


He supervised Mary McCord, who went to work for Adam Schiff and supervised the lawyer who sat in on the interview with Steel Source. As Bob Marley's chief of staff. Bobbo is chief of staff, was merrymakers boss in the National Security Division. After he left Bob Marley's team, he went to go work for the National Security Division. Bob Mueller also hired Andrew Weissman. As his bulldog who worked with Kathy Ruemmler, Obama's fixer, in a whole chapter, in a book on my next book on her.


And Lisa Monaco, Obama's counterterrorism adviser wisemen, worked with those two on the Enron case, Ruemmler, Monaco, Weissman. Mueller hired them while his former chief of staff was supervising the lawyer who supervised the lawyer in on the steel interview. Laufman, who was supervised by McCord, who went later to work for SIFF. Lauerman also worked the Clinton case, yeah, the Clinton email case, he had his fingers in that one, too. You know, the Clintons who had a guy who worked for them by the name is Strobe Talbott, Strobe Talbott, who went later to run the Brookings Institute, the Brookings Institute, where steel source was affiliated.


Steel source who was interviewed by Lauerman, who ran the Clinton case, Laufman, who obviously knows the Clintons, who know Talbot, who was at the Brookings Institute while the source who Laufman been interviewed, worked there. You may be like this can't be true. It's all true. Who else worked at Brookings, Fiona Hill. Yeah, Fiona Hill, remember the lady who testified against Trump in the impeachment hearing? Yeah, that one who worked for Talbot, who worked for the Clintons.


The Clinton case, which was supervised by Loughman Laffitte, who worked for McCord and Loughman, who interviewed the source who worked at Brookings with Talbot, met. You mean Torbert Strobe Talbott, who worked for Clinton and also was the president of Brookings affiliated with this source who and interviewed. Talbot also is the brother in law of Cody Schirò, a former journalist who works with the Clintons and was spreading the dossier around D.C. and was allegedly working with Victoria Nuland, who had worked with Talbot before to at the State Department.


Thigh bone connected to the bone. Yeah, yeah, no, that's yeah, yeah, but it doesn't end there.


No it doesn't end there. Oh did we. What about more deep state connections? What about the whistleblower, the fake whistleblower who met with a woman sent over from Ukraine on a trip funded by a major Clinton donor pincher? And the Ukrainian who meets with the fake whistleblower also meets with McCain's primary guy, David Kramer, who later passes the dossier to the FBI. Now, ladies and gentlemen, the deep states, all a big fabrication. Again, I don't care what you call it, the silly state, the dopey state, it doesn't matter to me.


But as I said last night, if you don't think the deep state, these people who have embedded themselves in the federal federal bureaucracy, the think tanks in the FBI, the Justice Department and elsewhere all know each other. And having conspired to take down this president, you think it's just by chance of the millions of lawyers, agents and cops across the country that these people magically show up in every single anti Trump scandal? You need to take a vacation if you think any of that is true.


All right, moving on, this is a doozy, so the hapless silver medal winner winning worst mayor in the country, Lori Lightfoot, who's just terrible mayor of Chicago, was on CNN this weekend and she conveniently leaves out the facts here. Whenever Democrats want to make an argument, be prepared against gun control. I pride myself in the ability to get out ahead of this stuff for you whenever they want to make an argument excuse me, for gun control.


What they say is because you can't if you're Litefoot, because they have some of the strictest gun laws in the country. So if gun laws work, why is gun crime out of control where you are? That doesn't make any sense. In other words, gun control works, you implemented gun control, you have a gun problem. So their argument is always, well, it's not us. The guns are coming from out of state and other places with lax gun laws.


It's always their argument every time. None of that's true. But listen to Lori Lightfoot hilariously try to make this stupid argument here. Check this out.


Starting with common sense gun control. The fact of the matter is our gun problem is related to the fact that we have too many illegal guns on our street, 60 percent of which 60 percent of which come from states outside of Illinois. We are being inundated with guns from states that have virtually no gun control, no background checks, no ban on assault weapons. That is hurting cities like Chicago. That is the thing that the president really wanted to help, that the other things I identified and my letter he could do today, tomorrow, but he's not really interested in helping in that way.


Again, you know, just like Cicilline, these are discredited liars. There is no state that has a no background check law. I mean, folks, we need to fact check this. I mean, seriously, you know, I have an intelligent audience, Democrats, don't you realize when Litefoot says this, people believe her, that there's a state in the United States as a no background check law? Can you tell me what state that is, where there's a law that says no background checks here?


Can you tell me you can't because you're a liar and that's just what you do? But did you see what she does? She massages the data to make you believe. That the guns that are coming into Chicago being used illegally is largely an out-of-state problem from states that have no background check laws, which is fake. So ironically, I went to this Twitter feed, the Trece, which is not it's for gun control. I was there for gun control, so here's his Twitter feed, and I want you to look at the actual data.


Here is the data, the top 15 sources for firearms recovered in Illinois. What's what's the number one state? So let me get this straight, that number one state for Illinois is Illinois. Wow. By four by quite a long shot. Five thousand guns recovered in Illinois. So just to be clear. Lori Lightfoot, who sang The Chicago, which for liberals listening, is in Illinois, and, you know, I know you have an issue with that kind of stuff, geography and things.


So Chicago, which is in Illinois, Lightfoot saying, no, no, we have strict gun control and it works. The guns are coming from out of state and all these recoveries of illegally use guns at crime scenes. The overwhelming majority of these are from from out of state. Meanwhile, the leading state for recovery from Illinois is Illinois guns. Again, I'm sorry you have to come here for the facts all the time, I wish you could.


I really do. I wish you'd get in from other mainstream outlets and you could come here. We could do latest lighter stuff and some entertainment stuff once in a while. But I don't have any time. 90 percent of my time is setting the public record straight on the actual facts, not the not the garbage in the nonsense. All right, I want to get to this, this was a video from yesterday, but it's important. Donald Trump yesterday making a big move, I'm a big supporter of school choice, ladies and gentlemen, if you can explain to me with a straight face.


Why a parent whose kid is suffering in an educational institution, a school that is failing them and why you should chain the doors behind them and not let them out and not let them pay with their own tax dollars for an alternative that will educate their kids in the future. If you can explain to me with a straight face why you do that, I'm open to hearing you. I don't think you can. Here's video of a video of Donald Trump saying, enough, you don't want to open your schools.


I said this a couple of weeks ago. Fine, don't open them. Give us our money back. We'll find another way to do it. Donald Trump is moving exactly in that direction. Check this out.


If schools do not reopen, the funding should go to parents to send their child to public, private, charter, religious or home school of their choice. The key word being choice. If the school is closed, the money should follow the student. So the parents and families are in control of their own decisions. So would like the money to go to the parents of the student. This way they can make the decision that's best for the folks.


You know, listen, I as I've said before and I'll say again, I have the utmost respect and I mean it for teachers that do a really good job. You know, you don't remember a lot of things in your life, but everybody remembers their teachers, you spent eight hours a day with them. I can speak in clear, semi coherent English. Been a little banged up today, you can probably tell, but semi coherent English because of the work of great teachers.


Do a great job. Having said that. Some don't. And if you don't want to go back to work and educate kids, kids have to find a way to get educated. I'm very sorry. I again, I appreciate all the emails I've received from really patriotic, God loving American teachers who have told me you want to go back to work. I understand. I understand you're scared. A lot of people are scared. My mother in law is scared, but the kids have to get the solution.


Cannot possibly be. We're just going to stop educating our kids. That's obviously not we don't do that for any other disease, any other disease. I mean, seriously, he didn't stop school when the HIV epidemic was spreading in the 80s, we don't stop school for influenza outbreaks, we don't stop schools when there's a measles outbreak. We don't we may temporarily close them, but we just don't stop educating kids. Can we all agree? I mean, I'm just trying to get this some common consensus.


Can we all agree kids need an education. You can't function in the world literally without it. So we will have to find something else. I'm asking you, with the greatest respect to the teachers who have an open mind if you don't the segments, not for you to. Now, now. This position by the unions that we're not opening schools and we're going to protest and we're going to go out there and do safety, which is ironic, you're going to go out there and protest and gather around other people, but you're not going to educate the kids and you're saying it's for safety.


You understand that. That doesn't. There's a disconnect there, right? I'm just asking you to think this thing through tactically, you're messing with kids, you can mess with people, people's cars, you can mess with their social media accounts, they'll get mad or do stuff. You mess with their kids. You start to really open up a Pandora's box. They are not going to let you do this. They're going to find a parochial school, a Catholic school, a home schooling option, or they're going to start many schools in their neighborhoods like I'm seeing sprouting up right now.


There will be no job left for you to come back to. They are not going to take it. Again, I'm sure we'll get throttled by YouTube for this today for all of our commentary, but that's OK. We fight the good fight here and if it costs us money, it's money worth being cost. That's OK with me. It's time to go back to school. And if President Trump even reallocates the 10 percent of federal funding that goes to schools through Title one starts to reallocate it toward to parents or institute or many schools or things like that.


The chokehold on the education system by education unions is going to be over. You are making an enormous tactical mistake. We don't have to be enemies here. I don't want to be your enemy. You teach my kids I trust you. I hope you trust me to to support you. We do a lot for schools, we don't need to talk about it now, I'm not patting myself on the back. We do it because it matters. I wanted to do a cash award thing for teachers.


I like them that much, especially my daughters. There were really terrific. I'm saying as a friend that I mean it this is a really, really bad idea that is going to backfire in spectacular fashion if you double down on this. Parents are not going to watch their kids sit in the house, although. What was that look about? So I'm going to say Paul is giving me a look over that those Mesko don't do it. Don't do it.


We'll find a way. We got to keep you safe. All right. I'm with you. Don't make the sappy enemies on this. All right, folks, thanks again for tuning in. I really appreciate it. Please subscribe to our YouTube. So when we get an alternate platform, you'll know where to go. YouTube dotcom slash by Jeno. Please subscribe to the show on Apple podcast. Bunji, that comment elsewhere. Really appreciate. We've had a great week this week outside of the YouTube throttling.


It's been excellent on audio. We really appreciate that. See you tomorrow.


You just heard Dan Bongino.