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I mean, can you imagine a picture, Newsday, the whole thing now? The whole thing. We now know the big question about this whole Spygate thing. We now know the big one. We know the answers. It was all made up all the time. And the fake information was attributed to real people. Fake information attributed to real people who had really some of them worked with the government in the past. That is going to be the big scandal.


I got that. I've got an update on more media shenanigans. You're not going to want to miss that. It's just a loaded Newsday, as always. Today show sponsored by Express VPN. Surf the Web with peace of mind. Get a VPN today. What are you waiting for? Express VPN dot com slash Bungeni. Welcome to the Dan Bongino show. Pretty soon. Joe, how are you today?


I am doing well and glad to be here among the real people.


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Bell is back. Sometimes have some technical difficulty to get a manual bell by Joe. Kind of puts me in a mood. I need to get my horse blinders on. All right. So let's hammer this story first. This one is an interesting one before I get to the Spygate development, which is I haven't liked her explosive. Let's just leave it at this. It's really freely good stuff. That's very fascinating. OK. But before we get to that interesting article, legal insurrection, great one.


As a matter of fact, the media, the media, you know, the media that lies then lies about lying. And then when caught lying, lies about being caught, about lying. And then goes on and lies about that. You know, that media. Yeah. That when they are oddly silent, the media as virus case numbers are rising in Portland and Seattle by the great Stacy Mass. The Matthews legal insurrection. Article B up in the show notes that A, please check it out.


Fascinating. Which again. Quadruples and Quinn couples down on my point that what Joe, the media only cares about the Corona virus when the Corona virus doesn't impact their pre-existing, more important narrative and their pre-existing more important narrative now is their street chaos everywhere. And it's Donald Trump's fault. Don't stop it. Let's keep it going. The chaos till after the election and then after the election, there'll be no chaos anymore and a lull disappear because the media won't cover it at all.


So just to be clear, the media, the lib media, to be clear, is enjoying this street chaos because they think it's a damaging political narrative to Donald Trump. You track. It's not that Trump is trying to stop. It's actually working in his favor. But no one's ever accused the media being smart. But so you understand who they think they can leverage the street chaos into an election victory for Joe Biden by saying, look, the country is in flames because of Donald Trump.


So they don't want it to stop. So when things like the Corona virus start rampaging through cities where these riots are happening and these mostly peaceful protests, which is becoming just an embarrassingly hilarious line by the media, only 17 stabbed in a mostly peaceful protest last night, Joe. Only forty seven police officers injured in a mostly peaceful protest. Only fifty thousand dollars in property damage in a mostly peaceful protest. Only six officers blinded in a mostly peaceful prayer.


It's an embarrassment. But the media only cares about the corona virus when they can use it to damage Trump. And when it conflicts with another narrative that's more important. We've got to keep the chaos going. They suppress stories about the coronavirus. So Stacey Matthews has a who wrote this piece, it's up at my show Notes by Geno dot com slash newsletter. If you'd like to subscribe to the newsletter, show notes, it's the same thing. Read this article.


It's a great one. And in there, she has you can see screenshots of some of her tweets. They see Matthews, who wrote the piece, who does really good work. You hear about this in the media. Joe, so let's put up Stacie Matthews tweet. Number one, you know, all these riots that are happening in Seattle and in Portland. Are you hearing anything about this? So here's her first tweet where she notes an interesting phenomenon from The New York Times, his own Oregon page.


She says, quote, This graphic is from The New York Times Oregon page. You can see how cases have steadily risen since early mid June. This is Oregon, where the protests are having, you know, Portland. It's an Oregon for the liberals checking us out for the first time. You see that there's a chart there and Joe, it shows an interesting trend going up. Yeah, that's up like the opposite, a down firm now. Keep in mind, you may see this on the rig page because they can't afford it.


But where have you heard this? In the national media, like, hey, maybe we should get a hold of these riots because, you know, corona virus and all. You're not allowed to get a haircut. You're not allowed to go to church. You're not allowed to see your grandmother. But definitely you should riot, you know, rioting because it has nothing to do with Corona virus. Well, that's not what that chart shows. That chart clearly shows Oregon cases going up.


You see you see the. Hmm, interesting. Now, Joe, because liberals always have a B.S. line because they don't know what they're talking about. Not all liberals, but a good portion were largely morons. Well, I'm very sorry, folks, if that offends you, you're probably listening to the wrong show. I'm done playing nice. Nice. I told my friend this yesterday. You want nice, nice, cutesy stuff. I'm sorry. This isn't for you.


I don't mean to offend anyone. I love having people here. I love my audience. But this show. We're done. Nice. Nice time. Nicely nice time. Go to a different show. I'm not the nice, nice guy. That's a different guy who's not me. You know Dan Bongino. That's not Dan Bongino. But knowing liberals and their lies and media hacks who lie about lying and in lie, about knowing they got caught lying.


What do you think their line will be, Joe? Well, those are just cases in Oregon. Dan. Oregon. Mad. Portland, Portland. You know, a small place in Oregon, Oregon's a large it is a rather large state. OK. Well, Stacy Matthews did that, too, because, you know, heroes have to be prepared for liberal stupidity. Here's tree number two. This graphic also from the Times Oregon Page shows that the case breakdown by individual counties over the last seven days, the counties with the highest number of total cases are.


Forgive me, from Saints Row, Multnomah. I'm sorry, Portland is where Portland is located and Washington, which is next to the county where Portland is located. Again, you have to prepare always, Joe, for liberal stupidity. Say, well. Cases in Oregon are spiking and protests or in Oregon. But we don't know if it's attributable to that exact area. Important? No, no, it is. That's where the most cases are in that county where Port Portland is.


Do you see that, you know, charts? Liberal, I have a fire you. Do you believe in data to. You know, liberals, the science party, right? The Science Party tells you there's seven thousand four hundred twenty six genders that thinks the corona virus does it impact people and protests but will definitely spread in your church, especially if it's a Christian church that, you know, those guys, the science guys. You know, I laugh at these idiots because they're not.


This is real. They really did that. They really do want you to believe they're the party of science, despite science, absolutely destroying their stupid narrative's. You haven't heard about this, have you, about how the virus is? Well, we did hear something. That's right. We did hear that.


That's our accurate Joe. We haven't heard that effect at all. That is the crickets you're hearing from the media describing the explosion in cases around the riots in Portland. You may say, because, again, you have to know liberals, folks, liberals are liars. That's what they do. Not all of them, but a good swath of them are just liars. They'll say, well. That's isolated to that one area because of like aliens or something wherever.


More on that tomorrow, Butterly. Right. So I have no time, that is so. Well, let's go to Seattle, where some more riots are happening, and again, Stacy Matthews Twitter feed, which is really great on this. Here's another graphic from the Times Washington State page showing the rise in case numbers in the state of Washington. You know, Washington, Lib's, where Seattle is. And in case you're listening on audio only, not complicated cases are going up again for the liberals on the radio dial, listening and listening digitally.


That means the opposite of down means corona virus cases are rising. Now, you may say, well, maybe they already forgot about the Portland example that liberals will say watch out. That's definitely not in Seattle. It's just statewide, but not in Seattle where the riots are happened. OK, let's let's let's check that out to. Here's the county by county breakdown. Over the last seven days, the counties with the highest number of total new cases are King, where Seattle's located, and Pierce, which is next to King.


You know it. You didn't. You didn't hear that anywhere. You're not hearing that anywhere, are you? The national media as DNC, CNN, a reporting on this, how the riots are causing a rampaging corona virus infections. You're not hearing any of that, right? Because they loved the riots. They love them. This is good for them. It's a chaos narrative, which they think works for them because they think they can pin it on Trump.


But Trump's not dumb enough to fall for Trump's pinning it back on them, because these are Democrat cities and everybody knows it. You haven't heard that story now, have you? Well, you heard it on my show and thankfully our audience is significant enough that we can make a real difference about the national conversation. Showing you how crazy it's actually become in these places, including Portland, which is totally in chaos. Do not listen to the media liars.


It's only a few blocks of Portland burning down. Only a few blocks. Only a few, but so just to be clear, if these people showed up in your neighborhood and only burned down your two blocks, you'd say, don't worry. Police, public, media, folks don't even report on this. It's just my two blocks burning down. There's a full blown assault war going on in Portland for the federal courthouse. The media refuses to report honestly about.


But it's gotten so crazy that when Trump does respond, which he did, he sent in the federal law enforcement officials to preserve the courthouse from being taken and sacked by like the Visigoths or something, as they said on Gutfeld shows weekend. This is insane, Joe. The Oregon attorney general is actually suing the federal government for trying to defend its own courthouse. Washington Post. You think I'm messing with you? Oregon attorney general sues federal agencies for allegedly violating protesters civil rights.


Which ones are civil to civil right to burn the courthouse down? If that's anywhere in the Constitution, the Fourth Amendment, four point six, you now have the right to violently assemble and burn down government property at will using lasers, firearms, incendiary incendiary devices, hatchets and shields. I didn't read that in the Constitution. I don't know if you did. I missed that somehow. So Oregon's actually suing the federal government for protecting federal property in the middle of a riot zone in Portland.


Yes, this is actually happening. Now, just what do you think this story couldn't get more embarrassing? Morons are chiming in about this lawsuit, the moron class. You know, Susan Rice and the whole Spygate crew and the Obama administration. If I tie those stories in the head, the moron class. So hat tip to the great undercover Houbara. So this on his Twitter feed this weekend. Susan Rice, Joe, fighting against the Trump administration, who who's trying to defend Portland.


Susan Rice claimed this weekend and that federal officers are secretly working for a private security firm, ZT. I keep this up. I'll get a load of this. They'll see if you're on YouTube, you get to read ahead. Because some blue tick blue check marks on Twitter misread a shoulder patch. It says ZT one, which is a unique identifier for the officer, which she know if she actually listed to DHS to just to be clear how stupid Susan Rice is.


You know, the former national security adviser from the Obama administration, one of the officers on the scene, had a marking unique to him that said ZT one on my market. Wait, wait. Joe, the liberal media told us that Trump's storm troopers, as Nancy Pelosi described them. These are federal agents and officers. They're not military. She said they were unmarked, like ninjas out of The Last Samurai. She said that, right? John, did she not say that I could draw as large stormtroopers, the media?


That's right. They're unmarked stormtrooper, ninja style, ninja style. So what's weird is they're not unmarked. They have markings specific to them so they can be identified readily. It's not their last names because they're afraid of being tocks, but it's specific to them like a badge number. Right. And one of them was ZT one with Susan Rice because she's an idiot. Misread thinking it was SETI, which is a private security firm. Oh, my gosh.


Ladies and gentlemen, you're talking about my. It's just like frustrating with the moron class. Now you're like, how did they fall for the dossier? Fall for it. One, they're idiots. And number two, they didn't fall for it. They thought we were gonna fall for it. They were dumb enough to believe we would believe it. Suzanne, I look at this patch, SETI, that's a private security guy. No, it's ZT one.


It's a unique marking to a federal agent. You're telling us is unmarked, you dunce. Dance. Private security guards are kidnapping civilians. That's a federal agent, you idiot. Can this get worse? It always gets worse. Hat tip, again, the great undercover Huba, great account to follow. I'm parler Twitter. So the lawsuit filed by the moron, Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum in Oregon, because she wants her city to burn down, apparently.


In the lawsuit, they use video show, Paula, before you put this up. This is I see you on if you got to listen, this is funny. The Oregon attorney general used a bunch of videos, Joe, to show that these federal agents who Susan Rice thought were private security, that warrant, because she can't read a marking, she said was unmarked. They use video as the Oregon attorney general. There's news videos of of people being kidnapped off the streets by the private security firm.


That wasn't a private security firm. They actually showed the videos to the court. This is from the actual lawsuit. Hat tip, again, undercover huba for pointing this out. Footnote in the lawsuit, the state initially included a third example talking about these videos. But if we drew that video because it recorded events that occurred in San Diego at.


If you ever, ever if you know a member of the active great warrior kings of these, we are not living in that time right now. We are live being led by political figures, both elected and outside of formal elected politics, but running to be part of power. Susan Rice is unquestionably trying to be the vice president had states under Joe Biden. We are buying being led by the dumbest group of human beings at any point in human history. So Susan Rice, who can identify a marking she said was unmarked on a federal agent, she's telling you as a private security person who's not.


Susan Rice chimes in on that one. And then the Oregon attorney general produces video evidence of alleged federal agent kidnappings in Oregon and the videos not even from Oregon. It's from San Diego. Oh. This is the class of morons. You're being led by right now. You know, I listened to a fascinating podcast this weekend. I like you can't talk, it's a good one. And now was an older one, but I was listening to a.


Cuban-American who does some homework, who used to work for the CIA? Martin Guri. And he was saying how this. I don't want to. I'm probably being unnecessarily harsh. His evaluations is a little were a little nicer, as I said. Nice show. Time is over. But the gist of it is, you know, we're being led by idiots. And the digital era we live in now is expose those idiots. And that on some good news.


He felt like if I'm mischaracterizing his position, he should email me and I'd be happy to interview him on the show. But that this may lead at some point to a peaceful breakup of the United States at some point in the future or could. Where people are just going to be tired of this, they're like, you know, what, if Susan Rice wants the run to be vice president nine states and lead the whole country knowing she's one of the dumbest people to ever hold the position of power in the United States, as evidenced by her actions, Benghazi, Bowe Bergdahl, she's just on the wrong side of everything, which makes her either dumb or complicit.


Then let her do that. But you guys can have your own federal government here because now we're exposing her like I did on this show. We're exposing her. You guys do your own thing and there'll be some regional breakup. You'll have a southwest United States in northeast California, the country of California, whatever it may be. But we're not going to be led by you morons. We'll pick our own local morons and figure it out ourselves. Seriously.


We'll pick our own local idiots that way we have more control over the idiots. Very interesting. All right, let me get to my second sponsor and I got to move on. Despite its story, which seriously exploded, expec totally exploded. It's over for its own. The media will tell you this, but it's a matter of the media's desperately trying to cover up what happened today show. Also, a bunch of our friends at Bravo Company Manufacturing.


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Oh, ladies and gentlemen, it has. Let's get right to it. So The New York Times, which is an embarrassing rag cornucopia of stupidity populated by discredited collusion hoaxers with no careers left to speak of anymore. You know, Charlie Savage, Adam Goldman, the other ones who history is going to laugh at these these idiots who just propagated all the Spygate myths in an effort to gaslight you. So instead of giving up on this thing and finally admitting they lied to America, there was no reason to spy on the Trump team.


The Trump team was spied on. They had nothing to base it on. And that they took part in actively promoting propaganda used to do it. They're doubling and tripling down. So back story before I show you this New York Times headline, because it's important Christopher Steele, who wrote the fake, you know, the dossier. Had attributed the information to AP, SS a primary substory. In other words, Theal puts together a dossier. Says, I got all this information from this guy who that guy was was a mystery to many outside of a limited few groups of people, a limited group of people I correspond with.


They knew who he was a long time ago, but who that primary sub source was was a mystery for a long time.


He tracking me primary sub source allegedly feeds information to Steele. Steele gives it to the Clinton campaign. They use the information, the FBI, to spy on Donald Trump. Right. We now know. Right with your brother. We now know who that primary sub source is. Was he a Russian? Of Russian and Russia connected to Putin in his inner circle? As was claimed by so many in the media? A sensitive source? No. He was a guy down the street from the White House and the Brookings Institute.


A think tank. Yeah. Left leaning liberal think tank way. Dan, Dan Steele said he got this information from high level sources inside Putin's circle. Now, they were inside a building a mile away from the White House. So now, instead of The New York Times again, which advanced all this B.S. forever, high level information trumps colluding with the Russians. We got it, folks. We got the picks to be given Pulis or prizes for this.


Hilarious. They would give a pill later. Instead of now coming clean and going, hey. All right. None of this information was actually attributed to high level Russians and the Putin government. But a dude a mile away from the White House and a Democrat think tank. The New York Times is now mad at you. Oh, no way. Yes. Yes. You know, Charlie Savage and Adam Goldman discredited, debunked collusion hoaxers. They're mad at you for uncovering who the source Steele's source was.


You think I'm kidding? Look at this. This is the cover. New York Times. Dear said upset. There he is. Adam Hack hoax there. Hack Adam Goldman and gas lighter extraordinaire. Gold medal guests. Writer Charlie Savage again. Two clowns headlined New York Times. The FBI pledge to keep a source anonymous. Trump allies aided in his unmasking. Oh, it's us now. This is great. This is great, Joe. So now it's not.


The president was spied on. His campaign was spied on by an opposing political party and a sitting president who took a role in it, along with the vice president who's now running for president against Trump again. And yet all of this stuff, this spying scandal run by this group of clowns, Obama, Biden, Clinton and others, the DNC and elsewhere. God forbid we trace it back to one person who says it's all a lie. And the real scandal is that we traced it back to the person.


We outed him. Oh, my gosh. It's our full Trump allies. Shame on you. The garlic chain around your neck and put the cross up like we're a bunch of Nosferatu or whatever that they aim for. Vampires is where the bad guys. Were the blood sucking demons. Is this real? Is this even real? Are we even living in the real world where newspapers that, you know, prided themselves on uncovering sources for real information? That exposed scandals over the last hundred years, real newspapers that The New York Times, it's the.


They're now at the point where we've uncovered the biggest scandal of the century. That's the whole reason for spying on the Trump team was a lie based on this one guy's information. We find out who the guy is. And instead of you wondering how we relied on information from a guy that was fake, the big story is how we're wrong because we outed him. Is this real? It gets even worse. I by the way, Adam Goldman and Charlie Savage are an absolute disgrace to journalism, folks.


I'm not kidding when I say this. I know it's become slightly personal at this point because of the damage they've done to this of real damage. These journalists have printed lies for years, have done significant damage to this country, debunked, discredited lies. They just won't stop. I'm warning you, do not trust anything, they print anything. There is a significant chance what they are printing is propaganda fed to them that they know is a lie in an effort to cover up the biggest scandal of the century.


If you're reading it and you're believing it, I feel really bad for you. Nothing they're telling you on this topic shouldn't be questioned three and four times. There's a significant chance it's a lie. From their piece, it gets even worse. The dossier did play an important role in a narrow part of the FBI in the early rush investigation. What a narrow part. So now that we have the source of the dossier who fed it to steal and we know it's all discredited nonsense from a guy who was a mile away from the White House in a Democrat think tank, not in Russia or Putin's inner circle.


We know the information is false. We know the information was used in the dossier. Now, your line of attack is you bad guys shouldn't have uncovered them. And secondly, it only played a narrow part. It's a it's a quote. Ladies and gentlemen, the entire dossier and warrant to spy on the Trump team to Carter Page. The entire thing is significant parts of it. The most the most significant parts of it were all the dossier. All the dossier.


But even more importantly, a big hat tip to Stephen MacIntire, who cited, by the way, extensively in my next book, Follow the Money, which. Again, we'll totally. Thank you to all parties that on Friday we blew up the Barnes and Noble charts. Amazon and elsewhere. My next book blows the doors on all this stuff I'm talking about now. But just in a lot of detail and in one place, like hiding anything from you.


Hey. Hi. Reading my book later. It's covered. It's all in one spot, though. Thank you, Paul. Going to be a handy dandy guide to all the deep state connections I'll get to in a minute to more into how the impeachment hoax has everything to do with what happened here to. I want to make this important point. So we now found the source of the discredited information that wound up in the dossier that was not a narrow part of the case against the Trump team.


It was the whole case. But had tips, Stephen Macintyre, it's not so much the FISA warrant now, that's the big scandal against Carter Page. We've already uncovered most of that. It was fake. It was always fake. They renewed it when they knew it was fake. We get that. That's huge. But the bigger part of this scandal is the role the dossier played in the intelligence community assessment. Oh, where we go and where are we going with this?


Yeah. Yeah. Where are we going with this? Again, active Stephen Macintyre has done an amazing job on this. He makes the point that. Listen, while they spied on the campaign with the FISA warrant and the FISA warrants were renewed knowing they were false. They were really located on centralized on the Carter page. Now we know there may have been Hoppes there, then infiltrated the Trump campaign and it's all devastating. But the intelligence community assessment that's released in January of 2017, remember that the 17 agencies say Trump colluded with Russia because the Russians hated Hillary Clinton.


Remember that in that intelligence community assessment later on was as damaging, if not more damaging, than the FISA warrants to spy on the Trump team. Why? Because that was the narrative, false narrative that was used by Goldman. Charlie Savage, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Rachel Maddow, Chuck Todd and every single media hack to go and propagate the myth that the Russians wanted Trump in office. And the way they did it was by colluding with him.


I need to be crystal clear on this. That was all based on what people thought was a formal intelligence product from the intelligence community. I see a intelligence community assessment issued in January of 2017. Right. Is Trump's about to swear into office? And Obama is transitioning out that intelligence product. Which said Trump colluded with the Russians basically, and the Russians want it more important, they should say the trump card was more based on that, but it was in the dossier which stated that the Russians definitely wanted Hillary elected.


That was used by the media as the bedrock principle way going forward that they need to investigate this. It was all fake. How do we know? Because that was based on the dossier, too. This is from Stephen MacIntyre's Twitter. If you look at this. You don't believe me. Look at dossier number 95 from Steel. Paul Manafort, who was using foreign policy advisor Carter Page and others as intermediaries. The two sides had a mutual interest in defeating Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, whom President Putin apparently both hated and feared.


So just to be clear, again, the media is saying, no, no, Trump colluded with the Russians because Putin hated and feared Hillary Clinton. Well, where are you guys getting that in media? We're getting it from the intelligence community assessment. This is a 17 agencies all agree. Where did they get it? Where did where did they get that? That Putin hated Hillary Clinton and theater where, Joe? Where did they get that? Did you just see that?


I just saw it in the DRC. That that's you. You may see. That's not in the Intelligence Committee says. Really. Let's just go to the Intelligence Committee assessment. Just read it verbatim. No, I'm not reading the dossier again. I'm reading the actual intelligence community assessment. Putin ordered the influence effort with the aim of defeating Secretary Clinton, whom Putin, quote, Stephen quoted, feared and hated. They even, quote, put the quotation marks, which it just to be clear.


The intelligence community, 17 agencies agree. Putin wanted a wanted Trump, not Clinton. The media then went on to use that narrative. They got that from the dossier, which we now know is fake. They even quoted it. They put the quotation marks in the intelligence community assessment from dossier report ninety five, which is fake. It's not from a pool meter circle guy. It's from a dude down the block from the White House. They made this whole thing up.


And Hack Goldman and Hack Savage from The New York Times are mad at you for figuring it out. Oh, my gosh. I just ripped the page. See that? Got to ease up on those bicep curls. Just a little bit. Ladies and gentlemen, this gets worse. How can it possibly get worse? Oh, it does. You know what, let me get to my final sponsor here and I because I want to rock and roll, too.


We got a lot of show for you. So you'll, like the media, relied on intelligence community assessment that was based on the same fake dossier, the FISA warrant. Yes, yes. That's the scandal. Yes, that's it. It's as simple as that. But it does get worse. Don't go anywhere. It. We're not even scratching the surface yet. Find a sponsor. They Omaha steaks. Listen, they're offering a steak house grilling package.


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Go today. Check it out. All right. You bet. All right, kid. Just check me good night. Get the thumbs up. You may say, how can this case possibly get any worse? Now? So the federal government put together an intelligence community assessment under Obama based on a peepy dossier from a guy a mile away from the White House and then quoted it. Exactly. And in no one in the media thought to ask any questions, 1782 sets out.


Now, Christopher Steele said so at his kooky peepee dossier. It does get worse. This a little bit of a long clip. About two minutes. But it's worth your time. This was Devin Nunez, great congressman from California. I'm Maria Bartiromo. Fantastic show this week on FOX, talking about some key takeaways from what this guy in the Brookings Institution, which is about whether they have haven't, I think, a mile or so, maybe two miles from the White House.


So we now know, again, steel source was not in Russia, was not Putin's. Powell had no real information. He gave this on. But by the way, I'll get to that. Don't blame fully the Brookings guy. Steele, I think, made a lot of this up. But as it is to be clear, the Brookings Institution knew this guy was Steele's source. It's a think tank. And Devin Nunes says there's some really interesting things going on with the Brookings Institution.


Check out this clip. And on the other side, I'll tell you the really strange connections between them, the impeachment hawks and Spygate. Check this out. Our investigation continues.


Maria and I would I would, I think, draw your attention to your viewers, attention to something that happened last week. So we've known that stood still, supposedly had these sources. We've long speculated and a lot of times joke that still basically made this stuff up, that he supposedly had six sources. And what's happened is, is these things have been declassified. And also there was a court case involving still in London on Monday where we now see direct links between the Brookings Institute leadership and the creation possibly of the Steele dossier and the dissemination of the Steele dossier.


So at the time, we now know there were text messages back and forth was one of the. I mean, it's basically the leading center left institution here in our nation's capital. It has a number of fellows. They focus on national security. I think they have real answer questions that need to be answered here about what on earth was the president of Brookings doing texting back and forth to steal? Why was he accepting the dossier? There's there's a lot here.


Then he also after let's not forget, for the last four years, Brookings also was the cheerleader for the dossier. So they were out there defending this dossier. They had this, like, kind of fake group called this Lawfare group that's been out there and on a daily basis. All they were there for is no one to attack House Republicans at our investigation for years running, by the way, they got everything wrong and they always were. Now, they always were defending one thing.


They were always defending the dirty cops. So you have the former president of Brookings. Now you have this group that was stood up that's sitting there cheerlead on the dirty cops. They've got a lot to answer for. And we also don't know are any of still sources? Were they related somehow to Brookings? I think Brookings needs to answer those questions.


Joe, do you have the Nunez translator handy? Yeah. Here we go. Initiating Newnes translator Dan, thank you.


We haven't used that awhile. My job here because Devin Nunes won't reveal classified information because he has some dignity, unlike Adam Schiff and others. The real congressman, you know. My job here is to translate for you what new ness is actually telling you. Let me just sum it up in a sentence here. The information they used to spy on the Trump team and for the intelligence community assessment, which made allegations of treason was fake. But it was tag to real people in the Brookings Institution.


How did those people and the Brookings Institution make contact with steel? How did they know to. Where some of the people Steele was using his sources. Were they classified intelligence community sources? That had worked with intelligence communities before. How did Steele find them? You think they just met up over tea and crumpets and accidentally bumped elbows in a Starbucks? Oh, hey. Oh, I'm Christopher Steele. Hello. I'm a sensitive source for the Central Intelligence Agency.


Really? Yes, I am. Can we talk about Donald Trump? Yes, we can. I know things about Donald Trump. What a quickie dink. How did that happen? We're always a few months, not years ahead of this. Some of this stuff is in my initial book, Spygate, which we wrote four years ago. But how is it that information we know is fake? The dossier information is attributed consistently to real people. The Brookings guy and other people, Serguei Million and others.


And yet the information is fake. And the real people it's attributed to most of the time, Joe, say, I didn't say that. That's just totally made up. Was it always made up from the start? Made up by people. Working within the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign, who fabricated the whole thing. Told Steele to tag it to real sources. Those real sources were real informants for the Central Intelligence Agency intelligence agencies overseas and elsewhere.


How did they get the names, the target to. Ha ha. Boy. Are you are you picking this up? I got to be careful. But are you picking up what I'm putting down? Yeah, daddio that the names of these intelligence sources were classified. There's a good chance Steele did not know them. Someone gave them to Steele. Classified sources who Steele said that guy said it, and then when he interviewed the guy, he said, I didn't say that.


Who told you that? What was Brookings Institution's role in this being that one of the primary sources, Steel used had an affiliation with the Brookings Institution, a left wing think tank? Who is the president of the Brookings Institution at the time this was all going down? There's no way that the president of the Brookings Institution, where Steele's alleged source. I'm telling you, I think Steel made this whole thing up. I understand that. But we're Steele said he got the information.


He works in Brooking's, who is the president. There's no way it would be a senior diplomat in the Bill Clinton administration who then left and was at Brookings as president when it happened. Right. That would be just crazy, wouldn't it? Nuts. No, because that's actually what happened. Let's go to a great piece in National Review by Zach Evans about Strobe Talbott, a name you heard on this show three and a half years ago. Steel update of the Clinton ally on dossier progress in 2016, Zack Evans, this article be up in the show notes today.


You need to read this one back from April. So just to be clear, a former Bill Clinton ally, Strobe Talbott, one of his buddies who was a senior diplomatic official in his Bill Clinton's presidency, was running the Brookings Institution when a guy affiliated with the Brookings Institution. His name is used in a dossier as the source. His name is he has the primary substance to then spy on the Trump team. Don't worry, Adam Goldman and Charlie Savage were definitely the bad guys for exposing this.


You guys are real heroes for being stupid enough to fall for this. Clinton ally, president of institution that allegedly feeds information into a fake dossier the FBI used to spy on the president and then uses for an intelligence community assessment to allege that Donald Trump is a treasonous, treated to a treasonous traitor to the country. Let's go to screenshot number one from the National Review. This is just fantastic. Talbott, the president of the Brookings Institution, indicated that he was told of Steele's work by former national secure adviser Susan Rice.


You know, Susan Rice, who take ZT one mean ZT because she's too stupid to figure it out. Or former State Department official Victoria Nuland. Who used to work for Talbot and then worked in the State Department. Wait, what? So Talbot, who's running the place where this primary substance is affiliated, feeding B.S. information, Talbot says, I heard it from Susan Rice from the Obama administration. Now, Rice denies this, according to her attorney.


But he says he got it from them. Wow. That's really weird. Susan Rice, who was Obama's national security adviser joke kind of sounds like maybe the Obama administration was orchestrating this whole thing with Hillary Clinton.


New. This kinda sorta. You're saying these connections can't possibly get any worse. You mentioned before, Dan, something about I in your book you talk about it's called Follow the Money, my book, because all these scandals are the same people. All of them. They're all the same people sorrow's. Brooking's. At the Trump cabal, fake whistleblowers. The impeachment hoax and Spygate. Are the same people when Spygate didn't work, they spied on Trump. He got elected anyway.


Then they moved seamlessly into the Mueller probe and that didn't work. And then they moved seamlessly into impeachment over the Ukraine hoax. It's the same people can't possibly be really. Let's go to screenshot number two from the National Review piece. Remember Fiona Hill, Joe Russia expert, testified in the impeachment hearing? Yeah, kind of like hit Donald Trump pretty hard. You like Fiona Hill? She worked in the Trump administration. Listen, they should've got rid of her early.


There's no way she appears in this thing, too. Okay. Let's just read from the article. So Steele went on to provide Strobe Talbott, you know, Clinton guy running the Brookings Institution with a copy of his dossier in November 2016. That's weird. And Talbott, who was tapped in 2011 by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to chair the State Department's Foreign Affairs Advisory Board, then disseminated the dossier to his Brookings colleague Fiona Hill in January of 2017 while she was serving in the Trump administration.


Come on. That can't be. She was the one with our high minded B.S. routine at the impeachment here. She was above the whole fray. Remember at the impeachment hearing when she said she knew about steel and stuff but couldn't really recall much of the details about her relationship with them? That's interesting because we can recall them now. So Fiona Hill, who testifies in the impeachment hearing against Donald Trump at the fake, you know, the fake quid pro quo that never happened.


Who else was there? Remember, that other guy was his name, David? He said my book to whose wife was on an e-mail chain with Victoria Nuland. Remember that guy? His wife was on an e-mail chain with Victoria Nuland about things in the dossier. Remember that? Remember that with the fake whistle blower who started the whole thing. Yeah, that guy. Yeah. You know, the fake whistleblower. You know, the fake whistleblower who started the whole thing?


It's on the record meeting with a Ukrainian lawmaker. Whose trip was funded by a Soros group to the United States. Ukrainian lawmaker meets with the fake whistleblower. She met with some of the same people involved in the Spygate scandal on that same trip. Oh, yeah. David Kramer, who worked for McCain, who was alleged to have passed the dossier off to the FBI, remember him? So Ukrainian lawmaker met with that guy, met with Alexandra Chalupa, who was working with Ukrainians to spread misinformation about Manafort and others.


And she also meets with the fake whistleblower while people testifying in the impeachment scandal started by the fake whistleblower. The same people are dealing with people at Brookings who are passing around the dossier. It's the same people. There's another screenshot, by the way, from this piece. The national, if you picture like these connections, can't possibly get any worse. No, they do. Talbot, Strobe Talbott, Brooking Institute guy whose brother in law, Cody Schirò, who's a Clinton lieutenant, by the way, also disseminated his own dossier alleging basically the peepee stuff.


You may say, Dan, this is getting very confusing. It doesn't need to be. The exact same people who were making up the fake information in the dossier used to spy on the Trump team and later used to produce an intelligence community assessment used by the media to claim Trump was a traitor. Guilty of treason to this country and that the Russians wanted Hillary to win. The same people involved in that were the exact same people who produced evidence of a fake Ukrainian friend, quote, quid pro quo used.


In a hoax impeachment sham to try to get rid of the president after the Mueller probe failed. It's the same people. It's the same people. Who is marshalling all this, ladies and gentlemen? Well, it seems clear this point, it's Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration. But who is paying for all this behind the scenes? Here's an interesting article, The Wall Street Journal, a name you'll see in all three of my books on this might Spygate exonerated my soon to be released book, Follow the Money.


Wall Street Journal from March of 2015. Clinton Charity Tap Foreign Friends. A dead 2015 article. What does this have to do with anything? Remember the name Viktor Pinchuk, Viktor Pinscher? Ukrainian guy who runs a company called Inter Pipe? Yeah. Remember that guy Pinchuk? Viktor Pinchuk appears in my mouth a couple of my my boxes. I think he makes an appearance and follow the money to. No, I know he does. Picture two big donor to the Clinton Foundation, which they've been looking at since as far back as 2015.


Clinton's got caught talking to Pinchuk and then disavowed any knowledge of knowing him, even though he was scheduled to appear at Mrs. Clinton's house down in Washington, D.C.. When those e-mails were uncovered, the Clintons and their people said, no, no, no pinpricks. We don't know what that's on our guy. Really, it's interesting because this Wall Street Journal piece from back in 2015 says he is your guy says that between 2009 and 2013, including when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, the Clinton Foundation received at least eight point six million from Pinchuk.


Based in Kiev, Ukraine. This foundation was created by Pinchuk, whose fortune stands from Pite Making. He served two terms as an elected member of the Ukrainian parliament and is a proponent of closer ties between Ukraine and the European Union. Mr. Pinchuk and his wife, the daughter of a former president, began donating to Clinton charities in 2006 after being introduced to Mr. Clinton by Doug Schoen, a pollster who's worked for both Clintons. You mean the same? Doug Schoen.


Who, according to Phare filings, was foreign editor of Foreign Agent Registration Act, was paid and is alleged to have arranged the meeting between the Ukrainian lawmaker, John McCain's guy. The fake whistleblower and the woman who is putting out most of the fake information about Manafort, its ties to Ukraine, which was used to foster the Russia hoax. You mean shewn is involved in all that? The same guy being paid by Pinchuk, who's a mega donor to the Clinton Foundation.


Who was a pollster for the Clintons? Yeah, that guy. They all know each other, folks. Let me just sum this up for you, because it's important. The dossier was faked, it was always fake. When the media ran with it and it didn't work, they used Bob Mueller to try and scare Trump into an obstruction charge that didn't work. Trump didn't play into his trap. Then they started a fake impeachment hoax based on a phone call and a quid pro quo that never happened.


Using the exact same people who were involved in the Spygate hoax. And the most damaging part of this whole thing is the intelligence communities that put out this intelligence community assessment. Saying that Putin hated and feared Mrs. Clinton literally quoted from a dossier. Everybody now knows is fake because we've tracked down the source who is affiliated with a Brookings Institution run by a Clinton guy who's now said it's fake and he didn't say any of that. You'd never believe this could get any worse.


But it does. All right. My final story of the day is important, if you didn't catch life liberty in the van last night, then go to whatever it is, Fox Nation or TiVo, DVR, whatever it may be, you need to watch it. I think there's a replay next week live in show. Last night was incredible. They had Stanley Kurtz on who has been talking about one of the biggest domestic policy scandals in a generation, that the media, again, is not covering it all.


But we've covered on this show for upwards of three years now. How the Democrats are literally going to war with the suburbs. I'm not kidding. It's happened. Look at the case of Westchester County where they sued them. The federal government in 2009 forced Westchester County to build a bunch of low-income housing in high end suburbs because they felt like it because, you know, racism and all, they had made all that up. It's actually happening. Trump has stopped it.


It's called a f f h. Tattoo it on your skull. Affirmatively furthering fair housing. It is a big government, far left radical agenda to destroy the suburbs, destroy the suburbs. Because liberals hate the suburbs, because it pulls tax money away from the big cities they want to dominate. They hate the suburbs. That's your house. So to liberals watching the great Stanley Kurtz, who's been all over this story for years, if not decades now, was on life, Liberty and Levanon for an hour broke down.


How the Democrats and Joe Biden are about to burn your neighborhood to the ground. With these programs. Here's clip number one, two minute clip. This is one minute of the two minutes. And this is Kurt's explaining how Joe Biden is about to bring back this program that's going to take over your schools, your policing, put public transportation in neighborhoods, are built for it. And they're going to claim you're a racist if you don't beat racial quotas in your neighborhood and build low income housing smack dab in the middle of your.


And if you dare speak out, you're definitely a racist.


Check out this clip, that brief mention and created out of it a transformative role, a little bit like Obamacare and that it's a massive role that does a great many things. And you have to keep delving and delving. And the the bottom line is that a f f h the acronym for affirmatively furthering fair housing would radically undercut the political and economic independence of America's suburbs. It would allow bureaucrats in Washington and the Department of Housing and Urban Development to control zoning laws, to control the placement of transportation and business districts, even to some degree the drawing of school districts.


In other words, almost every important local governmental responsibility could, under a FFA age, fall into the de facto control of the feds. Folks, you think he's making this up? You think this is hyperbolic? Look up Westchester 2009 consent decree, whereas a test case. Liberals sued Westchester County, New York, saying they weren't affirmatively furthering fair housing and alleging basically that the citizens of Westchester were racists. You don't have enough minorities in these neighbors. Keep in mind, Westchester, I think, is the fourth most diverse county in the country.


I think Stanley Kurtz said that last night doesn't matter. It is thankfully now and has been for decades, illegal to discriminate based on race, gender or anything, selling someone you're out. You can't you can't do it's illegal. So no one had a specific case of racism. They just said, we don't like the racial makeup of your town is basically too many white people. So we're going to sue you. You may say that that probably got thrown out.


No, no, we didn't. It scared the hell out of West Chester to the point where they agreed to build tens of millions of dollars of low income housing smack in the middle of upper middle class neighborhoods. So come into my neighborhood a f f h. It already has. Well, what stopped it? Why hasn't expanded throughout the country? Well, there were lawsuits, thankfully, that stopped some of it. But the Trump administration just put a big stop to it and said we're not doing that.


It's illegal to discriminate based on race. Thankfully, it will continue to be forever in a same country. But unless you can prove someone was racially discriminated against, you pointing out the racial makeup of a neighborhood has nothing to do with anything. People move to neighborhoods, offer for all kinds of reasons. Cuban family moves in. They bring in some Cuban Cuban friends who live next door, you have neighborhoods that have a lot of folks who were Cuban.


Why they chose that neighborhood? We have no idea. Unless you can allege racial discrimination, you saying a neighbor of a neighborhood is racist, this kind of offensive? No. So they're going to use this now to sue you. And re zone your communities and plan a bunch of low income housing right in the middle of your neighborhood. It's Shortie Happen. They're also going to redistrict your schools. But by the way, I'm all for school choice.


So don't. I'm just telling you what's gonna happen. But if you're not, which you should be, by the way. But. If you're not for school choice, you know, my kids, I paid a lot of money, get in my neighborhood because schools are good. That's fine. You're perfectly entitled to your opinion. That's not what the federal government saying. They're saying, no, no, we're going to come in and we're going to redistrict your kids, the different schools.


Oh, you didn't know that? Oh, you think this is a big joke? Biden is running on this. Biden is running on reinstituting this. Even worse, they're doubling down. Watch. Cut to hear. If they can't redistrict your schools, take away assets from your police department and tax you to pay for big cities. They're going to institute regional governing consortiums to take away your tax money from your local neighborhoods, the suburbs they're going to destroy, given the city's.


Check. Check this out. You think I'm messing with you? So effectively, in so many crucial respects to the people who live in these communities are the people who want to live in these communities.


The federal government would nationalize, federalize decisions, respecting the economy, schooling, law enforcement, housing, zoning, commercial activity, transportation hubs. Have I missed something?


You probably have, Mark. I've probably missed something because there are so many things in the A F F age regulation. It's hard to keep track. For example, I'll give you just one example of something we both missed. Quote unquote. The AFFO age will allow the feds to push local governments into regional governing consortia. Now, what does that bit of gobbledygook actually mean? It means that it will try to create a layer of government in between the federal government and local government.


A layer of government that corresponds to your greater metropolitan area. So if you are in, say, Montgomery County outside of Philadelphia, it will try to remove your governing responsibilities and hand them over to the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area, which will probably end up taking a chunk of your tax money. So there is a lot in FFA.


So just to be clear, let's sum up what's in AFFO h, which Biden has already openly pledged to expand. It's not a secret. Look it up yourself. I don't like Kappus tweets. Good. You live in the suburbs. Here's what's coming your way. Low income housing, massive housing complexes, big high rises of low income housing in your neighborhood, redistricting your schools. You like your schools no more and your schools anymore. Your tax money is not going to be spent locally.


It's going to be spent in cities you don't even live in that you just moved out of. And it's all going to be done under the guise of you're all racists, despite the fact they can't actually point to any racism. And one of the neighborhoods used as an example of neighborhood racism, again, not specific examples. They don't have any one of the neighborhoods. Joe, here's the greatest irony of all folks, and we'll be done after this because it's a mike drop Bowman.


What are the neighborhoods in Westchester uses? The example of a racist neighborhood that needs low income housing built in it and its schools redistricted. Is is is oh, Chappaqua, where Hillary Clinton lives in a racist neighborhood. Hillary Clinton, of all the places to picks the racist neighborhood. The federal government made an example of as a racist neighbor. It's not. But they just. Why doesn't she move? Why doesn't you why does she support this? Because it's B.S., something racist about Chappaqua or anywhere else.


They're just using it as a talking point. Phones going. Always a busy day here. Bungeni week. Oh, and that was a loaded show. All right, folks, thanks again for tune in, and I really appreciate it. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel, YouTube dot com slash Bungeni. We really appreciate it. We had another terrific week. And please pick up my new book again and preorder. Follow the money, I promise you.


All of these ties between the impeachment hoax, the Muehler hoax and the Spygate hoax are all laid out really convenient. The book is written like a police file, again, just like Spygate. So you can skip around between chapters if you want to find connections between all of this stuff. It's all there, all laid out for you in one spot. Check it out. Follow the money available. Barnes Noble dot com, Amazon bookstores online. Preorder now.


Check it out.


You just heard Dan Bongino.