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Increased pressure on Taiwan, North Korea on the brink. Iran increasing aggression. There's a lot of global instability as we plunge into election season. Shelter your savings from potential major setbacks to the economy by diversifying an old IRA or 401k into gold with birch gold Group Bi R-C-H-I buy gold from birch gold and they'll help you convert an existing IRA or 401K into a tax sheltered IRA and gold. And it doesn't cost you a penny out of pocket. Just text Dan to 989898 for a free info kit. Text Dan to 989898 today. Performance may vary. Consult with your tax attorney or financial professional before making an investment decision. Message and data rate supply Dan Bongino, welcome to the Bongino brief. I'm Dan Bongino. Do not trust anybody in government. Nothing they're doing, they're doing because of the reasons they're telling you they're doing. All of a sudden, oh, my gosh, there's a Russia threat. We're all going to die. I'm not telling you there's no Russia threat. I'm not telling you we should gaff it off. Let me be clear. I'm just telling you, the motives for people telling you there's a big threat from Russia yesterday are not what you think.


Today's show is going to blow your freaking doors off. It all goes back to Ukraine, their role in the spygate thing, and the Clinton's role in a major technology transfer to Russia. Russia. I thought we hated Russia. They hate them now. They didn't hate them before. Gina Haspal was the chief of station in London when John Brennan was running this international spying push pull operation against. Oh, so Schellenberger in his piece in public, this is their blog. Put this out last night. Schellenberger, Tahibi and Gutentag, they all deserve credit. Great story. He talks about dating back to the new Nest memo, the Devin Nunes memo that explodes this whole thing. They note that dating back to the release of the Nunes memo in 2018, exposing the corruption of the FISA process, senior intelligence officials, including Trump's CIA director Gina Haspell, have repeatedly blocked attempts to declassify information about the Trump Russia investigation. They had good reason to obstruct the release of these documents. In other words, ladies and gentlemen, what he's saying is this spying operation very simply is being run on Donald Trump, that there is a series of binders or papers that describe what happens, and there's a football going on right now with them.


Who has them, where are the missing papers. This is like. You ever see pulp fiction, where they run around, they open the chest, and they see the gold. They don't know what's in there. They see this gold light. Where is the Macguffin? Where are these papers that describe this operation? This is all you need to know right now. Does Trump have them? Does the FBI have them? Does Langley have them? Where's the damn papers? And, folks, how the hell did Gina Haspell get to be the CIA director under Trump and into Biden's administration when someone on the inside knew she was running this op with John Brennan through the CIA's London office? I've got the receipts in a second. More in a minute. But first, increased pressure on Taiwan. North Korea on the brink. Iran getting aggressive. There's a lot going on. Global instability is getting worse. How are you going to secure your savings and investments from a potential major league setback to the economy? It's not too late to diversify an old IRA or 401K into gold. Birch gold group can help you with precisely that, as opposed to other investments. Gold has thrived in times of uncertainty.


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Don't you find it weird that Hillary Clinton and the team who were like, hey, we've got this dossier saying Trump's a russian spy. Don't you find it weird that the guy who produced the dossier Christopher Steele was operating in where? London. It seems weird. A little bit. Peewee thinks so. Why? Maybe because she had some contacts with these people. Remember the whole Papadopoulos incident? London. Who told Donald Trump to put Gina Haspell in there as head of the CIA? Now, you may be saying, if you're a never trumper, anti trumper, hate Trumper, whatever, well, he should vet his people better. Oh, fair. Fine. We can talk about that another day. That's not the question I'm asking right now. The question I'm asking right now is who the told him to put Gina Haskell in at the CIA? And don't you find it awfully convenient that Gina Haspell is still there now? So Joe Biden, who absolutely hates Donald Trump with the deepest, of darkest passions you've ever seen in your life, still has Donald Trump's CIA director. What does that tell you? You think she's on our team? Team America, world police? I said it was a push poll operation being run out of CIA London with the oversight of John Brennan at the CIA to f over Donald Trump.


What do I mean? Very simple. They wanted to frame Donald Trump as a russian spy. They pushed a bunch of people, intelligence operatives around the world, they pushed a bunch of people in front of Trump and his team that they thought they could say were connected to the Russians. And then they had the dopey management of the FBI pull the information out. And they were like, hey, guys, look at this. Look. This is unbelievable. We got Trump meeting with Trump's people, meet with all these Russians. You guys should go get a Pfizer warrant. And the FBI was like, yeah, man, let's do it. Okay, here's a great man, Sean Davis. You know him. If you don't, you should. This guy is an absolutely hot, actual reporter who knows exactly what he's doing. He writes over at the federalist. Here he is on Tucker Carlson show, formerly on Fox, now on the Tucker Carlson network, telling you exactly what I'm telling you, that you know what's really weird? When this Macguffin of papers that we now don't know what it is. This is what Schellenberger's reporting is about. Who has it was the Mar a Lago raid to get the papers back that describe this whole thing.


Is this like that national Treasure movie? Where's the Macguffin, folks? Where we'll call it the binder. I'm not talking about Corrine, Jean Pierre, Hattie, Jesse. What? Where is the binder? It's the only question you need to know right now. The binder, all of that information is in there. Where is the binder and who made it go away? Listen to Sean Davis on Fox, and you tell me this isn't just a.


Scandal about Democrat projection. This is a scandal about what was a coup planned against the incoming administration at the highest levels. And I can report here tonight that these declassifications that have come out, those weren't easy to get out, and there's, in fact, far more waiting to get out. Unfortunately, those releases and declassifications, according to multiple sources I've talked to, are being blocked by CIA director Gina Haspell, who herself was the main link between Washington and London. As the London station chief for John Brennan, CIA, during the 2016 election recall, it was London where Christopher Steele was doing all this work. And I'm told that it is Gina Haskell personally who is blocking continued declassification of these documents that will show the american people the truth of what actually happened.


Who told Trump to make her the CIA director? Was she doing all the wet work? Was she the cleanup operation? Certainly appears so. She's still the CIA director. So strange. Biden would keep her on board. Got rid of just about everyone else in the Trump orbit except her. Except her and Christopher Ray. Weird. I'd like you to read this Fox News article, Sam Chamberlain, back from 2018. It's about Peter Stroke. He was one of the FBI agents with a big role in Spygate. But I want to read this part to you because it's super important. Peter Stroke had a boss. His name is frequently left out of a lot of this. He basically makes an appearance in all three of my books on the matter. By the way, thank you to all who blew the book up. It was a top, I think, 50 book on Amazon, which is crazy considering it's been out four years. But I appreciate that. No need to. You can get it from the library. It's cheaper. Bill Priestep. Bill Priestep is a name you need to know. This is an article from 2018. Bill Priestep, outside of Jim Comey, is the most important person in the FBI on this entire effort to spy on Donald Trump and engage in this political setup, to frame him as a russian asset, and then to have the FBI pull it out and present it to a FISA court.


Prestep's a key figure in this whole thing. Bill Prestep, they noted in 2018, was interviewed Tuesday as part of an ongoing joint investigation by the House. Prestep was Peter Stroke's supervisor and oversaw both the Russia and Clinton investigations. Holy. This guy seems really important. Why don't more people know who he is? Here's the kick and the balls, man. Get your cups on. The lawmaker described Prestep as a very cooperative witness, but added that unanswered questions remained about pre step's overseas travel. So weird. He's super cooperative, Joe, but he just doesn't want to answer this one question about overseas travel. What is it? One line of questioning Tuesday concerned a trip to London by Bill Priestep in May of 2016 and whether it was connected to the Russia case. Oh. The trip was referenced by Peter Stroke in a May text message to the FBI lawyer Lisa page that said Bill would be quote, back from London next week. He was face. He said that. Oh, my. That's awful. That's awful. Someone confiscate the AI voice generator from Joe before he gets himself hurt, please. Great. Go back to that on Fox. Go back. He was in London for a week in May of 2016.


And it's funny, everybody says he was so cooperative, but he just doesn't want to talk about that trip to London. To London, where Gina Haspell was the CIA station chief in London, as John Brennan was running an international operation to frame Donald Trump as a russian asset in conjunction with our chief of station and our London CIA London. So strange. Gina Hasbro's still in there, and there's a little, like, MacGuffin out there, binder full of stuff that no one wants you to see. Now, let me tell you something. The extent of this operation being run out of CIA London from a source, and this is the part CIA London's involvement, again, is not new. Here's what I got from a source that I've never disclosed before. I'm going to let you know about today. This information had to be cleaned. It had to be laundered. That's why I've always referred to this, and that's why I'm referring to it again today as an information laundering operation. Why? Because if John Brennan told the FBI I got this information from Hillary Clinton's fake source, Christopher Steele, the FBI would have been laughed out of court. So they had to pretend and they had to assign the information to sources.


Folks, it's really critical you understand this. This is the part that's going to kind of eat your lunch a little bit. But if you don't understand this, you're not going to understand how this work. Yesterday described how Brennan flushed this information down various pipes so that 2030 different people would go to the FBI with the same thing. But here's the kicker. None of the information could have any official fingerprints on it. Do you understand why? Because it was fake. The five Eyes intelligence partners we used to set up Trump, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada. The partners, whatever role they all had, we know the UK was involved here. The GCHQ, their spy outlet over there, they did not want any official part of this. Do you understand that? You need to get this. There are no official communications through five Eyes indicating any of this. Which is strange because CNN and everyone else reported that the British were handing us information about Trump's contact with the Russians. I need you to understand this information was all laundered through the GCHQ and the CIA office in London. I don't think I put that out there before.


I'm reasonably confident I haven't. The CIA and Gina Haspell knows everything, folks. The question today is, how the hell is Gina Haspell still in charge of the CIA? And what does Gina Haspall know, folks? John Ratcliffe, who's a friend, hat tip fool. Nelson, by the way, another great reporter on this. So many people online who've done such amazing work on this, who deserve just mounds of credit, turned me onto this article from 2020. I saw this thing. Today, Trump's spy chief releases a new batch of Russia documents to the Justice Department. Oh, look, here's the Macguffin, Joe. Apparently people were so upset, a Korea prosecutor resigned from the dorm investigation and prompted Democrats to call for an emergency investigation. Holy shit. Are they afraid of the Macguffin? The binder. What does Gina Haspall know about the binder? Where is the binder? Sure Gina has a copy. Axios notes. Here's what they're saying in response to reporting. John Ratcliffe, who used to be our director of national intelligence under Trump, and by the way, one of the good guys, confirmed in a statement to axios, quote, at my direction, the DNI has provided almost 1000 pages of materials.


Sounds like the Macguffin to the DOJ. In response to John Doraham, the special investigator's document request. Including a new batch. Including a new batch. Did I say that? Twice. Including a new batch that DOJ lawyers are now able to view immediately. Sounds like those DOJ lawyers tried to stop this thing from coming out. Looks like the Macguffin to me, lad. That was not the. Actually, that was Joe's. His cerebral cortex generating voices. I just want you to think about what I just told you. Don't trust anyone. Your government is effing you over. They have all of this. They know about the whole thing. It was all being run through CIA London. The information was being laundered through Gina Haspell's CIA station in London. It was being laundered. It was being worked with with GCHQ, the United Kingdom and the Australian. And it was all a setup. The George Papadopoulos downer meeting was a setup. The George Papadopoulos misfit meeting was a setup. It was all a setup. This was all an op from day one, the whole thing. And the Macguffin is still out there. The Dan Bongino show if you'd like to hear more, subscribe to the Dan Bongino show wherever you get your podcast.