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Increased pressure on Taiwan, North Korea on the brink, Iran increasing aggression. There's a lot of global instability as we plunge into election season. Shelter your savings from potential major setbacks to the economy by diversifying an old IRA or 401k into gold with Birch Gold Group, B-I-R-C-H. I buy gold from Birch Gold, and they'll help you convert an existing IRA or 401k into a tax-sheltered IRA in gold, and it doesn't cost you a penny out of pocket. Just text Dan to 9899 for a free info kit. Text Dan to 989898 today. Performance may vary. Consult with your tax attorney or financial professional before making an investment decision. Message and data rates apply. Dan Bongino. Welcome to the Bongino Brief. I'm Dan Bongino. The Russia collusion thing was obviously an embarrassing hoax perpetrated on America that just being straight with you only dips shit felt for. I mean, you had to be really dumb to believe that the Russians were somehow meeting in a back room with Donald Trump. It's amazing how on one hand, the liberal's take, Joe, right? Donald Trump's a moron, a horrible business guy, a terrible father, a loser, can't do anything right.


And yet he managed to orchestrate the biggest scheme to steal an election in American history with a terrorist over in Russia. It's incredible how they pulled that off. Of course, the story is embarrassingly stupid. Only morons fell for it. So if you believe the Russia hoax, you are in fact a moron. At some point today, we got to get the hoax list up because I'm genuinely curious how many of these hoaxes as you liberal imbeciles actually fell for. You are the stupidest people who exist on this rock we call Earth. It's just a biological fact. It must be something. I mean, he even said so. You heard him? Folks, let's walk through what happened. So here's the long and short of it. Hunter Biden is in a lot of trouble for being alleged to be a carve out for an influence peddling operation with his dad. His dad wanted money, according to what most of the reporting seems to indicate, the dad and the family wanted to get money. The dad, the Biden family, has no marketable skills we know of, especially in the spaces they were generating revenue. So it appears they were selling influence.


Not a hard scam to understand. If he's the vice President, he wants to make money off the job, he gives a couple of clients a Winkie Nod Nod, Hey, pay my son, and maybe you'll get access to the White House. Everybody checking? Get it, got it good. You all get it, not complicated at all. Now, of course, we know the Hunter Biden story has mounds of evidence evidence backing it up. Bank records, SARS, text photos, pictures, emails, Hunter Biden laptop, the Devon Archer testimony, the Tony Bobalinsky testimony. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd never heard of this other source at all. I only referenced him because it got brought up by certain members of the house because the FBI had been looking into him. But apparently, there's this guy Smirnov, who was an FBI contact that allegedly farmed some information and sent it back to the FBI about Biden. He has now been charged charged for lying to the FBI. Now, I want you to understand before we even go into Russia hoax 2.0 right here, which only imbeciles will fall for. I want you to understand something loud and clear, Lima Charlie, okay? Smirnov has nothing to do with this case.


Liberal dipsets and their media moron, sycophantic loser, third-grade education dipwads are going to go out there and say, The case has fallen apart. The FBI source lying, promoting Russian intelligence. This guy has nothing to do with the case. It changes nothing about the bank records. It changes nothing about the text. It changes nothing about the emails, the photos, the phone calls, the Bob Alinsky testimony. Nothing. Zero. It's nothing changes at all. Don't believe your liberal moron friends who told you that the Russia hoax number one was real. So here we go. Hans Maki, who was a great researcher on Spygate and still is on all these Russia things. You should follow him. He's at Hans Maki on Twitter. Full Rule Nelson is another one. There's a number of really, really great. Stephen McEntire, he's at Climate Audit. These guys do great work. They frequently get left behind because they don't have, I don't know, the influencer brand attached to them, which is stupid anyway. But you should be following these guys if you want to stay ahead of the whole collusion thing. He tweeted this out last time. Here's the headline, CNN Joe writing a breach.


Cnn fills the breach in right away. Indicted ex-FBI informant told investigators he got Hunter Biden dirt from Russian intelligence officials. Here we go again. Keep that tweet up. Because Karate, Russia hoax 2.0. It's the same plot. It's the same plot. You remember, keep this up. You remember Russia hoax 1.0? X FBI informant told investigators he got Donald Trump dirt from Russian intelligence. It's the same. All they did was change some names. This is not even an elaborate, like, Wow, look at this. They did like they're in the Tessarak moving around. This is the same damn scheme. All they did was, here, Joe, X out one name, put in the other. Now, as Hans Manky notes in his tweet, if you're reading ahead, watching on Rumble, Smirnov is the ex-FBI informant, who, by the way, apparently been working with the FBI since 2015, which says to me, FBI, can you get your heads out of your asses and please vet your sources? Holy shit. How many times are you guys going to get burned? It's embarrassing. Federal Bureau of Investigation. Try investigating. It'll help. Smirnov, the source, said, No such thing, Monkey notes. Here's what Weiss, the special prosecutor, says Smirnov said, During his custodial interview on February 14th, Smirnov, the informant, admitted that officials associated with Russian intelligence, pay attention to that line, were involved in passing a story about business person one.


Who's business person one? Hunter Biden. So individuals associated with Russian intelligence? Oh, I'll bust that scam up in a second. That's number one. But second, were involved in passing A story about Hunter Biden. What story? What story? That he had gas in church or something? He didn't take Bino? What story are you talking about? I don't understand. He passed us. So someone told the allegation, just to be clear, if I'm reading this right. Tony, am I reading this right? Someone passed a story about Hunter Biden. Notice he doesn't tell you what story. Good for Monkey for picking up on this. What's the story? Did he tell a story about Hunter Biden stealing lifesavers from a convenience stand in Red Square in 1976? What's the story? That has nothing to do with the story we now have mounds of evidence on, the influence peddling operation. And on the money trail. You see how they do... You see how... Go back to that. I'm sorry. Is that a much good... Cnn. Just go back to the CNN headline from the Monkey tweet. You see how they do this? How CNN, the media, and the scumbags who perpetrated Russia hoax 1.0. You see how they lay the groundwork right away?


Oh, the FBI lied, an FBI informant lied about Hunter Biden and got it from the Russians? Oh, my gosh, the Russians are trying to steal another election. No, I'll tell you who's trying to steal another election, the Democrats. And how the media at CNN are completely uncritical of this story at all? More in a minute, but first, increased pressure on Taiwan, North Korea on the brink. Iran getting aggressive. There's a lot going on. Global instability is getting worse. How are you going to secure your savings and investments from a potential major league setback to the economy? It's not too late to diversify an old IRA of 401k into gold. The Birch Gold Group can help you with precisely As opposed to other investments, gold has thrived in times of uncertainty, is an important part of diversifying your savings. It's part of my savings strategy, has been for a long time. Here's how Birch Gold can help make it a part of yours. Birch Gold, B-I-R-C-H, will help you convert an existing IRA. Or 401k into a tax shelter to count in gold, and it doesn't cost you a penny out of pocket. Just text Dan to 989898 for a free information kit with an A plus rating with the Better Business Bureau.


Countless five-star views and thousands of happy customers, me included. I encourage I encourage you to arm yourself with the knowledge of diversification through precious metals. Text Dan to 989898. Claim your free information kit and protect your savings with gold today. Performance may vary. Consult with your tax attorney or financial professional before making an investment decision. Message and data rates apply. Folks, I want you to look at the charging documents. And just so you understand, I'm going to tell you what I'm going to tell you. I'm going to tell you, and I'm going to tell you what I told you. What we're going to do, hopefully a little differently today, is we're going to show you how the corpus, the mosaic, whatever you want to call it, the swamp, the deep state. I mean, Joe, there's a thousand names for it. The intelligence community has been entirely corrupted how this mosaic of NGOs, Soros groups, the intelligence community have been totally weaponized. I'm going to show you how they use this associated with Russian intelligence tag to basically say, The Russians are doing it again, helping Hiring Donald Trump. They're just making this up because they did it last time.


I'll show you what I mean. Here's the charging document, United States of America versus Alexander Smirnov, who is the FBI informant who allegedly burned the FBI yet again. It's amazing. Can these guys ever vet their sources? Who the fuck is working in the FBI these days? Do you guys ever vet your sources or their information? The dude has been working there, according to reports I've seen, for almost 10 years. Do you vet anything? Can I go into the FBI tomorrow and go, Hey, listen, I don't know. He's looking a little shady. Let me tell you something. He's a problem child. And do they get a full-blown FBI investigation? Look at this. Sorry, these poor guys. Put that up again. United States versus Smirnov. During his custodial interview on February 14th, Smirnov, the FBI informant who burned him again, apparently, admitted that officials associated with Russian intelligence were involved in passing a story about A business person 1. Passing a story. Now, ladies and gentlemen, what's coming? You ready for the deuce? You're looking. Keep that front shoulder in on the curve ball. Don't bail. On Lord Charlie, okay? Here's the second part of the indictment I found interesting.


They know what this shows is that the misinformation the informant is spreading is not confined to 2020. He is actively peddling new lies that could impact US elections after meeting with Russian intelligence officials in November. Holy shit. Here we go again. Here we go again with the exact same plot. Oh, look, it wasn't even just 2020. It's happening again. Those Joe, those dastardly Russians, they're back again, stealing an election for Donald Trump again. Keep in mind, the only foreign collusion happening right now is Joe Biden and his family colluding with foreign governments in exchange for money. Just like the only collusion that happened in 2016 and 2020 was the intelligence community colluding with Democrats to falsely blame Russians for stealing the election for Trump. These people are full of shit. Let me walk you through how the associated Russian intelligence scam works. Remember the Schellenberger-Tiibi Guttentag reporting the other day where they indicated that our CIA was involved in a plot to set up the Donald Trump in 2016, and likely in 2022, by the way, 2020, TEOO. The way they did it is they used the word bump. I called it a push-pull operation, but their characterization is Probably easier to understand.


They would do a bump. So again, using just Gee and Tony as an example. If I've got in for Gee because me and him are running for this Congressional seat. I live in Florida. We're running for a Florida Congressional seat. Gee turns against me. I'm He was running for Congress against Dan Bongino. He was running on a flesh and blood ticket. If you know, you know. So Guy's running, and it's not going well. But I want to make sure I put the nail in Guy's political coffin. What do I do? I make up a story. I have intelligence contacts. I go, Do me a favor. Send Tony, and we'll allege Tony's a Russian intelligence officer. Send him to the local watering hole to strike up a conversation with Guy and get a picture. That would be called a bump, a contact, okay? What I would call a push operation, and then get someone to pull it out. I'll call the FBI. You follow me, folks, and say, Hey, I think he's a Russian spy. I think you guys should go and look at this meeting they had at a bar. They pulled the information out, and then I leaked that to the press.


Very easy to understand. You're getting it because Guy hates the story the most. If you get it, everybody gets it. Very simple, right? But in order to do that, for me to get the FBI to open an investigation against Guy, they got to credibly believe that the guy I had bump him is somehow associated with Russian intelligence. That's a problem because if they're associated with Russian intelligence, what's the obvious question? Any of you chatsters know? What the fuck are they doing in the United States then? Joe, you getting it? Yeah, you think? What are they doing here? Now I'm going to show you how this works. So how do they get a Russian intelligence guy, air quotes, who's an existential threat to our country because he's working for a foreign power, to get involved in an operation to frame a political opponent? The answer is, you just make it up. No. Come on, Dan. Be so glib and silly. No, you just make it up. I'm not kidding. Receipts always. Ap. Remember this story from 2021? Us says Russia was given Trump campaign polling data in 2016 by the disgraced Eric Tucker at AP. Wow.


Russia was given Trump campaign polling data. By the way, it's polling data. I don't even understand why anyone would give. But whatever. That's an amazing story. Do you remember this story, folks? Us as Russia was given. Who gave Russia the polling data? Well, according to the allegations by various Russia hoaxers, it was a former campaign official at the Trump campaign, Paul Manifort. A Trump campaign official met with a Russian intelligence guy, gave him sensitive data? What's the problem, ladies and gentlemen? The problem is that the guy he gave the Russian data to that they claim is a Russian intel operative was actually an Obama State Department source. Oh, really? So was Obama's This guy? You can't just throw that out there. I know. That's why I always bring receipts. Here's The Hill by John Solomon, one of the best reporters out there who uncovered this. It's interesting that the Mueller report, by the way, left all this out conveniently. Folks, this story is from 2019. I kid you not, as my mom used to say, if you don't read this story, I'm going to have a hard time helping you because you will fall for every Russia hoax if you don't understand this story.


The only thing they have left with the discredited Russia hoax from 2016, they're starting a new one now, is this story. Well, at least we know this, that Manifort did give information to a Russian intelligence officer. If you don't know that it was an Obama State Department source and who it is and how it works, you're going to get burned every time. The story is bullshit. The story is this. Key figure, the Mueller report linked to Russia, was a State Department intel source, The Hill, John Solomon. In a key finding in the Mueller report, Ukrainian businessman. Wait, he wasn't Russian? No, he wasn't. He was Ukrainian. Oh, man, sounds like that was covered in your book, Dan. Follow the money. It was first chapter, Insane in Ukraine. Check it out. You'll know the whole story. Another Ukrainian connection? Yes. Ukrainian businessman, Konstantin Kalymnik, who worked with the Trump campaign chairman Paul Mettafort, is tied to Russian intelligence. That's what the Mueller report said, which it's from Bob Mueller, so you can automatically discredit it right away. But John Solomon notes, Hundreds of pages of government documents, which Special Counsel Mueller possessed since 2018, described Konstantin Kalymnik as a, quote, sensitive intelligence source for the US State Department who informed on, there it is, Ukrainian and Russia matters.


Why Mueller's team omitted that part of the Kalymnik narrative from its report and related court filings is not known. Oh, I think we know. I John's being nice as a reporter. I'm an opinion. I think we know. But the revelation of it comes as the accuracy of Mueller's Russia conclusions face increased scrutiny. Folks, I can't... We're going to get to the second part of this in a second, but I can't state this in any simpler terms. The same thing that they did before, this source that they're doing now, this source met with someone associated with Russian intelligence. Can you put that up again? I'm sorry to bounce around, Tony, but put the associated with Russian intelligence. The same Same exact game plan they pulled on Manifort, they're pulling again with this FBI informant they're trying to discredit. Look at the Weiss thing. It says it right there. He was meeting with a guy associated with Russian intelligence. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if this guy associated with Russian intelligence is another Obama-era source. This is all bullshit. Don't believe anything the FBI is telling you. I I don't believe a word of this.


Was this guy a credible source or not? I have no idea. It has nothing to do with the Hunter Biden case at all. If the guy is a serious source, fine. There's a hundred other people who verified their material. But whenever I see And whenever you see anything from the FBI or the Department of Justice that are still corrupted, that's an anti-Trump story, which this is because they're trying to discredit the Hunter Biden story, ridiculously so. And it says, Met with a guy associated with Russian intelligence. I would blanket assume we did it. Just blanket assume. It may turn out not to be... If you were a betting man and your right arm depended on it, I would absolutely bet we put this guy up to it. Why? Perfect way to lead everyone down a path. Look, we got other information on Hunter Biden. Well, what about this real stuff? No, forget that. This stuff. We got a source, and the source is working with the bureau the whole time being set up. It's a total scam. It's the same scam. The Dan Bongino Show. If you'd like to hear more, subscribe to the Dan Bongino Show wherever you get your podcast.