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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino.


So the DNC is going so well for the Democrats, the Democratic National Convention, that Rasmussen put out a tweet this morning that Trump's approval rating during the D and C, the D and C. That Trump's approval has gone up, kind of not that down up it last time I checked, is supposed to work the other way when you get four straight days. Or three in this case with fourth tomorrow of national press coverage for your party, the Democrats, the Democrats approval ratings supposed to go up.


That's the that traditionally where they call it the post convention bounce. So far, the only balance has been to Donald Trump, who, by the way, also one quick note apparently is running, even with Joe Biden in Minnesota now as well, a state Donald Trump lost in the last election. Great job, Dems. You really knock him out of the. I got a lot to talk about today Today show brought to you by Express VPN. Ladies and gentlemen, secure your online activity today from those prying eyeballs.


Get a VPN, go to express VPN Dotcom. Bongino, don't wait. Welcome to the Dan Bongino show producer. Joe, what do you think of those numbers? The Post convention bump for Donald Trump out of the out of the gate? Yeah, you know, I've been following politics for a long time. Usually you get like a double digit bounce after your convention, not a drop while your opponent's approval rating goes up. Why is that? I'm going to discuss this on the show today and do not miss today's show.


The Democrats are living in an alternate universe. That's why I'm going to prove it to you today. How living in that alternate universe, if you watch CNN and MSNBC, is literally getting people hurt, in some cases killed. I'm not kidding. It's going to be all right. Today's show. But you by our friends at LifeLock had a lot to cover today. Troubling news for companies.


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All right, let's go. Another no to breaking news voice starred Steve Bannon, there was an indictment released on Trump's former adviser and the guy who was involved in Breitbart, Steve Bannon. It happened earlier this morning. The indictment is these are allegations, of course, to be crystal clear, but that Bannon was involved with that. We build the wall effort that go fund me to build sections of the immigration wall on the southern border. Folks, if I can just add a quick note on this, as Joe and Paula can attest to, I was very suspicious of this.


I was emailed about two years ago by a lot of listeners. Dan, why are you talking about this? We build the wall, folks. If I don't talk about something or advertise something on the show that you think is a conservative cause, it's because I'm deeply suspicious of what they're doing and I may have information. This is not like some pretentious jerk thing to say. It's just that I get a lot of emails from people, you know what I mean?


That something's wrong with it. I always suspected something was wrong with that. A lot of my conservative friends were warning people about it. Again, they're allegations. We'll see what happens, but they're very serious. So, again, Steve Bannon indicted today for his involvement in this. We build the wall and the allegations are that some of the money was basically taken under fraudulent pretenses. We'll see where that goes. We'll follow that story. All right.


So if you're a Democrat, again, you're watching these three nights so far, the Democratic National Convention, you've done a great job boosting Trump's approval ratings. Fantastic work. Well done. Nice job. What's going on here? There's no excitement for the Democrats at all. Kamala Harris gave her speech last night, which was supposed to be this groundbreaking type moment, the first black woman selected to be the vice presidential nominee. This was supposed to be a huge deal.


The speech was such a disaster that I'm going to have to abandon Alice, who sent me this. There is a photo of Kamala Harris giving the speech to a wall of people who are supposedly attending that. I got to give you some background there, supposedly watching the speech via like a zoom type conference. Right. So the allegation was that Kamala Harris is going to talk to real these are real voters. We're going to get 30 real voters to watch on this not wall of doom, but Wall of Zoome with a Z.


Now you watch it on the YouTube, you're going to notice something about this photo. If not, you're listing on all of you have no feel explaining which part of you. Here is a screenshot of the wall of Zoom and these 30 alleged voters listening to Kamala Harris speech. You'll notice something in the color coded circles right there that apparently they couldn't even find 30 people because three of those people are repeated. It's the same people. They're not body doubles.


It's the same person twice.


OK, I can go outside my house right now. Give me what do you think, Paul? A half an hour stand outside my house and find 30 people to join his room to support Trump. You couldn't even find thirty people. It was the same person twice. You'll see on the wall, you know, like the Brady Bunch thing. Just imagine the Brady Bunch thing in the beginning. The montage. Imagine 30 people and Peter and Marcia and Jan repeated twice because they couldn't find other kids to stand and they couldn't even find thirty people.


They couldn't they wouldn't notice is people are repeated twice. Oh, Larry is there is no excitement for this ticket at all. Nobody wants by Naris. They're just people who don't like Trump. That's it. Again, you don't forget the theme of today's show. If you were a Democrat, you are living right now in an alternate universe where you believe the election's over. Listen, I don't know what's going to happen. Trump could win. He could lose.


I'm not sure I'm trying to stay out of the predictions game because no matter what I say gets people upset or it incentivizes people not to vote. If I tell you, listen, Trump's going to lose, we're in big trouble. It gets people really upset and anxious who may stay home. If I tell you Trump's going to win, don't worry about it. Then people won't vote because they won't worry about it. I'm out of the prediction game.


Forget it. I'm not doing it. I'm trying to not do it. But I'm telling you, if you're a Democrat, you believe this election's over. Trump is a Trump. It's over. He's down six hundred points in the polls. Not even possible. It's horrible. You're living in an alternate universe nobody cares about. But they could even find thirty people for a zoom session for this historic speech. So last night, again, you while you watched Barack Obama, many of you.


Some of you did. I had a Paula, you can attest to me for this. Right. I fell asleep in the middle of it. It was so boring. So I had to get up and watch a video this morning. So Barack Obama spoke last week on night three of the Democratic National Convention. Right. And I'm going to play a clip from it afterwards, because it's important because just the temerity on Obama, who is such a liar and is the most corrupt president in the history of the United States, but he pretends to be this big holy roller top of the totem pole of morality.


He looks down on everyone. Obama, he's the most arrogant, corrupt president we've ever had. But I want to play it in reverse. I want to play the review by Chris Wallace on FOX. I think that a pretty good job, you know. Listen, Chris can be harsh on everyone. It gets beat up a lot for it, but he's sometimes harsh on both sides, too. So here's Chris Wallace from Fox, noting something really weird about the Obama speech last night.


The fact that, again, Joe, if you're a Democrat, you're living in this alternate universe. Is all this excitement for Biden Harasta going to win in a landslide? There's so much excitement that Obama didn't even mention or barely mentioned Joe Biden last night at all. Check this out.


It was a really curious speech. You say he talked for 15 minutes. Somebody will tell me if I'm right or wrong. I'll bet he didn't talk for Joe Biden for five of those 15 minutes and basically said he was he was my brother and the White House. He made me a better president. He'll make it a better country. Talked about how he'll get control of the pandemic and rebuild the economy. It wasn't even all that much about Donald Trump, although he certainly made clear, I think you can only call on his contempt for Donald Trump.


But most of it was about it, almost like the community organizer from Chicago about how people have to go out and organize. And as he said, our democracy is at stake. But as a full throated endorsement of Joe Biden, not saying he wasn't for them. It was a curious speech, you think?


Folks, again, alternate universe. This is the ABCDE enough block of the show, you're living in an alternate universe. If you're a liberal, where this election's over, the excitement is rampant. Obama loves Biden. Listen, let me give you a little Segretti. Everybody ready? Paul, are you ready? You know what I'm going to say now? You have no idea, do you really? Where am I going to tell me what I'm going to say?


You don't know.


I do what I can so I can read.


I've been with her, so we've been together forever and have a big party better together. 20 years, 20 years, 20. Feels like yesterday, especially on Dana. She said, oh, yeah, in the background, I just want that on the record, let me tell you a little secret. Obama can't stand by. I'm not going to tell you how I know that. I don't want to be a. Tattletale. Obama can't stand by, thinks he's a joke that personally is guy, he's like a malicious or horrible guy.


He thinks he's a moron. So does his staff. So does the Obama for America alumni network, they think they think Biden, Obama's crew thinks Biden is a damn fool. Folks, I'm telling you, you can take that check to the bank and cash it. That is a fact. I keep a large network of friends, some of them I remember from a prior line of work, not talking about law enforcement people either. I'm talking about some people I know who are marginally involved in politics, were basically more involved for the money, not so much for the ideology.


So they're happy to talk. The Obama team thinks Biden is an idiot. Hence in his speech last night. Why Obama in 15 minutes barely mentioned Biden at all. Now, here's a little clip from Obama's snoozer, which again was, of course, celebrated by these ridiculous hacks in the media, transformative, otherworldly, small God like sounds like the terminology I used yesterday describing a speech about Jill Biden, because that's Jill Biden. Right. Because that's what the media does when it's an Obama speech.


It's just transformative. But when Trump says something really interesting and what an idiot he's said more, this is not real media. It's a joke. If you're a liberal, again, you're living in an alternative universe. Here's Biden last night. Excuse me, Obama. The reverence for the Oval Office, he starts talking about insulting Trump and talking about how he sat in the Oval Office with both of these guys. Yeah, yeah. The last time he sat in the Oval Office with Joe Biden, they were plotting the Spygate scandal in that January 5th meeting.


Remember, that leaves that out.


Check this out. I sat in the Oval Office with both of the men who are running for president. I never expected that my successor would embrace my vision or continue my policies. I did hope for the sake of our country that Donald Trump might show some interest in taking the job seriously. That he might come to feel the weight of the office. And discover some reverence for the democracy that had been placed in his care. But he never did reverence for the office.


Are you kidding me, huh? Is this a joke? This is from the guy who weaponized our intelligence and law enforcement community. To marshal the biggest political spying scandal in the history of the United States, this is the guy who lorded over the worst recovery from a recession in modern U.S. history. This is the guy. Who is eponymous, named Obamacare, called the Affordable Care Act. But everyone calls it Obamacare. Canceled hundreds of thousands of people's insurance policies.


Doubled in some cases, their premiums. This is the guy who inflamed the racial tensions in the country to the point where upwards of 70 percent of people thought the country was headed in the wrong direction and parts of his presidency. You're talking about reverence for the Oval Office. You're going to talk about sitting down in the Oval Office with both men, Trump. And Biden. If I can recall the last Susan Rice email we have from her leaving office about the last time you sat in the Oval Office with Biden.


You were demanding that the FBI get, quote, the right people on the investigation of Donald Trump to spy on him and his campaign. While your vice president, Joe Biden, was mentioning ridiculous cities like charging Trump and Trump's team members with the Logan Act.


A charge never successfully prosecuted in the history of the United States. You're talking about reverence. Reverence. It reminds me of. Basketball fans out there remember Allen Iverson, remember Allen Iverson, we're talking about practice, practice, they were accused of being late for practice and he was upset, he said, trying to play down practice, talking about practice, practice. You're talking about reverence. Are you joking me, man? And we wanted Republicans to get in the back seat.


Time for you to get in the back seat. You're a joke. You are the single most corrupt president in the history of the United States who destroyed our economy, wrecked our health care system and divided the country like no one else. Trump's had a come in and clean up the mess he had to fix your economy, we had growth rates that far superseded yours. He had to fix the mess you left behind after H1N1, where you depleted the PPE.


He had to clean up your individual mandate, your Obamacare tax, to force people to buy insurance they didn't want. He had to clean up the court system, were you appointed politicians, judges, judges, pretending to be judges who are really politicians who destroyed the rule of law? He had to clean up an immigration process. You embraced open borders. He had to clean up the mess you left behind and the regulatory morass, all the pages of the Federal Register, you added in new regulations, he's the one who had to clean that up to get government off the back of American business owners trying to rebuild their lives after your disastrous eight years.


He did that. You've done squat. You have done nothing. United States was on fire after Obama left. It was Trump who got the fire extinguisher out. But again, ladies and gentlemen. If you're a Democrat, you're living in an alternate universe right now, where down is up, up is down. Left is right, right is left, nothing makes sense anymore. I'm going to go through this piece by piece now. Things you believe.


If you're a Democrat and a liberal that are factually incorrect, but you still believe them with no regard for truth at all, because the people like Barack Obama who lie to you constantly every day before you do that, listen, let me get to my second sponsor. It's important because I want to run through this. This is going to be a profound segment you're really going to enjoy. And I hope you share it because the Democrats living in this alternate universe are really getting themselves and everyone around the part and in some cases killed.


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That's TTR dotcom slash Dan Teeter dot com and check it out. Love this after a workout. It's absolutely terrific. Teater Dotcom again. All right. So let's produce evidence about the alternate universe liberals are living in right now, which is destroying and shredding our country and getting people hurt or killed. I want you to watch this video first, show what I'm talking about, but the lies, lies and endless lies liberals tell you. Remember I told you yesterday on yesterday's show about how the Senate Intelligence Committee produced a report on the debunked collusion hoax.


And the conclusion in the report was crystal clear. No collusion for the, I don't know, five hundred thousandth time, maybe a slightly hyperbolic. There was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. The Senate intel report is clear. That's not what you believe. If you are a liberal, if you're a liberal, you believe and you watch people like Nutty Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC and David Plouffe, an Obama campaign adviser, you actually believe that there is still some network of Russians working with the Trump to collude and impact the election.


That is, there is no zero no evidence of that at all. But watch Nicolle Wallace and people actually believe this stuff. Check this out.


I wonder what we do with the finding that there was this elaborate and intricate web of connections and contacts between Donald Trump's campaign in twenty sixteen and Russia. And we now have on the record half a dozen meetings between Donald Trump meetings and calls between Donald Trump and Putin. But there are no notes. There were no staffers. John Bolton writes in his book that he wasn't allowed in the room. How do you keep that issue front and center or how do we try to protect the country's national security knowing it's underway, folks?


The network she's talking about. People were one, some of them weren't even Russian. And secondly, meeting with Russians is not illegal. Even worse, the same Russians, they claim the Trump Network was meeting with some of the very same people, which I'm going to show you later in the show, where some of the people, the Democrats network were meeting with. So connections to Russians apparently imply you're guilty of collusion only if you're a Republican, but when Democrats meet with the same people, it's all on the up and up.


Don't you worry again, you're living in stupid land. I'm going to show you this from a Wall Street Journal article in a few minutes. How the same net network of people, according to Nuti, Nicolle Wallace, the Democrats were meeting with other spies. No, no, no. They're not spies. Not always drug spies. But you listen to this nonsense on MSD and see and you believe these lunatics like Nicole Wallace, that there's this network of people, the Russians, that have infiltrated their way into the Trump White House.


Do you understand? That is absolutely factually nonsense. It is made up garbage. She thinks you're an idiot. That's why your show is such low ratings only morons watch it. You're living in an alternate universe. Listen, when I prepped the show, I try to think of themes, and this is how the show started off with this video today, but I really didn't I was struggling to get some material today because I was so bored with the DNC that I don't want to talk about it.


And then I just came to me was one of those Eureka moments, the light bulb turn on. I was just going to talk about this in isolation, how Nicolle Wallace is again perpetrating the Kaloogian hoax and I thought. What other hoaxes the Democrats believe in? That they actually believe are real and Paul and I had a hunt through Greybeard for videoclip and I found something else. But before I get to that, let's go to some other hoax, some other hoaxes.


Democrats believe and I saw this gem yesterday on Twitter and I thought, oh, yeah, I saw this yesterday. This is Chris Hayes from MSNBC. This is hilarious, this tweet. Chris Hayes met DNC, the California GOP used to be one of the most right wing nutty state parties in the country, and it never really moderated meaningfully. They just got relegated to permanent minority status and the state became governable.


This is great. This is just classic, George, you know, that California's governor, Bill, now that the GOP's got to get California, you know, they have like the North Korea, like blackouts at night. You know, that California, California, that's billions of dollars in debt, can't handle its own finances despite the fact that the world's most wealthy companies are headquartered in California, that California where crime is out of control. And some of his big remember that some of its big cities.


That is totally governable now. Oh, good. If you're following misdiagnoses, Chris Hayes on social media, you're living in a fantasy land do bizarro Superman World, the George Costanza episode in Seinfeld where he does everything backwards. In this case, though, it worked out for George. It doesn't work out for the Dems at all. Listen to me. This is serious. Listen to me. Is having a real effect on our country. We can ensure that political disagreements.


I'm not crazy about the party system, but sometimes having another party to hold one party in check can be a good thing sometimes. But if we can't agree on basic axiomatic truths. Like, there's no collusion with Russia, there's no evidence of collusion with Russia, multiple reports have shown there's no collusion with Russia. It's in the actual report, if you read it. If we can't, you know, if we can't agree on, again, axiomatic factual truth that California is not governable.


It's one of the wealthiest states in the entire world. It's run by liberals. And they have North Korea like blackouts at night because they can't keep the electricity on. Who told you it was governable? If you're a Democrat, though, you believe this collusion is real and California is governable right now. Here's another one from The Wall Street Journal. If you're a liberal and you live in this alternate universe, you believe the post office is some model of efficiency that should be funded with additional funds, despite losing billions of dollars, they can't figure out how to deliver the mail, the management at the post office and having for decades.


You believe that's a model of efficiency? Why the cops need to be defunded? Wall Street Journal, the Postal Service, Democrats. This is a headline. Forget the Sturdy Democrats donkey. Nancy Pelosi has changed her party logo to a post office. Listen to me again to be crystal clear. Because I don't knock people over that work for a living teachers or anyone else, don't mistake my animus towards teachers unions and the prior management of the Postal Service, which ran it into the ground for any animus towards these postal workers that work really hard.


I got an email yesterday. You know who you are. I'm not going to dare say your name. But it was a postal service worker. You know who you are. Who was I damn well with you, we're not going to get paid either if this place continues to go bankrupt. We work hard and we appreciate you speaking out. Thank you. It's not a joke. I'm not making that email up. It's not you guys and women out there, it's the management of this place that ran it into the damn ground from the Wall Street Journal piece, this is the alternate universe we live in.


Where Pelosi is making her members vote for twenty five billion more for the Postal Service, just as her urban counterparts are voting to defund police departments in Seattle, Portland, Austin, New York, Los Angeles, Baltimore and Philly, Joe Biden is upset about at risk mailboxes, but don't expect him to say anything in his acceptance speech about children being shot shot in cities across America. Do you understand? People are being killed, kids literally, because the Democrats are selling you a myth that Trump is destroying the post office that's destroyed itself and that the cops are your real problem.


Listen to me. People are being hurt and killed because you are watching these agitprop propaganda networks and reading The New York Times and The Washington Post that are selling you lines of colossal bull. Do you get the rest? Quit, yeah. You're living in a fantasy land. Kids are dying because you think the post office needs more money with a crappy business model while the cops need less kids being killed. Your stupidity for believing this, despite the facts being in front of your face, look it up yourself on your phone or your computer, despite the facts being in your face, you refuse reality.


And you defend your cops or your kids are killed, shot, robbed, harassed. While you waste your money on a post office business model that's failing because you fell for a hoax because you're an idiot if you fell for this. Your kids are going to public schools that are collapsing because you bought a teacher's union talking point, that school choice doesn't work and that teachers unions know what's better for you, despite the fact that's the teachers unions right now who don't want to teach your kids.


The teachers want to go back a lot of not the unions because they don't give a damn about your kids. But you fell for it because you're a sucker, if you're a liberal, you live in an alternate universe where you actually believe the teachers unions give a crap about your kids. Why do you believe that? They're telling you you're too stupid to send your kids to a school of your choice and you buy it. Yup, that's right. I'm too stupid.


Defund the cops, definitely fund the post office. I'm all in, baby. You're an idiot. I'm really sorry, but if you are a hard left liberal listening to the show who bought this, you're really stupid. And it pains me to tell you that. Collusion. It's real. Where who told you that? Spygate, it's a total hoax, it's a hoax, do you do any homework? We already have the guy who was a or an intelligence asset, i.e. a spy, we already have documented FBI and inspector general reports indicating the FBI used the spy to spy on members of the Trump team.


Yet if you're a lefty and you believe scammer pedia, otherwise known to Wikipedia, this is what you see on Wikipedia, Wikipedia, Spygate. It's a conspiracy theory initiated by President Trump in May of twenty eighteen that the Obama administration placed the spy in his 2016 presidential campaign for political purposes. It's a conspiracy theory.


We have the spy's name. We have the other spy's name, too, or fake name, Asira Turk, Stefon Halper, we have their names. Yet if you're a liberal and you read Scam Pedia, you really believe it's a conspiracy theory. We have their names, are you this stupid? They were intelligence assets. Everybody said that the FBI has already admitted they paid a spy. And another FBI employee went by the name as Rohter, they were interacting with Trump campaign officials.


Why? For political reasons. The people involved hated Donald Trump, the people they were communicating with told Andrew Weissman Molas Pit Bull that they hated Donald Trump at Brusstar from the justice where they had no evidence, anything they were saying was ever true about collusion. And you believe in. Because you read Stampeder Pedia. Fact smacking you in the face. And you still believe there's a network of Russians planted in Trump's White House? Because you're a moron, I'm really sorry, folks, I know some of these shows, which I haven't done in a while, they have an angry tone and they are.


I know some of you don't like them. Some of you do. But I'm sorry, they're necessary. Sometimes you need some syrup of ipecac, not the conservatives, but the liberals, you need to hear it. You need to hear it in your face and you need to hear it like sandpaper, not like silk. You're a moron if you believe this stuff, Spig, it's not a conspiracy theory, we have the actual names and the records.


Collusions, not a hoax. The Postal Service is not a model of efficiency. The police are not the enemy in your neighborhood. But again, if you're a liberal. You still to this day believe in all this nonsense. You don't believe me, and let's just recap this New York Times headline I put up in yesterday's show, Senate Intel Committee report was crystal clear again for seriously, the fourth or fifth time now Muehler House committee, Senate Committee, Multiple Congressional Investigations IG report there is no collusion between the Trump team and Russia.


Yet if you read The New York Times yesterday by Mark Mazzetti here, GOP led Senate panel details ties between Trump campaign and Russia. Thai's. You mean ties between the same people that are Russian or connected to Russia that we're dealing with, the people involved with the Democrats, so if. Ties with those people are somehow malicious and criminal or collusion, then how is your assertion not that the Democrats were colluding with Russia to because you're not honest and you don't be liberal friends, believe you.


You want to see it now, you want to see the proof, I told you I'd get to it. So, again, keep in mind the lying liberal media's alternate universe where people associated with the Trump orbit were somehow interacting with these suspicious Russians are Russian connected people. Well, here's what's fascinating, The Wall Street Journal points this out today in a really great op ed, the Russian grassy knoll, the collusion conspiracy theories. Keep looking for a second shooter.


Down in the piece, again, just they will not let this go because they know their liberal viewers and readers are idiots who love being lied to. Here is the network Nicole Wallace was talking about Nutty Nicole on MSNBC of Russians that they say the Trump campaign and people involved with the Trump were dealing with that somehow. They ignore their connections to Democrats here, quote from the Journal piece, Somehow the grassy knoll ignore the reports information that the threat of foreign influence isn't limited to trumpet's.


Oh, it's not. You didn't hear this again, if you're a nutty liberal, I threw that in. After devoting pages to Mr. Madoff for its ties to a Russian oligarch named Oleg Deripaska, so again, Manafort was Trump's campaign manager. Deripaska was a Russian oligarch, a footnote noticed Joe.


It's only made it into the footnote. A footnote in this new Senate report concedes that several other people mentioned in the report also have, quote, ties to Russian influence peddler Deripaska. OK, weird. Can you come back to me for a minute just to be cool? Because she's going to do it anyway, so she likes to beat me to this back and forth of being Paulist Prizes. We play cat and mouse over when I'm going to come back on the screen or not.


Just to be clear, the Senate intel report, which was done by a lot of never Trump excuse me. And Democrats. The Senate itself, which clearly alleges no collusion whatsoever, but does try to paint a weird picture so the media can run with it, right. So we're just going to yeah, even though we don't have collusion, we're going to write about contacts with Russians in the most nefarious way for the Trump team. We're going to do it so the media can run with this story like Nuti, Nicole Wallace.


But when it comes to Democrats contacts with the same Russians, it only makes magically a footnote back to the peace. It lists Fusion GPS who were paid by Hillary, the law firm, she hired those guys. It lists Fusion GPS Glenn Simpson, who hired Christopher Steele to dig up dirt on the Trump campaign, as well as former Obama State Department official Jonathan Weiner, who worked as an attorney at a law firm on Deripaska business. Oh, he did.


The report notes separately that no less than Mr. Steel worked for Deripaska, likely beginning at least in 2012, and continue to work for him in twenty seventeen, providing a potential direct channel for Russian influence on the dossier. Weird, weird how that just made a footnote in that. Now, notice how nutty Nicole leaves that out of her ridiculous coverage, absurd coverage. Folks, I'm not tooting my horn or patting myself on the back. I don't need you and I don't give a damn about doing that.


We have been honest on this show and in my books on this subject. I have never defended Manafort. His dealings with Klimek and others should not have happened. He had a responsibility to treat the president's campaign is sacrosanct. It was a presidential race for the presidency of the United States with the Republican nominee, and he didn't. At times, it appears he treated it like a piggy bank, trying to leverage it for his own personal needs. I was clear on the darn build the wall thing, even though it's a conservative cause building the wall, in the beginning I wasn't touching it because I was afraid it was a fraud.


We have never misled you on this show, ever. Nicole Wallace is lying to you if you are watching this show, she selectively omits information and lies to you to make you to believe make you believe something that's not real is, in fact, real. This network of Russian she's talking about, we're dealing with her people, the Democrats fusion steal Mark Warner, the Democrat senator from Virginia, which isn't even mentioned in that journal piece. That's who the Russian was dealing with in addition to Manafort.


We called out Manafort, where are the Democrats calling out the wrong people and the lies? Where is Nicole Wallace being honest with our listeners for once? Saying, listen, this network that The New York Times and others are alleging of Russians interacting with Trump aides, let's be candid. These are the same people who are dealing with prominent Democrats and people hired by Democrats to gin up information on Trump. Where's that damn quote? Where is it? Nowhere.


Nowhere. Because, again, if you're a Democrat, you believe the Postal Service is great, teachers unions love your kids, the cops are your enemy. You believe collusion was real and Spygate is a conspiracy theory because of people like Nicole Wallace. And that's why kids are being shot and people are dying because they don't understand the coronavirus either. Now, I'll get to that. Here you want some more gas in the alternate universe you live in, there's a country out there whose.


You know, those fome number one fingers, you know what it says in their fome, no one figures this country that their country debt to America where no one, you know, a country that is that's ayran who the Obama administration gave a pallet of cash to billions of dollars. Yet that happen. That happen, whatever you believe the motivations were, the pallets of cash were real. It's not a hoax. It's not a conspiracy theory. But if you listen to John Kerry at the DNC, disastrous John Kerry, total failure of a human being, John Kerry, Logan Act violator, John Kerry with the Syrians and elsewhere.


Wall Street Journal piece, John Kerry's gaslighting you about I ran to again, you live in an alternate universe if you believe this lunatic. John Kerry's fantasy world reality differs starkly from his telling of the Obama years. We want to see if John Kerry's alternate universe, which, again, liberals believe. Let's go to this from the Wall Street Journal piece. The Obama record elsewhere in the region isn't much better talking about foreign policy. Here's a quote from John Kerry at the DNC, ladies, gentlemen, this is hilarious in its stupidity.


We eliminated the threat of an Iran with a nuclear weapon, according to Mr Kerry. He did. Quote continues, In reality, he negotiated a limited pause of Iran's nuclear ambitions in exchange for an economic windfall. That fiscal boost helped Iran finance its proxies in Yemen, Syria and Iraq. The Iran backed Shiite militia, Kataib Hezbollah has been responsible for deadly attacks on Americans in Iraq. You don't hear that anywhere. Again, in liberal, dopy moron imbecile land.


John Kerry and Barack Obama shut the Iranian nuclear program down, they did nothing of the sort, nothing. I don't even believe it's been paused, the Iranian nuclear program and the pallets of cash they gave them wound this way into money groups that were killing Americans. You haven't heard about that, right? Because you believe the Postal Service is a model of efficiency. Teachers unions care about your kids. Spygate was a conspiracy theory and collusion was real because you're an idiot.


Well, Dan, you're really pissed at it. Yeah, I am sorry. Now, I want to get to Paula, did a lot of hard work this morning on this because we had a tough time finding this, the joke of the whole thing on me being that I had it in my inbox the whole time. I keep stories in my inbox, I mark them unread again. I screwed the whole thing up. But again, what's the theme of today's show?


It came to me in the theme is really this alternate universe they live in. None of this stuff liberals believe is real. But ladies and gentlemen, it's not just enough to say that. The fact that they believe in an alternate universe, it's not real is actually getting people hurt and killed, supporting an Iranian government that wants to kill our soldiers, defunding the police, protecting your kids from assaults, homicides. Drug dealers. Wasting money on inefficient services because you believe Trump is stealing mailboxes and storing them in the basement of the White House.


You're a kook, you're a nut. You're a lunatic. The government spying on people in documented records and you ignore it because Wikipedia told you it was a conspiracy theory, you believe secret Russians are hiding in the basement in the White House in a scheme to take over America. And like Red Dawn, the sequel, despite the fact that there's not one scintilla of evidence that any of any of that has ever been true. This is one of the most deadly ones of all the.


The misinformation you've been subjected to by people like The Washington Post and liberal media, who in one of the most absurd, outrageous gaslights ever have you believing that if you follow conservative media about the coronavirus. That you're the one misinformed. Really? You know what, before I get that, let me get to my final spot, because this is important, folks. There are people seriously making decisions about a life or death virus, in many cases coronavirus because they are misinformed precisely because they listen to liberal media.


I'm serious. All right, our final sponsor today, our good friends, is the terrific Job Creators Network. Listen, I get this question via email. Friends of mine and tax people who do me Facebook message me all the time. Listen, I got to save the country in November. What can I do? I get the question all the time. Like you, I know America itself is on the ballot in 2020 here, our freedoms, our free enterprise system, everything I believe we believe in our way of life is at stake.


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Look at this ridiculous Washington Post headline, These Lunatic. Now I'm biting my tongue. Let me just read the headline seriously, because I'm super proud today, Washington Post from June of twenty 20 New Research explores how conservative media misinformation may have intensified the severity of the of the pandemic. This article was a flaming dumpster fire full of hot garbage. The insinuation was, if you watch Fox and Hannity and others and conservative probes, you were misinformed. That's fascinating.


Here's another one by this Minnesota post, they found this up on a search of Internet search this morning. Check this headline out. People who rely on conservative media media for covid-19 news are less informed, more likely to believe conspiracy theory studies find chase.


So just to be crystal clear on this, the conspiracy theory promoting Washington Post whenever a Minnesota Post, Nicole Wallace and the others who told you the post office is a model of efficiency, teachers unions love your kids. Spygate isn't real, but collusion is. Those same people are now saying if you watch conservative media, you are misinformed. That's really fascinating because the study just came out. Oh, it did. Yes. An actual study, something media people on the left don't pay attention to.


This is a long clip. And Tucker Carlson. About two minutes. You know, I don't live that long, but long for radio. I rarely play anything over a minute, 30, but this is a clip you need to see, Paula had a hunt, this thing down that I gave you the wrong day. Poor woman was working. She's like, where is it? I watched the whole show was wrong shelp. It's about a two minute clip from Tucker Carlson monologue last night.


He talks about an interesting study done by Franklin Templeton. Joe, in other words, Franklin Templeton, I think they're an investment firm. They're business. They're not it's not a political firm. Right. They were trying to get a take on how their investors and their money people, what they know and don't know about the coronavirus so they can make smart money decisions. It's not a political survey here. They found something really interesting, which Tucker will get to at the end.


But listen to all two minutes of this about how, again, Democrats live in an alternate universe where they're lied to often and morons who identify as radical liberals embrace it and love living in a fantasy land that's just not real. Listen to every second of this. Check this out.


It's been more than six months since the coronavirus arrived here from China. At this point, we know a lot about the disease and how it spreads. Who is most likely to die from it? Most importantly, no topic in recent memory has been studied more carefully than this one. If only knew this much about how to keep marriages together, for example, how to keep our kids off drugs, we'd be happy.


But we know a lot about this. So you'd think this one topic would be one in which Americans would be deeply knowledgeable. The human coronavirus. But no, just the opposite is true. Most of us seem to know very little about it. Why is that? Well, because we've been lied to. A new study illustrates the effects of the relentless disinformation campaign about coronavirus. The investment from Franklin Templeton looked at what the public believes about the virus. They found that on average, Americans believe that young people, people forty four and younger account for about a third of the coronavirus deaths.


That's completely wrong. In fact, the truth isn't even close to that. The actual number is under three percent, not a third under three percent. Very few young people die from the virus, but strangely, young people seem totally unaware of this. On average, they overstate the risk of death from the coronavirus by a factor of 50. Now you know why politicians have been able to shut down the schools.


Students are terrified. They shouldn't be terrified. Overwhelmingly, this virus is a threat to middle aged and elderly people with pre-existing health problems. Adults over the age of fifty five account for more than 90 percent of coronavirus deaths, more than 90 percent. The numbers are out there. If it's somehow the public doesn't know this, why don't they know this? You know why lying motivated by politics. The more CNN you watch, the less you know about science.


That's not speculation. The study found that self-described Democrats, quote, tend to mistakenly overstate the risk of death from covid-19 for younger people, much more than Republicans.


This is not a partisan survey. This was a survey done by an investment firm to guide their investments as probably the single most subsetting.


Two minutes of video. That I've seen in a really long time. That even when it comes to a deadly virus for people over 55. Who could get very sick and potentially die from this? Even when it comes to a deadly virus, we can't tell the American people the truth in the media because our partisan motives have to take precedence. Democrats wanted a couple of things from the start and their media hacks, and that's why they lied to you about the coronavirus.


And that's why people who are younger think people are dying, who are young, left and right from the coronavirus, despite absolutely no data indicating that whatsoever. Just like there's no data about the collusion hoax either. People believe it, though. I'm sure Franklin Templeton will be burned to the ground and boycotted for doing a study that dares to tell the truth as well. By liberals who are lunatics. They're flat earth, they're dumb. That's harsh, Dad.


No, they're really dumb. They believe things that are factually incorrect, despite the evidence being in front of their very eyes, if they would just pick up a phone or a computer and look for it. That's the very essence of being dumb. Some people can't help being dumb, they just don't have access. Listen, some people. And I don't mean dumb in that your aptitude or achievement isn't there, I mean, you've been dumbed down because you can't.


Some people in North Korea don't have access to information, believe Kim Jong un is a descendent of a god because that's all you've been told your whole life and you have no access to an alternate theory that maybe he's just the fat guy in North Korea. You have no excuse here. You could literally pick up your phone or your computer and research the death rate for people under 55 Korona and find out that the media is lying to you. Why are they lying to you, though?


But we know why they lie about Spygate, the Postal Service and other things, because they just want Donald Trump to lose the election and make you believe he's a Russian traitor. But why do they lie to you about the threat, the younger folks, despite the threat from coronavirus being very little, not non-existent, but very little? Because they wanted a couple of things, folks. Democrats wanted the economy locked down because they knew it would do significant damage to Donald Trump's chances of winning re-election based on an economic message, there is no evidence whatsoever.


These lockdowns have done a damn thing. But they wanted it locked down and in order to get it locked down, they had to overstate the risk. So when you did your own personal risk reward, gosh, lock down the door. I support Lockdown's. I should support them because I'm really at risk if I'm in my 20s. You weren't. They just lied to you, bankrupted you, your dad, your mom, your uncle, your grandmother.


They bankrupted everyone. They did it on faulty data. And 15 days to stop the spread became in some states, 15 years to stop Donald Trump. But they lied to you for another reason. Teachers unions are a cancer to this country, the a curse, not the teachers, don't dare mistake what I'm saying. Been crystal clear on that. I always will be. Teachers unions are a curse on this country. They're a plague on this country.


They've destroyed the lives of minority students as they keep them out of schools that would work. They try to shut down charter schools, teaching your kids in many cases in ways much more efficiently than the local public school can. The teachers unions have paid off Democrats for years. The Democrats are beholden to the teachers unions. The teachers unions wanted more money, and many of those teachers unions saw the coronaviruses an opportunity to get more money and to advance left wing causes.


And they held your kid's education hostage. We're not going to teach, not for a moment, unless you give us more money in this hour. By the way, we're not doing it because of the coronavirus. That's interesting because some of their manifestos don't mention anything about the coronavirus in many cases. Here's what we want before we open up again. What does that have to do with you being misinformed by the media about the rest of the young people?


Because the only way to keep the school shut at the behest of the teachers unions is to get their money. And what they wanted was to make you believe that these kids were super spreaders and at high risk of dying from the coronavirus, when, in fact it was absolutely untrue. So they kept pumping you full of misinformation. Hence the Franklin Templeton study showing how younger kids believe they're going to die. From the coronavirus, despite a very small likelihood of that actually being true.


I feel sorry for you if you're a liberal, I really do. I don't like your ideology is dangerous, is pernicious, but I feel sorry for you. I do I pity you in a way. Destroying your lives, destroying your kid's lives. Showing your family's lives, destroying this great country, ripping the education systems to shreds. Keep it locked down based on no evidence. You heard from Captain Potatoe over at CNN, Brian Stelter. These morons over there at MSNBC telling you that the Russians are living in the basement of the White House, you're telling your kids that, aren't you embarrassed?


Keeping your kids out of a good school, trying to shut down the local charter, destroying their educational opportunities, their lives, because some teachers union told you charter schools don't work despite no evidence, that's actually true. Forcing your kids into debt so we can bail out the postal service, that hasn't figured out how to deliver the mail on time in 20 years. Telling your kids that spying is OK as long as Obama does it. Aren't you ashamed?


Aren't you embarrassed? How do you live with yourself, how do you look yourself in the mirror? You're proud of who you are. You know, on this show, we've been honest. President Trump signed off on some spending bills that spent a lot of money, we've never, ever moved from our principles, that's bad weather. Trump signs it or Obama signs it or Bush signs it. Spending your kids money is really bad. It's bad now.


And it was bad then. I don't believe in getting your kids into foreign wars, foreign wars, where we don't even out whether Trump did it, which he didn't, but ah, Obama did it or Bush did it. If you're a liberal, can you say the same thing? Can you say you believe in something? Can you honestly look yourself in the mirror and say, I believe in my kid's future, I believe in this country, I love this place despite its flaws, and I'm willing to fix it now?


You can't. Is your a fake? You're a phony. You're a fraud and you're literally willing to get people killed at some points because your ideology matters more than anything. You need another disturbing example of the alternate universe, these nut jobs living. Here's another segment from Tucker, whose monologues are really priceless. We're going to cut this into two. This was the Democratic National Convention. We're Andrew Cuomo. The disastrous governor of New York, whose death rate per million of New York City, New York State, New York City residents is some of the highest in the world from coronavirus.


Do you understand what I'm telling you? That's a fact. Again, liberals I know facts don't matter. I'm talking to sane people right now. Do you understand the governor of New York is leading a state which leads the world or is close to the top of deaths per million people from coronavirus? That this guy had the. Hmm, Smalls. If you know what I mean. To give a speech at the Democratic National Convention congratulating himself on his response to the coronavirus.


You don't believe me, you want to be infuriated. Listen to this sociopath at the DNC. Is this from the Tucker show?


Calling him out on by far of the night was Andrew Cuomo speech. Cuomo is the brother of Sinan's weightlifting correspondent and also the sitting governor of New York, which is the second biggest Democratic state. His father famously gave the DNC keynote back in nineteen eighty four. So there was never any question that Andrew Cuomo was going to speak at this year's convention.


What we did not expect in a million years was Andrew Cuomo to talk about the coronavirus. You'd think that would be the last thing, the very last thing Cuomo would want to talk about that and the fact that his top aide is now doing six years in prison for bribery. But coronavirus, especially whatever you think of Andrew Cuomo and he's a good talker, you can't say he's done a good job with the pandemic. Citizens of New York State have been four times as likely to die as other Americans from the coronavirus.


And there's a reason for that. Andrew Cuomo forced Korona infected patients into nursing homes. Many thousands perished as a result of that decision. It is possible that no leader on Earth mishandled the coronavirus outbreak as profoundly as Andrew Cuomo did. A man with integrity would have resigned immediately. Cuomo refused to do that. Now he brags about it literally again.


For liberals who watch, I'm going to do numbers here in data. I know they're irrelevant to you. I'm not kidding. I'm not even being smart. Smart guy here going to use a different word. But I forget we're on radio sometimes. I know they don't matter, but try for a minute to live in the real world and escape your George Costanza Seinfeld episode. New York has had one thousand six hundred ninety deaths per million people. This is your success story now, you believe it is, I'm sure you do, because you're a lunatic.


And you believe definitely that Florida was a disaster, why Florida has a Republican governor, so it has to be a disaster because you're a lunatic who doesn't do facts. You just do you will get people killed. To stick to the party line that Republicans bad. Democrats good. You're messing up in New York. Sixteen hundred ninety people per million are dead because of his policies. Get in Florida, where that horrible Republican, Rhonda Santurce, is in charge, the numbers only for 50.


Sixteen ninety four, fifteen, sixteen, ninety four fifty. But again, you live in an alternate universe where you want to emulate the New York City model. And the New York State model. That got almost four times as many people killed as they did in Florida, you will literally get people killed to defend your democratic messiah. And Andrew Cuomo, do you know how sick of a person you have to be? I'm not kidding, how do you look at your kids?


What do you say to them? This is what we want to do, we definitely want to because we're Democrats, we want to follow and defend the Democrats that got four times as many people killed. We don't want to see what they did in the Republican state that may or work. No, no, let's get people killed instead. There's part two of this. Here's more on Andrew Cuomo. The Grim Reaper up in New York, who the Democrats bragging at the convention about him being the reaper.


Check this out.


Last night, Cuomo told the audience what a great job he did managing the coronavirus. Nobody laughed at him. They applauded like they agreed. The whole thing was like watching Jeffrey Epstein boast about his internship program. You could barely believe it was happening, but it was. Here's part of it. New Yorkers were ground zero for the covid virus and have gone from one of the highest infection rates on the globe to one of the lowest, we climbed the impossible mountain.


And right now we are on the other side. Our nation is in crisis. And in many ways, covid is just a metaphor. A virus attacks when the body is weak and when it cannot defend itself. The European virus infected the Northeast, while the White House was still fixated on China as they proved their way failed. We proved that our way succeeded and for all the pain and all the tears, our way worked. And it was beautiful.


The European virus, huh? Oh, right. The deadly pathogen that escaped from a lab in Luxembourg last winter. Those damn Europeans always infecting us with their diseases. If only they would stop eating bats.


What world is this? It's a world of such pure dishonesty that all reference points have disappeared from sight. There are no facts left, only assertions. Andrew Cuomo says the way he handled the coronavirus coronaviruses, quote, beautiful. And so it was Cuomo declared it. It's now reality.


Beautiful. Either way, worked. Your way worked because everybody's dead, you numb nuts. Nearly every person in a nursing home that would have been susceptible to this deadly virus is dead because of you, you flaming hot piece of human garbage. Janice Dean from Fox lost both both of her in-laws. That means her husband's mother and father for the liberals watching both. Because of Andrew Cuomo, beautiful handling of the coronavirus. They are all dead. That's why you're, quote, on the other side of the mountain.


Because all of your high risk people that could have died are dead, dead, dead, you moron. And we're supposed to celebrate this dance and put them on a pedestal in front of a national audience. They're dead. That's why, you idiot. You lost 11000 people in nursing homes because you put people infected with the coronavirus around the most vulnerable. And they are dead. They're not here to get infected anymore, they're dead because of you. This media Democrat icon now who we're all supposed to genuflect in front of.


We live in an alternate universe, a stupid. Now, you know where despite all the chaos and sometimes the tweets I disagree with and a lot of the personal stuff that people don't like about Trump, you know why I would walk over hot coals to vote in 2020? That's why. I'm not going to live in a world anymore. Where we tell our kids and look them in the eye, things that aren't true, that get their grandmothers killed, destroy their fathers, businesses and their mothers businesses, destroy their educational opportunities.


And light their country on fire. I ain't doing it. And F.W., no way. I'll see you tomorrow. You just heard Dan Bongino.