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Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that's not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino. Ladies and gentlemen, Biden is not there. The guy cannot even remember. Think about what I'm about to take of a prosthesis. Biden can't even remember if he took a cognitive test.


What? You can't remember if you took a test, if you can remember. Can you remember things let's take a test, did you take a test? I don't know. I don't remember that's actually happening. I've got that I've got a loaded show for you today. I got to get going because I'm really starting today. Show Batebi, Express VPN, protect your online activity today. Don't wait. Get a VPN, go to express VPN, Dotcom Bongino, get that VPN today.


Don't wait. Welcome to the Dan Bongino show producer. Joe, how are you today sir.


I am good to go so on with the show. Yes. Giono is that we had a little technical thing before we run about five minutes late. So Joe is a smart man is. Let's get right to it. All right, ladies and gentlemen, I got that. I've got some more stuff on mask's. There's some back and forth on that as well. I've also got some insane video of the Democrats absolutely losing it up on Capitol Hill. Let's get to it today.


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You're right. At least the bell worked.


We got so many moving parts of this big studio now. Right. Good job. Positive sign. Thank you, Paul and Joe, for feverishly working to get us up a relatively short time. All right, let's get right to it. First ladies, Joe and Joe Biden is entirely lost it. Again, I hate to keep bringing this up because I don't like to repeat content their stories, but literally the content just keeps coming every day. Literally, there is a new video showing up every day of Joe Biden who can't even remember now and is changing his story.


If he took a test, a cognitive test on his ability to remember things, can you imagine the irony? Joe, we need you to take a test, Mr. Biden, to see if your cognitive abilities are there, what your your ability to do, to get information, to remember information, to store information and retrieve it. And he can't even remember if he took the test. Listen to this video. Ladies, gentlemen, this is another Joe Biden word salad.


When asked by an interviewer if he took the cognitive tests, he does what he always does. He gets upset. He gets angry, which, by the way, is a sign of some serious cognitive decline. Again, it gives me no joy in pointing this out. I'm not kidding. It's very it would be immoral for me to make fun at this. I'm not pointing it out because I think it's it's not funny at all. It's actually quite tragic.


I'm pointing it out to you because you're about to make a decision about who's going to carry the nuclear football, who is going to determine your economic livelihood with tax rates in the next four years. You're going to give it to a guy who can't even remember if he took a memory test. Here's a video I want you to pay attention to. Two things. Number one, how easily Biden gets angry at people when they ask him a question he doesn't like, he just loses it.


Secondly, Biden has a number of tricks. Someone taught him when he forgets midsentence what he's doing. I pointed out one yesterday where he calls something if he forgets it, like when he was talking about the Bill of Rights or so about the War Powers Act. And when he forgets what he's talking about, he calls it the thing. There's another trick he does. You'll see here to watch pay close attention is very well you scenery, but your audience will get it.


When he feels like he's going to forget where he's going, he says he either uses is tricky because I'm going to stop here or I'm not going to say it because he makes up some reason. He's only saying that because he forgot what he was going to say, watch him do it in this interview and pay attention how easily gets angry. Check this out.


Have you taken a cognitive. No, I haven't taken a test. Why the hell would I take a test? Come on, man, that's like saying you before you got this program, you take a test where you're taking cocaine or not. What do you think the. Are you a judge, do you say to President Trump, who brags about his test and makes your mental state an issue for voters?


Well, if he can't figure out the difference between an elephant and a lion, I don't know what the hell he's talking about. Did you watch that? Look, come on, man. I know you're trying to goad me, but, I mean, I'm so forward looking to have an opportunity to sit with the president or stand with the president in debates. They're going to be plenty of time. And by the way, as I joke with them, if I shouldn't say I'm going to say something I know I probably shouldn't say anyway.


I am I am very willing to let the American public judge my physical, mental health, my physical, as well as my mental fitness. Folks, I'm not kidding. It's not funny. This is not a laughing matter. So this is. This is what we would call an. Psychology and psychiatry, you'd call basically the word salad, disjointed words thrown together to resemble a sentence when he loses himself. Did you catch him? Do it, Joe, by the way, half way through what he's trying to talk about him versus Trump in their mental capacity.


He gives this elephant lie analogy, which is I don't even know what he was talking about. And then as he's giving this analogy and trying to make sense of it, he forgets what he's talking about and he goes, oh, I was going to say something, but I'm not going to say. And he just totally loses it. He just drops off to. It's a word I just made up. It's a bunch of sentences thrown together, make no sense because he has no coherent thought train going down a track.


It goes in all these different directions because he can't focus. He can't focus. You're expecting him to make decisions about the economy, health care. Potential nuclear war. You're expecting him to do it. You know, the word salad is, you know, I like toast lemonades, great on Sundays, that chair's got rust on it. I don't like rust. That sky's awfully green. Green is a cool color. When I was younger, I used to hit baseballs, you're like.


Why? This is what people do when they can't keep a coherent thought train. Folks, this is not funny. This guy is running to be president of the United States. He can't even remember if he took a cognitive test. Now, of course, we always produce evidence on the show. We do actual reporting here, unlike the media. You say, Dan, he got offended when he was asked about taking a cognitive test. Let's go to The Washington Times article themselves.


Here's the receipt. Said he can't even remember if he took a cognitive test. Remember, he's mad at the reporter for asking him if he's taking a cognitive test day. Boya Washington Times, June 30th, 20 20. Biden says, quote, He's constantly tested for mental decline and is eager to debate from. OK. Washington Times directly citing and quoting Ibid, he put the video, we have so many videos today, I don't want to lose you in like a video salad, like a word.


So fine. I'm constantly tested. His words, Joe, not mine, quote, constantly tested for a cognitive decline. Now he just gets mad at a reporter for asking him if what he said is actually true. Well, you said you were tested. Are you tested? Here's another report. Joe Biden. I haven't been tested for a cognitive decline when we w NY News. Biden clarifies he is not taking a cognitive test. Ladies and gentlemen.


Listen, politicians lie, that's what they do, I get it, my argument to you here is not that Biden's a liar. Listen, all politicians are liars. Democrats lie. I think more often than Republicans, as I always say, Republicans may not be the solution to all your problems, but Democrats are certainly the cause of it. I am not making an argument to you now to be crystal clear. Put your horse blinders on. I am not making an argument to you that Biden's a liar.


Therefore, he's unworthy of every politician. He's unworthy vote because he's a terrible politician with terrible policy prescriptions. The case I'm making here is I think Biden genuinely doesn't remember if he's even taken a test based based on his ability to remember things, a cognitive exam. I'm not kidding. I don't even think he remembers it, media interview. It's just so incredibly destructive, what the Democrats are doing to this man is a real disgrace. When you agree, Joe, this is a real sin and a travesty, you're putting a man in a position, a decision making position in an effort solely to get rid of Donald Trump, who, you know, has no cognitive capacity to fulfill the tasks necessary to be the president, United States.


It's just a damn shame. All right. Moving on, folks. Again, I just I feel the need with this important election coming up to put out to you what's going on, whoever you decide to vote for. I want you to understand Joe Biden cannot handle is not mentally capable at this point of handling this job. And I'm very sorry to have to tell you that. All right. So last night I was on Sean Hannity's show on Fox, which I do just about every night.


So always check that out if you can always enjoy the appearance, 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time, of course, Fox News Channel.


And I was asked about Hillary Clinton and I made a comment in the beginning and man, did it get a lot of attention. I brought up the fact that you can't trust the media anyway. They're flipping the script on everything in that years ago. The media, which now loves mail in balloting. Right. They love mail about why do they love it? They love it because Donald Trump said, hey, there are problems with mail and valide mail.


So what Donald Trump said is factually correct, of course, but the media doesn't care because the media doesn't do facts. It's not what they do facts, not their thing. Facts, media, facts mean they move in opposite directions. It's an inverse relationship. OK, so now the same media which reported years ago, which I'm going to show you in a minute, 2012, The New York Times.


Left wing rag, left leaning rag. The New York Times, who themselves reported on the extensive problems with mail in voting there, now these left wing media regs are now taking the opposite position because, of course, Trump said the same thing. And these people are not concerned with their credibility at all, they're concerned only with making Trump look foolish, even if it involves sacrificing their principles on the altar of liberal activism. Do you understand I mean, you understand the desperation, what kind of a loser you have to be to know what you said is out there in print.


You wrote articles about the problem of mail and voting, and you don't care. You now write the exact opposite articles just because a politician said something. Do you understand what kind of a complete life loser and zero you have to be to do that?


There are politicians out there as well who have pointed out the problems with mail and voting. So when I was on how did he last night, I said, you know, everyone should go check out this 2012 New York Times article by Adam Liptak pointing out the extensive issues with mail in voting. Don't worry, because I got a ton of emails that I can't find that I have it for you today and it is in the show. Notes go to by newsletter.


Subscribe to our show notes. It's free. Of course, we'll email you once a day. We won't spam your inbox. The article is there. I will show it to you in this segment. But first, before I get to that, I want to show you what frauds the Democrats are to how these are useless politicians who lie and change their position like that. Again, all politicians lie, Democrats lie and don't even care that they lied.


At least the good Republicans. If they say something and they change their position, at least they try to explain it. The Democrats don't even care because they know the media cover for them. Here's evidence here. Here's Jerry Nadler of the Impeachment Hoax Fame. Here's Democrat Jerry Nadler arguing, back in the good old days, I believe this is in the war with the Clinton the Bush v. Gore, you know, that whole election mess that happened. Here's Jerry Nadler arguing in his experience as a congressman in New York that mail in voting has a lot of problems.


Keep in mind the same Jerry Nadler, that saying the exact opposite thing right now. Check this out.


In my experience in New York, paper ballots are extremely susceptible to fraud. And at least with the old clunky voting machines that we have in New York, the deliberate fraud is way down compared to paper. When they when the machines break down, they vote on paper. We've had real problems. So that's that is there's got to be a way. It's got to be a way. I'm simply observing that is a problem. There's got to be a way of getting the best of our methodologies.


But in fact, the MIT studies have shown that hand counted paper ballots are among the most reliable. And if there's a miscount and you discover it, you can't discover miscounts with these optical scan, with paper. I want a paper trail. I want paper somewhere, but pure paper with no machines. I can show you I can show you experience which would make your head spin.


There you go. Jerry Nadler, very concerned about paper ballots, paper mailbox, mailbox paper, as I said to you before, I discussed this clip before for the liberals who will try to parse that out, Danny was really talking about mail and he would talk about paper. I'm just checking. And they mailing you a computer. I'm. Paula, did you hear anything about that, Joe? Are they mailing you a tablet, an Apple, a tablet laptop thingy?


No, they're not. OK, so they're not doing that. There is no they're mailing you an actual piece of paper. I vote by mail. I vote by mail. I get a ballot by mail for a number of reasons. It causes kind of chaos at the election. I say that would not a pat on the back is just true. I've opened states who are already for it and have substantial absentee ballot programs. Florida, which has a lot of seniors down here, active adults in Florida, they're used to mail in balloting.


I'm just trying to point out to you, Nadler understands there's a problem and always has and doesn't even care. Now, what's the difference here? I'm going to play for you some clips here, too. What's the difference between, Maylin, what Trump is discussing now and absentee? I am getting really, really super frustrated with media idiots pretending to be stupid, pretending to not understand the difference. What Trump's objection is, is to not get mail in balloting at all.


He's not objecting to mail and bad people up. You have military veterans overseas. You have people who can't show up to the election booth, like Trump, who lives. He's a registered voter in Florida now. He lives obviously up in D.C.. But his residence is Florida, they have to mail an email in and it's done very well in Martin County where I live. You track it, you go online. That's not what he's objecting to in the media is playing dumb.


What he's objecting to is mass mail in balloting, what's happening right now in California, Washington, D.C., Vermont, Nevada. Do you understand the difference, folks? They're not talking about an absentee process. Where Dan Bongino goes to is Martin County voter. You say request a vote by mail. They send it to you, you get it. It's in your name. You fill it out, you stamp it, you sign it and you send it back.


What they're talking about doing in California and after is mailing ballots indiscriminately to registered voters, whether you wanted it or not, some of you don't even live in those places anymore. Those are actual votes out there, sitting out there for any Tom, Dick and Harry or Joey bag of donuts to sign. Want that the signature, just fake it, even if two or three out of four out of 10 make it through because it Semih looks like the signature folks, the one sitting there with like an optical lens going.


They generally say it looks like it looks like if even three out of 10 slipped by, you're talking about 30 percent of these fake ballots making it through. That's what he's objecting to. Do you understand the difference? One is an absentee ballot by request from a registered voter who has to put in some biographical data, typically in a website, request a ballot, wait for it, sign it goes back, sends it and can track it. That's what we do in Florida.


That's not what Trump is complaining about. He's complaining about mass ballots being sent out everywhere, whether you want it or not. Can you imagine the odd Jerry Nadler could apparently now? Yeah, it gets worse. The New York Times, yes. Left leaning collusion conspiracy blog. New York Times back in 2012 wrote a piece of going to be in the show notes today. Please check it out. Wrote a piece about the problems with Palin, voting error and fraud.


At issue is absentee voting rises. Adam Liptak, October six, 2012 article is in the show. It's read reading. He's talking about problems with the absentee process I talked about, which in my county is pretty well done, it's not in every other county in the United States. There are some counties in the United States that have real problems with even absentee. But you understand that makes our case, not yours, if absentee by request is a mess in some places, mail in voting, not by request, where you get a ballot no matter what, would be an apocalyptic disaster, you can't even handle people voting by request, no less, not by request.


The New York Times discussed look at this screenshot from The New York Times, screenshot this, send it to your liberal friends and ask them why The New York Times has seemingly changed their mind. Here's The New York Times. On mail in ballots, quote. Yet votes cast by mail are less likely to be counted, more likely to be compromised and more likely to be contested than those cast in a voting booth, statistics show election officials reject almost two percent of ballots cast by mail, double the rate for in-person voting.


The more people you force the vote by mail, Mr. Sanchez said, the more invalid ballots you will generate. That's The New York Times own reporting. And yet, media morons. Print writers, TV editorialists pretending to be journalists still pretend no one, they don't know the difference between mass mail and voting, not by request and absentee balloting by request. And they ignore the data that even absentee balloting by mail, by request has its own issues. Paper absentee has its own problems before you even get to mass ballot mailing.


You think I'm making this up, how the media is playing dumb, here is the Nicole Wallace of Katie Tours, Brianna Keilar over at CNN. Seriously, one of the one incredibly boring, even some leftist. You know, you kind of laugh at their conspiracy theory, collusion stuff, but at least sometimes they're entertaining to watch as they melt down on television. You know, sometimes I'll watch George Costanza on CNN and I'll watch him totally melt down.


And it's actually pretty hilarious to watch. Brianna Keilar is boring and not smart, which is like a double whammy. Brianna Keilar, again, the Nicolle Wallace of Katie Tours. Here's a video of her arm with the infinitely smarter Mercedes Schlapp, who actually knows something. And here's Brianna Keilar of CNN, pretending she doesn't understand the difference. One between mail in balloting and mass, not by requesting absentee ballots by request. And then, number two, pretending that voter fraud doesn't exist.


Besides the fact that Mercedes Schlapp says, well, there's an actual website at the Heritage Foundation. Don't worry. We'll show you that to where you can see the voter fraud. She's not interested. She thinks it's all crap. Here's Brianna Keilar, the Nicolle Wallace of Tours on CNN, humiliating herself yet again. Check this out.


I'd like to ask my question that I think this Mercedes two Mercedes, Mercedes. OK, why are you doing that? Because it appears that it's just to sow doubt in the minds of people about whether their votes are going to matter. Well, we for both sides, for this nation, for the sake of America, we need to make sure that every vote matters. And it's why it's important that we get this right. So then why are you trying?


So then why are you trying to ensure that some people won't be able to vote three days after the election? Let me why are you OK if everyone know you just said you just said Mercedes.


Mercedes. Hey, if you ladies you just said that everybody you were just stating that a priority should be for people to practice their rights as Americans and vote and look, if they're registered voters, that is Election Day. So then why are you talking? So then why are you talking down? Why are you villainize a male and voting, which would give people the ability to practice their right as an American and vote? I'm going to ask you again, do you think it's OK after November 3rd to be able to cast a ballot three days after or seven days after Mercedes's, the election in November to see this vote?


You're saying you're saying that voter fraud is a thing, and I'm telling you that it's not. And you're muddying the waters. And I also wonder, isn't that don't you worry that that's going to actually hurt you? I mean, isn't that to the point why the president said, OK, you may have left my Mercedes? I'm asking. I'm just Mercedes. Mercedes, we can have this is like this is just pointless. This is pointless. I get it.


You're just saying a bunch of crap, OK? You're saying a bunch of crap. I want to tell you what. Now let me talking about that. No, no, we're talking about voting in a pandemic. We're talking about OK, you don't let them have a conversation with them. We're talking about voting in a pandemic, OK? We're talking about people trying to eat. You can listen, Mercedes, Mercedes, I need you to listen to me.


OK, let's focus and have a serious conversation here.


Voter fraud, Brianna Keilar, is, quote, not a thing, that's a very deep analysis. Again, this is one of the least bright people on television who is boring to I mean, it explains why CNN rarely, if ever, cracks the top 10 in shows because they hire people like the not bright, incredibly boring, supremely untalented Brianna Keilar, who, again, is a less smart Nicolle Wallace from MSNBC.


So Brianna Keilar saying voter fraud is the thing. I'm going to include again in today's show notes, which I encourage you to subscribe to and open up for that New York Times article and for this link to Paula was kind enough to put up which Mercedes Schlapp was trying to tell Brianna Keilar about, but she's not smart enough to listen. The Heritage Foundation here is their website, which will be linked in the show notes today. Again, check it out.


A sampling of election fraud cases from around the country. One thousand eighty eight proven instances of voter fraud. Nine hundred forty nine criminal convictions, 48 civil penalties, 75 diversion programs, eight judicial findings, eight official findings. Keep in mind, these are only the thousand we know about a voter fraud case.


But don't worry, Joe, don't worry. Calm down. Brianna Keilar, the Albert Einstein of CNN midday hosts, the Stephen Hawking of Fake News special is said, quote, It's not a thing, so it's not a thing because CNN told you so. So don't worry, Joe. Don't worry. Ed, thanks. I know you were very concerned about DeLay. I don't want you to be. Now, of course, Brianna Keilar probably doesn't even read the newspaper, but if she did, she'd see this article in The New York Post about a natural experiment going on right now in live time with mass mail in voting that Brianna Keilar says that worried voter fraud, not a thing, not a problem.


Don't worry about New York Post. Twenty five percent of ballots in a Brooklyn June primary declared invalid August 4th, 20, August for twenty 20. Is that 20? 20 is that's a 20 60. This is an old story. No, no. This is actually from just the other day. What's today's date? Today's the fifth. So that was yesterday. I had to check that. I'm anchored in Paula's birthday, which is August 2nd. I can't get past.


It is a month long extravaganza. And the Bunshiro hassle. I didn't even. This is just yesterday. Twenty five percent for the liberals. That's one fourth. One out of four. One fourth a quarter. In other words, that is a quarter of ballots submitted by mail declared invalid. Don't worry, Brianna Keilar, she doesn't actually read the newspaper. She probably didn't see that she was too busy trying to correct Mercedes Schlapp for giving her actual information.


Voter fraud is not a thing, Brianna's I.Q. is not a thing, I'm not sure voter fraud, is it? I think check out that heritage database. It's right there again by of dot com slash newsletter for the show notes, which we put a lot of work into. Check it out. You can show that to your friends and they'll say, but that's a right leaning think tank. What you're suggesting me, what they're claiming here, that these actual court cases of convictions are fake.


No, no, they're not fake. You're just making that up. They're very real. You just don't want to acknowledge that voter fraud is, in fact, a thing. All right, I want to get to this masterbate, I'm going to get to that in a second, but I want to I have some video. I'm a little out of order today because of my numbering system broke down. That Biden thing creeped in late. So I had a name at a rather than one screwed up everything.


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It's happens all the time. We don't care. We're interested in the truth. So whatever. We're just going to fight on. We're going to plow right through it.


So yesterday it was a hearing up on Capitol Hill. Remember what I told you about Antifa? You know, it's easy for me to identify as a terrorist, fascist, racist group, which they are. You know, they're they're out there in Portland. They were calling black law enforcement officers the N-word. Yes, that actually happened. White antifa members are racists. That's what they are. They are fascists. That's why they use the term antifascist to confuse you there.


They are fascists. They're prote. They're pretty far. I know Profar proto. I prefer Potiphar. The Democrats are covering for antifa, you may say, why, how is this a winning political argument? I can't make this case to you enough that the Democrats are going to do two things. They need antifa because Democrats, radical leftist like the Democrats up on Capitol Hill, have all become they've always needed shock troops on the front line, people to out there in their ninja suits and whatever, scaring people.


Because the Democrats then propose a big government solution as an example and remember what I told you the other day in that long segment we did on how the Democrats need to disconnect you from the reality of the greatest country in the world you live in. They want you to think this country sucks. Why? Because they want to change it. Right? You get it. It's all makes sense, right. The Democrats know this is the greatest country on Earth.


It's visible to anyone who lives in it. Seriously, just walk out of your house. We live in the safest, most modern, economically advanced country in the history of humankind, generally speaking, safest. They don't want to believe it because they want to change it. They want to take away your money, take away your health care, take away. To get that, they have to make you believe you believe in a hellhole. The shock troops are the one that caused the chaos on the front lines that make you believe that hellhole is real and they're going to be the ones to save it when they come in and change the whole thing.


They need antifa. They've always needed antifa. They are the shock troops on the front line. That's number one, they need the shock troops to scare you, to make you believe America is a country full of chaos and it's irredeemable and you need to change it, vote for them. They're going to change it for you. Number two. They will do the opposite of No one every time and try to pretend they are not connected to antifa. Yet, you know, they don't want any direct connection because people see the violence a.


that, you know, they attacking innocent men, women and children, calling black law enforcement officers the N-word so they can't have a direct attachment. You know, I'm saying, Joe, they won't show up typically with them unless you're Ted Wheeler in Portland. Yeah, a lot of the semi mainstreamers will kind of coddle antifa. Never say a bad word about them. While simultaneously using them as shock troops, it's a weird dance they do. But in the dance, they'll never criticize Antifa because of number one, they needed to face the shock troops.


You don't believe me? Here is a brilliant exchange with the great Ted Cruz, Republican senator from Texas up on Capitol Hill with the absolutely hapless mental midget, Mazie Hirono.


Remember that one step up, step up with the Kavanaugh thing. And then when you add sexual harassment claims about Democrats, she steps down to remember Mazie Hirono. Yeah, yeah. Not a real genius either in the Brianna Keilar crew there.


So here's Ted Cruz and Mazie Hirono going at it. And Cruz totally calls her out, puts her on the spot, says you're welcome. You would criticize Antifa right now. You know, the fascist racist group. You're ready to do it right now and she won't do it. And she walks off storms off in a huff. This is great. Check this out.


You aren't listening. So I hope this is the end of this hearing, Mr. Chairman, and that we don't have to listen to any more of your rhetorical speeches. Thank you very much. I'm leaving. Well, I appreciate the, as always, kind and uplifting words of Senator Hirono, and I would also note that throughout her remarks, she still did not say a negative word about Antifa, nor has any Democrat here. They instead engaged in a political game where they depend.


You're welcome to say something negative about Antifa right now. I think that why you OK? She declined to speak, so that is the position of the Democratic Party. I would note also that of the seven Democratic senators who spoke, not a one of them apologized for or denounced multiple Democrats calling law enforcement officers, Nazis, storm troopers and Gestapo. To be fair, I don't had not heard the word Nazi, but storm trooper was Nancy Pelosi and Gestapo was another Democratic leader that.


Is less than helpful. She won't call him out, she will not call out a fascist racist terror group like Antifa, she won't do it. Why? Remember rule number one? Rule number one, the Democrats need the shock troops to scare people to make you believe America is in chaos and falling apart. So you'll vote for them. That's why rule number two, keep your distance, but don't get too far and don't get too close. Now, some members don't care about that too close.


While some members will just celebrate Antifa make apologies for him despite what they're saying being factually incorrect. They will claim Antifa and BLM are things antifa and BLM won't deliver them. One of them is squad member Ayanna Pressley, a devout liar. I mean, rarely, if ever, tells the truth up on Capitol Hill. But she says the non truth with such passion, people believe her. Here's Ayanna Pressley, squad member, then defending Antifa, which is ironic.


I got a press assembly, happens to be black and TFSA, a racist group. Some of their members have called cops the N-word. I can't say this enough. This is a racist group of fascists. This is not a person defending the fascists. It's a short clip. And then at the end claiming and then, you know, you're going to lie about these groups. Are you going to call them communists? I'm not going to call them communist.


I'm going to play video of themselves calling themselves communists. Here's a lot of press. He doesn't even care surgically attaching herself to antifa, a racist fascist terror group. Check this out.


We have seen with movements they will try to co-opt it and undermine it and sanitize it and whitewash it. But the Black Lives Matter activists that are today called Antipov in the nineteen sixties being called communists, they were just as disruptive and agitating the status quo and just as impatient. So I had a press release point is just to be received in his making one, you know, usually she just spouts off word salads, too, and expects everybody to follow along.


And if you disagree, you're definitely a racist. But one hundred percent, you're not allowed to say anything, press everything. You will be called the racist guaranteed to just assume it is baked into the cake. OK. So she's like, you know, went back in the 60s, BLM and these other groups, they were called communists and Marxists, you're saying, in other words, like this is a slur. In other words, they're not communists and Marxists, right?


Here's a video of one of the founders of Black Lives Matter, Petrie's colors, telling an interviewer that she is, in fact, a Marxist. It's not me saying it. It's her saying, you want to hear any of this for me out of Presley, you wouldn't dare because that would be the actual truth. She has a problem with that. Check this out.


I think that the criticism is helpful. I also think that it might I think a lot of things. The first thing I think is that we actually do have an ideological frame myself, and at least in particular a trained organizers. We are trained Marxists. We are super versed on sort of ideological theories are.


That. Just listen to just listen to Black Lives Matter founder Patrice Cullen, do you have to hear why not? We are Marxists, trained Marxists, not just like Marxists who picked up the Marx Angels reader in a library one day and skimmed through Chapter one, we're actually trained Marxist. Black Lives Matter know the NBA and all these other organized sports organizations are all support, it's a Marxist group, you know, Marxism. Marxism, which is led to the extermination of hundreds of millions of human lives, death camps, concentration camps, have that that kind of thing, kind of kind of bad?


No. Gulags. You know, you know gulags, right? Wigger death camps in China right now. And that's communism, Marxism, OK, you're a moron. Please stop the euphemistic nonsense, you know, there is no significant difference. Please stop playing games and stop being an idiot. No one actually buys your stupidity if you're saying that right now. Now, Miss Paula brought up a fascinating point this morning, too, she's like, you know, Dan, you're in this block talking about the Democrats needing antifa as the shock troops while simultaneously distancing themselves from antifa boy, never calling them out.


We don't know who they are. Well, you should call them out for being racist. Well, we're not going to call them out, am I going to do that? And then you got the radical ones who just embrace them like an oppressed, you know, and defend stuff. I was just talking about them. Right. And Tifa, don't mischaracterize them as Marxist. They said they're Marxist. Paula brought up a great point, she did we played our video the other day of Jerry Nadler, Jerry Nadler, another appearance on the show.


It's the audience today. It's a twofer. It's a Adler twofer. Didn't Jerry Nadler say the other day, Antifa doesn't even exist. This is a myth. Hmm. I don't know. Let's check with Jerry Nadler. Big hat tip to flex the best. Always. That's great interviews. Check out Jerry Nadler saying, don't worry about antifa. It doesn't even exist. It is true.


There's violence across the whole country. This is about the incident that's happened in Portland right now. That's a myth that's being spread only in Washington, D.C. and in Portland. Yes, sir. There's there's videos everywhere online. There's fires and riots. There's throwing fireworks at federal officers. DHS is there. Look online. It gets crazy, Mr. Tyler. Thinks it's fake news is a myth, is a myth in Portland. Meanwhile, the whole city is on fire and they're trying to bring down the courthouse.


The great flex flick as follow him on social media is terrific, so just to be clear, as we conclude this block of Antifa Democrat insanity, they need their shock troops.


They'll disavow their shock troops. Some of them will attach themselves to the shock troops. They'll never criticize the shock troops, and then when asked about the shock troops, they'll say, no, they don't even exist. That's a myth. The same ones Ayanna Pressley just defended defended a group that doesn't exist and Mazie Hirono won't call out. But they don't exist. I want to call out apparently Jerry Nadler said Antifa doesn't exist. He's missed apparently 65 plus nights of antifa attacking innocent men, women and children and trying to burn down the courthouse and stuff.


Don't forget my two rolls of Democrats with antifa, they need the shock troops and they will strategically distance and close the distance when they feel like they can use antifa for political gain. When Antifa gets violent, disavow any knowledge of them, say they're a myth when you can use anti Freni or radical in a radical congressional district like Ianna Presley's surgically attach yourself to antifa because they're your shock troops and nobody cares anyway. It's all radicals in your district. All right, don't go anywhere, I still got some more video for you, and I do have this Wall Street Journal article, which is finally a strong piece of journalism on where the masterbate is based on science, God forbid, be banned from all social media for talking about science.


We now live in the dark ages again, especially with the tech titans. That's OK. A video get like two thousand views on YouTube tomorrow, I'm sure.


All right.


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All right. So getting back to my story about the mass debate in light of the coronavirus plague inflicted on our country by the Chinese Communist Party, I just want you to understand and fair warning to liberals who watch my show. I know you're out there. You're always welcome here. But we're going to do science right now, research, facts, data, testable hypotheses, that kind of thing. So you might as well tune out. Now, you're never supposed to tell anyone to tune out of your show.


This will be disturbing because it's actual data. I know you don't like that kind of stuff because Joe, as I put it, the top line of my notes here prepared my show today. The idea of the mask in the wearing of the mask is now become an act of faith. If you dare mention the science and again, I can't say this enough, I am not A.I.M.. I'm not telling you not to wear a mask. I'm not telling businesses not to recommend people to wear masks.


I'm simply telling you there are arguments for the wearing of masks and arguments against the tech. Tyrants don't like that it is now become a religion. Not science, you understand that religion, which requires faith. I am a Christian, I, my lord and savior, Jesus Christ. It is an act of faith I profess daily, I'm a believer, but religion and science are not the same thing. It's hard for me to test my hypothesis there.


There's faith the masterbate has become a religion in and of itself, they're not interested in testable hypotheses like, well, does it actually work? When you say anything about it, you're pretty much banned from social media altogether. The Wall Street Journal editorial column had some, you know, from the right this I'm surprised they weren't kicked off the Internet altogether. They had an interesting piece out today. I want you to look at I have a I rarely take more than a few screenshots from one piece, but when it's worth it, we're going to do it with this one.


It's about what is the science behind this and is there a downside? Oh, my gosh. Mentioned the downside show in a religion, you're not allowed to mention the downsides. Here's the article by Alicia Findon. You can't do that. God forbid. It's an act of faith. It's not an act of science. The hidden danger of masks. Dr. Berk's noted in April that they can promote a false sense of security protest. Bear that out. Again, I'm going to because we're doing actual reporting here, unlike our left leaning friends in the media.


I'll give you the pro first. In other words, the reasons why mask's may help, because I'm not here to indoctrinate you. I'm here to. You're adults. I'm here to give you information. You can make your own decisions. So from the piece here's a pro pro is that these droplets that the CDC changed its recommendations in April based on some lab tests showing that cloth masks reduce reduce the distance, large respiratory droplets travel after a cough like the flu.


covid-19 is believed to be transmitted mainly through these large droplets. OK, interesting. Again, I'm not anti mask. If it makes you comfortable, knock yourself out. There's some good news for you. If you cough, you sneeze, you expel these respiratory droplets that the mask may in fact block some of those now. Not a con to the pro, but just the story from my own experience. I'm not kidding. Paul and I were in church about four weeks ago.


A guy sneezed and in order to sneeze, he took the mask down, which. I'm not making that up, it's not for a fact, I'm just telling I've seen it more than once, which is understandable. Do you want to sneeze into a master that sits on your face? Of course you don't. It's gross. But if you don't keep the mask for the sneeze or the cough, you've defeated the entire purpose of the mask. Here's some of the more some additional data on the mass from this excellent piece.


It says, listen, some public health officials and media types have observed that countries where face mask use is more prevalent have lower infections. OK, hold on. Interesting. So you're suggesting to us that countries that use masks are correlated with a lower infection rate. Fascinating. It goes on in June in The New York Times, ran a headline with, quote, Is The Secret to Japan's virus success? Right now, its its masks in front of its face talking about the mask, its answer.


Yes. All right. Interesting. That seems like a big pro right now. Countries that wear masks have lower infection rates. It goes on. But this New York Times piece drew conclusions based on mere correlations. What do I always tell you about correlations? They do not mean causation. According to a YouGov survey in late June, face mass use was higher in the United States. Fifty nine percent than in countries with fewer infections, including Taiwan, France, Canada, the Netherlands and Denmark.


And Japan and Hong Kong have experienced recent infection spikes. Again, folks, I'm sure, will be banned from the Internet altogether for bringing up actual data data. Data you can look at and read yourself. That the original success story and claim that masks worked because infections were relatively controlled in Japan. Is now gone out the window because, in fact, Japan is now seeing a spike in cases. They also bring up the point that the United States has a higher percentage of people wearing masks than other countries, and yet some of these other countries have lower infections.


In other words, they have lower maskew and lower infections for liberals who have a tough time with data and trendlines. Again, folks, I'm just giving you that I know will be banned in the new dark ages of the tech tyrants for showing you actual data. I just gave you the problem, it may stop these large droplets and may prevent you from breathing them in and expelling them out. Now I'm giving you the con. That the correlations not working out like you think.


If it is an effective measure, you would think higher mask use would lead to less infections. That's not happening in many countries and even their success story is now becoming the opposite. Japan. Now, you may say, Dan, clearly there's some science on this, there is we're doing science again, which will lead to Hester Prynne Scarlet Letter treatment by everyone in the tech community who hates actual science. Let's go to screenshot number three from the journal piece.


Pretty common sense. All right, the only way to ascertain the efficacy of face in the real world is to do randomized trials. Oh my gosh, we can't say that. God forbid you mean studies. So far, there have been only a dozen examining the efficacy of masks in preventing respiratory illnesses and conclusions have been difficult to draw because of poor compliance with study participants. None of these six trials published over the past decade, let me read that again, none of the six trials published over the past decade found that mask's alone had a significant effect on the spread of the flu or similar illnesses in health care workers or the general population.


There's the data. I have the most intelligent, smartest, brightest audience out there. I read your emails, you're all are geniuses. You give me stuff all the time, like that guy and that woman. They got it. Six study's results, not that good. Again, we will be relegated to the dustbin of the tech tiran hole, you'll never be able to find our show anywhere because we dare to tell you the truth. Here's the worst one of all.


I had to consolidate the one screenshot here because there was a lot, but right before this paragraph about the show and you talk about a study in Vietnam on Klaw Mask's. Where the study, Joe, led to the opposite conclusion that the cloth masks were causing more infections, why? Because people were touching them and were not washing them and they became moist and contaminated and basically became incubators for bacterial and viral viral storage. Why do people buy the masks in some cases actually produce a negative effect?


Quote, This is an important caveat, fiddling with the masks, in other words, touching them with your fingers can be more dangerous than not wearing one at all. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a, quote, elementary school students should wear face coverings if the risk of touching their mouth or nose is not greater than the benefit of reducing the spread of covid-19. But the point is lost amid simplistic moralizing about selfish libertarian's. In other words, folks, you have kids, I do.


I have a 16 year old now, the 16 year old is pretty good when she has the mask on about not touching it. The eight year old will fiddle and touch the thing the entire time, touching her face probably ten or a thousand times more than if you would have had no mask at all, leading to an appropriate transmission vector v her fingers on her face for a virus introduced right into her nasal passage. But again, I data facts liberals, the mask is not it's become a symbol of a religious movement at this point.


When we talk about actual data, people, not only did you see if you seen it on social media, parler, Facebook, Twitter, Tick-Tock and elsewhere, whatever, have you seen the videos of people screaming in people's faces about the mask? Listen, ladies and gentlemen, it's no big secret, I got a pretty hot temper. But can you I'm kidding, I can't even there's no scenario under which I could imagine myself in a Wal-Mart. A Sam's Club or whatever, confronting someone I've never met in my entire life because they don't have a mask on and screaming like a raving banshee American Werewolf and one this are like a moron you have with the mask.


Calm down. You understand you are screaming and expelling of mass droplets is probably creating a dangerous infection scenario 10 times worse than if you just would have walked away, you lunatic's calm down. Calm down. I told you when I was an agent in the Secret Service, we had a name for people like that. We call them beds. Quitter's, the word word rhymes with, you know what I mean? The words not quitters. You don't want to get them go because they quit the bed every time something happened screaming with their hair on fire.


Calm down. Centre yourself lunatic's, it's not the end of the world, distance yourself from that person if you're uncomfortable and walk away getting in their space and screaming. So they scream back and expel their droplets onto you is not helping your infection scenario. I can't believe we have to talk like this. I really. All right, a little. Comic relief. At the expense of the Iranians who are really could you not talk about the Iranian people? There's a good portion of folks over there in the Green Revolution elsewhere really want freedom like everyone else.


But, gosh, are you led by morons? I mean, you think you think the North Koreans, the Iranians usually take the cake for being the biggest dunce's out there. Did you see the story again? I'll put it up on the show enough for you to check out. It's just not it's not a joke. It's not. The Babilonia is a real story. Check out the sun. So the Iranians is a brilliant military. Tacticians decided to be a good idea to build a mock U.S. aircraft carrier and pretend to sink it, you know, to scare us.


Joe put up like a tick tock of your life. You ask how we're coming for you. We're going to sink your aircraft carrier. Watch us do this. This is the sun. Iran humiliated as they completely bungled the symbolic sinking of a fake U.S. warship and then a blocking entry to their own naval port. It is. You want to see the picture, this is from the piece of the sun, it's in the shoulders, if that's what you want to watch on YouTube, YouTube, dot com slash Bunjil.


So they have this harbor. Bandar Abbas, forgive me if I'm saying it wrong, they accidentally sunk the fake U.S. warship. They sunk it in a shallow portion of an entrance to their port. So now the ships can access the port because they're afraid of crashing into this. How can U.S. aircraft carrier look at these morons? They can't even get into their own port. But, you know, it just reminds me of a quick story, if I may, the first time I traveled when I was a young agent, I went to my first country I visited was Russia, of all places.


I was young. I was in my early 20s. I was a new agent. And this agent, this guy Mike, his last name, but he got sick and they called me. I had been added training for like a month. I don't even know. This is 2000. Guy comes and goes, Dan, I need you to go to Russia. Mikey B got sick. He can't go. I said when they said by tomorrow you got to go.


Got to go down. Fly down to Andrews Joint Base. Andrews was Andrews Air Force Base back then. And I need you to fly out. And I went to Russia. I was, you know, young in my 20s. And, you know, I heard nothing but from the media, of course, about the great, profound, deeply strong Russian empire. I was going to destroy the United States. And I went over there and Joe, you've been there, so, you know, I'm talking about I will never again in my life ever, ever forget what I saw.


I mean, police officers with uniforms that look like they hadn't been washed in 15 years, that were seven sizes too big firearms that look like they had no ammunition at all in them, I mean, poverty everywhere. I mean, outside of Moscow rank poverty everywhere. And I thought this is the great Soviet empire that is going to crush the United States. I only bring that up in light of this Iran story, they're all a danger. So, you know, the Russians and the former Soviet Union have nuclear weapons.


They do have a substantial military. It's not a joke. But be proud you live in the United States, where, believe me, if it ever, God forbid, came down to it, especially with these hapless Iranians, we would win. It would be a lot of death and a lot of destruction. And, you know, my stance on unnecessary wars, I hope if you listen to my show. But if these people ever attacked us, it would be over and over fast.


Maybe not with the Russians, but the Iranians. What a bunch of dunces. I don't usually do foreign policy stories, but that one was worth talking about. All right, speaking of foreign policy stories, we'll end the show with this. You may have saw this this incredible tragedy yesterday. And, you know, there are always rough segues between segments like that and segments like this. But do you see what happened in Beirut yesterday? If you did and I want you to listen to this.


Watch this on the YouTube. Here's a it's a short video montage of a minute. There was a massive, massive explosion in Beirut yesterday. A lot of speculation about what it was. Here is a short video, multiple different angles. Ladies and gentlemen, this is just a human horror like we haven't seen on video in a while. Check this out.


That. You want one?


See it? Bad mushroom clouds now mean and the show on this is a lot of speculation about what that was. The two theories and I have an interesting article up in the show, notes by Tom Rogan, you can check it out, but the two theories that seem most prevalent about what that massive destructive explosion was our number one, it was possibly a Hezbollah munitions factory, which seems likely bombs, munitions, rounds, whatever. The other is that there was some ammonium nitrate, which is, of course, you know, ANFO bombs, ammonium nitrate, fuel oil is is a component of explosives.


I'm not sure which one to lean to. I sincerely doubt it was just the fireworks factory like some of the Lebanese were saying before. Really, people a lot of people died, folks, unbelievably damaging incident when we find out more about it. Of course, we'll report it on the show. All right. Thanks again for tuning in, ladies, gentlemen. I really, really appreciate it. Don't miss my interview again this week with Sean Hannity about his great new book.


I'm really looking forward to that. Please subscribe to our YouTube account, YouTube, Dotcom Bongino. We really appreciate it. See you tomorrow.


You just heard Dan Bongino.